Crime + Punishment in Suburbia (2000) - full transcript

This is a contemporary fable loosely based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment". Roseanne is outwardly a perfect and popular teen. However, her image is hiding the abuse at her stepfather's hands, and she decides to take revenge. The events that follow are a mix of dark humor and an exploration of modern morality as Roseanne faces not only a fellow suburbanite who knows, but her own conscience as well.



VINCENT: Roseanne Skolnick
was pretty.

And she had money.

And she worked hard
to be liked.

But that didn't mean
that guys like me
could talk to her.





Come on, stop it.

I want it.


Why are you acting
so tough?

'Cause I'm made that way.

Cut it out!
I'm serious!

Come on,
nobody's watching.

What are you looking at?

I'm talking to you.

Come here!

I'm gonna kick
your fucking ass!
Get over here!


You were watching us.

You were,
weren't you?

You like taking pictures?


Why don't you take one?

Come on, Vincent.
That's your name, right?

Take one.


Was it a good one?


JIMMY: Roseanne!


What the fuck?
Come on.



Do you want to
learn something
worth knowing?

Do I have a choice?

When we're having sex
and you push
into me really hard,

do you think
that's what
gets me off?

I don't know.
The fact is, you could
give me an orgasm

without Jimmy Junior ever
coming out of your pants.

I don't think
Jimmy Junior
would like that.

He'd get over it.


Guess what
I'm not wearing?

You're so sexy.


FRED: Maggie?

What are these
nice clothes
you got laid out?

Are you getting
dressed up for me?

She's trying to impress me.
She's going to a rock concert.

It's not a rock concert,
I'm just
going out with Bella.

Bella's coming.
better hide the food.

Will you relent,
please, Fred?

How was work today, Dad?

What do you
want to know for?

She's just curious,
Fred. Why don't you
cut the kid a break?

I spent my day
chained to my desk,

surrounded by

You like it better when
you were making your
own sales, right, Dad?


Miss the freedom.

Just you and the customer.
It's a blood sport.

If you miss the road,
Fred, nobody's stopping you.

I'd rather be home
with my family.

Tell me something
about this concert?

It's not a concert.

It's a piano bar.

The kind of place
you met Ted in?

You know who
I'm talking about,
don't you?

Yes, I know who
you're talking about.

The man that's supposed
to be your father!
Shut up!

It's just a piano bar.
It's just me and Bella.

It is not a rock concert!

And I met Ted
at a jazz concert.

Sweetie, could you
get me another beer,

Grab one for yourself
while you're out there.

Vincent, you want dinner?


VINCENT: Why was I
in love with her?

I could make up
lots of reasons.

But the truth is
it wasn't about reason.


"Por Nada."

"There is no faith."

There is no reason
why things happen
the way they do.

They just do.


I'm the human operator

I've been sent
to get a baby
from you.

For the next hour,
we will control...

A lot of people say
this isn't as good
as the original.

I disagree.

about to witness
the ultimate mystery

which reaches
from the deepest
inner mind

The Outer Limits.

There's a lot
of couples.

(GIGGLING) You gotta admit,
it beats
Outer Limits.

You know
what I really
wish we had?

Some grass.

Bella, you're not
still doing that,
are you?

I love it.
I've always loved it.

I used to grow it.

I like it better
than anything
but I will drink.


The first round's
on you.


Look. Remember?

We had a dog.

I've seen pictures.


Your mom and I
were only dating then.

You were just a baby.
I was five when
you started dating.

You know what happened
the night she died.
Fifi, I mean.

I walked your mother
to the door to that place
she was staying in.

That dump.

That dog was squealing,
hemorrhaging its guts out.

There was blood everywhere.

I held that little dog
in my arms
until it croaked.

That was the first night
you ever called me "Daddy".

I took that little dog
to the vet that night

because your mother
said she couldn't cope.

When I got back in,
you know what
she said to me?

Kindness is the most
important thing.

Kindness is the most
important thing.

Why can't your mommy
be kind to me now?

Excuse me, I'd like
two Bloodhounds, please?

Blood? You mean Greyhounds?



Greyhounds, I can do.

Can I start a tab, please? Sure.

You driving?
No, my girlfriend is.

Girlfriend? In that case,
this one is for you,

and your girlfriend.
You having a good time?

Yeah, kind of.
Thank you.

I trust you.

But I will need
to see some I.D.

Some what?
Some I.D.?


You're kidding, right?

You're embarrassing me.





All right,
Maggie Skolnick.

