Coyote (2017) - full transcript

Muggy heat, small-town bleakness, unspoken social problems, hierarchy fights. This is Tuzko town, somewhere in Hungary, nowadays. Here comes Misi who inherits his grandfather's house and his property. Misi is a disillusioned, frustrated, constantly refugee young man. He can't find his role in his life, his job and relationship. He starts to build and renovate the house with some men from the town, but it violates the local oligarch's interests. Hard struggle begins for the property, for the love and for the life.

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Laci! What the hell! Stop this!

This is my land!

I do what I want here!

No one will enter here!

This is my land! Got it?

I can do whatever I want there!

Take the children! Go with them!

For God's sake, take the kids!

What's the matter? Are you enjoying the show?

What the hell, Laci!


Aren't you ashamed to do this in front of your kids?

Don't talk about my kids! Motherfucker!

Don't make use the gun! I will do it!

What gun? Before that, I'll rip your arm off!

Get out of here!

Get out before I kill you!

Fuck you! Die!

Laci, damn it, stop!

Let's go! Come on, hurry!

No matter what happens, don't use your gun!

Get out of here! What are you doing?!

You're crazy? Get out of here!

You're next!

Let him go, Laci!

Edina, hit the road!

Laci, what the hell are you doing?

Are you crazy?!

Stop! Don't hurt him!

I'm calling for reinforcements!

Where are the others?

Call the county cops! Fast!

Stop! Damn it, stop!



Fuck you!

Calm down, okay?!

The handcuffs!

Look at me! Look!

The handcuffs!

Leave him alone!

For God's sake!

What are you looking at, assholes?

With your mouth full of blood!

Just standing there! Fuck you! Go to hell!


- Madam...?!
- Who are you calling "madam"?!

Are you crazy?

We've known each other for years! Idiot!

Look me in the eyes!

Edina, I don't like this either...

Don't give me Edina!

They built on the perimeter of the plot...

What fucking perimeter?!

You know this is very dangerous...

What perimeter?!

Fuck off!

I don't make the rules...

You hijack them so you can do what you want!

Get out of here!

I'm just trying to stay alive, can't you see?

- Don't argue with her.
- What are you talking about?

Go away!

Calm down!

You lying bastards!

Did you really have to do this?

Laci, we asked nicely.

We should have talked about it.

And thought about it beforehand.

How do you think that makes me feel?

Shut your mouth!

I don't care about your feelings!

I hope it backfires on you!

Pali... Pali, stop.

This is low for us. This whole story is.

Get that dog out of here, Misu!

That's enough!


He only bites assholes.

Do you want more?

Do you not have enough?

You still want this corner of weeds?

Come on...

And you?

Edina, take your things and go!

What will your father say?

Are you taking me home?

Palika is with me.

Come here! Come back!

Get out of here!



For God's sake!

PREDATORS are lying.

We paid all our lives and now,
you tell us that we have nothing?

I worked hard for 50 years

and how do we spend our money?

On medicine!

Misi, pull yourself together!

Take a deep breath...

and exhale.

The mother-to-be must wait a little,

but the dad can join if he wants.

No thanks. We'll join later.

Misi, come on...

That's not how it used to be!

Where are we going to live?
In the street?

I am opening my legs.

I give myself to perfect femininity.

I understand, but I can't break the rules.

I don't care about the rules!

I accept the pain.

Do you know what you are doing?

Sorry, I have to answer.

- I'm going outside.
- Okay.

- What is the problem?
- I don't know.

You should be ashamed!

or Paleo.

I haven't decided yet.

I'm going to India in January.

There's a guru there, a fasting guide.

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

There is no heartbeat.

When was your last period?

It was the 11th of February.

You will stay here tonight.

We'll do the dilation and curettage tomorrow.

It's not...

an abortion?

Are you sure?

Don't be upset.

You can try again in a few months.

Check again!

I understand your anger...

I'm not angry.
I just want you to check again!

I'm the doctor here...

And I am the father!

Wait outside, Misi.

Please, wait outside.


The car is fine, but I flew!

My car is okay?
Idiot! Look at the car!

You're not right in the head!

Calm down!

She doesn't even have a scratch!

I'm not shouting, but I am right!
You will pay for this!

Collect this, idiot!

Hey asshole!

Who the hell do you think you are?

Shut up and get in the car!

Get in.

Get in before I punch you!

Mihaly Bicserdy was one of Tűzkő's oldest residents.

He was appreciated by all.

