Crime and Punishment (1935) - full transcript

Raskolnikov is a Russian man who follows an unusual moral code. A combination of vigilantism and hubris fuels his decision to aid a hapless prostitute by removing her antagonist, a local ...


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Dialogue after Dostoievski
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Will I be scared?

Catherine Ivanovna didn't come today, eh?

She must be broke.
Her husband's drinking again.

You go and collect the interest today.

If she doesn't pay up,
I'll sell her pledge.

It's her last jewel, Aliona.
Maybe you...

Nothing at all!

I won't be robbed by those scum!


If she can't pay, take another pledge.

She has nothing left.
- And her shawl, think I don't know it?

"The shawl I wore
to the Governor's Ball."

I never went to the Governor's Ball.

But I've money to lend to her
and many others.

Get going!

Give her 3 rubles for the shawl.

And don't forget the 3 kopecks.

Pardon me, Elizabeth Ivanovna,
is your sister in?

You know she never goes out.

Yes, of course. Excuse me.

Raskolnikov. Student.

You know me, I came before.

Oh, yes. You were here last month.

And I'm back for the same reason.

There were still 3 rubles in the drawer.
You took them, thief.

You took that money.
Drank it up, drank it all up!

Look at your children...
starving to death!

- Sonia.

Catherine Ivanovna, Aliona wants me
to collect what you owe her.

Money? Where should I get money?
Ask him where it is.

Aliona's rich enough to wait a bit...

I know, but it's impossible.

Aliona insists on
taking your shawl as pledge.

My shawl? Will you repeat that?

It's not Lizaveta's fault.

The shawl I wore when my father
was court councillor...

and would take me to the Governor's Ball.

I am a drunkard's wife.

Your sister can die first.
She'll never get my shawl.

Go away!

You're unjust to Lizaveta.

Shut up! Good-for-nothing!

You know what Pavlovna earns?

Do you really want me
to do a thing like that?

Some treasure!

What are you saving it for?

But these are worthless.

I gave you 2 rubles
for your ring last time.

I could have bought one new for less.

Then give me 4 rubles.

It's my father's watch.
I've no intention of leaving it here.

I'll redeem it, don't worry.
And you'll get your interest.

A ruble and a half, interest in advance.

A ruble and a half?
- Take it or leave it!

Give it here.

For the watch.

Wait here.

10 kopecks a ruble a month,
deducting 15 for a month in advance.

Already on account I keep
20 kopecks, that comes to 35.

That gives you
1 ruble 15 kopecks, here.

That's all?
- Exactly.

I may bring something else,
Aliona Ivanovna.

Something in silver...

A nice cigarette case.

We'll see about that when you come.

You must admit Aliona is a real swine.

Doing away with a creature like her

would be ridding the world of
something monstrous and evil.

Then why don't you do her in yourself?

Why? Because I'm yellow.
And in all fairness...

When fairness backs down,
there's neither fairness nor justice.

Lend me five rubles.

You're crazy.
You know I haven't got them.

Good thing I took out a loan
with our dear Aliona then.

Lizaveta is coming by tomorrow at 6.

I'm hocking my suit for the five rubles
your gab couldn't provide.

It's your play.

Good thing I took out a loan
with our dear Aliona.

Tomorrow Lizaveta is coming by at 6...

I'm hocking my suit for five rubles...

Why are you lying around

when you should be finding work
to pay your back rent?

Are you sick?

Want some tea?
Aren't you eating, at least?

Yes, yes, later. Go away!

Greetings, Aliona Ivanovna.
- What do you want?

I brought something.

Let's go to the window.

Who are you?

Don't you recognize me?

This is the pledge I promised
the other day.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Take it or I'll go elsewhere.
I've no time to lose.

Don't get angry, my friend.
What is it?

A silver cigarette case.

You're trembling! Are you sick?

When you have nothing to eat...

It doesn't seem like silver.

It's tied so tightly.

Why wrap it like that?

Old bitches sleep tight!

There must be somebody.

The devil knows!
I almost broke the lock!

But the old woman never goes out.
- Wait.

See how the door moves when you push?

It's not locked, only bolted.

Don't you understand?
To bolt it you have to be inside.

So she must be home,
but she won't open up.

That's true.

