Crimes of the Mind (2014) - full transcript

The true story of Carolyn's Raeburn's daughter who graduated from high school at the age of 16. Laura was bright, popular and enthusiastic about the future, but the summer before she was to begin college, an event occurred changing forever the lives of her and her family. Laura visited a boarding ranch in the country to learn horseback riding. And there, she entered a world dominated by a strange and fearsome woman who took control of Laura's mind. She was groomed to replace the woman's dead daughter. Carolyn spent the next five years of her life, much of her sanity and more than half a million dollars to get her daughter back.

- Watch yourself.

- Police! Open the door!

Open the door, or I'm gonna kick it in!

- Carolyn Raeburn? Turn away from me.

Get down on the ground. Down on your knees, right now.

Hands behind your head.

Cross your ankles.

Stand up.

Carolyn Raeburn, you're under arrest for the kidnapping

and murder of your daughter, Laura Warner.

We have a warrant. Where is Alex?

- He's not here.

There's no one else in the house.

- Check it out. - Mm-hmm.

You're arresting me

for kidnapping my own daughter.

It's ridiculous.

How do you kidnap your own daughter?

- Yeah? Well then where is she?

- Upstairs is all clear.

- Come on.

Cover 19, 10-13, report status.

10-95, suspect is in custody.

House all clear. No other suspects in the house.

Heading back to the station. - Watch your head.

Whoo, look at what we got here.

Okay, quiet down in here.

Yo, hey!

Hey! Can I get my phone call?

- So you're the world's greatest mom.

You know, I've been lookin' for you all my life.

Now how could they bust the world's greatest mom?

What did you do?

Did you forget to leave a note for the milkman?

You don't look like anything I ever saw in here before.

What'd you do?

- Well, they say I kidnapped my daughter.

- Your own kid? - Hmm.

- Is that possible?

I mean, how do you kidnap your own kid?

- I didn't.

♪ Happy birthday to you

I rescued her.

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ And many more

- Yay! - Ooh!

♪ For he's a jolly good fellow

- Keep singing, keep singing.

- That's gorgeous, Carolyn.

When did you have time to bake it?

- Are you kidding me? This is all Laura's doing.

- Oh, I just followed the recipe

and squiggled it with some icing.

- I don't know how any of you

expect me to blow out all of those candles.

- I'll stand behind you, old man.

In case you pass out.

Oh, thanks. Appreciate it.

- I'll help you.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You have to make a wish.

- Hmm. - Got it?


- All right. What'd you wish for?

- Do you not know the rules?

You don't ask him what the wish is, or it won't come true.

- All right. Open your presents.

- All right. I can't wait to see what you got me.

- Hey, it's tough shopping for the man who has everything.

- And still keep it under five bucks, right?

Five bucks, right.

- Ooh, I'm guessing knee socks.

- Wait, Alex, before you open that.

How about the three of you get together

and let's get a family picture.

- Oh yeah, perfect. - Really, is it that bad?

Come on. - Good, good, good.

Yes, over by the fireplace. That'll look so nice.

- That's a good spot. - Come on, Laura,

get in the middle. - Oh, oh, family sandwich.

Yes, that's great! You guy's ready?

- Say, "Mozzarella."

- Mozzarella. - That's not what you say.

You look so scholarly.

- Thanks.

Hey, I'm supposed to walk with the rest of the class, right?

- Yeah, of course. Why?

- Just some girl at school was saying

that since technically I'm in the eleventh grade

and I didn't go all four years,

that I'm not supposed to walk with those seniors.

- Okay. She is just jealous. - Maybe.

Mom, let's go to the mall and get my graduation dress.

I mean, we can do it together.

- Aw, honey, you know I wish I could,

but I've already been gone from the office for a few hours

and we are really busy lately.

- Yeah, don't explain. You're always busy.

- Honey, that's not fair.

Ooh, how about this?

I will give you the black card,

I will drop you off at the mall,

you buy whatever you want and then Alex will scoop you up

on his way home from work.

- I hate going to the mall by myself. It's embarrassing.

- So then just call someone to meet you there.

- Yeah, there's not anyone

I really wanna hang out with right now.

Oh. Honey, I'm sorry.

Look, sweetie. I know it's hard right now

but college will be different.

Right, you're really gonna come into your own

and you will make some great friends, I promise.

- Hey, listen, um,

I kinda got invited to this grad night party.

Um, well I'm kind of tagging along

with someone that was invited.

But it's Tuesday night after the ceremonies.

- Now that sounds fun. Well, great!

- Yeah, um, only, it goes 'til, you know,

like four or five in the morning.

Sorry, what?

What are you gonna be doing

until four or five in the morning?

- Nothing. I mean we're just gonna be hanging out.

We'll probably be at Lucy's house.

- I'm sorry. Who's Lucy? - A new friend.

- And she is? - Why all the questions?

You're always saying

I should take the initiative to make new friends.

- Honey, taking initiative is one thing.

Hanging out 'til four or five in the morning

with people I don't know, is a completely different matter.

You're 16 years old.

- But Mom, I'm gonna be graduated high school.

- Yes, and you'll still be 16 years old,

and that's not an adult, it's not even close.

All right, trust me on that.

Look, I don't think it's appropriate for anyone that age

to be out until five o'clock in the morning, okay?

So, no. 12:30, max.

- Mom, where are you? I'm gonna be late.

- Honey, we had an emergency,

but Judd is coming to pick you up right now.

- Well, you are coming to my graduation, right?

- Well, of course we are.

I just need to take care of a few things.

Look, be ready when Judd gets there.

And don't worry,

your father and I are not gonna miss your graduation.

Okay. All right, I'll see you soon.

Yeah! Yes!

- Laura?

Baby, I'm sorry. - Go away!

- Look, honey, one of our trucks

had an accident on the freeway, and-

- Mom! Just don't, okay?

It was my one and only high school graduation,

and as if I needed any more reason to feel like a freak,

my own parents weren't there.