I won't say anything,
this time

'cause you seem
like a nice girl.

I'm not.
I'm a real bitch.

I like bitches.

I must take my drinks
to my girlfriend.

So, you must.

What's your name?


Chris, I'm Maggie.


Thank you.


That's it.

I can't drink anymore.

I have to go
to the ladies' room.

I'll meet you
by the car.
You got it.




VINCENT: She was so pretty.

Her face had so much soul.


I knew she was dying.

When the time came,
I would try and rescue her.

Chris, I want to
ask you a question.

I expect you
to come clean.

there is no lying
to Bella, sweetie.

Is it true

that Maggie's drinks
had more alcohol than mine?

Much more.
Goddamn it!


That's it, you're cut off.
No, you're not having it!


Shit, I am so

Maggie, it's okay.

It's no big deal.
I'm so sorry.

What was that, banana
with a touch of mocha?

You don't
have to do that.
It's all right.

I'm married.

I don't care.





Go do it again!
My wife can hit
harder than that!

You hear me!
I'm the bad man!
I want you to scare me!

Set! Again!


Again! Back again!



What's wrong?

ALL: "I pledge allegiance
to the flag

"of the United
States of America.

"And to the republic
for which it stands.

"One nation,
under God,


♪ Yeah

What the hell
are you doing,

I wanted to get a picture
of what it looked like.

What "what" looks like?
People pledging allegiance.



What's the matter with you?

Why are always giving people
a reason to laugh at you?

I'm sorry.
Was I not fitting in?


Can I show you something?

There's something
really wrong with you,
you know that?

I want you to stop
following me around
and leave me alone.

That's the last thing
you want, Roseanne.


Vincent scares me.

JIMMY: What do you
want me to do?
Kick his ass?



VINCENT: She was
lost in this hell.

Getting somebody
out of hell takes a lot.


What's going on?

Because Roseanne
likes you doesn't mean
you can jerk me around.

Don't touch me
unless you love me.

Are you some
kind of fag?

Think about it.
If I was, would I
admit it to you?

(LAUGHS) I don't know.
Maybe you would.
Maybe you wouldn't.

You mean a lot to her.


It's a lot
of responsibility.

You gotta give her
lots of love and treat
her with special care.


Forget it!

No, you forget it, punk.

I don't wanna see
you talkin' to her,

near her and not even
at the goddamn school!

Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Nod "yes" or "no".

What? What?



VINCENT: There was
nothing more that
he could do for her.

It was over.

FRED: It's open. Come in.

FRED: Jimmy, look at you.

Hey, Mr. Skolnick.

You want a beer?
No, thanks.

Have a beer with me.

You wanna hear a joke?

Where's my wife?

Is that the joke?


Yeah, that's the joke.

You play football?

Sit down.

Come on,
they got a chase on TV.

Is Roseanne here?

Have a seat.
I want to talk to you.

How old are you?

Oh, 18.

I was 18 once.

But I didn't play football
or date the cheerleaders.

I got one later,
a used one.

But she's not here right now.

The less said about that,
the better.

You got it
better than me.

But that doesn't matter.
We all end up
in the same place.

Jimmy, trust me.

You're gonna love it.


I didn't hear
you come in.

JIMMY: I just got here.
I'm down here with your dad.

My wife is at her
fat friend's house.

You really think
she's there?

Over at her
fat friend's place?

I wouldn't know, sir.

They say we're not
supposed to hit 'em.

ROSEANNE: What's going on?

I'm just talkin'
to your friend.

Thanks for the beer.

Give me some of that, slut.

Give it to me.






The other day I lost
my ability to whistle.

I'm a really
bad whistler.


That's pretty good.
You think so?


The other day
I went like this.


And I couldn't whistle


Bella, it's Fred!

BELLA: Hey, Fred!
She's not here.

No shit. Come out
and open the door, Bella.

She's not here.

Open the goddamn door
and let me in.



VINCENT: Fred showed up
at the yogurt shop...

...and called Maggie a whore.

Violence ensued.


Stop it! Please!

That movie sucked!

It totally sucked!

JIMMY: Check it out.

Maybe they shot somebody.

Who cares?
Hide the booze!



Stop it! Stop! I can't.





FRED: That's my wife!
She's married to me!

♪ Baby, baby, gettin' me down

♪ Help me up
just spare the same

♪ You'll be sorry

Get in the car!

FRED: She's married to me!



Do your parents get along?

I guess.

If you have
fucked-up parents

there's a good chance
you'll wind up fucked up too.

