Crossover (2021) - full transcript

Out of desperation, a struggling hairstylist turns to a charming drug dealer for a favor. Only to later find herself caught up in his hidden agenda.

(upbeat music)

(soft music)

- [Lena] My name is Lena and
that's my husband, Chris.

(police sirens)

Here's what I remember.

I was 30 years old carrying
my first and only child

and we just got married.

It wasn't long before he
was taken away from me.

I, I hit rock bottom and was
left to figure it all out.

(police sirens)

Now I'm here.

It's been five years since
my husband's been gone.

I spent all of our savings.

I lost my salon too.

So here I am back renting one
and I can barely afford that.

- [Terry] Hey mommy.

- [Lena] That's Terry.

So tired.

She's my closest friend.

I've known her for a while now.

She's been helping
with all of this.

You know what?

I think I'm gonna run out
and get something to eat.

That's what I'ma do.

- Yes. Can you grab
me something please?

- Oh no. You still
owe me from last time.

- I could owe you
hugs and kisses.

- Terry.

- Mm. You gonna leave
your bestie hangin?

- I'm about to run
out for lunch y'all.

Y'all want something?

- No, no thank you.

- All right. I'll be back.

Ah feels good in here.

Can I get my usual please?

- I got you.

- How you doing?

- All right.

- Hey, yo Black. What's good?

- What up, man? Hey,
let me get my usual.

You know how I do it?

- [Cook] I got you.

- I do believe I
was here before you.

- Oh, my bad.

I ain't mean to skip
in front of you.

Put her food on my
tab just because.

- No, I, I don't need
you to buy me anything.

- You might not want me to,

but I'm gonna do it
cuz I want do it.

- Thank you, sir.

- Wait, what you, hold on.

I know you hear me
talking to you. Hold on.

Why you in such a
rush? Pace yourself.

- What? You, you buy me food.

So you think I owe
you a conversation?

- I mean, I was kind of hoping
you'd pay me in another way.

- Oh. Okay. (laughs) Bye.

- Hold on wait.
I'm just playing.

Learn how to laugh.

You know what I mean? You
don't gotta be uptight.

I promise you.

- So what? I mean you think
you buy me a $20 takeout plate

and what?

- I mean $20. I mean.

- Oh, okay.

That's what we doing.

- Yeah.

- Okay. You know
what? I better go.

- How about this?

- I better. I better go.

- Look before you
go. Before you go.

I know you got places
to be. Before you go.

Here put your number in there.

- What is it, Black? Right?

I don't know you. Okay.

And honestly, to know me

is to know food is not gonna
get you my phone number.

- Well, if it makes
you feel any better,

I was raised to give
a woman what she want.

Look, I run the South side

and pretty soon I be
running the whole city.


They call me Black.

But since you won't give me
your number, just take mine.

How that sound?

Don't think too long. What's up?

- All right. Here.

- That's more like it.

And look, text me if you
need anything. Seriously.


You got it? Lock me in.

- Wait on it. Wait on it.

- B L A C K, all right?

Enjoy your food by the
way. Now you can leave.

Ay yo G. What's good
with that food, man?

- [Terry] All right.
You look better.

- Mm.

- What happened?

- Oh man.

So I got you some food.

- Oh, you love me.
Thank you mama.

- Ah shit, what time is it?

- Ooh, it is.

- What time is it?

- Almost two o'clock.

- Okay. Let me run to the back.

Hubby's gonna call me, okay?

- Yeah. Yeah.

- I'll be right back.

Here we go.

(text keys)


- Well dang, that was quick.

- Girl. Yeah.

He said he had to
call me back. So man,

I feel like these calls are
getting shorter and shorter.

- About a year to go, right?

- [Lena] Yeah.

I miss my baby and
Miles needs his father.

But he did say he might get
released a little early.

So I'm hoping, please.

- Nice. I know you happy.

- It's just, it's just so
hard without him, you know?

I just want my old life back.

- I know. I know you do.

And that means a
new location, ma'am?

- Oh yeah.

A new place. A new
life. A new everything.

- Right.

- Okay.

- You deserve it.

Oh, before I forget,
I gotta shoot out.

I gotta go handle
some stuff. So.

- You gotta leave
earlier again, Terry?

I better not catch you on them
streets, twerking and stuff.

(Terry laughs)

Be like, Hey a a a a.

- I'm not. Whatever
girl. Whatever.

No, I gotta go
handle some stuff,

but I will see you tomorrow.

And let me get my
stuff real quick.

But thanks for the food.

(smooches) Love you.

- Whatever. Be safe.

- Bye girl.

- All right.

- Man. What y'all think about
LeBron man and Michael Jordan?

- Man. Nobody stand LeBron man.

I'm an MJ fan, man. What
you talking about, man?

- That's right. MJ
all day over here.

- Man LeBron can
go. Y'all trippin.

- Nah, and Jordan got six rings.

- Man.

- Six rings. That's it.

- End of it.

(door chimes open)

- This dude is
6'9". Man be flyin.

- [Everybody] Yo,
Black! What's up?

- Good. What's good, partner?

- What's up man? How you doing?

- I'm doing good,
man. What's good OG?

- Doing okay.

- Yeah. Get me right real quick.

- I got you. I got you.

- Yeah. I need to get right
for the weekend. It's popping.

- [Barber] What's
up young blood?

- Nothin much OG. Get
me right. Get me right.

- [Barber] I got you man.

- Yeah. It's about that
time. You know what I mean?

- [Barber] Everything's good?

- Everything great,
man. Couldn't be better.

- [Barber] Yeah.

- Come on now. (door chimes
open) Don't doubt me.

- Okay.

- Oh my bad.

- Hey, how you doing?

- Got some company OG.

Oh yeah. Come here. Let me see.

- Hey daddy, what's up?

- How you doing?

- I'm doing well.

- Oh, you brought me something?

- I just wanted to give
you a little somethin.

Oh, let my OG see
you. (smacks butt)

Look at him. Your glasses foggin
up, your glasses foggin up.

- Come on Black. They
fog man, they fog.

- Thank you baby.

- Be ready tonight.

- Of course. Of course.

- We got slow
rollin working late.

Don't be late.

(door chimes open)

- See that?

(everyone cheering for Black)

Yo. I got. Hey, hands
down Black. Hands down.

- Oh, that's nothin.
OG, that's nothing, man.

