Crimes of Passion (2005) - full transcript

While in competition for a job promotion, the female competitor sues her male counterpart for sexual harassment. Blackmail and murder follow closely behind.

- I spent 3 days being eaten by
mosquitoes to get those shots.

No, the model stinks. Well,

next time tell your client not
to use his niece.

No, I get that.

Believe me, I understand but
I have a full schedule. I
can't just drop...

Nice tie.
- What? You don't like it?

- You look like a
Christmas tree.

I understand all that and I have
no problem reshooting

the pictures, my problem is
reshooting them for free.


All right.

Well, let me know what
you decide. Bye.

I might have to reshoot the
Beach Croft campaign.

- So, you're going
back to Mexico?
- If they pay me.

The client's niece wants to be a
model so he insists I use her.

In every sexy shot, she looks
like she's constipated.

What time will you be home?
- Probably not until late.

There's a conference at the
Hyatt and then drinks.

- You want me to meet
you at the bar?

- Not a good idea.
I'll be working.

See you later.

- Bye.

- Morning!
- Morning.

- How was it, Polly?
- Very good, thank you.

- Good. Oh, Harry,
Harry, hang on.

- So, any word on when
McBradden is going

to announce the promotion?
- Not yet.

- Well, in the meantime, you
have a 9 o'clock with
Peter Kurtzman,

lunch with Dan Adler and then
over to the Hyatt

for an exciting seminar on
cutting edge communications.


- Is there
something else?

- You're not really going to
wear that tie, are you?

- Is there any way to get
out of this thing?

- You could quit.
[ Laughs ]

Well, McBradden rented out the
bar for after the seminar.

He won't be too pleased if his
frontrunner doesn't show up.

- Whoa, a

- And you my friend, have the
best performance record.

- How many other VPs have you
said that same speech to?

- Hmm,3, or is it 4?

- I've taught you too well.
[ Laughs ]

- Hold the door! Thanks.

- Who's that?
- That is Rebecca Walker.

She transferred out from the
Chicago office a few
days ago.

[ Chattering and laughter ]

- So, Rebecca, what did you
think of the seminar?

- I think we should record it
and sell it as a sleeping aid.
[ Laughter ]

- You know, Jerry's up for the
national VP position as well.

- How cozy.
- Well, I hope this
doesn't mean we're adversaries.

- No, it just means that when I
get the promotion, you'll
be under me.

- Ooh. I think that's a position
I could learn to like.

- Would you please excuse me?

- I told you to go easy
on the booze, Jerry.

- Damn it! I'm so stupid.
I can't believe I said that.

All right, look,

I've got to go apologize.

- Ms. Walker.

- Thanks.
- Have fun.

[ Knocks ]

- [Rebecca]: Who is it?

- It's Jerry Dennings.

- [Rebecca]: Go away,
Mr. Dennings.

- I... I just wanted
to apologize.

[ Door opens. ]

Can I come in and
apologize or...

do I have to do it in the hall?

[ Zippers ]

You're up early.

- You're home late.

- Well, Donald and I had a bit
too much to drink,

so we decided to play it safe
and get a room.

Look, I'm sorry I didn't call.

It was pretty late, I didn't
want to wake you.

- I thought maybe we'd go
out to dinner tonight.

- No, I can't. I have to take
some clients out to dinner.

- I don't even know why
I even bother

trying to make plans
with you anymore.

- Shannon, I am working, trying
to make a life.

- And does this life
include me?

- We're not going to go into
this now, are we?

- When do we ever go into it?
Every time I try to talk to
you, you're running out

the door to some meeting or
you're too tired.

- I can't have this
conversation now.

I've got to be in the office
in a half-hour.

We will talk tonight,
I promise.

- Oh, Mr. McBradden called down.
He wants to see you.

- Okay.
- No, he said right away.

- Mr. McBradden's
expecting me.

[ Knock ]

- Please, you know
James Corbin from legal?
- Yeah, how are you?

- I'll get straight
to the point.

Rebecca Walker told us what
happened last night.

[ Nervous laughter ]

- Oh. This is a little

We were all in the bar after the
seminar, I had a few drinks
too many.

I didn't mean for it to
happen. It just did.

- So what she says is true?
- Yeah.

But I had the impression when we
left that we understood
each other.

I don't see why she had to come
to you guys with this.

People say stupid things
sometimes. I apologized...

- Jerry, this isn't about
something you said.

- She claims you sexually
assaulted her in her
room last night.

- She says you came
on to her.

When she asked you to leave,
you became aggressive,

throwing her down on the bed,
ripping her blouse.

It wasn't until she began to
scream that you left.

- That never happened.

- We spoke to Donald.

He said he saw you go into her
room, and then he heard
the screams.

When he got there, her blouse
was torn and she was crying

- I went into her room, yes.

We had a drink, I apologized for
what I said in the bar,
and then I left.

Malcolm, you've known me for 10
years! I wouldn't do this.

- Can we look at your shoulder?
- What for?

- She says that while she was
fighting you off, she hit
you with a lamp.

I imagine it would
leave a mark.

- I have a bruise on my
shoulder. I tripped

on my way out to my car
the other night.

- Jerry, Mr. McBradden
is prepared

to offer you what I feel is a
very generous opportunity
under the circumstances.

- Opportunity?
- The morals clause

of your contract
specifically states

that any indiscrete behaviour
that reflects badly

on the company name can
result in dismissal

and forfeiture of all bonuses
and stock options.

- You are firing me?
- We're giving you a chance
to resign and seek

counselling. Your bonus for the
year will be prorated

and you'll receive 50% of
your stock options.

- But I didn't do anything!
- Take the offer, Jerry.

- And if I don't?

- You'll be dismissed,
publicly embarrassed

and you'll forfeit everything
you've worked for.

- I expected more from
you, Malcolm.

- I started this company selling
transistor radios out of
the back of a truck.