You're not fucked up.

Did you see
all those people?

Everyone is gonna
know about this.

Jeez, that sucks.


I'm sorry.

(GRUNTING) Dig it.


You're precious.

The other day
was first time
I came with somebody.


Who's the champ?


I gotta go.


Are you gonna be okay?


All right.




I'm sorry, sweetie.

Your mother's a whore.

I'm supposed
to let you off
scot free?

Is that it? Huh?

The one good thing
I got left in my life is
I can make you suffer!

Money may not
buy happiness
but it can buy pain!

Fred, we'd all
be better off
if you were dead.



What did you say?
VINCENT: The news
swept the school.

Roseanne's Mom was
dorking some black pimp

and her Dad got
his ass kicked when
he tried to get her back.

The rumors escalated.
SARAH: Scandal whore.

What excited everyone
was how much
it bothered her.

The vultures were circling

and they smelled blood.

Don't worry.
About what?

About you?
About my grades?
About what?

About the bullshit
that people say.

None of it's
such a big deal.

We'll all be dead
sooner or later.

That's a cheerful thought.

I'm not here
to cheer you up.

What is your
specialty, Vincent?
The truth.

That's the only thing
that ever helped anybody.

Didn't I tell you
to stay away
from me?

You're a freak!

She was going down.
It was so obvious.


Where are you?


Mom, I had
the weirdest feeling.

Are you okay?

Roseanne, honey?

You're going to be okay.


I promise.

Mom, you're scaring me.

(SNIFFLING) You know
that I can't live
with Fred anymore.

What about me?

In two weeks,
we're gonna start
visiting colleges.

We can make that like
road trips if they're
far enough away.

That'd be fun, right?

What are you talking about?

I need this to be
very clear to you, honey.

This is just temporary.
Till then I get
Dad all on me.

It's just for
a little while,

You have to act
like a grown-up
for me, okay?




How's school?
I love it.

If they had it at night,
I'd never leave.

It's going to be
interesting to see
what you're like

when you get out
of this gloomy stage.

FRED: When was
the last time
we had take-out?

I don't know.

I found the chopsticks.
Where's the mustard?

The mustard's right here.




It's hot.


This is fun.

At least it used to be.

We can get through this.

I love Chinese food.


Hi, honey.

Mom, how are you doing?

I'm good,
How are you?

Good, we were
just about to sit
down for dinner.

I'm gonna go
to work tomorrow.
I'm excited.

What the hell are
you two talking about?
It's dinnertime.

I can hear him.
Can he hear me?

She wants to know
how you're doing?

Tell her to go
fuck herself.


Put him on the phone.

So I can go
fuck myself,
is that it?

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.

It's me right?
I'm a horrible bitch.

Fred, we made
a mistake, that's all.

Maybe you,
but not me.

I made my life
about you
and Roseanne,

and us being
a family together.

I don't know
any other way
to function.

You call what we had


I love you, Mags,
you love me.

No, I don't.


Because I don't love you.

You fucking bitch.
You horrible fucking bitch.

I hope your soul
goes to hell.

I hope your soul
rots and goes to hell.

I'm gonna do every thing
I can to make you suffer!
You're gonna suffer.



One of my specialties
is working with people

to find their inner child.

Searching for that
traumatized child within.

I have never seen
anyone with a penis
as small as this.


National Enquirer
Love, Marriage and Divorce

Hollywood Style.

MAN 3: Want someone to say,
"I will take care
of your needs."

In fact, you have
a right to that.

...flood's gonna get you.
He said, "God's gonna
take care of me."

About six hours,
he comes back,
he's up on the roof,

the water had gone up
to his waist. He said,
"Get in the boat!

"The dam's done busted."

He said, "God's gonna
take care of me."

A helicopter swooped down
and looked at that boy

standing on top
of his chimney.

Water was up
to his Adam's apple.

The guy took out
a bullhorn and said,
"Catch a hold of the rope.

"This is your
last chance!"

"God's gonna
take care of me!"

About that time,
the water went
over his head

and he drowned
and he was dead.

He got to heaven,
he told the Lord,
"I'm disappointed

"and embarrassed.
I told folks, you were
gonna take care of me!"


The Lord said,
"You dummy!

"I sent you two boats
and a helicopter!"


I'm a horrible bitch!

I don't love you.

I just really don't.


Are you awake?

I need to talk to you.

I'm kind of busy.

I'm not so goddamn busy!

We're gonna talk,
so that you understand
a few things.

About what?

