Crime Does Not Pay (1962) - full transcript

After viewing an unusual film about murder and the irony of fate, a man deliberately steps in front of a slow-moving vehicle, planning to use the minor accident which should result as an alibi for his own wife's murder which he has already engineered. However, what actually occurs is a very different scenario about the "art" of murder.

Pierre, no, you can't!

- I can! Get off me!
- But today is Christmas!

Christmas or not, it's over!
I've had enough! Isn't it obvious?!

- Good evening!
- Pierre.

It's over!


Has it already started?

No, sir.
The intermission is just ending.

- How long is it?
- About 2 hours.


Mezzanine, please.

Thank you.

The escalator on your left.

Thank you.

Cinema advertising,

24, Avenue Marceau.



Characters and events in this film
were inspired by real events.

Therefore, any similarity with once-existing
people is not entirely a coincidence...

Venice, 15th century.

A palace,
on the banks of the Grand Canal.

The Duchess Lucrezia
lives here alone

and in piety.

The duchess is beautiful.

And she knows it.

But she has been beautiful for many years,

and she knows this too.

The love that occupies her today,

may be the last.

One day when St Francis
and brother Matteo entered a village,

they went begging in different streets.

St Francis,
short and pathetic-looking,

was diligently avoided by passers-by.

He received only some pieces of
wholemeal bread

and a few other miserable things.

One man loved her so much he came
secretly over the rooftops.

So, being both passionate and arrogant,

she used a cosmetic mask.

Not to keep this man,
because he loved her.

But to maintain for, as long as possible,

a certain image of herself.

...and more beautiful than him,

he went into ecstasy

from the holy desire for poverty.

He said: "Oh, brother Matteo,

we are not worthy of this great treasure!"

I set the signal, madame.

Who asked you to do that?!

Not me. I swear.

Of course not you.

Madame, you were alone
so I thought...

No need to think, Antonella.
Put that mask down.

And go to sleep.

I wish madame good night.

Thank you, Antonella.
Good night.

Should I put it out up there?


And brother Matteo replied to him thus:

"How can you talk about treasure!
We have neither dish nor knife..."

Why set a signal for someone
who doesn't want to see it?

- I'm certain he's coming.
- Why?

Five days have passed already.

The more time passes,
the easier it is for him not to return.

Yes, I see.
The first steps are the hardest,

the first steps to return.

You're right, he won't come again.

Dress me.

His last visits were as if
he never came.

He entered, and had an expression
on his face like he wanted to leave.

- Did you see this?
- I have a keen eye.

The important thing is they're beautiful!

There are times when it's even more
important beautiful eyes see clearly.

Go and extinguish the torch.

I don't want everyone to see me proclaiming
"Come!" to he that doesn't want to. Extinguish!

Very well.


Good. So, you want him to come?


If the chevalier stopped loving me,

it should be because I say so,
not because of what he does.

You seem to know something...

How many times since Sunday
has the chevalier been there?

Let's see.

5 times. You see?

- And 5 times he did not come to me.
- Oh, you're already having him watched...

- And where is "there"?
- To the Palace of Savelli.

- To Savelli's daughter, Francesca?
- Do you know her?

They say she is beautiful.

What are you looking at?


Of course, you're looking
at a still-beautiful duchess.

But your mirrors have seen you for too long.
This is why they lie a little.

Even I'm not that scary, look.

But wait!

Admit it, you can't wait until the day
he leaves me?

- On the contrary, I'm most patient.
- Well, don't wait!

I'm not the kind of woman
men leave.

You should write all this to him
in a nice letter.

And it will be over.

- And save us from more sleepless nights.
- No!

I want him to hear it
out of my own mouth.

And I want to see
how he takes it.

I'll wait.

The brother of the Duchess

is one of the Grand Inquisitors,
the true rulers of Venice.

Venice is strong and prosperous,
but is continually at war

with other Italian republics,
above all with Genoa.

I see you are all made up.

For the one who never came.

He will never come again!

Your lover, my dear sister,
is in prison!

- In prison? For what?
- This is why I am here.

Your chevalier is undoubtedly
a handsome man.

But he is also a Genoese, a foreigner
and an enemy of the Republic!

A spy!
That's what your lover is!

- A spy?
- Yes!

We've known it since yesterday.

This is why Angelo Giraldi, a man with three
swords on his coat of arms, is in a dungeon!

And his head
is only just hanging on to his shoulders!

There will be no scandal.
The case will be kept under wraps.

- No!
- Yes!

I know how you run things.

- You'll strangle the man yourself.
- In some cases, yes.

It's my turn to warn you...

- Kill my lover and I'll make a scandal!
- You?

Yes, indeed!
I will tell the truth.

What information that chevalier
has conveyed to Genoa, he got from me.

- No, you didn't do that!
- I did.

And I have no affection for the Genoese,
except one.

- And I love Venice as much as you!
- Why then?

Work it out, fool.

Old man! Magistrate! Work it out!

Do you really think I could have
kept a man of his age

if I gave him only myself?

So dear brother, if you want to escape
dishonour, you will have to save my lover.

This is blackmail.

I don't want him dead.



You can't expect me to set him free?!

- He is in prison, in secret.
- The doors are not so robust.

The jailers are idiots,
but do what they're told.

No! He will not return to you.

- I'll chase him away.
- You accept not seeing him again?

- That will be easier for me than you think.
- What do you mean?

Don't you love him anymore?

Don't ask unworthy questions.

Is your mistress alone?


Thank you.

Don't bite!

It's me again.


My love! My love!

Angelo! You came!

You shouldn't have come.

You know they want to banish me?

Admit it, you knew.

Yes, Venice no longer loves me.

- It was a condition of saving you.
- Yes, I understand this.

Yes, I was supposed to leave.

But I am not someone to be taken
like a sack and thrown away.

I slipped out of their grasp.

- They haven't a clue.
- But they will hunt you down, seize you!

No, I couldn't leave Venice
without seeing you.

You really escaped to see me?

- Yes, Lucrezia.
- And you had worked out it was me?

Who else could it be?

But did you deserve it?


I was a coward.

But after what you've done for me,
you deserve the truth.

You've come to tell it to me?

I'm waiting.

You and I have to separate.

And perhaps this is for the best.

Yes, our love was already almost dead,
you mean?

Well, or... ailing.

I don't know exactly,
but it amounts to the same thing.

The truth is we both knew it,
but didn't dare say.

I would have dared.
However I didn't see you again.

I was a little scared.

Was it so hard to say,
that which you did not say?

Very much!

But we don't need to say anymore.

This separation has been forced upon us.
It's unfortunate, nobody wanted it.

Like a thunderbolt!



I know your thunderbolt,
it's falling in love with someone else.

Tell me, since I already know!

I'll tell you.

Awkwardly, but you have said it:
you love another.

You knew about it,
but you sought my pardon?!

Undoubtedly because I had also
fallen out of love with you.

If I'd loved you as before, I'd have
said: "Strangle him in the dungeon!"

But no.

I said: "Let him live".

So I really have fallen out of love
with you. Are we even now, Angelo?

You were much nobler than me again.

For the last time.

And it all has a very peaceful end.

Worthy of us, I hope.

Thank you. At least,
you are not the jealous type.

I will not see you again.
But not the other one either.

So parting is not only with me,
but with her?

I hope she will be very unhappy.

Who is she?

- No.
- Francesca Savelli?

I don't know.

- Is she your lover?
- I don't know.

- You wanted to marry her!
- I don't know.

- Oh no, you will tell me!
- Lucrezia, I beg you, ask no more!

We should part without rancour.

So you can rush to her
with my blessing?

You think I saved your life,
so you could mock me?

Watch out! And leave Venice tonight,
because I won't protect you next time.

Francesca Savelli!
The daughter of a merchant!

You men are all the same!
Get out. Get out!

No malice nor hatred,
no jealousy...

no love, nothing!

From this moment, I will never
think of you again.

I will turn around while you leave.

I will not watch you leave.

I will not know if you linger a little

unable to part from me,
because we are parting forever.

I don't want to know how you're going,

where you're going...

I don't want to know where you are...

I don't want to lose you!

But you've already lost me,

Who am I now?
A fugitive awaiting death.

Tomorrow my name will be dishonoured
in Venice.

What can I give you?

