Cracker (2006) - full transcript

After living in Australia for the past decade, Fitz and Judith return to Manchester in 2004 for their daughter Katie's wedding. Drinking too much at the reception, Fitz stumbles through a rambling toast, which only embarrasses the bride. Instead of spending time with his grandson, son of his married son Mark, Fitz opts to join in the investigation of a serial killer who has an apparent dislike of Americans in the wake of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq.

Three British soldiers killed in Iraq this month. A number of Iraqi civilians killed in very appalling circumstances

British Soldiers firebombed in Iraq and forced to flee for their lives.

- Look down upon your people in their moment of need.
- ...with our American friends in this hour of tragedy.

- British soldiers attacked in Basra.
- We will stay the course, we will complete the job in Iraq.

judge multiply nine

The best thing to do is to talk to your armies.



- Good morning. Welcome to Manchester Cathedral.
- And to this special day for Katie and Gregory

Dearly beloved we are Gathered here in the sight of God and in the face of this congregation

To join together this man and this woman in holy Matrimony

which is an honorable estate instituted of God himself and

Therefore is not by any to be enterprised, nor taken in hand unadvisedly,

lightly or wantonly.

- 7.20.
- Take 8.

- What's this?
- It's Northern Irish.
- Can't take it.
- You can, if you blow in they'll tell you you can't, but it's legal tender.

- Can't take Irish, mate.
- It's not Irish, it's Northern Irish, Ulster.
- Still can't take it.
- It's got Sterling on it.
- Sorry mate

Take 7.20, exactly.

It's closed, Kenny.

- Compassion?
- Yes,
- Well, of course

Compassion but then you feel anything else?

- No,
- Not even a tiny sense of anticlimax?
- No,
- Didn't you say to yourself hang on,

hang on. Twin towers first, then the Pentagon, then plane out in the sky.

Where's your sense of dramatic structure?

- They should have been plane out the sky, then the pentagon, then the twin towers.
- You're winding me up.
- I'm winding you up?
- Yes, he is.

Okay, news item suicide bomber kill 10 in Iraq.

Wouldn't you confess to even a slight tinge of disappointment that not one of them was American, that they were all Iraqis that died?

Isn't there just a tiny part of you just wants the Chaos to go on and on until they realize they made a huge

bloody mistake?

- Today British Soldiers were firebombed in Iraq and forced to scramble for their lives
- I'd often pick up there

- We're at the Garden of Remembrance.
- Is that what it is?

- Yeah for soldiers killed in
- Were you over there?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, Max killed there.
- Sorry

Do they keep it nice?

No, it's closed.

I'm about to sell it off to a development company because of no money to maintain it.

That? That!

Can you turn that radio off, please?

Thank you for your attention

Well, it is traditional isn't it that the night before the wedding the bride groom gets pissed and on the day of the wedding the

father of the bride gets pissed, so I'm sorry Robert

Do you think, Robert, that your son is worthy of this beautiful young woman? My gorgeous daughter?

No, of course is the answer.
No man on this planet is worthy of her.

Not even Charles, her first love from whose arms we dragged her screaming and kicking all the way to Australia


Burnie the Beach bum, who I think she fell in love with two weeks later and

skipping back to Manchester and university days there was David who wanted to practice medicine in Africa and

Robbie who was determined to sail single-handedly around the world and a host of interesting bright ambitious young men?

So why, I asked myself as she ended up with an accountant, Col Gregory from Grimsby?

- Thanks love
- Ta

- That'll be 9 pounds, please Mack.
- Northern Irish here.
- Sheckles if you like.

Cheers. Keep the change. Ta.

Reveal as it's very in Bristol you

Tend to Flee after their lives. Yeah

it on car and just look at the

Size is forced to run a perfect

The riot was sparked by the arrest of two other British military personnel

for allegedly firing on Iraqi police.

- Katie, it's dad.
- Dad, Dad, can I have a Coke?
- A orange juice, son.

Katie it's your mom. Fitz, I know it's hard seeing all those young people enjoying themselves, but please suffer it in silence.

I was watching it, and it was Tony Blair. And I'm thinking

this was shot in the 60's, huh, how can that be Tony Blair. You know who it was?

- Bob Monkhouse. Tony Blair's the illegitimate son of Bob Monkhouse. - So why haven't we been told, eh?

- Dad, you okay? Let's go have a dance.
- Sure


without a doubt you ever

Wait too long come on the work to Ride it. Oh


I was why

Don't argue that when an you

You do it honest

We go to Belfast every year

And we lay flowers on the spot where they died, and then the people

wait for us to go and then move the flowers.

- You still there?
- Yes, are you suicidal?

I've got to kill myself

I've got to myself because if I don't kill myself, I'll kill others. I know I'll kill others

Mummy! Mummy

You don't want to be in with your brothers, do you? If I keep your door open, will you sleep on your own?


Say something profound.

