Croc (2007) - full transcript

A large man-eating crocodile terrorizes tourists and locals near Krabi, in Thailand. Michael Madsen plays a hunter stalking the immense reptile, while sub-plots include a rivalry between a foreigner, who owns a crocodile-farm, and a Thai man who plays a part in framing the foreigner for the crocodile's rampage.


Good morning, everybody!

Welcome to Jack's farm.

Good to see you here.

Good morning.
Good morning.


Step right this way,
ladies and gentlemen.

The ticket booth is over here.

There's no waiting in line.
Enjoy the show.

And don't forget to check out the
souvenir shop on your way out.

It is "Ten Percent Tuesday."

Not even in your dreams, Jack.

Is this all that you could get?

People are shopping,
not watching crocodile.

It's okay, ladies and gentlemen,

nothing to worry about!
Not terrorism.

Just a neighbor
doing some construction.

Konsong's still
trying to get you out?

Every day.

Take money, Jack.
Go somewhere new.

Over my dead body.

You want a donut?

But, listen,

help me keep an eye
on the woman in pink.

She looks suspicious.

Oh, man…

- Do I really have to?
- She's too old for you.

Why, you think she's
with the bureau?

I don't know.
Just keep an eye on her, all right?

Hold it! Hold it!
Slow down. Stop it.

Hold up!

Come here. I'll get it.

You really don't
have to do this.

You should make Theo do it.

He'll probably get
college credits for this.

Oh, yeah, that's good.
Wheelbarrow operator.

Definitely get
into Harvard with that!

You can't afford
another girlfriend, Jack.


Steady! Oh!
Tied game!

Three balls to go,
ladies and gentlemen!

Who's gonna come up next?
New York's taking the lead!

And New York's up ahead!

That's right!

Let's go, L.A. fans!

Make sure let's hear some noise!

Here comes New York! Oh!

We got us one more ball left!

Come on, New York,
don't let her down!

Give her some energy.
She's falling behind!

And the winner is L.A.!

Good job!

Very good job.
Thank you very much.

Let's hear it for L.A.
once again, please.

That's it!
Very good!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Okay. Do we have
any soccer players here today?

We've got a whole team
of soccer players.

What about a goalie?
Do we have a goalie?


Okay. Come on
down here.

All right.

What's your name, buddy?

My name is John.
Okay, this is John.

We got some big boys
on the other team,

so are you ready
to defend that goal?


Come on down!

Let's go over here.

Come over this way.

Here we go!
Oh, my goodness!

It's a score!

Here she comes!

Oh! There you go.
That's it!

Oh! Just a little bit off.
That's okay.

Here comes the Beckham curve!

Oh my goodness!
Get the last one! Ready?

Oh! Okay.
That's enough, that's enough.

Very good job. We're proud of you
despite these three balls here.

What do you guys think?
Did he do a good job or what?

Men and women, boys and girls,

this is one of the world's
greatest man eaters.

One snap of his jaws
could crush a human skull.

But right now our very brave
resident croc wrestler, Aji,

is about to attempt
the slide of death,

ending with his head in
this croc here's jaws.

That's it.

Before he does that,
ladies and gentlemen,

I have to ask for a moment of
silence, please.

Concentration is of
utmost importance,

and so is the safety,
as we value our employees.

You ready to do this, Aji?

You sure? Okay.

The slide of death,
ladies and gentlemen.

Oh! How about that?

A little bit too fast that time!
But don't worry, it's okay!

He's fine. We have someone else
who's equally as skilled.

Just a little bit
slower the next time.

This is Aji's young brother.

Now he will put his head
in the croc's mouth.

Do not try this at home.

Very skilled and very brave man.
Thank you very much.

Hey! Why don't you put
your head in there!

Because this… Could be my head.


Oh… god.

Oh, wait a second.

Not a scratch on me.

Thank you very much,
ladies and gentlemen.

We appreciate you
coming out today.

Enjoy the rest of the day.
Enjoy the souvenir shop

on your way out.

Hey. She say anything yet?

- Oh, yeah. She's waiting to see you.
- Bingo.

Department of Animal Welfare.

Evelyn Namwong. She said she's
responding to a citizen's complaint.

Konsong, you jackass.

He's really trying
to do you in, Jack.

It's not gonna be that easy.

You want me to put
a snake in her purse?

I'll take care of it.


We're having a new
promotion at the park,

and you happen to be the
fiftieth customer of the day.

you've won the grand prize.