It's not about
goddamn homework.

You've gotta
understand something.


Your mother's a whore.

(SIGHING) Okay, let's
get you some water.

No. I need you
to understand

so that you understand
what it's like for me.

Daddy, I hate it
when you're like this.
You're completely drunk.

She keeps on taking
and I get nothing!

Okay, okay.
Come on.


You're gonna grow up
to be just like her.

What are you
talking about?


You know where
you'd be without me?

What are you doing?

I tried to help,
that's why I married you.

Not for you, for me.


Do you have an employee by
the name Margaret Skolnik?

Yes, that's the one.

I want to talk to you
about your hiring her.

She's not fit to work.

Frankly, I think
she's having
a nervous breakdown

and she just might
do something.

She won't care
for our daughter.
It's ruining our family.

Fred. Could you
hold on a second?

Sweetie? Are you
gonna have breakfast?

DWYER: After you've
finished with one setup,

proceed to the others
till you have completed
all six:

Calcium. Sodium. Lithium.

Copper. Potassium
and barium.

Record the color for each.

Why do we use
a nichrome loop?

I don't know.

Why don't you know,
Miss Skolnik?

Excuse me, you can't
just walk in here like that.

I had a dream last night.

A dream of evil
and horrible things.

I'm using this garlic
garland in order to
ward off the evil spirits

of that dream.

Do you need this?

If you need it,
it's yours.

Let me help you.

Wait! Roseanne!
Miss Skolnik!

VINCENT: "Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed by Thy name."


"Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.

"Give us this day
our daily bread.

"Forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

"Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil."

♪ Wind is blowing on me

♪ You're a voice inside


Do you wanna
tell me anything?

That's what I'm here for.

I promise you that
whatever you tell me will
be just between you and me.

What happened?
Mrs. Skolnik,
nice to see you.

why are you so wet?

Would you like to talk
to Roseanne alone?
Yeah, I would.

Is there something
you want to tell me?
I'm still your mother.

No, it's just
this thing
with you and Dad.

Is that really it?

Yeah, that's it.

We both have to
be strong now.

I know it's scary,
but you're gonna
have to learn

to take care of yourself
just for a little while.

Please say you
can do that for me.

Say you can.

I can.

You should've kept
your eyes open, you
wouldn't have got that hit!

McCullach, good hit!
Come on, get up!

History is written
by winners, Burrows!
Everybody over here!

One knee!
Move it.

In the abstract battle field,
called a football game,
is a war!

Your opponent,
these'd be the enemy,

wants your ranch,
wants your women,

wants your cattle,
wants to degrade you!

Some of you need
to work on your attitude!

Yes, Coach!

What a dick.

What's wrong with you?

Do you really love me?

Of course, I do.
You know I do.

You still want to go
to the pep rally, right?

I'll do whatever
you want to do.

I want to get closer
to you than ever.


How can we get any closer
than we already are?

We're gonna kill
my stepfather.

Wait... What?

We are?


Yeah, why?

I really want to tell you why.
You can tell me anything.
I mean it.

I can, can't I?

COACH: Jimmy!
Quit chatting
with your girlfriend!

Start thinking
about the game!

Yeah, Coach.
Get your butts
around that field!

Move it!

Can't we kill him?

We'll get him later
if we have to.

Wait a second.
I'm confused

I don't get it...

Jimmy, do you
love me or not?

I said "yes", but...

Do you want to help me
or do you want me
to let me get destroyed?

But I don't...

I don't intend to be
a geek who lets things
happen to them. Do you?


I'm no geek.



♪ This monkey is
going to heaven

♪ This monkey is
going to heaven

♪ This monkey is
going to heaven

♪ This monkey is
going to heaven





Burn! Burn! Burn!
Burn! Burn!

♪ This monkey is
going to heaven

♪ This monkey is
going to heaven

♪ This monkey is
going to heaven

♪ This monkey is
going to heaven ♪



VINCENT: Later that night,
Roseanne's neighbors saw
a terrible altercation

between Fred,
Maggie and Chris.


I just came to get
the rest of my stuff.

VINCENT: Maggie came back
for some of her stuff.

She told Fred he would
burn in hell for
the years she'd suffered

through their marriage.

You're not taking
any of this. Goddamn...

Stop. Stop.

Relax. Relax.

I got something for you.

Fred chased them out
with an automatic.

He was half-drunk,

And he thought
they owed him

He was ready to kill.

♪ This family's
going to heaven

Get in the car.