- Seriously?

- That's normal for
me. That's light.

- Light?

- That's my weekday
chick. You feel me?

- Nah, you don't act
like that's your weekday.

That ain't. Come on
Black. Keep it real.

- Nah, I keep it real with
you. Look this right here.

This is what I'm
really after. Yeah.

- She alright, man.

You know, you know I ain't
but she outta your league.

I ain't even gonna
lie to you Black.

(everyone laughing)

I ain't. I'ma keep it
real with you Black.

She a little outta your
league and she kinda stuck up,

but I mean.

- OG, OG, OG, OG.

- At the end of the day.

- I know you the
OG and all that.

Let me tell you this though.

Ain't a woman on this earth
that's outta my league.

- Got you. Got you.

- She's perfect for me. She
might be outta your league.

What league you in? MLB?

(everyone laughing)

- Don't do me like that,
Black. Don't do me like that.

- I got another cancellation!

- Girl, I'm gone.

- All right, girl. I'm
right behind you. Damn.

- [Girl] Ms. Morgan's outside.

- Lena!

- Look, I know Ms. Morgan.

I'm gonna have your money.
Just gimme a couple days.

- A couple of days?

You're four months
behind on your rent.

And yet here you are
asking me for more time.

- Actually it's three
months and 28 days.

- Oh, don't play with me.

Don't do that.

Now you get me my money.

I don't want part of it.
I don't want half of it.

I want all of it. Or I'm
shutting this shop down.

You understand me?

Now I gave you time.

I gave it to you because
I believed in you.

I saw something in
you that I saw in me.

But you are not the
woman. I thought you was.

- Ms. Morgan. Don't.

- You're not a
woman of your word.

Now get me my money!

- I said, I will
have your money.

- I hope you do.

Because if you don't,
you won't have a shop.

So you make up your mind
because I'm going to do it.

(door creaks open) Get it!

(door slams)

♪ You, you, you, you. Say
you're freakin' baby. ♪

- [Robotic Voice]
This boy got a hit.

- Hey, sugar.

- You're late.

- I know. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

- You know I don't like
it when you're late.

- I know. I know. I'm sorry.

I was registering for classes.
I came as fast as I could.

You should be proud of me
knowing that I'm in school.

- School?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

What you think you about
be? A lawyer or some shit?

(laughs) Okay. Okay. Look.

I tell you what.

This should help you
with your little tuition.

That's what I thought.

Look, I know a spot
around the corner.

- All right. Let's roll.

Please don't.

- We need and admire your
beautiful bald head. The end.

How is that for a story?

- Mama. Can we read
it one more time?

- No. We'll read it
again tomorrow, okay?

- Okay.

- Okay.

Guess what?

- What?

- Daddy might be
coming home soon.

- Really?

- Really. And you
know what else?

- What?

- He's gonna be upset if
you're not getting any sleep.

Mhm. So get some sleep, okay?

- Okay.

- Okay. All right.

I'll tuck you in.

You got it?

Where's the other
one? There you go.

All right.

- Mommy?

- Yes, baby.

- I love you and I'm glad
daddy is coming back.

- What? You love me?
Uhuh. I love you.

(child laughing)

And that makes the two of us.

(smooches) Good night.

(soft music)


(text sent chimes)

(soft music continues)

(vibration of phone)

(text sent chimes)

This is where everything
started to change.

They say desperate times
call for desperate measures.

And I admit I was desperate.

- Hi. Yes, girl!

Everybody knows that I am
the superstar up here in

Lena's salon.

- Glitter, don't you start
that foolishness today.

- A a a y'all heard
what she called me.


I bring in high end clients
to the trenches. Okay?

Oh, and here's one
of my clients now.

Ladies, let me introduce
y'all to Ms. a Tiffany Fox.

- [Everybody] Hey.

- Hiya. Hi Glitter.

- Hey girl. I ain't
seen you in a while.

- I know I've been on the road.

But you have to come home
so you can get me together.

- Yes, because I don't know who

you been letting do your hair,

but you know I'm gonna
get you together.

I'm gonna get you to, I'm
gonna get you together.

- I'm gonna take this
outside. I'll be back.

- Oh, so we taking
private calls now?

- Shut it up Glitter!

(door closes)

- She worried
about taking calls.

She need to be worried
about getting her shop back.

- Oh, Glitter.

- [Woman] Glitter!

- That's none of your business.

- You defended her.

But you know Lena used to have
all the celebrity clients.

I'm the only one
still with mine.

- She's going through a
rough time. (speaks Spanish)

- Yeah. Well.

- Whatever she
said. I don't know.

- It's been too long.

Time to make somethin
shake, you know?

- Glitter!

- Shake shake shake sha
shake sha shake. Ay.

Shake shake shake sha
shake kitty kitty!

Shake shake shake sh shake.

- Focus on your client.

- Girl. Stop it.

- Hey.

I'm at the shop working. Yeah.

What you doing?

No. I don't, I don't
have any plans.

Where are you
taking me? (laughs)

Okay. I'll be ready.


(laughs) Oh. Mm. Mm mm mm.

(hip hop music plays)

- I got this. Of course.
Anything for you.

- Wow. This is nice.

- Yeah. I figured you
would like this place.

- How you figure that?

- Cause I'm dealing with
somebody with class and taste.

It's the way I like it.

- You right.

I know him over there.

- Oh yeah. Heavy.

- He actually used to work with
my husband back in the day.

- Yeah. Me and Chris
both worked for Heavy.

- What, what, what
did you just say?

- Me and your husband.
Both worked for Heavy.

- No, no, no.

I heard what you said.
Like what the fuck?

- Calm down. We are in public.

I didn't think it
was a big deal.

- Oh.

- Don't look like that.

- Ah.

- Don't make that face.

I ain't gotta be
in your life long.

I know where your husband is.

And by the looks of it

you too damn fine to be
stressing about anything.

If you really want me gone
after this is all over,

I'll be done out your life.

That's your call.

But in the meantime,

I said in the meantime.

You see him? That's our key.

How well you know him?

- I mean, we used to go
to school back in the day.

- See, that's exactly
what I'm talking about.


That's the easiest way to get
what you want outta somebody.

I bet he trust you too.

- What are you implying?

- I don't think you understand
what I'm trying to tell you.

Look, we gotta
strategize, right?

- I.

- Because you tired
of struggling.

