Coyote Run (1996) - full transcript

A drink-soaked Vietnam veteran still bears the emotional scars of that terrible conflict. However, when a rogue mobster on the run with $15 million crosses his path, he sees his chance to catch the bad guy and exorcise a few Vietnam ghosts into the bargain.

[birds chirping]

[trumpet music]

- [Woman] Ulma.

- [Man] Ulma.

- [Woman] I'm still there.

- [Man] All right, darling.

We're gonna have, I've
got a baseball cap

and several gifts to give you

for answering my questions.

- [Man] I ain't going.

- It's your turn.

- [Man] Last time
he nearly killed me.

- It wasn't you he
was trying to kill.

- I didn't see nobody else.

- He was having one
of them nightmares.

- Still, I ain't going.

- [Jud] It's your turn.

- Jeez, Jud.


- [Jud] Come on,
boy, go get him.

[country music]


♪ I spent my paycheck

♪ Spent up all of it

♪ I didn't wait up

♪ My girlfriend waitin' for me

- Pershing?


- Ahhhh!

[glass shattering]


- It's me, Les!

Sheriff's waiting for you.

[breathing heavily]

- I'm glad Mr.
Santier has prepared

to accept the natural
order of things.

You're lucky he
didn't take them back.

- I'd bite him if he tried.


- Too much pulp.

Not enough ice.

- Aren't you afraid
he'll bite you?

- No.

Would you bite a friend?

- Wouldn't do much
good if I did.

- Thank you very much, okay?

We're gonna call you if
we need you again, okay?

Thank you.

What a lovely old man.

- Dale ought to be here soon.

- Dale is like a cat.

She likes to play
with them first.

- Okay baby, it's time
for you to go to sleep.

[car honking]

- Keep sucking on
that fire water,

boy, you gonna burn yourself.

[car honking]

[country music]

- Golly, I ain't never
seen one like that before.

- Yeehoo, look at Boot,
he's crazier than a hoot!

- Looks like I'm
gonna have company

in jail tonight, huh?

- [Clifton] Arnold.

- Town character.

Does it all the time.

Name's Boot.

One hour after they boot him out

of jail, he's back in again.

- Good job, your mother
would be very proud of you.

- [Boot] Nope, that's okay!

We definitely went on
the half shell, man.

Went on the half shell.


- Local color.

Name's Boot.

- Dale's got everything
covered, gentlemen.

- This is an important
meeting, Jack.

You don't want any surprises.

- Very impressive.

[bells ringing]

- Right on time.

The local drunk.

[country music]

Seems to be everybody's
charity case.

- A strong drink
is the worst kind

of temptation for a man.

He's fallen a long way.

- Mmm.

- Morning, Sheriff.

- Morning.


You wanna be my deputy,
you better look the part.

- [Man On Radio] Set it for

clear, Petticoat,
right at Petticoat.

- [Sheriff] This is
Carnival, Pershing,

it ain't the Wild West.

- Always pays to have an
ace in the hole, Sheriff.

- Do these days right.

Boot's in the back, he
wants to stay, you let him.

See you Monday.

- [Pershing] See you, Sheriff.

[country music]


[water running]

- Ready, gentlemen?


Then I think it's time
we called in Mr. Santier.

[phone ringing]

- Spin the dial

and carefully listen
as the tumblers fall.

You get one number, you
get another, and another.

Then one magic day,
you get them all.

You get the combination.

And the world stops
turning against you.

It starts to turn just for you.

[bluegrass country music]

[guns firing]


[door squeaking]

[dramatic music]

- I brought your ice.

[gun firing]

- Get your, get your gun, man!

Get, get it!

Get your gun, man!

Get that gun!

Get it, go ahead and get it!

[breathing heavily]

- You still breathing, Jack?

- Barely.

Come on over here, Dale.

- Why, Jack?

- 'Cause I got something
to tell you about, baby.

- I'll listen from here, lover.

- You lied to me.

- I never lied to you, Jack.

- Yeah you did.

You told me that Clifton,

Clifton was gonna accept
things the way they were.

- This is the way
things are, Jack.

- No it's not.

[gun firing]

- [Boot] Get it!

- I'm all right, I'm all right!

- You're all right,
you're all right!

