Crime dans le Luberon (2018) - full transcript


Come on, search for it.

I got it.

- 4 hours flew by.
- What was the subject?

Is child
the father of man?

- The father of man.
- The father?

- Jeez! Some subject.
- Sure.

And how did you fare?


Did you reread it?

Not fully.

I didn't really have time.

Go on then! Idiot!

That guy's crazy!

You're the idiot!

- You there?
- Insane!

- Mum!
- It's OK. It's...

a stupid biker overtook me
like a madman.

- OK.
- How rude!

- Mum, I have to go.
- OK, darling.

- Talk to you this evening.
- OK.

- Love you.
- Love you too. Kisses.

That's the deputy prosecutor.

Elisabeth Richard, deputy prosecutor.
Hello, madam.

Chief warrant officer,
Caroline Martinez. Madam.

At ease, I'm not from the army.

It's rare to meet
VIP prosecutors.

I'm far from a VIP.
I'm just an ordinary judge.

What about the victim?

- Where did it happen?
- This way.

Pascal Achard, aged 45.
A helicopter pilot in Avignon.

He used to take tourists around.

Fontaine de Vaucluse, Gordes,
Sénanque Abbey.

- Thank you, sir.
- Madam.

- The abbey's beautiful.
- And its lavender fields.

You love your region,
you could be a tourist guide.

No time for that.

We're snowed under
at the gendarmerie.

There we are.

Are you sure it's not
a stupid hunting accident?

Achard didn't look like
a wild boar.

And he was shot
almost at point blank.

- Any idea of the motive?
- No idea.

A few squabbles between hunters
and anti-hunters.

They were at loggerheads,
but bumping someone off...

Tell me something:
you always talk like that?

I'm direct.

Even blunt, you might say.

It'll be a pleasure
investigating with you.

I'm here
for the regular statements.

You'll be investigating
with Captain Jouanic.

By the way, there he is.

That's the captain?

- OK, chief warrant officer?
- Captain.

Deputy prosecutor,
Elisabeth Richard.

That's right.

Captain Jouanic.

Not me. You almost
knocked me off the road.

- You were in that little car?
- I was.

OK, alright.

Look, I'm sorry.

Speed sometimes gets
the better of me.

Then how come I arrived first?

I inspected the surroundings,
just in case.

A murderer's wandering
in the wild.

Any suspects in mind,

It's too early to say.

You know the area
better than me.

Heard anything special?

No, nothing.
But, 20 years ago,

the Issautiers bought a vineyard
from Pascal Achard's father,

which resulted in some...

animosity between the two families.

- Issautier?
- Prominent citizens here.

In the region, actually.

Paul and his son, Louis,
took part in the hunt.


It's nice to share
interesting information.

Chief warrant officer,

summon all the hunters
who took part in the hunt

starting with the...

- Issautiers.
- The Issautiers.

Right, deputy prosecutor.

- Madam will do.
- Right, madam.



Let us see whether the rose
which this morning had opened

Its purple dress in the sun

Has retained this evening

Kiss me, Ronsard.

Show me.

Been to the gendarmerie?

No, not yet.

And do you know
who could have killed Achard?

- There weren't many of you.
- There were lots of people.

Maybe it was you...

after what happened.

That's enough.

- You're annoying.
- You're right.

Let bygones be bygones.

- A kiss for the way?
- No.

You don't deserve it.

See you.

He's in the back.

The colleagues are here.

Pascal Achard
doesn't have a password.

That's good, very practical.

What good is raising awareness
on data protection?

It suits us fine.

Look at all these emails.

Hot, huh!

"My love, you are a purple flower,

"brimming with honey
and scent...

"You are a soft sea hydra
that opens at night."

We got it.

OK, OK, we got it.

I don't know how I'd react
if I received that.

the addressee likes it.

I think I would.

That man had a way
of talking to women.

"I like your words, your scent.
Let's meet soon."

my penis

I know how to read,
warrant officer.

- You know him?
- By name.

A real seducer,
a rolling stone,

sometimes a pianist,
sometimes a ski instructor.

He wrote books,
guides on the region.

The kind of guy
you could fall for.

Nothing here?

- Nothing, Captain.
- Yes.

Isabelle, Laure, Françoise, etc.

If they were married,
that's a lot of cuckolds,

potential suspects.

Identify all these ladies,

and if they're married
to hunters.

Never know.

OK, fine.

Just a small detail.

You're in charge
of the investigation.

But I'm not your assistant.

We collaborate
for a proper outcome?

Of course.

That's fine, thanks.

Mr Louis Issautier.

You killed the wild boar?

Yes, absolutely.


you were there.

Yes, Caro. I was.

Chief warrant officer, please.

This is an interrogation,
not a friendly meeting.

Right, madam.

- So, you were there.
- Yes,

I was, madam.

Did you notice, see
or hear anything unusual?

I heard shots. When the animal
appeared, everyone was shooting.

I can imagine.

The four-legged animal appeared
and everyone shot.

- But it must be a flat trajectory.
- "Flat"?

A shot towards the ground
to avoid ricochets.

You knew Pascal Achard
was a womaniser?

That's something everyone knew,
in fact.

And did you know any
of his local conquests?

No, I didn't.

We weren't that close.
I had no idea of his dance card.

That's all for now.
Thank you.


Hi, guys. You OK?

Yes, fine. And you?

This is a pain!

What's their problem?

Remember someone was killed.

I don't care about Achard,
we weren't pals.

What are we waiting for?

For the prosecutor to be done
with Issautier.


- Got the rifles back?
- The gendarmes have kept them.


We'll never get them back,
believe me.

All 4 of you were there.
That's where you were.

Absolutely, yes.

About a dozen metres
from Pascal Achard.

- More or less.
- Tell me, Mr Paul Issautier,

did the Achards
have any problems with you?

What do you mean?

They did, Mr Issautier.

Problems about vineyard plots.
Everyone knows about it here.


That was twenty-odd years ago.

My father was in charge
back then.

Pascal's father was having trouble.

My father bought a plot,
but he was a hard negotiator.

Achard senior felt humiliated.

And you go hunting
with Achard junior?

