Crackerjack (1994) - full transcript

A cop on vacation at a mountain resort comes to the rescue when the resort is taken over by violent criminals.

(dramatic music)

- Caroline, get out of the car!

Get out of the car! (voice echoing)

(dramatic music)

(sirens blaring) (dramatic music)

- [Morey] Jack you've really done it this time.

We should never have come this far without backup.

- [Jack] Shut up, Morey.

- [Morey] Shut up, my ass, I just got married, Jack.

Why do you have to do this to me now?

For Christ's sake.

This was supposed to be just a stakeout. (sneezes)

(guns firing)

- [Jack] Gesundheit Morey.

- Gesundheit my ass.

(dramatic music)

(guns firing) (dramatic music)

This is the police!

Drop your weapons and put your hands in the air.

- I don't think they're gonna come quietly, Morey.

(dramatic music)

(guns firing) (dramatic music)

- Goddamn Jack.

You've stopped, haven't you?

(dramatic music)

- Keep that son-of-a-bitch pointed down.

I'll get you back to your little lady.

- No Jack.

Jack, no!


(dramatic music) (guns firing)

(thug grunting) (dramatic music)

(guns firing) (dramatic music)

- Shit.


(dramatic music)

Oh shit.

(dramatic music)

- I'm still here, Morey.

- No shit. (sirens blaring)

(dramatic music)

- Take him over there.

(dramatic music)

- Ah, good evening.



Mr. Oliver Green, our Ice Man.

- Who are you guys?

What do you want from me?

(dramatic music)

- The habit of a weak man.


You will speak only when you are spoken to,

you'll do exactly as you're told,

you will give us your expertise for a few days only,

you will pay close attention,

and you will relax.

(dramatic music)

Now, let's get to work.

The more time we spend on preparation,

the less chance we have of any unexpected complications.

- Give me that cold, I'm gonna kill you, Morey.

- Yeah, well it's your birthday, Jack.

I gotta give you something.

Look, I got a call from the department psychologist today.

Look man, you're gonna have to stop this.

- This?

- Yeah, this.

You scared the shit out of me tonight.

- It's called getting the job done, Morey.

Maybe you should try it sometime.

- Bullshit, it's called post traumatic shock syndrome.

- Christ.

- It's called blaming yourself for not getting killed

when others did.

It's called screwing with your life, man.

Nobody does what you did tonight to get the job done, Jack.

You went in there to, to swallow a bullet.

Look, you know what they've been calling you

for the past few months down at the precinct?

Cracker Jack.

That's what they've been calling you, Cracker Jack.

- Yeah.

Well, the hell with them, Morey.

The hell with you, too.

- Aw man.

When are you gonna get your shit together?

(dramatic music)

(women shouting)

(dramatic music)

- [All] Surprise!

- I'll be back in a minute.

Hey, little brother.

You really gave us a scare back there.

- The next time you're planning a surprise, you let me know

so I know when to stay away.

Oh, Christ.

- Hold this, mister. - Annie, Annie, here.

- Do you know why I married your brother?

- No idea, gold card?

- (scoffs) Don't be like that, Jack.

I married him for family, something I never had.

You, Caroline, the kids, were an inspiration to me.

It's been almost a year now, and I know it's been tough.

But Mike and I have been behind you all the way.

We're here for you.

Jack, we're your family. - Yeah, what's left of it.

- Well, I put that gold card to good use.

- What's this?

- You're coming with Mike and me on vacation.

You're gonna love it.

Way up in the Rockies, really isolated.

Exclusive, no drug pushers, no murderers, no serial killers.

It'll be an adventure for you.

- That's real nice, Annie, but I'm on a case.

I don't just pack up and leave.

- Come here, sweetie.

- Here.

So, this weekend? - That's right.

(phone ringing)

It's for you.

- Yeah. - Jack, this is Ed.

Jack? - (sighs) Captain, hey.

How's it going, man?

- [Captain] Cut the crap, Jack.

I've been talking to Goldstein.

He said you're going bananas.

Your sister-in-law tells me the same thing.

As of now, you're on a leave of absence.

- That's bullshit, sir. - Jack.

- There's no way,

no way you're getting me onto some dumb mountain.

- [Announcer] Next gondola will be arriving in 10 minutes.

