Cradle 2 the Grave (2003) - full transcript

When his daughter is kidnapped and held in exchange for priceless diamonds, the leader of a crew of highly skilled urban thieves (DMX) forges an unlikely alliance with a Taiwanese Intelligence officer (Jet Li) to rescue her. Their race against the clock to find the precious stones ultimately unravels a plot to distribute a deadly new weapon of war.

Last delivery's here.



Watch yourself!

X marks the spot.



FAIT: What up?
- Delivery confirmed.

- We're in position.
CHRISTOPHE: Good luck.

We got one shot.

If anybody fucked up and those stones
aren't there, it ain't my problem.

CHRISTOPHE: They're there.
- Not for long. Later.

l got you.

Thank you.

DARIA: I'm here for the reception.
- Name?

Angie Rawlins.


You can go on up.
Front elevator to the mezzanine.


Where are the stones?

Who the fuck are you?


Who's getting them for you?

Fuck off!

I want a name and a number.


- Okay, I'll tell you.
- I know.

I hate these things.
Don't you hate these things?

- Just doing my job.
- Oh.

Then again, you never know
who you're gonna meet, right?

I bet you're a lot more fun
than any of those boring people upstairs.

Really, ma'am, I have a job to do.

Right, well, I suppose I should
go see what they're selling.


Change of plans, he's gay. You're up.

- No way.
- Yes, way.

Come on, man!

- All right, Tommy, your turn.
- Hell, no!

This is not a conversation.
Do it! And make it good.



So why don't you hold onto my purse.
I shouldn't be too long.



I hope you don't take
offense to this...

...but I have such a weakness
for a man in uniform.

GUARD: If that's your thing.
TOMMY: Uniforms are my thing.

I mean, every time I see a sailor,
all I can think about is seafood.

I'm actually not supposed to
be talking on duty.

Who's talking?

Baby, this is flirting.

Unless you're one of those big handsome
men letting it go to waste on a woman.

The world is full of fools.


MILES: What's it looking like?
- About a six-second rotation.


But you can call me Rachel.

- Douglas.
- Oh.

I just hope I'm not too...

...pretty for yQu_

- I'm hooked up.
- That bitch.

I like sunsets, puppy dogs...

I'm big in the pants.

I can almost tie it in a knot.

Let's get the table.

One day I'll have to come and do
a little shoplifting and let you catch me.

Resist arrest just so you can
wrestle me down...

...and cuff me.

I can be pretty rough.

Don't get me excited now.




Holy shit!


But I bet you can hit a 10
on the Richter scale anytime, Douglas.

Let's do it.

All right. Y'all know what to do.
Let's get it on.

-911, what's your emergency?
SU: Reporting a robbery in progress.

Robbery in progress.
What's the location?

Man, I love colored stones.

This one blue diamond
is at least $2.5 million.

Oh, yeah? So whose stuff we stealing?

- Drug dealers, money launderers...
- Works for me.


This I can use.


Check this out.

FAIT: This is what we came for.
- Oh.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Jackpot. The rest is ours.



Your employer betrayed you.
The police are on the way.

- Leave the stones.
- Who is this?

You know the ones I mean.

I'm not gonna be able to do that.

Wrap them up.


Let's go, boys.

Better go move my car.

Five-O at the door, gotta go.

- Move now!
- Time to bounce. Leave this shit.

- Is this your car?
- Yeah, it's my car!

- Get it out of here!
- Move your shit--

- I'll move that, you move this.
- All right.

Let's go. Out of here, right now.

They stopped the trains.

We don't have a lot of time.
Daria comes with me.

I can't tell you how to get there,
but you know where to be.

- Faith.
- Faith.


It's clear.

Hold it.

All clear.



MAN: Train is secure.
- Get this train out of here.

You got it.

The stones?

Watch out!

The bag!



Enjoying California?

Hope we're not here long.
I hate sunshine.

We may have a problem.

The stones?

The Exchange was just robbed.

Let's hope that was part of the plan.

Who's in charge?

Who wants to know?

Follow me.

Vanessa. What are you still doing up?

VANESSA: Just a little longer?
- Just a little longer?

Sweetheart, you have school tomorrow.

Come on. Time for bed.

- Getting heavy!
- No, I'm not.

Wait a minute.

There's something behind your ear.

Please. That is so lame.

- What you mean?
- It's in your hand.

This hand? Or this hand?


- How'd you do that?
- Magic.

- Is it for me?
- Of course it's for you.

A diamond for my princess.

It's beautiful.

- So are you.
- I love you, Daddy.

I love you too.

Let's say our prayers.

Angels east, angels west,
north and south, just do your best... guard her and watch her
while she rests.

- Amen.
- Amen.

- Give me some love.
- Okay.