He has the scent of someone!

I'm sure you were followed!

Followed? Perhaps.

But, don't worry, Francesca,
it won't be for long.

There are many routes
that only I know.

You see, there's nobody.

And now, wish me luck.

And perhaps, a kiss.

I'll kiss you if you stay.

No, Francesca, I must leave Venice
before dawn.

But nobody is there!

You said it,
they can't find you!

You can leave later.
I'll hide you.

You are my prisoner.

You're mine. I don't want to lose you.
You'll stay with me.

- Are you sure, Francesca?
- Yes.

And later?


Later doesn't concern you.

He spent the night at
the Palace of Savelli?

Is he still there?

You shouldn't have taken communion
this morning?

Yes, I should.

He won't be able to go out in the day,
that would be madness.

Wait until this evening.

Forgive me, holy father.
They were chasing me.

- Here you are safe.
- Thank you!

A funeral service at this hour!

We were asked for it in a hurry.
We have dispensation.

Oh, how beautiful it is!

The deceased must have been at least
a prince.

At least. Everything has been considered
to the smallest detail.

It's a lot of wax and money for nothing.

The abbot said that the deceased
died in his last repentance.

High and powerful lord, Angelo Giraldi,
chevalier, died in Venice, the year 1457.

But this is my coat-of-arms!

And this is my name!

He died in Venice!

There is no point in asking who paid you for
this beautiful service for a beautiful dead man!

Just tell the Duchess
that all your singing was in vain!

Because I am not dead yet!
Do I look like a dead man?!

Lucrezia! Open up! Open!

You saved my life, and now
you want my death? Open!

I have no weapon, and
there are too many of them. Lucrezia!

Lucrezia, for God's sake,
give me a sword so I can defend myself!

At least speak to me before I die!

I know you hear me, Lucrezia!

Don't let them slaughter me
like an animal!


No! No!

Several weeks have passed
since the death of the chevalier.

The Duchess had neither the right
nor the desire to mourn him.

But others have not forgotten...

Which one of the two found the other,
I cannot remember.

Which one came up with the idea...
what does it matter?

But they had a common purpose.

- Is she out?
- She'll return later tonight.

- Where is her bedroom?
- I'll show you.


perhaps I shouldn't have told you.

But you have.
Did you love him too?


- But I had no right to.
- Then leave this to me.

And when she puts on the mask...?

Give me a rose.

How dull these balls are!

Not as much as you say,
and less than you think.

No, Teresa, I myself am surprised
at how dull I find them.

And what about Count Moreno,
with whom you returned?

There's nothing about him:

he's not remarkable, he's not poor,
he's not married, he's not evil,

he's not miserly. As you can see,
he's a big nothing.

In short, as I warned you.

Thank you, Teresa.

- Do you want your mask?
- No, Teresa.

You can go to bed.

- Good night.
- Good night.

The Duchess was punished.
Crime doesn't pay.

But what about Francesca and Antonella?
Were they punished?

Nobody knows.

Crime may not pay,
but it can bring benefits.

Clovis Hugues? Ah, yes, yes.

The case of Mrs Clovis Hugues,
but of course!

Madame Hugues is a wanton!
And her husband is a bandit!

You lie! You're blinded
by political prejudice!

- I'm lying?!
- Take that!

He slapped him.

Once again, the French
were at each other's throats.

But who remembers Clovis Hugues?

Here he is, Clovis Hugues.

He seems a little familiar, no?
A typical face of his era.

The face of a man of the 19th century.

Poet, journalist, politician, tribune.

A free-thinker, he condemned the war
and the crimes of the Communards.

Spent 4 years in prison,
the minimum term.

Today, Marshal MacMahon
is President of the Republic.

The Republic of moral order.

An order the morality of which
is being contested by Clovis Hugues.

He is a popular voice, Clovis Hugues.

He is read, he is discussed. His rows
with opponents cause considerable noise.

But he doesn't only have opponents.

There are enemies!

And how!

Powerful, ruthless and secret.

The worst!

He doesn't care. He is happy.

Being happy is not a profession,
it's more of an agreeable pastime.

He is doubly happy,
because he has two daughters.

Mireille, like Mireille
from the poem by Frederick Mistral.

Marianne, like the Republic.

And the wife he adores,
whose name is Jeanne.

Like Jeanne of Arc.

Оh no!

Gad! The bastard!
The vile reptile!

- What is it this time?
- What is it this time?!

- What is it this time?!
- Please don't yell.

Don't yell?!

I'm having vile accusations thrown
in my face, I have no right to yell?!

I have no right to yell?!

And here's what happens!

Mireille, what's up?!
I was only kidding...

- Marie-Therese!
- Madame?

Get dressed
and take them to school.

- Very good, madame.
- Calm down!

Go on, quickly.

So, what is this article?

An article by Joseph Daime, of course.

In "The Eagle"? So what?
Nobody reads that rag.

A fine way of thinking! As if it all comes
down to the circulation of the newspaper!

A kick up the arse by a simple committee or
by the General Assembly leaves the same mark!

No, no, it's too cruel...

He says that I, who served 4 years
without a single day of amnesty,

that I betrayed poor Cremieux! Me!

- He wrote that?!
- And without mincing words!


"While his friend Cremieux, with whom
he shared a cell in Fort St. Nicholas

was shot in Faro,

Communard Clovis Hugues,
whose guilt was no less,

managed to save his own skin.
But at what price?

Did this devourer of priests, to vary
his diet, fancy this new morsel??

All this is very strange. Judas or Cain?
Which of these two is Clovis Hugues?

What an abomination!


But this is so idiotic.
Nobody will believe it!

Believe it or not,
I'll teach him!

- What are you going to do?
- Take him on without compromise.

Vaughan will be the witness.
And there'll be no delay.

This will be resolved in 24 hours!

Are you mad?

Daime is a true professional and
you've never held a sword in your hands!

So, if I kill him,
it wouldn't be on purpose.

And if he kills me,
it will bring shame on him.

I forbid you to duel, do you hear?

Tell me, did you marry
a coward by any chance?

You disappoint me!

You do not understand! He is a provocateur
who is counting on such a reaction

so he can kill you within the law!

Kill me? Within the law?

We'll see.

But what about the children?!

Have you thought of the children?

They will feel no shame about me.

And if he kills me,

ensure a civil funeral.
I'm relying on you.

Goodbye, my beloved fool.

Don't go there, I beg you!

Darling! Don't go!

Ready yourselves, gentlemen!

- Are you ready?
- I'm ready.

- So am I.
- On guard!



I haven't killed him?

Vile Communard!

We'll get you, all the same.

"We'll get you, all the same"?

Who are "we"?

Death denied the polemicist
the opportunity to explain.

And this strange threat
mingled with his last breath.

Time passes quickly,
I must give it its due.

MacMahon is no longer President.

Now it is Mr Jules Grevy,
in other words a nobody,

sleeping in the Elysee Palace
in the bed of the Republic.

It's 12 years old.
But let's not dwell on that.

As for Clovis Hugues,
he is now a Deputy. And what a Deputy!

One of a kind!

In the House, he is the first and only
representative of the Socialist Party.

The only one!

One man too many!

A Mr. Lenormand is here
wishing to speak to madame.


Show him in.

Forgive me, sir,
for receiving you in this state.

I should ask the forgiveness, madame,
for tearing you away from your pleasant task

but when I found out from the newspapers
that your husband is away...

Yes, he has gone to a conference.

Sit down.

I thought I would take advantage
of his absence.

I don't understand.

You might consider it necessary
to not tell him about my visit.

I conceal nothing from my husband!

You will have to decide, madame.

Is anything recalling my name to you?

Absolutely nothing.

Does my face remind you of anyone?

Absolutely no-one.

Before you married,
were you really Jeanne Royanes?

Why all these questions?

And you lived at 145 Pompa Street?

- Yes, sir. So?
- And so, madame,

I was once married
to the widow of Count Spon-Dufier,

who lived at 147 Pompa Street.

As you can see, we were neighbours.

It's possible, sir,
but we have never met.

I would remember!

My wife, too, was once very beautiful
and pleasant.

But unfortunately, today
she is 15 years older than me.

As she always was, no?

Yes. But today it is noticeable.

And every day, this age difference
is more and more noticeable.

