Crack House (1989) - full transcript

Rick and Melissa are a pair of young lovers hoping to get out of the slums for good and escape the poverty and crime their families and friends have gotten involved in. All this comes to an end when Rick feels he must rejoin his old gang to avenge the killing of his brother by a rival gang. In the course of getting even, Rick is arrested, leaving Melissa without anyone to protect her. She falls in with a crack dealer and quickly becomes addicted to the drug. When she gets sold to a drug kingpin by a minor dealer to pay off a debt, only Rick can save her.

Hey, how you doing?

Hey, girl.


Don't crowd me.
Let me see your money.

That's what I mean.
Lemme see that action.
My man.


You got a problem?

You fucked with
the wrong guy, bro.

Give me
my fucking money now.

You ain't got
nothing coming, man.

Fuck you, man.

Get the fuck
out of my face!


MAN: A gun!Gimme that.

MORALES: Chico, stop.
You're gonna kill him!


Fuck, you sliced me, man.


You should've let me
kill this mayate.

Damn, Chico,
you fuckin' crazy, man.

He was trying to rip me off!
You should've stayed
out of this, Morales.

Hey, Melissa!

Hey, gorgeous.

Let me talk to you
for a second.

I need some directions.

What is the quickest
way to your heart?


So where
are you headed?

Design class.

So when are you gonna
let me look at some of your,
uh... Your stuff?

My stuff's not
ready to show yet.

Well, your stuff's
looking fine to me.

You just never stop,
do you, B.T.?

I'm just trying
to be friendly.

I'll tell Rick
you said hello.

All right.
You do that.

You do that.


BOY: They're fighting
in the bathroom!

There's a fight
over there!


Hold on.
Hold on. Look.

You gonna tell us who
shanked you or what?

I cut myself on the
paper towel machine.

Yeah, yeah.
It happens all the time.

Look, why don't you
take Mr. Integrity
out of here?

You think it's bad now.
The worst is coming, asshole.

Fuck off!Come on.

Anybody see what happened?

Maybe someone will
report something
later in private.

You know, this crap
is not gonna stop till
somebody comes forward.

If it happened to him,
it can happen to you.



All right, it's over.
Let's go back to class.

I said back to class!



What's the
matter with you?


I'm just a little edgy,
honey. I'm sorry.

Will you walk with me?

Sure. Did you
bring your leash?


What's wrong?

It's nothing, hon.
It's just a little cut.

Were you in
on the knifing?

No. Yes.
Yes and no.

What's that
supposed to mean?

It means yes, I was there,
and no, I wasn't in on it.


Honey, look,
I tried to break up a fight

and I got cut in
the middle of it.
That's all.

All right?

Would you quit
worrying so much?

Anyways, you know
I quit the Pochos for us.

And you know we're gonna
get out of this damn place.







♪ He says he's big time

♪ He's gonna show you the way

♪ We've had some hard times

You ever gonna get
this thing running again?

Yeah, man,
I'll get your bike running.

I don't know if you're
gonna be alive by then.

Rick, those guys at school
that you got sliced for,

they're a couple
of assholes.

Hey, so I was
stupid, okay?

Hey, I'm late for work.
Can you help me
with my homework?

Can you finish it for me?

Yeah, yeah, I'll do it.


I'll pay you back
with one of those
sci-fi books, all right?

Sci-Fi City?

Hey, you got it.


WOMAN: A little action, baby?

MAN: Yeah, yeah.

Short time's $20.

That sounds all right.
Get in.

Hey, Rick, give me some
of that money, man.

Don't work that way, bro.

All right, then how about
a couple of burgers?

The manager's cracking down.
Said no more freebies.

But I told him you were
looking for a job.

Yeah? So what's up?

He said he'd
keep you in mind.

That don't mean shit.

Man, I got to pull
together something now.
I'm sick of being dry.

I'm better off
hanging with my cousin
down at the rock house.

No, man.
There's better things to do

than dishing crack.
You'll find a job.

Where, man? Where?

Hey! Hold up, man. Here.

Have a burger.

Hey. Thanks, man.

All right.


Let's see some stars, baby.

There you go.

Hey, negrito,
things don't change, huh?


Let me ask you something.

Why don't you just
smoke that shit
like everybody else?

