Crocadylus (2017) - full transcript

Excitement and joy descends upon a small mid Florida town called Peaceful Creek commencing Spring Break 2017. NDMD 11 news station is broadcasting on the upcoming events,. News comes in that a local farmer, Jack Straw, has unearthed a prehistoric skull and is fast to respond to the find. Sammy, the local news commentator, makes a call to her boyfriend, Mathew Debrie. Mathew, a recently graduated Paleontologist, is quick on the scene. As he slowly polishes off the dirt, he is amazed to find that it is the skull of a monstrous Crocodylus, a Nile crocodile whose only evident existence was thought to be deep in the African continent. Mathew calls his close friend, Dr. David Williams, a fellow Harvard student, who takes an immediate flight from New York to Pleasant Creek. On his arrival all hell breaks loose as a young boy was savagely taken by a gator while he was fishing in the lake. A tooth lodged in the child's buoyancy vest confirms a reptile but this is no GATOR ATTACK......

Well, that's the end of the road.

Now it's only a 10
minute hike to the lake.

Good because my ass was
killing me after that ride.

I think I might have a cure for that.


Come on, babe.

I'm coming.

Oh wait, here, spray this,
keep those mosquitoes off.

Do I have to?


But I hate the smell of this stuff.


Sorry mosquitoes,

looks like I'm not gonna
be your snack today.


Thank you.

All right, are you ready?

Yeah, let's go.

Oh, look.

Oh my god, Vanessa,
this is so beautiful.

Oh, oh look.

I know, right?

Look at that, oh my god.

What is that?

What the fuck was that?

I don't know, come on, let's go.

You know, this is a pretty good fire

for a Girl Scout.

Yeah, sure is.

Thank you, this has been an
amazing anniversary present.

You're welcome.

Well, for a spooky place,
it sure is romantic.

You know they used to
sacrifice people here?


Okay, all right, tell me more.

Are you sure?


Okay then.

All right, way back, in the 17th century,

the Chockawaka tribe
lived on this sacred land.

You see a Spanish ship
sailed through a snake bass

and discovered the secret lagoon.

The gods, not at all happy,
closed in the land behind them.

No one ever found them or their ship.

Some of the sailors
managed to swim ashore,

but a beautiful priestess lured them

from the shoreline to her camp,

where they were captured
and sacrificed to the gods.

To this day, they say the
priestess still haunts this area.

That's why I brought you here,

because tonight, I'm your priestess.

Oh my god.

That's luring you with my
powerful, magical charisma.

Okay, yeah priestess, lure away.

Yeah, get over here.








Katy, this isn't funny.

Hey Shane,
going fishing, buddy?

Yes sir, I just got
this new fishing rod.

It's my birthday.

Well, happy birthday.

Hey, catch a big one for me, okay?

Have fun.

Yeah, floatin'.

- Okey dokey.
- Floatin' in the water.

Okay, and you said,
gator, you saw a gator?

Yeah there was a gator
nearby the life jacket.

Hey Lex.

Hey, good morning, Chief.

What do we have here?

Well, a couple of guys
found this life vest

over at Canal Creek.

Life vest, you brought me
out here for a life vest?

Not any old life vest.

This one's pretty torn up, Chief.

They said they saw a gator,

I'm thinking more boat propeller.

Gator in these waters,
I don't know about that.

Wow, looks pretty bloody
so, let's play it safe.

I'll tell Jess not to bring
the kids in the water today.

Get their information and find out

if there's any missing
people, let me know.

All right?

I'm on it, Chief.

All right.

Chief, my kids called me,

they said there was a gator in the lake.

There's no
gator, come on Becky,

move out of the way, please.

No there is, they called,
they said they saw it.

Please, I gotta go, move.

What're you gonna do, arrest me?

I'll handcuff you, you might like that.




You can fry an egg in this damn heat.

Are we any closer to
finding out what it is?

Better call your doctor buddy.

As a Mater of fact, I think
Tom just unveiled its secret.

