Crossing (2008) - full transcript

About a young boy in North Korea who wants to find his father who is forced to become a refugee in South Korea.


In association with
ISU Venture Capital, Hanhwa Venture Capital

Present day a CampB production

South Hamkyung Province,
North Korea, Coalmine

Executive producers CHEONG Eui-seok,
KIM Sun-yong, JHUNG Seung-koo

Co-executive producers
JAE Min-ho, PARK Jae-soo, PARK Joon-tae

Co-executive producers
JEONG Ji-soo, CHIN Hee-moon

As long as we have Yong-soo,
they'll never win.

Absolutely right.

But it's been so long
since I've played.

Come on, you fly in front of a ball.

That's right.

Screenplay by LEE Yoo-jin
We'll get drunk thanks to Yong-soo.


Producer HONG Ji-yong

Getting off work now?

Producer Patrick CHEH

Hey, Whitey.

Welcome home.

You've been coughing for a while.
Gone to the hospital yet?

It's just a cold.

I'll get dinner ready soon.


Take it from me.

Dad, it's raining!

Do you like rain that much?

Yes, very much!

Here comes the ball!

Produced & directed by
KIM Tae-kyun

You'll wear out the TV
the Great Kim ll-sung gave you.

Our growing boy Joon
Is hungry all the time, right?

Joon, eat plenty.

By the way, Mi-sun's father is back.


Shall we go over to Mi-sun's
after dinner?

Let's hurry.

It's quite something
how he never gets into trouble.

That's because half of what he makes
goes into bribes.

Sang-chul, are you home?

- Hey!
- Long time no see.

Come on up.

- How are you?
- Hi.

Hi, Joon. Please come in.

- How are you?
- Hi

Mi-sun, give Joon some cookies.


let's go eat some cookies.

I was just about to call you over.

Your bike is outside.
Thanks for lending it to me.

Don't mention it.

Do you know what this is?

It's 'western liquor'.

'Western liquor'?

No hangover in the morning
and it's very tasty.

Let's have some.

Can you make us some side dishes.


Take out some canned goods, too.

It's going to be a feast tonight!


I'll fry some eggs.


For someone who hates to read,
what do you have this for?

This is no ordinary book.

This book gives you daily bread.

Daily bread?
Is it a cookbook?

It's a precious book of life
that brings forth

the blessings of Heaven.

Is it a fortune-telling book?


Let me read it.

Okay, have a look.

But you can't show it to anybody.


The food's not ready yet?

Wait one minute.
It's almost done.

Can I open it?

Sure, let's have a drink.

My aunt in China gave
that to me.

If you put the pencil in there,
it sharpens automatically.


You're the first man who's been
in my room besides my dad.

Is it a soccer game?

Are they the South Korean team?

It was a game between South Korea
and another team not long ago.

Wow, they're great.

You can't tell anyone
about what you're seeing, okay?


They must eat healthy
to run like that.

It's hard to fill our stomachs
with water all the time.

Am I going crazy from hunger?

Don't you smell meat somewhere?

Government agents came
for their inspection.

Someone's cooking rabbits for them.

Don't you feel full
even from smelling it?

We might get diarrhea
just by smelling it.

When the game's over tomorrow,
we'll be full from booze.


Hey, Joon!


You came looking for me, huh?

What makes you think that?


I don't want it.

I brought it to give it to you.

It's a bubblegum.

You can make
a big bubble with it.

What happened?

She suddenly fainted during
the town meeting.

So we took her to the hospital.

They said she got tuberculosis
from malnutrition.

And since she's also pregnant
she'll be feeling dizzy.

Your wife needs medicine right away.

Tuberculosis medicine for pregnant
women are very hard to come by.

Try your best to get it.

Thank you.

Is there any medicine like this?

You bastard!


Beget Isaac...

What is this?

This is more like a family tree
than a fortune telling book.


Not sleeping?

Dad, what happens to people
after they die?


Mi-sun said that there's
another world after we die.

Mi-sun's dad said that people
meet again after they die.

How would he know
if he hasn't died?

I wish there was another world
after we die.

I can live there again
with you and mom.

