Crime Unlimited (1935) - full transcript

Frustrated by a seemingly infallible gang of jewel thieves, Scotland Yard arranges to have an undercover agent become part of the gang. Once inside, the agent starts to become attached to a Russian woman who is part of the gang but seems to want to break free of the sordid life she leads. Trying to trap the leader of the gang -- whom no one has ever seen - the police plan goes awry and their agent is put into mortal danger, with his one chance being the Russian woman having told the truth about wanting to break free.

Subtitles by Nostromo

I feel certainly your daughter
will like that one,Madam

They are all so lovely

I get confused

I'm afraid,I'm afraid you're
going to be rather impatient with me

Not at all,Madam

Perhaps,perhaps my daughter had
better come in and select one for herself

Is that convenient?

-Of course,Madam
-Thank you so much

Thank you


Mason Road,tube station,Southside


I may need more time at tube station

Right you are,Mrs

Waterloo Station

All right

Right,Collins,all right

What a shame?

Look here,something in his hand

Maddick born 1935 AD

Maddick born 1935


That's a big help

Collins wouldn't have died fighting
for it,if it didn't mean something

Of course not,it's means Maddick is a baby

Born this year

You're wasting your time
in Scotland Yard,Hall

Try writing for Punch

Did it all right,you will look after them

I hope you found the
commissioner well

He's on alarm.Why shouldn't he be?

The first policeman murdered in five years

The press are getting
their heads off at him

And over six MPs asking
in the house tonight

why we haven't caught Maddick

To which we shall answer

We'll sign every man possible to the case

We'll keep on making arrest
until the gang is broken up

Arrests? We picked up a dozen
men who had one conviction

You can't hold a man for carrying
a piece of paper in his pocket

Not one of those knows
anything more about it than we do

The only way you'll ever find Maddick
is by slipping a man into his gang

That's a brilliant idea,Hall

Specially after we lost three of
our best informers that way

And now Collins

Does it means it can't be done?

Simply shows that Maddick

or someone probably had
every man in the force for it

What do you suggest? We send a
troop of boy scouts after him?

I got an idea

Send those MPs who is
going to ask the questions

Nobody ever recognize them

Look,there is nothing to stop us
from getting one of the kids

out of the police college

They've never been on duty
and nobody knows them

You can't send boys on a man's errand

I don't know,they are young
but they've been trained

Anyway we still have the problem
how to slip a man into a gang

This time it might be
a good idea not to try

Are you going in for comedy now?

I mean we maybe we could fix it this
time so that Maddick goes after our man

By giving him a reference
from the Yard I suppose

No but if he pulled a job cleverer
than anything Maddick's done

Maddick might invite him in

I wish we could think of something
clever that Maddick hasn't thought of

It ought to be something
along the jewellery line

That's Maddick's long suit

I know a trick,let see how it goes

The crooks find out the name of
a wealthy man,who is out of town

Then they go down to a prominent jewellers

-How do you do
-Good morning,Sir

I'm Lord Metcalfe's secretary

Yes,Sir,is something for
yourself or for his Lordship?

Yes,for neither of us

His Lordship wants a wedding
present for a godchild,a bracelet

diamonds you know such thing

Something quite nice

-About how nice?
-I should say about thousand pounds worth

-Of course,Sir,this way,Sir

Yes,really pretty

Send round two or three of these,will
you,so his Lordship can make a selection

Yes,of course

I should fancy I think,this one
and this and that

Very good,Sir

Shall we say around this afternoon?

Yes,anytime this afternoon

-Very well,Sir

Oh,BTW let me have your card,will you

so His Lordship can get on to you
personally in case he doesn't like those

-Yes,of course,thanks

-Lord Metcalfe
-This is his house


Sign here please



What's curious?

Something from Monnier's for his Lordship

Probably a mistake

Not necessarily,he must
have telephoned from Paris

Hello,is that the Earl of Metcalfe's
residence? This is Monnier's

Oh yes, Monnier's,what Sir?

Oh yes I suspected that
might have been a mistake

We'll send right down for it

And be certain that you give it to
nobody but our representative,Mr Brown

He'll have his card to identify himself

I'm from Monnier's

You have a parcel that was
delivered to Lord Metcalfe by mistake

Oh,yes Sir,they were on
the telephone about that

They said I was
not to give it to anyone

Of course

My card

Quite so,Sir,just a moment

I hope everything is quite satisfactory,Sir

Everything is not satisfactory

How can you prove that
you'd given this to me?

