Cranberry Christmas (2008) - full transcript

Three days before Christmas and grumpy old Cyrus Grape forbids children to play and skate on the ice over the local cranberry bog near his home. Young Maggie, along with her grandmother and their friend Mr. Whiskers, work together to save Christmas Day for the children by reclaiming their favorite ice skating spot and discovering the land's rightful owner. When Mr. Whiskers learns his sister is coming to visit, it's a scramble to get his house in order and Maggie and her grandmother pitch in to help clean the old house. While working, they uncover a hidden box that holds a surprise for everyone... Maggie and her grandmother make delicious cookies to serve at their Christmas feast.

You know, there's
something special

about autumn
in New England.

When the beautiful fall leaves

color the countryside,

everyone knows
that the time has come

for the annual
cranberry harvest.

And the cranberry growers
gather their berries

for Thanksgiving
celebrations everywhere.

But their work
is far from over,

because as autumn
turns to winter,

people everywhere
prepare their tables

for yet another great feast,

the Christmas feast.

And so, as Jack Frost blows

and the air grows cold,

the bog freezes over

to protect
its precious vines.

[wind blowing]

Now, thoughts of the harvest

give way to the pleasures
of winter.

And in the little town
of Cranberry Port,

as in towns and villages
the world over,

that can only mean
one thing.

♪ Christmas ♪

♪ Is just around the corner ♪

♪ Christmas ♪

♪ You feel it in the air ♪

♪ Better write
all your letters ♪

♪ To Santa ♪

♪ There's shopping
and wrapping to do ♪

♪ I bet ♪

♪ You'll never believe it ♪

♪ When you see
what I got you ♪

What did you get me?

♪ Christmas ♪

♪ Is just around
the corner ♪

♪ Candles ♪

♪ Are glowing everywhere ♪

♪ Can't wait
until that night ♪

♪ Reindeer appear ♪

♪ Christmas ♪

♪ I've been waiting
all year ♪

♪ Christmas ♪

♪ Time to trim the tree ♪

♪ Christmas ♪

♪ Can it really be
Christmas? ♪

♪ Yes, it's finally here ♪

My, don't these Christmas tree
cookies look good?

What shape shall we use next?

You choose, Maggie.

Hmm, they all make such
beautiful cookies.

I don't know
which one to pick.

Get off my pond,

you beastly brats!

Oh, no.
Here we go again.

Oh, dear.

If I've told you kids once,

I've told you
a thousand times,

no skating on my pond!

Uh-oh. Here comes
old man Grape.

We better run for it!

You better run,
you little runts!

Because when I get
my hands on--

[grunts, shouts]




He looks hurt.
Oh, this is bad.

Think he's alive?

Oh, kids.

I hate kids!


Are you hurt,
Mr. Grape?

I said, are you hurt,
Mr. Grape?


I'll be very well, indeed,

when you get off my pond!

You mean bog,
don't you, Grape?

My bog!

Now, look here, Whiskers.

If I've told you once,

I've told you
a thousand times,

this is my pond,

and you, sir,
are trespassing.

And that goes
for all of you.

Now shoo!

And as I've told you

2,000 times, Mr. Grape,

this most certainly
is not a pond.

This is a bog,

a cranberry bog,

and it is my cranberry bog.


Balderdash, indeed.

My father grew cranberries

from this bog before me,

and his father before him.

So I will thank you to leave
my property at once.

I will do no such thing.

You know very well

that this pond belongs to me.

Now remove yourself, sir,

or I shall have no choice

but to bring the sheriff
to do the job.

Stop this arguing at once!


I will have no more
of this bickering.

Imagine, it's almost
Christmas Eve

and this is the way
you behave.

But he--
But nothing, sir!

Why, it's positively

Yes, ma'am.

Now, why don't each of you
enjoy a cranberry cookie,

while we discuss
this matter like adults?

Hmm, I don't mind if I do.