- Oh, I know, and I'm so sorry.

It is certainly not the way

we intended this day to go for you, all right?

But, you know, you're old enough to know

that sometimes things happen that are out of your control.

And everyone has responsibilities.

You know, what kind of person would I be

if I didn't live up to mine?

I know this doesn't make the day any better, but...

Come on. Okay.

And brace yourself,

'cause, dun dun de da!

- Surprise! Huh?

What do you think? Isn't she beautiful?

- Go on. Have a look.

- I mean, yeah, I guess,

but I thought we talked about a mini pickup.

This is just so...

- You're gonna love this car.

Imagine driving around campus with the top down,

wind in your hair, huh?

- Yeah, I mean you're gonna be

the coolest freshman on campus.

And we got it loaded.

It has the GPS, the navigation system, uh, hands free,

an iPod dock so you have all your tunes.

Come on, take a seat.

- Come on. Take your stepdad for a ride, huh?

Looks like you bought me again, Mom.

You're welcome.

- How's your mood? - Good. Why?

- Wagner's order is off.

How? - By 1,200 units.

What? - Can you fix it?

We can fix it, but we calibrated the entire-

Yeah, but- - Hi, Alex.

- Hi, sweetie. How are ya?

- Good, thank you. - Good to see you.

- Is that your new car out there?

Graduation present? - Mm-hmm.

- Congratulations. - Thanks.

- You're 16!

How does anybody graduate from high school at 16?

- Just spend your entire childhood behind a book

and don't waste any time with friends and a social life,

and it's easy. - She's smart, that's how.

Now go make me some money.

- Got it, all right.

See you later. I want a ride in that car.

Okay. - 'Kay. Bye.

- Bye. - Ready to get to work?

Sure could use that big brain of yours here.

- Um, not really. I just came to see Mom.

- Sweetie, school's been out for a week already.

I thought you were gonna work here this summer?

- Well, I just wanna take some time off

and not do anything, is that okay?

- I guess. Just don't get lazy, all right?

- Hi. - Mom!

Okay, I need to just ask you something.

But just, okay, listen, and let me explain

before you say anything. - Uh-oh.

You ready? - Mm.

- I wanna take riding lessons. Horseback riding.

- Is this the part where I can say no?

- Mom, seriously?

'Kay, do you know the time

when I went to Lindsey's grandparents house in Grass Valley

and we rode horses? - Mm-hmm.

- Well, it was so much fun and I got really good at it

and well, there's a lot of stuff I need to learn,

and I really want to do this.

Ah. Where is this place?

- Well, it's out in Moorpark. - Honey, that's really far.

- It's not that far.

Besides, I have a car now, I can drive myself.

- True. Uh, how did you hear about this place?

- Um, online.

Mom, I drove out there this morning,

and the people are so nice,

and they can teach me everything I need to know.

- But how are you gonna manage this?

You're gonna be really busy.

- Well, not everyone's as busy as you.

- Yeah, but you start college in the fall.

- Well, yeah, I've got all summer.

And I wanna major in animal studies anyway, this is perfect.

Mom, just, just come out and see the place, please.

Just meet the people before you say no.

- I, I don't know if I'm gonna have enough time to...

Okay. When do you wanna go?

Don't distract him. You're doin' a good job.

Good job, Dana!

Way to go, Dana.

You're doing a good job. - Yeah!

That looks good.

Bring the horse around.

All right, you guys. - Well it's,

certainly secluded. - It's perfect.

There's lots of trails and canyons to ride in.

- Mm. Lots of snakes, no doubt.

- You're such a worrier.

That's Marty.

- Hi, Laura. - Hi, Merilee.

- Howdy.

- I told you I'd come back.

This is my mother, Carolyn Raeburn.

- Ms. Raeburn. It's a pleasure.

Marty Fowler. You can call me Marty, everybody else does.

- All right, well then you should call me Carolyn.

- Marty, can I go riding?

- Sure you can. Just, uh, have Kelly saddle up Last Chance.

- Hey, Laura. I'll pick you up at five, okay, hun?

- Girls. They love horses.

I can't exactly tell you why.

Of course, I've been around 'em my whole life.

Loved 'em forever.

Maybe 'cause they're just so big and lovable.

- Well, Laura's love of horses is, uh,

something of a new development.

I'm curious to see how long the fascination lasts.

- Dana, reins up!

Keep your back straight. Attagirl.

My husband and I run the place.

We teach kids how to care for the horse,

how to ride, how to show.

I think Laura's gonna do real well here.

- Well, she loves animals and she's hoping to be a vet,

so it seems like great experience.

Hey, Laura, you take him.

Hey, horsey.

She's so fun. - Hey.

Just be real gentle. - Yeah, I will.

Yeah, the horse. So cute.

Yeah, he's a beautiful horse, isn't he?

You're doing great.

Last Chance likes you, Laura.

- How can you tell?

- He told us so. Didn't he, Kelly?

Oh, so you talk to horses now?

- Horses are smart. Marty taught us to talk to them.

It's easy once you learn.

- Marty says you're doing great.

You've taken to riding quicker than anyone she's ever seen.

She said that?

That's my daughter!

She doesn't wanna go with you.

Get off my property! - I need to see her right now.

- I have every right. - You have no right.

- Get in your car. - That's Dana's father.

Listen to me. - He keeps trying

to get her to go back home. - Why won't she go?

She doesn't want

to see you anymore. - Likes it better here,

I guess. - I have every right.

Listen to me, listen to me.

No, she's not here.

Listen to me. - She's not here.

She's not here! - Listen to me.

- Laura! Eyes straight forward.

Don't let him wander.

- Hmm, she looks so great up there.

Yeah, she's a real fast learner.

- You know, she mentioned that

that horse she's been riding is for sale, is that right?

- Well, yeah, most of our stock is for sale.

Laura's got a real crush on Last Chance.