All guests should report to the valet

with all your baggage and contraband.

(dramatic music)

- Isn't this beautiful?

My three favorite men in the world.

I must be in heaven.

Now all we have to do is get through the next week

without you guys killing each other.

Then I'll know that we can get through anything.

(dramatic music)

- Hey, this is great.

(dramatic music)

You weren't kidding about this place being isolated.

(dramatic music)

- [Alex] Come on, Einstein, we don't have all day.

(dramatic music)

(knocking on door)

- So, you all settled in?

You're on vacation, Jack,

you won't be needing that .45. - Annie, Annie,

just wait a goddamn minute. - Jack.

I'm locking this up in our room till the end of our stay.

By the way, there's an orientation tour

of the resort in half an hour.

We're all meeting by the pool.

- Can't wait.

- You'll survive, Jack.

- I always do.

(dramatic music)

- Crap!

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

Saved us a bullet.

(knocking on door) - Jack?

Jack, are you ready to go on this nature walk, or what?


- Top it off, please. - Sure.

- Excuse me, Mr. Wild?

I'm K.C., the activities director.

Now, your sister-in-law, Annie, said

that I might find you here.

She asked me to see if I could convince you

to come along with us on the orientation walk.

- Um, well, Miss, see I think I'm pretty well

pointed right here.

- Suit yourself.

Oh, she did ask me to see if you had anything to say

to Dr. Goldstein when she speaks to him tonight.

- Yeah, come to think of it.

Tell her he can...

Tell you what.

I'll tell her myself.

- I just have to make one stop, and we'll be right out.

- What's that?

- A locator beacon.

- Planning on getting us lost out there?

- No, the rangers make us use them just in case.

- What does K.C. stand for?

- Oh, Mr. Wild, I'm afraid that information is

is only for relatives and close friends.

You ready?

- [Jack] All right.

(dramatic music)

- Should have flown straight to Rome.

- Mario,

I was about your age when I first came here

with your Aunt Maria.

We were on our honeymoon.

Now, I am a dying man.

I have arthritis.

My intestines feel like a traffic jam.

And on top of it all, my

my heart is acting up.

But I have outlived my enemies,

thanks to the miracle of this wonderful place.

(dramatic music)

- Isn't it something?

It's a glacier, a river of ice.

It carved out this whole valley about 35,000 years ago.

- An ice river, huh?

How soon till it gets to our hotel?

- About 15,000 years.

You'll probably have checked out by then, Mr. Wild.

- I feel much safer.

(dramatic music)

- Nice day, isn't it? - Uh-huh.

- Who are they?

- They've been here since three days.

Some survey on the glacier.

We don't see much of them.

They head up to the ice in the morning

and back in the chalet by the evening.

Well, I guess we should be heading down now.

(dramatic music)

- I have written this letter for our visit.

There's an introduction to His Excellency.

(dramatic music)

(people chatting)

- [Annie] (whistles) Looking fine, Jack.


- What, you leave the kid in the room?

- Ah, baby alert. - All the latest toys, huh?

(people chatting)

- Mr. Wild?

- I'm sorry, I, I didn't mean to walk in on you like that.

- [K.C.] You can turn around now.

- [Jack] So, this is the hot springs?

- Yes, it beats the pool down by the hotel.

I come here at least once a day to clear my head.

You should try it sometime.

- I'm more of a shower man, myself.

I was, uh...

I was wondering if I could buy you a drink or something

later on.

- Oh, I,

I don't fool around with guests, Mr. Wild.

But, I'll see you at dinner tonight.

You're coming, aren't you?

- All right.

(dramatic music)

(thunder rumbling)

- [Thug] Lousy dynamite.

- Don't worry, it'll do the job, won't it?

(thugs talking)

- Jacques.

- Why don't you bring your own?

(swing music)

- I think you've had enough, doc.

I'll be right back.

(swing music)

- That's it.

I'm going to get him.

(swing music)

- What's the matter with you, Mario?

You don't eat your food.

(muffled swing music)

- Oh, very classy, Jack.

You won't be needing that, though.

They have a license here.

Come on. - All right.

- Ah.

(muffled swing music)

- Thanks, Mike.

(swing music)

- Hi. - Hi.

- You look great.