If anything happens

No,of course,Sir

Or if you get a receipt when
you're dealing with jewellery

I may be Maddick for all you know

Yes,Sir,thank you Sir

-Good night,Madame
-Good night,Fred

Good evening,Sir

Good evening


-Do you know how to make them?

Canadian whiskey,you know


I've no doubt to make them in New,New York

-Just got back from New York


Had a great time,you can
have a great time there


Different from London
can't have any fun here

Everything closes

-Now you. What time do you close?
-Ten minutes,Sir

Eleven o'clock,disgusting

Can't have any fun in London

Depends on what you are looking for,Sir?

Established line, if you like, in New York

That's not impossible in London,Sir

Pretty silly,you know,isn't it?

Staying up all night by yourself

You wouldn't need to be by yourself,Sir

-Now I
-Well,hell, I've found you

I've been combing London
for a man like you

Now tell me what you were going to say

Well,I won't deny that if I knew you,Sir

I might give you a tip

A tip,eh? All right

You see that

-You know what that is?
-American money,Sir

Yes,about a guinea,how is that for a tip?


-Are you a member,Sir?
-In perfect standing

Very good,Sir

American,will you have
a bit of roulette or Chemin de fer?

Start beside the wheel

Ten pounds,please

Send Natasha to me


See the gentlemen there playing the wheel?

The young one?

Yes,that's the one

Usual things when
imposing decisions



You don't expect him
to get an interest in my mind,do you?

I don't expect him to get
interested in you at all

Can you see what I mean?

Mesdames et Monsieurs faites vos jeux

Faites vos jeux s'il vous plait

I beg you pardon is that chips yours?

No I don't think so but

But even it should be
won't you play it for me?

I don't seem to have my luck

Thank you

Five pounds,please

Numero 20 noir et manque


And that doesn't seem the
royal road to riches,did it?

One can always try

Try again?

I can't. Not if I want to be
sure of my taxi fare home

As bad as that?

Oh,I could arrange
to pay for a drink besides

Won't you come over
to the bar and let me prove it?

-Thank you I love to



-Two brandies,please

Grand place isn't it?

-Never expected to find one here
-Why not?

Oh,I don't know,gambling underworld

Don't seem like London somehow



I wonder who runs it

I don't know

Tell me,is it fun throwing money away?

Well,I wasn't throwing money away

In fact my dear

My name is Natasha


A nice name

And as Russian as ever was


Will we have to find somebody to

Introduce us properly?

Are you being funny?

Not at all,I mean it

Might be nice to be introduced
to someone

Once in a while

Now it's being funny

I work here and this is part of my job

I am silly enough to be pleased

When it doesn't show

Except me to believe that?

Why not?

Well,I mean you're just a kid aren't you?

What kind of job?

Don't come here again that wheel
is not on the level,nothing here is

With the exception of you

Wrong again

Then what made you warn me

I don't know,I've never done it before

Let's call it my maternal instinct

Oh I see

Look here, if you feel like mothering
me just a little longer

-You can do me a real favour

You know where I can get rid of something?

An object to worth and no questions asked

You mean?

You want to sell something?

Well,not exactly I want to get
some money for something

And no questions asked?

And no questions asked

I see

You are very logical aren't you?

I work here and so naturally you suppose

that I must know people
who don't ask questions

-No,no not so my dear I just meant that I
-What is this object of worth?

That's not by any chance from Monnier's?

I said no questions asked

-The jokes on me
-Why? What's the matter?


Except that I thought

You were on the level

Well it only proves

That you never can tell

Yes I know somebody for you,wait here

Another brandy,please

Do you want to see me?

No I didn't know,did I?

Let's have a drink

If you look carefully I
got the hand in my pocket

There's a gun in that hand

I want you to pick your hat and coat

All right,let's get out

I got tired of America so I came home

Then I nabbed those bracelets
and you got one of them

I hid the other two

Anything else you're interested in?

Have you ever heard of Maddick?

I read the papers

-Are you Maddick?
-No but I'm speaking for him

How do you like being
blamed for my Monnier job?

This is Maddick,Borden

I've heard your story I can use you

I am not interested,Maddick,I'm
perfectly happy working by myself

You can't work alone in London

Who is going to stop me?