Oh, he's all she ever talks about.

We said we were never gonna buy her a horse.

But, you know, seeing her like this,

it would be a real shame

if that horse got sold and taken away.

Mom! Isn't he wonderful?

- Yeah, he is. Oh, I can't believe I'm saying this.

Do you want him? - You mean it?

- Well, if I can soften Alex up,

somebody might be having a very happy birthday.

- Oh, Mom, thank you!

Thank you, thank you! Oh my god!

Yeah, don't thank me yet.

Let me get some numbers from this lady.

- Well, Joel does all the horse trading around here.

Let's find him. Hey, Joel!

My husband, Joel. Let's go up to the house and talk shop.

She's a natural, that one.

She reminds me a lot of my daughter.

- Hmm. I didn't know you had a daughter.

She must be a heck of a rider.

- She was. Until she died.

She was Laura's age. - I'm so sorry, Marty.

I had no idea. What happened?

Was it a riding accident?

- It was no accident. She was murdered

by a group of girls.

- Well, you got him. I knew you would.

You get everything you want, don't ya?

- You ready? - For what?

- Well, we're gonna go shopping.

Get you some school clothes.

- Oh, well, not today. I'm going to the ranch.

- But I took the morning off of work

and I know you don't have lessons today, so.

- Well, Marty says I can come by any time I want.

- Look, honey, I know you like it there

and that's a great thing but-

- Marty's been teaching me so much.

And the girls are so nice.

- Okay, school starts in the fall,

you're gonna be really busy.

You have to think about rolling this back.

- I know, and that's why I'm trying

to get as much riding in as I can.

Okay, I'm sorry I wrecked your plans,

but can I go? - Yes.

But you have to promise me once school starts,

no more ranch.

- We all have to be in this world, don't we?

But we don't have to be of this world.

Humans by nature are cruel,

they're selfish, they're wicked.

Dogs don't sin. Rabbits don't sin.

Birds, horses, even snakes, they don't sin, do they?

No - No, animals are pure.

- Laura. Do people sin?

Who's the biggest sinner you know?

Come on, Laura, think about it.

It's someone you live with. Someone you see every day.

Somebody that tells you that she loves you,

but she only loves herself.

- My mother? - Think about it, Laura.

She leaves you alone all day to work

so she can buy her things.

I've seen her enough to know her.

She's of this world, Laura. Don't be like your mother.

Oh, how fortunate are we to have each other?

And this place as our refuge.

To not be of this world and all the sin.

Now y'all have chores to do, get goin'.


I don't think you should come here any more.

- What? Marty, why?

- The girls say that you're not doing your chores properly.

Horsemanship is not just about riding, Laura.

It's about hard work and responsibility.

I'm disappointed in you, Laura.

You said you wanted to learn everything about horses.

You said you wanted to be a good rider.

You said you wanted to be the best.

- I do! - Aw, sweetie.

It's not your fault. You're just spoiled.

You've had everything handed to you, your whole life.

But things, important things, you have to work for.

Like I did to make this place what it is.

You have to suffer to appreciate the good things.

But that takes a lot of dedication and hard work.

And Laura, I just don't think that you have it.

I do, Marty. Really!

- Then you have to do everything I say. Everything.

Or I'm just gonna have to tell your mom

you can't come here anymore. - No, don't! Please!

Look, I wanna learn. I really wanna get good.

- I see great things in you, Laura.

Now go clean the stables.

I'm gonna give you one last chance.

- Hi, it's Carolyn Raeburn. Is Laura there?

No, Mrs. Raeburn. Laura left hours ago.

You wanna talk to Marty? - No, never mind.

Laura, come in here, please.

Where have you been? - At the ranch.

- Well, I just called there and, uh, Kelly or whoever,

said that you haven't been there in hours.

So, why would she lie?

- Maybe they're just tired of you calling all the time.

- Well, maybe I have to because you're always there!

Look, sit down.

- Why? - Laura, sit down.

Your mother and I need to talk to you.

- We got a letter from Northridge University today.

They sent back our tuition check. You withdrew from classes?

- I was gonna tell you, okay? I'm sorry, I forgot.

I've decided against Northridge.

- You decided against it? But, this was all planned.

- Well, it was your plan.

I'm not ready for college.

There's other things I wanna do first.

- What, like sit on the back of a horse

for the rest of your life?

- Yeah, this has gone to far, all right.

There's no more riding lessons.

There's no more Rocking J. Ranch.

- Mom, No! You can't do that!

- Well actually, because we pay for all of it, yes, we can.

There's more to life than riding horses, Laura.

And one of the most important things

is your college education, and it starts next month.

- I'll cut back, Mom. Okay, I promise.

I won't go back so much.

- No, I'm sorry. It's too late for that.

I'll sign up for junior college.

I'll do it tomorrow. I will.

Just, don't. You can't take Last Chance away from me!

- We don't want to take your horse from you, but-

- Well then let me go back to the Ranch.

Look, I'll cut back, I promise. I will.

I'll go to Valley College in September, okay? I promise.

Mom, please, just...

I'll do whatever you want. I'll do anything.


- Marty's mad at you.

- I'm going to start my chores now.

I'm sorry I'm late. I had to make up a class.

- You have to make a decision, little girl.

Just how important are horses to you?

- They mean everything Marty, I told you.

- Well, I don't think so.

School takes up too much of your time. You can't do both.

- My mother makes me go to school.

- Your mother's crazy! - She's not crazy.

- She sees a psychiatrist. That's what you told me.

Only crazy people see a psychiatrist.

Laura, you're just gonna have to grow up

and start making your own decisions.

I mean, why would you go to college

if you don't even wanna go?

I am teaching you a profession here.

You could make horses your life.

Don't you want that?

Then stand up to that deranged woman!

You're better than she is.

God, your such a wimp!

Why do I waste my time with you

when you don't wanna follow a few simple rules.

Well, looky here. That's what I want to see.