- Dance?

(mellow music)

- Son-of-a-bitch.

(mellow music)

- It's been a long time.

- That's okay.

(mellow music)

- I told you it was a good idea to bring him along.

- Thought you said you don't fool around with the guests.

- I don't.

Fool around.

(mellow music) (people chatting)

(transitions to dramatic music)

- I see they'll allow anyone at this resort.

(people shouting)

- Come on, come on!

Piece of shit! - You here alone Cracker Jack?

I don't see no wife and kids.

- What the hell's wrong with you, Jack?

(dramatic music)

Look, I am really sorry.

(dramatic music)

What the hell do you think you're doing, Jack?

How dare you bring that back-alley bullshit

along on this trip.

This isn't some goddamn bar on Rush Street,

you know. - Shut up, Mike.

Shut the fuck up!

You don't know what you're talking about.

Do you know how those people are?

- No I don't! - No, you don't.

- I've had it with you.

I told Annie from the start

it was a bad idea to bring you along on this trip.

There is nothing more I can do for you.

From now on, you're on your own.

(dramatic music)

(knocking on door)

- [K.C.] It's K.C.

Can I come in?

- Yeah, sure.

(dramatic music)

- Are you okay?

(dramatic music)

- I'm fine.

(dramatic music)

- I know this may be none of my business,

but I thought you needed somebody to talk to.

- You're right.

It's none of your business.

(dramatic music)

- I guess not.

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.

(dramatic music)

- I'm sorry.

- It's okay.

(dramatic music)

What's the matter?

- Maybe you should leave.

- Yeah.

(dramatic music)

- [Pilot] Where is the drop off?

- [Co-Pilot] Oh, ah, I see it.

Yeah? - All right.

It's time.

- [Man] Okay, boys.

- All right.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go.

(thunder rumbling)

(baby babbling)

- Jack never talked to us much about his police business.

He wouldn't bring it home.

Anyway, a couple of years ago,

he was part of an undercover investigation involving

organized crime.

He was very secretive about it.

We wouldn't see him for, what, weeks, weeks at a time.

One day he came home really worried.

Packed up the wife and kids

to take them to the country for safe keeping.

(dramatic music) (voices echoing)

- Jack, is all this really necessary?

- (sighs) Look, honey.

It's just precaution.

Three weeks, and the trial will be over.

Besides, the kids will love staying

at their granny's for a few days.

Right? (kids giggling)

- Check your oil, sir? - Yeah, sure.


this is a mob trial,

and I'm the prosecution's ace in the hole.

Now, I don't wanna frighten you,

but if they could find a way to get to me, they will.

- I just don't like

taking the kids out of school, you know,

living like fugitives.

(dramatic music) (train signal beeping)

- Trust me on this, all right.

I know what I'm doing.

- Okay.

- Where's that guy gone to?

I'll be right back. - Okay.

(train signal beeping)

(dramatic music)

- Caroline!

Get out of the car! (voice echoing)

Get out of the car!

(dramatic music)

- They never made it.

And Jack has always blamed himself for their deaths.

(sighs) After that,

Jack fell apart, and the case fell through.

We tried to get him to see a shrink.

- We even convinced him to once.

Ended up giving the doc a fat lip.

(dramatic music) (thunder rumbling)

- Three hours and counting.

(dramatic music) (thunder rumbling)

- [Stephan] We're here.

- You're just time for dessert, Stephan.

We go in four minutes. - On my way.

(upbeat swing music)

- [Newscaster] Overcast and 40 degrees,

very light drizzle and fog.

(dramatic music) (newscaster reporting)

(gun fires) (man grunts)

(dramatic music)

- Oh, this is low, Jack.

Really low.

(dramatic music)

- Told them I wanted room service.

(dramatic music)

- What are you-- (guns firing)

(dramatic music)

(woman moaning) (dramatic music)

- What the--

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

(people shouting)

- Move everyone, go, go! (people shouting)

(dramatic music)

- Please carry on.

There's absolutely no reason

why this evening should not continue as

pleasantly as possible.

- [K.C.] Excuse me.

- Get your hands off of her!

- First, I must apologize for the

inconvenience of our intrusion.

Now, can we get underway, or are there anymore

misguided heroes (chuckling) present?

- On your feet.

- Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, how's it going? - Shut up!

What are you doing here?

- Well, this chick downstairs

said she's gonna meet me up here, you know.

(burps) Maybe you don't, it's cool.

That's okay.

(dramatic music) (thunder rumbling)

- Wait, wait.

Look, look.

Chicago P.D.

You're compliant.

(dramatic music)

Hang in there.

- Now, please be calm,

and rest assured that the majority of you have

nothing to fear

from me

or from my associates.

My business here is with one man.

One man only.

(dramatic music)

- Don Ross, forgive me, Don Ross.

I was humiliated.

They, they contacted me,

they said I could get a piece of the pie, that,

that it was my birthright.

(dramatic music)

- Hey, good evening.

It's nice to see you.

Excuse me.

(dramatic music)

- What did you do that for?

(dramatic music)

- You miserable rodent, where are they?

- They were in that box.

I saw them this afternoon, I swear, I swear.

Don Rosso, where are they?

Please, Don Rosso, they'll kill me.

They'll kill you, too.

- This is just to tell me you'll be next.


(speaking foreign language)

Of course, we haven't met.

Let me introduce myself-- - Ivan Getz.

Ex finger man for the East German secret police.

Or did they ax you when you lost your marbles?

Then you came to the States to make good.

We were going to use you for a job last year.

- [Ivan] You did?

- I see.

Not with my authority?

- Well, whatever dealings

we had with you and your associates

had no bearing on the

$15 million worth of diamonds you have now.


Where are they?

- You're on vacation, Jack.

You won't be needing your .45.

(dramatic music)

- I give you three days,

three days after you leave this place,

till my people find you and feed you your own colons.

Everybody in this place has seen your face.

You don't stand a chance

of digging your way out of here unless,


you kill everybody. (groaning)

Jesus Christ. (groaning)

(dramatic music)

- He's having a heart attack.

(people murmuring)

(dramatic music)

Oh, get a doctor, at least.

- You can't help me. (baby babbling)

(dramatic music)

- Ah shit.

(baby crying)

Okay, folks.

Cracker Jack is back.

- You don't revive him, I'll castrate you with a blow torch.

Schmidt, Hannibal, go upstairs and search his room.


Tell that child to shut up! (baby crying)

He won't get away with it this easily.

- We need to get this man to a hospital.

- Ivan.

- What is it?

- [Thug] I think we have a slight problem.

- What type of problem?

- Jacques has been killed.

- Rex, Sparks, comb the area.

Alex, clean up this mess.

I'll deal with you later.

(dramatic music)

- [Mario] Come, sit, sit, sit, sit.

(dramatic music)

- Mario.

By having that animal

to kill the policeman and his family,

you went behind my back.

That should have been unthinkable to you.

- Here's some water. - No.

- Just take a sip. - No.

By traveling to the Vatican

and donating a part of my fortune.

I had hoped that maybe,

just maybe,

an arrangement could be made to

meet His Excellency, the Pope,

and he would find it in his heart to hear my confession

and forgive my sins.

Maybe I'm,

I'm just an old fool.

- The family-- - Because of me,

he will kill everybody.

My penance, my penance.

I must make my peace with God.

(guns firing)

- Hey, Ivan.

We gotta talk.

You know, this whole thing stinks.

- [Woman] Oh my god!

- Pimp. (baby crying)

It seems that someone here is intent on ruining my evening.

One of you has chosen to disregard my orders.

Since I doubt anyone will come forward

and give his name, this is what will happen.

I have here a complete list of guests and employees.

Your names will be read out in alphabetical order.

Upon hearing your names,

you will proceed directly to that room back there,

where eventually we will arrive at a name

which does not have a body

to match it.

(dramatic music)

- Aaronson, Henry and Eva.

(people murmuring)

Baker, Dennis and Lisa, in the back room.

Move now! - Great.

That's all I need.

- Room service.

Lose the weapons.

Lose them.

(dramatic music) (men grunting)

- Have any last words?

- Only eight bullets per clip, sucker.

(dramatic music) (men grunting)

Get up.

Get up!

Keep your paws where I can see them.

(dramatic music)

You shouldn't have done that!

(dramatic music)


What were you looking for.

- Our name is coming up.

They're gonna use us to get to Jack, aren't they?

