Cross Over (2018) - full transcript

Do you believe in ghosts? At one time I didn't, but they believed in me.

- C'mon man, we gotta
get back before dark.

- Got a flat tire.

- I can't take him anywhere.

Every time we do this, it's
always something with him.

- What's that, a pet rock?

- It's a battery.

- I don't care what it is.

What, do you collect those now?

- Okay, big boy.

It's time for your big event.

- Okay.

- So you finally get to tell
your side of the story, huh?

- Let's just hope it works.

- For your sake, it better.

- What do you mean by that?

- Hands out.

For whatever it's worth, my
mother thinks you're innocent.

She's been followin' this.

Well, let's be honest.

She's been obsessed with this
story ever since you got here.

She thinks you
got innocent eyes.

- Innocent eyes?

- She's 87 years old.

She can't see anyway.

- The moment you've been
waiting for is finally...

I sound so excited, huh?

No, you sound great, hon.

- Hey.
- Hello.

Thanks for remindin' me.

He's already 35 minutes late.

Think he backed out?

- Not in a million years.

- Who are you?

I only agreed to
meet with Mitch Wal...

- Walters, yes.

Mitch Walters.

He had another engagement.

- Guard.

- Shape it up, soldier!

- Who told you that, huh?

Only my father would
say that to me.

I didn't do this!

- You better calm down, big boy.

I'll put you back in that cage.

- I've done my homework.

Your father was a good man.

- No, he was a great man,

a true war hero.

- Indeed.

So please, have a seat.

Hello, I'm Sylvia Richards,
your host from Live TV.

You've asked for it
and the moment is here.

Flynn Michaels is finally here

to tell his side of the story.

Flynn, thank you for agreeing
to meet with our network.

While many may believe
that you're innocent,

I still believe you need to
tell your side of the story:

the real side.

Not just I only saw that or I
only heard this, everything.

- Do you believe in ghosts?

- Last year, I was the host of
a successful food show on TV.

Back at the hotel that night,
my life took a fateful turn

when I experienced my first
encounter with a ghost.

Not only did that
ghost make me believe,

but she left me wanting more.

After that, I started hosting
a paranormal TV series,

"Restless Spirits."

But I failed to learn
one important fact

before making that decision

and it was too late
by the time I did.

Everyone is different,

not just in this life,
but more so in the next.

Every ghost doesn't
want to communicate

and most have no desire
to show themselves either.

Maybe they're not
ready to cross over.

I'm not sure.

- Do you know these people?

- Yes.

Yes, I do.

- Continue telling
me your story.

We'll come back to the pictures.

- Okay.

So we decided to
investigate this hotel

in the middle of nowhere.

It was just something
we found out about.

- Like a ghost hunt?

- Well, sort of.

See, we received
an anonymous tip

about a ghost that only appears
once a year at this hotel,

the Amargosa Hotel.

- Today's the one-year
anniversary, right?

- Yeah, it is.

- Ma'am.

- She's on a stage headed south.

- Where is he?

- Hey, Max.

- Hey.

- Can you meet me
over at the Maverick?

- You want me to agree to
out to that hotel tomorrow?

- I want you to want to.

I can't do this without you.

- But there's no time
to plan this out.

Thank you.

And we don't have a full
team since Tina left.

The paranormal is
dangerous, Flynn.

You never experienced
the dark side.

I know it's your show,
but it's our lives.

You're not thinking clearly.

- You sure the
place is still open?

- It's open.

It's been open a long time.

- Then what's the rush?

The red carpet probably
blew away years ago.

Zane said this ghost only
comes out once a year.

Tonight is the night.

- He also told you no one else

will go near this place tonight.

We should've waited until he
could check this place out.

Why do you only take me
to the beach, darling,

when the sharks come ashore?

- What's the story
with the new girl?

- Ah, Lena.

My little enticing
protege, she's a psychic.

You'll like her.

- It's the network.