The key!

The key, man!

Pershing, the key!

All right!

Which one is it?


Which one?


Pershing, which one?

- [Pershing] Shit.

[gun cocking]

- Right there.

Drop the piece.

- You getting paid for this?

But you'd do it for
free, wouldn't you?

- [Clifton] I'm so sorry.

- If you take me
with you, I'll live.

- [Clifton] I can't do that.

You're no longer whole.

- You can make me whole.

- [Clifton] I can do a lot of
things, but I can't do that.

Shhh, go to sleep, go to sleep.

Shhh, go to sleep.

That's my baby.

[country folk music]

♪ Without the sun

♪ To the peace that
broke my heart ♪

♪ I'm not alone


- Santier, but you're
killing people.

How are we gonna
make it to Heaven?

- We are in Heaven, Jack.

[gun firing]

[Latin guitar music]

♪ Edna Million in
a drop dead suit ♪

♪ Dutch Pink on a
downtown train ♪

♪ $2 pistol but the
gun won't shoot ♪

- [Arnold] Hey hey!

♪ I'm in the corner
in the pouring rain ♪

♪ 16 men on a dead man's chest

[gun firing]

♪ Hey little bird,
fly away home ♪

♪ Your house is on fire,
your children are alone ♪

♪ Hey little bird,
fly away home ♪

♪ Your house is on fire,
your children are alone ♪

♪ Schiffer broke a
bottle on Morgan's head ♪

♪ And I've been stepping
on the devil's tail ♪

♪ Across the stripes
of a full moon's head ♪

♪ Through the bars
of a Cuban jail ♪

♪ Bloody fingers
on a purple knife ♪

♪ A flamingo drinking
from a cocktail glass ♪

♪ I'm on the lawn with
someone else's wife ♪

♪ Come admire the view from
up on top of the mast ♪

♪ Hey little bird,
fly away home ♪

♪ Your house is on fire,
your children are alone ♪

[gun cocking]

- Save the ammo.

It's an armored car.

[police sirens wailing]

That was Bosco.

- Bosco?

No way, he went
missing in action.

- Not anymore.

Get the crop duster running.

[dramatic music]

[police sirens wailing]

- I got Mr. Santier.

[guns firing]

[device beeping]

[explosion booming]

- [Boots] Where we going?

- [Pershing] Montreal!

- Montreal?

- He wants me to follow him!

- Don't do it!

- I got nowhere left to go!

Besides, he'd find me anyway!

- Let's just walk away!

Just close the
door and walk away!

- I walked away once!

I should have stopped him!

The body count keeps rising,

this time I'm gonna face it!

- You're a stubborn
bastard, Pershing!

We're in this together!

- Don't do me any favors, Boot.

- I ain't doing ya any favors!

I owe you a few!

["Amazing Grace"]

- Dale?

- Oh, it's one thing
I didn't plan on.

- I'm sorry.

- So am I, thank you.

She was a beautiful,
charming girl,

but I don't cry over the losses.

You taught me that.

- I never taught you anything

you didn't already know.

You've done very well, Clifton.

- [Clifton] So have you, Bobjoy.

All clean money, everything
is spick and span.

It gives me the sweetest
feeling inside, it really does.

- What's the next step, Clifton?

There's only one rung left
on the ladder and I'm on it.

- In my opinion you
deserve everything you get.

- So do you.


- Come on, Ted.

Well there's
nothing like playing

with a stacked deck, is there?


- There's enough room at
the top for you and me.

What would you say to
being equal partners?

Just the two of us.

- Just the two of us.

- I've been like
a father to you.

- Yes you have, you
truly have, but come on.

I mean I'd stab myself
in the back to get ahead.

- Show me some mercy!

- You want me to show you mercy?


I'll tell you what.

I'll fix it.

So you don't hear anything.

[guns firing]

- Thanks, Boot.

You just be here when
I bring him out, okay?

- Well you know, you ain't the

man you used to be, man.

- I'll be whatever I have to be.

- [Boots] Pershing!

You got everything you need?

You got money for a bus ticket?

You speak any French?


[speaking foreign language]

[cars honking]

[man whistling]

- [Man] Taxi!

Taxi, yo!

