Crossing the Line (1990) - full transcript

Unemployed Scottish miner Danny Scoular (Liam Neeson) is forced into bare-knuckle boxing to make ends meet.


You got a little
dirty there, Pancho!

Great track, huh?
What do you think?

Yeah, it's a nice
kiddie playground.
Give me the flask.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on,
come on.

Listen, man,
they race here!Yeah.

You're always been
a team player, man.

What's wrong with that?

It's safe.

Give me a break!

Look, try to keep up,
all right, Pancho?

Just get out
of here, huh?

Not so bad out there,
is it, huh?

I need a beer, man.

You know...Look, we can sit around here
and jaw-jack all day,

but I'm thirsty, okay?

Hey, I love you too.

Look, man,
wouldn't you rather be,

with a beautiful woman,
you know, a nice,
soft, supple body,

a beer in your hand
than sitting in a play pen
full of idiots.


I don't want my ass
kicked around that
factory tomorrow, man.

It's a drag,
but I got to go home.

All right, man.
I'll ride that far with you.

I'm just jacking off
around here anyway.

You can win a
race out there.What?

You could win
a race out there.



RICKY: Ellie, give me
a draft, please.




Hello, Josh?

Yeah. Who is this?

KAGAN: Yes, Ray.

Ray, this is always
the same story.

I know, Ray.
There's always a reason.


Hang on.RAY: Jack.

Jack?Harold, tell me.

I just got off the line
with the union.

They've given me
a list of their demands.

I hope you're sitting down,
you're not going to like this.

Kapinski's headed
right this way.

Might as well get it
from him first and...

And then I'll call you back
and let you know
the verdict, okay?

Listen, Ray, uh,

you listening? Yeah, I'm listening.

Cancel the order. What do you mean,
you're canceling the order?

Because I have enough
problems of my own

without having to do
business with you.

But, Jack, what about...

Hey, let's sit down
and negotiate like friends.

Here are your reports,
I don't want to sit down.
My son's in the hospital.


What happened?He was with your son and
those damn motorcycles.

He's in a coma.Really?

Josh is in a hospital,
dying because
he followed your son.

Come on.

You know what
I'm talking about.
Ricky's out of control.

Now he's killing people!
What are you going to
do about it?

I'm not going
to fight with you.

Let me find out
Ricky's side of the
story, then we'll talk.

Why don't you go home?
Be with your son.


Dad, what are you
doing home so early?


I told you repeatedly,
very specifically,

not to spend time,
any time with
the Kapinski's,

particularly Josh!Okay, what are you
talking about?

I'm talking
about trouble.

I just checked
with the hospital,
he's in a coma.

Wait, Dad,
I didn't... I...Shut up, will you?

I mean,
he may not live

and if he does,
there may be
permanent damage.

I tried straightening out
the mess that your mother
made of your life.

The mess my mother...
Wait a minute,
the mess you made, Dad!

Look, Dad, I...

whatever happened,

it wasn't my fault.

That doesn't even
matter anymore.

Everybody thinks
that it was your fault.

You know what
that does to me?

You know what that means
to my negotiating position
with the union?

Do you?

Fuck your union, man!
Fuck your goddamn company!

You're not leaving this house.He killed my mother,
now he's killing me!

You're not going
to see anybody.Fuck that!

And you're not going
to talk to anybody.Oh, yeah?

You walk out that door,
don't come back.

Hey, give the boy a prize.
You got it.


NURSE: It's extremely serious.

He's in intensive care.

No one is allowed
to see him.

Doctor Fish to OR staff.

Doctor Fish to OR staff.

Doctor Ruby,
telephone nurses'
station two,

Doctor Ruby,
please telephone the
nurses' station on two west.

X-Ray technician
to room five.

Have a nice day.

Hey, Ricky, you ain't
looking so good, man!

Yeah, well, I'm not
feeling so good, Zing.

In trouble again, huh?

Things just keep
piling up, you know
what I mean?

Yeah, I know
what you mean.

Anything I can do?

Well, I could use
a place to stay,

you know, just for
a couple of nights until
I can find a place.

You leaving home, huh?

it looks like it.

Yeah. Well, a couple
of nights, no more.

You can sleep
in the back, okay?
Two nights?

Yeah. Okay.
I got no problem,

I might not
even need it.

Yeah, well,
in case you do need it,
two nights, okay?

Okay.Just remember, this is
a restaurant, not a motel.

[LAUGHING] Okay. The key?The key, yeah.

