Crawlspace (2022) - full transcript

A family man finds himself trapped in the crawlspace of a remote Oregon cabin where ruthless poachers have stashed their gains.

How'd the drop go?

It was good.

I fuck your mothers.

Oh, you just made my day.

Why did you do that?

Well, you saw him.
He was coming at me!

What was I supposed to do?

People just don't respect
mothers anymore, do they, Vlad?

Shit! What the...

I don't wanna hear it.

Pick up this Russki asshole and
throw him in the back of the truck.

Fuck is this?

This doesn't have
to get messy.

We're both reasonable people.

It doesn't have to go this way.

But we can take it that way
if you want.

I am a cold-blooded,
heartless machine of a man...

You don't buy it, do you?

It's okay.

I don't think I do either.

Come on, Brooke.

Here we go, here we go.

Here we go, here we go.


Hey, Barry. Thanks for calling
me back. How are you doin'?

Oh, yeah.

I... I do hear that.

No, I-I hear that.

I heard that, uh,

they were bringing both shifts
back on at the end of the month.

- Hi.
- Yeah.


Well, you know,

you can pay me whatever
you can now, and then,

when you get paid in a
month or two, pay the balance.

Well, I do know where you live.

Yeah, take care, man.

If you mess with my system,
Robert Mitchell...

Jaansen Supply
needs to go on the top.

There is no top. Okay, these
are outstanding payments

and these are just deadbeats
who can't or won't.

Barry got laid off again.

Barry drives a $70,000 truck.



you are a good guy,

but you can't keep
running around,

like some sort of
septic-tank Robin Hood.

Okay, we have a baby now, hon',

What do you want me to do?

Am I supposed to let these
people swim around in their own...

Yeah, well, maybe if you
did, they'd dig a little deeper.

People are struggling.

So are we.

Babe, the mill called,

and they want me to put in some
part-time hours here at home.

I guess the accountant in
the city just isn't cutting it.

We talked about this.
You said you wanted

to take care of Brooke
for the first couple of years

while I worked
and I fed the family.

We need the income, babe.

Especially since
you won't collect

from the people
for the work that you do.

it's something coming in.

Can we discuss this later?

I'm doing a re-pipe
up at Tim Witner's House.

At least we know
he's good for it.

No, we need to talk
about this now.

Look, I can't handle this now.

Bobby, please?

Let's discuss this later.

Well, that
could have gone better.

Oh, come on, baby.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.


Good girl.

She's right.

Septic Robin Hood.

Morning, Brett.

Just give me $10 of regular,

- and don't go over, please.
- You got it.

Fill her up, Brett.

Hey, Bobby!

How's it going?

Eh, I can't complain, Jo.
Who'd listen?

Get this. They got us
going 45 minutes out of town

to investigate
a bunch of missing trees.


Get me a cup of coffee.
Okay, boss.

Hey, Bob. How's life?

Oh, baby's good.

Carrie's not too happy
with me at the moment.

I've been extending credit
to everybody, and...

Here we go.
...acting like a bank. Thanks.

We can't afford to do that.

Well, you're a good guy, Robert.

But do the good guys ever win?
I'd like to think so.

You know those movies with John Wayne,
when the good guys come out on top?

"Well, keep it up, partner."

Thanks, pilgrim.

Y'all be careful out there.

Are you doing your John Wayne
impression again? Get in the car.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Come on, baby.
Come on, come on.

We can do this.

We can do this.
We got this.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Okay, come on, come on.


This is Carrie, leave a message.


about this morning, I'm...

Can we try to be cool this
time? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

How are you doing, Timmy Witner?

What is this?

is where we ask you
to get into the truck.

We need to talk to you.

If a tree falls in the forest,
does anyone hear about it?

The federal government heard it.

I'm Sheriff Higgon and this
is my deputy, Jordan Pacer.



Helen Masur, FBI financial for...

Yeah, special agent.

We do get emails
out here, you know?

Sheriff, she's just here to
help us with our missing tree.

Hey Jimmy, get the
tape. Gotta set up a perimeter.

Two trillion dollars a year.

I'm sorry, what's that now?

That's the money side
of this thing.

Timber, fishing, and wildlife...

Poaching is big business.

That's a hell of a lot of money.

Well, they ain't exactly
setting up shop on Main Street.

Hard to find
these folks out here.

It's more a matter of following
the money rather than the people.

You don't think these guys
are following the rules, do you?

