Crackerjack 2 (1997) - full transcript

Police officer Jack Wild discovers that the well-known international terrorist Hans Becker is on a train, carrying wealthy business men, and his girlfriend. Without a second to loose Jack hires a helicopter to drop him down onto the train to try and stop whatever scheme Becker is planning.

(dramatic instrumental music)

(train rumbles)

(sirens blaring)

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

- [Man] Get the explosives and get out of here!

(dramatic music)

Move, move, move, move!

- Get over there.

- [Man] Give me a hand with this stuff.

Go, move.

Come on.

- [Man] Hurry up.

(dramatic music)


Over here!

(men chatter) (tense music)


(tense music)

- [Man] Come on, let's go, let's go.

(tense music)


(tense music)

How much more?

(tense music)

Cops outside, cops outside!

- Let's go! - Move it!

Go, go! - Let's go, let's go!

(tense music)

- Get ready, men.

Let's go!

(tense music)

- Take positions.

We wait for Parminter.

(tense music)

(explosive booming)


(tense music) (guns boom)

(rapid beeping)

(tense music) (guns boom)


(tense music) (guns boom)

- I, I can make it.

- You know the rules.

(tense music)

(gun booms) (yells)

(tense music)

(guns boom)

(sirens wail)

(guns boom) (tense music)

- All right!

Who gave the order to move?

(guns boom) (tense music)


(body thuds)

(tense music) (guns boom)

- Hugo, shoot him!

(guns boom) (tense music)


(guns boom) (tense music)

- Let's get out of here! - Come on, let's go, let's go!

(guns boom) (tense music)

(explosive booming)

(men yell)


(guns bang) (tense music)

(tires squeal)

(guns boom) (tense music)

- Wild, what are you doing here?

- Sammy, call base.

Get a level two tack perimeter set up

over a five-mile radius.

- You shut your hole, Wild.

I give the orders around here.

- Whatever.


- [Man] I said shut it, Wild.

- That was Hans Becker you just ran off.

- I'm gonna get you for fucking with my operation.

- Your operation?

This is my case, my surveillance,

and you just busted in on me!

- Arrest this insubordinate son of a bitch!

Now you cuff him and book him!

- What charge?

- Embarrassing a superior officer.

- No, obstruction of justice.

- You're kidding me.

Don't forget.

Becker always leaves his calling card.

- Get him out of here.

(tense music)

- Why can't you just lay off, Jack?

- It was Becker.

- Jack.

- It was Becker!

With a shit load of explosives,

then hijacks something big and expensive.

Cargo jets, armored cars, he's done it all.

Even a jackass like Parminter's gotta see the MO.

- Take it easy, Jack.

- The guy's incompetent.

His stupidity almost had my partner killed.

- That was a long time ago.

- Yeah?

Well, tell that to Morey the next time

the steel rod in his leg sets off the airport alarm.

- Get in the car.

(helicopter whirs)

Go on.

- Parminter's pissed.

- Yeah, that van was his pride and joy.



- Yeah, he's even gonna be more pissed

when I don't show up at headquarters.

- Ah, shit, Jack.

- You should've left them on, Sammy.

- Jack.

Jack, get the fuck back in here!



- [Parminter] You don't follow anybody else's orders.

You don't follow Al's.

Do you understand me?

- I gave your orders. - Do you understand me?

- Yes, Captain.

- Everybody out, move!

Yo, Parminter, listen up.

Get your head out of your ass

just long enough to consider this.

If I'm wrong about what's in there,

you get to laugh that evil little laugh of yours

right in my face.

(tense music)

If I'm right,

it's gonna take the FAA three months

to reconstruct your flat ass.

- [Man] Come one, let's go, move, move, move!

- Shit, everybody out!

Everybody out!

(tense music)

Everybody out!

(tense music)

(explosive booming)

(tense music)


(tense music)

(dogs barking)

(siren wails)

(tense music)



- Jack!

- You have my key.

- Jesus, Jack, you scared me.

- I didn't want to wake you.


- I should've stayed at my place.

- I should never have showed you that move.



- Come here.

Where were ya?

I thought we were gonna spend a quiet night

alone together for once.

- Sorry.

- Well, where were you?

- Ah, we got this tip on an explosives heist.

I meant to call you.

(sighs) Forgot.

- Forgot.

What's the matter?

- Ah, Parminter screwed it up.

Dumb son of a bitch.

- So what else is new?

- It was Becker.

(tense music)

- My God.

(tense music)

Jack, you gotta let this go.

(tense music)

It's been eight years.

- Not in here, it isn't.

Inside my head it happens every night.

(tense music)

He wanted me, not her.

(tense music)

It should've been me in that car.

- Yeah, great, so it would've been you in the car,

and Amy would've been a widow.

No one wins.

- [Jack] It was Becker.

(tense music)

(door thuds)

(tense music)

- Time is everything.

(tense music)

- He was boring.

- Boring, maybe,

but a necessary assignment.

Tomorrow should be more fun.

Try not to be late.

- Hey, come on, Becker.

I've got better things to do than play your macho games.

- We may need your expertise, Mr. Krill,

but we do not need your mouth.

You've got all the latest designs

and state-of-the-art equipment.

Will it work or won't it?

