Crime on a Summer Morning (1965) - full transcript

An ill-assorted group of international criminals executes a tightly-planned ransom sting in Spain. Things go along swimmingly until various tensions within the group come to the fore.

The Italian cyclist won the race
at an average speed of 43kmph

Joseph Lucas, the business man
compromised in the rubber crash

... leaves, according to estimates,
a one billion and a half debit.

Lucas says he was the victim
of stock exchange cheating

and says he does not fear
a police investigation.

We were told from London


You scared me.

They just said on the radio
that you weren't afraid

..not even of justice.
You're going somewhere?

- No.
- No?

Ah, you were tidying up.
You're right, Lucas.

These days,
it's better to be careful.

There are thieves everywhere.


my money!

Let me explain, Kramer.

I don't want explanations,
I want my money.

You've still got it or not?

One million dollars is nothing
to someone like you.

But to me it's 500 million francs.

I'm too old to prepare new jobs.

I'm too tired even for racket.

The young ones are too fast.
I'd be offed by any new asshole.

Who's speaking of offing someone?

No one speaks of my money either.

Listen, Frankie,
I'll be open-hearted with you.

I' don't care about your heart.

- Everyone will get their money back.
- I don't care about the others.

Your 500 will be on this table
in a week.

A week...

- I want them right now, Lucas.
- Oh, come on!

Listen to me: you pay,
not in a week. Right now.

- How much?
- Nothing.

- What do you mean, nothing?
- The gentleman paid.

All right!

Same game, same color.

- Coming at once.
- I'm in no hurry.

- You shouldn't have.
- I enjoy it. That's the way I am.

After ap?ritif, food must follow.
Want to eat with us?

Not at the table. Everyone knows
me here. People talk.

Jealous ones.


serve the young lady. Tourists' menu.
Put it on my bill.

You're nice. An Americano.
Now, half a lobster.

You don't mind if I have lobster?

- Of course not!
- Gee!

Where will that lead us to?

I don't want you to think
that for half a lobster...

Of course not...
Thank you.

Order your food.
I'll have coffee with you.

Waiter! Half a lobster!

- What's your name?
- Monique. But I'm known as Niquette.

What about you?
- Jean-Pierre.

But I'm also known as... Pierrot!

How original!

Afraid to catch a cold?

I like you, you know.

Don't complicate things.

Hurry up! I must be
at the beach at 3.

Open up, damnit!

Open the bloody door
or I'll break it!

Your husband?

My brother!

Can't believe it!

It can't be!

I don't know
why I don't knock you down.

Aren't you ashamed?

Look at me!

You can't, can you?

If mum could see you,
grief would kill her.

- Listen, Francis...
- Shut up!

Who's that ugly one?

How dare you?

You mustn't hit Pierrot!
He's a friend.

He's not even polite!

You beast!

I'm right, am I not?

Is this your wife?

I'm talking to you. Is this your wife?


She'll be happy.
Well dressed, nice looking...

She'll be pleased when
she sees your name in the papers.

In the papers? Why?

Statutory rape!
There are laws, you know?

She is not a minor, she can't be.

- You think I'm stupid!
- And he is naked!

She told me: "I'm 23"

I lied to him...
Forgive me!

Your lies are none of my business.
I'm for the truth, the light.

Too bad for you, for mum,
I'm calling the cops.

They'll establish the offence.

Wait a minute!

You're not going to call the police.

I might... compensate.

What do you think I am? A pimp?
This will end badly.

Calm down! If he wants to make up,
why wouldn't you be friends?

You have no morality!

I come back to find my sister
having sex with a man and...

Just a moment!
We were only undressing.

- What does it change?
- Everything!

Yes... think it over.

We may be able
to reach an agreement.

You're lucky.
I'm a nice guy.

120 tickets!
You haven't got more?

A woman's honor isn't worth
much to you.

You're not taking it all, are you?
- What?

I live Toulon. Leave me
some money for petrol.

You don't look like someone
who drives a Cadillac.

Take this, enough for 10 liters,
not super, mind you!



You're walking?

My bike broke down.

Could you help me inflate this?


Really nice guy!

Last month it was the gearing,
last week the gimbal,

I wonder what's wrong.

My brother sold it to you 3 years ago.
Hardly a newly wed!

It's wasted.

I can't inflate it.

- Jackie, will you help me?
- You get up our nose!

He's right. Why did you buy that?
Just a waste of money.

Come on, rub it!

- Massage me!
- She doesn't know how.

She can learn.
So, are things o.k.?

- You shouldn't have said that.
- I broke a valve.

Why don't you buy a car?
Motorbikes are for suckers.

