Crime and Passion (1976) - full transcript

A Vienna financier embezzles money from his firm and clients, forces his girlfriend to marry an old cuckold voyeur industrialist and runs for his life when the industrialist sends killers after him.

[mystical music]

[car engine roars]

[engine revs]

[brakes screech]

[brakes squeal]

[indistinct conversation]

Mr. Ferren, I'll make you
a very good offer.

- I'll give you 240 for your car?
- How much did you say?

Two hundred and fifty.


[Andr? laughs]

[salesman] Wait a minute,
Mr. Ferren, listen.

Please. My last offer,

Two hundred and sixty. Okay?
Because I don't get 300.

Do you know how much I paid
for this only three months ago?

[salesman] Oh, yes. But...

but it's very difficult
to sell today.

- You see...
- How much is this for?

- This? 300,000.
- Nice car.

Yes, yes, yes.

All right, 300,000.

No, Mr. Ferren.

I'm so sorry, that's imposs...



Thank you. Please.

"Mr. Ferren,

Three hundred thousand

I'll take 50 Schillings in cash
and the rest by check.

"Fifty Schillings in cash..."

I won't need you
until five o'clock.

[man] How are you, Andr??

I really appreciate
this information.

If they'd have told me,
I'd have never gone into it.

Did you hear the rumor
about Connecticut General?

[Andr?] Oh, they're just
playing both ends

against the middle, that's all.

- Don't pay any attention to it.
- Are you sure?


[elevator dings]

[Andr?] Good morning.

[woman] Good morning,
Mr. Ferren.

- [man] Good morning.
- Morning, Susan.

Syatamin just went down
four and a half

in the last 20 minutes.

- You're new here?
- Yeah.

- Do you like it?
- It's all right.

[Susan] Don't buy now.

- [Andr?] Susan.
- [Susan] Funds are dumping

all over the place.


get me a 1000 shares
of Dyna Bridge incorporated now.

- Dyna Bridge? Are you kidding?
- Never mind.

I got a call
from Baltimore last night.

They're going to announce
a merger this afternoon.

- Andr?.
- What?

Where's the money?

The last reserves.

[phone rings]

Get me a 1000 shares
of Dyna Bridge Incorporated, US.

Make up a receipt
and duplicate for Mr. Ferren.


[man] Miss Winters.

- What is it?
- Hermann Rolf,

in person.

Yes, Mr. Rolf.

- Oh no, I haven't forgotten.
- [snaps fingers]


Hermann, you can speak
with Mr. Ferren directly.

He's just arrived.

Uh huh.

[man on tape recorder]
A smile is marvelous therapy

for confidence deficiency.

But many men are unaware of this,

because they have
never attempted to smile

in the face of fear.

[knocking on door]

- Try this small experiment.
- [door opens]

- [Susan] Andr?.
- Try to pull your feet in,

and smile broadly at the same time.

- It's almost...
- Andr??

Confidence flows from smiling.

A big smile conquers terror,
pushes away anxiety,

downs despondency.

A genuine smile does more
than cure your queasy stomach.

A genuine...

What's wrong?

- Something's wrong.
- Hermann Rolf just called me.

He called you. Why you?
It's my account.

He's unhappy.

[Susan] Now, don't get excited.

He's unhappy?

Andr?, I'm not going to tell you
if it's gonna make you horny.

He went over his quarterlies,
and he's down nine million.

He's down?

The whole world is going down.
Why should he be any different?

[Susan chuckles]

He doesn't like it.


Hermann Rolf is unhappy.

Yes, he's upset about the Europic.

How about Farpan International?

[heavy breathing]

Yes, he screamed about that one.

What else did he say?

Andr?, if you can't
control yourself,

I'm not going to tell you
anything more.

He says
you're gonna lose the account.


[heavy breathing]

[Susan] He wants to report you
to the Commission.

He says you mismanaged
his portfolio.

And he wants to make it public.