What do I win?

A Sushi dinner for two at
any restaurant on the beach.

And since you happen to be alone,
I'd be honored to take you myself.

Are you trying to bribe
me, Mr. McQuade?

No. I'm just trying to put a
pretty smile on a pretty face.

Maybe you should consider feeding
your animals instead of me.

that's a courtship bellow.

You see, crocs are the most
vocal and sexually aggressive

of all the reptiles.

- Really?
- Scientific fact.

Since we're talking
about science here,

can I show you something?

Be my guest.

You see those little
brown things in there?

Curculionidae, weevils.

You're feeding your birds
parasites, Mr. McQuade.

I believe, technically,
they could be classified as a protein.


You have problems
with your food bins,

your water system's polluted…

I drink that water myself.

Your meats aren't fresh enough

because your
refrigerators aren't cold…

Hold on one moment.

You have to
understand something.

The reason our refrigerators
don't function properly

is because somebody's
cut off the electricity here.

Maybe you should
look into who that is.

Power is not my responsibility.

Right. But I bet you know
who it is, don't you?

What are you trying
to say, Mr. McQuade?

I work for the district.
Nobody tells me what to do.

- I have my own list.
- Uh-huh.

And I bet I'm
on top of it. Right?

You are not on top
of anything, Mr. McQuade.

You have 24 hours to comply
to these stipulations,

and I'll be back tomorrow
to see that you have.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

What about our Sushi dinner?

I'm a vegetarian.

So, that went well.

Yeah. She works for Konsong.
What do you expect?

You still got that camera?

Ready and waiting.

Let's put it to use.

Hi, crocodile.

The crocodile came to see me!

Well, that's good!

A crocodile came to see me.

I want to see…

How many more days?

You got one. And after that,

your whole family's
off the project.

Nah, don't even call.

I hope you've got some
good news to tell me.

She came up with
another payment.

It's that damn sister of his!

I told you to foreclose
on him last week.

You just can't foreclose on someone.
It's a whole process.

I'm putting that road through
there in two weeks no matter what.

So you better have
them out of there.

Have you heard from
the governor yet?

Said he'll see you at 8:00.

Tell Chang.

I didn't buy you a
seat on the council

to have McQuade still
giving me problems.

Everyone in town knows he's still
got more creditors than customers.

I've got Phan giving him an
ultimatum on his taxes today,

and animal welfare is
paying him a visit.

Animal welfare?
What the hell's that gonna do?

They can shut him down.

Son of a bitch!
You two, get him!

Hey, you guys! Get him!

Stop that guy!
Don't let him out of here!

Grab him!

Yeah! Go around!
Go around!

Yeah! Go around!

Get him!

Yo! Theo! Over here!

Jump in!

What happened?

I got the goods, man.

This whole section's
being built on your land.

Son of a bitch!

Oh! Oh!

Get him out of there.


What the hell's your
problem, Konsong?

Give me that.

No way.

You're going down, McQuade.


You either take
the offer I gave you,

or I'm gonna burn you
out of here.

All that work,
and we got nothin'.

Well, not exactly

Oh, Theo, come here!

I'm gonna get you a ginseng tea!

There you go.

Thank you.

There you go.



God, I'm gonna miss this place.

Yeah, but school's
more important.

So, what are you
gonna do with the photos?

Sell them to the judge.

You really think
it'll come to that?

Sooner or later, yeah.

She's cute.

Hi. You're back.

- How old?
- Shit. Twelve, maybe.

Yeah, right.
I'll be back in a minute.

Wait. Come here.
What are you doing?

You're too young to
pick up women in a bar.

She's just a kid.

He's coming…

Hi, I'm Theo.

Oh, hi.

- Jack?
- Yes?

Mr. Phan, federal tax bureau.

You have been avoiding me
for the last three months.

- May I sit down?
- Please.

Have a seat.
Need something to drink?

- What about a beer?
- No, thank you.

This will just take a minute.

Listen, I know I've been
kind of late on my payments…

It looks like your mate
is in a bit of trouble.

You have to pay
your taxes, Mr. McQuade,

or these gentlemen
are going to arrest you.

You're going to arrest me?

I sent you this form
three months ago.

75,000 baht?
That's impossible.

The last time I saw this,
it was $500.

- Interest.
- Interest?

Every day it keeps going up.
You have to pay it now.