Massage instead of saying bullshit.

My sister's right! You can't!
Your turn to inflate.

- Gentlemen...
- We expected you until 3.

I had a job to do.

You can take care of your sister's honor
after dinner.

Or not bother about it.

Why don't you let her earn her living
like a big girl.

At Madam Armande's,
she'd bring in 30 k a day.

How much would you bring in
if I put you at Uncle's?

Just a joke, Francis.
Don't get mad.

I can punch him in the face
without getting mad.

Kids, what about playing in the sand
somewhere else?

In Cannes there are games on the beach,
you could win pictures.

As long as you play tough,
it's all right.

No Angelo, it's not all right.
I want you to withdraw your stupid joke.

Ok. I do.

Why did you get angry?
They were joking.

- Hello, Max.
- Hello.

- Hello, Max.
- Hello, Edmond.

- Are your red mullets good?
- Good and expensive.

Got anything not as good but cheap?

- The soles.
- Give me 4 lbs.

Didn't kill anyone yet
with all you owe your customers?

It'd be over.
And I'd sell my restaurant.

Put the soles in the fridge.

- Is she feeling better?
- Sleeping, the nurse came for her injection.

There's someone to see you.

- Who?
- Don't know. He's on the terrace.

Hello, Max!

It's a surprise, isn't it?

It is indeed.
I didn't expect to see you again.

It's a real pleasure.
It's been at least a century.

- I was not easy to find, was I?
- I can always find you.

You haven't changed.

- No?
- What about me?

No. You're somewhat fatter.

I practised sports.
You stop, you get fatter.

I wanted to pump iron

..but during my 18 months outside,
I've always been in trouble...

..and I lost the taste for physical effort.

- Bad, was it?
- Indeed. You'd have thought I was branded.

In 3 years, 6 times in solitary.
What do you think of that?

I could have become crazy.
Getting your parcels helped me..

- I never thanked you.
- You didn't have to.

You're on holidays here?
You rented a villa?

- No.
- Care for a pastis?


- Staying for lunch?
- Yes, I might.

The old woman will be glad.

How is she doing?

It's getting worse.
She stays in bed most of the time.

We tried cobalt.
Now she gets injections.

They say science is the future,

I don't believe in it any more.

Tell me, Max,
as you're speaking of the future...

What would you think
of working on a job?

- Me?
- Let's say you and I.

- You're joking, aren't you?
- No, I'm not.

With all the money you've got,
you'd go back to work?

Lucas is dead.

He's dead?...

He stole 500 grand from me.

Your Kramer is poison. The others
go to jail, he never does.

- He's smart.
- Too smart.

Come on, let's play.

According to him, it's easy.
He's organized it all perfectly.

All we have to do is push.

In the jewellers' heist too,
all you had to do was push.

You came back 3 years later.

Kramer was not in it.

Your go.

You know, Max, if you go back inside,
we'll never see each other again.

and Kramer won't manage the restaurant.

or pay the doctor's bills.

I've never seen him fail.

He thinks of everything.
That guy is like Napoleon.

He's got that big a brain.


And anyway... I owe hiMr.

The father is loaded. He'll give
anything to have his daughter back.

- Something's bothering you?
- No. I'm counting.

It's easy to do: 3 days' work
and you get 20 grand.

I can also get 20 years.

It's the usual rate
in that sort of case.

Okay, if you prefer going on
with your crummy restaurant.

serving steak and chips...

- I can think, can't I?
- No!

It's not your job.

I need a man who can drive
and throw a punch if need be.

There's that guy I've met inside.
He was in quarter 3, I was in 5.

He used to have a garage in Nice.

He repainted stolen cars
and had them sold in San Remo.

Reselling cars is someting apart.
Only losers do that.

Don't be partial.
There are violent guys everywhere.

The kid I tell you about
did his 14 months flawlessly.

including 10 days in solitary
for punching a warden.

Why don't you undress a little?
It's hot in here.

So you're a banker?
Must be a good job.

You must see a lot of dough.

When I saw you in the restaurant,
you didn't look like a banker to me.

you look like a former convict.
- What are you saying?

You think so?

- You don't look well.
- I'm a little tired.

If you're tired, don't stand up.


Open that door!

My brother!

It can't be! It's impossible!

I think I'd like to punch
you in the face.

Aren't you ashamed?
Look at me!

You can't, can you?

If mummy could see you,
grief would kill her.

Do you know you'd be
successful in a circus?


I came to see you in fact.

My name's Frank Kramer.

To make a long story short,
it's kidnapping.

Come on, come on...
No need to exaggerate.

You take someone by force,
keep her in a hiding place.

You ask for money to free her.
What do you call that?