You'll never pull another job

I don't like competition

And I don't like to be an errand
boy for you or anybody else

Why argue with him,Maddick?
Let's get rid of him

I'll make my own decisions as usual,Delaney

Look her,Maddick,this light
is absolutely ruining my eyes

Why don't we drop this chamber
of horrors,and let's talk it over

That's impossible nobody ever sees me

Well,what do you say?

Well,that's how it is,what can I say

I'm broke

Then straight with me
I'll make you a fortune

Remember,once you are in,
you'll never get out


-Seems simple
-Not so simple

Tomorrow morning you'll
get a problem to work out

All matters shall visibly at your disposal

You'll have to make a plan

Consider it a test

That's all

Wait a minute,Maddick,
what about my bracelet

That'll be taken care of

All right,Delaney

Take him to Mala's

Morning sunshine did it ever
occur to you to knock at doors?

-You are new,ain't you?
-Yes I'm new

When you're working for Maddick

you aren't supposed to do anything
what calls for knocking

-You wouldn't be here,if he wasn't

What is this place,headquarters?

No,he has got a dozen houses
like this,for these people

Morning,Delaney,you pay my hotel bill?

I even got your clothes

Come on hurry up,I've got the orders

What is it for?

One of our men in custody is
passing counterfeit notes

Now your job is to figure out
some way of getting him out

What? I admit I'm good but
I never said I was a lawyer

Well,it's all taken care of,for all it is

You mean to say that Maddick
has a solicitor in the gang?

Do you think he is crazy?

How? This is the legal work
perhaps from another level

They've never even heard of Maddick

In other words

I'm supposed to manufacture evidence that
would even convince a solicitor

And a barrister,I'll give his
full name,Tommy Cain

Here is his photographs

Is that his regular job
part of him done with?(?)

No,Tommy is one of the best
safe-cracker in the country

-He is just got it blending the stuff
-I see

-Who is the solicitor?
-AD Newall

Has Maddick got a
bookmaker working for him?

Bookmaker? Yes,why?

You tell me his name
and I'll show you a trick

Andy Purvis


Good morning.What can I do for you?

You can do something for Tommy Cain


Tommy Cain,he is one of your
best clients,isn't he?

Never heard of him

Here is what he looks like

Never saw him before

Maybe Maddick was mistaken


Why didn't you say so in the first place?

What's do you want me to do?

First of all we to act rehearse
than we go round to the solicitors

What is your interest
in this case,Mr Borden?

Well,Tommy Cain is one of my best friends

Then why didn't you bring this
information to my attention before?

Purvis only told me about it last night

That's right,Sir

I only put two and two together
when I was talking to Pete here

Since the case goes to trial tomorrow

this must be put before counsel at once

Now Mr Purvis

Could you identify the notes you gave
to the prisoner on the day of his arrest?

Well,I couldn't exactly do that,Sir

But I'm sure of two things

One that I took a lot of counterfeit
one pounds notes that day

And the other that I paid
Tommy Cain with 60 of them

Have you ever received counterfeit
notes on the race course before?


Every bookmaker gets them

We work so fast we haven't
got time to examine every note we take

Then if the prisoner says
he received the notes from you

you're prepared to say that it is possible



I see

Now,Mr Purvis,the prosecuting counsel
is bound to ask you this question

When you receive these counterfeit
notes in your bag,what do you do with them?

I take them back to the course

and hope that people that gave them
to me get them back again

In other words you offer these notes
yourself knowing them to be forged

The further comment is,Mr Purvis

on such evidence that you should be
in the dock instead of Cain

Now look here Mr Addison I haven't
got time to testify at the court tomorrow

So if this is just the same to
you I'd sooner let this thing drop

And allow an innocent man
to be punished,Mr Purvis

There is no time for jokes,Purvis

If you'll excuse me,Sir

May I say something?


If a bookmaker find these counterfeit notes

he can write them off as bad debt can't he?


Well,that's what Purvis does

Some day that sense of humour of yours
are going to get you into trouble,Andy

I thought everybody realized
I was only being funny

I wouldn't pass that counterfeit notes

Only by accident,of course,Sir

-I don't think I know your name
-Pete Borden

Are you a friend of Cain?


I think I ought to remind you there is
such a thing as carrying friendship too far

Manufacturing evidence for instance

I can assure everything
you've heard is true,Sir

It'd better be if you want
me to conduct the defence

Well,I think that's all gentlemen

We can rely on Mr Purvis
curbing his sense of humour

When he gets into the witness box tomorrow

-All right,Sir,I will Sir
-All right,good morning

Now you alter that point
in the, you discussing..

