Crossroads: One Two Jaga (2018) - full transcript

In the outskirts and back-alleys of Kuala Lumpur, several individuals with money problems struggle to get their lives straight, finding their paths unexpectedly intersecting - with fatal results.

A boy was found dead by gunshot…

allegedly fired from your weapon.

Hussein, be mindful
of what you're about to say.

I will use it against you
in a court of law.

I know nothing about it.

♪ Police sentry keeps watch
Police dies, thieves take over ♪

♪ Who's gonna be the thieves? ♪

Catch me if you can!

Freeze, it's the police!

You're out!

Which ones are the police?

They are.

Hey, let's go.

Where to?

You and your questions. Come on.

-Wait, I'll go tell my dad.

Wait for me.

Get them!

So, what do we do now?

Tell me.

Dad, I'm going out
for a drive with Masadi.

It'll be dark soon. Get in.

Hey, Joko!

You're helpless when it comes to your kid.

Just look at him.

You're even worse than him.

Tell me, what do we do now?

Can't answer, can you?

Bottom line, I just can't do it anymore.

You're a pain in my neck.

I'm off for a shower.


Who's in the hospital again, Mom?

Okay, fine.
I will send some money tomorrow.

I can't do it now, I'm still at work.

I'll send it to Western tomorrow.


Okay, fine. Bye-bye.


Watch your mouth, that's all I ask.

Where to, Man?


All right.

Mr. Sarip's helped me and others
a bunch of times.

Got that?

Dead. Fell from the 13th floor
while installing the beam.


Over here. Any paperwork on him?

Nope. Not a shred.

Take care of it.

Okay, boss.

What's going on?

Do you have a moment?


You, hurry up.


I'm going with Adi.

Let him. He could learn a thing or two.

Come, let's talk over here.

Go ahead.


What is it, Iman?

What is it, Iman?

This is my sister, Sumiati.

She has a problem.

Which is?

Yesterday, at her job--

I ran out on my employer.

Did they hit you?

No, they didn't.

I don't want to work here anymore.
I want to go home.

As a helper, I should only be doing
household chores,

not washing cars, babysitting,
caregiving, running their business.

None of which they pay me for.

My employer went against our agreement.

No, you just can't stand working hard.

-You've reported this to your agency?
-Many times. All blew up in my face.

You're not the only one.
Many helpers go through the same thing.

But if it's another job you need,
there's a restaurant you could work in.

No. I want to go home.

Do you have a passport?

She does.

But it's with her employer.

Can you swim?

Yes, I can.

Are you sure?

I can.

In that case, I can help you.

But I hope you're not scared of the ocean.

She's rough at this time of the year.

And the boat's no cruise ship.

I want to go home.

Sure. It can be done.

How much, boss?

One thousand.

Normally it's 1,500.
But for you, I'll make it 1,000.

Just the basic fee and fuel charge.

All right. Thank you, boss.

In the meantime, take her somewhere safer.

Not here. Not your place. Too dangerous.

The police are always on the hunt.

And you need to be careful as well.
Don't get caught.

You can bet that a police report
has been made.

I can't help you once you're in a lock-up.

Then that's it. We're done here.

-All right, boss. We'll take our leave.

Good morning, sir.

Sorry I'm late. Family matter.

-How's your family? The kids all right?
-They're okay, sir.

-Just okay?

I'm gonna take them on a vacation
this month.

That's good.

Your new colleague, what's his name?

Hussein, sir.

-Ah, yes.How is he?
-He's doing all right.


One moment.


I didn't want to steal.
I can go hungry. So can my wife.

But my kids? I can't let that happen.

They're hungry, sir!
Don't do this to me!

A crime is a crime!

Sir, don't do this! Sir! Please, sir!

Don't do this!

Light it up.

Who was that lady with your dad?

The lady?

His younger sister. My aunt.

Oh, she's here looking for work?

No, she's going back to Indonesia.