A little fire. That's what we call gumption.

Maybe if you had a little bit more of that

you'd amount to somethin'.

Maybe I can bring that out in you.

You look so much like my Leanne.

She had gumption.

I taught her to ride, and she was a champion.

Do you wanna be a champion, Laura?

You can be.

You could be just like my Leanne.

This was Leanne's room.

All those ribbons and trophies were won by my girls.

Well, mostly Leanne, of course.

So we have plenty of room for you here.

Everything you need we got right here.

You could even spend the night if you want.

- I thought Dana stayed here?

- Dana can move in with the other girls.

This could be your room, Laura. You belong here.

- Well I'm, I don't have any change of clothes

and I'm kind of dusty.

- Well, I can find something of Leanne's.

She had some really pretty shirts. I'll show you.

- Laura? Hey, where are you?

I want you to come home.

- Marty said I could stay over.

No, no. I'm sorry.

You're there too much already. - Why do you do that?

You treat me like I'm six years old.

Why would it hurt if I spend one night here?

Look, I want you home.

I'm not gonna explain right now,

I just, I don't trust them. - Carolyn, it's Marty.

Hi, Marty. Uh.

Look, I really appreciate you taking

such an interest in Laura, but I think it's time she-

- Now, don't think she's buttin' in, or anything like that.

We got plenty of room.

Girls stay over on the weekends all the time.

- Look, I know. Only Laura has-

- Yeah, I like to get em' up early.

Put 'em to work with the horses. It teaches 'em discipline.

And, if you don't mind me saying, I think Laura

could use a little bit more of that in her life.

Now, don't you worry.

We'll take good care of her

and we'll send her home tomorrow all worn out and happy.

- Marty, I'm telling- - You have a good evening now.

All right, everyone.

The moment we've been waiting for.

Fantastic. - The brew.

- The Raeburn family brew.

- Oh yes, and he claims

it comes from a top secret Raeburn family recipe.

- That's right, it's not for the wee ones

or the faint of heart.

And this year I thought

that Laura was old enough to have a taste.

What do you say, Laura? You wanna try some of the brew?

- Yeah, it's okay. You can have a little bit, honey.

- Let's take a picture to send aunt Mary, huh?

Good idea.

You guy's all get together right there.

- You're in this family too, lass. Now, up you go.

Here we are. - Nice.


What does Travis always say?


- What are you doing home this time of day?

- I'm waiting for you.

Laura, come back here!

- This is my room. Get out!

- This is my house.

And you are my daughter, and we're gonna talk.

I just got a call from Valley College.

They told me that you dropped out of school.

- Good, I'm glad you know.

- What is happening to you?

It's that ranch isn't it?

What has that Marty woman done to you?

You, you're completely different. And..

Is she giving you drugs?

- Oh, wow. No, she has not.

Marty would never let me near the ranch

if she thought I was on drugs.

- Well, there's something strange going on out there, okay?

Those people, they're not right.

- Well, that's great, coming from you.

You're the crazy one! It's you who sees a psychiatrist.

Marty and Joel and the girls

are the only real people I know.

- Real? She's using you like a ranch hand.

All right, we pay for you to go there

and have those lessons.

But she's working you to the bone

and you're not even seeing a dime for it.

- She's teaching me! - She's using you!

All right, if you wanna learn how to ride, that's fine.

We will find you lessons.

But you are not going back to that ranch.

- Give them back! It's my car!

- Pretty sure the registration's in my name.

- You want to control everybody, don't you?

You work practically every minute of your life

so you can make money, so you can buy things and buy people!

Well, you can't buy me anymore!

- Laura, come back here.

- Alex, make my mother give me back my car keys.

- Okay, hold on a second. What's going on here?

- She dropped out of school a month ago,

and didn't bother to tell us.

So I've taken her car keys

and I've forbidden her to go back to that ranch.

- Let me see the keys.

We gave the car to Laura.

- You're just like Marty said.

You're mean and you're evil. You're just plain crazy!

- Laura! Get back here!

- Okay, okay, just let her go, all right?

Every teenager rebels.

She'll come back, just leave her alone,

she'll be back by herself, okay?

- I really hope you're right about that.

- What do you want?

- I wanna talk to Laura, Marty.

- Well, she's not here.

- I don't believe you.

She ran away. - Ran away?

Now why would a nice, happy girl run away from home?

- She stayed over at a friend's, all right?

And apparently someone in an old white truck came by

and picked her up this morning, and took her away.

Well, I don't know who that could be.

- You're lying, Marty. Please, just go get my daughter.


What's all the fussin' about?

- I think you should get goin' now.

And don't you come back!

Go on! - This isn't over.

Let's just follow the investigation.

- Excuse me? I need to file a missing persons report.

My daughter, she's 17.

- Okay, sure. One moment.

Sir, she needs to file a missing persons report.

All right, just take her name down

and bring her in,

and I'll be right with her. - Okay.

Be right with you.

- Can I help you, officer?

- Mrs. Fowler. Sergeant Brownlee, Sheriff's department.

- Sheriff's! Sweet Lord, what have I done?

- Just here to ask some questions about Laura Warner.

Is she here? - Laura? No, sir.

I haven't seen her in two, three weeks.

She said she was pregnant and, uh,

her and her boyfriend took off to Oregon some place.

- All right, well. You mind if I look around?

- Help yourself.

But if you don't mind me saying, you know,

I don't blame her for running off.

The stories she told about her mother.

That woman's disturbed.

She's doing drugs, alcohol. Even got Laura into it.

- I'm just gonna look around. - All right. Help yourself.

- Hi.

You work here? - Uh-huh.

I'm the ranch manager.

- You know Laura Warner? - Sure, but she left.


Who are those girls? - Ah, that's Kelly and Dana.

- Dana's on the right? - Uh-huh.

- You're Laura Warner? - Me? No, no, Laura's only 17.

I haven't seen her. - Thanks.

Have a good day. - Mm. You too.