See you later

Wait a minute

I've had my orders too,Borden,
I've got to take you home

You mean to say that you
knew all about this

My instructions were to do as you told me

And see you get back the
moment when it's over

Damned clever this Maddick


Good evening have you a double room to let?

-One that faces this street?
-Yes,will you come in?

Thank you

It's really accommodate
three with an extra bed

That's not necessary it is
for these two gentlemen

You get the morning sun in these windows

My friend is deaf

You couldn't do better than this boys

All right,we'll take it

Borden's idea worked,Maddick,
they are acquitting Cain this morning

The boy looks promising,I couldn't
have planned it better myself

Clancy,I want Borden on the Mead job

Now take these instructions

To meet a lady in Culver place tonight

She'll be waiting in a black Daimler

She has

invitation to Lady Mead's reception

We are after

The Mead necklace

Be careful

Not to cause suspicion to fall on me

Is that the lot?

Is that the lot?

Yes,he's left the window

Let's go

We can't allow him to get
away with the Mead necklace

I know but we'll endanger Borden's
life if we keep grabbing Maddick's plan

I'm perfectly aware of that but since we
have this information,we got to act on it

Possibly lose our chance
of catching Maddick

Now Maddick won't get suspicious if
we follow the plan what I've suggested

In addition we must have someone on
the reception to observe what happens

Well,if you insist

but if we send plain-clothes men
we're bound to show our hand

All you want an observer isn't it?

Anyone can do that

That's it observer,Sybil Cable

What about her?

She writes a society check
column in the Gazette the Observer

She's bound to be there,knows everybody

Would it satisfy you,if we didn't tell
her too much and let her report to us?

Well,it might

Give me the Gazette,Sybil Caden


Oh,hello,Inspector Cardby what fun

I haven't seen you for ages

Miss Caden,will you be going
to Mead reception tonight?


Now I want to ask you to do us a favour


Shall I come around?

Rather I'll wait for you

Which way is Arbony Street?

All right,Borden

-Hello,so it's you
-So it is

Well,nothing can be nicer,
I've missed you

Here is the invitation

Can't this wait I'm actually
fed up with business

You know they kept me on the
go ever since the night we met

How do you like your
new business connections?

Not bad,not bad at all

Well,the next gets on with polish

All right,Count and Countess Andrea Messi

-Is that us?

Oh my luck is certainly in,
given a title and married to you

You know,Maddick
always said he'll make my fortune

The light goes out exactly at 11

you are to stand at the door and see
that no one comes in or goes out

What fun do I use violence?

You use your head

By the time they get the lights on

I'll be gone from then on
your own about getting out

-And the necklace will be gone when you are

Of course we are married
and everything is arranged

Except how to keep out of
jail if anything goes wrong

Oh don't

Why? What's the matter?

Well,not nothing,nothing

I'm sorry I didn't mean to frighten you

I am not frightened

Yes I am frightened
I've got the feeling as if

Some things is going wrong

Oh,keep your chin up

Maddick never missed a gem has he?

I know,I suppose it's only nerves

Of course it is

When did it get you?

You know I can't believe
all this about Maddick

Of what?

Because somebody must know who he is

What's it to you?

Just curiosity

Curiosities go more than ten

Well,that leaves us just about
where we were,doesn't it?

If you quite finished with guessing games

you might be interested to
know about tonight


Our host don't know us but we
are friend of friends of their....

Count and Countess Messi

Buona sera Contessa,siete stato molto ...

Oh dear I've forgotten
the Italian first steps

It is hardly necessary,Lady Mead,
we both speak English

Thanks,my Italian is awful and
Lord Mead's simply doesn't exist

Or worse

But it is so kind of you to accept
the invitation of a stranger

We are all friends of Princess Rossi

We are really a little
angry with the Princess

she ought to have told us,you know,
that you are coming to London

You must forgive her,we left unexpectedly

Of course

You enjoy yourself I'll try and
come and look after you later on

Thank you so much

-Like to dance?
-I'd love to

-Can't we?
-We have time

Well we got over the first
hurdle of the night,didn't we?

Didn't we?

-Aren't you speaking to be Countess?

You know I'm glad we didn't
met the Fallis while we were away


We'd had complaints from
the tenants about the draft

Now it's your turn you say

It's not drafty

Do you ever take anything seriously?

Oh,yes,dancing for instance

-You dance well
-Thank you Madame

You are not the exactly the
white man's burden on your toe

I'm beginning to feel better now

It's the dancing

Good for the nerves

Mr Conway Addison

What's the matter?

