Cries of the Unborn (2017) - full transcript

Three pregnant women are kidnapped from abortion clinics and held for seven months until they all give birth. Seven years later, those who held the women have been arrested, admitting to their deeds. They have been brought to trial, and now the jury deliberates their fate. The kidnappers had video-taped the entire seven months that the women were held. In essence, during the trial the jurors had something presented to them that is so rare in the criminal justice system: they were able to watch the entire alleged crime as it unfolded... And what they ultimately learned - and will discuss in their deliberations - is that everyone involved in the matter (even two of the supposed kidnapped women) were conspirators in the alleged offense... Only one woman had actually been kidnapped... All the others were caught and tried... But did they actually commit a crime by holding this one woman for seven months - and saving the baby's life? All jurors immediately vote guilty-except one... What ensues is a jury room battle, where the lone juror tries to convince the others that no crime has been committed. That life was preserved and that there would be no justice in convicting those who held her. It's a daunting task because the others believe that the law is cut and dry. There was indeed a kidnapping... But is holding a woman against her will - to prevent an abortion - actually a crime? Twelve Angry Men and Women examines this incredibly divisive issue

You're almost there.
Don't push.

You're the closest.
Don't push yet, don't push.

You're almost there though.

Don't push. Breathe.
Just breathe. It's almost over.

You're not quite there.

You have a little while.
You're not there. Calm, calm.

You're almost there.

You're close, just breathe.

I can't!

I can see the head.

Sweetheart, look at me.
One last push!

That's it. It's here! It's here.

My baby!

- Your son is here, Natalie.
- Oh, my God!

He's so beautiful!

It's almost time.

Push! You're fully dilated.

Push! Push it now!


Hold still, you can do this!

- You're fully dilated. Push!
- I know!

All right. I'm gonna help you.

This is gonna hurt
for one moment.

Get it out!

- What're you trying do to?
- I'm gonna do it for you!


- I hate you!
- It's coming.

- I hate you!
- The head is coming out. Push!

It's coming.

You did it. The baby!

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Push!
- What?

Second's in...

- You have twins.
- What?

You had two babies.

- Hold your baby, Staci.
- I don't want to see it.

- Hold your baby, Staci.
- No! No!

Dr. Wise, I'm in so much pain
that I'm nauseous!

The girls are so peaceful!

Oh, why does it hurts so much?
Something's wrong!

These babies have been
such a curse.

It's impossible.

- Impossible.
- What? What's impossible?

It can't be.


You're pregnant.

No! No, it can't be.
That's impossible. It can't be.

Oh, yes. It can be.

When you're in hell.

I died on the operating table
at the abortion clinic.

I committed suicide.

Welcome to your eternity,
Dr. Wise, Staci.

Prepare for another nine months.


You're the foreman.

It's up to you
to get things moving.

Okay, I'll do a count.

Uh... You guys good with hands,
show of hands?

- Sure.
- Why not?

- Shall I write this on a pad?
- Yeah.

we all know they're guilty.

They kidnapped the girl.

So, let's just vote
and get this over with.

All right, fine.

Raise your hands
if you say guilty.

Okay, that's 11 for guilty.
Not guilty?

Not guilty? Are you serious?

I can't deal with this today.

I've got a major business
dinner at seven.

It's pretty clear
to the rest of us.

Did everyone really
think this through?

Or are you just deciding
based on emotion?

What's to think through?
We have confessions!

That's a luxury
in most criminal cases.

Not only confessions,

but we have a video tape
of the actual crime.

For seven months,
24 hours a day,

they filmed themselves.

Which jury gets
that kind of evidence?

I thought through this case
during the entire trial.

All the while watching

the hours of footage
of their crime,

and listening to
their testimony.

I don't need to
think about it anymore.

Oh, what's there to think
about, really?

I mean, the law is the law.

We had plenty of time
to think about this

and we're all in agreement.
Except you.

- Why is it so cold in here?
- Yeah, it's freezing.

Thank God I wore this sweater.

Can we call somebody
to come fix the heat?

Our tax dollars at work, right?
You know, you'd think

that the government
could at least afford

to heat their own buildings.

I'll take a look.

Look, I'll call a bailiff

and have him call maintenance,
all right?

Let's just get back
to the vote, people.

Let's hope we're out
of here soon.

It won't even matter.

Well, we don't have
a unanimous decision yet,

so, looks like
we're not going anywhere.

Look, everyone.

I'm not saying that you didn't
think about what you heard.

I'm just raising
the logical question.

Are you saying guilty
out of emotion?

Or because you truly believe

and morally
that they are guilty?

All right,
let's just think about

this thing for a minute, okay?
Let's talk this out.

Does anyone have
anything to say?

Honey, why don't you just tell
us what you're thinking,

so we... So we all understand?

Yeah, maybe we can help you
out of your confusion,

and you can realize
that they are guilty.

Since we've had
our minds made up,

why don't we try to explain
to her our thought processes?

We are in majority.
We have to convince her.

It's a good idea.
Why don't we go around the table

and see
what everyone has to say?

Anybody want to start?

We might as well go in order.

No, I'm the foreman,
so, I'll go last,

but you are number two,
why don't you start?

You know,
there's a reason courtrooms

have that justice statue
with a blindfold, right?

It's because justice
is based on facts

and the facts are,
they are guilty.

We have videotape
and confessions.

What more do you want?

I know what the facts are,

and I know how it looks to
the people in this room,

but I am saying that they are
not guilty

because I believe
the law says so.

Maybe they were justified?

What, now you're with her?

I'm just asking a question.

You saw Staci's two children,
the twins, testify.

They'd be dead if Dr. Wise

and the others
didn't kidnap Staci.

Not born.

- Huh?
- They're not dead.

They're just not yet born.
There's a huge difference.

Are you crazy?

Staci Horowitz wanted to
have an abortion

two months into her pregnancy,

and she had
a legal right to do so.

And these maniacs kidnapped her,

making her stay in a place

that was probably colder
than in here.

For seven months,
they incarcerated her,

and they played mind games
with the poor girl.

Christ! They even tried to
make her think

she was in hell
after she gave birth!

Come on, you two.
Get your senses together.

You can't hold us up here.

It's like you're kidnapping
us right now.

I just asked a question,
all right?

I'm not holding anything up.

He made a good point about
just how purposeful

and plotting these people were.

Those are the kind of things
the prosecutor talked about.

They planned
the kidnapping form months.

They rehearsed and rehearsed.

Tried to manipulate
Ms. Horowitz.

There's tons of footage.

You should be able
to find something

that shows plotting
and manipulation.

I'm one step ahead of you.

I didn't say that they didn't
plan it out.

- I'm just saying we should...
- Here.

Watch this again.

No, no, no, no!