- Thank you for waiting, Mrs. Raeburn.

- Well? - She's not there.

- What? Of course she's there.

What did Marty say?

- Basically, that you're an unfit mother.

She also said that your daughter

had every good reason to run away.

She's in Oregon with her boyfriend now.

- And you believed her?

- There must be some reason that your daughter ran away.

I went to the ranch. She wasn't there.

- Look, I'm telling you. She's there.

- Mrs. Raeburn. You and your daughter had a fight.

It's scary, she's young. But this happens all the time.

Fortunately, there are people in this world

that are willing to take her in.

Just hang back, Mrs. Raeburn.

Wait for her, she'll come back. They most often do.

- The police refuse to do anything. And Alex won't help.

He just thinks that she's just gonna come home on her own.

- Oh. But you don't think she will?

- No. No!

- I don't think she will either.

I wanna show you two photos.

So, this one was taken at Alex's birthday in the spring.

Remember? - Mm-hmm.

- And this one was taken just a few months later.

Look at Laura.

- Oh my god.

What have they been doing to her up there?

- Carolyn, you're gonna need expert help with this.

- How do you mean?

- I know somebody whose son

got involved in something like this.

- Libby, talk to me. Something like what?

- In a cult! - A cult? No way.

Laura's way too smart to get involved in a cult.

- It's the bright ones that they go after.

They're easier to brainwash.

- Brainwashing?

Oh god, this is what we're actually talking about?

Brainwashing? - I don't know.

But my friend knows somebody that does.

Does Marty have any children?

- No. Well, she did.

She had a daughter, um, apparently about Laura's age.

She died in a horse jumping accident in a competition.

Marty said she thinks that some girls were jealous of her,

so they rigged her saddle so she'd fall.

Marty says she was murdered.


Oh my god, you don't, you don't think

that Marty's trying to replace her daughter with Laura?

No. I can get through to her.

I can, I just have to get her back here.

We believe Laura is under some kind of mind control.

- Mind control? - Yes, I think so.

I don't know, look,

Carolyn and Laura had a fight, and Laura ran away.

I told Carolyn I'd help do anything we can legally.

But I still think that Laura is gonna come home on her own.

- She's been gone for months.

All right, she hasn't called.

She won't return any of the messages I leave.

I'm pretty certain letters I'm sending her

are getting torn up.

And now this Marty person is saying

that she's gotten pregnant and moved to Oregon

with her boyfriend. - Maybe she did.

- Well, there's two problems with that.

One, she doesn't have a boyfriend,

and two, I know for a fact she's on that ranch.

- How do you know?

- Because she's been sneaking out there.

Climbing around the hills and spying on them.

It's happened at least a dozen times.

- You've been trespassing?

- You can call it whatever you want,

but I saw my daughter on that ranch yesterday morning.

- When is Laura's birthday? - October.

- So she's still a minor, and you have rights.

Let me make some calls,

see if I can get the DA involved in this.

But you have got to stay away from that ranch. Understand?

- Absolutely.


I told you to rake the arena! Get up, come on!

You got away with that crap at your old house,

but you're here now!

And you do what your told when you're told.

Do you understand me?

Rake it!

And not just one, you're gonna rake all three of 'em!

- I don't have to! You don't own me!

I can leave here any time I want!

- Fine, then leave! Get the hell outta here!

Go back to your sick, storybook life.

Go back to your, your raving crazy mother!

You go, but you'll never come back here,

do you understand me?

And you'll never be a rider!

You want what I can teach you.

Nobody's gonna care about you the way I do.

That's enough, darlin'.

Hush-a-bye, sweetie pie. Marty loves you.

- Marty, Marty, Marty!

It's Carolyn! She's coming!

- Laura! Hide in the stall.

Come on, girls!

I told you not to come here anymore.

- Where's Laura?

Laura! - She's not here!

- There's a trailer coming in one hour

and we're gonna take that horse out of here.

If Laura wants to know where he is,

then she's gonna to have to call me.

Laura! - You bitch!

- You would know! Laura!

I'm taking your horse, honey.

'Kay, you wanna see him again,

all you gotta do is come home.

- Don't you take him!

- Oh my god, Laura. Baby!

- He's my horse! - Laura, please.

Just come home. - No!

- Please, can't you see what these people have done to you?

This isn't you!

Look, they've turned you against me.

Honey, please just come home. - You Bitch!

I'm never going back! I hate you!

- Okay, well, hate me. You can hate me all you want.

But you're still my daughter

and you are coming home with me.

- Run, Laura!

Laura! No!

Get off of me! - Get off my property!

- Whore! We love it here.

- And she got to you too, huh?

How long you been here? Since you were what, 14, 15?

Before you got replaced with these two?

How long did that last, right?

Before you got too old and she had to trade you out?

She brings in my daughter, she's gonna do the same thing!

You can go home. You can still go home!

- Just couldn't let this go, could ya?

- Don't you touch me! - She's my daughter now!

She's mine! And she's never coming back to you.

You are never getting her back, do you understand me?

You attacked me.

And my husband and my girls, they saw it.

My husband was just protecting me.

- You best be getting on now.

- You're out of your mind.

- I will kill you if you come back again! You hear me?

I will kill you! Do you understand me?

Get the hell off! Get off my property!

She's mine!

Get outta here, you bitch! I will kill you!

Get outta here! Get the hell off my property!

She's mine!

- Your honor, Marty and Joel Fowler

were subpoenaed to appear at these proceedings

and bring Laura Warner with them.

They have not appeared.

- Your honor, Mr. Fowler has been suffering

from severe bronchitis, and Mrs. Fowler felt

that she couldn't risk leaving him, to be here at this time.

- That is outrageous.

The purpose of this entire action

is so that Mr. And Mrs. Raeburn can retrieve their daughter

from the clutches of these people.

At the very least,

they hoped to see their daughter here in court today.

- Your honor, the Fowler's have committed no crime.

