Crossed Swords (1977) - full transcript

Tom Canty is a poor English boy who bears a remarkable resemblance to Edward, Prince of Wales and son of King Henry VIII. The two boys meet and decide to play a joke on the court by dressing in each other's clothes, but the plan goes awry when they are separated and each must live the other's life.

Subtitle Created by
Joash Nitol Baroi

And all the ladies in the
court were like...butterflies

Heading to the palace be the young king.

What did he look like...

He's about my age, my size,
not quite good-looking, perhaps.

When all the beautiful maids
who in love with him...

and he said to her,
''Pretty most sweetest gentle lady,

now be my queen.

No, John.


- Who's the best thief in London, huh?
- l-- l'm, father.

- And who made you that?
- You did, father.

- And why did l take the trouble?
- So l can look after the family.


And to look after you. You've been
repeating, on your old age

when you be too old
to steal for yourself.

Right. So you don't waste your
time and my distrainment telling

fairy tales to the kids. l tried to
talk million miles like a gentleman.

l'll show you who's the king.

You crosses my palm
with five sylis cum supper

Now, get away from your...

Get out of here! Get out!

Go on!


- Oh, Tom.

Madam, l'm sorry.

Go on, get out.

lt's on gave me, sir. Truely.

l think your sylis're in your pocket,
sir. l saw you put one in there.

l pick my money and my purse.


Oh, well. Where's my purse?

lt's gone! My purse!

Hey, stop! Stop! Hey!

Hey! Stop!

Stop! Hey!

He took my purse. He's thief!
Don't let him get away. Catch him!

Stop him!

Stop him! He took my purse!

There he's! Don't let him get away!

Ah, what's this?

Waggle worm. lt's the way of England...

- Who're you?
- No one sir. No one.

No one? lf l break no one's arm,
there's no harm done.

That's true. You can harm nobody.
Break away all...

And yet, you might be cripping his
hand to be served you one day.

Who knows if you spare it might
do good for your majestic.

lt cuts no better than
you did others well

break away his bone and his body.

l don't have the advantage if your
personal direction at the back of field.


l'll have your hands and head cut
off and the stuff dip in boiling tar.

l say his's some man's son...


Rolled in my garden, found my food
with your lousy...,l know the look.

l'm no man's son.

Even my son can't say it's much.

Look at you, worm. l'll give
you ten yards, we'll see

if you can run as well as you crawl.


This's well done.

Well done!

Would you take me to
fight against the Scot?

lf l were ten years younger,
l would proud

of your raw hand fight against the Scot.

Keep your hands close together to the...

Yes, l'll. Thank you, my Lord.

- lt's a total...
- Stop. Enough.

lt was a creature. He's a
...and changes his size,

...change his shirt.
He stands close enough to the

He has ambitions.

Never fear, l'll chop him
down before l'm...

Oh, father. Anyone else--

...Edwin, when you wear
my crown for that boy.

Yes, father.

They must tonight
arrest the Duke of Norfolk,

take him to the tower and charge...

l do not like the color of his hat.

lf you do not wear costume,
more will be spoilt.

lf l wear one of those, l'll be spoilt.
Who're they to be in God's name?

He's-- he's a...was adored by Venus.

...and this's the spiritual...
of war that...God Mars.

Mars in the cripple strong
drink by the look at him.

Who's laughing, sister?

Very big coming show. Look.

They all are monsters.
Take them all out.

l'd think of something myself
or my clever sister best advises.

She's the embroider present for me.

l'm a princess, not a...

Highness, l'd be very glad
to say something to the Prince.

- lt got me.
- Who're the devil of you?

l beg your pardon. l was
hidding up the chimney.

l know where you were. l ask who you're.

Get up, fellow.

What's your name?

Pleased to worship. l'm poor Tom Canty.

l was hiding from the guards

...and l crawling in your
chimney meaning no harm.

You did the big great
horrible, gentleman.

Had a green coach in the large...

That's, my Lord.
You know him. Go to him.

Wait. Have l seen you before?

Where did?

Turn your face this way.

Look at the mirror.

God. We look like each other.

No, you look like me
which is interesting if...

You know who l am?

l'm Edward, Prince of Wales.

The gentleman who set
the guards on you very

probably is my father,
King Henry of England.

You better eXplain yourself.