You were all
on the operating table.

All ready to commit murder.

And now, your babies
will be given life,

just as God planned.

You're nuts.
You kidnapped us!

the strongest of the three.

Strong has nothing to do
with my anger.

You violated my most precious
of constitutional rights!

What about the child's rights?
God's rights?

Please, stop the craziness.

Maybe, she's right.
What about the child's rights?

I was pressured into this
by Brandon.

I appreciate the support,

but you shouldn't slam Brandon.

You're an adult woman.
You made the choice.

Come here, child.

You decided to kill your baby.

Brandon couldn't make you,
could he?

Don't be weak, Natalie.
This is a cult.

Fanatics! You're a
throwback to 50 years ago

with all this
radical Christianity!

Your goal is to discriminate
against women.

I am a woman.

Don't use your femininity
as a crutch.

You stand for nothing
about gender equality,

when you want to take away
our most basic freedom.

Looks as if I was wrong,
Staci is the strongest.

I don't care about
who's the strongest,

and I don't care about
this stupid political debate!

I'm gonna get to the point.
What do you want from us?

Lara, the typical lawyer.

What do you want from us?

Not want...

demand. You will stay here,

in this room,
for the next seven months,

until you all simultaneously
give birth to your children.

I... I still can't believe that
she was part of the kidnapping.

- Who? Dr. Wise or Lara Foley?
- Lara Foley.

She just seemed so authentic.

Yeah, so did Natalie.

Hey! They all confessed.

They're right wing nuts.
They're like terrorists.

Instead of training with
machine guns and bombs,

they trained in acting.

They spent months getting
into their characters,

and going over some "loose
script", as they called it.

But there was so much that
couldn't have been scripted.

In fact, most of it.

It was a general idea, get it?

I can take out that
silly church doctor.

Lara? Lara?

The three of us can easily
eliminate her.

You don't know what's
behind that door or who.

There could be no one.
There probably is no one.

All we've seen is that woman,
and the suit on the TV.

And what if there are
more out there?

Don't you get it?
They're not gonna hurt us.

They can't hurt us because
they won't hurt the babies.

She is a scared little girl,
but you and I are women.

Come on.

I'm scared too
and what if that fence is real?

I'll try to cross it.

Look, I know you're frightened,

terrified and I know that you
feel guilty about the abortion,

but you're just buying into
their propaganda.

They're brainwashing us.

I really do think that what
I was about to do was wrong.

You weren't doing
anything wrong!

Let's say we eliminate Dr. Wise

and there's no one else here
with her.

Then we're home free.

Maybe, maybe there's
a phone or computer

and we can contact help.

- Yeah.
- But maybe not.

And you try to run into
the snow, desert,

wherever the hell we are,

and you pass out.

Natalie and I can't help you
for the same reason.

We can't help you because
we'd pass out trying.

Yes, and then you'll die in
the snow and so will your baby.

My baby?

I don't have a baby,
you stupid little girl!

I don't have
anything inside of me

I that even remotely resembles
a human being!

And neither do you,
nor does Lara!

Staci, I agree with you.

There's gonna be a lot of
brainwashing going on here.

I got to say I'm pretty impressed
with the performances.

I mean, these girls definitely
seem like kidnap victims to me.

But they weren't!
We've got confessions, remember?

And they all testified,

right in front of us at trial
admitting their damn atrocities.

Calm down, man. You don't act
to the foreman that way.

I just want to understand what
we're wasting time here for.

They're all obviously guilty.

Robert Lation,
Dr. Victoria Wise, Lara Foley,

and that young girl,
Natalie Fields.

All guilty of kidnapping
Staci Horowitz.

I don't see
how anyone can disagree.

It's the most open and
shut case I've ever seen.

You're correct.

They've told the police
they kidnapped her

and they've told us.

And they had surveillance
cameras up 24/7

for the entire seven months,
so, we can see the entire show.

I don't have seven months
to watch the whole show, okay?

I think we saw enough
of it at trial.

It's not a show.
It's a kidnapping.

It's a terrible crime against
that poor woman.

You're right, of course.
It was no Broadway play.

Look, I attended for a year

at a law school
before I changed my mind

and went to medical school.

Criminal law 101 says

that we have to look for
mens rea. The intent.

They all had the intent to
commit this crime.

So, it's up to us
to convict them.

You are all talking about their
intent and their planning.

Look at why they planned this.

Their purpose
was to prevent Staci

from aborting her children.

Roe V. Wade has not
been reversed.

She has the right to have
an abortion. It's still legal.

Are you saying it's okay
to commit crimes

to keep people from doing things
you don't agree with?

Imagine our society
if everybody acted that way.

Whoa, whoa, hold on a second.
Do you have kids?

Yes. Why?

Wouldn't you do
anything you could

to stop somebody trying to
hurt your kids?

I mean, even if it meant
risking getting arrested

and getting charged with
assault or something?

I would, no question.
Who wouldn't?

So, how does that make
these defendants justified?

Wait a minute,
there is a huge difference here.

I love my kids and I would
do anything for them,

but they are actually in
this world. They are alive.

When she was kidnapped,
Staci Horowitz's children,

they were not even born yet.

Yeah, you're saying it's okay
to commit crimes

to protect people
that don't exist?

What do you mean, "don't exist"?

Her children were very much
alive inside her womb.

You're telling me
that you consider them

children at that point?

They... They were fetuses,
masses of cells.

At two months,
they weren't even developed.

They're not even human

That's incorrect.
They were quite developed.

By the time Staci realized she
was pregnant,

her children's brains
were developing.

By the time she was kidnapped,

the babies had arms and legs,

and fingers and looked like
actual babies.

But really,
it doesn't even matter

what they look like
at that point.

From the moment of conception,
they were human lives.

Lives worth saving.

No, no, they weren't.
They were basically tissue.

No, no,
you're incorrect about that.

They were definitely lives
at the point of conception.

They were alive.
No one can argue that.

Alive, lives, yes.
But not human beings.

Hold on,
he just made a good point.

The fetuses are lives. What are
they if they're not human lives?

- Not lions or tigers or bears.
- Oh, my!

- It's not just a big joke.
- Thanks, man

I think we should take
another vote.

Shouldn't the foreman
decide that?

Well, I think anyone
can call for a vote.

This is getting more ridiculous
by the second.

We're gonna be stuck
in this freezing room all night.

Did anyone ever call the bailiff

so we can get
maintenance in here?

No. Because this juror
has kept us

locked in her baseless dialog,

while everyone knows that each
and everyone

of these defendants are guilty.

I called for a vote.

All right, let's take a vote.

Can we do this by secret ballot?
So, no one feels intimidated?

I don't see why not.

Here, why don't you rip this
to pieces so we can vote.

Good idea.

