Crossovers from Another Dimension... (2005) - full transcript

Discover the hidden secrets of a timeless mystery in this award winning film about the greatest Crop Circle formations ever created. The creators of these paranormal formations still remain a mystery. After years of painstaking research, scientific evidence still points to alien influences that are responsible for this phenomena. One thing is certain, what you are about to see in this amazing film can only be described as miraculous evidence of a secret art form that continues to defy explanation. Includes spectacular cinematography of the latest, greatest and most up to date Crop Circles and a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with researchers, experiencers, and the best known, most credible Crop Circle authorities in the world today. Packed with expert analyses and an exclusive cinematic archive of the latest and greatest Crop Circle formations ever captured on film.

Crop Circles

Well, I was flying with
a crop circle researcher.

We were flying to the southwest
of the field here, and

I went over a fixed route
that I do many times, so

I know all the fields in the
area. And on my way out,

there was no crop circle
in this particular area.

It was close to -- fairly close
to -- the canal in the middle of

the Vale of Pewsey.

We were no more than 10 minutes,

we circled a few times, came
back, and on the way back,

there was a crop circle
in the field.

And I pointed it out to the
crop circle researcher, and we

both agreed that that
crop circle was not there on the

way out, on the journey on the
way out. So it must have

appeared during daylight within
10 or 15 minutes, maximum.

And I couldn't see any people in
the field, I could see no cars,

there were no roads going to the
field, just a small farm track.

And I couldn't see how it could
be made in 10 or 15 minutes.

>>The impressions that I have
of the crop circles that

there is no way they could be
made by humans. There is no way.

They are so complex,
they are so wonderful.

I think it brings people
together from all over the world

And it's art in a wonderful way.

You know, it's so weird.

It seems to happen
all within minutes.

It's impossible to understand
how it's done.

Every summer, hundreds of

these strange patterns appear
in fields all over the world.

What on Earth are they?
Who has created them?

Why do they do it, and
what is their meaning?

It happens in wheat,
barley, oats, rye, rape.

It happens in sand, and even in
snow and ice during the winter.

It happens where the landscape
can be used as a huge canvas.

Are some jokers out just trying
to create a little attention?

It's easy to jump
to that conclusion.

But that's before you take a
closer look at this phenomenon.

When one studies the crop
circles, close at hand and

in detail, it's impossible to
avoid that strange feeling

that something else might be
behind it all.

It's impressive to see how the
crop has been laid flat.

Firstly, the edges have
been clean cut --

no trampling nor bending.

It's as though the crop has been
combed with a huge comb.

From the air it looks as if

a giant stamp has been
used in the field.

The phenomenon often starts

in early summer when the crop
is green, and continues

right up to harvesting.

It normally happens during the
night, but

sometimes in the
middle of the day.

In a surprising way,

the crop has been flattened
with great precision.

And no formation is alike,
or seems to be half-finished.

The complexity varies, but even
so, the beauty in the symbols

and the overwhelming geometry
is really astounding.

The mystery and the wonder
are just as great

every time they are discovered.

And the enormous size of many
of these patterns makes

the whole phenomenon even more

>>If you look at the Milk Hill
formation, now you only have

4 hours of night, I should say,
and it was raining.

Now when I went in it first
thing in the morning,

there was no sign of any mud on
the stalks, they were dead flat,

and it was very, very
meticulous, and there's no way

you could put that pattern down
in 4 hours of darkness.

And you've got to remember,
this area of Britain,

you're not in total darkness --
you're in semi-darkness.

Now I know for a fact that night
there were people on the hill,

and to make something that big,

you would have had to have made
a certain amount of noise,

and nobody heard anything
or saw anything.

Who are putting down
these patterns?

What is creating
these formations?

It still remains a mystery.

Theories are many,
which of course makes

the whole phenomenon
even more interesting.

And so far, the fields of
southern England have been

canvas for most of
these crop formations.

Southern England, which appears
to resemble a huge crop field

in itself, is divided up by
small villages crisscrossed

with twisting canals and roads.
So this is where

crop circles have been
registered in great numbers.

The first were
already being observed

several hundred years ago,
and were often seen as the work

of the devil, as here, depicted
in a copper engraving from 1678.

Or one thought that elves had
danced in the crop fields,

and left elf rings.

Over and over,
there is nearly no decade where

we don't have crop circle
reports. And there are

so many witness of early crop
circles. Many families,

just talk to them, they remember
having played in crop circles

when they were kids, and
remember stories from

their parents and even their
grandparents about

the crop circles.

And there is,... around the
world we can find that

the crop circles have played
such an important part in the

daily life even centuries ago,
that they have become

part of the folklore and
part of the culture.

As early as in the 1920s, crop
circles were reported

frequently in England.

But it wasn't until the 1980s
and '90s that interest grew.

And that's when
the dimensions and complexity

became truly sensational.

In recent years,

some 100 to 300 crop circles
have appeared here each summer.

What is so special
about this area?

In the southwestern
part of England, we find

many imposing monuments that are
several thousand years old,

and that still pose
many questions to

archeologists and historians,
especially the question, Why?

Stonehenge, approximately 4,500
years old, is the most famous.

The original outer continuous
circle was constructed of huge

standing stones, each weighing
several tons, with lintels

posed very precisely
on top of them.

What is this, and
why was it built?

No one, in all certainty,
can explain.

The majestic stone circle
in Avebury is also one of

the great mysteries
of this area.

It's actually the world's
largest stone circle.

And some of the stones here

have the weight of over
a hundred tons.

Set up by people, primitive
people, 5000 years ago.

Silbury Hill, the largest
prehistoric mound in Europe,

40 meters high and
built 4,600 years ago.

Beneath the grass
now covering the hill

are seven layers of stone --
seven stone terraces.

But what the purpose was
for building it

still remains a mystery.

But this was by no doubt
built as a tomb.

Not very pleasant, actually.

And it's from the same period,
five to six thousand years ago.

West Kennet Long Barrow

is situated quite close
to Silbury Hill and Avebury.

But is it just a coincidence
that so many of the English crop

circles seem to appear close
to these ancient sites?