They inform me that they have no knowledge

of the current whereabouts of Laura Warner.

- That's not true!

They're holding her hostage psychologically.

She's been poisoned against her entire family.

- Your honor. - That's enough,

I've heard all I'm going to.

All right, in the matter of Laura Warner, a minor,

I award full and total custody

to her mother, Carolyn Raeburn.

I believe that's what you wanted, Mr. Davis?

- Thank you, your honor.

But we request that Laura be located

and removed physically from the Fowler ranch

to be delivered to her parents.

- The Fowler's do not know where she is.

- Then we request a warrant for the arrest of Laura Warner.

- The young lady's less than two months away

from her majority, Mr. Davis.

Your request is denied.

- One more urgent matter, your honor.

My clients request that a temporary restraining order

be issued against Carolyn Raeburn

for her repeated and continued harassment.

- All right, that's outrageous.

There's no basis for such an order.

- Your honor, Carolyn Raeburn

has trespassed on the Fowler property on numerous occasions.

There are multiple witnesses.

She's been terrorizing my clients, your honor,

and we demand this activity cease.

- They attacked me!

- Ms. Raeburn, I can understand your very strong desire

to want your daughter home.

But thousands of young girls run away every year.

Now, I have no evidence that the Fowler's

are holding your daughter against her will.

Or even that she's on their property at this time.

- She's on that property, your honor.

- Nevertheless, you have no right to trespass.

Or in any way harass or threaten these people.

I'm granting the restraining order, and prohibiting you

from going within 1,000 yards of the Fowler property

or 100 feet of the Fowler's themselves.

Your honor-

- These proceedings are closed.

Hey, Marty. - Hi, baby, I missed you.

I missed you too.

What are you doing home?

- I came home early.

I thought that you and I deserved a night out.

But I come home and you're not here.

- I saw Laura today. - God, I knew it.

Damn it, Carolyn. Were you at that ranch?

They have a restraining order against you

and you can get arrested for that!

- Yeah, I know that!

Look, I followed Marty and Joel into Moorpark.

Laura's got a job at some feed store there.

- All right. That's good, right?

At least you can call her there.

She'd only hang up on me.

- Then go over there and talk to her in person.

- You know, you're damn right I will.

She gets off at work at three, and I am going over there

and I am gonna grab her off the street.

- Are you crazy? - No! I'm desperate!

All right, she turns 18 soon, do you get it?

If I don't do this now, I may never have another chance.

God, I keep asking and asking for you to help me

and you won't! - You are obsessed, Carolyn.

This thing with Laura has taken its toll on you

and it is going to destroy us

if you don't get a grip on it very soon.

- Don't worry about my grip, all right, honey?

Just have a seat in your nice chair, watch a little golf.

'Cause' my sister, she is going to help me,

and tomorrow I am bringing my daughter home!

- Oh, wonderful!

And how are you gonna keep her here, Carolyn?

Have you thought about that?

Okay, so everything should be in the bag.

Everything's included. - There she is.

Let's do this before Marty gets here.

- Remember, let me handle this, okay?

Okay, um, is this your number?

Okay, well then, I'll just get somebody to come out

and help you with it.

You'll need help with this, 'cause I know

it's kind of heavy. - Laura!

- Aunt Libby?

Um, I don't know what your doing here, but-

- Oh, I came to see you, sweetie.

- I'm busy right now, I can't talk.

- Sweetie, you need to come home.

- Well, I won't,

so let go of me. - It's okay. It's okay, honey.

- No! - Your mom's coming to get you

and I won't let go, okay?

- No! - Your mom's coming-

Help! Help me!

Help! Help me!

I told you to leave me alone! Help!

No! No! - We're leaving here.

- Help! - Honey, oh, it's okay.

- Right, there's something going on over here.

Help me! - Hey, don't hurt her.

Help! Help me!

This woman needs help.

Help me! - She's my daughter,

she's not well, we're taking her home.

What's going on there?

No! No, no, no, no! - Come on, come on, come on,

call the cops. - Help!

Help me! - Oh god, she's here.

Let's move!


- Marty, help me! - Let her go!

- Marty, help me! - Baby,

we're not gonna hurt you. - Leave her alone!

Let her go! Hey!

Let her go!

- I got her, Libby! Let's go!

Laura, no!

You're hurting me!

- What's Laura doing now?

- She's sleeping. - Good.

Look, we have a half crazed she-devil upstairs.

What are we supposed to do now?

- There's a police officer at the door.

He wants to see Carolyn.


- It's okay.

- I'm Carolyn Raeburn.

- Yes, ma'am.

There's been a complaint made against you.

By Joel and Marty Fowler.

- What for? - They say

that you violated a restraining order.

They're lying. They lie about everything.

- According to the complaint,

you've been ordered to keep a 100-foot distance

from the couple. - I know about the order.

- They said that you confronted them

in front of a business establishment in Moorpark today.

- No. That's not true.

I went there to see my daughter

and they confronted me there.

- Maybe I could get your daughter's take on this.

- She's not home right now.

- She spent the night at a friend's house tonight.

- All right. I'll make a report.

But the judge may want to see you.

- Okay, thank you. You know where to find us, officer.

- You folks have a nice evening.

- Okay. - You too.

- Thanks again.

Oh my god.


Laura, stop it! Stop, you're gonna hurt yourself.

- Why do you care?

You hate me! You want me to die!

- That's not true! Of course I care!

- Look at me! You're holding me like a chained animal!

- I know, I know, I know,

and it's hard right now, but please, it's for you own good.

- Why don't you just leave me alone!

- Look, your mother loves you, sweetie. We both do.

- Well you have a funny way of showing it.

- She's just trying to save you from that insane woman.

- Marty never had to lock me up! Only you!

You're always trying to control me!

- I don't wanna control you.

- You're always trying to control me.

My whole life,

you've never given me one inch of breathing room!

- That's not true!


Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Look, you're just, you're tired.

You're tired, and it's been a really,

it's been a really long day

and we're just, we're gonna go, okay?

Just try and get some sleep, okay,

and we'll, we'll talk to you in the morning.

I'm gonna back off.

- Well, she hasn't eaten a thing since she came home.

- She'll eat when she gets hungry enough.

- No, no, she's gonna make herself sick

and it will be my fault. - How is it your fault?

- Maybe I have been to strict with her.

You know,

maybe I've been working too much, and I've been too busy

to see what was going on inside of her.

I mean, how could she be that lonely and I didn't notice?

But maybe she's right about me.


Hello, who is this?

- Who is it? - No caller ID.

It's someone from the ranch, though.

Marty, or one of those pitiful girls.

They just keep calling and hanging up.

I never thought Laura would turn into one those girls.

- I'm just glad we got her back.

- I don't think we do, Libby.

At least she's not the Laura you or I have ever known.

And I don't know how to reach her.

- I tracked down that woman.

The deprogrammer?

And she said that-

Run, Laura, run! - Run, come on!

Come on! Let's go! - Come on, hurry!

Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go!

Come on, Laura! Let's go, let's go!

Come on! Come on! - Right! Let's go!


No! Laura!

Aw, damn it. - Oh sweetie, it's okay.

There ya go.

How about a week?

Carol? - Mm?

- I just got off the phone with Barry Davis.

He spoke to the court.

The judge denied the appeal forcing them to give us Laura.

- What? - I'm sorry.

The court's not gonna be any help.

You're just like Marty said.

You're just plain crazy!

My whole life you've never given me

one inch of breathing room.

You're always trying to control me!

Carolyn? - Yes, Ms. Carney?

Just call me Lee. Sit down, please.

- Thank you for meeting me.

My sister said that your situation is complicated.

- I am on probation, mm.

DA's looking for any excuse to throw me back in jail.

But, a friendly chat in a park, nothing wrong with that.

Do you mind me asking what you did?

- A mother and I rescued her daughter

from some very bad people.

When the police caught us,

they arrested the mother and me for kidnapping.

I was convicted and put on probation.

But, it's okay.

I choose to do what I want to do anyway,

even if the law and me don't always agree.

- Have you, uh, deprogrammed many people?

- Too many.

You see, the mind is a very strange and wonderful thing.

But it can be taken over by the wrong people.

And when that happens, I have to go in that mind,

open it up, and put the truth back in.

Are you ready for what this is gonna take?

You have to be strong for your daughter

if we're gonna get her back.

And you need to be prepared.

It's gonna get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Hi! What can I do for you?

- I need to learn how to use a gun.

- He was a good old horse. But it's his time.

He's lame, he's no good to us anymore.

You do it.

- Marty, no, I don't want to.

- 'Course nobody wants to.

No one wants to put an animal down.

But this is something that has to be done. Take the rifle!

- She can't do it, Marty. I knew she couldn't.

- Sure she can.

Put it out of its misery, Laura.

Pretend it's your mother.

She's outlived her worth.

She's no good to anybody.

She took your horse away from you.

She kidnapped you and took you away from us.

Think of your mother.

Put the gun to its head,

and pull the trigger, Laura.

You stupid little girl.

You think that caring for animals is just fun and games?

It comes with dirty work.

Watch me!

I said look at me!

- Want a cup of coffee if I make a pot?

- No, thanks.

Do you know what day tomorrow is?

It's Laura's birthday.

- Thought you might have forgotten.

- Hey, Carolyn, I'm sorry.

I thought she would've come home on her own by now.

I'll help you.

We'll do whatever we can to end this nightmare

and bring our daughter home.


I hope you mean that.

- Happy birthday, Laura.

I'm sorry I didn't have any candles for you to blow out.

- That's okay. I can still make a wish.

- I bet you wished you could get Last Chance back.


- You're an adult now. You can own your own horse.

- That's right, you are an adult.

That means you don't have to go back

to that madhouse you grew up in.

- Well, first of all, we wanna thank you for being here.

We know we're asking a lot of you.

Alex and I have decided to do this

because we have tried everything else,

and nothing has worked.

But this isn't without risk.

Laura's 18 now, and the law says

she can associate with whomever she wants.

That also means

that they're not gonna have any sympathy for us.

The police will say we've kidnapped her,

and they are going to come after us.

- Well, I'm that child's aunt and godmother.

I love her like my own. So...

- Thank you.

- Judd? Still time to change your mind.

- You guys are like family, so,

you just tell me what you want me to do.

- We're here with you both until we get her home safe.

- These people have guns.

We don't know exactly what they're capable of.

But we do know they're crazy,

and crazy people can do anything.

- Where are you taking Laura after we get her?

This house is the first place the police will come.

- You're right.

And that's why we have another location set up

and ready to go.

- Okay, so, it seems like we're all in,

so what's the plan?

I'm in position.

- All right, let us know what you see.

You got it.

- Alex.

Just promise me that no matter what happens,

we are not leaving here without Laura.

- I promise.


- Anything yet?

- I think they're up.

I thought horse people were early risers.

- Yeah, well there's nothing normal about these people

so just stay alert, okay? - You got it.

- I think it's time. - Let's go.


- Jump in the front. Let's go!

You really need that?

I hope not.

- All right, let's circle around behind the barn.

This is a radio check for Carolyn. Carolyn, do you hear me?

- We hear you. We're just pulling up by the entrance.

- Moorpark central, this is 12-Baker.

Go ahead, 12-Baker

- Yeah, I got a suspicious vehicle on 23,

about a mile north of the Old Road.

License Number?

- Vehicle is old style Honda Odyssey.

License number-

- There's someone coming out of the house.

I think it's her. - Got it.

- Hey, is that Laura? - She needs to get closer.

I don't know.

Honda registered to Mission Rent-A-Car.

Attempting to contact company now.

- Roger that. I'm gonna take a look around.