This damn thing
is stuck on 58 degrees.

The levers won't move
no matter how hard I try.

Hey, hey, don't break it.

They probably'll make us
pay for it if we break it.

Why don't you come here and vote
and then we'll call the bailiff.

Thank you.

Someone just pass it on to him.

- Now, take it easy, guys.
- It's cold in here.

Just hurry it up.

- All right, is that everybody?
- Yeah.





- Not guilty.
- Well, there's your vote.

- Not guilty.
- What?

I'm never gonna make it
to my meeting.

Excuse me, I don't care
about your meeting.

I want to hear
the rest of the results.

Whatever! We know whose vote
that was anyway, don't we?




Not guilty.

That's nine guilty
and three not guilty.

Who's the third not guilty?

You? The one who's suddenly
trying to tell us

that fetuses are human lives?

We didn't know who the second
vote was, much less the third.

This was a secret ballot,

Wrong! We know exactly who the
second not guilty vote is.

Oh, excuse me! I don't like you
standing over me like that.

I don't appreciate
your know-it-all attitude.

So, you're denying
you voted not guilty?

All right, I'm gonna have to
intercede here as the foreman.

Oh, hurray, hurray!

You're finally doing your job!

Now, could you please
try to convince

these imbeciles to do
what's right?

Hey, you, tough guy.

I'm starting to get
a little sick of you.

And you too, for that matter.

You don't call anyone in here
imbeciles or any other names

just because
they disagree with you.

Yeah, okay, whatever.
Why don't you sit down?

Turn around and be a man!
Look at me!

Hey, stop fighting! Fighting
is not gonna solve anything.

All right, that's enough!

Okay, now, we need to have
some type of order in here.

And that's my job as the
foreman, is to keep the order.

Not to change people's opinions.

Well, guess what?
Knock, knock. Who's there?

- I'm the third not guilty.
- Oh, my God!

You! Why?

I just thought about my kid

and my kid not being alive
and that thought's unbearable.

Look, if my wife tried
to have an abortion,

I'd hire someone to kidnap her

if I was thinking about this
in some retrospective way.

I just can't imagine my daughter
not being alive.

But kidnapping is not permitted
by law.

I don't know if it is
or isn't permitted.

I don't care. Not guilty.

Oh, my gosh!
Do you see what you've started?

People don't care about
following the law now.

Well, isn't that what should be
the focus here? The law?

I believe you're talking about

what you perceive
to be the law of God.


Remember the expert report in
the charts on fetal development?

And the way the babies looked
after they were aborted?

Aborted at all different stages
of life.

With their heads crushed,

and their tiny little arms
and legs dismembered.

That's a bloody mess
of human body parts.

Perhaps we should have someone
bring in the photographs

and the charts
so we can go over them?

No! Oh, Christ!

We remember. We don't
need to go over it again.

Would anyone like to see them?

I think we can just talk it out.

Discuss the medicine and
the biology of the fetuses.

Just discuss it, right?

When the fetus
is about an inch big,

that's when most abortions
take place.

Do you consider that
a human life?

They are human lives from the
moment of conception. Period.

When a sperm fertilizes an egg,
it creates unique DNA.

And that is the blueprint
for a unique human being.

The original cell that's
created is a human being

already male or female father.

With genes from the mother
and father.

From that point on,
it's a matter of development.

at any point after conception,

if that human life is harmed,
a crime is being committed

Your passion equals
your ignorance.

And that isn't name calling.

I'm just trying to educate you,
young lady.

Simply, it's not a human life
at conception

nor for sometime afterward.

It's as I stated before,
just a mass of cells.

In layman's term,
it can't see, it can't touch,

it can't walk,
and it can't think.

Do you consider that
a human being?

It's just aggregation of cells.

So what if it's one cell?
It's alive, isn't it?

It has the DNA for a human,
not a horse,

or a fish, or monkey, right?

So, it's a human life.

I would not consider that
the point where life begins.

Well, then, where is the point
where life begins?

- You're asking me?
- I'm asking anyone or everyone.

You know, they talked about this
in the videos.

Let's go back
to the footage first

so I can see what they said.

They were watching
the guys on TV

and that one guy was eating
deviled eggs and talking.

While he is looking for
the right DVD,

can someone please
call the maintenance guy?

It's freezing in here.

My teeth are chattering

and I haven't even finished
paying for them yet.


I just have the judge's
extension which is 1225.

So, ready to admit you are
the other not guilty vote?

It was a secret ballot.

You know what?

Here's something public for you.
I'm changing my vote.

I'm not guilty.

This is just unbelievable!


This is just unbelievable!
Staci Horowitz was kidnapped.

She was taken from her family
and her friends

and her life for seven months.

Look, she can change her vote
if she wants. It's her right.

Exactly, but let's just be
on track here, please.

It is our duty and our right

to convince each other
to follow the law.

And I think if we discuss this
under the scope of the law,

maybe we can bring these fallen
angels back on the right side.

Okay, our fallen angels are now
juror number seven, of course.

Uh, six.

Two and...

So, we're not doing
the secret ballot anymore?

Apparently not.

All right, I was the fourth
not guilty vote.

- I knew it.
- Number ten.

Okay, so let's get into
some of this logic.

This has the actual discussion

about when a fetus becomes a
human life. Let's take a look.

Well, exactly what relevance
does this make

that the defendant can legally

keep Staci Horowitz
against her will?

It means everything. Legally.

abortion at any time is evil.

Obviously, but what do you care?

I don't.

But I have to have good answers
to smart position points.

Okay. Let's work though one.

Sure. I'll be the pro-life
goody two-shoes

and you can be the pro-choice
self-interested baby-killer.


And I'll play it like I'm a
thoughtful pro-choice person

who has a clear line drawn on
when abortion should be legal.

All right.

Would you murder a baby
one minute after it was born?

Of course not.

One second after it was born?

No. How could I?
It's a human baby.

But you would abort a baby
one second before it was born.

Because at that point, it's
not a human life yet, right?

- No, I couldn't.
- A minute before it was born?

- No.
- One day before birth?

- Come on.
- A week?

Ten days before?

No, it's human being
at that point.

One month before
the baby is born?

You would surely kill it then?


Is it 45 days
before the baby is born?

Two months before
the baby's born?

When does this mass of cells

magically transform
into a human being?

- Three months.
- Okay. At three months,

the fetus is
magically transformed

into a human being.
One day before that?

It was worthless.
Worthy to have its skull crushed

and sucked from the mother's
body by a vacuum.

One day before and
everything magically changes?


Well, probably most of us
wouldn't agree

with an abortion
when it is close to the end,

but I think it's open to

about when it's
considered a baby.

I think when it can actually
live on its own.

You obviously didn't listen to
the experts during the trial.