Look, sir. You're great.
Your majesty, l could know that.

They were after me.

lt does say l'm a thief but l
didn't come in to steal. l swear.

A descriminating thief but the very
eXpert one by looking at you.

This's my best suit.
Cleaned on last August.

You look like a scared scrap or someone
got after a beggar for a fancy dress.

Why not?

Take off those dress. Oh, come on,
man. Get them off, give them to me.

There's a masking ball
and l must have a costume.

l should go to in your pauper dress.

You should go in my clothes.

What would you say we stand together.
They don't know which is which.


Oh, l couldn't put that on.

l don't mean that, Your Honors.
l mean it won't be fitting.

What'd your dad say?

He maybe be big and great
but he's not always horrible.

Cheer up, master canty and set up a
beating you could back for...

...with new suit and
a pocket full of gold...

Gold...? How many?

- One hundred, two hundred.
- Done.

Now we can try this...

To my clothes, you're
welcome, master canty.

But the price's seal stays
with the true prince.


Oh, God. You still here?

l better get you out
of here while you...

Guards. Out with this maggot.

But- but- but my Lord you
got to understand-- it's me.

Let go of me!

Come on, let go of me!

Oh, good evening. Your highness.

A small commotion. No matter.

l hope not disturb.

But- but-

Oh, God.

Let go of me! Take your hands off me!

l warn you!

You scam.

Now get away. We'll take you
away and tight you up for a...

But it's true. l'm the Prince of Wales.

l tell you again, you...

l'm the Prince of Wales.

Look, here's my seal.

The royal seal of England.

Now, will you believe me?

Oh, Jesus.

Now that's too pretty to...
it around the...and thirty neck.

And you, you and the...
piss of you take one more step

...l swear to God l'll split you
like a goose. Back off! Bastard!

l'm the Prince of Wales.

Now, back off!

Come on now. We split. 50- 50.

Here. Take my cloth.

My cloth.

My cloth.


Come, come, come, come, come.


Your Highness.

No, no. l'm not.

Your Highness.

l mean-- l'm not what you think l'm.

l'm not the Prince of Wales.

l'm a pauper.

A pauper.

Royal Hoghness. l see what it's. Your
...costume for the ball.

A delightful...

- ln the King's name--
- Henry, l believe.

Who're you? Are you arresting me?

Well, l've been in the court...
40 years. l suppose it's about my term.

- May l ask on what charge?
- Lord.

These're royal honors.

My Lord.

l thought such things with...reserves
for his majesty unfortunate wife.

Well done.

Well done.

The Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

Here, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, l'm not
the Prince of Wales.

You never look less like him.

Get up. Get up.

Come here.

A very proper pauper.

l never doubt your intelligence
but l never suspect it you've wit.

Such a peacock. Mostly the ball.

Lady Jane, will the...
dance...with a pauper?

Very glad desire.

l can not dance a...l don't know how.

To be sure what's pauper done.

Get up, boy!

Come, Lady Jane.

Music Master,...for our pauper prince.

God bless the Prince of Wales.

God bless the Prince of Wales.

But l'm not the prince of Wales.

But l'm the Prince of Wales.

Yes, of course you're.

What about the other fellow?
The one you changed the clothes with.

- Who's he?
- l'm not sure.

Ranty, Shanty, know him as Canty,
Tom Canty. A thief he said.

What then?

They maybe mistaken.

The guards seized me
and they beated me.

They beated me.

Then they threw me out of the road.

Then you came along.

l'm not hallucinating. l'm the Prince.

Yes, l know you're.

You, you. Who have you're?

l'm Miles Hendon.

lf you don't believe me, then why
did you rescue me from that rapine?

What profit could you hope
for by risking yourself for me?

Unless you knew l was the Prince.

That's a very well reason.
l saw one man standing alone...


You do not sit in my present.

Now, look at you, my master.
l'm not a patient man.

You saved my life when
l was down on the step

...any man who still keep...

But l'm...Prince of Wales.

Look, do you know the proof--
- l told you to keep that

damn thing out of my sight.

Where did you get it?

lt's the Prince of Wales's seal.

The way is amazing that fellow...
from your chimney in the palace.

Tom Canty, he's a thief
...was looking on.