It's all water
under the bridge now.

We never brought up the topic.

When we invite someone...

A walk in the forest
bearing rifles, with people

whom we have issues with
could be quite dangerous.

But I'm telling you
it's an old story.

We never had anything
against the Achards.

Doesn't mean
they don't hold a grudge.

You know how it works.

Land conflicts between
southern families could be lively.

But there weren't any conflicts.

OK. Anyway,
we'll check that out.

Please remain available
for the justice

and the gendarmes.
Thank you.

I don't think Mr Issautier
will leave.

He'll receive the medal of commander
of the Order of Agricultural Merit.

On the 22nd actually.

Awarded by the Minister
of Agriculture himself.

- Congratulations.
- I didn't do anything.

I'll receive the medal but
it's a reward for the whole family.

You are too modest.
Thank you, sir.

- Bye, madam.
- Bye.

- Bye, Caroline.
- Sir.


Think I have nothing else to do?
I'm working.

I'm not flogging a dead horse.

That's enough!

I'm not flogging one either,
so stop shouting.

- Mister?
- Agnel.

- Frédéric Agnel.
- Mr Agnel.

Go into that office.
I'll be with you in a minute.

Come on, take a seat.
And calm down.

It's OK, I am calm.

Quite a rough guy.

A fighter. One stare
can knock you out.

I won't turn my back on him.

What do you think
about the hearings?

It's still a bit early.

By the way, as regards
the interrogations,

Captain Jouanic's exempted?

- The Captain had to leave.
- Really?

Please tell him that
the next time he has to leave,

he must at least inform me.


We've received
the ballistic report.

Pascal Achard was shot
with a 300 Win. Heavy stuff!

Designed for big game.
It'll kill anything in a jiffy.

- Coffee?
- No, thanks.

What's that 300 thingy?
The calibre?

For a rifle, usually a CZ 557.

Not one of the weapons we seized.

Right. First, we have to find
that weapon.

So, we'll have to get
a search team ready

and mobilise an army.

And Achard's emails?

I'm working on them.

I find these things so exciting.

How long do I have to wait?

That's enough!
I'm coming, Mr Agnel.

- About time.
- Good luck.

Don't forget.

When the captain decides to show up,
I want to see him.

- Right, madam.
- So, Mr Agnel...

You first.

Thank you, sir.

- Hello.
- Hello. Welcome.

Elisabeth Richard,
I've booked.

Mrs Richard...

Yes, the cherry room.

Very pretty!

- Here.
- Thanks.

- Shall I call a porter?
- Yes, please. Thanks.

- Mrs Richard.
- Yes.

Someone's here for you.

- Across from the terrace.
- Ah, OK. Thanks.

Well, well! The phantom.

Glad to see you're still alive.

- Have a drink?
- The same as you.

- A 2nd whisky, please.
- Oh no!

The same colour
but no alcohol.

Caroline said
you wanted to see me.

You missed the interrogations.

No, but chief warrant officer
Martinez was with you.

I had no need to be there
for the preliminary interrogations.

Don't you like prosecutors

or is it working with a lady
that upsets you?

I've had some mixed experiences,
so I'm wary.

Well, that is very honest.

But being too wary
mustn't prevent us working together.

Don't worry, I'm professional,
reliable, all's well.

I know.

Made enquiries?

I like to know
who I'm dealing with.

I know you're not on good terms
with Michel Garnier.

He took me off an investigation.

Too close to the victims?

Each to his version.
Closeness is not his thing.

I also made enquiries.

You know your nickname?

The Pit Bull.



- Here, sir, it's on me.
- Thanks.

You're welcome.

What about
the first interrogations?

Nobody's heard or seen anything.
It's not a hunter's weapon.

- Nobody uses a 300...
- A 300 Win. I know that.

It's not an ordinary
hunter's rifle.

Besides the old quarrel
between the Achards and Issautiers,

nothing, unless you've got
something else.

Perhaps. I need to see a witness.

Can you turn down that racket?

- What?
- Can you turn down that racket?

It's not a racket.

It's good music.

We don't have the same tastes.

- What's yours?
- Classical.

Could be compatible.

Silence is nice too.

- Your bike's for special occasions?
- Depends on my mood.

Usually, you work
with Captain Gensac.

Commander Gensac.

He's on another case.

Is Jouanic a Breton name?

- It's Corsican.
- Is it?

No, my grandfather
was from Lorient.

One summer, he came to Cavaillon
when he was 18 to pick melons.

He met my grandmother, first kiss,
love at first sight,

and he never left.

- And you?
- What about me?

Well, first kiss, married,
love at first sight?

Does that matter?

No. I was trying to get to know you.
But anyway...

You're right, we don't have to.

Where are we going?

In Achard's emails Caroline
identified 2 hunters' wives:

Françoise Issautier,
Paul's wife.

That's interesting.

And Lucie Agnel,
Frédéric Agnel's wife.

The one who flogs dead horses.
He's got a chip on his shoulder.

He's a bit edgy.

- Hi, Ludo.
- Charles. You OK?

- OK?
- Yes.

Deputy prosecutor
Elisabeth Richard.

- Delighted.
- So am I.

- How about a coffee?
- With pleasure. It's chilly.

- Same for me.
- You too?

200 euros!

- Damn, I won 200 euros, Ludo.
- Wow!

Bravo, Jeannot.

- Your round?
- Coffee for this lady and gent.

- Thanks, sir.
- Pleasure.

That's nice.

Did you see anything?

Right in front of me, Your Honour.

Deputy prosecutor.

- Same thing.
- Not really.

I confirm. You were saying?

It was 3 weeks ago.

Achard was having coffee
while reading the papers

when Frédéric Agnel turned up.

What a catastrophe.

Hi, Ludo.


A coffee, please.

Hey, Achard.

No outing, today?
The cuckoo's resting?


Don't know what I mean?

The bird that squats
other's nests.

- Agnel...
- Bastard!


Stop it! Shit!

Agnel, let go of him!

Come on...

Stop it!

Grab him! Grab him!

- Stop it!
- Agnel!

You bastard!

A real tiger.
He was enraged.

- An animal, that guy.
- Yes.