Because if you had,
you'd know that that theory

is always changing based on
advances in medicine.

In 1973,
when Roe V. Wade was decided,

a baby couldn't
live outside the mother

any earlier than six months.

So, in 1973, five month old
fetuses weren't human beings.

Therefore, abortionists could
just blast their brains

to smithereens
and kill them like a house fly.

But today,
since the babies can survive

outside the womb at five months,

they're all of a sudden
human beings.

That doesn't make any sense.
They were always human beings.

There's got to be something in
the law we can use as guidance.

Does anyone actually know what
the law states about that?

Oh, remember,
we can ask the judge questions,

so, why don't we just do that?

let's just waste more time.

we have nothing better to do.

Don't be rude. I think we should
definitely call the judge.

While you are at it,

can you ask him about the
freezing temperatures in here?

I spoke to the secretary.

She said a maintenance worker
would be here soon.


Uh, yes, it's the foreman in the

Robert Lation, Victoria Wise
and Lara...

- The abortion case?
- Yeah, yeah, the abortion case.

Okay, so, how can I help you?

Well, we got a question
here for the judge.

Sure, what is it?
I'll pass it on to him.

Is there any law that says
what constitutes a human life?

I mean, like, if there's a baby,
a fet...

If there's something growing
inside of a woman?

Sounds like a
well thought out question.

I'll ask Judge Solomon.

"Something that's growing
inside of a woman"?

Let's just be honest here.

It's a human life
no matter what you try to argue.

It's not matter of opinion.
It's scientific fact.

Let's revisit the charts
on fetal development.

Hello, jury members.

Oh, well, this isn't
usual judicial protocol.

I've decided to stop by and
answer your question personally.

Usually, the bailiff just,
you know,

brings me notes,
I send those back, but,

well, I'm a regular guy,
just like all of you, so,

why not answer your questions
in person?

I'd just be sitting in my office
reading some boring legal text


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

That's a good movie.

So, to answer your question, if
a person shoots a pregnant woman

in the stomach,
or the face for that matter,

and the baby, or the fetus
dies along with her...

that person is guilty
of a double homicide.

But is the fetus considered
a human life under the law?

And we're still freezing
in here, Your Honor!

The fact that the unborn child

is taken into consideration
in a case like this

means that the fetus is indeed

considered a human being
according to the law.

You know, I think I'm gonna
change my vote.

What? Just like that?
Without examining the law?

No, not just like that.

That video that
Dr. Wise had Staci watch,

it made a whole lot of sense.

Nobody can say
the point at which

a fetus magically transforms
into a human being.

Is it an hour before birth?
A week? A month?

Three months? Who knows?

They're just way too much risk

that we're killing
a human being.

And like the judge said,

if a pregnant woman is murdered,
the fetus dies,

that constitutes
a double homicide

and I think based on that

the law dictates that the fetus
does constitute human life.

All right, let's vote again.
Um, let's do not guilty first.

So, five for not guilty.
What about guilty?

Wait a minute. You, Mr. Foreman,

you didn't raise your hand
for either.

He's right.
Well, sir, what's your vote?

As you said, you're the one
who's been charged

with being in control here,
keeping things orderly.

This is not setting
a good example.

You're correct.
This has just gotten difficult.

- It's not difficult to me.
- Certainly not to me!

Some of you have just gone
completely off the deep end

because of this radical,
little Christian girl here.

I've my own mind, all right?

Now, she might have made
a few good points

which others built on,

and the judge
with his few words solidified,

but, for me,
it was this young lady.


Yes, ma'am. You.

You have succinctly
summarized it. At least, for me.

So, I have to change
my vote to not guilty.

I don't believe this. I'm gonna
push back my business meeting.

What is so important
about this business meeting?

You keep talking about it.
What is so important about it?

None of your business.
Do you like that? Huh? Huh?

That's a double entendre.

I'm using business
in two different ways.

You're acting like a moron.

Let's go back to what
we were doing before, okay?

Going around the table

and each giving our argument
about why they are guilty.

There was so much clarity when
we walked out of that courtroom

and first walked into this room.

Very true. I believe
if we can actually focus

on the law of kidnapping itself,

this can become
very simple again.

And you, or some of you,

who have changed your vote
to not guilty

will go back very quickly
to guilty.

Even me?
Who was never at guilty?

It seems that you have
a special understanding

of the law, my dear.

I hope that the legal reasons

shed some light on you
and your way of thinking.

There is a light
at the end of this tunnel

and I believe
that you will ultimately see it.

Can we disband
the light analogies?

I believe I'm next.

Given that only
juror number two had spoken

when we were presenting our
arguments in a systematic,

organized manner.

Well said!
Let's get a move on this.

They are guilty

because they have violated
Staci's basic rights

to life, liberty,
the pursuit of happiness.

They took away her way of life
as she knew it, and liberty.

Forget liberty, she was stuck
in a room for seven months!

Now, let's take an exact look at
what Robert Lation,

the ringleader
of the kidnapping...

had to say about his role in it.

Do not speak.
Do not say a word.

You not only have the right
to remain silent... will remain silent
while I speak. Understood?

- Yes.
- I said remain silent.

Now, you're probably
wondering who I am.

The same as you wondering

who the other women are
who're standing with you.

Same as you're wondering
where you are,

the same as you're wondering
why you are where you are.

You have all committed
a terrible sin.

Ah, Ms. Posey,
you're the first to realize.

Think of me as a member
of the criminal justice system.

Unfortunately for you,
I'm not a lawyer.

Nor I am the police,
nor a prosecutor

and alas, I'm not the judge.

No, I'm not your judge, ladies.

I am... your jailer.

Calls himself their jailer.

Under the law, if you jail
someone against her will,

you're guilty of kidnapping.

- It's as clear as that.
- Of course, it is. Great point.

These girls, they weren't even
allowed to speak

unless they were
given permission.

- Girl.
- Huh?

Girl. Singular, remember?

Staci Horowitz,
who was kidnapped.

Lara Posey and Laura Fields
were a part of the crime.

I know, that's right.
I... Yes.

These girls were just pretending
to be in this hell with her.

Oh, please. Cry me a river!
This was barely hell.

Staci was fed well, clothed,
she had medical care

and she wasn't in
a freezing room like this.

At least they had heat.

You want to see hell?

Come to my empty bed
every night. Now, that's hell!

Please, don't diminish
what happened to her.

She was held captive
for seven months.

You know, comfortable
accommodations or not.

Well, let's also get
all the facts straight.

Robert Lation was the only one
they had to ask permission

to speak,
and he wasn't around that often.

Other than him,

they were allowed to speak
freely at all times.

In fact,
they were encouraged to have

thoughtful discussions
about abortion.

Both pro-life and pro-choice.