Well, master Canty.
You may rest here tonight

but tomorrow you've to return to...

l'll not. l'll go to my rightful--
- That's what l say...there's where

you're going to go
because l'll take you down.

l'm tired.

l'd sleep.

You'll sleep. There's no other guards.

Good night.

Good night.

Master Hendon, your clothe's...
sometimes you look like a gentleman.

What are you?

l'm a soldier.

That probably eXplain
your bad rude manners.

Still, great kindness.

Your brave services is the
any honor that l award you...

Your Majesty is very kind.

Yes, there's one thing
since l dispite the comfort.

May l ask forever we're
going to privilege

of sitting in the present loyalty.

Not the Prince?!

Not the Prince?!
Do l not know my own son?

He's enough standing there
about my own height.

l know my own...blood.

Do you think me mad, then?

No, sir.

Your Majesty's mind's clear enough.
We've spent some 4 hours on full...

There stands the Prince but he
denies himself even to Your Masjesty.

My Lord, your son's mad.



There's no other conclusion.

Dr Buttes tells me that's such
...never known before.

One day, same as you and l.

Call him again.

Let me speak with him.

- You Highness.
- l'm not Highness, sir.

- You know me?
- Yes, l'm. You're the King.

But l'm not your...l'm Tom.

Neither Tom or do l care.
lt's your dad, boy.

You'll not deny me.
You'll not break my heart.

Oh, l won't do that. But l told you,
l'm not the Prince of Wales.

l'm Tom Canty, a pauper.

Still the same story.

He truely believes himself.

Well done. Raise me.

Give me your shoulder, boy.

Now hear me. My son's mad.

But he shall not be a way so
although studies had done it.

...hope something for him.
So he'll be well again.

He's mad but he's my son.

Now mark this, all of you.

Any man who speaks of
the illness of the Prince,

...he'll pay for it for his head.

No man shall speak of it.
Not even the Prince.

A Prince will not deny his royalty.
He'll not call himself a pauper.

Speaks of a pauper's speaks.
Now, go! All of you. mad. He's the
Prince of Wales still.

My Lord, have you no-- doubts?
- Doubts? My Lord. Go on. We're alone.

You're the Prince's...
but it seems odd to me

this manners should have
change him so much.

His word, his speech,
and most of all his manner.

He is just the same but
he's somehow different.

He's the Prince of Wales.
My Lord, take notice but

when l heard him swear
he's not the Prince--

My Lord.

No, no. My Lord.
l mean no harm. l- l'...

Say nothing of it.

lndeed l shall not. We must
all forget such doubts.

Think now, if he wore imposture and
swear he's not the prince,

that was natural understandable.

But would any impostor
accepted by the King the...

anyone as the Prince denied his
royalty and claimed to be an impostor?

No. No. No, My Lord.
- That's what l said.

Madness is mad. Made of a strange...

Well, our Prince's not as mad as he as.

...for he's the Prince and
soon will be our king.

Where had the hell you been?

Crawled in the look at you.

What you're trying to do to break
your poor mother's heart?

Shut up!

l told you l want a five
syilis cum supper

but you'd missed it. Nipper!

But you were just in time for breakfast.

l ask you again, friend.

ls this your son?

l'm his father.

What ever yours?
- My business is with this welfare

which is why l'm returning him to his loving family.

l think he's mad.

But there's the wonder.

Even if you're his father, his's no

common boy so l hope
you treat him kindly.

l use the best that the way he deserves.

So look you mind you...

Use him kindly. Remember.

Madam, take care of your princekin.

Hold it.


l'll put you in the bad...

You've killed him.

Killed him?

Killed him have l?

You're the witness.
He started the whole thing.

Murderer! Murderer!

Let you get out of here.

How do you he's dead?
- He's...unconscious. Now, come on.

Come on!

Where can l go? How'd l live?
-Join up the Ruffler's gang for a while.

Yeah. l'll get something.

And then, there was a
pardoner and a...and the priest.

And they're all going to Jerusalem.

l heard the story for the years ago.
l didn't laugh...

Why didn't you start the medicine and...

lf l might believe your medicine--

His royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

Come to me, boy.

You look well.

Give me your hand.

l'm ill. You'll have to deputize for me.

Where's the seal? Seal.
Wear it. Wear it so that...

Kiss me, Edward.

And for've committed,
the sentence appoint you,

Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk.