[sultry piano music]

[singing in foreign language]

- Would you like a
drink, come have a seat.

[singing in foreign language]

I can be a dancer, a stripper,
or even a bedtime story.

- How about a letter?

- [Woman] What would you
like in the envelope?

- A message for Sierra
Larange, wish you were here.

- [Woman] Are you going
to lick the envelope?


- This oughta seal it.

[singing in foreign language]


- Where'd you find that?

- It found me.

[door clicking]

Aren't you gonna ask
me what I'm doing here?

- I got a feeling
you're the kind of man

who shouldn't be asked
what you're doing.

- Why's that?

- 'Cause you're
gonna do it anyway.

- I'm gonna look through
your friend's stuff.

- That's different,
most people are

interested in what
Dale doesn't wear.

- [Pershing] What
about you, Sierra?

- Being a stripper can
be real fun, you know.

- How's that?

- Well for one thing,
when we're kids,

we're the dangerous
types who always

seem to be falling out of trees.

- Dale fell this morning.

- She's not getting up, is she?

- Not the way she fell.

I'm gonna open this locker,
you got a problem with that?

- This town, nobody ever stops
anybody from doing anything.

- [Pershing] Bosco.

- That's Clifton Santier.

- Clifton Santier?

That's cute.

What's he do around here?


- Clifton does everything.

- How does he get
away with that?

- I guess he does
everything very very well.

- [Pershing] How
do you know him?

- Before Dale ran with him.

- You ran with him?

- It was good.

- [Pershing] I bet.

- In fact it was the
best for me so far.

You're here to kill him?

- If I have to.

Tell him.

- What?

- Tell him Pershing's here.

[phone ringing]

- Kling.




The drunk's in town.

Should I call Clifton?

- Please Arnold, let me decide.

- Hush up, I make the decisions.

- Couldn't I make
one just this once?


- Okay, Lester.

On the one hand, information.

On the other, Clifton
hates to be interrupted.

Reacts badly.

- You better not call him.

- [Arnold] The
Deputy, the drunk,

he's making a nuisance of
himself, asking about Dale,

you, talking to Sierra.

- Well then send someone
to remove Pershing.

- [Arnold] Broker for the drunk.

What about Sierra?

- She's no asset to my
portfolio, lose her.

Goodnight, Arnold.

[light classical music]

[speaking foreign language]

- Never knew you
when you weren't

using something,
Rooks, go right ahead.

- Horoscope.



It says I'm destined to meet
someone from a past life.

Thank you!

- I couldn't keep him here.

- Us Libras change very fast.

- Rooks, I tried, all right?

- Not hard enough.

You see, in the
plan you were set

to go down tomorrow, but
we gotta move you up.

See, Santier paid your ticket,
so you go to sleep today.

By the way, he thanks you for
telling him about the drunk.

[breathing heavily]

[speaking foreign language]

Money I'm paid.

I dance alone.

- [Pershing] Take the
guns off of Miss Lee.

- Who are you?

- [Pershing] Somebody
you're never gonna meet

if you don't lower
those guns gently.

- [Rooks] I just
got one question.

- [Pershing] What's that?

- Something my horoscope asked.

Did we meet in another life?

[gun firing]


- No, but we'll meet in Hell.

Call the police.

- What is the police?

- Sorry about the blood.

- Hey!

Wait up!

- [Pershing] So you were
supposed to set me up?

- [Sierra] I can't believe
I was such a fool to

always do everything
Clifton asks of me.

- [Pershing] I know.

[police sirens wailing]

- Know what?

- You ever heard the
story of Parzival?

Give me that, let me check.

- No.

- Parzival was a knight.

While he was in action a
terrible thing happened.

He spent the rest of his
life dealing with that guilt.

- You feel that way?

- I am that way.

Come on, you better put
this on, cover up the blood.

Come on.

Let's go.

Is anybody gonna recognize
you at this hotel?

- [Sierra] 20
bucks they wouldn't

recognize their own mother.

- [Pershing] All
right, you got 20?

[phone ringing]

[siren wailing]

- Yes?



He just put a tag on Rook's toe.

- He won't be
shopping here anymore.

- He never shopped here, Lester.

He was a size 36 small.

- That's why you
never liked him.

