Crack (2000) - full transcript

Two buddies from the hood are forced to rob a mafia-backed crack house or go to prison.

Where you from?

I ain't from nowhere.

♪ To hit 'em up

You think this fool around here?

Man, y'all always tripping.

♪ You hit 'em up

♪ Where you're from

♪ You better keep your gun

♪ Or your life is d-done

♪ To hit 'em up

♪ Where you're from

♪ You better keep your gun

♪ Or your life is d-done

♪ To hit 'em up

♪ Where you're from

♪ You better keep your gun

♪ Or your life is d-done

♪ 'Cause we gonna
have to get 'em up ♪

♪ I'm just a reflection

♪ I'm niggas from different sections ♪

♪ I cross over intersections

♪ And hard labor work
put us with the weapons ♪

♪ Mighty by deception

♪ With armored gear

♪ Get up or you or you
waiting to get hit up ♪

♪ Like the third dude
in the barber chair ♪

♪ In the city where shit is
just too hard to swallow ♪

♪ To get 'em up

♪ Where you're from

♪ You better keep your gun

♪ Or your life is d-done

♪ To get 'em up

♪ Where you're from

♪ You better keep your gun

♪ Or you might end up d-done

♪ You hit 'em up

♪ 'Cause we don't have to
get 'em up if you don't ♪

♪ To hit 'em up

♪ Where you're from

♪ You better keep your gun

♪ Or you might end up done

♪ Nigga where you're your from

♪ You better keep your gun

♪ 'Cause we gonna
have to get 'em up ♪

♪ If you don't give it up

The story usually starts

with what a guy's
childhood was like.

How his dad was mean to him

and kids in school picked on him.

And how these things
pushed him down

a life of crime and all that.

I ain't gonna share
my whole life story.

Who cares, anyway?

I graduated from school,
went to work, made money.

Felt good when I did a day's work.

Then one day, I looked around

and saw myself still
at the starting line.

I wasn't gonna be
president of the company,

and I wasn't a kid anymore,

so I started a life
of crime to get rich.

Some guys get all the breaks,
and some don't.

I guess you can tell
the kind of guy I am.


You can mix this paste
in front of a cop, Man.

There's no law against it.

It's just a pile of legal,
industrial chemicals.

It's only when you mix
the acid with the base

does it become illegal.

Hey you should wear a mask,
Man, you're crazy.

We're gonna turn five
grand worth of chemicals

into 100 grand, Man!

Let's do it then, Tweak Monster.

Okay, okay.

Now I'm gonna mix the
acid with the base.

When I do, it's gonna heat up.

You pour that ice in
there as fast as you can

or we're gonna blow this house
clean outta this world, Man.

Okay, ready, set, go!

I was just kidding, Man

Okay, okay, ready, go!

Two Baker Ten,
I've got a possible fire,

going in to investigate.

Come on, Guys, more ice,

faster, faster, Man, faster!

More ice, come on, more ice!

Come on, more ice, more ice,
faster Man!

Come on, faster!


Drop the weapon!

I'm blind, I can't see!

I got you, Man, come on,
I got you!

Get the drugs, get the drugs!

It's gonna blow, Man,
it's gonna blow!

Let's just get out!

Get the drugs!

It's gonna blow, let's go!

♪ Survival on the streets
is very dangerous ♪

♪ You can't walk down the street
without a bullet proof vest ♪

♪ Shit goes down in every city

♪ If you're a punk, Motherfucker,
you're gonna get bit ♪

♪ Survival on the streets
is very dangerous ♪

♪ You can't walk down the street
without a bullet proof vest ♪

♪ Shit goes down in every city

♪ If you're a punk, Motherfucker,
well you're gonna get wet ♪

♪ Let me tell you a story,
where should I begin? ♪

♪ Should I mention my homies
that are down till the end ♪

♪ 'Cause we have no choices
in the things that we do ♪

♪ We'll kill your whole family
and fuck your bitch too ♪

♪ We got our steel toed boots

♪ Our loaded gats

♪ If you're gonna talk shit

♪ You're gonna get whacked

♪ We're doing the
things that we do ♪

♪ Just to stay alive, fool

♪ The number one
priority is to survive ♪

♪ But sometimes we get
caught in the mix ♪

♪ Never running your friends
or they'll be put on a list ♪

♪ And others never
survive the prison cells ♪

♪ Most of them get sent
back to the county jails ♪

♪ You got to be true to
your partners in crime ♪

♪ If you rat on them

Damn, Man.