We know the creature.

Shall we go talk to him?
Bye, Ludo.

Come on, sheep...
Hey, come here! Come on!

Deputy prosecutor.


- It's about Achard?
- That's right.

Didn't we speak this morning?

You just forgot to mention
you had a little quarrel.

A little quarrel, yes.

Quite a fight, yeah!

Between "quite a fight" and a shot,
it's a fine line.

I didn't go over that line.

I smashed in his face,
that was enough.

Why did you?

You should know.

There's something
you must know, Agnel.

When a man discovers
his wife's cheated on him,

he's stunned,
disappointed, enraged,

or all three.

Sometimes, beating up a rival
isn't enough. A bullet

may be the only solution
for a jealous and irascible man.

I'm not irascible.

Stop it.

Leave me alone. I've nothing to do
with this affair.

Let's say it's give and take.

Tell the truth
and we'll leave you alone.

If not, we can take you into custody
to clear your mind.

Custody? Are you insane or what?

What about my farm?
Who'll see to it? The Holy Spirit?

the animals can't wait.

They need us,
morning, noon and night.

Forget about custody.

But you must know
you're the main suspect.

You're completely mistaken.
You really are.


Come on! Come on!

I don't get it. He's a perfect
suspect, you barely questioned him.

Why isn't he in custody?

I didn't think it necessary.

He's a farmer, his life's here,
he won't fly away.

He's under pressure,
so, if he's guilty,

he'll move, believe me.

It's smarter to leave him free

and watch him discreetly.

That requires people
we don't have.

I don't mean a 24/7 surveillance

just something discreet.

We've got a choice of suspects
given Achard's lovelife.

You seem in a mighty hurry
to find the culprit.

We don't want to do a botched job,

Unless you have other fish to fry?

So, let's go back
to the Issautiers, please.

I'm very sensitive to "pleases",

but I'm not your chauffeur.

Want me to walk there?

I'm taking you back to your car.


Yes, hello.

I've come unannounced
but I've more questions for you.

Have you got 5 minutes?

Of course.

Come in.

It's lovely!
A family house, I suppose.

Yes, for 3 generations.
A drink?

Nothing, thank you.

You're here?

This is Faustine, my daughter.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Please stand up to say hello.

- Hello, miss.
- Hello.

May we have a word in private?

I'm in the way.

OK, I'm off.


- What a temperament!
- Yes.

Sometimes too pronounced I'd say.

It's her age.

Your place is really beautiful.

Thanks to my wife.
She has a lot of taste.

Please tell me about your
relationship with the Achards.


you knew Pascal Achard very well.

Quite well, yes.

You wife knew him too.

You're asking if Françoise
was his mistress?

I'd have been more subtle,
but yes.

She was, indeed.

But it doesn't seem
to affect you.

It's a kind...

of gentlemen's agreement,
of modus vivendi with my wife.

Is your wife here?

She is.

Can I meet her?

She's in her studio.
Follow me.

Come in.


Sorry to bother you.

Come in.

This is the deputy prosecutor,
Mrs Richard.

To talk to you.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Right, I'll leave you.

It's beautiful!
You made it?

It's my job. I'm a designer.

It's awesome.
It must be sexy on.

Thank you.

You're not here for
my spring-summer collection.

I'd like you to tell me
about your affair

with Pascal Achard.

So you know.

Pascal was charming, enticing.

I shared things with him that
I no longer share with my husband.

And your husband knew.
Did you know that?

Yes, absolutely.

We don't have secrets.

We've been married 25 years,
he's my children's father,

and we love each other.

Did you notice any change
in Achard's behaviour?


Actually, I did.

He spent a lot of money
but usually, he didn't have any.

A lot of money?

He even planned a long journey
to the Andes cordillera.


But he was banned from the banks.

He had no cheque book
or credit card.

Yes, he always paid cash.


We didn't find any cash
at his place.

You know, Pascal
was a wary and discreet man.


OK, Captain?

Have you calmed down?

- I'm very calm.
- I saw that.

How was your visit
to the Issautiers?

Surprising. A free couple.

I'm not sure it's the right word.
Rather philosophical.

It's philosophical to accept
your wife has a lover?

Take Jean-Paul Sartre
and Simone de Beauvoir.

Each to their life.

- We don't have the same references.
- What are yours?

When you're a couple, you see
that the other doesn't fool around.

- They belong to you?
- No.

For the sake of love,
precious things can't be shared.

Romantic or old-fashioned?

Choose. I don't care.

- A touchy subject?
- Not at all.

So, you don't think Issautier
killed Achard.

Not because
his wife was unfaithful.

Why are we
at Pascal Achard's again?

- I'm looking for something.
- Let's go.

If you wanted to hide money
at home,

where would you put it?

A question
I never needed to ask myself.

Just like you, I guess.

Somewhere unlikely.

Somewhere unlikely.

Somewhere unlikely.

Can you help me, Captain?

Push the piano.

That's a stash, right?


Oh, Jeez!

50, 100 and 200 notes.

Not so broke after all!

Nice lump sum!
About 50,000 euros.

Well done!

I'm impressed,
deputy prosecutor.

What does cash make us think of?

The Andes cordillera.

The Andes cordillera?

Françoise Issautier told me
he always paid by cash

and he was planning a journey
to the Andes cordillera.

We can't track the notes.

They're old and
the numbers aren't consecutive.

Has he any family?

A nephew, Daniel.
He's got a vineyard nearby.

Off we go.


- Hi.
- You OK?

- Deputy prosecutor Richard.
- Hello.

You've come about my uncle.

From what I heard, he was
a womaniser. Do you confirm that?

He had a weak spot for women.

To the extent of getting shot
at point blank?

No idea.

He had a lot of affairs.

But who could have taken revenge?

Did you know he had
more than 50,000 euros at his place?

50,000 euros cash?

He never told you?

You know nothing?

We weren't that close, actually.

We met from time to time,
that's all.

He wasn't very rich.
Although he earned well.


50,000 euros?


That's a mystery.

- An inheritance?
- No, I'd have known.

His father, Francis,
died 3 months ago,

but he was penniless.