You'll be taken hands in the morning
and your hands chopped from the body.

And may God have mercy upon you.

Upon you too, sir, when your time comes.


Kind of you to come to visit me,
Your Highness.

l'm afraid l've a little
...of hospitality.

My Lord, l wish l can help you.

l should help the poor pauper boy.

And then, l...
to the palace without punishment.

That was very kind of you, my Lord.

l've seen them and l remember.

l'm deeply sorry, my Lord.

You know death's fearing me.

My Lord, read this
to the king, your father.

Remind him we'll meet again.

Very soon.

ls Your Highness not well?

No. Yes, perfectly well.

Then, wave. You fool.

No, no. That's the pauper
...l'm the Prince of Wales.

You want to be arrested and prisoned?

l'm the Prince of Wales.
- Shut up!

He's my son.

He means no harm. No harm.

He just has mad fancy.

God bless the Prince of Wales.

God save Prince Edward.

God bless him.

Take it away. Carefully.

lf you think it maybe poisoned,
why not try on a dog or a...

Yes. Your Highness.

Are you trying to amuse me?

Good. Now it would be
a raise between us.

Be in peace. Try to sleep.

Sleep... the death.

The King is dead.

Long live the King.

Long live the King.

Long live the King.

Long live the King.

Long live the King.

l'm not.

The King.

The King.

- My Lord.
- Highness.

lf l give a command, would it be obeyed?

The king's word is law, Your Majesty.

Then send word to the tower,

the King commands that
Duke of Norfolk should not die.

Your Majesty.

Long live Edward the King.

Long live Edward the King.

...Where's the boy?
Where did Canty take him?

l don't know. l don't know.

He took him to the...
l'm in London. l swear God.

They're going to join Ruffler's gang.

Your fingernails...

Can't be far. What a bloody dark.

Come on!


l mean no harm.
l'm looking for the Ruffler.

The Raffan.

What's your business be with him?

No, l'm his friend. l need his help.

Oh, his help. Can you pay?

- Can you fight?
- Can you steal?

l must see him.

Are you sure?

- Are you...?
- Are you ready?

These're the boys. They want your help.

Well, you're not welcome here.

lf you're a thief or a vagabond
even a nobleman or a lawyer.

My son's a thief.
The best in London, sir.

That's a lie. l'm not a thief.
That lying murderer is not my father.

l'm the Prince of Wales.

A lying murderer and a
mad man. Welcome, friend.

Mandrale, bring them closer.
Let's have a look at them.

lt's not violent. We're
delicate fragile people.

Oh, no.

Then loose him. Night Owl.

Linlight. Bring food
and drink for these...

Then you show them the
hospitality of this dirty...

Moll, Mandrale, Hodge.
Sing them our rhythm--

Come. Mandrale. Hodge.


But now you must mind the boy, sir.

He's a good thief but a bit
crazy and he speaks truth.

At least about you.

Lying murderer. Yes.
You have the...look about it.

- Tell us who you killed.
- Tell us.

- Tell us.
- Tell us.

- lt was an accident.
- lt's the always.

We are all here by accident...

They are certain beggars,




harass runaways,

and the...

So, welcome. Murderer and your...

He's not true...sir. And he steals well.

But he thinks he is the Prince of Wales.

Then he's behind the time.

Doesn't he know that the old King
is dead and then heir.

God bless him.

God bless him.

l should wish you will you do not know.

True, he did break the monastry
when l was a monk..

When l was a monk, l lived well, took

from the poor and
had all the nuns l want.

Now, l'm a straightly beggar,
l live well, take from the poor,

and the-- although they may not be nuns.

They haven't changed the habit.

Sir, as King Henry's damnation, l'm...

l toss to the new King, Edward.

Long may he rain and may he look
more kindly upon these

all the monks and beggars and all
poor folk than his father did.

You were lucky.

Look at that.

The hell with your King
Henry and Edward l say.

- Amem.
- Amen.

lt just a cruel world.

l was a forester that
cut down the trees.

Then when family, they--

My wife was hang.

They said it

When l was caught, the...

You'll not.

And if my father, the King,
had known about all these...

you've suffered, he
never would to permit it.

When you refer to the king,
your father, you speak...

or you claim to be one of his late
majesty rumorous bastard?

Not either. l'm Edward. King of England.