Can I have another one?

Yeah, you can have another one.

Vanessa's in the bed now.

- She's asleep for the rest of the night.
- She won't listen to me.

I'll talk to her. Go to sleep anytime.

- I'm watching TV if you need me.
- All right. Thank you.

Player, what the hell happened?

Should we be considering
a long vacation... a warm foreign climate
with no extradition?

The cat that called was only interested
in the black stones.

- Christophe sold us out.
- Or something.

- Oh, God, you made it.
- By the skin of my black ass.

Man, some Chinese dude kicked my ass
all around that goddamn train track.

Asshole busted my earpiece too.

- The worst part, he snagged the loot.
TOMMY: Shit!

Maybe it's time to rethink
this no-gun policy shit.

A little ass-whupping ain't shit.

At least you didn't have to play
all foxy with the rent-a-cop!

- This all we got.
- So, what do we do now?

- Wait to hear from me.
- So where are you going?

I'm gonna get some answers.

- Hold up, dog. I got your back.
- I got this one.

But if I need you, I'll call you.

- All right.
- All right?

Be careful.

So this is Mr. Christophe.

Apparently we're not
his first visitors today.

Please, Sefior Ling, have mercy.

Whatever you're going to say,
make it the truth.

You may not have another opportunity.

I'll tell you what you wanna know.


You like it?

- It's all right.
- Oh. Think about it.

You want it? I'll make you
a deal on it, ammo included.

It's got reactive armor, Browning
.50-caliber, 7.62 M-60 machine gun.

And that cannon there, that's 90 mm.

Good around the bad areas of town.
Keeps neighborhood kids in line.

- How about this?

- A Marine Corps Assault Hovercraft?
- I'm here on other business.

Hey, Arch! We're out of room
in the storage.

All right, put them in my office
and be careful, they're expensive.

Well, not expensive to me.

Hey, listen, you weren't by any chance
downtown today, were you, Tony?

Not at all.

I didn't think so.

- Ever see a black diamond?
- I've seen a white diamond, pink...

...yellow, blue ones. I've seen Neil
Diamond. Awesome in concert.

He's in town in two weeks--

Never seen a black diamond.

Not like this.

- Wow. You got me.
- Find out what they're worth.

- Is there a timetable on this?
- Yesterday.

- That's what I figured.
- I'll be back.

Gonna return a favor to a friend.



Looks dead to me.

- Guess you got to him first.
- Not me, not my style.

You're the one that called me.

The same one that bumped into Miles.

Who the fuck are you?

- My name is Su.
- All right, Su, I'm Sally.

- I want the black stones.
- Make me an offer.

- You can walk out of here alive.
- No deal.


Leave a message.

LING: Mr. Fait, I know you're there
Pick up the phone.

We need to talk, now.

Who the fuck is this?

The man for whom Christophe arranged
to have the black stones...

...brought into the country
and deposited at the Jewelry Exchange.

The man who wants them back.

- Now.
- All right, well, how much?

Maybe you didn't understand me.
The stones are already mine.

Yo, check this out?

I got them, I'm selling them,
put the money on the wood!

I don't have time for this.

That's your last offer?

I can be a very dangerous man, Mr. Fait.

I don't get it. Do I look like
the Salvation Army?

I bust my ass all night and got nothing
to show for it. You know what, dog?

It don't even matter
who the fuck you are.

I ain't got nothing for you.




Give us the stones.

How many times I got to tell you people?

I'm a businessman.
Make me a fucking offer!

Here's your offer.

That shit ain't gonna work, homes,
because I don't have the stones!

Tell us where they are.

Come on!



The car!

What is it with these fucking stones?


- Yeah.
- It's Archie.

Bad news. We got a problem.

I put word out on the street
to get some info on the stones.

Next thing I know,
the Wu-Tang Clan shows up here.

Three important elements here.

One, I'm outmanned...

...two, they're heavily armed,
and three, they're about to pound me.

- I can't watch any more. I got a few--
- Let's see the rest.

Did you see my new DVD players?

All right! Okay!

THUG: Give me that!
ARCHIE: I forgot I had them!

I could've resisted more. They could've
beat me into a coma or killed me.

How could I tell you where the stones
are if I'm dead or on life support?

So I threw in the towel,
reluctantly, for your sake.

- So you saved yourself to tell me.
- Right.

- So tell me.
- What?

- Who was it?
- I don't know.

- What did they say?
- Well, they said:

"Give me the stones,
you fat cracker motherfucker."

- That sort of thing.
- That's it?

That's pretty bad.
Cracker is kind of racist.

Thanks for keeping yourself alive
long enough to tell me nothing!

- Did you call the police?
- Did I call the police?

Look around here, are you crazy?