Hello. - What up?

This is Jason from the network.

- Yes.

- I heard about
your little stunt there.

You wanna go out in the desert

and do some kinda ghost
hunting thing out there?

Now Flynn, this is important.

We need to assess the risk
and protect ourselves.

I'm gonna send out

a representative from
the insurance company.

His name's Koco Steele
and I'll see you soon.

Gotta go right now.

- All right.

-, bye bye.

- What did you
do wrong now, Flynn?

- Was that Jason?

- They're sending some guy
from the insurance company

out here to meet us.

They want to "assess
the risk" as he said.

- I'm not surprised, Flynn.

They're accustomed to
sharp knives and hot stoves

on the old show, so they want
to see what we're doing now.

- She's right, Flynn.

The world shall not end.

- I don't like it.

If you're not on the team,
you don't belong there.

I don't need anyone
getting in the way

when the action heats up and
asking a lot of questions.

- He's right, Cass.

The end of the world is at hand.

- Stay out of it, Max.

It's not the end of the world.

- Where ya headed?

- Amargosa Hotel.

- Same place we're going.

Hop in if you want.

- Thanks.

The name's Koco Steele.

I'll grab my stuff.

- Koco Steele?

You're the guy the
insurance company

sent out from the network?

- Yes, and that makes you Flynn.

Can't begin to...

Are you kiddin' me?

- Where is he?

- I don't know where he is.

- Don't you, indeed.

- I beg your pardon, sir,

if I was obscure.

I admire your audacity, madam.

Hell, I praise your spirit.

Be a shame

if I had to remove it from ya.

- You're the only ones
staying here tonight.

I'm gonna go and get
the rest of the keys

and then you can make
yourselves comfortable, okay?

Son of a bitch.

Hey, longhair.

You want your own room or
you wanna bunk with me?

- Thank you, Grace.

You're too young for me.

- Damn right I am.

- This is a hoax and
nothing but a joke.

There's nothing here, Flynn.

No one stays here anymore.

I'll bet this is all
a publicity stunt.

- Can you believe her?

Where did they dig her up?

- Don't change the
subject, Flynn.

- I'm not changin'
the subject, Cass.

We're here.

Let's investigate
and do what we do.

On with the show.

- There's no way something
put a do not disturb sign

out there all by itself.

It's probably Grace and
she's too wasted to remember.

- Don't be so sure.

- All right,

here's your keys.

Stay in whatever room
you'd like, I don't care.

- Thank you, Grace.
- Okay.

Oh, there's some dude out there

with a stick up his
ass askin' for you all.

- Koco.

- Thank you, he's with us.

We're expecting another
member of our crew too.

She should be arriving soon.

- Great.

I'll go hold the
door open for her.

Got nothin' better to do.

- Thank you so much for
leaving me out there, Flynn.

Very funny.

Luckily I found some ride-in
with some sorta goat farmer.

- I apologize, Koco.

It wasn't my idea,
nor did I approve.

- Sure

and I prefer Mr. Steele.

For the record, guys:

The network's okay
with me being here.

And as you know, I'm
just here to protect

the interest of the network
and your insurance company.

- Right.

- So you met the
lady at the hotel,

you met the other
guy from the network,

some type of risk manager
from the insurance company?

- Yes,


Koco Steele.

- Right.

Please tell me more about him.

- Where do I start?

I really wasn't a
big fan of this guy,

at least to begin with.

He never trusted us,
never gave us room.

Essentially, he
disrespected our craft.

- I asked Grace to send Lena
over when she gets here.

This is incredible.

Grace tells me it's
all one woman's work.

She spent almost six years
just to paint this in here.

The Opera House.

- She sounds like
someone who knows

how to stick with
what she started.

- Did Koco see you walk over?

- I don't think so.

He's probably in his room
checking for unsafe conditions.

- You're not going to be able
to hide from him all night.

- I'm not trying to
hide from him, Cass.

