Cradle (2015) - full transcript

A medical student studying a rare infant disease in the Dominican Republic ignores the dark legend of the Bruja. Until she becomes pregnant.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

♪ Ah-hi ♪

♪ Ah-hi, ha ha ♪

Hey, I've got tequila,
beer, and whiskey.


Not the smartest
place to get a drink.

You're a long
way from civilization.

We went through a lot of

to get this information.

What my amigo means is
do you have our money?

Or just wasting our time?

Man of his word.

Good to see this
in our business.

Mister, you sure
you want to do this?

This only brings death,

your death, if you
know what I mean.

The map?

Why do you seek this?

It's my business.

I find that a
man of few words,

is a man not to be trusted.


Looks like you're
running from someone.

Or something.

The map, don't make
me ask you a third time.

The map?

The deal is off.

Price just gone up.

What's the new price?

I'm afraid it's
everything you got!


Hey! You're just gonna leave?
Make me clean up your mess?

Wanna take a ride?

I'm working.

Suit yourself.

Thanks for the help, pal.

Baba, I'm working' here.

Well, I hope
you didn't pull a muscle.

Not a chance, I knew you had
everything handled in there.

Change of heart?


Great, let's ride.

Anna, Anna! Anna, get in here!

- We need help!
- Hurry!

- What are her levels?
- Bad, we need a sedative now!

First we should
get her into cardiac position.

No time, sedative, now!

- Her heart rate just hit 200!
- Anna, the sedative.


I need you to get into your bed,

cover your eyes and ears,
can you do that for me?

Get over here, do it now!

Okay, she's stable.

Anna. Anna! When I tell
you to do something, I don't...

Sedatives will wear off in a few hours, we're
gonna do exactly the same thing tomorrow!

Don't tell me
how to run my clinic.

Filling children with anesthetic
morphine, not a cure!

They're in pain, Anna!
They need our help.

What they need is a cure!

It's not gonna help 'em if we're just gonna
shoot them up every time it happens!

We need more resources
for a cure, more doctors.

They only sent me you.

We'll never know
why some survive

and the other die without letting
me run these blood tests!

What I need you to do
is stop playing scientist.

The girl almost died.

We have work to do.

He meant you, I'm off.


Are you gonna be okay?

That girl, she just
looked at me like she knew me.

It's the drugs,
no doubt about it.

I didn't come down here just
to watch women and children die.

I came here
to make a difference.

I thought you came here for me.

Thanks for
the support, by the way.

Anna, you know I don't like to get
all worked up, it stresses me out.

You know our job is to just try
to help as many people as we can.

And that's why
they send us here.

I know.

Alright, so don't rock the boat
down here, I like this place.

Something ain't right about it.

Yeah, people keep dying.

Then why won't he
let me do the blood tests?

I don't know. Maybe he is
afraid you'll get all the glory.

Yeah, right.

She calls for her.

She... she's dead.

She must stop the evil.

Yeah, I'll tell her.

She calls for her.

Hello. Sit back and let
the medicine do its work.

It hurts.

I know,
but it'll make you feel better.

Will it stop the pain?

I'll try my best.

Anna, am I gonna die?

No, sweetie,
you're gonna be just fine.

I hear many of the other
nurses talk sometimes,

they think we can't hear,
but we do.

I know there's no cure.

Okay, there's no cure yet.
But you know what,

we're discovering more
and more about this every day,

and before you know it, you're
just gonna be right out of here.

I hope you're right.

We'll find a cure, I promise,
okay? You'll be fine.

Anna, you can't keep making
the children promises.

It's not good for them.

You do things your way,
I do things my way, nurse.

She's a loose cannon.



Where are the children, Anna?


Hey. Yeah, I'm almost home.

Go to the forest, go now!

Death is there, death is
everywhere! You can stop it!

No, no, no, no, no, I'm sorry...

Hey! Leave her alone.

Happy birthday! Whoo-hoo!

Oh my god,
you're getting so big!

- Thanks! What everyone loves to hear.
- When did you get here?

A few hours ago.

You didn't really think I forgot
your birthday, did you?

Happy birthday, baby.

You didn't call. Why didn't
you tell me they were coming?