O.K., what you call it
does not matter.

- Are you interested or not?
- Sure... aren't you, Francis?

It was nice thinking of me, Max,

but I'm not at bay yet,
2 million is not my rate.

How much is it then?

5? He's crazy!
Absolutely crazy!

He is dreaming!
5? 2!

And 2 million for a dead loss
is already a lot.

Listen, fatty, I'm polite.

If you're not,
you'll get punched in the nose.

You must not speak that way, Francis.
Not in my house.

I didn't ask to come.

5 million, take it or leave it.

And, for now, I'd rather you left it.

And if I agree on your price,
will you agree on the rest?


Did you think it over? 5 million!
We'll never get another chance.

- I don't care.
- Listen to me.

It might be the beginning
for your garage.

If we have 5 million, we'll find the rest.

Having a big sum of money is what
you missed to start over again.

And I must say, I've had enough
of undressing in front of old men.

And that minor number
is getting worn out.

No one believes it.

- Look at me, Francis.
- What?

I don't know how say. Some things
must brand you from inside.

A cop, even dressed as a civilian,
looks like a cop.

a john always looks like a john,

and playing the whore,
I start looking like one.

If it goes on longer, you won't be
able to use me as a cashier,

or your garage will look like a whorehouse.

Of course not, you look
very respectable.

My mates always tell me
you overawe them.

Sure, I look like a young virgin!

Well, let's do as if
I didn't say anything.

Do as you please.

- Where will your comedy take place?
- In Spain.

Andalucia is nice.

- Look, you don't know what you're missing.
- I hate the countryside.

- Want a cigarette?
- No.

How hot it is.

We should have bought mints.

An iced bottle of coca-cola
would be great.

If you could shut up,
that would be great.


Be careful.

Get off!

- Oh, my darling.
- What's going on?

Oh... if you knew
how much you frightened me.

- What were you doing downstairs?
- Didn't you hear the door? - No.

I wonder what they came for.

- Who?
- How could I know?

The lock was broken.
The weapons were stolen.

Even my hand gun is gone
from the drawer.

Where are you going?

I'll phone the police.

Yes, my darling...


Vic, the phone...

Prepare the baby and get dressed.

I'm taking the car out.

Don't touch that child.

- Mr. Dermatt...
- Oh, my darling...

- Darling, don't be stupid...
- What do you want?

Some coffee and some bread.
I'm hungry.

Who do you think I am?
I'm not the maid. You rascal!

You shouldn't have done that.

- Vic!
- It's nothing.

So... Where's that coffee?

Daddy! Come on!
Your breaklfast is ready.

Look at me. I'll jump.


- You're having lunch at the Sporting?
- Why?

- I must have lunch in town.
- Oh, no!

I've got to see Patterson.

Patterson can pay his own lunch
with all the money you give me.

And if you don't eat with me,
I'll never watch you jump again

and I'll tell everyone you can't swim.

Right! I'll eat with you.

Well... I'll go play tennis.

If he wants to do the Angel's jump,
call an ambulance.

All right.

What's the matter?

My car broke down.

You don't speak French?

- I do, but I'm not a mechanic.
- Can you drive me to a garage?

Yes... if I can get through.

All right.

Damn, it's heavy.

You don't mind, really?

Thank you very much.

Mrs Dermatt,
you're the best for coffee.

If Victor could offer me
a cigarette...

What? You're angry?

Is it humor or are you mad?

Because of the slap in the face?

You started it.
It's not really serious, is it?

If you start sulking,
the stay will be unbearable.

- Not hungry any more?
- Feeling fine.

The time may have come for a talk.

You want money? How much?

Answer me.

Can't you talk instead of shouting?
It's unpleasant. Isn't it?

Here's Gedeon
Hello, Gedeon!

You're not sulking at least.
Want a piece of sugar?

- Here you are...
- No, he mustn't eat sugar.

You must listen to your parents.

All children eat sugar.
Well, it's yours! You do as you please.

Take him away, please.

All that noise for some sugar.
You don't know how to live in peace.

My daughter?

It's a bad joke. You're crazy!

Hello? Hello?

Hello! Hello!

Edouard, phone the sporting
and ask if my daughter is there.

Of course her father will be
worried sick. It's only human.

See me!
I'm worried about my old mum.

She's been in bed for 5 months.
She's had cobalt.

You believe in cobalt?

Other people's problems are terrible.
No one gives a damn.

I must tell you selling stolen paintings
is quite difficult.

Who is it?


- You don't say!
- He's trying to be funny now!

- How nice of you!
- Darling?

- What? You don't like it?
- I meant no offense

I find it strange to use mauve
to paint the lady's boobs.