Issautier bought a plot
of vines from Francis, right?

"Bought "... At that rate,
it was almost robbery.

Things are still tense.
You're mad at them?

They're no friends of mine,
those rascals.

I'd have double the land
and I'd earn a better living.

Do you live alone here?

A penniless farmer
who works 15 hours a day

is not very attractive.

Goodbye to you.

Nice car, for a small winegrower
scraping a living.

Make some enquiries.

It's not an order. It's for the sake
of the investigation.



- Am I disturbing you?
- No, I'm working.

- On what?
- Nothing.

I'm hungry.
Shall we get something to eat?

As regards where the money
came from, any news?

I'm really annoyed.

How can someone have 50,000 euros
in cash at home?

Maybe a holdup.
Stupid idea.

Can you imagine Pascal Achard
robbing a bank?

I never imagined him writing
erotic poems to all those women.

Maybe he won it gambling.

Or blackmailing.
Maybe he was blackmailing someone?

If so, when we click on,
we'll be close to the exit.

What's that?

The Tambourin boy of Arcole.

It's the pride of the village.

Never heard of the battle
of the bridge of Arcole?


There'll be majorettes...

- Majorettes? They still exist?
- Majorettes, a brass band...

If you want local entertainment,
it's worth it.

- Coming?
- Is that what we hear?


Want to make organic wine?

Yes, but my father doesn't agree.

As he'll soon get
the Agricultural Merit medal,

he has no time to spare.

He runs the estate brilliantly,

but he's a bit conservative.

Stand up to him, Louis.

Innovate, right?

Do as I did when I was young.

Remember that, tomorrow,
you'll be the boss here.


- See that?
- Yes.



Nice to see you.
How are you?

It's been a while.

- Still in the brass band?
- Sure, I am.

Hello, Lucien.


You alright?

Come back to live at your mum's?

Yes, temporarily.

Granddad, please meet
deputy prosecutor, Mrs Richard.

- Delighted, madam.
- Hello, sir.

I believe you interrogated
my son and grandson

about Pascal Achard's murder.
- Yes.

They're in the clear, obviously.

For the moment.


I wish you all the best.
Goodbye, madam.

Goodbye, sir.

So that's Lucien Issautier,
the patriarch.


He makes really good wine.

I guess he lives nearby?

In the heart of Cadenet.

The one in the vineyard
is his son's. They're loaded.

Wine makes money.

So, you live at your mum's.

I do. No point making
a mountain out of it.

Charles here, Charles there.

- Everyone knows you.
- The curse of small towns.

We can't stay invisible.

You know everything
and everyone,

so where shall we eat?

I'd like a change
from yesterday's TV dinner.

Want to eat
something exceptional?

- I do.
- There's only one place to go.

I've eaten too much.

- Some more?
- No, thanks. Really.

I had a second serving.
It's a lot.

- You're done!
- I am.

- I'll bring you some gravy.
- Thanks, Marinette.


The best pieds paquets
I've ever had.

I've not eaten them often,
but it was really tasty.

Traditions are dying out.

I understand
why you've come back to Mum's.

It's just for a while,
until I find a house.

You can stay as long as you want.
He's fine here.

We turned the old shed
into a bedsit.

With a private entrance and all!

He says I annoy him,

but he's happy
to have a hot meal.

That's enough, Mum.

It's a big place.

I'm all alone.
His father died 20 years ago.

He was much older.

I liked mature men.

You came back
to live here, because...?


the usual: a break-up.

Thank you so much.

I'd better go.

Thanks. That was excellent.

Thanks for inviting me, Charles.

- Bye, madam.
- See you soon.

See you tomorrow, I think.

On time and in a good mood,
deputy prosecutor.

- In a good mood, mostly.
- Correct.

- Bye.
- Bye.

She's lovely.

Yes, but I don't care.

I do care.

She's lovely,
but it's not my problem.

- Don't you like her?
- I met her 3 days ago.

- Oh, you!
- She's lovely, Mum.

I can't say a thing.

It's nice to see nature at rest,
isn't it?

There'll soon be buds,

leaves, clusters...

Grape harvesting,

then wine, Louis.

Yes, wine.

You're strange. What's wrong?


Tell me,

did you see anything
at the hunt?

Besides the wild boar I shot, no.

They checked the rifles.
It wasn't a hunter.

Achard had a lot of enemies.

Dad, you should've never allowed her
to see that guy.

It's none of your business.

It's more complicated.

Don't tell me
it didn't affect you?

I didn't say that.

Now, Achard's no more.

He can burn in hell,
no one will cry.

- Hello, Caroline.
- Hello, Francis.

- Hello, warrant officer.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello, madam.

- Slept well?
- No, I ate too much last night.

- You dined with Charles.
- News travels fast.

My intentions were honourable.

It was at Mum's.

I wasn't worried.

You're attracted
to that bachelor captain of yours.

Don't worry,
I won't say a word, Caroline.

I think he's really nice.

He's pretty cute, eh?

What about the investigation?

Know where I can find
Elodie Pasquier?

- Yes.
- I need her address.

I'm off.

Right away.


How can I help you?

Hello, gentlemen.


Is Elodie Pasquier here?

- She's in the yard.
- Thank you.


Elisabeth Richard,
deputy prosecutor.

- Louis told me about you.
- Good things, I hope.


It's amazing
all that can be made with wicker.

We can make almost anything.

- Even sculptures.
- I didn't know.

Do you remember this?

It's a copy of your statement

for sexual harassment
against Pascal Achard.

Apparently, this man,
who's just been murdered,

didn't behave properly
with women.

Sadly, he behaved in a manner
that is punishable by law.

It was a long time ago.

He offered to take me
for a helicopter ride.

When we landed,

we went for a stroll and...


he suggested...

we have a drink at his place.

The guy danced like that.

You don't know to dance.

50 guys dancing in front of you
like that.

Come on, another one.

- No, I'd better go.
- Come on!

You're pissed.
You can sleep here.

Wait, stop it.

No, stop it.

Let me.
No one will know a thing.


Stop it, you're hurting me!

Stop it!

What happened afterwards?

I was running on the road.