I hate cookies!

And now, if you would all
just leave my pond--




This must be settled
once and for all.

Now each of you will
return to your home

and search your papers

for the deed
to your property.

Then we shall see

just who is
the rightful owner

of this bog.



Have I made myself clear,

Yes, ma'am.

Very well.
Come now, Maggie.

Bye-bye, Mr. Whiskers.

Good-bye, Maggie.

Good-bye, Mr. Grape.


Good-bye, indeed!




Ah, there we go.

Ah, home sweet home.

Now, where did
I put that deed?

Oh! Balderdash!

Not a word of it anywhere.

What am I to do?

If the pond is not
mentioned in my deed,

is it possible that Whiskers
might find mention of it

in his own papers?

Why, that would be...

a disaster!

With no claim to the pond,

I'd never know
a moment's peace

on a winter's day.

Children skating
and laughing,

day and night,
night and day.

It's-- It's unthinkable!

Of course, if Whiskers were
unable to locate his deed,

then he could not claim
the pond as his own.

Yes! That's it!

I'll see to it that Whiskers
shall never locate his deed.

Nobody's going
to take my pond,

or my name
isn't Cyrus Grape!



Oh, dear.

Think, Whiskers.

Now, if you were me,

where would you
have put those papers?

I-- Oh, wait!

I am me.

Eh. And I still don't
know where they are.

Hmm, now that just
might be the answer.

Oh, yes, yes.

I'm quite sure I placed
the papers inside the--


In the closet.



This is too easy.

How could anyone find
anything in that mess?

What's this?

D'oh! Oh, it's that
confounded girl!

Uh! Ugh.



♪ Oh, jingle bells ♪

♪ Jingle bells,
jingle all the-- ♪

Hmm. I didn't know
Mr. Whiskers liked

to build snowmen.

[humming "Jingle Bells"]

Come in.






Hi, Mr. Whiskers.

I thought I'd drop by
and see how--

Wow. What happened?

Hmm? Oh, uh,
it's nothing.

I'm just looking
to find something,
that's all.

What are you looking for?
Maybe I can help.

Well, ahem,

it seems I can't find the deed
to my property anywhere.

And if I can't find the deed,
I don't know how to prove

that the skating bog
belongs to me.

And if I can't prove
the bog belongs to me,

well, it's all just
too horrible to consider.


Do you think that's
what you're looking for?

What's this?
Oh, no.

It can't be.
It mustn't be.

Maybe that
is the very paper

you're looking for,
Mr. Whiskers.

Why, maybe it is, at that.

Oh, no.

I'm afraid
it's only a letter.

Don't you think
you should read it?

I'm sorry.
Read it?

Well, I--
If you think I should.

Let me see. Oh!

It's from my sister
who lives in the city.

Well, go ahead
and open it, silly.

Yes. Yes, I--
Let me see.

It says--
Ah, here we are.

"Dear Brother--"
that would be me--

"I'm writing
to bring you good news.

"I will be coming
to visit you for Christmas.

"I arrive on Christmas Eve
and do so hope to see you

at the train--"
Christmas Eve?

But that's tonight.

Oh. Oh,
this is a problem.

Why, to think
that my sister
would only give me

a few hours' notice
of her visit.

Actually, Mr. Whiskers,
your sister mailed

this letter to you
two months ago.

She did? Oh.

Well, that would
explain it, wouldn't it?

I, um-- I suppose
I should read my mail

from time to time.

Does she say anything else?

Well, let me see.


Oh, my.

What is it,
Mr. Whiskers?

Well, it seems my sister
found my home to be

a bit, um, untidy
the last time she visited.

Now, why do you imagine

she would say
a thing like that?

What else did she say?

Well, she says
that if I can't take
better care of my home,

maybe the time has come
for me to move in with her

so she can better
look after me.

Move in with your sister?

But she lives in...

The city!

Oh. Oh, dear.