I think things just got real.

Already on it.

Hey there.

Hey Jess, it's Missie.


Listen, um, Shane's not back yet.

He took his new fishing pole out.

No but, he was suppose to
be back a long time ago.

Don't worry about it,
listen, you know him.

It's his birthday, he's
a kid, he'll be fine.

Okay, well,

could you just maybe say
somethin' to Conrad, please.

Yes, of course, I'll call him right now.


Hey look...

- No, I know I...
- Missie, if you're really

worried about it, meet
me at the station, okay?

Okay, just
let me know what he says.

All right, bye, be okay.

Thank you.

Come on, don't worry about it.

Shane's gonna be just fine.

He's probably fishing.

Okay, everybody's looking for him,

we're gonna find him, I assure you that.

Oh, okay.

It's just not like him to be gone like.

This is the chief.

The rod, we found the boy's
rod, and it doesn't look good.

I'll be right over.

Jess, can you please take
Mrs. Dingle in my office.

What did they say, did they find him?

Did they find my boy?

As soon as we find
something, we'll let you know.

- Please.
- Oh, please.


I'll be right back.


just want him to be okay.

What do you have, Lex?

Well it looks like
we found a child's rod.

That's exactly how I
found it this morning.

That is Shane's fishing rod,

I saw him with it yesterday.

I scoured the whole lake Chief, nothing.

Son of a bitch, we
do have a big problem.

Honey come on, you know how they are.

He just got a new cast net.

You know what I'm sayin'?

And you know how the kids are,

they stay out all day.

- Jess, not my kid.
- It's okay.

Yeah, but you know who he's
hangin' out with, hold on.


Jess, we found something.

Please, keep Mrs. Dingle there.

And Jess, you might have to go underwater.

Okay, bye.

What is it, did they find him?

Did they find Shane?

The chief is on his way,
they have found something,

I'm not sure what it is.




Come here, man.


How long has it been, my
man, three, four years?

No my man,
longer, about five years,

and you haven't changed one bit.

Geez , you know
I'd say the same for you

but uh, I see you got
this goin' on right now.

Got lost in the
jungle, couldn't find my razor.

Oh god
David, it doesn't get old.

Listen, I hate to jump
right into business,

but you are not gonna believe this.

I mean, you were the
first person I called.

Well the suspense
has been killing me.

You think we could check out the site

before we get settled into the hotel?

Ash, you're okay with that?

Well we didn't
come all the way out here

just to sit in a hotel room, now did we?

That's true.

Oh, I'm sorry, Ashley, Mathew,

Mathew, my assistant, Ashley.

Nice to meet you.

Let me get this.

But of course, come, come, hey,

and I wanna keep this under wraps

- Absolutely.
- until we know exactly

what we're dealing with,
it's a croc for sure.

They're still in the office.

Jess has got Mrs. Dingle in there.

And by the look on your face,

I can tell this kid's fish food.

Joe, please.

Did you find anything?

We found his vest and fishing rod.

As soon as I know more I'll let you know

but Jess is gonna take you home right now.

My deputies are looking for him,

I'm heading back myself.

We're gonna find him.

Stay with her, please.










Andrew, do you see
anything on your side?

We're heading over now.

Let's go to the east bend.

Lex, go that way.

Closer up, come on.

Right there.

Oh my god!

Ah, Chief.

Call it in.

We need backup.

We're over at Canal Creek.

Notify Peterson to be over here.

- Hey, Doug.
- Hey.

Thanks for the call, buddy.

Where are they?

Playing with some old bones.

Old bones, between you and
the graveyard we got enough.


Hey, I got some cigars for you.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Hey, Mat.

Afternoon, Chief.

What did you and your
fellow pencil pushers

find in the dirt?

Pencil pushers?

Dr. Williams, his assistant, Ashley.

- Bone collectors, Chief.
- Oh, bone collectors.

Bone collectors.

Aren't you a bit young to be a doctor?