- Skillman!

Wendy and Chelsea, come on!

(dramatic music)

(beacon beeping) - Oh, bingo!

- Sir!

We've got an activated ELT beacon.

(beacons beeping)

Make that three beacons, five.

Sir, there must be 20 of them.

- Give me a triangulation. (alarms beeping)

This looks serious.

- The lines are dead, sir.

I'll try to get them on radio.

- Probably from all the disaster

they're making on that mountain.

Get the chopper up there with a rescue team,

then try to make radio contact.

There'll be no time to lose.

- [Alex] Waverly, Charles and Dorothy.

(dramatic music)

Wheeler, Henry and Diane.

(dramatic music)

- We've searched the grounds, no trace.

- [Alex] Wild, Mike, Annie, and Jack.

(dramatic music)

- This is the Wild party, Michael, Annie,

and little Jack.

(dramatic music)

- Atta girl.

- [Thug] Up there!

(dramatic music)

(people shouting)

- Oh my god!

(dramatic music)

Oh my god, my baby!

- Move, get him, get him, now!

(dramatic music)

(baby crying)

- [Annie] Thank you.

- My penance.

I have my redemption.

(baby crying) (dramatic music)

- He's heading for the grounds.

- Thank you.

Get rid of him.


Schmidt, how goes your search.



Do you read, over?

(dramatic music)

Did you find them?

Did you find the diamonds?

- No.

- Fool.

(guns firing) - Get him, get him!

(dramatic music)

(helicopter blades whirring)

- [Jack] Oh, yeah.

The cavalry's arrived.

(dramatic music)

- [Thug] Come on, this way.

(dramatic music)

- Yeah.

- [Pilot] Bald Eagle, this is Wolverine.

We're in position over Panorama.

There's still no radio contacts, over.

(dramatic music)

- Stephan,

keep him alive, we're running out of time.

Repeat, don't kill him.

I'm afraid he may have the stones.

- All right, Ivan.

We have some other problems right now.

- I'm coming, I'm coming.

- [Pilot] Uh, Bald Eagle, we've gone around twice.

There doesn't seem to be anyone home, over.

- What do you mean there's nobody home?

There are at least 100 guests at that resort.

- [Pilot] Wait a sec, there is somebody.

(dramatic music)

We're gonna set her down.

(dramatic music)

Jesus, he's got a rocket launcher!

(dramatic music)

- [Ivan] Check your oil, sir?

- [Jack] Caroline, get out of the car?

Get out of the car!

- Wolverine, do you read me? - What's cooking, Jackson?

- Colonel, we got a distress signal from Panorama Mountain.

Shots have been fired,

and we seem to have lost an aircraft.

(men grunting)

- SOS, mayday, whatever.

Can anybody hear me out there?

- This is Colonel J.P. Hardy at Fort Brady,

commanding search and rescue.

Who am I speaking to?

- Let's save the intros for later.

I don't know who else is on this frequency.

Just listen and listen good,

because I only have a few seconds.

- Who the hell is this?

Give me hotel security.

- He can't come to the phone right now.

He's dead.

- Speak to me.

- All right, this is the situation.

The hotel and everybody in it has been taken hostage

by about 12 men, of which six are still breathing.

They've killed the security guy and several others.

The staff and all the guests are being held

in the main ballroom.

Now, these guys are armed

with submachine guns, grenades, anti-tank rockets.

That's how you lost your chopper,

so I wouldn't try that again if I were you.

That's the situation, so come and get us,

'cause we're in deep shit.

- How do I know you're for real?

- Christ.

Call Chicago, 555-3265.

- Okay, assuming that you check out,

you tell me what these guys are after?

- I don't know, just get your asses up here,

or more innocent people are gonna die.

- Oh, honey, I don't feel like getting up.

(phone ringing) - I'm not answering it.

- No, you gotta get the phone, honey.

Then I'll get it.

No, no, no.

- No, I'm not-- - answer, answer the phone.

Answer the phone.

(phone ringing) Honey, answer the phone.

- This better be good.

- Yeah.



Oh shit!

- Scramble me an Alpha 4-2, fully armed,

ready to move in 10 minutes.

Get me logistical info on the Panorama Springs Resort,

and get whoever's in operation of the ground station

of the Panorama cable cars out of bed.