You're really stupid!

But actually you're right.
Yoiu have the right to camp here,

To hit and insult people and even
the right to judge my paintings.

I'm not judging.

I say it's shit!

Vic, Vic!

Don't get excited.
It's not for you, it's for me.

I must lock you him
while we organize.

O. K., mate?

It all went on as planned?

- Nice people. What about you?
- No problem.

- My sister.
- A real man.

- Your toy!
- Thanks.

Nice here, isn't it?

Get down.

Come on, come on.
Hurry, girlie.

Come on!

What are you thinking of?

I'm watching one million bucks
walking in front of me.

And I feel quite well.

- Where shall we put her?
- On the first floor.

- What are these people doing here?
- How could I know?

- You saw take the car keys?
- No.


Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

You've got nothing to ask?

To get the hell away!

The girl's father
is the king of textile.

It pays well.

We'll get along fine
if we all make an effort.

- Who?
- Mr. Dermatt.

We've done our job,
it's his go!

You're crazy!

You realize what you're asking from me.
Be an accessory to kidnapping!

Not an accessory,
only a middleman.

Why me? Why us?

- It's the boss's idea.
- A stupid idea.

The house could hava been filled
with friends and servants.

No, for 3 years Victor Dermatt
has remained alone from july to september

No friends, no house help.
To do daubs.

It was in every paper.
It only took checking up.

Which is more, you're rich,
famous, unsuspectable.

If daddy textile tells the police
Victor Dermatt asked for ransom...

they'll say:"You're sure
it's not Picasso."?

Mr. Dermatt, your kid is cute.

Don't say that.

It will be a talk between peers.
They both must know where they're standing.

- But...
- No!

In the interest of families' safety,
there must be no "but".

Mr. Dermatt?

- Where are we going?
- I? Nowhere.

You to Mr. Van Willie's
to ask him for 2 million dollars.

Yes... I need them tomorrow.

What if he refuses?

It's the worst thing
that could happen to you.

Understand that I have nothing
against your wife and child...

but I need that money.
And I need it now.

No need of money justifies...

If things don't work,
the D.A. will tell me that.

I don't give a damn
about what you think.

Let's get moving.
Take the coastal road.

Sit down.

You're a friend of my daughter's?

Not exactly.

- My secretary just told me...
- She is at my house.

Speak then.
That's why you came, isn't it?

So...How much?

- 2 million dollars.
- Son of a bitch!

I told you she was at my place.
I didn't say I took her there.

Those who did keep my wife and son hostages.

My situation is not better than yours.

You will give them that money,
even if I have to get each dollar from you.

Not a cent!

Do you know what will happen?

Your friends will chicken out.

They might

or they might not

and I don't want to bet on that.

I don't want to play
with three peeople's lives

to chek the theories
of a senile billionaire.

There's only one thing to do: pay.

I don't know
if you'll get your daughter back.

I don't know what I'll find
when I return. I know nothing.

I'm getting mad.

Did you see my daughter?

She was all right?

She was when I left.

It's nice here.
We could think we're on holidays.

Holidays paid for.
Let's have hope!

We could think we're at uncle Antoine's
in Savoie.

- I don't remember.
- Of course, you were a toddler.

We went there each time our father
went to a spa...

He's been to all the French spa towns:
Fresnes, Poissy

I was told he was good though,
but almost deaf.

He was always caught on the scene,
his nose in the safe.

He could not hear the cops coming.

Wasn't it a shame:
arresting a disabled person?

Strange how some people become jaibirds,
father and son, when others are

I don't know... pharmacists.

It's nice here.

You think there are signs?
That it comes at birth?

How could I know?

- I want to get out.
- Shut up, will you!

The princess is agitating.

- She'll frighten Gedeon.
- Who?

The kid here. I like him.

What do you think of her?

A brunette, with pointing bones,
somewhat stuck up, she's your type...

You think her father will pay?

If he doesn't, what shall we do?

- We'll adopt her!
- How silly!

I'll take a factory work
for her dowry...

..and we'll have her marry Max.

- To the airport!
- Yes, Sir.

Mr McCoy booked a room in my name.

Something else?

- No, gracias.
- Have a good day.

Good evening.

- So?
- He accepted.

When will we get the money?

He went to Madrid for it.
He'll phone in the evening.

He hopes he'll find it.

- He isn't sure?
- Yes he is! he is!

He said I was a son of a bitch.

Shame is something
I'd never experienced.

I feel like killing you.

How is my friend Gedeon?

I hope he'll sleep.

What's wrong? You haven't said
a word since morning.

I'm thinking of my mum.