♪ This family's
going to hell


♪ This family's
going to hell ♪


What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Are you completely
out of your mind?

Get in the car.

Call 911!
They're robbing me!

I hope you die.




Yeah! Yeah! Jimbo!

The Guidance Counselor's
office is ours!

Do a shot, Jimbo!
Come on, baby!

ALL: Chug! Chug! Chug!
Chug! Chug! Chug!

Have a good time!

Think we could
get a room? No.

Wait, wait.

We're really doing this?

Analysts are predicting
this fire may sweep

the entire valley area.

The evacuation has not
been proceeding smoothly.

Area residents are being
cautioned they must not panic.


Hi, sweetie.

Your mother came by.

look at you.

Hold him.
Hold him!




Get him!
Get him! Go!

I'm sorry.
Are you okay?






MAN ON TV: The winds
are steadily increasing,

sending the flames
through the wildlife preserve.

The loss of acreage
and number of animals

that have been lost
is incalculable.


Fred, this is so silly.



Did you make
her scream?



Can I talk to you
for a sec?

Where're you going?
Be back.

Are you afraid to go in?


If you want me to go in,
I'll go with you.

I have to do it by myself.

The point is
I couldn't do it by myself.

My God!
How'd they
find out already?

Holy shit.

Maybe this is better,
if I didn't find the body.

(PANTING) Who did then?

You're gonna have to
pull up to the driveway.

Holy shit!

(PANTING) Stop it.
You have to act normal.

About 9:00.
They were yelling
at each other.

Just before she left,
she told him
she wished he was dead.

I'm Roseanne Skolnik.
I live here.
What's going on?

You're gonna
have to wait here.
I can't let you go...

It's the daughter, sir.

MAN: Lambert,
why don't you
do your job?

I'm sorry you had
to see that.


What happened?

Your mother called 911.
She said she found the body.

Where is she?
Where's my mother?

She's being booked
at the station.
You can go see her there.

VINCENT: When the police
answered the 911 call,
Maggie was still hysterical.

They asked her
three questions,

then they read her
her rights.

She was bitter.

Pissed at the world
for the way it treated her
for decades.


She knew she was born to lose.

Grandma's gonna come
and take care of you
till I can pay the bail.

Mom, they're gonna
keep you here!


But you didn't
do anything.

I know why you're so scared.

You do?

You think I did it.


No, I don't.
It only makes sense.

I must have said it
100 times.

I wished for it.
I wanted it.

No, Mom.

You let Grandma
take care of you.

I'll be okay.

The police were excited.

It was the first big murder
of the season.

They were steadily building
a case against Maggie.

Her obvious motive.
Her repeated public claim
that she would kill him.

The lack of forced entry
into the house.

The neighbor's witness
to the fight earlier.

Her discovery of the body.

Her fingerprints
all over the murder weapon.

Hold it, big smile.


At the arraignment,
bail was set
at a million dollars.

She couldn't post bond.

Now, no one
talked to Roseanne.

And she almost never spoke.

Before, she'd been
embarrassed about the things
kids said about her family.

But now it had
gone much further.

It was like she was
living on the dark side
of the moon.


We're all guilty.


You my own priest.

I'm his priest too.

You helped a murderer.

I aided a man
whose heart
is innocent.


You betrayed
your own government!

You've given aid
to anarchy
and bloodshed!


It's Jimmy.
Is Roseanne there?

Roseanne, it's Jimmy.

(ON TV) I don't know.

He knows! You're in
the presence of
your own priest, boy!

You dare not lie!

Hi, it's me.

Why won't you talk to me?

I think about it
when I look at you.

I can't help it.

What are you...
You asked...

JIMMY: You asked
me to do it.

I love you

but I think we need
to be apart right now.


Bye, Jimmy.

Listen... Fuck!

I think this is so fucked.


Do you know
where you and your
mother would be,

if it wasn't for me?


You'd be out
on the street
with the...

With the...

With what?

The howling dogs.

The what?

The screaming dogs
and the niggers!


♪ Oh, sinner man
Where're you gonna run to

♪ Oh, sinner man
Where're you gonna run to

♪ Oh, sinner man
Where're you gonna run to

♪ Oh

Need a ride?

No, thanks.

That's not what I meant.
Maybe go for a ride?


I don't know.

Outta here,
that's for sure.


Come on, please?


♪ Oh, sinner man
Where're you gonna run to

♪ Oh, sinner man
Where're you gonna run to

♪ Oh, sinner man
Where're you gonna run to ♪


You want a beer?