[heavy breathing]

Andr?, he's going to ruin you.

[heavy breathing]


[Susan moans]

But he wants to discuss it with me.


He wants to take me out.

[both breathing heavily]

He asked you out?

What did you say?

I said no.

You said "no" to Hermann Rolf?

[Andr? growls] Why?

[dramatic music]

[Andr?] Six hundred
million dollars.

[Susan moaning]

[Andr? Laughs]
It's a catastrophe.

Andr?, you've got to learn
to stop this.

Or find a place where
you'll only hear good news.

[Andr?] Maybe the whole world
is going under, but I'm not.

[Susan moaning] Really?

What do you propose?

[Susan gasping]

[Andr?] Listen.

Maybe we can save ourselves.

- No, we can't.
- Yes, we can.

But if it doesn't work
out, we're done for.

We're ruined.

[ominous music]

[Susan and Ferren moaning]

[footsteps approaching]

[Andr?] What's that?

That's for you.

I can't eat that.
I hate pastries.

I know.

Come on, tell me what happened.

Nothing, I was very blunt.

I said,

"You know a girl just
doesn't get married on a whim."

Come on, you didn't say that.


I said, "Hermann, you've
already had four wives,

what do you want
with another one?"

[Andr?] Now, why did you do that?

I said, "You're very generous
and kind.

But I'm an ordinary
girl from St. Paul,

and I don't think I can live
up to your standards."

But, that's absurd.

"Hermann," I said,

"perhaps I can be your confidante,

your advisor.

Because everyone around you
is trying to rob you blind."

What the hell did you
tell him that for?

"Except Mr. Ferren,

who is the only one who has
your best interests at heart."

What did he say to that?

His monocle twitched.

What do you mean "twitched?"


[chomps noisily]

And then...

And then? Then what?

Then he took my hand and said,

"But darling, you are my standards.


- But?
- "But..."

But what?

[imitates Hermann] "Why do you
have to be so skinny?"

[chuckles nervously]

You'd better eat some more.


[romantic music]

[organ playing]

[Priest speaking German]

[marriage vows in German]

[vows continue in German]



[speaking German]



[continues reading in German]

[explosion echoing]

[bells jingling]

[people cheering]

[merry dance music]

- [indistinct conversations]
- [cutlery clattering]


[butler] May I help you?

No, thank you. It's all right.

[ominous musical note]

[Andr?] Susan?

What are you doing in here?

Do you know that there are some
of the best financial contacts

in Europe out there?

What's the matter?

[soft music]

I just realized
I finally got married.

Now I won't be able
to see you anymore.


You can see me whenever you want.

Going away in an hour?

I don't know when I'll see you.

- Don't worry, darling.
- [Susan crying]

Look, he'll have to divorce you.

In six months' time,
I'll create a scandal.

You'll be free again.

We'll be together
wherever you want.

Come on, six months is nothing.

It's just... It's just
two quarterly reports.


Come on.

Two horrible quarterly reports.

[sniffles and laughs]

You're gonna get some money.


[Hermann] Susan.

The cake is arriving.

[Hermann] Will you cut it with me?

Yes, dear.

[distant clapping]

[Andr?] Hermann?

Hermann, I'd like to thank you

for giving my company
the total of your account.

If it makes Susan happy.


[merry violin music]

[applause and cheering]

[car door closing]

[car door opening]

Take the young lady
wherever she likes

- and pick me up at 5 'o clock.
- Sir.

- [ominous music]
- [man on TV] It certainly

has become more of a challenge

to stay abreast of rapid changes in the market.

However, proceeding
as Mr. Ferren does,

goes far beyond our concepts
of reasonable.

[animated chatter]

[Andr?] Gentlemen.

I'm sorry I'm late, but,
my mother died this morning.

What am I saying?
She died five years ago.

[loud laughter]

Hi. Hi, how are you?

Hey Don, how are you?
How was your trip from New York?

