Crime à Biot (2021) - full transcript

Marie Lemaire is poisoned with fentanyl at a dinner for an association of tradespeople. Her business was the largest glassmaking firm in town, inherited from her recently deceased husband, François.

A toast to our association.


And Serge's omelet!

Thank you.





Speaking of, where are the others?

An omelet is like a risotto,
it waits for no man!

Olivia is on her way.

I think my dad is finishing a call.

Aurélien is on his way.


We should do all of our meetings
here, from now on.

Sure, Virgile.

As long as you bring your bread.

Eight Germans just turned up.

They all want something different!

I'm not surprised,
we are spoilt for choice here!

That's sweet, Julie.
Even though I know you hate my stew!

Here we go. Incoming!

We will lay the table.

Are you sure?

We don't want to let it get cold!

Out on the terrace,
large table on the left.

-Go, go, go.

Looks like we arrived just in time.

Grab your plates before it gets cold.

I got it, Dad.

No, it is fine.
I want to say hi to Serge.

I think we should do
the next meeting at mine.

-In your food truck?
-Or on the sidewalk opposite?

I do have tables!

We could squeeze in...

I take care of my bread.

Knead it lovingly.
I treat it like a beautiful woman.

Wait till you try it with the omelet,

it will take it to new levels.

This look delicious.

Hey, everyone.

Sorry I'm late!

Thank you.

-How are you?
-Good thanks, you?

-Pour me one too.


Excuse me, Olivia. Thank you.

So, what do you think?

Of the omelet? Divine, as always.

I think Marie was talking about
her Christmas lights project.

We need to decide soon,
otherwise we won't have time.

This isn't Disneyland! No offense...

I'm still not comfortable being
in crowds since Covid.

Yeah, me neither.

So, your verdict on the omelet?


Bit runny.

Delicious! As per usual.

Thank you. Hey, let's get a photo.

OK, everyone look this way.
Everyone say "Cheese"!


Are you OK, Marie?

Do we need to call 911?

No, no I'm fine.
I just need to go home and lie down.

Look, I'm feeling better already.

Marie, are you OK?

I'm fine, I'm fine, just...
A bit tired.

I think I overdid it on the wine.

Let me take you home.

No, you have the evening rush.

I'm only five minutes away.

-Are you sure?
-Of course...


I have never seen her like that.

You done?

OK, OK. Great.

I will call you when...

I'm coming, I'm coming.

They are waiting for you.

Hello, Caroline.

Nice... coat.

Oh, this? It was in the sales.

I couldn't resist.

Pretty, right?

Sure, it is very...

Côte d'Azur.

Sure, if you like.

Are you all right, Caroline?
You look a little down.

Why is life so complicated,
Deputy Prosecutor?

I don't know.

Because if it was easy,
we would get bored?

I could live with the boredom!

Good morning, gentlemen.

Right... What we got, Doctor?


Really? From what?

She had dinner at
the Arcades restaurant last night.

Cep omelet.

So did six other people.

Who are all right as rain.

Unless it was just a case
of enormous bad luck,

fungi poisoning is off the menu.

When you are quite finished...

She died after ingesting
a particular violent type of poison.

I sent off the samples to be tested.

Thank you, Doctor.
Who found the body?

The nephew. He is inside.

Nice. A Fernand Léger.

Oh my, an actual Chagall!
This place is like a museum.

My uncle's collection.

All the artists lived in Biot
at some point.

These things must be worth a fortune!

A considerable fortune, yes.

Sorry, introductions.
Elisabeth Richard, Deputy Prosecutor.

-This is Lieutenant Martinez...

Pleasure, Hugo Fontaine.

You are Marie Lemaire's nephew?

By marriage, not blood.

Marie was my late uncle's wife,
François Lemaire.

Where is your uncle?

He passed away six months ago.
A stroke.

You live here?

In the room downstairs.

You worked with her?

Yes, for several years.

My uncle chose me to create
a foundation in his name.

To appraise the artwork.

You discovered the body this morning?


What can you tell us about Marie?

Marie was a wonderful woman.
Strong, kind. A ray of sunshine.

Everybody loved her.
This doesn't make sense.

That's usually the case, I'm afraid.



Sorry, you can't come in now.

I'm Julie Caron. I worked with Marie.

This is my girlfriend.

Quick question, miss.

Were you one of the guests
at the dinner last night?


Then, I'm afraid I have
a few questions to ask you.

We found her handbag in the bushes.

-With this inside.
-What is that?

Seizure medication.

Or it looks like it...

-I will get it analyzed ASAP.
-I got it.

Captain, I'm going to go
drop my things at the hotel.

-I will meet you back at the station.

What happened
to your little dog, Caroline?


That's the one.

She is... at Jérôme's parents place.

Jérôme? As in Dr. Leclerc?


We got closer during lockdown.

So he invited me
to his parent's place.

Huge. It even has turrets!

A chateau, then.

Yeah, a really big one.


it was great for social distancing.

I'm guessing Dr. Leclerc
might have broken the rules.

Ha ha, very funny.

Yes, we started seeing each other.

So what? You had a fight?

Worse. He did something terrible.

Wait... Nothing serious, I hope?

Deadly serious.

He proposed.

No! What an absolute monster!

We were doing great,

we were perfectly happy.
And then he blew it!

Did he now? You sure about that?


Marie Lemaire, 34 years old. Lawyer.

Five years ago, she married
François Lemaire, 57.

He died six months ago.

François Lemaire was a businessman
and collector.

He owned, among other things,
a glass work factory in Biot.

Caroline, give me a hand.

You already have their photos?

The wonders of social media.
Or the horrors,

depending on how you look at it...

According to these lovebirds,
Hugo Fontaine,

nephew of the late François Lemaire
and little Julie Caron.

No one had a bad word to say
about Marie Lemaire.

She was a wonderful person,
blah blah blah, the usual.

Except her killer. As usual...

Based on her schedule and
the violent reaction to the poison,

she was either poisoned at home,

or she ingested it at the restaurant.

If that's the case,

then the killer was among
the other dinner guests.

Caroline, contact Marie's doctor

and find out exactly
what kind of medication she was on.