Everything okay here?

Yeah. Except for the fact that
Mr. Phan here wants to put me in jail,

everything's fine.

Arrest you for what?

Mr. McQuade owes the
government $2,120.

Whoo! Two thousand?

Yeah. You don't happen
to have $2,000 on you, do you?

No, but I got it in the truck.
You want me to go get it?

Yeah, sure.

Keep an eye on my
girlfriend for me.

You guys wanna come with me?

No. They wait here.

Are you Theo's father?

No, I'm Theo's uncle.

Oh, uncle.
Is he really a rich man?

He's a pretty rich guy, yeah.

Have you ever heard of a big department
store in America called JC Penney's?

- Does he own that?
- A pretty big part of it.

You need to meet my sister.
Very good for you. Come.

If it's okay with you.

- Aroon.
- Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- So, Jack…
- Yes.

We are going to start a fire,

and you are going to
dive into the ocean.


- Come here.
- You what?

Just come here.

I don't…

Let's go! Get them!
Get them!

He's on the beach!

Get him!
He hasn't paid his taxes!

Where is he?

Jack! Get in! Get in!

Get him!

Get him!


You deserve an
award for this one.

It was the girls' idea.

- You're kidding me?
- I'm in love, Jack.

You girls are gonna get
in trouble for this!

We like trouble.


You guys okay?

Theo… JC Penney.

Who told you that?

Your uncle Jack.

- You okay?
- Awesome.

I just met a new girl,
and she's driving me crazy.

- What kind of girl?
- An angel.

At least I think she is.

Call me tomorrow.



♪ Chompoo has a boyfriend ♪

you guys go ahead.
We're gonna stay here for a while.

- Peter wants to be bad.
- See you later.

Better behave, Peter,
or KLIP will tell us everything about you.

This is great!

It's going to be a
nice day tomorrow.

You should come to
New Zealand with me.

New Zealand is too cold.

I'll keep you warm.

Is that all you
ever think about?

Most of the time.

Then you should stay here.

- Are you going to be nice to me?
- Very nice.

You brat!


What are you doing?








No, I need those permits
sent to me by tomorrow!

You understand?

You've had over
a month to do it.

- Miss Namwong is here.
- Send her in.

If you don't send them to
me by tomorrow by noon,

I can't start until next
year, you understand?

Okay. No later than noon.


Thanks for coming in so late.

I understand you went to inspect
the McQuade croc farm today?

- Yes.
- How'd that go?

- It went fine.
- Were there no problems?

There were a few
minor infractions,

but nothing serious.

I have to go back
tomorrow and finish.

How do I put this?
A lot of people in town,

including all the
council members,

want to see that
place shut down.

Animals shouldn't be
living in those conditions.

So when you come back tomorrow,

you'll share our point of view.

Well, I'm always interested
in the animals' welfare.

We understand each other, then.

You have a good evening, miss…


Right. Miss Namwong.

I look forward to seeing
your report tomorrow.

Good evening.

Evening, Mr. Konsong.

What's going on?

We just reported an accident.

What kind of accident?

My sister here saw a young girl

get attacked by a crocodile.

A crocodile?

Yes, sir.

Are you sure it was a crocodile?

I'm absolutely sure.

Its tail made a big splash,

and there was lots of blood.

Okay. I'll see you

Good night.

Come here.
That's it. Come here.

Oh, oh! Come here.
It's okay. It's okay.

Yeah, I know.
You're a loner, aren't you?

They're not gonna
come here tonight.

And even if they do,
I already transferred the money.

You don't have to
do that, Allison.

Heh. Well, it's better than
seeing my brother in jail.

Oh, no, not again.
You pay the bill?

Grab a blanket
and help cover these guys up.

Let's go.

Go, go, go.


Get this one first.



What time is it?

Uh, midday.

All right. You're crazy.

I just wanted to make sure
you really existed.

How's uncle Jack?

I haven't seen him this morning.

Can we hook up again later?

I have to go to
school until 4:00.

4:00? I don't know if
I can wait that long.

Theo? Theo?
Hold on.

They've got a problem down at
the croc pond. Get down there.

What kind of problem?
Just get down there.

I have to go.
I'll call you later.

Call me then.


He calls way too early.

Better than no call.

Have you seen KLIP? No.

She didn't come back last night.

She's probably with Peter.

I told her not to do that.

Do you have
his hotel number? Nope.

He's at the Hilton.