Doing things the right way, so
they can all afford to compete?

Not a chance.

And, as you know,

this is old growth.

Protected land.

Well, glad to have you here.
We could use the help.

Two trillion dollars, Sheriff.

That's organized crime.

That's guns and drugs
and murder.

And they're certainly not paying
taxes, which, last I checked,

is your paycheck and mine.

Sheriff, you'd better
come check this out.

Where is it now?

Main line, main line...


Here we go.

There you are.

Damn it.

Guess I have to fix that now.

What do you idiots want?

Get him up.

Where is it?

I'm not fuckin' around
here, Tim.

Where is what?


The money.

We know about the bags,

and the trucks,

and the outlaw tree cutting
you've been doing.

We know you've got
money somewhere.

Now is the part
where you tell me where it is.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Goddamn it.

This guy still doesn't think
that we're serious.

Why don't you
go out to the truck?


And get me Bessie.

We know everything
about you, Tim.

We've been watching you.

We got the pills.

We've been through

your house...

Your office...

You didn't know that,
did you, Tim?

We're professionals, Tim.

We know you've got
cash here somewhere...


You're the professionals?

God help us.

If you leave right now,

I'll pretend like I don't remember
your stupid fucking face.


is the fucking...




Fucking one-eyed Willie.

Son of a bitch.


You like watching TV, Tim?

Catch a ball game?

Maybe watch the fights?

'Cause you got about ten seconds
before I turn you into a radio, man.

You're gonna tell me
where the money is.

And you're going to tell me
right fucking now.

Got her!

Damn it!
If you keep killing everyone

before they tell us where the money
is, how are we ever gonna find it?

I know!

We... I know!

We were supposed...

I know what
we were supposed to do!

How are we gonna find
the money now?

Cover him up. Tired of
looking at his stupid face.

Don't worry about it.

What the...

I know where the money is.

Shh. Shh. Shh.

There's gotta be a hatch door
or something.

This house is basically
on fucking stilts.

Get him!

Oh! I got him!
I got him!

Dooley, pull him out!

Move, move, move, move!


You stupid son of a bitch!

Fuck that.



Look at this.

Come look at this.


Looks like they screwed up.
Got too close to the edge.

Most of the time, when these
poachers pull one or two trees,

they chop it into pieces
and pull them out in a pickup,

but this is a full-sized hauler.

This operation
has some money behind it.

Yeah. I see that.


you don't have to escort me.

I can find my way around town.

What do you got?
Two traffic lights?

I'm not gonna get lost.

I'd love to show you around.
I love being a cop.

When I was kid, I used to
write fake tickets for my friends

when they'd leave their bikes
on their lawn.

If there's something illegal
going on in my town,

I'd really like to know.

I mean, you're a fed,
and I'm a cop,

but, like, I feel like
we're on the same team.

You're on the phone.
That's fine, yup.

Some news about our friend
in the forest.

His name's Vladimir Popov,
38 years old,

two counts of possession
of a controlled substance,

three counts of assault
with a deadly weapon,

and the laundry list goes on.

Vlad wasn't a local, was he?

Dead guy?
No. I've never seen him before.


What's the closest
lumber mill to here?

Tim Witner's?

Tim Witner.

I need to make a call.


Oh, it's bad!

Man, my hand.
I gotta go to the hospital.

You ain't going to the hospital.

I-I... Put it out of your head.

We're here,

and we're gonna be here

for the duration.

You hear that, friend?

We got nowhere to be
until this is over.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm nobody, man.

I'm just the plumber.

Well, bad luck for you,
then, plumber.

You got something down there
that belongs to us, don't you?

I don't know
what you're talking about, man.

Why don't you
just give it to us,

and we'll let you go.


Truth is, man,
you're not worth the effort.

You give us our money,

and we got no reason
to stick around.

How can I trust you?

Let me run down
the situation for you, friend.

We're in a house
in the middle of nowhere.

We got nothing but time.

You're the one that's stuck.

You must be bleeding.

So you tell me how long
you think you've got.

Why don't we get you
out of there?

Get you some help.

As far as I'm concerned...

we can just sit here,

have a drink,

wait for you to die,

and then kick open the goddamn
hatch and take our money.

Sterling, I can't just
keep sitting here.

Listen to me.

We don't know
who that is down there,

but he's alone,

he's hurt,

and he's scared.

He ain't gonna
make it that long.


Drink up.

Let me see it.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Let me see it.