- Casino!
- We got James
- No no Jimmy's coming with us aren't you, eh?

- Come on ya.
- No
- Look as soon as we're 200 out, we go home. How's that?

One, we don't drink. Two, we go for fun and not to do a head-in. And, three, non-negotiable by the way, you give me your plastic.

Yeah, okay.

You're a cruel woman.

Go on. Let me see you drink up.

Come on mate, we're closed.

Come on. Let's be having you, will ya. Come on

Ladies and gentlemen, bets please.

- Anymore?
- See how they back the same numbers time after time?

Anniversaries, birthdays

See that guy, right?

Born on the 10th to heroin addicts. Married in the 14th to some domineering bitch

Had an uncommonly ugly baby on the 24th, and then God help him, had an even uglier one the 28th.

So, he backs those numbers, not out of affection Judith, he backs them because God owes him one.

because God wouldn't put him through all those years of misery for nothing. And, then one night all these numbers will come up, and

God's great plan is revealed.


Everyone around this table's after money, sure, but more than that, they're after some meaning to their lives.

debacle all night

George Bush to Osama Bin Laden, "Lo-fied."

Osama Bin Laden to Jerry Adams, "You call that terrorism?"

The other day in Iraq my brave boys stopped the man they believed was a human bomb. They opened up with everything they had

Yeah, if there's going to be any killing done here in Iraq, then by golly, it's gonna be done the American way, and the British way, of course.

Thank you,

thank you for passing on all that you learned about terrorism in Northern Ireland. Thank you

Dawn raids, internment,

torture, shoot to kill.

Hey, thanks to you guys we've got every Iraqi in the world terrorized. We get everybody in the world terrorized.

Now is it any bloody wonder people feels justified in bombing us, then?

Look, I gotta get back. Yeah, I'll be right back

How is your job? You find a great job?

- We invaded their country because George Bush...
- I feel my two countries in my hands.

- Seven years in Australia and they've rebuilt the entire city.
- You've been away, then?
- Australia.

- That was a police station. I went there.
- Yeah, a long time ago.

- Where's all this money coming from?
- Well, a lot of its American. A lot of its drugs.

The IRA aren't blowing up the Irondale Center.

- Hey, Kev, you want proof that the Irish are thick?
- That's it, the Irondale Center.

What a shitheap that was.


Did you know there were

676 Murders in the Last 10 years in Greater Manchester?
- We're going home in a week. Don't even think about it.

Australia home of Skin cancer and skippy.

- A Wedding. Guess whose?
- Uh, don't know, go on.
- The daughter of Dr. Edmund Fitzgerald.
- Was he there?

- Pissed and obnoxious?
- Very

Okay, come on. Let's get to work.

Door man made sure no one left. Whoever did it is in here?

Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen if I could have your attention, please.

My name is Detective Inspector Walters.

There's been a serious incident on this premises.

We need to speak to each of you individually and take a brief statement.

You'll be asked for proof of identity because we might want to speak to you again in the near future.

So if you could be patient for a little bit longer, please.

Thank you.

You okay? It's the thought?

- Umm, I'm a diabetic, umm, I thought you could have mercy,
- Okay, well all I need now is some ID, and you can be on your way.
- Yeah, sure.

- Umm, credit card, business card.
- My mum wants one.

- Keep the card, give us a bill.
- Thanks very much.
- Okay, Mr. Thorpe.

- Do you have any ID, Mr. Thorpe.
- Yes

My, my wallets gone.

Listen, I know I had it when I came because I bought drinks

- But my wallets been stolen.
- We'll get back to you, Mr. Thorpe.
- My brother's a copper
- Then you'll appreciate we have to be thorough Mr. Thorpe.

Please take a seat.

- You okay?
- I've never felt better.

We all love you, you know. We all need ya.

I know

It doesn't matter

- What?
- I knew you'd say that I mean, I knew those exact words.
It doesn't matter


You know not as a younger man. I used to wake up every morning with a stiffy.

I'm groping here

for a recollective noun.

An embarrassment of stiffies.

But you get older.

It's not age Fitz.

It's whiskey in profusion and cigarettes in abundance.

1 out of 10 of 4.8 million hits on viagra. I suspect I'm not alone.

- Do you still love me?
- Yes.

- Program reaction
- No. I have no need to think about it.

I love you, and I'm afraid I'll always love you.

- See they're all American companies.
- Do you still love me?

- I think so.
- I'm overwhelmed.

The only time I'm certain is

when you get hurt, I really feel it then.
- So I have to live my life in constant pain to remind you that you love me?

I'd sooner not, if that's not being too selfish.

No. No.

First time it happened. I blamed you

Blamed you for getting older. Told myself it would never have happened if I had been fondling some young firm flesh.

That was wrong

You coming?

No, give me a minute, will ya?

and yeah


I've done. Odd you laugh the head and


or anyone

It stinks in here.

Greater Manchester police have suffered clear criticism for initial handling of the inquiry.