Empty handed again.

How come every time we get a
break, it goes bad?

At least we're not in jail.

Not yet.


Let yourself in, why don't you?

Come on, Boys, car's downstairs.

Oh, My Man, Trenton, Dante.


Get in the car, Motherfuckers.

Yo, keep facing forward, Man.

So where you taking us, Man?

To get some ice cream.

What flavor do you want?

Chocolate's the best.

At least that's what
my girlfriends tell me.

Yo, shut up, Man.

All right, they're clean.

Get in the car.

Come on, Dante, drink up.

Root beer floats are one
of life's guilty pleasures.

Is this our last meal?

Yeah, where's the firing
squad and the blindfolds?

Why should we kill you?

Careful, Trenton,
don't want to get a brain freeze.

We got a job for you, big job.

You guys are gonna like it.

See that dump over there?

Yeah, major urban renewal time.

That, My Friends, is a crack house.

The most profitable
franchise in the ghetto

since the Korean Liquor Mart.

This is no ordinary crack house.

It's a storage unit for drug money

which is laundered in the banks.

A couple brothers run it,
they're backed up by Italians.

Police need tanks to
break into those places.

Just like a bank.

Except, no alarms, unmarked bills.

Wait, a bank?

Man, how much money are we talking?

Whacked out coke heads tote nooses.

Only transaction
you're gonna make there

is an early withdrawal.

Yeah, how much money could
be in an old crack house?

We have 9,000 gangs after us.

Man, if you guys were to go
in there and rob the place,

the East Side Gangs would get blamed.

You guys won't even be suspects.

Do we have a choice?

Sure, do it,

or go to jail for being dope pushers.

Cops have the best dope.

Keep it as an advance.


I modified the grip
on this one myself

to make it look bad.


You ever been shot
by an unloaded gun?

Hurts real bad.

You got any ammo?

Enough to kill a Third World Nation.

We need some heavy stuff
to pull this off, Man.

I got just the thing you need

to knock down that
house in one big bang.

CS Riot Gas.

Well don't I need
an M79 to shoot these?



Riot gas, it might work.

If you guys get caught
with any of this stuff,

you're on your own.

Yeah, Man, we know the score.

This is my associate, Luke Singleton.

Luke here has run into
a bit of money problems

so he'll be your driver.

What do I do?

Just relax, Man,
it's simpler than riding waves.

Come on.

Ride into Compton with this cracker?

No, we'll get our own man.

This guy's a regular customer
down at the crack house.

No one will think anything of it.

Yeah, but look at him!

No, no, this is my game,

you play by my rules, got it?

Yeah, okay.

When I started hanging with
low lives

they treated me like a prince.

They gave me lines
of coke for free.

And then the freebies
all shriveled up.

I started paying
for it at 20 a pop.

My boys, out of concern for
my health,

started cutting it,
until I might as well have been

putting Sweet'n'Low up my nose.

Yeah, that coke always kept
me broke, tired, and run-down.

But I couldn't stop.

It was the only thing
that made me feel good.

Everything else seemed pointless.

Couldn't get out there and
run with the ball anymore,

I just didn't give a shit.

So it's you?

Make yourself at home.

It's all right,
I won't be staying long.

Look at you, hopped
up on coke again, Man.

Your eyes are so glassy,
I can see myself in them.

Yo, you want something
to drink, Officer?

I'd like to know what you know

about that Riverside incident today.

Man, what would I know
about Riverside, huh?

You know they don't
like brothers out there.

Maybe you were setting
up a tweak last night, huh?

A tweak, what would
I know about tweak?

Nothing, that's why the lab blew

and killed 10 people today, Man.

Oh, so, every time
somebody commits a crime,

I'm responsible.

Yeah, that's right.

Come on, Man, you usually are.

You're a disgrace, Man.

You're an embarrassment.

A mistake.

The end, yeah, get ready, Brother,

your ass is going down, Dude.

You know, what would
mom think about this?

And how would you know about mom?

I bet I visited her more in
that roach infested hospital

more than you did!

Well maybe if you had a job,

you could've moved her
to a better place, Man!

Yeah, well it's too late.

Yeah, right, you've been warned.

Yeah, see you at the donut shop.

Right, whatever.

Hey, who's that cop?

What are you doing here?

You want me to cap that cop?

Nah, nah.

Why not?

He's my brother, Man.

Oh, sh..

Just some friendly family business.

There's a snitch, two guards,

no idea what's inside.