And meet Mi-sun, too?

If the Party makes a decision,

with a stronger revolutionary will
and resolution,

we stand proud in front
of the industry lines.

Carrying on today's task
and then on the way home,

we welcome the young
mining comrades.

She's pregnant.

My wife will die
if she doesn't get the medicine.

What can we do?

Do you think
there's some in China?

I'll ask around in China.


I'm in your debt.

What's that sound?

Open the door!

Open the door, you bastard!

Open the door!

Yes, very entertaining.

Wouldn't it be nice
if we could make shows just as good?

The Party puts its trust in you
to conduct trade.

But instead, you engage in

What did you do with those bastards
from the South Korea?

I heard you even went to church.

Look at this bastard.

No! Really, I didn't!

How could I betray
the trust of the Party?

I swear I didn't.

I'm telling you the truth.

You bastard,
what do you take us for?

Do I look that dumb to you?

You bastard.


Please have mercy just once.

I was wrong.

I'm home.


Are you okay?

I'm okay.

Why don't you listen to me?

Who told you to pick
wild vegetables?

Is today a special day?

It's not a holiday.
Not a birthday, either.

What are we celebrating?

It isn't any special day.
Hurry up and eat.

This is really delicious.


Dad, where's Whitey?

Where's my Whitey?

Bring back Whitey!

Bring him back right now!

That's enough!

Is that dog so important to you?

More than the baby
in your mom's belly?

It's that damn dog or the baby!


Joon! Joon!


This should be enough
for a while.

Are you really going to China?

Didn't you see what happened
to Mi-sun's family?

I can't just sit here
and do nothing, either.

I told them I'm going to visit
a relative to buy some food.

So it'll be okay.

Don't pack too much food.

Why aren't you sleeping?

Mi-sun's dad was taken
to a labor camp,

because he went to China.

Who told you that?

That's not true.

Something urgent came up
so they had to move right away.

Mi-sun told me to tell you
they were sorry but I forgot.

Do you have to go?

It's the only place
with your mom's medicine.

Try to steal it from me.

I'll be back real soon.

And when I get back,

I'll bring you a soccer ball
and shoes.



You can take care of your mom, right?


Go back home now.

Dooman River, Near Borderline
Between Korea and China


Is it deep there?

It's okay.


Come out of there!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Weren't you a soccer player
back in the day?

I knew it.

At the National Soccer Games
in 1998!

Aren't you
the famous Kim Yong-soo?

Are you from Hamkyung Province?

It's nice to meet you.

The Public Security Bureau
could conduct a raid at any time.

It's probably better not
to unpack your things.

The bread's here! Eat first!

He ended up retarded after being sent
to a labor camp a couple of times.

But he's happy as long as
he has bread in his mouth.

Smell's good!

Yes, meat dishes are the best.

Do you know where I can buy
this medicine?

Are you sick?

No, my wife is very sick.

I've heard that there's a big store
that sells only medicine here.

We've got chicken!

- Wow!
- It looks delicious!

Our boss gave it to us as a present.

Stop the tractor!
Security agents!

Stop! Security agents!


Come this way! Hurry!

Let go!

Let go!
I won't go back to North Korea!

I can't go back empty-handed.

We could get caught at anytime.

Is that all you can think about?

We're lucky to even escape alive.

I know that you all are in here.

Who are you?

Your boss sent me here.

Isn't that too dangerous?

These people are willing
to risk their lives to help you.

They will be careful.

How can we trust them?

I've heard that South Korean agents
take your organs and sell them.


how do we know that this
isn't a trick to get our organs?

It'd be better to stay here,
and then find a way to get out.

Of course.

But we need to find
a solution right now.

Still, there's no other quick way out.

If I go in there,

and do this interview thing,

do I really get all that money?

They always keep their promise.

It's up to you to decide.

Those who have made up their minds
please fill this out.

It's a contract stating that
we will get paid once the work's done.

I get paid
when you all get paid.

So you can trust me, right?


Anything's better
than the situation we're in now.

Where will you go
when your family's waiting for you?

You think I haven't thought
of that during

the three years I've been hiding?