So much so, that it affects her mood
and our relationship.

I'm very sorry for you, sir,
but what's this to do with me?

Along with aging,
she has become almost painfully jealous.

She thinks I'm having an affair.

I should add, the mirror
only reinforces her in this thought.

As a result of this madness,
she has decided to divorce me.

Your marital passions are,
of course, very interesting,

but again, what does this have to do with me?
- A moment, madame.

To complete the dossier against me,
which was in truth nearly empty,

my wife hired a detective agency.

And as a down payment,
she paid 20,000F.



but, sir,
that is most extravagant!


But the money did its work,

because a report was made that gave her
great satisfaction. Listen,

the Agency "Clergé" received from
Madame Corbillon, your former Concierge,

testimony accusing us.


According to this lady, being a young girl,
you had seriously compromised yourself with me.

Me with you?!

But this is slander, sir!

This woman gave incredible but
very precise and salacious details

of our secret liaisons.

And their contents are so solid,

that my wife is certain,
as she puts it,

of winning court proceedings
against us.

This is blackmail, is it not?

If it was only this, everything could
be settled, and I would not have come here.

Can you imagine the scandalous consequences
of such proceedings?!

I know that Caesar's wife
must be above suspicion.

I have warned you.
There's nothing else I can do.

Excuse me.


this man seems full of good intentions.

This is a misunderstanding.
I'm going to see Madame Lenormand

to sort it all out.

Innocent... misunderstanding...

And why not an evil machination?

I guess, madam, my name
tells you the purpose of my visit.


I came to justify myself.

Оh no, I have nothing to justify.

So you do not make a mistake
and start wrongful proceedings.

Yes, you know very well
what I'm referring to.

I'm surprised that a woman
with your...

- experience so easily believes...
- Please,

speak more quietly.

I'm ill, and my doctor
had forbidden me from having visitors.

You can shorten my visit,

by declining to drag me into court over a
business that has nothing to do with me.

I don't know your husband.
I was unaware of his existence!

If you had not gone to this agency,
but somewhere else,

- you would know my conduct is...
- Irreproachable!

The "Clerge" Agency has
a different opinion.

But... I don't reproach you for anything.

I've never been friends with you,
God forbid!

So you don't have to be respectful
to me.

You are free to act
according to your whims.

What do you take me for?!

I have a husband.

A husband to whom I am faithful,
whom I love!

- And I give you my word...
- Don't swear in vain.

I have a deposition from Madame Corbillon,
and it is categorical.

The romantic fiction of the concierge,
come on!

Madame Corbillon has good vision
and a good memory.

- She remembers well what she saw.
- She's lying!

Or she was paid to lie!

- At that time, I was a young girl!
- And since then?

- What?!
- And since then?

Your relationship
was never broken after that!

Are you mad? Are you mad?

Even yesterday...

you took advantage of the absence
of your husband to receive a lover at home!

In your own home!

As you see, I am well informed.

- But he came to me without warning!
- Oh yes!

- Oh yes, without warning.
- Careful, madame!

I will defend myself.
You don't know who you're taking on!

I know now.

And I must be very sure of the facts,
to take you on!

But calm down, I agreed so that
your name is not pronounced in court.

Yes, it will be an open secret!
Do you think I will believe this promise?

I swear to you again
on the lives of my children...!

Your children?

Children by whom?

You are disgusting!


Show Madame Clovis Hugues out.

Mr. Clerge, give me the address
of Madame Corbillon! What do you risk?

What do I risk?

I have no address for Madame Corbillon!

- If only there was...
- I went to the old address. She's not there.

Nobody knows where she lives.

- Where did you question her?
- I haven't questioned her.

Ha, there was not enough. No!

I never wanted to be involved
in this case.

It involved too much money.

I'm the cautious type.

Moran did it, one of my agents.

- Is he here? Can I talk to him?
- Oh, thank God,

I got rid of him and his case.

This is a respectable institution.

And this shows it.

We can do anything:

catch people in the act,
surveillance, investigation...

but work of that kind... no!

It's too big for my little agency.

And I can't, at my age,
with my duties and reputation,

go charging into such adventures.

But Moran has nothing to lose.

Because your story...

just between us...

- Right.
- Does Moran have an office?

- An office? Him?!
- But he must inhabit somewhere!

I must speak to him!

Listen. You didn't hear this from me.
But because it's you...

You will find him at "Cafe de Negoces".
It's his home port.

Don't thank me.
I don't know you, haven't seen you.


Madame Clovis Hugues!

Two drinks for Table 5.

Mr. Moran, please.

This is him, madame.

Mr Moran?



- I am Madame Clovis Hugues.
- Yes, yes, I see.


Can you spare 5 minutes?

- As you can see, I'm busy!
- 5 minutes.

Well, come on, spit it out!

Why are you waiting?
There are no secrets among friends.

- You can talk in front of them.
- Please, this is confidential.

And I will tell you, confidentially...
I don't know if I can listen to you.

It would be unfair on my clients.

- Your clients?
- Yes, that is, my client.

She pays me, my client.

- And anyway, how did you find me here?!
- It doesn't matter.

Plus you are suspicious of me!
It's too much!

- No, but...
- Give me a sec!

You see, it's your fault!
I was going to win!


Mr. Moran,
are you an honest person?

- I think it shows.
- Then give me Mme Corbillon's address.

- Are you joking?
- I need to speak to her.

Perjury is a very serious thing.

For whom? One minute!

20, 30, 45, 65, 72 - that's yours.
This is mine.

There's no point going to Mme Corbillon.

I'm responsible for her words,
like my own.

She's an incorruptible witness.

Keep your money.

And if you're looking to buy someone,

go somewhere else,
Madame Clovis Hugues.


She'll pay for that cigarette!

She'll crawl on her knees
to pick it up!

Look at this.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The old queen,
married to a sad gentleman.

The sad gentleman...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

A black man who'd rather be purple.
He's a prelate who wishes us well.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

A high-ranking military figure.
The army is with us.

A politician.

Put him on the right,
to cover us.

At last!

Cover us.

My children! We are triumphant!

A few more.
A representative of the law.

And the queen of hearts.

And checkmate to the queen!

And all those people looking at me,

I've never been so humiliated.

Vaughan, my dear Vaughan,
what did I do to those people?!

- What did I do to them?!
- Come on, come on, calm down.

All this is a storm in a teacup!
In my opinion...

- Mr. Vaughan!
- Um?

- On the front page.
- Okay, Mr. Vaughan.

- When does your husband return?
- On Saturday or Sunday.

Okay. So, we have some time.

Thank God he's not here, that fool.

We're in luck,
with his character.

This whole thing is not going
to stand up to scrutiny.

I invite you to dinner at the Café
de Paris. Have some fun.

I will really compromise you.

Come on, smile.

Can you manage a smile?

- You're very kind.
- I'm simply brilliant!

Come on. Let's go, faster.

I will find your Madame Corbillon!

No, you don't say!

No, you don't say!

Well, I'll remember this!

To attribute such abominations to me!
To me!

A concierge for 40 years!

What a disgrace! If my poor Corbillon
was alive to see this...!

We may be poor,
but we've always acted honourably!

I'll do the talking,
you come in when I tell you.

I know how life works.
After all, I'm 70 years old!

We would like to speak with Madame Lenormand,
on behalf of Madame Clovis Hugues.

Madame is not receiving, sir.

- Announce that we are here, please.
- I cannot! I have my orders!

- Orders? We'll see about this.
- Sir!

Sir, you can't... Sir!

Sir! Sir!

Phillip, what does all this mean?

They pushed me aside, madam!
These are the people of Clovis Hugues.

I recognise the manners of this gentleman!

- Using force to barge in!
- I want to...

Oh, spare me your moaning.
I can't bear it!

Leave us.

I am Ernest Vaughan,
from the newspaper "Uncompromising".

Shameless rag!


And this is Madame Corbillon, credited
with a testimony she did not give.

It's true!

I swear on the head
of my one-eyed son!

Madame Corbillon's statement was written
under her dictation.

- It's not true!
- Madame Corbillon!

Tell Madame Lenormand
what really happened.

The truth is that Mr. Moran,
who I didn't know, came to me

and wanted me to say that Miss Royanes
was Mr Lenormand's mistress

before her marriage to Mr. Hugues.