Can you believe that shit
about money laundering?

Yeah, sure Man.

Those cops don't give a
rat's ass about us, Man.

Maybe they just suspect
there's money inside.

If we get killed, too bad.

Yeah, well at least
they don't know nothing

about the Riverside incident,
or that cop getting smoked.

Not yet.

Hey, I know this is a
crazy time to talk about this

but, thanks a lot, yo.

For what?

Saving my life back at the
meth lab.

We ain't living yet.

Oh, we will be.

Man, soon as we get that drug money.

If it's there.

Oh, it's there.

You want some of this?

You know I don't know that
stuff, Man.

They're just getting
you all tanked up

so you can go on their
suicide mission.

Yeah, it's working too, Baby.

This is my first chance for
big money.

It might just be my last day alive.

I needed some female companionship.

The only thing available
with a pulse was Rochelle.

Why the hell did I visit
that drunk tramp, anyway?

The only time I saw her face
was through a vodka bottle.

I went there thinking she
could act like a human being,

but of course,
she turned into a bitch

at the drop of a dime

like every other goddamn
woman I've known.

Well, lookie who's here, The King.

Look, don't start

the minute I walk in the door,
all right?

What have you been
doing all day, King?


Working on getting a job?

Working on getting some money.

My hero.

What we got to eat in here.

Hamburgers and hot dogs.

I don't smell anything.

You're too far away.

Too far away?


It's all down at the 7-11.

You know what?

You're a real fuckin' comedian.

Well I mean, you don't expect me

to have it all ready, do you?

What with your busy work schedule.

You know what?

Don't play with me, all right?

Where's the check from work, King?

Then I can go get that food.

Skank, you drink all your meals!

My hero.

Don't push me, all right, stop!

Keep asking me to stop,
it's a pleasure to refuse.

Rochelle, I'm telling you.

All hail the King!

You drunk fuckin' skank!

What the fuck are you
laughing at?

You know what, I'm gonna
have money one day, Bitch!

Lots of money!

And you know what?

I got something for
your little ass.

Oh yeah, turn around, turn around!

Oh yeah!

How's that, you like that, Bitch?

Let me know when you get started.

Or is that inchworm in
the whole yet?

Fuck you!

Dammit, Woman, everything is
money, money, money.

You'd think with the
money I gave you already,

you could at least make me dinner.

I get off at five o'clock at night

and I come home and
there's no dinner..

Fuck you!

Oh yeah, that's what I wanna
hear from you.

Thanks for the wonderful support!

Does living like this bother you?

You proposing?

I mean living in this bogus apartment...

Work, work, work,
take care of everything,

the bills!

When I moved in with a surfer,

I wasn't expecting Beverly Hills.

Thank you so much for this wonderful

steak and lobster on my plate!

You want sex? I'll give you..

My car was repossessed.


Totally late on my bill.

Need to borrow my car?

Things will get better, I promise.

I found a job.

Doing what?

I'll be gone a few days.

When I come back,
we'll find someplace new.

I don't understand.

You raped me.

Please, that's a matter of opinion.

Forced sex.

You didn't put up much of a fight.

Get out of my apartment.

You wanna get smacked?

What the fuck are you looking for?

My gun.

Well get out from
in front of the TV.

Rochelle, wait!

Whoa, Rochelle, hold on!

Rochelle, wait a minute!

Rochelle, please!

I swear,

the whole damn world
sat up at night

figuring out ways to make me miserable.

Someone was always out
to give me a tough time.

My brother, tramps like Rochelle,

the cops, the hoods,
and it was all laid out

in front of me, every place I turned.

Sweet cars, nice clothes,
places to live.

Goddamn world never
let me have anything.

It made me want what
I couldn't have.

It made me feel like
shit for not having it.

When I got that money,

then I'd have the dream of a lifetime

and the rest of the world
could go kiss my ass.

So what's your story, Man?

What, why I'm doing this?


Well, I was riding
waves in this contest.

And after the contest finishes,
I go up to my car.

And there's this guy trying
to break into my car.

So I try to stop him.

Well he totally attacks me,

you know, Bruce Willis,
Bruce Lee, whatever,

all over my ass.

He jumps in my car,
runs over my surfboard,

and there's this cop
standing right there,

sees the whole thing.

She winds up arresting me,
taking me in,

for parking tickets that are outstanding,

whatever I have against me.

I call my attorney,
he bails me out.

But he then notifies me

that I have to pay $10,000 to
keep from going back into jail

because that repo guy is
trying to sue me for assault.