A number of white horses clearly
visible in the hillsides

are also characteristic of
the Wiltshire area.

The white chalk soil is very
common here in Wiltshire, and

these white horses are exposed
by removing the top turf.

Some of these horses,
the eldest ones,

are more than 2000 years old.

So, can the mysteries
of the past have anything

to do with today's crop circles?

Are there special energies
in these areas that could

attract such rare phenomena?

Is it something to do with
the water-bearing chalk hills

that create special energy?

We actually got the databases
for a period of seven years,

and plotted where every
crop formation that was

in the databases, and
we searched several

databases within England.

We plotted where those crop
circles occurred, and then

looked for correlations with
sacred sites, pilgrim routes.

And we found a strong
correlation with chalk and...

first of all, we thought this
was THE correlation...

and we thought, well, there's a
lot of places with chalk

where crop circles don't occur.
What's happening there?

And as we looked into chalk
more, we discovered that

actually chalk is the main
aquifer base for

southern England.

We found that 98 percent of all
crop circles in Southern England

are located above aquifers --
underground water.

And to put that in perspective,
there's only aquifers

under 40 percent of
the land mass of Britain.

So, that 98 percent was a
really convincing statistic.

But what we also discovered
was that it's not just

underground water. It has to be
potentized underground water.

It's water which is activated
by the currents of Earth energy

which course through the ground,
and they're very strong

in this Avebury area,
for example.

Well, there is one view,
particularly from

people that dowse, using rods
and pendulums and things,

that ancient man instinctively
knew where these areas were

of underground water, and where
these natural energies were,

so ancient man instinctively
placed their areas there

on the sites where we now have
stone circles, burial mounds,

whatever. Because they were
drawn to the same thing that

maybe is generating
the crop circles today.

So therefore it would stand to
reason that they would

cluster in the same areas
as these ancient sites.

But it's not only in England
that crop circles appear.

In recent years,
reports have been coming in

from all over the world.

So crop circles are now
a worldwide phenomenon.

>>In total, over 10,000

crop circles have been
registered on a world basis:

in the United States, Canada,
Australia, in the Far East,

and of course in Germany,
Holland, Belgium, Poland, Italy,

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and in
many other European countries.

But again, how does this come
about? When one looks at

the beautiful patterns
and the perfect geometry,

it's difficult to believe
that it's purely coincidence,

a natural occurrence,
or just wind that has

wreaked havoc on the crop.

If that were the case, It might
rather have looked like this.

Or is it just that people
are behind all this?

In 1991 two pensioners
in England by the names of

Doug Bower and Dave Chorley
announced that they were

responsible for all the crop
circles of the past 12 years,

with the help of planks, ropes
and tape measures.

But they were quickly shown
to be bluffing. It became clear

when they were invited
to create a crop pattern.

Rightly so, there is
no doubt that

people have been responsible
for making some of them.

And even some of the more
advanced ones, too.

An advertising company
made this one.

It took several days,
and was completed in daylight.

>>There doesn't seem to be any
random, uniform mechanism to the

actual things going down at all.

Interestingly, I've seen
hoaxes go down and it's taken,

like, 8 or 9 hours to make a
fairly basic pattern, you know?

And then I've seen highly
sophisticated, huge patterns,

a thousand feet wide,
and they've appeared in

a few hours of darkness.
3 or 4 hours, sometimes.

I mean the British summertime is
actually very short nights,

we're looking at
gets dark around about...

fully dark around about 11pm,
and it's light again

by around about 4am.

You know it's a pretty small
window, and so many circles,

you know, the size, the scope
and the complexity --

taking into account the
topographical considerations --

it does beg the question: How on
earth could that be done?

Also the fact that over 80
eyewitnesses have, over the past

20 years, seen crop circles
created in just seconds,

leaves little doubt that
a large number of crop circles

remain an unsolved mystery.

I for instance discovered a crop
circle, literally a circle,

the largest or the second
largest circle ever made.

It was in a formation
that was called The Snail

in, I think it was '92.

And I happened to be going off
to the dentist quite early

in the morning, and saw a shadow
in the field, in Eastfield.

And I thought Wha...? and I

And it was... it had rained all
night and we were on clay soil,

so by the time I got there my
feet were weighing pounds, and

I was covered in clay.

And I can honestly say that
that circle was pristine.

That there wasn't any dirt on it
anywhere. And I just know if

people had trampled on it, even
in bare feet, they would have

left a lot of mud, and a lot
of marks. So I personally don't

believe that they're
all manmade, by a long way.

>>I have the feeling that it
has to be done probably from

some external force, and we just
don't know the technology

that they're using.
It's something that

we don't know exists, I think.

I used to think that
it was manmade and, ok,

there are manmade circles about,
but I think when you

analyze them closely,
this has got to be done by

some external force, and to
say... I should think it's

some technology that we just
don't know -- we haven't

come across it yet.
We're still learning.

>>There are many theories
as to what might be behind

the crop circle phenomenon,
from extraterrestrials to

Earth energies or spirits,
or perhaps even

a natural weather phenomenon.
Nobody's really sure.

And I guess that's the big
question in the crop circles-

it's something that everybody
talks about all the time.

>>A paranormal phenomenon
for everyone to see,

and every summer, people
are gathering from

all over the world
to study this.

And if not for any other reason,
the crop circles obviously

have the ability to
make people interact.

>>Also, I just find that the sheer
aesthetic of the way that the

leaves are all laid down
in a swirl in this kind of

rhythmic movement is
just something that...

I can't conceive of anything
but some amazingly powerful

higher force could do, you know?

>>And when something
this magnificent is such a

wonderful gift to us, we have
to feel good about ourselves.

Wow, we've been given this gift,
and we can enjoy it, and

be grateful for it.

You've got to remember-
everybody that walks

into that field, the first thing
they're going to do is

be aware of how they feel.

That's what these patterns do.
They get you back in touch

with the energy that is you --
that feeling that's inside,

I mean, how long has it been
since a lot of these people

even contacted
that side of themselves?

And by going into these
patterns, it makes you aware

of yourself again.

It gets you in touch with
that feeling side, because

humanity's become a little bit
insensitive in a lot of ways.

