Crime School (1938) - full transcript

Deputy Commissioner of Correction Mark Braden finds a reform school in terrible condition and assumes control himself. He wins the boy's cooperation by being fair and falls in love with gang leader Frankie's sister Sue. This aides disgruntled employees in challenging Braden.

Look at that.I bet
it'd do a hundred on a stretch.

It'd do a hundred --
easy a hundred on a--.

With some high-compression
shut up! Shut up!

What are you worying about,
there, your mother'll be okay.

Doctor said
she had too many babies.

Maybe this time
she ain't gonna come back.

Another baby? Whoo!
Can it! Can it!

What did I say?
I didn't say nothin'.

Don't you worry, kid.
They'll fix her in the hospital.

People die in hospitals.

Ah, you're daffy. Hospitals is
okay. I was there once.

And, boy, you should've seen
the elegant service I got.

And what a nurse I had. Boy was
she a pip! Was she a pip!

Shut up. We heard about it.
We heard about it.

Get out! Get out!
With mine own eyes I seen you.

Screwball, I didn't touch
your old fig Newtons.

Can you picture that, this guy
says I was swiping fig Newtons.

You was! I seen you!
You of all people.

You, stealing tramp. You stay
out of my store, you hear it?

Ah stop talking in bunches.

You know, he's the most
suspicious guy I ever seen.

Hey, spike, give me one.
Hey, spike, give me one.

Do your own snitching?
Pass them. Pass them.

Says you.
Says me. Wanna so someting?

Oh all right.

That goes for all of us, see.
we di up on everything.

Frankie, he didn't give me none.
Go on! give him. give him.

All right, I'll give him.
I'll give him.

Gee thanks.

Right in the eye.

Ah, you rat.

Spike! You! Spike!

What do you want?

Get up here with bread and milk!
How could I get supper?

Ah, keep your shirt on.
I'm coming.

Hiya, fellas.

How do you do, Mr. Slade?
Take a seat.

What are you dressed up

Me and pop went to see mom
in the county jail.

Yeah what for? 30 days.

Pop's turn next, he's gonna beat
up mom when she's out.

Shut up! And why don't you
leave me alone once in a while?

Something's going on.

Come back!

What's up, Joe?
Oh, aunt Liz is mad on me.

Oh, what did you do?
Nothin', nothin'.

I was just sitting there
reading about Johnny Linda.

She started throwing things at
me. She stewed again?

I ought to smack her
in the kisser.

give me a look.
What does it say, f nk?

Oh, here it is.
Go ahead. Read it.

He has the hot seat at big house
tonight 10:00 and 12:00.

That's murder.
He ain't scared, I'll bet.

Boy, Ill say. Look
at that smile on his kisser.

Can he take it!
He was a smart guy.

My brother was burned
in the big house, too.

He had his picture
in all papers.

Takes no brains to get burned.
What do you mean?

You savin' me brother
doesn't have nob ins?

Yeah, I'm telling you, see?
Only suckers get nabbed.

What are you kids cooking up now
some way to Rob a bank?

Go on.
What are you talking about?

We ain't done nothin'. Oh,

Whenever you and your gang get together,
I smell trouble in the wind.

It comes down the street,
like garbage wagon.

Come on break it up.

Sure, all we've been doing
is reading the papers.

Ain't that right, fellas?

And looking at the pictures
of Johnny linda.

And that's just
where you're heading, too.

Been a lot of odds and ends missing
in the neighborhood lately.

I got a sneaking hunch that
you kids know something about

now, I'm warning you.
That's al!L.

Okay, captain. You're the

And I don't want any
of- your lip either!

What?! Whoa!

Frankie! Frankie!

What's the matter, Mr. hogan?

I've just been warning your brother
and his gang, miss Warren.

I've had lot of
complaints about them lately.

They're heading for

Now what have they done?
I'm not sure.

They've been hanging around junkie's
pawn shop, and that's not too good.

Ah, that's a lot of

I've been working for him,

Thanks for telling me,
Mr. Hogan.

That's all right, miss

Hate to see anything
happen to the kids--

If it can be helped.

Come upstairs, Frankie.
I want to have a talk.

I'll be up in a minute.

Come here, you guys.

We're all gonna meet
at junkie's tonight, see.

It's payoff night.

Bring something
or you don't get cut in.

Now, you got that straight?

I told you to come up, didn't

All right, all right!
I'm coming, I'm coming.

I hope the bread got wet.

Come on.
Help me lift this thing up.

We ought' to get 20 bucks
alone for this thing. Easy.

it's got full tread on it,
junkie, ain't never been used.

Pretty nifty, huh?

You should haye seen the
car this came ?off of.

You should've seen the
guy's kisser when he missed it.

Told you never to hang around
after you made a touch?

Guy's got to have some fun,
Ain't he?

Say get a load ~of this. Wow!

Boy, where'd you get the alarm clock?

I rolled a drunk.
No kidding?

That's the real McCoy, ain't it??
14 karat.


14-karat brass.

The guy that was lugging that
wouldn't carry brass.

He was a rich mug. No kid!

You heard me.

Look what I got!
Come give me a hand.

? Oh, let's help him. Oh, boy.

Oh boy!

Oh mama Mia!

4 bucks.

4 nothing.

Hey, where'd he get that?

Look what I got, junkie.

How do you think
I can sell this?

No one's supposed to own them
but the phone company.

okay, then sell it back to them.

Fellas, come on up and help me, ?
Will you?

Somebody go up and help him .

Call up maizie mcginny --

See what she's doing tonight,
will you?

Yeah, what's the new number?
Regent 1010.

Oh, this is hea ?..
Let's leave it.

Yeah. Shove it in the corner.

You'll break your back.
Holy cow.


No kid, squirt.
Where'd you get it?

From .the asterville hotel.

There was a tootsie in it,
but she wouldn't come.

I'll have to give that away.

Wouldn't do you.
No harm to use it once .

Okay squirt.

Well, how about it, junkie?
This is payoff night.