Well, I showed him the door,
because it was not true!

Then he tried to give me money,
to buy my sworn testimony.

I showed him the door,
him and his money!

Mr. Moran is not the sort
to be kicked out by a concierge.

You come with him next time
and find out!

This Madame Hugues has protectors
able to neutralize the witnesses!

- Madame, I will not allow...!
- But I also have powerful friends.

They will find me other witnesses!

If this scum wants a scandal...

adulteress wife of a conniving husband.

In a year, he won't be such
a braggart in the Chamber!

- Are you mad? What are you saying?
- And you... you...!

Oh, god... god... I'm choking...

Water! Water! Why are we standing around?
She needs some water...

- Come, please.
- Don't you see she's dying?!

All the better,
she needs the rest.

And now the Clovis Hugues trial.

Jeanne told her husband everything.
The Clovis Hugues' affair broke.

Vile Communard!
We'll get you all the same!

We'll get you all the same...

Yes, gentlemen!
Social progress...

Cuckold! Cuckold!

Renegade, traitor, corrupt politician -
it was all the same.

Just a mere bagatelle. But cuckold!

Ridicule is a terrible weapon!

Madame Lenormand had good reason
to miss the trial, she was dead.

The hearing took place without her.

The hearing was heated and difficult.

In the end, Moran was sentenced
to 2 years in prison for slander,

but by a strange leniency,
he was left free

until the decision.

You may think Jeanne was the winner
in the case.


Sorry to keep you waiting.
I was detained in the House.

Well, what more do you have to tell me?

Anonymous letter!

Clemenceau, Ruvier, Hugo and Vallecrosso
received the same.

Yes, they must have my neck.

What ignominy!

My wife and I receive them every day.

The neighbours too.

I already don't dare take the children
to school.

The children call them names.

I needn't tell what sort of state
Jeanne is in.

But what can we do?!

If only I was sure it was Moran!

Oh, I have the feeling
that Moran is just the frontman.

But he's just what I wanted to talk
to you about.

Yes. I was at the Palace of Justice.

He has lodged an appeal.

- No!
- Yes.

The case will return for review in a year.

But what if he wins the appeal?

Who knows...

And so it starts all over again.

The press coverage, persecution.

Again we'll be up to our necks in shit!

It's what he wants.

So much the worse for him!
I killed Daime for less!

He was a decent man.
The likes of Moran don't fight duels.

I think so too.
Self-defence, and finish him off!

Well, yes. Then all will be revealed!

- What will be revealed?!
- That's what they'll ask you.

For a person needing to avoid scandals...
it'll be the end of you!

No, there must be some way
to neutralise him.

And I will find it.

How?! Should I make peace
with a criminal?

Oh no, no, please, don't behave
with me like I'm a public meeting!

Leave this matter to me.

A bit of diplomacy, for God's sake!

If that's the way, offer him
the Legion of Honour!

He deserves it.

Oh, you!

Don't touch me!

- I forbid you to touch me!
- May we talk for 5 minutes?

Okay. Wait a minute.

To begin with,
know that I'm here of my own accord.

Nobody sent me. Is that clear?

Of course, Mr. Vaughan.
Of course!

I'm meddling in things
that don't concern me,

but that is my trade,
I'm a journalist.

In this "Clovis Hugues Affair",
not wishing to offend you,

you've been sentenced to 2 years
in jail.

- Provisionally!
- Yes, you've lodged an appeal, I know.

And why do you think that the appeal may
not increase the punishment or confirm it?

We'll see.

Okay, Moran, don't be daft.

I can assure you, two years in prison
is no laughing matter.

At your age... well, at any age!

Prison is cold, the food poor.

They sleep on rotten mattresses.

- You can catch all sorts of diseases.
- Yes, yes, I know, I know.

So then...

Don't you think you are playing
a bit of a stupid role?

To summarize,

Madame Lenormand is dead,
you got your fee.

What do you hope to gain?

Why rake this up all over again?

- Whom does it favour?
- Well you know, once I get started,

to stop me...
- There's enough here to involve the police.

Here is what I offer you.

And this is the best way out
for you.

There is no more talk about this case,
you withdraw the appeal,

acknowledge that you were in the wrong,
which will be proof of goodwill.

And in exchange for this,
I pledge to seek your pardon.

And no prison in the long run.

Do you agree?

No, sir, no!

No, I'm not someone
who can be bought!

- Or blackmailed!
- What are you talking about?!

Did you hear?
Did you hear this?!

He thinks he can buy me!

You crook!
I don't need your money!


- Vile scoundrel!
- I'll tell the whole truth!

- Tell them that Hugues' wife...
- Shut up! Shut up at once!

- a kept woman.
- Take that! Take that!

Murderer! He wants to strangle me!

I have witnesses.
And I can prove it!

I will prove that Hugues' wife
is a shameless woman!

A whore! A whore!



Is it my fault I'm unhappy?!

But you have no right to be unhappy!
You are completely protected!

Your detractors would like to see this.

It's too much! I can't bear anymore!
I'm like a hunted animal!

Jeanne, dear,
get hold of yourself!

It will all be over soon.
And then we'll forget all about it!

I don't dare anymore open the mail,

read the newspapers.

I don't dare go out!

On the street,
people gaze at me most brazenly!

No, people, thank God,
have their own worries.

- They don't care about us.
- No, no, no!

Even our friends don't know
how to behave.

When they have to talk with me,
behind their strained smiles,

I can see what they think

about Lenormand's mistress.
And they despise me.

Why should they?
And by what right?

You might think they have nothing
to reproach themselves for!

Ah! So I have something
to reproach myself with?!

I didn't say that.

You said it unconsciously,
without thinking.

And soon you'll think it,
without daring to say!

You don't trust me anymore.

- It's horrible!
- No, I trust you!

- I can see you're succumbing to the persecution!
- But I am persecuted!

I don't care what other people think!

- I don't care!
- I wish I was dead!


Or be 10 years older.

That's better.

Would you like

us to go somewhere?

Would you like to have

some time away from this snakepit?

Listen, Jeanne,

shall we take a second honeymoon?

- Start all over again?
- Yes, but nothing can be erased.

No, I'll be accused of running away.

The truth is you were right:

the likes of Moran...


He doesn't fail to insinuate
that we fear his revelations.

You see!
What other people think!

Come in.

For madame.

Subpoena from the investigator.

To the confrontation.

Yes, that bastard has manufactured
a new witness.

A favourable witness.

This is the law.
There's nothing you can do.

It doesn't matter who slanders you,

you have to justify yourself.

- I'll come with you to the Palace.
- Oh no, certainly not!

They will say that you tried to put
pressure on the investigation.

No, I will go alone.

Don't worry, this subpoena
has fortified me.

In fact, there was no need to be offended.

After all, justice is blind... it doesn't
distinguish the guilty from the innocent.

Forgive me for just now.

I was irritable.
Yes, yes, insufferable.

It's not worth it.

But now, as you can see, that's finished.
I've regained my senses.

Embrace me.

I love you, darling.

I hope that feeling
still means something to you.

For me, it's the only thing
that means anything.

Then, let's forget the rest.

What time is the confrontation?

Tomorrow, at 11.

And this coachman from Fiacre,
when questioned by us,

stated and swore testimony,

that he drove you several times
to the Bois de Boulonge with Mr. Lenormand.

This is disgusting!

Calm down, we will arrange for you
to confront this witness.

He also clarified that the nature
of your behaviour left no doubt

as to the nature of your relationship.

How much was the coachman paid
for this lie?

I don't know Mr. Lenormand,
I've only met him once!

Once! And in circumstances that were
most definitely not compromising!

- Ask him!
- I have.

And his testimony is consistent
with yours.

He is a gallant man.

Did he have a bachelor apartment
on Castigliano street?

How do I know!
You don't think that...

Bring in the witness.

I think nothing, madame,
I gather evidence.

The investigation has just begun.

Miss Clemence Bonnet!

- Miss!
- Hello, Your Honour.


Sit down!

Do you know this lady?


Have you ever seen her?


Are you sure?



And you? Do you know this lady?

Well, of course! It's Jeanne!

- You must be mistaken, miss.
- What's up with you?

You aren't Jeanne Clovis Hugues?

- Not the Deputy's wife? Come on!
- What are you getting at?

