Crime Story (1993) - full transcript

A dark and handsome true-crime thriller about kidnapping and police corruption in Hong Kong. Once of Jackie Chan's most serious roles, but still overflowing with spectacular acrobatic sequences.

Have you checked the lottery?

No way!

This thing's better than lottery 1st prizes.

Get started!


Gag him!

Reckless driver!

He strangled me from behind and he ramm.

You braked abruptly

and you're framing me.

You should've braked too,

you're careless!

So cocky to my brother?

- Want to have a fight?
- Have you finished?

Men like you trying to kidnap Wong?

He isn't dead!

He will resist!


remember to switch off the pager during action.

Be quick to adjust if anything happens.

Inspector Chan, Serious Crimes Section.


Sign it.

Straight ahead.

Thank you.

Inspector Chan, it happened 48 hours ago.

Why are you still so excited?

Excited? No!

Repeat what happened then.

Go now!

My belly!

Police, halt!


It's all right? Did you say you were not excited?


A policeman who fires

face the

following perils:

One, hurting an innocent citizen.


being shot when exchanging fire.

Come out, damn cop!

What is it?

Finally, killing the thug

but unable to stand the shock.

You belong to the last type then,

Insp. Chan.

You can't stand the shock of shooting and killing.

How'd you face

the situation

if you were in my position?


I'll ask for leave to get a rest.

Thank you, but I need no rest.

Write your report any way you like.


I, Ng Kwok-wah, Cantonese,

head of the Wolok tong.

I, Ng Kwok-yan,
vice-general manager of Kam Lung Trading Co.

I, Hung Ting-bong, Cantonese,

a detective of Serious Crimes Section.

I, Simon Ting, Taiwanese

Chairman of Hsing Hua Financing.

I, Yen Chi-sheng, Szechwanese,

chief of Red Star Commune.

We swear

to be brothers.

Though born separately, we pledge to die together.

We swear with blood

to fight Wong Yat-fei.

Heaven will see we reap what we sow.

We will take his ill-gotten money
to do justice to Heaven.

Anyone who betray shall be thunder struck

and be killed, his body mutilated.


The Chief wants you

to see him immediately.

Thank you.

I pay millions in tax each year.

Now do something.

Morning, sir.

Insp. Chan, this is Mr Wong Yat-fei.

Mr Wong suspects kidnapping.

Listen to him.

I don't suspect, I have evidence.

I had photos taken at the building site

to see if there's anything stolen.

This car was seen

at the gate 4 days in succession

and these men appeared daily.

You just couldn't get over

the last kidnapping?


I sense something's wrong.

You sense it?


- Sit down, Inspector Chan.
- Yes, Sir.

Don't underrate my intuition.

My success

depends mostly on my intuition

and partly on my efforts.

In the 1967 riots I decided to buy lots of land

and I was the only one

to tender in 1974 for

the Fo Tan factory area in Shatin.

Frankly, my intuition led me

to money-making decisions,

not my foresight.

You were kidnapped 3 years ago, Mr Wong.

Are you still

under its shade?

Maybe, but are you going to take action?

We'll investigate.

Inspector Chan, take over this case.

Yes, sir.

Why didn't you answer my calls for weeks?

I had to work, miss.


No case is big enough

to keep you for weeks.

Don't say you've been

assigned to an undercover job!

Who are you, miss?

You know all about the police?

I don't, I only know you're a small detective.

Paid a paltry $20,000 a month.

Quit it, and I'll support you.

Then I'd lose face!

How's it? Wet all over? Get in.

Go home and take a bath.

No time now. I'll go to your place later.

What are you up to again?

I'm busy, I'll see you after work.

What on earth are you up to? Tell me.

Or you're not allowed to go tonight.

Damn, you keep nagging. Get lost!

How dare you, bastard? I'll find another man.

Any man would come if I part my legs.

And the queue'd extend from Tsimshatsui to Shataukok!


So many rich people are leaving because of '97.

De luxe residential quarters may
stay quiet for some time.

Stephen, I've decided to change plans by

converting one large housing unit

into 4 small ones.

They best suit small families

and will sell well.

One into four

with 70% usable space each

no space even for a wardrobe in the bedroom.

Buyers get their price's value.

It fits in with the salaried men's budget.

Could PWD approve the modifications in it.

Just do as I tell you.

Do the same to the other sites too.

Meanwhile, apply to PWD.

Ask the contractor to put in overtime.

The sooner the flats are sold,
the bigger the profit.

The sooner the modifications, the better.

Halt, CID!

What's wrong? What's so special with CID.