- Look, I've told you, it will work

as long as the satellite relay

is calibrated correctly with a dish on the mountain.

Yes, it will work.

We'll be able to access any financial database we want,

but we need to field test it.

(man groans) (tense music)

- Are we still on schedule?

- Yeah.

- The mountain?

- They're setting up at first light.

- Good.

(tense music)

- Come on, hurry up.

(tense music)


- Sam, it's a little early, don't ya think?

- Sorry, Dana, this isn't a social call.

Dana, this is Captain Parminter, Jack's boss.

- Ex-boss.

Now, where is he?

- The jerk stood me up last night.

We were supposed to meet for dinner, and he never showed.

- Becker's back, and Jack's flipped out.

We need to find him.

- Have you seen him, Miss Townsend?

- Excuse me?

Those are my papers.


(tense music)

- Mind if I have a cup?

- No, not at all.

- We came here for Wild, not coffee.

(tense music)

- He is not here.

- Harboring a fugitive

is a very serious crime, Miss Townsend.

Are you aware of that?

- Oh, I'm very aware, Captain.

Now, if you gentlemen will excuse me.

I've got an important appointment,

and I have to get dressed.

- I'd like to have a look in there.

- Sure.

As long as you think that your intentions

won't be misunderstood.

(footsteps tap)


Or are you really looking for trouble?

- I'll let myself out.

You shut the fuck up.


- Great performance.

(chuckles) (gentle instrumental music)

- (sighs) I have to catch a train, Jack.

(gentle instrumental music)


- What?

- I've been working on this really huge deal.

This big time entrepreneur from Geneva named Jacob Tollend.

He's organized a very prominent group of investors

to take a private rail right up to Banff.

It is the perfect setting for the perfect sales pitch

for an overseas mining operation.

- When did this happen?

- Last week.

I forgot to tell you.

- You forgot.

- Sorry.

- I'll miss you.

When will you be back?

- It's only two days.

Come on, Jack, it's not the Titanic.

I'll be back before you know it.

- Yeah, cruising and shmoozing through the Rockies.

- Hey, listen, Mr. Cop's Salary.

If this deal works out,

we'll have enough money for a great honeymoon.

- Can I call you?

- I'll call you when I get to Banff.

(gentle instrumental music)

I love you, Wild.

Stay out of trouble.

- Yeah,

and you stay away from those fat, horny rich guys.

- Deal.

(gentle instrumental music)

- So long.

- Oh, almost forgot, catch.

- Hey, nice throw.

- Talented.

- We're on a schedule, Krill.

I need an answer now.

- It will work.

I'd stake my life on it.

- You are.

(tense music)

- Did you talk to our informant on the police force?

- 224 Mill Street, apartment 3C.

- Excellent.

Do what you do best.

(computer dings)

(easygoing rock music)

- [Computer] Input data, please.

(tense music)

- Reach out and touch someone.

- [Computer] Searching.


(tense music)


(tense music) (grunting)

(glass tinkles)

(tense music) (popping)

- I just bought that thing.

(tense music)

(dial tone rings)

(tense music)


(tense music)

(phone beeps)


- Tasker.

- Sammy, it's Jack.

- Jack, you're up the creek, buddy.

I'm sick of covering for you, man.

- Listen, Sammy, something's going down.

Something big.

- Nevermind something big, Jack.

When are you gonna cut this load of shit

and learn how to play with others?

- Sammy.

- You made me look like a fool yesterday,

and I still covered for you at the apartment.

- Yeah.

- [Sammy] And I know you were in there.

- Yeah, I know, sorry.

Listen, I'm here in the warehouse where Becker was hanging.

There's a corpse in a fancy suit.

- What's that?

- The guy's rich, well, was rich.

Let's see.

Flew in from Heathrow yesterday.

First name Jacob S, last name Tollend.

(tense music)


- Jack, give me that name back.

(tense music)



(tense music)

(train rumbles)

- Hello, how are you, good, good.

(soft knocking)

Mr. Tollend.

List of investors that you've asked for.

Your guests are asking about you.

After all, you are the host

and no one's laid eyes on you yet.

- They won't have to wait much longer.

- Oh, well, good.

Thank you.


- Morey.



- Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?

- Every time I come here.

Don't you guys ever get hungry?

- Can't you knock, asshole?

- Morey, I need your help.

- (screams) Morey!

- Shut up. - You shut up.

- Morey, just get your pants on.

We gotta go.

- Where are you taking him?

- Winona, please, not now.

- You don't love me!

- Winona, Jack is my best friend.

Where the hell are we going?

- It's Dana.

- [Winona] Where are you taking him?


- Read a book.

- What the hell is--

- Just keep moving, we gotta catch a train.

(helicopter whirs)

♪ Jack and Morey flying high

♪ Doing damage from the sky

♪ When their chopper comes to town ♪

♪ Parminter is going down

- You know, if I'd stayed in this man's army,

I'd be coasting to a pension in about five.

No cops, no grief,

no pain in my leg,

no Captain fuckin' Parminter.

- Yeah, and no disability to keep this rig in the air.

- Yeah, well,

I guaran-goddamn-tee it that I'd feel a lot better

about my odds for survival.

Who knows?

If I'd have stayed in the army,

I might be piloting a swivel chair by now.

Nice and cushy, safe.

But no, I gotta hang with you.