I was crying


I came across the gendarmes

who convinced me
to file a complaint.

Louis knows all this?

Of course, he does.


It was long ago.
It doesn't matter.

It does. Sexual harassment
is something serious, miss.

He just wanted to kiss me.

That's the exact meaning
of sexual harassment:

without the other's consent.

Think so?

I'm sure.

After your statement,

were there any reprisals,

We did our best
to avoid each other, that's all.

And Louis accepted to take part
in a hunt with Pascal Achard?

Wait on,
what do you mean by that?


I'm thinking aloud.

Thank you, Miss Pasquier.

- Following me?
- Caroline said you'd be here.

- We work together, right?
- Of course.

I've nothing to hide.

- Meet you at the station?
- Wait on.

Oh, great!

You're insane!

You drive like a madman!

You were scared?

No. I'm not suicidal,
that's all.

Where are you going?

To question
one of Achard's mistresses.

She's the last on the list.

Let go of me!
Why am I handcuffed?

Take off the handcuffs.
I didn't do anything.

- Move on.
- Where to?

Mr Agnel,
why are you here?

A fight, in a café,
with another client.

He was asking for it.

You were ready to answer!

I only hit.
I didn't kill anybody.

A blow can kill.

- Did the victim file a complaint?
- Which victim?

There's no victim!
He was annoying me.

You serious?

Of course, he did, one tooth
missing and a black eye.

You could be wrong.
A crown,

with a good lawyer,
could cost him a lot.

And Elodie?

I just set the bait
to see how the fish would react.

The fish?

Louis and Elodie.

So that's two more suspects.

Exactly. Can you call in Louis,
by the way?

- Summon, you mean.
- Yes, that's right.

Right, madam.

Madam, Louis Issautier.

Take a seat.

You didn't tell me
your friend, Elodie Pasquier,

had been sexually harassed

by Pascal Achard.

I didn't think there was a link.

You thought wrong,
my dear man.

When the law
looks into a murder,

everything could be related.
- What do you want?

First, that you change your tone.

You took part in a hunt
with your partner's aggressor.

- I've a lot of questions.
- You're asking so many!

You know the shot
wasn't from my rifle. So what now?

You've got a motive.

I didn't kill him.

Maybe even a double motive.

Excuse me?

You knew your mother
had an affair with Pascal Achard.

Yes, I found out recently.

- What do you mean by "recently"?
- Recently.

I didn't kill him.
What do you want?

You're pissing me off!

I suggest you calm down,

Mr Issautier,

knowing there are suspicions
against you.

If you don't speak
I'll take you into custody.

I've nothing more to say.

Very well.

One night in the station
will make you more talkative.

You're in custody.
Chief warrant officer, please.

How did your meeting
with Achard's last mistress go?

She was mad at him.

But she's got a solid alibi:
she's a teacher

and was at school
during the hunt.

I heard you took
Louis Issautier into custody.

Got a better suspect?

If I knew the culprit, yes.
But it's not Louis.

You know everybody.
It can help you

or obstruct your open-mindedness
in this case.

Tell me what's wrong.

Want to take me off the case?

Why be so radical?

I just want us to work together.

Then stop making decisions alone!



It's because of that stupid Elodie
that Louis is in custody.

I agree.

I think she's pushy.

Toxic, actually.

What do you say, Paul?

What do you want me to say?

He's in jail because of that loony
and you've nothing to say?

He's not in jail,
just in custody.

The deputy prosecutor will
soon realise he didn't kill him.

Really! And how?

She'll have to find
the real culprit first.

Your prosecutor seems to be
damn screwing up.

That's enough!

And you, Faustine,
stop criticizing Elodie.

Poor little darling.

You've always defended them.

First her family, now her.

And we never knew why.

She's lost her family,

she's an orphan,

and I help all those in Cadenet
who're in trouble.

It's the least
a successful family like ours

can do for her.
- That's too easy...

Be quiet!

In any case,
it's always the same...

Yes, it's Daniel.

I want more.

I don't care, it's your problem.


30,000, this evening.

30,000 this evening, thief.

Hi, you OK?


He opened up to you!

Elodie Pasquier, Louis Issautier,
both guilty.

With all due respect,
you're completely lost,

deputy prosecutor.

You disagree with the way
I lead the investigation, Captain?

- I didn't say so.
- You did.

- What's that?
- Elodie's hospital report.

3 admissions in 4 years.
I'll check on her.

If you want to solve
the investigation,

since I'm totally lost,

go ahead, I'd be the first
to congratulate you.

Yes. It's true I was ill.

3 admissions in psychiatry
in 4 years,

that's the least you could say.

Was your depression
because of Achard?


- It started long before that.
- Before what?

I left home when I was 15.
I didn't get on with my parents.

They were teachers,
they wanted me to be one too.

I wanted to choose my life.

I like working with wicker,
not facing thirty-odd idiots.

Luckily, not all students are idiots.

What went so wrong
with your parents?

There'd always been
something wrong with them.

A family secret
that ruins your life.


every family has secrets.

I don't know.

It was taboo.

We never spoke about it together.
Now that they're dead...

I know that.
A car accident, right?


That's why you were depressed.

Losing your parents at 16 is...

is too painful, I guess.

I think of them every day.

I read in the hospital reports

that you were prone to...

aggressive urges.

- They talk nonsense.
- They sure do.

Like all students are idiots.


You didn't feel like acting on
those urges recently, Elodie?

You think I killed Achard?

Then why take Louis into custody?

I should be in his place.

I don't believe anything,
Just wondering.

And it doesn't erase
my suspicions about Louis.

It's just the opposite.

Everything's almost set.

You'll be ready
for your medal ceremony.

Shall we welcome the minister
in the tasting hall?

It's perfect.

What's that?

Our new blend.

Syrah, Grenache

and a touch of Mourvèdre.

Black fruits, truffles...

leather, undergrowth.


Full in the mouth.

Not bad.

Very good, you mean.

We'll get a gold medal
with that.

How are you feeling?


Not too bad.

With all that's happened...

I think you're facing up
to Pascal's death rather well.

Don't say you were jealous.

That's not the word I'd use.