Don't you remember me?
Ransack your memory!

When you were Lenormand's mistress.

Ah! That's it!

- What sort of false witness is this?
- Me, a false witness?!

Clemence Bonnet!
Doesn't my name remind you of anything?

And my face? Eh?

Admit it, you've seen my face before!

And I have to listen to this!

Have you never been to my house?

Ground floor, Fayantin Street?

One fine morning!

That is unlikely. I never go
to bad places.

And you weren't wearing
that green drape dress

with a horse-riding blouse
and those plush stripes on the side?!

Is this correct, madame?

Yes, I have such a dress.
So what? Everyone's seen me in it.

Why would I go with this woman?

Because Lenormand had spent the night
in my bed, and you were jealous!

You wanted to catch us.
And we had another scene like this!

You should have heard!

You are a foul creature!

And I was all naked! You see,
I've nothing to hide. I'm no hypocrite.

You're a liar!

- You're a liar! Liar!
- Me? Lie? Oh!

What a nerve.

- I've never been to your house!
- Prove it!

Prove it? How can I prove it?

- Aha, there you have it!
- My word should be enough.

Your word is nothing!

- Me? Come to yours? Me?!
- That's right, you!

I'm not crazy!

And she seems so sincere!
Just like in confession!

Be honest!

You're not the only woman who's had a lover,
with whom she's cheated on her husband!

And why do you call me a liar?

To get revenge on me?

What is this, Your Honour!
Who is this woman? Where did she come from?

- Who's paying her?
- Oh, nobody.

I didn't come here for the fun of it.
I'm a good girl, I'm not angry with you.

I only wanted to tell the truth.

This scene is unworthy of me.
Permit me to go.

Madame, I advise you to stay!

Believe me.

I'll summarise the facts
as set out by the witness.

If I'm wrong, correct me.

Let's see, returning to the facts.

- When you were Lenormand's mistress...
- I was never Lenormand's mistress!

I was not Lenormand's mistress!

And I will not participate in the
confrontation with this woman!

Sorry, madame, but I think
your husband would approve of me.

There is one principle,
on which we are both agreed:

all citizens are equal before the law!
The law is the same for everyone!

If the judge is impartial!

But today there is no justice!

It has evaporated!

Careful, madame,
don't make me angry!

I heard nothing,
if you withdraw those remarks.

Very well... I withdraw them.

I accept your apology.

- But, sir...
- Madame!

Good, the incident is settled.
We will continue.

No, sir, we will not continue.
I refuse.

There's no sense in questioning me,
there's nothing to say! Nothing!

All right. This will be worse for you.

In these circumstances, madame,
you are free to go.

It's a shame I came for nothing.

Goodbye, Your Honour.

If you need me again...

Goodbye, madame.

Mr. Moran!

Mr. Moran?

Moran never again slandered
Jeanne Clovis Hugues.

He was dead. Indeed, dead.

And under the pen of the polemicists,
Jeanne Clovis Hugues became

Jeanne the murderer!

- To prison with the bitch!
- Yes, to prison!

All of Paris, that is all of France,
became wrapped up in this sensational affair.

On the day of the verdict,
people fought to get in the Hall.

There were many scandalous scenes.
It was a sight to behold!

The chief prosecutor stood
with the charges against Jeanne.

His remarks were applauded,
the lawyer's answers hooted.

And here is the main prosecution witness...

Clemence Bonnet,
assertive and brazen.

Occupation: seamstress.

The lawyer jumps up: "Seamstress?
What seamstress?!"

"Registered with the police prefecture!"

"Registered prostitute! Proven!"

Clemence Bonnet broke down.

Yes, she had lied.

Yes, Moran had paid her
to perjure herself.

And here too,
she had prostituted herself.

The chief Prosecutor is silent,
justice is numb.

The jurors return.

The moment of truth is here.

The court returns!

The session resumes.

Foreman of the jury,

declare the result of your deliberations
to the court.

With honour and conscience,

before God and people,

I read the verdict of the jury:

the first question is no,

the second is no.


Guard, bring in the accused.


I will order the room cleared!

You will not hear from the President
of the Court, but read it in the newspapers

that Jeanne Clovis Hugues
has been acquitted.

Moran's crime had not paid.

Once upon a time it did not,
justice prevailed.

- Sir, no smoking in the cinema!
- I'm not smoking, madame, I'm looking at my watch.

- This, I might say, is allowed.
- Miserable character!

This happened in 1885.

27 years have passed.

It is now the year 1913.

And crime still does not pay.

It is decidedly of no good.

Оh no, please,
it's not the time!

Choosing a place like this
to tell me about your marriage!

I thought you'd like the sweet tea
and breakfast.

Thank you for your consideration.

And all these women not wearing corsets!

What's the connection?
It's the new fashion.

A very practical fashion,
it saves time.

And you have the nerve to crack jokes.

Should I put on a funeral face
because I'm getting married?

- Gaby, are you crying?
- No, no, it's nothing.

I'll leave the sobbing to the violins.

I'd understand if she was ugly.

Oh Gaby, I never reproached you,
you are married.

But it's different in my case!
I'm married to our romance.

These are the facts.

And the fact that I became your mistress,
this was to my credit.

- And now you love someone else.
- Not at all!

You know very well
why I'm marrying her.

I'm not marrying for love,

but for her dowry.

You won't pay my debts. So...

In truth, I'm not marrying.

I'm going to the cashier.

At the cashier's or not,
as you so elegantly put it,

there is still the marital debt
to be paid.

And you are not one of those men
who engages in love without pleasure.

Be modest, please.

Baby loves me,
it's a good opportunity

that I must grasp.

- A redhead. She has red hair!
- No, not red. Golden brown.

Golden! See, you love her!

Golden! You say that to me?!

- Golden!
- Gaby, where are you going?


I'm returning to my place by the hearth,
which I should never have left.

Leaving me like a whore! Me!

- After all my husband did for you!
- There's no question of breaking up!

If you'll only let me explain...

Look, let's sit down.

Come on.


It's not finished between us,
on the contrary!

Now everything is perfect:

you cheat on your husband with me,
I cheat on my wife with you,

the game is a draw.

A fine outlook. Congratulations!

And I will pay back the debt to your
husband. He gave me at least 100,000F.

- 150,000.
- All the more reason.

I find the thought unbearable that
he lent to an ingrate.

And my happiness with you
was eclipsed by the thought:

"I owe him 150,000F,
I owe him 150,000F..."


That's what you were thinking
when I yielded to you! You ham!

- Wait, Gaby!
- Stop calling me Gaby!

Your idiotic manners
are infuriating!

Gaby! Golden! Gaby!

But if I infuriate you,
everything is much simpler:

tell your husband about us,
and he won't make a scene.


Argentine tango!

Let's dance.

Don't you want to?

I was agitated, I'm sorry.

I can't deny you anything,
when you ask for forgiveness.

Bend a little more.

The Argentine tango is
the dance of passion!

To the point of exhaustion.

So give free rein to the senses.

Like we have.

Like this...

What's changed? Eh?

Here is what: I'll pay back
your husband's loan.

And then I can look him in the face.

Do you love me?

What are you thinking?

She's lucky.

She'll be cheated on by a man like you!

Come out of there!

Getting in the wardrobe again?

Thanks for dropping me off.

Always a pleasure, doctor.

You could buy a car.

They're practical.
And your patients would like it.

I know, Mr. Fenayrou, only...

To be able to afford it,
you need many more to get sick.

- Well, is that it?
- That's it.

Well, time to go home.
Dinner's probably already cold.

Bearing in mind the state of your liver...

Careful with your liver,
careful with your malaria...!

- You are just like my wife!
- Well, she cares about you.

Of course! I'll live to be
a 100 years old, like an oak!

Of course, from time to time
I have troubles. So what?

A slightly raised temperature...

But beside that, what's wrong?

- 15 years in Tonkin.
- Oh yes.

That's what a colony is.
A fantasy!

There I was somebody.
Who am I here? A small rentier.

I'm bored. I play the stock market.
I've gained a little money.

Is this a life? Okay,

- will you have a drink?
- No, not today.

I have so much work
because of this flu epidemic!


You know, sir,
what there was in Tonkin?

Typhus, yellow fever and cholera.

And what is there here?