Outnumbered, outgunned, by the urban infidels.

Compared to you, Jack,

the army was a lot safer.

(helicopter whirs)

- A pro did this.

No motive, the guy still had a lot of cash on him.

Jack's call came from that phone.

- First the warehouse bullshit,

now a corpse.

Wild is finished as a cop in this town.

(helicopter whirs)

- She's on a train?

Who the hell takes trains anymore?

- She's pitching to a bunch of fat cat investors.

- We got seven minutes, Jack.

Any more and it's pushing our luck.

- Keep goin'.

(helicopter whirs)

(train rumbles)

(tense music)

- [Man] What are you guys doing here?

(gun booms) (man yells)

(tense music)

- [Man On Left] The timer.

(tense music)


(tense music)

(computers beep) (soft chattering)

- Let's go, Scott, you're late.

- Sorry, Mr. Prine.

My sister called at the last minute.

I had to pick up my nephew.

It's only for tonight, he won't get in any trouble.

- I brought my own train.

(helicopter whirs)

(tense music)

- [Wild] Okay, take it down.

- What do you mean?

- Take it down.

- Why?

- Because you're gonna put me on it.

- Bullshit!

(tense music)

(train horn wails)

(helicopter whirs)

- Did you ever do this before?

(helicopter whirs) (tense music)

- Well,

I'll tell ya later.

(tense music) (train horn wails)

(bell dings)

(tense music)

(train horn wails)

(tense music)

Why couldn't you just buy a ticket like everybody else?

(tense, exciting music)

(train horn wails)


(exciting instrumental music)

(explosive booming)

(helicopter whirs)


(helicopter whirs)

- I didn't touch anything!

(helicopter whirs)

- [Prine] Get that kid outta here!

(tense music)

Give me an override on sector four.

- Yes, sir.

(helicopter whirs) (tense music)

Code four seismic activity at the Bryant Tunnel.


It's gone offline.

(helicopter whirs) (tense music)

(brakes squeal)


- Anything on the track?

- [Scott] The Rocky Mountain Express, sir, the private.

- Get me their engineer on the radio.

I wanna know what happened.

- [Scott] Yes, sir.

- Come on, let's move it, people.

Come on, move it!

(tense music)

It's over, move it, let's go!

Come on!

Move it!

Move it!

Move it out!

Come on, keep moving!

Move it.

Push her.

- [Woman] She can't.

(tense music)


- Are you okay?

Come on, we gotta keep moving.

(tense music)

- [Man] Get her moving!

Quick, get up, move it on, let's go!

(tense music)

- Send the frequency correctly.

- You can check it yourself, if you want.

(tense music)

- How much time?

- Ten seconds after the last car leaves, then kaboom.

The far end of the tunnel is completely sealed.

I suggest we take shelter before that.

It should begin

now. (beeping)

(rumbling) (tense music)

(train squeaks)

(tense music)

You may have the honor.

It's the red button.

(tense music)


(tense music)

(door clangs)

(tense music)

- Ow! - Come on!

(tense music)

Keep it movin', let's go!

- [Woman] Stop pushing me.

(tense music)

(explosive booming) (tense music)

- More seismic activity at the Bryant, sir.

(booming) (tense music)

- Jesus, what the hell is going on out there?

(tense music)

What about the express?

- It's already beyond the tunnel.

- Good.

Have you heard from the engineer?

- No response yet, sir.

- Well, keep trying.

(train rumbles) (tense music)


- [Woman] Stop pushing!

What is this place? - All right, I'm going.

- Hold it.

Bryant Tunnel.

(tense music)

(people yell) (excited chattering)

(tense music)

- [Man] Gotta get some security out there.

(tense music)

(excited chattering)

- [Man In Red] Hey, where are you?

Wait! - Hey.

(tense music)


- Good evening, gentlemen.

My name is Hans Becker.

I suggest that you contact the police

at your earliest convenience.

You have a problem,

and so do they.

They know who I am,

and they know what I'm capable of.

(tense music)

- There goes my career.

There goes my safety record.

I'm gonna kill him.

- Looking good, ladies, looking good.

(excited chattering)

Everything okay?


(tense music)

- Congratulations, gentlemen.

Phase one of our operation is complete.

Now, the real job begins.

The tunnel has three access points.

The two main entrances, which we have sealed,

and our exit.

(tense music)

We have precisely six hours

and 42 minutes until sunrise.

- [Man] When do we leave?

- Later and very and very dry.


Any final concerns?

- We must make sure the satellite dish is adjusted

to the proper coordinates.

- Of course, Mr. Krill.

I will be seeing to that myself.

Timing is critical.

You know what to do.

- Okay, let's go.

(chattering) (guns click)

(tense music)

- Can I please have quiet? (excited chattering)

Calm down, will you please calm down?

Calm down.

- You were supposed to be running this joyride.

Do you mind tellin' me just where the hell we are

and what you're gonna do about it?

- I'm a financial analyst, Mr. Brandyce.

I'm not an expert in terrorism.

- We're in the Bryant Tunnel.

(tense music)

Took them eight years to build this.

There was even some talk of turning this

into a government bunker in the event of nuclear war.

- You seem to know a lot about it, pal.

- Yes, I do.

- Well, do you happen to know a way out of here?