The revelation that the victim is a young American from George Bush's home state of Texas has put the police further under...


We've been made to look like a a complete laughing stock.

It's not my fault if one of my men's an idiot, mum.

I'm afraid these things get out of hand when the press get ahold of them.

A man steals my ID he shows it to the police, the police let him go and then detain me.

That would be laughable no matter where it happened, but when it happens at the scene of a murder the mind boggles.

We've got off to a wonderful start haven't we?

Will you open the boot?

- What's wrong?
- Coppers are here, cycle the engine>

Won't it help at all a big girl

Ah, this is dear Sally.

- Have we met?
- I'm sorry to drag him away.
- What?
- I said, I'd help them out.

It's impossible, I'm afraid. He's going to spend some time with a granddaughter he hasn't seen in two and a half years.

- I'll wait in the car.
- Please Do. Best of all no caped crusader nonsense. No grabbing the moral high ground,

you didn't know this man. You're doing it because you'd rather spend time with them than with your grandchild.

Yes, yes.

- I feel like a mistress.
- I'd like one, too.

Killed on the spot?


- No struggle?
- No.

- Well, whoever did it...
- So it's a soldier, survivor, this martial arts freak, yeah?
- Yeah


- Uh, the end one was occupied.
- He didn't do it.
- There was somebody standing here.

- Track three.
- What makes you say that?
- The victim walks in

there's three urinals empty, you'll pick that one. You can see better from there

and if somebody else walks in they don't have to walk behind your back. That's human nature.

But he didn't pick that one, he picked that one because somebody was already there.

- Come in and have a pee.
- Huh?
- Come in and have a pee.

- This is Kelly.
- Fitz.
- Go on.

- I don't really need one, sir.
- Well, pretend.

- Why that one?
- Should I go to that one there?
- No, why that one?

- Don't know.
- Well, you three to choose from why that one?

It just fills better, boss.

- Go on
- So somebody's standing there. Could they be the killer? Maybe. Maybe they had a row.

But then

would the victim have been taken by surprise? Would the victim have died on the spot?

Whoever was standing there could be the killer, but was definitely the last person to see the victim alive.

- I've read all your books.
- Have you?
- It's refreshingly free of jargon.

Refreshingly free of jargon is jargon, of course.

- You'll find that things have changed. You'll be able to talk directly to a suspect, for example.
- Really?
- And, the station's non-smoking.
- Oh.

Fraid so.

Dr. Fitzgerald has a theory.

We won't throw all of our resources at it. It's just one line of inquiry, right?

Good, okay

Go on.

Right, we're assuming that was somebody already there when the victim

walked into the toilet. Could be the wallet thief, and he could be the killer.

In which case find the wallet thief and we found the murderer. However,

I suspect it wasn't the wallet thief. I suspect he was simply the last person, father killer, to see the victim alive.

But he kept quiet about it. Why?

Because he has something to hide?

Because he just stolen a wallet.

So, our job ladies and gentlemen is to find a very reluctant



Please get in touch. We believe this is a very good likeness. If you know this man, please ring us.

If you are this man, please get in touch, we think you might have been involved in some petty crime that night,

but we'll overlook that.

Please, get in touch



I loved him like my own brother.

I encouraged him to come over. Found him a place to live.

- I just feel personally responsible for this I can't say enough how responsible I feel.
- You are not responsible.

- We're doing everything we can.
- Like what?
- We're pursuing several lines of inquiry.

Oh, please I lived here for 10 years.

I know

what pursuing several lines of inquiry means. It means you don't have anything.
- Harry!

We're checking everyone who is there on the night, and everyone who knew him.

A total stranger


- A total stranger killed my son.
- What makes you say that?
- Because to know my son was to love him.

I'm sure

- You think that's just a grieving mother talking.
- No, I don't.

No, somebody hated your son and planned to kill him, he wouldn't do it in a toilet

To kill somebody in a toilet is a spur-of-the-moment thing.

I'm certain it was a total stranger.

You won't believe how comforting that is.

- Anything new?
- I checked the records of everyone in the club that night. All minor stuff, apart from the barman.


- Pick him up.
- He didn't do it.
- We'll then we'll let him go after 24 hours

Something to feed the media, isn't it?

Grow up for God's sake.


I got the red-eye to Heathrow and I had to wait around for four hours for the connection to Manchester. Oh it was some goddamn towel head

getting searched holding everything up. I almost said shoot the asshole.

Yeah, yeah, that's right. Yeah

No, she's alright.

Look Tom, I want you to call British home office.

No, no ask about the case.

A well-connected American citizen has been murdered.

That's right, yeah.

Donna with these people I think it's necessary. That's right Tom, yeah, let me know.

Yeah, listen Tom. I'm going to call you later


- We can manage.
- No it's okay, I, I can help.
- Well, we shouldn't keep them waiting.

- They're cops, all they do is sit around and wait.
- Harry.