There's something odd here.

I'll get the janitor. Wait for me.

I understand, I'll wait.

Nicolas, let's call it a day,

Are we off to...
Your turn for drinks.

My turn?
- Of course it's your turn.

Don't be a slouch!

Damn it.

Well, who cares?

It's bolted on the inside.

Why don't they answer?

I was tired of waiting for you.
- I had to go looking for the janitor.

What's all this, the door is open!

Well, I never!
- What's this?

A summons, from the station.

What station?

The police want you,
at the station.


What about? - What do I know?
They called you, just go.

What do you want?

They asked for me
I've been...summoned.

It's about your rent.

Rent? What rent?
- Yours.

The three months you owe your landlady.

What time were you told to come, scholar?

We wrote nine
and it's already ten.

It's enough that I came at all.
I'm sick with fever.

Don't shout! - I'm not shouting,
I'm speaking quite calmly.

I won't stand for this.

Enough of your rude talk, mister.

And you're being rude too
with your smoking!

- None of your business.

Just make your declaration!

If there's one more scandal
in your respectable house

I'll personally throw you in the clink.

More thunder and lightning, lieutenant?
Worked up again.

I heard you on the stairs.

Are my two men here?
- Yes, sir.

They swear Aliona's door was bolted.

But a couple of minutes later when they
returned with the janitor it was open.

Nulko is guilty.
It's an open and shut case.

You don't beat around the bush, do you?

"I can't pay.
I promise to pay up later."

Sorry to contradict you.

The killer is neither
Koch nor Pestriakov.

"I won't leave town or sell anything."

Who is it then?

I don't know. I'm not a sorcerer.

Is he sick?

Writing his statement
he could hardly hold his pen.

Who is that young man?

He was summoned about a debt.

A student,
brought in for debt, sir.

Have you been ill long?

Since yesterday
- Did you go out last night?

- Were you sick?

- At what time?

At eight.
- To go where?


Now there's courage.

Fine, you can go.

Call Poudon.
- Yes, sir.

Is your student better?
- Yes. He left.

Bring in Koch.

You may go.
- Come here, my friend.

We're agreed about your statement.

The door was open when you came
back up with your friend the janitor.

He confirmed that point.

But about the door being bolted
just five minutes earlier...

I have no proof.

But sir, Pestriakov was there.
He tried the door.

Fine. But supposing
he was your accomplice

and the door had never been bolted.

What do you think?

Weakness from lack of food.

He hardly eats anything.

No surprise about his nerves then.

Coming to, brother?

He's coming too.

What are you doing here?

Looking after you.
You've been delirious for four days.

Don't worry, it's not serious.

Recognize Zosimov, our faculty star?

I'm not sick.

You've been delirious for four days.

Hey, you don't know:

A money order for 30 rubles arrived.

I said 30 rubles.

30 rubles come from your mother.

The postman comes one day
and life is beautiful!

We'll buy some chicken.
You've become somebody.

Aliona can go to hell now.

That was clever...
I forgot she was dead!

Have they released
the two merchants yet?

Soon. But will you get that chicken!?

How do you know that?

My cousin Porfiry's in charge
of the inquiry. Take that.

Who is Porfiry?
- My cousin, the examining magistrate.

You wouldn't have heard.

While you were ill
somebody murdered Aliona and Lizaveta.


You knew her.

Go on, eat, eat!

It was surely one of her clients.

No doubt about it.

Porfiry will be questioning the others.

The others?

Eat! Eat!

Leave him.
- We'll give him some chicken.

The murderer was a fool not to take
the 15,000 rubles in the drawer.

The idiot! 15,000 rubles.

I'm taking 15 rubles from
your mother's money order.

I go...
I'll be back in an hour

to show you how I've spent them.

You've got a surprise coming.
Hey, come on.

Where did you find these earrings?

On the sidewalk...
I didn't steal them, sir.

On the sidewalk.
Careful, Nicolas, if you're lying...

Now tell the truth:
where did you find them?

Behind the door, sir.

You see, behind the door!
Which door?

In the apartment we were painting.

I forgot my cap.

Forgot your cap.
So you went back upstairs to get it.

Yes, sir. I found them
on the floor as I was leaving.

I pocketed them and pawned them
with Doukine.