Just keepin' a safe distance.

- Max?

- Lena, you made it here.

Enter, my baby.

You must have met Grace.

- Ooh, yes.


- Come.

Let me introduce
you to the others.

Lena, this is Flynn,
the show's host.

- Yes.

Yes, you are.


- Hello, Lena.

It's a pleasure.

- And this is Cassie, the
show's executive producer.

- Delighted, Lena.

Max tells me you're a psychic.

Can you tell me
what I'm thinking?

- Well,

Cassandra, you were thinking
of standing up to greet me,

but you wanted to wait
for me to come to you.

This way, I'll
know who's the boss

and everyone knows
right where they stand.

- Welcome to the team.

So what's the plan?

- Oh no, Detective Steele.

- Sorry, Flynn.

Couldn't wait for you
to mail the invitation.

So what are we doin'?

- This is Koco.

He's with the insurance company.

The network sent him out.

- It's gettin' late quick.

What's the plan?

- You're right.

Max briefed you on everything
that's going on here?

- Completely.

- Our focus is room number nine.

Every year on this night,

a ghost moves into that room
and no one will go near it.

Max, like we talked
about on the way over,

I want you on camera tonight.

- Okay.

- Lena, I want you
to cover the EVPs.

- You didn't tell Zane
you were coming out.

- It's not a
requirement and it's my show.

He wanted to find out
more about the place

and I don't wanna
miss the opportunity.

- It only happens once a year.

- So what, Koco?

What's the damn point?

- It seems poorly
planned, maybe a bit foolish.

- You sound like an ass to me.

Who even wanted you here?

- Your insurance company
along with the network.

- We'll find another
insurance company.

- Whatever you want, boss.

But until you do,
you're stuck with me.

- I'm not stuck with anything.

- Why don't
you tell what happened

to the girl in the last episode?

What happened to her?

- Get off my back, Koco.

- It's okay, wasn't
expecting a good answer.

I got all the facts anyway.

- Shove your facts up your ass!

- It is not necessary to
speak to me like that.

- It's not necessary
for you to be here either.

- Except for being
wrong, you're right.

- What do you want, Lena?

- Nothing.

Max tells me there's an opening

and I asked to join
the team, so I'm here.

- I didn't know you were a
psychic and into the paranormal.

- Of course you did.

- How so?

- You were just thinking
if I'm wearing panties.

Nobody's listening, just me.

That's exactly what
you were thinking.

- I don't know what to say.

- Why say anything?

You're here, I'm here.

Ghosts are waiting.

And since you are wondering,
I'm not wearing any tonight.

- I wasn't thinking that.

- Sure.

- Perhaps it is I who is bein'


The gentleman's whereabouts
are of grave importance to me.

I seek to find that
information out,

one way or the other.

Now as I ask politely
one final time,

where is he?

- He didn't take me into his
confidence on that matter.

- Enough!

Would you rather
me throw you down

and smash your
head on the floor,

then I could pick the
pieces of recollections up

or the memories which I seek?

This is not a game!

My words may have
resembled a question,

you may have believed
you had a choice

in whether or not
which to answer,

but I can assure
you, you do not!

Now, right now.

You can have the choice

which you so humbly
demanded upon me,

you can have the choice
to take your next breath

or you can provide me with
the answer I asked for

so cordially in the beginnin'.

But you cannot, my
lady, have both!

Are we ready for that drink yet?

- Do your worst,

but I shall never betray him.

- Never?

Never's a lot like forever.

Nothin' lasts that long.

Regretfully I know someone

far more persuasive.

- Lena, can you check please?

I got one, three, four,

but I got no signal
on camera two.

- Sure, I'm plugging
it in right now.

- No.
- Nor have I.

- Nothing.
- How 'bout now?

- There it is.


Can you move it down
a little bit, please?

- Here?
- A little bit more.

Good, that's it.

A little bit up.


Okay, we got it.