So what, homie?

If you had as many needles
sticking out of you

as you stick in you,

you'd look like
a porcupine, man.

Why don't you stop mainlining
and space-basing, homes?

You're turning into a freak.

Let me tell you
one more thing.

That meeting I set up
with these negros,
the Greys...

When we get there tonight,
I want you to do me a favor.

I want you to
shut up and let me
do all the talking, okay?

They way you look
when you get like that,

you're gonna fucking
ruin the whole deal.

What do we need
those negrosfor, man?

We don't need Jammer.

We should go
straight to Steadman.

Man, Steadman's black
and the Greys are black.

And we don't want to have
any problems on the street!


You listen to me.

I made a promise to them.
No guns.

No fucking guns,
do you hear me?

I'm telling you.

BOY: Oh, man!

Man, I wonder what
motherfucking time
it is in Mexico, man.

A fucking five
will get you 10.

These motherfuckers
are mending
each others' wounds

from the barbed
wire cuts they got

sneaking into the
motherfucking country.

Right on, man.
That's good.

We're here, homes.

See, man, I hope you
motherfuckers came clean.
No guns, no knives,

and most of all,
you brought your
motherfucking green cards.

Don't fuck with me.

Let go!

Don't mayateme!

Hey, hey Danny,
check yourself!

This is what
I want you to do.


Go get the rest
of them nasty
motherfucking wetbacks,

and y'all bring
your asses in here.

Do it now, because
this is G for life.
Hey, hey, stop!

MAN: Don't act funny, man.

G for life!

MAN 1: You better run!

MAN 2: You better run, baby.

Man, y'all put them
joints out,
put that beer down.

We got business.
Let's put in a little work.

No guns. Nada.

Jammer, I can see
you've gotten older.

This is good living.

I see your motherfucking
belly button is touching
your backbone.

That's okay.
We can call each other
names all night.

And I can kill you
right here.

Kill me?

But I wanna
talk some business.

G's don't die, G's multiply.
G way all day, G for life.

G sucks my dick.

You gonna fuck around?Fuck you, man!

Don't fuck with us!


Stop now!

Kill the noise.


I'm telling you once.
I'm telling you once.

We're talking business now.

What you should have did
is come here by yourself,

without all
these other wetbacks.

Fuck this talk, bitch!


Fuck his ass up!

Let's go![WHISTLES]

Let's go! Let's go, man!

Come on! Come on! Come here![GUN SHOT]


I told you not to bring
no fucking wire here!


You're crazy, man!

Now get me!
The tables have turned.
Fuckers, come on.

I'm telling you, homeboy,

I'm gonna smoke you
and your whole
motherfucking set!

What's the problem?
Fucking wetback
too mad for you?

G for life, motherfucker!

Come on, let's get
the fuck outta here!


Jammer, the change
is now, fatso.

I'll fold them later.
I've gotta get ready.

Rick again?

Mom, what is it
with you?

You're always
picking on Rick.

I was just hoping
that you'd start

seeing someone else.
That's all.

I told you,
he quit the gang.

What does he
have to do to
make you like him?

I like him.
You're just too young
to be so serious.

I'll be 18 tomorrow.
You were 17 when you had me.

I don't want you
making the same
mistakes that I did.

Mom, you just don't know
how wonderful he is.

Oh, how romantic.

You have to start
thinking about more
practical things, Melissa.

Jobs, for instance.

Rick has a job
and he's gonna
join the Air Force.

And where does
that leave you?

Chasing after him
at air bases
all over the place?

You need something
more stable, Melissa.

We'll work it out, okay?


What now?



Look at this place.

RICK: It's great.
This place is beautiful.

Look around you.

Oh, you mean the stuff
my mom has in here?


Check this out.

How's that?


Good.Much better.


♪ Heartbeats
Beating so much faster now

♪ Keep it up
to the rhythm of love

♪ Don't stop
Let's make this moment
last forever


♪ This love fits
like a hand in a glove

♪ Overdrive is the only
speed you know

♪ Hot, hot
Push the pedals to the floor

♪ Whoa, whoa
Let me be your driver, baby

♪ Let me take you
to the candy store ♪

RICK: I have
a present for you.


Go on.

Oh, Rick,
it's beautiful.

Would you take this
like an engagement ring?