That is outrageous!

I could no more
move to the city

than I could stop eating
Granny's cranberry cookies

and celebrating Christmas.

Oh, no.
Oh, no, no.

This is bad.

This is very, very bad.


A stroke of good fortune.

With Whiskers off
living in the city,

there would be nobody
left to challenge

my ownership of the pond.



Now, let me see.

If I can assure
that Whiskers' sister

finds a very untidy home
upon her arrival,

then the pond--

that's right,
I said "pond"--

the pond will be mine, forever!


Here, Mr. Whiskers.
Have a cookie.

It always makes you
feel better.

Oh, no, Maggie.

I'm much too upset
to even consider eating.



Maybe just one.

I suppose I must
keep up my strength

during these
trying times.

Mmm. Ooh,
thank you, Maggie.

I simply don't know
what all the fuss is about.

But, Granny,
Mr. Whiskers' sister

wants to take him away
to live in the city.

Only because
he refuses to clean up

that mess of a house
he lives in.

But I don't want
to live in the city.

Then I suggest
you grab a mop
and get to work.

You know,
clean the place up.

Of course!

If your sister arrives
to find a sparkling clean home,

there will be no reason
to take you to the city.

Really? Yes.

I think I see.

We'll simply clean

Haven't you ever cleaned
your house before,
Mr. Whiskers?

Why, of course I have!

I sweep it once a year
whether it needs it or not.

So, that's his plan, huh?

Hah! Not if Cyrus Grape
has anything to say about it.

By the time I'm finished,

there won't be much
of a house left to clean!


♪ What is there to say
about that Mr. Grape? ♪

♪ Namely,
he's a meanie of a man ♪

♪ Nasty as a blister
is that Mr. Grape ♪

♪ Better to avoid him
if you can ♪

♪ Watch out for Mr. Grape ♪

♪ When he comes
onto the scene ♪

♪ No doubt that sour Grape ♪

♪ Will go and do
something mean ♪

♪ Don't mess with Mr. Grape ♪

♪ Or what
he's scheming about ♪

♪ He will put you
in a pickle ♪

♪ And there's no escape ♪

♪ What a stinker ♪

[car approaching]

♪ Uh-oh ♪

♪ Watch out for Mr. Grape ♪

[engine chugging]


You know, I'm really
quite excited

about our little project.

Uh, I'm afraid
the project

might not be
so little anymore.

Oh, my.

Oh. Grape.

That's right, Whiskers!

Cyrus Grape at your service.

And I do so hope
you enjoy your new home.

In the city.


Hey, hey. Watch it.

Oh, dear.

When my sister sees this,
she will most certainly

take me to the city
to live with her.

And the children will have
no place to skate.

Don't worry,
Mr. Whiskers.

We'll think of something.
Right, Granny?

It seems to me
that if Mr. Whiskers

really wants to remain
in Cranberry Port,

he would not be giving up
quite so easily.

But, madam, it would
take a miracle

to repair my home
by Christmas Eve.

How do you imagine
it could be done?

Oh, sorry.

I'm afraid it can't

Wait for it.

Wait for it.
[wood creaking]

[wood cracking]
[all gasping]



And that should
just about do it.

My job here is complete,
and I shall be on my way.



Is everyone all right?


I-- I think so.

Well, then, I suppose
I'd best begin packing my bags.

What's this?

Uh, I don't know.

It must have fallen
out of the floorboards.

Hmm. "Official paper."

I wonder if--

are we going
to lollygag about?

Or are we going
to get to work?

But my sister will be here
in just a few hours.

It simply cannot be done.

I'm afraid
it's the city for me.

Come on, Mr. Whiskers.

It's Christmas.

Anything can happen
at Christmas. See?

The Christmas tree
is still standing.

Anything can happen.

Well, I suppose so,
my dear.

But it's going
to take a miracle,

a Christmas miracle.