I don't wanna see you struggle.

You just wanna win.

And with me you will always win.

I got a plan.

Yeah. Let's get outta here.

Let's make moves.

Fix your face.

I got a plan.

- What was it about him?

I mean, everything in me
told me not to trust him

and there I was falling in love.

He was right though.

I had been down so long. I
just wanted to win again.

I wanted to be on top.

- Come on.

Come on. Lead the way.

So you have fun tonight or what?

- I wish I would've known
we were only gonna be there

for five minutes.

I wouldn't have worn this dress

or these damn heels.

- Stop complaining.
Don't complain.

I like it. I love to look
at you in that dress.

- I bet you do.

- You right about that.

- So. What's the history
between you and my husband?

- Me and Chris.
We like brothers.

- Oh yeah?

- Yeah. We both
worked for Heavy,

but it was Chris that
showed me everything I know.

To be honest,

me and Heavy really
ain't see eye to eye

and I figured why work for
somebody else and take orders

if all you really need is you.

So I left his organization.
Ain't nothing.

- And why y'all
don't speak anymore?

- I mean, to be honest, I came
here to spend time with you.

I ain't come here to talk
about Heavy all night.

Where Miles?

- Miles is at his grandparents.

Hm. That boy keeps
his mama going.

- Right. I see it.

- You know, I don't believe in

messing with my
husband's friends.

- I understand that.

But you know what else?

I think you should stop
saying what you won't do.

Cause you told me
you wasn't gonna,

you told me you wasn't
gonna call me, right?

(Lena laughs)

And yet I'm here, sitting
right in your living room.

- Yeah.

But that's not cuz I wanted to.

- Exactly.

That's what I mean, you
did what you had to do.

Don't apologize for doing
what you gotta do to survive

and take care of
your family, right?

Not supposed to be like that.

But look though.
From the looks of it,

I wouldn't guess you
was missing a thing.

So we staying out here all night

or you gonna gimme a tour?

(kissing sounds)

You lead the way.

- You ready for this?

- Of course. I'm ready.

(hip hop music playing)

Hope you got a plan B.

Talkin' about you don't
think I can handle it.

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

(kissing sounds)

- Last night was fun.

- Indeed it was.

- Oh man.

So babe.

- Yeah?

- You was talking about a plan
last night. What's the plan?

- Yeah, Heavy. He's our plan.

- What does Heavy have
to do with our plan?

- I want you to go back to
that club tomorrow night.

I want you to talk to Heavy.

Tell him you need 100K for
Chris while he locked up.

- What? 100k?

- Yeah.

- I'm not doing that shit.

No. Heavy is crazy.

If he finds out, he'll kill me.

- Relax. He ain't
killing nobody.

It's free money.

We gonna take that money
and make more money.

That is what you wanted, right?

- I mean, yeah,

but I don't have a good
feeling about this at all.

And it, Heavy's not
somebody you just roll up on

and have a conversation with.

- Nah, see.

Heavy will always let an
old friend get near him.

I mean, Chris was Heavy's prize
possession back in the day.

He did the most numbers for him.

When he see you,
he'll feel obligated.

Don't worry about it.

- I, I don't know.

I don't know about that.

- He trust you, but I
need you to trust me.

All right?

(smooches) It's gonna be okay.

In this together.

Ain't nobody got
you like I got you.

(church music playing)

(Terry sobbing)

- You're early.

You know, service
isn't until Sunday.

- This is the only place that
really reminds me of her.

- Yeah. Your grandmother
was a great woman, Terry.

She loved God and this church.

- I'm just trying to
make sense of this all.

- Well, you see that's the thing

because sometimes
God does things

that we don't always understand.

- She was on the
floor for hours.

No one knew.

I'd been saying that I was
gonna go by and see her.

But I was just so caught up
with what I had going on that.

- Listen Terry.

You've got to
forgive yourself too.

I mean a heart attack
is very unpredictable.

How could you know?

- If it wasn't for
her night nurse

she would've been laying there

still waiting for
me to come home.

- Your grandmother knew
that you loved her.

So don't question that and
certainly don't question God.

This is what you really
need to ask yourself.

What's really stopping you
from coming home now? Hmm?

Look. Tell you what.

Whenever you're ready, you'll
have all the support here.

We'll be here.

Better yet, He'll be here too.

♪ But I'll always
be with you, baby ♪

- Can I help you?

- Uh, I'm here to see Heavy.

- And you are?

- He knows who I am.

- Yeah, she's straight. She's
straight. She's straight.

- [Bodyguard] Cool, cool, cool.

- Hey.

- What's up?

- How you doing?

- How you doing?

- Good. Good to see you.

- Good to see you.

- I see a lot has changed
since high school.

- Yeah.

- And I love all of this you
doing with the club. It's dope.

- I appreciate it.

It's auntie spot though.
She had it for years.

- Oh, okay.

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- Just trying to get it to
the next level. That's all.

- I'm digging it though.

- Yeah.

What's up? What's on your mind?

- Um, can we talk in private?

- Yeah, we could.
We could do that.

Auntie, what's
up? Remember Lena?

- Hey, how are you?

- I'm good. How you doing?

- I'm doing good.

- Good good.

- You need something?
You straight?

- I'm straight. Y'all
have a good time.

- You too.

- All right

Hey play some more
Biggie, auntie.

- So um. (whispers indistinctly)

- Oh for sure. For sure.

I got you on that.

- Thank you.

- That ain't no problem.

- Thank you.

- Absolutely. Absolutely.
I got you on that.

And when he get out, tell
him I said what's up.

I'm waiting for him so we
can turn all the way up.

- Oh. Y'all know. Y'all
know how to turn up.

- Yes we do.

Sure you don't want
nothin to drink?

- No, I'm okay. I'm gonna run.

- Okay. OZ gonna handle
you tomorrow with that.

- Okay.

- It'll all be there.

- All right.

- Okay.

- All right. Let
me get outta here.

- All right.

- All right. Nice seeing you.

- Yeah. Wonderful to see you.


- Yeah?

- It was really good to see you.

- It's good seeing you.

There it was.

The moment I had
been waiting for.

I took my power back.

I knew what I was
doing was dangerous,

but really I, I didn't care.

♪ I ain't coming if
there's no deposits ♪

♪ I'm out of this
world, like a martian ♪

- I was able to pay
Ms. Morgan her money.