Are you asking me
to marry you?

That's what an
engagement ring
is for, isn't it?

Rick. Yes.

Good. That was easy.

MELISSA: Where'd your mother
get all this stuff?

I know. It's like
a damn church in here.

Tomorrow night
for your birthday,
we're gonna go out in style.

I'm gonna borrow
Jesus' Nova.


Look at you, man.
You've grown.

I know it, man.Thank God.

I appreciate this, man.

It's your car,
don't worry about it.

Hey, he shouldn't
be here, homie.

You're not a Pocho, homes.
You've been jumped out.

Nobody's jumped him out!
He's still a Pocho!

You're an asshole,
Morales, is what you are.


You know,
when I slit your arm,

I should have
slit your nuts.

Chico, I was saving
your fucking ass, man.

Open your eyes, Chico.

He's kept you from slicing
your own dick off

and bringing
the heat down on us!
You think about that.

Hey, Jesus, man,
forget about it.
Fuck you.

If he wasn't your cousin,


He'd still be supremoPocho.

Thanks, man.

The time is gonna come

when you come back
to help us guard
the barrio, mano.


Oh, forget it.

Hey, every time
a new chick gets laid
in the back seat of my car,

it just adds to
my ride's karma.


Hey, I want you to guard
my ride with your life.

You got it, man.

Watch out!

This is for the Greys!
G for life!


Come on.
Come on.






Let's go waste
these fuckers, man.

All right, let's do it.

For Jesus, eh?

MAN: For Jesus.

You take the back, ese.

Done, man.

Remember, Jammer's for me.




MAN: Hey, wake up,
we got company!


You're gonna be
all right, man.
You're gonna be all right.

Run that way
when you can, okay?




Drop the guns!

OFFICER 1: Freeze!

Check the side of the house!

Hold it right there!

Clasp your fingers
behind your head!

You know
the position.

You heard him!

Kiss the ground! Move it!

All right, all right.

Now drop to the ground!
Kiss the ground!

Lie face down,
your hands behind your back.

Face down!Put your head down.

Behind your back.
Behind your back.


Get over here, lay down.

All right, cuff him.
You know the position.
Let's move!

Down, boys!

OFFICER: You check
the second floor?

Got everybody out?

I found this in plain view,

and I found
this in the closet.

I hope this is not
who I think it is.

Oh, Jesus, Morales,
I thought you smartened up.

Those Greys killed my cousin.
What do you expect?

Obviously too damn much.

Get him outta here.

Hey, come on, Morales.
You got a visitor.


Rick, please,
I have to talk to you.

Are you all right?

I blew it.

I just went crazy
when I saw what
they did to Jesus.

I'm sorry about Jesus.
If there's anything I can do.

You can just forget
about me, Melissa.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about
they got me on
attempted murder,

assault with a deadly weapon,
drug charges.

The D.A.'s talking
10 to 20 years for me.

God, Rick.

Yeah, well,
it's not fair for me
to keep you hanging on.

None of this is fair.

You have to try
and forget about me,
that's all.


I can't keep you
hanging on anymore, hon.


Rick, I need you!

B.T.: Hey, Melissa, baby.

Hop in,
let me give you a ride.

No, thanks.

I'm sorry to hear
about your old man and all.

Hey, Melissa, look,
I don't see no reason
why we can't be friends.

Is there anything
wrong with that?

There's nothing wrong, B.T.
I just wanna be
alone right now, okay?

Yeah, all right.

Hey, check it out.



Wait up, honey.

Cool it, baby,
there ain't no hurry.

What's the hurry?

Oh, boys, munchies.

Please, just
leave me alone.

You know,
for you to be my ruca,
I'd give up basing.


She's over here.

Help! Help!

Don't let her go.
Get her back here!

Now what?

Let me in!

Where you going?


No! No! No!




Hold her down.



You about to mess up bad.

Fuck off, blow-man.

Hey, man.
She don't belong to you.

So what?

Steadman wants her, man.

Steadman, huh?

Yeah, she's in the plan.

What fucking plan?

He got new plans, homes.

Check it out.

See, the Greys be
in the slammer, dig?

And that means
a whole new turf is open.

Steadman's gonna
cut a whole new
hand of cards, man.

