Crimes of Passion: Dangerous Dreams (2013) - full transcript

Puck has managed to get a job working for the eccentric Nobel Literature Prize laureate Andreas Hallman. Hallman is charming and genial, but also a neurotic tyrant. He forces his wife, his three grown children and a daughter-in-law to live in seclusion together, separated from the rest of the world. One night, after the daughter-in-law's birthday dinner, Hallman's eldest and favourite son dies. The question is whether the son, who was frail and sickly, died of natural causes or not.

- What is his best book?
- Disa.

- It's a women's portrait...
- It's not to my taste.

- No, no. But it got him the Nobel Prize.
- I know. Not to my taste.

How do you know? You haven't read it.

I don't need to revere Hallman
and cultural elite for you, do I?


- Are you nervous?
- A little. I want to do a good job.

You're overqualified.

- He can be a chore.
- He'll love you.

- Occasionally a lot, I hope. - And you
have to watch out for dancing cows.

They aren't spoiled
by a stylish lecturer in Copenhagen.

- Who is it?
- Puck Bure. The new secretary.

- Puck.
- Kåre. The genius' son.

Einar Bure. Puck's husband.

You can't come in with me, unfortunately.
Pappa's orders. Don't take it personally.

- Well.
- Yes.

I'll call.

- Didn't you know we live apart?
- Yes, but, not that it's so severe.

We haven't even have neighbours.
Some say, my father's afraid of people.

I'd say "paranoid. "

Anyway, you are a welcome break
from the monotony.

My sister may not agree.
It's her job you're taking.

Oops. Hello.

- You're standing in for me?
- Yes. Puck.

Ylva. Best of luck.

- Welcome to Hallstahammars. I'm Bj?rg.
- Puck Bure. You have an amazing house.

Mrs. Bure's supposed to be a family member,
so we called everyone to assemble to meet you.

We're so glad you were able to come
away so quickly. - Not true, Ylva?

- Yes. Aren't we, Mom.
- The tea is just being served in the salon.

- When will you get to meet our dear
half-brother. - Half-Brother?

Jon. Dad's son from a previous marriage.

- And his wonderful Cecilia.
- Jon's had a heart condition since birth.

- He mustn't exert himself.
- Enlarged heart.

- She came last year as a nurse.
- Four months later they got married.

He has a very big heart.

- So... What's happening in Stockholm?
- Yeah, tell me.

We're craving experiences here.

Have you possibly seen "The Queen's
Jewel Strap" at the Royal Dramatic?

- Anita Bj?rk's supposed to be amazing.
- Mom was an actress.

Before she married my father.
She was very promising.

The rescue angel.

Lovely. Welcome. But continue,
for God's sake. What are you talking about?

- Mamma's interrupted career.
- I remember your Hedvig in "The Wild Duck".

- I saw her and fell in love.
- And now she's the housekeeper here.

Yes. You play this role
damn well too, my dear.

- Well. 16:30 in my office.
- Puck just arrived. Let her relax.

- Is that really necessary?
- Not at all.

I just need to powder my nose.


Thank you.

- How nice she was.
- Mm.

- I said 16:30.
- Sorry. I got lost.

- It doesn't start out well.
- Sorry.

Don't make excuses. You wanted to
work for me, so be on time.

I'm totally dependent on routines.
6:30- Morning Walk, 7:00- coffee.

07.30 start work. Lunch at 12:00.
The afternoon session starts at 13:00.

Tea at 15:00 and dinner at 18:00.
- Come on in!

Those are the times
you have to stick to.

It was there, and there.
It was the only thing I could find.

- Fantastic.
- Jon takes care of all my research.

How did it look in a kitchen in the middle ages? What
are the fabrics they had at the turn of the century?

I don't know how I'd cope without
you. Thanks Jon.

I have to ask: How does the Professor succeed
in making his female portraits so credible?

The first time I read Disa
it was as if a woman was speaking to me.

I like women.
You inspire me.

Yes, Ylva got this far.

Then we begin:
"Her body refused to obey her. "

"The words ran out. Hands trembled... "

"She bent down and her hair fell like
a cascade of water down the... " Are you with me?

"Fell like a cascade of water down the... "

- Good. Where have you been all my life?
- For most of it, I wasn't yet contemplated.

I like a woman
who answers like that.

- She should get poisoned thorns instead.
- What?

Oh, was that you?

- Who should get poisoned thorns?
- Cecilia.

It's her birthday.

- Well. I have no gift.
- You shouldn't have.