Only question now is,
who's behind this jack move?

I don't know, but they got great guns
I can't get. U.S. Special Forces only.

- Chambers.
ARCHIE: Jump Chambers?

I hope not.

Hey, who's Jump Chambers?

This guy's in on everything
that goes down in town.

The only one I know that can get those
weapons. And he has a fucking army.

You're on your own,
I don't need the headache.

And since I'm totally fucked,
who are you?

Yeah, you got an ID?

Buddy? Picture, preferably?

Yeah, all right.

- This means nothing to me.
ARCHIE: Let me see it.

It's Taiwan, Central Security Bureau.

- Taiwanese Intelligence.
- Read Chinese?

No, but I know "cop"
in every language.

What are you?
Some kind of kung fu James Bond?

- The stones belong to Taiwan.
- They belong to Chambers now.


- I'm starting to hate this fucking phone.
- I'll get you a new one.

- Yeah.
LING: I hope you've reconsidered.

Oh, it's bad-ass! What's up, homes?

You've made this difficult, Mr. Fait.
Let me make it easy.

I can't wait to hear this.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!


She's very pretty in her pink pajamas,
aren't you, Vanessa?

- Son of a--
- I want my stones, Mr. Fait.

Let me talk to the Chinese gentleman.

Don't you fucking touch her!

The Chinese gentleman, please.

He has my daughter.
He wants to talk to you.

Jesus, Tony.


What happened? What did you just do?

I said I have the stones,
and I won't negotiate for your daughter.

- What?
- That's stupid.

It will confuse him,
buy us time, keep her alive.

What the hell are you talking about?
This motherfucker has my baby!

Look, I know him.

I want the stones, you want your
daughter. We can help each other.

So I'm stuck with you.

Get in.

We gotta see Chambers.

Find a place to put her.

My daddy's gonna come
and kick your butts!

Su says he has the stones.

But why out me oh'?
Why not negotiate for the girl?

Doesn't make any sense.

Buyers fly in tomorrow.
Should we stop them?

We'll never regain their confidence.

We need information. Find
the right people, pay whatever it costs.

Something's not right.
Something's happening with the stones.

What about the girl?

We'll need her. She stays alive...

...for now.

FAIT: I'm on my way to see Chambers
now. No, I don't have a choice.

Get in touch with his people,
let him know I need to see him.

I'll call you back.

I'm sorry about your daughter.

- How old is she?
- Mind your business.

She's 8. She'll be 9 in September.

Mine is 15.

- Boyfriends?
- Never. I'd kill them.

You wish.

- About time you PMD.
- PMD?

Yeah, put me down.

What's this all about?

- The stones are not what you think.
- No shit.

- What about this guy who has Vanessa?
- He's exactly what you think he is.

A thief and a killer.


Fucking great.

I want my daddy!


Where'd you get this piece of shit?

Let's just say Grandma and Grandpa
have a long walk from the campground.

- You sure you cleaned it out?
THUG: It's clean, all right.

I want my daddy! I want my daddy!

- Shut up!
- You shut up!

Go to sleep!

Angels east, angels west...

...north and south, just do your best... guard her and watch her
while she rests.




Who rang that bell?

Here are your visitors, Mr. Chambers.
And the morning mail.

Hey, yo, Vogel.

My DVD's broke.

Get you a new one straight away,
Mr. Chambers.

Well, well, well. Tony Fait.

Come all this way to visit his
old pal Jump. Who's the gook?

- Chinese guy.
- Hmm.


No shoes in my crib, man.

FAIT: How you doing, Jump?
- Don't waste my fucking time, nigga.

- Look, I got a problem.
- How's Daria'?

- Good.
- Yeah, she always was good.

From the moment I saw her to the
moment you took her away from me.

- Problem?
- The black stones.

That bitch brought in too.

I made a lot of money with her, but
that's all stopped. You stopped that.

You decided it was okay
to put an end to that.

- Black stones, what?
- I need them back.

The only smart thing you did
was not pimping her yourself.

See, because then I'd have been real
heated and you'd have been real dead.

But you don't pimp, right?

You're just a thief in the night,
stealing shit that don't belong to you.



- What? He don't talk?
- I don't speak Korean.

Yeah, well, I do.

Bought me a little Korean
spot downtown.

Bringing in the soul brothers
24-7, 365.

Black man gouging Koreans.
Ain't that a switch, Chick?


Them motherfuckers got faces like walls,
but love to drink and look at naked girls.

Place ain't no shitbox.
You should see my office.

Got that shit decked out
like a kabuki love palace.

You know what that is, right?

Why don't you roll by sometime?
Check out the poon.

My little girl is mixed up in this.

If I don't get those stones back,
she's dead.