- Looks good.
- Yeah.

- Max, I wanna pick up some
more introductory shots.

- You wanna check
with Koco first?

- Bite me, Max.

- Grab the camera.

- Rolling.

- Okay, here we go.

Lost my train of thought.

- Okay.
- Back it up.

- That's okay.
- Okay.

We good?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

The infamous room
nine, Amargosa Hotel.

Night has fallen and we're
setting up to investigate.

Once a year, every
year on this night,

no one, absolutely no one
will go into that room.

Join us as we venture
into the unknown

and go places no one
else has gone before.

- Okay, ready.
- Okay.

I want you to get a good
shot on the doorknob.

Get a good shot.

- Okay.
- Okay, here we go.

- Rolling.

- The haunted legend that
we're following tells us

a spirit makes its
presence known every year

by hangin' a do not
disturb sign on the door.

Knowing the crew of
restless spirits,

not one ghost will
be sleeping tonight.

Cut it right there.

How was that?

- I like it.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

- Should we do it again?

- Do we have the static camera
set up on that doorknob yet?

- Go easy, Cass.

We're just about set up.

- I'm just trying to make sure

we don't miss the
money shot, Flynn.

Can already picture Grace's
hand reaching around the door.

- That's what we're
trying to do, Cassandra.

We haven't had you here...

- Don't even say it.

I've been in that skirt all day.

- Cassie, connect
this to the DVR and

we're in business.

- Flynn, look.

- Where's he hiding?

- He's not hiding

and I shall tell
you nothin' more.

- We'll see.

- You'll find
him at the Amargosa hotel.

Room number nine.

- Camera's good,
camera's rolling.

- Equipment's ready.

- Everything's rolling.
- We're all ready?

- You'll probably be
more comfortable outside.

- I'd be a lot more comfortable
on the beach in Rio.

What's the point?

- Lena, hit the lights please.

- Rio and $10
a day with no hair.

- If there's
somebody in the room,

can you please make a noise now?

Can you tell me why you hang

that do not disturb
sign on the doorknob?

- Any violent attacks

in this room?

- Tell us why you
haunt this room

on this day every year.

Did somebody you love
die in this room?

- I'm gettin' nothin'
on the mel meter.

- If you're the one that hung

the do not disturb
sign on the door,

please give us a sign.

- You know,

I really thought
this is the one.

- I expected more
after we saw the sign.

- How much longer do you
want to stay here, Flynn.

- What, you gonna say
I told you so again?

- There's nothing here.

- I don't think we're
gonna find anything.

I'll probably go to sleep.

- Maybe...

Maybe I'll go snoop
around a little bit.

- Guys,

lemme give it a try
by myself please.

- Fine by me.

- All right.

- Good luck.

- Okay spirit,

unknown infamous spirit
of room number nine,

I'm here

all by myself

and we've seen nothing.


But for whatever
reason on the night

supposedly everything
goes down, I get nothing?

C'mon, gimme somethin'.

Show me something.

Show me somethin'.

We're not here to hurt you.

That's what I thought.

Quite honestly,

maybe Cassandra is right.

This was a waste of time,

waste of money


pack it up.

We're done.

- Cassandra your girlfriend?

- Yes.

Well, was.

I don't wanna talk
about that right now.

- Let's carry on.

- So we went back to the room

and that's when things

started getting a little weird.

- The ratings'll be sizzling
on this episode, Flynn.

- Not now, Cass.

- How about now?

- Get off it, Cassandra!

You were right, okay?

You were fu...

I'm sorry, I...

- I still love you.

- I know, but...

- Go plug in the cameras.
See if we caught any fish.

I'm gonna jump in the shower.

- Can you see better now?

- You know, different
lenses see different things

Is that camera clear?

I'm wanna snoop
around a little bit.

Gotta be some action
here somewhere.

- Gimme a minute and
I'll get the card out.

- All right, I'll
be back in a little bit.

