Crossing the Lighthouse (1999) - full transcript

Crossing The Lighthouse is a story about the encounter of two ten-year old children (Jim Redler and Katty Loisel) who share a similar past. Two orphans who have taken refuge in lies to conceal a reality that causes them too much suffering. Two children who would like other people to stop treating them as though they are different, who want to live like everyone else. If this encounter is the result of chance, nothing will ever seperate them again. They need each other to learn to live again. The power of their friendship will be so great that it will change the attitude of the adults who come into contact with them.

How many times have I changed
school this year?

Twice? Three times?

I don't remember.

Everyone get in line!

Each time I
must start over.

And say who I am,
why I'm here.

I want something more.

Well, a little attention!

I present a
new classmate: Eric

He returned to live in France
after a stay in Africa.

I'm counting on all of you...

to help him get to
know the school.

Go, take a seat.

With Yann he'll
get to know the school!


Since Gil is so helpful,
you will sit at his table.

Gil will move his schoolbag.
Eh Gil?

Eric, fill out the personal
data form in your notebook.

And as usual,
leave a blank space.

Lend me your ruler?

Tell me, how was Africa?

Yann! I said silence!

Well, Tarzan?
Was it a jungle?

Were there lions? Tigers?

Lions, yes.
There are no tigers in Africa.

It is true that there are trees so big...

that their branches
disappear into the clouds?

Ignore him.
Nothing in the head.

You have nothing in your head!

They're called the sequoias.

You watch too many cartoons!

Yes, there are sequoias,
There are also baobabs.

I don't know why, but I
didn't want to lie to him.

Children, no pushing!

Leguelec, how many times have I said
that past participles with 'be'

take an "e" in the feminine.

You doing it on purpose!

Funny student!

I always wonder if I should say
"young man," or "miss."

Some of the parents are shocked.

Their children aren't at risk.
Always alone in the corner.


You spending the night here?

That one looks like a dreamer.

Perhaps he has jet lag.

What jet lag?

He said he was educated
in Africa before.

He has changed schools often
for disciplinary problems.

I've heard nothing of Africa.

Social Services gave me his file.

- We have a football, you play?
- It's for a match.

- Does Yann play?
- It's a game between the guys...

So? Do you play?

I have to get back.
My grandmother's waiting for me.

Yann! Wait!

I have a friend who lives there.

At the top of the lighthouse?
All alone?

- I dream of it sometimes.
- You go there by boat?

There's a secret passage to
get there at low tide.

A secret passage?

You know it?

If I tell you the way there,
you'll tell me about Africa?

- Okay.
- Meet me at the port on Saturday.

Low tide is at noon!


Cheap! Buy my 'pescadous'!

- You think you're in Marseille?
- Sea lions have been feasting.

- You ready?
- For if we get hungry!

If we get hungry I have
something better than cake.

- Leguelec, where you going?
- Going to Cordouan.

And why not to the moon?

Are you sure you want to go?

Because if we delay,
we can't go half ways.

Why does she call you Leguelec?

- Why are you called Eric?
- Because it's my name!

Same answer.

Look how his lips still move.

Don't eat it all now,
just keep it for later.

Oh,the bastard!
It almost got me!

It can do anything if
it gets hold of you.

A large one can chop
off your finger.

Didn't you say we had to hurry
to not be caught by the tide?

My father said if you sleep here
the crabs will eat you.

Well, they're hungry.

If he thought he could scare me,
he was badly mistaken.

That was clearly his plan.

Don't look down. Jump!

Are you sure this is the right way?

If you're scared we
can turn around.

No worries for your grandmother.

There's no one at home.
Don't act like you don't know...

Because I saw you looking
at my information.

Nobody home for me, either.

I just don't talk about it.

- It's good, eh?
- It's freezing, yes!

- That's your secret passage?
- Yeah

It has risen awfully fast.

We need to hurry to get
to the secret passage!

For the first time Yann
was not sure which way.

The passage is blocked!
Must swim under it!

- I don't know how to swim!
- Huh?

Why didn't you say?
Wait and see if I can pass.

Look out! Grab my hand!

Eric! Come!

The tide was rising, we had
90 percent chance of not returning...

And I thought only one thing:

Yann is a girl.

We got through!
We got through!

Ah! Looks like you won't
have to eat them!

Here's some food, crabs!

You don't know the sea,
you don't know how to swim.

Aren't you afraid of drowning?

My mother ...
I know she is still with me.

She protects me.

You don't believe me?


I was going to show that
my mother was always with me.

Not some little angel that
protects whenever it wants to.

Stop! You'll fall.

You're scaring me!

What's your name?


You're not afraid
of falling, Marie?

If you fall, I fall.

You believe me now?


There's a lot of wind!

We can be even closer to the wind.

- We continue?
- We continue!

What are you children doing here?

We're going to the lighthouse.

On foot?
And how could you get there?

Following the sandbanks.

You could drown 100 times over.

We had someone who protected us.

Good thing it's low
tide and I saw you.

When I was small I told myself
that the sea was beautiful.

Because there was always a
lighthouse hiding somewhere?

Those are just stories.

I know there're just stories...

otherwise my father would
have found the lighthouse.

Well, since you wanted to
go there, come on.

There's no sequoias
that touch the clouds.

So? You coming?

From there, one can see to the
end of the world.

You'll end up as lighthouse keeper!

Come down! We should go back
before night falls.

Put that on, otherwise
you'll be soaked.

Here, put that on.

My father wanted a boy.

Don't tell the others
what you know?

That I know what?

This was the first
time I've crossed!