God, Zing, you could
at least wash the stuff
before you burn it.

Hey, hey, hey!

You're taking chances
with your life, muchacho!

Okay, okay.
No, hey, you're the best cook
in the whole diner, man!

I'm the only
cook, smuck-o!


Come on,
good game, huh?

Listen, I think
she's ready to...

You know.To what?

Get laid.Who?

Me!No, I mean
who is she, man?

Laura Lee!

I need some condoms.

So, go buy some, man.

I can't.Why not?

I'm embarrassed, okay?

Could you get me some?

[SIGHS] Oh, Jesus!

You're not going to need
this much money, all right?

Do me a favor
and finish the game.


will you buy me
another milkshake,


Nice going.

I'm sorry, are...
Are you okay?

Do you work here?

My father owns this place.

Oh, geez, I didn't know
Big Al had any children...

I mean daughters.

My parents were divorced
when I was nine.

I live in Chicago
with my mother.
I'm just here visiting.


What are you
doing here?

Ah, just was looking for
a place to dump my garbage

and your shop was the
first place I thought of.

Well, you're not
welcome here.

Look, man,
my bike needs a part.Look.

I've had it with your
arrogant bullshit!
Your father...

Leave my old man
out of this!

Your father should have
broken your spine
when you were born!


Leave me alone!No, Dad, don't!

Stop it, Dad!

Oh, my God, Dad,
are you okay?


Call the cops.

Oh, shit!

Hey, Rick, come on!

Your condoms, sir.

WORKER 1: What are
you doing, starting
a collection, Freddie?

WORKER 2: What
else could he
do with them?

What the hell
do you know?

Hey, shut up,
you guys. Give me
a break, all right?

You didn't have to
do that, Rick.

No, I suppose not,
man. I'm sorry.

Thanks, though.Hey, anything for a pal.

Yeah, you're going to need
all the pals you can get.


What happened last night?

What do you mean?

I mean Josh is in
a hospital in a coma.Yeah, I know.

Were you with him?


Oh, shit. Zack's been
motor-mouthing about you

leaving his kid
brother in the dirt.

He blames the
whole thing on you.

Yeah, well, I didn't
do anything, man.

Yeah, well, Zack says...[DOOR OPENS]

ZACK: Hey.
Chicken shit.Hey, man.

Come on, Zack,
I know he's
your brother.

He's my friend,
man, I...

Look, don't you think
I care what
happens to him?

I stopped by the hospital
to see him this afternoon...

Fuck you, man!

You don't give a shit
about anyone
but Ricky Kagan,

so don't try to kiss my ass
because you know
I'm going to kick yours.

How can you say
that to me, man?

I was with him when
he went down the
wrong side of the road.

Come on, man,

none of us really
knows what happened.

Yeah? He does,

and so do I.

It wasn't as if Ricky...

What are you doing?
Get off me!

I didn't do
anything, Zack,
goddamn it!


I'm going to hold
your head under
the water till you go out.

you're going to know
what death feels like.

Get off of me, Zack!
I didn't do anything, Zack!


How does it feel, boy?

Leave him!
Don't you fuck with me.

Now, get!

What in the fuck
is the matter with you?

Now, get out of here!

What's the matter
with you, Pa?

Whose side are you on?I'm on the
right side, Son,

and if you don't stop
this shit, somebody's
going to get killed!

Josh is dying,
damn it, it's his fault!

I'm sorry, Son.

Go on home, go on.
Come on, go.

Wait, wait, wait, Ricky,
go home, get out of here,
get, get out of here.

The streets are mine.
You're history.

♪ Sometimes love confuses me

♪ It's hard to know,
it's hard to see

♪ It's here one breath
and gone the next ♪

Ellie, one, please.


♪ A little luck,
a little fate

♪ So when the fire
begins to burn

♪ I always have
the same concern

♪ When love breaks,
it shatters the heart

♪ It drives you
to your knees

♪ Oh, nothing you can
say or do

♪ Can take away the pain

♪ When love breaks, ooh,

♪ When love breaks, ooh


Want to, um,
have a seat with me?

Yeah, sure.

Right here?

There you go.

What will
you have?

Uh, what are
you drinking?

Um, I'll have a Coke.

Okay, uh, the lady
will have a Coke and
I'll have another beer.


Yeah. You have
quite a reputation.

Oh, really?Yes.

My Dad says,

"Megan, that boy Ricky,

"he's been a trouble
maker ever since
he's been born."

That's very good.

Oh, well.