- Cop shades.
- I'll call you

Yeah, I'm right here

But this is not the NYPD, this is the Greater Manchester Police Force, and they're not exactly competent.

It's exactly what they say when they, when they don't know what to do.

Yeah, they, they said they're doing everything they can, all that.

Look nevermind. Stop! Stop! Could you enter my code please? 6327.


I already did that today. I already told them that.

- Hey, hey!
- What?
- My bags.


Laurel and Hardy

Three tours of duty at Northern Ireland.

We knew where all the gunmen lived. We want you to go in there and take them out. or we tell them no

So three tours with one arm tied behind our back

But as soon as a few Americans get here they do that.

Destroy everything


Women, children

Its three o'clock.

Please see someone.



You, you must check your window in back. It's broken.

- A bird has flown through it...
- Alright, I'll look into it. Thank you for letting me know, Norman. Thanks a lot.

Oh, poor thing.

- Poor thing? It's costing me money. Get yourself a drink.
- You?
- Scotch.

Hey, Julie,

I need you to get me a glazer.

A wood pigeon has flown through my window. Yeah, that'd be fine. Alright, thanks.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Come on, then.

Do we have enough time to be here?

don be here an Angry Crowd

We can see again in slow motion how he had device with the flames on missiles from the crime just to get through the heart

It's not possible to see what?

- Who are you?
- You don't recognize me?

- Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy. I'm not sure which.
- What do you want?

Where's she going now? The lady in the shower.

Back to her husband? Hmm?

- Well, I'm sure you'll appreciate the fight you allowed her to watch.
- You get out of my house.

That's what soldiers dread most. We're always serving our country and people like you are sniffing out our wives.


I'm gonna let you go

but I warn you, struggling is useless. Right?


- What do you want?
- I want revenge for every British Soldier killed in Northern Ireland.

- So?
- So,

I'm here.
- I've never been to Northern Ireland.
- Course not.

You're too frightened. Too many bombs going off right?
- You're right.

Bombs bought with American dollars.

Every bullet

that hit every British soldier bought with American dollars. Every bomb bought with American dollars. Every...

- You're not listening.
- But, I am.

- No, you're looking for a means of escape.
- Helen!

You've funded terrorism for years.

Then hallelujah!

You get what's coming to you:


And, suddenly you don't like Terrorism one little bit.

I call that hypocrisy.

Get out!

Confirms how it's got them back in it is urging some cautions however reports from eyewitnesses

I can kill from this distance. I can look into a man's eyes

see his life drain out,

So un-American

Because Americans like to kill from 30,000 feet.
- I'll shoot you.

I've been in this house for hours.

I got money.

You kill from 30,000 feet or from ships miles out at sea. Why?

Is it because if you looked into a man's eyes your humanity would stop me from killing him, hmm? Is it humanity or is it just cowardice?

I got a lot of money.

You're happy to kill when you're safe and sound

But **** if there's any chance you get hurt, hmmm? America, land of hypocrites and cowards.

No, I got a wife and kids


under the circumstances, what with the lady in the shower, etc.

Happiness three British Edition falafel nice husband assertion Place upon the Rocks men

can be common in the

Who's that man? Harry? Harry!


- Is he ready?
- Just about.

- What's he drive?
- He's always pissed.

- No.
- Sorry?
- I don't drive him to it. He just likes getting pissed.

- Hello.
- Hey.
- Bye.

I'll uh, I'll see you later.

She's holding something back

- Helen.
- Who are you?

My name is Fitz. I'm a psychologist

- There's nothing wrong with me.
- Oh, if I could get a Pound every time I heard that.
- Nothing whatsoever.

They think you're holding something back.

I went for a shower, I came back, and I found him dead. I heard nothing. I saw nothing.

I can't help you.

- He was married.
- Could you put that out, please?
- Wife and kids in New York.
- It says no smoking.

Poor woman the shock and grief of losing her husband tainted because he was banging you just a few minutes before he died.

There's no way you'd tell her.

- You married?
- You know I'm married.
- Yes, to...

Stephen, a lawyer.

- Yes.
- Good lifestyle?

- Yeah.
- Shame to blow it all for an afternoon romp.

And, no, I'm not bluffing this time.

You think if you can convince them that you don't know anything they'll leave me alone and Stephen won't find out.


- I'm going to tell your husband and then you won't have to lie anymore.
- I heard nothing, I saw nothing.

And your husband will say, "Why Fitz, why did she do it?" Because she was bored, Stephen, I'll say. She went to that other man,

she came home, got into your bed, screwed her eyes up really tight. So she could imagine that you Stephen were the other bloke.

Just to spice things up a little that's all

How do you suppose he's going to react?

- He might be surprised how you are, it's a bit of a turn on, you see.
- You're sick.

- If I had a pound for every time I heard that one, as well.
- I heard nothing, I saw nothing.

Sorry, did you want to speak to him first?