Flu and socialism!
Ha-ha, what a country!

Okay, bye, good evening!

Be kind, close the gate.

Madame Fenayrou, good evening!

Don't put your hat on the bed!
It's bad luck.

And there are hooks in the hallway
for the coat!

I like your warm welcome!

What fun to come back to a peyote!

Do you have a migraine again?

- Frightful! You guessed it, my dear.
- You should have said at once!

You should consult with this doctor.
He is very good.

- I'll think about it.
- Oh no, leave it to me! Oh no!

How I love... How I love this...

I love your curls.

They're so cute, so feminine.

These curls, this velvet...

This silk...

- What's the matter?
- Ow, my head... it's terrible!

Ah, this is my head...
My pussycat...

My Vietnamese woman...

My little Gab-Gab!

Listen, I've asked you a thousand times
not to call me by that stupid name!

Come on, be nice, Gab-Gab!

This is love. It is exotic.

- It's like in...
- In Tonkin. I know.

Your slippers are by the fireplace.
Warming up.




You're not going to say you won
all that on the stock market?

- 35 Louis, my love.
- 35 Louis!

One-tenth of your losses this month.

Who tanned his skin working in Tonkin,
who worked like hell?

Who nearly died on the Red River,
because he caught a fever?

Who brought home a fortune,
that you gladly accepted?

- You, my love.
- Ah!

This is my money,
earned by my own hands.

I put my own money on the stock market,
madame Fenayrou.

Not your dowry.
And not by accident.

It's true. You were so kind
as to marry a girl without a penny.

When we all know how much a dowry
means to a man...

That's not what I was trying to say!

- My Gab-Gab, where are you?
- To cook your dinner.

Since your losses don't allow
other maids except your wife!

Oh, damn!

Damn, damn, damn...

How difficult they are,
these Europeans!

Hey, come on, you!

Come on, give me my slippers!
Come on, come on!

Do you think yourself a tiger?

Okay, don't be upset.
Tiger you are, tiger!




come here.

Will you obey?!


have you done this to me,
Madame Fenayrou?

I don't understand.

You don't understand. And this?!

Do you understand this? Eh?

Louis Aubert!

Louis Aubert... you understand, eh?

With Aubert!

With my best friend's son!
The bastard!

The bastard!

He will answer to me! He will answer...

I'll finish that rotten swine!

I will kill him...
kill him, kill him...

I will kill him...

I'll kill... I'll kill...

It will relieve an attack.


You'll regret...
this that you've done.


It's you? Your voice...

Well...? Don't hang up, miss.

What did you say?

I can't speak up, he's nearby.

He spent the whole night downstairs.

Yes, I'm coming.


Martan, open it for me!

What are you doing? Martan!

It pains me to see you
in this state.

You won't open it?

Look, I have to go to the shops.

Your coffee is in the kitchen.

You just need to warm it up.

And don't forget to turn off the gas.


My Gab-Gab...

You'll be the death of me.

Are you going to him?

Foul woman...


I will find a way.

Or he will.

Well, well!

Finding out you're going to die
doesn't lessen your appetite?

A good breakfast, a cup of tea,
and my thoughts will become clearer.

Relax, don't get overwrought.

Yes, well, you know what he was doing

- What?
- Regretting what's happened.

Which is not so stupid, by the way.

He hates you, you understand?
Hates you.

In these cases, if they are going to kill,
they kill their wife!

I've done him wrong.

But in his mind, you are guilty.

And I didn't know what I was doing.

- You lured me, blinded me...
- But it's not true!

Leave him at least a little solace.

What got into you, burning those letters?

The worst came afterwards.

He began demanding details.

Details about what?

About us.

About everything.

I hope you didn't answer.

Do you think it's him?

Hello! Louis Aubert speaking.

Oh, it's you!

No, of course! You know
you never bother me!

That is... no, no, nothing.

Well, of course, I slept well.

I assure you, everything's normal.
Shut up!

Who laughed? I don't know.
Must be a crossed line.

Who would be here with me?
I'm alone.

Well, I did my exercises
and had a bath.

And then... then had breakfast.

Listen, I must say goodbye.
I'm running late.

Well yes, love, yes, yes.

I love you.

She wants you to promise.
Be so kind.

I promise!

See you later.
We can go to the cinema.

What came over you?!

Hold me! Hold me tight!

I feel so good with you.

I don't want him to hurt you.
I don't want him to kill you.

You will die, subhuman!

You will die...

Mister Louis Aubert...

...Aubert. 3 rue Cler, E.V.


You still won't open?

Did you tell him he's going to die?

Don't be silly, I haven't seen him.

If you want to eat,
the tray is by the door.

Ah, good evening, doctor!

Has his condition worsened?

- Is he eating?
- Drinking, mostly.

I'll see what I can do.

Get an idea, old pal.
An idea. That's it.

Who's there?

Dr. Matthieu. I've heard
that all's not well with you, Fenaryou?

Go back to your flu cases!

Open up for a minute, let's talk.

Or maybe you could leave me alone?

Who asked you to come?

Madame Fenayrou. She's worried.

Leave me alone, both of you!


Shut up! I'm fed up with you!


Your diagnosis?

Neurosis, mania.


That's from the evening
when it all started.

Perhaps you should think about divorce?

So he can kill me? Thanks.
My life is precious.

- You have to leave him.
- Leave? Him?

Wherever I went, he'll find me.

That's for sure.

All this is terribly serious.
I need to think.

I still have patients to see today,

we could talk longer tomorrow.

My office, 3pm.

- 3pm. Good.
- Thank you.

Goodbye, doctor!

My respects, madame.

Oh, it's too stupid...

Martan, don't be like this!

I hurt you, I know.

Martan, I beg you!

I just need to talk to you!

I don't want you to be unhappy!

Come in.

Thank you.

My Gab-Gab...

So, is it true?

You still love me a little?

At last!

I've come from the doctor's.
There was a long queue.

So, where are these anonymous letters?

One a day since your last visit.

They are from him, right?

Yes, cut from his stock market statement.

I thought he was calming down.

He continued in secret
with this insane obstinacy!

He will kill you.
He's set on killing you!

Nothing will dissuade him, I'm sure!

I'm calling the police. I'll show them
the letters, tell them everything.

You want to ruin the wedding?

Investigation? Scandal?

- I'll punch him in the face.
- And then?

No, he is determined on his course.
If you value your neck...


There's only one solution.

Gabrielle! I'm no murderer!

It will not be murder,
but self-defense.

And we can prove it.

You see some other way out?

Are you afraid?!

You're afraid? You?!

But what of?

If you and I think it through calmly,

very methodically...

we can definitely find a way
to dispose of him.

So that he doesn't suffer.

A way that will work and is risk-free.

What we need is for the killer to be him!

He attacks...

You defend yourself.

You can come.

There's no danger,
he's gone to the shops.

Okay. Let's rehearse.

Do you understand everything?

Then get ready.

I'll count to 5 and enter.

You see! Simple as can be.

It's impossible to miss.

And don't forget the main thing...

only fire at close range!

His clothes must be singed,
like it's suicide.

No, Gabrielle!

I can't.

Are you a coward?

Nobody will believe a suicide!

Insane, sick, broke,

gone to seed...

emerging from a crisis,

with a revolver in his hand...

With only his prints.

- Quite the opposite, they'll all believe it.
- It's horrible!

But it's either your life or his!

I prefer yours.

Come on.

Debt receipts.

No, not now.
I'll give them to you later.

Come back at 7 o'clock.

Give me the revolver,
I'll load it.

Fenayrou, what's going on?

Who is this?

This is Louis.

Louis Aubert.

He's dead.

No! Don't touch the revolver!

Leave everything as it is.

It's awful.


I murdered him.

- I am a murderer!
- Not at all!

You acted in self-defense.

I can testify to it.

Go inside, until the police arrive.

I'll alert them.

It's done.

Is it rewarding to kill like that...

To kill a man in cold blood like that...

And that's how it was...

As it should have been.

He paid for all the evil
he caused us.

I have no regrets.

- And the doctor?
- He'll be a witness.

As you anticipated.

You're a genius, my love.

To come up with the whole idea!

- Do you love me?
- Of course I love you.

Now we are bound forever.

Yes, we are united by...

Don't be afraid to say it.

And if I hadn't loaded his gun
with blanks?