When I left,
her arm was hurting,

throbbing pain up to her hand.

The doc thought it was bad,
spoke of surgery.

Can you imagine?
Surgery at 74!

- It may only be rheumatism
- Don't be stupid!

She went to the Curie Institute.
She had cobalt there.

They use cobalt for rheumatism?

I don't know and I don't care.

You're not nice!

You could take her lunch.

Who goes?

Go! You never went!

I don't!

I've been a waiter long enough!

''A sole meuni?re table 2
fish soup here".

I thought of sending the tray
in their faces a hundred times!

If it hadn't been for my mother...

And know she is dying alone.

- Don't cry, you'll see her soon
- What about yours?

When she left, I was 3.

We heard of her death when the Indochina
war ended - You never told me.

She'd joined the army?
- Call that as you will.

She had a whorehouse. A mobile one.
"The merry paratrooper".

Last time we heard of her
and her ?lite troops

she was near Dien Bien Phu.

Why are you telling that?

Because we're speaking of family.

Well... I'll take her the tray.

You should have put on your livery,
a nice stripped one.

I thought you might be hungry.

If i need anything, I'll ring you.

I hope you'll be guillotined.

Why? You don't like my head?

- Yours is cute.
- How dare you speak that way!

That way...
you won't have to wash dishes.

My sister's right.
You're stuck up.

She isn't hungry.

We heard.

She threw you out!

Not at all.
And should you want to know

we've had a conversation.
That girl has had good upbringing.

Eating walnuts, are you?

It hasn't got a sister?

The cellar is near the swimming-pool.
The entrance is near the stairs.

- I'll go see the child.
- Kiss Gedeon for me.

Thank you.

As you're up,
why not go to the cellar?

Hey Max...
Don't you think you filled up?

Don't talk of what you don't know.
I've got a prescription.

I've got sand in my kidneys.
If I don't drink, I may die.

- Well...
- What?

Your mother's disease, yours...
You're sickly in your family.

I don't like that sort of remark.

You're mean actually.

I saw it at once inside.
That time you beat up the warden,

when you hit him when he was down.

You're mean.

- What are you lokking for?
- The car keys.

Here they are.

- Bravo, you searched my pockets.
- No, you left them there.

The girl could have taken them
and run off.

You think too much, Max,
you're inattentive.

Now you're giving me lessons. Extraordinary!
I take you out of your mudhole,

I put you on a great job
and that's your thanks.

I'm disgusted. I'm going out.

- Who are you?
- ConsueIo Dermatt.

Need anything?

Something to drink.

I had put a bottle of water on the tray.

I broke it,
because of that bad guy.

Right. I'll tell them you're thirsty.

Thank you.

- Mrs Dermatt?
- Yes?

Who's that guy?

I don't know.

He is a murderer?

Not yet, I don't think so.

Those records are crap.

..''Concerto in E flat'',

Sonate nr. 10

Cosi Fan Tutte...
Lots of fun...

I heard some Wagner at an English
woman's once. Not bad.

It'd be known. You must
have fancied that English girl!

The girls asks for water.

- You have nothing by Dionne Warwick?
- I don't think so.

You should have told my husband
to buy some.

You'll take her some water
or can I do it?

- Monique, bring the girl some water.
- Let her die!

You see, dear lady,
what help I've got...

Don't move. I'll go, you fool.

She asked me if you were a murderer.

- You said I wasn't.
- Why would I say so?

Smart remark!
You really think so?

- What does it matter?
- It doesn't matter?

If asked whether I'm a murderer,
say you don't know.

If asked whether I'm a faggot,
you'd say "why not"?

Nice identity card!

I did not know you were so touchy
about your reputation.

Everyone is!

Your husband got mad
when I talked about his painting.

You're really in love?

Of course.

No, I'm talking about his painting.

So am I.

I couldn't live with a man I don't admire.

In life, contrarily to what you think

there's not only...

Ah, no?

What is there?

- You're stupid!
- CompIetely.


Francis! She ran off!
The bitch ran off!

Damn bitch!

- I've had enough.
- Don't touch me.

Come on... Back home!



I hurt you?

Want something to drink?

Some tea.

Oh, that's it...
You're angry at me too...

What's with you this morning?
I'm unlucky.

The poor darling must be upset:

kidnapped, beaten up, almost raped.
All in the same day.

She's not used to such treatment.

You were fantastic.

A pity we're going.
The ladies are under your spell.

especially little treasure.

The small treasure ran off on you!

She took me by surprise.

Those girls are strong.
They play tennis.

What nonsense you're talking.
You speak of tennis and your balls are out.

All that because you won't say
you're jealous of the girl.