What do we get for the

Now, let's see.
I'll give you 5 bucks.

What? 5 bucks?

What do you mean --
for everything?

The work I done
cleaning up the joint all week.

You was gonna give me 5 bucks
for that alone.

I'm asking 20 bucks.

Yeah, well,
5 bucks is all you'll get.

What'll happen if I tell the cops
you're bringing me in hot stuff, huh?

Go on you welcher.

You would you chiseler.

Here's your 5 bucks.
Take it and get out of here.

It's better than nothing.

Eh take it.

He'd squeal on his old lady
for a buck and a half.

I ain't taking no 5 bucks.

I promised my sister a typewriter,
I earned it honest working for you.

You're gonna come across
or we'll wreck your joint.

Tough guy, huh?
Get your hands off me!

He ain't moving.

You killed him, spike.

Is he dead?

What did you do it for,
you crazy dope?

I didn't mean to do it.

I didn't want to kill him.

You guys got to stick up for me,

We're all in it now. I ain't
taking no murder rap. Shut up.

Bugs turn out the light.


Bugs get out!

Get me out of here!

Hey, let me alone!
I didn't do nothing!

Just come out of junkie's.
What hap_pened?

I don't know. Junkie's?
I never heard of junkie's.

Come on, we'll find out.

I'm gonna complain!

Shut up!

Let me alone!

do you know what time it is?

Why are you coming in this

What are you talking

I've been right here asleep
for an hour.

I'm sorry.

Why do you lie? Where have you been?

I want to know.
Where have you been?

Quit yelling at me,
would you?

What kinda sister
will people think you have?

You've been out every night
until 12:00.

I've been doing some work.

Running around with that
gang of yours, getting into trouble.

You haven't been to school
for three days.

What's gonna become of

a boy not much older than you

was electrocuted tonight
in sing-sing.

He started out
just like you're doing,

running around on the streets
at night.

Now, is that the way
you want to wind up?

Is that what mother and dad
wanted for you?

Ah let me alone will ya?

I'm trying to do the best I can,

but I've got to have
some help from you.

Okay, so, you're going to night school
learning to be a secretary,

Only you ain't got no typewriter
to practice on.

I was gonna get you one.

What do you mean?

I seen one
down smitty's junk shop.

Frankie, it's stealing.

How could I steal it?
It was chained down.

I've been working to get some money
so I could buy it for you.

I'm telling you the truth.
Honest, I am, sue.

Oh Frank.


That was nice of you.

But I get so worried.

Can you understand that?

Sure, I understand.

Listen, sue,
maybe it'd be better

if I didn't go to school
and got myself a job.

Then we could move away
from here.

I'll take care of us.

All I want you to do
is to work hard and study

and come home nights
and make something of yourself, Frankie.

I'll get a new job pretty

Then we'll go away.


You better go to bed now.

Don't worry
about the typewriter.


Don't you worry about me.

I'll be all right from now

Why sure you will be.

Boswick Gore, known as ''junkie ''
lies in the hospital badly hurt,

possibly with a fractured skull.

He charges that he was struck on the
head deliberately and maliciously

by one of the boys in this

Now, boys, you're not here
on trial for your lives.

Nobody wants to see you

Nobody's looking for any
special way to punish you.

But if I am going to judge this case,
I can't very well do it

Unless I know exactly
what happened, can I?

So, I want you
to help me and yourselves

By telling the truth.

Lester Smith.

Lester Smith.

That's you you dope.


You're Lester Smith?

Yeah, but they call me

Why isn't there someone here
with you, Lester?

Me mother and father couldn't come.
They're dead.

I know that, but why didn't
your aunt . . Come to court with you?

Ah, she's got a snootful.

She's swacked to the eyes.

Oh intoxicated.

Yeah, when she takes a drink,
it goes to her head so fast,

it reaches her feet first.

You're a member of this group
aren't you?


Which one of you hit the junkman
over the head?

Was junkie hit judge?

You know very well he was

I'm here to help you.
I want to know the truth.

Why did you and your gang fight
with the junkman?

I ain't saying nothin'.

All right. Sit down.

George Papadopolos.

Come on!

That's my boy judge.

I'm Nick papadopolos

of the papadopolos hospital
for sick shoes.

You were with these boys,
weren't you, George?


Is that the way
for talk to the judge?

Say ''yeah your honor."

Yeah, your honor.
I didn't do nothing.

You didn't do nothing.
didn't do nothing!

George, this is a serious case.

Suppose the injured man
had died.

That's what I say.

Suppose the injured man,
he is die --

what you do then?
I didn't hit him.

Then who did it?!
I can't tell. I'm no squealer.

Please, judge.
What you say, we do.

Anything you say, it's okay.

I think I have an idea
what George needs.

Thank you, judge. Say ''thank you''
to the judge.

Thank you, judge.

Just wait over there,

Come on! Go on. Sit down.

Come sit down.

Thataboy, fats.

Timothy Burke.

Why did you stop going
to school, Timothy?

I don't know.

Do you know why, Mr. Burke?

No, he's just no good.
that's all.

But as his father --

put him away for all of me.
I'm sick of supporting him.

When did you ever support me?

Oh, Timmy, he's your father.

Mom, what are you
sticking up for him?

He never done nothing for

All he does is hang
around the house

while she's got her snoot
in a washtub all day.

Timmy, don't. Please don't.

This ain't no place to cry.

You can send me away, see?

But if you're wise,
you'll send him away, too,

so's he can't push her
around all day.

Ah shut up ma.

Oh judge he's a sick boy.

Don't send him away.
Please don't.

I'm afraid it'll be the best
thing for him, Mrs. Burke.

Oh, please!

I'm sorry.

Take your seat.

Richard Slade.

Me mother's in jail, and me
old man went to get the check.

We're on relief.

Richard, help me out
And tell me what happened?

Sure, judge.
I'll tell. I'll confess.


I'm gonna talk. I'm gonna

Well, judge,
I'll tell you how it happened.

. We were forced to do
what we done, judge.