You have one?
I got two.

It's honey weed.

(CHUCKLES) You're a freak.


Where are you gonna go
when the year's over?

Back to New York.

That's where you're from?

Wish I was going away.

I know what that's like.

You don't.

Do you wanna know
why we left New York?

I robbed this old lady
who lived
next door to us.

You did?

Smashed up
a bunch of stuff.
Got caught.

They said I was
walking the halls like
a damaged little fucker.


I think you still are.

VINCENT: Tomorrow
they start to pick
your mom's jury.

I'll go with you.

You want me
to pick you up?

No, that's okay.
You have school.

Fuck school!
What time should I
pick you up?



See you.

That 911 call
is suspicious.

No forced entry.

Your handprints
on the knife.

MAGGIE: Do you think
they'll convict me?

If you don't
talk to anybody

and you do
exactly as I say,

then you might
have a chance.

MAN: All rise!

VINCENT: The trial started.

MAN: The court is in session.

JUDGE: The case of
the People versus
Margaret Skolnik.

Do the People have
an opening statement?

The lawyers began
their opening statements.

PROSECUTOR: Good morning,
ladies and gentlemen.

The People will prove
Margaret Skolnik

did stab to death
her husband.

The People will prove
she had motive.

An unhappy marriage.
An insurance policy.

Threats to his life.

All the prosecution had
was stuff that Maggie

touched after the body

and a motive.

Maggie's attorney
was making
short work of that.

Now, the state as you've
heard says it has motive.

A bad relationship?

Which one of us
has not been
in a bad relationship?

Does that make us

An insurance policy.
Which of us does not
have an insurance policy?

Mrs. Maggie Skolnik

is innocent.
She is innocent.

(SIGHING) I can't
stop looking at my mom.

She sits there like
she's positive they're
gonna find her guilty.

She's trying to prove
that she's a good person.

Taking the punishment
for something
she didn't do.

She's imitating Jesus.


You're actually sitting here
talking about Jesus.


If there is a God
or a Jesus,

I think He sucks.

You expect more
out of Him than I do.

He sure takes
shitty care of people
that believe in Him.

Look at you.

What should I
believe in?
The police?

The courts? School?

L. Ron Hubbard?



This cat is making you
look like a chump.

JIMMY: I heard you were
hanging out with
this fucking asshole.

what are you doing here?

You're the new fuck?
Stop it! Let go of him!

How's it feel?
Stop it!

Wait a sec. Wait!

It's "Do what
Roseanne says",

What do you wanna do?
Burn down the school?
Stop it!


Maybe we could
rob a bank?

Can I talk to you,
please? Outside!

JIMMY: Hey, watch him, man.

What are you hanging
with that freak for?

Jimmy, please,
calm down!

I don't get it!
You've gone crazy,

I was just...

You were what?
It's not that I'm with him.

I wanna be with you.


I missed you.

We should wait
till the trial's over.

All right.



What's it like
to be a fag?

VINCENT: I believe
with all my heart that
God is loving and just.

If Maggie goes to jail
and Roseanne is martyred,

there is a reason.
For now, it's a mystery.

All I have is my faith.

The prosecution created
a compelling saga of Maggie
as a sex-mad harlot

who savagely murdered
her older husband

to be with her young,
virile boyfriend.

For his part,
Chris seemed calm,

thoughtful, intelligent.
He was good on the stand.

It didn't matter,
Maggie wasn't.

Didn't you say
you wished
your husband was dead?

And when you
found the body?

MAGGIE: I was like

what strange God did this?


You have to be able
to live with yourself.
That's most important.


Like this!




Can't sleep?

Neither can I.
It's just too quiet.

I thought moving
to the desert
was a good idea.

Dry and nice.

Who's that?

A friend.

What's wrong?

I couldn't sleep.

Nobody can.

Do you want to
go do something?


Bring your friend inside.

Let's get out of here.

I love you.

You barely know me.

I know you more
than you think.



We kept passing motels.

I wondered if she'd go into
one of them if I asked her.

But I never did.

I didn't have
any money anyway.

ROSEANNE: Did you ever
have a girlfriend?

When I was 14 in New York,
I knew this
college chick named Naomi.

An older woman.
I'm impressed.

We did crazy stuff together.

I wanted something
to happen 'cause
she was super foxy.

What crazy stuff?

One night,
she took me to this place
her friend lived in.

Nobody was home.

Steam pipes were leaking,
there was a hot haze
in the room.

We sat down
and smoked crack.

What was that like?