I saw a man walking away from the house.

Wrong number. She's all yours.

I only saw his back.

Straight brown hair. He held himself straight. Swung his arms as he walked.

Well, we know he's clever.

Very clever. That business with the wood pigeons, clever

So we know he's young-ish. He's fit.

- He's trained to kill. And, he lives in a house with French windows looking out onto a garden.


- Was he killed by the same man?
- We think so.

- Why?
- We don't know that yet. We could offer you some help.

- Counseling?
- Yes.

No. Thank you.

You're bound to feel vulnerable, Mrs. Molloy,

so I'm leaving a policeman outside your door.

Wherever you go, he goes.

Is that okay?

- Yes,
- I'll be in touch.
- Yeah.

Make sure she comes to no harm.

Right, boss.

"Granma, what big eyes you've got," said little red riding hood. "All the better to see

with, my dear." "And, grandma what big teeth you've got." "All the better to eat you with."

It's only till I've put the police in the right path. They won't interfere with our plans at all. I promise.

Remember that picture from Abu Gharib, Fitz? The little white woman with big Iraqi man on a tight leash?

Why was that picture flashed all over the world? They had dozens. So, why that one? Because, Fitz,

and God forgive me,

it was sexy.

Every woman's wish fulfillment.

The us and British Forces claimed to be focusing their efforts on attacking

insurgents evidence on the ground points to significant Civilian casualties the overstretch local emergency services are a breaking point and

frequently strokes again, sir

- Would you like a drink?
- Yeah?

- Tea? Coffee? Or...
- Or

- Scotch? Brandy? Vodka? Gin?
- Vodka, I'm on duty.

- Thanks.
- Jean.
- Okay.

Reminds me I'm not alone. Other people are suffering, too.

Last week to try and convince us

- Do you have children?
- Three.
- How old are they?

Seven, nine and ten.

- How lovely.
- Yeah.

Do you like your job?

This water and we're at war. You don't know

Why not?

- I sold drugs, Mrs. Molloy.
- Jean.

A little-known side effect of your war on terror.

Manchester awash with heroin.

See, The Taliban put a stop to it, you see.

But, they've gone now.

- Normal business resumed.
- I didn't know that.

- No.
- How long have you been a policeman?
- Six years.
- And before that?
- Soldier

Have you ever killed anyone?


I'm sorry. I'm sorry

Why do you think

he killed them?
- I don't know.
- Because they were Americans.

- Possibly.
- My son was an American. Not in that way.

He was a New Yorker.

He hated Bush. He hated the war in Iraq. He hated all this born-again Christianity. I

know so few Americans who are American in that way.

It was Northern Ireland.

You asked me where I killed.

That's where I killed.

Northern Ireland

The Troubles?

We don't call them Troubles.

Troubles is leprechauns, shamrocks and Danny Boy filling buckets full of dollars for the boys back home standing up to those nasty Brits.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean...

Would you like another drink?

It was war, Mrs. Malloy.

I just need more vodka.

'Scuse me.

I feel a tremendous sense admission into that medicines. They can see the difference. They've made the people's life

the people
And ambassador they can see the fact is no investment. They

the people

impression of that religions and inventions and

importantly tell you


You want very specifically back?

- Kenny. Taking over, mate.
- Okay.

Take Care Kenny. Evening constable.

We'll give it him again

son and granddaughter out room over appeal big favor someone grandchild

Hey! Come back!

You go gets an amount who buys miguel no, it's cool compliment. You really thought early, L is like Monopoly status

Watch carefully these helpful same

Exact change stress on a sonically take it. Take it even just a snap

You can keep your barrier reef, and your kangaroos, and your digeridoos. This is life!

Yeah, yeah, we got him. He's just coming over the canal. He's just cming to Prince's Street there.

Remember me?

Now don't even think about stopping. Get out.

- You lost him?
- I lost him.

You lost him?

You see which way? No?

DS Saleh?

- You the murder in the comedy club?
- Yes, sir.
- I'm the man you've been looking for. I was in the pub with the American.

- And I bumped into a guy on his way in.
- Can you give me a name, please sir?
- No.

I've seen him since though.

- Discovered what he does for a living.
- What does he do?

- What's it worth?
- Sorry?

- What's in it for me?
- We can't offer inducements, sir, it would prejudice the case.

- We can't give you money.
- Then tough.
- We've reason to believe that you're dependent on alcohol, or drugs.
- Alcohol or drugs.


- We can help you with that.
- If you want to help me you can give me the money to buy this stuff.

We can help you come off.

- Bye-bye.
- We need to know you're telling the truth.
- Who are you?
- Listen if you don't come forward, your feet won't touch.
- Who is this?

I'm DI Walters, and I can promise you five years if you don't come forward!


- Mobile.
- Number?
- On it.
- Taped?
- Yeah.
- Good.