Halt, police!

Let me go!

The pay?



Collecting wages in arrears, OK?

What's so special with police?

Mr Wong, it seems they're not here to kidnap.

Not so simple.

Wong Yat-feis heartless, work without pay!

Halt, CID! Don't make trouble here!

Stand back!

Why are you arresting my colleagues?

Police, wanton arrest.

Arrest me!

Pick the gun! Stand back, all of you!

Stand back!

Keep cool, everybody!

What if we don't?

What's wrong?

Is it fatal?

Assaulting police, get him!

Let go!

Stand back, everybody!

Keep away!

Listen, cool off, everybody!

Keep cool, will you?

How can I keep cool?

We're also salaried men like you.

I know the fury of not getting the pay.

We also haven't comen to terms on pay rises

nor on dangerous allowances.

We wanted to demonstrate too,

but have to maintain order here.

Does that mean we bear you any grudge?

Why are you blocking our demonstrations then?

If you apply

through normal channels

we may even lead the way for you.

Hong Kong is governed by law.

One the face of it, everybody is equal.

Our duty is to protect each and every citizen.

We full sympathize with you

but when the rich called, we had to come.

So I advise you to abide by the law.

I want no trouble,

property destruction or injuries.

We've to arrest trouble-makers,


Leave right away!

Release them!

- Dismissed.
- Yes, sir.

Wong Yat-fei,

you leach cheat on our hard-earned wages.

You'll die tragically and
your son will be a freak!

This is between the contractors

and the workers only.


Insp. Chan, they assaulted police.

Why only one arrest?

Mr Wong, this labor dispute

is not linked with Serious Crimes.

Let me take your case to the Labor Department.

Not necessary, we can handle it ourselves.

Pay them and everything's all right.

Let him go.

Yes, sir.

Listen, Patrol Section Overhead, we're packing up.

Keep monitoring. Disperse them if they come again.

Don't hurt them.

Yes, sir.

He's a notorious miser.

Fei, I don't feel well.

Have you taken your medicine?


Make the chairs lower, take a rest.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Cheers for Peter, Michael, David

for their promotion.

Hip, hip, hurray!

Darling, we're being followed.

Fei, it was only your hallucinations.

No, I must call the police.

Don't alarm the police all the time.

We're taxpayers, we're entitled
to police protection.

Insp. Chan, Wong Yat-fei speaking,
I'm being tailed.

Where are you now?

Peak Road on my way home.

I suspect kidnapping.

Could they be construction workers

demanding their wages?

Of course not.
I've already come to terms with them.

Come quickly now!

Something wrong. He's making a call.

Never mind. Get him!


What on earth is it?


Don't hit my husband, don't hit him!

Quiet, bitch!

Don't hit my husband!

His wife is also here.

His wife also here?


Don't scream! Quiet!

Make sure first! How come?

Brother, what shall we do now?

How do I know?

Well, kidnap his wife too.

Careful, his wife has heart disease.

How can we get the money if she drops dead?

Serious Crimes Section.

Superintendent Cheung, please.

What's your name, please?

I'm Eddie Chan of Special Operations.

Inspector Chan,

your serial and code numbers, please.

Can I report a case now?

We need the code for this call.

A CID car is following us.

James, hold him off.

Portuguese, drive the hostage away quick!

Don't let him come close!

Serious Crimes Section.

I'm Eddie Chan of Special Operations.

I'm in Peak Road...

Your serial

and code numbers, please.

Police, I'm a citizen.

I want to report a case.

Please describe what happened.

I saw several thugs herd a man

into a car in Peak Road.

It's now going downhill. Get hold of them quick!

We'll make investigations right away.

Thank you.

A citizen in Peak Road

reports a kidnapping.

PC48823, over Rush to the scene right away!

PC48262, over.

He is still following us.

Get away from him quick!

We're finished if he catches up!

A traffic cop, shake him off!


We killed that traffic cop!

Bastards, what a mess! Idiots!

I don't care.

Stop, stop!

2 policemen were wounded on Peak Road.

One is taken to hospital,

the other undergoing.

First aid on the spot.

PC62129, over, proceeding to Peak Road.

I'm here.

We see the target.

Pal, lead me to the Army Hospital.

Attention all units, the injured
policeman is bleeding copiously.

Notify off-duty policemen to rush
to the Army Hospital.

Be ready for blood transfusion any time.

Where's the Emergency Room?

Over there.

Hurry up!

Send for the doctor!

Keep away!

Call the doctor right away!

Doctor, help him, he's bled much!

Stop his bleeding first!