You see, judge,
junkie's the head of a gang of crooks,

and they had us
in their clutches.

They was making us steal
for 'em.

Then we said we wouldn't steal no more,
so they tried to knock us off.

There we was, judge,
outnumbered two to one --

A fight for life.

But we came through.

A very poor story, Richard.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

It's playing down
at gem theater.

Quiet boys!

Quiet boys! Quiet!

Shut your face!

Go back to your seat,

- Okay. Okay.

Charles Hawkins.

You have quite a record,
haven't you, Charles?

It'll do.

Shut up.

He ain't always been a bad
kid, judge.

Not bad?

Robbery, shoplifting,
petty thieving.

Let me keep him.
i swear he'll go st ight.


Stop begging the guy, mom.
It's no use.

On march 14th, he was
arrested for striking you.

The neighbors heard you
crying, and they called for the police.

Ah he didn't mean it.

I'm afraI'd your son
is incorrigible, Mrs. Hawkins.

If I put him in a reform school,
it will be better for him.

If I put him in a reform school,
it will be better for him.

No, you can't do that, judge.

My first boy got sent up.

And when he came out,
he was a murderer.

You can't do that to this

You can't judge.

We're wasting our time,

Please. You can't, judge.

You can't.

Come on ma'am. Please.

You can't.

Frank Warren.

I'm Sue Warren, judge --
Frankie's sister.

How do you do?

How long have your
parents been dead, miss Warren?

Mom died about three years ago

Dad's been dead a long time.

You support your brother?
Yes, sir.

What do you do?

I work in a factory

Well, Frank,
you're the leader of these boys,

You ought to have sense enough to realize

that if I don't find out who the guilty
boy is, you're all going to suffer.

Frankie, tell him.

I ain't no stool, judge.

That's a very poor code
of honor, Frankie --

Obstructing justice.

And you're all going to be punished
because of what one boy did.

Judge, would you let the others go ?

if I told you who done it?

If I told you who done it?

It'd make it easier for them.


It was me.
I'm the one who hit him.

Frankie, you didn't!
Why did you do it?

He didn't do it!
That's a lot of bushwa!

He didn't do it!
That's a lot of bushwa!

He didn't do it!
That's a lot of bushwa!

Ah he's lying.

Sit down!

Sit down. It wasn't him.

Well, Frank,
you left me no alternatI've.

I'll have to send you away, too.

Judge, please let me keep

You see, I'm studying nights -
s?Horthand and typing.

I'll get a new job soon, and I'll take
him away to a better neighborhood,

have more time
to spend with him.

give me a chance will you?

I'm afraI'd it's too late
for that, miss Warren.

Too late? How can you
say a thing like that?

Maybe he's a little tough,
but a kid's got to be tough

in our neighborhood
to stay alive.

If you send him to reform school,
I know what's gonna happen to him.

He'll come out hard
and mean and bitter.

If you want to do something for these
boys, why don't you clean up the slums?

give them a decent place
to live in.

give them some of the things
other boys have.

give them a chance in life.

Now, just a minute, miss

It's true these boys
haven't had the same advantages

that other boys have had.

But you can't blame it all
on environment.

Some of our greatest men
have come out of those same tenements.

They were men who, early in life,
learned to respect the law.

I don't like to put these boys
away from their families,

but I have no other course
left to me.

I'm sending you all to
the state school for two years.

All right boys.


Don't worry sue.

All right Frank.

Oh, miss Warren. Yes?

My name is Mark Braden.

I'm in charge of holloway settlement
house for the past few years,

I'd like to talk to you
about your brother.

I might be able to help him.

What's there to talk about?

You heard everything.

I've tried to keep him
from going completely wrong.

Now he'll learn every rotten
thing there is to know.

There's nothing you can do
to help.

You're late!

Yes and so were the trains.

I should have brought
me galoshes.

"Rain rain go away,
come again another day"

get out of here.
Get up to the porch.

Wait a minute.
We like the joint, we stay.

Otherwise it's no-go see?

Wake me up
and 9:00 and d w my bath.

Not too hot, not too cold.
Just mediocre, you know?

I want a room
with southern exposure.

You'll get it.
Just ask Mr. Morgan.

Thanks, Joe.
How's the grub in this joint?

Me ribs are caving in.

Mine, too. I want steak
and potatoes or something.

I got a delicate stomach.

Place your orders
with Mr. Morgan.

He'll take care of you.

Hey who's this guy Morgan?

The superintendent.

We got to speak
to this guy Morgan.

Come in.

New fish are here.

All right bring them in.

All right boys file in.

... I got a bath in my room.

Boy what a hole.

I want a great big one.

Take your hats off.


I'm superintendent Morgan
in charge of the school.

This is Mr. Cooper,
the head guard.

If you kids behave yourselves,
you'll get on all right.

To do as you're told
and keep your mouth shut.

When you hear the whistle
at 6:00 in the morning,

you'll roll out, make up your beds,
get into your school uniforms,

and leave your own clothes
in a neat Pile on the cot.

That's all.

Take them ?ut of here.

All right get going.

Wait a minute.
Don't we get no supper?

Yeah, I'm hungry.

Quiet, boys, quiet!

You missed your supper.
your t in was late.

Hey, listen, we ain't had
nothing to eat since 12:00.

What's the idea?

Come here you.

What's your name?

Frankie Warren.

You say ''sir'' here.
Do you understand? Yeah.

Don't use that tone to me.

You're in a reform school

I ain't afraI'd of you.

We don't go to bed
till we get supper, see?

Get up.

Get up!

Now, you kids get this
st ight.

You're here
because you're petty crI'minals.

But we're gonna change all

Anybody that doesn't
like the idea

Can apply for a transfer
to the penitentiary right now.

Get them out of here.

All right, come on. Get

Get going!

That Warren kid's
your troublemaker.

We'll take care of him.

Pick out your bunks.

Hey, did he hurt you,

Boy, that was some sock.

Never mind.

He ain't gonna get away
with it.

What a joint
this turned out to be.