I've never been to Africa!

I'm cold.

Where've you been?
I've searched everywhere, Marie.

This morning I told you
we were going to Cordouan.

I thought you meant by boat!

Is it less dangerous by boat?

Listen, you must stop
doing stupid things.

Lying to others is wrong but
lying to yourself is dangerous.

Well, get in the car.
I'll take you back too.

Thank you for the call.
I was scared to death.

It was her idea to call.
I just provided the phone.

Are you the lighthouse keeper?

You expected an old man with a
yellow raincoat and a pipe?

We weren't much bigger than them.

La Rochelle?

The sailing school.


We never saw you, you were always
prepping your boat for racing.

We used our first names then.

Did you know?

I knew.

I don't understand why ...
I thought ... you were gone.

When you're out there for people,
it's a world away.

He was a good sailor, her father.

He was my brother.

I know.

Apart from lighthouse keepers,
sailors don't confide to many.

We are their conscience.

He never spoke of you.

Well, he wouldn't betray
his conscience.

I have wished that I had
been on duty that night.

Would it have changed anything?

I don't know.

Thank you for bringing them back.


You don't want a lift?
Your parents won't worry?

Well, then, good night.

I hadn't shown them my real house...

I wouldn't have them know where I lived.

You see the time?

Where have you been?

- And why are you dressed like that?
- I was at a friends.

We watched a film.

You go somewhere
you should let us know.

He didn't realize the hour.

From now on I want you to
come home after school.

You're too easy!
We have raised children!

That one does not stop
making bullshit!

I've already said you could
you use the armoire...

why do you leave everything
in the suitcase?

Saves time if I must leave.

Are you going to leave?

I know it's never me who
decides I must leave.

I do everything to please you
but it's like we don't exist.

What made you be like that?

You want the light on?

They should be happy
they saved on the dinner.

I want no blank spaces!

You go to recess only
when work is completed.

- It's not good?
- It's amazing, ....

Especially for someone who attends
class with only one ear open.

Go, take off.

We all know she likes
to act like a boy

but then to buy her clothes...

it reinforces the obsession.

You know, the fashion today ...
boy or girl, you can't tell.

It's not just clothes,

her behavior poses a
problem for teachers.

This indicates psychological problems.

I've seen nothing abnormal
in Marie's behavior...

to make me think there's a
problem of that kind.

She is a bad influence
on the other children.

Yesterday's adventure is
a good example.

Imagine what could
have happened...

Many parents complain of her
attitude toward their children.

Do they know what it feels like
for a girl who lost her father?

I think that Regina Pacis
would better suit her.

But R.P. is a girl's school.
our time is ...

An exceptional institution
with smaller classes.

It has a better track.

Why do you want Marie
to change schools?

To start over on good foundations.

To make new friends
free of preconceptions.

She'll have less trouble adapting.

And what do I do if I Marie
doesn't want to change schools?

You are not yet Marie's
official guardian.

It is for the judge to decide.

Several criteria are necessary
for adoption...

The fact that you are unable to
control her...

You will never come around.

You don't know how we live.

And you've already made
your conclusions.

If I'm going to work with children
I have to form an opinion.

Oh! Come down from there!

You're good at geometry, but if
you don't want to fall...

you'd do well to revise
the laws of gravity.

I'll be a father in 2 or 3 days
thanks to you.

Talk about a feat!

Another animal that will
spend his life in a zoo.

You're the first to have a baby
gorilla and you're not happy?

If so, I'm happy!
Thank you!


I've brought back their things.

I wouldn't want to bother you.

You put me in trouble at school.

I called no one.

I did inform the harbor office
that I had to leave early.

In order to bring the
children to shore.

You didn't tell them that Marie and
the boy went to the lighthouse?

Why would I do that?

I'm sorry! You help me
and I abuse you for it.

I thought we used first names?

For months I've been fighting
for custody of Marie.

But she makes a big mess of it!
Messes bigger than she is!

You're the only family she has left.

It seems logical to
entrust her to you.

There's nothing logical in
their decisions.

They think my job takes
too much of my time.

I don't 'take charge' of Marie,
and I'm not married.

They have great ideas
in the ministries.

They're replacing me,
a radar will do my watching.

I can see myself pushing papers.

Listen, If you only have to marry
to get custody of Marie...

Get you're head screwed on!

If I'm disoriented can you
imagine the disaster?

I did better than your Francis.
I managed to make you laugh.

How did you know I worked here?

That's a long story.

I've tried everything to
make her happy...

but I can never replace my brother.

What would you say to some
fricassé, down at the port?


But will you show up?

The last time we had a date,
I waited ...

a good day in the sun!

But tonight the sun will set!

How will we meet up?

It's not difficult,
it's due north.


Leave me!

Ah! Don't follow me!

Hey! That babe is coming!

It's not a babe, its a guy.
He's bizarre.

I tell you it's a girl.

Want to bet?
I tell you it's a chick.

- I bet your watch!
- Okay.

... but you lose you give me your knife.
- And if I win?

You already have a
knife and a watch.

We're gonna get nabbed!

My bike!


Leguelec! Come here!

- Are you good at school?
- What do you care?

They say you're a fag.

My father said you're weird.

Besides that's what the cops say.

I don't need to bet to see you're
as stupid as your father!

Hold her legs!

She won't stop moving

It's a girl! I won guys!

Three on a girl?
Have you no shame?

I didn't need your help!

If I've done something,
tell me!

If it's true you'll never
see me again!

You've betrayed me!
You told them!

Because of you
I'm going to a girls school!