Also, call her notary
and get me an appointment.

Her notary?

Like you said, the woman was loaded.
Someone has to benefit from this.

I'm on it.

How about some lunch?

You paying?

Sure, why not?

Wait, really?

I don't know what to say...

This doesn't make any sense.


We were very close.

In what way?

She was a wonderful woman,
so full of energy.

An eternal optimist...

Would the other guests
agree with you?

We all know each other
from our business association.

We were sat there,
having a meal among friends.

I was making an omelet in the kitchen

while they took the plates
out to the table.

Wait, you didn't
bring out the plates?

No, it was the evening rush.

A group of Germans
suddenly turned up.

So any one of the guests
could have poisoned Marie's plate.

I presume you have the names
of everyone present.

Of course. Like I said,
we all knew each other.

They are regulars here.

Do you have security cameras?

Sure: There is a camera in the hall
next to the bedrooms.

Could we see the footage
from last night?

Of course.

Thank you.


Sir, ma'am.

Apart from happy hour drinkers,
I'm not sure what you expect to find.

Looks like someone enjoyed
happy hour a little too much.

Poor Fernand Léger...


Any luck?

No, just happy hour.

Can you speed it up a bit?


Whoa, who is that?

Charming. Olivia.

Olivia who?

Olivia Rousseau.
She runs an artisanal shop near here.

She could have told me

she was the one who broke the frame.

Unbelievably pissed off it seems.

Did something happen during dinner?

I don't know. I told you, I was
in the kitchen most of the time.

What was her relationship
like with Marie?

Not great, given the circumstances...


Olivia was in a relationship
with François Lemaire.

He left her for Marie.
They were hardly bosom buddies.


Sorry, what was her name again?

Rousseau. Shall we?


-Mrs. Deputy Prosecutor?


I'm a journalist
for the Courrier Niçois paper.


-What are you doing here?
-My job.

You are a cop now?


A Captain, no less!



We went to high school together.

Are you working
the Marie Lemaire case?

Whoa, cool your jets pal.

We just started investigating,
so I can't tell you anything.



I know you what you are like!

I'll leave you to it.

But I'm sure we will see
each other soon.


Give me a call, yeah?

I know everyone round here.

So don't hesitate, OK?

-Ciao, old pal.

Grégoire Spaletta.

A local boy could be helpful.

Especially a journalist
who knows how to pump people

for information.

But, as I'm a grown man,

I will decide what to tell him.

Yes, I understand. I'm sorry.
I will find a solution.

I have to go.

-Thank you for calling.


May I help you?

You have some lovely pieces here.

Biot is a town of artists.

We help promote as many artisans
and local artists that we can.

Let me know if something
catches your eye...

Elisabeth Richard, Deputy Prosecutor.

-Captain Jouanic.

We would like to ask you
a few questions.

They said she was poisoned?

That is one of the theories, yes.

Mrs. Rousseau, let's talk about
the elephant in the room.

Your husband, François Lemaire,
left you for Marie.

I imagine you weren't
Marie's biggest fan.

People do love to talk...

Marie and I had a perfectly good
relationship. Very cordial.

François and I were
already over, really.

We parted on good terms.

I never blamed Marie.

What were you
so annoyed about last night?

Last night?

The painting you knocked off
the wall?

Oh that...

It was nothing...

Last night, Marie announced some
additional expenses we had to pay.

In what honor?

Marie is the head of our
retailer's association.

It sometimes goes to her head.
I was frustrated,

and a little drunk.
And I took it out on the painting.

OK, thank you.
I will be coming back here

to buy a few trinkets.



Interesting how she kept speaking
about Marie in the present.

Don't you think?

Not really.

I don't know. There is something
she is not telling us.

What time is it?

Elisabeth, Captain.

I just came from Marie's doctor.

Apart from her seizure medication,
she wasn't on anything.

Just a couple of painkillers and some
Vitamin C tablets in Winter.

-OK. Ladies, I'm off to the office.
-OK. Any news on the inheritance?

You have an appointment
with the notary in five minutes.

Nicely done, Caroline!

Quick, efficient, precise.

Can I have the address?

-The address?
-The notary's address!

Oh right. Here.

Quick, efficient, precise.
Like you said.


I completely forgot you lived here.

I grew up here, then we moved.

-I came back after college.

And how is life at Courrier Niçois?

I'm on a freelance contract, I write
a few articles now and again...

I love it.

I have plenty of free time,
I get to meet people,

tell their stories.

-It is a good life.

And what do these "people"
think of Marie Lemaire?

That has got to have
the village talking.

A cop asking info from a journalist!

I will owe you one.


Coleville? The baker?

What about him?

-You tell me...
-Come on, man!

Ask him about his son.

His son?

Good afternoon, sir.

Good afternoon.

You have quite
the glasswork collection.

I'm a proud Biot local.

I love this town,
and the glasswork is the heart of it.

I imagine as the village notary,
you must know everyone.

As well as their juicy
family secrets.

Not that I would say anything,
I take my oath very seriously.

Oh yes, of course.

Perhaps you could tell me
a bit about Marie Lemaire, though.

She inherited all
her husband's possessions, correct?

François Lemaire.

That is correct.

Can you give me a rough estimate?

Several million euros.


Had they been married long?

Five years.

Marie was a lawyer.

She defended François

during a litigation
with Stéphane Caron.

That is how they met.
Love at first sight.

Stéphane Caron, the glass-maker...

What was the case about?

Lemaire bought the factory from
Caron to avoid him going bankrupt.

Everything was signed and ready,
and then Caron had second thoughts.

He claimed Lemaitre tricked him.

Anyway, Marie was able
to smooth things over.

And who is her heir?

Without a will, everything goes
to François' nephew.

Hugo Fontaine.


You don't seem too pleased.

Hugo is...

if you pardon the expression,
a jumped up college chump.

Ever since François died,
he has been spending his time

telling everyone what to do,

particularly Marie.


He seemed pretty cut up
by Marie's death.

Appearances can be deceiving,
Deputy Prosecutor.

Good. It needs more air.

You got to blow harder.


Great work.