Open it.

This is gonna hurt like a
motherfucker. I am sorry.


Timber poaching?

Tim Witner?

I made a call to Washington
on my way to your station.

There is a pattern
of financial discrepancies.

So you thought he'd just run an
illegal timber operation in my town?

And what, I wouldn't know it?

Hell, come on, lady.

We know every damn person
in this town.

Through and through.

Before you start accusing
and slandering people,

I wanna get some hard evidence.

Look, Tim is
a pillar of this community,

running a successful business,

and I don't want you to ruin his or
anybody else's life on your hunches.

It's not that shocking.

Look at the opioid problem
you've got here.

It's all linked. The money.
The trees moving. The drugs.

Eh, makes sense.

Sorry, boss.

So I'm checking in

before I dig deeper and
make a call up the food chain.

In the spirit of co-operation.

Look. I understand that we're coming
at this from slightly different angles...

Yeah, different angles, but yours
being the high and mighty one here.

I wanna see Witner's operation.

I need to talk to people
and have a look around.

Fine, go ahead.

Watch 'em saw logs,
for crying out loud.

You ask me, I think what you're
looking for is in this computer.

We see the bad numbers,

then we make a case from that.

What he puts out there for us
is not necessarily

what's going on behind
closed doors. You get me?

Financial discrepancies.

She's right.

She's got a point.

I suppose she does.

All right.

Well, let's look into these
financial discrepancies, shall we?

Fine, but stay in touch.

Oh, and Trisha's making
tuna casserole tonight

and you know how she gets
when you're late.

You got it, boss.

Come on.

He always like that?

That's just small-town shit.
He really cares about this place.

Wait. Come on. Has he
got a connection to Witner?

Yeah, sure.
We all do.

Tim's kinda like the
unofficial mayor of this place,

so it's a bit tough watching
you try to take him down,

when he's the person who's
been keeping the town afloat.

I am not trying
to take him down.

I know, the numbers.
It's not personal,

but around here,
everybody knows everybody,

so, it does feel
kind of personal.

Well, then I guess it's time for
me to get to know some people.




No, no, no, no, no, no.

Hey, Jeff.

I'm Agent Masur with the FBI.

Need to ask you a few things.

Yeah? Okay. What's up?

Heard about anything interesting
happening in town lately?

Interesting? Here?

Anyone making bank? Any
extra drinks flying around the bar?

Any of your pals got new trucks?

No. Hell no.
Just Tim.

Tim? Tim Witner? The owner?

If you know something, Jeff,
you just need to tell this nice lady.

I just move product.

Bring it in raw,
cut to order and deliver.

Clock-in, clock-out, go home.

Sorry I couldn't be
of any help. Okay.

Touched a nerve there.

Seems so. Let's see what
other feathers we can ruffle.

Excellent plan.


Hey, Mama.
Hey, Jordy!

Let me see that baby.

Oh, she's an angel!

Oh, this is Helen Masur.
She's from the FBI.

Hi. Uh, Carrie Mitchell.

Do you work for Mr. Witner?
Yeah, I do. I've just...

I've been on maternity leave
the last five weeks.

I'm just picking up some
part-time work from home now.

Gotta make ends meet.

It's tough, though.

I just wanna spend as much
time with this little monkey as I can.

Do you have some time to
talk here, just for a little bit?

Is something wrong?

Oh, just want to ask you
one or two questions.

It's okay, Carrie.
We're just looking into some...

financial discrepancies,
I believe, is the term.

Uh, yeah. I mean,
I am the bookkeeper,

but I haven't been around
in a few weeks,

so I don't know if there's
anything I could do for you,

or if I'm even
the right person to talk to.

Oh, I think you're exactly
the right person.


Hey, Ster, you wanna
help me get Bess loaded?

My hand...

Forget about
that medieval bullshit.

It takes ten minutes to load.

How you doing, plumber?

You still alive?


I'm hanging in, man.

How about you?

You know,

I just got back into town.

I was away for a while.

A little vacation, if you will.

Fourteen years in the cooler.

Fourteen fucking years.

I learned something
on the inside.

A man's life
can be bought and sold.

How much, plumber?

Don't ignore me.

You don't need
to make that mistake.

Yeah, well...

it wouldn't be the first.

Let me tell you something
about mistakes, amigo.

We ain't friends.

We could be.

I want you to think about all
the mistakes that you've made.

Think about what you'd do
with a second chance.