I have to pay $10,000
to keep from going

back into jail,
to this attorney guy.

And I finished third in the contest.

Man, you got a gun?


No weapons?

Only my sharp sense of humor.

You know what,
I got something a little sharper.


Now you conceal it like this,
all right?

When you see those
motherfuckers coming,

you get out of the car real slow.

Let them approach you,
ask them what they want,

real innocent, timid like.


Be careful not to let the
blood splash in your eyes.

Did you see that car go by?

Yeah, yeah I seen that car go by.

You gonna report it to our King?

Yeah, yeah, I got it under control.

Hey, if you need any backup,
just let us know.

Yeah, I'll do that.

Crackhead motherfucker.

Come in, One, One, come in.

Come in, Two, Two, come in.

Is anyone out there?

Is anyone out there?

Come in!

Hakeem, come here!

Gas, it's in my eyes!

Oh, shit!

Did you get the disk in the safe?

Did you get the disk in the safe?

Come on, let's get outta here!

We're leaving!

Come on, come on Man!

Get the fuck away,
get the fuck away!

The house is booby trapped.

We got three minutes, let's go.

Look, what's this worth?

About three years in detox.

Just take it,
take anything of value,

we can sell it, come on!

Yeah, Baby, I told you
there was money in here!

You got some white
stuff on your face.

Oh, yeah, I ate a powdered donut.

I tell you, Kino,

sometimes I think we oughta
just toss our badges away

and go out shooting these
goddamn niggas for sport.


Man, I told you I don't feel comfortable

with you saying that.


Goddamnit, Kino, I told you
my great great grandmother

was black, so I can use that word.

You ain't black enough.

This plan of yours better work.

I got it all worked out.

Look, I don't wanna lose my pension

over a couple of scumbags.

I'd just as soon put 'em away.

This is better.

We kill these two creeps,

start a gang war that
kills tons of creeps,

think of it as saving decent,
hardworking cops' lives.

I got it all worked out,
will you relax?

How come you don't
have your vest on?

I don't think they're coming back.

Shoulda worn it.

That's crazy.

We don't have much time!

Yeah, we're taking everything.

Hey, that's enough!

There's still more here man!

Man, we don't even have..

Dude's outside,
tell him we've got the stuff.

You can't take the fucking screen.

Goddamnit, this is more
money than I've ever seen,

and I'm taking it all!

Say, Man, what are you doing here?

Nothing, just waiting on a friend.

Yeah, well...

Look Man, I don't want any trouble.

Guess there ain't no law
on waiting for a friend, huh?

Guess not.

Let's go, Dante!

Look out!

Something's going down here.

What the fuck?

Look out, Dante!

You guys survived, huh?

Yeah, a miracle.

Yeah, I guess the sun shines

on a dog's ass every
once in a while, huh?

Sure you weren't followed?

Yeah, we're clean.

Good, let's see what you got.

They did it.

I thought for sure you
motherfuckers would've been dead.

Man, let's divide up
and clear out, all right?

Yo, what the fuck are you doing?

Gonna kill you, keep all the money.

This isn't part of the plan.

It's the new plan.

We stole their money
fair and square, Man.

I fail to see the
logic in that comment.

Yo, we coulda kept
that money and ran.

But we trusted you pigs!

You shoulda ran.

Never trust a cop.

Violence in Compton tonight,
I'm Phil Ross.

And I'm Wendy Cummings.

Tonight, a house on Ilandro
Boulevard was attacked.

Was a hate crime?

Gang retaliation, a robbery?

We'll find out in a moment.

But first, Andy Cottaspot,
beloved puppeteer, is dead.


At 78, Andy brought
to life such favorites

as Howdy Doody, Spunker the Cat,
and Andy the Spider.

Once again, Andy Cottaspot,
dead at 78.

He will be missed.

Now, to our top story in Compton.

First, this traffic advisory.

Come on, Dude, let's get to Compton!

Hey, Luke!

Quiet, Man.

A hot tub slipped
off the back of a truck

and is blocking two lanes.

Looks like you have to order
another jacuzzi, Wendy.

Oh, Phil, you know I was
planning to have you over

this weekend.

You wear that bikini I bought you?

Oh, Phil!

Back with more in a moment.

I told you to wear
that goddamn vest.

Now you're just another tragic,
drug related suicide.

Police are still
puzzled by the gas used

to render the occupants helpless.

No suspects, although a rival
gang is believed involved.