Age has nothing to do with
how you can study at Harvard.

- Oh, Harvard.
- Uh-huh.

I got a lot friends in jail.

I'm sure they
regret every moment of it.

Look, we're getting off
on the wrong foot here.

I actually came here
to get advice from you.

There's something I'd like to show you,

so maybe tomorrow after you're done

I'll pick you up and you come with me?

Absolutely, I'd love to
help you any way I can.

Appreciate it, Doctor.

Thank you, Chief.

Thank you.

Ma'am, Mat.



Let's go get that bottle.

Oh Zak, what the heck is that smell?

- Formaldehyde.
- Oof.

You've known me all these years,

you're still not used to my cologne?


So what's got you all riled up?

Oh those pesky pencil
pushers over at Doug's ranch,

I'm so sorry they found the bones, idiots.

Well Conrad, I'm sorry to tell you

but I think you're gonna have to play nice

with those pesky pencil pushers.


Because this tooth is unlike
anything I've ever seen.

It's definitely a croc's tooth.

But when have you seen a
croc's tooth of that magnitude?

It's big.

All the tests came back on the remains,

and that tooth is responsible

for severing this boy's leg off.

This is not like any gator
attack I've ever seen.


A gator grabs its prey's legs,

this leg was bitten
off with such severity,

with such force, such
impact that it severed it

straight through the bone, clean through.

If I were to go based on that tooth alone,

we're dealing with one
large aquatic reptile

with a mouth full of those
that act like a buzzsaw

on its victims.

In our lake?

In our lake.

Chief, you say that movie "Jaws?"


We're gonna need a bigger boat.

My friends, what a find,
what a find, my friends.

This, this is gonna
change everything we know

about crocodylus.

Mat, I'll admit it, I was a little pissed

about your discovery.

It was a hell of a find, wasn't it?

It was, from one good friend to another,

I'm glad it was you.

I raise my glass to you.

Let's all drink to making history.

Yes, together.


Oh we finished it.


Yeah man.

Where's Doug?

He said he was bringing more drinks.

I'm gonna go find him.

Some things never change.

It's gettin' a little chilly out here.

Yeah, I'm pretty cold.


Wanna get warm, I got a,
tent's right over there.


Oh yeah?

Let's go.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Conrad, what is it?

Hey sweetheart.

I couldn't sleep well last night.

Listen, I don't think it's a good idea

to take the kids into the
lake today, all right?

You know something.

We found a boy's leg
ripped off below the knee.

I cannot bring myself to tell the mother,

but I'm pretty sure it was Shane.

Oh god.

Zak thinks it's a
gator, but we'll be sure

once we get the lab reports back.

We've never had a problem with gators.

Are you sure it wasn't a bear?

Bear, gator, who cares, a boy's missing.

Look, I'm sorry honey,

we'll know more when we
find the rest of the body.

In the meantime just,

do a couple more days in the pool, please.


Hey Zak, no, no, no, I was up.

Okay, I'm gonna close off the lake.

It's a gator, and a big one.

Tell me something, Ashley,

have you ever seen such
a beautiful little town?

Look around, Ash, it's as though the town

has been frozen for a hundred years.

Well I hope the bones
are older than that.

10-4, negative...

Looks like our ride is here.

Hey Doctor, I need to talk to you.

Can you come with me please, alone?

Hey Zak, why don't you show
Dr. Williams what we have.

Right this way, gentlemen.

Shoo, may I?


That's no gator.

It's no gator,

as the large tears throughout
the flesh indicate.

It's as if he's been eaten
by a Carcharodon carcharias.

A car, what, what?

Great white shark, Chief.

Oh please, we found this
in a lake, not the ocean.

I'll tell you the truth, doc,

tooth they found matches
the wounds exactly.

But I have no scientific
documentation to prove that fact.

Oh my god.

This gentlemen, this
is our worse nightmare,

Crocodylus porosus.

How big can that thing be?

30, 40 feet.

In our lake?