Now, lieutenant, we've got a situation here.

- [Jack] What's going on down there?

- This is Hardy.

We're coming to get you,

but I need you to pull their pants down for me.

You gotta kill the lights up there.

- Whoa, whoa.

Look, maybe you didn't hear me.

I'm not exactly in charge around here.

- You're damn right.

From this moment on, I am.

- Christ, a John Wayne fan.

(dramatic music)

- [Hardy] You copy that?

(dramatic music)

Come in.

(dramatic music)

- I promised you a good time, didn't I?

(dramatic music)

I can see you.

Scurrying away in the darkness.

Which way to turn, hmm?

I can appreciate what you're doing.

But as a great man once said, "Prosperity forgets those men

"who have lived only for their own advantage

"and praises the heroes who've renounced

"their own happiness.

"Those who want to live, let them fight,

"and those that do not, want to fight

"in this world of eternal struggle

"deserve not to live."

(dramatic music)

- Little bigger than a 327 Chevy.

(dramatic music)

- The generator, of course, congratulations.

(man shouting)

- [soldier] Secure it safe.

All of you, move it.

This is not a drill, this is for real, guys.

Move it, move it, move it!

Boys, to the gondola.

Get your arms ready.

- Colonel J.P. Hardy, US Marines.

I'm taking charge of this station.


Take up position in the cable room.

I want a 30 count on the roof, and I want night vision.

Be ready for a 30-second scramble.

Let me see.

(dramatic music)


He did it.

(dramatic music)

- Diamonds?

He's after diamonds.

(dramatic music)

- Ivan, he's cut the power lines.

It will take a while to repair.

- No, leave it, there's no time.

We'll use flares.

(dramatic music)

- [Jack] What's the matter, you scared of the dark?

- He's gotten Sparks' walkie.

Tell them to maintain radio silence from now on.

How nice to hear from you.

I hope you're happy to learn that

you're making things difficult for me.

- Oh, gee, I'm all choked up.

- I've done everything I can to keep this affair from

becoming messy, but thanks to you, it's no longer possible.

(dramatic music)

I have an innocent man here

with the muzzle of a pistol to his brain.

On the count of three, he will die,

and the blame will rest on your shoulders

knowing that you could have stopped it.



- You touch one hair on that guy's head,

your diamonds go over the cliff.

- So you have them.

- Oh yeah.

Yeah, I got them right here.

Why don't you come look for yourself.

I'm in the lounge.

(dramatic music)

- Stephan.

(dramatic music)

(gun fires)

(dramatic music)

He stays alive until we have the stones.

(dramatic music)

- That's close enough.

- How interesting.

You prefer the shadows.

Have we met before?

- Oh yeah.

Yeah, we've met.

- So, you have the diamonds?

(dramatic music)

I trust that is not just a bag of treats.

May I have a look?

- Turn around!

Turn around!

Call them off.

- Stephan.

(dramatic music)


- You too, Oswald.

What, you gotta be somewhere?

- Well now that you mentioned it, yes I do.

Shouldn't we get this over with?

- Oh, it'll be over soon enough.

- Meaning?

- Meaning a platoon of marines up your ass, buddy.

- That's very resourceful of you.

But I'm afraid this resort is completely inaccessible.

And they wouldn't be stupid enough

to send for another helicopter.

- No. - Aww.

They're not using the cable cars, are they?

Don't tell me. (laughing)

How ridiculous.

- What are you laughing about?

- Oh nothing, it's just that the

marines are about to become an airborne division.

(dramatic music)

Your choice is simple.

Either them or me.

- I'll be back.

I'll be back.

(dramatic music)

- Colonel, we have armed individual

making a beeline to the station house.

- Let me see that.

- Wait for that bastard to get closer, then let him have it.

(dramatic music)

- Get away!

Get away!

- Fire!

- I'm on your side, assholes!

(dramatic music)

- That should show him.

(dramatic music)

Stop the cable car!

(dramatic music)

- No!

(dramatic music)

(baby crying)

- [Annie] Sweetie, settle down.

(baby crying) Please settle down.

(dramatic music)

- Ivan. (baby crying)

I found this on the roof by the skyline.

(baby crying)

- Ah, Lady Luck isn't just smiling.