- Flynn?


Something isn't... - Cass,

did you by chance happen
to use that shower

any other time today?

- No, why?

- I don't know,
I'm not sure yet.

- Flynn, something was
in the shower with me.

- Like what?

- I don't know "Like what?"


I'm scared.

- Look.

- When did you take the
camera in the bathroom?

- I didn't.

The camera turned itself on

and that's what I found on it.

- That's not possible.

- Well then you took
another shower today

and Max followed you in.

- But I didn't, Flynn.

I don't like this.

Let's get outta here.

- No, no.

I tried to copy the
video to the laptop, too.

It won't do it.

The computer insists
there's no file to copy.

- Don't tell me any more.

Oh my god, it's watching us.

Turn it off!

- All right.

- Flynn, say something.

- What the hell do
you want me to say?

I don't know what's goin' on.

The camera can see what it sees.

Not everything, just pieces.

- It.

- It, the ghost from room nine.

The one that told
us to stay out.

- I told us to stay out!

You don't listen!

- I know

you're here.

- You're afraid.

- I'm not afraid.

- I know who you are, Max.

Do you know who I am?

- Do you know

that I did not sleep

one night through

since I was a child?

And you ask if I
know who you are.

You wanna play?

I'm all-in.

- Hang on.

What'd we do wrong now?

I mean, what did I do wrong?

- Relax, Flynn.

I heard someone yellin'
as I was walkin' by.


- Show him the video.

Tell him what's goin' on.

- Nothing's going on.

- Look at the camera.

- No.

Something's watching us.

- That's horrifying.

You're right, we're doomed.

- I don't understand.


- Koco, we both saw
recordings on there

of me in the shower

and then the two of us
sitting here on the couch,

but we didn't shoot any of it.

- Then who did?

- Flynn thinks the
camera may be picking up

what the ghost sees.

- The ghost.

- Yes.

- Which ghost?

- Room nine.

- Of course.

I forgot about that dramatic
encounter from earlier.

You guys should call the cops.

It's gettin' too late for this.

- If a digital voice
recorder can pick up voices

out of our hearing range,
why can't a video camera

pick up images that
are unseen to us?

- Is that possible?

- I don't know.

I guess.

- What is it?

- Somethin' at the
back of the hotel.

Maybe it doesn't know
it sees what we see.

- Now what?

- Get dressed.

It's over here.

We need to go this way.

- I'm not sure
what that means, Flynn.

What's in there?

- I don't know exactly, Koco.

I'm seeing somethin' on camera

that I didn't film before
and this is the door I saw.

I don't know how it's possible,

but it must mean somethin'.

We should check it out.

- If you insist.
- Move.

- Flynn, wait for me.

- Fuck no, you
didn't just do that.

- Koco.

- That's goin' in my report,
you little crap sandwich.

- It wasn't me.

Fuck, Koco.

It wasn't me.

It wasn't my fault.

Down here.

It's down here.

Down here.

Koco, stop right there.

Move to your left a little.

Something is followin' us.

No, my left, dammit.

- Bitch.

- Do what I mean,
not what I say.

- Don't piss me off, Flynn.

Your policy's about to expire.


Flynn! - Help, open up!

- What the hell was that?

Open this damn door!

- Are you okay?
- Lemme out, Flynn!

- Are you okay, Cassandra?

- Lemme out!
- What was that?

- I don't know.

- What the fuck was that?

- Koco!

Koco, can you hear me?

- Flynn, I'm
gonna rip you in half...

- Are you all right?

- ...when I get outta here!

Let me outta here.
- Koco, open the door.

- Open the
door right now, Flynn.

- That's what I'm doing.

- Open!
- Flynn!

- Koco!

- Door's jammed shut.
- Get out!

- I can't get out.

- It's stuck!

It won't budge!

- Something's in
the room with me.

- There's gotta be
somethin' to open it with.

- Yeah then you
try it, Cassandra.