So what did your journalist
friend tell you?

Emphasis on the world journalist.

I'm not saying anything
till I check it out.

Hi, can I help you?

Good afternoon, sir. Do you have
a couple of minutes to talk?

Marie was poisoned, wasn't she?

News travels fast.

Biot is a small village.

It can't have been easy
losing all this.

All those years of hard work.

I didn't, though.

The owner may have changed,

but I have always been
the heart and soul of this place.

The most important thing is the art.

I like creating, designing things.

Watching them take shape.

Not the paperwork.

Thanks to Marie,

François Lemaire
was able to buy this place off you.

Did that create any tension?

I'm the one who agreed to his offer.

Then you changed your mind.


My whole life revolves around
this factory.

Julie basically grew up here.
So yes, I got scared.

But Marie convinced François
to let me stay on.

We got along fine.
She managed the accounts for me.

She even hired Julie
as her assistant.

You won't find Marie's killer here.

Any idea where we might find them?

Where were you seated during dinner?

On Marie's left.

And what about your daughter?

She was opposite me.

Did anything unusual happen
during dinner?


How did Marie seem to you?

Nervous, happy...

Now that you mention it,

she and Clémentine did go off
to one side during the meal.

Clémentine Roux, the landscaper?


What is wrong?

-What the hell is wrong with you?
-Nothing is wrong...

The conversation seemed tense.
I was surprised.


Because they were very close.

Close how?

Loyal to each other.

If Clémentine heard anyone speak
ill of Marie, all bets were off.

Like who, for example?


No. No more than anyone else.

You don't have to keep saying it.

Quit harassing me.

Clearly I do

because you haven't done it.

Do what I ask you to do
when I tell you.

What is so hard to understand?

Why mention Coleville?
Do you have a lead?

It is too soon to tell.

Just spit it out, Captain!

I'm not Pythie!

Who on earth is Pythie?

A friend of mine...


OK, great. I will be right there.
Thank you.

Speaking of Coleville,
I need to check something.

All will be revealed soon. I promise.

It better!

Deputy Prosecutor.

Good afternoon.


As quickly as your tempers ignite,
they fizzle out.


And how is this your business?

Oh, I stopped asking myself
that question ages ago.

Concerning Marie's murder, however...

I have a ton of questions.

If Marie was poisoned during dinner,
then you can count me out.

I was not invited, retailers only.

But we are still not sure
when exactly she was poisoned.

And you do live with her...

As for dinner,

you might very well have had...

an accomplice.

Excuse me? You must be mad!

Oh no, I'm not mad.

Though it would come in handy

No, I presume, I ponder,
but I never accuse outright.

And my preliminary ponder,

if anyone had something to gain
from Marie's death,

it is dear Hugo.

And his other half...

Do I look like
an inheritance grabber to you?

Money isn't the only motive,
you know.

Well, when you do find a motive,

let me know.
For now, I have work to do.

Oh, I shall.


Stéphane. Come here.

We need to talk.

This is a real textbook case.

Thank you.



Didn't they have anything else?


Never mind.

May I?



Right, back to our motive board.

Let us start with
the most obvious, money.

Hugo Fontaine,

the fiercely ambitious heir,
and his darling, Julie Caron.

She worked with Marie but...

you get the idea.

And little Julie's dad,
Stéphane Caron,

who refused to let François Lemaire
buy his glassworks factory.

Sounds like the perfect trio
for revenge.

If we go for the personal motive,
we have Olivia Rousseau.

A rather sensitive lady, as we saw.

François Lemaire's ex,
stolen by Marie.

So, they were hardly kindred spirits.

Right... What about the other three?

Virgile Coleville, the baker.

Clémentine Roux, the landscaper,

and Aurélien Ferrero
and his food truck.

Not forgetting Serge Pellegrino,
the owner of the Arcades restaurant,

who may not be the nice guy he seems.

Pellegrino came up
in Marie's phone records.

They spoke every day.

Did they now? Interesting.

Sure, they were close friends.

Maybe they were cooking up
something else in the kitchen.


Do I honestly need to
spell it out Captain?

Hey, Caroline.

Can you call Dr. Leclerc
to see if he has any updates?

Yeah... sure.

Oh right, sorry! I forgot.

OK. I'm going to
get another sandwich,

something edible.

Anyone want anything?

No thanks.

I will call him then.

No, don't worry. I got it.

No. No, I will do it.

I won't let my private life
get in the way of my work.

What are you so afraid of, Caroline?

I'm not...

Then why did you run for the hills

when the nice doctor proposed?

It is not that...

What is it then?

Because I'm freaking out, OK!

Because part of you
wants to say yes...

Otherwise you would have
turned him down directly.



My boy!

My boy.

"She killed my son"?

Yeah, I might have said that...

Help me out here, sir.

Based on the evidence
they found at the time,

your son was drunk,

and he threw himself on Marie's car.

So why blame her?

Because she was the reason
he was drunk.

He fell head over heels
in love with her.

When she told him it was hopeless,

He lost it, and took his own life.

I'm sorry.

But I learned a lot during the trial.

Jules had imagined things,

Marie never led him on.

All she did was smile at him.

It was just a fantasy.

He chose Marie's car for a reason.

Probably even followed her.

Him taking his life like that,

it was like he was saying,

"Look what you made me do
because you didn't love me."

I never got over his death,

but I stopped blaming Marie.

We are not responsible for
how others feel about us.

How did Marie seem recently?

Her usual self.

She went through a tough time
after her husband died,

but I think
her relationship with Serge

helped her move on.

Serge? As in Serge Pellegrino,
the owner of the restaurant?


They tried to hide it,

but everyone knew they were
seeing each other.

Why would he wait two years
to get revenge?

He says he doesn't blame her anymore,

but he is clearly not over
the death of his son.

No one ever fully gets over
a loss like that.

I got the CCTV footage
from Marie Lemaire's place.

What was he doing in there
for ten minutes?

Someone cut the brakes on her car.


So, she was poisoned
and her brakes were cut.

And I thought our victim
was supposed to be popular...

Someone was definitely
trying to off her, sir.

But for two different reasons.