- It wasn't me!
- So how do they know?

- It wasn't me!
- You lied to me all the same!

I said not to follow me.

I heard them making their bet.

More lies.

They followed me.

And you?

You were already there.

I was hanging on to
the bus with the bike.

I was afraid they'd hurt you.

You were afraid for me?

Why should I answer,
if I'm such a liar?

Holy Cow!

You live here?

Kids here call me the monkey.
Don't you do the same.

Wait! You live in a zoo!
It's like living in Africa!

You were never there.
You can't know.

My mother told me so much,
it's as if I was born there!

There's lots of things that I
don't know because I am young.

But I do know...

I want to be with you
when I grow up.

You're bleeding from the nose.

- Did you read all these?
- Yeah.

This one ... this is my favorite.

- It's a shark?
- Yes.

When I wasn't in school...

my father always took
me fishing with him.

Had I known I wouldn't gone
with you to the lighthouse.

You'd have to go far to find them.
No worry they'd eat kids like you.

They're parents will
hear about this!


You know him?

Yeah, it's Matthew's father.

Let's leave!


Come here! Hey!

His father's a cop?

He's not police,
he's a game warden!

Holy Cow! Look at that face!

I'd prefer the sharks!

That's Mak. He's sweet.

Come here!

I don't want to go
to a girls' school

Wait till I catch you!
Open this door now!

- You locked him in?
- Mak is sweet!

He'll get to know him!

Stop! Are you crazy?!

You can't see the gorilla
without permission!

Warden or not, I don't care!

You have a phone?

- Papa! They slashed the tires!
- Get inside!

Too bad for them,
I'm calling the police.

Wait for me!



My father hid them when the
coast was cleared of mines.

If you're hungry they sure
bring up the fish!

Well, throw it.

It's a dud. All rusted over.

Holy Cow!

If you don't want to be seen
you can't fish with those!

If we don't want to be found
we have to leave the country.


At La Rochelle, we'll take a
boat and go to America.

We can go to China, Canada.

Dressed like this?

Don't you want to try?

If you want to leave we need
to take some clothes.

She didn't realize we
were in deep shit.

Me, I knew it.

But were well together.

I wasn't alone.

Come, come in!

You have scissors?

I don't like looking like a girl.
- They're downstairs.

That would suck.

This suits you.

Take the binoculars.

They'll be useful.

Go down.

Little thief!

I knew you were
up to some bullshit!

You'll see!

I'll teach you to steal from people!

Lower your eyes!


- Lower your eyes!
- Stop!

Lower your eyes, I tell you!

Stop! Leave him alone!

You want a flailing as well?
You'll get it! Piece of shit!

Who you think you are?

Eric! Eric!

- My back hurts!
- Hold on to me.

You're bleeding.

You need a doctor.

- Well, there was a bike there.
- Have you seen two kids?

- I saw it all out there.
- There?

Leave! It's all my fault!

What are you talking about?

I bring bad luck.

I know not to try to fight them.
It always makes it worse.

I'm staying with you.

My aunt, she will even adopt me.
She can adopt you too.

Why would she do that?

To make me happy.

People do it for money....

If they do it for nothing,
it never lasts long.

There's only one way.
They can't escape.

Sometimes, it's like
I had a cursed tongue.

- It makes me a liar.
- You didn't lie to me!

To someone I love,

I can talk.

You'll calm down, yeah?

Ah! They're excited, these
two hotheads! It's over, right?


Oh, down from your perch, are you?

- We just see ...
- Marie Leguelec.

The girl who was arrested?
You are her family?

I'm her aunt.

I'm afraid that only parents
are allowed to visit.

She is the daughter of Loïc.

Well, that's no gift! You should've
seen the row they made this morning.

What people would have children
if you weren't here to raise them?

Discreet grenade, huh?
They heard you at Cape Horn!

A grenade?
Are you out of your mind?

Madam please,
The Judge for minors is here.

I'm afraid.

The grenade?
That was me.

You just arrived in Royan and
you already know the hideouts?

Don't worry, there is no shame
in protecting a girl.

Sit down. I beg you.

I just read the police report.

It is a true epic.

It's not every day that
we have such cases.

They are both children who
have lost their parents.


We have four criminal offenses.

Theft, assault, damage to public good,
and use of weapons of war.

By all accounts, the boy is
the instigator of this circus.

I leave you my office.

This one should have been in
private school long ago.

You think things will get sorted
in a house of correction?

That is not how we
characterize them today.

They are institutions for
these kinds of cases.

Do not worry over the
future of little Malard.

Your file says you live alone.
Is that always the case?

- Uh ...
- Is it important?

Cohabitation is not legally
recognized in granting custody....

but I still have descretion
to consider it.

- That is ...
- Yes, we live together.

- As Husband and wife?
- Yes

Recorded at city hall?

It didn't seem important,
but if it's necessary...

Well, you seem concerned
for her future...

therefore I will accept that
Marie remains in Royan...

at Regina Paci with status
as a semi-resident.

Thank you, judge.

Madame, Monsieur,...

I hope I will not have to
revisit alternatives.

Malard please.

I don't want him sent away!

You should have thought
of that before.

Come on, Marie.

That is your last word?
You won't come?

Mr. Justice,
he refused to come see you.

Shall I get a policeman?


If he won't come to me,
I'll go to him.


So? Don't want to talk to me?

Nevertheless, we need
to get acquainted.

I don't want us to.

You have pushed it a bit far.

Theft of bicycle,
Mr. Pertuis has a hip fracture...

One of your friends
has a broken nose.