The important thing is my father will give,
so everyone can see how generous he is.

How nice you have it here.

It's from Paris. I lived there last spring,
until dad forced me to come home.

"You don't get a dime
until you pass your exams. "

- I think your dad is impressive.
- Just don't get too fond of him.

- What do you mean?
- Just what I say.

On my God, now I'm late again!

- Where were you?
- Shopping.

- For almost three hours?
- Cecilia's birthday.

- I went to Västerås...
- You didn't tell me this morning.

- I forgot.
- Give me the receipts.

- Who is it now?
- Gregor, of course.

Oh oh. Gregor, my friend.

- My amazing secretary, Mrs. Bure.
- Gregor Isander, the family doctor.

- Dr Isander.
- Nice to meet you.

I'll go up to work directly,
we'll see you at dinner.

Shall we continue?

No, but it's just too much!

Very nice.

I thought it would suit you.
Allow me.

I can say it wasn't cheap.

- Cheers, for Cecilia.
- Thanks!


- No more now, Jon.
- Jawohl, Herr Doktor!

- Then there will be dessert.
- Can I eat it?

- Does it concern you.
- Don't strain yourself.

- I won't die from two glasses of wine.
- But if you get excited.

- No, no, no.
- Everyone has different color.

Ylva has a white bowl,
for virginity itself.

- Dad always has red.
- And we guests get the blue.

Well, then, let's see if you can eat.

It was really good.

What is it?

Stop. It was just a little strong.

Take some water.

It was good. Just a little strong.

Bravo, bravo!
You really play like a god.

Self Instruction, Beethoven
would be satisfied.

The beginning was a little slow,
but then I picked up the pace.

The ending was really good, actually.

"Dangerous Dreams" by Edith.

Andreas! Ylva wants to read.

Yes, yes.

They talk on "don't go too close to your dreams.
They are smoke and they can be scattered. "

"They are dangerous and able to endure. "

"Have you ever seen your dreams in your eyes?
They are sick and understand nothing. "

"They have only their own thoughts. "

"don't go too close to your dreams.
They are falsehood, and they ought to go. "

"They are crazy. They want to stay. "

"... sick and understand nothing...
They have... Have you ever seen... "

"... Not too close to your dreams...
They are sick and... Falsehood... "



His heart couldn't cope anymore.

You said he'd outlive me.

- You said so!
- Dearest? Dearest... That's it.

- It's probably best I stay.
- There's a bed in the guest room.

- Dr Isander?
- Yes?

- Is the doctor sure it was his heart?
- Yes. Why?

Jon said something to me before he died.
He said "murder".

Should we call the police?

- What do you mean Mrs Bure?
- That he was exposed to a crime.

I understand it was
a shock to find him.

But Jon longed for his mother, and
rejoiced to see her in heaven.

He left their childhood faith.
Of course, he called out to her.

"Mother. " Try to get
a little sleep, now.

And then there were two. Children.

Before, it was just a...

...That counts.

- I think it's good he's working on.
- Have you talked to him?

Andreas? May I speak to you for a bit?

I have something to do.

- I'm sorry about your brother.
- He wasn't a big brother.

- Without a demi-god.
- The sun himself, who wowed father.

- Now he's where he is.
- For that's what happens when dad decides.

He was able to get enough people.
Some journalists.

But that wasn't good enough for Daddy.

What will you do now?

- I haven't thought about it.
- Do it, then.

You don't have anything to keep you
here. Jon had no money of his own.

If I were you, I'd go.

To think my sons were so different.

Is there no good in you?

This is your home for as long
as you want. Remember that.

University of Copenhagen,
thank you. History Department.

- Phone Mr. Bure.
- Yeah. Thank you.

- Bure.
- Good to hear your voice.

But... Has something happened?

The professor's son died the other day.

- It's fishy. The funeral was today.
- A man with heart disease?


I found him. I think he said
"murder" before he died.

- Honey...
- A quick funeral...

- Come to Copenhagen.
- There's no danger.

Do you think I should call the police?

Eje, I must go.

- Ah!
- Where are you going?

I'd just like to say goodbye.

- What are you saying?
- After what happened, I want to go home.

Rubbish! You have a written contract.
My novel must be completed.

Puck, I need you.
I need you more than ever.

- Hello.
- Puck Bure?

- No unauthorized persons allowed in here.
- It's very important.

I'm sorry.

I'm Puck's brother.
I have urgent news of a private nature.

Can I at least leave a note?

"Funeral Train was infinite.
Wagon after wagon, train after train... "

- Christer.