What do you want, man? I mean--

- I'm begging.
- You know, I was thinking.

That was a big heist. Risky heist.

What would make a man go through that
kind of trouble, take that kind of heat?

Gotta be something good.

Something valuable.

Jump...'s my little girl.

Make another one.

You mother--


I see the slope's no dope.

Got a lot of offspring running
around, brother.

Big score is once in a lifetime.

- Yo, let me at him.
- Go ahead. Shit.


Say hey to Daria for me.

Don't forget your fucking shoes.


I used to really look up to that guy.
Used to want to be just like him.

- In Taiwan, I can make him talk.
- Yeah, well, this ain't Taiwan.

Only thing we can do now is try to find
out where the stones are and get them.

- You make it sound easy.
- It won't be.

- What?
- They're at his club.

How do you know?

I know. I can just feel it.
It's never happened to you?


- Thought you Chinese were all mystical.
- We like to gamble. Not guess.

It's no guess, but I could be wrong.
I'll hit the club, you go see Archie.


- He has to remember something.
- What if he can't?

Pretend it's Taiwan.
Make him remember.

Hey. Get away from here.
What are you doing?

Relax. I'm just seeing if I can
help with something.

Well, you can't. It's very delicate
equipment, so just stay away.

All right? Stay away from the truck.

- What?
- Stay away from my fucking truck!

Okay, stop it.


Backing away.

Backing away.

Someone give the geek his Ritalin.

At least he's doing his job...

...which is more than I can say for
some people. Tape her up and gag her.

I want my daddy! I want my daddy!

I want my daddy! I want my daddy!

- I want my daddy!
- Let go of me!

- Shut up!
- I want my daddy!

- I want my daddy!
- Waste of time.

I can think of a way of shutting you up.


Shit! She's got the key!


Hey, how are you doing?

ODION: Precious Daria.
- What's up?

Long time, no see.

- So, what brings you around here?
- Sometimes you need to see old friends.

- What? You got trouble?
- With a capital T.

Tony Fait? Thought you two
were tight. Bonnie and Clyde.

Yeah, it used to be that way.

Not taking care of me these days.

Kid's all he cares about.
It's a shame, huh?

- So, what you want me to do?
- I don't know.

Probably nothing you can do.
I just thought... know.

This is crazy. I don't even know what I
was thinking. I shouldn't be in here.

No, hold up, hold up. Girls.

- Give us a minute. Champagne?
- Yes.

I got it.

- So you looking for a job?
- I need something.

How about you work here?

How would Jump feel about me
coming back and all?

You let me worry about Jump Chambers.
In the meantime... about we go to my office
and we talk about this a little bit more?

ARCHIE: It's not exactly boxing matches,
it's a lot more dangerous.

No gloves or nothing, no rules, period.

It's huge money. It's very illegal.
They hold it during the day to fool cops.

The man you remember,
how do you know he'll be here?

I don't, but this is Chambers' operation,
so it's a damn good place to start.

Here we are.

GUARD: This is a private club.
- It's me, Archie.

- Everybody likes me here.
GUARD: It's that asshole Archie again.

How can you recognize him?

Well, I didn't see his face,
but they all kind of look the same.

Of course so do you guys.

No offense. But I will remember
that pinky ring because it was awesome.

He's got, like, a 10-carat, round cut,
square setting, good color and clarity.

I remember thinking about the damage
it'd do to my face if he hit me.

I gotta make sure Mr. Pinky Ring doesn't
recognize me, so I got a disguise.

- How do we get in?
- Leave it to me. I'll take care of it.

Hey, buddy. How you doing? How's
that armor-plated Lincoln I sold you?

- Cops stopped me.
- They do that sometimes.

- Car was fucking hot, Archie.
- Hey.

I didn't steal it, but stop by the shop
tomorrow. I'll make it right.

- You know the rules. No guests.
- He's not.

He's a fighter. An unofficial entry.

- Him? Is he any good?
- Is he--?

He'll kick all those chumps' asses!

He'll go Chinese on them!
Teeth will fly.

Blood will splatter!
It'll be awesome! Step aside.

No way, Archie. No more favors.

What? You've got to be shitting me.

Somebody's getting a letter from
the Better Business Bureau.

Excuse us.

GUARD: You're number 12.
Go get your ass kicked.

I didn't come here to fight.

You don't have to fight,
I just said that to get us in.



- Come on.
- Come on!

Get up! Oh, yeah.

Get up!


Yeah! Yeah!

Tear his eye out!

- On a good day, over a million bucks-
- Just find the ring.

- All right. Okay.
- Knock him out.

- You know...
- Bullshit.

...This could take a little while.
All right, come on. Let's go.

Sit down.

Why don't you put on some music?


Uh-uh. Slower.