And the patterns are
starting to help people

to rediscover, redefine that
sensitivity, so that humanity

can work as one again, instead
of little individual islands.

>>So how can one actually prove
that there is something

paranormal, supernatural, or
extraterrestrial being

behind all this?
And if there is, what it is?

Many crop circle researchers
have been engaged in

trying to find differences in
the crop and soil inside

compared to outside
the formations.

If this, for example,

has been exposed
to heavy electromagnetic force,

one should be able
to find traces of it.

Most importantly, visual traces
can be found on the crop

within many circles. Very often
you can see where one or several

nodes of the actual crop
stem have been expanded, so as

to be double and sometimes even
more than its natural length.

This can indicate that the crop
has been rapidly heated up,

and that the humidity inside the
stem has been subjected to

steam pressure, which
in turn has led to

the node's being stretched.

On some of the stem nodes
you can also clearly see

where the steam has forced
its way out, and left

expulsion cavities.

This can be an indication that
the crop has been subjected to

a rapid and powerful
microwave effect.

>>If you see either of those
effects, chances are very good

you're looking at a genuine
crop circle.

There are a number of
changes in the plants that

have not been documented
scientifically, which

may also indicate the
likelihood that it's genuine.

For instance, the lay -- the
detail of the lay of the crop.

But that has not
been evaluated scientifically.

It's more just what
people notice, you know,

from being in them so much.

>>Sometimes, I've seen areas
where the plants are bent over

say, 10-15 cm off the ground.

So that to walk through the
formation, it's crunching

under your feet, like snow.

So you think, well, somebody
hasn't been here before.

Another sign one can find,
especially in wheat,

is when the corn has dried and
turned golden in late summer.

In the standing crop, the ears
are stiffened in a bent position

due to their weight, and are
impossible to straighten out.

But within the crop circle
the ears have actually

been straightened out
and then stiffened again

in this position.

The research group,
BLT Research, which is

running scientific publicized
research on crop circles,

is also engaged in
a systematic trial of the soil,

and have often found
strange metal particles

in the upper layers of the soil
within the crop circles.

A specialist from America
is analyzing these tests.

>>And he pulverizes the dirt
and then runs it through

various grates, and with
very strong magnets

draws out the magnetic
particles, weighs them --

well, weighs
the whole soil sample first,

then weighs the amount
of particles,

so we know how many particles
per gram of soil.

Then once we've done that,
extracted them, we send them

off to the west coast to a
mineralogist who does SCMEDS,

and the idea then is to
determine what they're made of.

The soil work indicates
the presence of a magnetic iron

-- tiny little spherules
of magnetic iron

-- and it's not only their
presence which is of interest,

it's the manner in which they're
distributed: frequently around

the periphery of these circles,
sometimes distributed linearly,

indicating a delivery system
that's fairly sophisticated.

>>This research group has also
found interesting effects

tied to the growth of a crop
within the circles.

>>Some of the results clearly
show that when those energies,

when this crop circle-making
system impacts the plants,

if they're not mature,
if the seed is not formed,

what happens is that
those seeds are dehydrated,

they won't,
they don't mature properly,

and they don't produce new
seeds, or new plants.

If that were to happen all over
the world simultaneously,

we'd lose our food stock.
Obviously that's important.

In addition, the germination
work shows that when these

energies impact the plants,
later on when the seed is

fully developed, then you get
this very energized effect.

Levengood and Burke were able to
demonstrate that that was due

to these very precise
electrical pulses.

And out of that grew their
discovery of how

to replicate that effect.

The crop circles have
consequently shown the way

for a new method of increasing
the growth rate in crops,

independent of environmentally
dangerous chemicals,

just by giving the crop seeds a
short, controlled dose of

electrical pulses before sowing.

The method is being tried out
now in the USA and is,

to say at least,
extremely interesting.

So that an electromagnetic field
of some sort or another is part

of the crop circle phenomenon
seems to be quite possible.

Remains of the electromagnetic
field can quite often

be registered by using different
types of equipment on site.

>>On a few occasions, on what
we considered to be

a genuine formation, the meter
has started off normal

at background level, cosmic
radiation from the heavens,

and all of a sudden it shot up
to 10-15 times.

We went in there, David was
still there with the meter,

it's just normal background,
about .5, was it

something like that? And then
all of a sudden, it shot up,

and went up to 10 to 12,
which is maybe 20 times

normal background radiation.

So we then thought we would
walk outside the formation and

see if the reading would alter.

And we got about 15 paces
or so perhaps, and the meter

dropped right back to .5,
which was normal background.

People with all sorts of
instrumentation come into fields

and find battery drains,
cameras sometimes don't work,

films go off,
video cameras stop running.

Every year I bring my camera
here, and every year

I get it fixed.
Cannon are getting fed up.

And it's working
outside the crop circle,

I bring it into the crop circle,
tapes jam, total...

it's a write off.
This is trying to tell me

something about some kind of
event definitely going on here.

Whatever is happening, or
whatever is making these things,

man or beast or whatever,
something is affecting,

there a signal, something's
trying to tell us something,

that there's... hello,
knocking on the door,
knocking on the head.

Something's going on here.
It needs investigation.

We need to pay careful attention
to what's going on.

And be careful.

>>Several other methods
are also used to examine

the effects of this phenomenon.

>>And suddenly it dawned on me
that maybe if I buried water,

as soon as possible after a
formation had appeared,

if I buried them about
two inches deep,

they were only little 25 ml
bottles of water.

Research by burying small
bottles of water for a period

of ten days gave very
interesting results.

Frequency analyzers showed the
water samples had altered their

frequency pattern differently
from the control samples

outside the circles.
Furthermore, the bacteria

content was much higher within
the formation.

A third analyser's method
showed that the water had

increased its ability in
so-called molecular memory.

>>So here we are with
three different techniques,

all showing that something
anomalous was happening

to the water buried inside.

I'm perfectly certain this
phenomenon is a beneficial one,

it's not malevolent. But the
energies that we're dealing

with, we're dealing with a set
of very complex, subtle energies

which interact in a personal way
with our own metabolisms.