I'd rather say...

surprised you didn't get tired
of him sooner.

So surprised
you could have killed him?

Knowing he was shot
instead of a wild boar

is quite pleasing, I must say.

- We need to talk.
- I'm all ears.

You're a jinx, Elodie,
to all the people around you.

What do you mean?

My brother's in custody
because of you.

Because of me?

You quite liked Achard.

If you'd left him alone,
we'd be fine.

You're a tease.

Say that again?

Just leave my family alone,
especially Louis!

You have no orders to give me.

Get out!

You're right, I'm off.

I'm sick
of your freeloader's face.

You loony!

I'll go to the prosecutor
and tell her you're nuts.

You'll be forced
to tell her your secrets.

You loony...

Stay away, it's dangerous!

Deputy prosecutor,

We found a body inside.

Wait, can I see?

How horrible! Thank you.

Think it's an accident?

It started in the lounge. It's not
a short-circuit. An accident...

90 % sure it wasn't.
It's arson.

- OK. Thanks, Captain.
- Welcome.

I'll call the coroner,
he'll tell us more.

You're free.

New events mean we no longer
need to keep you into custody.

But stay nearby.

I guess you have no intention
of leaving?

I don't.

Fine. You can go.

OK. Thanks. Bye.

I just spoke to the coroner.

Daniel Achard was knocked out.

That means
we've got a second murder.

Look what was found.

- 30,000 euros.
- No.

- Where was it?
- In the garage, under boxes.

An Achard speciality.

All old notes
with inconsecutive numbers.

I made inquiries about his car.

- His nice 4X4.
- Yes.

He paid in cash: 35,00 euros.

The car dealer confirmed.

Isn't it forbidden?

It's 1,000 euros max in cash.

I'll send the tax office to him.

- No time for that now.
- Right.

Let's forget about
cheated husbands.

They wouldn't pay
thousands of euros.

So it might be blackmail?


But they were related.
They could have shared the dough.

50,000 euros for one,
30,000 and a 4x4 for the other.

That makes 65,000 euros.

And Daniel Achard
raised the bidding.

And made his debtor go mad.

Hold on. Excuse me.



No, tell me.


That's not what you told me.
I didn't get that.

I told you that in any case,
I couldn't...

Look, I can't talk to you now.

I'll call you back.

You OK?

Yes. Great.

Can I help you?

In what way?

Well, I don't know.

With the adoption?

Who told you about that?


She didn't.

She cares far too much for you
to tell me anything.

The other day,
you dropped a file,

and I understood.

Don't worry.
There's always a solution.

You were never a vine fan,
were you, Mum?


Actually, I've always been
a fashion fan. You know that.

I'd have rather lived in Paris.

We don't always do
what we want to.

I wonder how you managed
to cope for so long.

I love your father.

And I love you,
and I love your sister.

I'm glad
she's studying in Paris.

It's an opportunity
to go there more often.

You're bored, here.

I am, in a way.

A little boredom in life
isn't that bad.

It helps focus on oneself.

Was Achard due to boredom?

I saw you at Saint-Rémy,
at the votive festivities.

You're mad at me?

Not at you.

I'm mad at him.

I'm a bit mad at myself too.

- Why?
- Because there is an age

when we can do without
certain things

and it helps you focus
on what's really important.

And what's important, Mum?

To have you,

to have my family.

I've brought the drinks.

- It's the new vintage?
- It is.

Not bad.

11.5 degrees, right?


I heard that Daniel Achard
had died in the fire.

Think it was an accident?

How could I know?

First his uncle, now him.

Isn't this all a bit weird?

As for Pascal and his affairs,
there could be an explanation.

As for Daniel, I must say...

If both deaths are related,

women have nothing to do
with the murder of Pascal Achard.

What do you say?

Honestly, nothing.

Achard had an affair
with Françoise.

- Could you have wanted...
- Revenge?


No. Dad!

The hazards of life.

I wasn't really affected.

I know Françoise loves me.
That's all that counts.

Two things mean a lot to me:

our family and the success
of Louis and Faustine.

Are you going to let Louis
make organic wine?

I'm getting used to the idea.


Is the Captain in?

He's in a meeting.

For the investigation
or the adoption?

"The adoption"?

You know about it?

I shouldn't talk about it.

But since Charles
has confided in you...

Not exactly, in fact.
But I do know about it.

It's driving him bonkers.

For sure.

Knowing it's not that easy
for a bachelor.

It's been driving him crazy
for over 6 months.

I'm the only one in the know.

Well, I was.

We share the same office.

This boy is full of surprises.

I agree with you.

But sometimes,
I feel sad for him.

He's not himself, these days.

He's sad.

Now I understand
why he stood me up.

He got a text
from a social worker.

He can't miss such appointments.

Did you stop because of me?

- Not at all.
- No, we were chatting.

I've got something on Issautier.

Which one?

Lucien, the patriarch.

I met the former deputy mayor,
who knew them,

and he talked about himself,
and the village.

Apparently, Lucien
was in the Résistance

and was head of a network.

A hero! That's nice.

But in what way does it help us?

Apparently, his past
wasn't all that glorious.


Hold on.

Mount Ventoux was in the hands
of the Resistance.

Tragic events
often took place here,

like in February 1944.

Please, I beg of you.

- Come on, get ready!
- Don't shoot...

I didn't do anything.


Know what her name was?

- No idea.
- Clémentine Lemercier.

The great-grandmother of one
of your suspects, Elodie Pasquier.

- No way!
- She was.

So that could be
her family secret.

- And this Clémentine...
- Lemercier.

Clémentine Lemercier
was shot for collaborating?

She was accused of denouncing
Captain Chaumont's network.

And who was Captain Chaumont?

Who is Captain Chaumont.

Captain Chaumont was the war name
of Lucien Issautier.

There you are!

Well done.

- Good job, Captain.
- I know, thanks.

Excuse me.

...pretty as a majorette.

- Elodie. Sorry.
- Yes.

Can I talk to you?

- To me?
- Yes.

Yes, sure.

Somewhere a little quieter.

There, in the café.

Well done!

Paul Issautier, leave a message.

I discovered your family secret.

