Cross the Line (2022) - full transcript

Maya and Haris try to work as migrant workers in Singapore to change their fate. But all did not go according to plan. Their relationship is separated because of the problems of life. In the end, Maya has to fight alone to realize...



Attention, please.

From this day on,
you're employees of this port.

Are we clear?

Fix the machine over there first.


How long have you been working here?

- Three months.
- Three months?

You have a nice body,
and you're pretty too.

Why did you take a job like this?

My friend said I should.

Your friend?

What was promised? To be a crewman?

How much did they charge you? Five? Seven?

What agent did you use?

- I paid 15 million rupiah to PT. Jejari.
- What the hell?

Fifteen million to be a janitor?
Too steep.

You remind me of my younger self.

I was just like you when I started.

I borrowed left and right to stay afloat.
Ended up selling my body after all.

Let me tell you this.
You'll get nowhere with this job.

You'll be poor forever.

It's useless.

You know, three months ago
a rebel crewman on this ship

threw himself overboard.

Three days later he was found.

- And then?
- He was still alive.

His mom was panicking.

- He just jumped off?
- Yeah.

Shit. I forgot something.


Papers, please.

Sonny's gold watch.

- What?
- Sonny's gold watch.


What are you doing?

Just drive.

- Okay.
- Go!

Let's go!



You're okay.


How long are we going to live like this?

A three-month transit is ridiculous.

Forget about Malaysia or Singapore.

It's tough even to get back home.

Be patient.

It won't be long.

You promised me a good life abroad.

Instead, we're being enslaved
by our own people.

Happy birthday!

Did Mr. Sonny tell you?

You don't miss me?

- Have you done it with him?
- Never.

- How about you?
- Nothing.

- Train her how to give good service.
- You're better than me!

- She's a senior.
- She's like that.

- Robi.
- How do you know?

He was asking you to scream.

I'll be in the kitchen.

What did you do all day?

Lots of stuff.
I did whatever I could handle.

Did you get any money?

Who's that?

I don't know.

But they call him Sonny.

Wait here. I need to clean up.

Wait, Maya.

Thank you...

for going through all this with me.

Though maybe now you've lost faith in me.

I lost faith in our agent.

Be right back.

- Hello.
- Mom is in the hospital.



Is this all?

Your debt is high. Your pay is deducted.

Don't make your own rules.

Sorry. It's the company policy.

- You can't do that...
- Maya.


- My name is Haris.
- Haris.

That one. It says Haris Purnama.


Here. For your mother's treatment.

What about your siblings' education?

Don't worry.

You're always like this.

You take things lightly.

Nothing is easy here, Haris.

Sorry, Maya. Excuse me.

There are some unsigned ones.

Anything else?

This one.


Thank you, sir. Excuse me.

Leave the red truck to me.

The rest are yours.

You can check them from top to bottom.

But the red truck is mine, okay?


You didn't say you're a janitor too.


How much do they pay you?

- Forty thousand.
- So little.

Won't you try selling it?

Sell what?

Your body.

How much could I get?

I get a million if he's drunk.

And if he's sober?

A hundred thousand.

So if he isn't drunk,
you work for nothing.

At least the food is good.

There are more important things than that.

Haris! Stop it!

Stop, Haris! Don't!


Why did you punch him?

You know that's part of my job.

I can take care of myself. Damn it!

What are you doing, Maya?







By the way,
someone is crashing at my place.

- How many? One person? Two?
- Just one. I think she's willing.

- We'll see.
- Okay. Later.



Hang in there.
I'm trying my best to get a few days off.

But I need money to go home.

I know. I'll call you later.

Staying with Ria now?


Just for a while.

Are you ready for our line of work?

Hang on.


Where's the rest?

Where's the rest?

Don't be greedy. Just do your job.

Remember, Son,
I can stall your truck anytime.

Let him pass. Come get the rest tomorrow.

I want it now.


Yes, sir.


Okay, go!

I'm from Semarang.

- Oh, Semarang?
- Straight from Semarang.

- So you live not too far from here.
- Yeah.

It's not approved. You still owe us a lot.

My mom is sick.

Everyone uses that excuse.

My mom is really sick, you dog!

Are you brain dead or just heartless?

Just settle your debt and penalties.
Yelling at me is useless.

Rot in hell, asshole!

How much does she owe?

Thirty-five million! Insane, right?
I'm supposed to do nothing?