Just relax.

And watch.

This looks good.

Set it up, tie it at the bottom.

- Tommy, go.
- Here come the bug man.

Excuse me.

Hey, what's going on, player?

Get the bugs out
Gonna get the bugs out

Gonna get the bugs out

DOORMAN: What the hell are you doing?
- Oh, pest control, player.

- Don't tell me you didn't get the notice.
- What notice?

That's what burn my ass to the bone,
a brother just trying to make a living--

You know what?
That's beside the point.

If you had gotten your notice, you'd
realize the city has a new ordinance...

...saying I gotta spray businesses
catering to foreigners.

How come?

The foreigners are bringing over
them scary-ass foreign bugs, man.

They coming here in their luggage. It's
my job to prevent possible infestation...

...and contamination. That's my job.
- We doing business inside.

I can't let you come and hose
the place with bug spray.

Maybe you need to talk to your manager
about that plan because that's my job.

- Manager's busy.
- Okay, that's your call.

That is your call, player.

But just remember this.

First thing tomorrow morning...

...the city...

...they'll send their quarantine people.
- Quarantine people?

They gonna shut you down.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on.

Hold, man, come here.
Let me talk to you for a minute.

- You ain't fucking with me, are you?
- What?

See that little motherfucker up there?

That's me. That's me.

I am a licensed exterminator, man.
Why I gotta fuck with you?

Look. Come here. Let's do this.

You take me to a small place.
Small room. Office or something.

Someplace upstairs,
away from the customers.

That way when I set these bombs off,
the fumes, they don't go down there.

And then we come back later
and fix the rest. All right?

- Okay. Get a couple bombs. Come on.
- That's what I'm talking about.

You don't wanna be bit by one
of these motherfuckers.

Swell you up all around the neck. Look
like Oprah. Come on, get the door.

You know, some of these bugs
they got E. coli and Mad Cow disease.

Check this shit out.
Is this Jackie Chan's office?

Oh, snap!

Man, you got a Jacuzzi?

Look at the ball.
How many freaks you get in here?

I bet you sit yours right there on
that ball. Sit on the ball, baby.

Sit on the ball. Keep it wet, baby.

- Smack!
- Hey!

- Smack it! Smack it!
- Hey!

- Just do your thing and go, bro.
- Yeah, all right, player.

All right. Look here.
Now you keep the door closed...

...and give this shit a full hour
before anybody steps in here, all right?



TOMMY: You're clear.
- Let's do it.

All right.

- You're crazy.
- I'm a father.


Blow it. Daria, get ready to move.

What was that?

"Sometimes you just need
an old friend?"

- It came from the office.
- Watch her. Don't let her leave.

- They're not here?
- They're here.

- They're just somewhere else.
- What are you talking about?

- He stashed them here somewhere.
- What the hell we gonna do?

FAIT: Everybody just go.
MILES: But, T, what about you, man?

I gotta save Vanessa. I gotta find them!

- I'm not leaving you.
- Yes, you are. Now go!

MAN: Right here. Hurry up. Come on.
- Oh, shit.

Come on, dog. They're right outside.

Shut the fuck up and get out of here!

You know, I got the big one.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Keep it in your pants.

Who's in there?

Hey, Fait.

You're raw.

- What you want?
- Ah.

- Yeah!
REFEREE: Move away from him.

Nice cubic. Yours are real. Not.
I told you this was gonna take a while.

I was thinking about those diamonds
so I made a few calls.

My Defense Department connection
called me back and he tells me...

..about this rumor out of Taiwan about
these stones. Only they're not jewels.

- Pretty beat up.
- Fell down the stairs.

Enjoy the jail sex, Fait.

7 advances, 11's out!
Next up, 8 versus 12!

8 versus 12!

Fighters report to the cage!

Let's go.

We're still here, T.

Got anything you want us to do?

- Nothing yet.
- What?

Nothing. Nothing.

Unofficial entry number 12!

- Unofficial entry number 12!
- Hey, 12's right here!

Kind of small, ain't he?

Let's go, chickenshit.

You're the chickenshit, buddy!

Not today.

I know this wasn't the plan,
but if you don't get in and fight...

...they'll throw us out
and we'll never find this guy.

- Sorry.
- Just find the ring.

- Hey. Two grand on the white guy.
- You got it, Archie.

Let's go! Come on!

Are you ready? Are you ready?

You win.

- You suck.
- Shit.

No quitting! Get your ass back in there!

Put me down! Goddamn! Come on!

- Put me down or I'll kick your ass, Bruce!
- I'm not Bruce.

REFEREE: Come on. Get up.
Get out of here. Get out of here.

Kick his ass!

Come on! Kick his ass!

Kick him. Take him down.