- As ma always says, think big

or don't think--

- [Both] At all.

- [Sierra] Pershing.

Who would name a
kid after a tank?

- My father.

He named me after the
tools of his trade.

- Now you do what
your father did?

- No, he was the General.

I never made it past
Private in the regular army.

You, you missed a spot.

[water running]

Come here.

[police sirens wailing]

[soft piano music]

Your eyes.

One's green and
the other's hazel.

- It's the other way around.


You know, I've
taken my clothes off

for men much worse than you.

- [Pershing] I don't think so.

- You don't give up, do you?

- Never surrender.

- What If you had
nothing on your side?

- You always have something.

[water running]

[ominous orchestral music]

- Ladonne, What
are you doing here?

- House detective
gave me his keys.

- What do you want?

- I want the 25
riding on the head

of this scum sucking drunk!

- 25?

If he's such a
scum sucking drunk,

why does killing him
bring that big a prize?

- I don't care, I want him.

And I want to trim another piece

of your blue legs, baby!

- You did that a long time ago.

- Sure I did.


Clifton got you used after me.

Now it gets you
debt with a drunk

and I get the 25 grand.

- Why don't you
come lie on the bed

next to me and get
away from that door?

- Ahhh, sure.


Listen you drunk bastard!

Get out here or
I'll make the walls

wet with this big bitch's guts!

[guns firing]


- Gotta be more careful
the way you talk to a lady.

You all right, come on.

[light acoustic guitar music]

[wind howling]

[gun cocking]

- [Bags] You know
what that noise is?

- Mind If I look?

- [Bags] You can.

- [Pershing] Do I know you?

- [Sierra] It's Big Jim
Bags, Detective second grade.

- What are we doing here, Bags?

- Saw Ledonne Francois
go in the front.

Heard some gun music, figured

somebody should
come out the back.

- Know who I am?

What I'm worth?

- Uh-huh.

- This town's a bunch of
machines working together?

- Yeah?

But better to be
really alive for a week

than be part of the
machine for your life.

- You never answered the call.

[siren wailing]

- I figured you'd
be a man, Mr. Quinn,

who falls forward in that dark.

Like me.

- What if you don't
come out, Bags?

- Then at least I dared.

Like you, Quinn.

- We gotta find the car.

- Look out.

[car approaching]

Don't let that cab
see you, Clifton owns

all of them, they
tell him everything

that happens on the streets.

- He's got the whole town
in the palm of his hand.

- Not Ruth.

Thank God for Ruth.

[whistles "Amazing Grace"]

[thunder crashing]

- Just left the Venture Hotel.

That's not far from Ruth's,
that's where she'll take him.

- Let me do it, Arnold.

I know I can.

Give me a chance
to do it on my own.

- Mother would never approve.

- Why do we have to tell her?

Arnold, please?

[clock ticking]

- Watch the girl.

And take some men with you.

- I'll make our
mama proud, Arnold.

- [Sierra] Ruth?

Ruth, are you there?

[speaking foreign language]

- Ruth, I gotta
borrow your truck.

[speaking foreign language]

- Well the first
man I was with just

tried to kill me
and he was probably

hired to do it by
last man I was with.

- Well, well, well.

And you?

You look like you
do some drinking.

- Way I do it, that's
an understatement.

- Well maybe we should
all do the drinking.

- Ruth, you haven't had
a drink in three years.

- [Pershing] Footsteps
in the jungle?

[gun cocks]

[gun cocking]

- Drop the gun, mister!

Couldn't you change your shirt?

I'd hate to kill anybody
dressed as bad as you.

- [Sierra] Is that you, Lester?

- Move!

- [Sierra] Lester?

- Me and my boys.

We're waiting for you
to bring him to us.

As mother used to say, where
there's sugar, there's coffee.

Sierra, come with
me and be my girl.


Or stay with them and
you'll be a fine red mist.

- You know Lester, I
never knew a big boy

like you would be interested
in a girl like me.

- Do you have an
investment in him, Sierra?

- Only investment I have is
in staying alive, Lester.

You know Lester, now that you're

working without your
brother, I'd really

like to tell you something.

I always knew that big
boys carried big guns

and this is your little present.


[guns firing]


[gun firing]

[gun firing]

[gun firing]

[dramatic music]

- The only girl Lester ever had.