And you can grab a whole
lot of new turf, man,

or just a ton of bullshit.

It's your choice.

MAN: Easy, baby.

Fuck Steadman.

Hey, man, Steadman's
gonna do what he want, bro.

Ain't you or me
gonna change that shit.

But if you gonna mess
with his new bitch
here like this,

let me give you something
to ease your pain.

A couple of hits
of this shit, man

and I guaran-fucking-tee
that not only will
your dick be buzzing...







Come on,
Melissa. Relax.

Take a deep breath.

Hey, I'm your friend,

Here, you cold?

Let's go over here,
stop here for a second.


I don't know what
I would have done
if you hadn't come along.

Hey. It's no problem, huh.

Those dirty bastards.

Go ahead and cry.
You're safe now.

You just need
to smooth out some.

Melissa, look,
if you need a lift
or something,

don't be too shy
to ask, huh.

Ain't no biggie,
you know?


Take a swig.
Help warm you up.

Go on.


Sit back and relax.
You're gonna be home soon.

I don't feel
like going home.

I'm not ready
to face my mother yet.

That's just the way it is.

But when I'm feeling low...

I take me a little blow.

Something to ease the pain

and ease the strain.

No, I don't wanna
do that, B.T.

I really don't
think I should.

Go on.
Treat yourself.



Melissa, where have you been?

Mom, I need to talk to you.

Honey, can't it wait?
I'm with someone.

Never mind.

We'll talk tomorrow,
okay, sweetheart?



Oh, Morales, Morales...

You know something?
You were the one kid

I thought had cut
this gangbanging bullshit.

Tell me,
what is the fascination?

Is it the shirts?

They killed my cousin.

Who did?


Come on, Ricardo.

Help us gather
information so we can put
these guys behind bars.

Where's your family loyalty?

Doesn't work that way, man.

I see.

You guys

always bragging about
protecting the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, all I see
is a bunch of punks
hyped up on drugs.

By the way,

how's your brother?

He's okay.


He's okay.

He's in a wheelchair!

Because of a stray
drive-by bullet.

He's okay?


Look, where I come from,
that ain't okay.

And one other thing.

We've got enough shit
on you to keep you
in here a long time.

Now, you can refuse
to cooperate, fine.

You can piss
your life away, fine.

The state will supply you
with a nice toilet.



B.T.: So, what's up?
You hanging out now?

I couldn't handle class
today so I left early.

Hey, I just got word
that there's a jamming-ass
party downtown.

I don't feel
like a party right now.

Hey, I know you feeling down,
but this is gonna be
a real spine-mover.

The word is
the High Top Rappers
are gonna be there.

Really? They're really good.

See, those outfits they wear,
they look like dog shit.

Now, you should talk
to 'em about designing
them something new,

something elite.

I'm not ready
to talk to anybody.

Sure you are.
I'll be by to pick you up.

Ciao, bella.




I mean, what am I
gonna say to them
when they get here?


I've never talked to anybody
about a design job before.

Hey, don't worry,
you're good.

So all you have to do
is make a good
first impression.

Hey, Big Time.Hey, baby.

Where you been?

I've been everywhere.

You just
haven't been looking.

Oh, Annie,
this is Melissa.

I see why
I haven't seen you.

Great party.Yeah.


Sounds good.


Time for a little
rock climbing.

There you go.

I don't think I can.

This will get you higher
than anything
you've ever done before.

Mmm-hmm. Sure will.

There you go.

Go ahead.

It's only coke.

Just a little concentrated,
that's all.

Kind of like frozen OJ.

Hey, climb aboard.

MAN: Yo, hurry up!
I got to piss!

What you think this is,
a damn bathroom or something?





B.T., when are the
High Tops gonna show?

They're gonna be here.
Don't worry.

I don't feel too good.

Okay, let's go.

Big Time is gonna
fix you right up.



No, B.T., don't.

I don't want to.


Where in the hell
have you been?

Out tramping around!

Who do you think
you are, anyway,

coming in at
3:00 in the morning?

I don't know, who am I?

I have rules
in this house!

Go stuff your damn rules.




So what's the matter
with that asshole
attorney of yours?

He should've had you
out a month ago.

He's assigned to
everybody who got
busted that night.

Hasn't had time to
review my case yet.