- There are several ways, actually.

- Well, I don't suppose you'd like to tell us about 'em

while there's still time.

(door clicks)

(tense music)

- I'm afraid not.

- You, go!

(tense music) (excited chattering)

- [Man In Gray Jacket] Mr. Becker.

- Becker.

(tense music)

- Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Smith.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience,

but it was necessary for us to discover

if there was any security measures we were unaware of.

- Now, wait a minute, pal.

Just who the hell do you think you are?

(groans) (yells)

(tense music)

- Think of me as an investment banker.

I'm banking on your investments.

I will need a few more specifics

in order to complete your financial profiles.

(tense music)

I will begin with you, Miss Townsend.

(tense music)

- If I have a heart attack, I'm gonna kill him.

But would he care?

Not too goddamn likely.


Yeah, I tried to drop a guy onto the roof of a moving train

in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.

Not too goddamn likely.

Does Jack care that I wreck my chopper

and almost get myself killed?

Not too goddamn likely.

And now I'm supposed to make like the US Cavalry

and come to his rescue?

Not too goddamn likely!

(insects chirp)

- According to my information, Miss Townsend,

you represent this investment consortium.

- You've got the list.

What do you want from me?

- Presumably, you have access to all the trust accounts

in your brokerage firm.

- I don't have that kind of information.

- I'm quite sure that you do, Miss Townsend.

And if you don't relinquish it immediately,

I shall have my associates put several passengers to death.

I repeat.

You have access to the accounts?

(tense music)

- Yes.

(tense music)

- Good.


- Satellite link's complete, Mr. Smith.

We're online.

- That'll never work.

Electronic transfers are traceable.

- Quite true, Miss Townsend.

(tense music)

But what if the transactions went through a bank?

A bank that could, say,

disappear from the face of the earth.

- That would be the missing link.

All transactions would be untraceable.

- You may give us the password.

- Buckchaser.

- Buckchaser?


That's very good.

I thought that was me.

Oh, I'm so glad you're smart, Miss Townsend.

I only hope the other clients

are as cooperative as you are.

Enter it.

(tense music) (keyboard clicks)


(beeps) - Done.

This is gonna be a breeze.

(tense music)

- Take her back with the others.

(tense music)

(footsteps thud)

(tense music)


(tense music)

- We'd like to thank Miss Townsend

for being such a wonderful host.



If you cooperate, you all will live.

(excited chattering)

You, get up.

(tense music)

- Go to hell.

(tense music)

- I would do as she says.

- Why should I follow orders from her?


- [Woman On Left] Oh, oh no!

(tense music)

- Brandyce, Thomas J.

CEO Brain Corps International.

Divorced, remarried, two children,

net worth $14 million.

You're not traveling with your wife this time.

- Big deal, so you know a lot about me.

- I know everything about you, Mr. Brandyce,

including your mistress's bra size,

and the fact that you have a secret bank account

in the Cayman Islands worth millions

that the IRS knows nothing about.

- Oh, right, so you know who the hell I am, big deal.

Who the hell are you, pal?

- I am not your pal.

Be assured of that.

You have a lot of money.

I want it, Mr. Brandyce.

- You're holding me for ransom.

- Ransom?

- You're not gonna steal from me.

Fuck you!

I'll see you in hell first, asshole.

- That can be arranged.

Well, seeing as you're not being very forthcoming.

Perhaps your lady friend will be.

- [Mistress] I don't know anything.

- Go ahead, shoot her.

- Jake!

- It appears that Mr. Brandyce cares more about his money

than he does about you, Miss Kelly.

- She's nothin' but a whore anyway.

(tense music)

- You bastard.

- An expensive one at that.

(tense music)

- You cheap bastard!

His back molar.

- Shut up!

- He has a cap.

- I said shut up!

- The number's engraved on it.

- [Brandyce] I'll kill you for this.

- I order the killing around here, Mr. Brandyce.


(tense music)


- No, no, what are you gonna do?

What the fuck?

(groans) (tense music)


- Oh my God!

(garbled yelling) (tense music)



- No numbers.

- It's the other side.


(yelling) (tense music)



(tense music)

- Ah.

C as in Charlie,

B as in Bob,

three, two, four,

nine, nine.

(beeps) - We're in.

- Empty the account.

Get that piece of scum out of here.

(tense music)

- 4.8 mill.


Easy money.

- Control your enthusiasm.

We still have all the others.

- Listen, everybody,

do what it is they want you to do.

- [Man In Black Suit] They're not getting anything

out of me, Miss Townsend.

- Don't give them any reason to hurt you.

They only want your money.

It's not worth it.


- Get away!

Nobody does this to Jake Brandyce.

You're fucking dead, sweetheart.

(tense music) (groans)

(gun bangs) (yelling)

(tense music)

- Not as dead as you, sweetheart.

(tense music)


(tense music)

(door thuds)



(tense music)


(tense music)

(feet thud) (gasping)

- Jack!

(gentle instrumental music)

What are you doing here?

- Trail of breadcrumbs.

I just followed them here.

- Jack, Becker posed as Tollend on the train.

- Tollend's dead.

- What?

- Becker.

Everything all right here?

- They killed her boyfriend.

Jack, they told me that if we cooperate

we're all gonna get out of here alive.