No witnesses, Phil?

By the way, Wendy, that's a
lovely dress you're wearing.


In other news,

a mother of three is suspected

of setting her own
children on fire.

Never underestimate the stupidity
of broadcast journalism.

How come they didn't say
nothing about Kino and Skinner?

They haven't found them yet.

Man, I was shooting
everything in sight.

Are you sure I popped Skinner?

Yeah I saw you,
you hit him right in the heart.

He went down like a sack of potatoes.

Yeah, well you know
what would happen

if he was somewhere in
an intensive care unit

confessing to some doctors.

Look, Man, when I grabbed
the bag of money, I saw him.

He's dead as a dime phone call.

Damn, can you believe that
double crossing son of a bitch?

Fuck him, Man,

he had a little sugar
in his tank anyway.

Let's check this out.

Yeah Baby,
this is what I'm talking about.

Get that.

No way, Man.

Honey, why don't you
go somewhere else, okay?

Oh, Baby.

Well come on, answer it!

Well use your left hand.


Leroy, put Hakeem on the phone.

Yeah, put him on the phone.

Yeah, I wanna talk to him.

No, I'm fine, I'm very fine,

I swear to god, I'm very fine.

No problem, no problem,
I wanna talk to him.


Honey, why don't you just go in,

just go into something,
just go into something.

Okay, Leroy,
I wanna tell you something.

Okay, I'm right here in my home,

I'm watching TV,
I'm eating fucking Bonbons

right in front of you.

Dammit, didn't I tell you
stay, fuck!

Didn't I tell you to fucking
be careful for fucking once?!

Okay, chill man, chill.

You fucking get what you want!

Jesus fucking Christ!

Job well done, Gentlemen.

Thank you.

Dude, that's a $100 bill.

Hurry up, Dude, before the
damn smoke alarm goes off.

There you go.

You gotta take the plastic
off, Idiot.

I can't, I can't handle this!

You need to stop doing drugs.

Man, he's an amateur, Man.

I used to be good
at this stuff, I don't know.

Cigar smoke.

This will change
everything in your life, Baby.

You know that Surf
Nazi I got close to?

I'm waiting.

This could be a long shot, but,

I think I saw someone that
looked like him before.

See, there's this babe that
works at the Food King.

Every time I see her, I try
to talk to her, you know?

So one day I come out,

and she's swapping
spit with some person

I thought was a girl, Man,
made me stick to my stomach.

That same Surf Nazi?

I think so, Man, I'm not sure, though.

Hold up, Man, don't be buzzed, okay,

this might be a dead end.

Yeah, their dead end.

Fucking goddamn niggers.

How do we know they didn't
steal the stuff themselves?

Let's not panic.

Hitler in the bunker
said "Let's not panic."

I say panic time.

First of all, let's assume
that they robbed the house

for the money, they got a
canister with computer disks.

To even get the canister open,

they have to destroy
what's on the inside.

They don't know what's on
those disks.

Baby, do we have
any cranberry juice?

Honey, shut up.

I'm willing to make a bet

that the disks are in
the garbage right now.

They're not in the garbage,
not in the fucking garbage.

Yeah, well what if
they're with the police?

They're fucking black baboons, okay?

Motherfucking spear chucking
motherfuckers, okay?

You wanna trust those little fucks?

I don't trust them any more, okay?

We have any cranberry juice
or not?

Shut the fuck up!

You're just gonna
sit there on your ass

and watch him hit me, you bastard!

Get the fuck out of her, Man.

Jesus Christ, goddamn,
knock it off.

The gas used is
restricted to military use.

This narrows the suspects to someone

with access to an armory.

Military personnel are being investigated.

And sadly, Phil, one man
is in critical condition

from gas inhalation.

He is not expected to recover.

Coming up next on News 9,

we'll tell you the heroic
story of a lifeguard

that revived a drowned cocker
spaniel with mouth to mouth.

Or is that mouth to snout?

Boy, I've heard of
animal lovers before,

but that's ridiculous.

What a couple of fucking idiots.

We have 180 grand apiece, minus.

Enough to keep me worried.

What are you worried about?

This kinda money walks away

and a lot of people walk
around looking for it.

Those two dirty cops are dead,
all right?

Now that you mention it,

while you guys were doing
your thing, I was at the car

and this guy came up to me
and started asking questions.

All right, Fellas,
this city is huge, all right?

The chances of somebody catching
up with us three is zero.