- Get us out of here, Flynn!

- I'm trying.

- We are not alone.

- This doesn't make any sense.

What was that?

Lena, that's it.

Lena and Max'll
come look for us.

- Yeah,


- We're gonna be fine.

Wait, how is this...

- Flynn?

- How is this showing her?

- Is that you?

- You have cameras in her room?

- Yeah,

I needed to make sure we
covered all our bases.

- Flynn,

did Cassie

kick you out already?

- What is she...

- It's not...

- What's she talking about?

- I don't know.
- Flynn,

come here.

I know you want me.

- Flynn.

- Come to bed.

I won't tell.

- Did you have an
affair with Lena?

- Flynn,

is that you?


did Cassie

kick you out already?

She found out you
cheated with me?

- How could you do that?

- I was...
- You were what?

- I was drunk, all right?
- You were what?

Oh that's a good
fucking excuse, huh?

- All right, this happened...

- And then you bring
her on the team?

Are you joking me right now?

- I didn't bring her
on the team, Cassandra.

I did not.
- Then how did she get here?

She was gonna be here.

- Help, help!

- I am not afraid of you.

- Koco, can you hear me?


- Help, help!

- And this, this is
how you repay me.

Are you serious?

- What's goin' on?

You guys okay?

- Yeah, don't worry, Koco.

I'm fine, but Flynn's
gonna fucking die.

- Cassandra, I'm sorry.

- Save your fucking
pity, all right?

- I am sorry.

- Fuck you.

Koco, get me outta
here right now!


- It's stuck! It won't budge!

- Cassandra, I know you're upset

and you have every right to be.

But we need to figure out a way

to get outta this predicament.

- Why don't you figure out a way

to get us outta this predicament

since you're the one
who got us into it?

All of it.

- You're right.

Wait a minute.

- Oh my god, what's
happening to her?


- She's being attacked.

We've gotta find
another way out.

- Flynn, we could be next.

I told you this was a trap.

- Listen.
- I told you.

- Listen, relax.

What the hell?

- Oh my god.
- Go, go, go.

- Oh my god, what's
happening to her?

- No.




- Koco!



It's attacking Lena!

- Lena!

Lena! - I'm calling for help.

- Nice try, sister.

No cell service.

- What's going on here?!

- We need to get
out of here now.

- Now you're talkin'
my language, Flynn.

Let's do it.

- What about Max?

- He's gone too.

- What?

What do you mean, Flynn?

- How do you know that?

- It's just a feeling I have.

I don't know.

- We can't leave 'em here alone.

- All right, I'll go check.

You two go grab
whatever crap you need

and get the fuck outta here.

- Koco.

Hey, don't disappear.


- What are you gonna say, Flynn?

Honestly I wanna tell
you to leave me alone,

but timing's real bad, you know?

Can you tell me why?

- I don't know, but I
know we can get through this.

- Yes

if get through the night,


I'm with you on that.

Stay here, I'll go back to
the room and grab our stuff.

- Cass,

make it quick please.

- No sign of Max,
no sign of anyone.

I checked everywhere.

- A little weird?

This is fascinating.

- Well,

everything happened so fast.

We started to run wherever

just tryin' to get
away from this thing.

- The ghost, I presume.

- What do we do now, Flynn?

- I don't know.


the network.

Call the police.

At this point, who knows?

- Thanks for not
leaving me behind.

- Koco, look.

- What the fuck is that?

- That's Lena.

- Unless your ghost friend
took her to the mall

clothes shoppin', that's
not her, my buddy.

- Flynn, don't you stop.

- Bad idea, boss.

- We can't leave her here, Cass.

- Shit.

- Do you see anything?

- Nah, nothin'.

- Let's get outta here.

I wanna go.

- You see her?

- Can't tell.

Thought I saw somethin', but
now I don't see anything.

- What are you doing?

- We can't leave her, Cass.