- Mobile owner, Mrs. Pamela Gordon. Reported stolen about an hour ago. Bank snatch, Church Street.
- That's the guy we chased!

What are you doing?

- Chased the thief.
- And lost him!

- Yeah
- Yeah???

The man we've been looking for. The man who saw our killer. You pair of pricks!

I am extremely disappointed!


He robbed on this road here.

And, he ran all the way to here. He disappeared


- Kenny, he couldn't have doubled backed on you?
- No boss, no.

Okay, so we'll assume he lives somehere here, or knows someone who lives here, right?

So, we do house to house here. We put cars in here, and we find him.

I want you all to look at the CCT we've got. Look at the photo done by Picasso here, and we find this man.

Why can't I kill myself?

I've been brave under fire.

But you're brave under fire because you want to live. You've every chance of living. I'd play Russian Roulette,

but there's five chances out of six of living.

But suicide,

certain death.

A few days?

- Well, just until we make an arrest.
- Our flight's tomorrow night.
- They'll refund the money.

- I'm in work. James is in school.
- We'll find work, it's only midday in Oz.
- We're going home tomorrow night

- This is home.
- This is Maria and Mark;s home. You can't afford a home in this bloody country

You should be awesome stuff

I mean this one made me like tight around the year for 10 years. So, all that matters now right is

If you're lucky enough to to buy a house at the right time, you're fine. And, if you aren't lucky enough, you're finished.

Welcome to England,

Thank you

- There's something up my sleeve, just in case. you know what I mean? Just in case you try something, you know what I mean?

I know what you mean.

There was five pounds forty-two pence in that bag. I must get two years for five pounds forty-two.

- It's all plastic, man. Everything's plastic, and how can I use a woman's plastic?
- You should write to your MP, mate.

Don't even think about it. I'll use this, right. I'll use this.

Come here.

What you want?

You cut my rib.

- What are you on?
- Done a bit of whiz. Done a bit of whiz, but now I need some smack. Let's get some smack.

I need some money.

- I'm not giving you any money, mate.
- You wanna bet? No money and I go straight in there, mate.

I got straight in there and tell them everything I know.

I know what you're thinking, I've worked all this out. I know what you're thinking.

I'll do this once and I'll come back again and again, but I won't right. I won't. I want a one-off payment.

Five Grand. A one-off payment and that will sort me out.

- I can get a bit of gear. A little bit of dealing. I won't need to come back to you, right. I won't.
- Right.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Where?

Don't even think about doing it, right? Because I've written a letter, right.

- To be opened in the event of my death.
- You think...
- Yeah, one of those.
- Where?

Eight o'clock tonight. The Navigation.

- Alright. Okay,
- Your mobile number?

Because I might want to change the venue. If it's not busy, you won't be meeting me. I want lots of people around me, you know what I mean?

Don't forget about my letter. Anything happens to me, you're finished.


I feel a tremendous sense of mission and purpose for Iraqis achieving liberty.

People subjected to the most appalling brutality.

We are an ally of the United States because we believe in fucking this war against terrorism.

- We will not yield.
- Lieutenant?


witness saw the killer's face. He, he , he

knows what the killer does for a living.
- But, if he doesn't come forward?

- We find him.
- And, if you don't find him?

- We will.
- If you don't find him, you've got nothing.

Can I tell Mrs. Molloy what we've been thinking about?

- Tell her.
- Right.

We know he lives locally, so that's say a million people.

But, we know he's been trained to kill, so he's either a soldier an ex-soldier or a

martial arts man.

And there are only

8,000 such people who live locally. We also know he lives in suburbia or at least

a house with a garden. That takes us down to


We know that he's young, and he's strong,

So, if we omit anybody over 40 the number comes down again to 1,500.

Crucially, you can tell what he does for a living by the way he dresses.


confusion confusion

Overalls. That again takes a number down

to 300.

Also, we have a witness who says that he's got short brown hair,

Which cuts the number right down to 100.

Mrs. Molloy there are only 100 men in the whole of Manchester who could possibly have killed your son.

And we will interview every single one of them,and we will definitely catch this man.

Thank you.

- Well done.
- Thank you, Mum

Can I speak to Kenny Archer for five minutes?

- So, had a bit of a do few years back.
- I was the first on the scene of a road accident. A bad one.

Anybody would have a bit of a do.

- Well?
- It is unofficial. Us, you know? Noothing written down.

- You on any medication?
- No.

- Have you had investigations?
- Yeah. There's nothing wrong with me.

Nothing physical.

- Still get the flashbacks?
- Yeah.
- Ireland?

- Ulster.
- Ulster.

- Wanna describe them to me?
- No.
- I really can help.


Belfast. Derry.

You're standing there. A squaddie

facing a gang of screaming women.

"Go home you British bastard, go home!"

They're so over-the-top. You're thinking "because I had an agenda here, one or two of these fancy me."

They're flaunting themselves.

I'll get one of those on her own. The one with the gypsy eyes. I'll slip her one.