The person who poisoned her
didn't cut the brakes.

You were able to get
the bike's license plate?

But it is so tiny!

The wonders of modern technology.

The vehicle was reported stolen
in Nice on February 24th.

They are sending the footage over.


OK, great.

Dr. Leclerc has news.


I have the tox screen results.

Marie Lemaire
was definitely poisoned.

Using Fentanyl.

Fenta what?

Fentanyl is
an opioid-based painkiller.

it is 100 times more powerful than
morphine, 50 times more than heroin.

What does Fentanyl look like?

A white powder.
You can mix it with anything,

it is tasteless and odorless.

Even a lethal dose
will go completely undetected.

I also have the results of
the pills she had in her purse.


C22 H28 M20.

That sounds Greek.

Close. It is the formula
for Fentanyl.

Oh yeah...

How many was she taking?

Two a day, wasn't it?

Morning and night.

Giving someone a 12-hour window

to replace her seizure meds
with Fentanyl.

Something else weird.

We only found four prints
belonging to Marie Lemaire

on the pill bottle,

even though it was an object
she supposedly used daily.

Her prints should have been
all over it.


So, to recap.

Marie takes a pill in the morning,

goes about her day right as rain.

She takes her evening dose
and boom, dead.

So we need to find out
who tampered with her pills...

How do you get a hold of Fentanyl?


Or your local dealer.

-Thanks Doctor, take care.

-Bye, Jérôme.
-See you, Charles.


I'm busy!

-I haven't got time!

But I...

It must be pretty neat
designing gardens for a living.

Especially in a place like this.

Beautiful, isn't it?


The house was sold to
a Russian couple.

I convinced them to keep
the old structure

and opt for something more modern
around this alley.

Orchids, right?

Yes, exotic orchids

in large pots on the terrace,

and then Provence orchids
all in a row here.

And what will you put there?

Good eye.

"Sun flower" in Greek.

You speak Greek too?

Oh god, no.

Just a couple of words
to show off now and again.

I would go for some crocuses
or some bacopa there.

You read my mind!

Was Marie a plant lover?

She was good at getting them,
not so good at taking care of them.

Were you close?

She was my best friend.

Every person we spoke to
described Marie

as a lively, happy go lucky woman,

despite her epilepsy...

Marie always knew how to look
on the bright side.

Did she take her medication
during dinner?

Sure, she was very open about it.
Everybody knew.

Do you think someone

could have swapped her bottle
of pills for another?

Is that how she was poisoned?

A working theory.

I don't know...

It was a very lively meal.

We all kept getting up to get
more wine or bread.

I suppose it is possible.

I hear you and she
had a bit of a row.

Who told you that?

I was just trying to warn her.

About what?

Marie was very generous,
with everyone.

Including with the money
she inherited from François.

I was trying to warn her that
some people were taking advantage.


Anyone in particular?

Aurélien Ferrero.

I have to get back.

Will you come back
for another botany discussion?

Why not?


You OK?

Yeah, fine.

It is just... Moving in here now.

I don't know.

It seems...

I thought you would be pleased.

This is my home now.

Our home.

-I guess...
-Want a coffee?

Sure, that would be great.


Do you recognize that?



Do you really think they suspect you?

I think they are clutching at straws.

What's wrong?

I got a funny feeling.

I can't put my finger on it.

About time!

I finally got a hold
of Marie Lemaire's bank records.

Want to have a look?

-Huh? What?

Want to take a look?

Wow, jackpot!

Good news for us.

What the hell is he doing here?
Did he see me?

Caroline! Don't be so hard on him.

The guy is allowed to have fun.

-Fun, yes, stalking, no!
-Come on, Caroline!


Tell him I'm working.

You didn't see me, got it?



Where did Caroline... I mean,
Lieutenant Martinez go?

I don't know. But if you hurry,

you might be able
to catch up with her.

-I'm sorry, I have to go.

-Where are you going?
-Works calls!


Having a nice game of cards?

She is glued to that phone.

Hi. Yeah, I got your text.
I sent you a reply.

I will call you back
when I am in my hotel room.

-Be right back.
-I will be right there.

Jesus, Jouanic!

Haven't you heard

of the word privacy?

-You can tell me all about it later.
-I will not!

Just so you know, Pellegrino is...

If you want to find out
what was cooking,

now is the time. He is an open book.


-Let's do it.

Fancy a game of belote,
Deputy Prosecutor?

I would love to.

-Hi, there.

Elisabeth Richard, Deputy Prosecutor.

-Ricco, terrace musician.

Ricco is our musical entertainment.

He is famous round here.

When people come

to Biot, they come for Fernand Léger
and Ricco Martinelli.

It always helps to know
a little Italian.

-Right, heart...

I will take that. Let's go.

That's for me, Charles.

OK. Ricco?



Caroline! Caro!




Can't we go back to
the way things were

before I said... what I said?

It is not that...

You don't get it.

Every time I close my eyes,

I see a giant, white,

poufy wedding dress

and people hurling confetti.

And that makes me want to hurl!

Maybe I should see a doctor.

Take your time.

There is no rush.

Just please, stop treating me
like the Antichrist!

And the last trick bonus. Nice!

I did try and signal you...

Are you saying I'm bad at this?

You are a rookie, Charles.

This rookie says up yours!

Well, here,
losers get the next round.

Ricco, you know the way.

-I will have the usual.
-No, this is on me.

A white wine please, Charles.

Of course.

-Glass of port, Ricco?
-I'm not a huge fan.

What drink rhymes with Ricco?

You are a good player.

I do love my cards.

Was Marie a good belote player too?

I guess.

You know what they say,
never trust a lawyer...

Did you teach her to play?

Ricco, mostly.

You were busy teaching her
other things.

Yes, helping her get over
her husband's death.

Hence the daily phone calls.


We had been dating
for a month and a half.

I didn't say anything because...

Marie didn't want the others to know,

after François' death you know...

What do you think?

I think we could have had
something beautiful.

You seem to be taking it well.

Why? Because I'm here at work
like nothing happened?

The truth is...

I'm drowning.

-So? Was there something cooking?
-Oh, yes. Cooking up some love.