EMT: Okay. He's all patched up.
- Ready to move.

Let's go.

Get the car. Stay close.

Hey! That guy's got my fucking quad!

I'm gonna get that motherfucker!



Hey! Wait!

- Five grand on the Chinaman. My friend.
- Got you.

WOMAN: At this very moment, a man
identified as Anthony Fait is leading...

police on a wild high-speed chase
through downtown Los Angeles.

MAN: And get this, folks.
He's driving an all-terrain vehicle.



Come on! Kick his ass!


Oh, yeah!

Come on. Come on down.

That's the way to get that buck.

- I'm here.

Above ground parking garage
in Chinatown. Get there.

I know the place.

Hey. Thanks, man.

- Do you like my new ring?
- Where is he?

Well, open the door.

Glad I brought my stunner.

All right, bud. You ready for the q and a?
Where'd you put the stones?

I ain't selling you shit till
I know where the ceiling is.

How much money
do you want for the stones?

- Where's my fucking butter?
- It's almost ready.

See, I hate foreplay. Fucking warm-up.

A bitch gotta be ready to come off
the bench and score some points.

Just take the rock to the motherfucking
hoop strong. You dig?

Instead of doing this back-and-forth shit,
my idea is you come up with a number.

A very high number. You see,
I'm throwing a number so high...

...that when I hear it just...
It just gets me off.

And then, bam! Bust a nut,
roll over, go to sleep.

You like that?

Yeah, I like that.

Oh, shit!

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Shit! Okay, okay, okay!

WOMAN: It looks like this garage is
where it will end. Police have sealed...

...the building and continue
their search inside for the man who...

...led them on what certainly had to be
the most extreme chase we've seen.

MAN: Don't know why these idiots do it.
WOMAN: They never get away, do they?

MAN: They don't, and they just endanger
innocent citizens in the process.

Here's another car exiting the structure.

Police talking to the driver,
inspecting the vehicle.

Well, the police know they have him
trapped inside the parking structure.

Knowing cops the way I do, I can say
they're PO'd, excuse my language.

And they're not about to let this guy
slip through their fingers.

Mr. Chambers is resting.
He says not to bother him.

Hey, baby.

Please don't go.

You want me to stay?

MAN: Yeah, I need someone to stay
and help keep me awake.

Wait a minute.

I know that face.

A lot of men had that look on their face
when I got married.

I knew the stones were in there.

He was a tough guy,
but when I got close... his nuts he sang like Céline Dion.

How we gonna
get them out of there?

That place is always jumping.

Yo, dog, something's not right.

I got the same feeling.

The doorman.

Where is he?

Everybody stay PL"-

- Sorry.
- Watch my nuts, all right?

No Chambers' guys.

Something's wrong.

This guy looks better dead.

He said they were here in the fountain.

Where are they?

This can't be fucking happening.
They have to be here!

That's it? One stone?

- Ling. He has the rest.
- How the fuck do you know?

I know.

Okay. He has the stones.

I mean, she can't hurt him.
She's just a little girl.

She's only 8 years old. He'll let her
go, right? He'll just fucking let her go!

What am I gonna do?

We have to go.


- We're back in business.

- We don't have to babysit much longer.
- I hate kids.

- Is everything else ready?
- Just have to test the device.

It's called the Dimaster Oscillator.

Not test. Calibrate.
Which I'm now ready to do.


Here you go, man.



Please work. Please work.

Please work.


Daddy, please. Daddy, please.

Please answer, Daddy, answer.

Want me to get that?

- Yeah?
- Daddy?


Daddy, please, come and get me...

...I wanna go home!

Calm down, baby. Calm down.
Where are you?

I don't know!

I'm in a van inside a big building.

They painted the windows.
I can't look out!

You gotta help me, sweetheart.
I have to know where you are.

- I'm scared!
FAIT: I know you are, honey.

Just try to stay calm. Concentrate.
Look around. What do you see?

I don't know. I can't see anything.

You gotta try, sweetheart.
Try to see something.

I'm going. I'm trying-


I see chairs and green light.

Chairs. Green light.

Where's the light coming from?

I can't tell. There's a machine.
It's like a laser show.

- Laser show?
- Daddy...

...hurry! I'm scared!

- I wanna go home!
- Okay, baby. Calm down.

It's gonna be okay.
Daddy's coming!


- Vanessa?
- Daddy!

Vanessa ?




- He's doing it here tonight.
- Doing what?

Selling the stones. The Thai laser emits
green light. He needs it to enrich them.

- To show their power.
TOMMY: What are you talking about?

What are these stones?

A new form of synthetic plutonium.
Portable, but mega-powerful. Right?

There's a bunch of international
scumbags who'd pay a lot of money... get their hands on those.
And then, look out world.