- I, jealous of that?
- If it weren't that, It'd be another one.

I didn't only have Beauty Queens!

Do you remember when
we had nothing to eat?

There were strange prizes to be had.

Even with the uigliest among them,
you had to sabotage it all.

I'm fed up!

She's asking for you!

She'll wake Gedeon!

It's really unbearable!

I want out! Let me out!

She's having a fit! Let me see to her!
All you can do is hit.

That's enough!
Go take care of your kid!

I won't do it!
Let me out!

I'm fed up!

Will you shut up?
- No!

- Are you finished now?
- No!

Ah, you're not finished...

Bastard, bastardo, bastardo!

- Buenos dias!
- Buenos dias!

Can I phone to France?

Nice. Francia. Nice. TeIefono.

You scared me.

My hair is awful.

You thought what you said a moment ago?


- About my head?
- Yes.

Why did you slap me?

- What color are you eyes?
- Sometimes grey, sometimes blue.

I'll never forgive that slap in the face!

Changing eyes are nice!

What did you ask my father
to let me go?

- 2 miIion dollars
- Oh, he'll pay.

Pity we met in so messy circumstances.

We could have met like everyone else.
We wouldn't have spoken of that.

What would you have talked about?

Of my face and the color of my eyes.
Of course, all would be different.

What will you do with 2 million dollars?

There's only 5 million francs for me.

- This is ridiculous.
- For all the work I do, yes.

Excuse me a moment.

Don't move, right?

Have you always done this...
what you're doing?

No, I used to be in cars.

I would have liked to be an engineer.

but when my father died,
I had to take care of my sister.

Pay for her studies...

I wanted her to be educated.
To honor my father.

My dad was a banker.

I used to have a garage...
On the Riviera.

Things got shady because
of dishonest partners.

I'm all right?

There's everything I'd need.

Did you go to jail?

Did you or didn't you?

It depends on what you you call jail.

The bars, a number,
2 meters on 3.

I've been there but not for long.

just time enough to see.

It would never have happened
without my family to support.

My mother's health,
my sister's degrees.

I would have studied engineering.

No one fixes engines as well as I.

From Monte-CarIo to Toulon
all the hip motorists came to Francis's.

- You're called Francis?
- Yes.

- You believe me?
- Why wouldn't I?

If you'd said Gontrand
or BaIthazar, I would have doubts, but that...

I'm not talking of my name...
But of the rest.


if I give you my word of honor
that I won't run away...

Hello? Hello?
Hello, Nice? Hello...

Hello... That you, Marthe?

Hello!... How is she?

Hello! Hello!
I was asking how she is.

In the hospital?

I can't come.
I'm 1400 miles from Nice.

Hello? Marthe?

Don't cut off!
Hello! Hello!

- Here I am.
- Whisky.

- No, Spanish gin.
- It's all right.

He's been gone 4 hours!

We may never see him again.
Or Kramer.

What if he ran away with the dough?

Come on, that's enough!

- I want to get away too.
- What's with you?

Max and his mummy,
Mrs Dermatt and her kid...

you and the girl!
I feel unneeded.

And I don't want that money.
It costs too much.

Say what's wrong as we used to.
Then we'll talk about it as before.

See? You say: "as we used to".
You realize...

Just words.

You've said lots of words
since morning.

''I had to take care of my sister,
pay for her studies".

You listen behind doors now?

''I wanted to be an engineer,
no one could fix engines as well as I".

- Sounds like "The inventors'club" on TV
- Oh, you're tiresome.

Can I give you advice?

When you play that part,
you should not speak of jail.

Rich families don't like it.

They imagine the in-law stealing
the silverware. It scares them.

Not the good way to California.

You think of yourself in Miami, don't you?

- Miami is in FIorida!
- It doesn't matter.

Doesn't it?

We bring the precious jewel back to daddy.

we play the freedom game
and everybody kisses and makes up, right?

I'd bet you have luxury dreams:
the white Jaguar, the designer squits...

The white cart, the designer suits...

I call that dairy girl dreams.

Hassles you being talked to this way, right?

What are you doing there?

Where are the broads?

- Mrs Dermatt is in her room.
- What about your brother?

I've got a brother?

- I'd like you explain.
- Explain what?

It took you a hell of a time to come back.

You must explain, mustn't you?

- You go back to your room.
- Stay there.

- Oh, I understand quite well.
- Good for you!

Would you mind switching off the music?

- You like Mozart better?
- I told you to stop that.

- It isn't a day for music.
- Or for water!

You're plastered.

I'd rather not answer.
You told her to come down?

- Yes.
- Bravo. The boss will be glad.

You have one minute to put
your chick back in her cage.