- It's Laura. It's Laura.

Carolyn, it's Laura. Let's go, go, go, go, go, go!

Everyone, let's go!

Move in!

- Laura, it's Alex. We're taking you home.

- Marty! - Judd, get her!

Marty! Marty! - Judd, come on.


- Joel, get your gun!

- Keep your arms down! - Marty!

- Baby, calm down please, it's okay!

It's okay. - Girls! Help Laura!

No! - Girls, stop! Back up!

Back up, I'm not joking!

- You stupid, crazy people, this is kidnapping!

Stop! Stop!

- You're gonna have the law on you!

- It's over! Marty, it's over!

Get back! I said stop!

You stop, or I swear to god!

No! Get off!

- She doesn't even wanna be with you!

Can't you see that? You're so stupid!

- She's my daughter and I am taking her home!

This is over!

Close that door. - Stay back!

Come on, let's move!

Go, go, go! Come on!

That crazy bitch.

- Easy, easy. - Okay, okay.


Laura. - Sh!

Oh god! Cops!

Alex, slow down! We can't get pulled over.

Everybody, down! Down! - Get down!

It's okay.

- Okay, you're good.

I'm ready.

It's okay. Hey.

Get her, get her!

Come on! - Laura!

Slow down here, kid, it's all right.

Yeah, it's okay!

Get her in!

Come on!

- Is she okay?

- She's okay. Let's keep goin'!

- Okay, babe, but sit her up,

maybe take that tape off her mouth.

- Okay, okay, okay. Sh!

Sh, Laura.

Sh, sh, sh, sh. - Okay. Sh.

- Ow! It hurts!

Take these handcuffs off of me!

- I'm sorry, sweetie, we can't.

- Come on. Can't we, Carolyn?

- No one needs her jumping out of the van, okay?

Just, she's fine the way she is.

- Where are you taking me?

Marty will call the police. They'll come looking for me!

If you take me home, they'll be there.

- We're not taking you home, sweetie.

- Where then?

You're taking me to a hospital. An insane asylum!

Marty said you would! - Honey, honey.

Your mother would never do that. Laura!


Sh! Sh!

- I don't believe any of you!

- Laura, it's me. It's aunt Libby.

Look, I have never lied to you before

and I am not lying to you now.

We all love you.

And everything that we are doing,

we're doing for your own good.

- Laura, please just listen- - I don't wanna talk to you!

Just shut up! Destroy the hospital!

Sh! Sh!

- You got her? - Yeah.

- It's okay. - Okay.

- It's okay. It's okay.

Oh, great. Let's get you out of those.

You're okay.

Sorry if this hurt. There you go.

You're okay.

It's okay.

So, we brought you some clean clothes.

And the bathroom's over there.

You can take a shower if you like.

Anyway, we are glad that you're back.

You were away too long.

- Laura? My name is Lee, can I come in?

I'm a friend of the family. I hope to be your friend too.

Your folks are quite worried about you, sugar.

They asked me to come and talk to you.

So you don't wanna talk? That's okay.

I am a good talker. I can talk enough for the both of us.

You might as well go just ahead and sit down,

and get comfortable, listen for a while.

Oh, that's the door, darlin'.

But there is no place to go. I'm not going anywhere.

And I came a long way just to,

just to meet you, and help you if I can.

- I don't need any help. - Yes, you do.

I think you need a whole lotta help.

You should eat. - No thanks.

Honey, you must be starving to death,

you haven't had a bite to eat today.

- It could be drugged, or poisoned, or something.

I don't trust her.

- So you don't mind if I help myself? Cause', I'm starvin'.


It's good.


Too much sunlight.

Wanna pull the perimeter search. Check the right hand side.

Get back to me. Gentlemen, let's move it.

Let's find this information.

Time is running out.

- It's only a matter of time until they find us.

- How much longer do you need?

Longer than we have.

- And now, some breaking news.

And in an update to that developing story,

Carolyn and Alex Raeburn

are now wanted for questioning in the kidnapping

and possible murder of their daughter, Laura Warner.

Teams of law enforcement officers

are in the field searching for them at this hour.

- It's official. They want your heads.

- Why don't you guys leave town with Laura?

- We could sneak her out of here at night.

Get her to the airport.

- I hear Hawaii's nice this time of year.

I'll volunteer to take Laura.

- No. No, that's exactly what Marty wants.

To flush Laura out so she can get her claws in her again.

She's too vulnerable still.

We can't risk leaving this place.

We lose her now, she's gone forever.

- So, what are you gonna do?

They're gonna be at our doorstep any moment.

It's okay to hate me.

The only thing that matters now

is that you find yourself again, honey.

And no matter what happens, know that I love you like crazy.

I'm going to end this. Once and for all.

Keep working on her. I'm gonna buy her some time.

Make it count.


Police! Open the door!

Open this door, or I'm gonna kick it in!

- God, you did all that for her?

Look, I'm glad you got your daughter back.

- I really hope you're right about that.

- Raeburn. Detective wants to see you.

Good luck.


- Thanks.

To you, too.

- And this just in.

An arrest has just been made in the kidnapping

and possible murder of Laura Warner.

Carolyn Raeburn, the girl's mother

is in custody at this hour.

- Carolyn, what have you done?

- There's something I have to do.

- So, if you didn't kidnap her, or kill her,

then where is she?

Just tell us where she is, and this will all be over.

- Oh, I kidnapped her.

But she's safely away now

in another country with her stepfather.

And she'll stay there until she's better.

And for me? You do whatever you need to do.

- Could you please follow the officer.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry! - Oh, baby.

It's okay, it's okay.

I'm sorry.

- It's okay. It's okay, baby.

It's okay. It's over now.

It's over.

It's okay, baby.

It's okay, it's over.

- How's this, Marty?

- That's real good, sweetie. Chin up next time.

You'll get the hang of it.

Just stick with old Marty here,

and I'll teach ya everything I know.