Nice job with the belote game.

-Why, thank you.
-No, I mean it.

So, what is your conclusion?

Honestly, the guy is heartbroken.

I still want to have a dig
through their relationship,

see if I find anything.

Well, I got some news too.

Glad to hear it.

Caroline got a hold
of Ferrero's accounts.

Leaving him with a very juicy motive.

Ferrero, the food truck guy?

-That's the one.
-OK, shall we?

No, I got to
go see Julie Caron first.

She knows something
about the Marie-Ferrero situation.

OK, after then.

First, I have a rather private

phone call to make.

Right, cooking up something
of your own!


Hi, thank you
for taking the time to see me.

Of course. Please, have a seat.

Thank you.

Will your fiancé be joining us?


He has gone to see a collector.

He is considering parting
with one of his uncle's paintings.

Parting or selling?

What does it matter?

It would mean he has
his head screwed on right.

-How much is he hoping for?
-I don't know.

Leave Hugo alone.

He had already made plans for it
long before Marie died.

What did she think of these plans?

She was against the idea.

She thought François
wouldn't have approved.

What about you?

What about me?

Art is Marie and Hugo's business.

Why are you asking me all this?

I thought you wanted to talk
about Ferrero?

Yes, I did.

We discovered

Marie transferred 70,000 euros
to him around six months ago.

And as there is no sign
of a reimbursement,

I was wondering
what the deal involved.

As Marie's assistant,
I assumed you would know.


She must have done it
from her personal account.

I'm not surprised though.

What do you mean?

I never really trusted Ferrero.

Bon appétit.

-Good afternoon!

-Can I help you?

Do you have any organic options?

All our food is 100% organic,
home-made, and locally sourced.

How about an assortment
of little stuffed meatballs?

Sounds delicious.

Allow us to introduce ourselves,
Mr. Ferrero.

Elisabeth Richard, Deputy Prosecutor,
and Jouanic, Gendarmerie.

Are you here about Marie?


I still can't believe it.

She was such a lovely woman.

Were you two close?

Sure, we were good friends...

Marie seemed to have
a lot of friends.

-Thank you.

Based on our information,
you owed her money.

So? That's none of your business!

Listen, I asked you nicely, sir.


Perhaps you could return the favor.

She gave you a large sum of money
you haven't paid back.

So, the thought crossed our mind,
yours too maybe,

that her death would erase your debt.

She was my friend.

She knew I was struggling

and I couldn't pay her back
straight away.

But that doesn't mean I killed her.
What the hell is wrong with you?

Watch the tone.

He is the Captain of the Gendarmerie!

Not the sharpest tool...

Listen, I had nothing to do
with her being poisoned.

Now, if you excuse me,
I have customers.

You are excused.

But we shall see you again soon,
Mr. Ferrero.

Good friends, yeah right!

I don't know about that,
but these meatballs are to die for!

He didn't even give me any.

How rude!

Can I try one?

Great... thanks.



The guy on the bike we saw
at Marie's house before she died,

he has a record.

-What is his name?
-Kevin Lestrade.

-He works at the funfair.
-Shall we?

Step right up, boys and girls!

Have fun, children!

We got visitors.

-Afternoon, gentlemen.

We are looking for Kevin Lestrade.

-Up there.
-Great, thanks.

What you got in there boys?

Just some cleaning products, ma'am.

Hi, there.

Would you mind coming down?

Sure, wait for me down there.

OK, I'm coming up.

Son of a bitch!


Grab him! He went that way!

Don't move!

Hey, stop!

I said stop!



Hey there, Spiderman. Lost your web?

You OK, Caroline?

That was a close one.

Kevin Lestrade, as requested, ma'am.

Charmed, I'm sure.

Tell us what you were doing
at Marie Lemaire's house

two days ago at 10:30 p.m.?

What the hell is she talking about?

'She' is the Deputy Prosecutor.

And 'he' doesn't appreciate
your tone.

We have the CCTV footage.

So spill!

I'm all ears, Mr. Lestrade.

-I want a lawyer!

-I have rights.
-Sure, absolutely.

But before that, why don't you
tell us what happened?

You get a kick
cutting the brakes on people's cars?

What did she ever do to you?

Hey, wait... I didn't know the woman!

I swear, lady! I didn't know her.

Let me help you out here,
Mr. Lestrade.

Marie Lemaire didn't die
in a car accident.

She was poisoned.
You are off the hook.

Well... not exactly.

You did run
from the scene of an accident.

And threaten an officer of the law...

That is not good.

Really not good.

This could get very ugly,

gendarmes can be so punctilious.

But maybe Captain Jouanic
is in a forgiving mood...

Or maybe not.

No, not particularly.

You want to play dumb? Fine.
I love that game.

I'm good at that game.

By the looks of it, so are you.

OK, fine.


I'm not covering for the guy.

It was Ferrero.

He called me the other night.

He said he got into a fight with her

and asked me to take care
of her car...

By cutting the brakes.


-Mr. Ferrero.
-Afternoon, Captain.

No meatballs today.
Come with us, please.

I will explain at the station.
Let's go.

You see, Mr. Ferrero,

I told you we would
see each other again.

Based on your file, Marie Lemaire
was not your first attempt.

What are you talking about?

Your accomplice, Kevin Lestrade
threw you under the bus.


That's right.

A week ago,
Marie gave me an ultimatum.

She wanted me to pay her back
the money I owed.

I tried to reason with her,
but she wouldn't listen.

So I said I could give her
part of it: 20,000 euros.

Except I didn't actually have it.
I panicked.

We know how that story went.

I didn't want to hurt her, I swear.

I didn't realize
she needed it so quickly.

So you cut the brakes on her car
to slow her down?


Wow. That's a new one!

I don't know what I was thinking.

I told you, I just panicked.

Well, your decision has earned you
a one way ticket to jail.

Take him away, Caroline.

Let's go.

Don't let the door hit you
on your way out.

Come on.

He didn't do it.

He didn't poison Marie.

-He is out.

But what am I supposed to say?

Everyone just saw Ferrero
being led away.

What do I say?


"Ongoing investigation."

Yes, I like that!