You did?

Clémentine Lemercier,
does it ring a bell?

It does.

She was my great-grandmother.
She died during the war.

She was in the Resistance network
of Lucien Issautier,

aka Captain Chaumont.

And apparently...

she denounced them.

Now I understand
why we couldn't speak about her.

You know,

for years,
I tried to understand.

I tried to question Lucien
about that famous family secret.

And each time,

he brushed aside my questions,

"Forget about the past.
It cannot be changed."

But how come
he always supported your family?

your forebear betrayed him.

What do you think?

I don't know.

You don't?


Don't move.

- What's that?
- It's for my collection.

You know the prosecutor
knows everything?

I do.

I didn't tell her.
I'm not a snitch.

It's our secret.

I know, Caroline. It was our secret
and we were unmasked.

Can I tell you something?

We make a great team,
chief warrant officer Martinez.


That's a compliment.

I really mean it.

How did it go
with the social worker?

It's complicated
because I'm single.

I should be married
or in a civil union, in a relation.

It won't be complicated
for such a handsome man.

Thanks for that, but...

you can't find the right person
just like that.

If you find the right person,

you may not need
to adopt a child.

Your new girlfriend
could have children.

True, I didn't think of that.

Do you want children?

Is that a proposition?


No. It's a question,

just a question.



- Seen your dad?
- No. Why?

He went to get a pullover
and he's not answering his phone.

I've got it.
He lent it to me.



Something up, Mrs Issautier?

My husband went home
to pick up a pullover,

but he's not come back
and he's not answering his phone.

Something's wrong.

He sponsors this event,
he never misses it.

I've got a bad feeling.

Let's go.

- Anna.
- Yes.

- Have you seen Mr Issautier?
- He's in the tasting room.

He's over there.



What did she want?

To talk about my great-grandmother.

Your great-grandmother?

I haven't got a clue.

I think she suspects me.

Shit! You're sure?


- We've got a prob.
- Sorry? "A prob"?

Yes, and a big one.


Sorry, excuse me.

Did you notice
anything unusual lately?

Was he depressed?


He even had projects.

He thought his new vintage
would get the gold medal.

No, really, I...

I don't get it.

Me neither.

Depression is not...

like him.
He's a fighter.

You just don't understand.

You're all a bunch of idiots.

Your eyes are clogged with shit.

He did everything for the estate.

he took care of everyone.
It all...

just got to him, that's all.

And you, Mr Issautier?


I haven't got a clue, madam.

I'm an old man...

I can't fathom all this.

He looked really strange,
old Lucien Issautier. Bizarre.

As though his son's
attempted suicide

didn't surprise him.

Maybe he suspected something.


The Issautiers
have the 100,000 euros

to hush a blackmailer.
Well, two, in fact.

To keep a secret from WWII?

It was 70 years ago,
but it'd have repercussions nowadays.

Or could thwart projects
like the medal of merit.

I think we're burning, Captain.

Especially if you eat off my plate.

They'll think
we're in a relation.

Enough for you to tell me why
such a stunner

is determined
to adopt on his own?

It's always been my dream...

to have a family, children.

At a reasonable age,
not like my father.

He died when I was 17.

I understand.

When I met my ex, I thought
she was the love of my life.

We'd even bought a house.

But sadly,
we couldn't have children.

We tried every available treatment,
but nothing worked.

So we turned to...

to adoption.

As time went by, I realized
she didn't want a child.

I think that the adoption paperwork,
after trying everything else,

was the last straw
and led to us splitting up.

It's sad.

Yes, it's sad.

I didn't want to give up.
I was too involved.

I couldn't step down,
so I persevered on my own

with the adoption.

You're very brave
to want to adopt a child.

It's difficult.

The other day, when I got upset,
they were telling me

that since I didn't have my own house
and I was single,

it wouldn't work out.


start by finding your soul mate.

I know of someone.



She always looks at you so lovingly.

Haven't you ever noticed?

I don't pay attention
to such things.

- The ball is in your court.
- Anyway,

you've an appointment
at the clerk's office in Apt.


That's where the archives
of the militia are conserved.

I thought you should go there.

What time?

8 a.m.

At 8 a.m.!

How are you, Paul?

You're worrying about me?

You've always been a rock.

I never thought

that you could be fragile,


Why did you do that?

Because of me?

Because I used to be so severe,
before I retired?

Of course not.
I'd gotten used to it.

Then why did you do that?

It's not like you!

There must be a reason.


Tell me, have you messed up,


I've never done anything
that could harm our family

or my children's future.



You were right about the archives.
Come on, we've work to do.

If ever I still had illusions
about human nature,

they've all vanished.

It's so disgusting!

All anonymous letters
denouncing Jewish children.

Here's another one.

Better still.
It's signed "a friend of France"

who denounced a café owner

listening to radio London.

Undoubtedly someone
envious of her business.

Look at this.

What is it?

A document kept top secret
by the French police,

concerning the hearing of a man

who denounced
a network of maquisards.

If it was a man,
it wasn't Clémentine Lemercier.

So, what do we have?

The Achards blackmailed
the Issautiers,

that seems more than likely.

Paul and Louis Issautier
were at the hunt...

Paul tried to commit suicide

He was feeling remorse.

Come in.


A fisherman found this gun
in a pond,

near to where
P. Achard was killed.

It's a CZ 557 rifle,
a 300 Win calibre.

The same calibre
as the murder weapon.

And we've got a print.

- I guess you know everything.
- Yes.

We found the rifle
you threw in the pond,

with fingerprints.

Can you tell us
how it happened?


Paul, why are you here?

Remembered what I asked you?

You've become very greedy.

What are you doing?
Threatening me?

I'm not.

- The tax office is after me.
- OK.

You spend too much
on women.

That's my problem.

Your family is indebted to mine.

It's all about honour.

Hurry up with the money.
I've got the proof here.



The Issautiers' nice reputation
will be blown away.

People will discover
what you really are: bastards.

Think about your son.
He's your successor, right?

It's hard to bear
a sullied name.

I got it.

- Pretty, huh?
- Well done, Louis!

And what was that letter?

It was for Elodie Pasquier.