I'm not going to let you drag
its image into the gutter

because you can't keep your
pants zipped up!

- It never happened.

- Why would she make up
a story like this?

- I don't know.

- You did flirt
with her.

- A little, yes.

- In front of everyone?

- I drank too much.
- Bull!

Don't blame it on the alcohol.

- All right, all right, I
flirted with her, Shannon.

Yes, I mean we haven't had
sex in 4 months, okay.

- And that's my fault?
- Well, you are half
this marriage.

- I'm not the half that
had the affair!

- I knew you would bring
this into it.

- You cheated on me and now you
are asking me to believe
that nothing happened?

- I thought it was behind us.
- What world do you live in?

You think it's behind
us because you

apologized and sent
me some flowers.

I trusted you

and you betrayed that trust.

- Shannon! I made a mistake.
- Maybe you made another one.

[ Sighs ]

- I need you to believe me.

- I don't know if I can
do that right now.

- Shannon, they want
me to resign.

If I did, we would lose half of
everything I've worked for.

- If you don't, we
lose everything.

I think you should resign.

- How can you say that?
- Because I'm your wife

and I don't know if
I believe you.

They're giving you a chance
to go quietly.

- This is business. There is no
such thing as quietly.

I mean, you don't think this
will follow me?

You think there are other
companies that will be
lining up to hire me?

I put 10 years of my life into
that company,

10 gruelling years. McBradden
throws me out like a
bag of garbage?

- I'd like you to not be here
when I get back from Mexico.

We need some time apart.

[ Chatting ]

- I won't resign.

- You don't have
a choice.

- If Miss Walker is telling the
truth, then she can file

criminal charges against me and
we will settle it in court.

But I will not be
judged by you.

- I tried to give you a way out
and do what's right for
the company.

- Oh, that is crap, Malcolm!
You're doing what's
best for you.

- Get out!
- If you try to push me out,

I will sue.

- You're fired.

- I wish you would have
waited for me.

- I gave him the opportunity
to resign.

- You pressured
him to resign.

- This is my company and I can
fire anyone I damn well please.

- No, you can't. You're his
employer, you're supposed
to be impartial.

You formed an opinion and
took a position.

That's not going to help us
when he fights this.

- You mean, "if"
he fights this?

- His attorney's already
contacted me. They're
suing, Malcolm.

You better hope this woman's
telling the truth.

- You wanted to see me?

- Jerry Dennings is
filing a lawsuit.

- Oh, and that surprises you?
- Frankly, yes.

- Well, if he took whatever you
offered him, that's as good
as saying

he's guilty. Of course, he
has to fight this.

- Mr. McBradden
has taken a

strong position in your behalf.

- Oh, I see, and now you're
wondering if you're backing
the right person.


- I must say the incident
doesn't seem to have
affected you.

- I'm tough,
Mr. Corbin.

I mean, do you think I got where
I am today by letting my
emotions show?

Men see tears as weakness, so
I've learned to shut them off.

But that doesn't make what Jerry
Dennings tried to do to me
any less traumatic.

- We'd like to arbitrate this.

- Arbitration might have been
a viable avenue

if my client hadn't been fired.

- Well, what if he could
be reinstated?

- No. I'm not going to let you
take McBradden's foot
out of his mouth.

- How's your client going to pay
for a lengthy trial?

- With the 30 million dollars
he wins from you.

[ Chuckles ]

- Let me point out to you how
things are in the real world.

We've got signed statements from
several people stating

Mr. Dennings was drunk and
obviously hitting on Ms. Walker.

Donald Fuller saw him enter her
room and heard her

scream, and on
top of everything,

he has a history of
psychological problems.

- He doesn't have psychological
problems, he had a
stress problem.

- What he had was a
nervous breakdown.

A year ago he snapped
like a twig

during a staff meeting.
If I were you,

I'd start thinking about what's
best for my client.
- If I were you,

I'd start thinking about why Mr.
McBradden was so quick to
form an opinion.

- Because of the evidence.
- Evidence?

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know
McBradden Communications
was a court of law.

- Mr. McBradden was protecting
his employees.

- No, he was protecting himself
and his precious
company image.

- You can't win
this case.

[ Sigh ]
- We're prepared
to let a jury decide that.

- [Donald]: Yeah, all right.
- Donald.

I'm Frank Schaeffer, I'm an
investigator with the
legal division here.

- Oh, you're here about Jerry
Dennings, right?
- I was hoping

you could tell me what happened
at the hotel.
- Well,

I've already said he had
a little too much to drink.

- Right. I was hoping you could
give me a little insight into
Mr. Dennings in general.

- I can tell you that he is
a good friend of mine.

- Okay, I understand.

Loyalty's a good thing.

I hope Mr. McBradden

- Excuse me?

- Well, you made it clear that
your loyalty rests with

your friend and not to the man
who pays your salary.

- I'd be more than happy to do
anything to help Mr. McBradden.

- An affair.

- Last year. It went on
for five months.

- That's not the best part.
She worked here.

- Where is she now?
- We're trying to find her.

- So, how's bachelorhood
treating you?

- This is great.

- Listen,

I think it's pretty crappy
what they did to you.

- Thanks.

- They sent an investigator down

to my office
the other day.

They know about your
affair last year.

I think they're going to try to
make it look like you used your
position to coerce her.

Well, the good news is

they can't find her.

You haven't been in contact
with her, have you?

- No, no. She moved
out of state.

- Oh.

Well, they're going
to find her.

Maybe you should
call her, let

her know they're coming.

Do you know where she is?

- What did they promise
you, Donald?

A corner office? A raise? What?

What's the going rate these days
to betray your friends?

- It's just business, Jerry.
- You ungrateful creep. I
gave you your job.

- I've got a
career to think about.
- What about my career?

- Business-wise, you're dead.
You just haven't laid down yet.

- Get out.

[ Laughs softly ]

- I was surprised
you called.

- Really?

- Well, when I asked you to
leave you didn't

seem too upset
about going.