Don't go in, sir.

You're also bleeding! Let's stop it first.

Leave me alone. Help stop his bleeding.

Someone's helping him.

It's my patient, I'll go and see.

Help him!

You can't get in!

Tell him to keep calm! Stop his bleeding first.

Help him by any means!

Someone's helping him.

Help him!

Keep cool!

Let's stop his bleeding first.

Inspector Chan.

Chi-keung is here!

Excuse me, please.

Excuse me.

Doctor Chan, how's he?

A head wound, A few stitches will do the job.


How are my colleagues?

In the operation room. The doctor's treating them.

I want to see them!

Don't move. It may hurt the wound.

I want to go out. Keep away!

The stitch has to be clipped first.

Eddie, let them cut off your stitch first.

You've bled much.

You'd better stay for a rest.

I risked my life

and my buddies are in emergency!

Don't you office man know it?

You're now mentally unfit to handle the case.

Take a leave, give me time to observe.

Observation to you, suspension to me!

Your boss wants the report.

You are too tense.

Tell me how to write it!

Write whatever you like.

Don't drop names to lean on me!


Doctor, I'm Lau Hak-ming's wife.

How's my husband?

Don't worry, he's under urgent treatment.

We'll do our best.

Thank you, doctor.

Take her to the front and him up the ship.

Is she dead?

Step on the gas!



Set sail quick!

Clear up everything, push the car to sea.

Don't call me unless absolutely necessary.

At about 6.30 pm yesterday on 16/4

property magnate Wong Yat-fei and his wife

were kidnapped by several thugs

while on their way home along Peak Road.

Wong had called me before the incident.

He said he suspected kidnapping.

I rushed to the scene after receiving his call.

I met his kidnappers in Peak Road

driving 4 different cars.

Mr and Mrs Wong were driving a creamy Mercedes Benz.

I tried to stop them,

but failed.

2 traffic policemen were seriously wounded

when rammed by the thugs' cars.

One died.

The bandits left Mrs Wong off at Apleichau Harbor

telling her to bring the ransom in 3 days.

The amount is US $60 million.

US $60 million?

The equivalent of HK $500 million.


The first thing now is

for the Intelligence Section to install bugs

at Mrs Wong's home and her haunts.

Around-the-clock, bugging to
monitor the thugs' movements.


Teams 1 and 2 of Operations make a thorough search

of any possible hideout in HK, Kowloon,

N.T. and offshore islands.

Third, keep an eye on top clandestine racers.

The others go to girlie bars,
gambling dens, joints and hotels.

Make a thorough search

and bring in any suspects for questioning,


Yes, sir.

Mr Hung.

It's been a long time. So late?

Yes, they called me at this hour.

Cancel all leaves and report
to headquarters at once.

Yes. A case requires urgent attention.

The names and addresses

of the shops Mrs Wong frequented.

Mr Hung.

Superintendent Cheung.

It's been a long time. You've put on weight again.

The feeling is mutual.

Chan, let me make the introduction.


He cracked Wong Yat-fei's

1st kidnapping case.

Thank you.

They say you've acted valiantly.

I'm following your example.

Could be a call

from the informer.

Check it.

Yes, sir.

Mr Hung, oh Jesus, a mainland gunboat!

Seems to be sailing over! What now?

Try to get away from it.

Where can I hide at sea?

Jump overboard if you can't!

Use your head! Don't ever let them see the hostage.

I'm now meeting at headquarters.

Don't call me.

Don't just put me off with that!

Stop for inspection!

What do you do?

I'm a fisherman, not a smuggler.

Going to HK early tomorrow morning.

Nothing under the hold.

Shut up, or we'll drown you!

You've crossed the border! Get back quick.

Thank you.


Inspector Chan.

I want to see Mrs Wong.

I'm here.

If you want to save your husband

get US $60 million from the Chase Bank,

Wanchai at 10 tomorrow.

Chase Bank, Wanchai, at 10.

I'll call you by mobile phone then.

Get more batteries.

Run it.

Keep 2 men to listen to calls.

Notify all units

to deploy

at the target bank.

Over, Operations.

Operation Teams 4, 5

monitor the Chase Bank.

Report any calls

to all units.

Mrs Wong?


Electronic Radar Section calling Hq.

Here's the dialogue transmission

between the thugs and Mrs Wong to all units.

Have you prepared everything I ordered yesterday?


I'm now on my way to that bank.

I'll be there in less than 5 minutes.

Now, listen carefully, don't go to Central.

Go right away to the Admiralty Branch.

A change?

OK, I'll be right there.