Who would be the criminal?

And who the victim?

Yes, you're right!
He wanted to shoot me!

And I merely defended myself!

Go upstairs, darling.

The police will soon be here.

You were in your bedroom, feeling unwell.

You did not go down to the garage.

This way, you will not need to testify.


See you soon!

Yes, Martan, see you soon!

And then,
when his revolver didn't go off,

I fired.
Here is my revolver, commissioner.

Why were you armed?

We live in a remote place.
I've had a permit for 10 years.

He was a friend.

By the way, Dr. Mathieu
can tell you all about it.

Dr. Mathieu?

Yes, he was with me.
He was having dinner with us today.

- He's the one who called you.
- Nobody called us.

Go see Dr. Mathieu.

Well, well, well...

Well, Mr. Fenayrou, you have
a gun license, a witness.

What do you have to be afraid of?

Such a nice boy...

I don't know what happened.

Maybe he was trying to frighten me...

- When he pulled the revolver...
- By the way, where is his revolver?

Here, next to him...

But it was here!

It's not there.

Someone must have accidentally
moved it with his foot.

Organise a search, corporal.


I shouldn't have asked him
to pay back the loan.

- He owed you money?
- Yes. 150,000F.

Mind the step.

150,000F is a pretty weighty motive.

- Did he have to repay the debt?
- Yes.

And I feel a little awkward...
I should have seen this coming.

I could have given him the receipts.

- Did he give you the receipts?
- Yes.

They're here.

- You want to see them?
- Please.

Can't find them?

Not there...

They were here.

Ah, it must be my wife!

Probably when she was cleaning.

She's always moving things.




Where are the receipts?

What receipts, Martan?

Louie's receipts.

For the money that he owed me.

But, my love
you know very well...

it was you that owed him!

What did you say?

What did you say!

No, commissioner,
no sign of a revolver.

But, Gabrielle,
what does this mean?

What have you done with them?

Did you burn them?

Prove it.

But, Gabrielle...

But hadn't we agreed?

Prove it.

You used me!

For revenge on him!

Is that it?

Prove it.

But they will arrest me!

You are striking twice!

But then...

you don't love me?


Save me, help!

- Murderer! Get off me!
- Gabrielle!

Murderer! Murderer!

- Stop it!
- Murderer!



Will you explain it all?

You can question him tomorrow.

The injection will make him sleep
at least 12 hours.

Poor man.

- Has he been having attacks like this?
- He was emerging from a serious depression.

His poor wife will confirm it.

He beat her, terrorised her.

Will you stay, doctor?

Only if you need me. If not...

I ought to see Madame Fenayrou,
after the shock she's had.

Of course, doctor.
You can give your statement tomorrow.

Well, to sum up:

- you weren't in the car?
- No. I hadn't left my house.

You weren't going to, as he stated,
have dinner with him?

Not at all!

When your man arrived,
I was sitting at the table alone.

The revolver and the receipts...

Your presence...

Why did he tell such an idiotic lie,

that can be easily refuted?

Malaria. Alcoholism.

Who knows what was going on
in his miserable head?

Plus, his losses on the stock market
had also disturbed him...

- All combined.
- You are young.

You will have other cases.

- Goodbye, doctor!
- Goodbye, commissioner.

You need to develop a thicker skin,
old man.

I'll try.

- Did you hear it all?
- Yes.

Are you satisfied?


Aren't you?

The revolver?

Thrown in the Seine.
There's nothing to worry about.

What's the matter?

He's right, I'm too thin-skinned.

Oh, you'll never let me down!

I won't stop loving you,
winner or cynic.

I'm neither one nor the other.

Do you love me less?


I will need to forget it all.

I'll help you.

I'll make you!

I can be very strong.

Yes, I know.

What if you hadn't found that letter?

Then we'd never be free.

And now we are free!

Free! Free! Do you understand?

Remember what you told me.

He's mad, he drinks.

In a year or two,
he'd have been in an asylum!

We just brought the date forward.

- Nothing more.
- And the other one?


What about Aubert?

I explained it all to you.

I struck twice.

He humiliated me!

Why are you looking at me like that?


Please, smile at me!

I'm not a monster!

I love you, Jean!

I want to be yours forever!

Embrace me...

You are all that I dream of.

I knew it the moment I saw you.

So did I.

But there was Aubert.

I couldn't immediately leave him.

I couldn't.
He was stronger than me.

But I loved you.

I'm not angry at you.

Kiss me!

We won't have to steal any more nights
together, my love.

This is our first night.

And how many more there will be!

But this one...


Let's forget it all.


Your waking up, Jean,

will be beautiful, you'll see!

What a life awaits us!

I will be happy at last!


Excuse me.


Excuse me.

Can you tell me the time, officer?

It's 17:05, sir.

Sorry, I was a little delayed.


- I'll give the fine to someone else.
- Thank you.

He's dead.


And, of course,
not a cop to be seen!


on the Avenue...

- Jean-Baptiste Clement..."
- Jean-Baptiste Clement...

- in Boulonge...
- In Boulonge...

24 December 1961...

- At...?
- At 6pm.


What should I put for the major?
His home address or the ship?

- Home address.
- "Home address..."


Take this.

Please sign your statement.

It wasn't your fault at all.
All the witnesses concur.

Yes, he threw himself under the car.

I hope he did do it on purpose,
I wouldn't want it any other way.

Okay, can I go?

- Yes, all is in order, you're free to go.
- Thanks all the same.

My pleasure.

You too, major.

Oh, sorry.

- Your papers.
- Thank you.

Ah! Just one moment!

Sign, please, right here.

But this is not everything.
Who will tell the widow?

- Aren't you from Valois?
- Where did he live?

- On Suche Boulevard.
- Listen, Manira,

you live in Valois,
Suche Boulevard is on your route!

Yes, but not tonight.
I'm meeting my brother-in-law in Ibri.

- Hey, Plantan!
- Yes?

Visit the widow.

Thanks for this Christmas present!

If I may, I will go,
I'd like to inform the lady myself.

Yes! I like to take on my...

And besides, this lady might think
her husband was killed by some hoodlum.

I would prefer that she knew
he died decently.

Оh, good heavens!

The address! Oh, you've lifted
a weight from my soul!

- Do you really want to go?
- Yes.

Well, you can go.

Here, tell the lady that the body
is in the morgue

of the Carentan-Shelton Hospital

in the suburb of Issy-Les-Moulineaux.

In Issy-Les-Moulineaux!
It's all written down.

Pierre Marsais.

Second floor, left,
on the far stairs.

Thank you.

If they take me for a fool, they're
mistaken! And it'll cost them dearly!

Dismissing me like a servant!

Nobody has ever spoken to me
in that tone!


- Madame Marsais?
- Madame Marsais? You are mistaken, sir!

Madame Marse will be here any minute.

Go in, sir, I'll be right there.

In this place, if you can get a taxi
at this time, it'll be a miracle!

- Please, sir...
- Well, are you coming?!


Lucienne, I love you...
Your lover. Your friend. Your spouse.

- Hello, Mr. Marsais?
- No.

Are you his friend?

- I... a...
- Are you American?

- No, Englishman!
- Is that so? Zis is Eugen,

barman of 'The Blue Bar'
in Port d'Otoy.

- Another scotch, Eugen!
- No!

I'm sorry, madame.
Listen, be sensible!

She's in a terrible state!

You must come immediately.

Yes, you understand? "Blue Bar".

- You the Englishman from the phone?
- Yes.

3 hours she is here.

- What did she have to drink.
- What?

- What did she have to drink?
- I don't know what he...

Half a dozen whiskeys.

And it could be more. Capito?

Here, look at her.


I noticed at once that there was
something kinda weird about her.

And if I hadn't kept an eye out for her
with the corner of my eyes...

- Do you know her?
- Yes!

The Marsaises often come here.

That's how they are...
often meeting here.

- Meeting!
- Please speak French.

- I understand better.
- Okay, that's probably for the best.

So, listen. At first
she was completely calm.

She was waiting for her husband.
And when he didn't come,

she began to drink.
To pass the time.

On the 4th scotch,
she burst into tears.

Then suddenly she opened her purse
...and bam!

A vial! I realised at once
it was a barbiturate!