People have these wonderful
events, and they come back

and they're sort of radiant
people. And this is lovely.

But I have to say, and I do have
to emphasize this quite

strongly, that
not everybody feels well.

If they feel ill,
come out very quickly.

If anybody is pregnant,
or thinking of becoming pregnant

I say don't go in, because
we don't know really

what we're dealing with.

And, most emphatically,
if anybody's got a health device

which is geared by a battery,
for goodness sakes don't go in.

We've had

too many electrical failures,
dramatic electrical failures.

Sometimes I've been flying
over a formation, and

the instruments in the plane
have gone all haywire,

and my camera refuses to work.

That's when I've got the most
perfect shot. It won't work! Ah!

But again, another thing we're
doing is measuring the protein

content of seeds taken from
inside as opposed to outside.

And what we found last year
was that we're getting

a 50 percent increase in the
protein level from inside.

>>Maybe this can be connected
to the increased growth rate

that was shown in the crop
seeds. But it also seems that

human hormones can be influenced
within the crop circles, too.

>>Certain people, the thyroid
was most affected of all.

One woman had a 40 percent
decrease in her thyroid level.

And yet here we were
in a time scale of

between two and two and a half
hours, and a 40 percent drop.

So what the hell was going on?

And this again shows us that,
in terms of scientific research,

with which we are finding things

existing inside the formations
which don't exist outside.

>>I have to say that
that phenomenon that occurred

just now, when I couldn't turn
my digital camera on

standing inside the circle,
was impressive.

I believe in energy forces.

I believe that there may be very
high energy here which

could interfere with
electrical equipment.

>>It just seems like it's

some sort of energy that's
some sort of frequency that's

different, but that it's a
frequency that's affecting

our skin and maybe even
the blood flow, because

we're having these little white
things show in the skin

that don't usually show there.

So there's something
we don't know what it is, but

it's something different
that's radiating here

from these plants.

[Foreign language]

>>Well, you know what
it was like last year,

when it was absolutely trashed,
wasn't it?

>>A new crop circle has been
discovered, and the excitement

as usual is high.

Is it genuine?
And what are the patterns like?

What about the geometry?

And not at least, what sort of
traces will we find here?

>>In some crop formations
you go in, and over

the entirety of the whole
formation if you look,

if you bend down and you examine
the crop in detail you'll find

it's bent at the base, and then
all along the rest of the stem

there's no damage.
It's just pristine,

there's no marks nor creases.

Now we've got to be
very, very careful because

it's been here all day and
we're not the first people

that have walked into it.

So people walking around are
going to have added damage,

so what we might see as damage,
we might think is from

the first cause, but in actual
fact has been done by visitors.

I must say this is
less damage than I've seen

in some formations,
but it is there.

>>Visible breaks on some of the
crop stems can indicate that

something physical has been used
to flatten the crop.

Or are these

traces of other visitors
who have been here before us?

We can't find
any immediate signs of

stretched nodes
or expansion cavities either,

so again,
what or who is behind this one

must remain another mystery.


>>I think something like that.

This is laid crop,

and then it has a ring
around the outside as well.

>>However, measuring the pattern
shows that

it's approximately
200 feet in diameter.

It's a very clear geometric
pattern, but only when it's seen

from the air can we determine
what it actually looks like.

The geometry of the crop circles
has remained an integral part

of the studies for a long time.

Some people have gone so far as
to suggest that there is

some sort of hidden code or
message here.

Others see the geometry as just
an aesthetic expression.

Mathematical fractals can only
be made with the help of
a computer.

So how can they be created
in a crop field?

This appeared in
the middle of the day

and in under half an hour,
without anyone in sight.

Pilots who crossed the area
with tourists confirmed this.

Where do all these
original designs come from,

that no one lays claim to?

Are they crossovers
from another dimension?

Do the symbols represent a kind
of communication initiative?

Is this part of our evolving
knowledge of reality?

>>The crop circles are
coming down as shape,
as form, as design.

And I believe these shapes

are touching something
very deep within us.

And these shapes are the
language --

the conversation
has been opening, you know.

I think the intelligence behind
the crop circles has decided,

with great wisdom,
that this conversation,

which has a long program
and a long agenda,

is best established with form.

>>Symbols are about

understanding what kind of
world we live in.

And it explains, it transmits
the understanding of

how the universe works, and the
kinds of laws we are under.

And this is actually
a spiritual teaching.

Mathematics will go into it
and will try to explain it from

a point of view of matter, the
effect of that on the physical.

The ancient knowledge is talking
about principles and concepts

behind the physical, you see.

So to reach that level of
understanding you have to

go above the physical.
You have to raise your mind

above the... what you can see,
touch, feel, taste and so on.

You have to rise above the
physical. And in that sense you

are learning, you are
growing in understanding.

The ancient expression
growing in understanding,

that's exactly that.
You are growing understanding!

Whereas if you
bring everything down to,

Aww, it's not laid properly,
Ooo, it's not quite straight,

you bring everything down.

You don't look at the symbol,
you just look at the physical.

You bring it down to your own
level of what should be right,

and what should fit your idea,
you know.

But this is a chance, now,
we have to really begin to

see the big picture.

>>It's striking that
the basic geometrical forms

such as circles, squares,
triangles, pentagrams, etc,

seem to create the basis
for the construction in most

of the patterns in crop circles.

The principle of the Golden
Section and the ratio pi

is often repeated
in the constructions.

Is it the geometry
that is the key

in understanding the phenomenon,
or is it the phenomenon that is

the key in understanding a
deeper meaning in the geometry?

There have been several
sensational discoveries

that in fact point
in that direction.

>>There's a couple of solutions
which are not only

astonishingly accurate, as they
are astonishingly simple,

that I'm just amazed that no one
in the 2,000-odd years of

people studying this problem
haven't discovered before.

I mean, it's
breathtakingly simple.

>>The solutions that
Allan Brown had found

are tied to a known
geometrical problem that

mathematicians have struggled
with for over 2,000 years.

The act of squaring the circle
with compass and ruler,

which involves creating
a square and a circle

whose perimeters are equal.