Intelligence Section sticking to post just in case.

Yes, sir.

The others follow me.


I need more men, mobilize all reserve men

for deployment near

the Admiralty Chase Bank.

We're now rushing over there.

Reserve Puppy Team

has reached Admiralty Chase Bank.

Mrs Wong's car's

heading for Admiralty along Wanchai Bridge.

Mrs Wong, never mind who I am.

I'll call you again.

Why did they speak in mandarin?

We found the first call didn't come from HK.

Continue with the chase.

Yes, sir.

Trace the origin of the mandarin line.

Mrs Wong has reached the bank
but target hasn't appeared.

Go into the bank

and convert US $60M into 50 cashier's orders.

Mrs Wong has entered the bank.

I'll get in touch with you in a minute.

Morning, Mrs Wong.

Please withdraw US$ 60 million from my account.

Money drawn, the thugs should appear soon.

How are things now?

Another call's coming in.

Mrs Wong is coming out of the bank.

Go now to United Chinese Bank 3 blocks away.

Eddie, Mrs Wong going to United Chinese Bank

3 blocks away.

I've done everything as ordered.

Cashier's cheque, bank order, everything.

Can I speak a few words to my husband now?

Mrs. Wong is walking through
footbridge to the United Chinese Bank.

Anyway, your husband is now safe.

Once we get the money, we'll release him.

No tricks

or we can't guarantee his safety.

Never, don't ever hurt him!

Don't ever alarm Mrs Wong.

You're following her too closely.
Move back a little.

Not all of you. Be more natural.

We verified the 1st call came from Shenzhen.

Connect me to Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen.


Superintendent Cheung, connected.

Commissioner Lai, we must trouble you
for your help.

OK, we'll do everything in our power.

Buy, Mrs Wong is now in your sphere of supervision.

Keep an eye on suspects around her.

Let me do it.

Please notify Superintendent Cheung.

That call

came from Taiwan.

OK, thank you.

How's everything?

Have you traced that mandarin phone call?

No answer yet.

Now deposit the cashier's cheque
in United Chinese Bank

Taipei Branch, A/C 3032-377-068

Taipei Branch, what account No?


And 377-069.

Those who showed up must change.

Mrs Wong may come out again.

I'm changing. Keep spying on Mrs Wong.

The remittances go to a dozen accounts

in United Chinese Bank.

Call Taiwan Police Headquarters.

Yes, sir.

Commissioner Shen, please.

Speaking. What is it, please?

Commissioner Shen.

This is Police Superintendent Cheung
of Serious Crimes, HK.

Commissioner Shen, the ransom of a kidnapping

has been deposited into several accounts
of United Chinese Bank, Taiwan.

Please check and freeze the money.

Mr Cheung, the case doesn't happen in Taiwan.

We have no right to interfere

in commercial activity.

I suspect the bandits to be terrorists

earmarking the money for illegal activities.

Don't push me, I'm remitting the money.

Remitted $30 million.

Already $30 million.

Continue to remit it. For your husband's life.

Don't worry, I'm remitting the money.

Remember to release my husband once you get it.

Mui Lam Street public telephone booth, thank you.

Superintendent Cheung, we're traced the Shenzhen call.

Superintendent Cheung.

How's it?

The accounts are owned by

4 persons and

Taiwan will fax their data to us.

Eddie, listen,

stop Mrs Wong from remitting now.

Yes, sir.

Once she remits

all the money

the clue may be lost.

I'm now in the bank.

Sir, you can't go in.

Serious Crimes Section.

sorry, we're CID working on a case.

We're CID working on a case.

Call later.

The battery in my phone has run out.

I'm replacing it, it won't take long.

No tricks! I'll call you again in a minute.


- For me.
- Mrs Wong,

the police ask you to stop remitting.

Mrs Wong, even after receinging the money

the thugs may kill the hostage for safety's sake.

I've no other choice.

Tell me what to do!

You told me to pay,

and now tell me not to do!


I'll do anything to save my husband.

Mrs Wong, we're making

the 4th remittance of $14 million.

Go on with the remittance!

Once remitted to Taiwan and the clue's lost.

we can't crack the case.

Sorry, I care only about my husband's safety.

Solving the case is your business.

Mrs Wong.

There have so far been

15 cases of hostage killing after ransom payment.

I don't want your case to be the 16th.

Do you trust the thugs or us?

Stop the remittance.

Mrs Wong has stopped remitting.

Electronic Trailer continues monitoring
around the clock.

Puppy Team secretly protects Mrs Wong.

Damn, no answer, trying tricks!

Over there.