Well, if I did, they'd have nothing
to yell when you walked in. Yeah.

Alright, champagne?

- Yes sir!
- Let's get this party started, baby!

Happy birthday, baby!

Whoo! To Anna.

Oh, he's been kicking
so hard ever since we landed! Oh.

You know, things haven't
gotten better here, like at all.

Yeah, I heard.
A lot of kids, huh?

Let's not talk about
that right now, shall we?

Nadia, so do you know yet?

I'll be happy, boy or girl.

He's the one hoping
to raise a big strong man

to chop wood and
bond over fishing and whatever.

Breakfast for the pregnant lady.
And the pretty lady.

Uh, I don't know, I just think that you
should know the sex before they're born,

you know, you don't want to go out
there and buy the wrong colors.

And why invent the technology?
Because normal people want to know!

Are you scared?

Uh, no I'm excited, you know I love kids.
Why am I a professor?

Have you given fatherhood
some thought, Manuel?

Um, no.

Raising a boy, is hard work.
Look what I have to deal with.

Oh you think
that's funny, right?

Something isn't right.

What do you mean?

Weren't you supposed to get
here after the baby was born?

Eh, yeah, no you're right.

Um, the college sent me out her to
study the legend of uh, a rare beast.

You know allegedly this beast
only appears here,

you know,
nowhere else in the world.

This creature
never shows itself,

so if I can get a photo
of one, then, eh.

And what is this beast?

The White Witch.

- Who?
- Come on.

- What are the...
- No, really, you've never heard of the White Witch?

- No idea.
- No, I'm out here studying local legends

and apparently the White Witch
is one of the oldest.

Uh, I'm gonna get some juice.

He's full of shit,
there is no witch.

I don't know, the locals
seem to believe in her, huh?

To our health!

To our health.

Something on your mind?

Same as always, brother.

You know another
trinket to find, another place,

another place like this.

you're not losing your will?

Baba, come on, you know me.

It's just that, you know what I don't want
this to turn into another jade at Jakarta.

That wasn't my fault.

Those locals,
they weren't very friendly.

Friendly? They wanted to cut
our freaking heads off, man!

Nah, just the King.

The King.

Look, I've been with you since
day one. Even back in basic.

Yeah, Fort Bragg. Good old days.

Yeah, they were, man. They were.

You know what, I'm starting to get this
feeling, like I had in the Philippines,

and also in the Congo that time?

This place here, man it's...
You know, I get the same vibe!

When was the last place
you didn't have that feeling?

You know it's just like
the walls are closing in,

and get so tight
you can't breathe.

We should really, really
rethink this plan of yours.

You really believe that?

Or you just haven't located
your next victim yet?

Ha, ha,
you know me too well, brother.


In and out. Locals
won't even know we were there.

I hope so. You know what, I kind
of got used to this head of mine,

and I want it to stay right
where it is, none of that fft!

Well, since when? I was
always the man with the plan.

That's right, you were,
I got to toast to you that, man.

I'm gonna check my gear again.
See you in a bit.

I'll finish this beer, man.

Mr. Raleigh,
you better be right.

Got everything?

Baba, come on,
I've never let you down yet.

That's true.

I'm not sure this is
the best time for them to visit.

Yeah, I know
you don't really like company,

especially since you can't
keep your hands off of me.

I'm so tired,
like, I had a hell of a day.

Well, I understand.

Since when
does he study legends?

I don't know,
but it's not very manly.

And it's not gonna make him
mayor of the town either.

What do you mean?

Well, people around here
believe in all kinds of things,

you know, if you go poking
your head in their business,

they're not gonna like it.

I said no.

What's wrong?


Hey. Come here.

Why don't we go
to the beach tomorrow?

I can't take a day off.
It's not possible.

I already took care of that.

Really, you did?

Well, it's your birthday, baby.

And you can't save the entire...

You can't save
the entire island.

I mean I can't
believe Nadia's pregnant!

Like, I guess
we reached that age.

Well, she looks fat to me.


Hey. What?



James, James...



Whoa... You alright, man?

You scared the hell out of me!
Was that you?


No, uh, I just...
I heard something.

Ah, it's probably
the humidity, it does that.

- Ah.
- In this part of the world it's always kind of,

spoken to people, you know?