This in fact is
impossible to achieve

with 100 percent accuracy
due to the impossibility

of constructing
the irrational number, pi,

which again is used to calculate
the circle's circumference.

There are known methods
on how to get quite close

to a solution, but new
principles for doing this

with an accuracy only limited to
the thickness of the pencil line

was revealed in a crop circle.

In 1997 Michael Glickman
discovered that one of the

circles that year contained some
very special proportions.

>>What Michael Glickman noticed
about that formation was that

if you connected up the centers
of the four satellite circles

and drew a square, then
that square would be

in exactly the squared circle
proportions as to this circle,

which is represented by
the mother circle.

So this formation encoded
a squared circle.

>>Allan now began to look
at crop circles throughout

the past 25 years
that seemed to have

the same common proportions.

Simple formations
with four satellite circles

around a center--
so-called quintuplets.

He understood that
these demonstrated

the same principle of
squaring the circle.

>>What I found was
that the fact that

they so comprehensively did it
right the way from like

the first one I studied in 1983,
right the way to

the last one I studied in 2002,
was that the same notion of the

squaring of the circle was being
demonstrated in all that body of

formations over a 25 year span.

On closer studies of these
circles, he suddenly discovered

new simple and elegant
construction methods

regarding this problem that
had never been seen before.

Is it possible that something
such as that can suddenly

appear by chance in
a field of flattened corn?

>>This is just taking the most
simple, simple geometry

that even a school kid can
learn, and recombining it

in an incredibly simple way,
which then allows

solutions to just drop out, drop
out of the hat, as it were.

So, I mean, and again I find
that that is to me

an indicator of intelligence.

It's not going deeper into
complexity, it's taking the

simplest component parts, and
recombining them in a way which

we'd just never thought to do.
It's so simple.

>>These new methods connected to
squaring the circle use

three basic elements

that symbolize the Earth, human
beings, and the wholeness.

Is a spiritual message
hidden here?

Is this an encouragement
to the human race to

seek a new understanding
in connection with

our relationship to Earth
and the wholeness?

Strangely enough, this also
relates to the difference in

size between the Earth's and the
moon's radii.

>>You can run a circle through
the center of the moon,

which then squares the circle.

>>And maybe even more remarkable
is that the same principle

is again noticed in Stonehenge,
in relation to the distance

between the inner and outer
stone circles.

Did man, some 5,000 years ago,
know something that we don't,

or have forgotten? Or is this
again just another coincidence?

And when one takes

the Earth's diameter and the
Earth plus moon's radius in

English miles,
so correspondingly it relates to

the same figures in feet and
decimals as to Stonehenge.

These figures, 5040 and 7920,
are keys to that

basic and traditional
formulation of number

that lay on the root
of all ancient culture.

5040 is the first seven numbers
multiplied together.

7920 appears by multiplying
the next four.

The Greek philosopher Plato
describes these numbers as

the key symbols of
the divinely ordered creation.

And so, another
crop circle appears where

the amount of standing and
flattened elements

also show to be the same figures
in a scale of one to ten.

Its construction is
of the most advanced geometry

consisting of 144 circles
around a circle.

Challenging enough to construct
on paper, but in the middle of

a crop field at night,
and even without touching

the center of the pattern.

This remarkable formation
only lasting a few hours

before the harvest is moved in,

not only in total clarity
symbolizes the DNA spiral, but

also the squaring of the circle,
and the relationship between the

Earth and the moon
by divine numbers.

And to add it all up, the sum of
these two numbers is 1296,

which again is six
times six times six times six.

In the ancient Greek alphabet
these numbers correlate

to letters spelling out a name.
That name is

goddess of all creation.

>>To me, even now, after having
lived with this diagram

for two years, my hair stands on
end, I've got goosebumps

because, you know as a designer,
if someone came to me and said

look, I want you to design a
picture which has got

792 elements somehow, and
504 elements.

See if you can come up with
something interesting.

To come up with that,

a perfect rotating DNA spiral
encoding those numbers,

is in itself a work of genius.

But then to find that in a wheat
field in August,

there, beautifully formed.

And it seems to me the most sane
way of dealing with it is

to accept that this is
a demonstration of

a level of intelligence and
compassion towards us,

which is pulling us up.

We have to look at this square
in the face and I think it's

a truly extraordinary bit of
intelligence and geometry.

>>Again, new seasons bring new
crop circles with fresh,

original designs, and new,
exciting geometry.

A circle divided into 13 parts.

Or divided into 7,11, and 13

in addition to a row of new
fantasy field patterns.

Many of these are pure logos
that advertising agencies

would demand a great deal of
money to develop.

Here we can pick and choose
for free.

>>How it was made is not that
important I think, you know.

These are, these symbols are
messages, or means of

communication to the human race

from some other
living creatures.

>>The theory of this not being
manmade is backed up

by the fact that more and more
people have been seeing

strange lights and glowing
objects in connection with

the crop circles.

>>Inhabitants in Wiltshire have,
through ages, reported

strange light phenomena.

Maybe is it not so strange
that one of the hills

in the area was named

Golden Ball Hill.

During the last few years,
these balls have also been

filmed on several occasions.

The balls of light seem to have

some sort of connection
with the crop circles.

They have often been seen to be
moving within the formations,

directly over them,
or away from them.

They appear to be of soccer ball
size, and have often been

described as having an
impressive acceleration.

Are these some sort of
intelligent energy balls,

or remote controlled
supernatural robots?

Or maybe they are the mythical
elves that we have heard about.

>>Those balls of light

you cannot help... there's no
way you can do that.

They fly around during daytime,
they're not high up in the sky

but they are over fields
with hills in the background.

They are filmed
on many occasions
by many different people.

>>Have you seen
any of these yourself?

>>I've once seen an amber

ball of light at nighttime
that was pretty impressive.

I saw it for several minutes and
it just floated over a field,

and it looked like an
open fireplace.

It would get bigger and smaller.
I had good binoculars.

I could see it was circular
but it was not like

a flashlight or something. And
it made a deep impression on me.

It happened in '97, and
my life has not been the same

any more since that time.