Yeah, I thought we was
going someplace in the country.

We should have brought
our picnic lunches.

No supper. What a place.

Okay, red, take over.

All right, break it up,
you guys.

You, go find yourself another bunk.

Who do you think you are?
When'd you blow in?

Yeah, what do you want?

You'll find out.
Now, get to bed.

Hey, you didn't come in with

Yeah, what's the idea
putting you in here?

Every new draft gets an old-timer like me
to wise them up to things.

What did you fish
get sent up for?

I'll tell you
if you won't squeal.

We killed two guys
with our bare hands.

We're dynamite.

Oh wise guys huh?

We'll cool you down.

Now, get your clothes off
and get to bed.

Hey, I'm hungry.

Yeah, my stomach's
pushing against my spine.

Now, pipe down, I told ya!

What's that?

They're just getting ready to
put off the lights, that's all.

Stop that bawling.

You heard me!
I said, ''stop that bawling!''

I-I-I'm scared.

You'll be more than scared
if I give you a bat in the mouth.

Now shut up.
I want to get some sleep.

What's the idea
of picking on the kid?

He can cry if he wants to.
You got a right to cry if you wanna.

We got a right to cry.

Oh tough guys huh?

Tough enough to take you.

I'm gonna kick his ...

I'll handle this mug myself.



give him the old one-two.
come on, Frankie.

What's going on in there?

Come on, break it up.

What happened?

This guy started to fight,
and his pals ganged up on me. You dirty --

You get back
to your own dormitory, red.

I'll take care of him.

take care of these others.

Now, get that bed straightened up.

Get those clothes off!

Mr. Morgan, this kid started
a fight in the dormitory.

You didn't waste any time
making trouble, did you?

We've got a way
to handle kids like you.


Come back here.

I said, ''come back here''!

You ain't gonna whip me.
Put that down!

Put that down!

Get him!
Cooper, turn on the yard lights.

Hey what's that?

I don't know. Something's

Look at the searchlight.
hey, what's up, an av?

Somebody's taking it on the lam.

Look, it's Frankie.

Come on, Frankie!

Get away! Run!

Come on, Frankie.
Go on, you can make it.

Go ahead! A little more.

He's caught on the barbed


Cooper, get him.


Let me go!


Let me go you ...

Let me -- let me go!

Take him in.

Let me go!

Take him into my office.

Let me go! I'll kill ya!
Let me alone!

Let me go!

I'll kill you, I'll tell ya!
I'll kill ya!

Don't whip me!
Don't whip me, I tell ya!

No! Don't whip me!



Right in here, sir.

I want to see Mr. Morgan.

What's the name?
Mark Braden.

Be seated, Mr. Braden.
I'll tell him you're here.

Two loaves of bread were
stolen, and you know who got them.

No I don't Mr. Morgan.

Don't lie. You were cleaning
the kitchen when it happened.

Mr. Morgan: Honest, I don't.

I'm gonna give you
one more chance to come across.

Are you gonna tell me or

How can I tell you
if I don't know?

A Mr. Braden to see you, sir.

Mr. Braden? I'll be right out.

Take him back to his work.

How do tou do, Mr. Braden?

How do you do?

Sorry, kept you waiting .
That's all right.

I'm glad to see you.

The state commissioner wrote me
about your appointment.

Come into my office.

Meet Mr. Cooper, my head

Mr. Braden --
the new deputy commissioner.

How do you do?

Sit down Mr. Braden.


Cigar? No thank you.

You a friend of the governor's,
mr. Braden?

As a matter of fact,
I met the governor

for the first time
just a few days ago.

We didn't expect you quite as soon as
this, but we're glad you're here anyway.

Tour of inspection?

I suppose you'd call it that.

Your first stop? Yes, it is.

You couldn't have picked a better school
to start, even if I say so myself.

How long do are you with

I don't know.
Long enough to sort of check up

and find out
if everything's all right.

Everything is all right,
mr. Braden. ?

My heart and soul
is in this reformatory.

I've been here for 12 years,
and I'm proud of my record.

We teach our boys the meaning
of law and order.

I think you'll find them
the best-behaved group in the state.

Well, shall we show you

Why, yes, thank you.

Assembly starts
in a few minutes now,

and you'll have a chance
to look over the boys.

They'll have a chance
to see you.

Pick up them pants.

No belt came with them

That's too bad.

How do you expect me
to keep them up?

You got hands, ain't ya?
Pick 'em up.

I wonder where Frankie is?

I don't know.

What do you think
they did to him?

He can take care of hisself.

Maybe they beat him to death, huh?

No talking in here.

Hey, jojo,
what happened to Frankie Warren?

He didn't come back
to his dormitory last night.

Oh didn't he?

Yeah, where is he?
Why ain't he with us?

He's having his breakfast in bed
this morning.

Yeah? In the hospital.


Pick 'em up!

Come on, h.Urry it up
if you want anything to eat.

This is Mr. Braden,
our new deputy commissioner.

Let's show him
how we salute the flag.

I like to teach them
the meaning of patriotism.

All right Mr. Cooper.

I pledge allegiance to the flag

of the United States of

and to the republic

one nation indivisible

with Liberty and justice
for all.

All right, Mr. Cooper.

You. Step out of line.


So you're a comedian.

No sir.

Well, then, stop the clowning.

I'm not clowning.

These pants just won't stand up
by themselves.

They're too big for me. Oh.

Well, then we'll have to
fatten you up.

Mr. Cooper,
put this boy on a diet.

You sure that isn't a little too severe,

We make the punishment
fit the crI'me, Mr. Braden.

Why not make the pants
fit the boy?

Very good.
You have a sense of humor.

Get back into the line.

I'll excuse you this time,
but get those pants fixed.

All right Cooper.

He's one of the new boys
that came in last night.

He hasn't been disciplined

I remember. I was present
at the court hearing.

Wait a minute.
Isn't one of them missing?

The Warren kid.

Oh yes.

Yes, he's a hard case,
mr. Braden.

He no sooner got in the dormitory
last night than he began a fight.