Kanya, hurry up in there.
Just a minute!

I need to go.

You shouldn't rush people
in the bathroom.

You can give them
bladder problems.

Peter Davidson' room, please.

What beach?

Did they say anything
about who he was with?

Thank you.
What happened?

They found Peter's wallet and
some clothes on the beach.

What about KLIP?

They didn't return
to the hotel last night.

We got to go. Stay with Kanya.
Get dressed.

Go where?
To the police station.

Hey, what happened?

Someone let the crocs out.

How many?
It looks like three.

Two are in the river.
One's in the hotel fish pond.

Oh, oh! Come back, come back.

Shouldn't you guys have a gun
or something?

It's okay, sir.
We've got it under control.

Get the sack.
We've got him.

Well done, guys.
I'm glad you got that under control.

So far, police have refused
to comment on the case.

But from what we've learned,
detectives are checking

the possible overnight

of two teenagers
from this popular beach.

This is miss Seng.

Thank you for coming.

Just want to confirm
that this is the area

where you last saw your
sister and Mr. Nichols?

Yes. Is this where you found
the clothes and the wallet?

Yes, over there.

What time did
you leave them last night?

Just before dark.

Do you have any idea
what happened?

We still don't know
anything yet.

They may have been swept out
by a current or something.

So you think they
could still be alive?

That's a possibility.

There was a big storm last night

so we have boats
searching the area.

Could your sister swim?

She's a good swimmer. Yes.

Wait here, please.

KLIP! That's her!

That's my sister.

Cover it up!
No, no! Cover it up!

My sister…

I hate the beach.
I hate the sand.

Someone get my case
here, please.

Can we have some privacy?

Don't worry about that.
Just get out of the way.

Do you think she could
survive with this missing?

Not if she was in the sea.

She'd bleed to death in minutes.

Looks like some possible
tooth lacerations here.

It could also be a prop.

A boat prop?

Do you know of any other kind?

What about a crocodile?

You must be joking.

Maybe not.

Well, it could be a croc
or a shark.

That's not going to sit very well
with the chamber of commerce.

Yeah. They've already
come talk to me.

How old was she?


Every time my wife
gets me back into temple,

something like this convinces me
it's a waste of time.


Jack McQuade just caught
one of his crocs by the river,

not far from here.

Get those sacks off.

Did you get a hold
of the vet yet?

Be about ten minutes.
She looks bad.

I'm going to go get
some peroxide.

We need to clean these wounds quick.
This needs to be treated.

She's back.

This is not a good time
for you to be here.

What happened?
Is he okay?

Last night someone
let out three of my crocs.

This one got stuck in a
fishing net on the Tao Lang.

So what are you going to do?

The question is,
what are you going to do?

Did you take care of
the things I listed yesterday?

Do I look like
I've had time to you?

They were not difficult
to fix, Mr. McQuade.

When someone's
letting my crocs out,

it's a lot more difficult
than you might think.

You should tell the police.

Maybe you were right about someone
trying to put you out of business.

Speak of the devil.

How're you doin', Phil?

I'm here
on official business, Jack.

I'm gonna have to shut you down.

What are you talking about?

For starters, endangerment
of public safety.

You know that's crazy, Phil.

We already know about
your three missing crocs.

Yeah. I'm sure you do.

Konsong had nothing
to do with this.

He cut the goddamn fence, Phil.

He's been trying to get me
out of here for months,

and you know that.

Your crocs may have killed
some teenagers last night.

No way.

We already have
physical evidence

and a possible eyewitness.

There's no way any of my
crocs could've killed anybody.

We're gonna have to shut you
down until we know for sure.

That's crazy.

We already caught two of them.

And the third?

This is serious, Jack.

You could be arrested
for manslaughter

if your crocs did this.

So far we've been keeping
this from the press.

But if it gets out and starts
affecting the tourist trade,

you're going to have more lawsuits
on your hands than you can handle.

Padlock the gates.

Is this one of the crocs
you caught?


We're gonna have to open her up.

I've got a medical examiner
on the way right now.

You're not touching that croc.

We need to see
what she's been eating.

She hasn't eaten anything.

Look, they don't even
know how to hunt

'cause they're raised
in captivity.

Besides, they don't eat

when they're stressed out.

He's right about that,
sergeant Deng.

If he'd eaten anything,
his stomach would be distended by now.

But there's nothing there.

What about the other croc?