Excuse me.

Oh my god.

Hi Jess.

I'll be right there.

Honey, you look tired.

Lex called me today, he said to call it.

The situation is out of control.

We have another shot at this.

Dr. Williams brought a professor,

let's see what he has to say.

I called the mayor, I'm
having a meeting with him.

I'm gonna give him a head's up.

You know, I know that you
have the town's best interests

at heart, just make the call,
we don't need the professor.

Let me talk to the mayor.

That thing's out there.

Mr. Mayor, can I
have a word with you, please?

What is this?

As you know, we have a child missing

and we really need to close the lake.

We don't close the lake,

we have 2,000 people coming

on their Spring Break in two days, no.

Sir, I know it's bad for business,

but for the town's safety,
we need to close it, sir.

We don't close the lake, no
way, we don't close the lake.

Would you like me to
bring the child's mother

to talk to you, sir, would
that change your mind?

You have 48 hours, that's it.

Thank you.

Hey Chief, Chief,

I'm gettin' tired of workin' for him,

can I transfer over to your department?

You gotta lose the tie.

First his fist went in,
all the way up to his elbow.

I could not believe it,
like it was a puppet.

Good day.

- Morning, Chief.
- Morning, Chief.

I managed to get in contact

with my old professor, Paul Brent.


He'll be arriving
no later than 6:00 p.m.

I hired Jack to fly down to
the everglades and pick him up.

Well, we only have 48 hours,

so I hope he has some answers.

Otherwise, I'm gonna have
to call game and wildlife.

All right, why don't we
start from the beginning.

What was he doing at the everglades?

Researching animal behavior patterns

with the local indigenous people.


They tell of a story
of a formidable gator

who used to feed on human sacrifices.

The Chockawaka tribe thought,

that by appeasing the monsters

their tribal leaders would be safe.

The introduction of the
Terakiki power plant

killed off the monsters, but of course,

the tribal leaders thought
their sacrifices worked.

They blamed it on a radiation leak.

I'm sorry, I blamed it
on a radiation leak,

which I'm gonna say turned out to be true.

Money, power, covered it up.

And actually as it turns out,

it was another plant that
actually caused the leak.

And that building was a disused building

bought by the city,

who coincidentally
discovered its illegal use.

Yeah, coincidentally, I
covered the story, Chief.

All right, sacrifices,
radiation, buildings,

I hope the professor has some answers.

Well, when he gets here,

we'll see what he knows.

Well, time is of the essence.

Professor, right on time.

No, no, don't touch
those, they're very timid.


Hey, nothing changes,
you're still a little prick.

You ever wonder why your magazine failed?

Next time you write an article
on toxic waste dumping,

you might wanna make sure

that you've got the point of origin down.

Uh-huh, or is it because
my article exposed you

- No, no, no,
- for the real you, sir.

don't even go there...

You're a sick son of
a bitch, you know that?

Make yourself useful,
here, carry my bags.

Don't touch that.

What'd your last slave die of?

Disobeying orders.

Let's go.

Hey, Vinnie.

Hey Chief, how you doin'?

Got some bad news, buddy.

We gotta close the lake for 48 hours.

What about my business?

It's gonna have to suffer
for a little bit, okay,

we have a big problem,

- please?
- 48 hours?

48 hours.

All right, Chief.

I'm not going, guys.


What if you don't make it back?

Well then, we're probably dead.

That's not funny.

You scaredy-cat, you wanna
get out with mama's boy?

No, just stop teasing Blake.

That's not funny guys, Beth, don't go.

She's more of a man
than you are, let's go.

Come on, guys.

Beth, please come back.

Don't look now,

but your boyfriend's coming.

Oh great.

Good morning, Mr. Mayor.

- Good morning.
- Morning, sir.

I need that you take
care of the Miller house,

it's full of problem.

The kids they're making
it filthy everywhere.

I receive call everyday.

Sir, as soon as we're through here,

I'll definitely personally go
take care of it myself, okay?