- I make you feel
dangerous, Sierra?

- You make me dangerous.

- Hey, get going,
it's not over yet.

Car's in the back,
key's under the mat.

- [Arnold] I was told
I'm an idiot, Clifton.

I was hoping you'd
be there with me.

- I'm really no good
at that kind of thing,

it's just something that you're

gonna have to do on your own.

- Please?

- [Clifton] Look,
you're a big man.

Tell her it was an accident.

- I never lie to mother.

- Well then go tell her you sent

her baby lamb off to slaughter.

- You're making me lie to her.

- No no, that's
your choice, buddy.

- I'll have to change my tie.

- You do that.

And get Lester
out of the morgue.


[thunder booming]

- Wait for me here, okay?

- I got nothing but time.

[police siren wailing]


- Hurry.

- [Pershing] I didn't
shoot him in the face

so you could have
an open casket.

I got a message for Bosco.

Can you remember it?

Or do I have to carve
it In you, fat fuck?


[gun cocks]

[Sierra screaming]

- You're gonna love this.

- Rather you hit me
than talk to me, Arnold.

- You know what I like to do?


I like to bust up a guy's guts.


And then I do his kidneys.


And I make sure that
if he's still alive,

he spends the rest of his life

begging for their beating
to the men's room!

- I bet that's where you
get all your dates, Arnold!


- Poor boy wasn't so tough.

Bring the bitch over.

We'll shoot them both here.





- I'm just letting
you live so you

can tell him you
weren't good enough!


And when I find him, he
won't be good enough!


Tell him Hell's coming
and I'm bringing the fire!

- Riddle, bring Mr.
Kling a hot cocoa.

Bring me a tea.

- [Riddle] Five sugars
and a twist of lemon.

- Arnold, I really really
hate to see you like this.

- Bosco, he called you Bosco.

He said something
about the hand of God.

- That was the only
time in my life

he was more powerful
than I am now.


He and I alone then.

I thought he died there.

- How did that happen?

- It's very easy.

I betrayed him.

There comes a time in life where

you have to betray your teachers

or you don't learn.

[soft jazz music]

- This looks good.

- Aren't you afraid
of being seen?

- That's the idea.

Jack Daniels.

- I guess you know Clifton
even better than I do.

[Bags whistling "Amazing Grace"]

- [Pershing] So what are
you doing here, Bags?

- Watching.

- Yeah, what do you see?

- I see a man who's
falling into his past.

- Would that be so bad?

- Well it depends on
how you look at it.

- So you're not gonna try
and take me for the reward?

- Only reward for me is getting
to know a fool like you.


- Hello?

- Sierra, turn around and look.

Come here.

So good to see you.

Come and sit with me, come on.

- I did everything
you asked me to

and you tried to kill me.

- If I wanted you
dead, you'd be dead.

- You scared the hell out of me.

- I came here because
I wanted to see you.

You remember what you used to

say to me when we're alone?

Come on, you remember.

- Blonde hair, blue eyes,
empty head, perfect lover.

- I want you to

take this.

Ask him for the other one.

Tell him I forgive him.

I'm taking you back, Sierra.

I want you to come back to me.

[jazzy music]

- Where is he?

- He said to tell you
that he wants me back.

And he wants you too.

- And you?

What do you want, Sierra?

- I want you, Pershing.

And I wanna leave now.

- Look, I'm not
leaving without him.

In cuffs or a body bag.

- Pershing, he found us!

He was watching us,
nothing can stop him.

- You talk about
him like he's a God.

- Well in this town
he's the closest thing--

- Sierra, will you just
start the car and drive?


[car revs]

[dramatic music]

What are we doing here?

- [Sierra] It's Dale's
apartment, I almost
forgot something.

- What?

- My lucky boots, I
loaned them to Dale.

- Didn't help her much.

- She didn't wear them.

Lucky boots.

My dad gave them to me last time

I saw him five years ago.

- Where is he, in jail?

- No, he put people
in jail, he was a cop.

Never married my mom.

- How come?

- Mom said cops
don't marry hookers.

- We can go now, right?

- No!

I need a margarita.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- Sierra, could you
make tea please?