If we had money,
we could've had
you out like that.

I know.

It's time
to go, Morales.

I gotta go.


You take good care
of Mama, okay?

Have you heard
anything about Melissa?

No. She hasn't been
around in a long time.

It's over now.
It's better that way.


Come in, Melissa.

Sit down.

Melissa, I'm very
disappointed in you.

Your grades,
your attendance,

even your appearance.

I feel it's only
fair to warn you

if you continue
on this course,

you might
not graduate.

I'm kind of having
a rough time right now.

I'm worried about you.

Look, I know
your social life

is none of my business,

but I've always
thought of you as
a special student.

My main concern is that
you get back on track.

Do you think
you can do that?


Now if you need
anything from me,

please don't be
afraid to ask.



What are you doing?

This is why
all the changes in you?

You have no right
snooping around
in my room!

This is dangerous,

Mind your own
business, Mother!

Look at you!

You're a mess,
a drug addict!

Let's talk about
who's a drug addict
around here!

You and your
stinking gin
every night.

You're the goddamn
drug addict.

Don't you talk
to me like that.
I'm your Mother,

and I won't stand
for this shit in my house.

You don't have to.

Oh, where do you
think you're going?

You're not leaving.

Try and stop me.



You move, you die.

Pull over.

B.T.: Hey, don't fuck up
with that gun man,

'cause I ain't
done shit, now.

Check the van.
I know he's got
crack in there.


Hey, right here.

[GRUNTS]Hey, man, I'm just
making a cruise, man.

We got a problem, bro.

I've been to see
Steadman, man.

He isn't cutting us
any new turf.


I don't like
being bullshitted.

Hey, man,
I ain't bulshitting, man.


CHICO: How's Melissa, eh?

Chico, I found it.

Hey, man,
you fucking up now,
man. Come on.


Haven't been seeing
Steadman, have you,
huh, bro?

I ought to fucking
kill you myself, man.

Do it. Kill him.

You know what?
I think I'll let
Steadman do it.

He'll probably
do a better job.

Kill him.




Okay, okay, okay.

Hey, Steve, this
is B.T. again, man.

Hey, listen up.

Hey, man, come on.
You know I'm good
for it, man.

Hey, man, don't I
always pay you back?


Hey, man,
no matter how many
times you do that

you ain't gonna
find no crack.You tell you're...

Shut up, bitch!

I almost got
my motherfucking
face blown off!

What are we gonna do?

Ah, goddamn it.

Okay. Okay,
I'll make another call.


See if I can
check out another source.

Okay, our stuff's inside,
but you gotta go
in there and get it.

Why not you?

Hey, they see a black man
in this neighborhood,

they're liable
to call the fucking
National Guard.

I don't think I can...

Hey, you want to
get high or what?


Go on.


Is anybody here?

[GASPS] Mr. Dockett!

Hello, Melissa.

Nice to see you.

What's going on?

I got an emergency
phone call.

It seems you need this.

You know, this is
very bad for you, Melissa.

Why don't you just
give me the bag, huh?

Not so fast.

B.T.'s getting
this on credit.

That means there'll be
some interest to be paid...

In advance.

Take off your
clothes, Melissa.

I don't believe this.


This is no business
for a special girl like you.

But you'll learn.

Let me go!


Can't we just
smoke some,
just a little?


The first rule
is business first...

Then drugs.

Take off your clothes,

it's your choice.

Fucking bastard!



Hey, Steadman.

Hey, I was just
getting ready
to call you, man.

Hey, I was...
You saved me a trip.


Hey, Mr. Steadman.

Hey, man, I know what
you're thinking man.

But that was
a straight-up rip off, man.

Man, I got
jack for that shit.

Man, they put
a pistol to my head, man.

I almost came up short.

I ain't got nothing
going on with
the Pochos, man.

They jacked me good.

Mr. Steadman,
you can look around
for yourself, man.

You see I ain't
hiding shit, man.

I ain't got no crack,
I ain't got no dope.
I ain't got shit, man.

You can look
for yourself.

You insult me
by making me come here.

You're not crazy
enough to hold out
on me, are you B.T.?

You been
losing your grip?

No, Mr. Steadman.

You been smoking too much
and moving too little, huh?

You lost
a whole shipment.