We caught her in the
hotel grounds next door.

It didn't hurt anybody.

It's all over the news.

They've got an eyewitness that
saw the croc attack a girl.

You said you saw a girl calling
for someone in the water?

She was looking all around her.

And then what happened?

You want some milk?



I'll get it.

…and went under.

And was that
when you saw the crocodile?

Hey, hey, hey!

What the hell's going on, Andy?

They shut down McQuade's farm…
That's what's going on.

This croc thing,
it's all over the news.

So? It's McQuade's
problem, not ours.

And you had nothing
to do with this?

No way.

Leave us for a minute.

Are we still going to the races?

Later. Leave!

I've already had
the mayor calling me.

You know what this can do
to the tourist business?

It's not our croc, cap!

I mean, McQuade's going to prison for
this, then we get his farm.

What's the problem?

There is no problem.

But if you did have
something to do with this…

You've got to get rid of
all the people that helped you.

You understand?


I've already taken care of
all your gambling debts again.

You should try to be
more careful.

Next time, bro…
I'll win.

You okay?

He's here.

What's the matter?

Get out of here!

You just stay away from us.

What's wrong?

You killed our cousin.

I didn't do anything.

It was your animal that did it.

That's not true.

Just get out of here.

Are you Theo?


Did you see Chompoo?


She really likes you.

I'll see you later.

I'm Kanya, by the way.
Youngest one in the family.

Yeah, that was good.

You got to put it on your nose
too, okay?

On your nose. No.

In the water now.
Whee! Off you go.

You need to get these
kids out of the water!

We've got a croc out here!
What kind of croc?

One that eats people!

Yeah, right.
I'm not joking.

You need to get the kids
out of there now!

Okay, you kids!
Get out of the water now!

I don't want to get out!

You heard the man, Raymond!

Out of the water now!


I don't want to!

Ah, let the croc eat him.

I'm not going out…




Oh, my god!



You got to help him!
Please help my son!

Hey, there!

Oh, my god.
It's got a kid.

Did you see it?
Yeah, under the boats.

Liz, you got air in those tanks?

Yeah! What's going on?

Croc just took a kid.

Where'd it go?
Under the boats.

Where's Jerry?
In town.

I need a bang stick.
You got one? Yeah.

I'm going with you.

No, you stay here.

You need someone at your back.


You okay?
He's still alive!

No, it's okay.
You're okay.

You're okay.
It's all right.

No! He's still alive!
We have to do something!

He took him out to sea.
We don't have air to go out there.

I don't care!

Are you okay?

It's about a 20-foot salty.
Took the kid out to sea.

Do you want to go out there?

Not unless you've got a harpoon.

You all right?

"Crocodylus Porosus.

"Salt water or estuarine croc.

Largest amphibian on the planet,
up to 18 feet long."

This one's gonna
break the record.

Yeah, but where
did it come from?

Australia, originally.

Although they've migrated
through all of southeast Asia.

Crocs kill hundreds
of people every year,

but this one,
he's upping the ante.

Dinosaurs, man. Look at this.

300 million years old.

One of the oldest
living species on earth.

I've never heard of one
coming this far north before.

It's global warming.

Do you think it'll strike again?

Twenty-odd feet long.

It could eat like this
every day for months.

We got to help catch this one.

It's a rogue.


Hi, it's me.

I was just thinking about you.
I'm glad you called.

How're you doing?

I'm okay.

I'm sorry everyone was so nasty.

It's not true what
they're all saying, Chompoo.

There's something else out there,
but no one wants to believe it.

We had nothing to do with this.

I know that.

I want to see you again.

I want to see you, too.



I have to go. Call me
tomorrow afternoon.

I was talking with Molly.

You should be in bed now.

They look so innocent.

They are innocent.

Not when they grow up.

These are a different breed.

The croc we saw yesterday
is from a different era.

A monster from the past.

My grandfather got me a baby
croc for my tenth birthday.

It was grass green
and six inches long.

Sounds like a caiman.

Not the best of pets.

Ate my favorite hamster. Oops.

Yeah, so we gave it away
to the zoo,

and then I got a red-tailed boa.

Now, there's a pet.

Ten feet long,
pees and poops like a Saint Bernard.

I had to feed it live
rabbits every two weeks.

You did that?

Not anymore.

I grew squeamish in my old age.

That's good. Nobody wants
a killer for a girlfriend.


Sergeant Deng.