What, already? But she just got here.

Why are you asking about her?

You like her?

What is it this time?

If you like her, just let me know.

I'll set you guys up.
Then you can be my uncle for real.

Didn't you just tell me she's going home?

But if I could just have a week with her,
we'd end up together.

And if we do,
we wouldn't leave the house for a month.

But that's exactly why
she left her employer.

Hey, why do you want me to be your uncle?

So, we can hang out every day.
My dad won't be mad at me anymore.

Why would he be mad at you?

Beats me.

He said I don't listen to him
since I got close to you.

If he doesn't like me,
how do you expect me to be family?

Well, my aunt doesn't like him either.


No idea.

Give it a try.



Room 206, first floor.


Where's my money?

I don't know!



Let's just go back to Indonesia
and bring Joko with us.

Why do you keep bringing this up?

You want Joko to grow up
in a place like this?

There are more opportunities here.

What opportunity? To do manual labour?

You call that opportunity?

What can we do back home?

-He'd be able to go to school.
-He can go to school here, too.

-When he becomes a citizen.

And when would that be?
Five, ten years? When?

Where there's money, there's a way.

Oh, dear God. Joko is still a boy.

He needs education now.
He needs schooling.

You want him to live off the streets?

He's my son.

Not yours.

I raised him.
You think I have no plans for him?

I know you do.

It's our surroundings that I don't trust.

Here. Call me if you need anything.

Don't go anywhere.

My daughter made that this morning.

-You're not married?
-Not yet.

How old are you?

25? 26?

I'm 23.

That's old enough.

What's the matter?
Responsibilities scare you?

Not at all.

I'm just not ready.

Your loss.

How so?

Only after you're married with kids,

you'll learn there's more to life
than just yourself.

You'll do anything for your kids.

You're only happy when they're happy.


Yes, speaking.

Okay, got it.

I'll come now.

What I need you to understand, Mr. Hassan:
he has only been here for a month or two.

This is already his third fight.

We have no choice but to take action,

and suspend your son for a week.

I'm afraid it will have to go
on his record.

Please, sir. Help him.

Don't rely entirely on us.

Thank you, ma'am.

I have no time for this right now.
I'm on duty.

Very well.

Come, let's go.

Let's go!

Coming or going?

-We're just about to go.
-I see.

Okay, no problem.

-Thank you.

Why didn't you say anything to a teacher?

Who do you think you are,
picking a fight with everyone?

You wanna be a gangster?
You want to embarrass me?

They called you a dog!

Why did they say that?
You must have done something to them.

Otherwise, they'd leave you alone.

I just wanted them to stop.

You decided to be a hero and fight them?
What were you thinking?

You hit them, they're gonna hit back.

Just what can you do
against so many of them?

So pig-headed.

This is what you get
for not using your head.

Don't forget you're under my care.

You just wait until we get home.

He must have a family, right?
A mom, dad, siblings.

How am I supposed to know?

-You ever been to Bangladesh?

You know where it is?

No. Do you?

Stack the wood.

Bangladesh is between Myanmar and India.

What are you doing? They're too close.

Spread them out.

That'll make it easier to burn.

Grab that one. Faster.

Why aren't we sending him
back to Bangladesh?

What, him? He's from Myanmar,
not Bangladesh.


Rohingya. They've been there
for a long time.

But they're not recognised
by their government.

Even though it's their ancestral home.

So, why don't we send him
back to Myanmar, then?

Who's gonna deal with that?
Also, who do we send him to?

His entire family...

may have been killed.

But there must be something we can do?

If we don't do this, somebody else will.

How do you know all this?

I just do. I'm not like you.



Hussein. Come on in.

It's okay. I'll wait outside.

Why on earth would you wait outside?
Come in.

Go to your room!

-Come in.

Sit down. I'll make you a drink.

It's okay, ma'am. We're on duty.
We won't be long.

What's your problem?