Yeah, well,
look, that's what
everybody thinks.

Oh, yeah?What do you think?

Three bucks.

Thanks.Troublemakers got
money too, right?

Except this one doesn't.

Oh, here you go.

Ah, there's 10, uh,
keep the change, all right?


BOTH: Cheers.

You know, my Dad also said
you took it pretty rough
when your Mom died.


COP 1: I'll check out the bar.

Oh, Ricky,

I forgot to tell you
my Dad filed a complaint
against you,

assault, I think,
for the damages
and the bikes.

Great. Why are
you telling me this?I know.

I don't know, uh...

Well, when you figure it out,
you just let me know, okay?Wait a minute.

Why don't you get up with me?
That way they may not notice
when we walk out together.




Luke, get out
of my face.

Ricky's outside.Huh?

Kagan's outside.

Come on, guys.


Thanks a lot.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hurry, come with me!

Harvey, Leroy, let the other
guys know! You cut him off
at Eighteenth if you can.

You get him to go west.
Right? You got it?

Get him to go west.

Oh, my leg!

Over here, Zack!

ZACK: That was
your last ride, rich boy.

I'll deal with the punk.
You guys, finish his bike.


Now, watch out, Rick.
Watch out buddy.
Back off, back off.

Hello, Ricky! Ricky!

It takes a lot
of balls, Zack, to
have all these guys

to whip one
rich kid's ass.

Yeah, don't worry
about it, sonny boy.

They're just along
for the show.

You know what
I'm saying, huh?


How's it feel, Rick?


Come on, Ricky!

Huh, Ricky boy?

Get up, you little shit!

Huh? Ricky, Ricky,

come on, Rick.
How do you feel, son?

Does it feel good?
It feels great,
doesn't it?


MAN: Zack!

Hey, Ricky,
what's burning, boy?

It's your bike.
Do you like that, boy?
Huh? Look at it.


Hey, Zack, it's the cops.Let's get out of here!

Zack, come
on, man!

Let's get out
of here, Zack!

You like it?

Oh, shit!

Hold it right there, boys.

Hey, mister! Hey!


good evening, Mr. Kagan.

Call me Jack.

What is my son
charged with?

Well, Al Murdoch has
filed a complaint.

Apparently there are
a couple of bikes broken

and there was some damage
to the shop store window,

maybe an injury, but
you'd better speak with
his attorney about that.

Oh, by the way,
your son was involved

in a street brawl
earlier tonight.

Who with?

Zack Kapinski.


I'm bailing my son out.
You can release him now.

Can I get
a little cooperation?

If you look down there,
right behind your feet,

you'll see a
dark green line
on the floor.

Now, you step back
behind that line now,
Mr. Kagan,

or we're going to
have a very serious
problem here.

That's better.

Now, would you like
to, uh, see Ricky?

Not just yet.

Your son needs more
than your money, Mr. Kagan.

I don't need your advice.

I think you do.

I think you
fucking well do.

I posted bail for you.


Because I'm your father.


Al do that to you?



Look, I'm sorry
I hit you,

but I'm not responsible
for your mother's death.

I told you to
leave Ricky alone.

Now, you're starting
to cost me.

I'll pay for the bike
and I'll pay for the
bond, okay?

It's not the money, Son.

But yeah, you will pay
for the bike and you
will pay for the bond.

Go on home, Son.


Isn't this the pits?

What do you want, Joe?

What do I want?

I want a condominium in Maui.
What do I want?

I'm not in the mood.

You're not in the mood.

Who in the hell
do you think you are?

This is getting
pretty tired, Joe.
Let's get a rest.

Gentlemen, if you have
a minute, I'd like to talk to
both of you in my office.

I think that'll
have to wait.


if you don't give a damn
about these boys, if you
don't care about them,

just let them go.

But for God's sakes,
if you do care about them,

make them part
of your own lives.

For Christ sake's, Mel,
you know what's
been going on here?

He's right, Joe.

What about Josh?

He did what he wanted
to do, I mean, he's
got a mind of his own.

Joe, Sheriff, good night.Good night.


How was it with you?

How was what with me?

Losing your son?

I don't think it's any
of your damn business.

Avoid it if you can.




What happened to you?

Oh, I ran into
a little trouble.

Seems like trouble has a habit
of following you around.Yeah.

Listen, I'm,
I'm really sorry
about yesterday,

you know, with your
Dad and the bike,
and the window...

Oh, it's okay.
Your Dad came over
this morning and fixed...