I bet you've got
a wife and kid you wanna see.

This shit is simple
from where I stand.

You got something
down there I want.

I'm selling you
a happy tomorrow, plumber.

I'm selling you a chance
to fix all those mistakes.

A chance to live the rest
of your fucking life.

You interested?

Look, man.

You killed Tim.

You shot me with a crossbow!

I can't trust you.

I get that.

We got off on the wrong foot.

See, my partner and I,
we're in a stressful situation,

but we don't got
nothing against you.

I cut him up pretty good.

Yeah, well,


What do you need
to feel comfortable?


What's that?

Walk away.

Once you're gone,

I'll leave the bag and I'll go.

You come back in an hour,

take the money.

It's that easy.

You really think that'll work?

You asked.

I mean,

I guess we're just gonna
have to take this...

That hit you, plumber?

Come on, man.

Speak up.

Kill that shit.

You counting my shots
down there, plumber? Hmm?

You think I'd bust my nut
and then I'm gonna go home?

Don't you worry, baby,

because I can go all night long.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, baby.

You're right, I shouldn't have
been so soft on everybody.

You're always right.

You and the baby...

you're all that matters.

You say something, plumber?

I didn't catch that.


This place
has been here for 70 years.


Let me know if you need
to talk to these people.

These are the main accounts. I don't see
anything wrong with the numbers, do you?

- These are your numbers?
- Yeah.

Up until about six weeks ago.

I mean, do you really think
Tim is up to something shady?

I think he's in
a tough business.

I think there's
a lot of regulations,

and when the numbers
don't add up...

It might lead
to taking shortcuts.

I can assure you, Ms. Masur,
that my numbers are clean.

Is that your intimidating look?

What's this?


That look right to you?

Hell if I know.

It does look high, though.

Can you get us backups of these?

I'd like to have my forensic
accountants take a look.



Look, you asked me in here

because you wanted to ask me
a couple of questions,

maybe look at some numbers,
and I'm fine with that,

but whatever this is...

Look, I've known Tim
my entire life, and he might...

Look, Tim is not doing anything
shady, okay? He's not a thief.

And I don't feel comfortable
having the two of you in here,

in the system,
without talking to Tim first.

Okay, so if you guys could
leave, I need to feed my baby.

Thank you, Jordan.

He might what?

You said you've known Tim
your entire life

and he might...

What might he do?

Nothing. I didn't mean
anything by that.

I'm sorry, Carrie.

Mrs. Mitchell, you seem
like a genuinely good person.

I appreciate you helping us out.

Hi. Hi, you.

I still think she knows
more than she's letting on.

I think she's
a pretty honest lady.

I don't think she'd hold
anything back from you.

I don't think
she would tell us anything

she doesn't think
her boss wants us to know.

I don't think that's who she is.

Who's that?
That's Gerald Simmons.

He's a good kid. He just
does lots of dumb stuff.

Hey, Gerald.

Hey, Jo.

I'm Special Agent Masur, FBI.

How you doing today?



Gerald, wait!


What are you doing?

Stop right there!


Just stop for a second!

I just want to talk to you.


What is your father going
to say about this, Gerald?

- Jordy, I didn't do anything.
- Why did you run?

Ah. Look what
we have here. Shit.

Ooh, how many is that?

Two? Six? 12?

That's intent
to distribute, Gerald.

Okay, where'd you get them?

Jesus. Where'd
you get the pills?

Hey, Duane!
How are you?

Aw, shit, please don't do that.

I got your boy here.

Yeah. I hear that.

I hate to be the one
with more bad news,

but I'm afraid
it's about Gerald.

The Russian.


His name is Vlad.
It's Vlad.

Yeah, Duane,
I had to chase him down.

Yeah. He's real fast.

Yeah, the usual. We'll check him
in and you just come to the station.

Okay, bye.


I can't find him.

I'm gonna keep
his ass occupied.

You are gonna go back out there
and find a fucking way in.

But, um... He is one man

and he is shot.

Look at you.

You're a specimen.

You are a bad man.

That little prick

doesn't stand a chance
against you.

But he's got a knife.


You're even.

Last chance, plumber.

We can still make us a deal!



Oh, shit. Fuck.

If you fire that goddamn gun
one more time, you'll be sorry.

I warned you.
I am going to kill you.

I'm gonna fucking kill you.

Hey, asshole,
over here.

What the fuck?

Jesus Christ!
That's our money! Put it out!