Fighting back, huh?

Stay here. Don't go anywhere.

My brother called. Asked about the deposit

for our family gathering.
It must be cleared today.

What happened to the money I gave you?

Spent it. Nothing is cheap these days.

How much do you want?

-Three thousand.
-That's way too much.

We're paying for a chalet or a penthouse?

It's for three days and two nights.
What did you expect?

You didn't object
when they were planning it.

Like money won't be an issue.

"Oh, don't worry.
Food and drinks are on me."

Problem is,
you're springing this on me now.

No, it's you who never listened.

Goes into one ear, and out the other.

It's tiring.
I can't keep repeating the same things.

Enough. How much for the deposit?

It's 1,500.

I'll take care of it. I can't stay long.

Have to get back to work.
People are waiting.

Hussein. Let's go.

-Where did you leave her?
-Merdeka Hotel.

Good. But don't let her roam about.

Yeah, I reminded her.

Boss, about the payment.
Could you deduct my salary?

Yes, of course.

One moment.

Hello, Ah Seng.

It's here already?
Good. I'll send someone over.

Sugiman. You know him.

All right.


Go to Ah Seng's with Abdullah
to pick up the new shipment.


Boss, sorry about my sister. She's just…

Don't worry about it. Now go.
Ah Seng's waiting.

Our job is not to shoot people.

"Crime Prevention Unit."

If you can prevent, do so.

But what do we do now?
We don't have a case.

That's because we're not looking.

I saw our notice board,
we're not short on cases.

But out here... we're turning a blind eye.

Criminals aren't gonna fall into our laps.

Over there.

I'm sure we'll find something.

They can't all be legal.

Come, let's have a look.

What did you do with the ashes?

I left them there.

How many times do I have to tell you?
Don't do anything halfway?

-What? It's done.
-You call that done?

What if the police find it?

So, they'll do their job. So, what?
We got them on payroll, don't we?

Yes, but I'm the one
who has to answer to them.

Get rid of the ashes!

Hold on.

When you're done, go see Mail.

Give this 500 to him.

Here's another 200. For you.

Adi! The police are here.

You swine. Oi!

What do you think you're doing?
They're all on the clock.


We have reason to believe
you have illegal immigrants.

You got a warrant? Show me!

-Stand back.
-You think I don't know the law?


Sir, what seems to be the problem?

Who are you?

I'm Sarip. These are my staff.

I need to see their paperwork.

I'm sorry, sir.

-There must be a misunderstanding.
-What misunderstanding?

I only meant that they're all good.
No problem.

All taken care of.

-They've paid their taxes!
-What tax?

I'm asking for their paperwork.

Relax, sir.

How about this… Call this number.

Talk to him yourself.
Since you don't believe me.

Hussein, let's go.

Come on.

-What is it?
-Let's just go.

-Get lost with your friend!
-You're looking for trouble? Come here!

-No, you come to me!
-Back off!


Let's go. Quick.

Adi! Go see Mail!

-The ashes, don't forget.

Hello, boss? Why did you leave me alone
out there?

I did no such thing.

I just wanted to let you shine.

-Why didn't you let me call?
-What were you gonna say?

That's beside the point.
I just can't take their attitude.

Like they own the country.
This is Malaysia.

They're really asking for it.

They find ways to squeeze us dry.

We've already paid them,
and they come back for more.

If my dad wasn't around,
I'd have kicked his ass.

Those damned dogs!


They got a python looking out for them.
It can consume anything.

They come into this country
with no paperwork and do as they please.

Rob, kill, rape…

There's nothing we can do,
we can't trace them to anything.

Isn't that a huge problem?
And the public blames us.

I know, and I agree with you.

But what do you want me to do?
What can you do?

They get replaced faster
than you can arrest them.

As long as the big ones remain free,
we will always have this problem.

How do you find the big ones?
By letting go of the small ones.

Be rational, Hussein.