- Perfect, thank you.
- Okay.

Oh, Mr. Mayor.


I've closed off the fish feeding lake.

- Good, thank you.
- Okay, have a nice day, sir.

Have a good day.

Okay, let's just finish off here,

and check that out.



30 years, huh?

Yeah, we never had any
problems in 30 years.

Well hopefully it doesn't persist.

Ah, right on time.

Professor Paul Brent, Chief Conrad.

Chief Conrad, Professor Paul Brent.

Nice meeting you.

Nice to meet you, sir.

I heard you found a nest.

We're heading there right now.


I have a lot of questions for you.

Okay, please take the professor in my car,

I'll see you at Canal Creek,

- I'll take the boat.
- Will do.

Don't use the siren, or the lights.

- Oh, come on, just once.
- Ah.

After many years of research on reptiles,

I've made an amazing breakthrough.

I finally cracked the DNA code.

I'm so confident in my results,

that the next trials are
gonna be on my son, Will,

to treat his lymphoma.

Day 27, observation,

I'm very concerned with
the recent developments.

Will's demeanor has changed,
he's become more aggressive.

There's a small malformation
developing in the retina.

And the spread of the pigmentation

and thickening of the dermis
is moving very quickly.

I'm very concerned.

The experiment's gone
dangerously wrong, oh.

Will's transformed into some kind of,

I don't know what he, it's,

it's been a week since he escaped.

I don't know where he went,
I'm in so much trouble.

What does he want?




How many?


All right, I'm on my way.

Will may be in Peaceful Creek.

Now that we have a minute alone,

what the fuck have you done?

I know you're involved in this somehow.

Don't be so quick to judge me.

You had your fair share in this,

but when it got too hot, you bailed.

You ran and took all the glory.

The money, the book sales, the fame.

Was it worth it?

It was all my work.

But I bided my time.

I knew one day the truth would come out.

And the truth is David, you're a fraud.

I accomplished the goals
that were once ours.

Yes, I cloned El Diablo,
I created the monster.

Put the whole ecosystem at risk.

What is that Paul, what
do you keep giving him?

You ever heard of a gator
or a croc gettin' cancer?


Ever wonder why?

Tell me something,

how did Diablo end up at Peaceful Creek?

He's eating his way north,
killing everything in his path.

Hogs, deer, pythons, gators,
the occasional human.

The local gator population took the blame

for the rising body count.

How did you manage to clone her

when the only known find is here?

The Chockawaka Indian tribe.

Why do you think I spent all those months

in a mosquito-infested swamp?

They had this Shaman that
would dance around the fire

at night with a four-inch
tooth hanging around his neck.

I hung out until I one day
got my hands on that tooth,

and I was able to extract DNA from it.

I knew baiting you here
would reveal the truth.

You know shit about the truth.

Let's get the fuck outta
here, take me to Canal Creek.

Hey Connie, any news?

No Chief, none yet.

Blake is gone, his kayak's missing.

I have not seen him, I'm really worried.

And they know the lake is closed?

Well, I better go with Jess
and look for them, all right?

Blake, where have you been?

It was Anthony and Beth,

they made me take it down there.

I didn't want to.

Where are they?

The lake, Devil's Dip.

I better go with Jess
and look for them, okay.

At least he's safe.

Thank you Chief,
and I'm really sorry.

No, no problem.

You are so grounded.

We have been following
the story that aired

last week in Miami-Dade,

of the unusual behavior
of Florida's alligators.

As the human body count climbs,

we are shocked to learn of
a young boy, Shane Dingle,

who after missing 12
hours, has been found.

Oh, we have the chief of
police coming right now.

Chief, Chief is it true that
you've found the remains

of the Dingle boy?

No comment.

Um, ladies and gentlemen,

does anyone know the girl from the boat?

I don't know her personally,

but my son goes to high school with her.

And, and what is your son's name?

David Griffin.

David Griffin, do you know her name?