- Do you know this man?
- Ylva let him in.

- Christer Wijk. Detective Chief Inspector.
- Close the door.

- How dare you enter my home?
- Puck's husband called and was worried.

- He asked me to see what's wrong.
- What is this nonsense?

The professor will forgive me, but I wanted
air a thought that doesn't give me peace.

- Out with the fancy language.
- Jon said something before he died.

He said... "Murder".

Why didn't you tell me?

I told Dr Isander, he
thought I'd heard wrong.

Brilliant. Three people taking
about your fantasies.

The question is why the doctor
didn't consider doing an autopsy?

I've known Gregor my entire life.
I don't dare challenge him.

Suspicious death should lead
to an autopsy.

He's already resting in the earth, so...

- That was quick.
- I want to avoid attention.

- I want an exhumation.
- Are you completely out of your mind, man?

- Puck, I want to talk to you in private.
- Not possible. We're working here.

It can wait.

- It would be nice to get away.
- From those who've been so nice to you.

I'll get my things.

- You lied. You aren't Puck's brother.
- No.

No. You owe me an apology.

- What?
- None. You are beautiful.

- Who is it?
- Me, Cecilia.

Come on in.

- Why is the policeman here?
- He's a friend of mine.

Are you going to go?

Yes, I felt a bit useless in my grief.

I'm thinking of leaving here too.
No one likes me.

The professor seems as fond of you.

- Have you read this?
- Isn't it amazing?

- I think it's horrible.
- Why?

The details. Her breath,
the small indent in her lower back...

Birth mark on the thigh. How she sweats
when she does in with the prince. Yikes!

- He got the Nobel Prize for it.
- He didn't deserve it.

What was that?

- What are you doing?
- Did you hear something?

- It's me being paranoid.
- No.

It is this house. I've had
nightmares every night since I got here.

It's in the walls.

A policeman is here.

I heard we have a visitor from the police.
Gregor Isander.

Family physician.
So you wrote Jon's death certificate?

That's correct.

- I want to see the autopsy report.
- He died of a heart condition. Not unexpectedly.

- There was no reason for an autopsy.
- None at all?

- Sorry. Did I interrupt you?
- Not at all.

Andreas asked for you.

Tell me, what are you doing here anyway?

- I just came to pick up Puck.
- Is she going? Why is that?

- She is concerned about developments.
- Does my husband know? When was it decided?

It will come as a big blow to
Andreas. He's very fond of her.

How will the novel get finished?
This isn't good. Not good at all...

Forgive me...

Come on in.

You lied to me.

I'll get to the bottom of it.
That should be clear to you!

- Where you going?
- I can't stay here.

- What's this nonsense? You were hired.
- I resign.

You signed a contract.
I forbid you to leave the house.

Is there a problem?

- What a place.
- Worse than you think.

Though now it feels unreal.
I've had many strange dreams there too.

- Was it a nightmare?
- No.

- Why are you looking at me like that?
- Why would anyone want to kill you?

Someone might have hear my
conversation with Eje.

In that case, it means Jon
was murdered. By someone in his family.

How are you, darling?

How the hell are you thinking?

Well, I understand. That handsome
detective has stirred you up.

There's no point.
He's gone. Go and wash yourself.

- But Dad...
- Get washed, I say!

- I can't stand the old bastard any longer.
- Sh, sh, sh...

Can I do anything?

Be sweet and make West Coast salad?
Pour on the vinaigrette. I'll toss it.

Après vous.

- You need to examine it.
- It's not possible to do so.

- Go ahead. Enjoy.
- Thank you.

- How are you?
- No offense.

- My testimony?
- A prosecutor would find enough gaps.

- But Jon's body, then?
- No agreement... no exhumation.

- You must have stronger reasons.
- How do you kill without trace?

Eat now, so we can leave here.

Here you go.

I've decided to allow an autopsy
on Jon.

But why after everything here?

Yikes! Oh, how bitter.
What kind of crap do you serve?

- It was during the entree.
- Dr Isander.

Andreas said it tasted bitter.

I'm no expert, but the lips indicates
some sort cyanide poisoning?

- An autopsy would provide the answer.
- It's hardly needed.

- You aren't much for autopsies.
- I think it was strychnine.

- Why? Strychnine is unusual?
- Not just in this case.

I use it sometimes.
There was some in my bag.

I just checked the contents,
and there was some unaccounted for.

- Where was your bag?
- In the hall. Anyone could reach it.