He took care of it?

Yeah, he did.Yeah, it figures.

Hey, I'm sorry
about my Dad too.

He gets real hot-tempered.Yeah.


I'll see you
around sometime.Wait a minute.

You got time for a walk?

I don't think so.Just five minutes?

Okay.Okay, great.

Hey, Zing,
keep these hot for us,
we'll be right back.


So, when my Mom found out
about the other women
she moved out.

She didn't
put up a fight?

I don't know.
Maybe she did.

You know,
I don't remember
my parents even fighting.

All I do remember is

one day she packed her
things and we moved out.

How did she die?

A broken heart.

But, medically,
I mean, what happened?

I... I don't think I ever
really knew, you know.

This woman came over
from my father's office,

took me to
my father's house.

You know, I say my mom
a couple of times in the
hospital and she looked okay,

then she died.

[SIGHS] I remember
the funeral, that's all.

What happened then?

Boarding school.Boarding school?

You know what's funny?

I don't even remember
starting boarding school.

It's like this other part
of my life, you know?

It's like my life ended
and there's this other
part of my life, you know,

the way things
happen in a dream.

You're here,
you know, and...

And you're not here,
you're there.

You know what I mean?


Anyway, I guess
I must have seen my father
all those years,

but I don't
remember him then.

Not until
I came back here
to finish school.

So, now you
basically give the
world the finger.

Yeah, basically.

And you think
that's going to make
everything okay?

Look, I don't know
what to think,
you know, I...

You want to know
what I think?


I think you're doing
exactly what your father
wants you to do.

You're making
yourself small.

Why don't you do
something for yourself?
I mean, really for yourself.

Like what?

You can ride a bike
as well as anyone.Yeah, probably better.

So, why don't you do
something with it?Like what?

[SIGHS] How can somebody
so good looking
be so dumb?

Why don't you go down
to Sinclair's race track
and try and join his team?

You can probably
beat everyone there.

Look, you just don't walk up
to a complete stranger
and ask him for a job.

Why not?

I don't know,
I guess because

I never thought
of myself that way.

What way?

As a winner.

You look like
a winner to me.


Maybe we better get back to
Zing's, you know. That's if
you don't want cold coffee.




Yes, that was good.

He's got to be
the ugliest guy I've ever
seen with a helmet.


Whoo! I want a beer,
I need a beer!

I bet Harvey's got some
stashed away here.


[WHOOPING] My man!

Appreciate it, bud.

You crazy bastard!

You nearly killed
me out there!

You do that to me once
more, I'm taking you
straight to the Federation.


Huh, my man,

has to run to momma
'cause he skinned his knee.

You want some O'Rourke? Huh?


You know, O'Rourke,
you're really getting
on my nerves.

You're such a big pussy,
you know that?

Cool it! Cool it!

Yeah, boy!Shut up, shut up,
both of you!

Now, if you've got
a complaint, or you,

I want to hear about it first
before the Federation!
Am I understood?


All right.

Now, this is my track
and you two are on it.

Now I want you
to mellow out.

Mr. Sinclair.Yeah. What the hell
do you want?

What can I do
for you, son?

Well, I'd like a minute
of your time, sir,
if you can spare it.

Oh, give me a
fucking break!

Sure, I got a minute.
Follow me back
to the office.

Hey, Rick,
how you feeling, bud?


Now, I want you guys
to hit the showers. Now!

And, Harvey, if I have to
tell you again to
get rid of that beer...

Mr. Sinclair.Yeah, go kiss
his ass, O'Rourke.

I blew it.
It won't happen again.

I should hope not.

Well, what can I do
for you, son?

Well, I'd like to
race, sir, you know,

I'm not stopping you.I want a shot
on your team, Mr. Sinclair.

What's your name?Kagan, Ricky Kagan.

Ha! You are
Jack Kagan's son?

Yes, sir, I am.

Wouldn't touch you
with a dead whore.

Look, I can ride,
Mr. Sinclair.

So I've been told.
I also have been told
you're nothing but trouble

and I don't need that.

Look, I'll do anything
if you just,

just give me a chance.Well, stories
is just stories.

Sometimes they're not true.

What kind of
a mechanic are you?

I can hold my own.

All right, son,
I'll give you a chance,

I got a spot,
but it's for a mechanic.

Now, I don't want to
hear a word out of you
about racing.

If the spot comes up,
you've got it,

till then, you can ride
your bike on the track
at night, in your time.

Am I understood?

I don't have a bike.

That's not
what I was told.