Tell them that.

Nice and dry.

-Good, right?

-See you later.

-Ms. Roux.
-Deputy Prosecutor.

Sorry, this is Captain Jouanic,
we work together.

-Nice to meet you, Ms. Roux.

I'm glad I ran into you.

I was thinking about
what I said about Marie.

The truth is, she has been through
some really rough times.

What do you mean?

She had a complicated adolescence.

With a few
self-destructive tendencies...

Meaning what? Was she suicidal?

Tonight's specialty is
a beef cheek stew and polenta.

-Let me know what you think.
-I look forward to it.

Charles, what about you?

No, I got to finish up
with Ferrero's report.

-Have a good evening, everyone.

Clem, you hungry?

No, I don't want to intrude.

It will give us a chance to continue
our botany discussion.

Two specials it is.

Coming right up.

Why don't you take a seat here?

Let's see. She is gorgeous.

For once.

Gee, thanks!

Is it serious?

More than the last one.

Less than the next.

You got it.

How about you?

Not much.

I landed flat on my face
about four years ago.

I met this girl,
everything was perfect.

We were even planning to adopt
a kid together.

Then, one day, she just left.

I lost the kid, my girlfriend,
and 33 pounds.

Well, you are looking good now,

You remember all those crime movies
we used to watch in high school?


You were always into
that crime investigation stuff.

Not much has changed!

Hey, about this case...

Here we go!

Did Ferrero really do this?

Ferrero is a jackass.
But he didn't poison her.


Are you single?


What about you?


I'm sorry.

Lately, things have been easier.

I also have a 20-year-old son
who drives me mad.

I'm like everyone else, you know.

I'm looking for a love
that lasts the test of time.

I get it.

What about you?

I had my great love story...

With a woman.

Does that shock you?

Not in the slightest.

Was it Marie?

No. It was nothing like that,
Marie was my friend.

Did you and Marie

meet at law school?

Yes. She was a hard worker.
Me? Not so much.

We balanced each other out.

We hit it off right away.

Was that the same time
as her suicide attempt?


I'm the one who found her
and drove her to hospital.

She was hospitalized
for a few months.

And I visited her every day.

But, that is our business.

I prefer if today,
people kept that shining,

happy image of Marie.

It is terrible
losing someone you love.

Marie was...

She meant a lot to me.

I never really got over
my husband's death.

The only reason I didn't fall apart

was because I had a child
to take care of.

We pieced each other back together.

I haven't been honest with you...


The fight I had with Marie

wasn't about Aurélien Ferrero.

Not just, anyway.

Ever since law school, we had plans
to open a guest house

in an old country house.

I was going to do up the gardens,
the land.

But then recently, Marie told me
she didn't care about that anymore.

That we should leave this...

childish project behind us.


You were hurt. Understandable.



It was the last proper discussion
we ever had.

A report to finish.

Busted, Charles!

See you soon. Ciao.


Good morning.

Good technique,
getting people to open up

so you can tell their story
to a journalist!

Excuse me?

I thought you understood me...

I read the paper.

I have no idea what you mean.

Have a look
on their website... Elisabeth.

Good morning.

"Cluedo in Biot." What a lame title!

"The arrest of Aurélien Ferrero
is unrelated

"to the poisoning of Marie Lemaire."

"The bubbly businesswoman

"was revealed to have
a long history of depression,

"even attempting to take her own life
when she was 20."

Oh my god, I don't believe this!

She must think I'm the one
who spoke to them.

What is this
about her being suicidal?

I had a drink,

or rather dinner,
with Clémentine Roux.

Yes, I know. But I was on my own.

Where were you?

We had a bit of a heart to heart.

No wonder she thinks that...

If you didn't, who did?

How else would this journalist guy...

Grégoire Spaletta know?

Spaletta? Did you say Spaletta?

Of course it was Spaletta!

Spaletta and Jouanic
spent the evening together.


Well, you weren't there either!

Spaletta and Jouanic go back years.

What was he thinking?
What the hell was he thinking?

Who are we talking about?

Ah! Perfect timing.

Come and have a look at this.

Something wrong?

You tell me! Read this!


So? Is that all you have to say?

It is part of my strategy.

I gave him a few tidbits
so he could...

-Get the ball rolling.
-What ball? I don't see any ball.

All I see is you spent the night

while he pumped you for
information like a fountain!

Care to explain?

I didn't spend the night drinking.

I saw you!

Maybe you should have joined us!


Why were you spying on me anyway?

You were completely hammered!
You were like the Gypsy Kings.

Don't quit your day job just yet.

Don't get smart with me, wise guy.

Could you get down
off your high horse

-so we can get back to work?
-Yes, good idea.

Caroline and I will try
and sort out your mess

while you go and sober up.

Stop saying I was drunk.

I was not drunk, dammit!

I had two pastis

and a chat to...

put the cat among the pigeons.

And now, you have royally
pissed me off. Goodbye!


See you!

Do you think I went too far?

You basically called him
a drunk incompetent.

No, no, no. I did not say that.

Well, that's what he heard.

Well, what was he thinking,
having drinks with a journalist

in the middle of an investigation?

-What about you and your dinner date?
-That was completely different.


Captain, you are here.

We got a problem
with Olivia Rousseau.

Her store is shut.
She is not answering

her phone or her door.

But her car is still parked
outside her home.

What should I do?

Go and check it out, of course.

Are you sure I am sober enough?

Oh don't be so tiresome, Jouanic.
Get going.

Be careful, sir.


Good job, sir!

I'm too old for this.

Don't be silly!


Fentanyl. No doubt.


She left a goodbye note
on her computer.

"I killed Marie Lemaire.

"I knew she had epilepsy.

"While everyone was moving around
during dinner,

"I swapped her pills
for some Fentanyl.

"I have finally avenged
François Lemaire,

"poisoned by Marie
in order to collect his inheritance.

"But I can no longer live with
her death on my conscience."

Mrs. Rousseau set quite the scene
for her suicide.


Quite the scene...

Do you have a time of death, Doctor?

My guess, between 36 and 48 hours.

Captain, over here.

She was madly in love with him.