What if I don't?

Francis, someone's coming.

Buenas tardes!

Excuse me.
I've come to repair the phone.

The phone...

Can I phone?

- To France?
- To Madrid.

There will be some waiting time.


Tell him the kid did this while playing.

He's alone.
His motorbike is there.

- Go drink in the kitchen.
- Why are you so mean?

Your child is strong.

- What did he say?
- He's almost finished.

That fuckhead is not straight.
He feels something. Look at him.

She'll break down,
tell her to go to her room.

Don't worry, girlie,
everything is okay.

We must talk... say anything.

I didn't want to tell.
My mother's been taken to hospital.

What's with her?
- I don't know. There's talk of surgery.

I must phone to have news.

Don't worry. In Nice,
they've got the best surgeons.

- Is it true.
- I don't know. But it's a long sentence.

Son of a bitch!

Right. I'll go outside.
See if it's all right.

- Where's he going?
- He'll check the line outside.


He's there!



I talked to him.
He'll be on the first plane tomorrow.

With the money?


He'll wait at home for our call.

Hello? Hello?


Kramer doesn't answer.

He's very bad.
We must call a doctor.

In 2 hours, the cops'll be here.

If they don't see him coming back,
someone will come.

She's right, Max.

What about the hospital?

Please, listen to me.

I know a doctor, a friend.
He won't say anything.

Doctor F?bregas, he lives 12 miles from here.
Let me me call him.

We'll get no one
and we won't move from here.

That asshole wanted to doublecross us.
Too bad for him.

You're right, Max. You wanted
to decide. Go on!

I'll let you.

- Come on, we're leaving.
- Everyone stays here.

Once a game is started,
you must end it.

In the planned game, no one was killed.

Some is. That's it!

No, it's not all.
You'll have to go on.

You'll have to off her, off the kid,
and off that one.

It may be.

We should call the doctor for you,
don't you think?

No, I'm not crazy...

Puoi considerare andati
i tuoi progetti con Ia piccoIa!

You can pack up your plans
with the chick.

I got it at once.

Your gigolo ways, the music,
the sweet talk.

You wanted to run with the heiress
...and grass friends.

I can hear the bitch:
''Commissioner, he helped me escape."

It's true, Max. I had ideas.

But no more.

So forget it all.

What shall we do?

- We wait until Dermatt's back.
- What then?

We share the dough and we go home.

What about him?

Everyman for himself.
Let suckers bury their own deads.

Tr?s bien, Max,..

You win.
- See... you're nice sometimes.

You scum, you found it funny
that my mother was sick, right?

You didn't believe she was ill, right?


No one's in?

I'm Doctor F?bregas.


Dottore, at last!

- It's the place? you're sure?
- Yes, follow me.

That's it!

You'll wait here. Quietly!

Wait for whom?

I'll be back in 3 hours.

I must get Kramer,
take the ransom money.

Letting all that money go
wouldn't fair.

Be quick then.

And come back quickly.

I wanted to say, about that scum...

If things turn bad,
I shot himl down, o.k.?

It's the same.

Please... hurry!

All right?

Take this but
you won't have to use it.

We're in enough trouble as it is.
No use adding to it.

Give me your word that
you won't try to run away.

- You think words of hon...
- Mine's worth nothing

Same for her. But not yours.

In your world you can afford it.
We have other things.

I'd would not like
to slap you in the face.

- It's not possible.
- What?

You speak of this dead man, of me,
of the ransom, as if it wasn't you...

You pat my cheek and say:
"Be nice, we'll steal from your dad."

I'm into a nightmare.

You'll tell me as you did before
that it's all right.

No,things could be better.
See, I'm being frank.

Hurry or you'll miss Kramer.

You're right. Come on!

And you'd better know,
you don't cheat on my sis twice.

Why didn't you tell him anything?

Because of you.

He must be taken at once
to the hospital in San Salvador.

Seeing the wound,
should not we call the police?

We'll do nothing until Vic is back.

- My key, please.
- Yes, sir.

Buonas noches.

What are you doing here?
And how did you...

come in? I used the door.

The chambermaid
must be looking for her pass.

I thought it was payday.


I told you to phone,
not to come.

You know I hate those muddles.

We're into muddles all right.

I take care of this end. Only.

You're wrong.

Wrong or not. You mustn't be here.

In case of problem,
Max was to come.

That asshole can come, can't he?

No, he can't, not any more.

You don't want to answer?

Let's start it all over again.

and we'll do it as many times
as necessary, until we understand.

Who shot this man?
Where's your husband?

You shot the man, didn't you?
- You're not speaking seriously, are you?