Yeah. Well,
I don't have one now.

All right, look,
see my assistant, Sid.
He'll fill you in on details,

you can use
one of the track bikes.

Start tomorrow,
eight thirty.Okay. Great. I appreciate it.

Oh, one more thing,
Mr. Sinclair.

Sing to me, son,
and make it a good tune.

Look, I need a place
to stay. Anything you
have at all will do.

You're a right
royal piece of work,
now, aren't you? God.

All right,
I'll tell you what.
You see Sid.

There's a shack over there.
You're quite welcome to it.
I mean, it's nothing special,

but you can have it,
if you can put up
with the rats.

Okay, great.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Sinclair.

Hey, uh, Ricky.Yeah?

I wasn't kidding
about the rats.


Are you okay?

No, no, no!
No more, no more,
no more!


I don't give a shit.
There are no exceptions.
Do you understand?

You wanted to
see me, Mr. Sinclair?

One man's loss is
another man's gain,
huh, son?

O'Rourke's out of the race
on Saturday, possibly for
the rest of the season.

Now, I want you on the team.
Do you think you
can handle it?

Yeah, you bet
I'm up to it.

What are you doing
at the moment, son?

Nothing, I was just
working on O'Rourke's
crank shaft.

I want to see
you ride.

Get yourself in a pair
of leathers, grab a bike

and I'll meet you out
on the track, in say,
15 minutes?

You got it.

Uh, look.
Mr. Sinclair,
thanks a lot.

You don't know
what this means to me.

Yes, I do, son.


Run again?

That was one
hell of a jump.

Now where did you learn
to ride like that?

Running from
the cops.

We heard from Sid
you're replacing O'Rourke
with Kagan. Is that true?

Yeah, as a matter
of fact, I am.

You got a problem
with that?

Yes, sir,
I do.

All right, Zack.
What is it?I won't ride with him.

You know
what happened
to my brother.

There's no way
I'm going to ride

with the kid
that left my brother
in the dust.

Just give it a rest!

Whoa! Now listen.

What happened that night
happened a long time ago
and it's all over.

Besides, he's been
doing one hell of a job
around here.

And he rides
like the devil.

As far as
I'm concerned,
he's on the team.

Then, sir.
I'm sorry. I'm off.

Count me
out too, sir.

And you too?And me too.


Look, um...

I'm sorry, son.

I can't trade you
for the whole team

much aid all
as I'd like to,
so I guess I'm...

That's all right,
that's all right.

I understand.

I'll see you
around sometime.


Hope you're satisfied.

I am.

Can we talk?

Now, wait
a minute. I'd like
to talk to you.

There's nothing
to talk about.

How's the job going?


As well as
you'd expect.

What's that mean?It means I quit!

Okay? That fit
the program?

I really don't
care about that.

You must have
had your reasons.Are you sure?

Hey, I didn't
come here to fight.

Then you better leave.

Okay, I'll leave.

Maybe we can
talk a little...


Hey, Rick!





Well, where have
you been?

Where have I been?

Waiting for you
to came out of hiding.

I came by yesterday,
but you weren't here.

Yeah? I was out.

This place
is a pig sty.

What, are you out of
dish soap or something?

That's a possibility.


Look, will you just
leave that stuff?


Ricky, what
is your problem?

Why are you giving up?

Why are you wimping out
just because life
is unpredictable?


I'll you what's

My father's unpredictable!

You're unpredictable!

Now this fucking track
is unpredictable!

Damn it!

Ricky, stop it!
What is wrong with you?

Why are you doing this?
Can't you see
that I love you

and I'm trying
to help you?

Don't you...Well it's just not
worth it, Megan!

Yes, it is
worth it, damn it!


I love you!

Stop this, please.

I do love you.

Wait. Are you sure
you want to do this?



Ooh, coffee,
yeah, thank you.

You're welcome.

I have a surprise
for you.

What? You married?

No, silly.

What is it?

Well, if you want
to know what it is,

you have to get up
and get dressed
and come with me.

Oh, it's an adventure,
I see.

Yeah, well,
in a way,

but it's better
than an adventure.

Okay, well, I'm game.Good.

What's this?


I'm not...
I'm not ready
for this yet.

You will be.

Look, I can't see
him like this.

He's not "like this."

Come on.

Oh, hi, Megan,
go on in, he's awake.

Okay, thank you.

Wait. What?
Do you know her
or something?

You work here?



Hey, buddy,
how you doing?