Tea with five sugars
and a twist of lemon?

- That's very sweet of
you to remember that.

- Bastards are the
ones you never forget.

- Yeah, well I couldn't
forget you either.

- What do you want?

Why'd you set me up, Bos?

- It's simple, I had to
see if you still had it.

Obviously you do.

- What If one of your
clowns got lucky?

- Well, then God
doesn't want you.

And if God don't want
you, then neither do I.

- I should've shot you
back there on the bridge.

- Maybe, but you see,
your biggest problem

was you thought they
would trust us in Africa.

We were the hand of God.

- You think too much
of yourself, Bos.

- And you, you think too little.

- You betrayed me, Bos.

You betrayed everything!

- You betrayed yourself.

You know, I don't see
fire in your eyes anymore.

Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe you're just some rummy

circus clown, what do you think?

- You think you're gonna talk

the bullets out of this gun?

- I know you wouldn't kill me.

- [Sierra] Tea's getting cold.

- Bound for glory again, huh?


- Sierra, did you tell
him we were gonna be here?

- Pershing, I
swear, I didn't even

know we were gonna be here.

- Come on, you think I need a

stupid broad to find you?

- Where to?

- Straight.

Hang a right at the corner.

- Good guys, bad guys.

They're all my guys, Persh.

I mean you're never gonna
make it out of here.

[chattering over police radio]

- I'd rather fly dark right now.

- I don't want you to get hurt.

- I'm the one with the gun.

Stay away from him.

- Hey, can I get a
little help here?

Don't tell me you're
falling in love with him.

He's a scum sucking drunk.

Come on, I mean do
you really think

you can open to him
the way you do to me?

Do you?

- Clifton, you think you can see

inside everybody's soul and

reach in and grab it.

- I can.

- Don't flatter
yourself, you're losing.

- Okay.


[dramatic music]

[thunder booming]

- You drive, come on!

- Pershing, police!

It's over.

- Shit, don't try
anything fancy,

Bos, I'll put a bullet
right in your heart.

- [Clifton] You remember the
last time we were this close?

- That bridge.

Tobololi River, Africa.

- You told me you'd drop
me if I dropped the bridge.

- We had a cause.

The mission was
to drop the bridge

and not kill refugees.

- Cause.

It was war, total devastation.

Do anything to win, you
know that as well as I do.

- We won that day.

- You had a gun right at my
throat, you couldn't shoot me.

Just couldn't pull the
trigger, could you?

I don't know why, man, I,

I didn't get blessed
in the river with you.

I swear to God I thought
you died and went to Heaven.

- I woke up floating
in that river.

surrounded by all
those dead bodies.

Women and children, all
their faces looking at me.

How come you don't
see those faces, Bos?

- How come you forgot
what you were, man?

- The river.

The river, man,
every time I close

my eyes I see them.


I dragged myself
out of that river.

But I've been dying ever since.

Why'd you come after me?


- 'Cause you're the
only friend I ever had.

Friends are supposed
to help each other,

they're supposed to
make each other better.

[light orchestral music]

- Control.

[phone ringing]

- Yes?

Stay on it!

We're moving and moving hard!

- [Dispatcher] 73-5, code
six, 105 North End, Route 52.

- Hell Pershing, you've really

fallen into nothing this time.

[birds chirping]

- So how many more are we gonna

put into the dark
Earth today, my friend?

- If all goes well, none.

- [Clifton] Aw, come
on, who are you kidding?

It's gonna be your
biggest show yet.

- [Pershing] You know
Bos, you only get one

roll of toilet paper
a week in jail?

- You guys look sharp,
it's time to earn our keep.

- We're gonna make a lot of cake

when we get Santier back.

- Yeah, but let's
not forget all that

money will only buy
us a little happiness.

- I can settle for that, Styles.

- About 10 minutes,
Boot will be here.

- That's too long.

Better load up, brother.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- Pershing, someone's coming.

- [Pershing] Shit, let's go.

- It's Bags.

- Bags, what the hell
are you doing here?

- You got serious trouble.

- This has nothing
to do with you,

why don't you go home?

- I couldn't let you go
without saying goodbye.

- You're a leper, Bags.

Outside the camp of men
shall your dwelling be.

- How much time we got?