>>During the filming of
these balls of light,

a military helicopter showed up
and clearly seemed to be

chasing the phenomenon.

It's not so unusual that the
military in this area are on the

spot when light phenomena are
observed or crop circles appear.

But the military, at present,

refused to make
any comments about it.

>>They're so often seen, filmed,
photographed, whatever,

over and around
the crop circles.

And they do this in broad
daylight, you know,

in the night, whenever.

Officially though, the crop
circles are all one big joke.

"Let's all go back to sleep,
there's nothing to see."

And, um, if that's the case,
why are they deploying such

high technology and
helicopters and personnel to
look at

this situation? It doesn't
make sense, so clearly

they know that we know,
that they know that

something is going on.

>>And I know last year there was
lots of helicopters

flying very low after these
orbs of light around here,

so a lot of people are getting
complaints about it,

because the helicopters
were following some

invisible light forms
doing something.

They were definitely
meaning business.

So I think there's
something involved here

which is playing with
our peripheral consciousness,

and if something's playing with
your peripheral consciousness

and your peripheral perception,

that could be a good thing,
or it could be a bad thing.

I think things... People need to
be on their guard when

they have their wonder open up.
When you're wondering

about things, you might
let something else in.

I think we need to be careful
about what's going on here.

I think it's wonderful
and it's great, but...

I think we need to be on our
guard with what's happening.

With our consciousness here.

>>Several instances have been
recorded whereby people have had

close contact with
these balls of light.

>>I arrived to spend the night
in this circle about 10 o'clock

PM, in the night.
My partner and a friend of ours

were sitting on the hill behind
us at Milk Hill.

Around about midnight
it was very clear.

The sky was absolutely
very clear, um, quite crisp.

And from out of the blue, out of
nowhere right in front of me,

maybe 10 meters out in front of
me, a ball of light

about soccer ball size appeared,
just appeared out of nothing,

hovering just above the ground
and behind a standing tuft of

rapeseed stems at the center of
the circle.

So I was kind of observing this
light through the stems and

it was kind of putting them into

It hovered exactly
in the same position

for at least 30 or 40 seconds,
long enough for me to get up,

move my position and look around
the actual standing tuft and

to actually see
this ball of light.

There's no doubt at all
it was certainly there,

and it appeared from nowhere,
and it stayed there

for a maximum of about 1 minute?
Maybe one and a half minutes?

And after this amount of time
it faded, and kind of just faded

to nothing over
the course of a few seconds.

Extremely strange
and very close, but I did not

perceive any interaction.

It was like
an observer's experience only.

I was left sitting there
rather bemused, with my camera

right on my lap, which
I didn't use for some reason,

and I immediately fell asleep
and woke up at 8 o clock

in the morning.
Fairly good night's sleep.

And my partner arrives
in the formation and tells me

that they have seen effectively
the same thing which I saw.

But they saw it from
their vantage point

200 meters behind me,
and elevated probably 100 feet.

And they saw the same thing --

what appeared to be
the same thing.

They come into the field,
into the circle, and then

they lost it. And as they lost
it, I got it, and

it tied together very well, you
know. It seemed to...

it provided, for me, independent
confirmation. Because I did

wake up thinking, wow was that a
dream or something?

But it was pretty much confirmed
and it was extremely close.

Close enough to be absolutely
certain that that was

something extremely strange in
there with me, and

it wasn't anything that I've
ever seen before. That close.

>>From this height,
Oliver's Castle, one of the most

often debated observations was
made early one morning in 1996.

A young man spending the night
here with his video camera was,

in the early dawn, suddenly

aware of something strange
unfolding down in the field.

>>Here I am standing
at Oliver's Castle

at precisely the same spot as
John Weyleigh was standing in

August 1996 when he supposedly,
for the fist time in history

managed to film
the creation of a crop circle.

>>That the crop circle was not
here the previous day

but had appeared the following
morning was a fact.

That John Weyleigh was here at
dawn can be confirmed by a

military patrol jogging by
at that time.

John returned to the local pub
later that same day and

played this remarkable footage
from his camera.

Even so, many believed that he
had managed to manipulate the

film with computer animation
during this short time span,

something that computer
animation experts doubt.

To overlay a perfect animation
over a handheld, unstable film

would need several days of
computer work using the

equipment of that time.

Today this film
is still a great mystery.

Although confessions now have
been made by people claiming

to be responsible for it as a
hoax, others believe the

hoax theories to be organized
debunking, due to the fact that

this remarkable footage would
have dangerous effect

on the public if declared real.

Anyway, the repeatedly seen and
filmed balls of light are indeed

difficult to explain as

birds, flying plastic bags,
computer animation, or whatever.

So, are they signs of life
existing parallel to ours,

but in another dimension?

And are they responsible for
all the genuine crop circles?

Speculation continues to grow

in size the more
one studies the phenomenon.

>>I personally am convinced
that the vast majority of

crop formations are
not made by people.

They're made by
some unexplained agency,

whether it be extraterrestrial
or inter-dimensional

or from the earth, or whatever.

With regard to the lights, there
have been so many instances

where the lights have been seen

either before crop formations
appear, or over crop formations.

Again, I think
there's a connection between

the lights and the crop circles.

>>Again, I'm in a fresh and
newly appeared crop circle,

and I must admit
the feeling is quite stunning.

It's easy to see why people
are attracted by this.

But what I don't understand

is why the media don't seem to
be attracted at all.

>>They don't like questions
which can't easily be answered.

So the media have only really
liked this when we get to

the question of hoaxing and
of people making it --

Doug and Dave, and all that.
Which is a nice, neat thing.

It wraps it up in a parcel, we
can put it away, that's that

solved and finished, now let's
get back to the football.

You know? And so, really, the
media don't want to do this one.

Even people like the BBC don't
want to do this one because

it's a big question,
and it concerns

the future of civilization.

>>We believe that
the formations are

tangible evidence,
aren't they? that the...

that we're not alone.

And our government and other
governments have for years been

trying to tell us that
we are alone, and ridiculing

all the people who've
seen craft and had experiences.

And I think they're frightened
to death of the fact that

here we have fantastic evidence,
and they're

doing their best to tell us
that "they're all hoaxes".