But he loved his family above all else.

His son, Adam, his grandson, Mihaly junior,

and her daughter-in-law, Klara,

who are heartbreaken by these farewells.

I haven't been part of this community for a long time,

but I know we lost

an important member of the community.

My friends, I share your pain.

"I, the undersigned, Mihaly Bicserdy, of Tűzkő,

am of sound mind, and in the event of my death,

I bequeath the following things in my will.

I bequeath my two chairs, my cupboard,

five knives, five glasses,

two liqueur glasses, one of wine and two of water.

my gard...

my garden to..."

I'm sorry... but this writing...

- " garden tools..."
- And the land?

I read.

"I bequeath them to my friend, Lajos Szita.

The house and its land, I bequeath to my grandson, Misi."

I quote: "so that his balls finally drop!

It's too late for his father..."

“I expect my last wishes to be respected.

Signed: in Tűzkő, March 23, 2015. Mihaly Bicserdy."

The property keys are in the envelope.


Do you like it?

You never told me about this place.

We never really came here.

Family dramas...

- I'll tell you about it later.
- Okay.

Do you want to go see him?

Of course.

He always did things his way.

He would hate it if I cried.

I bet he cried too.



I'm glad to have found you here.
You must be Mrs. Bicserdy.

Pal Sojka. Lawyer.

But I am retired now.


Old Misu told me a lot about you.

Of me? Did you know my father?

Your dad and I were friends.

He didn't have friends.

Well, yes, the wild dog...

He was not an easy man.

But hey... who is?

Have you thought about the future of this house?

- Well...
- We can't do much about it.

The thing is, it belongs to my son.

Good morning. Pal Szojka.

Bicserdy. Mihaly.

Like the old one.

Like the old one.

- How much do you want?
- Nothing.

She's worth more than that.

It is not for sale.

I just came to say hello.

You'll never get your car out of there.


Quicksand. Local specialty.

I know.

Need a hand?

Thanks, but we'll manage on our own.

Call me!
We'll go for a drink!

He seems nice.

Misi, this is no place for you.

Sell it.
You will have a child soon.


What do you say?

If that's what Misi wants...

We're staying here.

It smells a little.

She needs a good cleaning.



You... woman.



Can I help you?

With what?

Why are you here?

The dog?

I gave him food and water.

Do you have 100 florins?

Eszter! do you have 100 florins?

Is the dog there?

Hey! The dog!

I will be back next week!
Come, mom, let's take a break!

These people are idiots!

Come in!


It's a familiar situation...

Excuse me?

I work in a bank. I also have clients like that.

My name is Mihaly Bicserdy, I have come for the building permit

because we haven't had an answer yet.

- Picserdy?
- Yes.

Was it your grandfather who died recently?


My condolences.

Thank you.

- Can I sit?
- Of course.

The building permit is still being assessed.

But we applied a long time ago.

I can't do anything.
My hands are tied.

Can you see what the problem is?

They found an error in the file

so you have to start over.

What kind of error?

They will send you an official letter.

Send a letter?

Can I speak to the mayor?

He's not in the office today.

When does he plan to return?

You don't need to shout!

We will contact you when the time comes.

He's a god!

Look at his muscles.

And his horns!

You will see the magnificent calves he has!

- Come on!
- I'm fine where I am.


Palika, Stay here.

Let's go!

Come, my beauty!

Come on, come on!


Calm, my beauty.

You are a marvel!

Do you think it's childish?

It's a nice belt...

It suits you...


I am going down to the village...

to find workers.

We gotta start building or we're gonna run out of time.

Are you serious when you say you want to raise a child here?

We will spend our summers here.

The sandpit is ready...


Look at how he's grown!

Let's go to the hideout...

Can you make me a strong coffee, Mari?

Of course.

You forgot your milk!


- You're the kid from Bicserdy, aren't you?
- Yes.

Thank you.

Shame to bear that name.

Excuse me?

Lajos! We don't smoke inside, remember?!

I don't care!

Your grandfather would have forgotten you!

The whole family!

Hey, Lajos, don't make a scene.

He left his house to me.


If he hated me so much, why leave me the house?

His wife...

your grandmother

she was seeing another man.

Your father left without looking back.

A filthy traitor!

Your father never had anything to do with his father!

Your grandma was fucking another guy and he dumped her!

It broke your grandfather's heart.

- Give me another pálinka!
- Not now.

What do you want?

What do you have to say, rich boy?

Maybe he didn't know his grandmother was a tramp?