He's no friend.

I understand.

The rest I don't need to tell you.

Is there a reason for all this?

You did not like your
last family, agreed.

But the ones before that
had several children.

You were almost a part of a family.

They always say that,

but when there is a problem...

it's your fault.

Marie told me he hit you.
Is that true?

Given the energy needed
to catch you ...

He must not have hurt you too bad.

You -- You're all alike.

That's not very flattering!
I believe all children are different.

Soon, by changing foster homes
you'll have visited all of France!

I like to travel.

Oh? I thought you had good
reasons to stay in Royan?

Stop pretending.

I know what you think.

My foster home is great,
the one before that was too.

I'll become a thug,
I'll end up in jail.

Sounds reasonable.
And the solution?

You're sending me to boarding school.

Good guess.

I didn't guess,
The old owl told me.

It's not her decision.
It's mine.

You have another solution?

You see, you too
can be the judge!

Looks like a rare bird that one.

Oh, I've seen worse.

And you want us to investigate
Mr. and Mrs. Pertuis?

A runaway always has a reason.

To prevent it from happening again
we need to know why.

So I ask you to follow
the usual procedure.

Eric Malard ...

Parents deceased.

She's asleep.

With the day they spent!

If my brother was alive
this wouldn't have happened.

Maybe they're right after all,
Maybe I'm not up to this.

When people want to be right,
they can always find justifications.

She's so distant sometimes.

You want to share it when
your unhappy...

and who can she share it with,
if not you?

Perhaps I could take her to
see a psychologist?

That's right!
Let them mess with her head!

Only you can help her
learn to live again.

You're very kind.

Never thought I'd be one to
give you advice.

But I must go,
I'll miss my shift.

If you need me,
you know where to find me.

We just came to say goodbye.

Hurry, the boat is leaving soon.

Thank you!

I know it by heart.

I'll write.

Me too.

We will be together
when we grow up?


What are you doing here?

Going to Verdon.

- Have a coffee?
- I can't, I'm on duty.

Go on.
I've ordered you one at the bar.

- I'll watch the kid.
- I can see you coming.

He is not going to run away!
Where can he go?

Not going to fall, eh?

What should I care?

That's what you think eh?

I'd be sad.

Marie would be even more sad.

People we love ...
we find we need them one day.

I will return, Marie.

You coming?

Here is the number to the
judge's office.

He said to call him if there's
the slightest problem.

Stubborn mule, eh?

All right?

I'll show you your dorm.

Class is almost over but you'll
have time to get settled.

Stop! Stop!

- If you do that again, you're dead!
- Look!

You, you've seen nothing!

What's your name?

Oh! No answer?

- Mine's Momo.
- He's Petch.

You better remember!

Look at me when I speak!

Not scared of us, eh?

Before, the slave who made our bed
was that little bastard there.

Come here now!

Since you're the new arrival,
now it will be you.

- No more chores. You get a holiday.
- You got it, wanker?

Do a good job.

I don't like sleeping
with folds in the sheets.

Be careful. They're crazy!

I'm Rémi, and you?

Marie! Try it please.

It's pointless!

At least for the size.
I need to know.

There's no choice,
it is the skirt for school!

Fortunately, Gerard told me
you were here!

I've been all over the zoo!

Can you try to convince her
to wear this skirt 'normally'?

Sure! You do what said Corinne said!

She does it on purpose!
Back to front, anything!

I look like an idiot!

Idiot maybe, but very pretty!

You could have given a good
address to your friend!

- He wrote?
- Yes.

Addressed: "Lighthouse Cordouan,"
it went to the harbor office.

Well, it suits me well!

Hey, don't run!

The letter!

- Better and faster, eh?
- Makes you wish you'd written it!

They're here! Watch out!

You didn't make our
beds this morning!

Know what we do with fools?

Tomorrow you obey
or we let you die in there!

Say a word and you're dead!

Come on, let's go.

What the hell?

Everyone is entitled.
Let yourself go after they leave.

Pass me my notebook.

Take my flashlight.

Here,it's like a school where
you sleep at night.

There's only boys,
but they are nice.

"We can see truly only with the heart,
the essential is invisible to the eye."

I understand what it means.

You have no little monkey in
your bed but it's good anyway.

I know why you like this story,

the little Prince says he
will go live in a star

His friend need not be sad
when he is gone.

He need only look in the sky and
see a star that knows how to laugh.

You have only to look
at the lighthouse.

My aunt has changed, she
is always with me.

Pierre is often at our home.

I hope you have no more back pain,

and that boarding is not too hard.

The ocean seems even
bigger since you've gone.

Don't need to ask who you
are sending a letter to.

She has never dared to write
to a boy her own age.

Too bad!

Look at these sausages here!

With the wind I can't set it!

They call this wind?
Poor countrymen!

It's a horror what they're doing!

When we finish the connection
the beacon will be operational.

This whatsit will do my job!
No fears, eh?

Thousands of aircraft land
every day using this system.

This is not an airport.

It is resistant to 300 km / h wind ...

It works 24 hours a day and
never takes a holiday!

Because I take holidays?

Yes, it is hard to be
replaced by Technology,

But it is 100% free
of Human Error.

Do an evil for the greater good.

I'll be able to walk with
my two little women.

And the waves?
It resists the waves?

You can't tell me the
waves reach up to here.

The waves? No,
But the spray will.

It is over 30m high!

You'll see!
With the storm.


I checked the weather,
nothing indicated by the computer.

The computer? It's an mania!
You see the white crest of the waves?

That's my barometer.

I can tell you there will
be a hell of a gale.