Enough of this!

How's it gonna get me
back my daughter?

We're operational.

The buyers will want to arrive
and leave quickly.

Somewhere private,
accessible by aircraft.

Vanessa did say she was inside
of a big building.

Could be a hangar.

MILES: There's about a dozen
little airports around here.

We ain't gonna never get them all.

- Flight plans.
ARCHIE: Yeah, flight plans.

They gotta list a destination.
Every aircraft that takes off...

...has to file one with the Aviation
Administration or risk getting shot... the U.S. military.
So you get that list...

...and maybe we can find out where
the sale's going down.

Daria, call the aviation people.
Use our L.A.P.D. credentials.

We need flight info on all aircrafts
coming in or going out.

Miles, the no-gun policy is
no longer in effect. Break out the heat.

Everybody else, get ready to move.
Tommy, create a diversion.

I got just the thing if we can fit in it


Wick Airfield. Five private choppers
arriving tonight within minutes.

- Sounds like our best bet.
- Better be for Vanessa's sake.

Let's go.

You are the world's foremost
arms dealers.

You all know weaponry equals power,
and in the world of weaponry...

...nukes rule.

But nuclear material is hard to obtain
and difficult to handle.

But what if it weren't?

That's the question that brought
you here tonight.

And this is the answer.

A unique, man-made element.
In its present state it's completely inert.

Zero radiation... volatility.

One small fragment easily transformed
into a source of immense energy.

More powerful than weapons-grade
plutonium 100 times its size.

Goggles on.

FAIT: So, what the hell does Taiwan
gotta do with this?

SU: We developed the stones.
They belong to us.

FAIT: What about the guy you're after?
How come you know him so well?

SU: We grew up together. We joined
the government at the same time.

FAIT: Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
You were on the same side?

SU: He betrayed us. He killed our team.
He tried to kill me too.

FAIT: If you don't take this
motherfucker out, I will.

The stones first, then him.

LING: Creating a highly reactive
radioactive isotope...

...requires altering the atomic structure
of the original material.

Normally this is accomplished
by adding neutrons.

Here, we're using electromagnetic
distillation to strip away protons.

In the process, the fragment's potential
yield is increasing exponentially.

We're now reaching the yield level
of a sidewinder missile.

Enough power to take out a tank.

A Tomahawk cruise missile,
enough to destroy a building.


That's a few city blocks gone.


Two Hiroshimas.


New world order.

The purpose of today's sale
is to begin trading...

...a new commodity on the black market
and to determine its value.

There are 50 stones available
in the first sale.

And the opening bid
is $200,000 per stone.

Bids, please.

I'll bid one million for five stones.

- I'll bid 1.2 million for five stones.
-1.5 for five stones.

MAN 1: 1.7 million for five stones.
MAN 2: 2 million.

WOMAN: 5 million for six stones!
MAN 1: 5.2!

-5.7 for six!
- Sold.

- Seven million for 10 stones!
MAN 2: 8.5 for 10!

Miles, what do you see?

We got five choppers.

Two armed sentries.

Checking the perimeter.

Perimeter is clear.

I'm moving inside.
They're still doing the deal.

There's a camper there.

- And the windows is painted out.
- Vanessa said she was in a van.

Can't see out. It's gotta be it!

Once we get her,
you two disappear fast.

I'll keep her safe.

-8.7 million for 10 stones!
-9 million for 10 stones!

-9.8 for 10.
-10 million for 10 stones!

- Sold! There are 37 stones.
-16 million!

Miles! Hit them!


Tommy and Archie,
watch the van. Punch it!

-24.5 for 15!
-24 and three quarters--

25 for 15!


Freeze, motherfuckers!

I knew it.

You heard the man. Party's over!

RUSSELL: I knew it.
- Just be cool.

Fucking amateurs.

Come on, man, just be cool!

I said, don't move, motherfucker!

She's out! She's out!
She's on the move.

Another time.

MILES: There's a guy after her.
- Stay right here. I'll go get her.

- Holy shit!
- Come to Papa!


Shit! That motherfucker's shooting!

- What do we do?
- Shoot him!

Easy for you to say!


You do him.

Don't let him get away!

Oh, shit! Shit! Archie, I'm out of ammo!

- Fire the M-60!
- Get me closer!

Give me that!

How many times do we have to kill you?

Get him! I got this.

Go! GO!

- Go!
- All right!

- What happened?
- I don't know!

We're out of balance!

Retract the landing gear! Do it!
Do it now!

Shoot him down!

Shit! I'm out of ammo! What now?

Shoot him down!

- Load the cannon.
- How?

- Put the giant bullet into the hole!
- Oh, shit.

Oh, shit!

- There he is! There he is! I got him!
- Archie, shoot this motherfucker!