- Getting angry doesn't help...
- Where is he?

Where's your uncle who brought us here?

His promises?

Or maybe he ripped us off, too?

- I'm trying my best to...
- Just leave me alone.

You're just a crewman!

How are you going to get 35 million?

You're not helping!


I'll be back.

I need the toilet.


Thanks for the gift.

Twenty million.

You can count it.

You know what to do, right?

There's delivery
to Singapore next Saturday.

The code is "gold watch."

You'll get the rest of the payment
after the everything's done.

- Hello.
- When are you coming home?

- I'm still working on it.
- Mom's condition is getting worse.

She keeps asking for you.


Someone is asking for you.

He'll pay you a lot.

Just to keep him company?

In bed.

I'll only drink with him.


What's so hard about spreading your legs?

Ria said your mother is really ill.

You need a lot of money and fast.

All clear.


Gold watch.

Hang on.

Go, go, go!

Thanks, Singapore Squad!

How is it?

I was born in Heide, Germany.

But I moved and became
a citizen of the Netherlands.


Do you feel sick?

Have you seen Ria?

I haven't seen her in two days.

Yes, please drink.

Hey, Mr. Burhan.

How are you?

Excuse me.

Does a crewman
have the money to dine here?

What can I help you with?

- I want to see Maya.
- Okay, hang on.

Maya, hurry up. Do a birthday dance.

- Who is it this time?
- Just some guest. Come on.

Where's Ria, anyway?

She left. She got a job in Singapore.

Let's go!

Tell the others to join in too. Let's go!

Come on, Maya!

- Congratulations.
- Maya.

Are you new?

I'm new as a waitress,
but I'm a pro in other areas.


Are you shy?

Do you want it here or at the back?

I don't like girls.


- You have a flat ass!
- Jerk!


You whore! How much are you?
You know I can pay...

Shut the fuck up!


Maya. Hey.

What's wrong, Maya?

My mom died.

She died? When?

To settle debt and penalties.

Where did you get it?

From work.

What kind of work?

Don't worry about it.

I just want you to be free.

Be careful on your way.

Excuse me.

- Excuse me!
- Hang on.

Can I help you?

I'm paying my debt.

- What's your name?
- Maya Sekar Rahayu.

What's your name again?

Maya Sekar Rahayu.


Sign here.


Yes, boss.






Yes, okay. Yeah.

Thank you.



All good?

Your debt is settled?

With whose money?

That guy was looking for you again.

Still want to go to Singapore?

It's better than going home.

Just go to Singapore, Maya.

There's still a spot. Do you want it?

You just need to accompany him.

Stand by for tomorrow's delivery.

The last one.

Don't need the money?

I just want to go home.

I'll pay you more.


Who is he?

- My ex.
- You still have boyfriends?

You don't need boyfriends.

You just need to screw and get paid.

Hey, boss.

Sit down.

Want to work in Singapore?

Can you speak English?

A little.

How much do you want?

Twenty five million.

That's too much. She's not even a virgin.

Just tell them she is.


What did he say?

He said he'd miss you
if you work in Singapore.


Leave us.

- I want to say goodbye to her.
- My money?


I'll leave you here.

He wants to say goodbye to you.

Later, boss.

We're going home, Maya.

- Come again soon!
- Thank you so much.



- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Is it your birthday again?

Where's Maya?

I haven't seen her.



- Do you know where Ria lives?
- She left.

I'm asking you where she lives.

Are you looking for Ria?
She's a girl, you know?

Just answer my question,
and I'll leave you alone.

I don't know.

Gold watch.


Haris! Where are you going?


Are you sure you want to do this?

Come with me.

Trust me, Maya.


Go in.

This way.


Run, Maya!

That way. Quick!

Let me handle it, boss.


Wait, Maya!


How long have you been doing this?

Like this?

I'm doing this to get you your money!

It doesn't have to be this way.

I did it all for you!
To get you your freedom back!

I want to go to Singapore,
and you know that!

What do you love so much there?
Freedom? Are you sure?

What can ever I get from you here?

- You can't give me anything!
- At least I can...

I want out, and you know that!

Maya, run!


Come, Maya!









I just want to go home.

You promised me a good life abroad.

Instead, we're being enslaved
by our own people.

Nothing is easy here, Haris.

You're just a crewman!

I want out, and you know that!

Be careful on your way.