Well, I'm not sorry
we'll be on dry land.


Will we have a repair
this evening in Bordeaux.

Well, it's the fish that will
be happy if you sink!

Why? Does a storm last long here?

Rarely more than a week.

They did not design the computer
that forcasts the weather?

If there are not only human errors...

there must be computer errors too.

You've scared them stiff!

That'll teach them to dirty my
landscape with their 'tumble dryer.'

The sea is beautiful because there
is always a lighthouse hiding somewhere.

Momo, Grafe!

Let him out!

Understood, slave?

Tomorrow you have
to make our beds.

Otherwise next time
you spend the night.

But he is crazy this guy!

I have often been
found asleep like that.

She looks so good with you.

I'll put her to bed.

Lift your shoes.

- Good night.
- Good night.

It's the only place in the world with
electricity from the 15th century!

They put in electronic tricks
and ignore all the rest!

One day it's going to blow ...

Need a woman's fingers for that.

This is what I asked for for years
from the administration...

A woman, to take charge
of things here.

And she would do only that?

I'll know if I sign the declaration
of cohabitation at the town hall.

It was for Marie I said that!

And not for me?

Why didn't you come?

I'm here!

You promised me a ride.

I was dismasted, and
finished last in the race.

I do not care about the boat.
You're never came after?

You the daughter of the zoo director ...
I was the son of a fisherman.

Many prospects hung around you.

Son of a physician, surgeon ...
pharmacist ...

But, I'm never sick.

I am. I'm a sick sea-dog!

When I think I never
dared approach you.

Because of all the girls
that hung around you,

fishmonger's daughter, the trawler,
the fish merchant!

- You're dim!
- Didn't you understand what we said?

Who're you writing to?

Here is like a school
when you sleep at night!

Watch it, we are too nice.

Wait! What's that?

"We can see truly only with the heart,
the essential is invisible to the eye."

We got ourselves a writer, guys!

Now have a good night!

Tomorrow, or the day after!
I'll get you!

That's it, coward!

- Open! Open it!
- Wait, he didn't make the beds!

Open it! I tell you!

The idiot's locked it
from the inside!

He's afraid to take a beating!

Come out!

- Come on! Come out!
- He's waiting for the attendant to come!

He will betray us!

Hey! What the hell? "

What are you doing
with your bed there?

What are you doing in there now?
Go on! Come out!

And put on your pajamas.

Who locked you in?


Well, who locked him in?

And don't pretend to be asleep!
I said, who locked it?

No answer?
Ok, we'll talk tomorrow!

Who did this to you?

Come on.

Shit, he'll tell everything!
We're screwed!

He'll say nothing.

I hope not! I don't want to be
stuck because of that sissy.

Did you see his back?

You're the sissy.

What are you doing here?

Mak's female has just given birth!
Want to see the baby?

Not right away.
I have homework.

Hey, it's been a long time since
I've seen your report card!

I forgot it at school

That's twice I've asked you,
you need to bring it to me.

Why must you see it?
Don't you trust me?

Why are you always
so combative?

Excuse me.

I like how you're dressed.

I think we have
the same supplier!

You love him?

We don't ask questions when
we already know the answer.

Oh, I forgot! You have mail.

- Can I take your camera?
- Yes, why?

To take one of Mak's baby.

Was he in a fight?

Or get hazed by the others?

No, the marks on
his back are old,

There was even a fracture
which had healed itself.

- A fracture?
- Yes, of the mastoid.

Even if we are a little late
He needs looking after.

Whoever did this didn't
pull any punches!

Those marks on his
back are how old?

Two weeks, three weeks.

They heal quickly at this age.

Didn't happen here, then.

His teacher said he hasn't
spoken since he got here.

He's guilt-ridden....

and retreating into
his perceived reality...

He withdraws from the world.

How is that?

He believes he's responsible
his mother's death,

Convinced he should've
been able to cure her.

Today we can cure physcial ills,

but what happens here...

He's said nothing, but I think
he needs a sedative.

Thank you, miss.

Was it Mr. Pertuis
who struck you?

Is that why you pushed him
down the stairs?

Listen, I know what
you think of me,

But how can I do my job
if you say nothing?

Well, if you won't talk ....

write it.

You want another boy to
suffer the same thing?

Believe me, if Mr. Pertuis did
this to you, I'll look into it.

You know judges are
also for grownups.

"It only only people we love
who can... "

You are not well here?

I can find you another family.

I don't want to!
I can't any more!


I'm fed up!

You've had bad luck.
Life is not always fair.

- Mama!
- I'm sure she's looking over you.

- Mama!
- She would be proud of you!

- I want to see my Mama!
- You're a brave man.


I want my Mama!.

The sea is beautiful because there is
always a lighthouse hiding somewhere.

Miss Leguelec?

Miss Leguelec?

You have any interest
in what I have to say?

Yes, Madam.

Stand up when you speak.

What was I saying?

The sea is beautiful because there is
always a lighthouse hiding somewhere.

I'm waiting!

It's ... uh ... France?

Indeed, it is a map of France.
But that was not my question.

When you are back among us...

perhap you will tell us what
you thought was so important..

to make you lose
interest in my class?

I see I have disturbed
Miss from reading her mail!

I'll make a note of this
in your record, Marie.

Have you seen the new one?
He was stuck for the weekend.

I said he was no squealer!

What is a 'squealer?'

The one who involves himself
where he's not concerned.

So, you want to beat me up?

You're all alone!
No closet to hide in!

Fuck! He threw a stone on my mouth!

I'll kill him!