Fine. Thank you.

Andr?, I'd like you to meet
Howard Blatt,

whose expertise our company
sometimes calls upon

to check on tough guys like you.

[all laugh]

Mr. Blatt.

[Blatt] Mr. Ferren.

We went through
your quarterly reports

for the past nine months,

since you took over
the entire Rolf account.

I would like to express
my admiration for your capacity

for high quality performance

in this unstable and dangerous
period in the world's economy.

If you hadn't been successful,

I wouldn't consider your pattern
a sound investment policy.

But as we all know,
one cannot argue with success.

I have to compliment your courage.

You sell short,

you create dubious markets,

you borrow from one account
to cover another,

and you speculate quite dangerously

with the funds
of your most valuable clients.

An over-extension of your ability

to take extraordinary chances

could jeopardize
your company's standing

in the international
financial community.


This does not ignore the fact

that you are a highly imaginative

and talented investment counsellor

of a particular type.

Based on my previous experience,

you will probably continue to be
a hero to your superiors

and clients...

until you happen
to run out of luck.

I have just one point
I would like to clear up.

[drags paper]

Is this your signature?

[papers rustling]

[chuckles lightly]

It looks like it. I think it is.

On that signature,

two and a half million dollars
worth of stock were sold

from the Rolf portfolio.

It was deposited
on the 9th of November,

into a numbered account
in Basel, Switzerland.

Now, the company wants
that money back.

I must compliment you
again, Mr. Ferren.

This transaction would not
have come to light so quickly

had it not been
for the unanticipated audit

which was required by the revamping

of the company's computer system.

[Blatt] You have two choices,
Mr. Ferren.

Either return the money
in the ten banking days

remaining before Hermann Rolf's
next audit,

or you don't return the money,

and the company is forced
to make restitution

to avoid an international scandal.

The company of course will do that.

But I leave to your imagination

the ultimate price
you will have to pay.

[tense music]

[breathing heavily]

You see, it's really very simple.

I had nothing to do with it.

I sign letters all the time.

That's my job.

Papers, papers.
Bits and pieces, that's all.

Two and a half million dollars
from the Rolf account?

Bits and pieces.
That's all it is.

[chuckles nervously]

See, I sell short,

but I create markets.


I'm a particular individual.

Is this your signature? No, huh?

You're a particular individual.

See, I sign letters
all the time. That's my job.

Papers, papers. Bits
and pieces. Bits and pieces!

- Two and a half million!
- [door opens and shuts]

[distantly] Bits and pieces,
that's all it is.

[Blatt] I want a complete audit

of all that guy's transactions

during the past four year period.

We shall offer him an opportunity

to resign gracefully.

- [joyful music]
- [Larry squealing]


[Larry] Yip yip, yoohoo!



[Larry] All right?

[Susan] I can't see anything.

Come on, upright.

[speaking German]


Follow me.

Mrs. Rolf, apartment 12, please.

I think she's out.




How can she do this to me?


[muttering] Two and a half
million dollars.

I'm finished. I'm finished.

[both moaning]

[cheering excitedly]

[emotional music]

Well, well, well.

Sinbad the Sailor,
right out of the blue.

No, not out of the blue.

Just over the roof,
from around the corner.

[chuckles nervously]

Hi, partner.

[Andr?] Hey, what's the matter?

- Aren't you glad to see me?
- Oh, I'm thrilled to see you...


But, wasn't it supposed
to be someplace else

by this time?
Just you and me. Remember?

Look. It didn't work out
the way we planned, but...

Not doing too badly, huh?


No. Serving my time.

Doing all the dirty work

while you've been out
gallivanting all over Europe.

But it's nice of you to drop by.

Hey, Susan, you're not going
to believe this, but...

someone's been putting
the screws on me.

Somebody set me up.
Me? Can you imagine?

And you know for how much?

Are you ready for this?

For two and a half million dollars.

I've got get myself
out of this mess.