Including you yourself.

Analyze the food in the red bowl and
give me a background on everyone living here.

No, the rest of the manuscript
stays at Hallstahammars.

Yes, I will do it as soon as I can.

Yes. We'll say so long.
Thank you, then. Hello.

- I need a room.
- It's not possible.

- Why not? - Ornithologists
have booked the entire hotel.

But look! What luck, a cancellation.
But there's a double room. - It's okay.

- Bure.
- Yes. You worked for Hallman, right?

Yes. I just talked to the publisher.
They regret the book can't be completed.

To think he's gone.
Very famous locally.

But probably there were many
who wanted him dead.

- Everyone thought his wife would die first.
- Really? Why's that?

She tried several times, but
they revived her. Tablets.

- Not so strange, the way he was.
- Hold on how, then, do you mean?

Women. He went from the one to other.

Once he was after me.
He was charming at first. Nobel Laureate.

But really, he was simply a whore monger.

- He didn't succeed.
- No.

- Nothing.
- She wore it. Unusually.

- He didn't like that.
- He ordered her to remove it.

My father was a tyrant.

It doesn't mean I killed him.

I love... loved my dad.

Ylva hated him,
but is too cowardly to say so.

- Ask about her fiancé.
- I was engaged once.

- In comparison with father, he was paltry.
- Dad threw him out.

- I ended the engagement.
- He couldn't stand competition.

- Who cooked the food?
- Mom. Cecilia and I helped.

Could anyone have prepared the
entree without being seen?

I was in the bathroom. No, I
didn't see the medicine bag in the hall.

Everybody ran out. Who
could have been done it.

He said he was going to allow Jon
to be exhumed and autopsied.

He said that tonight? At dinner?

Who knows? He was paranoid and erratic.
His last words were also about Jon.

- She was a nurse, then they get married.
- A stunner and an older, heart diseased man?

They weren't allowed to have intimate intercourse.
His heart couldn't stand it.

- It's clear she wanted the money.
- The will will expose her.

- The will is in the safe.
- Where's the key?

- I don't know. Andreas had it.
- You did too?


- Don't you have it?
- I can't talk now. Excuse me.

How would it feel?
Not to be trusted by your own husband.

- I don't understand what you are talking about.
- You were an actress before you met.

The Wild Duck became a jailbird.

Or the ugly duckling
grew up and became a swan.

Andreas and I were very lucky.
I never regretted my choice.

- Some people believe you are an adventuress.
- It says more about them than about me.

Money isn't everything.

Professor Hallman wanted to allow
Jon's body to be exhumed.

It was so awful when he said that.

I don't understand why he couldn't let
Jon rest in peace.

He suspected Jon
didn't die a natural death.

But Gregor said it was his heart.

Yes, we may soon find out.

- Oh, no!
- What is it?

On my birthday...

Jon hated ginger. There was lots in
his bowl but almost none in Andreas'...

I changed it. But he still complained
it was too strong.

So Jon got Professor Hallman's portion?

- Hi.
- Hello?

Can I sleep here?

There's no other room.
- I know.

- So Jon was murdered by mistake?
- Apparently.

The professor refused an exhumation
when you asked. Why did he change his mind?

Maybe he revealed Jon's killer
without realizing, he was the target.

Both Kåre and Ylva believe
Cecilia is an adventuress.

Maybe she is.

But there was enough love
in the relationship, after all.

A marriage without...

Kåre told me Jon didn't have...
His heart wasn't...

They probably didn't respect
the restrictions.

- Why do you think so?
- I happened to see them.

- Have the birdwatchers gone south?
- Yes.

- Just lovebirds are left. Did you sleep well?
- Yes. We had two single rooms.

It was fully booked. The hotel was totally
invaded by journalists.

- Coffee?
- Yes please.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- I have to go and fetch the manuscript.
- Then we must break open the safe.

- Why?
- We can't find the key.

The professor had it in his vest pocket.

- You haven't found a key?
- Sorry.

- Have you got any idea about Jon?
- No. That's out of order right now.

But Professor Hallman
was undoubtedly poisoned with strychnine.

It's allegedly a disgusting way to die.

- Dr Isander, do you know him?
- Yes.

We studied medicine
in Uppsala at the same time.

He was talented, but a little too fond
of addictive drugs.

At first he ran up enormous debts.

But he moved here and
sorted himself out.

Professor Hallman was
said to have helped him.

Oh, Isander is popular here.
He's claimed to be quite talented.

Why had he strychnine in the bag?