She's spreading her legs for us.

- I can't stand it anymore.

What do these people want from us?

And where's Jack?

Where is Jack? (baby crying)

Is there a problem here?

- No.

It's the family.




and Jack. (baby babbling)

Oh, yes, we've certainly met before.

(baby crying) (dramatic music)

- Michael!

Michael! (baby crying)

- Lord, if I ever needed a drink.


- [Ivan] It seems that our laboratory rat

has reached a dead end, haven't you Mr. Wild?

Mr. Sergeant Jack Wild of the Chicago Police Department.

No more games.

You have 10 minutes to report me in the lobby

and present me with my diamonds,

or I will kill the remaining members of your family.

And I swear their deaths will not be as painless

as those of your wife and children.

10 minutes starting now.

- God, I don't know where they are.

(dramatic music)

Who the hell are you?

(people murmuring)

- We have to try something,

or else we'll never get out of here alive.

(people murmuring)

- [Annie] Don't.

(dramatic music)

- [K.C.] Please, I don't wanna die with those other people.

I'd do anything.

- Anything?

(dramatic music)

- The chopper will be here in 15 minutes.

- I'll be back in five.

- (scoffs) More like three.

(dramatic music)

- You don't know about the glacier?

Of course you don't, how could you?

- Oliver,

I've had a real bad day.

So, why don't you collect your thoughts,

and tell me what's going on,

or I swear to God I'll kill you myself.

- They're gonna blow the glacier.

20 million tons of ice

are gonna rip down that gully up there

and everything, this whole place, is gonna be swept away,

erased from the face of the earth without a trace.

- Wait.

Wait, why would, why would they go through all this trouble?

- The mob.

They'd be held bent on revenge

if they thought there was a robbery,

so, he rigged a natural disaster.

- How do you stop it? - You can't.

The explosives have to go off in a specific order.

Each detonator has it's own individual timer.

You might be able to get two or three of them,

but there are 48 of them.

We've been setting them for three days.

- When are they set to go off?

- The preliminary blasts are set to go in 22 minutes.

We're all dead.

(dramatic music)

- [Jack] 22 minutes?

(dramatic music)

- What are you gonna do?

What about me?

- Hey, just hang in there.

I'll be back.

(dramatic music)

- Please, pour me one as well for old time sake.


On the rocks.

(dramatic music)




Is that what they call you?

You know, I heard that you became a drunk since your wife

left you, shall we say.

Well, I say, nonsense, you look marvelous.

- I'm fucking flattered.

- Stephan, bring him in.

(dramatic music)

Well, Cracker Jack, where are your manners?

Pour your guests something to drink.

(dramatic music)

- Do you like that?

- Yeah.

- Do you want me to give it to you?

- Yeah. - Do you love me?

(dramatic music)

Why did you bring this along, sweetheart?

Huh, huh?

I bet you're a screamer, aren't you?

Let's rock.



(dramatic music)

- To new frontiers.

To dreams.


I would like to take those diamonds.

(coughing) (dramatic music)

- Oh, happy, happy day.

(dramatic music)

Aren't they beautiful.

- Has the mob been making cutbacks

on the hit man department?

I thought that murder paid well.

- Not well enough.

Do you know

with the money from these stones, I can feed, arm, clothe,

train a small army?

- Mercenaries are pretty expensive these days, huh?

- Volunteers to thousands.



But since following the merge of East and West,

without hope, without jobs,

desperate for a man to give them direction to

lead to glory, to take back their destiny.

Already the seeds have been sewn.

Now is the time for the harvest.

The idea of a people superior to all others

who are capable of ruling without flinching.

That has never died.

The last generation's proof of that.

Take a look at your world today.



False promises.


It's time.

- You know, you really shouldn't drink.

(dramatic music)

- Please give my regards to your lovely wife.

(gun fires)

(dramatic music)


The thought of you watching your brother die.

- [Mike] (groaning) Jack?

- I wish I could stay for that.

- (groaning) Jack, Jack. - I'm here.

I'm here, big brother.

- Thank you, Jack.

Thanks for looking out for me all these years.

- Shut up, Mikey, you don't have to say anything.

- If we would have had more time,

we could have resolved this crap between us.

I love you, Jack.