We're hit!

- Hey! Hey!
- You shot him in the ass!

We got it!



Time to end this my way.


- Let her go!
- Let go! Daddy!


Damn! No shot.

You were lucky last time.

You won't be lucky again.



Come on, baby. Come on.


Wrong kid!

Definitely the wrong father!

- My baby!
- Daddy, I knew you'd find me!

So glad the angels kept you safe.

Another one?

You know it.

Never gonna let you go. Ever.


Guess we both got what we wanted.

So, what happens to the stones now?

They'll be destroyed.

Guess I'll be spending some time in jail.


Come on, man. He just saved the planet,
man. Can't he at least get probation?

I'll do what I can.

- Thanks.
ARCHIE: Great.

Because we make a hell of a team,
am I right? Except for you.

You're law enforcement.
But we gotta stick together.

And a white guy comes in handy.

You wanna rip off a country club,
or somebody needs to hail a cab. Right?

- So, what percentage are we talking?
- None.

That low, huh?

It's about time I got my shit together.

- About time we all did.
- I'm with you, T.

Come on, buddy, it's just getting fun.

Well, I mean, you know,
it's not that fun...

- Good luck.
- Thank you.





So you guys are all just gonna
up and go straight?

Yeah. You ought to try it yourself, man.

I could do it. I've had straight jobs
Have you?

- I've had plenty of straight jobs
- Really? Name one.

I sold Avon.

- You were an Avon lady?
- I was an Avon man. All right?

- You got a problem with that?
- No, it's fair.

- Why you looking at me like that?
- It's okay.

All right. All right.

I'm just fucking with you. But my mama
sold Avon. Don't be disrespecting her.

- I know her. Remember the party?
- She whipped your ass.

No, she sucker-punched me.

That ain't the first time you
been sucker-punched by a big woman.

You know, I think
I got kind of a fetish.

Did you just say my mama had a fat ass?

No, I said I have a kind
of a fetish for big women.

- Oh. But she do got a fat ass though.
- Yeah, she does have a fat ass.

You can see it when she's sitting
on your head.

I've seen it. I had to rub that ass
naked when I was a teenager.

You know, you look a lot like her.
Except her hair is different.

Yeah. I shave my beard,
she keeps hers growing.

- Yeah. You know what?
- What?

I'm gonna write a movie about the shit
we got through. I've been taking notes.

It's gonna make a lot of money.
I'm calling it Sidekicks.

We're the real stars of this.
We shot down the damn helicopter.

- Who's playing you?
- I've been thinking about that.

I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger,
then I saw him at the gas station--

- Midget.
- He's like 5'6...

- Midget.
- Got a terrible lisp.

So I'll go with Mel Gibson.
We have similar features.

Right. I see the forehead.

- Yeah. And you? Guess.
- Denzel!


- You noticed I've been cutting it down.
- And he's been beefing up.

- I try to get down to Denzel's weight.
- Know who'll be your girlfriend? Oprah.

- Big Oprah or little Oprah?
- Medium Oprah.

That's the one I like.
The eyes are straight.

- This is about reality.
- Right. Realism.

- Yeah. So you know who's my girlfriend?
- Who?

Halle Berry. And let me tell you why.
It'll add a whole different element.

This is an interracial couple.
She's never done that before.

- Uh-huh.
- Also, Fait.

I've been thinking about
that a lot. I'll go with Shaquille O'Neal.

The most dominating player ever
in the NBA. You saw Kazaam.

- Right
- It wasn't the right material.

He's gonna kill with this stuff.
And Su, I've been thinking about him.

- Remember the movie Sixteen Candles?
- Yeah.

- Who am I thinking about?
- Molly Ringwald?

- No, the Donger!
- Oh! Okay!

How funny was that guy?
What happened to him?

- He waiting tables someplace.
- He was funny!

- Yeah, he was. Hey, Daria.
- Daria? Who you got?

- Winona Ryder.
- Yeah, she's good. She'd be good.

- Yeah, she's good.
- She'd play a thief.

She'd play a thief. She a good actress.
The whole elbow thing.

Remember when she's going to court
and hit the one elbow, broke that elbow.

- Electricity went through her body.
- She's a ventriloquist with the elbows.

Now who do we get to direct this thing?

You know what?

We should get the dude that directed
Romeo Must Die and Exit Wounds.

- The director, the Pole, Polack.
- The Polack?

Yeah, we'll get him in there.
Exit Wounds, did you see that?

- I saw that.
- The best part--

- The end.
- The very end.

- Over the credits. The rest sucked.
- Can't have the movie without the end.

- There's no movie.
- Whatever happened with those guys?

I heard they're gay.

Yeah, of course. Hollywood.

[English - US - SDH]