No, I don't, but I recognize her

- from when I've been up there
- Okay, move back please.

at the school.

- Hey, when's the lake
- Move back!

getting open, I've got
a business to run here.

As long as it takes.

Chief, we all have businesses.

Out of the way, please.

Is that your next victim?

I'll talk to you in 10 minutes.

What's your name?


What is it?

- What's your name?
- Beth.

How old are you, Beth?


What happened?

I don't know.

Joe, show me arrival
at the graffiti house.

Joe, all appears clear
at the graffiti house.

Okay, lookin' good, guys.

Everything's gonna be
fine, you're gonna make it.

All right, she's gonna be okay, right,

- my little girl, right?
- Yes,

she's going to be fine.

We gave her a little
sedation and some antibiotics

to prevent infection and
she's gonna be great.

- Ah, that's great.
- Is it okay

if we bring her home tonight?


- she's ready to go.
- Great,

thank you so much, doctor.

- All right.
- Thank you very much, again.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome,

have a good evening.

Good night.

There they are.

Oh, how is she?

She's fine,
she's a little sedated.

They gave her a little
something, but she's good.


I need to ask her some questions, Steve.

Chief, it's been a long
night, you know that.

And if wasn't for you with
this lake, not securing it.

He did secure the lake.

Actually I did, Steve,
they disobeyed our orders.

They went under the line
and went out in the lake

in Blake's kayak.

Well, what's out there?

What're you holding back from us?

It's not like that.

Okay Steve, there's a huge
alligator loose on that lake.

My deputies are looking for Anthony.

I'm gonna go out there myself.

Keep her away from the lake, all right?

You got that.

It's off.

We're going
everything we possibly can,

please, please understand that.

I need to
ask her some questions

to find out what happened
to Anthony, please.

It's very important.

what happened to Anthony?

We, we, Anthony and Blake and I,

we went to the lake to go canoeing.

We just wanted to have some
fun, but Blake got scared,

he didn't wanna go anymore.

So he said he wasn't going,
and Anthony got really mad

and started teasing him,

calling him all these
really terrible things.

What happened next?

So, so we just, we
left Blake on the dock,

and we paddled off without him.

Where did you go?

We decided to go to Devil's Dip.

And we just, we had some
fun there for a little bit.

But then the boat hit something,
I don't know what it was.

It was something big.

It, it flipped the boat.

That's enough.

The boat, the boat,

the boat, the boat
flipped over and Anthony,

and Anthony and I fell into the water.

Something grabbed, I swam under the boat,

but something grabbed him.

- All right, that's enough.
- I don't know what it was.

All right, that is enough!

That's okay, Chief, that's okay.

We can't thank you enough for
saving our daughter's life.

It shook him, it shook
him, tearing him to pieces.

- He's gone!
- Did you see what it was?

It was, it
was a big, a big gator,

I don't, I don't know.

We're going home, baby.

We need to go home.

Thank you for your time, thank you.

Please try to have a
good night, sweetheart.

- Okay.
- Thank you for telling us.

Thanks a lot.

Chase, where
were you last night?

What happened to you?

What're you doing?

Snortin' some bourbon.

I was writin' a joke, wanna hear it?


Okay, here it comes, ready?

What do you call a fish with no eye?


Fsh, fsh.

Liz, it has no I.

Hey, you owe me 10 bucks for snortin' that

- coke right there.
- Chase.

Hey, officer inept.

So, what do I owe the pleasure?

What're you here to arrest
me for tellin' jokes

and snorting coke?

Not tonight.

Aye, must be my son.

All right, what'd the dipshit do now.

Well actually,
Anthony's missing.

We think he's a victim of
a gator or a croc attack.

Gator or a croc, where?

The lake.

You're full of shit man,

ain't no gators or crocs
in that fuckin' lake.

Listen, Anthony is missing
and we're looking for him.

In the lake?


The lake you were suppose
to've cordoned off, right?

We did secure it, he disobeyed.