Oh, dude, this morning, some
of the elders came up to me

and they were warning me about that
white stranger with suspicious gadgets.

- What?
- Walking out of my place.

Stranger? No, no,
I used to live here. Yeah.

Yeah, but these people don't
remember that, man. They're ancient.

I mean you should
have seen them with my iPhone,

- passing it around and whispering.
- Yeah.

Well, I guess they think
that your cameras were like,

kind of would disturb
the balance of this place.

But do they mean the witch?

Well, these people believe in all kinds of
things, so it's better to just stay away.

Yeah, I won't bother them.

Yeah, it'd probably be better.
You know they can get really...

Oh yeah, yeah, no, I get it. Their legend
goes all the way back to the Mayans.

You know, I really wouldn't talk
about it too loud around here.

- Why?
- Well, superstitions,

I told you, they are...
they're a prehistoric people,

and, that's like
an omen around here.

Look, trust me, alright?

You got work to do and these
people can get really crazy

if they find out that you're trying
to catch one of those things.

It's their local legend,
you don't want to mess with it.

Okay, well, is it an omen
or a legend, which one?

I don't know, both. Relax.

Can you tell me what
the hell we're looking for?

If I did, you wouldn't
be out here with me.

Oh that's terrific,
that's great, just great.

Spiders, mosquitoes, snakes!

What are you mumbling about?

Ah, nothing
I'm just venting, man.

God, where is this beach?

It's secluded,
none of the tourist BS.

It's beautiful.

Thank you, baby.

It's like we're in high school.

Yeah, right.

Do you think he's gonna ask you?

Who? Manny? I don't know.

What is that?

Anna! Anna!

Hey, get away!

Anna! Anna!

What is his problem?

We need
to take you to her!

- No!
- She calls for you!

Hey, back off!

When the night comes, they will
come for you! For all of you!

I'm right here,
why don't they come now?

The night belongs to her!

Yeah, you better run!

What? Those ladies
need to know who's in charge!

I've seen you before!

Why are they after you?

I'm wondering the same thing.

- Anna! Are you okay? Are you okay?
- Yeah. I'm alright.

Can I help
you with something, pal?

- No, no...
- Is there a problem?

He saved me!

Who are those ladies?

- Disciples.
- Of who?

The White Witch.
You're in danger.

From a few old ladies?
I don't think so.

Well, for some reason, they think
you're a threat to the witch.

Me? Why?

I don't know. But they
didn't seem to want to talk.

So you're just
gonna say that and leave?


I didn't come here to save a
girl. I came here for the witch.

Well, those ladies
looked like witches.

Why don't you go after them?

They're her minions.
She can control the weak minded.

You don't believe
in this stuff, do you?

Don't I? Maybe you should start.

- You're okay?
- Yeah.

- Let's go.
- It's so weird.

You're alright?

Are you okay? Oh my god.

- I'm gonna go and check out the hats, alright.
- Okay.

It's happened twice now.


Last night, on my way home,
some of the locals stopped me.

You're sure you're okay?

I'm alright. Those old ladies
scared the shit out of me.

What did he mean by her minions?

M-hm, I think heat
must have got to them.

Well, next time
those ladies come back,

they should take Manny.

Hey, you're feeling alright?

Hey, maybe we should
take off for a bit?

Well, I'm not
leaving my patients.

Alright, good for you, baby.

Don't let those ladies
mess up your day off, okay?

You know what, they didn't.

Hey, come here, what's wrong?

Alright, I tried.

Anyone down for a glass of wine?

Oh you know what, I think
we're done for the night.

We'll see you guys
in the morning.


Well, I don't know about you,
but I'm wide awake.

What did I do now?

Oh, I don't know, why shouldn't you
ask those girls from the market?

What are you even
talking about, Anna?

You know exactly what you did!

- What I did was, I tried to give you a good birthday!
- No.

But obviously I failed.

I mean you're being ridiculous,
come on, please!


They were just asking
for directions, that's it.

What a great day!

It's a bad idea.

I don't have any choice.
She only comes out at night.

Yeah, then
let's wait for the daytime.

This jungle stuff's
for birds, man.

You know why
I didn't tell you about it.

Yeah, you're right,
I would've never came!