But once you're caught,
it's over.

Got more than one life to spare?

I'm not doing it!

Shenyang, China

It's great here, isn't it?

In China, you can do anything
if you have money.

Now, fill yourselves up.

Yes, we're in the city now.

We'll be there after sunset.


The refugees decided
on their own.

I'm absolutely sure.

I even have their signatures.

Eat plenty.


Joon, can you take this off?

Your father gave that to me
on our wedding day.

Joon, you hold on to it.


Because my finger is too swollen.

My poor son.

I'm so sorry.

What are you sorry for?

Don't worry.

It's nothing.

Dad said that he'd be back soon.

Why isn't he back yet?

China is not so close by.

Still, he promised me.
He promised to be back soon.

Stop crying, my baby.

My baby, we'll be out soon.

Kim Yong-soo?

It's okay. It's okay.

You were a soccer player, right?


I'm happy to meet you.

I'm really glad you are here.


The last team has just arrived.

Yes, we can leave
within thirty minutes.

Please get in.
Hurry, hurry.

Please get in.

Ready to go.

Have you arrived?

Alright then, we're going in.

Good luck to you all.

Run fast!
Hurry and go inside!

German Embassy in Shenyang

Spare me! Help me!




Move back.

All right.

No! You can't take my mom away!

My dad will be back soon!

I promised my dad to protect my mom!

Don't take my mom away!

Don't take my mom away!

Don't take my mom away!

Please don't take my mom away!

Please don't take my mom away!

Please don't take my mom away!

Please don't take my mom away!

Please don't take my mom away!


Please don't take my mom away!

Mom! Mom!

Please don't take my mom away!

Isn't that you, Yong-soo?

Wow, you look good on TV.

You should be
a movie star instead.

How can they show my entire face?

Yes, we've just arrived.

They are roughly thirty of them.

I'll report the exact number later.

Sir, excuse me.

When will we do the interview?


I must go now.


Then when do we get the money?

You get the resettlement funds
once you arrive in South Korea.


South Korea?

Then why did you come in here?

Please let me meet that guy
who brought us.

I need to get my money now.

I don't know who it was
that told you that,

but we can't give you.


My wife is very sick.

She's even pregnant.

If I don't bring back some money,
they'll all die.

Please help me.

Spare my life, help me.

I'm sorry,
my priority is to...


Then let me leave here safely.

I need to get back quickly.

I'd like to help you,
but if you leave here,

the Chinese Bureau agents
will arrest you.

Then what can I do?

I can't get the money...

I can't leave here...

Mr. Kim, please trust us
Let's take some time to discuss this.

I don't have any time.

No time.

Mr. Kim!

Mr. Kim!

What are you doing?

Don't do this!

I have to go back home
no matter what!

My family will die!

Let go!


I sold everything,
but it isn't much.

Do you have somewhere to go?

How could a young man like you
look so hopeless?

I found a broker.


You can bring your family here now.

So don't worry anymore.

Jong-seong Station, North Korea
Do you know how to get to China?

Do you know how to get to China?


Are you trying to get to China?

Do you know how?

Of course, I've already crossed
the border twice.


I guess you haven't
starved enough yet.

Go away!

You'll get robbed.

Let me hold the money for you.

How about it?




One more bowl please.

You're a rich man.
Keep throwing money away.

Mi-sun, do this, like me.

If you don't,
someone will steal your shoes.

Let's pray first and then begin.

Father, we pray for the people
who would like to work but can't.

Did you receive the money I sent?

Yes, along with the address.

My wife is very sick.

It's been so long since I left.
They must've run out of food.

Please help me find them.

Lately, it's not easy moving
under heavy inspection.

I'll do my best to hurry.

Please, I beg you.

Here you are.

Thank you.

How can I help you?

Can I buy this medicine?

Do you have
the prescription with you?


The patient isn't here,
so can't I just have it?

We can't give you medicine
without a prescription.

Try the public health center.

The first treatment
for tuberculosis is free there.

It's free?


Pass! Pass!

Yong-soo, come over here.
Soccer game is on.

Come here and sit.

He should've scored on that one.

What's with him?