All right,

Oh, man, I thought
you were just about

one dead son of a bitch.[SHUSHING]

We're not in
the Pink Slipper.

Well, we ought
to be, hey, Pancho?

Wait a minute.
Why didn't you tell
me he was okay?

I mean, what
the hell's going
on here?

Hey, this is only
my first day back

in the land
of the living.

MEGAN: We weren't
sure until last night.

Weren't sure of what?

JOSH: I've been
pretty sick, Rick.

Kinda critical.

You better lay off
of Megan, huh?

you got me kicking
your hot shot ass

right around
this hospital.

You got that, huh?

[LAUGHING]Yeah! Oh, God!

Guys, guys!

It's good
to see you, man,

but this boy's got to
cop some more Z's, okay?

Hey, come on, man,
don't bullshit me.

How is it in there?


I feel sore.Mmm-hmm.

But okay.

Hey, I'm going
to be all right.

No shit.

Come on,
get out of here.

All right, Pancho,

but I'm going
to be back here
with a naked woman

and a bottle of whiskey.

Like hell you will.


Hey, Ricko...


Don't give up
your dreams.

What is he
talking about?

I feel like
I'm in the middle
of a mystery

and everybody knows
the ending, but me.

That's exactly
where you are.



All right!
Now stop, stop, stop, stop.

RICKY: Very nice, oh.MEGAN: Oh no!


Do you trust me?

About half the time.

Oh! Is this
a trust half
or no trust half?

Megan, get to it.

Wait here.Why?

Count to 100 slowly.

One, two...And after
I'm inside, okay?

Okay.And no cheating.

One, two,
three, four,

five, six, seven...Wait 'til I get inside.

15, 16, 17...Hey! I said wait
until 100.

19, 20, 21,
22, 23, 24,

25, 26, 27,
28, 29, 30,

35, 40...


We're both yours!

How did you get this?

How did you get it
through the door?


My God.

Look at this.



My God!

And these!

Jesus! Oh, God,
look at that.

Wait a minute.

Megan, you got
to tell me where
all this came from.

All I have to do
is make sure

that you know
it's yours.

What you have
to do is get out

on that track
and practice.

Sinclair's not going
to let me ride

on the team just 'cause
I got a new bike.

Hey, you can enter
the regional finals
as an independent.

That's if you qualify.

How do you know that?

I just, uh,
never mind.

No, no, no.
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute here.

Stop. Come here,
come here.


Thank you.You're welcome.

Now, you got
to tell me where
all this came from.

No, I don't.

Come on,
come on, don't.
Where you going?

Uh, out.

But you just gave
me all this stuff
and you know...

Tomorrow we'll see
if you can ride
that thing, okay?

I can ride.

Mmm, well.

I'll be here at
8:00 am tomorrow, okay?

You just be
ready, hmm?

Oh, come on.


Come on,
where you going?


What are you doing
with my father?

Rick, your dad
has been coming
to the track for days.

He's been keeping
his distance because

he was afraid
you'd get mad at him.

But, Ricky,
your dad cares
about you very much.

He bought your bike.

He loves you.

[CHUCKLES]I love you.

Look, I'm sick
of being treated
like a child!

We're not treating
you like a child.

If you'd
just understand.

We're trying to help...Yeah, I understand
all I need to understand.

Ricky, would you
just listen?

He cares about
you very much.

He does, Ricky!

If you'll just give
him a chance...

Well, don't tell me
about my father, okay?

Don't tell me
about something

I know about,
and you don't!

Look, I'm not
trying to tell you...

Wait a minute! God!

Hi, Mom.


I'm having

a real tough time



I don't know
what to do.

KAGAN: Richard?

RICKY: How dare
you come here?

Haven't you got
any respect for her?

How could you come here
and mock her like this?

I'm not mocking
your mother,
I loved her.

More than anything else
in the world, except you.

Yeah, love?

What the hell
do you know about
love, man? Huh?

The only thing
you ever loved
was Jack Kagan

and that damn
metal factory!


Of course,
Father, steel.

Do you know why
it's so easy for
you to hate me?


Because I've risked
everything for a
life of substance.

You think that
comes without
a certain price?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

maybe I'm going
to tell you something.

I never thought
I would tell you.

You know there's
no easy way to say this.

Your mother...

Your mother
was a dreamer

and she liked
to drink.

She left me,

but she abandoned you.

You cheated on her!

You ran around
with other women!

How can you say
that she left you, huh?

And how the hell
can you say that
she left me?