I know it was wrong,
but let me explain.

Dmitry had just flipped paint
in my face with his brush.

Such a devil!

Always good for a laugh.
- Tell me...

While you were carrying on,
you didn't see anyone on the stairs?

Somebody might have passed,
but we didn't notice.

You didn't hear anything,
any noise whatever?


You know Aliona and Lizaveta

were murdered and robbed
that day and hour.

I found out the next day.

Why did you go into hiding then?

I was scared.

And why try to hang yourself?



I didn't want to be tried.

Old man, the earrings
got into his hand just as he said.

But he lied the first time.

No matter.
He did find them behind the door

where he was working just before.

But the apartment was empty
while he was out drinking.


There's something odd here.

Rodion Raskolnikov?

That's me.
What do you want?

I am Peter Petrovich Luzhin,
your sister's fiance.

Your mother wrote to you
about my coming.

Yes, she did.

You look ill.

If I'd known I'd have come
tomorrow or the day after.

But I have good news.

Your family are on the way
to St Petersbourg.

And I've already found them
temporary lodging.

Where? - Know the Bakaleyev house,
Ascension Street?

You know it?
- By reputation, yes.

It's a real slum, but cheap.

Of course, I didn't know.
I'm a newcomer in town.

You might have inquired.

True. But we businessmen
find little time for ourselves.

And Mr. Businessman also finds
poor girls make the best wives.

All gratitude and devotion!

You dared say that to my sister!

Never will I consent to this marriage!

My words have been distorted!
I never said that!

Your mother misunderstood me...

Her behavior has been...
- Enough!

Another word about my mother
and I'll kick you down the stairs!

I see you're better.

Who's this?

The fiance.

Sir, I am honoured to meet you.

but I assure you,
I came here with the best intentions.

And I am received so boorishly.

Excuse me.
Here's where your 15 rubles went.

I didn't spend it all.
Look at this cap, try it on.

Later, later!

Listen, your sister asked me to see you.

You have insulted me,
though I realize you're sick.

I'm not sick, I'm perfectly lucid!
Now get out!

I won't keep you.

Some way to celebrate an engagement.

He must have found you impulsive.

And now the boots,
how do you like them?

To be on the safe side
I took along one of your shoes.

Leave me alone!
When will I have some peace?

I'm not scared of you or anybody!
Get out and leave me.

I want to be alone... alone!

I understand how you feel.

Just remember I'm your friend.
I'm going.

Waiter... some tea

and the newspapers for the past
five days. You'll get a nice tip.

You here?

Razumikhin told me yesterday
you were still unconscious.

You're a strange one.
You're probably still sick.

You shouldn't go out.

So I seem strange.
- Oh, strange...

Reading the papers, I see.

Yes, I am.

The usual thefts, fires...

- Let's not forget the crimes...!


You're dying to know what I'm reading.

Not at all. I just asked like that.

- No thanks.

Why are you...?

I bet you're still delirious.

Nonsense, cock robin.

So I seem strange.

I'm curious, am I?

- If you insist.

So you're dying to know
what I'm reading.

Look at all these papers.

Suspicious, isn't it?

What do you mean?

May I say...

No: may I confess...

That's not it either.

Take down my statement...

That's the term.

I state that I've read,
have the curiosity to read,

that I look for,
that's why I'm here,

all the details about Aliona's murder and
I'm amazed the killer's not been caught.

We'll get him.

You will? Then I feel better.

Looking for some wretch who's
suddenly gone on a spending spree.

They all act alike.

They're very clever at killing

but then get nabbed in some tavern.

Because they're mostly hoodlums.

They're not all as smart as you.

You, for example,
wouldn't go to some tavern.

Suppose I killed Aliona and Lizaveta?

You're crazy!

You believed me!

No, but you scared me
to lead me up to it.

So you don't believe me?

What did you talk about
at the police station the other day?

Your Lieutenant Gunpowder
questioned me after I fainted.

Tell me!

How much?

30 kopecks.

Here, and here's a 20-kopeck tip.

15 rubles.

Where from?

And my new suit? Where from?

You know I was broke.

You must have questioned my landlady.

Enough talk! Goodbye.

What are you looking for?

I'm looking for an apartment....

I came to see this one.

But you don't look at night.