Fuck it! Put it out!

Ah! Sterling! Sterling!



Jesus Christ...

Damn it! Put it out! Put it out!

Oh, God! Oh, God!

Put it out! Put it out!

Oh, shit!


Oh, no.


Hey, Carrie.

Hey, Jordan, I was just...
Checking in, yeah.

Anything on your side?
Yeah. I'm taking another look

at the books at the lumber mill,

and there's a bunch
of secondary accounts

set up in the last few months,
and I think I found something.

Who is it?

It's Carrie.

It looks really bad.

Like, cooked-up
fed BLM timber contracts,

and also some odd
health care disability payouts.

I mean, and then it all gets
siphoned through the mill account.

It's a lot of money, Jordan. I mean,
it's the most money I've ever seen,

and then it's gone,
like, a week later.

Okay, we'll come to you.
No, everything's gonna be fine.

You just sit tight,
and I'll come get you,

and we'll go through everything with
Sheriff Wade and Agent Masur, okay?

Okay. I'll see you soon.

You've reached
Mitchell Plumbing.

Please leave a message...

So Carrie's
kind of freaked out,

so why don't you take
Mr. Pill Popper inside

and I'll be right back.

Son of a bitch.

I am going to fucking end you.

Oh, yeah, I know.
You're going to kill me, huh?

Whatever I do,
you're gonna kill me,

if you can.

You'd best believe that I can.

Well, here's the deal...

You're making deals now?

Fuck you, plumber!

You're not getting the money.

That's it.

If you make a move,

you'd better make it work fast,
because I can promise you,

with my dying breath,

I will make sure
that you get nothing.


The deal is this...

If you walk away,
like I said before.

In a couple of hours,

you come back,

I'll leave you
some of this money.


Some of it?

That's as good
as it gets.

Who in the fuck
do you think you are?

I am a cold-blooded,

heartless machine of a man,

and there's no world
where you walk away from this.

So that's it? Hmm?

That's the deal on the table?

That's the deal.

I don't think you understand
who you're dealing with.

I'm a plumber.

I deal with pieces of shit
all day long.


Fuck you!

Twenty grand.

I hope it was worth it.

I got him!

Hold him there!



Ah! Bastards!

I'm out of fucking bullets.

Who you texting?

You know.

Oh, shit.


We could use
a little bit of help.

I can't believe
Tim is in on this.

Where's Robert?
He's up at Tim's.

I mean, do you think
he's in danger?

No, but I've got to get up there

and bring Tim in
for questioning.

Okay. I'm going
to Tim's with you.


You good?

I'll live.

Guy's no pussy.

He's dug in there real good.




Now we're talking.


Here. A few more.

All right, come here.

Let's make a plan
and end this cocksucker.

I knew you were stupid
the day I took you to the ER.

About a mile away,

the Petersons
have a giant German shepherd.

And shithead here,

walked by a fence
and shot BB's at him.

But I told him,

"One day

that dog's
gonna get you back."

And sure enough, he did!

That dog hopped that fence,
chased him down,

and ripped him around
like a rag doll.

I knew then you were stupid.

You know we found your friend,
Vlad, this morning.


Boy, you're in
some deep trouble here.

Now, if you know something,
you'd better speak up.

How long
you been working for Vlad?

I think we can pin you

for the distribution
of narcotics.

That's minimum five years.

Are you poaching, Gerald?

I only did a couple...

Where were you
early this morning?

I was at my cousin's house.

Did you kill Vlad? No, he
couldn't have killed Vlad.

Or did you, Gerald?

Did you?
Look, there's...

There's a couple of guys
who do this.

We go out around 4:00 a.m.

It's a skeleton crew,
no machines, just chain saws.

We take down
a couple of old-growth trees,

drop them off at Tim's mill,
we get a bag of oxies. That's it.

Wait for a phone call
to do it again.


All set, then, to do it?

All set.

Any second now.

Any second.



won't it burn the money?

Maybe some of it.

You got a better fucking idea?

Holy shit!


Huh? I bet that did it!

He must be dead.



you're about to find out.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


No loose fucking ends.

Right? Right? You got it?

You got it? Yes!

Now get in there.

Bring me that fucking money.

This is just... this is just insane.
You know, the worst part is,

is that it was happening right
underneath my nose and...

You know I had nothing to do
with this, right, Jordy?

I know you had nothing
to do with it, Carrie.

We'll figure this out.



Come on, give up!