- Honey, he's not gonna let anybody outta here.

(tense music)

- Excuse me.

Charles Cavanaugh, perhaps I can be of assistance.

Trains are my business.

- So what exactly are we looking at here?

- It's a diagram of the whole system.

And the blinking red lights you can see,

that's the Bryant Tunnel.

- The Bryant is unique.

There's a reservoir controlling glacial overflow.

Now, service corridors and passageways abound,

but tunnels are mostly about ventilation.

Trains make a lot of pollution, you know.

- Tracks, signals, ventilation,

communication system, all gone.

- Rock slide?

- Is that possible?

- Not a chance.

It's too big, and it's the wrong season for slides.

- Yeah, okay, great,

but how is this gonna get us out of here?

- Well, there's usually a service passageway,

which runs above the main tunnel.

If we can access that.

- Yeah, I've been there.

It's blocked.

- Perhaps, but the amount of rubble blocking it

will be a lot less than the amount blocking the main tunnel.

And it's the most likely place for rescuers to dig.

- But how are they even gonna know that we're here?

- Well, there's a series of emergency call boxes

throughout the complex.

- All I found are ripped out phones.

- If you find a box with the wires still intact,

even if the phone is gone, you can use the bare leads

to signal.

Morse code.

You know?

- Oh, yeah.

I was a Boy Scout.

- You were?


- Dana,

don't worry.

I'll find a way out of here.

(slow dramatic music)

- Okay.

(slow dramatic music)

- Somebody used a hell of a lot of explosive out there.

- So what you're sayin' is

you can't get in touch with the train?

- No.

- But it's still moving?

- [Prine] Right on schedule.

(tense music)

- What the hell is Becker up to?

- [Smith] Becker, how long?

- Adjusting the final coordinates now.

- [Smith] Let's go.

We can't transfer any funds without it.

- Affirmative.


- I'm not very good with heights.

- And Smith isn't very good with failure.

Get on with it.

(tense music)

- Stanislav Heft,

a newlywed.

Gee, you're kinda robbin' the craddle, aren't ya, Stan?

- What do you want?

- Your money or your wife.

- I don't have any money.

- Not here.

But from what I understand,

you have lots of money hidden away here and there.

The account number, Stan,

and the personal identification numbers that go with it now.

- I can't.

I have partners.

- I'm aware of that.

Silent partners.

Sicilian ones.

But they're not here right now, Stan, and I am,

and so is your new bride.

(tense music)

How about a little geography lesson, Stan?

- [Stan] What do you mean?

- Ah, come on, Stan.

Even this document lists operations

in half a dozen other places.

Jersey, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Monte Carlo,

all tax havens.

Odd coincidence, don't ya think?

(tense music)

- Stan.

(tense music)

- All right, all right!

I'll tell you.

- [Smith] Ah, the light of reason dawns at last.

- Bank of Swiss,

branch number four, five, six.

Entry code Adam Adam

three, seven, eight.

- Mr. Krill.

- Swiss account, 11 million.

- Now, that wasn't so difficult, was it, Stan?

(tense music)

- By this time you will probably have deduced

that Rocky Mountain Express and its passengers

have been hijacked.

We are scheduled to arrive in Banff

at exactly 0600 hours.

Our demands are as follows:

$50 million, a 40-passenger tour bus,

and one intercontinental jet fully fueled.

At that point, you will be given more instructions.

Any deviation from these instructions

will result in the immediate execution

of all the hostages.

(tense music)

- At this speed,

will the train reach Banff on schedule?

- Yes.

Can you meet their demands?

- Oh yeah, but I'm not going to.

(tense music)

(footsteps thud)

(tense music)

(guns bang)

(tense music)


- Jesus!


I don't ask for much.

Little business,

little nookie.

And what do I get?


Do I deserve any of this shit?

Goddamn you Jack Wild!

- Jack Wild, are you sure?

- Victor saw him.

- You told me he'd been taken care of.

- Hugo never made it back.

Once we were on the train, I didn't think it mattered.

- You idiot!

(tense music)

Everything matters.

Every single detail!

Now find him.

Kill him.

(chattering) (computers beep)

- [Sam] Captain, I think we should try negotiating first.

- No negotiations.

We got less than six hours to put up or shut up.

- What about the FBI?

- Screw the FBI.

We'll be in and out before they get here.

It's up to us.

It has to be an airborne assault.

There's no time for anything else.

- With all due respect, Captain, I--

- I am a Colonel in the National Guard.

Now you get me Captain Klein in Yakima.

I'm gonna activate his unit.

- Yeah, well, what about the jurisdiction

or the Canadian airspace

violations? - I don't give a shit

about jurisdiction!

And fuck the Canadians!

We'll be in and out before they can saddle their horses.

Now, where's the best place to hit them?

- Well, there's a place called Stoney Creek Bridge

about two hours out of Banff.

To cross it safely, the train has to slow to a walk.

- All right, that's where we hit them.

They'll never know what happened.

- They'll never know what what happened.

I love it.

All the money on one little disk.

- Once theirs, now mine.

- You mean ours?

(tense music)

- Of course, my darling.

Just a slip of the tongue.

- Slip of the trigger, if you're lying, my dear.

(tense music)

- Do you think the cops will try to meet our demands?

- Of course not.

They'll play it by the book.