Wait til I get you, bastard!

Get out!

He will beat him up.

You're a real tough now.

Did they stick you?


I don't want that we have to pay
when we don't know about it.

You don't have to speak.

It's Russian. It means:
"She is beautiful."

Forget the beds.

With you're letters
you don't have time.

You haven't beaten him!

He has no guts this Ruskie,
he is afraid of a little wanker!

You're puffed up.
You know nothing.

- There's no mail?
- No.

It's already 2 weeks.

It may be too much work.
He didn't realize the time passing.

Want a taste?

Want to try?

What are you doing Marie?
Why'd you box up your books?

I've read them.

That's no reason to
put them away!

I'm worried, Marie.

What's happening at school?

There was a page torn
from your report.

Don't go through my schoolbag!

I have not gone through
your schoolbag!

If you don't work at school we'll
have troubles. That'll be it!

- What are you doing?
- Don't move!

- Where did you put the letters?
- This guy is crazy!

Love is sacred. Momo!
Did you do it?

Where did you put them?

Tell him!

I couldn't touch them!
They were always with him!

Before I received one every day.
Now there are none.

Then someone is hiding them!

- It's crazy! How could I?
- I know it's you!

I swear it's not me! It must be
the guy who hands out the mail.

He's right.

It's not him.

He knows what I'd do if he lied.

- Someone is swiping the letters!
- How can you be sure?

She never would have
stopped writing me.

They may be getting stopped here.

Not Momo.

The attendant.

He'd know about it.

If he's stopping them,

they'd have to be in
the principal's office.

But to get them ...
it's a real safe!

Don't Worry.

I have a saying:

if you can't attack the bank,
attack the van.

And in this case,
the van is a mailbox.

Eric Malard, juvenile center
La Rochelle

- What are you doing? You're leaving?
- I'm going to the port.

Now? But you haven't eaten!

I'm not hungry.

You had no breakfast this morning,
You eat nothing.

- Are you sick? You're pale.
- I told you I'm not hungry.

I don't understand.
We were doing so well.

But now this again.

It's because of the letters, right?

I don't care about the letters.

Marie is afraid you've forgotten us.

I know you have new friends,

But I beg you: write her!

just a few words would
make her very happy.

Kisses, Corinne.

What's this? You take my pontoon
for a garbage can?

I've been replaced by a satellite.

Now I'll be on your
back all the time!

What's happened to
those pretty eyes?

Huh? What did this to
my little sailor?

He's forgotten me,

No, Eric's like you.
He forgets nothing.

Do you think he can forget
those pretty eyes there?

Ah, that's better!

You won't tell her?

There's nothing to tell.

Love stories are complicated.

I waited 10 years for Corinne.

Why'd you never tell her before?

Because you're stronger than us,
Eric and you.

I know one day you will together.

What Eric did was serious.

It wasn't his fault.
That man tried to kill him.

Beat him with a belt like a madman.

He says he won't say anything,
because of me.

I'll put it in the mailbox.

If you don't get it tomorrow,
we'll know who stopped it.

That bastard!

- Who?
- The judge!

He doesn't want her to write me.
I wouldn't have believed it.

Why wouldn't you believe it?
Judges, cops ...

They're all assholes.

Don't talk like that.

And close your coat,
you'll catch a cold.

I'll be back.

Don't want your chocolate mousse?


What's happening since
this morning?

Call a doctor!

You need to make an effort, Miss.

- You should eat, Marie.
- He said he would write every day.

you must drink something, at least!

It's nothing.

Don't worry,
she is bound to eat.

You'll see,
You'll be fine.

It will.


( What are you doing? )

Eric! Eric!

- Let me go!
- I won't!

You want to be picked
up by anyone?

I can defend myself!

And after? They'll nab you.
You want to end up like me?

Stay here until you're 18?

They won't catch me!

My letter never came!

I'm sure she needs me!

I'll take care of the attendant.

If you're back by Monday
he won't say anything.

I won't be back.

Then take the train.

I never had one, but ...
You could be my little brother

I always said one day
I'd return to my country.

I never had the balls to do so.

But then I didn't have a reason.

My mother said, when given money,

we must give a gift in return.

We know it by heart.


- But you have no appointment!
- I want to see the judge, I will see him!

I told him not to disturb you, sir.
But he wouldn't listen.

Leave us, Elise
Thank you.

It wasn't enough that you separated them
and sent the kid to boarding school.

You had to do more!

What do you mean?

- To you they're just case numbers!
- Not at all ...

I well remember the
Leguellec-Malard affair...

and not long ago spent a little
time talking to young Eric.

You're lucky.

I tried calling him, but without your
authorization it's impossible!

That's normal -- he's a minor.

And minors have no right to
speak to each other?

- Nor write?
- What are you talking about?

Why did you ban the children
from corresponding?

I have banned nothing.

I told you I saw young Marlard.
I found elements ...

profitable to both of them.


The boy was beaten half to
death and you saw nothing!

And now Marie is in the hospital
because she refuses to eat!

So who has stopped their
letters if not you?

I don't know.

But I assure you I will find out.

Elise, put an immediate call through
to the juvenile center at Bordeaux.

Francis, I am with Marie at the hospital.
If you need me: Room 27 Corrine

What makes the sea beautiful is there
is always a lighthouse hiding somewhere.

"We can see truly only with the heart,
the essential is invisible to the eye."

How is our little protogé?

- She seems to be stabilizing.
- She's eating.

She refuses all that we give her, Doctor.

How's that?
Has she eaten anything at all?