This tells us a lot.

Before we go any further,

I want you all to really
understand a few things.

Yes. We certainly want
to change your minds.

But we know we can't do that by
shoving things down your throat.

So, you will just be watching
movies and documentaries,

reading books,
hearing experts speak.

You'll hear opinions on both
sides of the coin.

From everyone and everyone.

And then we'll have an
opportunity to do something

that no one really ever has.

We'll have
an abortion think-tank

for the next seven months.

Oh, yes.

Nonstop discussions
and probably arguments

on the wholly
important topic of abortion.

If your minds are changed,
we've had a huge bonus.

If not, that most important
primary goal has still been met.

Natalie, Lara, Staci,
look at me.

We will never hurt you.
I promise you.

As soon as your babies are born,
you'll all be freed.

We should be taking away

two important things
from that segment.

we should be having the same

thoughtful discussion
about abortion.

Just as Dr. Wise said,

discussing both sides
of the coin

so we can really understand
what's at stake here.

And, second,
right from the beginning,

she told Staci
that she wouldn't be harmed

and that she would be freed
as soon as she gave birth

and that's exactly
what happened.

Staci was freed right after she
delivered her babies

and she was never harmed.

Honey, there are many
different kinds of harm.

Having your liberty restrained
constitutes harm under the law.

As for psychological harm,
here, we'll look at this now.

The three of you already had
your chance to choose life. Hmm.

And you failed.

You were told earlier that
you're gonna stay with Dr. Wise

until you give birth and
that will never change.

Dr. Wise?

Should you have any thoughts
of escape,

you should know that you are
hundreds of miles

- from any other people.
- Where are we?

Young lady, kindly understand

that you're never to speak
when I'm with you,

unless I specifically
give you permission!

Dr. Wise.

Lift up the back of your hair.

Touch high up on your neck.
You have bandages there

where I have implanted
small electronic devices.

It was minor laser surgery,

but nonetheless
a necessary procedure

to ensure that we meet
that primary goal.

Now, Staci, do you have a
question? Just one, please.

What are these electronic
devices supposed to do to us?

That's a good question.
Dr. Wise.

Under the unlikely circumstances

that you should escape
this building

into the frost-bitten cold of
night in your little nightgown,

you will pass out within ten
feet of the door.

Any of you have a dog?

You have one of those invisible
electronic fences

that are in your yard
or under the ground?

No. But you all understand

how the invisible
electronic fences work?

Zip! The dog get stung
if it passes the fence.

Dr. Wise.

Well, you won't get stung.
But you will pass out.

Of course,
the baby won't be harmed

as a low voltage
electronic impulse

will release a harmless
anesthetic into your bloodstream

that will temporarily cause you
to lose consciousness

and then we'll retrieve you
from the snow.

Enjoy the accommodations.

Under the law,
I'm sure you'll all agree

that implanting an electronic
device in someone's head

which could cause them to be
rendered unconscious is harmful.

Again, good point.

You both are missing something
here that's critical.

Dr. Wise never implanted
the device in Stacy Horowitz.

After her release, she was
examined by several doctors,

and all their medical reports
came back negative

for any surgeries
performed on her.

The fact is,
it was just a scare tactic.

Yes. But that scare tactic

equates harm as much as a
physical beating.

And months of restraint
causes harm just the same.

Victoria Wise, Robert Lation,
Lara Foley and Natalie Fields

through their illicit
kidnapping conspiracy

are all guilty of
causing Staci Horowitz

to suffer extreme
psychological damages.

But if they hadn't held Staci
for seven months,

we would have two dead babies

instead of those two beautiful
seven year old children

we all saw speak at trial.

And that's the heart
of this case.

Dana, Nicholas,
I'm Marina Durov. I'm a lawyer.

I'm here to talk to you about
your biological mum and dad.

Do you understand what I mean by
your biological mum and dad?

- No.
- I do.

My real mommy and daddy
aren't my real mommy and daddy,

other ones are.

Nicholas, now do you understand?

Yes, my parents told me about
Staci and James.

That's right.

Staci Horowitz and James Rice
are your biological mom and dad.

Your biological dad
would like to meet you.

- Would you like that, Dana?
- Yes, I would love to meet him.

How about you, Nicholas?

I don't know. Can we talk about
something else?

Yes, we can talk about
something else for a while.

But we have to talk about your
biological daddy again, okay?

but can we talk about cars?

I love famous cars.
What kind of cars do you have?

I have all kinds of cars.

I have a Porsche, a Mercedes,
a BMW, a Camaro and a Mustang.

But they are not real cars,
they're just little toy cars.


These are two wonderful,
living human beings.

It's a fact that
they would be dead today

if Dr. Wise and the others
hadn't helped Staci.

You're just playing
on our emotions.

This is what I was
talking about before.

Whoever their parents are now,
I'm sure,

couldn't imagine life
without them.

Just watching them
give me chills

thinking they would have been
butchered and not here.

This is my son, Steven.

He's 15. Great kid.

You should see him
play lacrosse.

He's handsome. Bet he's got
a lot of girlfriends, huh?

Oh, yeah.
He's constantly on his phone,

texting, tweeting,
I don't know what.

He doesn't even know
half the kids.

Same with mine.
They're only eight and nine.

You know, I can't remember
the last time

we had a real conversation.

It's like his phone is
surgically attached to his hand.

So, you see where
I'm coming from then?

No. Just the opposite.

The fact that my wife
chose to have my son

doesn't disallow somebody
else from choosing not to.

Steven's a great kid,

but when he was just conceived,
even after a couple of months,

he was still just that
lump of cells.

So, it would have been all right

if he'd been aborted
by your wife?

Abortion is legal. If she'd
wanted to have it, she could.

If the man wanted
the abortion to happen,

he could have wanted that too.

They could do with it
whatever they wanted to.

Now, he's an "it"?

Taking out the humanity
makes it easier, doesn't it?

Not guilty.

These two beautiful children
deserve to live.

And I feel awful.

You feel awful?
Why do you feel awful?

Because I voted
not guilty before.

And that no matter
how it was done

these beautiful children
would not be alive.

I had never thought of it
this way at all, but...

their lives are just more
important than the law.

And you are right.

Not guilty.

You wanted
the expert report charts

on child development
in the womb?

Yes, how did you know?

Oh, either I'm a mind reader

or secretly and illegally
listening to your deliberations.


Or I quietly picked up the phone
and asked the secretary for them

while we were watching the
twins' testimony.

Or that.

I allowed into evidence

the twins custody battle
deposition testimony

and the deposition testimony
from the real father

for a reason.

And what was that, Your Honor?

I find it irrelevant whether as
the defendants are guilty

for kidnapping Staci Horowitz.

I didn't find it irrelevant.