♪ They done woke me up
and got me started. ♪

- I'm sure she wasn't
expecting that.

♪ If it ain't bout money

- I was back y'all.

♪ Please don't make me
pull up where yo mom at ♪

- And a month later, my
husband was back, too.

- Ladies. Here.

- [Lena] Thank you, baby.

- That's for you.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Terry, just want to
thank you so much

for looking after my wife

and holding down the salon.

- Always. Lena's my girl.

When she offered me
the job at the shop,

I couldn't turn her down.

I told her. Yep. I'll
be right there with ya.

- Did you finally put
your boy to sleep?

- Man that boy has
too much energy.

You know what he said to me?

- [Lena] What?

- He said, dad, I
was worried about you

when you were incarcerated.

- Incarcerated?

- Who taught him
that? That's your son.

- I, you know, oh my God.

Never a dull moment.

(knocking on door)

What was that?

- I invited one of
my homeboys over.

- Oh, I hope he cute.

- I don't know about
him being cute,

but I know he is my homie, so.

- Anyway girl. So yeah,
that guy last night loco,

like why was he?
What was he sayin?

- Babe. This is my boy Black.

Black, this is my wife, Lena.

This is her friend Terry.

- Okay. Pleasure
to meet you, Lena.

Nice to meet you. Terry.

- Have a seat.

Babe, Black.

He used to be my top earner
when I worked for Heavy.

- Mm. Okay.

- He went away, went
Upstate for a little bit,

came back what? About
a year and a half ago?

- It's been about a year or
so. But I ain't counting.

- [Chris] Yeah.

- Hm.

- Yeah. Yeah. That's
my protege. Impressive.

- [Lena] Mm.

- I learned it all from you.

This your day, man.

I'm just glad you home.

- Yeah, me too.

Its nothin like being home
around family and friends.

Terry, uh I don't know
if my wife told you,

but I was in prison
about five years.

Hope that doesn't make
you feel uncomfortable.

- Nah,

actually my ex-boyfriend's
currently locked up

and you know, I used
to work for him,

but he's gonna be away for a
long time. So it's all good.


- So what he's in for?

- Trafficking, robberies,

he did whatever he needed to
do to put food on the table.

- Wait a minute, what?

- [Terry] What?

- Girl you never told me that.

- I mean, it's not something
I'm necessarily proud of,

but a girl's gotta eat
though. You feel me?

- Black, man. You always
had the baddest shorties.

Always. I know ain't
nothing changed.

I know how you get down.

- Oh yeah.

- And they gotta
get their wigs done.

My wife, she's the best
hairstylist in the city.

- [Black] The best, though?

- [Chris] The best.

- I'm gonna take
your word for it.

I'ma have to bring my shorty
down to the shop one day.

- Hey. And by the way, if Lena
ain't there, I'm second best.

So I got you. Remember
Terry now, all right?

- Yeah I like that.

So yeah, Chris um
wheres your little mans?

- Little? Ain't
nothing little by him.

He's smart, man.

It's crazy how smart
that little kid is.

Look man I know you hungry.

Let me fix you something to eat.

- I was waiting on it.

I was waiting on it.

- [Chris] Yo. Don't come
late next time, man.

- I'll make it up to.

- You know, black
people always late.

Nah, it's all good, bro.

- Today's your day. Enjoy it.

(soft piano music)

(cell phone vibrating)

(Chris snoring)

♪ You know I'm flawed. You
know I'm flawed, baby ♪

♪ But you love me anyway.
You love me anyway ♪

♪ A lot of times I'm so
wrong. I know I'm wrong baby ♪

♪ But you love me anyway

- Damn baby. Good morning.

- Good morning.

How you doing?

- Better now.

You know how amazing
it is to see you

make breakfast for
me in the morning?

- Mhm. You know
I'ma put together

a little something
something for you.

- More than a little
something something.

(Lena chuckles)

I wanna thank you for
dinner last night.

Oh man, that food was amazing.

- I try.

- Ah, you do more than try.

It was also good to
catch up with Black.

Man, we haven't
talked for years.

I mean, you know, he put
some money in my books

and sent the occasional
message to me

through some of the
guys in the yard.

But, I think last night we
got back to where we belong.

- Babe uh.

I just want you to know that

life got really
lonely without you.

I mean, it was
just me and Miles.

And I felt like my whole
world was caving in.

One moment I have everything.

And then the next moment it
just was gone in a flash.

I mean, I'm even back
to renting my shop now.

I don't know. I, I just, I
feel like somewhere in between,

somewhere in between,
I fell outta love.

- Baby, I don't want
you to ever think that

I don't understand what
you've been through.

I'm thankful for every
visit, for every call.

I missed you and Miles so much.

But now that I'm back,

I gotta figure out how to
get us back to where we were.

But I'm out the game.

I ain't doing that shit no more.

I'm not going back inside.

I'm not doing anything to
separate me from my family.

- Chris, I.

- Lena. Look, you
gotta trust me.

You gotta let me handle this.



I got something
for you. (laughs)

- What is that?

- See.

- That's beautiful.

- When I was locked
up, I was in the Penn.

- Mhm.

- Every Sunday, this preacher
would come to the stop, right?

- Uh-huh.

- He would come.

He would talk to us.

He would always say, "Jesus,
keep me near the cross."

And I was like, "What
the hell does that mean?"

He said, "I can't teach
you how to find God.

But in time of trouble and hard
times, God would find you."

So when I was locked up

and I was going through it

and I was missing you and Miles.

That kept me sane.

It kept me alive.

You kept me alive.

I want you to have it.

- Thank you, babe.

(kissing sound)

- Love you.

- I love you more.

- I'm hungry.

- You know what I
was thinking too?

- What?

- Remember last
night at the dinner,

when Terry was talking all that
stuff about her ex-boyfriend

and the robberies?

I was like, what in the hell?

- Yo. That was crazy.

- In all my years.
Nah, seriously.

In all my years I've known
her, I've never heard that.

- Really?

- No I didn't, I.

Not a peep from her about
anything like that. Crazy, right?

- Man, you could know
somebody for a long time.

- A long time.

- Not really know them.

Life is crazy like that.

Cheers to us.