When I started to talk to him,
he smashed a window and tried to escape.

Oh. Where is he now?

In the hospital.

He got cut up a little bit
on the barbed wire.

shall we continue our tour?

Why, yes.

You kids hurry up and finish up this
hallway and stop loafing around.

You got to keep a sharp eye
on them, Mr. Braden.

St ight down this way
is the hospital.

Of course, we may not have all
the latest scientific equipment,

but we do the best we can.

This is the Warren boy,
mr. Braden.

Well hello son.

I hear you had a little trouble
last night.

So what?

Let's take a look at you.

You guys keep your hands off me,

Ain't gonna harass me
around no more.

Now, take it easy, kid.
I'm not gonna hurt you.

Get your hands off me!

How'd you get these marks?

How do you think?

I had to punish him, Mr.

You can't make a break like
he did and get away with it.

Otherwise, all the rest of them
would try it.

But those cuts
haven't been treated.

Something must be wrong.
I sent him up here last night.

Where's your doctor?

Oh doc.

Coming. Coming. Coming.

Good morning.

This is Mr. Braden,
the new state commissioner.

How do you do, sir?

Why weren't his wounds
taken care of?

Well, I was kind of sick
last night, Mr. Braden.

In fact,
I needed a doctor myself.

He was pie-eyed. Dead drunk.

You get an antiseptic
and clean him up.

Yes sir.

I'll see that you're
taken care of, kid.

I'll take care of myself.

Boy, I've been waiting for

Wow! I hope this food don't
taste as bad as it smells.

kind of greasy, ain't it?


Horse meat.

Hey fellas look.

I'm so hungry,
I'm gonna take a chance.

Where are you going?

I ain't feeling so good.

Sit down.

Mind if I try some of this?

Why uh ...

Taking your life in your hands,


That's rI'diculous.

That's good, wholesome food,
teeming with vitamins.

Uh, we sit right up here,
mr. Braden.

Smells don't it?

Vitamins. Do you hear that?

That's what tmem things
? Are.

That's worse than horse meat.

What's your name? Brandon.

What's your record?

I was a police officer.

You were dismissed from the force,
weren't you?

Yes, But I was framed.

And mugged, too.

Your name is Peterson, isn't it?
Yes, sir.

I suppose you were framed.

What do you mean?

This your picture
and fingerprints?

Why uh ...

Where'd you get those?

The police department.

You deserted from the army,
did time at leavenworth.

Now you two men --

these two men are okay,
mr. Braden.

They've had schooling.

You're a college man,
aren't you, Cooper? Yes, sir.

I'm sure you won't find
any black marks against me.

That's right.

You see, gentlemen,
I spent some time

investigating your records
before I came up here,

so all this isn't much
of a surprise to me.

Now, you four men are

You'll get
your full month's pay,

but I want you to leave
the grounds at once, understand?

That's all. Good day.

The rest of you men,'
get back to your work.

framed again.

How do you do?

I took care of the Warren boy,
Mr. Braden, and did just as you told me.

Now, you can rest assured that,
under my watchful eye,

he's gonna be fit as a fI'ddle.

Now leave it to me.

That won't be necessary,

I didn't quite catch that.
Come again.

You're leaving here
in exactly one hour.

You're finished, so get
your things and check out.

You mean I'm fired?

Just like that?

Just like that.

Why, the idea is rI'diculous --

Why, do you realize that
I'm Mr. Morgan's brother-in-law?

Why you can't do --

can he fire me?

He can.

Are you going to allow him
to do this to. Me,

your own wife's brother?

Why see here ...

As a member of the medical
profession, I protest.

According to my records,

you haven't been an accredited
member of the medical profession

for six years, doctor.

Hitting the gin bottle and practicing
medicine don't mix well together.

Now get out.

Now, listen, young fella, don't talk
that way to me. I'm sorry, doctor.

Wait till your wife hears!
I'm gonna tell her.

outside, doctor.

Those guards you fired
were valuable men.

What do you want to do,
replace them with a crew of schoolteachers?


You got things just a little twisted,

This is a school you're running
and not a prison.

You're dealing with kids,
not hardened crI'minals.

Your experience has been
in settlement work, Mr. Braden.

You'll find this is just
a little bit different.

You can't handle those
boys with kid gloves.

did you ever get beaten
with a whip like that?

Course not.

I didn't think so.

Would you like to try it

What do you mean?

Morgan, I've heard a lot
about conditions up here lately,

But I didn't realize
they were quite this bad.

I've seen enough since I've been here
to convince me that the reason

that 60% of your inmates
turn out to be hardened criminals

is because of the way
you handle them.

You can't feed them
on your kind of diet

and expect them to have
respect for law and order.

You want us to turn this
place into a nursery, it's up to you.

You're right, and while I'm doing it,
I don't want any interference from you.

You're fired along with all
the rest of them.

This, Mr. Morgan,
is what we call a clean sweep.

Mr. Braden, I may lose my
job for talking out of turn,

but you're absolutely

The trouble
with this institution is

it's 50 years behind the times.
I'm with you from the start.

Well thanks Cooper.

You meet me in the yard
in half an hour.

Yes sir.

I'm locking this up
for safekeeping.

Doing a turnabout Cooper?

What kind of a game
do you call this?

I'm being smart that's all.

Well, don't let yourself
get too smart.

If you try
to pull anything on me --

now wait a minute.

It's a good idea for one
of us to be here.


But remember, if he goes through those
old records and accounts too carefully,

we'll both have some explaining to do,
and it won't be easy.

Safest thing is to find
a way to get him outta here.

Yeah, that's right.

See what you can do. Okay.

And keep in touch with me.

I'll work something out.

You got it all right there
on that list --

New beds, new uniforms,
shop materials, paints, and so forth.

The board's gonna have a fit
when it sees this list.

They better get used to it,
- I'm gonna ask for a lot more later.

Just remember that the lieason
this fellow had his job so long

was because he never asked
for more than given.

If I do the job I do it right.