I had another question
about the law.


Let's say we have
the following facts.

Jennifer is pregnant,
she wants to keep the baby,

but Kelly is jealous of her
and tries to kill the baby

by swinging a baseball bat
into her stomach.

Then, Michael,
who's in a wheelchair,

shoots and kills Kelly
to stop her

from killing the baby that's
inside Jennifer's stomach.

Why is Michael in a wheelchair?

I don't know, I just thought
it made it more interesting.

- Right, it did.
- Yup.

So, how old is the fetus?

Let's say two months.

Ah, fetus is two months old, so
Michael shoots and kills Kelly

to prevent her from killing the
fetus. So, the question is,

did he act legally
in defense of another?

Did he have the right to use
lethal force

to save the life of
a two-month-old fetus?

- Your Honor, what's the answer?
- Go through that file first.

Wow, it's cold in here.

I don't know how anyone can sit
through this at trial

and not clearly see a human

growing and changing
by the week?

- Looks like a baby.
- No question.

My turn.
May I have that, please?

What you are calling a baby
looks more like a tadpole.

It has no eyes or ears.

It's barely distinguishable
as male or female.

So, you think
that's more important

than punishing the kidnappers?

Wow, at seven weeks old,

it actually really does look
like a baby.

Yes, that's what I mean.
Let's pass that around.

Staci Horowitz was kidnapped
at about eight weeks.

If you knew, or for the men,

your female significant other
had this growing inside you,

would you kill this?

This is clearly a baby.

We've been loosely playing this
game that each person get a turn

to make his or her argument.

And, so far, only a few of us
have gone and now it's my turn.

Instead of taking my turn,
I have a request.

Could you please
go to that board

and write down all the
points for an acquittal?

Just short, simple recapping
of everything

that we've already gone through

that would give
a not guilty verdict.


And on that board over there,

can someone please write down
all the points

that would be
for a guilty verdict.

I'll be happy to do that.
Thank you.

- Can I go first?
- Sure.

I am listing what we have been
discussing today, is that right?


Staci was kidnapped from an
abortion clinic,

that's number one.

And she was held
for seven months.

So, it's not like they held her
for two weeks, or two days.

It was a very long kidnapping.

The prosecution made that point

The defendants put her through
all kinds of mental torture.

And making her have babies
against her will,

and making her believe that
she had a chip in her head

that might knock
her unconscious.

And in making her
actually believe

that she was in hell
after she gave birth.

Not to mention the physical pain

she had to suffer
to deliver two babies.

You're lucky that's something
you'll never have to endure.

What's next?

Miss Horowitz was forced
to undergo

medical treatments
against her will.

Not just compelled
to deliver the babies,

but by having many
non-consensual examinations

performed by Dr. Wise.

And how about this?

Staci had a legal right
to the abortion

and they had no right
to stop her.

Young lady, your case.

Staci Horowitz was carrying
two live human beings.

At the time when
she was first taken in

by Dr. Wise and the others...

look at this, her fetuses were
identifiable as human beings.

The twins who are now

and beautiful would be dead.

No doctor, no scientist,
no educator, no one

has truly identified

when a fetus miraculously
transforms into a human life.

And after I write
everyone's point,

I will add a few of my own.

And now, I'm gonna
add my finishing touch.

And how does the law
define a human life?

The judge told us that if
a person kills

a pregnant woman
and the baby in her stomach,

he's guilty of a double murder.

No matter what the age
of the fetus is.

So, at any stage of life,

the fetus is considered
a human being.

Here are your two lists.

Thank you.

Number six, your turn

I've given my reasons why I
changed my vote

and I've said
all that I have to say.

So, I think I'll pass
on my turn.

Do we really need to
play by all these rules

of going in turns for everyone?

- I suppose not.
- Then let me say this.

You can debate all you want.
Is this a baby? Is this a fetus?

But what about the fact
that abortion is legal?

Everyone, abortion is legal.

Roe V. Wade has been the law of
the land for 40 years!

Staci Horowitz wanted
to have an abortion

and she had a legal
right to do so.

These guys are right wing nuts.

They were trying to
impose their views

and stop her from having
the abortion

I'm a vegetarian but I don't
kidnap people

to stop them from eating meat.

You know,
that's actually a good point.

I'm an NRA member but I wouldn't
kidnap some anti-gun nut

just because I disagree with his
beliefs. Like, that's extreme.

It's more than just agreeing
or disagreeing.

When a human life is at stake,

it far outweighs everything
else, including rights.

Well... I believe
in the right to choose.

A woman does not have to
have a child

if she doesn't want to.

So, I'm not changing
my vote, ever.

They're guilty.

The right to choose
is indeed very important.

What about the cases
of rape and incest?

Should those women be forced
to have those children?

Yes, of course.

It's a terrible experience
to suffer rape or incest.

But if a human life is
created as a result,

that innocent child
should be allowed to live.

You know, I was sort of with you
there for a while,

but I don't agree with that
at all.

Are you some kind of
religious nut

like Dr. Wise and Robert Lation?

I don't know what you mean
by "religious nut",

but I do have
a very strong faith.

I believe that the Bible
is the word of God

and is 100 percent true.

Okay, then show me in the Bible

where it says anything
about abortion?

One of the ten commandments.
Thou shall not kill.

That's talking about
actual acts of murders.

From one person to the other.
Real, living people, of course.

Yes, that's exactly what
we have with abortion.

While it's true
that the word abortion

is never mentioned in the Bible,

there are tons of passages
that clearly address

the sanctity of human life.

- Can we get a Bible in here?
- Oh, this is a disaster!

Can you also get a copy of
Webster's Dictionary,

The Farmers' Almanac,

today's newspaper and
a copy of Sports Illustrated?

Swimsuit edition, please.

Hey, yes. This is foreman from
the abortion case.

Uh, we need to
get a Bible in here.

- What version?
- What version?

I don't know, What do you got?

We have King James version.

King James? Cool, that'll work.

Hey, you got any word on the
heat yet? It's freezing in here.


Steve, old buddy,

looks like I won't be home
in time for dinner tonight.

Now, I've been working for weeks

to get this business meeting

And now, I'm gonna miss it,
thanks to you guys. Thank you.

Whoa! I needed a break.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

Uh. From my very warm office.

- Who asked for a Bible?
- I did.

Are you preaching
or deliberating?

We're hoping it'll help
with our deliberating.

You know, it looks like you're
being really thorough

and thoughtful. That's good.

Do you have the answer
to my last legal question?

Sure do.

For starters, Genesis 1:27:

"So God created man
in his own image,

in the image of God
created him he

male and female
created he them."

What does this have
to do with abortion?

God created humans in his image.

We are all set apart from all of
God's creations.