Leaving me with
the financial burden.

Now, how do you propose
to make up for that, B.T.?

Mr. Steadman,
I'll take care
of it, okay?

Don't worry, all right.

I'll pay you back in full.
Just give me some time.


This your bitch, B.T.?

Yeah, that's my old lady.


Used to be.


Don't you do nothing
I don't tell you to do.

Don't you even breathe.
You understand me?

Now, don't you worry.

You and I, we're gonna
get along real fine.

This buys you
some time, B.T.

But you gonna
make up for that
lost shipment in full.


Yes, sir, Mr. Steadman.


Chill out.

It's Steadman.

Tripper, my man.

Hey, boss man,
what's happening?

How you doing?

Hey, Mr. Steadman,
I took care of the shit.

STEADMAN: Good business.

this is my bitch.

I don't want you
fucking around with her,
you understand that?

Gotcha, boss.

We're gonna go back there
and get acquainted.

Think you and I
are gonna get
along real well.



MAN: How many
you want, man?


All right, hang on.

He wants two dimes.

Here you go, man.

How's my baby
this morning?

Are you all right?

Well, you know
there's a few simple
rules around here.

Number one,
always do exactly
what I tell you to do.

The second,
don't ever attempt
to leave this house.

And thirdly, you're here
until B.T. repays me.


But if you're
a nice little girl,

I'll get you all
the drugs you need.

You like that?


Please, I hurt.
I need something bad.

Then I'll get you
something bad.

Tripper, get in here.

Yes, Mr. Steadman.

Get this bitch
a speedball.

Got it, boss.


Put some lipstick on.

Hey, Chico.

Danny. What's up, homie?

What they got you in
for this time, homes?

I nailed a gabacho,brother,
in a liquor store, ese.

Big time, homes.

It's cold out there, man,
without my locos, ese.

Chilly, bro.

Yo, cabron.

Hey, man, what's the name
of that chick of yours?



She's a good fuck
for a white chick.

Wanna smell?



Fuck him up, man!
Fuck him up!

You motherfucker, man!

All I had to do
was offer her some
fucking crack.

Easy, bitch!

Get the fuck out!

Drown, you motherfucker!

I didn't fuck her!Bullshit!

Tell me what
the fuck you know,
you piece of shit!

I didn't fuck her!

Has anybody touched her?

I don't know.Bullshit!

Aw, fuck.

The truth, motherfucker!

Tell me
what you know,

Tell me what you know!

I didn't fuck her,
man. I swear!

All I know is that
she moved in with B.T.,

and he strung
her out on crack,

and that she moved in
with Steadman, man.

Fuck Steadman, man!

Fuck you.

So, Mr. Morales,
what is it

you had to speak to me
so badly about?


What about Mr. Steadman?

I think I can
help you bust him.


And how do you
propose to do that?

I think I can
get inside.

Bullshit, Morales.

That's a black-run house.

They're not gonna let
no whipped-dick Chicano

go waltzing in there.

I know a dude
who's inside.

How do you know
he's inside?

It's not important.

Do you want
Steadman or not?


Why this sudden interest
in Mr. Steadman?

Listen, somehow
he's got my girl
in his house.

Just bust the bastard
so I can get her
away from him.

So how do we know
she's there
against her will?

'Cause he's got her
all messed up on drugs.


Maybe we can cut a deal.

Hey, ese.
I got out, man.

No, everything's cool.

Hey, you remember
that guy B.T.?

Hey, you know
where he lives?

No, I just kind of
owe him something.


All right.

All right, man.
Thanks a lot.


Hey, get the fuck
away from my van!

I'm gonna kick your ass!


Hey, man,
let's talk about it.



Fuck you. Fucker!

Die! Die, you fucker.


I want you gone!

No, man. No, man!


are Steadman and Tripper
ever gone at the same time?

Annie, listen to me.

We're gonna find
a way out of here.

What are we
supposed to do?

Fly through the sky
like two little birds?


We're gonna get
out of here, Annie.

There's only
one way out of here.

What's that?

You'll find out.

Here, strap this
on your ankle.

What's this?

That, my friend,
is your phone home.


When Steadman makes
the exchange
with his supplier,

you let us know
and we move in.


Come on. All right,
fellas. Come on.


This tripped-out bitch.