I bet they don't talk about it at family meals.

- You've had enough.
- Leave me alone!

- That's enough! Go home!
- Okay.

- Go get some sleep.
- Okay, okay, I'm leaving!

People are nice here.

Anyone familiar with construction?

They are all useless!

I can build you a house!

Be careful with him!

That's enough! This is the last time!


Yes. Do you know someone?


I dug a well for Kranyik in an afternoon for 20,000.

You can pay 200,000 if you want.

I do it for a tenth of the price.

Electrical, plumbing, roofing...

No problem...


I'm not asking for a lot.

But the beer must be cold!

Octopus and me...

we will build the house of your dreams.

We'll bring the bricks tomorrow.


In the morning.

Let's go to "Cuckoo".

Damn, that's not enough!

We also need more cement.

I'm not a calculator.

Misi! Misi, come here!

Are you sure it's going to be okay?


Son of a bitch!

Are you okay?

Yeah. The ground is loose, that's all.

Shouldn't it be consolidated?

Don't worry. It goes faster that way.

Damn sand!

Oh shit!

You won't be able to break through with that!

Shouldn't you use a bigger one?

Unplug! fuck!

Unplug, Misi!




The cloth is in there!

Do you have organic milk?

You're not from around here, are you?

No, we just arrived.

We had fresh milk this morning.

You should come earlier, you shouldn't sleep so late.

I like to sleep...

I will rise with the rooster.

Or not go to sleep at all...


Come on, let's solve this. Pal Szojka junior.

Eszter Bota. Hello.

Come on, let's go.

It's kind of you, but you don't have to...

You don't have to be polite.

It's a gift, don't worry.

No no

You're from the city?

Does it show?

What are you doing here?

I'm building a house with my husband.

A house?


At the exit of the village.

Where old Bicserdy lived.

What do you do for work?

Misi works in a bank. I am a teacher.

- For?
- The little ones, kindergarten.

And you?

- A little bit of everything.
- A little bit of everything?

I have some land...

with my dad.

- Do you give private lessons?
- For you?

Of course not.

For my son.

You have a son?



I will pay the same rate as in the city.

Thanks. I'll think about it.

Hi, kid!

- Are you going to say hello?
- Good morning.


Can you fetch me a pitcher?

Hello! Anyone home?

Anybody here?

Anyone home?

Anyone home?

Good morning.
Sorry to disturb you.

They told me I'd find you here.

20 minutes.

Can I have some?

Thank you.

They laughed at us and took our money.

It'll crumble without a foundation.

I'm a banker, not a bricklayer.

Gajdan is a fucking communist!

He got his ass kicked more than once.

You're lucky he didn't do too much damage,

because if it falls apart while you were sleeping, adios amigos!

Where is Dome?

- Who?
- The dog.

Don't know.

He hides away.

He doesn't like me.

You know the Szojkas won't let go so easily.


Are you going to help us or not?

Yes of course!

- Out of stock.
- What?

Out of stock, I said.

And that what is it ?

Is it cement blocks or am I seeing things?

They have been sold, but not yet delivered.

Don't fuck with me, Fuzi!

Do you take me for a fool?!

Lajos, don't take it that way...

You didn't call.
I was waiting.

I'll give you double the price.

I told you I wasn't selling.
I'm renovating the house.

We'll talk about that later.

Shall we drink coffee together?

No thanks.
I'm not selling.

Is Icuka there?

- I would like to see the accounts.
- She's waiting for you...

Misi! Come on!

We won't be sold anything here.

Not today, not in a week.

There is another small problem.


I don't have enough to hire a full team.

- I thought so.
- I can work.

For the big job, you'll do...

but you need a man who knows what he's doing.

And who won't break the budget.

My ex-brother-in-law is a good guy.

Look who's pretty...

Where did you go?

Shopping. And some other stuff.

- What?
- And you, what are you going to do?

We are going to try another supplier.

I saw Szojka yesterday.
He owns the local building supplies, too.

We couldn't buy anything.
But where are you going?

It's a secret...



His grandfather was old Misu. I told you about it.

They don't make men like him anymore.

He killed more Germans and Russians

during the war than anyone, and he buried them in the forest.

You told me about a job.

He's a talker, huh?

- How's it going?
- We just finished...

Isn't that right?

He is smarter than the kids in his class.

The school doesn't suit him.

He has no friends.

Don't you want to have children?

Can I have some sugar?


it would be better not to build anything here.