I'll be right back.


Want an Espresso?
Make it a double.

Did you find our croc?

I guess I owe you an apology, Jack.

Have you seen the news?


Well, turn on your TV.

It should be coming on
just about now.

…and, in a surprise
to local law enforcement

who believe
a locally-trained croc

was responsible
for recent attacks,

TV cameraman Allen tong
shot this amazing footage

at Black Rock River
this morning.

This is a real croc,
ladies and gentlemen.

The man fishing in this boat

has absolutely no idea
it's there.

One of our technicians has
estimated the size of this monster

to be at least twenty feet long.


You going after this thing?

The city's putting up
a $50,000 reward

for the capture of this croc,
dead or alive.

I thought you wanted to keep
this thing out of the press.

Things have changed, Jack.

I'll speak to you later.

I can't believe there's
this many people going after him.

Yeah. Fifty thousand
dollars is a lot of money.

There won't be anything left
alive once they've finished.

That'll include a few
hunters, if I know this croc.

I'm sorry I freaked out

Anybody would.

I think you did great.

It's crazy.

This is unbelievable!

Yeah. What's
your instinct?

What instinct?

You need to feel
what the croc feels.

You see what he sees.

Not if he's underwater.

He's not underwater.

They eat, and they sleep…

And they eat again.

Feelin' it?

He wouldn't get up
on the sand here.

No cover.
He's probably headed to the lagoon.

This is where
he went back into the water.


What happened?

You made too much noise.
That's what happened.

That thing has ears like a bat.

I've been out here for hours.

You just blew it off
in ten seconds.

Why didn't you shoot him

Because I'm stuck in the mud.

Is that a fact?

Yeah, that's a fact.

Come on.
Give me a hand, would you?

Come here.

One, two, three.

Oh, shit!
You are stuck.

Oh, thanks.

Been tracking this thing
for nine months,

and I end up stuck in the mud.

So, you know this guy
personally, or what?

Yeah, you might say so.

Stainless steel.

If he bites me,
all his teeth are gonna fall out,

and I'll blow his brains out.

Oh, sorry. Hawkins.

Croc Hawkins.
Evelyn Namwong.

And this is Jack.

Jack McQuade.

Jack, you might want to
get out of the water.

He's got a nasty habit
of circling back around.

Cape buffalo do the same thing.

So, uh… hold on. Shh! Shh!

I got him! I got him!

Come on.
Come on.

You see him?

Right here!

Make sure he's dead!

All right!
Look at him!

That's a tame croc
you just killed.

Yeah! Now! Ha ha ha!

My croc.

Who cares?
$50,000, man.

If you wanna spend
that money with your friend,

I suggest you tell him
to get out of the water.

Who the hell are you, anyway?



Should we go after him?

That would be
a great, big waste of time.

You don't have a photo, do you?

A what?

Hi. Come in.

Is it okay?

Everything is…
They've all seen the news.

You remember Kanya?

Yeah, I do.
I got you this.



She's so cute!


I hope it's okay.

Sunee will be mad,
but she loves puppies.

Come with me, little one.
I'm gonna get you some food.

So, are you all right?

Better now you're here.

You want a beer?

Yeah. Is that okay?

It's just you and me.

I'm glad you're here.

Yeah, so am I.

So how long do you think he's
gonna stick around here for?

I figure if he's gone this far,

he must've set up
a larder by now.

A larder?

It's a rot pit.

It's a place where
he brings his victims

and lets them rot until
they taste just right,

and then he eats them
at his leisure.

Usually located underwater.

Yeah, well, how are we
supposed to find that?

Well, that's the $50,000
question, now, isn't it?

Do you want some more?

I'm cool, thanks.

So, how many Thai girls
have you been out with?

That's it?
That's it.

I don't believe you.

It's the truth.

What was her name?


I think you're very good at this.

Okay, so how many American
boys have you been out with?


How many is that?

I haven't been out with any.

What's he doing?

She's barking at something
under the house.

She's smelling something.
What does it smell like?

It's probably a crab.


It smells like
Mr. Singh's bad breath!

Curry and onions.

Hey, Kanya!
Get out of there!

What is it?

Aah! Kanya! Kanya!

It was
really scary because…

It kept coming up
through the floor

trying to bite me and my puppy.

Hmm. What did
you do?

Well, I don't remember
all the details

because I was in shock,

but I remember it was bad,
really bad.

Are you gonna continue
living in the house?