There's nowhere to hide!

You're done, man!


You've got our money.


Where are you?



I got him!

I got him, Sterling!
I got him!

Yes! You're gonna die, plumber!

Where's my gun?

Are you dead?




Fucking Dooley!

You're not dead.

I'm fucking coming for you!





Okay, okay.

Stay down. I'll let you
know when it's safe! Okay.

Sheriff's department!

Keep 'em where I can see 'em.

Oh, shit...


that took longer than expected.

Yeah. I got your text.

You killed Tim!

What the hell is going on?

You are such an idiot!

This was not the plan.

I don't give a shit
about the plan.

Okay, this was supposed to be
a real simple rip and run.

All due respect,

you don't know what the fuck
you're talkin' about.

Jordan, this is Wade. Copy?

Wade? I think
you'd better get down here.

I think something is going on.

Tim's place.

Stay put.
I'm on my way.

You idiots.
I had this all planned out.

Jesus Christ, you two are soft.
He's just a plumber.

Keep talking.
That plumber

is goddamn ex-military, or a
fucking Navy SEAL, or some shit.

Okay, he wasn't even on
the varsity football team, okay?

I know Bob Mitchell.
And where the fuck is Dooley?

He went in there
with that plumber.

He ain't coming out.

This is ridiculous.

He's just a goddamn plumber.

I got this.

Come on.


I can't believe I fucked you!

Sorry, Carrie. Nothing personal.
Jordan, what's going on?

There's a lot of money at
stake. Jordan, what are you doing?

Ow, ow.
You're hurting me!

Meet the plumber's wife.

Who are you?

No. No.

I'm a friend of your husband's.

So now that Dooley's gone,

you figure, what, a 50-50 split?


You get half burned?

Half shot at?

Half drilled on?

I am the one with
all the blood on my hands.

I set this up.

I knew I shouldn't have
brought you in on this.

You've been a loser
since the day I met you.

Everything you touch
turns to shit.


Hey, Bobby!

I got your wife!

You had one job.

I don't know why I thought
you could pull it off.

You limp-dicked pussy.

You should suck my dick for 10%.


That's a gunshot.
Pull over. Yeah.

All units,
gunshots at Tim's place. 10-71.

10-71. Copy that.

All units, 10-18, 10-20...

You shot me
with my own fucking gun.

Fucking piece of shit.

See, now that makes the math
a lot easier.


Mm-mmm, mm-mmm.


Come on out, plumber!

It's all over.

Hmm? Where are ya, boy?


Come on out, plumber!

It's all over!

Hey, asshole?


Look at you.

You have made
some bad decisions, plumber.

All you had to do was die.
That's it.



Oh. What do you think
he's gonna do with that?

Who's the guy
with the blowtorch?


What's he doing?

I soaked this in paint thinner.

If you hurt her,
or anything happens to me,

I drop this,
and all your money goes up.

You really wanna
do that, plumber?

You really wanna watch her die?

You see a clear shot?

It's kinda funny,

because you did all of this,

and you're still
just a fucking plumber.

Yeah. And you're still
just a piece of shit.

I'm a piece of shit?

How's about
we stop fucking around

and you give me
my fucking money?

Go on.

Do it.


Are you okay?

Thank you.


I'm sorry about this morning.

I should have never
left like that.

Oh, it's okay.
It's okay.

I just didn't know if I'd ever
have a chance to tell you.

You and the baby
mean everything to me.

I love you.

I love you.

I'll get you home.


I just spoke with Carrie.

If only you had stuck to writing
tickets for little kids on bikes,

you might have made
a decent cop.

Go fuck yourself, Helen.

Damn shame.

Hey, you did all this?

Who the hell are you?

I'm just the plumber.

This doesn't
have to get messy.

I am a cold-blooded,

heartless machine of a man.

You still don't buy it, do you?

Oh, that's okay.

I don't think I do either.

There she is, there she is.

Oh, oh, oh.
I got a phone call.

Oh, hey, Barry.

Yeah. Thanks for calling me
back. How you doing, man?

Barry's calling.

He wants to come over now
with the money.

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

Sure, Barry. Thanks.

Hey, Barry.
How's it going?

Yeah. I know, I know.

I know it's crazy,
what happened at Tim's.

No, no, it's okay.
It's okay.

No, you just pay
whenever you can, okay?

Ow. Okay.

"Here's to the good guys."



You're not gonna believe this.

What is it?

Holy fuck!