Oh god! Is that the witch?

What the...

♪ The best part of waking up ♪
Morning, Nadia.


♪ Is Anna in my life ♪

For some, I guess.

What's up?

Hmm, good morning.


Trouble in paradise?

No dude, she's crazy.

Any luck catching the witch?

You know, I'm not really
looking to catch her,

I just want to show that the
legend is, you know, just that.

Well, for starters, you need
to reposition the cameras.

They're all looking
at the trail.

You know you need
to cover more ground.

Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah.
I'll keep that in mind.

I'm just trying to help, man.

Oh I'm sorry, dude, did I look
like I was asking for directions?

Shut up, man!

Wait, pause it! What is that?

It could just be a lens flare.

Or the witch!

It's probably just an animal.

Anna! There you go, get it out!

Uh, shouldn't that be you?

Only in the first trimester.
This is all you, lover boy!

Did you eat something bad?
Did you eat anything?



Hey, you're okay?

Okay, Anna I'm sorry,
alright? I'm an asshole.

You are, right here,
you are an asshole,

like, you know what,
you're like even more than that!


Isn't it like obvious?

You're gonna be a father,
you asshole.

You're joking.

I wish.

Anna, don't play with me.


Baby, I'm so... I'm sorry, baby!
Come here!

I love you, I'm sorry, okay?
I love you, I don't care.

Really though? I'm gonna be
a daddy? I'm gonna be a daddy?

I'm gonna be a daddy!

Yes! Yes, baby!

Good morning.

- Hello.
- Morning, Maria.

Where's Pedro?

Maria? Maria? Where's Pedro?

What happened?

Not in front of the patients,
come here. Come here.

I'm sorry.
He was a very good boy.

Yes, don't...

My fault.


I told him he would get better.
I wasn't even here when...

Anna, how many times
are we going to go through this?

This is the job.

Please, you have to
pull yourself together.

These children need us
to do our jobs,

not to cry for them
when they are gone.

Do you even have a soul?

Look, you can attack me all you
want, but you know it's the truth.

I just call it as I see it.

Anna. I know it is hard.

I'm sorry about the boy.

His name is Pedro.

It's so strange.

That doesn't make any sense.

Anna! Anna!

Hurry up!
Get me the injection now!

God damn it!

There is something
in their bloodstream,

that's not supposed to be there.

- What? How do you know that?
- I tested some of it.

Without my authority?
I told you not to do that!


She's gone that way!

God I hope not!

Like, are you still
afraid of the dark?

Hey, you know what,
we stay here any longer,

she'll come for us again.

Oh I'm counting on that.

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

Well, it appears our witch, has
paid a visit to the hospital.

Who are you laughing at?

Oh we must be getting close.


I need this like
a hole in my head.

Anna... Am I gonna die?

We'll find a cure, I promise.

You promise?

I promise.


has haunted locals and taking
them into... They're eternals.

Not possible.

Just need... to rest.

Don't even scream, 'cause no
one's gonna hear you.

Exit's there, you better hustle.

- And who are you supposed to be?
- The white knight.

Are you willing
to die for that girl?

I was gonna ask
you the same question.

I think you're
making a big mistake!

I think you're
making a big mistake!

I think
you better pay attention!

Listen, gringo, I don't care who the
hell you are, your ass is mine!

Are you gonna tell me
where the White Witch is

or am I'm gonna throw
your ass off this balcony?

Believe me, you don't
want to know how to find her!

I am not gonna ask you again!

- Welcome to the party!
- Yeah, and it's a good thing,

'cause that guy right there, was
gonna turn you into Swiss cheese.

Hey, you got that right.

I was trying to get a
couple of questions answered

but these guys had other ideas.

To hell with 'em.

I'll tell you one thing,
the dean is gonna be pissed off.

Yeah, I think you might
have lost your scholarship.

I'm ready for some good tequila.

Hey, I'm buying.

Open up, Manny! Open up!
Manny, open up, let me in!


Open up, open up!

These men came after me!

What men?

- Wait, wait.
- I went to the library.

- Calm down, calm down!
- I went... I went...

- I went to the library.
- Why did you go to the library?

What men are you talking about,
Anna, calm down, calm down.