And why isn't the porter here then?

The floor's washed?

Will they re-paint?
No more blood?

What blood?

From the murder.
There was a pool of blood.

Who are you?

- Yes.

You want to know?

I'll tell you at the police station.

Come on!

Don't want to?

As you wish.

My God, somebody help me!

Anybody know him?
- He's a drunkard. God's punished him.

Help me!

He lives nearby.

Not the hospital.
I want to die at home.


He was run down. He's drunk.

Get a doctor. I'll pay.

It had to happen.

Don't worry, a doctor's coming.

Some water and a towel. Quick!

Go tell Sonia your father
has been run down.

I'm a councillor...

and a bastard!
Yes, sir.

A bastard.

Let him die in peace.
This isn't a spectacle.

And smoking too! Out with you all!

Know this too, sir...

My wife is a great lady.

She danced in her shawl
before the Governor

and all the dignitaries.

She won a gold medallion.


I sold it... for liquor.

Sold lots of other things.

Sonia, Mama says to come quickly.
Papa's been run over!

What do you think, doctor?

It's hopeless.

She put 30 rubles on the table

and threw herself on her bed in tears.

I saw, young man...

I saw my wife approach
the bed of my little Sonia

and kneel at her feet.

Me, I was flat on my back,
completely soused.

And since that day...

my daughter
has been a prostitute

and because of that
won't live here anymore.

That's what I've brought about.

And what's more, today...

I went to see her
to ask for money to get drunk with.

Look me in the face

and dare tell me I'm not...

a bastard.

He'll have pity on us.

He is the Judge.

He'll call us and He'll say to us:
Where is the girl?

"I had pity on her drunken father.
Where is she?

And He'll forgive my Sonia.

He'll pardon her.

And us too,
the drunkards and the shameless.

Also He'll call us
and He'll say...

Swine though you are

you will come to me.

And we will throw ourselves

into His open arms.

Polia, come here.

It's over for him.

But now how will we live?

And how will I bury him?

He drank up our last penny.

Let me contribute...

Here are 15 rubles.

What's your name? Where do you live?

Rodia Raskolnikov

My sister Sonia sent me.

- You love your big sister Sonia?
- Yes.

And will you love me too?


Can you pray?
- Of course.

Little Polia...

I'm Rodia.

Pray too for me sometimes.

Just say: "for poor Rodia."

All my life I'll pray for you.

I left you sick yesterday and now...

Listen! I was helping some fellow
who got run over.

He died, so I gave
all my money to his wife.

Her daughter came,
her daughter Sonia.

But why get drunk with Zamiatov?

You saw him?

You must have been delirious
to spout those idiocies!

What did he say?
- Nothing, but you shouldn't talk to him.

I want to go home, home.


Hear that noise in my room?

- It's Nastasia.

No, not at this hour.

Ah, what of it. Goodbye.

But I'm coming up with you.

Yes, but I want to shake your hand here.

Give me your hand.

What's the matter?
- Nothing.

Oh, come up then. You'll be witness.


It's nothing.
Just a fainting spell.

But he's been recovering.

Water, quick!
- Don't bother, Mama.

It's already over.
So you faint like a young girl.

My dear child, I won't leave you
for anything in the world.

No, no. I'm not sick.

You couldn't understand.

Enough! Just go away!

My son, can't I look at you
after three years of separation?

Enough, enough!
Go away, all of you!

Let's go, mama.

Wait a minute.

Did you see Luzhin?

Yes. And we know.

He told you I threatened him?

Yes, but I wouldn't believe him,
would I, Dunia?

It's true. He threw him out.

I won't allow this marriage, Dunia.

You'll break it off tomorrow,
once and for all.

Think about what you're saying.
You're sick.

I'm delirious, right?
No, I'm not.

You're marrying him for my sake.

But you can't possibly love him.

I won't accept such
a horrible sacrifice!

Ah, it's you!

I just came for a minute.
Excuse me for disturbing you...

I've come from Catherine Ivanovna

to thank you for your help

and to invite you to
the funeral tomorrow

and to come to our, her house afterwards.
for a bite to eat. Do me the honour.

Yes, I'll certainly try.

I'll tell her you'll come?

Yes, yes... No...
Won't you sit down?