Taiwan has faxed us

the data of the accounts.

What now, Fei?

Can $30 million save you?

Ask for their help.

There's no diplomatic relationship

or extradition between the 2 regions.

Send a man there. But who?

Superintendent Cheung,
I know Taiwan well, let me go.

OK, I'll put one man under you.

Why are you so nervous?

I never trust

any flying giant object.

So I'm scared.

Take it as a pleasure trip at public expense.

Stay in a de luxe hotel

and get yourself a treat.

Look at these data.

Have you any impression of this man?

He's Simon. Do you know him?

No, never seen him before.

Would Taiwan help us?

Never mind.

2 enjoyable nights there and our mission's over.

Air turbulence. Please return to your seat.

I'm CID, I'm interrogating a suspect.

You never take things seriously?

Why should I?

I've given 30 years of my youth to the force.

What have I got now?

What do you want to get now?

I don't know.

Each time I woke up at night

I felt having let myself down.

I was stronger than you

when fresh from school.

When you exchange fire and kill someone

I bet you're afraid.

Dare you say you are not?

Sir, it's dangerous not to return to your seat.

I'm sued to danger.
I want a refund if there's none.

Sit down and fasten your seat belt.

Don't worry! The air hostess is fussy.

Are you all right?

Thank you.

Captain Ko, the gun's inside.

Store it.

Hi, Eddie Chan, Hung.

Give me the papers.


There are no diplomatic ties between us.

Nor any formal Interpol contact.

- This case, eh...
- Captain.

Start the car.

I'm Captain Ko.


A group was discovered

gathering in a house in Hua His Street.

One of them looks Simon Ting.

I see.

Attention, Thunderbolt,
keep an eye on them on the spot.

It's now 6.30 pm.

Gather at Hq at 7.


I see, I see, Captain.

Make a chart of deployment now.
You return to Hq first.

How's the situation, sir?

No movement.

The key to your room.

Deliver the chart now to His Hua Hotel.

We can only

help you under cover.

You have no right to enforce the law here.

Retire early. Don't run around.

I'll contact you tomorrow. Goodbye.


Go now.

Please put it to our room.

Where are you going?

Hua His Street.

What then after arrival?

We'll decide then.

Go to Hua His Street.

Get ready for further orders.

Continue the surveillance.

Don't let them get any wiser.

Loud and clear!

Captain, everything's set.

Got everything clear?

Very clear.

What happened?

Hush! It's okay.

We're rich, we're rich!

The money's here,

but when can we spend it.

Damn, count it carefully.

That sucker is easy!

Easy, hush!

Police in action, please co-operate.

Act faster, everybody!

What happened?

When you're womanizing, you're at your best

but you're nothing when it comes to war.

Simon, you're a chicken.

We must play safe. Hold it.

Thunderbolt, get set!

Damn, it's serious!

Brother, many cops are outside!

Hide the money fast!

Get the guns!

Run quick!

Watch out!

Police, don't move!

What's the matter?

Go up, quick!


Isn't that Simon?

What happened up above?

Big brother, go over there.

Any more? Look around.

Two are left behind.

Blow them up, blow them up quick!

Big brother, how are we to escape?

This side, quick!

Black Dog, kill him!

Damned stupid!

Why stand there? After him!

OK, I'll come later.

What now?

Over there.

Hurry up!

Damn, all cops! What now?

Had you informed me earlier,
this wouldn't have happened.

Keep away, keep away!

Try something or you can't get away either!

I'm thinking.

Help me or I'll spit everything out!

He nearly pulled me down.

You two come down!

I ask you to cooperate, telling the truth.

Why are you chasing him?
Why do you want to kill him?

One, he's linked with a kidnapping case in HK.


a good citizen can make an arrest.

It came too abruptly and stunned me.

Why did you follow that man?

My superior wanted me to.

You have no right to act here,

as I told you.

You've violated our law.
Now write a repentance letter.

I won't write it!

My superior is the impulsive type.

I now charge you

with violation of our state security law.

We're too rash in our anxiety to solve the case.

We've brought you lots of trouble.

We're really sorry.

Why did you follow that man?

Why did he die in your presence?

I want to make a call back to HK.

Mr Hung, thanks for your co-operation.

Don't mention it.

Why did you follow that man?

What's your relationship with him?

Is he in league with you?

There are bad elements in the HK police force.

Help me or I'll spit everything out!

The same is the case with the Taiwan police force.

What? What did you say?

Dare you insult our Taiwan police?

Many of you HK thugs

come here to seek asylum.

Help me or I'll spit everything out!