We have to go back.

- Why do we have to
go back and look?

- Dammit Cassandra, why do
you have to be like this?

- Stop yelling at me!

- If it wasn't for what we said,

we can do this. - Start driving.

We need to go home.

I wanna go home.
- All right, Cassandra.

If it wasn't for everything
I told you about this.

- All right!
- You know what?

I don't even give a shit
about that right now.

I just wanna get home safe.
- All right.

Flynn, let's go.

- Thank you.


- It's not her.

- Lena!

- Flynn.

- Cassandra, wait.

- I fuckin' quit.

Let's go.

Really not in the
mood for this, Flynn.

Get us outta here.

- What are you doing?

- It won't start!

- Fuck, I'm really
not into this.

- What are we gonna do?

- Well unless you got a
better idea, we're walkin'.

Leavin' now.

- Did you change your boots?

- Yes, I had to fucking
change my boots.

Enough walking.

- Flynn.

- What is it?

- We're back at my car.

- I just need to sit
for a moment, Koco.

- That doesn't matter 'cause
it won't fuckin' start!

- Let's start walkin'.

- I'm not getting in that car.

- No, don't.

- You gotta get off this road.

- We need to get moving!

- You won't make it.

It's been followin'
us the whole time.

- What does that even mean?

- If you cut through there,

it's the shortest distance back
to town, as the crow flies.

- As the crow flies?

- Go that way, run
as fast as you can.

- What are you doin'?

- Getting you home.

- You're not getting
in that car, are you?

- That's the plan.

- "Bad idea, boss."

Sound familiar?

- It's not a bad
idea for everyone.

Get movin'.

Get outta here
while you still can!

Take her and go.

Lemme do this, please.

- What took you so long?

Go ahead, make
yourself comfortable.

- Stop resisting.

- It's Mr. Steele.

We're not friends.

- Sorry pal, can't
stand that station.

- Sorry to disturb you,

but your lady won't be
joining you tonight.

- I gotta be still for a minute,

catch my breath

I don't hear anything.

- We probably wouldn't.

- Do you see something?

- No.

- What are we gonna do?

- Keep going and stay alive.

- What is it?

- We're being followed.

Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go.

- That's good.
- You sure?

Shh, shh, shh.

It's right behind us.

Let's go.

We gotta go, we gotta go now.

Let's go, c'mon!

He can't find us.

- Then let's go.

- I'm just gonna
touch you up a little.

- Oh thanks, Julie.

- Since we're on a
commercial break,

why don't you tell me
a little bit about you?

You seem to know
everything about me.

- Well, I was raised
in the Midwest.

My father was a minister.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Your father was a minister?

- That's right.

- What are you doin' filming
an interview like this?

- Look, I'm not here to
hit you over the head

with a Bible, okay?

I'm here to help.

That's what I do.

- Do you believe me?

- Look, for what it's worth,
your story is truly compelling.

I don't know what happened.

There's no evidence.

But I do think...

I do think you're
being forthright.

- Forthright.

I apologize.

I'm just


- It's fine.

It's fine.

How's the food in this place?

- It's horrible.

What I would die
for some home-cooked meals.

- Not my home-cooked meals.

Enrique, what are you doing?

We've got like 30 seconds left.

- No, there's something
goin' on here.

I'm not kidding.

Come here, look.


- There's nothing there.

What're you talking about?

How many times do I have
to tell you this is live.

I have to get another
camera guy or what?

- What's goin' on, Sylvia?

There's somethin' there.

He saw somethin'
in the viewfinder.

This isn't good.

- There was nothing there.

- It's the one-year anniversary.

He saw something.

He saw something!

- There was nothing there.

I just checked it!

- What is this place?

- I don't know.

I've never been out this far.

- I need to sit down and rest.

I can't keep running.

Do you really know the way
back to town from here?

- Honestly Cass, I'm
not completely sure.

- This is when
you finally decide

to start being honest with me?