(glasses clink)

♪ That's another love story.
Can't get no love from me ♪

♪ Either I love money. And
I flipped the store makin ♪

♪ More hundreds

♪ What this ♪ want from me?
What this ♪ want from me? ♪

♪ I don't want no company.
What this ♪ want from me? ♪

♪ I don't want no company.
This another love story. ♪

♪ Can't get no love from me

- Oh, yep. Go for it girl.

(music fades out)

- Lena. Ain't that Chris'
friend from the other night?

♪ What this ♪ want from me?
I don't want no company ♪

♪ You don't love me
like you used to ♪

♪ Don't ♪ me like you used to ♪

He out front.

- [Woman] Hi. Welcome to Lena's.

How can I help you?

- Yeah. Tell Lena
I'm here to see her.

- Just a moment.

There's somewhere
here to see you.

- Thank you.

I'll be right back, okay?

- What's good ma? How you doing?

- What are you doing here?

- Take it down a few notches.

Really I was just here.

Just pass by to see
how you was doing.

I wanted to give you a
little something. How Miles?

- Miles is fine. I'm fine.

And I guess it is
good that you pass by

cuz me and Miles
need some things

cuz Chris is still
getting on his feet.

- Right.

Well a real man
provides for his family

by any means necessary.

- Excuse you?

- Hey, I'm just saying.

- Okay. You know I'm dealing
with a lot right now, okay?

When Chris was away things
were a whole lot easier.

But now that he's
back, I don't know.

I just feel like the worst
person knowing that I was.

- Knowing what?

- Knowing that I'm in
love with the only man

my husband trusts.

And then you had the nerve
to come by the other night.

What the fuck was
that all about?

- Look, you know
what we gotta do.

Things keep moving like this.

You'll be able to get
out this small ass salon

into something more
fit for a queen.

Probably never have to work
again a day in your life.

- It is not that easy, okay?

And you can't keep
showing up to places

you know Chris is gonna be.

- Look, I'm gonna head out.

Try not to spend
it so fast as time.

Don't be scared. Take it.

- You always looking
out for me, huh?

I appreciate you.

- Right.

- Who's outside with you today?

- Oh, just a few of my boys.

You know I'm the biggest
on the South side.

You know I'm the
king. It's my palace.

You could be the queen.
You could run it with me.


But look tonight
everything's still in motion

and this drop I'm about to get,

change your life forever.

- Like I, I think that maybe.

- Stop stressing. Calm down.

Take your ass back to work.

(door closes)

- Hey baby.

- Baby, what you doing here?

- I got these for you.

- You got me flowers?

- Yeah. I wanna make you smile.

- Look at you.

- I miss you. (smooches)
thought about you all day.

- Thank you.

- Can I talk to
you for a minute?

- Sure.

- All right. Come on.

Well, I've been really thinking

about the conversation we had.

If I can't find a job
doing something else,

I'ma have to do what I gotta do.

- What? When did
you decide this?

- Today.

- Today?

- Baby. I can't
lose you and Miles.

And this is what it takes

to make you live the way
you wanna live, so be it.

I gotta take care of my family.

- Chris. I, I just.

- No. So listen baby.

Tonight I'm gonna
meet up with Black.

And I got some other
business to tend to,

but I want you to remember
I'm doing this for us.

- And you're meeting
up with Black?

- Yeah

Baby. Don't worry
about it. I got this.

- No. No and no.

I, I just don't have a
good feeling about this.

I don't, I don't have a
good feeling about this.

- You don't trust me?

- I just don't have a
good feeling about this.

- Baby. I got this.
Don't worry about it.

Look, I'm gonna be home late.

Wait up for me.
Wear something sexy.

Real nice. It's
been a long time.

I can't wait to be alone with
you and really enjoy you.

Trust me, okay?

I gotta go.

♪ Away from me. Tell me,
tell me what's on your mind ♪

♪ Am I really on your mind
when you're away from me? ♪

♪ Baby, tell me
what's on your mind ♪

(car driving over gravel)

- [Man] What up Bo?

- Not much, man. You straight?

- Yeah. No.

I mean you know how it is.

I just came home.
Pockets all fucked up.

Gotta take care of my family.
So I gotta do what I gotta do.

- Yeah. I hear you man.

But whatever happened
with you and Heavy man?

We put in a lot of work
with him back in the day.

- Word. I mean we talked.

He's talking about
making me top dog,

maybe running his
operation again.

- And you trust him?

- I mean, he's always
been straight to me.

I mean, it's all love.

- Man. Fuck him.

Let me show you what
I'm working with.

- [Chris] Really? Okay.

- Put you onto
something real quick.

Yeah. Take a look at that.

- What?

- Help yourself. Right there.

Real South side shit.

- Damn. This is what
you working with?

- Yeah it's what
I'm working with.

- Hell you was my number
two. Now you doing it big yo.

- You know I was thinking.

It's lonely at the top.

(gun fires)

(body drops)

Ain't no room for both of us.


(police sirens and somber music)

- All right. You ready?

Come on.

- Mommy. Where's daddy?

- Daddy had to leave
us again, baby.

- Why can't we go home?

- Well, because this is
gonna be our new home.

This is our new home, okay?

- Aw.

- Come on. Right.

(doorbell rings)

- Hey.

Terry, what the fuck
are you doing here?

- (lips smack) You don't
get to ask no questions.

You got my product?

- What is, what is happening?

Miles, baby. Go to the
car for me. Go to the car.

What is happening? Are
you messing with him?

- Look, thank you for doing
what I asked you to do.

You can leave.

- I can leave?

(banging on door) Open this
door. Black, open the door.

(banging on door)
Open this. Terry!

(Crying. Banging on
door. Somber music)

Open this door! (cries loudly)

I couldn't believe
this was my life.

I mean he used me.

I just betrayed my husband
only to be betrayed

by the person I
thought I could trust.

(knocking on door) Okay.


- [Detective Campbell]
Good morning, ma'am.

My name is detective Campbell.

I was wondering if you have
a moment for us to speak.

- Speak with you about what?

- We're currently investigating
a robbery that took place a

couple nights ago.

- Do I have something
to do with that?

- [Detective Campbell]
No, not exactly.

But you were seen with
someone who may be involved.

May I come in?

- Sure.

- You were seen at
the club, Flows.

And there was someone
sitting at the bar with you.

- Okay?

- His name is Quentin Rogers,

but you may know him
as the name Black.

What exactly were the
two of you discussing?

- That's your question?
What we were discussing?