They took a canoe, he went with Beth.

Beth came back and he's missing.

Yeah, so my boy's what, missing,

gotten eaten by an alligator?

We don't know that, he's missing.

All right, well let's go find him.

No, no, no, no, Chase.

- No, no, let's go find out.
- Chase!

- Listen up, Chase.
- What?

We're looking for him.

I promise, we're gonna find him.

Yeah, we're gonna find him, all right,

- I'm gonna fuckin' go find him.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,

do I have to lock you up?

- Chase, Chase.
- 'Cause I will,

until we find him.

Will you stay here and cooperate, please?

- All right, all right.
- Calm down, please.

- All right.
- Chase, listen to him.

I'm listening.

I need you to relax, have some coffee.

When I have some news, I'll
come back and tell you.

As a Mater of fact, go home,

- please.
- Right.

- That's it.
- All right.

That's what you want me to do, right,

you want me to say, "My son is missing,

"might been eaten by an alligator."

And you want me to sit
here and have coffee,

and knit a fucking sweater,
are you shitting me?

- I'm goin' to find my son!
- Goddammit, Chase!

- Chase, Chase.
- What?

I'm gonna fuckin' lock
you up until we find him!

I'm gonna do it right now!

All right, man, all right,

but you fuckin' find him, will you?


I will.

Okay, where's my coffee, Jim?

This fuckin' guy's still
here, are you shitting me?

Find my fuckin' son, please!

I will, I promise.

Well haul ass, man.

There 23?

Yes, I'm asking for a run

on 28-foot truck when you're ready.

Go ahead.

White truck,
boy, Lincoln, x-ray,

9-8-5, should come back off that.

Hey Lex.

Yes Chief?

Run this plate for me.

Zero, niner, two, x-ray, foxtrot, Lima.

Zero, nine, two,
x-ray, foxtrot, Lima, got it.

Let's get out.


Careful, sweetheart.

Engine's cold.

Let's go down this path.

Careful here.

Oh my god, look at this place.

This is Devil's Dip,
I've been here before.


So now we're
looking for other people.

I know.

Why don't
you go around the bend.


- Be careful, hun.
- Okay.



It's dried.

There's a trail going down that way.

Yeah, this doesn't look good,
I'm gonna go check it out.


Look at this.


Well, they were camping
here, there's a fire.

It's out.

See the trail goes that way.

I know.

What do you think's happened?

Well, a lot of bad
things used to happen here.

Like what?

Sacrifices and things like that.


Talkin' 'bout long, long
time ago, with the natives.

Do you think?

No, no, not with 'em, can't be,

but something bad happened.

Let's go down this way.


Careful here, okay.

Yeah, watch yourself.

Hey, hey, hey.

- What?
- Wait a minute.

Be careful.


Oh Coni, oh my god, oh.

I, I told you you'd fall, didn't I?

You know what, it's kinda
nice in here, kinda refreshing.

Come on, let's go.

Come on baby, come in.

Come on.

Get out.

What the fuck?

Jess, get outta the water!

Get outta the water!







I'm gonna get you!

Bastard, I'm gonna get you!

Has the chief confirmed
if it's a crocodile yet?

Crocodile, alligator?

Whatever made that nest is in that lake.

You know your beard
looks a little different

from last time I saw you.

You think so?

A little bit.

Shaved a few years off me.

Hey you know that hot chick
from the Channel 6 news,

the reporter?

Yeah the, one?

- That's the one.
- Yeah.

Guess who's taking her
for dinner tomorrow night?


Um, it's the English accent.

Yeah, what is it with you limeys?

Where'd that even come from anyway?

Well you know history?

Yeah, I was top of my class.

Really, well, back in the day

when the Pilgrims came across,

the bartenders used to serve
all the sailors margaritas.

And by the time they landed
here, there was no limes left.

Hence the name, limeys, you get it?

Yeah, I remember that.

Yeah, I can see that.

Anyway, where'd you get the doobie from?