He doesn't watch soccer
because it makes him think of his son.

How could he leave behind
his precious son and cross over?

He abandoned his family to live
a better life here for himself.

Don't talk so harsh
about someone else's business.

How do you think he would feel?

Over there is China.

Run as soon as the border
guards pass by.

So where's the rest of your money?


Give it to me.


Who brought you all this way?

You can't use it in China anyway.

Once we find my dad,
we're coming right back.

Stop being like cheap.

You bastards!

What are you doing there?

These traitors are
trying to go to China!

His father has already crossed over!

You little son of a bitch!

Do you know where you are!

Come here, you little bastards!

Can I help you?

Is this Joon's house?

Empty your pockets!

Hurry it up!

On top of running away,
you get pregnant by a Chinese man?

What will you do with this hybrid?

You got that big belly from China?

Filling your belly matters more
than your homeland?

Please have mercy.

This is Kim Yong-soo's son.

You're the son of that traitor,
Kim Yong-soo?

My dad is not a traitor.

He has a medal
that the Great General Kim gave him.

He ran away to the South
even though the Party supports him?

Your dad is already dead,

so follow him in his footsteps!

We must think and act
in the name of Kim ll-sung.

Embracing the revolutionary ideals
of Great Master Kim ll-sung,

we must sanctify
the Great Master's creeds.

Even in adversity, devotion to
the Great Master shall be kept.

The teachings
of the Great Master Kim ll-sung...

She must be really sick.

She's dead.

Sir, over here!

Drag her out.

Bastards! Run!

Grab that bastard.

You son of a bitch.

After I die,

can I really meet my mom and dad?


I heard that
you don't get hungry,

and you don't get sick
there, either.

But I hope it still rains there.

Have some grapes.

You bought another present?

You can't even send this
to your family.

You always spend your money
on them.

They're coming soon,
so I always need to be prepared.

Take off those clothes,
and buy some new ones.

You rent out your apartment
and sleep in the warehouse.

Stop acting like a poor man.

I just feel guilty
about living in luxury.

You're gonna spread it to everyone.

A mouse's hide is
the best treatment for boils.



Hang in there just a little longer.
It'll get better soon.



I'm sorry.
I can't hear you well.


Did you find them?

Are they next to you?

Your wife has already passed away.

What's the matter with you?

Why'd you drink so much?

I have to drink at least.

What else can I do here?

Is there something wrong?

This isn't like you.

What's 'like me'?

I feel my heart
ripping apart inside,

but am I not allowed to cry?


You have our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ?

Does Jesus Christ
only live in South Korea?

He came to save everyone.

But how come things are so unfair?

So even God lives among the wealthy?

Otherwise, how can he leave
North Korea like that?

I tried so hard to hold myself up.

Since they were waiting...

Not for Jesus.

Not for Jesus in the Bible!

I promised I'd be back soon
with medicine and food.

For my family waiting for me.

Does it hurt a lot?

My back hurts so much,
I can't take it anymore.

My stomach hurts, too.

It's because you're getting better.

Is something wrong?

No, not at all.

Over there!

Come here, you little traitors!

I want it sleek and shiny!

If you get one mark on it,
you're dead!

Hurry it up!


You want a ride?

Here we go.
Hold on tight.

Mi-sun, are you okay?

It's real nice.

I wish we could ride up
to heaven like this.

Mi-sun, what's wrong?

Mi-sun, wake up!

Mi-sun, wake up!

Step back, you bastard!


Mi-sun! Mi-sun!


Mi-sun! Mi-sun!





Let's go.

That's China over there.

Just cross the river.

It's okay, hurry up!

Did my father really send you?

You little brat.

Then you think I just came here
because I have nothing else to do?

Give that to me.
It stinks.

Please stop the car!
Stop the car!

Dong-su, eat plenty.

Eat as much as you can.

Sis, he isn't Dong-su!

Let go!

Go to sleep, my Dong-su.

That lunatic lady drives me crazy.



It's your dad.

Take the phone.




That's right, Joon!

It's dad!

Dad, I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

I couldn't keep my promise to you.



I know.

Joon, I know.