Tripper, come here.

Bitch, come on.Yes, Mr. Steadman.

I'm finished with her.

Do what you
wanna do with her.

Ssh! Come on.


It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.

Come on, bitch, come on.

Come on,
get this shit
off the table.

Come on, man.
Spread 'em.

Hey, man,
hold her down.Party time!

Party time. Come on,
hold her down, man.

Hey, Buzz, come on.
Want some?

Come on!
Fucking pussy.

See that shit, bitch?

Hold the girl, man.

If I ever get
tired of you,

that's the same thing
that's gonna
happen to you.

You know, you still
can back out.

Who said anything
about backing out?

She means that
much to you, huh?

Yes, she does.

Yes, she does.

Rick, I'll tell
you something.

Sometimes when you
get that heavily
involved in drugs,

there's no coming back.

She can make it.
I know she can.


Rick! What the fuck
you doing here, man?

Same thing everybody
else is doing, man.

I wanna score
some decent shit.

Yo, Ace,
check the door, man.I got it, homes.

Oh, yeah?
Like what?

I need a couple Z's.

It's gonna
cost you, man.

That's what
I got this for.

You sure?Of course I'm sure.

This is just
the start, man.

I'm taking
over B.T.'s spot.

You jumped him out?

That's right.Whoa! Whoa!

You asking for
trouble, ese?

Steadman don't want
nobody but brothers
doing them streets.

Look, it's not good
to fuck with him.

Look, I'm gonna
keep things smooth.

I got a master plan, buddy.

Let me talk to the man.

I can't do that, man.
Steadman's busy right now.

Come back
tomorrow night.

Let me talk
to the man now.

Look, it don't
work that way, okay?

Come back
tomorrow night.

All right, I want two.

I want two.

B.T.: I just gotta
get myself outta this
motherfucking place.

Some crazy-ass
motherfuckers down here.

Shit, man. I was in
a motorcycle accident,
but that's all right

'cause check it out...
I'm going to Hawaii, man.

They got some
bad-ass women in Hawaii.

They all waiting for me
on the beach, you know.

I never been there,
but I know how it is.

Yeah. You know
what I'm saying?

Fuck this place, man.

I'm going by
Vegas first and win me
a couple thousand dollars.

Yeah, buddy.

I got me some fine women
waiting for me there.

Sit the fuck down!

So, cholo,
what time is it?

Where's Steadman?

Hey, you talk to me,

I talk to Steadman.

I talk to Steadman only.

Take a fucking
walk, Rick.

All right, homes.

I'll take my business
somewhere else.

Yeah, you do that.

You got it, blood.

Hey, motherfucker!

Bring your ass
over here now.

Get your fucking
feet down!

I heard you jumped B.T. out.

You heard right.Why?

I got connections.Bullshit.

B.T. don't got connections.Hey.

It's cool.

B.T. don't got connections.

See, I got people
that pay me up front, cash.

I'll tell you what.

We start you off
with a quarter of a bird.

You move that shit,
we'll talk contract.

We don't talk nothing
till I talk to Steadman.

Listen here,

Rick, Rick, Rick.

My offer is the best
you're gonna get.

It's the way
we do business.

Take it or not.

I'll take it.
Let's do it.


MAN: I'm a go...
Gonna make a beer run!






Annie, shit.

Holy shit, Annie. Shit.

No, no, no, no.
This is making me
very, very nervous.

You gotta get close
enough to Steadman

to finger his
secondary source.

Hey, I'm doing
everything I can.

I've been there
three times in
the last five days.

Look, I can't keep
an entire tact force
on alert much longer.

I'm getting
too much pressure.

It's tough
for us to justify
these drug buys.

What? You got
a better idea?

We're gonna
have a good time
tonight, baby.


Might as well
look up here.

You know
what it's like.

Don't you?


Come here.

Come to your daddy, baby.
Come on, baby.

Shit, bitch, you stink.

When was the last time
you had a bath?I don't know.

You're just like
all the rest of them.

You come in looking
halfway decent, and
next thing you know,

you're turning into
a goddamn coke freak.

Get your ass up here.
Come on.



Get in here!No!

Get your hands down.

Get in the shower.
Get in there, bitch.