No way. I'm not going
near the water

until they catch that thing.

I want to live
in a tall building.

I'm just glad I spent
time at Jack's croc farm

learning what to do.

What did you do?

We basically retreated.

Sounds like a politician.

Heh. At least
he's talking up the farm.

Can you believe what that
thing did to that house?

They're turning this whole thing

into a publicity campaign
for their park.

We're gonna get him
on his taxes today.

It's that damn sister of his.

She keeps bailing him out.

We need…
To get rid of her.

It's not gonna be easy.

What's the alternative?

You want to lose
everything that we've got?



All right.

I'll take care of it.

She's beautiful.

She make your bum itch?

A little.

How long have you had her?

About three years now.
Got her in Chiang Mai.

Well, I guess she won't be
shutting us down anymore.

Well, she got fired
this morning.


You okay?

I love it.

You just need to shave her back.

Yeah, I'll get on that.

What the heck is that?

Wh-what are you doing?

Hold on there for a second.

I don't think this is
such a good idea, Jack.

He came last night…

Just like Hawkins said.

So, I heard he paid you
a visit, huh?

Yeah, how'd you know?

Oh, just a gut feeling, I guess.

You think he'll come back?

No, I doubt it.

He's not a young stud.

I tell you what.
I'm taking my boat out

to see some
good friends of mine,

and they know all about him.

Why don't you get that
good-looking girlfriend of yours

and go with me?

What kind of friends?

Why do you ask
so many damn questions?

I just want to know if I should
be wearing a suit or not.

I think shorts will be fine.


You okay?
Yeah, it's just…

I dedicated my whole life
to conservation, you know?

And now I'm about
to kill something.

Extenuating circumstances.


There's gonna be no room left

for anything but people on
this earth soon, you know?

I think you're
gonna need that drink.

What is he having?

You don't want to know.

Here you go.

A shot of O.J. in your vodka.

Nectar of the gods.

So, who are all
these people anyway?

You can't have
this many friends.

You must think
I'm pretty boring.

I don't think
you're boring at all.

They're the ones
that couldn't run fast enough.

The ones that couldn't
think fast enough.

The ones that couldn't
swim fast enough.

These are all the
people he killed? Mm.

It's amazing that anything
could cause that much pain.

Funny thing is…

Most of them thought
having their photo taken

would make them immortal.

I guess, in a funny way,
they kind of are.

I'm keeping them alive.

Till I find the killer,

they're just waiting.

Waiting for what?

To move on.

Who are they?

The Andamans.

They're boat people.

They've been living on
the water for generations.

They the ones who knew
about the Tsunami?

Yeah. They know
all the signs.

They're very smart.

That's why they're still here.

Get that stern line, would you?

This is the admiral.
He speaks very little English.

Very little.

You live in a very wild place.



Oh, how cute!

Her husband.

Are all of these people
in the pictures your friends?


He says it killed
a few fishermen down south.

The damn thing
must be on the way here.


They think it's the devil

Do you know where it is now?

Big rock. Staying deep.

Water warm now.

Jack is jandu.

What's that mean… jandu?

Avenging angel.

They think I'm here
to kill their enemy.

What, and you're not?

Oh, I'm gonna kill it.

Anything else?

Anybody want anything else?

No, I'm good, thanks.

Jack, Evelyn.
What are you guys doing here?

Hey, we just finished.

You can take the table and
pay the bill if you want.

Thank you very much,
but I'll be over here.

Don't listen to him.
The mayor gave us money to eat

and get a hotel room.

Hey, that's great.

First good politician
I ever heard of.

Did you include the bill that my
friend ran away from yesterday?

All included.

But next time,
I'll chase you down.

Listen, guys,
we got to go. All right?

So let's not waste
any more time.

We're on our way.

All right, she's on her way out.

Turquoise blouse.

And looks like she's
with the manager, too.

Okay, I got them.

They seem like a nice family.

Yeah. She's raising
all of them on her own.

It's pretty amazing.

Yeah, and that's not
an easy job.Hmm.

Theo seems pretty sweet
on Chompoo.

Yeah, and why wouldn't
he be, you know?

Yeah, well, I think he's a
little bit young for all of this.

What's he doing?

What's he doing?
What's going on?


Get down!


Let's go.

Are you okay? Yeah.

Call the cops and the ambulance.


Are you all right?



You know, I had
a really good time today.

Me, too.