- Well, that's not true. I was.
But I understood...

Listen, Shannon,
whatever happens

I just need you to know that
I didn't do this.

But I know that I really hurt
you and I am sorry.

I just... I just never
realized it before.

- Now you do?

- Well...

that last month in the apartment
I had a lot of time on

my hands to sit around and think
about what really matters.

Well, I was
hoping maybe

when all this is over, we could
go away together.

- Well, we'll see.

- Kobrinsky is going
to call you.

He need to go over what you're
going to say at the deposition.
- All right.

- You know, they're going to ask
you about the affair.

It's important you know
what to say.

- You're afraid of
what I'm going to say at
the deposition, aren't you?

That's why you're here. You...

you want the image of the
supporting wife who believes

her husband.
- Do you think
that little of me?

- I don't know what to think of
you anymore, Jerry.
- Look, Shannon,

I am here for us, okay?

As for the lawsuit, you
do whatever you feel
comfortable doing.

- So, it doesn't matter
to you what I do?

- No.

I mean, yes. Of course it does,

but that is not the only
reason I'm here.

Come on.

Are you going to turn your back
on the chance to make millions

of dollars just because
you're angry with me?

- You don't have the slightest
idea of who I am.

- Shannon.

- I have been such an idiot.

- Shannon.

- Before we begin, Mr. McBradden

has instructed me to inform
you that if you stop

these proceedings now,
he will not file charges

of malicious prosecution
against your client.

- How generous of him.
We'll pass.

- How the hell do you think
you can try this case?

If you look at the evidence it's
not hard to connect
the dots.

- Try connecting them this way:
Ms. Walker is ambitious.

My client was the frontrunner
for the VP promotion. With
him out of the way

she had a pretty clear
path to the job.

It's my understanding she
already occupies Mr. Dennings'
old office.

- It's the only open office
on the floor.

- You seem to be very good at
climbing the corporate
ladder, Ms. Walker.

- This is absurd.

- A while ago you worked for the
Holmes-Jennings Company
in Chicago.

You filed a sexual harassment
suit against

a Mitchell Layton. The company

settled for... awarding
you $200,000

and a promotion to Senior

- Those are
confidential records.

- After that you worked
for the Weatherdale

Corporation in Dallas. You filed

another sexual harassment suit
against your boss

which resulted in his
dismissal and an

undisclosed sum for you.

Why didn't you file criminal
charges against Mr. Dennings?

- Being an attractive woman
in the workplace is an
occupational hazard.

If I filed charges against every
man who came onto me,

I'd be in court every day.
- Tsk tsk. You're not saying
he came on to you.

You're saying he tried
to rape you.

- Mr. McBradden is very
sensitive about his
company's image.

I thought the matter would be
better handled internally.
- And of course,

Mr. McBradden would be beholden
to you for your discretion.

- I didn't ask Mr. Dennings
up to my room,

nor did I ask him to attack me,
but if there's something

to be gained from this
then why not take it?
- Rebecca...

- Look, it's not my fault that
men find me attractive or that

they take a smile
for more than what it is.
- Rebecca, that's enough.

- I mean do you have any idea
what it's like to come to work
and hear your colleagues

talk about you like you're
a $10 whore?

Or to see them undress you
with their eyes?

Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Kobrinsky,
that behaviour is inappropriate
and unacceptable.

- I can't wait to get
her on the stand.

- She's angry. I would be too
if I was in her situation.

- She has made a career out of
sexual harassment suits.

You really think the jury's
going to find her a
credible witness?

McBradden Communications

fired my client without
just cause.

It took the word of one employee
over that of the other.

Consequently, my client's
reputation in the industry

has been destroyed, his
prospects for future

employment are grim,
he and his wife...
- Save it!

You're not addressing a
jury right now.

- You're on the ropes, James. If
you want to stand there and get

the tar knocked out of you,
that's up to you.

The longer it takes you to throw
in the towel, the more expensive
it's going to be.

- So, how expensive would it be
to get off the ropes today?

- How does it feel to be
Boston's newest millionaire?

- I'm just glad it's over.
- You think it's over?

It's not over, Jerry.
Do you hear me?

It is not over!

- Would you forget about
Rebecca Walker?

You've just won 10
million dollars.

Can't you be happy about it?
- Ah, you know something?

I'd much rather this
never happened.

I liked my job,

I liked the people
I worked with.

Ah, who knows. If
this hadn't

happened maybe Shannon and
I would have been able to
work something out.

- Things will work out
for the best.

In the meantime, go out and do
something for yourself.
Pamper yourself.

- We did it.

- You shouldn't
be here.

So, how did McBradden take it?

- Well, basically I'm not going
to be getting that promotion.

[ Soft laughter ]

Personally, I think he'd like to
fire me, but he's afraid.


we can't do
this anymore

for awhile.

We shouldn't have even
done it tonight.

- Well, it was your
idea, remember?

- It was a bad one.

No one can blow this
now but us.

We have to be smart.

- I don't see why you
just can't quit.

- I think we should stick
to the plan.

You know, I stay on for another
month or so and then

resign because I feel there's
no opportunity to grow
in the company.

- Maybe I should leave
the country now.

- Hey.

If either one of us starts doing
anything differently people are
going to get suspicious.

- Well...

it just seems like
such a long time.

- Yeah, well 20 years in prison
is a lot longer.

- You bastard! You don't even
have the guts to tell me you
want a divorce!

I find out through a
process server!

- It's better this way.
- How could you do this?

- Shannon, you don't have
anything to worry about, okay.

I will take
care of you.

- You think that's
why I'm here?

You never said anything
about a divorce!

- Well, I am saying it now.
- I thought we were going to
try to work things out.

- Why? Why
should we?

- I can think of a
lot of reasons.

- Well, I am sure you
can, Shannon.

I am sure you can think of
10 million reasons.

- Hey, thanks for coming over.
We need to talk.