She worked herself
to death to try
to keep us going.

Ricky, I made
some mistakes,

but I loved
your mother,

I loved her.

I regretted
what I did
and I told her.

I told her,
I begged her
not to leave,

but I don't know,
she was too deeply hurt

and she would
never forgive me.

After she left,

when I finally
realized that she
wasn't coming back,

I tried to support
both of you.


She refused.

She refused repeatedly.

I mean,
and let me tell you,

she was in no
position to refuse.

It was some kind
of misplaced pride.

She put the both
of you at risk

because of pride,
I mean, she did that.

She didn't have
anything left!

I loved her,
I wanted her back.

She wouldn't come

and she wouldn't
accept anything from me.

You're full of shit.

No, not now.

And I'll tell
you something.

I'll be damned
if I'm going to let
you go to hell

for the rest of your
life for my mistakes.

Don't walk away from me.

Stop it!I will not stop!

Son of a bitch!

Look, I may be
a son of a bitch,

but I love you

and I'm not going
to let you go!
Come here!


I missed you.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

welcome to the Tri State
Motocross Championship.

As you can see,
it's a perfect day
for the race.

All I can tell you
is the view

from up here
is breathtaking.

My name is Ed Fox,

and I'll be giving you
a bird's eye picture
of the race.

MEGAN: Hey, Ricky!


LAURA: It's going
to be rough out there

against that whole
pack of jerks.

She's right.

Hey, he's going
to do just fine.

Hey, Laura Lee,
could I have one
of those pickles?

LAURA: Nervous, huh?

where are you going?

RICKY: I'll be right back.

Save me some,
all right?

You okay, Rick?

I guess I'm just
a little nervous.

I sure would be.

Hi.Hi, how are you?

Good, thanks.
Isn't it great?

It sure is.

[SIGHS]How's he doing?

A little jittery,
I think.

Oh, I know I am.

it's all survivable.


Hey, Jer, have
a good race!

You got it.

We have an unusual entry
in today's main event.

Ricky Kagan

has been given
special permission

to enter the finals.

Hey, Zack,
Josh is okay.

and that doesn't
change anything.

I introduce the riders,

let me introduce some
of the sponsors,

Yamaha, Suzuki and
Kawasaki Motorcycle

and the Portland Zoo,
and the Camel
cigarette people.


The bikes are starting
to line up for this
winner-take-all championship.

Uh-oh, there seems
to be a slight altercation
in the lineup.

Did you see that?Yeah, I did.

Between tough rider
Zack Kapinski and
newcomer Ricky Kagan.

Kapinski, State Champion

and today's favorite
is the one to beat.

Bumping into Kagan's
rear tire looks to me
like a grudge match

and Ricky Kagan
seems like he's not
afraid of abuse.

If this is any indication
of the animosity
between these two riders,

it means this race
is going to be hot.

That Kapinski
is in the top 20
of the best riders

of the American
Motocross Federation.

And he is number one.

Also on Sinclair's team
is Harvey Stewart

riding lucky number 13.

One of the most skillful
riders is Leroy Mattheus,

riding number 17.

And block contender
Luke Stevens, number nine.

They're getting ready now.

Now the race
is about to start.

We're all waiting
for the starting gate
to drop any moment now.

The tension is building up.

And they're off!


Well, coming down
the track

it's Zack Kapinski,
still in the lead,

with the rest of Sinclair's
team not too far behind.

Kagan is pulling up
in the inside on the tail
of number nine.

Over the table top
it's Kapinski number one,

Stevens number nine and
Stewart number three.


Number seventeen,
and Ricky Kagan
is now in fourth place

and pouring on the power!

There he goes, folks!

Ricky Kagan has
overtaken Leroy Mattheus
on the inside!

Just look at
that boy ride!


He's hanging in there.
Now Kagan's back in.

These riders
will do anything

to keep Ricky Kagan
from getting through!


It's still
Kapinski in the lead,
with Kagan on his tail.

Coming right through
is Stevens giving
Kagan a metal sandwich.

Whoops, there he's down.
Stewart's down again!

They're heading
into the last lap

with several drivers
coming up from behind

and towards the finish
as Kapinski opens up
and Kagan cannot tag him!

Kapinski is roaring forward
toward a victory!

And now Kagan opens up.

He's after Kapinski.

It's Kapinski and Kagan.

Now over the last

Kagan overtakes Kapinski!
What a move!

Yeah, kick ass, Ricky!

...inside and he's
in the lead.