Don't cry, Joon.

It's my fault.

It's my fault.

It's okay, Joon.

It's not your fault


If you listen to
that man very well,

we can see each other very soon.

We'll be together soon.

Dad, I miss you so much.

Dad, I want to see you soon.

I do, too.

I miss my Joon so much, too.

You're so filthy.
Nice and clean.

You're so filthy.

Do it this way.

So filthy.

So filthy.

- Hurry up.
- Hello.

It's too dangerous
to go with a woman like that.

I'm afraid.

Come here.

Let go!

She lost her son crossing the border.

She won't be any trouble
if she's with me.

Don't worry.

She's totally lost her mind,
so how can I not worry?

That's enough.
The sun will set.

That's the most expensive pillow
in my house.

She drives me crazy.

We must hurry.



Give me meat!

Give me meat!

Not that, you bitch!

Ticket, please.

They're with me.

Don't look at him and give me food.

Why is that lunatic
walking back and forth?

Give me that.

This crazy lady almost got us killed.

Give me your pillow.

Don't aggravate her.

It's nothing. It's nothing.

It's all right.

Damn crazy woman.


Hold on.

Kid, take the phone.

It's your dad.


Joon, it's dad.


Hang in there a little longer.

I'm coming to pick you up.

After one day passes,
we'll be together!


We'll be together in a day?

Yes, that's right.

And I bought you a soccer ball, Joon.

A soccer ball?

Did you really buy one?

I wish tomorrow would come sooner.

I wish tomorrow
would come sooner, too.

It's dangerous for you to call
during the transport.

I just wanted to hear
Joon's voice so much.

Just wait a bit longer.

Please look after him.

We're hanging up now.

Are you okay?

Now listen well
to what I'm about to say.

If you keep walking
to that hill over there,

you'll see a barbed-wire fence
to Mongolia.

Go over the barbed wire quickly.

Once you're over the border,
the Chinese guards can't do anything.

Each of you take one.

Show the Mongolian guards this.

They will take care
of everything else from then.

Came from North Korea.
Send us to South Korean embassy.
Take your water, and please hurry up.

Can I call my dad
to tell him I got this far?

You little brat.

Do you know how expensive
international calls are?


Mongolia Genghis Khan Airport

Oh, this?

They're vitamins for my son.

Look, they're vitamins.

Look, they're vitamins.

I told you,
they're only vitamins!


It's just nutrients!

Hurry up!

- There's the barbed-wired fence!
- Sis, hurry!

Be quiet.

Don't say a word.

What are you doing here?


They wanted to see the desert,
so that's why we're here.

These are my sisters
from Heilongjiang Province.

Are you sure?


There's no desert there.

They only have mountains and fields.

Dong-su, run fast!

What's wrong with her?

Hands off or I'll shoot!

Don't shoot!

I am a South Korean citizen.

Let me go, please

I'm here to meet my son!
My Joon is waiting for me!

Please let me go, please!

Are you Kim Yong-soo,
who defected to South Korea recently?

Fly the blazing necktie

To shed light

On a brightening fatherland

When making international trips,
take care of your passport.

I'm sorry.

It hasn't been long
since I've left the North Korea

If they've crossed
the Mongolian border,

then we should have
gotten word already.

I can't just wait here.

I'm afraid you must not leave until

you have your temporary passport.

I have to go.

When I think about Joon
waiting for me...

Please help me.
Help me.

Mr. Kim, I know how you feel,

but I think it's better
to wait here.

If he crosses the border,
they'll send him to us right away.

Even if you go near the border,

you don't know even where
he's crossed in the vast lands.

I know it's hard to wait,
but please be patient.

Please let me meet my son, Joon.

Help me.

Help me.

Please let me meet my son, Joon.

Please let me meet my son, Joon.

Over here!

Over here!



I'm sorry for coming so late, Joon.

I'm so sorry, Joon.

I'm sorry that I can't
keep the promise, Joon.

Sorry, Joon.


CHA In-pyo as Yong-soo

SHIN Myeong-cheol as Joon

JOO Da-young as Mi-sun

SUH Young-hwa as Joon's mother