I've got something here for you women.

Then a few weeks go by and

you realize she doesn't fancy you at all.

And, the hatred's absolutely genuine. That old gypsy eyes is screamin' at you again, and you're thinking, "I've got something here for you woman."

It's not your dick anymore. It's a bullet. "I'll give you something to scream about, you Irish bitch."


- Empathy established.
- Sorry?
- Step one: Show the patient you understand.

Look I've been through all this before with shrinks in the army, and they were no help either, so

It's all the same with you. I think I'll leave.

- Did you lose mates?
- You know I lost mates.
- Do you want to talk about it?

I'll help you with it.

We were moving up a street,

and the women had been out shouting there was a sniper.

Always doing that. Always trying to put the shit up us.

There's me on one side, Jody and Lee on the other.

An American film how they won the war for us.

Some kids want sweets.

- Hey.
- What's your name?

- My name is Kenny, what's your names?
- Lisa, Monique...

- I tell you what, there's a soldier over there, he's got some sweets.
- Oh, okay. Thanks Kenny. Bye. Bye Kenny.

And, Jordy saw pram, so he went to it. And, we always did that.

Got among the kids, the sniper wouldn't shoot then.

The pram was empty, so what. The sniper wouldn't know it was empty.

A shot. Jordy went down.

Lee got there.

The cell.

And I know what Lee's thinking.

The pram outside an open front door. He's thinking that the people in that house are in on this.

And, I know

that he's gonna go through that door

and I know it's gotta be booby-trapped, but

he's in there before I can shout.


Why is that always?

- I mean it's not the worst, two men there, I've seen much worse. So why is that always?
- I tell you what it does to me.

It's the abuse of humanity

Soldier goes to the pram because he trusts the humanity of the sniper. He's not going to shoot where there's a pram.

But the Sniper knows this. He fires,

and he knows exactly what the soldiers mate's going to do.

His anger is outraged humanity. I'll make him go straight through that door.

It's the abuse of humanity, the exploitation of humanity

to help.

I know what you're doing.

What did you think of 9/11?

- What?
- What did you think about 9/11?
- What's that got to do with this?
- Well? What did you think about it?
- It was horrific.
- Terrific?


Why'd did they make the Twin Towers anyway? Money. Nothing else. Just money.

- Never was a target better chosen, eh?
- Nah, there were cleaners there. Cooks...
- Collateral Damage.
- Firemen, doormen, cops...

Collateral damage, that's what you're thinking. I know that's what you're thinking.

- Collateral damage, I'll show them collateral damage.
- No, I'm thinking it was horrific.

And Bush, what do you think of Bush?

People hate these countries so much, they fly planes into these buildings.

Anyone else might ask themselves,


But, Bush just lashes out, and now even more people hate his country.

Right? Right?

There's only us two here Kenny.

- Nah, come on leave please.
- Are you the man we're looking for?
- What?
- Are you the man we're looking for?

- Why would I kill?
- Do you want me to answer that?
- Yeah.
- It'll hurt.

Answer it.

Thirty years of war in Northern Ireland. The sniper, the bomber, a steady drip drip drip of death

all rendered

totally irrelevant

by 9/11.

"It wasn't a war." That's what they're saying now.

Compared to 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq

Northern Ireland was just a bum fight,

so stop being naughty boys. Kiss and make up 'cause we've got far more important things to do nowadays

Totally insignificant.

So what did your mates die for?

- Just say you did it.
- You're on it, Kenny.

Just say you did it, Kenny. Three little words: I did it.

You'll feel relieved, you'll feel so relieved.


would like to leave please.

Give me five minutes, five minutes. I'll go get something.

Can you give me a name, please?

Nah, I've seen him since though.

- Discovered what he does for a living.
- What does he do?

I've seen him since

- Discovered what he does for a living.
- Yeah

- If you give me a warrant, I'll have him.
- Yes!

- Good.
- Uh, give me a couple of hours. Take Saleh.

- Anything else?
- Yes, it's not just the urgency in his voice. He's only just seen him.

Who's the one person in uniform he could have just seen? The copper who was chasing him.

You expect me to answer that?

- You expect me to answer an accusation like that?
- I don't.

He does.

Okay, if I knew the guy why would I chase him?

Have you got French windows that open onto your garden?

I haven't even got a garden. I've got a backyard.

Can I go?

Because this guy's playing games with me. He gets off on this kind of shit.


Thank you.

- You disappointed me.
- Well. I'm sorry, but it's him.

- I should have realized before but...
- Thanks for everything.

Thanks for everything

- Look, it's heading...
- You know the way out.
- I should have known. I know I should have realized before.
- Thanks for everything.

I was a little

Give me about five minutes, would ya?

- This is your dad's friend who's come to see about the French videos. He never mentioned you were coming.
- Did he not?