That's why I came back.

Well, I don't know
how to help you, Andr?.

And, I don't think I want to.

I think I need a hug.

[Andr?] Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- [Andr?] Whoa, Susan.
- [Susan] Watch out.

- [Susan] Sit down.
- [thuds into snow]

[Andr? chuckles]

Whoa, wait.


Come on.

- There you go.
- This is just ridiculous.

You're doing much better.
Really you are. Come on.

I just want to die.

Why can't I have a helicopter
to get me out of here?


Look how far down
you've come from the mountain.

- Come on.
- That's as far as I'm going.

Andr?, you're really
doing better. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

- [Larry] Woo hoo!
- [Susan screams]

What the hell was that?

[Susan calls out]

[man] Woo hoo!






[ominous music]

[wind howling]

Susan. Susan.

- I have to talk to you.
- Come on in and let's talk.

I almost got killed
on the slope after you left.

Oh Andr?, with the way you ski,
it's no wonder.

Now, listen to me!

Somebody tried to run
a pole through my body.


Somebody tried to kill me
with a ski pole.

I want to know
what you know about it.

I don't know why anyone should
try to kill you on a ski slope.

You can do that all by yourself.

There's only one person
I can think of.

I've got to get the answers
right now.

Hey. Thought we were going
to have dinner tonight.

Why don't you listen to me?
I didn't do it.

Do I have to die to convince you?

All right, okay. I'm sorry.

So I didn't call you all the time.

I'm telling you I was busy.
I was busy.

Yes, you were very busy
for ten months,

with brunettes,
blondes and redheads.

That is a lie. I swear it.

Two days after I got married,

you started having an affair
with that new girl in office.

- What's her name?
- Anne Marie?

- Hmm.
- Who told you that?

- She told me herself.
- She...

Bitch! I should have fired her.

Hermann called me tonight.
He knows you're here.

This is the last time we'll
be seeing each other, Andr?.

I forgot to tell you.

If you want the money,
why don't you ask him yourself?

It's his money.

Don't underestimate me, Susan.

When I'm really squeezed,
I'll do something. I have to.

Now, why don't you write
a letter to say

that you ordered me
to sell those stocks?

- What's your lucky number?
- Seventeen.

- Seventeen.
- Or you can lend me

two and a half million dollars.

It's only for six months.

I promise you,
I'll give them back to you.


that's over 10,000 dollars.

[ball rattling]

[speaking French]

[Andr?] Hey. Whew. Hey, Susan.


Hey Susan.

Can I just...

Can I ask you a question?

- If it isn't personal.
- Okay, okay, okay. Not personal.

In the beginning of November,
do you remember where you were?

Like, were you in Paris?



Look, I know.
Maybe you were in Basel.


In November,
Hermann was at the castle

and I was in the Mediterranean.

Good night, Andr?.

Don't follow me to the hotel,

I don't want to be seen with you.

Hey. Why not? Listen, I mean...

If Hermann finds out,
he'll give you a divorce.

That's what we wanted, isn't it?

No, Andr?.

I found out what Hermann...

does to his wives
after the divorce settlement.

What's that?

He has them killed.

Good night.

[disco music]

Hey, tell me something.

A kid like you, shouldn't you
be in bed at this hour?

With a very tough lady.

It was you playing the pet dolphin

at the local swimming pool
this afternoon, wasn't it?

- Are you trying to pick a fight?
- [laughs]

No. Come on, let me buy you
a drink. Come on.

Don't worry. I've never
had a fight in my life.

- What would you like to drink?
- Oh, a large glass of milk.

[laughs] Large glass of milk?

What's wrong with a glass of milk?

I don't know. Nothing.

It's just... It confuses me.
It's confusing.

Bartender, a double scotch
and a large glass of milk.

What's so confusing?

You know what?

I would have bet
that she was sleeping with you.

Who's sleeping with me?

Nobody's sleeping with me.