- About?

- Something's been bothering
me and uh...

I don't know how to say
this... uh...
- Just...

open your lips and let
some air out.

- I think that Jerry Dennings
might have known

Rebecca Walker before that
night at the hotel.

- What makes you say that?

- Well, I was talking to
a friend of mine who works at

Grown Pin Technologies and
well, you know,

we got around to talk about
Ms. Walker. Uh,

she says she remembers
them talking

at an executive convention
last year in Chicago.

- And so if they knew
each other...?

- Well, then why pretend
they didn't?

- I thought you were
Dennings' friend?

- I was.

I'd just rather be
Mr. McBradden's friend.

[ Chuckles softly ]

You knew about this?

- That photo was taken
a year ago.

I found it about a week after
the settlement.

You see, it always
bothered me how

Walker's sexual harassment
history kind of just

came up just at the right
time to discredit her.

- So, you think they scammed
the company?

- Here's the expense account
for Mr. Dennings

from last year. What's
circled there are

his hotel expenses.

- So, what? He travelled? He...?

- I also pulled
Walker's expenses for last year.

Eight times they're in the same
city, 4 of those times at
the same hotel.

- So, they did do it.

They actually did it.

Oh man, you've got to appreciate
this. I mean, it's brilliant.

- No, it's fraud.

If it was brilliant, we wouldn't

be having this conversation
because we wouldn't know.

- Shouldn't we go
to McBradden with this?

- Look, this could be an
e-ticket ride for us,

you know, if we play it right.
We don't have enough right
now to go to anybody.

We go to McBradden with this and
blow smoke up his ass and things

don't fall into place, he's not
going to be happy now, is he?

- All right, yeah.

- Now you haven't told anyone
else about this, have you?
- No, no.

- All right. Good, good. Let's
keep it that way for now.

- All right, yeah. Sure.

- We'll talk.
- Right, right.

- Jerry, have
a seat.

Poole, a pleasure
to see you.

Sorry for keeping
you waiting.

Mr. Dennings wants to
be fair about this.

- Define fair.

- We're not prepared to make a
proposal at this time.

- Well, we are. Mrs. Dennings is
asking for the primary

the mountain cabin will be
shared and 50% of all assets.

- [Scoffs]: You sure you don't
want a pound of flesh?

- We're talking about
a 10 year marriage here.

Mrs. Dennings has been there
every step of the way.

She's not the one who wants this
divorce, she only wants--
- I agree.

- Jerry?
- Have the papers drawn up.

- Are you sure you want
to do this?

- Absolutely.

- We accept.

- Jerry!

- For what?

- For not making
this ugly.

- I told you I'd
take care of you.

- Oh, could you drop by the
house tonight and

get the rest of your things
out of the office?

- Sure, sure.
- Great.

- Is everything else all
right with you?

- Yeah. I started teaching
a photography class.

- Oh, yeah? Wow,
that's great.

- It's only a night class in the
extension program, but...

- Well, it's
still teaching.

- And you?

- Nothing much.

- Are you...

seeing anyone or...

- No. No, no, no.

- You're just a man of
leisure, huh?

- Yeah, I guess.

- Well, I...
I should go.

- Yeah, yeah, sure.

Take care.

- You too.


You should
be happy.

It's what you've always
wanted, right?

- Yeah.

- Hmmph.

- How the hell could
this happen?!

- How it happened isn't
important. It's happened.

- Well, who would know about it?
We were so careful!

- Well, obviously not
careful enough.

- Yeah, well what are we
going to do about it?

What?! What are we going to do?!
- I don't know, Jerry! Nothing!

- Nothing?
- We don't know what they want.

We can't do anything until
we know what they want.

- Well, how do we know they
haven't sent these to
the police?

- Because we're not in jail.
- We don't know that.

They could be waiting for
us right now.

- Would you please calm down.
- Calm down?
- Yeah.

- Okay, look. I don't want to be
negative or anything, but
it kind of looks

like our perfect crime has a
little bit of a flaw.

- Okay, listen to me.
Listen to me.

I need you to be
strong, okay?

Can you be strong for me?

We're going to get
through this,

okay? But we have to
do it together.

Everything's going
to be okay.

It's going to be okay.
Come here.


It's going to be okay.

[ Phone ringing ]

- Hello.
- [Shannon]: Jerry, it's me.

You were supposed to be here
half an hour ago.
- What?

- You were going to come over
tonight and get your things
out of the office.

- Uh.

Well, that's it.

Everything else is in the car.


you know, I don't really feel
like going home, I thought maybe
we could have a drink.

- Meredith is coming over.

- Oh, okay.

Look, I just wanted to
say that I am sorry.

- Don't.

You never made excuses for your
behaviour before,

no need to start now.

- Well, I just feel
bad about it.

I mean, we did share ten
years together.

- No, you lived here
for ten years.

You were never interested
in sharing anything.

- I'm not making excuses
for what I did.

- This is where you tell me how
much you've changed,

how you want to come back.

- No, I don't want to come back.
- What do you want?


Do you want me to tell you that
it's all right, what you did

and how you did it? I can't.

You know, when we first
broke up I...

I was so scared.

The thought of starting
over again,

living alone.

I've realized now that I needed
that time to find out who
I really am.

- Who are you?

- Someone who's a
lot stronger than I thought.

- When's the last time you used
that telephoto lens?

- A few days ago.

- Oh yeah?

And what did you shoot?

- Since when are you
so interested in my work?

- I was just

wondering if any of the pictures
might interest me.

- Maybe.
- Maybe?

Maybe yes
or maybe no.

You wouldn't do anything to hurt
me now, would you, Shannon?

- What the hell is with
you tonight?

- Oh, what the hell is with me?
What the hell is with me?
- All right,

I want you to leave now.

This conversation is over
and we are over.

- Okay.

- [Rebecca]: Hi, this
is Rebecca.

Leave a message and I'll
call you back.

- I need to see you.