- [Bags] That's the one
thing that you ain't got.

[car approaching]

- [Clifton] There's
no surrender now.

- [Sierra] There never was.

- [Clifton] Never is.

- Is he running
or is he rolling?

I hear his mother put
him in ballet classes.


- Is it true the drunk
was an American in Africa?

- Yeah.

When you kill him, make sure you

keep on killing him.

- You know I still
got a gift for

you, Persh, if you want it.

- [Pershing] I'm all ears.

- Kiss my ass.

- [Man] Dead center.

- I got 10 men.

Now we're 12.

- We're the jury.


[dramatic music]


- [Pershing] You still
running son of a bitch!


- [Clifton] Getting old, bud

- [Pershing] We're
gonna run back now.

Fast and low.

[snake hissing]


- I think we'll just

take a moment, okay?

See, this is a copperhead.

The most dangerous
snake in the world.

And I think he'll do
exactly what I say.

- That's his fault.

- And you?

You could be just like him.

Doing just what I say.

Following me again.

- I could never follow you, Bos.

- Oh.

But you see, you used to.

You just don't realize it.

See, there's no difference
between you and this snake.

It kills because
it's its nature,

just like you, my
beautiful friend.

Go ahead.

Take the life.

Come on.



Take your real life back.


[breathing heavily]

Beautiful, huh?

Don't be afraid,
he won't bite you.

Take your life back, baby.

Feel the power.

Feels good, doesn't it?

Let me release him for you.

Take him home.

Take back your life.

Come along with me, buddy.

You see?

- Bos, the devil
wouldn't want your soul.

- You're probably
right, but the two

of us, we could
probably take over Hell.


- Oh, we'll go to Hell together.

[guns firing]

[airplane engine roaring]

- Plane's coming.

[Latin guitar music]

♪ Edna Million in
a drop dead suit ♪

- Whooo whooo!

♪ Dutch Pink on a
downtown train ♪

♪ $2 pistol but the
gun won't shoot ♪

♪ I'm in the corner
in the pouring rain ♪

♪ 16 men on a dead man's chest

♪ And I've been drinking
from a broken cup ♪

♪ Two pairs of pants
and a mohair vest ♪

♪ I'm full of bourbon,
I can't stand up ♪

♪ Hey little bird,
fly away home ♪

♪ Your house is on fire,
your children are alone ♪

♪ Hey little bird,
fly away home ♪

♪ Your house is on fire,
your children are alone ♪

♪ Schiffer broke a
bottle on Morgan's head ♪

♪ And I've been stepping
on the devil's tail ♪

♪ Across the stripes
of a full moon's head ♪

♪ Through the bars
of a Cuban jail ♪

♪ Bloody fingers
on a purple knife ♪

♪ A flamingo drinking
from a cocktail glass ♪

[gun firing]

♪ I'm on the lawn with
someone else's wife ♪

♪ Come admire the view from
up on top of the mast ♪

- This way, hey, hey hey!

- No!

No, it can't be!

Like flies!

- I gotta say, Riddle, they got,

we were sure to be.

Like I was to you.

♪ Hey little bird,
fly away home ♪

♪ Your house is on fire,
your children are alone ♪

♪ Hey little bird,
fly away home ♪

[gun firing]

♪ Yellow sheets in
a Hong Kong bed ♪

♪ Stazybo horn and
a Slingerland ride ♪

♪ To the carnival
is what she said ♪

♪ A hundred dollars
makes it dark inside? ♪

- Guess you're
coming with us, Bags.

- I don't like you
that much, Pershing.

Besides, I'm a city boy.

World don't like me like you.

Just learn my name.

- So did I.

- Aw Jesus, why
don't you two give

each other a kiss, huh?

- Move along!

Get in!

Motherfucker, on
my mother's name

I'll blow your fucking
head off, now get in!

Come on!

- Where are we going?

- Come on up, up up, here we go!

In the plane, in the plane!

- Get the chopper ready,
I'll be there in five.

- Pershing!

Your face took damage
in the beating,

now take the goddamn plane down!

- I don't wanna hear it!

- The law's a coward,
they're not gonna take me in!

You let me walk,
and I'll let you

fly with the broad!

- I beat you Bos, it's over!