Hold your tongue.

- He's sort of king drive--
- That's impostor,

a pauper who has stolen my throne.

Your majesty has better...
back to London for once

he has put up that crown
on that pauper's head,

it's goodbye to your throne forever.

Yes, l must go quickly
before l'm too late.

Don't...wait. We'll give your
...soon. Mandrale.

Let them have a fair fight.

Come on. Here you go. Get up.
Get up. Here you go.

Now l'm going. Let no one hinder me.


You're going nowhere.

When l'm crowned, my first task will
be the build a gallows for you.

So you'll be hang for the
murderer of my friend.

Children have no respect for
their parents nowadays.

You stay right here. try to run away from me.

Don't let....your judgement. Let him go.

Mad man will know who he's.
He's too good for you.

Prevent him.

Carefully, and let the boy go.

He's dead.


Yes, me.

l've been waiting in forest
for hours and search...

- Where's Canty?
- Somewhere back there.

He met a man seize him.

- EXcellent.
- He maybe killing him.

Even better. Come on. Hurry.

But l don't want to marry the Queen of
Scotland. She's only siX years old.

Royal marriages take no count of ages.

Your alternative could
will be war, Your Majesty.

Allright, we'll go to war. l mean,
marriages is serious and fair.

lmpossible. Any action against Scotland
will almost certainly provoke France.

Oh, the devils take France.

France will remain an ever
present danger to England.

Then we would meet it. We'll be in
the French. We'll fight them.

Unthinkable, Your Majesty.
We're in no condition for war.

And the-- and your counsellor's waiting.

Oh, oh, oh. l don't know.

France, Scotland, marriage, policies.

Can't you council decide?

We can only advise. The decision
must be Your Majesty.

Well, but l cannot make them now.
The counsellor will have to wait.

My Lords, the sun is shining...

The counsellors have to
consider the matters and

you all have to decide
which is the best.

Come in and tell me when it's ready.

- But the safety and the good of it--
- l can not decide.

l don't know.

As Your Majesty please us.

No, Jane. Don't go.

You see what is this to be a king?

l don't understand half
of what they said.

Why can't they make
decision on themselves?

Because Your Majesty's word is the law.

Yes, that's true.

Kings may do what they
please, may not they?

Yes, Your Majesty.

- And the King must be obeyed?
- lndeed, Your Majesty.

What an eXcellent arrangement.

Close your eyes.

- Well?
- Whatever Your Majesty wish is,

it's your law and command.


Kings are lucky devils.

But the council, shouldn't Your Majesty-
- Oh, anyone can talk to the council.

But there's something a
king must do for himself.

Pardon. Your Majesty.

l had thought to find you alone.

My sister, no ceremony. Please.

lf l might seek a word with
Your Majesty in private?

Why? lt's only Jane here.

Oh, very well then.
Wait for me in the garden.

Well, Edith. What do you
come to me to talk about?

l could boX your ears by God. What do
l find in the corridor this minute,

the privy counsellor of the ram
chase out like idol school boy

so that you could play your
play with that hag-seed.

How dare you talk to me like that?

l'm dare more than that.

Do you think the state
runs itself or you can waive

England business aside
because you're too idol

or too privilege or too hot of that

l'll see how God help you.

Respect? Respect?

Now, mark me. Little brother.
l may forget what it's due to you

but l shall never forget what is due to
something you seem to have forgotten.

- And what might that be?
- England.

Oh, to see you so-- so change,

so careless of all government,

until your ministers're waiting
like beggars at the door

while you try flew away the time.

- Oh, it's not worthy.
- What l do is my affair, not yours.

l'm the King and l do not need your
advice or your fishwife tounge.

- l've Your Majesty leave to go.
- Yes!

l'm the King, you hear? And l do what
l like and the rules l please.

lf the day has come when
you're on the throne,

then you can take care of England.

By God l will.

- lt's only little way now.
- Every moment lost it's vital.

- l--
-Call me not boy, sir. l'm your Majesty.

Oh, Your Majesty. Pardon.
lf Your Majesty would be pleased

to take gracious note,
Your Majesty humble servant is

tired and he's hungry and
he's got blister on his feet.

Now, my home is just down the hill.
Look, there we can

rest, we can eat and we
can sleep. And l swear l'll

send you safe to London where
you could be crowed

to your heart content, Majesty.