I need that to work.
This will cost a lot of money.

I'm not the only member of the
board. Don't forget that.

Look,~if those kids are better
when they get out

than they were when they
went treat like human beings.

Don't convince me.
How about taking down those bars

and the barbed-wire fences?
What if those kids walk out?

I hope not.
If they do, it's my reputation.

That fellow, Morgan, has got
a lot of political friends.

You make one slip,
and he'll get you.

Yeah, I know that.
But I mustn't slip.

I recommended you for the job.
I'm going to see you through.

Well, thanks, Bob.
Make a copy of this.

There's a miss Warren
to see you, judge.

I don't know any miss

I don't know any miss Warren.

Wait a minute.It's Frankie Warren's sister,
the kid you sent

have her come in, officer.
This way, please.

How do you do, miss Warren?
Will you sit down?

Now, what can I do for you,
miss Warren?

I was here few days ago
with my Brother, Frankie Warren.

You sent him up to
the reform school for two years.

And they haven't wasted
any time starting their reform.

Here's a letter I got from

He sneaked it out of the Place.

The first night he was
there, they beat him.

And when he tried to escape,
he got caught in a barbed-wire fence.

They threw him in a hospital
with a drunken doctor in charge.

You got to help me get him
out of there. Help me.

Excuse me, miss Warren,
but here's the gentleman

you have to talk to
the new deputy commissioner.

Well, hello, miss Warren.

Mr. Braden

I thought you were --

well, I tried to tell you
the other day.

I am in charge there now, and all those
things did happen, and I'm sorry.

But I had nothing
to do with them.

The man who beat your
brother's been fired and so is the doctor.

And I'm doing the best I can
to change those conditions.

I think I've made
a pretty good start.

Miss Warren, Mr. Braden
knows more about this than I do.

Why don't you go along with him,
and he can explain it to you?

Well, sure. I'd be glad to.
I'll drive you home.

I'll call you later, Bob.
All right.

Come in.

-- Now, wait outside, guard.

Yes sir.

Come here.

Sit down.

No go ahead. Sit down.

I want to have a talk with


How do you feel?

I'm all right.

Any idea about what kind of
work you'd like to do while you're here?

Yeah nothin'.

Well, I think you're gonna
find that pretty tiresome.

Supposing I make you the
head of a company of boys?

I ain't playing fink for you,
I don't fall for that soldier stuff!

Wait a minute, Frankie.
You got the wrong idea.

I don't like stool pigeons
any better than you do .

Frankie, I was born
about three blocks from where you live.

And I was a pretty tough
guy, too.

But one day, I got to thinking, and
I figured that tough guys were fall guys.

They seemed to be getting
all the bad breaks.

is that what you want?

It's okay.

It's okay.

I don't care.
I can take anything you got!

You can, but you're gonna
be here for two years.

I'll give you a chance
to make a man out of yourself.

Meet me halfway,
I'll give you a break.

I'll make my own!

Now look here kid.

you're still sore about that beating,
I don't blame you -- I'd be sore, too.

But things are gonna
be different from now on.

Now, you forget about that
and string along with me.

Listen, Braden, I ain't forgetting nothing,

You're just another copper to me,
I wouldn't trust one of you.

The first chance I get,
I'm gonna blow this joint!

You and your friends
ain't gonna stop me!

All right.

That's the way
you feel about it--

There's nothing more I can

That's all.

But, Frankie...

You better think over what
I told you about tough guys.

He's a pretty bad kid,
mr. Braden.

I'm afraid you're gonna have
trouble with him and his whole gang,.

Yeah I know.

The only thing is to put
them - to work, keep them occupied.

What about kitchen duty?

No no punishment.

Hey I've got an idea.

Have them clean and paint
their own dormitory.

They'll take an interest in that, and,
it gives them a sense of responsibility.

- Maybe they'll make
good painters.

I don't know. Yes sir.

Thank you sorry.

It's all right. Thanks.

Hey, spike,
make me a marble statue.

Okay take off the clothes.

Ladies and gentlemen,
may I present

my latest and greatest
inspiration, a work of art --

the ''discus thrower."

no, take it easy.

Oh that's it.

All right, boys,
you can take a rest now.

Well ...

I didn't know we had so many
fine artists in this dormitory.

Hey wasn't that a blue suit?

Yes, sir,
but it had too many spots.

Uh, I thought it'd look
better all white.

It does.
You keep those for your pajamas.

Oh what's this?

Oh I see.

And what are you supposed
to be?

A -- A marble statue.

that's very good
from the neck up.

I think I'll put you
out in the yard as a decoration,

right in front of the gate, where
everybody can see you on visitors' day.

If I had to live here, I don't think
I'd have so many pictures on the walls.

This is your room,
you have to sleep in it,

if you like it this way,
it's all right.

I don't think those new beds
are gonna fit very well in here.

You struggle along
with the old ones.

I'll tell Mr. Cooper you're through
and put your stuff back in the paint shop.


That's very nice -- very nice,

Yes, I think
you'll be very happy here.

So long boys.

Hey, I don't think I'm gonna
like this room permanently.

Maybe we'd better quit
horsing around, huh?

You know, Braden's Okay.

I think he's trying to help us.

Anytime a copper helps you,
he's gonna get something out of you.

Listen, you guys, we got to
do this job right, see?

Just for one reason --
'cause we got to live here.

Now, pep it up, because Cooper
will be here in a minute.

W-What happened to you,

What'd you do --
fall in a bucket of paint?

There isn't anything
very funny about it, Mr. Braden.

I went down to the dormitory, as you
instructed me, and young Frankie Warren

deliberately shoved a paintbrush
in my face.

One of the other boys
tripped me, I fell on the floor.

You can't let them
get away with that.

Ah you're right Cooper.

Take away their privileges
for a couple of weeks.

See what effect that has
on them.

If you want real results,
put them in the boiler room for a while --

that'll take the starch
out of them.

All right. Try that.

Beginning tom01~row,
they start shoveling coal.

Yes sir.