That's right. That's right.

If Susan was sleeping with you,
you'd be worrying about

why she isn't sleeping
with you right now.

And you'd be getting drunk
as I am, right?


I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I'll tell you
what I'm talking about.

You want to go to bed
with Susan, right?


You're doing it all wrong.

If you want to go
to bed with Susan,

you've got to start at breakfast.

You've got to wake
up early in the morning.

Because if you don't, you know,

she'll be gone.

Gone for good.

You'll never see her again.
Never. Do you hear me?

You'll never forgive yourself

for having missed your big chance.

Do you understand?

So now I'll tell you
how to stop her. Right?


I missed you last night.

I stopped by your hotel
but they said you weren't there.

[Susan] Mm hmm.

[Susan] Hmm.

[Susan chuckles] Silly.

[loud thud]

[ominous music]

[Andr? screams]

Jesus, that was close.

[dramatic music]

What's the matter?

[door slams shut]

How many little minkies
do you think they killed

to make that jacket?

Please don't ask.

Ninety three.

[Susan laughs sarcastically]

Hey, if you could be an animal,

what kind of animal
would you like to be?

A bird.

Some kind of bird.

Well, which kind of bird?

A white bird,
with a big feathered headdress.

Wow. Why?

I don't know, it's pretty.

It flies. It's free.


That's your first choice.

Now, if you can't be a bird,
what's your second choice?

A black panther.

- Wow.
- What?

Your bird, beautiful and free.

But you see, your second choice,
is what you really are.

A panther.


[ominous music]


[ragged breathing]

[Larry] Hey, you weren't kidding.

Looks a little bit like
Frankenstein's place to me.

Doesn't it?

[Susan] My God, it does.

This place looks like it's haunted.

Oh, it is.
At midnight you can hear

the footfalls
of the headless knight.

[Larry] Do you think we'll see him?

Hey! Are we gonna see him?

[Susan] Yes, from the neck down.

They say that those
who see him, die.

[Larry] No, I don't care.
I've gotta see him.

- Where is he?
- Larry,

what if what they say is true?

- What can happen to me?
- [keys jingling]

I'm an American citizen.

[Keys jingling]

- [Larry] Unreal!
- [Susan] Do you like it?

It's sensational.

- You really live here?
- Uh, no.

[Larry] So where
does this ghost hang out?

In the tower.
He has his own room up there.

The tower, yeah. The tower.

[automatic door whirs]

Oh, that's unreal.

[Susan chuckles]

- Hey can I go up to the tower?
- Sure.

But bring a penny to pay the toll.

You know, we had a guy in class

who used to go out
with a married lady.

But she only took him to a motel.

[soft chittering]

[Larry] That's it, isn't it?

Aren't you hungry?

[loud steps]

[door squeaks]


How'd you get here?

I just came to make sure
you didn't get lost.

It's up there.

Man, really spooky.

[door opens]

I'll fix your room.

[footsteps echoing]

Ah, so there you are.

Sorry pal,
I haven't got any pennies.

I hope you don't mind.

I guess not.

Hey, you know you've got
a really incredible place here.

This is really nice.

Hey listen,

I would give anything,

really anything,
to see you in person.

What do you say?

[pennies clatter in urn]

[ominous music]


I'll be back at midnight,
maybe we'll hit it off then.

Hey, why don't you
give me some sign,

so I'll know you're really here?

[wings flapping]

[feathers flapping wildly]

[bird chirping]

[wind whistling]

[church bells tolling]

[tolling continues]

[wooden boards creaking]

Can I have a room, please?

We will prepare
a Sulphur bath for you, sir.

That will warm you up.


[loudly] Silvia!

Your luggage will be in your room.

Sulphur bath for Mr. Ferren.

Come this way, please.

[Silvia gasps loudly]

[Silvia] Excuse me.

[water running]

You can get ready now.

Would you like a massage, sir?

[Andr?] Yes! Yes.