Meet me tomorrow at noon,
up at the lake.

- Hey.

- So, what's so important it
couldn't be said in my office?

- Well, I've
been thinking.

You know, with the full arrest
and my friend in Chicago's

testimony that they knew
each other, and the
hotel charges,

we have more than enough to go
to McBradden with this.

- Look, Don, look.

I thought we agreed we
were going to wait.

- Yeah, but you know,

I wondered what reason
could he have

not to pass along
this valuable information,

and then it hit me.

You're going to shake him down.

- Ha-ha!

Why would I do that?

- Well, that's what I'd do.

Why settle for a pat on the back
when you can get rich.

- Let's say for a moment I was
thinking of doing that.

What would I need
you for?

- Get off the
hypothetical crap.

- What do I need
you for?

- You need me not to go to
McBradden with this.

- And that's worth what to me?

- You know, I'm not greedy

and I do realize you've done
most of the work,

so I'll take half.

- Hey.

- I think Shannon sent
the photographs.

- What makes you
think that?

- Because I went over to get my
stuff last night, and
she's got

her cameras out with
a telephoto lens.

- Gerry, I think you're being
a little paranoid.

- Come on, Rebecca. Add it up.
Who else is close enough

to know what's going on?
- Well, did you do what

I told you with the divorce?
- Yeah, yeah, she thinks she's
getting everything she wants.

- Okay, so then why would she do
that? It doesn't make sense.

- Yes, it does.

Because this is payback. It's
revenge. She wants to
see me squirm.

- Well, I hope you're right.
- What?

- Well, if it is her, she's not
going to go to the police.

I mean, she thinks she's getting
millions of dollars,

if you go so
does the money.

- Right.
- Right.

And if it isn't
her, well

they'll let us know what they
want soon enough.

Either way, we might have
to leave quickly.

- Wait a minute. I thought you
said we shouldn't?

- That was before the

[ Rebecca sighs ]
- Yeah, but then we were both
going to slip away unnoticed.

If we both just leave, we might
as well sign a full

- Okay, so what are you saying
now, you don't want to go?

- Oh, no, no, no. I want to go,
but I want to go the way
we planned.

I mean, I don't want to... I
didn't do this so I could
live in a third world

country and look over my
shoulder for the rest
of my life.

- Okay, okay, listen. All I'm
saying is that we need to
be prepared.

It takes time to get ten million
in cash together.

Now, call the bank tomorrow and
get them started and when they

have it, transfer it to a
safety deposit box.

- Well, I don't see why we just
can't wire it to where
we're going.

- Right, and maybe you'd also
like to leave

a little note telling the cops
exactly where we went.

Come here.

- Mr. Dennings.

My name's Frank Schaeffer.

I'm an investigator with
McBradden Communications.

- Haven't you heard? The case
has been settled.

- You know, what we need to talk
about should maybe be done
in private.

- Maybe you didn't hear me. The
case has been settled.

[ Chuckling ]

- I know what you did.

Relax, Jerry.

I don't want you to go to jail.

- Why would I
go to jail?

- Because you and
Rebecca Walker

ripped off McBradden for
ten million dollars.

Oh yeah. You see, I've
got credit receipts

showing you at the same
hotel at the same time.

I've got people who say that you
knew her before the incident,

and I've got photos.

- I don't know what you're
talking about.

- Jerry, Jerry, don't act like
you're innocent.

You see, because you're not
even good at it.

Now, the way I see it this
can go two ways:

You can either continue
to stand there and act dumb,

in which case I go to McBradden
with what I know.

I believe that doesn't serve
either one of our purposes
now, does it?

- Number two?

- Number two: You give me
five million dollars.

- That's crazy!

- That's the deal.

- Well, that's hardly a deal.

- Suit yourself,

- No, wait a minute! Wait a
minute! Can't we discuss this?

- We are discussing
it, Jerry.

We're just not going
to debate it.

- I know, I know...

I can't think right now.

- You know, I understand
that, Jerry.

You can't make this decision
all by yourself, so you
call Ms. Walker

and then tomorrow at 10 o'clock,
call me at my office, and
I will tell you

where to meet me with
the money.

- So, how did it go?

- It's all set.

- They agreed?

- Oh, they will. They have
no other choice.

Why don't you meet me during
lunch tomorrow.

I need you to
do something for me.

- Uh, yeah. Sure, sure.

- So this investigator,

Schaeffer came to see
me today...

and he knows everything.


He says that he wants half or
he's going to go to McBradden.

- We have to take off.

- Do we want to take
that chance? The guy's
an investigator for crap sake.

He could be watching us right
now and we wouldn't even
know it.

- If we don't run, we
have to pay him.

- No.

- No? What do you mean, no?

What other choice do we
have, Jerry?

- We planned this and we took
the risks,

and I am not giving away half of
it just because he happened
to stumble on it.

He's not going to go
to McBradden.

What does that get him?

- So, you want to play poker
with this guy?

- Think about it.

He goes to McBradden,
he gets nothing.

If we offer him a million,
he'll take it.

- Yeah, but then next month
he'll come back and ask
for another.

- No, because once he takes the
money, he's an accessory.

He can't go to
the police.

[ Sigh ]
- What if he doesn't take
the million?

- I'm not giving away
5 million bucks

just because he says that's
what he wants.

We'll make it so he
has no choice.

- What you're talking about
doing, Jerry,

could be very dangerous.

- I'm not letting that son
of a bitch take half.

- You still want to do this?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

What did he say about
the meeting?

- He said for us to call him
in the morning.

- He probably wants to meet in
the afternoon.

You've got to give us some time.

How would you
describe him?

- Confident,

really enjoyed watching
me squirm.

- Good.

We want him to think that he's
got it all covered.

- He does have it
all covered.

- No, hmmph.

Not all of it.

He wants money.

We're going to give it to him.

Just not the way he
thinks we are.

You see, he thinks we're going
to do everything

exactly the way he wants.