- Never surrender,
don't you get it?

- Surrender, you've
been captured already!

It's over!

[Sierra humming]

♪ That saved a wretch like me

♪ I once was lost,
but now I'm found ♪

♪ Was blind, but now I see

[humming "Amazing Grace"]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[guns firing]

- Keep on top of
them, force them down!

[guns firing]

- [Pershing] Boot!


What are you doing?

- When I make my
move, move fast, man.

- [Pershing] Don't do it!

You don't wanna try to make it.

- Come on!

[gun firing]

- Boot!

[explosion booming]

Go, move.

[heavy breathing]

Go, go, go, go.

Back, get back.

[breathing heavily]

Get up, get up,
come on, come on.

[gun cocking]

[gun firing]


[gun firing]


My leg!

- When you get tired of living

the good life, look me up.

Get him to a hospital.


- Hold on.

- [Pershing] I'm all
right, I'm all right,

just tie it up, tie it up.

Yeah, tight, tight, yeah.


- Arnold, good job.

Just a little bit tardy, yeah?

Let's go.

[gun cocks]

- [Arnold] No further.

- Quit being my eye on him.

- You're nothing now, Santier.

You were brought
down by a drunk.

[gun firing]



[gun cocking]

- I think I may have
been just a tiny bit

overcritical of
Arnold's performance.

[breathing heavily]

- Sierra, there's gotta
be a church bell in here.

Find it, when they
come ring it, okay?

- Give me the gun.

Come on, Pershing, tell her.

Tell her it's just like
the good ol' days, huh?

- Give him the
gun, he'll need it.

- Gun, baby.

- Do it.

[gun cocks]


[dramatic music]

- Pick up your gun, Bos.


- Ahhh!

Okay, okay, just one,
please, just one,

okay, no no, please!

Come on, please please please,
just, you love me, right?

Come on, just one?


It's good, it is good, right?

No, no, no no no no more, right?

No more, right?

- It's okay.

It's okay, Bosco.

Clifton, get up!

Get up, man!

[Clifton muttering gibberish]

It's all right, it's
all right, Bosco.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

You're okay, you're okay.

You're okay, man.

All right, all right, all right.

- Kinda like in the winter

and this place,

thorn of crowns on the grass,

he whispered to me.

She'll think of the snakes.

And then she'll
speak in tongues.

They shall speak in tongues!

- [Pershing] Bos,
you're with me!

- No!

- This is just an old wooden
church, man, that's all.

- No, not only a church!

He'd come into my bedroom
and drag me out of bed.

Take me to a little old church.

He had his bag of 12 snakes and

he'd put them out on
the fucking ground

and he'd say Bosco,
Bosco, catch 'em, boy!

And I'd say but dad, what,

what if they bite me?

And he,

"Bosco, if they bite you,
then God don't want you.

"And if God don't want you,
then I don't want you neither."

- But you always
caught them, right?

You always caught them.

- Yeah.

I really hate my father.

And I hate God.

[heavy breathing]

[guns cocking]

- Oh my God.


[bell ringing]

- Get up.

They come in,

they come in--

- They come in--

- Shoot the light.

- Watch the floor.

- See the Sheriff.

- See the Sheriff.

[guns firing]


[gun firing]

[bell ringing]

I got him.

[heavy breathing]


[dramatic music]

[heavy breathing]

[gun firing]

[breathing heavily]

[breathing heavily]

- You shouldn't have come
looking for me, Arnold.

- You insulted my mother!

- Night, baby.

[gun firing]


[bell ringing]


- Ouch.

- You look like shit.

It hurt a bit?

- No, it just hurts like hell.

- You and me.

We really could've been
something together, you know?

- Nothing I wanna be, Bos.

- Well,

I'm outta here.

You're gonna have to

shoot me in the back
if you want me to stay.

- [Pershing] I'm
coming after you, Bos!

I'm coming after you!


- I look forward to it.


So long, baby.

[light acoustic guitar music]


- Clifton, stop!

[gun firing]

- Nooo!

[guns firing]


- I had something really
great, I really did.

Does it hurt?


- [Pershing] Christ.

- Did we win?

- We never win.

We just live.

[upbeat folk music]

[singing in foreign language]

[singing in foreign language]