Now, Kapinski is back
in the lead on the outside!

What a race!
What a race!

That's Kapinski
and Ricky Kagan
at the table top,

going for the checkered flag!

And there...
There it is!

There he is, Ricky
takes the gold!





ZACK: Hello! Hey!




ZACK: Yeah, whoa!
Hay, boy!

ZACK: Yeah!

Nice car.

Red's my favorite color.

Shut up!
Get out of here!

What do you think
you're doing?Whoo!

Ricky's a lucky
little boy.

ZACK: Oh, shut up.MEGAN: Get out of here,
you guys!

Knock it off!
Shut up!

Shut up!

Goddamn! Let me...


LUKE: Zack! Zack!

That's not what
we came to do!

MEGAN: Wait! No!

Shut the fuck up!

Stop that!

You like that? Huh?

You like that shit?

I love that shit!

You like it? Yeah?


Yeah! Huh!

Get out of my
face, girl.


Do you think
they got any
potato chips?

Oh, not now!

Oh, never mind.

Lucky they
left this stuff.

RICKY: Hey, honey,
what's Freddie's car doing?

Ricky, oh, Ricky!

What the
hell happened?

Zack trashed
the place.

Let Megan tell it.Did he hurt you?

He knocked her flat.

Shut up!

Are you going
to be okay?

Yeah, I'll be fine.You're all right?

Yeah.All right.

you take care of her.

Wait a minute!
Where are you going?

Wait, don't go!

Son of a bitch!

Ricky, where are
you going?

Ricky, don't go
after him!

It's what he wants
you to do, Ricky.

Please, don't!Megan, he's gotta
be taught a lesson!

No! Not like this.Honey, please,
please, go inside.

No, Ricky,
please, don't go.Go inside.

No, Ricky, stay!

Freddie will take
care of you.

No! Please!Go inside.

No way I'm going
to miss that shot!

Folks, here you go!


Oh, shit!

Hey, hey,
a bike just blew
up out there!

Let's go!



Save it for him.

You see him?

No. He couldn't
just disappear!

Shit! He's got
to be around here
somewhere, man.

You guys
stay out here

and you cover
all the doors

and you don't
let him out, Luke,
you got it!

Yeah!You got it?

Yeah! Right!All right!

Let's get the little
son of bitch!




ZACK: Hey, wabbit!

Now, what's the
matter, you wascalley
little wabbit?

You out of breath?

Well, hey, wabbit,

what are you going
to do, homestead
that piece of cement?

Hey, this is our spot,
little fellow.

You and I are going
to do us a little dance

right here
in the moonlight.

Oh, come on, Ricky,

just give me this
little dance, huh?

This, this could
be our last one.

Daddy might fly
you off to school
or something

and that'd
be it for us

and oh, my heart
just turns to shit

when I think of you
off someplace where

I can't get my
hands on you.

Get off the fucking
bike, asshole!

Get off the fucking bike!

Where the hell
did you run to?

You couldn't
leave it alone,
could you, man?

Fuck you, man!

Well, now you crossed
the line, man.

Nobody fucks with
my home or my family.

Stay down![GROANS]


Get up.


That's it.

You just don't know
when to quit, do you?

I didn't think
you had it in you.

You didn't think
I had it I me.

You didn't think
I had what in me?

Give me a hand up.

Yeah, right.
Are you kidding?

Yeah, well, Jesus,

at least I'm not
stupid enough

to want to hang around
some guy who wants
to bust my butt.


And maybe you don't
have it in you.


No, shit, man.

I just had to get
in one more shot,

I'm through,
that's it.

You're through?

You're through?

I kicked your ass,

and you're through?

You didn't kick my ass.

All right.

This town
kicked my ass.

Oh, shit!

That goddamned
factory kicked my ass!

And your daddy
kicked my ass!

And you man,

you have everything
and you piss on it!

And it doesn't matter
if I piss on it,

I will never have it!

Now all I ever have
is long hours

and overdue
fucking bills!

Listen, man,

don't preach to me.

No, you listen.

I have had to train
myself to hate

what I knew
I couldn't have.

Do you have any
idea how hard that is?

Do you know what
a fucking weird

way that is to live
your life? Huh?


I think we're
through here man.


Oh, shit!My face hurts.



Oh, fuck!Oh, Jesus.

Come on.
Follow me.

Follow you?

Don't follow me,
all right.

if you go down,

don't hold it against me.

Yeah, I won't
go down, buddy.

Good, then we ain't
got a problem in
the whole world.