The intern said to continue
infusions until she resumes eating.

You should have advised me!

- Did she get up today?
- She refused.

She has difficulty standing.

Madam, please.

The sky is even greater

since you left.

Madam, I won't hide the fact
that I'm worried.

I thought it mere temporary anorexia,
but it is more serious.

She is anemic,
her blood level has dropped.

Whenever we try to get her to
drink she spits it up.

Yes, that's fairly typical.

The stomach is not used to it,
now cramps every time...

the patient swallows anything.

We can not keep...
Ultimately, I mean, we can not...

stabilize her weight indefinitely
if she refuses to eat.

You know her well?

What could push her to
damage herself like this?

It's a long story.

A story?


It's a beautiful story.

- A boy.
- A boy?

Marie! It's me!

Open your eyes!

- I knew you'd come back!
- I'm here now.

I will never leave you.

I will never leave you.

Really! She is just 10 years old!

Why is it no one wants to understand?

She is in love!

Madly in love!

The little girl is gone!

- She's gone?
- She took her things and left!

Notify everyone!
All sections!

In her condition she
can't have gone far.

What a mess!

A boy takes out a patient
and you just let them go!

And how could I know?

He said his sister thought
her leg was broken,...

but it was just a sprain.

The boy carried her.

Obviously, she wasn't well!

No! She was laughing,
and eating cakes.

She ate? You're sure
we mean the same girl?

From the forest we can get to
the water without being seen.

If children had embarked here
I'd have seen them.

I haven't moved from here.

So they were the ones
seen in the forest.

I'll call the police and see
where they stand. Coming?

I would have sworn
they'd go to Cordouan.

- On to the beach by the lighthouse?
- Yeah!

- It's great!
- My head is spinning.

And here?
Your head spins again?

Keep hold of my hand!

I just talked to the doctor.
He is very worried ...

the slightest dehydration
could be fatal to the girl.

You think she will last the night?

You okay?


But your not!
You're very pale!

I took the stairs too quickly.

Need to find something
other than apples.

There's nothing here now
that Pierre is gone.

There's oysters
You like oysters?


As shrimps huh?

Doesn't matter, we have nothing
to open them with.

Wait, I'll carry you.

Spread out and search
the entire area!

We can't fish at low tide.

Must find something to eat.

I was hungry too,

But it wasn't the same.

Marie didn't want to sleep,..

but she was out anyway.

We've been searching the area 24 hours...

No proof they were the ones spotted.

Fortunately I had a knife.

Where did you...

Because there is always a can
of food hiding somewhere.

I knew you were lying.
You didn't want to fish!

Why are you waiting to send the
helicopter to the lighthouse?

You have no idea where
they could hide?

Marie knows every inlet,
every blockhouse on the coast.

That promises us a beautiful stroll!
But we will find them.

You don't know them.

You've caught them once,
you won't get a second chance.

Nothing at the lighthouse.

If they're at sea it'd be
like a needle in a haystack!

Nothing in the beach bunkers.

- Now! Eat!
- That'll make five already!

Eat or you go back!

If you catch a sardine
I'll throw you in the water!

I can't catch sardines.
The sharks have eaten them!

Help! A shark is coming!

The men searched every
square inch of the area -- nothing.

The forest is immense with
hiding places everywhere.

And the dogs not
pick up the trail?

- Unless they have followed the shore.
- I come from the beach.

They would leave signs,
there is nobody at the moment.

A witness has seen a pontoon
with children on board.

They took my Zodiac!

I'll make you head spin!

There's too much turbulence,
I can't stay in the zone.

The helicopter has
to return to base, sir.

Every time these children
get together it's a disaster!

Exactly, they need to be together.
They can't live without each other.

Do you hear yourself?
They're only ten years old!

You've seen what they
wrote to each other?

If I had not interfered,
what would have happened?

From now on I forbid you make
a single decision about Marie!

- Is that a threat?
- Yes.

I hope the Judge takes note of it.

Who cares about you,
the judge, or his notes!

They are children,
We will not let you destroy them!

Forget it! It's useless.

Hey! Put on the vest.


Best if you would.

It's moving hard, sir!

Message from a freighter,
Says they're bobbing like a cork.

Weather report.

Strong winds gusting over
us in about one hour.

That is no weather to
go fishing for shrimps!

Always zero as those!
The storm is here!

I have a blip on my radar!
At the entrance of the channel.

It's going out to sea ...

it could be your Zodiac!

What are they doing?
They'd need to cross to Verdon.

Not to the USA!

- They're going to the lighthouse.
- Tell Rescue to hurry!

The Rescue boat needs to
head to Cordouan now!

Why they would go there?

For them it's at the
end of the world.

Far from everything.

Far from you.

Could we ask a ship
to pick them up?

With these swells they
couldn't get near a Zodiac.

It's my fault.

I should've gone to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse!
It's gone out!

Don't worry!
I could find it with my eyes closed!

- You scared?
- No!

- Captain! I've lost visual radar!
- What the hell?

The GPS signal is out!
What do I do?

Call Rochelle.
Tell them to send tugs.

But they will never
get there in time!

Call the Heliport
The police!

That's great!
Add an air disaster to it!

... call the tug Verdon
it's closer!

Hello! Freighter captain!
Hello! Freighter captain!

We can't maintain our course!

GPS is out. We're drifting!

Pierre! You're not in service!
If something happens I'm responsible!

I'm the only one who knows the way!
Especially in these conditions.

If you're the pilot and have an
accident I'll lose my position!

Forget your bullshit regulations!

You know what will
happen if I don't?