- Mr. Rogers has a um,

history of finding the
most beautiful women

and using his charm against
their vulnerability.

It is not long before
he has these women

doing anything that he says.

Look. I'm just trying
to figure out if

maybe he mentioned anything
about something he's tied into.

Or maybe he tried to
coerce into anything.

- Cops. Everybody's
guilty, right? Hmm?

But if you must know, no, he
invited me out for drinks.

And what he was discussing is
taking me out on another date.


- Have you dealt with Mr. Rogers
in any other capacity?

- [Lena] No, I have not.

- Hi buddy. What's your name?

- Miles.

- I love that name.
What are you up to?

- Come here, baby. Come here.

I need you to go up to your
room and finish playing with

your toys, okay?

I'll be up there in
a second. Go ahead.

- I love kids.

- Yeah.

- You have a beautiful son.

- Thank you.

- Listen. If anything comes up,

would you just give me a call?

- You know what?
I'm fine. Actually.

I'm a big girl and
I can handle myself.

- I'm not saying that you can't
take care of yourself, Lena.

But I'm trying to warn you

that this guy is
really dangerous.

So be careful.

♪ Welcome to the future

- I just wanted you to know
that everything we set out to do

it's already in motion.

Chris, no longer a problem.

And I hate it had
to be that way,

but what was I supposed to do?

I knew Chris was
gonna come home.

Jump right back in the
streets with Heavy.

I knew Chris was gonna take
over Heavy's operation next.

I knew that. I knew it was
only a matter of time before

Heavy got Chris to
try to take me out.

I couldn't let that happen.

Truth be told better
his life than mine.

Look little bro.

I love you.

And I ain't gonna forget
what they did to you.

I ain't having no
mercy on nobody.

Now I'm gonna take over
the North and South side.

Just like we planned to do.

♪ And it's hard to
connect with people ♪

♪ 'cause I ain't
a people person ♪

♪ Gotta do what you gotta do

♪ You gotta do
stand on your own ♪

- Shits crazy.

- What's up Bricks?

- What you saying? What he want?

- Hey boss, I got
somebody for you to meet.

- So you just think it's
okay to bring anybody into my

establishment, man?

- Nah, this my boy, RJ. He
trying to join the family.

And he said he got some
information for you.

- Where you from RJ?

- From the South side.

- South side? So
what do you do, man?

I ain't never heard of you.

You a hustler?
Dope boy? You rob?

- Well, I do a little something.

And I was hoping
you can put me on.

And I think I got
some information

that might be valuable to you.

- Man, we don't need new people
in here dropping off gifts.

- Look guys no disrespect,

but the streets they talking.

Black, he running stuff on
the South side right now.

Word on the block,

Black took his main
man, Chris out.

And I know Chris from the North.

- Yeah, I know Chris
very well. Black, too.

Chris would've been hit me
if something was going down.

What's your angle, man?

- Yeah, where you
getting your information?

- I'm just telling
you what I know.

- So you expect me
to believe you bring

your black ass in here
and give free information?

- I was hoping you
have a spot for me.

I mean it's the least I
could do to pay my gratitude.

I'm trying to be down
with y'all. What's up?

- Yes, well. Show him around.

- You got it, boss.

- Man, keep your eyes
on that dude, man.

Somethin about him. I just
can't put my finger on it.

- Go upstairs now and then look.

- Yes. Mhm. That's right.

Hey, slow down


- Yeah baby. Le Le I'm
back here in the kitchen.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Where's my grandson?

- He went upstairs.

- Okay. What's wrong with you?

And why do you have
that look on your face?

- What? I'm good.

- Come on Lee Lee. You know
you can't hide from me.

I had you.

I was talking to your
sisters this morning

and they said they
hadn't heard from you.

- I've been busy.

- Too busy for your family?

Come on, Lena.

Stop making excuses
for yourself.

- I'm not making
excuses, first of all.

And I'm, I don't know.

I just feel like a lot in
life I've disconnected from.

- Well, it sure
hasn't stopped you

from bringing my grandson
over here every other day.

And you need to make sure that
that baby is spending time

with you. He needs his mom.

- Oh so now you give
parenting advice?

- I beg your pardon?

- I'm just saying

I've watched you ma. You
tend to everybody else

but yourself.

- That's what a mother does.

- So the bruises go a
long with it too, huh?

You know, growing up I
watched you and daddy.

And you know what I said?

I would never allow a man to
make me feel the way daddy made

you feel, weak.

- So that's what
we're doing today?

That's what we're doing today?

So you're miserable and you
think you're gonna come up here

in my house and make
me miserable too?

That's not gonna
happen. Listen, baby.

I had you and your
sisters to think about.

And I know that your father,
God knows he was not the best,

but I stand behind every
decision that I made back then.

And now.

- Yeah.

Did you ever once think what
you were teaching us though?

- What I was teaching you?

- Yes.

- If anything,

I taught you and your sisters
how to be strong and how to

fight for your family.

- No. No ma.

- I that's what I taught you.

- No. What you taught us,
you taught us how to pretend.

That's what you taught us.

You know what? Look, I
matter of fact, you right

I'm not doing this today.

I'ma get outta here.

I need you to watch Miles
for me for a couple days.

- My grandson is always welcome.

- Good. I need to
go to the shop.

- Lena, Lena.

- What?

- Listen, your father's
not the man he used to be.

He is not. And I, I
know that he hurt you.

He hurt a lot of other
members of his family.

But baby, he is a changed man.

He really is.

And before you start looking
at everybody else's mistakes

and, and judging everybody else.

Maybe you need to take a
closer look at yourself.

Why don't you do that?

- Bye mom.

♪ Wait, stop it.
It's time to pop. ♪

♪ I'm lit on fire, but
ain't nobody hot like this ♪

- Ain't nobody messing
with this. Y'all ready?

I got four deuces.

Hey man. It's my bread.

That's what I'm talking about.

Yeah man, yeah man, there we go.

All my money.

- [Man] Always winning.

- Yeah. That's just like
take candy from a baby.

Listen man. Listen.
Time to listen.

Don't get mad at me.

Get mad at the PPP loan people.

All right let's go, man.

I'm about to bet 800.

I gonna see where your hands
is at man. Let's do this.

- Make it a right man.

- Oh, you ain't saying nothing.

You ain't saying nothing.

- Chief, I need to holler
at you for a minute.