Uh, well, then, heh.

Here we are.
[nervous chuckle]

Home sweet home.

We'll see about that.

Hopefully, your house
is in better condition

than when last I visited.

Yes, I certainly hope it is.


Why, it's--
it's a miracle!

Did you say something,

Oh, no. Nothing.

Nothing at all.

So, how do you
like my house?

My goodness, Brother!

It's positively festive!


Why, thank you, Sister.

Of course, we've yet
to see the inside.

Shall we go in?
Uh, the inside...

I-- Yes, yes.

I suppose we shall.

Well, let me see
if I can get this thing--

Where-- Ah!
Hah, there we go.

Oh, my goodness.

Why, Brother, it's--
it's beautiful!

Uh, yes, yes,
it actually is, isn't it?


What was that?

Uh, I didn't
hear anything.

Well, then, Brother,
I think it's time

we discussed your future
living arrangements.

Now, wait.

You've just said
my house looks beautiful.

There is no reason for you
to take me to the city!

Who said anything about
taking you to the city?

I think you should
stay right here.

In fact, your house
is so beautiful,

I believe I shall
move in here with you.




No children.

[children giggling]

Wha-- What--

What is that confounded--
oof-- noise?

[children laughing]

Oh, this will not do.

This will not do at all!

Get off my pond!


Here we go again.

Whoa, wah!



What are you little
trespassers looking at?


Now get off my pond
this instant

or I'll have you all
removed by the sheriff.

Not so fast, Grape.

Sheriff, I demand you arrest
these trespassers.

All of them.

And why would
I do that, Mr. Grape?

Because they are trespassing
on my property.

I don't believe
you've proven

that this is
your property,
Mr. Grape.

And neither have you,
Mr. Whiskers.

What's that, dear?
Oh, ahem.

Y-Yes, I believe I do
have that here somewhere.

Ah, yes.
Here it is.

Ahem, let me see.
Ah, here we go.

Well, as the party
of the first part--
that's me.


What is all this nonsense?

Sheriff, do your job!

[continues muttering]

Here it is.

A moment, Sheriff.

You might wish to have
a look at this.

According to this
piece of paper,

this cranberry bog
belongs to Mr. Whiskers.

So, it would seem it is you
who is trespassing, Mr. Grape.

You see?
I-- What?

That's ridiculous!

There's no way Whiskers
could have found his deed.

Not after I-- I--


I'll go quietly.

Hey, Mr. Whiskers,
why don't we go ask Mr. Grape?

Ah. Oh, that's
a good idea, Maggie.

Uh, Mr. Grape?

I was wondering
if you might care
to join us.

Y-You-- You mean
you're inviting me

to skate with you?

Sure. It's Christmas.

You should be having fun.

Yes. Please,
Mr. Grape, join us.

But nobody has ever
invited me to skate.

Even when I was a child,

the other children never
wanted to skate with me.

That's why I would
never allow the children

to skate on my pond.


Uh, yes, Mr. Whiskers.

Your bog.

I think these would
fit you nicely, Mr. Grape.

Those skates
are-- are for me?

Put them on, Mr. Grape.


Uh, oh.
All right.

Uh, uh, ooh!


Look! I'm skating!


Sir, I have
just one more thing

to say to you!

Merry Christmas,
Mr. Grape.

And so it was that Cyrus Grape
became a friend to one and all

in the little town
of Cranberry Port.

And now,
when the cold winds blow
and cranberry bogs freeze,

you can just bet that it'll be
old Cyrus Grape, himself,

that will be the very first
to remind everyone...

♪ Christmas ♪
♪ Christmas ♪

♪ Is just around
the corner ♪

♪ Is just around
the corner ♪

♪ Candles ♪

♪ Are glowing everywhere ♪

♪ Can't wait
until that night ♪

♪ Reindeer appear ♪

♪ Christmas ♪

♪ Yes, it's finally here ♪

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