We can use this,

because he won't be expecting
what's going to happen next.

Now, first thing in the morning
I'm going to call down

to accounting and get
some information.

When the bank opens, you take
care of the money.

At 10 o'clock sharp he'll call.

[ Phone ]
- Schaeffer.

- Meet me in the park across
the street.

- [Rebecca]: His first
impression of you will be the
most important.

He has to feel you know he's
running the show.

Be strong.
- Did you bring the money?

- [Rebecca]: But don't
challenge him.

- Of course not, but I'm not
going to talk about this
on the phone.

- Fine, meet me at 4 o'clock
at the park over at the
south side...

- Hey, how do I know once
you get your money

you're not going to come back
asking for more?

- I guess you just going to have
to trust me, Jerry.

- That's not good enough. You
realize that once you get

your share, you're as
guilty as we are.

- I know that.
That's your guarantee.

It's a little hard for me to go
to McBradden or the cops to
explain my involvement,

so once I have the money
I'm gone, all right?

You'll never see me again.

So, at 4 o'clock you'll
meet me at the park

on the south side.
You know where that is?

- No, no, no, no. I'm not
meeting there. No way.

- [Rebecca]: The moment you
say that he's going to
become suspicious.

The reason you give has
to make sense.

- Look, I'm not going to come to
a public place with Rebecca

so somebody else can see us
together and figure out
what we did.

- Then come alone.

- Right now all she has is my
word that you know.

She's not going let me
take the money without
seeing it herself.

[ Sigh ]

- Look, when I go upstairs
I'll talk to her.

- If she doesn't have a problem
with it, it's fine with me.

- Fine. Pfft!

[ Phone ringing ]

- Yeah?
- He's on his way.

He'll be there in 5 minutes.

- Okay.

- Ms. Walker, there's
a Frank Schaeffer here
to see you.

- When I know he's coming, I'll
make the call. Corbin.

I'm going to insist that we both
go and we meet in a
secluded spot.

Now, he may argue at first, but
soon he'll begin

to realize it's his last hurdle
to the money.

Greed will kick in. He'll be so
close he can taste it.

[ Knocking ]

As soon as Corbin sees me
with him,

Schaeffer's going to
get nervous.

He's not going to want to sit
here and argue with me
in front of him.

- Frank.

So, Rebecca what's
so important?

- Oh, it's all right, sir.
I've taken care of it.

- [Jerry]: I still don't
understand how we get to meet
him where we want.

- [Rebecca]: We don't.
We haven't picked a place.

We've only said that we don't
want a crowded one.

He'll pick it.

[ Car approching ]

- Where's the money?

- It's not here.

- What the hell do you mean,
it's not here?

- We have to talk.

- No. You need to give me
my money.

- It's not that we don't want to
work something out with you.

- Jerry, I told you,
there's no debating this.

- Five million dollars
is unreasonable.

- You know, maybe I didn't
make myself clear.

There's no negotiation
about it.

- We'll give you one million.

- You'll give me five million.

You'll give me five million
dollars or you will spend

the rest of your miserable
lives in jail!

- One million, take it
or leave it.

- You take a good look around.

This is the last time you're
going to see this much
open space.

- Yeah, well if we go to jail
you go with us.

- We'll say you're part of it.

- You know, Jerry. You're
swimming into deep waters, bud.

- How are you going to explain
to McBradden that you've known

about this for weeks and didn't
bring it to his attention?

- Accounting has a record
of your request of our
expense accounts.

Oh, and there's the photographs.

- Unbelievable!

You're setting me up?!

- We are setting you up.

- You couldn't set up a lawn
chair, Jerry.

- Oh, then there's the lobby
surveillance tapes showing you

and me going up to my apartment
together yesterday.

- I'm through. I'm done with
this. I don't need that.

- [Jerry's voice]: "You realize
that once you get

your share you're as guilty
as we are.

- [Schaeffer]: I know that.
That's your guarantee.

It's a little hard for me to go
to McBradden or the cops

to explain my involvement, so
once I have the money, I'm gone.

All right? You'll never
see me again."

It won't work.

- Yes, it will.

- No, it won't work because I
never took any money.

- Oh, but you did. I got your
financial information from
accounting this morning.

- I've instructed my bank

to wire one million dollars
into your account at the
end of the day.

Talk about a paper trail.

- You stupid...!
- Now, there's still time to
stop the transfer.

I'll get you the money in a less
conspicuous manner if you agree.

[ Whap! ]

- You think you're going to turn
this around on me?

Is that what you think? Huh?

I will kill you before I let you
do that to me.

[ Thunk ]

- No!

No! No!

[ Bang! ]
- Arrg.

- Oh my God.

I had to do it.

He was going to kill you. I had
to do something. Oh my God.

It was a million dollars, I
offered him a million dollars,
he didn't take it.

I had to do it.
He was going to kill you.

- Jerry. We have to get
rid of the body.

- No, I can't, I...
- Now listen to me! Calm down!

Listen to me! Just a minute!
Just breathe, stay
with me, baby.

Stay with me. Listen.
Sit down here.

Sit down, sit down, sit down.

Shh. It's okay.


I have a blanket
in my truck.

I'm going to get the blanket.
Do you hear me?

And I'm going to wrap up the body

and you need to go find a place,
somewhere up there.

Just go up there and find a
spot, I'll wrap him up.

Okay? Just calm down.

Come on. Give me the gun.

Come on.

Okay. Okay, it's okay,

it's okay, it's okay.

- Ah!

[ Yelling ]

- Okay... I cleaned out
his pockets.

We have to get rid of
this stuff somewhere else.

- All right.
- Okay.

[ Gasping ]

My God!...

[ Heavy breathing ]

- Aaah! God!

What the hell
have I done?

- [Rebecca]:
I'll take my car.
You take Schaeffer's.

- Yeah.

- I'm sure his address
is in his wallet.