[whispers] Yes.

Very well, sir.


[ominous music]




[humming "She'll be Coming
Round the Mountain"]

# She'll be coming
Round the mountain #

# She'll be coming
Round the mountain #

# She'll be coming round
The mountain when she comes #

# She'll be wearing silk
Pajamas when she comes #

# She'll be wearing
Silk pajamas when she... #

- [indistinct voices]
- [approaching footsteps]

[knock on door]

Come in.

[door closes]




[woman humming]

[makes kissing noises]

[ominous music]

- [phone rings]
- [receiver clicks]



[cream slaps on skin]

[slapping sounds]




[choking breaths]


[choked scream]




[masseuse laughing]

- [laughing echoes]
- [footsteps approaching quickly]

[laughing continues]

[hopeful music]

[tinkling tune]

Are you afraid of me, Larry?

[Larry] Me?

Afraid of you?


Hell, no. [laughs]

When we we're with other people,

like at the swimming pool,
you seem okay.


[blowing out candles]

when we're alone...

you seem kind of shy.

[Larry] You think so?

I'm not shy.

Why do you sit so far away from me?

[footsteps approaching]

Why don't you come closer?

[stammers] Closer?
You want me to come closer?




[Susan sighs]

Tell me what you did,

with that woman who used
to take you to the motel.


Oh, no. No. That wasn't me.

[Larry] No, it wasn't. Really.

[softly] It wasn't?

No. No.

What makes you think it was me?
[chuckles nervously]

Then I guess you have no idea

what married women do
to young men like you.

Do you?

Oh, sure I do.


What do they do?

[sucking orange]

[Larry clears throat]

[slurping loudly]

[Susan gasps]

[Susan moans]

[Susan breathes heavily]

We're gonna have to do
something about that.

[Susan panting]

Oh, we don't have to do-

[Susan moans]

Oh, yes.

[Susan whispering] Let's...

do something about that.

[shoes thud on floor]

[Susan roars softly]

[moans softly]



[music box tune ends]


[ominous music]

[Larry breathes shallowly]


[chair scrapes on floor]

[Susan grunts]

[Susan] Larry, what's wrong?

[stammers] I just saw the ghost.

I just saw him, the ghost.

[Larry] He was just in here.

You saw the what?

Oh, Christ.


you didn't see a ghost.

First of all, it isn't midnight.

- [match strikes]
- Second of all,

it's only a legend.

I knew you were afraid of me.

[Larry] No. No,
I know I saw him.

I swear it.

Don't you remember I told you

that if you saw the ghost
you'd be dead?

And there you are.
Now, get down.

Man, this is even weirder
than that guy said it would be.

Than what guy said
it was going to be?

That guy who screamed at you
at the swimming pool, remember?

He was telling me
how to make it with you.

- He was what?
- He was trying to help me out.

Give me some good advice.

He was just trying to help you out.

[Andr?] Now, listen to this,

I agree that you may
have cause to resent me.

[Susan] Oh?

[door opens]

[door shuts]

This is much too dangerous, Susan.

It's not even funny anymore.

[Ominous music]

[Andr?] Susan?

[glass shattering]


[scary music]



Look, Mr. Rolf
is a personal friend of mine.

I mean, I handled
all of his accounts.

Millions of dollars
all over the world.

I'm practically
one of his best friends.

This could make him very upset.

Vous parlez Fran?ais?


Sprichst du Deutsch?

Parla italiano lei?

[laughs] You?

Look what you're doing.

Did you lose your mind?
Let me out of here.

No, I'm not gonna be
the one to spoil the game.

Would you want me
to do that anyway, would you?

- Am I right?
- [lock clicks]

Well, Susan would kill me.

This thing, just put it
down over there, okay?

Then run along, and tell Susan...

Hey, I know.

I know exactly what you mean.

Susan explained everything to me.

Just stay where you are.

Hey. Everything
is gonna work out fine.