- That's not what I meant.

- That is what I meant.

- Cass.

- Don't even think about crying.

- I wasn't going to cry.

- Yeah?

Well maybe you should.

- What do you want me to say?

- Anything

other than how sorry you are
would be a damn good start.

- Cass, I didn't
mean to hurt you.

That's refreshing.

What would have done
to me if you did?

What was that?

- I don't know.

- You think it's still
trying to find us?

- Probably, but I
don't think it can.

- See anything?

- No.

- Why did it come
after us like that?

- Punishment I guess.

- It may have
started out that way,

but it turned into something
else at some point.


with a greater sense of purpose.

- Maybe you're right.

But it just seems
like a game to me.

- What are we gonna
do when we get back?

Where do we even start?

- Over.

We start over.



- Help!

I can't move.

- I'm here.

I'll get you outta here, Cass.

I promise, I'll
get you outta here.

- Ow, it's hurting me!

- What do you want from us?

Leave her alone!

- Help me, Flynn.

Pull, pull.

- Come on.

You can't have her!

Take us both!

You want us so bad?

Take us both!

- Oh my god.

Are you okay?

Thank you.

Thank you.

- I thought I lost you.

- Never.



Hmm, service with a smile.

- It's Zane.

Hello? - Flynn,

did you get my messages?

Stay away from that hotel.

Everyone said it's
far too dangerous.

- Yeah, we know.

Can we get a ride
into town, please?

- Please, it's important.

- Okay, let's go.

Y'all runnin' from
the law or somethin'?

- No, nothin' like that.

- Well I am.

Just kiddin' you.

- I'm sure our
viewers would agree,

your story is truly compelling.

Tell me more about Cassandra.

But before you do,
I just wanna say

I think that it's very
chivalrous of you,

the way you defended
her in court.

I wish you would've had
that same type of passion

for your own testimony.

- I love her.

I cannot express in words
how much I love her.

If she is listening...

- There's a good chance.

- If you have moved
on, I understand.

But just remember:

- And I mean always

love you.

- She knows.

Thank you, Flynn.

One last question.

Hindsight being 20/20,

would you have done
anything different?

- No.

- Well America,

you heard it for yourself,

the story of Flynn Michaels.

Now you be the judge.


- Hey look.

What's this?

- What the hell?

- Change her mind.

- This is the spooky house.

I think they've
always called it that,

but we just carry
on the tradition.

What the hell is that out there?

Who took a crap out here?

- Are you serious?

- Why is that light
flickering like this?

- Which one, do you know?

- No answer.

Can you make the
lights flicker more?

You have trouble, see?

Make it turn it off.

- Can we turn it off please?

- If you were powerful,
you can make that turn off.

Show us what you can do.

C'mon, all the way off.

I wouldn't be in for
this, I really wouldn't.

- I know.
- What do I do?

C'mon, turn it off.

Do it.

Give it to me.

- What the hell?

- Do it.
- That's cool.

No, we like it.

Go twice.

- Can you shut the
light off please?

Oh my. - Dude.

- C'mon, turn it off.

Turn it off.

- Do we have that?

Oh, crazy.

- Are you the
person they call The Boss?

Turn it up high.

- Can you hear that?
- Mm-hmm.

- If you're happy we're
here, flicker the light.

- If you wanna believe,
look at the light.

Oh my god.

- On the count of three,
watch 'em turn it off.




- Question.

- Could it be running
on the roof right now?

- I don't know.

I'm gonna go fuckin'
find out right now.

- Is the roof slanted?

- Wow, that's
something that we wanna do.

Screw you, I'm fucked.

- Shut it off.

- It's like at the.

- Woo, smell that?

- Next.

- What's up, Travis?

- Yeah, that's good.
- Look at us.

- You almost left it in,
didn't you?

- Heard ya helpin'.
- Dude.

- And then just
hand it to my hand.

- That's some serious stuff.