They'll send in an airborne assault group.

(helicopter whirs)

- Whoop.

Just like flyin' in a video game.

(helicopter whirs)

- The birds are in the air.

ETA seven minutes.

(tense music)

- Smell that?

(tense music)

- Yeah, that's gasoline.

(tense music)


(man screams) (tense music)

- Wolf, Miroff, your position?

(screaming) (tense music)

Shoot him!

Shoot him!

(screaming) (tense music)

(gun bangs)

(tense music)

- Is the train still on schedule?

- Yes.

- How long before it reaches the bridge?

- Four minutes, 30 seconds.

- Oh, remember to slow it down for the crossing.

(computers beep) (tense music)

- Four minutes to the bridge.

(helicopter whirs) (tense music)

- Stoney Creek dead ahead.

Three minutes to target.

- Pray to God this works.

- God ain't got nothin' to do with it.

- Central, this is Red Dog leader.

Central, this is Red Dog leader.

We're moving into position now.

Central, we have the train in sight.

(helicopter whirs)

(tense music)

(static crackles)

- Oh!

- What the hell?

(tense music)

- You had to tell them you were a Boy Scout,

didn't ya, Jack?

You're such a bullshit artist.

Okay, SOS.

Dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash.

Dot, dot, dot.

(static crackles) (tense music)

- Some idiot is playing with one of the emergency phones.

- [Parminter] Well get the son of a bitch off the airwaves.

- Now how the hell do I spell hostages?

- How much time

do we have left? - Two minutes!

- Uncle Scott?

- Please, not now.

- But that's Morse code.

- What?

That's ridiculous!

- I know Morse code.

- Get that kid outta here!

- Come here.

(tense music)

(sharp smacking) (yells)

- Wolf, come in!

(cracking) (tense music)


(tense music)

(helicopter whirs)

- We have a lock on target.

(train rumbles) (tense music)

(helicopter whirs)

(beeps) - Contact.


- The airborne has arrived.

So predictable.

(train rumbles) (tense music)

- She's slowing down.

Here we go.

- Here we go.

- [Sam] Captain.

- What?

I haven't got time for this shit!

- Get ready.

(tense music)

- Read it.

(tense music)

- SOS, train empty,

hostages alive in Bryant Tunnel.

- Steady.

- [Nephew] Jack Wild, SOS.

- What?

- And.

(tense music)

Hostages alive in tunnel?

Direct hardwire. - Now.

(explosive booming)


- Red dog one, red dog one, come in!

(explosive booming)

Red dog one, come in, abort, abort!

(explosive booming)

Red dog abort, abort!

- That was the band substation, the whole line is down,

including all the bridge monitors and all the signal gear.

(explosive booming)

- What the hell is going on?

What about my men?

- What about my train?

(explosive booming)

- The seismographs are showing a massive explosion.

(explosive booming) (tense music)

- The signal's gone.

- The airborne has just turned into Navy Seals.


- God, what have I done?

It was a trap.

I'm ruined.

- If that Morse code message is true,

the passengers are still alive.

- Doesn't matter.

I'm finished.

(tense music)


(tense music)

- Kidnapping without hostages,

a ransom that isn't a ransom.


(tense music)


- I want blood!

- Anger is the sign of a weak man, Hans.

You were not chosen for your inadequacies.

- That son of a bitch is killing my men.

- Really?

I thought your men were the best.

- They are the best.

- They were the best.

Seems like your Mr. Wild has gotten the better of them.

We simply have to destroy them and the others together.

Have the reservoir charges been set?

- We are in the final stages.

- Then finish the job.

And, Hans, follow the plan.

(tense music)

- Oh.

- I need more C-4 on the reservoir.

- I'm on my way now.

- Good.

I want to make sure that no one gets out alive,

especially Wild.

(tense music)

(groans) (gun bangs)

(tense music)

(excited murmuring)

(feet thud)

- Jack!

Did you find a way out of here?

- Not yet, but he's sitting in the West, I don't know.

Everybody okay?

- Well, yeah, I mean, so far so good, but--

- Look, I just found a ton of explosives.

We don't have much time.

- What do they think they're gonna do?

Blow up the mountain?

- No, it's the reservoir.


- My God!

With the tunnel blocked, this place is gonna,

this place is gonna fill up like a plugged sewer

during a rain storm.

- So, how long is it gonna take to flood the place?

(tense music)

- I mean, I don't know.

I could do some calculations.

- You're the expert, figure it out.

(tense music)

- What's the matter?

- I've never done a calculation this big before.

- What does that mean?

- Toy trains?

(playful tense music)


You've gotta be kidding.

- Well, it's really just a matter of scale.


- Right.

You're the expert.


We got Choo Choo Charlie on the case.

- Jack, I am so scared.

- Hey, it's not the Titanic.


Look, just try to keep things together down here.

Everything's gonna be okay.

- Okay.

Wait, wait, wait.

Where are you going?

- I'm gonna find a way out.

- You're going to Becker, aren't you?

(tense music)

Okay, you do what you gotta do,

but you better finish it,

'cause you better fucking come back to me alive.

- I love you.

I'll get us out of this.

I promise.

(gentle instrumental music)

(keyboard clicking)

- That's the last of it.

Final transfers are completed.