Take a breath.

Remember this, Joko.

If you ever get stopped by one of them...

Don't run. Stand your ground.

Look at them in the eyes.
Whatever they want to know, tell them.

They're no different than actual dogs.

They only give chase if you run.

Because they can smell your fear.

Stand your ground until they leave.
Let them bark all they want.

But once you've had enough,
grab a rock and smash their faces with it.

Then watch them go.

-Got it?
-Got it.

Hello, Mom.

Yes, I just transferred the money.

Yes, to Western Union.

How is my brother?

How is he? Good to know he's okay.

Mom, wait, I have another call.

Just wait, okay?

Just wait.

Hey, Marzuki.

That's typical.

Election's around the corner.
That's the way it is.

On the hunt for money.


What's this? What's going on?


What's this?

What's this, sir?

Hey, man. Cigarettes.

-Two, right?

-How's your business?
-All good. Thank God.

-Yes, sir.

-All good?

-Nobody comes to bother you?
-None so far. Thank God.


Call me if anything comes up.


Definitely. I have your number.

-How much?
-Two ringgit.

My new partner.

Never mind, sir. It's on me.

No, I'm paying. It's only two ringgit.

I got it.

-Fine, let me.
-No, thank you. It's only two ringgit.

I insist.


I'm working.

I'll call you back.

Where's the money?

Where? Where is it?

What money?

What money?

I don't know!

Just tell him, Rico! Just tell him!


Okay, I'll talk!

We have it.

Tell us.

Rico. Tell them.

-We have it.


-Where is it?
-It's there.

It's there.

It's not enough.

Does it hurt?

Done. Let's go eat.

It's not much, but help yourself.

You call this "not much"? It's great.


Hence why your mother wants you married.

-He's not married?
-Not yet.

Nobody wants me.

No way.

You're a cop.

You think cops are desirable?

Why do you think I married Hassan?

We're like a single body.

A single body.

If there's a cut anywhere, what do we do?

-What do we do?
-Tend to it.

Exactly, tend to it!

Tend to it, bandage it, that's what we do.

Look what happened this morning.
If it happened elsewhere? Away from here?

Fight back. Don't let them take you down.

If you can't, call me.

I'll be right over.

Come, let's eat.

It's okay. I'll get this done first.

Your dad will be mad.

Here, 500.

I'll give you the rest tonight.


Afiq won't let me watch Didi & Friends.

Afiq, let her watch her show.

I gotta get back to work.

Hussein, let's go.

Datuk, I don't know
how to break this to you.

You came up short this time.

I don't know how. My guy did the counting.
Told me you're short.

How did that happen?

No idea. He just said we're 3,000 short.

I've been giving you 10,000
every month, without fail.

Ten thousand.

No more, no less.
Why is it short now?

How should I know?

Am I supposed to talk
to someone else about this?

I can't tell you where the sun will rise,

but I can tell you
that you're 3,000 short.

Let's settle this right now.

Don't bother. I'm sure it's all there.

Here's 3,000. Now, where are my guys?

I don't know.

You have so many guys. Which ones?

Datuk, I don't know your guys.

But I did notice you used your left hand.

In Cantonese, we call it cho.

It means "to block." Like a roadblock.

If your boys get caught in a roadblock,
it's gonna be a problem.

What do you want? What are you saying?

It's simple. I could find your boys
for 10,000.

Fine, I'll give you the money.

But not right now.
I don't have that much on me.

Maybe later in the day.

I'm hungry. I'm gonna go get lunch.

Stop. Pull over.

Pull over!

Pull over!

I'll handle them.


Yes, sir?

They're good.

You're sure about that?

Did you take money from them?

Why would you say that?

I just need to know.

Who knows how long we'd be partners.

-What do you think?
-What would...

Please, I really need an answer.

Did you or did you not
take money from them?


I'll stay out of it.

I'll stand down.
Take us to the station.