When Steadman finds
out that his drugs are
not hitting the street,

he's gonna know
you're not moving
his shit.

That'll teach you
to keep your ass clean.

Let me out!
It's burning me!Get back in there.

It's hot!
Let me out!

That's enough
for one more buy.

But after that,

I'm not making
any more promises.

I'll make it work.
I'll make it work.

You'd better.



Clean as a whistle.

Yeah, come with me.

You must be Morales.

Yeah. And you
must be Steadman.


You like that beer?

I thought
you'd probably like

one of them
tortillas and beans,

one of them Coronas.

This is fine.That's good.

'Cause it could be
your last one.

Now, cut the shit, Morales.

Where's all the
stuff you've been
buying from us?

It sure as hell
hasn't hit the streets.

Man, you've been talking
to the wrong people.

Don't give me that
"people" bullshit.

Now either you're
storing it up for
your own house

or you're working
with the badge boys.

Either way,
I'm not enthused.


bring me that torch.

Here you go.

You ever smelled
burnt flesh?

Foul odor?



Yo, boss, the man's
coming up the path.

He's got the bag.

Okay, hit it.
Get him in,
get him out.

He's headed
for the back door.

I'll find out
what you know later.


He's not a bad kid.

I just hope
we haven't sent him
to an early grave.

Quick, Steadman,
weigh it and give me
my money.

Just relax.
We'll be out of here
in three minutes.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Jesus. This is the last time
I come here, Steadman.

You do business with me,
you do it here
in the rock house. Okay?


Tact Force One,
here we go.

Hit 'em,
and hit 'em hard.

It's about time.Let's go.

Let's get outta here.

Let's go.
Come on, come on.

Oh, shit, it's the pigs!

Man, they got
the ram with them.

They're coming
in from all sides!

Jesus, what now?

Man, fuck you.

Ain't no shit, man.
This is big!

Oh, shit!

Red alert!

Come on!
Hear that?


Move it!

Hey, start
flushing the drugs!

Open the door.
I'm getting out.

No way, white fuck.


Shit, I'm getting
the fuck outta here!



Move it, move it!

Officer down!

Take 'em, man!

Blow 'em away!Let's go!



Move it! Move it!

Freeze, Dockett!



OFFICER: Make way for the ram!


Man, you're gonna
die now, man.

Hold it right there! Freeze!

Hold it, Morales,
don't do it.
Don't do it!

[DOG GROWLING]Get this motherfucker
off me, man!

Stay there!
Drop the weapon.

He's not worth it.

Steadman, get out here!

Get your hands
behind your back,

Good job, Morales.


I'm so glad you're here.

You're gonna be
all right, honey.

We're gonna have
to start paying these
teachers more money.

I was so scared.

I never thought
I'd make it without you.

You're safe now.



♪ I swear by my life

♪ These words are true

♪ Swear with all my might

♪ I will stand by you

♪ I swear by my life
after all we've been through

♪ Can't tear us apart now
I'm crossing my heart

♪ I swear it

♪ We said

♪ It'd be forever

♪ We said

♪ We'd always be together

♪ But unaware of the night
In a world without light

♪ Drawn into the dangers ahead

♪ I swear by my life

♪ These words are true

♪ Swear with all my might

♪ I will stand by you

♪ I swear on my life
after all we've been through

♪ Can't tear us apart
I'm now crossing my heart

♪ I swear

♪ You gave

♪ Things no one had given

♪ You gave

♪ A reason to be living

♪ We're a force, side by side
That no one can divide

♪ I was there when
I cried out, "You saved me"

♪ I swear by my life

♪ These words are true

♪ Swear with all my might

♪ I will stand by you

♪ I swear by my life
after all we've been through

♪ Can't tear us apart now
I'm crossing my heart

♪ I swear

♪ Our love is strong
Some things you don't betray

♪ Though the streets
may separate us

♪ They can't take that away

♪ There's thunder
in the distance

♪ Trouble in the air

♪ But promises are forever
I meant it

♪ When I said
I swear by my life

♪ These words are true

♪ Swear with all my might

♪ I'll always bow to you

♪ I swear by my life
after all we've been through

♪ Can't tear us apart now
I'm crossing my heart

♪ I swear

♪ I swear

♪ I swear

♪ I swear

♪ I swear

♪ I swear