Now I say in a couple hours,

we just split up and
go our separate ways

and go back to our normal lives,
all right?

Holy shit.

There he is, he's on,
where's the remote?

Turn it up.

Were they white supremacists?

Yeah, Man, they was white supremacists,

skin heads, all heads, all them,
there was about 20, 30

Look, look.

Wasn't this a crack house robbery?

No Man, it was a party.

Look, Fool,
I told you we was just chilling.

See, y'all trying to
portray niggas like

we a bunch of dumb niggas, huh?

See, we was just having a party,

see, what is this, Man?

He was the guy that
was questioning me

outside the crack house.

Ain't this some shit.

Man, you know what?

We ain't no crack house robbery,
all right?

I gotta go man.

What's up with that?

Punk ass.

You would think this guy was

in his pink elephant pajamas
dreaming of sugarplums.

What does all this mean, anyway?

Man, it's called playing the
race card.

More clues bring police
closer to solving the case.

The black community expresses outrage

over the vicious aspects of
the attack.

There's not been any
civil disturbance, yet.

Seeing this guy has
got me really spooked.

After I pay my lawyer,

I'm gonna be leaving
town for a while.

You want your knife back?

No, no, you keep it.

I think you might need it.

Well take your, take that tin, whatever.

No, you hold on to that too.

It might make a good ashtray.

Well who the hell are you?

Sure was a hell of a
climb up those stairs.

Well who asked you to climb them?

Detective Bukowski.

Woman, your breath could
peel paint off a Pontiac.

Look, you here to diss
my personal hygiene?

Or is the police gonna
find that rapist?

What rapist?


Yeah, Dante, where can I find him?

Well you're the police,
that's your job, damn!

You have no idea where he is?

No I don't.

And if I did, I'd tag his ass myself.

Mind if I have a look around?

What for?

He ain't here, Fool.

Nine times out of ten,
women protect abusive spouses.

Then justify domestic
violence as normal behavior.

Well I ain't protecting him.

Well I don't believe you.

Just another tragic,
drug related suicide.

Lay off the drugs.

Yo, that motherfucker
got a lot of money

just to drive a car.


I'm just making conversation, Man.

Look, I'm not a double crossing
animal like Skinner.

Fuck that, all right?

I didn't want that motherfucker
with us, did you?


I mean, let's take his shit.

Maybe you'd like to
take my share, too?

Chill out, aight?

Man, I'm just talking.

Hey, hold it, hold it!


Hey what are you doing
touching my bag?

I was just making
sure it was sealed,

you can't walk around
with money hanging out.

Man, don't touch my stash,
all right?

Lay off the blow,
you're really paranoid.

Look, if we take the car,
we can catch his punk ass.

And do what,
whack him in broad daylight?

Shit, don't think you haven't
thought about it, aight?

And don't you think
about whacking me either.

That'd be the last
thought you had, ever.

I saved your life.

Or 10 years of it, anyway.

Come on, Man,
what's up with you, Man?

You're tripping.

Wake up, Man.

My bad, yo.

Sorry about all this,
I mean I, what...

Now we go live to the
scene with Wendy Cummings.

Phil, it looks like
a war zone down there!

An arsonist has set
fire to the house

where the alleged hate
crime has occurred.

You hear that?

Man, that's just a house burning,
that's all.

It's the crack house,
a rival gang did it.

Maybe we started a war.

Maybe that's what them crummy cops..

Man, who cares?

Aight, let 'em fall like
fucking bowling pins, Man,

we hit the lotto.

Now wait a minute.

Where the fuck is the money?

In the trunk.

Man, I told you
I wanted it up here

on the front seat with me.

We can't drive around
with all that money

in the front seat.

Don't play me, Trenton.

This is a pillow.

You stuffed this with a pillow?

Hey look, I ain't never had

this kind of money before, aight?

I just needed to make sure.

Why don't you drive?

Why don't you lay off the
Bolivian Marching Powder?

Leroy's TV appearance

sure stirred up the moolies.

They set your business on fire

to protest racial injustice,
I think.

A lucky break for us.

If the disks are still in there,
they'll melt.

You don't have to blow up the house.

The news helicopters are too close.

The fire will take care of
the disks.

Does the proximity of the
oil fields pose any threat?

The Wilmington facility has
assured us

that there is no danger.

You read me, Mr. Nichey?

Mr. Nichey, you don't
have to blow the house.

Don't blow the house.

Are we supposed to be
this close to the fire?

Okay, ba-boom, ba-boom.