Your mind takes off
like a jet plane.

Soon, you've gone
through the sound barrier.

And everything goes dead,
then you crash.

Then you want to die.

Whatever happened
between you and Naomi?

Nothing. She left me.

I never saw her again.

Poor Vincent.


In an hour,
the sun comes up.

And then what?

It all starts
all over again.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we live in confusing times.

VINCENT: The trial
was winding down.

Many issues
cloud our perception.

The lawyers were
starting to make
their closing statements.

But the fact remains
she wanted him dead.

She hated him
and she killed him.

Murder must be punished.

It was clear Maggie
was going to jail.


What are you doing here?

I need to talk to you.

About what?
I need to talk to you.
Come here!

What are you doing here?

I saw you with him.
You were kissing him

I had to.
As part of your
big plan, right?

Jimmy, stop it!

Not here.

We can talk
about this later.

Wait a second.
You never call me back.

Jimmy, you're being crazy.

What are you...
Fucking him?

No. I'm not fucking him.

I'm never going
to forget what
happened that night.

It's giving me

I'm never going
to get better.

(PANTING) How can
you live with yourself?

You should be in
goddamn jail!

Jimmy, please.

I gotta go.
Fucking cunt!

Let me go!
Wait. Wait!

I loved you.



VINCENT: I used to think
if I killed somebody,

I'd wanna go
to the cemetery
and apologize.

That's not really
what guilt is though.

Guilt's a feeling
you have towards
people who are living.

Every day you're out there,
shaking hands, talking.

But you,
the guilty person,

you know that
it's all unreal.

It's like guilt
is the secret

inside of you that destroys
the fabric of everything.

Then everything's unreal and
you can't even have a life.

But it's not necessary
for it to destroy you.

You just have to face it.

Big football star like you,

you gotta graduate
to cocktails more
befitting your status.

Irish whiskey.

That will be your drink
from now on.


I bet you get
a lot of pussy.

I used to dream
about killing the cop
that shot my dad,

I even took the ferry
to Staten Island one time.

I hid outside
of his house
all day long.

Took pictures.

Do you still hate him?


(LAUGHS) But it makes me feel
like a damaged little fucker.

I'm scared all the time.

Everything will
turn out all right.


I don't know.

Give me a beer, Russ.

What's going on, Jimmy?

Don't you have
any damn pride?


What about the game?
What about the team?

Do my head.

What'd you say?

I said, do my head!

Smartass motherfucker!
Don't ever
talk to me like that!




You all right?

Yeah, leave me alone.

I don't think
you're in any condition
to drive, dude.



It's you.
Yeah, it's me.

You're such a weirdo.

I don't even know
why I listen to you.

'Cause your heart
knows I can see it.

Don't throw up in my car.
If you have to throw up,

let me know,
I'll pull over.

Don't throw up in here,
I'm not bullshitting you.

I didn't do anything.

I want to go home.

First, we find Roseanne
and we'll straighten this out.

Then I'll take you
you wanna go.

I'll be right back.

Will you get my wallet?
It's in my bag.


You knew.


You knew that...

You know that I...

That you murdered
your stepfather?
Of course, I knew.

You're insane.

I followed you.

I took a lot of pictures
that night.

Why didn't you
take them to the police?

Why would I take them
to the police?
I hate the police.

What do you want from me?

I don't want
anything from you.

What are you
gonna make me do?

I'm not going to
make you do anything.

I'm trying to help you.
You're not normal.

You're completely
fucking insane!

Look at this.

Where are you
gonna go?
I'm getting out of here!

I'm going to hitch
a ride and you're never
gonna see me again!

Where are you
going to run to?

I'm not going
to tell anybody!

You don't have
to do this!
Fuck off!


Get your asshole up here.

What's going on?
What's going on?

JIMMY: I wanna go home.
Shut the fuck up!

Your mom is in jail.

What are you
gonna do about it?

What are you
gonna do about it?

Hang out with
this knucklehead?

Learn how to get fucked?




I didn't do that.

I didn't do that.

Get out of here.

I didn't do that.

Go! Go! Call 911.

VINCENT: Jimmy suffered
severe internal damage.

He was taken to
the Emergency Room

Chris took flight
and disappeared.

He was reported
armed and dangerous.

What are you doing?

Breaking in.

It's harder than it looks.

Are you crazy?
Why didn't you
knock on the door?

I don't know.
I wanted to sneak in.


Nice boxers.


They're gonna convict
my mom tomorrow.

That doesn't matter.