Thanks for releasing them.

Don't worry, I'll punish them.

I'll give you a logical explanation.

Thank you! Commissioner Shen. Bye-bye.

Search Simon's HK office right away.

Yes, sir.


Thank you.

Despite the mess, we've achieved something.

Who are you looking for, sir?

We're CID, we'll go in to search.

Our boss is not here.

Your boss is dead.

Don't move anything here!

Don't move the computer!

Sit down!

The visiting hour has passed.

I'm from Serious Crimes.
What's the room No. of Lau Hak-ming?

No. 8.

Thank you.

Don't mention it.

This Inspector Chan wants to see you.

What is it?

I'm Eddie Chan of Serious Crimes.

Here's my search warrant.

Sir, from No. 1 to No. 100?

Hung, an Eddie Chan is here

to check the data of Pagers 1 - 100.

1 - 100, including myself?

What now?

Erase all my data,

all of them.

What's wrong with the computer?

I don't know either.

Don't touch it.

How come?

Insp. Chan, sorry,

the computer's in trouble again.

It's always in trouble.

We can't replace it, as it's out of stock.

Once it's fixed, Insp. Chan

maybe I can get you some data.

What do you want to find, Insp. Chan?

Maybe I can help you.

I'll help you the best I can.

Insp. Chan.


know a newcomer called Portuguese?

No. let me find something for you.

OK, contact me as soon as possible.


any code number generally known as 369?

what's it?

Never mind.

How many Ceasar Night Clubs are there in HK?

Only one in Tsimshatsui

Good. Contact me right away if there's any news.

That cop stood in our way.

OK, let's get him.

He killed Simon.

We'll chop Wong into 18 pieces for the sharks.

Don't act on impulse.

Hung, please do say something.

We can't give up.

You made mistakes before.

Now the hostage is at sea.

No position, no target.

The police, however smart,

can't find it.

Though Simon is dead

getting a ransom through Taiwan is still feasible.

We must not give up.

After overcoming these 2 big obstacles

we can extort his wife

so long as we have the hostage.

Having paid us once,
she won't begrudge another payment.

Just wait and see.


we got this photo at Simon's office.

Intelligence Analysis said it's worth looking at.

Say something sweet to your wife.

She misses you.

Record your voice to her to
prove you're still alive.

Get up!

Ka ka.

So early.

I'm free anyway.

Are you Miss Ka Ka, please?

Yes, what do you want?

I'm Insp. Chan of Serious Crimes.

Please help us find out about Hung.

Just get hold of that bastard!

I'm Amy.

Insp. Chan of Serious Crimes wants to see Ka Ka.

That bloody fatty is a creep!

I know all about the evil he's done.

You've come to the right man.

Ka Ka, why have you returned so early?

To fool around with men, okay?

Haven't you already got one?

Who? That policeman?

He suits you.

You like a cop, don't you?

- Club girls like cops.
- With him? Wait and see.

Ka Ka is hard to woo.

What have you got, sir?

I like challenges.

I bought a pretty dress yesterday.

Where's Ka Ka?

She's inside.

You're his mistress, you should know his doings.

Am I his mistress?

Sir, are you my beau?

They say he's been mixing
with some influential men

Is that so?

I'll tell you everything

you want to know.

Have you seen this man?

So close, I can't see clearly.

Bobo, lure away that cop.

He's dead.

You must have known him then.

Ka Ka, mamma's here to see you.

See you later, Pretty Boy.

How are you going to make good for this?

I'll wipe it dry for you.

Ka Ka, you must do me this favor.

That kid outside wants to ruin me.

If he asks about me,

say that you know nothing.

Why should I help you?

What's my relation to you?

You slept with me,

but you slept with lots of other girls too.

Is our relationship so simple?

Take a look first.

I bought a house in your name.

On Gold Coast.

Isn't that enough?

I don't care.

I'll tell him.

Ka Ka, once exposed, I'm finished.

Take it as a favor to me, will you?

Is a cop so special? Say "sorry" then.

Right, say "sorry"

Want to go away like that?

What's wrong with you?

Don't run!

Why are you so careless, sir?

Don't get mad. I'll buy you a drink.

I'm really sorry, sir.

Don't run!

Pay now or say "sorry".

Keep away! So cocky to my superior?

What about my face?

Inspector Chan.

Ka Ka, Inspector Chan wants to see you.

Reconciled with you now? Bastard!

Stop acting!

I'll tell you his secret, sir.

He never closes toilet doors nor wears undies.

I know other things about him.

Let's talk at the station. I'll go get my handbag.