I got a connection in the evidence room.

Oh, really, well just make
sure the chief doesn't see it,

or smell it.

I'll be back, I'm gonna go take a piss.

Yeah well just make sure the crocodile

doesn't bite your balls off.

Take it easy out there.

Comes and get it crocodylus.

Crocodilly, whatever the
hell they're calling you.

Man, Lex got me out here wastin' my time,

babysitting an empty nest.

What the fuck?

Hey Trapper,
what's taking so long?

What the,

- what the fuck is that?
- Jump Trapper, jump and run!


Look man, I'm sorry to hear about Jess.

- Thank you.
- But you ain't gonna

find no answers in that glass right there.

Helped you when your
wife died, didn't it?

Oh yeah, for a bit.

But I still think about
her, every single day.

Now my boy.

Chase we're doing
everything we can to find him,

I swear to god.

Don't bullshit me,
Conrad, I know gators.

Anthony's gone, I'm sure of it.


now that Jess died I realize,

I realize I was not there for you.

Now I feel your pain, I'm sorry.

You feel my pain?

Conrad, you caused my pain.

I lost my wife, and you fired me.

You fired me, asshole!

But I'm a bigger man than
that, I'm gonna forgive ya.

Your pain ain't even begun yet.

All right, now we got that
out of the way, where are we?

Well this is gonna sound crazy.

Crazy huh, you forget
who you're talking to?

I'm the king of crazy.

Yeah, I know that.

Well Zak and those, those lab rats,

they think we're dealing with some sort of

gator, croc hybrid.

Are you fuckin' serious?

I saw this thing, I unloaded
a full clip on this thing

and it just swum away.

Now we gotta find its nest.

Well, Lex found
something but it was empty.

Maybe it's got another one.

Look, I don't give a shit what it is,

whether it's a croc or
a gator or a crocagator

or a crock a shit.

You took somethin' from
it, you took Jess from it.

And this thing's gonna
keep on killin' and killin'

and killin' until it gets what it wants.

You hear me?

So you're saying I
should go to the morgue,

get my wife, and take her to
a lake and use her as bait?

Are you fuckin' crazy or what?

No I'm fucking kidding you, Conrad.

Are you fucking kiddin' me?

Are you gonna go around town
and tell every single person,

hey, I'm sorry you lost your grandkid,

or your daddy, or your
aunt at the big picnic,

'cause I got no balls to put
my wife back where she belongs?

She would've wanted it, Conrad.

I'm sorry she's dead, but she is.

It needs her, it's gonna keep killing.

I'll do it.

I'll do it.

All right well, let's get it done then.


Guess I better go to the morgue then.

Want me to come with you?

No, no.



Goddammit Chase, I knew you would do this.

Dr. Williams, Chief McAvoy.

I'm on my way to get rid of this thing,

and I know you're involved with it.

I know it, so I'm on
my way to pick you up.

I'm on my way, just wait for me.

Right there.

Sorry about this, Jess.

Come on.

Thanks for coming.

I told you
I'd help you solve this.

I knew Chase was not gonna show up.

Whose idea was this anyway?

Don't remind me.

You know how to use this?

I've seen it in the movies once.

Aim this, pull this back.

That should do the job.

Let's do it.

I can't believe I let
Chase talk me into this.

Son of a bitch, drunk asshole.

What the hell was that?

That's the professor's creation.


Sorry I didn't tell you sooner,

I didn't wanna freak you out.

Too late for that, isn't it?

Now is the time we set things straight.

Wait, I can explain everything.

That's your creation?

No, no, you don't understand.

I've got the antidote, I can fix it.

- It killed my wife.
- Hit the lights!

I can fix this.

No, wait, wait, wait, wait, don't shoot.

Don't shoot, that's my son.

- Get outta the way!
- Don't shoot, stop.

Will, I have the antidote, I can help you.

This is for my wife.

Cut him up!

At least he can research in peace.

I can't wait to get this into my lab.

He's your problem now.