[footsteps receding]



[ominous music]

[Larry] Thirty, thirty-six...

Forty, forty-five...

- [Susan] Larry.
- [Larry] Fifty!

Can you do me a favor?

Fifty-six! Fifty-seven!
Fifty-eight! Fifty-nine!


[panting] Sixty!
Did you ever hit 60?

[Susan] Larry?

[water splashing]

[Susan] Will you come here, please?

Sure thing.


I tell you,

you guys sure have
a strange relationship.

How long do you
usually keep men there, anyway?

It varies.

Didn't seem to me like he
enjoyed it too much, this time.

That's part of it.

You said he was pleading
for me, didn't you?


I don't think I could have done it

if you didn't tell me
that's what he really likes.


I want you go to Basel,
in Switzerland

and deliver this letter
I've addressed to a bank there.


How am I gonna get to Switzerland?

Take my car.

- The Maserati?
- Hmm.

You like it, don't you?

Oh, yeah, yeah.


Well, I thought we wanted
to let him out

and do all those other things
you wanted to do.

Larry, just do
this one thing for me.

It's really important.

Get it to Mr. Barnard.
He'll be waiting for it.

The Maserati, huh?

[imitates powerful engine revving]

- [imitates revving]
- [footsteps receding]

[Larry imitating car engine]

[engine roars to life]

[car engine revs]

[ominous music]

[engine accelerates]

[funky music]

[engine roaring]

[music continues]

[imitates music]

- [engine roars]
- [Larry imitates guitar]

- [growling]
- [engine roaring]


[Larry squealing]

[Larry laughing]

[imitates music]

[car engine speeding]

[gun clicks]

[Hermann] Don't miss, Henkel.

[bopping to music]

- [gunshot]
- [bullet hits windscreen]

- [Larry amazed] Far out.
- [tires screeching]

All right, Susan,

I demand to know the meaning
of all of this.

I mean, you may be Mrs. Rolf
to the whole world,

but to me you're plain old Susan.

Susie. Sue.

We're partners, remember?

- [lock clicks]
- [door opens]

[footsteps approaching]

[laughs loudly]

Larry, this has gone too far.


I mean, you really have
flipped out, haven't you?

You've gone bananas.

Now, cut it out, Larry.

Look, you put
that ridiculous thing away

and come and have a drink with me.

Larry. Larry. Look.

Come and have some wine, 1885,

you've never had
anything so good before

and you never will.

[metal clangs loudly]

- Who are you?
- [eerie music]

What do you want?


[screaming] Susan! Help!
For God's sake, help!

[metal clanging on monitor]

Go away! Go!

Move it!

- [metal clatters]
- [Andr? screams]

[Andr? screaming]


[ragged breathing]

You dumbass.

How many times have I told you
not to mingle in my affairs?

[ominous music]

[frustrated sigh]

Stop the car.

I said stop the car and pull over!

They mustn't see me in the village.

Now, go up there.

Take care of him.

You know what to do.

I thought we understood
each other, Hermann.

I thought we understood
each other so well,

we didn't have to talk about it.

But I was wrong,

wasn't I, dear?

People always wondered
why we got married.

They'd guess
at what dirty games we played,

what I'd take,
how much it would cost you.

But we knew it was none of that,

didn't we, Hermann?

We were married.

Not our bodies, but our minds.

You have a brilliant mind, Hermann.

There aren't many like you around.

You always knew why
I wanted to marry you

and so you gave me
more than I could ask for.

Power. Freedom.

And I did...

become fond of you.

But now I see...

it wasn't because
of your generosity,

or because you loved me.

You were peeking in on me.

[emotional music]

Did you have fun?


Did you have a good time?

I only wish I'd known that's
how I was paying for all this.

Then you would have had
a much better time, Hermann.

You deprived yourself.


Really, you did deprive yourself.

And why try to kill Andr??
Was it the money?

I don't think it's because
he stole the money, Hermann.