She'll probably get three
to four years after
they're done with the appeal.

Jimmy is still unconscious.

That's not your fault.

What are you saying?
I should feel good?

You can turn
everything around
anytime you want to.

What if I don't want to?
Your heart wants to.

I hate it when
you say things
like that.

It's true.
I couldn't love you if...

You know what
I said to myself?

That if he starts talking
about love and God,
I'd kill him.

I know you can do it.

Help me.

I can't.


I can't make you.

You have to do it.
It has to be your choice.

I don't want to choose.
I want it all to go away.

It's not going to go away.

Go to hell.

ROSEANNE: When I felt
the knife in him,
I wanted to stop.

But it was too late.

After I stabbed him
the first time,
he didn't die.

So, I grabbed
the electric
carving knife.

Jimmy was so scared.
He's always scared.

I had to do it,
I had to kill him.

We burned our bloody clothes
by the Frontage Road.

And afterwards we rode
our bikes back to school.


I killed him
because I hated him.

When they kept asking me,
I told them what he did to me.

My charge was reduced
to manslaughter.

I like it in here.

It's like I don't exist.

I wrote a letter to Jimmy
but he never wrote back.

I signed an affidavit
that said
he didn't do anything.

I scared him
into not telling.

It was basically true.

He never was
formally charged.

Kids talked a lot
about me cutting
Fred up.

They brought in counselors
for people
that were freaked out.

I was a monster.

It wasn't very complicated.

The police caught Chris
and he got three years

for kidnapping
and first degree assault.

He just wanted
to protect Mom.

His jury didn't
see things that way.

Mom moved away
and waited near to where
Chris was imprisoned.

She has Chris
and some money.

I think she's
finally happy.

I don't really
talk to her.

Vincent visited me
but I couldn't bring
myself to speak to him.

There really wasn't
much to say.

I killed somebody.
I was sorry.

That would change nothing.

Time went by.

The 7-Eleven was robbed.
The owner was murdered.

Later in the year,
the mayor's son got high
on beer and cocaine

and killed a guy
with his car.

Almost everyone
forgot about me.

At the end of my first year,
I caught pneumonia
which was good.

I was surprised
when I got better.

Vincent didn't come anymore.
But I would go out
to the yard and sit anyway.

Nobody ever stopped me.


You didn't show up.

My mom got sick.
I had to take care of her.

Didn't they tell you?

No, they didn't tell me.

You're talking.

I missed you.

Do you think I could...

Do you think that I could

maybe believe
in the things
that you believe in?


Yeah, I do.


♪ You were a child
reaching out
brave and true

♪ For big things
in the next room

♪ And I

♪ Couldn't step
into such open sky

♪ Where on the crest
of uncertainty you loom

♪ I'm learning to hunt for you

♪ I'm learning to hunt for you

♪ Say

♪ That you'll never
run too far away

♪ Even with all the answers
out there

♪ Where it's brighter
but no one will care

♪ Half as much
as I care about you

♪ I'm learning to hunt for you

♪ I'm learning
to hunt for you ♪

What a strange path
it took to find my heart.


♪ Eating snow flakes
with plastic forks

♪ And a paper plate of course

♪ You think of everything

♪ Short love
with a long divorce

♪ And a couple of kids
of course

♪ They don't mean anything

♪ Live in trailers
with no class

♪ Goddamn I hope I can pass

♪ High school means nothing

♪ Taking heartache
with hard work

♪ Goddamn I am such a jerk

♪ I can't do anything

♪ And I shout
that you're all fakes

♪ And you should have
seen the look on your face

♪ And I guess
that's what it takes

♪ When comparing
your bellyaches

♪ And it's been a long time

♪ Which agrees
with this watch of mine

♪ And I guess that I miss you

♪ And I'm sorry
if I dissed you

♪ Eating snow flakes
with plastic forks

♪ And a paper plate of course

♪ You think of everything

♪ Short love
with a long divorce

♪ And a couple of kids
of course

♪ They don't mean anything

♪ Live in trailers
with no class

♪ Goddamn I hope I can pass

♪ High school means nothing

♪ Taking heartache
with hard work

♪ Goddamn I am such a jerk

♪ I can't do anything

♪ And I shout
that you're all fakes

♪ And you should have
seen the look on your face

♪ And I guess
that's what it takes

♪ When comparing
your bellyaches

♪ And it's been a long time

♪ Which agrees
with this watch of mine

♪ And I guess that I miss you

♪ And I'm sorry
if I dissed you ♪