It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay, breathe, breathe.

What's going on, baby?
What happened?



What's wrong?

What, what, what?

What's wrong?

What's wrong, baby?

Look, they're here in San Juan!

We need to talk.

About what?

I'm a hunter, I collect things.

What, like Indy?

I track things down for people.
They pay good money.

Are you here for the witch?

You don't believe in
these stories, do you?

What exactly
were you researching?

My patients are dying.
I will do whatever to stop this.

Are they really dying though?

I think I would
know the difference.

Then how come I found one of your patients
from your hospital, out in the jungle?

That doesn't make any sense.
Why would they go there?

God knows what's
lurking out there.

I don't think
they're doing it on purpose.

You mean someone forcing them?

I mean she might
have been drugged.

Who would do such a thing?

Somebody protecting
something valuable.

Yeah, out in the jungle?

Hey, guys! Come check this out!

These three, they look familiar?

- This is Pedro.
- Who?

He was a patient of mine.
They told me he died!

Who's they?



Do you know where Anna went?

- Mm.
- Uh-uh.

She could have waited.




Why didn't you wait for me?
I called you!

Uh, my phone is off.

- How long have you been here?
- Mm, like a few hours.

Anna you're gonna drive yourself nuts if you
keep going along with this hunter's story.

That lady, that we lost
yesterday, her body is missing.

They probably already got her.

And took her where?

Look just don't
get involved, okay?

You're not a cop
and this is dangerous.

Someone has to stop this.

Yeah, and that
has to be you, Anna?

I don't see
anyone else stepping up!

He comes from the next village.
Over there women are dying.

They're like possessed.

Three pregnant women died.

We can't help him.

Anna's the most qualified person
to understand what's going on,

and this could give us a wider sample.
I'm sorry, but we have to go.

Anna, you're not going anywhere.

Excuse me?

Like I said, we need you here!

Our children need you!
My workers stay right here.

I don't work for you!

Of course I can call
Dr. Alvarez if you like.

A larger sample can account for many
of the variables I'm considering.

I know that you don't
understand it, or believe it.

It's what you don't believe,
Anna that's gonna end you!

Okay, we're here to end the
suffering of these poor souls,

not rewrite God's history!

I'm here to save lives,
not to debate about it.

Come on. We gotta go.

Dr. Alvarez we have a problem.

Oh you weren't kidding
about being short-handed.

Can you help us?

We're gonna try.

Get me vials for blood samples.
Let's start with the boy.

It's worse than I thought.

What are we gonna do?

I don't know, we have to find
a cure, that's the only thing.

We have to go into the jungle
and find the witch.

That's some idea you got.

Ugh! There's a rock.

Map says this is the place.

The place for what?

Damn, somebody beat us to it.

Hey, brother, we gave it a shot.
Time to go home, beer's on me.

Not so fast!

I guess we're not going home.

Eh, we're gonna need
more supplies, and more people.

Oh great, that'll be fun. Just what
I was looking for the whole trip.

- Got it.
- Alright, I'm gonna step out for a second, okay?

You're one of them, aren't you?

You're doing this.

Don't come close
to my girl again,

you understand me?
Or I will kill you.

We know about the baby.

Get out of here.

Anna! You've saved many lives.

Not yet, but I'm trying.

You can save them,
I trust you. Thank you.

It'll be alright.


Where were you?

Um, I had an emergency.

Oh no.

I'm sorry, guys
I've been just all...

Yeah, you're alright?

Want one?

- No.
- I need one.

So what was the emergency?

Some other village
has the same thing happening.

Must be spreading.

Oooh, it's the witch!

No, speaking of that,
I saw those old ladies again.

- Really?
- Yeah.

And get this,
they know about our baby.



You don't think it has anything to do
with the story of the witch, do you?

Guys, you should leave.
Nadia's pregnant!


Alright, Anna,
don't be rude, okay?

- The number you've called, nine, eight fo....
- Hey...

Who are you calling?

The treasure hunter.

Anna, you can't trust this guy.
This guy's a...

The guy who saved my life?
I need to find a cure.

Anna, we've talked
about this, alright?

I need to know that you're willing
to help me to take the samples!


I was with you every step
of today! I stood up for you!