No wonder she wanted to
get rid of Marie.

Especially if she thought Marie
murdered the love of her life.

Check out her books.

The truth about 9/11,
Kennedy and the Mafia.

Who killed Princess Diana?

The Christ conspiracy.

Our Olivia Rousseau
was an avid conspiracy theorist.

I will never understand

how these supposedly
intelligent, intellectual types

believe this type of garbage.




We were not lovers.

I knew Olivia for 20 years.

She was with François at the time.

And yes, I did love her.

And she knew it.

But nothing ever happened.

And when François left her,
I helped piece her back together.

And we became very close.

So I see.

So she did blame Marie?

She hated her.


That is not at all what she told me.


Why do you think
she wrote the murder confession?

François was very athletic.
Olivia was convinced a guy like that

was unlikely to have a stroke,

and that Marie must have
poisoned him.

So what happened?

The day before, after your visit,
she came to see me.

She was convinced
Marie committed suicide

before she could be arrested

for the murder of François.

Which is insane, of course.

Did you know Marie had
attempted suicide before?

Not until I read it in the paper.

But I don't believe that.

I didn't know Marie back then,

but the woman I worked with
would never kill herself.

And neither would Olivia.

Want to know what I think?


I think someone devious
is behind all this.

I will be fine, Dad.


Yes, Hugo is here.

Yes, I promise to be careful.

I love you too.

Those goddamn journalists!

Have you seen the article?

Calling Marie depressed and suicidal!

What is it?

Olivia killed herself.

She confessed to poisoning Marie.

Oh my god, this is a nightmare!

Aren't you going to say something?

Talk to me, Hugo!

What do you want me to say?

The cops are trying to trick us.
They are convinced I did it!

A chance to sort out my affairs
and stop sponging off my uncle.

What are you talking about?

The truth.

So, any feedback from my article?

Well, the Deputy Prosecutor
now hates my guts.

Did you tell her
it was part of the strategy?

Put the cat among the pigeons?

Of course I did but...

I think we killed the cat.

It is early days,

these things take time.

I wish you had told me that before!

Hey, is it true that...

Olivia Rousseau confessed to
the murder of Marie?

I don't know
who your source is, but yes.

I'm just good at my job.

You are not going to write
another article are you?

No, not just yet.

But there is someone
you should talk to.

Hey, Yvette.

This is my friend, Captain Jouanic.

-Hi, there.

Tell him what you saw
the other night.

I saw Olivia, in her living room.

But not in her usual chair.

Oh no!

Someone pulled the drapes in there,

and in the kitchen too.

And, Yvette,

any idea who the visitor might be?

I might do... The baker.

Except he closed the drapes,

they don't usually do that.

Coleville? Does he go there often?

Every couple of days.

The evenings too.

If the witness is right,
then bang goes our suicide theory.

And Coleville goes back to being
our number one suspect.

Do you really think they were lovers?

I don't know.
Your friend Yvette seems to think so.

Hardly proof...


I'm afraid I got a bit
carried away earlier.

I have complete faith
in your professionalism.

Me too.

Yours, I mean.

So, what do we do?
Head back to the baker?


Not until tomorrow,
it is Marie's funeral.

Let's see if anyone reveals
their true colors.

What are you doing up

this late?

I couldn't sleep.

I keep turning everything over
in my mind.

Marie, Olivia...

Something is not right.


I don't know.

I called Saint-Didier's.

What is that?

The psychiatric institution where
Marie was supposedly hospitalized.

What did they say?

Nothing for now.

The on-call guy didn't know anything.

He said to call back tomorrow.

Come to bed.

Be right there.


My condolences, Serge.

Thank you.

After the cemetery,
we are all going to Arcades,

Marie's loved ones, anyway,

to toast her memory.
You are welcome to join us.

Thank you, we would be happy to.

Good luck.

I have been calling you.

I thought you said 10:30?


Crap! I got the time wrong.

Ah well, first time for everything.

Excuse me.


Could I speak to you a minute?

Yes, of course.

Hi, Clémentine.

I wanted to apologize, Elisabeth.

I shouldn't have
yelled at you like that.

I have been feeling particularly
fragile since Marie died.

I'm sorry too. Really.

Thank you.

I really enjoyed our dinner
the other night.

I would like to see you again.

Wouldn't you?

Yeah, sure.

See you later.

Hugo, calm down. I don't understand.

Just tell me if she is there!
Is the Deputy Prosecutor there?

They have been closing in on me
the whole time!

Don't be so naive, Julie!

OK, just calm down...

Stop yelling.

I don't know, I don't know!


OK, you do what you need to do.

Are you OK, Julie?

Yeah, fine.

Is something wrong?

I don't know... It is Hugo.

He was yelling at me on the phone,
saying he needs to speak

to the Deputy Prosecutor.

He is convinced the cops suspect him.

I'm sure it is nothing.
We are a little on edge today.

He just needs to rest,

have some alone time.


Yeah, sure.



Thank you.


How are you doing, Mr. Coleville?

Same as everyone else, I guess.

Marie, Olivia...

We are all wondering why.

And who might be next?

Yeah, maybe.

What is the connection, do you think?

Between us all, you mean?

Something that justifies murder?

Honestly, I have no idea.

Why did you go visit Olivia
every two days?

Were you two in a relationship?

I deliver food to
Olivia's disabled neighbor.

Afterward, I stop over for a coffee.

Or at least, I used to.

Where were you two nights ago?

At the bakery, same as always.

And yeah, I had a coffee with her
that day. Five years in a row.

She was fine.

I have some baking to do. Goodbye.

How is he?

He is in critical condition.
Coma, stage 2.

Likely brain damage.

The chopper is on its way.

OK, thanks.

We found this next to him.

Thank you.


We found his cellphone.
Do you have the PIN number?

30/08/85. His birthday.


It worked.

-I'm going to get this analyzed.

No signs of a break-in or a struggle.

We are still waiting on the prints.

Just like with Olivia.

-Thanks, Charles.

I'm so sorry, Julie.

He was terrified you suspected him.

To the point of taking his own life?

I don't know.

I don't know...

Try and focus, Julie.
This is important.