- They're a good firm. Good workers. I would get it, if I were you.
- Yeah, no trouble with them.
- What about pigeon?
- There was a pigeon, yeah.

Do you three want to go outside while you wait for your tea? Go on, then.

- Lovely kids.
- Thanks.
- Oh,

the relief when you see an ash tray in the house.

What are you doing?

- I'm just waiting for Kenny.
- I've got to get the kids tea ready and stuff.

- That's okay.
- No, I'm sorry, but...

- I'm a psychologist.
- Why are you telling me that?
- Well, I can help.

Does Kenny know you're here?

You're thinking, "Can I trust this man?" Well, you can, I can help him.

I think you better leave.

This is DI Walters.

I'm not available to take your call, please leave a message.

He lied.

Kenny Archer lied.

Back to the police station, right?

- The plane leaves in three hours, Fitz. If you're not back, we're going without you.
- I don't want you to go without me.

I don't either, because you'll never get there on your own.

- Twenty-four hour flight, free booze, you won't make it alive. It's not a joke

I've definitely not been in tears, but I'm telling you, I'm taking James home with or without you.

You're not staying here. You miss that flight, you're not staying here. You know grandad for God's sake. You're acting like a bloody teenager.

Dad, you know what, I'm tired of dad's like you, you dickhead.

- I have to go.
- Don't put the phone down
- I really do have to go.
- Don' you dare...


Where are ya?

Can't get the money till tomorrow.

- Meet me tomorrow 12:00 noon, same place.
- Nah, need it now.


Wait, what?

- I'm supposed to..
- Get off!

It doesn't matter, you're supposed to have been there.

- I want it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.

If I don't get it,

you're dead.

No, if you do get it, I'm dead.

Our wallet thief is Adam Miller, 23 Page Walk.

- I'm heading there now.
- You're not heading there now, you're waiting for backup.

- It's at my girlfriend's.
- You're a smackhead, you don't have a girlfriend.
- Her name's Rachel.
- Nice.

- So, what'd you write it on?
- Paper.
- Writing paper?
- Yes.
- Sure?

A smackhead with writing paper. This I gotta see.

- You can show me your fine selection of stationary.
- It's in there.


Fuck it, let's go.

Kenny does have French windows that open out to his garden. Why would he lie about that?

- Found that witness, boss. He's dead.
- What?
- Gas explosion.
- When?

- 20 minutes ago
- Shit!

'Scuse me.

- What's the body like? Well, is it identifiable?

- A copper did it.
- Then, it's definitely our man.

- Looks that way.
- Okay, brief the firemen, and I'll be over there as soon as.
- Boss.
- What?

I'm reading a letter and it says one of our coppers did it.

Kenny? Kenny?

- Chains on. What's wrong?
- Go Away.
- What?
- Go Away.
- Well, where?

- Ellie, go away.
- What you doin'? Kenny? Kenny? Kenny? Kenny? Kenny, where are the kids?

- They're upstairs,
- Bring my kids down to me right now.
- No.
- Kenny, bring my kids out to me right now.

Are you the short straw?

- Do you wanna come in?
- Yeah.

- Get me a bottle of vodka.
- How about a nice single malt whisky?

They'll smell that on your breath, of course, but I don't think it's gonna do your career any harm.

- He's made a demand.
- Yeah?
- He wants two bottles of single malt whisky.


- I'll go through now. I wanna see the kids and I wanna see Kenny.
- Shhhh.

Who is that man?

Can I see the kids?

"Bring my kids out to me," she says. "My kids," not "our kids" or "the kids," "my kids."

Kids belong to women, Fitz.

- Can I see them?
- No.



So now you caught me, Fitz. You understood, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Which means that everything I did was perfectly understandable, right?

Understandable, not justified. Understandable.

See I know what she'll do. She'll run away from the shame of it all.

She'll move home, change her name. That's okay.

'Cos everything I did was perfectly understandable.

- You know there's a marksman there, don't you?
- Yeah

- You want him to shoot.
- Yeah.

Because if I had the guts kill myself none of this would have happened. But, I couldn't do it.

'Cos if you shoot yourself,

you see,

I've got a squeeze the trigger.

Know the exact moment that the bullet enters the head.

That's hard.

Better the sudden and unexpected. The way Jordy went and the others went.

- But, they won't shoot you, will they, 'cos you're a copper.
- Yeah, well they'll shoot, if I shoot you.

Kill him.

I want to see the kids.


- Hey, now surely you can eat the rest of that for Daddy, eh? Not finished, come on. Finish it for Daddy.

You alright?

One last mouthful for Daddy. Come on, you can finish that.

It's cold outside, it'll make you warm.

How about your juice, then? Finish your juice.

One big gulp.

They go without me?

Left you a note.

Dinner in fridge, wife in Australia.

three years on the annual ritual of coming back to remember

Morning's Minion tears holding up five pictures of those they lost that day

A thousand Force to remember the moment passenger plane ruins the North Tower of the World Trade Center