- What you wanna
holler at me for?

- Got a little situation
I need to handle.

Need to take care of ASAP.

- How that concern me?

- I'm gonna take out an army.

I need something to do it with.

- Yeah, you do.

- Let me get my
hands on something.

- Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

Fellas. Pardon me a second.

Let me holler at my
man Black real quick.

So you tell me you supposed
to be a businessman

and you can't buy
protection for yourself?

- You're absolutely right.
I'm not saying you're wrong.

You're right. That's
why I'm here for.

That's what I'm coming to you.

- Hey Black I just
gave you some last time

for the last situation you had.

- Chief come on man.

You know that was hot.
I had to toss that.

- So you mean you toss my shit

and you got the nerve to
come back and ask for more?

- Don't even worry about.

You don't even gotta worry
about it. I got money.

- Oh man. It ain't
about the money.

It ain't about the money.

It's how you be moving
around here man.

- I understand.

- Listen, man.

I don't know.

But since I love
your little brother,

like he was a brother of me.

That's the only reason
I'm doing this for you.

- I respect that.

- And you got this
detective chick

running around here asking
questions about you.

- Nah. You don't even
gotta worry about that.

- Like don't don't be
bringing him around here

deuces up my shit.

- Nah. Nah.

- Alright.

Hey Matt.

Get Black whatever he need.

- Hey yo Chief, I know
you don't wanna hear it.

- Yo man.

- I highly appreciate this.

Now you going outta
your way for me.

Thank you for real.

Wouldn't be possible
without you, all right?

- Yeah all right.

Stupid. Dummy.

(door creaks open)

- [Lena] Terry, you got
some nerve bringing your ass

up in here.

- I've been calling and
texting you with no response.

- And you wasn't
going to get one.

I suggest you pack up
all your little shit

and take your little
trifling ass out of here.

- Really?

- How long you been
sleeping with Black?

- I'm not sleeping
with Black Lena.

- Bullshit!

- Lena, I work for Black.

Okay? I work for Black, Lena.

The other night when I
was over by his place,

I was just getting ready for
a high end client. That's it?

Nothing happened.

- Take that too.

- Lena, sit down.

It's time for you
to know the truth.

- No, I'm not sitting down.

What the fuck do
you have to say?

- All right.

Remember the other night when
you had us over for dinner

and I mentioned my
ex-boyfriend to you?

What I didn't tell you

is that Black and my ex,
they know each other.

They used to do
business together.

And I was part of
that merchandise.

Lena I've been prostituting
since I was 16.

- You've been doing what?

- Yeah.

And I can't tell you how
many men I've been with

or what they made me do.

- So is that why you
keep running outta here

all early every day?

- No, that's not all.

I was accepted into a nursing
school program a while back.

I'm two semesters
away from finishing.

- Why you never told
me this till now?

- I didn't tell you because
for the first time in my life

I can see the finish
line, you know?

I just didn't wanna
speak too soon.

Okay. I get it.

Lena, Black ain't a good person.

He uses every woman
to get what he wants

the same way he used
you to get rid of Chris.

A few years ago, Black's
little brother Twan was killed

doing a night drop for Heavy.

Black blames Heavy for getting
his little brother killed.

This ain't the life
for me no more.

I moved here from Mexico
to be here with abuelita.

She's dead.

There ain't nothing else
here for me no more.

So I'm transferring schools.

- Terry. Listen.

I'm sorry, okay?

I'm sorry I treated
you like that.

I'm I'm sorry I
wasn't here for you.

- I know your heart chica,
but take it from me.

Get out this life.

It ain't worth it.


I gotta go.

- Terry.

You are always welcome here.


- Thank you.

(Machine whirring)

- Black!

- Just the person
I wanted to see.

What'd you find out?

- Man, I found out everything.

- Everything?

That's what I'm talking about?

Who the connect?

- Some white boy. He go
by the name Stevenson.

Say he outta Orange County.

- Stevenson?

- Yeah.

- Orange county?

I don't know. That don't
sound too familiar to me.

You got his info?

- Yeah.

- Let me check this out.

Hm. It look legit.

- Yeah.

- So how many dudes Heavy
got running with him?

- I mean he running with
three, so we should be good.

- Three?

- Yeah. I think we're good.

- That ain't too many.

All right.

So here's the next part of this

I need you to get 'em all here.

Cause at this point
they trust you.

- Get 'em here how?

- Figure it out!

Cause when you do, I'm gonna
lay 'em all out one by one.

- Wait, wait.

So you going to kill them?

- You asking a lot of questions

and I don't like that.

- Black. I just don't remember
that being part of the plan.

You got the connect.
Ain't that enough?

- It's never enough. RJ.

It's bigger than that.

You look nervous.

- I'm good.

- Got a reason to be nervous?

- I'm good man.

- Look RJ. RJ don't make
me shoot you in your face

and throw your ass in the
trunk of one of these cars.

Look you either with
me or you're in my way.

What it's gonna be?

- I'm with you
Black. I'm with you.

- You with me?

- Yeah, I got you.

- Don't be another
person in the way.

Ain't no bullets
in it. Look at you.

You a little sweaty
man. Fix your shirt.

Fix your chain. Oh you shining.

You getting too much money.

Hey RJ. You doing a good job.

I catch you later my man.

He gonna get his ass smoked.

Hear that OG?

But yeah, like I was saying.

(door creaks open)

- We're closed,
come back tomorrow.

- Lee Lee.

So this is famous
Lena's hair salon?

This is nice. This where
all the money coming in?

Oh man.

Yeah. I like this.

- What are you doing here?

- You know what I'm doing
here. How your mom's doing?

- No, I don't know
what you're doing here.

- Well, Chris came home.

He was supposed to
run all this for me.

Maybe I get a salon
too and get that money.

What you do with the money?

- What, what money?
Chris got all that money.

- That's a lie.

Word on the street is you
giving money out to Black.

You're funding his operation.

- There is no me and Black.
What are you talking about?

- You know the worst thing
I hate about a person?

Becoming a liar.

(cocks gun)

- Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

- Let me tell you something.

- Okay. Please don't hurt me.

- You got 24 hours
for a hundred grand.

If I don't get my money bitch,

you'll never see your son again.

(Lena crying)

You understand what
I'm saying to you?

- I got it. I will have
your money. I'll have it.

(door creaks open and closes)


Oh my god.

- What's good homie?