In the old days they often used it to
revive unconscious patients.

Maybe he was often called by critical
patients living far from the hospital.

If that's the case, he must have had
an extremely suicidal patient.

He did. Bj?rg.

- Can you confirm Hallman was murdered?
- Was it jealousy...

Excuse me...

Why didn't you say
Mrs. Hallman required strychnine?

I respect confidentiality.

And the tenth commandment? "Thou shalt not
covet your neighbour's wife"?

Or the fifth? "Thou shalt not kill"?

How dare you?

- Oh!
- What are you doing?

Sorry, I was just looking
for the key to the safe.

Who is she?

No one.

My conclusion is Jon suffered from
valvular problems with cardiomegaly.

And congestion of the lungs and liver.

Death may well have been
caused by heart disease.

- You mean...
- Some analyzes are still missing.

But I see no poison.

It appears Gregor Isander's
certification is correct.

Dr Isander? Can we have a few words?

I talked to Ahlgren. You were right.
Jon died a natural death.

Was it well known around here
you had strychnine in your bag?

There's nothing to talk about.

It was for Bj?rg's sake
I had it available.

But she didn't know about it.

Possibly Cecilia saw it.
We worked on Jon together.

She got things out of my bag.

As a nurse, she knew well enough
how dangerous it could be.

Strange such a young woman
would marry such an invalid.

She came from humble circumstances.
Her parents died when she was little.

- The marriage might be a chance...
- ... To get money?

It wouldn't be the
first time in history.

Well, it was so true... I found this
in the dining room this morning.

Could it be the lost safe key?

- Is this what you wanted?
- Yes.

We need to see the will.
I suppose you have a lawyer?

Sure. I'll try to contact him.

Yeah? Good.

Thank you.

- Jon and Cecilia's marriage certificate.
- Irma Cecilia Svensson.

"He promised to include me,
but maybe he didn't have time. "

- Did Cecilia know that?
- Yes.

"Andreas Hallman's last wishes
as a will" -

- "drawn up at Hallstahammars
March 20, 1954... "

The will was written before Jon got married.
Jon's inheritance will...

now be divided equally
between Kåre and Ylva.

The wife's inheritance isn't much and Dr
Isander doesn't get a penny for his services.

- As for Cecilia...
- ... Inherits nothing.

I found it here in the professor's writing-
table. Ylva saw it and ripped it up.

- Who is this?
- I don't know.

I'll check it out.

Associate Professor Ahlgren asked you
to come. It's certainly important.

Why are you here?
You don't live here.

The publisher asked me to clean up
your dad's texts as far as we could.


- Who is Ann-Louise?
- How do you know her name?

It was on the back of the photograph.
Who is she?

- It doesn't matter, because she's dead.
- It sounds as if it matters.

She was one of dad's secretaries.
That's all.

Because she's dead. Was she murdered?

Please, God, no. She killed herself.

- Why?
- I don't know.

Ylva, I see you are hiding something.

Kåre... Kåre was completely besotted
on Ann-Louise.

- But Dad destroyed them.
- How?

He sent her away. He made sure
they couldn't have any contact.

- So she kill herself.
- How did Kåre do?

He went crazy.
And so he said he would...

...kill dad.

- I came as soon as I could. What is it?
- Yes...

I just got the analyzes.

I didn't think we'd find anything

but we were all focused on looking
for strychnine in Jon's remains.

Paranitrophenol. It's easy to miss,
that must be said in Isander's defence.

- It means...?
- Poisoning.

But not by strychnine,
but some triphosphate preparation.

- Isn't that insect repellent?
- Yes. Extremely toxic.

Close it tightly. They don't tolerate

- They need room to grow properly.
- That's more than you and Ylva got?

Room to grow, I mean.

I never thought about you.
That you'd have the genius to find out.

I understand you had a relationship
with your dad's secretary Ann-Louise.

And he destroyed it.

Who told you that? Was it Ylva?

What more did she say? Huh?

- Sorry, I didn't mean to...
- Answer my question.

- It was just something she said.
- She said I wanted to kill him?

Huh? She said that?

You come and meddle in things that don't
concern you. Just like Ylva.

I'm damned tired of it.

- What was that about?
- Nothing...

- Is everything all right?
- Yes.

What are you looking for?

- I don't use poisons.
- Do you use this in the greenhouse?

I bought this for the plants.
We have no gardener.

- Why did the inspector come?
- It turned out Jon was poisoned.

- But Ahlgren said...
- Not by strychnine. But by insecticide.