We'll meet back at his house
and leave his car there.

Just be careful
with your fingerprints.

Jerry... you saved my life.

We'll have to leave
the country.

Did you hear me?

- Rebecca, I can't think
about this right now.

- Well, look: we can't
just sit around, we need
to have a plan.

- Seems like our plans
don't work out too well.

- It's only a matter of time
before they find the body.

- So?
- So?

- So there's nothing
to connect him to us.

- What about
the photographs?

Don't you think, when
they find the body,

that the police are
gonna search his house?

What if the photographs are
inside his house?

- All right, okay. So...
we'll go in, we'll find
the photographs

and the negatives. There
won't be any connection.

God! None of this had to happen,
had he just taken the money!

- I'm just glad we didn't
transfer the money
into his account.

That would have been
a real waste.


- I just killed somebody.

You're talking
about saving money?

- I'm just saying...

after what's happened,

I'm just happy we didn't
give him a dime.

Let's go.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

I don't know about this.

I don't know if we
should go in.

- We have to go in,
we have no choice.

- But... uh...

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

How do we know he lives
alone, huh?

Maybe someone's in there.

Wait... Ah...

- It's fine.

- Jerry! What are
you doing?

Do you want the police to know
that we've been here?

Pick that up.

Give me the keys.


- Aaah!

- Here you go.


[ Sighing ]

- What?
- Jerry, we need to talk.

- You know, Shannon, this
really, really isn't a good
time for me, okay?

- You ever returned
any of my phone calls.

Didn't you get the envelope
I sent you?

- Envelope?

- You know what
I'm talking about.

The support agreement.
You promised

to send me a check
each month until
the divorce is finalized.

- That is what you came
here for?

- The mortgage is due, I've got
bills to pay, and you won't
return my phone calls!

- I sent you the check.
- I was supposed to have it
a week ago.

- Well, I am not responsible for
the mail service, Shannon.

- I can't pay my bills
with promises, Jerry!

- Well, what are you saying:
I didn't send it?

- No! I'm saying:
I don't have it!

I'm saying that you promised
me something and once again--

- Oh! Will you shut up?!!

I mean, you know what
your problem is?

That you are oblivious
to other people's moods!

I mean, have you noticed
that I am just a little bit
on edge here?

No! You can't! Because
it has always been
about what you want

whenever you want it, without
any regard for anybody else!

- What is happening
to you, Jerry?

- I'm just expressing my anger.

- Are you taking
your medication?

- What? So suddenly, you care?

Oh, of course, you care.
'Cause you need money!

Everybody cares about Jerry
now that he's got money.

- It's not
your money, Jerry.

It's our money.
Believe me, I earned it.

- No... I earned it!

I am the one who went
to work every day

for 10 years while you played
with your cameras!

I am the one who kissed
ass for 10 years while
you stayed home

watching soap operas and
reading magazines!

So don't tell me you earned it,
because you didn't.

I did!

- I don't know
what's going on with you.

But I do know I don't
need this crap.

I just want
to get on with my life.

I've been fair
with you, Jerry,

after everything
you've done.

I just want you
to be the same.

I'm going up to the lake on
Monday to shoot some pictures

after we sign
the settlement papers.

If you want to put a stop
payment on the check
you already sent, fine.

But I want you to write me
another one... right now

so I can put it
in the night deposit.

- All right. Fine.

- [Radio]:
Today's weather calls
for mostly cloudy skies

throughout most of the day
with a drop in temperature
in the afternoon.

It looks like more of the same
for tomorrow.

So all in all, not a great
weekend weatherwise.

And now for the CLXA news.

Sheriff's deputies have
reported finding a body

buried in a shallow grave
in the canyon this morning.

They have yet to release the
identity, pending notification
of the family.

In other news today,

[ He bangs on the counter. ]

- Shoots!


- Dr. Reilly's office.

- Yeah, hi! This is
Jerry Dennings.

I am a patient of Dr. Reilly's.
Could I speak to him please?

- I'm sorry. Dr. Reilly is
unavailable for the weekend.

- What do you mean,
he is unavailable?

- He can't be reached.
- This is kind of an
emergency, so...

- He's referring all his calls
to Dr. Graham.

- Yeah, but I don't want
to speak to Dr. Graham. I want
to speak to Dr. Reilly!

- I'm sorry, sir.
I have no way of contacting him.

- Hmm!...

- Hi! This is Rebecca. Leave a
message and I'll call you back.

- Meet me at the cabin. Noon.

[ Sighing nervously ]

Jeez! Where the hell are you?

[ Phone ringing ]

- Jerry, it's me. I'm outside.
- I'm busy, Shannon.

- Jerry, you forgot to sign
the check you gave me.

- Shannon, I said I'm busy.
- I'm coming up.

- Dammit!


- You look horrible.

- Thanks!

- Jerry, I don't want
to be a drag.

I just want to get through
this divorce as painlessly
as possible.

- Painless divorce.
Isn't that an oxymoron?

- I'm worried about you.

- Ah! Why?

'Cause I lost
my temper last night?

- Have you spoken
to Dr. Reilly lately?

- I can't actually,
he's unavailable.

- I think you need
to speak to somebody.

Does he have a colleague?
- Yeah.

What? You think
I should speak to him?

- You've been under
a lot of pressure the
last few months.

- Ha!... That is for sure.

Well, okay, I'll speak to him,
I'll speak to him.

- Do you mean it?

- Yes, absolutely, absolutely.
First thing Monday morning.

Look, uh...

I'm going to get
an iced tea, do you want one?

- Do you have any soda?
- No.

- What have you got?
- Iced tea!

- Iced tea is fine.

It's a nice place.

One bedroom?
- Two. Two bedrooms.

One for me...

and one... for me.

Oh! Damn!

- Make sure you get
it all out.

You'll have ants if you don't.

Ha!... Look, I said everything
I have to say.

I know you have things to do.

[ She walks out. ]

- Bitch!