(dramatic music)

- Mikey, Mikey.

You moron.

You could have been killed.

Come on, come on, let's get out of here.

- They're getting away. - Annie!

- The guests are fine.

What happened to you? - I'm all right.

We need firepower.

- What about the skeet guns?

Come quickly!

(dramatic music)

- [Ivan] Time to move, boys and girls.

Lock up the ballroom, and meet me in the lobby.

- Let's go.

(dramatic music)


I hope she was worth it.

(dramatic music)

- [Jack] Come on, let's go.

Open it up. - I don't have the key.

- [Jack] What do you mean, you don't have a key?

- [K.C.] I don't have it.

- Gold card.

(dramatic music)

- [Jack] Great.

- And Bishop?

- [Bishop] Yes sir.

- Go to the landing pad and start the flares.

- [Bishop] Yes sir.

- And when Rex and Alex come in, kill them.

(dramatic music)

- Why?

- Why?

Because they're only here for the money.

They're scum.

All of them, mercenary scum.

- I made a deal with them.

They're here on my word.

- Stephan,

we have what we came for, the cornerstone

of a new social structure.

Whether these parasites live or die is insignificant.

They're just tools; they must be put down.

- They'll be loyal to you.

I chose the best for this operation.

- Yes.

You did.

You did.

It's no reflection on you.

And they have served their purpose.

But they are not our kind.

They have no loyalty to our cause.

- (chuckles) Our cause.

A new social structure, do you really believe this garbage?

Don't you watch the news?

Your people can't stand the likes of you.

You have allowed it

because you're an accomplished operative.

You paid for it, Ivan, but now you crossed a line.

You want them killed, do it yourself.

- Never-- (gun fires)

question my orders.

- Head up to the bar

and get everybody to the Hot Springs cave.

- The cave, what the hell for? - Just do it, Mike, do it.

Go with him. - No, where are you going?

- K.C., I can't let them get away.

- Be careful.

- Go, go on.

(dramatic music)

- Happy landing, assholes.

(dramatic music)

(gun cocks)

You weren't gonna leave

without saying good bye now, were you?

You killed my wife.

You killed my children.

You ruined my life.

- I'm, I'm sorry, I was

just obeying orders.

- That makes you a piece of garbage.

(dramatic music)

- Bleeding heart.

(dramatic music)

- Get out.

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

- Yes,


You have it now.


just as it should be.

It's too late

for me to be a part of the future.

It's all,

all for you now.

All for you

and your generation.

You see,

the dream

can still come true.

(dramatic music)

(gun fires)

(alarm beeping)

(dramatic music)

- Hey! - Everybody out!

To the cavern!

On the double, let's go. - Come on, move it!

(people shouting)

Hurry, come on!

(dramatic music)

Come on, come on, come on!


(dramatic music)

(glass breaking) (dramatic music)

- Oliver.

Oliver, come on, we gotta get the hell outta here.

(dramatic music)

Oliver, snap out of it, come on!

(dramatic music)

- Jack!

(dramatic music)

Jack! - Mike!

- [Mike] Jack!

(baby crying) - Mike!


It's no use.

(dramatic music)

- Come on.

(dramatic music)

Bring him up.

(dramatic music) (people chatting)

- It's good to see you, little brother.

I told you it was a good idea to bring him along.

- Hey, that looks good on you, K.C.

- Coslovska. - Huh?

- Katia Coslovska, that's what K.C. stands for.

(mellow music)

When my family came over here,

they used to give me a lot of ribbings for it, so, K.C..

- Well, Katia Coslovska.

(sighs) Maybe if I get some time off,

I can show you around Chicago, or something.

- Well, I'll probably be out of a job for a while.

- [Mike] Is there any other way out of here?

- [Jack] Go on.

- Yes.

Follow me everybody.

There is an exit on the other side of the mountain.

(mellow music)

- [Mike] Jack?

- Go on, Mike, I'm right behind you, go ahead.

(mellow music)


I've gotta move on.

(mellow music)

- You don't have to deny the past

to make yourself a future.

(mellow music)

- Thanks for the tip.

(mellow music)

- It looks like you're gonna need another vacation,

Mr. Wild.

- You can call me Jack.

(mellow music)

(transitions to dramatic music)