The number you've called, nine
eight, four, one, seven, seven...


The moment this baby's out, I'm
gonna drink like, Dean Martin!


Shut up!

What about your breast milk? Oh
yeah, you should pump and dump!

Keep talking,
and I'll pump and dump your ass!

Sorry, guys,
Anna's a bit emotional.

For sure, she's pregnant.

Uh-hum, it gets worse.


Where are you?

At the bar in your village.

I... I'm pregnant.

Why are you telling me this?

That's who they
usually go after.


Yeah, I'm not a guy
who usually gets involved.

I don't believe that.

Ask around.

This illness, or whatever's
going on, is spreading.

Same thing happened
in the next village.

And you helped them?

That's my job!

Well, then they'll
be coming after you too.

Who's they?

Someone who never
wants you to find a cure.

I'll have to call you back,
friends just showed up.


You're gonna tell me everything, or
you can join your ugly friends here!

I really hate violence.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Come here.


Mm, I just want you to be safe.


Uh-um, take that outside.

I'm quitting soon, come here.

We're going to be a family, and
that doesn't work without you.

Last one, I promise.

Oh shit!

You really know how to
make an entrance, don't you?

Anna home?

She doesn't like surprises.

She's in trouble.

Mm, is she?
What makes you the expert, huh?

Hey! You see this,
this ain't my blood.

Someone wants to shut us all up.

For good.

she's having complications!

- Oh, oh!
- Take it easy!

I'm sorry, I have to go! This is
my clinic, I'm gonna be alright.

Things aren't
what they seem to be.

This is my sister, and she needs my help!
This is what I do, I get involved!

Be careful!

Ah, ah, ah!




Hold on tight.

Where? Where?

All the way in back! Right here!

Just gonna run a few tests,
you'll be fine, you'll be fine!

Anna, where's everyone?

That's impossible, find Maria!
Just go, go, go, go, go!

- I can't lose my baby!
- Do something, do something!

I can't lose my baby!

- We gotta get out of here.
- Did you find anyone? What?

We gotta get out of here!

Get me a sedative!

- Are you sure?
- No, No!


Why do you keep following me?

Your boss, the man that runs this
place is responsible for all this.

He's a doctor!

And, where are the patients?

Well... We try to help
people here, he can't...

Dr. Alvarez is only
interested in helping himself.

How do you know that?

Because I can show you where
all your patients went.

Tell them.

The doctor you work for,
I work for him too.

Yeah, what are you,
in charge of bedside manner?

I'm the muscle.
Your boss ain't what he seem.

How so?

He's out in the jungle, looking
for the Lost City of Gold.

Come on, man really?

He's been searching for years.

So he used the legend
of the White Witch.

Are you really buying this?

There is no witch,
there is only gold.

So the witch is a cover?

These people fear her, the legend
of her goes back centuries.

He make it seem like
she came back.

And my patients?

He using them
to dig for the gold.

He poisoned them with some drug,
then they dig and dig.

The children?

He knew if he took them,
the legend will grow.

The witch
would live in their fear.

I found a shrine, it was meant to scare
anybody that might venture out that way.

No, we have to step in.

Damn right.

What's the problem,
I understood everything he said.

Now, tell me
the drug he gives them.

How is she?

She's okay.

Is that gonna make it stop?

It should reverse the effect.

Thank you.

Alright, I have to go.

Where are you going?

To stop this.

- Hey, we're having a boy!
- I thought that...

I know I just... I called the doctor
'cause I wanted to know, I couldn't wait.

So, thank you. You saved
my little boy's life.

Keep an eye on here. She
needs you. She'll be all right.

You hear, you should be alright.

I've seen him before.

Come on!

What happened?

Oh he's a big one.
He's all yours, brother.


Watch my hat for me.

No, problem.

All you gotta do
is get out of the road.

So that's how it's gonna be,
huh? It's a bad decision, buddy.

We're having fun yet?

Baba, what took you so long?
I was about to order a pizza.

Your concern is overwhelming.
And give me my damn hat.

Here you go.

Well, that was pretty cool,
the car is toast.

It's alright,
we can go on foot from here.

I hope you got
more clothes in that backpack.

I hope you do too.


Can I help you?

I need a guide.