Even the newspapers in this
country are... seem to be

in on it, you know. They...
It amazes me that reporters,

journalists have
under their noses

one of the most fantastic
stories ever, and yet

they completely dismiss it
out of hand. It's as if they're

frightened to get involved
with it somehow.

>>Would you like to be the news
editor who published a headline,

"Everything We Believe In Is Now
Destroyed"? I don't think so.

So, the newspapers, the media,
are very good at, um...

and a little joke at the end.
"O, little green men from Mars".

>>But in 2001, suddenly the
media paid some interest,

because then something appeared
that was almost impossible

to overlook. Right behind me
is Britain's largest

radio telescope, the
Chilbolton Observatory.

And here it was that the
greatest sensation in the

crop circle history was to
appear in the fields

right in front of the telescope.

On the morning of 14th of August
2001, a formation was discovered

which was different from any
other previously seen.

From the ground,
it looked like a tangled mess.

Wisps of crop spread around in
no system. However,

in the evening with growing
shadows, a picture appeared --

unmistakably that of a face.
That picture represented

a whole new technique --
a screen technique.

The same that's used for
printing a picture on paper.

Three days later, the face
was joined by something

that looked like a data strip:
Rows of counters made out of

standing and flattened crop.

But soon, an astonishing
similarity was discovered.

In 1974, the astronomer

Carl Sagan composed a message
that NASA sent into space

from the Arecibo telescope
in Puerto Rico.

Binary figures which constituted
a graphic code presenting

key factors about humans
and the planet we live on.

27 years later an identical
pattern appears in a crop field

right in front of
a similar radio telescope.

However, on closer inspection,
it seemed to show that

the code contained some
fundamental differences.

Sagan's message explained
our calculation system,

the dominant chemical substances
within the elements that

create life on Earth, about our
DNA code, humans' height and

quantity, and that we live
on the third planet in our

solar system. And lastly, a
sketch of our radio telescope.

The message received describes
the same calculation system, but

that silicon is
most dominant in lifeforms

in contrast to carbon.
The drawing also clearly shows

a humanoid figure, with large
head in relation to its body.

It's also explained
that they have

an extra string in their DNA,
are approximately four feet

tall, and inhabit the third,
forth and fifth planets in their

solar system, and have a
population of 221.3 billion.

Underneath, the telescope
has been replaced by

something more complex.

One year earlier,

a strange crop circle
had appeared in the same place.

Is this the same illustration
as in the sender's code?

Is this the correspondent's
radio telescope?

If this is not an extremely
clever and well calculated joke

conducted by humans,
is it a serious response from

an alien civilization?

>>The Chilbolton crop formations
really gave new life to

the speculations of
who is behind this.

Is it aliens?
Where do they come from?

And what is their purpose of
this type of communication?

>>The following year, very
nearly on the same day,

a new picture appeared that gave
new force to the alien theory,

this time in Crabwood, near the
town of Winchester in Hampshire.

Once again we see a face,
but this time there is

an unmistakable resemblance to
something extraterrestrial.

The picture also contains a
print, somewhat similar

to that of a CD, with something
that appears to be

a coded message.

This formation also has
a new type of design, this time

with horizontal line patterns of
variable thickness, similar to

that of a TV picture.

The message on the disk is
similar to a spiral band

built up of many boxes.

But data expert Paul Vigay
managed to decipher the message.

>>I've had to enlarge the disk

quite substantially
on the computer and run some

image analysis over it to make
it clear, so that I could see

what was a standing tuft
and what was flattened.

And while I was doing this, I
noticed that every so often

there was almost a mistake
in the diagram.

It was like there was a tuft,

a rather little square tuft,
done sort of half size.

I thought, that's a bit odd.
And it seemed fairly regular.

I was going round, and I sort of
counted up, and it was sort of

literally every sort of
eight bytes, or whatever.

I thought "Aw, eight bytes"
And, you know, from

computer science, it's obviously
some sort of binary code.

So then I did the
straightforward thing --

I just converted it into ASCII,
which is the standard sort of

binary computer language
that you encode the alphabet in.

And of course I then started to
get words forming out,

and I thought "Ah-ha", you know,
"I'm getting somewhere here".

So I then did the whole thing
for the whole lot,

and got this message.

>>The message is in English,
and reads as follows:

Many have been surprised
by this message.

Are there aliens with such faces
that we should be aware of?

Or is this a picture
of the sender?

Does this indicate the start
of actual close contact with

neighbors in the universe?

My own, and this is only a
hypothesis, belief about this

is that there's an effort of...
the extraterrestrials are

gradually trying to communicate
with us. A very slow process

giving us a lot of time to
digest the fact that

we may not be alone here.

>>I've been researching the UFO
phenomenon for longer

than the circles, and I think
there is a connection

between the two.

And whatever agency's involved
is obviously, i think, I know

it's a bit of a cliche now, but
it's kind of building up to some

kind of contact within
a short space of time.

I think that these signs, there
are signs. Some of them are

warning signs, if you look over
the history of the film, and

they work on different levels.

They work on the subliminal
level, the level of

consciousness, influencing
people's consciousness.

So I think in a way they're kind
of preparing us for some kind

of, possibly some kind of
contact. Maybe, a more open

contact within the next few
years. Possibly.

>>I think this is the biggest
gift we have ever had

on the planet. I think it's the
most important moment we've ever

had on the planet.
I think it brings us

nothing but good.

I think we should all sit calmly
and accept the future,

because we're in the middle of a
dimensional shift right now,

and I think our cousins out
there, or sisters, realize that

the planet Earth is famously
uh... like this in the universe,

and we're going to be dragged
kicking and screaming into the

future, and it won't be easy.

And I think they are
very gently offering us help.

>>I don't know what it is. But I
know it isn't planks and boards.

And I may be the only person in
the world that can say that,

coming from both the science,
and the fact that

I watched one happen.
There were no planks and boards!

You can throw that idea out.

There are people who make them,
yes. There are people -- go into

the fields and amuse themselves.

That didn't make the one that I
saw happen, and they haven't

made these others
that we've been testing.