When someone is murdered
there's a reason... a motive.

For a long time I thought you wanted
the professor's money. But I was wrong.

You declared your love for your father,
he kept you trapped and prevented you.

It doesn't sound right even in my ears.

You knew understood how toxic it was,
and you really hated your father.

But not like you, Mrs. Hallman,
who also loved another man.

You don't think
Bj?rg is a murderess?

No, but I think she's protecting the
killer. How long have you loved Bj?rg?

- This is preposterous.
- Who else completed the death certificate?

The plan was predicated on you
being the only doctor involved.

Parathion spreads very slowly and causes
pulmonary edema, like a heart attack.

But chance lay in your

It didn't succeed. Then you were
called here to examine Jon's corpse.

Bj?rg called and admitted you.
You told her.

So that makes her an
accomplice to murder.

Yes, it was hell to live with
Andreas. If you only knew...

She didn't know a damn thing!

You admit you spiked
the professor's fruit salad?

- Yes.
- But Jon got it instead.

Therefore, I had to repeat
the performance.

But not as skilfully. What were
you thinking?

I was desperate.

I have a promissory note here
Andreas kept to have a hold over me.

Had I resigned, he'd have forced
me to pay back huge sums.

This is how you buy a human soul.

- What's the matter? Mom?
- Kåre, call an ambulance!

I still have some work to clean up,
so I'll stay on here tonight.

You don't believe this?

- Where's Puck?
- Miss, can we get a beer?

- I think they planned it together.
- He protected her?

We'll see tomorrow.

Well, what's this, then?

No, no, no... You don't understand.

No, she's your type. It seems so
to me.

- What's my type?
- Yes... A woman.

- This belongs to the case.
- If you say so.

Does it taste good?

Ann Louise?
- A tragic story.

No wonder she went into the lake.
Where could she go? So poor.

He didn't take responsibility
when he made her pregnant.

- Kåre?
- No. Professor Hallman, of course.


What is it?

What if Isander admitted to
a murder he didn't commit?

For Mrs. Hallman's sake, she doesn't
want to see her son go to prison.

- I don't follow.
- If dad made his girlfriend pregnant...

...Right in front of Kåre,
think how she hated her father.

She told me about her misfortune.

Then I saw this six months later.

"... His little sister Irma... "

Christer... What's going on?

Why are Puck's things here?

Did you shared this room?

- Answer me. Is there something going on
between you and Puck? - Of course, not!


Did you know Ann-Louise?

You look a bit alike.

I wanted to get some light bulbs.
Bj?rg said they were in the closet.

- No, no, no!
- What?

What the hell are we going to do?

- What can we do?
- I don't know. It's dead.

Hell! Come on.

- What are you doing? - Soon
Hallstahammars will burn down completely.

It was an accident, of course.
You knocked over the lamp.

I understand if you're scared.
But you won't suffer.

You'll go to sleep.
It's going to be nice.

- So Ann Louise was your sister?
- Yes.

- But no one at Hallstahammars knew?
- It was part of the plan.

To torment the old man
as he tormented me.

- He must have treated you incredibly badly.
- Almost as badly as he did my sister.

What did he do?


She was in her eighth month.

We were orphans. My sister was
the only relative I had left.

- I understand you wanted revenge.
- The chance came when they needed a nurse.

I wanted to see him suffer.
So I killed Jon.

- Poisoned by you?
- He'd die naturally, without traces.

He wouldn't have to suffer, on the contrary.
But his heart sustained more than they thought.

I prayed to God for help.
And God heard my prayers.

- I can't stand it anymore.
- Everything is ready. I'll do it tonight.

Bj?rg and Gregor wanted Andreas gone.

So I inserted myself into their plan.

- How did Jon know he was poisoned?
- He bellowed for help all night.

He had shortness of breath.
I didn't help him.

You vindicated Ann Louise.

- But Andreas still didn't come to me.
- How did he discover you?

- "... Mole on the thigh... "
- The birthmark wasn't in the book.

Was it your sister he described?
Was Disa, Ann Louise?

- He stole her life.
- And won the Nobel Prize.

He wasn't like the world thought.
You have to tell the truth. I'll help you.


No. No! No! No!


- Hi. How are you?
- What happened?

She gave you a large dose of morphine.
We came in at the last moment.

- It was Cecilia.
- We heard.

You might prefer life
to sharing a room with me again.

She risked her life as well,
I can say.

- Get well soon, now.
- Go to Stockholm?

I'll stop for a couple of days
and write reports.