Dance closely,Conway Addison is here

Oh my dear

Does he know you?

Yes I've been in his chambers
for my first assignment

What shall we do?

We don't have to do
anything,keep our eyes open

Miss Sybil Caden

Did you know the Abigail's
other cocktail party tonight

you don't have to worry about
me I know all about you

I am a detective I got to keep my eyes open

He said,so he told me,but it's quite enough

I die for the dear old Scotland Yard

This is terribly important

They are making us looking entirely natural

That is exactly what they
said to me,entirely natural

Aren't you worried about the necklace?

Oh,darling there is nothing to worry about

But promise you'd be careful

Oh,I promise to my sacred heart

Not a word,not a word to a soul,let me

A real burglar

Darling,I do wish you hadn't
gone to the Abigails

So do I,the Gully's people were there.

Awful waste of time


Exciting party,isn't it?

-Well it's going to be exciting

Really? Has Margaret
something up the sleeve?

You are not getting a word out of me

Good Evening

Good Evening,I do not
think I had the pleasure

Isn't your name Borden?

I'm sorry,Sir,Count Messi,my wife

How do you do

My name is Conway Addison,
you must forgive me

but it is the most astonishing likeness

It is I who am sorry we have not met before

-If you'll excuse me,Sir
-Yes,of course

Well,that's the second hurdle over

Your Italian accent didn't
sound any too convincing

I think it worked

Anyway not long until 11 o'clock

How long?

Three minutes

We'll have to separate

Right,au revoir

Good luck

Don't leave the room

I'm so sorry,Madame,I was
merely trying to avert of any

Why shouldn't I go out?

-But I really thought
-I don't care what you thought

Perhaps you'd better explain to
Lady Mead,young man

And the suddenly I felt a hand

And the necklace was jerked away

My Lady the lights were fused intentionally

Sasha,that young man

He has something to do with it,I am certain

-Which young man?

Madame is excited,Lady Mead

I was merely trying to
keep the people quiet

You are being ridiculous,Sybil

-Choosing Count Messi
-Count Messi?

Count Andrea Messi,Madam,at your service

-You? You are Count Andrea Messi?
-Most certainly

Oh it's not true I know Andrea Messi
this man is lying,he is not Andrea

You thought he was someone
else too,didn't you?

Yes,I could have sworn he was

Sybil you're excited
be careful what you say

Excited? I am not very excited
that I can't remember my friends

If you are Count Messi where is Eleonora?

-Your wife

There you see he doesn't
even know his wife's name

I came to the police


I am glad you're here

This is terribly embarrassing,
what shall I do?

I wanted to tell you,Herbert

I mistook this gentleman for somebody
else earlier in the evening

You excuse me,Sir,but in
view of the circumstances

I shall have to ask you to
wait until police arrive

Of course,I too am anxious to
have this mistake cleared up

Just a moment,Sir,you won't have to wait

you're quite right,Madam,this man is
someone we've been looking for a long time

I'm from Scotland Yard,come along

Scotland Yard

Yes,no worry about the necklace,My Lord

We were kind of prepared for this

Woman he came with exited,she is
probably at Bind street by now

-I see
-I don't believe him

You know,this is carrying things too far

You knew

Oh,yes but I'm sober enough now

If you're from Scotland Yard,where
are your credentials who are you?

I'm Detective Sergeant Jackson

He is not,he is lying,I happen to know
they weren't sending anyone here tonight

Ring up Scotland Yard and see

We are followed Borden
let's go over the window

Stop him

We separate here,there's
a taxi round the corner

There's one of ours
it will take you home

You mean Maddick was prepared for this?

Why not? You got court order
to ring up Newall at his house 18 York

Don't talk to the cops talk to him

-Newall the solicitor?
-Right -Right

All right,all right

Where are my binocular

Where are they?

Investigate AD

Newall Solicitor

I'm sure he's mixed up

with Maddick

His initials


may have reference to

born 1935



Might be

Maddick himself

What's the idea with the gun?

Well I might have been followed

Nervous jumpy by the way

I don't like the way the
things went tonight

You don't like the way
things went tonight

You won't forget Maddick

Of all the misses I ever seen

I thought Maddick never missed

It wasn't his fault the necklace
turned out to be paste


Someone must have tipped them off

Lucky for you to come straight back here

-Where else should I go?
-Who knows

Anyhow the orders are you're to stay
as long as you hear from Maddick

Is she trailed?