Oh shit!
What the fuck was that?

Just drive, don't stop!
The fuck is it?

Shit, drive, Man!

Well we seem to have
lost transmission.

Hank, what was that?

What was that, Man?

Uh, I guess we'll go to a commercial.

Mr. Nichey?

The explosion was
a little bit bigger

than we expected.

Uh, commercial, yeah,
let's go to a commercial.


Man, the refineries
blow up all the time,

that's all it was.

Yeah, whatever blew was huge.

That might've been the crack house.

Nah, too big for that, Man,

I said, the refineries
blow up all the time.

Jesus, are those dead bodies?

Yeah, this was a dark neighborhood.

At least it's nice
and bright now, huh?

Man, you!

You inhuman!

Man, don't you care?

They're our people.

Man do you want some cheese
to go with that whine?

In this trunk is the answer
to all our problems, money!

Real money!

You sick.

It happened.

It's not a problem.

My only concern right
now is to get the box.

We gotta get the box back, okay?

Everything else, under the bridge.

How about a drink, now?

I'm telling you, around here

it's every man for himself, yo.

What did this hood ever do
for me?

Fuck that shit.

Who is it?

Who's there?

Look, Man, I don't want any trouble.

Guess there ain't no law
on waiting for a friend, huh?

June, hey,

in need you to come
to my friend's house.

We're going to leave
town for a while.

I can't tell you about it now.

Just get here, his address
is 765, Summerby Lane.

I love you a lot, bye.

Yeah, I would say
turn on the news,

but they disconnected the cable.

But you know what?

That won't happen again.

You know why?

Because we're rich.

You hear me, Trenton?


Fuckin' rich, Baby!


Thanks again.

While Trenton and I were celebrating,

the bad guys were about
to catch up to poor Luke.


He found the box,
he found the box.

You found it.


No problem, we'll be right there.

That's okay,
you're doing a good job.

That's all right, ciao, ciao.

It was your partner.

He found the box.


Totally worried about you,
you okay?

Wow, nice place.

You like it?

We'll get a place like it soon.

We gotta get rolling, let's go.

I don't have a car.

My tires got slashed,
I had a friend drop me off.

Stay right here,

I gotta go say goodbye to a friend.

I'll be right back.

Go, go!

Let's go.

Luke, come on, Luke,
she's dead, come on!

Die, fuckers, die!

Those motherfuckers,
I'm gonna get this box!


These fuckers, son of a bitch!

Where are the fucking disks?

Hold it, hold it!

You maniac!

Hey, open up the door, hey!

Open the door, Ed, Ed!


Police have found no evidence

that racial hatred was a factor.

These men, Hakeem
Washington and Leroy White,

are wanted by police for questioning.

Both are believed to be armed

and have a record of violent,
criminal behavior.

And that ends another
edition of News 9,

we'll see you tomorrow.

Give me the fucking disk
right now, Motherfucker!

Fucking disks!


Trenton, it's Skinner.

You killed that son of a
bitch yet?

We gotta move.

Who was that?

I don't know.

What's it all about?


This money, it ain't gonna last.

And when we blow it, we'll
end up doing something else

for a couple of hoods like Skinner.

I mean, what are we looking for?

I don't know,
I don't think we're looking.

I think we're trying not to look.

You know what?

You gotta get up pretty early

to fool old Don Taylor.

The fuck you talking about?

You know what?

You both had me tricked.

You almost had me thinking

you wasn't trying to play me, Man!

Dante, will you listen to yourself?

You know what?

You and Skinner were
gonna try to whack me?

Skinner's dead, Bro!

Oh, Skinner's dead?

Yeah right.

I just got a call
from the great beyond.

A vest, he must've
had a bullet proof vest.

Oh, he must've had a bullet
proof vest, yeah, sure.

Don't you see?

That cop is playing
you like a brass harp.

Trenton, I told you
not to play me, Man.

Now you gotta wait for
your little buddy to come.


Explain it to him.

Man I saved your life.

And it killed me!

So long, Trent.

Man, it's a trick!

Drop your weapons!

Drop your weapons.

It's a trick, he'll kill me.

Shoulda listened to your
buddy, Dante.

Now you're fresh out of friends.

Drop your weapons!

Shoulda listened to your
buddy, Dante!

Gonna kill you, keep all the money.

Never trust a cop.

You raped me!

That cop is playing you

like a brass harp.

It's a trap!

Drop your weapons!

Man it's a trick!

Never trust a cop.

And it killed me!