- Shit, what you got
left on that thing, man?

- I got like an
(indistinct) left, really.

- Okay. Okay.

- I gotta (indistinct)
for the whole thing.

- Oh, so you need
another 18 for that 36?

- Yeah, soon as I get
straight I got you.

- Okay. Yo who that right there?

- All right man.
So what you got?

What you got on that thing, man?

I gotta go see Heavy yo.

- I got five right here.

- Oh five? Oh, lemme get that.

Oh let's see what's up with
this dude right here, man.

Watch out. Watch out. Let me
see what's up with this dude.

- What's good homie?

(gun fires)

(tires squeel off)

- What's going on mama?

- Hey dad.

- Hey little man.
You getting big.

And you shining. Okay.

I see your work.

- Go play Marcus.

- Okay.

- I'll talk to you in a few.

- Okay.

- That's my little
man's growing up fast.

I got something for you, mama.

- Now what is this?

- It's money. I give
you some every week.

- Yes. Yes you do.

And I never once questioned you.

But I should have asked
you a long time ago

where is this money coming from?

You look at me, Black.

The streets are talking

and I don't like what
I'm hearing about my son.

The murders. Is
that you doing that?

- Ma, I told you don't
be listening to that.

- Tell me the truth,
Quentin. Is it you?

- I told you.

How long Twan been gone Ma?

- Mh-mm.

- How long?

- Don't you do that.

Don't you put your
brother's name into this.

- My brother is the
reason I am the way I am.

When they took him, he took
a piece of me with him.

I don't give a
fuck how they feel.

- (slapping sound) Don't
you raise your voice at me.

- I'm sorry, mama.

- You're going about
this the wrong way.

Do you really think your brother
would want you doing this?

Do you?

I'm warning you Black.

The knife cuts both ways.

And if you don't stop, you're
going to get yourself hurt.

I've already lost one son.

And what about him?

He needs you to be his father.

Quentin, do the right thing.

- I had been calling
Black over and over

knowing I needed to get
this money to Heavy.

I must admit I was shocked
when he actually showed up.

I just don't know
what to say Black.

- Oh, you don't?

You don't gotta say much.

It's a hundred
grand in that bag.

It's enough for you to
pay Heavy back and more.

(unzips bag)

- What about you?

- What about me?

I got a big drop tonight.

It's too hot down here
for me to even stay.

Even if I wanted to.

So I'm gonna go grab my son

and I'm outta here
by tomorrow morning.

I'm heading Upstate.

- Your son? You got a son?

- Yeah, my son.

- Take care of yourself, Black.

- Definitely.

- They the new Bonnie
and Clyde, huh?

- Man it's only been 24 hours.

She out here moving with this.

- I'm telling you,
she's in on it.

I'ma handle this.

- Nah, I got this one.

(car pulls up)

(somber music plays)

(police sirens and
indistinct radio chatter)

- Oh, I was just texting you.

- Oh yeah? It's all there?

- I got your money.

- Yeah just the way I like it.

- Yeah. It's all there.

- Yeah. Yeah.

That's what I'm talking about.

You know it was never just
about the money, right?

You know money's important,

but you know the one thing I
never liked that you be doing?

- Yeah?

- Showin no damn respect.

(gun fires and Lena screams)

- In the end we
both paid a price.

(indistinct radio chatter)

Black was sentenced to
10 years for trafficking.

But me?

I paid the ultimate price.

(car horns honking)

- Hey, welcome back.

- Hey.

- Are you dining
alone again tonight?

- Nope. Not tonight.

- Okay. Look at you. I'll be
back in a few minutes then.

- All right. Thank you.

It took you long enough.

- We did it.

- (laughing) I know.

- Oh man. You're so amazing.

(music begins)

♪ They didn't believe in
me. Said it was fantasy ♪

♪ Look at me now, I'm
in the Benz, all black ♪

♪ I just hopped in the foreign

♪ I'm tourin, I
ain't lookin back ♪

♪ They didn't believe
me when I said I ♪

♪ I was bout to crossover

♪ I was bout to crossover

♪ I can't trust
a soul out here ♪

♪ I swear, I done lose
my soul out here ♪

♪ We been through a
lot of pain out here ♪

♪ Cause I'm playin a game
that's made for me to lose ♪

♪ And I refuse

♪ Never thought I'm
immune to pressure ♪

♪ I wouldn't be here if
it won't for the effort ♪

♪ Now it's trips overseas,
I'm enjoyin the weather ♪

♪ I'm enjoyin the weather

♪ They say it's lonely at the
top, I could get used to this ♪

♪ You'd be surprised what
they would do for this ♪

♪ I've been crossin over,
ain't nothin new to this yeah ♪

♪ Didn't believe in me.
Said it was fantasy ♪

♪ Look at me now, I'm
in the Benz, all black ♪

♪ I just hopped in the foreign

♪ I'm tourin, I
ain't lookin back ♪

♪ They didn't believe
me when I said I ♪

♪ I was bout to crossover

♪ I was bout to crossover

♪ He won't even see what's up

♪ Plottin on his wifey. If
he slip, he getting touched ♪

♪ They call me Black, and
that's the color of my heart ♪

♪ It's in my blood

♪ Gotta do better than niggas
for niggas to show you love ♪

♪ I made it, then I blew that

♪ They actin like they know me

♪ Askin where I
went to school at ♪

♪ True that. Two gats

♪ Catch him at his desk
and make him scoot back ♪

♪ Your life is in my hands,
and you gonna lose that ♪

♪ You niggas is my sons and my
life is like the Maury show ♪

♪ That's the way
the story goes ♪

♪ When you trustin
all these hoes ♪

♪ That includes the main and
the one you fuckin on the low ♪

♪ Yeah I got that powder for
your nose and I'm touchin gold ♪

♪ Never scared I won't let
them put no fear in me ♪

♪ Told 'em I was comin, but
these niggas wasn't hearin me ♪

♪ This here a conspiracy I
mean that shit sincerely ♪

♪ People never tend to be the
person they appear to be ♪

♪ Didn't believe in me.
Said it was fantasy ♪

♪ Look at me now, I'm
in the Benz, all black ♪

♪ I just hopped in the foreign

♪ I'm tourin, I
ain't lookin back ♪

♪ Didn't believe
me when I said I ♪

♪ I was bout to crossover

♪ I was bout to crossover