- I'm getting out of here.
- You stay where you are.

Because, tonight the only place
you're safe, Andr?,

is close to me.

I wrote a letter to Basel
tonight, Hermann.

You saw me send it.

Maybe you'd like to know
what was in it. I'll tell you.

In the letter I said
that Andr? sold the stocks

with the consent
of Mrs. Hermann Rolf

and not for his own benefit.

So, you see,
he doesn't need me anymore.

I freed Andr? because
I realized he wasn't worth

giving up everything
I had with you.

[sentimental music]

I got spoiled, Hermann.

You spoiled me.

[Susan draws a deep breath]

I was willing to exchange
the only man I've ever loved

for what I thought you were.

[seductively] Come here, darling.

Take off your clothes.

[firm] I said take off
your clothes.

This is really gonna be
the one worth seeing, Hermann.

[Susan giggles]

But this one's just for me.

[Susan sniffles]

[glass cracks]


Andr?, if you leave,
they'll kill you,

and you'll be dead.

- [swears]
- [keys jingle]

Andr?, you mustn't leave me
alone here.

Andr?, where do you think
you're going,

back to the office?

[Andr?] I'm getting out of here,
that's where I'm going.

[Susan] They'll be waiting
for you there.

They'll be waiting
for you everywhere!

[keys jingling]

[Susan] Andr?!
You mustn't leave me here alone.

Where do you think you're going?

Back to the office?

[wind howling]

[Susan yelling]

[door creaks]

So what are you going to do now?

I'll figure something out.

They'll get you wherever
you, Andr?, you're dead.

- You keep saying that...
- You're finished.

There's no way out.

Still turns you on, doesn't it?

- [Andr?] No...
- Doesn't it?


Hermann is waiting for you
at the bottom of the hill.

I promise you, sitting in his car.

- All right. Give me the key.
- What key?

What do you mean, "what key"?
The door's locked.

- I don't have the key.
- So, who has the key?

The door is never locked.

But it's locked now.

Well, Hermann has the only key.

- I'll find a way out of here.
- Hermann.

He must be inside the castle.

He's in there waiting for us.

I think we've had it, Andr?.



They're gonna find our bodies
in the spring.

Covered with blood, Andr?.

The worms will eat us.

No, I mustn't. Stop this. Stop.

Ants will eat our bodies up, Andr?.

You only have one choice,

and that's to break your back,

or clean shot.

[Andr? panting]

[Andr? groans]

[Susan laughs]

[Susan] Andr?, Andr?.
Look over here.


- [Susan gasps]
- [Andr? groans]

[both moaning]

[both panting]

[both moaning]




[speaking German]

[panting and grunting]

[labored breathing]

[soft piano music]

[Susan] Yes, because I thought
you abandoned me.

- [Andr?] I never abandoned you.
- [Susan] You did.

Just like all the others.


[Andr?] And you also believed

that I took
that two and a half million.

[Susan] Yes.
I felt terribly betrayed.

But I decided I wasn't going
to let you get away with it.

[Andr? chuckles]

[Andr?] I was sure it was you
who sold the stocks.

You almost got me killed.

[Susan] Well, it got you
excited, didn't it?

- [Andr? chuckles]
- [Susan laughs]

Do you know I never realized it was Hermann.


[Susan] Don't be so sure of it.

Sometimes I really
wanted to kill you, Andr?.

[Andr?] You did?

But then why did you
shoot the knight?

I was practically dead.

[Susan] Oh. I missed.

[Andr?] You missed?

[Andr? groans]

[Andr?] Susan,
you know what you are?

A killer.

[Susan] No,

I'm not a killer.

Maybe I'm an iron maiden.

How would you like that?

But now it doesn't matter
anymore, darling.

Hermann is going to kill us both.

[Andr?] Susan, I think
I'm falling in love with you.

[Susan] And you're going
to die for it.

[hopeful music]

[wind howling]