There it's.


l see your maple tree is missing.

But it has been a long time.

Since you were...

l'm following the way which
l have to show what.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 wounds in
something pounds

And l dream with the returning
of the fortune, boy. Oh, Majesty.

Thi's mine. Mine!

And this's will be waiting.

The lady whom l shall marry.

But first l've to see how my brother
he'll be looking after my...

Oh, Royal majesty.

Come, boy.

Here, the hall. Do you like it?

lt's you. Good to see you.

Sir, l do not understand.

Oh, no.

Who're you, sir? What do you want?


Had the war changed me that
much l was never pretty

l can never be the...

Whoever you're, you're mistaken.

l do not know you, sir,
nor this fellow who may be.

...this fellow, he's mad
but l'm your brother.

My brother, l know there's more
than one mad man in my home.

Call the grooms. Put this fellow out.

You hold, sir.

My deny me...


l've come home.

Edith. You do not know this man.

My brother Miles is
dead last three years.

This's an impostor. Seeking to get--

You're lying...

Edith, it's Miles.

Surely you must remember.

Why don't you speak?

Why don't you speak?

because my wife doesn't
know you, fellow.

Your wife?

lt's not true.

lt's not true.

l'm Miles.

You must know me.

You say l'm not Miles Hendon.

Say l'm not Miles Hendon!

You bastard! You take my name,
my home, my woman!


Crazy fellow pretending to be Miles.

Still no one will hear his wild claim.

Put him in the livestock.

So all the people in this
street can look at him.

And see he's not

Here he is...

Stop! Stop! You cowards!

Wait. Wait.

Wait. Wait...

Make way.

And this is my Lord.
This is the pretender

to Hendon Hall. Would you believe it?

lncredible. lt's the...

Possibly. He will have the criminal.
What' impostor.

No one knows him, my dear.

Wrong, brother.

l know.

And you know.

l know l know. This's
my friend, Miles Hendon.

We've a cure for that too.

Williams, give this noisy
cow by taste your whip.

Let him yell to some purpose.

Come, boy.

You dare!

Let them beat me. Leave him alone.

Very well.

Take him to his word.

And you,

you can speak as much
as you like but for every

word you utter he gets siX slashes more.

Beat him.

Please. You.

You're brave, good-hearted,

the King will not forget.

...Miles Hendon

May God haven't met me.

Go boy. Get out of here.
Leave me. l should--

l should do not...
enough to call you to stay.

l'm not boy, Sir Miles. And l should
know how to address as a king.



lt's truely you.

Oh, God. You're home again.


l thought you're dead.
You would never come.

So many years no words from you and

l always waited.
And then three years ago

you showed me a letter and that said--

said you'd been killed
in Germany and...died too.

As for the letter was false,

but why did you do not know me?

He knew you were coming. One of the
groom saw you're on your way here.

He said no one must recognize
you that anyone did he'll kill you.

He said every one must
deny you're Miles Hendon.

You don't understand how
powerfully he has become

where the people here
are going terror with him.

ls that why you married him?

ls it?

Out of fear?

No. He hold my father's dead.
You know how poor we were.

And then when l thought you were dead--

Never mind.

lt doesn't matter.

There's a horse for
you and your friend.

You must go quickly before he
discover you're escape.

l won't go further than Hendon Hall.

No. Miles. No.

He'll have you killed or kidnaped
and sold overseas.

He can do it. He has the power.

We're going to the...
tomorrow after...

He should have back his inheritance.

But there's a hope for you here not now.

No one even dare to recognize you.
You must leave, Miles.


For my sake, please.


l would leave it.

But that's for your sake.

Am l...the country like
...a pauper without a name?

Even shouted from the roof top l'm
Miles Hendon, nobody will believe me.

Am l to be a...shadow?

Unrecognize this inheritance
lost staring by myself

in the mirror asking
who l'm not getting

enough. God damn this madness boy!

That's what eveyone will say.

You're not mad. You can
tell them who you're.

But they really laugh and mock you or
beat you or set you in the stocks,

but they won't believe you.

l know. No matter how hard you tell
them. They'll just call you a mad man.

l'm no mad man, boy.

l know who l'm.

Do you? So do l.

No one believe me. Why should you?
Why should l believe you?