You spoke to him at 11:30.

What did you say exactly?

I don't remember.

He was angry, stressed.
He wasn't making sense.

He kept yelling.

He said he wanted to see you.


But he wouldn't tell me why.

And last night,
I found him in the living room.

He told me he called the Saint-Didier
psychiatric institution.


The clinic where Marie was treated.


Can I go and see him?

No, it is too soon.

I will let you know
as soon as the hospital calls.


What is wrong with us?!

Three victims in five days
right under our noses.

The murderer must be laughing at us.

Caron said someone devious
was behind this.

He might be right.

Have we checked Coleville's alibi?

His employee said Coleville
was at the bakery

when Olivia killed herself.
Unless Coleville bribed him

to say that, of course.

What about Pellegrino?

His secret meet-up with Julie
in the middle of the night.

Shouldn't we explore that?

Guess who just got a big scoop.

One of the last calls Hugo made

was to the psychiatric institution,

Really? But Julie said
he called them yesterday.

I spoke to the secretary.

He called for some information
on an old patient of theirs.

-No, Clémentine.


Clémentine was a patient there?

How did he find out?

If Marie Lemaire was
Clémentine's best friend,

she must have known,
and she probably told Hugo.

Wait... I'm not following.

Who was hospitalized?
Clémentine or Marie?


Clémentine was hospitalized there
several times,

and she is still monitored by them.

Wait, am I understanding this right?

A doctor gave Hugo
confidential information

on Clémentine's mental state.

And then, realizing their mistake,

they immediately contacted
Clémentine to warn her.

What time did Hugo call them?

11:32 a.m.

And a few minutes later,
he falls from the terrace.

We need to find Clémentine.

-What about a warrant?
-It is right there.



Yes, I will sign it.

I will sign it.

What are you doing here?

She was obsessed with Marie.


There are dozens of pictures
of her on here.

She has lost it.

What is that?


Look what I found, Captain.


A bunch of letters
addressed to Marie.

Listen to this.

"I am nothing without you,
and you are nothing without me."

That is not friendship, that is love.

She couldn't stand the thought
of losing Marie.

I had my great love story...

With a woman.

Does that shock you?

Not in the slightest.


She meant a lot to me.

I'm the one who found her
and drove her to hospital.

She was hospitalized
for a few months.

I visited her every day.

This is her diary
from when she was in Saint-Didier.

She was the suicidal one, not Marie.

She talked about the hell
she was going through,

and how Marie's visits
were her only respite.

Oh my god!

I didn't see it.

I didn't see it.

Of course. How could I miss it?

She switched the stories around.

She has been talking about herself
the whole time.

The clinic said she was suffering
from paranoid psychosis.

Paranoid psychosis?

I had a case like that
a few years ago.

People suffering from that kind
of mental illness

are the most likely
to commit an act of violence.

Hugo had just discovered
her troubled past.

Clémentine's dream was to
live with Marie

in this country house.

So, what do you think?

I don't know what to say.

I didn't think you were still
committed to this.

But Marie had moved on.

This is your dream.

Not mine. Not anymore.

I don't know what you
were hoping for, Clémentine.

But you and I... we are not a couple.

And we never will be.

Not in this ruin, or anywhere.

Her dream had shattered.

The love of her life
was slipping away.

Her illness took over,

and her life fell apart.

She lost control.

Marie, Olivia, Hugo.

She went on a murderous spree.

She poisoned Olivia's coffee.

She made her type that letter.

And then she moved on to Hugo,

who had found her out.

Only one other person knew
Hugo was trying to reach me.

-Call her.

I will send a patrol
over to Marie's house.

Julie isn't at the house.
And she is not answering her phone.

We found a letter where
she admits to all three murders.


Patrols have been notified.

Find the country house.

That's where she has taken Julie.

She wants to end it.

Don't worry, we will find them.

Come on.

Get off me, Clémentine.

Let go!

You crazy bitch!

I'm not crazy!

I'm not crazy, I'm normal!

I'm just like you.

Put the gun down.

It is over, Clémentine.

No! Everyone stay where you are.

Talk to me, Clémentine.

It is her fault.

It is all her fault.

She betrayed me, Elisabeth.

She was slipping away.

And you couldn't bear to lose her,

so you destroyed her.


I swear, I'm not crazy.

I'm not, I promise.

Please don't lock me up, Elisabeth.
I swear.

I'm not crazy.

Don't let them lock me up.

I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy.

I know, I know.

I'm not crazy, Elisabeth.

You should never have left
that clinic.

I can't breathe.

OK. I will tell her. Thank you.

Julie, I have some good news.

Hugo is out of his coma.

He is alive?

Thank you.

My, my...


Where are you two off to?

We are going to get Sidonie
from Jérôme's mother's.

The love adventure continues?

Hold your horses,
we are taking it slow.

Take care of her, Jérôme.

You heard the lady.

Yes, ma'am.

And I'm going to stop scaring her
with talk of marriage.

-Or an engagement.
-Yes, that too.

Have a safe trip.

Thanks, Elisabeth.

Goodbye, Caroline.


God, this is heavy.

What the hell is in here?

A body.

-Sure feels like!
-It weighs a ton.

I told you.

Another bottle.

We deserve it.

-A couple of glasses...
-Thank you.

Come on.

Happy hour already?

I came to say goodbye.

No! Not before you have

one last drink with us.

I can't, I'm driving.

Then what about a little belote?

-We need a fourth player.
-Come on Elisabeth, be a pal.

You owe us.

Do I now? For what exactly?

Oh, nothing.

But you should be careful, sometimes,
I forget you are not perfect.

Well, in this case, Charles,

that title goes to you.


I was wrong.

Your friend Spaletta's article
brought everything out into the open.

OK, one game of belote.

But I warn you now,
you are going to lose.

-Watch out!

Show me what you got.

Hey, Serge.
Now the case if officially closed.

If you don't mind me asking,

what is it Julie gave you
the other night?

It is going to sound dumb.

OK. A bottle of Marie's perfume
and her scarf.

For comfort.

That's not dumb.

No, not at all.

That's love.


Give me a spade.

Thank you.