Genesis 1:28: "And God blessed
them and God said unto them,

Be fruitful, and multiply,

and replenish the earth,
and subdue it

and have dominion
over the fish of the sea,

and over the fowl of the air,

and over every living thing
that moveth upon the earth."

Does that sound like
God wants us

to kill innocent human beings?

That's totally open
to interpretation.

Is that really
what you think it means?

I mean, someone else may think
something completely different.

That's where faith comes in.

You pray, you study.

You call upon what God helps you
to just know to be true.

Great, a sermon.

- Of course, there's more.
- But, wait, there's more.

Psalm 22:10:

"I was cast upon thee
from the womb

thou art my God
from my mother's belly.

God loves us and protects us

from the moment we are

Obviously, He doesn't want
someone He loves to be killed.

And Psalm 139:13-14 says:

"Thou hast covered me
in my mother's womb.

I will praise thee; For I am
fearfully and wonderfully made."

Faith is manipulation of
common sense, my dear.

And even if you want to argue
God loves people,

it's not necessarily saying
anything about abortion.

Nor about the law
we're obligated to follow.

Are you so sure?

We must follow the law of God
above all else.

That's if you believe in God.

Who are you to impose your
religious views

on us in here in a jury room

where we're supposed to be
deliberating a kidnapping case.

We need a separation
of Church and hate.

Yes, I have my faith.
My total belief in God,

but for those of you
who aren't there yet,

what is all-American law
based upon?

American law,
English law, all law,

they're all first and foremost
based on 10 Commandments.

The gentlemen next to you
brought up the 10 Commandments.

The Commandment that says
"thou shall not kill",

that should be pertinent
to everyone in here.

Every translation,
every biblical scholar,

anyone who studied
ancient texts,

everyone agrees that that
means 'thou shall not murder'.

As in killing innocent life.

What's more innocent
than an unborn child?

I'm not religious, so I'm going
to look at this differently.

I'm not saying that she's
right or wrong

about that stuff in the Bible,

but I think we need to look at
the hard facts

written on that chart.

Ah, excuse me, everyone, the
maintenance staff has gone home.

It's after five,
but you're lucky,

I know quite a bit about heat.

This guy's never gonna
let us be together, Stevo.

Looks like I'm gonna be
stuck here forever.

I think I know
what the problem is,

that I have to work under the
boiler rooms.

It should be working soon.

So, as I was saying,
I think it's really egregious

that they mess with
Staci's mind.

It was bad enough
that they kidnapped her,

but on top of it to...

to force her to watch
those crazy horror films.

They gave her nightmares.

I mean,
I thought that was horrible.

I would have really freaked out

if I had to
watch things like that.

Now, this will add to the
mental torture on the chart.

You have the right to do what
you want with your own body.

If you don't want the fetus,
abort it.

Abort the fetus
if you don't want it.

It's your body, abort it!

It's your body,
do what you want with it.

Abort the fetus
if you don't want it.

Abort the baby!

Abort the baby!

Abort the baby.

Abort the baby!

Abort the baby!

Abort the fetus.

Well, definitely freaky.
Still doesn't change my mind.

Seems like cruel and
unusual punishment to me.

You may not agree with
some of their tactics,

but they had a singular purpose.

To save those children.

And they had to use
various means to do that.

You know,
I'm a pretty rational man,

now I'm getting down
to the basics.

Staci Horowitz made a choice
not to have a child,

or children as it turns out.

She doesn't want to
have a child.

That's a personal choice.

So be it.

It's between her and her doctor.

But it's not that simple.

You're forgetting
one important piece,

she had a husband.
And he wanted to have the child.

Can we revisit his
deposition testimony again?

I'm already there.

Staci had
completely deceived me.

When we decided to end
our marriage,

I knew she was pregnant.

She knew that I wanted her
to keep the child.

I asked her repeatedly. I begged
her not to have the abortion.

But then, she just went ahead
and did it.

Did Ms. Horowitz
state her reason

why she went ahead with
the abortion?

She was enacting some
kind of revenge against me.

I decided to leave her for
another woman,

which I know, of course,
hurt her.

She said to me,

"You have put me through
so much pain and sadness.

Now it's your turn
to feel pain and sadness."

Revenge or not, it was Staci's
right to have the abortion.

That's the uncontested law.

I have to say,
I feel bad for the guy.

What's worse is he still
hasn't met the children.

Go to the part where he talks
about the judge

not letting him have custody.

Okay, one second.

None of this is relevant as to
whether the defendants

are guilty of kidnapping.

I'm interested in seeing
his testimony again.

What's up with you?
You just like to make requests

and listen to things
without offering any opinions.

I've given a few opinions,

and how I evaluate things
is none of your business.


Here, I've got it.

And after Staci was released,
did you see your babies?

No. I didn't even know
she was kidnapped.

I thought she had an abortion
and took off.

I found out that I had two
infant children

about a month after
they let her go.

I... I got a letter
from Dr. Victoria Wise

telling me that
I had a boy and a girl.

What did you do
when found that out?

I went to a lawyer, and I filed
for custody

in St. Louis where I live.

But... At first we couldn't
even locate where Staci was.

And we had to file all kinds of
papers to get her into court.

She was out in Los Angeles

and the courts there
made us appear there.

By that time,
it was, it was a year later.

Staci had given up my babies
for adoption.

And she had a special request.

That my children be split up

and be given different adoptive

And this crazy judge
agreed with her.

He gave her what she wanted.

He said that she had gone
through a horrific ordeal

and if things had been done
correctly under the law

she would have had an abortion.

To rectify things, he said,
her wishes should be granted.


now my daughter is somewhere
in Oregon

and my son's in Maryland.

Why wouldn't the judge
give you custody?

Didn't he believe
you're the biological father?

Staci had lied and said she
didn't know who the father was.

so we had a paternity test,

and it proved that I am
their father.

But, the judge said
it was too late.

That Dana and Nicholas were with
their adoptive parents

for too long

and it was in their
best interest to stay with them.

So, now I'm still fighting
in federal court instead.

I won't stop, I can't.

I don't know how a woman could
kill my children,

when I want them to be alive.

And I don't know why I can't
have my children now,

my flesh and blood,

when I so desperately want them.

There's no justice
in this insane world.

Not for me, and not for them.

I certainly don't agree with
everything you're saying,

and I certainly don't agree
with everything on that list.

But, I'm changing my vote
to not guilty.

You know, if for nothing else,

just so that man can have some
kind of justice.

You can't be serious!

What does this have to do
with her being kidnapped?

Two wrongs do not make a right!

Perhaps they do.

I suddenly can't help thinking

that these children
deserve some justice.

I don't know about the notion
that they would be dead.

I still think that they would
just not be born

if she had had the abortion.