- Jerry.
- Where the hell were you?

- What are you talking about?
- Didn't you get my message?

- Uh, no. I just got in.

- What? You're on vacation,
you don't check your messages?

- I'm sorry, I got hung up.
What's going on?

- I needed you.

- Jerry, I'm sorry.

I should have checked.
It was stupid.

- I can't take
this crap anymore.

- Jerry, look...

If I knew you needed me,
I would have been there.

I'm sorry. What's up?


- When I got back
from the lake,

somebody put the blanket that
we buried Schaeffer in,

in my apartment.

- What?
- And...

this came in
this morning.

- I don't understand.

- Okay, I'll explain it to you.

It's that Schaeffer wasn't
acting alone.

He had a partner who
photographed the whole
damn thing.

It is my worst frickin'

- So what do we do, Jerry?
What do we do?

- We don't have
the choice, we gotta go.
- Go where? Where?

- Mexico. We'll go
to Mexico for now.

- Okay.
- So I want you
to go to the lake tonight.

And I'm going to go to
the bank in the morning,

I'll get the money and
meet you there.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- [Lawyer]:
your husband had

the settlement agreement
worded very artfully.

By the terms
of the contract,

he was not awarded
the money for damages
prior to your separation.

- Well, I don't understand.

- The award for damages was
based on future loss
of earnings.

The law states that once
you are legally separated,

your spouse is
not entitled to share
in any future earnings.

- Are you telling me I'm not
getting anything?

- If you accept the offer,
you'll get the house,

half of all assets acquired
prior to the separation,

but none of
the settlement money.

- And he can get away
with this?

- We can fight it,
but it's going to be

very difficult
to make a case against him.

- Well, can't we say
that he...

separated from me to avoid
his responsibilities?

- We can say anything we want.
Proving it is another matter.

- No, no, no, no.
That is not right.

- The law is on his side.
- And who's on my side?

- Shannon, I understand
how you feel. But--

- No you don't.

You don't understand at all
how I feel.

- I only meant, I can understand
how angry you are.

- I am so tired of letting him
screw up my life.

That bastard...

I won't let him get away
with this.

- All right then.

I'll meet you at the end
of the counter.

- Thank you.

[ He's out of breath. ]
- You got it.

- I got it.

Our plane leaves at 4:00.

- And where are we going?
- Mexico City.

We can disappear from there.


- I'm sorry it has to be
this way, Jerry.

- What are you doing?

- Exactly what
it looks like I'm doing.

- I don't understand.

- You weren't supposed to.

- Oh no... You cannot do this.

- I can. It's done.

- No...
- And don't go making this

any more difficult
than it needs to be.

You're not a well man, Jerry.

Something like this could just
push you right over the edge.

- Ah!
- Ah!

- I gave up everything for you.
Everything, I killed for you!

- Now what?
- Now what?

Well, I'm a man on the edge,

Why don't you give me one reason
why I shouldn't blow
your head off?

[ Cocking a gun. ]

- Well... 'cause then yours
will be blown off.

Drop the gun, Jerry.

- I killed you.

- I don't think so.

- Well... I buried you.

- Not me. It was Donald,
the asshole.

It was your buddy Donald.
He was a clever kid,

a little too clever. But in
the end, he worked into the
plan nicely.

[Frank]: I want you to meet me
during lunch tomorrow.

I need you to do
something for me.

Yep! This looks like
a good place.

- For what?

- [Rebecca]: No!

[Whispering]: He's gone.

- Why me?

- Think about it, Jerry.
If she filed a lawsuit,

harassment against me,
what would she get?

I'm not married,
I make $60,000 a year.

You were perfect.

You're married, house,
career, stock options.

Ha! Ha! Ha!
- Rebecca...

- Oh, Rebecca. You figured
you got something special
going on with her?

Yeah... She's good at that,
isn't she?

- Don't worry, Jerry, we're
not going to kill you.

We're just going to leave you
here without your car keys,

put out the phones.

By the time you get out,
we'll be long gone.

- So let's go, Jerry.

Let's go, get on it.
Get out of here!

You know, you are a tougher
nut to crack than we
thought, Jerry.

All we wanted you to do
is to run so we can get
to the money, uh?

But you're a little
stubborn, aren't you?

Just stay there.

- What if I want you to kill me?
- Is that what you want?

- Yeah, that's what I want!
- This guy's nuts!

- You tell me what
I've got to live by.

You want to go, then
you've got to kill me.

- Let's go, Frank, come on.
- Now what?! You think you're
just going to walk out of here,

and that's the end of it? No.
You've got to shoot me.

Shoot me.
Come on, shoot me!

- Shoot him.
- Yeah, come on, do it.

The cops are going
to find my dead body.

You're gone, so is
the money, and you two
are going to be running

for the rest of your lives.
- Come on, Frank. Shoot him.

- Ah!
- Ah!

- Frank!
- Aaah!

- [Rebecca]: Ah!
- Aaah!

- Ah!
- Ah!

- You bastard.
- Ah!

[ Gunshot ]
- Ah!

- Ah... Thank God, Shannon,
you're here.

Help me up.

Shannon. Ah... Ah...

- Miss Dennings,
tell me again

why you went up
to the lake house.

- I just wanted
to get away for a while.

- Have you ever met
Miss Walker before?

- No.

- But you knew
who she was.

- Yes.

- And you have no idea why she
and Mr. Schaeffer went up there?

- No.

- You know, I don't think she
knows anything more than
she's telling.

- We'll probably never know
what happened.

- I figure Walker felt wronged,

so she talked Schaeffer into
following Dennings

up to the lake house
for a little payback.

Then it all went to crap.

Look, I'm sorry we had
to put you through that.

- I understand.

- Are you going to be okay?

- Yeah.

- It's a rough one.

- Yeah. Can you imagine what's
going on in her head?

If she just crossed the room
a few seconds faster,

maybe she could have helped
her husband up before he fell.

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