And now

the bank


There's no way they can trace the payment back to us.

A multimillion dollar bank robbery

without setting foot in a bank.

We're rich.

- Not quite yet, Mr. Krill.

Take the disk up to the satellite relay,

recalibrate, then transmit into our account.

- Go with him.

(tense music)

- What's this?

- Insurance.

(tense music)

How long will it take Krill to transfer the money?

- Long enough.


Kiss me.


(tense music)

(gun clicks)

(tense music)

- What do ya got there?

- Nothing.

- Hand it over.

- He'll kill me if I do.

- Well, I'll kill you if you don't.

What's on this?

- Just nothing really.

- Right.

- No, please don't take it.

He really will kill me.

- Not if I kill him first, pal.

- I've got a heart condition.

I'm not supposed to get too excited.

- Ah.


That ought to calm ya down.

(tense music)

- Look,

I'm sorry.

I wish I could've done more to help us out of here.

- Mr. Cavanaugh, I owe you an apology.

You've been very helpful and have given us very real hope.

(gentle instrumental music)

(tense, exciting music)

(gun clicks)

- Hey, Hans.

(tense music)

It's a blast from your past.

- Jack.

You're so sentimental.

- Yeah.

You don't know how long I've been waiting for this.

- You brought this on yourself, Jack.

You know I was no one to fuck with.

Everybody did.

You made the choice.

- My wife didn't.

(tense music)

She had no choice.

She just accidentally got in your way.

(gun clicks)

I've got somethin' for ya, Hans.

(tense music)

From Amy Wild.

(tense music)

- Oh, Jack.

Poor Jack.

You've been obsessed about a misunderstanding all this time.

Whatever made you think that I killed your wife Amy?

(tense music)


(sharp thudding)

(tense music)

(gentle instrumental music)

- Marion.

(gentle instrumental music)

Marion, look at me.

We'll get out of here, I promise.

- You don't understand.

I loved him.

He only loved his money.

I loved him.

- I am so sorry.

Come here, come here.

(gentle instrumental music)

- Finish this job.

(tense music)

Timing is everything, Jack.

I've programmed this to detonate

exactly three minutes after the main timers have gone off,

so that, if you haven't drowned,

your final experience will be the thrill of C-4.

(rapid beeping)

What a rush.

(tense music)

- [Jasmine] Have you finished up there, Becker?

What's going on?

- We ran into a minor delay.

The timer's set at 30 minutes.

- Are they armed?

- Armed. (beeping)

- [Jasmine] Are you still watching, Hans?

- Affirmative.

- [Jasmine] Countdown begins now.

(tense music)

- (speaks foreign language) Hans.

Nice doing business with you. (beeping)

- Smith, you double-crossing bastard!

(explosive booming)

(water rushes) (tense music)

- Krill.

(tense music)

- That cop who was chasing Becker,

he took the disk.

- You weak little fool!

Our money gone!

- Jasmine, control yourself.

- There wasn't anything I could do.

He punched me.

- We have to get our money back, Mr. Krill.

Stop the countdown.

- [Krill] I can't.

- What do you mean you can't?

- The sequence is dedicated, it's irreversible.

We'd have to do them all independently.

There's too many of them.

(water rushes) (tense music)


We've gotta get out of here!

(tense music)

- Indeed we do, Mr. Krill.

(tense music)

But you're no longer an asset.

(groaning) (tense music)


(tense music)

(water rushes)

(tense music)

Now, let's go get our money back.

(tense music)

(grunts) (thuds)


(yells) (thuds)

(water rushes)


(tense music)

(yells) (thuds)

(beeping) (tense music)

(explosive booming)

(water rushes) (tense music)

(gun bangs) (yelling)

(tense music)


Someone has taken my money,

and I need someone to trade for.

(tense music) (whimpering)

You! (screams)

You're the weak link.

- No, it's not me, it's not me.

- Thought I heard a shot.

(tense music)

(crowd gasps)

- Do you wanna hear another?

(gun bangs) (screaming)

(tense music)

- No, enough!

Take me.

- Well, Miss Townsend, how heroic.


- Just let her go.


- Tell me.

- [Woman] They're gonna kill her.

- He's my friend.

- Your friend?

Ah, I see.

Is he perhaps your boyfriend?

(screams) (tense music)

Well, (chuckles)

Jack's girl.

- How sweet (smooches).

- [Smith] Well, it's your lucky day.

- I've had better.

(gun bangs) (yelling)

- [Smith] Mr. Wild, are you there?


Mr. Wild?

- Well, if it isn't the double-crossing bastard.

- (chuckles) Whatever.


Listen, you've got something I want.

I've got something you want.

- Yeah?

(tense music)

- Jack, it's Dana.

- Shit.

(tense music)

Let her go.

Let 'em all go,

and I'll give ya the disk.

- Listen to me.

Be at the top of the purge vent shaft in 10 minutes.

(tense music)

Let's go.

(tense music)


- Nobody makes a move, or Miss Townsend is dead.


(tense music)

- My stairway to heaven.

(tense music)


(tense music)


- They want me to climb up there.

(tense music)

- Don't worry.

I'll be right behind you.

- That's just what I'm afraid of.

(tense music)



- Cavanaugh, you gotta get of here.

They've blown the reservoir,

and it's started to flood. - Shit.