Oh, with the definitional stuff,
it doesn't matter.

They are here now. And whether
or not they know it today...

they have been through
a terrific ordeal.

I think that they will
understand it in time.

they'll understand this,

that they would not
have been born

if it weren't for the
defendants in this case.

That their father
wanted them to be born.

And he wanted to care for them

when they were alive
and living in this world.

They need us to recognize that.

And we can do that by...

showing that their lives
have value.

By rendering a not guilty
verdict in this case.

I think a few wrongs here

can make things right
for these children.

They deserve... some justice.

Not guilty.

If you want definitions
and insanity,

what has happened here
is the definition of insanity.

All right,
let's just take another vote.

Okay. Now, there's more not
guilty at this point.

So, why don't we just
start there.

All those in favor of
not guilty raise your hands.

So, that's nine for not guilty.

Yes? You have a question?

No. I want to change
my vote to not guilty.

You are? For what reason?

Well, just because I think
they're not guilty now.

I know why I changed my mind,
and I made it clear early on.

I've heard everyone else give
their reasons.

I'm curious, what's yours?

Well, I thought about my kids
not being born

and it turned me into a wuss.

Yeah, that's funny. You know,

we've all been discussing this
with great passion,

and you've been firm on guilty.
I think we have a right to know.

I changed my mind.
You said I would.

"We have a legal right to vote
any way we want."

So, I am voting not guilty,

so we can get out
of this damn place,

and I can get to my meeting.

That's no reason to change your
vote, man.

Don't you...
Don't you have any principles?

Don't you have any values?

Don't you have anything
that you believe in?

Were you voting guilty early on
just because everyone was?

So that you could leave
and go to your precious meeting?

No, no, no and yes.

You may not understand
my methods,

but my purpose is singular.

And now, get out of my face.

Guys, that's enough.

That's it?

You're a disgrace.

And yet, the ladies love me.

Don't be bitter, kitty litter.

That leaves just two
of you at guilty.

I can't get past
what the law is.

It seems to me that you're all
engaging in

what is called
"jury nullification."

Your voting not guilty
is in direct contradiction

to the statute of kidnapping
based on rationale

that has nothing to do
with the law.

That's not so.

While many of these items are
not directly part of the law,

they're all part
of its fundamental fabric.

And they're all crucial
in determining

whether or not a crime
has been committed in this case.

And here the law
clearly supports

that a fetus is defined
as a human life.

And if it's a human life,

then protecting that human life
is surely legal.

I'm surprised at your thinking.

You're young. It's obvious
you're well educated.

You probably had
a good career going.

Most women in your position
are in favor of women's rights.

I am in favor of women's rights,
and men's rights,

and children's rights and
unborn children's rights.

No one has the right to take the
life of an innocent human being,


I'm sure in many abortion cases,

these women don't think
of it at all. Not that way.

Many women it's just not the
right time for their lives.

Think about it.

Think about this on a real
personal level.

Be true to yourself.

What if you had been
working hard,

trying to advance
in your career,

and then, all of a sudden,
you get pregnant?

And being pregnant
is going to set you back.

Maybe even cause you to lose
your job,

maybe even your entire career.

For many women, it just isn't
the right time for them.

So, they want to take the lives
of their unborn children

based on convenience?

That's not justifiable.

If you get pregnant,
you have to deal with it.

"Deal with it"?
It's not that simple.

What about all those poor women
who cannot afford

to have a child?

If they do carry
through the pregnancy,

the child will be just born into
a life of poverty.

Not to mention that all of us,

and the rest of us will be
paying for those kids

since the mothers
will be on welfare forever.

You cannot take a life
based on convenience.

Whether you're a financially
stable woman who's educated

and doesn't want
to pause her career.

Or a financially
distressed mother

who thinks she can't
afford to feed another mouth.

Looks like we're at
a perpetual stalemate.

Shall we call the judge
and tell him we're a hung jury?

I have the answer
to your last legal question.

I'll recite your fact pattern
from memory.

Jennifer is pregnant,
she wants to keep the baby,

but Kelly is jealous of her

and tries to kill the baby
inside Jennifer,

by like smashing a baseball
bat into her stomach.

And Michael who is in
a wheelchair

shoots and kills Kelly

to keep her from killing
the baby from inside Jennifer.

And the fetus is two months old.

- That's all correct?
- Yes, Your Honor.

Michael's killing of Kelly is
not murder,

it is not a homicide at all.

It is a justifiable killing
under the self-defense statute

or more specifically under the
defense of another statute.

You with me?

You are permitted to use lethal
force to defend the life

of a human being.

That's correct.

You're legally permitted to use
deadly force against a person

if that person is using deadly
force against another person.

So, in your fact pattern,

Michael is legally able
to kill Kelly

because Kelly is using deadly
force against the fetus...

the baby...

inside Jennifer's belly. See.

So, again, Your Honor, the fetus
is defined as a human being.

Now, here's your law.

The one-month old fetus
is defined,

under the law, as a human life.

Both in
the double murder scenario

and the defense of
another scenario.

Now, let's apply this law
to the facts

of the Staci Horowitz case.

Dr. Wise and the others
held Staci

to save the lives of the
two-month old fetuses

that were inside her stomach.

They saved the lives of these
two babies just the same as

Michael did
when he killed Kelly.

The only difference is that

Dr. Wise and her team
didn't kill Staci

to stop the killing
of the babies.

They didn't use
lethal force at all.

They simply held Staci for seven
months until she gave birth.

They allowed Staci to live,
just like her babies.

Under the defense
of another statute,

their alleged kidnapping
was not a crime at all.

It was a justified use of force
to defend a human being's life.

And that's the law.
We have to acquit.

She's right. Oh, my God.

She's right. She's right.

Oh, my God.
Yes, she's right.

I will not acquit!
I will not acquit!

- I will not acquit!
- Oh, my God.

I will not acquit!
I will never acquit!

They're guilty! They're guilty!
They are guilty!

They are guilty!
I am not guilty!

I will never acquit!
They're guilty!

They're guilty!
I am not guilty!

They're guilty! Do you hear me?
They're guilty!

You're all insane!
They're guilty!

- They're guilty!
- Oh, my God!

I will not acquit!
I will never acquit!

They're guilty! They're guilty!

I'm not guilty. I'm not guilty.

Oh, my God. Oh, my dear God.


What the hell is going on here?

Hell is what's going on here.

I aborted Steven
before he was born.

And I was the doctor
who performed the abortion.

And yesterday,
you died of a heart attack.

You were killed in a car crash.

Today is judgment day.

You recognized your wrongs,

and repented
in that last moment.

You did not.

And for that,
you will never meet Steven.

And you will not be at my side.

Nor the side of my own child.

Welcome to your eternity
of solitude.