I'm a physiognomist.
And then I tried... blam...

and with great difficulty, I managed
to wrestle it from her fingers.

Imagine, it's Christmas
and a customer in this state...!

- It spoils the ambiance, you know?
- Yes, yes.

But she didn't accept it.

She just started drinking.
Got as drunk as a can.

- What?
- As a tin can... nevermind. You can't understand.

A woman of her class!
Are you going to take her?

Madame Marsais. He's here!
A friend has come for you!

- Oh, American!
- No, English.

All the better,
I can't stand the English.

- She doesn't recognise you...
- Where is Pierre?

Why isn't Pierre with you?

- He's waiting at home for his Christmas dinner.
- Yes!

Come with me, madame.

It's good you're American,
I can't stand the English!

Here it is. Well...

Now, off you go! Straight, straight,
hurry up... Keep moving.

What about all the whiskey?

- How much is it?
- 3900.


- Including service?
- Yes. But not a tip.

Not a tip.

- Okay?
- Yes, yes, thank you.


There's nobody there.

It's Christmas!
Regina has the day off.

And Pierre hasn't returned yet.

You're hot?

Take this off.

Do you feel better?

I'm thirsty.

Madame Marsais, listen to me.

Are you a musician?

No, madame, I'm English.

My name is William Roberts.
I'm a naval officer.

Oh yes!

Madame, I need to tell you something.

- But I recognise you!
- Me?

You were at the Blue Bar!
What were you doing there?

Were you waiting for Pierre?

And he didn't come!

Why did you follow me
all the way home?

Madame, I've something very difficult
to tell you.

Oh yes, oh yes...

Do you know where Pierre is?

Don't tell me you don't know!

- Alas, I know where he is.
- Okay, then

go and tell him I've forgotten
about today's scene!

That I will never again be jealous!

Because I was jealous.

- About Helen.
- Helen?

His personal assistant.
As if you didn't know!

He fired her, to make me happy.

But he didn't not forgive me.
So he walked out!

Oh, return him to me!

What did you want to tell me?

- Madame Marsais!
- Yes?



let's drink some scotch,
while we wait for Pierre!

Fetch the ice.

In the bowl in the kitchen.

You, madame, would do better
to drink some coffee!

- Oh no...
- And very strong!

- No, I don't like coffee!
- I'll make you some.

And sit down, sit down...
sit down, there.

That's better.
Where's the kitchen?

Express letter for Madame Marsais.
Is she here?


Thank you, sir. Merry Christmas!

- It wasn't Pierre?
- No.

- So what was it?
- A letter for you.

This is from Pierre!

From Pierre!
Oh, I can't open it...

- I can't!
- Allow me.

Read it.
I can't seem to, tonight...


I was just hit by a car.

A crash? Nothing serious?

It's nothing serious.

But as a precaution,
they're taking me to a clinic

for an X-ray. Don't worry.

I'll be home this evening.

Have a drink on me.

I want us to have a Merry Christmas!

Lucienne, my love! I love you.

- Doesn't he say where he is?

Oh, my Pierre will be back!
He loves me!

Oh, an accident!

But... when did this happen?

The telegram was sent today at 7pm.

At 7pm... But...

But when did the accident occur?

- At 6pm.
- Poor Pierrot!

Oh, I hope he's all right!

It can't have been too serious,
since he can write!

And since he wrote to me,
it must mean he still loves me?

Have a drink on me!

I have to drink, to make him happy!

If he finds out I didn't drink,
he'll be most unhappy!

Madame, you've already been drinking.
Try to calm down!

- Oh, that's him!
- There you go. Like that.

Like that...

- Are you sure it'll all be okay?
- Yes, of course!

Try to sleep.

Of course, everything will be fine!

We love each other!

We love each other...

Here is Pierre Marsais.
I got him around 6pm.

- Is it him?
- Yes.

- A relative?
- No.


Sort of.

Another road traffic victim.

You must see lots of them, in America?

I wouldn't know! I'm English.

- Are we finished?
- Yes.

I'm telling you, sister, you're mistaken.
Perhaps his name was written down incorrectly?

No, miss, there's nobody here
with a name close to Marsais.

But a man of about 40,
hit by a car?

Was he taken somewhere else?

Excuse me.

Do you recognise me?

I think so.

Late in the day,
I came to the Marsais' house,

just as you came out.

- What are you doing here?
- And you?

I came to find news about Pierre.

- News?!
- Well, yes.

- He was hit by a car.
- It can't be!

- And how is he?
- I don't know.

I thought he'd been brought here.
But no.

Why here?

Did he also send you an express letter?

A letter?

He didn't send you an express letter?

What made you think he was here?

Because he'd had an accident.

And how did you know this?

Intuition? A premonition?

- Why do you care?!
- How did you know where his car was?

- His car?
- Yes.

Didn't you come here in his car?

And that car, where did you find it?

Perhaps on the Avenue
Jean-Baptiste Clement?

- You've been spying on me!
- By chance!

- You are not, by any chance, with the police?
- Police? So soon with the big word!

- One more question.
- Leave me be, please!

- What are you to Marsais?
- His assistant.

Blimey, I didn't know that's what
they call it.

Probably very fun work, was it?


You haven't yet answered.

How did you know what was going
to happen to Marsais?

- Leave me alone, or I'll call...
- The police?

There's just one thing you don't know...

Pierre Marsais is dead!

Dead! He dived under the wheels
of my car.

I was driving quite slowly.

One witness said he seemed to do it
on purpose.

On purpose?
What are you trying to say?

You are very beautiful.

The sort of beauty that inspires jealousy,
in madame Marsais.

Lucienne has been talking to you?

- Lucienne has no secrets from me.
- Now it all becomes clear.

You're lucky.
I don't understand any of this.

But I am very clever.
For an Englishman.

I even had realised
he'd dived under my car on purpose,

because I was driving so slowly.

But where is he? Do you know?
I must talk to him. I must see him!

I'm telling you, he's dead!
He was taken to the morgue.

Only I don't want us to part
like this!

I like fog in London.
In Paris, I want clarity.

You will tell me
why he dived under my wheels!

I'm listening!

I have nothing to tell you.


- What're you doing? Are you mad? It's illegal!
- I'm calling the police!

No! No, I beg you,
I can't take it anymore, I'm desperate!

I'll tell you everything.

You're becoming reasonable.

By the way, I'm not a complete fool.

Since Marsais dived under my wheels,

to be taken to this hospital,

where you tried to come for him,

I conclude that it was you,
an hour after his death,

who sent the express letter.

Up to this point, everything's clear.

But why this comedy?

He wanted to leave his wife.

And to get rid of her,
he dived under my car?

- It was his idea.
- And he had lots like that?

I was at his house,
when they bought this.

Lucienne! What did she say?

She doesn't know anything yet.
She'd drunk too much whiskey.

- At home?
- What?

The whiskey!
Was she drinking it at home?

No. Why?
When I left, she'd fallen asleep.

Then you haven't understood?

You haven't understood that
he wanted to kill his wife?!

He wanted everyone to think
she'd decided to take her own life.

We were to leave together
after the funeral.


But now he won't kill her.
Now, she is safe.


And what's this? What about these?!

A box of ampoules.


The ice tray.

He poured poison into the water
for the ice.

He froze it all.

He did it at my house.

Carry on!

This afternoon, he provoked
a terrible row at home.

She constantly made insinuations
about me.

He left, slamming the door.

Before leaving,

he replaced the ice tray

with another

in which the ice was poisoned.


Since her marriage began to fall apart,
Madame Marsais drank a lot of whiskey.

If she drank scotch as usual,
she'd put ice in it. No?

It would be enough for her
to be alone while she drank...


How does your dismissal fit in
with this stupid accident.

The alibi!

The servants had the day off
because of Christmas.

Returning home, Pierre would
find her dead for several hours.

He would change the ice trays back

and place an empty ampoule
next to the corpse.

Obvious suicide.

Irrefutable alibi.

The perfect murder.

Only the murderer
died before the victim.

The poisoned ice is still in her home!

And she had been asking me for a whiskey!

Madame Marsais!

What time is it?



The hour of crimes.

Please, whiskey! I want a drink!

First crime: 1457
from the Italian chronicles of Standhal.

Second crime: 1885.

Third crime: 1913.

Fourth crime: 24 December 196...