Thank you. But I can't.

I gave your money away.

I know I had no right

and that it was
a great sacrifice for you.

I'm sure you did what was best.


Why so silent?

Why don't you say something?

My poor child!

Ah, no!

Let's go, mama.
- Yes.

I'll go with you, ma'am.

Goodbye, Rodia, I mean, until soon.

I don't like saying goodbye to you.

- What?

I want a word with you.

- Listen...

You know what's-his-name?


Yes, he's my cousin.

You know this murder case
...the old lady...

He's in charge of the case, right?
- Yes.

He's questioning all her clients?
- Yes.

Well... I pawned some things.

Trifles... but they
have sentimental value...

So if I could only...

I didn't know that. Well!

Is it a long time since you saw her?
- Long time?

Well now, I saw her the last time
two days before her death.

Porfiry can fix it.
We'll see him tomorrow.


A real spring rose...

But you look fine... a big Romeo...

Gentlemen, don't destroy
the government furniture.


Excuse me, sir.

No harm done.


He's annoyed because I called him Romeo.

My friend Raskolnikov has some business
to settle with you.

Ah, Zamiatov. You're here.

I'm listening, sir.

Well now...

I pawned some items with Aliona Ivanovna.

What are the formalities
for recovering them?

You make a statement to the police

saying you heard of the murder

and inform the examining magistrate
of the items belonging to you.

You want them back.

I'm not very rich, you see...

I only want to state that these objects
belong to me and when I've the money...

Nothing easier.

You can even write to me
directly about it.

Do I need official paper?

Any old paper will do.

The items aren't valuable,
but I'm attached to them.

Don't worry, they're not lost.

Besides, I've been expecting you...

for quite a while.

What? You were expecting him?

You knew he'd pawned things?

The pledges are all tagged
with names and dates.

So I know that exactly three weeks ago
you pawned a ring.

Strange that amongst the pledges,
you should be so precise.

Because all the other
depositors are known.

You're the only one not to
have applied to me for your claim.

I haven't been well.

Yes. I remember your fainting
at the station.

You're pale.
Have a little tea.

I've no reason to look pale.

The heat got to me that other day.

But I'm fine now.

Fine, he says!

He was hardly in his
right mind yesterday.

Which didn't stop him
from roaming about town

all night long in a delirium.


Can you roam about town
all night in a delirium?

Don't believe a word of it.

You don't believe that?

Then why would you have
gone out otherwise?

For what reason?
And why sneak out like that?

Last night
I got so fed up with him I left,


To rent another apartment.

Naturally, I took all my money with me.

Mr. Zamiatov surely mentioned that
in his report.

Mr. Zamiatov,

was I last night
in my right mind or not?

You spoke quite sensibly...
and even quite well.

Sorry to waste your time
with such nonsense.

On the contrary! It all comes together.

Say, what's gotten into you?

If you knew how much you interest me.
Bring some tea.

You're no stranger to me.

I was fascinated by that article
you wrote recently.

I think it was called "On Criminals."

Yes...the only article
I ever wrote, in fact...

Didn't know it was published.

It was quite daring...

Especially your suggestion
that certain kinds of people

have the right to suppress,
even by murder...

any obstacle to their will.

It only refers to
exceptional people, of course...

chosen to fulfill a glorious destiny.

That's basically what I meant.
But it's nothing new.

Amusing. But what a shame

these exceptional people
are hard to recognize.

They'd need a uniform.

It'd make things easier for
the examining magistrate, right?

Though, even if he recognized them,
he would still have to lock them up.

Would serve them right!

You're so logical.

But...what about conscience?

It has no legal role.

It's no business of
the examining magistrate.

Only of someone who bothers
about conscience.

If he has one.

In which case,
he'll suffer for his crime...

That would be his punishment,
not counting prison.

Not counting prison, ah!

Again? Can't you find a more
amusing topic of conversation?

You're annoying him.
- Not at all.


I don't want you to have a bad
impression of our first meeting.

We'll meet again certainly...

Surely about your claim.

Just come by some day.

I've seen all the pawnbroker's clients

and managed to pick up some clues.

You're the last one, right?

Do you intend to cross-examine me?


Ah, I remember now.