I'm serious about finding out,
but the ladfy must help me.

This man's already come to your house?

Please, the lady is tired.

So am I, doctor. So am I.

There are lots of dirty plates.
Who ate here?

My son is alone upstairs.

Have a look at the child.

You must talk, Mrs Dermatt.

Many things depend on what you'll say.

You won't talk?

I don't know if you were right
or wrong to bump him off.

What's done can't be undone.

But if you wanted la Dermott to shut up,
you should have taken her kid.

Shit... I didn't say goodbye to him.

I'd never met really crazy people before.

Get your sister and cross the border.
It's finished.

Strange, according to Max,
you were a savage.

You softened a lot.

You build a one billion job. We're almost
there. First problem, you run away.

I may be too old to take risks.

That will teach you a lesson:
you must work with young ones.

Who's speaking of risks?

Even if the cops came at Van WiIIie's,
he's away...

We pick him up at the airport,
take the dough

and no problem ever.

- One chance out of two.
- That's not enough?

You don't look finished though.

- Why did you bring me here?
- To spend time.

It's silly.

Yes, I agree...
But that's the way it is.

I'd rather have you with us
to greet Van Willie.

We must phone first.

We're not phoning any more. We go.

Human contacts, that's the new style.

He wounded the man
and told us not to call the doctor.

I don't know what happened next.
They fought and she killed him.

- Who is "she"?
- The sister.

You speak of kidnapping.
Who was kidnapped.

Z - V- W.
What do these letters mean?

ZeIda Van WiIIie.


A car for the commissioner and
Van Willie's address. Quick!

Commissioner, your car.

Operation n? 3 on all the territory.

Information base of Gallito.

Van WiIIie's daughter was kidnapped.

Call the Gallita Central Post.

- How many cars did they have?
- One only.

- What make?
- English, I think.

What year?

- Convertible or sedan?
- Convertible.

- What color?
- Light.

You don't want to say where Vic Is?

Come on, Mr Dermatt,
you'll sleep better tonight.

Van WiIIie is probably in Madrid
and his daughter at friends'.

Impossible to know which.
The staff were told to be silent.

Now you can tell me...

Did you make love together?

So if it's not that,
why are you still here?

I told you to get the hell away.

Yes, it was clear enough.

So get away!

That's why you let Francis go.

To tell me this.

Right, I'll go.
What if I betray you?

- Oh, I...
- What about him?

Too bad!

That much, it's beautiful.
It's clean in any case.

- What?
- Jealousy.

What can you understand, you cunt!

What could you be jealous of?

you've got everything,
you always have.

I've only had him.

Nobody will steal him from me.

Get it?...
No one.

The flight from Madrid,
Iberia 516 announces its landing.

It's strange being called a thief.

It's true.

People like you don't steal, they buy.

a car, a boat, a thug...
you buy them, don't you?

If you see it that way, why not?

It's possible.
With money, everything is possible.

Only trouble is that I love him

And the ree side ot the matter,
the silly side...

The meddle as Francis would say...

It smelles cops here.

We could have gone away.

Without any money.

You know, when you're in jail for life,


His being late would be the last straw.

There's plenty of police here.

Discretion will be necessary.
Think of your family.

Thanks for reminding me.

Van WiIIie is on the 8 o'clock plane.

The commissioner is already at the airport.
There's plenty of police with him.

We're going in that direction. Over!

- Here's Van WiIIie.
- Let him come.

Good morning, Mr. Minister.

Mr. Van WiIIie,
Commissioner Fuentes wants to see you.

Follow me, please.

- All right.
- This way.

My daughter is on holidays in France.

I don't understand that story.

That story is the cause for one death
and a seriously wounded man.

It is your interest and your daughter's
to help us.

Mrs Dermatt.

Madam, please...

Your daughter was kept in my house
those last 24 hours.

The passengers with destination
Paris via Madrid...

are requested to proceed...

- If coming out, you have the idea...
- He knows it would be stupid.

Goodbye, Victor,go back home,
kiss Gedeon and forget about us.




We can't say we didn't steal it!

What's wrong?
You don't look good. You're scared?

I won't be able to get through.
You'll see, they'll get me.

I tell you there won't be any problem.
Come on, great boss.

Great Boss.

- What about Bruno?
- With Doctor F?bregas.

And Miss Van WiIIie?



she died one hour ago.

She was wounded during the fight.

She didn't want to tell you.

Take the car and leave.

You don't want me...

to stay?

I don't know how to explain...

If she hadn't died, we would have
told you, both of us...

with words, lots of words.

It's necessary to say lots of words
to be kind.

You're a real pain in the ass.


Subtitles by Cinephage.