You know, I feel about you
losing your job and all.


But what?

Well, think about it.

Now we've got nothing
to fight about.


Oh! Jesus! That hurt.

I really liked that job.


Something happened
to your sister

at the back of the restaurant.

Is she okay?
I don't know.

Like I told you,
the guy tried to run us over,

slammed into a car,
and then just ran off.

You guys okay?
Thank you.

Um, we're fine for now.
What happened?

The guy in that truck…
He just tried to run us down.

Where'd he go?
I don't know.

He just ran off somewhere.

That direction.

How's he doing?
I don't know.


How you doing?

I know you're there.
Why don't you answer me?

You tried to kill my sister?

You're gonna pay.

You hear me?

You're gonna pay for this.

The police are here.

What are you barking at?

Shut up.

Chong, come here.


We're going to the casino.

We'll be back later.

Sure you don't want to come?


Can you take Chong inside?

What's he barking at?

I don't know.
He's just a stupid dog.

He's been doing it all day.


Well, we'll see you later, then.

Don't spend all my money.

Aah! Aah!






Uh… I need the police
and the ambulance

at the Konsong residence.

This is Mr. Konsong!

confirm your address for us, sir.


Are you still there?

Mr. Konsong?

Hello? Are you there?


I'm sorry you had to
see this, ma'am.

How long will it take
for it to get cleaned up?


Thanks, officer.

Is it true that they can
smell someone that far away?


I've seen them walk five
miles across a rough road

just to make one kill.

It looks like he went
back into the river.

The question is, which way
did he go from here?

He made a circle.

Killed that poor kid at
the harbor to the south.

Two on the beach west.

The hunter in the east.

Now these two here.

By my reckoning,

that puts him on the big island.

Probably at the entrance
to the river.

Dead center, in front
of all the killings.

So would you like me
to put some people together?

No. We're gonna
take care of this on our own.

The prize money.

It ain't about the money.

It's about revenge.

Pure and simple.

If you start at this point,

the current will
bring you back along the base.

There's no way to see it from
the land like an air vent?

It's just a small hole.

All right, guys.
Get ready.

You follow us with the zodiak.

Yeah, but what if
he comes in the boat?

Then I'll blow its brains out.

Don't get cocky, now.

This is his territory,
not yours.

Don't forget that.

Be careful!

How long can he stay down there?


Maybe longer,
if he's just waiting.

What size pit hole
we looking for?

Three to four feet wide
for a croc that big.

Do you think it'll come here?

Anything might happen.

Do you see them?

Yeah, they're straight ahead.

I should have been out there!

They're not paying attention!


Aah! Oh, my god!
He's got Allison!


Mum! Mum!

Can you see her?


We're going in.
Come on in.

I'll show you
how to run this thing.

Mum! Mum!

What happened?

Jack, he got mum

and took her
right out of the boat.


Just there!

Get back in Hawkins' boat.

We must be getting
close to the pit.

See if you
can find the entrance.

I'm going ashore.

Don't get too close
to the rocks.

If you lose power,
you'll lose the boat.


You're on your own, kid.

We're going toward the land.

I didn't even see it.

How deep is it over there?

I don't know…
Maybe 10, 20 feet?

Maybe we'll get her back.

Do you really think
she could still be alive?

I don't know.

Well, do you think
there's a chance?






That's Jack!
He's down there!

Follow me!

Look at this place.










Over here.


Jack, it's coming to get you!


Jack! Allison!

Watch out!



Jack! Swim!

Jack! Swim!

Swim, Jack!

Swim, Jack!

It's coming!


Pull him!

Pull him!

Let go of him!

Come on!

I can't hold him!

I can't hold him!


Hurry up!

See if there's
another way down there.

Come on!


No, this is the only way in.

We can't get his mouth open!

He's running out of air!

Cut off his leg!

What? No!
I can't! I can't! What?!

You have to.
He'll die if you don't.

Cut off the leg!
Cut it off!

If you don't do it,
he's gonna die!

Give me the knife!

Come on.


Got it?

Come on, get him
to swim, quickly.


You're a strange guy.

You think so, huh?

This obsession with the
photos of all the victims…

They were all innocent people.

I think animals have a natural
instinct to protect themselves,

and I guess mankind
does the same thing.

And you're that man, eh?

Yes, I am.

Was that how you lost your leg?

Oh, hell no.

I lost that leg driving
a forklift in the Navy.