On your last visit to Aliona...

on your way upstairs, about 8:00...

did you notice on the second floor in
an open apartment

two workmen

They were painting,
did you notice them?

It's very important...for them.

Painters? No, I didn't see anybody.

I don't remember any open apartment.

There were people moving
on Aliona's landing.

But no, no, I don't remember
any workmen.

And there wasn't an open apartment.

What's the matter with you?

The painters were there
the day of the murder.

He was there two days before.
What are you saying?

Ah, this case has got me all mixed up!

I was so obsessed about the two workmen

being there about 8:00,
I just got muddled.

Another mix-up like that
and I'll bust your nose, cousin.

You didn't want my brother present.

But I begged him to come.

If he insulted you, he will apologize.

Some insults cannot be erased.

If you love me,
you must settle this now.

You do insist!
I can love and esteem you

and still not like
a member of your family.

Then I'll have to choose
between you and him.

It hurts me to be put
on the same level as he.

You're going back on your word.

And I've incurred numerous expenses.

Aren't you ashamed now, Dunia?

I'm ashamed.

Miss, If I leave this room
on those words,

I won't be back. Think it over.

I keep my promises.

I don't want you back.
- What?

I'll never give my daughter
to a man like you. Get out.

If that's how it is...
- Get out.

I'll look after you, if you allow me.

Going already, Rodia?

At a time like this?
- Where are you going? What is it?

I don't think we should see each other

for the time being.

I'm not well.

I can't relax.
Leave me be.

I'll come back if necessary, or...

send for you.

I'll be right back.

I knew you'd run after me.

Listen... stay with them.

Tomorrow and always.

Where are you going? What is it?
How can you act like this?

I have nothing to say.
But don't abandon them.

Do you understand?

Do you understand now?

There, that's him.

What is it?

What does he want?
- Somebody asking if a student lived here.

I think he means you.

What do you want?
You asked for me? What is it?


You're the murderer.

Is that you?

Yes. I've come.

Thank you for coming
to my father's funeral.

Sonia, you loved your father a lot?
- Yes, I did.

It wasn't just pity?

I loved him and
forgave him because I loved him.

Why are you standing,
sit down?

How pale you are, Sonia.

Look at your hands.
They're transparent.

I've always been like that.

Even with your family?
- Yes.

Did Catherine Ivanovna
beat you at home?

No, how can you say that?
- So you forgive her?

So much grief has disturbed her mind.
But how kind and generous she is.

She has consumption. She'll die soon.

Oh no!
- It would be the best thing.

God won't allow it!

Maybe He doesn't exist.

Do you pray often?

Where would I be without God?

You often go to church?
- Yes, to offer prayers.

For whom? - For Father
and Lizaveta, Aliona's sister.

You knew her?
- Yes, she came by from time to time.

I've something to tell you.

I've decided not to go back
to my family. - Why not?

I'll tell you later.
You're all I have now.

I need you. That's why I came.

Let's go away together.
- Where are you going?

I don't know where.

But I'm sure our paths are the same.
- I don't understand.

You will... you will.

You've done like me.
You've ruined your life.


Tomorrow you'll understand.

Yes, tomorrow I'll come back
and I'll tell you who...

killed Lizaveta. Goodbye.

You know who killed her?

Yes I know,
and I'll tell you.

Only you, Sonia.

Because I chose you.
No, don't give me your hand, goodbye!

So there you are, my good man.

Yes, in answer to your summons.

What summons? Do sit down.

You want to conduct
an official interrogation.

If we have the time.

There's no hurry...

This is no place to offer you coffee.

I receive you here but,
my own apartment is here.

Behind this door.
I am housed by the state.

To be housed by the state...

That's quite something.

What do you think?
- Yes, quite something.

It's quite something.

Do all examining magistrates use the same
method: firstly of talking nonsense,

as much as serious things.

Just to distract you...

and pounce on you suddenly
with the fatal question.

Don't think all our methods
are that childish. Ah, no!

An example that will help you later

if you write another article
on criminology.

Suppose I'm handling an investigation

and I think I know the guilty party...

If he's stupid, I nab him right away.

If he's intelligent, I let him
run around a while...

He won't think of running away.
On the contrary...

He'll move slowly towards me...

An incomprehensible
psychological phenomenon!