- Look, just get everyone to the ventilation shaft

and start digging.

It's your only chance.

Can you do it?

- Yeah.

Okay, everyone.

We're gettin' out of here.

- Hey, hold for backup.

- Backup?

- Look, I can't explain, just don't call me.

I'll call you.

- You'll call me?

Okay, all right. - Good.

Get going.

- Okay, yeah. - Good luck.

- You, too.

(tense music)

Okay, everyone, we're gonna get out of here.

- [Woman] Yes!

(water rushes)

(tense music)

(water rushes)

(tense music)


(water rushes)

(tense music) (excited murmuring)

- What, what, what? - Oh, man, oh.

(crowd grumbles) (tense music)

- Holy shit.

(water rushes)

- Come on, come on, Miss Townsend.

(tense music)

Now we wait for your Prince Charming.

He'd better hurry.

(tense music)


- It really is just a matter of scale.


- In a second, I'm gonna freeze my ass off

on this goddamn mountain,

and nobody gives a shit!

Thanks, Jack,

for nothing, you bastard.

I'll never get through all this rubble.

Goddamn it!


- Listen.

There's someone out there.

(tense music)


- Jack?


(excited yelling)

- There's someone out there.

- Dig faster! - Come on, everybody!

(tense music)

(footsteps thud)

(tense music)

- [Morey] Jack!

- Hurry up, the water's coming.

- [Morey] But what the hell--

- There's no time to explain.

(water rushes) (tense music)

- Very clever, Mr. Wild.

(tense music)

- Any signal,

and all that money's just a bunch of guitar picks.

Hope no one's planning on calling you.

(tense music)

- All my associates are dead, except for--

- Me.

And I'm not in a talking mood.

(water rushes) (tense music)

- Hurry up, hurry up. - Where are we?

(tense music) (excited chattering)

- [Woman] Hurry up.

(tense music) (excited chattering)

- Jack, Jack Wild.

And where's Dana?

- In there somewhere, Jack went to get her.

Come on, the water's flooding.

(screaming) (water rushes)

(tense music)

- What do ya say, Smith?

You a gambler?

(tense music)

- He's lying.

He's terrified.

I'm gonna kill you.

I'll kill you!

Men are pussies.

(gun bangs) (gasps)

(tense music)

- My game, my rules.

Now, Mr. Wild, are you a gambling man?

(tense music) (beeping)

- Let her go.

You can have the disk,

but set her free first.

Take the money and walk away.

- First, your girlfriend dismantles that disk.

We leave, you stay.

When I'm safe, I'll let her go.

- What do you suggest I do?

(tense music)

- Duck.

Now do it!

(tense music)

- What's that?

- A two-way radio.

- You've got a radio?

(tense music)

- It's okay, honey.

Go ahead.

(tense music)

- I want that.

- No. - Give it to me.

- Jack said not to call. - Jack gave you that radio?

- Yeah.

(tense music)

- I'm gonna call. - Jack said not to call.

- I'm gonna call, Jack. - All right, do you understand

what I'm saying? - I don't wanna hurt you!

- Careful, baby.

Nice and easy.

(tense music)

- I can't.

- Please, don't start.

- I think he knows what he's doing, okay?

I don't even know who you are.

(tense music)

- Jack.

- Just give me the disk.

- I can't move.

- Just reach out your hand

and give me the disk.

- Give me the radio! - No, they're not gonna

hear you.

- I can't.

- Go ahead, Dana.

Give it to him.

- Catch.

(explosive booming)

- Give it!

- Mister, I ought to--

- Give it to me!

(tense music)

- All right! - I'm not!

- Give it to me.

(thuds) (grunts)

(tense music)

- No, give it back!

- I'm telling Jack, give it!

(tense music) (thuds)

- Jack!

(tense music) (yells)

- Let her go!

(tense music)

Let her go!

(tense music)


(tense music)


- Jack!

(beeping) (tense music)

What do we do?

(tense music)

- Duck.

- Don't. don't! - Jack fucking Wild!

(beeping) (tense music)

(explosive booming)


(explosive booming)

Oh my God, I can't believe it, I can't believe

what I've done. - Great.

- I didn't know! - Great.

What did I tell ya?

I told ya not to call.

What do ya do?

You call. - Why did you give it to me?

- The first thing

you did was call. - You shouldn't have given

it to me. - I've been telling you

not to.

- I can't believe you'd give me the radio.

- Yeah.

(tense music)

(gentle instrumental music)

- [Jack] Cavanaugh, you there?

- Give me that! - No, it's for me!

Jack, Dana, you guys all right?

- We're okay.


You all right?

- Yeah, safe and sound.

- Give me that! - Hey!

- Jack, Jack you bastard, you owe me big time, pal.

My helicopter is totaled, and I wanna know

- Morey. what you're gonna do about it,


I've been bustin' my ass up on this mountain all night long

and for what?

For nothin', you owe me big time, pal.

I want compensation.

Winona's probably left me like they all do.

They always leave me

and because of you. (clicking)

- You really are very talented.

- Wait til the honeymoon.

(gentle instrumental music)

- Honeymoon.

(gentle instrumental music)

Just promise me,

no trains.

No trains.

("Wedding March") (train rumbles)

(exciting dramatic music)

(slow dramatic music)