What about Natasha,
did she get away all right?

Yes,she got away

So you see gentlemen at one time or another

each of you has appeared as counsel
for members of the Maddick gang

Without knowing it,of course


And in each case you received
instructions from Mr Newall

Many cases in which
convictions seemed certain

where repeatedly upset by
last minute evidence

Now what we want to know is this

Was there anything unprofessional in
the cases Mr Newall brought to you?

Absolutely no as far as I am concerned

That's all there is to say,gentlemen

My practice was failing,I needed money

I accepted the retainer even
though it came anonymously

You mean to tell me you never
knew the man who sent you this money?

Didn't even know his name?

The money was sent to me in cash

Instructions to defend men
who came to me from time to time

And you never suspected

that all those criminals you
defended were members of the Maddick gang?

I told you that apart from seeing
Maddick's name in the newspapers

I know nothing about him

I hate repeating myself,Inspector

If you doubt my words,
you know what steps to take

I take it you stand willing to turn over
to us all your records and payments

Every record in the office if you like


Just show these gentlemen to the
waiting room and then come back

I want you to get some
papers from the files

If it all safe for you I think
it's better we'd stay in here

I find my position quite humiliating enough

without having to make good
my word on the police supervision

So ever if you wish to stay

We'll wait outside

I want the records of every
criminal case we handled this year


You don't think he might
be the old boy himself

Not likely

But he knows more than he's told us

Is that all?

Not quite,Sir

Well,I wonder how much
longer it's going to be

We'll give him a few minutes more

Seems a fair amount of stuff there

More paperwork

Oh,he's shot

Mr Newall shot himself

Used a silencer


Now what the pickle,the fire

Stay right where you are,nobody must leave

One hundred that's more
than I've ever seen in my life at one time

Maddick never let you down yet,has he?

-Just a minute

Go on,get out



The verdict on Newall is suicide

Just paid off Ben

I'm going to lay a trap for Borden

Why waste time? Nothing ever
went wrong until we took him on

I want to be certain and I
want to find out how he does it

Now take these instructions

Sorry about that Newall death

Maddick still


Have orders

For a hold up

Oh,the countess come in

I won't be so pleased
to see anyone in my life

-It sounds generous
-It is

Partly because I'm bored
but chiefly because it is you

-Don't say you come on business

As a matter of fact I'm taking
a chance coming here


Well,it makes it all better

Have a chair

-And a drink,maybe?
-I might-Good

What's going on?


Borden,why did you get into this?

Into what?

Into the gang

-Why is any man a crook?
-You are not

I've seen enough of you now to know
that my first impression was the right one

Before you showed me the bracelet


There is something wrong about real crooks

You get a feeling about them

Like the feeling you have about snakes

Oh,more feelings?

You are not a real criminal

Of course not,I merely work for Maddick

because I'm bored with
my mother the Duchess

Some people get in
because of circumstances

And regret it

I mean,you've been
awfully in search of material

And incidentally,there's
nothing snaky about you my girl


My father refugee,stranded
in London after the revolution

He told me to live when I was..

I was very young

When I got old enough to protest it
was too late because I was in with Maddick

Nice man your father

A weak man

-Is he still with Maddick?
-He's dead

I see

May I ask you where all
this conversation is leading?

Pete,I want to quit this

I wanted to get away
from Maddick for a long time

I couldn't I was afraid

You're the first person I'd ever met
I can count on

Come away before it is too late

We'll help each other,we can
make a go with somewhere else

Not so fast,hadn't you'd better be careful

that sort of talk might be
fatal if it got to Merrick

I know what I'm doing

It won't come to Maddick through you

My heart is an open book I suppose you can

trust me on to death and all that


If that means anything to you

Well,maybe I have a better nature

But how do you propose to bring it out?

I love my work

What were you doing out there?

You know,Maddick is going to be
interested to hear the way you feel about


Don't be a fool,Delaney

I shouldn't tell Maddick something
he already knows

What's that?

That was a trap born
on Maddick's instructions

As far as I'm concerned you're through it

Hi,Delaney,I'm tired of
having you following me around

And if I report that you interfered with
this assignment,you'll hear from Maddick

Well,it seems to be that,isn't it?

Not quite

You know I should stay away
from that girl if I was you

Seems to be a sensible
bit of advice,thanks

Now you can do some for me,Delaney

Yeah,I'd like to do,a little favour

You'll do this,tell Maddick I got to see
him at once,it's important,understand?