Like a moth circling around a candle,
you see...

My man will come closer, closer...

And plop!

I burn him!

Which will be very nice.

You must blunder quite often.

Oh no, it's the weak point of exceptional
people carried away by feelings.

They kill brilliantly,
leave no trace...

But at the most banal moment...
they faint.

Blame it on heat or illness...

But there is the fact and witnesses.

That suggests an idea.

A sensitive person may think
of many other ways.

I see that you suspect me.

I'm fed up with all this!

If you have the legal right to pursue me,
do so. Arrest me if you want...

But I won't be mocked
and tortured like this!

I won't tolerate it! ...

A little water will do you good.
It's just an attack of nerves.

Ah, these sensitive souls...

Ringing the doorbells of the dead
at midnight...

And even asking if there's blood.

No, not delirium. I've all my wits
about me. Perfectly lucid.

If you were accused,
I'd plead irresponsibility.

A case of momentary insanity.

But the murderer's art
is to stick close to the truth.

Why carry on this farce?

Quite right.
Let's get back to doorbells.

If I'd suspected you in the least,

I wouldn't have mentioned them.

I'm not that stupid.

First I'd have reassured you...
Then bang! Right on the head!

But tell me, what were you doing ten in
the evening in the victim's apartment?

And why ring?
Why ask about the blood?

And why then go to the police station?

That's what I would have asked you,

if I'd suspected you.

If you suspect me?
Then you don't? Yes or no?

You and everybody else.
Anybody can, me...why not?

I said I wouldn't tolerate this.

Be quiet. Good and quiet.
- Question me by the rules.

Don't worry about the rules.

I invited you as a friend.
- Ah, your friendship!

You're friendship...
I'm going.

A little surprise.
- A surprise, what surprise?


What is it? Where? What?

You're lying! You're taunting me.

I understand it all now.
So I'll give myself away.

You already have. And don't shout.

You're lying. You knew I was sick
and you tried to provoke me.

You have no proof.

So you found them.

Bring them in,
all your police and witnesses.

Bring them in.
I'm ready for them!

What's going on?

It's the accused.
There was no stopping him.

What does he want?

I'm guilty, I'm to blame...
I'm the murderer.

What's that?
- I'm the murderer.

Whose murderer?
Who did you kill?

Aliona and Lizaveta.
I killed them with an axe.

You did it? Talk!

Come on, talk!

I'm the murderer.
I swear.

How did you do it?

With an axe.

You don't seem sure.


Were you alone?
- Yes.

Excuse me, Rodion Romanovich...

There's no point in your staying now.

You didn't expect that.

Neither did you.
Your hand's trembling.

And you're trembling too.

But I didn't expect this either.

What about your little surprise?

You have a sense of irony.
But your teeth are chattering.

Goodbye, Rodion Romanovich.

I think "farewell" is better.

As God disposes.

Rodion Romanovich... a word.

It will be as God disposes...

Only I'll have to question you again.

So we'll meet again, certainly.


We'll finally get acquainted.


I said I'd be back...

to tell you who killed Lizaveta.

I've come to tell you now.

How do you know?
- I know.

Has he been found?
- No, he hasn't.

My God, why?

He didn't want to kill Lizaveta.

Only the old lady...

Only kill the old lady.


Look at me...

Look at me, Sonia.

You know?... And you...

No one is more unhappy than you.

You know, and you don't shun me?

I'll follow you anywhere.
If I'd only known you before.

Why didn't you come before?

How could it?

To steal.

You were hungry...
was it to help your mother?

No, I wasn't so hungry.
Yes, I did want to help my mother, but....

No, that's not really true.

Sonia, please don't torment me!

You killed to steal...

But the money you gave
to Catherine Ivanovna?

No, that was my mother's.
As for the other money...

I'm not sure there was any.

But why say to steal
if you didn't take anything?

You're expecting an explanation
and you don't understand.

You're suffering because of me.

I won't forgive myself for coming.

No, you were right to come.
It's better that I know, much better.

He never went out.

He must be with somebody.

You know the young girl who came.

I'll go and see.

It's true.
I could have continued my studies...

Do translations
or tutor like Razumikhin.

But I couldn't.
I was wrapped up in these ideas.

I couldn't explain them to you.