Say something good to your wife now.

I can't stand it.

Tell her to pay quick and we'll release you.

Hear that?

Speak up!

Sum-yue, I'm Fei.

It's been a long time, but...

Why don't you use the ashtray?

Inspector Chan, is he the man you want?

They say he's quit 2 jobs.

He'll flee to the mainland tomorrow.

In the Kowloon Railway Station.

Thank you.

Contact me if anything happens.



Wait for me here.

Target has appeared, stand by for action.


CID. Come with us to the station.



Hold him!

Police brutality, police brutality!

Bring him back!

Let me go! What's so special with the police?

Police brutality. Let me go!

Get going!

I'm not going. I won't go anywhere!

Come and give a hand.

Yes, sir.

I'd rather die than go!

Take him in!

Portuguese, here is Serious Crimes,
don't try anything!

Keep away, I have something to say.

Let him talk.

Keep away, keep away!

Inspector Chan, I'll come clean.

Let me be your prosecution witness.

Take him and the machine to the ward.

The ward?

Be at your mercy?

Speak everything here.

He looks dirty.

Give me the key.

Yes, sir.

He's doing it right.

Don't slap his face.

Right, or it will be trouble.

Let me handle you.

Assaulting police?

- Keep away!
- Insp. Chan, are you all right?

Don't think you police are special.
Let's fight hand-to-hand.

One more count for you.

Seriously destroy public property.

Take him to the ward!

Yes, sir.

Stand up, bastard!

Are you inviting death by a hand-to-hand
fight with Inspector Chan.

Phoebe, where's Insp. Chan?

He's inside.

What now? Want to complain?

Tell him to sign it.

Sign it, sign it quick!

Inspector Chan, he's my informer.

What's his offence?

I suspect him to have a hand in kidnapping Wong.

Bastard, so you kidnapped Wong!

I didn't!

You're framed by the police then?



They even beat me up.

Beat you up?

Want to complain?

Want a medical checkup?

Don't you want a medical checkup?

Yes, yes, yes, I want to complain about them.


You hit me!


What are you doing?

You want to kill the witness?


you're finished if you're in my hand!

Better take him to a doctor in a hospital.

I still have to interrogate him.

Inspector Chan, he's my informer.

Let me handle it.

- He's now so badly wounded.
- No.

Without my order,

none's allowed to take him out of this room.

What are you doing? Come with me now.

Yes, sir.

Protect him around the clock.

Don't take him away without my order!

Yes, sir.

Set out now!

Yes, sir.

Co now.


a new development in the Wong case.

The hideout has been found,

according to Intelligence.

Let's set out.

Yes, sir.

Our information says

this is an unused smuggling boat.

But we got a report on movement on board.

Eddie and Hung, go on board to have a look.

First, second teams search the adjacent islands.

Notify me in case of any discovery.

Operate instantly!

Operation begins!

Yes, sir.

Insp. Chan, that door will soon be fixed.

You two go over there to have a look.

Yes, sir.

Where are you going?

Search over there.

Over there? Over here.

- We've searched over here.
- Make another search.

- Search again.
- Yes, sir.

Insp. Chan, we're going out to have a look.

OK, I'll join you later.

55268, are you with Inspector Chan?

Inspector Chan is on the chimney.

- Have you found anything?
- No.

- Back to work.
- Yes, sir.

Still no discovery.

I'll go to the adjacent island to have a look.

Notify me if anything happens.

Yes, sir.

Anybody there?

Don't erase it. I wrote it.


So it really was you!

Take off your belt!

Yes, I did it.

I respect you

and have been taking you as my idol.

But you're a villain!

Inspector Chan, easy,

let's talk it over.

I've been years in the police force.

I know good men won't be rewarded.

Police get killed

with no security.

Why not forget what you've seen?

I'll give you half of my money.



I suspect you have a hand

in kidnapping Wong.

You may choose not to speak, but if you do,

it may be used in Court against you.

Come over.

Tug at me!

Stand still.


You can't get away!

Anybody there?

Superintendent Cheung, over.

- What's wrong?
- Inspector Chan fired one shot.

Hung was injured by Insp. Chan's shot.

He must be mad.

What? Take him to hospital first.

Where's Insp. Chan?

Insp. Chan's missing. Over.

Bring him back quick!

Yes, sir.

I may be unhappy with him.

But that's not enough for him to shoot me.

Inspector Chan's here!

We've found Inspector Chan.

Inspector Chan, hold it.

Superintendent Cheung,
we've found Insp. Chan, over.

Where's Inspector Chan?