>>Nancy Talbot is not
just one of the most well known

crop circle researchers
in the world, she's also

one of the few that claims to
have seen the phenomenon

in action at close hand.

In 2001, she visited Robbert van
den Broecke in Holland,

a young man who had also said
that he had observed the

creation of many crop circles.

As she was on her way to bed on
the second floor of Robbert's

house, something suddenly

>>Seconds, minutes later,
this tube of light,

this brilliant, about a foot and
a half, maybe two foot diameter

tube of light came crashing down
right in front of those windows.

Scared the dickens out of me.

I mean it lit up the field
outside like daylight,

but there wasn't really time
to do anything,

it only lasted for
a second or so. No noise,

no smell, no electromagnetic
response in the skin.

Just this brilliant light,
an enormous force.

It stopped, it disappeared,
and... "Did that really

You know? Before you had time to
think about it, another one.

Same place. Womp! This thing
comes down. Exactly the same.

The outside lit up like daytime,
the inside lights up.

And now I'm thinking,
"God, I hope Robbert's seeing

the same thing", because you
don't want to see this sort of

thing all by yourself.

Before I could get on the bed,
by then I'm starting to get on

the bed, and had
begun to yell for him,

a third tube came crashing down.

Well, by this time he's halfway
up the stairs yelling for me,

because he's been watching
exactly the same thing

from downstairs.

Now from my vantage point the
windows, although very high,

cut this tube of light off
at a certain point.

He was right next to the windows
downstairs and could see

considerably farther
up in the sky.

Neither of us saw anything in
the sky from which these tubes

of light could possibly have
come. There's nothing up there.

We went to the windows in the
bedroom, looked up, saw nothing.

Went running downstairs to... we
were getting ready to go out,

and... I was a little scared,
not brave, and I thought

"If another one of
those things comes, I don't

want to be underneath it".

But Robbert, he got brave,
and he stepped out, and

nothing happened to him, so I
grabbed the flashlight,

and we went right to the fence
which is about 85-90 feet

behind the house, and there in
that field right on the other

side of that fence, and I think
I saw steam. I'm not positive,

I couldn't really tell because I
was holding the flashlight,

but I think I saw steam rising.
And there was

a brand new crop circle.
And it wasn't just a circle.

It was an ellipse, as a matter
of fact, a very distinct

ellipse, with a long pathway
going off on the northern end,

and a crossbar.
Like a capital letter T.

And Robbert and I just...
it wasn't there earlier, we'd

been right there earlier in the
evening, and there it was.

>>Nancy and Robbert's experience
can only be confirmed by

themselves, even though it was
clear that there was a pattern

in the field of sweet peas
the day after.

Were they really witnesses to
the phenomenon that creates all

the genuine crop circles, or was
it just one of many variations

of the phenomenon?
Are there many different

players of both normal and
paranormal origin in the fields?

>>Now, you've got to remember
also that there are so-called

manmade designs out there.

But at the same point in time
I've come across them where

I've gone in a few hours after
they've arrived, and I find

additions. And I've looked at
it, and then I've spoken to some

of them afterwards. They claim
that they did it, and I say OK,

fine, let's see the evidence.
And they produce all sorts of

evidence, and then I'll say OK,
well what about this bit?

They'll say, Oh,
we didn't do that bit. I'll say,

if you didn't do it, who did?
They say, we don't know.

But it's human arrogance
to think that

we're the only intelligent
life forms in the universe.

There are others out there
that have abilities way beyond

what we're capable of doing.
Now, just because

we can't see it, doesn't mean
to say it isn't there.

>>Well, you sit out here
in this field, you know,

especially for a night maybe,
spend a whole night

in this circle, in this
geometric pattern which

at this time is a complete
mystery, you can sit here

and you can ask your own
fundamental questions,

and there's no need for
TV, culture, religion.

You know it's like a personal
little church for a night and,

you know, it's actually very
healthy, and it certainly should

be looked at very seriously
before being ridiculed.

Usually the ridicule

is stemming from fear
rather than known fact.

>>Personally, I think the

message of the crop circles
is really important,

and I think they are one of the
most important things

happening on the planet
at the moment.

I think they speak of
Earth changes.

I think they speak about
changes in human evolution.

I think we're being stimulated
and pulled forward to consider

all kinds of possibilities
for the fact that

the reality which we perceive
at the moment is not in fact

the entire reality at all.

>>It is entirely our free choice
to give attention

to these things.

If they wanted to interfere,
they would knock out our

computers and our electronics,
and things like that to really

give us a shock. You know.
But they're not. They're doing

it in the middle of fields, and
it is entirely our choice

to give these things attention.
And even when that's the case,

they're not giving any really
clear answers. They're saying,

"Form your own conclusions."
"What are your ideas on this?"

"How do you respond to this?"

And so they're not interfering,
they're more like

very enlightened grownups
working with kids.

And, you know, when
you're teaching a child,

it's best not to say,
"Don't do this" and "Do that".

That doesn't really
educate a child.

It's much better to give a child
educational opportunities

where they can become
aware of the situation

and make their own choices.

And you've got to set up that
experience in a way where

the child will figure it out
well for themselves,

and that is a real education.

>>Each year you get
people saying

they're all manmade,
they must be a hoax.

But equally, there's people who
refuse to accept that and say

"No, this is something that

must be investigated more.
It's very important."

And so what we've found with the
crop circles is it has created

a whole forum for debate over
the nature of reality.

There's been nothing like it in
modern history, and this

whole adventure about arguing
between the skeptics and the

believers has created this
magical space in the middle

where we can discuss anything
about what the universe is.

And all because of

these strange patterns
appearing in the fields.

But we don't actually know
where they come from.

>>One of the finest,
most beautiful and original

art forms of modern times.
Still totally mysterious.

Is this a process of
advanced communication?

Or a course of
re-education, beginning with

the symbols of
sacred knowledge and wisdom?

>>Is the truth to be found up
there? Or maybe down there.

Or inside us. Or maybe
beside us in another dimension.

Anyway, it's going to be very
interesting to see where this is

going to take us.

(captions by CaptionBear 2014)