Does that guy got a crust
putting us down in this hole

or is he gunning for us?

Boy, this is hard work here,
if we was working.

Yeah. There ought to be
a law against this. Yeah.

Ah, it was that guy Cooper's

It was Braden's, too.
We're here, ain't we?

Maybe this is his idea
of getting tough with us.

Yeah, I can get just as tough
as he can.

My old lady
was gonna visit me today.

She's out of jail now.

Boy, is she gonna be

Yeah, my sister
was gonna be here, too.

In here Ms. Warren.

Mr. Braden, the guard
outside says I can't see my brother.

Is that true?

Yeah I'm sorry. It is.

Those are my orders.

Your orders?

But why? What's he done?

I had trou)Ble with him,
I had to punish him.

If my brother's done anything wrong,
he had a reason. He hasn't.

He got a w deal his first night here,
he's been sore about it ever since.

I tried to make it up to him every way,
but he simply won't come around.

He's got some kind of a crazy idea
that I'm his enemy.

He doesn't trust me any
more than he did Morgan.

We're all the same to him --
just coppers.

You're the one
that was gonna help him.

It's bad enough to shut him
,up to keep him from seeing me,

one personj that cares
anything at all about him --

you call that helping him?

Just a minute, I like Frankie, too,
but he's always done exactly as he pleased,

whether it affected anyone else or not,
and he's got to learn obedience.

If he doesn't, it just makes it
tough for everybody.

He's not the only kid
in this school.

I've got to think of the
others, too.

I don't care about the

Frankie's my brother.

Please, can't I see him?

I'm sorry.

You can't.

I told you kids to keep that
pressure up to 75, didn't I?


Well, why ain't you

Say, what do you kids
think you're doing?

Sitting down.

So I noticed. What's the

We're on a sit-down strike --
that's the idea.

And we ain't shoveling
no more coal, see?

Oh that so?

My orders are that if you don't work,
you don't eat.

Do you want me
to report this to Mr. Braden?

Stop it.
You're scaring me, mister.

Hey, Frankie,
what are we gonna do?

I wouldn't like to stop

Me neither.

Let's go back to work.
What do you say, f nk?

So, what about it, Frankie?
No work, no eat.

Okay, but you can tell Braden from me
he ain't gonna get away with this, see?

Sure sure.

Now, get busy and build
that pressure up to 75.

Okay, we'll give him 75.
We'll give him more than 75.

We'll give him 80! Make it 85.

How about 90?
Do I hear any more?


Make it 100. 110.

Sold to goofy for 110.

We'll give them so much, it'll throw
these boilers out of commission.

We won't have to work

All right, let's go!

Hey, squirt, how's number

It's up to 85.
It says ''danger'' at 90.

So what? Come on, boys.
Come on.

All right.


Come on, get that coal in

All right, fine.

Hey, Frankie, It's over 90!


Don't give it any more coal!

Stop it! Stop it!

Hey, Frankie!
Frankie, stop it, will you?

Get out of here!

Come on!
Let's all get out of here!

That boiler's liable to blow
any minute!

Let's go!

Hey, what's that?

I don't know.

Hey, something's wrong.
Come on. Let's go.

Go! Hey, wait a minute --
squirt's missing.

Yeah, he must be down

Hey, squirt! Hey, squirt!

Line up, boys.

Hold 'em back! Keep 'em

Mr. Braden! Mr. Braden!

Yeah, what happened?

One of the boilers blew up.

Everybody out?

I think so, Mr. Braden.

All right clear that alley!

Mr. Braden, Squirt's missing.

Sure? He must have
got caught down there.

You can't go down there!

The other one will blow
any minute!


Braden's got nerve
to go down there.

Yeah, he's just
making agrandstand play.

All right, get back, will

Get back! You wouldn't
have the nerve to do it. Neither would I.

Get back! Get back!

You sure there are no
fractures of any kind, doc?

No, no, just some bad bruises
and a few minor burns, that's all.

He'll be uncomfortable for
a few days, but it's nothing serious.

You're a lucky kid squirt.

Yeah, but if it wasn't for
you, I wouldn't be.

I want to thank you, Mr.

Forget it kid.

All right, doc,
you take good care of him.

You bet.

How is he? Hurt bad?

He's gonna be all right.
That's swell! You hear that?

He's gonna be okay.
Can we see him?

Not now -- later fellas.

Come on, let's go, fellas.

Wait till we tell him.

Mr. Braden. Yeah?

Well I ...

Well, What is it, Frankie?

I just want to thank you
for saving squirt's life, that's all.

You don't have to thank me.
It's my job.

But I'm to blame
for all this trouble,

didn't know what I was doing.
Must've been crazy, and --

I deserve anything
that's coming to me.

There's nothing coming to

You mean I - I don't get
punished or nothing?


I just want you to realize

That your friend squirt in
there might have been killed,

and if he had been, you'd
have been directly responsible.

Yes sir.

Now, you think that over.

I guess I was wrong about
you, Br. Braden.

I've been a heel

and I'll work with you
from now on, if it's okay.

Frankie, I've been waiting
to hear you say that

ever since you came in here.
There's work,

I need all the help I can get.

We'll do it -- all of us.

All right, thank you.
That's a deal.


♪ put on your old, grey bonnet ♪

♪ with the blue ribbon on it ♪

♪ and we'll hitch old dobbin
to the shay ♫ to the shay ♪

♪ through the fields of
clover, we will ride to dover ♪

♪ on our golden wedding day ♪

hey get up.

I got some more bulldogs
for you.

That'll keep us busy.

I'm sick of fixing
those old doghouses, see?

What are you kicking about
now, spike?

What have we got to be
cooped up in this hole for all day?

Why can't we get on a gang
that works out in the garden?

Listen, first, ?
We make good here,

and maybe next month,
we'll get that outside job.

Gee, it'll be swell
working out in the open.

Sure, if we was out there,
we could do anything.

We could just make believe
we was working.

We're not laying down
on the job, see?

Cause Braden's a right guy.

He's doing his best to help,
we're working with him.