You'll regret it all your life.

Pierre goes with you!

Try not to get caught
in the currents!

At my age?
Look at me.

- Pierre! I'm scared!
- Cast off!

Don't worry!
I'll bring them back.

I'm going with them!

I hope you realize
you're responsible!

Shut up!

Mr. Justice.

Shut up!
We've heard enough from you!

Take off your jacket, it's useless!

If you go in the water there'll
be no time to save you!

Marie is like her father!
Always going out in the storm!

I'll catch them.

Even If I have to spear
my Zodiac to do it.

Boat dead ahead!


They found the Zodiac, sir.

And the children?

They're not in it.

Oh my God!

Come on, Pierre! Stop! Stop!
It won't help anything!


Never would Marie let herself
be had so stupidly!

You have to find them.

They may be thrown
into the water.

I beg you!

I'm sure they're still alive.

She's right!
I don't see the jackets!

They are not here.
Would they have a chance?

Not in this weather.

Stop! You are going to bring us down!

Drop this fucking rope!

You want to be lost too?

Pierre will not be happy
about his Zodiac

If he sees his lighthouse off
he'll be even more unhappy!

The lighthouse is out
but that works?

It's running on the batteries.

What's this?

It's the old lamp for the lighthouse.

Too bad, with more oil
we could have been warm.

I'm cold all the same.


( She is beautiful )

What does that mean?

Captaincy to Zodiac! Where are you?

Pierre and the judge are
in the boat! It's madness!

- They've all gone mad!
- Now what's happening?

What's happening? Before,
I had two boats in a storm...

now I have three! That's what!

Hang on!
With this wind we can turn around!

They are looking for us?

Navigating the rocks without a beacon,
they are in danger.

Turn around, Pierre!
Otherwise you'll never come back!

Pierre is with them.

They didn't have to follow us!

I don't want us to become like them.

Come! There's oil in
the emergency kit.

I've got the lamp!

The freighter dropped anchor but
it's still drifting.

Obviously! It's like trying to stop
a truck by launching a kite!

You sure?


The office has managed to
relight the beacon!


The real keepers of the
lighthouse are up there!

Corinne! The children are
in the lighthouse!

Children are in the lighthouse!

He's right.
Cordovan is working!

How did these kids manage
to dock in this weather?

How did they relight
the lighthouse?

I don't know. In any case,
they've pulled off a sacred feat.

The freighter needs only align itself
with Corduan and it is saved.

Pierre is saved!

We're entering the channel.

Thank the lighthouse keeper for us.

Tell them we're good for something
other than causing trouble!

Marie, Eric, we'll pick you up.

Do you hear me?
We'll pick you up.

Answer me.

The weather reports an
even stronger storm.

They are in no danger.

Cordouan has been in stronger
storms and remained standing.

When the tide is low
they can dock.

It's not the storm
that frightens me.

Children answer me.
We'll pick you up.

If they catch us you know
where they will take us.

Where we're going
nobody can catch us.

We don't want to return.
Don't be upset.

I implore you, Marie!
Listen to me!

You are my children.

Nobody can separate us now!

You hear me?
Nobody can separate us now!

They'll say you can't adopt us.
You're unmarried with no rights.

Don't worry.
They'll bring them back.

You don't understand
what they're planning.

The lighthouse?
The lighthouse you receive?

I beg you!
Answer me!

Marie! Eric!
Answer me!

- Mary! Eric! Answer me!
- They've cut off the radio, Madame.

Captain to Pierre. Rush to the
lighthouse and bring back the children.

I repeat: Rush to the lighthouse
and bring back the children!

But the sea is too high, Captain!

I know Pierre,
he'll manage.

I'm going to the heliport!

Pierre to harbor office.
It's amazing! There's more wind here...

and the sea gives us access
to the lighthouse!

It's not possible...
There's a storm against another storm.

I thought that existed only in books.

That I should get to see
that at my age.

You think he was afraid,
the Little Prince?

Do you think he suffered?

- You're a real tough now!
- What a brat! - I'll go under!

If you come up, we jump!

- Marie! Eric! Don't do that!

If they jump,
I'll kill you!

Returning to base.

Don't come any closer!

- You come near and I jump!
- I jump too!

- Go away!
- Come in, I beg you.

Why get angry?
They will never understand!

I told you to call me!

- You stopped my letters!
- Eric, I swear, it wasn't him.

It's never your fault!

- She's right.
- I'll resolve it, you have my word.

More lies.

Even if people lie,
it's not fatal!

We've been through harder than this!
We will win at the end!

Wherever we go,
nobody can separate us!

There's nobody where
you want to go!

You think your parents...?

You think they would've helped you
overcome all these trials if ...

they'd wanted to see you die?

It is they who have protected you.

It is thanks to you
that we are together.

What will become of us,
if you are gone?

No! Don't do that!

Will you stop now that
you're almost past it?

We can't live without you!

Marie! Eric!

I'll write.

Me too.

You believe me now?


I'll never leave you.

It means "She is beautiful."

Marie! Eric!


Now I know you're there.

I know thou hast not forgotten me.

I have on my cheek, the heat of your fingers.

And on my lips, the breath of your kiss.

I say nothing to anyone..

I shall not betray our secret.

But if I have trouble being a man,

at night in my pillow,
I'll call to you.

"Forward one foot then the other ..."

"the sea bottom, which strikes the rock"

"Forward one foot then the other..."

"and then stand without moving"

"I soar, worn by the storm"

"The wind rushes through my coat"

"I fly higher than the gulls"

"higher than the spots white
upon their backs "