What do you want to see him about?

That's between Maddick and me

Well,it should be easy,think Maddick
wants to see you when I tell him about this

William Hicks

Hatton Gardens

Three o'clock

Mr Hicks

-Detective Inspector Hall,New Scotland Yard

-Scotland Yard?

Mr Hicks, I trust we can
rely on your discretion

-Of course,Inspector

We had information,it's going to
be a hold up here this afternoon

-In this case we are going

to protect you without any police here

But inspector,what will I do?

Put your valuables in the safe

Just before 3 o'clock two drunken
men will start a fight in the street

That detects them as our constables

They got orders to protect
you without appearing to

But,why don't you just
put a policeman in here?

That'll tip the gang off that
we got a piece of information

-I understand but
-There's nothing to worry about,Mr Hicks

Carry on just as usual



This is William, a Scotland Yard
man was just here

All right,William,stay
there until it blows over


Borden squealed

All right,Borden,what is it?

Why do we have to go through
all this light business again,Maddick?

-Can't I see you now?
-No,come to the point

Well,if you insist

I'm tired of the way
things been going wrong lately

What do you mean to do about it?

I've got an idea for a big killing

But after what's happened
I'll trust nobody but you

Well,what is it?

I'll tell you it in person,Maddick

I don't see people in person

What is it?

It's the Camden Loan Society

They've got a hundred thousands
in cold cash in a safe a baby could open

How do you know about this?

I've found it before I joined up with you

It is enough to retire on there
if we keep it between ourselves

It sounds interesting,
Borden,I'll look it up

If it is what you say
I'll see you,after the job

That's all

That's our man,boys,he's the
one who's been tipping the police

-Go on

Did you ever send Natasha to test Borden?


She's with him,I caught her yesterday
making him a proposition to abandon us

She said it was on your orders

It wasn't

Well,we can take care of her too

First of all I want to tell you
that Borden is not to be touched

He's the best protection we ever had

I'm going to make him think
I'm taking up this job of his

So he can tip the Yard on it

That'll keep them busy

while we'll pull the biggest stroke
we've ever undertaken and we can't miss

The instructions are as follows

I persuaded Maddick

to attempt

Camden Loan Society job as planned


to take place

at 4 o'clock

This afternoon


Promises to see me

if it is successful

Maddick promises to see
me if it is successful

So there must be no interference

I am to be at the Loan Society
Office at 4 sharp with the girl

After the job a man will
pick me up in a green car

and take me to unnamed
place to meet Maddick

Well,now,that's what I call getting result

I'll wait until I see Maddick behind bars

That's very promising,very

We must have Borden followed at any cost

Both to protect him and to make
sure of Maddick ,Cardby

You take charge of the arrangements
at the Loan Society Office


Paul,come in

Took with me,Clancy

You've met before but you don't know it


Of course,the voice in the dark,sit down

Thanks,we've go to get started

Oh,no,my order said that
Natasha would call for me

That's been changed,you and
I are going together now

Delaney will wait for Natasha

All right

But I hate to leave this

I think I would have won

Don't you worry I'll finish
the game for you

-Oh,I wouldn't trouble
-No trouble

Fertile(?) I assure you

Yes,I believe he would have won

Well,why do we stop here?

Ever hear of the Maharajah of Patulla?

I've seen his name in the papers,why?

We've found he's arrived
in London this morning

At least with half a million
pounds in diamonds

Maddick wants them

What about the Loan Society job?

Next,that's all right

We'll pick that up tomorrow

I see

Well,what do we do?

Practically nothing

We are only atmosphere,
Webb does it all

The help with the boys over there

What time is it?


You know Borden,the old man has
taken a quite an interest in you

He liked that Loan Society idea so much

He wants us to talk to
you after we pulled this one


So he says

If everything goes off all right

-Here they come
-Take it easy

Come on,get out of the car

Well,where do we go from here?

We are going to meet Maddick

Where's Pete?

He got his way to the Withies

That's where I'm taking you

To the Withies,why?

We're going to Maddick there

They are going to meet Maddick

At the Withies

What's the Withies?

Why should Maddick be meeting us?

I don't know

Probably to celebrate catching
a policeman in the gang

A policeman,who?

Why? Borden of course

Rather good,you were trying to
make him give up the life of crime

That's not true,it can't be

All right

See for yourself,come on

Well,if Borden is a policeman,
why does Maddick let

What live?