Ain't that right fellas?

That's right! Sure!

All right, all right, all

I just said I wanted to get
on the outside, that's all.

Hey, Frankie, you're in
pretty good with Braden.

Why don't you ask him?

I promised Braden we'd stick to this job,
earn the right to work outside.

Oh, you promised Mr.

Hey, you're getting kind of
soft on that guy, ain't you?


Anything he says
is okay with me.

Yeah, it's okay with me.
yeah, Braden.

You guys turned out to be a
fine bunch of chickens.

What are you making noise for?
If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here.

If you hadn't hit the junkman,
we'd be home now.

Sure, we took the rap for you,
wise guy.

I like it here, see, wise guy?

Shut up-- I'm gonna
bust you over the head!

Boys, cut it out, now.

What's going on?

Ah, this guy's always

Now he wants to go
on the outside.

Outside huh?

Why don't you kids get Frankie
to speak to Mr. Braden about it?

He stands in okay,
don't you, Frankie?

Sure, that's what I was

You know what Mr. Braden said?
No, what?

He said I'm gonna be a first-class
mechanic when I get out of this place.

Frankie, That's swell.

I ought to thank him for
everything he's done for you.

Why don't you? I can fix that.

Going to town, Mr. Braden?

Oh, Mr. Braden!

Oh, hello.

Hello, Mr. Braden.

You have a nice visit? We did.

I want to thank you
for everything you've done for Frankie.

I didn't understand.

I know how wrong I was
about you.

Yeah, that goes for me, too.

Then the war's over, eh?

Yeah, finis la guerre.

That's French,
for ''the war's over."


Well that's a relief.

So, how have you been,
sue --working hard?

Mm-hmm, I finished my shorthand course
last week.

You any good at it?
Well, I think so.

I'll say she's good.
She's terrific.

You both agree,
maybe I can find a'job for you.

Well, thanks Mr. Braden.

We both thank you, Mr.

I've got to go,,if I've
to catch that station bus.

I'm going down that way.
Suppose you come along with me.

All right.

Goodbye, Frankie.

So long.

I'll see you next Sunday.



All right boys.

Goodbye, Frankie.

So long.

Well, you've got a nice-looking
sister, Frankie. -Oh, thanks.

Goodbye, Mr. Braden.
So long, boys.

Bye, Mr. Braden.

Hey, you'll be doing okay.

Hey Cooper. Yes sir?

You got any statements or receipts
that aren't listed here?

I don't think so.

Well, no wonder
this place was so run-down.

I'm surprised the kids
got anything to eat.

Anything wrong, Mr.

There's plenty.

Get me judge Clinton's office
in the city.

Yeah, Morgan had quite a nice little
graft system worked out for himself.

I've checked with some of the business
houses that supply the school,

And they have no record of half
the purchases listed here.

How come you didn't
know anything about it?

Well, uh, Mr. Morgan took
care of the finances here.

I just attended to my duties
as head guard.

It was happening
right under your nose.

Well, I'm sorry Mr. Mraden.

I don't know anything about


Oh, hello, sue.
Yeah, this is Mark.

Hey, is the judge there?

No, he's out now,
he'll be back in half hour.

Oh fine.

Sue, tell him I'd like to see him
tomorrow morning, will you?

It's I'mportant. I'll be in town
tonight, like to take in dinner and a show?

With the judge?

No, no, let's skip the judge this time.

All right then. It's a date.

All right yeah.

I'll pick you up about 6:30.


All right, Cooper. Close 'em

Yes sir.

I'll be back sometime
tomorrow afternoon.

Have a guard bring in
that Hawkins boy.


and get me an outside line.

Here's the Hawkins boy,
Mr. Cooper. Come in.

That's all, guard.

Hawkins, Mr. Braden fears
that you're a bad influence in this school.

He's been thinking of transferring you
to the house of correction up the river.

What for? I ain't done

We've got lot of complaints
about you from the other boys.

So what?

Sit down.

I just thought I'd warn you,
that's all.

If he finds out. It was you
who slugged junkman in the city --

what are you talking about?

Who told you that?

Never mind. It's true.

I'm telling you that if
Braden finds out about it,

you'll go up the rI'ver
for fI've years.

That's the toughest zoo
in the state.

Look, you don't
have to tell him, do you?

What'll it get you?

Well it depends.


If you're wise,
I might not have to.

I don't get it.

You play ball with me,
and I might forget it.

I don't mind playing ball.

Long as I ain't catching.

What's the gag?

I want you to have a little
talk with Frankie Warren.

Hurry if we want to make
the mess hall in time.

Boy, am I hungry!

Boy, I could eat an

My stomach feels like
my throat's slit.

What do we got to eat

Chicken pie! Oh boy!

Hey, where you been, spike?

Out in the front office.

What for? Oh, that guy

He wants me to clean his car
after we eat.

What a nerve.

Come on,
let's make a break for it.

Where you going? Hey,

I want to tell you something.

What about?

Well, I didn't want
the other guys to hear it.

Has Braden ever taken sue

What do you mean?

Nothing, except that I was
in the front office,

and I heard the guy
what handles the telephone

tell one of the guards,
Braden made a date with sue tonight.

Well what about it?

Oh, nothing.

According to what they
said, Braden must have been

passing some cracks
about him and sue.

They was laughing about it.

What are you saying?

You want me to keep my trap shut
every time I hear something against you?

Against me? Against your
sister. Same thing.

One of them made a crack
about sue paying off for you.

Take it back.

Say you didn't mean it,
or I'll wipe the floor with you!

Take it back! I'll take it

You don't want me to tell
you anything I hear, that's okay.

I know how you feel.
I wouldn't lie to you.

What would it get me?


I'm sorry I hit you, spike.

Come on, let's eat.

Here we are.

You had three empty plates
in front of you.

everything all right, boys?

What happened to the other
guys that was in here with us?

Mr. Cooper transferred
them to another dormitory.

Was they beefing about us?

Maybe you fellas snore too

We snore? Hey, he's cl