Well, you've seen the place I live in...

I spent whole days there, not working...

Not eating... Alone with my ideas.

You don't understand?
- Tell me.

And then... I wondered if I was more
intelligent than the others for example.

And thought that I had only
to dare, to dare...

to transcend prejudice and laws.

I wondered if I could leap the barriers...

If I had the strength and the right...

The right?
The right to kill?

It's not that hag I killed...

It's me.

How you're suffering.

What can I do now?

Do? Accept your suffering
and redeem yourself by it.

I'll go to prison with you.

Maybe I don't want to go to prison yet.

Is it possible for you to live now?

I'll get used to it. Enough tears!

In fact, they're on my trail.

They don't have any real proof.

But they'll put me in prison.

Will you come to see me?

I will.

Do you have a cross?

Take mine.

No, not now, later.

Yes, that would be better.
When you leave I'll give it you.

I'll put it around your neck.
We'll pray and we'll go.

There you are!

I'm not here to question you.

I don't want to know your secrets.

We couldn't find you
and Dunia scolded me.

So I'm scolding you
to get it off my chest.

And now you'll get drunk.
- True, I'll get drunk.

Listen, I know Dunia
well enough to see

that she could love you.
I know you love her.

Now you know what's to be done...
if you need to drink...

You're a great guy. The best.

Wherever I go,
whatever happens to me...

You must always be Providence!

You weren't expecting me.
- No.

Do sit down, Porfiry Petrovich.

- No, sir.

Our last meeting was quite strange.

I owe you an explanation.

You know how much
your article interested me...

and how that coincidence

mixed you up
in our famous case.

And my friend, remember
your first visit...

when I tormented you.

Quite well,
your insinuations, implications.

All quite pointless.

The slightest evidence
would have served more.

So when I heard later
about the doorbell business...

what emotion!

And for good reason, you'll agree.

Same with the walk.

What walk?

Your walk. The scene.

Rodion Romanovich
walking in silence

alongside somebody
who calls you a murderer!

That one-eyed fellow I'd brought in
for our last meeting...

He was the surprise...
At the right moment: Bang!

But that fool Nicolas ruined it all.

What a turnabout!

And he's innocent on top of it.

We agree on that point.

A nutcase wanting to play the martyr

to redeem the world.

And he'll deny it all later.

The real murderer is another sort...

A theoretician devoid of imagination,

who must demonstrate
the stupidity of his ideas.

So who killed them?

Who killed them?

But it's you.

You're the murderer, Rodion.

It's you.

Back to that,
all the old methods.


I'm not here to arrest you.

I don't care if you confess.

My conviction is firm.

Then why not arrest me.

Why not?
I have no evidence.

Nothing concrete, I mean.

So you're free, Rodion.

But I urge you to give yourself up.

You can plead temporary insanity.

I'll see to it that you get
a minimum sentence.

How interesting!

Don't be frightened or ashamed

to confess what's eating you.

Fine, fine.

But I haven't confessed, don't forget.

I know...

I know.

We were both waiting for you.

Have you seen Mother?

Did you speak to her?

No, don't cry over me.

I've come for my cross.

You're scared too?

I won't go to Porfiry.

He annoys me.

I'll go to the station.



I'll make quite a sensation.

And my cross?

I'll bear my cross.

So I've suffered so little until now.

Why are you crying? Stop it.

I've had enough. What are you doing?

I'll go alone.

I don't need anyone.

You here?



Sorry...what's your name?

I'm sorry.
- Raskolnikov.

Of course: Raskolnikov!


You're a student, aren't you?
Ah, literature and the arts!

Only nobility comes with birth,
the rest from talent.

A hat, what does it mean, a hat?
I buy it where I want...

but what's beneath the hat

is what counts in the end.

I'm just babbling. Can I help you?


Is Mr. Zamiatov in?

Zamiatov? He's no longer with us.

That's to say he resigned.
He no longer works here.

I came...

I thought that...

I came to see Zamiatov...

It was I...

What's the matter?

It was I... who killed...

with an axe... the old pawnbroker.

Aliona Ivanovna and her sister Lizaveta.

I killed them and robbed them.

The End

Titles by Lenny Borger, Titra-Film

Subtitles: fangedesire
edit 1: corvus