He's at sea.
The Rescue Team's giving him first aid.

Call an ambulance for him.

Yes, sir.

Get someone to stop Hung right away!

Don't worry about me.
Take care of yourself, understand?

Only then will I feel at ease.

I'm well provided in board and lodging here.

They're nice to me.

The voice of Mr Wong.

You'd better do according to his order.

They'll release in on receiving their money.

Then we'll wipe them out with one fell swoop.

- Hung has a hand in kidnapping Wong.
- Is that so?

Superintendent Cheung, get hold of him quick!

Any delay may endanger Wong.

OK. You go and get a checkup first.

Superintendent Cheung, I'm all right.

Get back Hung quick!

You go for a checkup.

Come with us into the ambulance, sir.

Follow them.

I said I'm okay.

This is an order!

Where's Hung?

He left midway.


If I were he, I'd have left too.

Why don't you trust me?

Inspector Chan.

Bring back Eddie and Hung, and give me a report.

Yes, sir.

Right, the amount is right.

Mrs Wong,

remit at one time?

Yes, don't delay.

Mr Hung,

We've found Inspector Chan.

Superintendent Cheung tells you to go back
to headquarters and write a report.

I see.

Mrs Wong, excuse me.

Keep watch here! Don't let anyone get in.

Maybe they can identify me,

but I'm not sure.

Pack up for safety's sake.

See you at 369.

Mrs Wong, Eddie Chan of Serious Crimes speaking.


Don't ever remit any more money to the thugs.

I've already remitted all.

Talk to Hung.

Excuse me.



Give me a copy of Express.

A copy of Sing Pao.

$5 worth of steamed rice rolls.

Shanghai 369.

Two rice dumplings, two bowls of bean soup,
3 pretzels.

Right away!

Why so long? Have you got everything?


Take them up then.

- Take them up.
- You go first.

Any press report on it?


Your steamed rice rolls.

Get the sauce yourself.

Thank you.

Eddie Chan of Serious Crimes,

connect me to Chief Cheung, quick.



Now I've found the kidnappers'

den in Waterloo Road.


Get your gun!

Police Station

Reporting a case?

Over here.

- What's taken you so long?
- Give me the gun!

Give it to me!

Halt, crouch down!

Run, call the police, run!

What happened? What a dense smoke!

No idea! Like the sound of an explosion.

Hurry up!

Gas leaks!


My son is up above!

My son!

Don't shoot!

Chop him!

- Okay.
- Hurry up!

Let me.


Get him!


Don't move!

Stir and I'll shoot!

Stop, halt!

Want to kill me?

You win, with me in your hands.

Have you no shame?

Can you kill all the HK police?

You killed one of our men

and heavily injured another.

You're a disgrace to the police force.

Shut up!

You don't know the agony of being a policeman.

Risking one's life

for a paltry pay only.

I can't live in luxury.

What about the rest of my life

if I didn't do that?

Where's the hostage? Come on!

Kill me if you have the guts.

Where's the hostage?

Where's the hostage? Speak up!

I won't tell even at death.

You scum, how many more do you want to ruin?

Get up, go away!

Mummy, mummy.

What are you doing? Where are you going?

Don't worry. Uncle will help you.

Hold me.

Open up, open up!

You're a beast!

Wait here, I'll be back right away.

Don't go away.

Hung, wake up!

You must feel I deserve death.

That's up to the Court.

Don't help me! I won't speak anyway.

I'll help you all the same.

I won't get away this way.

They say you're mad. You really are a nut.

Call me a nut, but that's my way of life.

You're mad!

Don't give up.

Use your own force too.

Don't help me, it won't help.

You can't pull me back! Go away!

Brace yourself up.

I don't want you to die with me here.

Help that child,

or you both can't get away.

Hold on till I find someone to help you.

Listen, Fat Kee Fishing Boat in the high seas,



My son!

Thank you, sir.

Giver me the telephone.

Fishing boat in front, stop for inspection

or we'll fire.

Not answer at this critical moment?

Hung must be wrong.

They'll discover the hostage on coming over.

What now?

Kidnappers are executed on the mainland! What now?

Dump him into the sea!

Don't fire, we'll stop!

You'd be a satiated ghost.
That's not what I had in mind.

Comrade, we're here to collect someone. Thank you.

You've thinned.

It's cold.

Can we leave now?

The formalities are over.

You may leave.

Commissioner Lai, thanks for your help! Goodbye.

Thank you.


You fix this file.

Yes, sir.

Fei, let's leave HK for a rest,


We must leave HK foreveror a good rest.



Thank you, thank you very much.