Yeah, so I took their money. So, what?

You want to talk about crime? Go talk
to some magnate who cleared forests

and used the money to build 50-storey
condominiums like the one you wish to buy.

There's so much you don't know
and you need to learn.


The usual.

Also, I need a favor.

I have three new guys.

They're stuck at immigration.

Could you sort it out?

One other thing. This morning...

two of your guys
made a ruckus at my place.


One guy is bald.

The younger one has a mole on his chin.

I know them.

Sort that out too, please?

All right, thank you.

Send them to the crab restaurant.

Get to the point, boss.

It's like this.
Three guys are stuck at immigration.

Their applications got rejected.
Can't get any use out of them. Can't work.

Okay. Tell their boss.

Give us 30,000. That should cover it.

Only 30,000, okay?

-Who is this?
-This is the new guy.

Where are your manners?

He's your apprentice.

Go on, have a seat.


Some empty plates!

And some drinks.

I'd like some tea. Warm.

-New kid, place an order.
-I've eaten.

Two glasses of tea.

So, how's your class today?

It's almost over.
I'm on the final chapter.

What's taking so long?

You know. Final exams are tough.

Does that mean you have
to conduct extra classes?

I think they call it "tuition" these days.

Boss. Will you be our tutor?

First lesson: go easy on the crabs.

Malays have a saying:
"Never turn down a good thing."

Also, "Make friends, not enemies."

Eat. Are you daydreaming?

When eating a crab, be careful.

The meat is good,
but you gotta work for it.

Have some, the boss is asking you to.

Gotta crack it...

just right, to get the most out of it.

Too hard, you'll get shell in the meat.
It will cut the insides of your mouth.

It hurts! It'll bleed.

Go on.

Have a bite.

Eat with us.

It's halal.

There you go.

I had a dog once. Useless thing.

Somebody threw a bone into my yard.

As a treat for him.

It's not like I starved the damn thing.
He's just greedy.

So, he ate it. Then choked on it.

And he died. Served him right.

Don't be like him, okay?

Understood, sir.


You think they're gonna
take us to lock-up?


Boss, the money's ready.

Count it.
Make sure I'm not short-changing you.

Don't be sore.

Everything happens for a reason.

You know what? When a dog gets too clever,

or steps out of line,
it's best to just get rid of it.

You see all the rust?
We gotta get rid of those.

Dip it like so, and do this.

Sugiman, there's your meal.

Okay. A bit more work to do.

Mr. Sarip.

What is it, Sugiman?

Can I send Sumiati something to eat?

Why didn't you leave her with some money?

For her safety.

Quickly. And hurry back.
There's still work to be done.

Hello, Mr. Nasrun.

That's okay, I'm on my way.

I don't know about you.

But I've had a hard life
since I was a boy.

My mother was a dishwasher by day,
and a janitor by night.

I practically raised myself.

She said...

"Life is like a tree.

Ones with the strongest roots
bear the most fruits."

I want my kids to grow tall and strong.

Sometimes you gotta do
what you don't like.

So, we can keep on living.


Do whatever you want.

Just don't stand in my way.

That's all I ask.

Hey, you. Over here.

I'm a cop.

-Where are you heading?
-To my hotel room.

-Let me see your passport.
-I lost it yesterday.

Go stand over there.

-How did you lose it?
-I dropped it somewhere.

-Why are you here?
-I'm on a holiday.

I don't know where I dropped it.

You're sure you lost it?
Have you filed a report? Let me see it.

I haven't done that.
I've only lost it yesterday.

I could have you arrested. Right now.

Let's just take her in. Move.

Hang on. Let me see what you got here.
Let me see.

It's my meal.

And this?

Why did you run?

I'm about to go home!
I don't want to work here anymore.

What work? You told us you're a tourist.

-How re you going home without papers?
-My brother's taking care of it.

You have a brother?

He works here?

He does.

Does he have a phone?