To where?

Know this place?

I don't think
you want to go there.

Gimme a minute.

He's the best guide.

I heard you're a doctor.


You know it gets real lonely
in the jungle at night.

Not that kind of doctor.

Victor. This place we're looking
for, is sacred ground, man.

You don't want to go there.

I've been warned before.

It's dangerous.
Especially for you.

Alright, let's stop here. We're gonna
look for a place to camp tonight.

Oh god damn it!

I'm sure James is
taking good care of her.

Yeah, I hope so.

So what is that map really of?

You wouldn't
believe me if I told you.

We're camping out in the middle of the
jungle, at night, so just try us.

Alright, you've heard of
the Seven Cities of Gold?

Okay, how about
Sir Walter Raleigh?

Yeah, everyone has.

This map was his.

Stolen from his family
collection in England.

Walter drew this map after
he found one of those cities.

Of gold?

That's the legend.
Legends come from somewhere.

I'm sure it's not a city,
but a room full of gold.

Damn right, there better be!

People have been searching for
those cities for centuries, right?

But not in this area,
and not with this map.

Why didn't Raleigh
take the gold with him?

That's a good question.

His son was killed in combat
with the Spaniards.

So he went back to England to get
help, and he never left again.


Simple, he was
beheaded by King James

for disobeying his order
not to fight with the Spanish.

So how does
the witch fit into your story?

She's the legend, kept everybody
from coming out here looking.

How long have you been looking?

- Vic, did you hear that?
- What is it?

Th... that's probably
the White Witch herself.

Come on, man
you don't actually...

No, no, no!

Don't move, stay down.

Stay down, stay down!

Stay right here!

What the hell are
we doing now, He-Man?

Do you see, do you see anyone?

Oh shit!

Any more, Jorge?

I'm not sure.

Look at me, are you okay?

Yeah, are you?

No, hell no!
We gotta go back now!

- No.
- That's what they want!

- No, we should stay, we have to help these people.
- What?

It doesn't look like
we get much sleep tonight.

- Indeed, let's go.
- Let's go.

What is that?

Remember, somebody went through a
lot of trouble to keep this place hidden.

And what exactly
are we looking for?

Where they're digging.

Be quiet, keep your head down!

That's our patients.

This will bring them back.
Take it.

Oh Pedro!

Dr. Anna?

I'm right here, I'm here!

No, don't!

Clever girl! You should not
have come here! Come on, come.

You're coming with me, in case
any of your friends survive!

Come on, get in, get in! Get...


What are we gonna do now?

You know they're gonna be guarding
the entrance of the pyramid now!

You're right.
I got another idea.

Welcome to the jungle.

It's a dead end.
What do we do now?

We swim from here.

What, in there?


I hope
you really love this girl.

Yeah, why?

Because you're
probably gonna drown.

Move! I have been looking
for this gold for 10 years!

I heard about the legend, when
I was working at another clinic.

Using those women and children,
just so they can work! Nuts!

Free labor is hard to find.

And the witch?

Yes, I heard about
that legend too.

And I discovered bringing her back
would keep the locals off of my back.

Prying eyes don't go looking
for a scary bedtime story.

But then you came along, looking
for a cure where there was none.

Now what?

They will help me bring back the
rest of my gold. And then, well...

Then we'll end up like Maria?

Maria got too greedy.
I don't like to share.

You're just in time
to see the fruits of my labor.

It couldn't be.

You're real! Don't be afraid!

Come on, come on!

Oh no where are we going?

I'm sorry
you didn't get your gold.

There'll be plenty of maps
and plenty of tombs to find.

He looks like you.

Oh I know,
you say he's so sexy, right?

Pretty soon we'll
be here with our baby.

I can't wait.

- Really?
- Really.

I'm so proud of you.

You're the strongest woman I know. You're
the strongest, most beautiful woman I know.

And I was hoping, you know
since you let me knock you up,

that you would also
let me be your husband.

Will you marry me?


Come here.

I love you, I love you.

Oh. Maybe he could
give you away?

I think we could do worse.

Yeah, we can.

I'm calling about the map.

Let's see the baby!

Yeah, you can do it?

Oh I've got
something much better than that.

Subtitles by explosiveskull