Who wrote it?

Francis Achard, Pascal's father.

He and my father
were in the Maquis.

He had a heart attack
when writing it.

Pascal kept it.

But why kill Daniel Achard?

He'd taken over.

I don't care. 30,000 this evening.

He kept asking for more.
I thought it'd never end.

Bring it this evening.

I've got proof.
I'll reveal everything.

I wanted my family
to live peacefully,

for my children to be serene.

Bad timing,
with the medal you were to get.

True. That distinction was meant
for the whole family.

It awarded the work
of several generations.

My father, mainly.

I couldn't bear to think
his reputation would be sullied,

that his former life
could spoil Louis'.

Your suicide attempt was
a way of denouncing yourself?

How could I live with that
on my conscience?

I'm not a murderer.

What was in the letter
that led you to kill?

It destroyed
all that I had believed in,

my family above all.

I wanted to protect them.

And where's that letter now?

I sent it to
its legitimate addressee, Elodie.

I think she will be comforted
after reading it.

"Elodie, we don't really know
each other.

"But before I die,
I must ease my conscience.

"This is about
your great-grandmother,

"poor Clémentine Lemercier.

"Lucien was madly in love with her.

"He was even ready to marry her,

"although she already had a child.

"But Clémentine left him for another,

"a pal of the Maquis, Raymond.

"We were barely 20 years old,

"and I had enrolled in that Maquis,
lead by Captain Chaumont,

"Lucien, that you know so well.

"Now, what I'm going to tell you
is terrible, Elodie.

"One evening,

"I'd gone down to the village
to have a coffee at the café.

"In the street,

"two men were talking.

"I recognized one of them.
He was a militiaman.

"The other had his back to me.

"They each went their way
and I followed him."

- Lucien?
- Francis.

Why were you
with that militiaman?

He's one of ours,
a double agent.

Francis, don't go back
to the Maquis.

- Raymond has ratted on us.
- What?

Go away!

"He was nervous, anxious.

"I'd known him
since primary school.

"I didn't believe him,
but I pretended to.

"After Lucien's betrayal,

"the very next day,
the militia attacked the camp.

"All our comrades were killed.

"I lost all of them.

"Of course, I have no proof,

"just a firm conviction.

"How could Raymond
have betrayed the network

"as he was also killed
by the FFI?"

Why did you give us away?

I didn't do anything.

"Sadly, that's not
the end of the story."

You're going to die.

Who did you tell about us?
Answer, bitch!

- I didn't do anything.
- Open your eyes.

No pity for the traitors.

I didn't do anything!
Let go of me!


Please, I beg of you!

Take aim!


I read Achard's letter.
I know all the wrong you did.

You pretend you're a hero,
but you were the traitor.

I don't get it, Lucien. Why?

To take revenge.

So that Raymond, who took
Clémentine from me, would be shot.


Love drove me crazy, Elodie.

You let Clémentine be shot.

No, that's not true, I didn't!

The FFIs arrested Clémentine

because she was living with Raymond.

You denounced her, Lucien!

I didn't.
I cared for her, I loved her.

It was a terrible string of events,
a fatality.

You let her die.

You did nothing,
even though you loved her.

To save her...

I would have had to turn myself in.

I didn't have the courage.

Why didn't you tell the truth
after the war?

That's the terrible rule...

of lies.

Once you start lying...

you can never turn back.

But I tried

to rehabilitate Clémentine,
you know that.

By making Raymond a traitor.

You don't get it.

In the 50s, I started a family.

If I turned myself in,

I was scared I'd lose them.

You're such a coward.

You always find good excuses:

your wild love, your family...

You let Clémentine be shot

because you didn't have the courage
to turn yourself in.

I admired you.

You were my hero.


What are you doing?

You're so disgusting!

You're grotesque!

I'm ashamed.

I'm ashamed of you,
of my family.

Louis, I had no choice.
It was Elodie's family or mine.

- Ours! Understand? Our family.
- Louis!

- Louis, stop it!
- Stop!

Don't move!

What do you want to do?


You want to kill
your grandfather?

- It'll make no difference.
- Don't move!

Stop it, Louis!

Don't screw up.

Think of Elodie, of you two.

You've got your life to live.

I'm begging you, Louis.

Listen to us.

Stop it!

Don't spoil your life, Louis.

Put the gun down.


Put it down.

It'll be OK.

- Good, Louis.
- Louis.


It'll be OK.

What do we do with Lucien?

Nothing. There is
a statute of limitations.

it's between him and his conscience.

My conscience!

It's been weighing on me
since the war.

I think a thousand years
wouldn't do.

Don't worry, madam,

I don't intend suffering that long.

I must apologise to you, Elodie.

I didn't know Grandpa
had done so much wrong.

Nobody knew about it.

Except for Dad.

He did it to protect us.

How long will he get?

20 years...

at least.

The real hero in the family
is your father,

not your grandfather,
who crushed him.

It's strange to see leaving.

I'll miss you.

We'll meet again, Caroline.

- Can I hug you, madam.
- Sure!

Call me Elisabeth.

I really enjoyed working with you,

- Same here.
- See you.

- See you.
- See you.

Elisabeth, it's my turn to say
I really enjoyed working with you.

Same here.

I've even got a gift for you.



- What is it?
- A heavy metal album.


Well, we did make a good pair.

A good trio, with Caroline.

- I hope we'll work together again.
- That'd be nice.

In the meantime, I wish you
all the best, Captain:

to meet the love of your life,
have children,

and if you're determined
to adopt a child,

I'm willing to give you
a character reference.

You'd make a great dad.

Thanks, that's kind.

From what I saw,
your son's lucky to have you.

I'll record that
and make him listen to it non-stop.

Ah, there. Talk about the devil!

Yes, sweetie.
I'll just put you on hold.

Well, bye, Charles.

It was a pleasure.
Keep in touch.

I sure will.

- You there?
- Yes.

- Yes, sweetie.
- So?

- I'm on my way.
- Alright.

Who's Charles?

The Captain of the gendarmerie
with whom I just worked.

- Is he nice?
- Yes.

I'm leaving right now.

So, if there's no traffic...