Should've listened

to your buddy, Dante.

Him, Dante Jones, he has your money.

You want him dead or alive?

Dead, just dead.

Let's go.

All right, who's after me, huh?

Who wants the money?


Oh yeah, well what gang
is Skinner working with?

Everybody wants that money.

You're a dead man,
you don't even know it yet!

Hold up, Big Man.

Now you can live or you can die.

Well that's funny, see,

I was about to tell
you the same thing.

Come on, who sent you?

Skinner, who?

What difference does it make?

This money is mine.

Wait, don't!

I had all the goddamn money

but I was lost in this
strange world.

I had no one to talk to,

not even poor old Trenton.

I was in a deep black hole
with no one to pull me out.

Maybe there was someone left.

Detective Jones.

James, how's that investigation
going on your brother?

We're closing the net on him.

Well I think I can help you.

I don't need any help from you.

I got a very ugly rope

I'm about to tie right
around your neck.

Wait come on, Man, look,
don't hang up.

I'm in trouble, real trouble.

Well whose fault is that?

I went a little nuts, Man,

I robbed that crack house.

The one that blew up?


Well then you're right,
you are in big trouble.

You started a gang war that
killed about 30 people, Man.

Man, I got 10 million gangs
after me.

If you want me,
you better come get me, Man,

and you better get me fast,

'cause my ass is grass.

What should I do,
let you get killed

or arrest you?

Hmm, I don't know.

All right, I'll help you
take down who's after me.

Look, I told you,
I don't need your help man!

I've been passed over for
promotion in this place

a dozen times, and they
never say why, but I know.

Yeah, I know.

It's because of you, Man,
it's because my brother's

a fucking felon,
I hate your guts, Man.

I don't care if you live or die.

I can change, James,
I can do it, right,

I can do the right thing
and be a better person.

It's too late for that, Man.

It's too late for you to change.

It's a dirty cop who's behind
it all.

I don't believe you.

Then help me stop this mess, Man!

I'll turn myself in.

Please, James, I know I've
been a terrible brother.

I've been a terrible person,

but give me this one shot, please!

Yeah, keep patting me on the back

and you'll break your wrist.

All right, Man,
meet me in a half an hour.


You know where.

Signal Hill.

When we were kids.

Be there.

Detective Jones?


Officer Bukowski, on Crimes Division.

Oh, come in.

I'm investigating the
murder of my partner.

Oh, yeah, um, Officer Kino, right?


I believe he was
associated with your brother.


My brother.

Of course.


Where's my brother?

That dirty cop?

Where is he?

Where's my money?

Look, I'll give you the money,
Man, just don't hurt him.

Okay, 615 Victoria Street in
Rancho Dominguez.

A warehouse.

Be there in two hours.

You hurt my brother, Man,
I swear I'll blow all the money.

Look, I'm sick of this war.

It's making the cops look bad.

No, you look, all right?

If you hurt my brother, Man,

I swear you will never
see tomorrow morning.


Bring the money and
the rest of the dope.

We'll settle up and call it a day.

I'm telling you, Man,

don't fuck with my brother,
all right?

Yo Man, when this guy shows up

we gonna kill him, right?

Told ya,
I don't want anybody shooting.

If this guy's got
any smarts at all,

he's wrapped himself in
fucking dynamite, the moron.

I got three men dead.

Somebody is gonna get shot.

We are gonna kill somebody.

No one's getting
shot until I tell you.

What about the cop
in the other room,

what are we gonna do with him?

Don't you worry
about the fucking cop

in the other room,
I got it under control.

Hey Man, like Champagne said,
Man, it's payback time.

Relax, just fucking relax.

Yeah, got that fucking cop!
You fucking moron!

What the fuck are you doing?

I gotta make a deal
with that guy's brother.

Now look at that fucking mess,

what am I gonna do with that?

What did you want me to do, Man?

He saw your face.

Man, I told you not
to fuck with my brother!

Man, fuck this shit,
I'm getting the fuck outta here!

Get the fuck in there, you pussy,

it's one asshole with a shotgun!

Gotcha, Sucker.

Better run, Man.

No, no, Man, look,
I'm done running.

It's my fault, Man.

I terrorized you as a kid.

I turned you into this thing.

No Man, you you didn't.

You were a good brother,

I just had some bad fucking
breaks, that's all.

Just had some bad fucking breaks.

See, that's me,

lousiest fucking luck in the world.

Crack, there are no winners,

and there's definitely no way out.