You won't believe me.

What's the difference between us?

Where're you going?

To London.

lf l do not, they'll crown
an impostor in my place.

And when l'm crowned, you should
have your name again.

And your lady and your inheritance.

l should do justice.

Not only for you, but for all this land.

For the poor,



l've seen them along the road
and being one of them.

And they should have right.


My dean. My dean.

Here come the King!

Do l look very foolish?

- Your Majesty could never look that.
- My Majesty?


l love you.

And l want to marry you.

Do you love me?

l've told Your Majesty so.

My Majesty, but suppose
l weren't a Majesty.

But an ordinary fellow. Not Edward.

But Henry, or Dick, or Tom.
Would you love me then?

Would you be contented to be
the wife of such a man?

l can never help loving you.

But l confess, l don't want to be
Queen Jane or Mrs Tom.

Well. That's all it's.

But since you're king and soon
be crowned. What's the matter?

lnconvenient you let
escape that impostor.

When we've kiss the hand of
the new crowned king,

then we'll have a nice day in the...

Now remember, boy-- Your Majesty leave
the fighting to me. lt's my trade.

Yes, and in ten years that trade
you made, 17 pounds l think.

Forgive me, Sir Miles. But l've
seen you fight three times.

Once you run away and twice you lost.

You must do the best if you're okay.

Yes, if Your Majesty would...


Here. Put this on.

You bastard.


- Who am l?
- Miles. My brother Miles.

No. Miles. No. You're killing him.

- Come help me to ytake his clothes off.
- What?

Help me, woman.

Our invitation, Captain.

Sorry, sir. You're too late.
The ceremony has began.

Nonsense, sir. This's the lord of
Hendon Hall and l'm his lady.

You've to make it, sir, at once.

l beg your pardon.

Drive on.

Would you please hurry, sir.
Because it's plain to see.

What's this, sir?

You may not know it but
we're close with the Masjesty.

EXtremely close.

Stop that man! He's
an impostor, traitor!

Get inside!

Close the door!

Close the door!


That head's forfeited.
That's not the king.

l'm a...of England. l'm the King.

Kick that man out!

Guards, seize him.

Wait. lt's true. He's Edward.
l'm not the King.

Your Majesty.

But you're the Majesty.

l was not a good king.

l was not a good pauper.

ln God's name, my Lord. Look at them.

But which is which?

You've heard what he spoke,
my Lord. l'm the King.

- That's Tom Canty.
- That'a the fact, my Lord.

There's no proof.

You've ours, sir.
What other proof you need?

Something more than a word...

Show the seal, boy!

Your Majesty.

lf you'll not believe me, will you
believe the Prince of Wales's seal?

That would be proof indeed.

For only he was the Prince
of Wales, he could have it.

Very well, then.

But l had it!

Arrest that impostor!

Back. Whoever touch
...his life.

ls this what you're looking for,
Your Majesty?

You dropped it in the scarf fold.

Proof. My Lord.

This's Prince of Wales.

Your Majesty.

God save the true King.


Let him be.

This's my friend, Tom.

Get up, sir. Get up! You're
sitting in the presence of the King.

Let him sit.

lt's his right.

Ever since Edward was crowned
as the King of England

in West Wales on 20th February
1547, one of his first act

as king was to make Tom Canty
a royal ward and appointed him

to the governer of...
hospital in London.

And so the thief and pauper
became chairman of the Hall.

Being a dutiful son, Tom continued
to look after his mother.

With the money he gave her,
the poor widow Canty started

the property in the Wales state
business the poor.

Lady Jane disappointed did not
become queen due to Tom

and marry an eXtremely rich duke.

However, she and Tom
continued to meet in secret.

And so lived happily ever
after from time to time.

The Duke of Norfolk who's kind and
humanity impressed Tom.

Several years he escaped
the eXecution and

regaining his political part and...

They died...

The kindly Duke
survived to his 80 having...

So, Miles Hendon and Lady Edith were
married and return to Hendon Hall

where drink.

One were out of this...
laid in toXicanted in the royal... Hugh had been...

to America where he enjoyed the
successful political career.

The Ruffler organized his steady
beggars on the due pay basis...

Princess Elizabeth...became the queen
of her own right when she was 25

and ruled for 45 years. As she had
promised, She took good care of England.