That will be attended to

Don't worry,I expect you'll see him
in time to kiss him good bye

-Funny isn't it?

Especially,when you remember
you had the final in life with him

After that heavy sob story of yours

Awfully funny

Taking him to the Withies?

What's the Withies?

All right keep your eye on that room
and report anything further that happens


Something went wrong

Borden didn't turn up at the
Loan Society nor did the girl

Nobody did


They did? All right,I'll call you back

The Maharajah Patulla's jewels

They hold up the van and got away with it

That's the answer,they used
the Loan Society idea to trick us

Yes and now they are taking Borden
to somewhere called the Withies

to meet Maddick

What's the Withies?

Withies? Withies is a willow
particularly the osier willow

Likely the name of some country house

Well,whatever it is,
we'd got to find it

Don't you see what this means
if they want Borden they'll kill him

Stop him,stop him,he'll get away

-Hear now,what's going on here?
-Never mind now

Notify Scotland Yard,he's going to the
Withies a country house in Sussex,quick

They got to work

Clancy,take him into
the room on the right

Clancy,see if Borden's got a gun


Open the door go into the corridor,
open the first door on your right

For the rest of you,stay where you are

Go ahead


When Natasha comes,let me know



Or Maddick

Whichever you prefer

I congratulate you,Borden,you're
the only person who knows my identity

And certainly the only policeman


Tell me,how did you
communicate with the Yard?

You don't expect me
to tell you that,do you?

Yes,I do rather

You see I'm going to kill you,Borden

But I'll wait until
my curiosity is satisfied

Of course if you choose

I don't see to have much choice,do I?

Sit down

-Know the Withies?
-That old house?-Yes

How far?

You've a good eight miles,
Sir,it's hard to find

Hop in

My deaf man simply read my lips

Very ingenious

Very ingenious indeed

If you're Maddick,why did you help
trip me up at the Mead reception?

That was simple I wasn't Maddick
then,I was Conway Addison

I had to act the part

Very thorough,weren't you?

I owe my success to it

Tell me what Maddick born 1935 AD means

Don't you know?

I was going to ask you that?

That's the cleverest clue I ever left

I don't understand it myself

Well,are there any more questions?

Unless you tell me why you came into this?

I was bored,my dear fellow

I grew so tired of defending dull people
accused of crime which was always the same

So I decided,quite logically,
to make life more interesting

By committing exciting crimes
in an exciting way

It was fascinating

Like playing chess with


and death

Of course,you think I'm mad,don't you?

What else can I think?

I prefer to call it


After all,dividing line
is very thin,isn't it?

If it weren't genius
I couldn't kill you when

Or the others in there

With as little compunction
as I'm going to feel

So you are going to kill the others too?

Yes,it suits my plans

I want to retire and I wish
to leave no possible trace


Delaney is here Natasha
has gone to the police

They might be here in a minute

Keep calm and stay where you are

-Where is Borden?

Is he here?

-No,I'm alone

Where is Pete? Where is he?

I wouldn't dream of spoiling the last
few moments of your little romance,old chap

-Go and join her

Oh yes,go ahead

Oh,Pete I'm so glad

Let me,he's going to kill the lot of you

You're lying,trying to get out of it

It's locked

Borden is right,it's very

This is the only way out for me

However you'll find death painless

All over in a few minutes

We'll be saved the police are on the way

You hear that Addison,
you can't get away with it

Oh,yes I can

I'm in a safe place

There's a chap with me who's been
here since Cromwell was hunting royalists

Nobody ever found him

And nobody will ever find me

-It is gas

I'm going take a chance at you Maddick

-Just once
-Of course you would

But you won't and it's absolutely
no use you drawing that gun,Clancy

Drawing a gun?

-Clancy,he can see us
-What do you mean?

-Well,that he can't see through walls
-He must be

It's walled in

Here's a trick mirror



Addison,get them out all quick

It's gas,it's gas boys,
come on and get them out

Put them men in that car




I've just thought

Holborn 1935

My telephone number

Perhaps that was the clue

So that was AD meant


All right,boys,take him away


Oh,Pete,I want to say good bye to you

And tell you I'm glad I was right about you

Whatever happens to me

But there's nothing going to happen to you

Quite with you who made all this possible

I'm sorry,Borden,but she'll
have to go with the rest

Come on

I'm going with her and I'll get her on if
it takes the rest of my life

It probably won't

Well,what are you waiting for

Subtitles by Nostromo