Hello? I'm downstairs.

Who's this?

Where are you?

Merdeka Hotel.

Get over here.
I'm in the alley next to the hotel.

-This is your sister?

Get over here.

Sit next to her.

Let me see your passport.

We both work at a construction site.

Show me your hand.

Show me your hand.

Now look at hers.

Don't even try.

You, I believe. But her? I don't think so.

You're good to go. Go home.

But we have to take your sister. Get up.

-No, please.
-To the station.

Sir, please. Don't take my sister.

Get lost, or I'll have you arrested, too.

Please. Help me.

Help you, how?

How much? Tell me.

Five hundred.

I don't have that much on me.

If you want her free, that's the price.

I'm trying to help you.

Fine. I'll go get it.


I don't have time.
I'll wait for you over there.


Mr. Sarip!

-What's the matter?
-Where's your dad?

He just left. What's the matter?

What is it? Why do you want to see him?

The police got Sumiati.

-What? Where?
-Merdeka Hotel.

-Let's go.
-Can I come?

No, you go home.

Go home!

Go home. Sit this one out.


-Come on.
-They're asking for 500.

That's ridiculous! To hell with that.

-What about Mr. Sarip?
-Let me worry about him. Come on!

Close that.

They got some nerve, asking for 500.

Don't worry, I can take care of it. Relax.

We'll make it. It's only 1,500.

I know.

Of course.
The kids are looking forward to it.

-What do you want?
-That's easy.

I could find your boys for 10,000.


Didn't I already promise you?
I'm good for it.

This happened because of your family.

Are you blaming me?





Let's just take her in.

Get your money some other way.

No, I need that money today.
You don't understand. You're not married.

You two again?
Now, I don't want to create a scene.

He told me you got his sister,
is that right?

-Are you okay?
-Who are you?

Who are you?

Hey, relax.

What's all this?

I'm Sarip's son! What?

Let me see your passport!
I asked you for your passport.

Here's my ID.

-Let it go, Hussein.
-How much did you pay for this?

Just what are you accusing me of?

Get over here.

I didn't buy the thing.
Get my details and check it later.

My concern is that
you got his sister. I'm taking her back.

They're under somebody's care.

Watch your tone, or I'll arrest you.

-You want me to call?
-Go ahead!

-No need for that!

Get your sister and get lost!

I told you to let me do my job!

You're just a small fry.
You watch it!

Leave them be.

Why arrest them today if
they're gonna be free tomorrow? Get lost!

-Thanks, my little dogs!
-Damn you!

Have you lost your mind?

-Son of a bitch!
-You got a death wish?

Get lost!

Stop! I said, stop!

How can you be okay with this?

-What were you thinking?
-Fuck all this!

Where are you going?

You're going after them? For what?

Goddamn it.
You're gonna get me in trouble.

Stop this right now!
Back to the station!

Faster, Adi!

Datuk, we're telling the truth.

We've already counted the money.

They were the ones who replaced it
with the counterfeit money.

Why would we start doing this now?

We've been with you a long time.
You know us.

We don't shit where we eat.
It's them. They're using you.




We need to go to the hospital!


-We need to go to the hospital!
-Bring him inside!

Help him.

Bring him inside!




The hospital!

We can't! We just can't!

Hussein, just let it be!
Don't start anything!


Give yourself up!

-What more do you want?


-What do you want?

Don't come any closer! Stop! Surrender!


Everybody stop!





It's me.

It's me, Mr. Sarip.

It's me, Mr. Sarip.

According to your notes,
you apprehended an illegal immigrant.

Why didn't you turn her in?

Have a look at your details,
and then your report.

-If you have anything to add, let me know.

What about that boy,
found dead by gunshot…

allegedly fired from your weapon?

Hussein, be mindful
of what you're about to say.

I will use it against you
in a court of law.

I know nothing about it.

Whose number is this?

Just somebody they turn to.
To avoid arrest.

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