Strange things are happening here.

Misi is very attached to it.

Does he always get what he wants?

I have to get back home.

I'll accompany you?

Thanks, but I came by bike.

- Attila.
- Eszter.

How are you, Maria?

Very good! Fabulously well! Really, thank you.

It's delicious, thank you.

If I had known you were coming, I would have made more.

What do you say?

Heaven forbid! I'm stuffed!

Shall we drink something?

That's enough for me, thank you.

Let's drink another one!

Pal's not eating with us?

No. He has heartburn.

What a lovely kid.

My little tiger.

I don't see him as my grandson, more like...

How do I put it?

Like Pali's little brother...

Mom! Mom!

Sorry... Sorry.


Palika, come eat at the table.

What happened to his mother? What was her name?

Orsi. She left us.

- My condolences.
- No, she ran away.

It does not concern us,

it is for the village.

I'm talking about the past... the future.

This land has belonged to our ancestors for centuries.

In fact, we bought it...

We have always lived here.

And we will stay here!

The future of the village is in our hands!

I'm talking about development, progress!

You have enough money to live in luxury in Budapest...

What's holding you back? Leave! NOW!

With the money of the Swedes, we can get back on our feet

the village, the roads, the sewers.

We can finally move forward!

We can be the next Bábolna.

Or Hévíz! We have to find thermal water.

She is under our feet.

Liquid gold: thermal water

I saw it in a documentary on "Discovery"

that instead of 30-35km

there is only a layer of 24-26km

between us and the lava.

What do we do with those who refuse to sell their land?

It's always the same story. Some are unhappy.

If I throw a frog into boiling water, it jumps out.

But if I put it in cold water that I warm up gradually,

the frog does not move.

And dies.

- It's them or us!
- No one needs to die...

We must make them understand that a new era is beginning.

I know them... the Bicserdys.

I saw the son the other day, not an easy one.

He won't let go.

I'll take care of him.

Be more delicate than last time, Pali.

Ouch! Shit!

- Thank you for the encouragement!
- It's your finger!

That's not a real hammer.

Use mine.

And hit the nail.


He's strong.

Misi, can I have a minute!

Misi, please!

We'll talk after work!

Where do you come from?

Saint Nicholas.

Saint Michael.

He's a gypsy Sicilian who's not afraid of the cold!

Why did you come here?

To work.

If you want to play Q&A

with him, you've already lost.


I started giving lessons to a kid from the village.

It's not much, but they pay me.

Was that your secret?

How did you find the job? Did you go door to door?

"Please, give me work!"

People talk here.

They knew I was a teacher and they asked me.

Ah, "madam teacher" has arrived...

It's great, but why don't you take the opportunity to rest?

The weather is nice, the landscape is nice...
The people are nice...

I feel good when I teach.

I'll go crazy doing nothing.

I can't help with the building work.

I don't want to cook...

I feel useless!

It'll be Okay...

Not a bad stew...

What did you put in it? Red wine?

A good moscatel... that's the secret ingredient.

It's the old man's recipe.

You can't have forgotten...

especially after your adventures with your father's pálinka.

What happened?

It was a long time ago.

Tell us

My old man had a moped.


Just one.

"Just one" !

It was a pile of junk.

What did he call it again?

The "butt-slap".


The butt-slap...

He wanted to sell it and found a buyer.

He spent the day cleaning it, tinkering with it, oiling it.

What were you doing in the cabin?

I loved that cabin...

I went there and it was full of fire ants.

an incredible amount.

I poured pálinka around the cabin and some gasoline.

I set the fire and everything ignited.

People came to buy the moped in this cursed cabin on fire!

I ran away and my mom was like, "Adam, what did you do?"

The old man beat me until my back was nearly broken.

It wasn't funny.

You see, you're not as boring as you look!

Why don't you come more often?

- Do you wear it?
- Yes

He beat me with it often.

Without reason.

Just so I wouldn't forget he was my dad.

You want it?

Keep it.

I wanted you to know what kind of man he was.

I would have known if you didn't hate him so much.

I didn't hate him.

You will come more often now.

We're going to turn this hole into a hot tub.

You will be able to dip your balls and look at the stars.

We have visitors.

Go inside, I'll talk to them.

Hello. Can I help you?

- Who the fuck wants to help?
- Sorry?


I said, do you think we want your help, asshole?!

What do you want?

- Get out of here!
- Calm down!

Why should I calm down?! Don't try to calm me down!

This is my land. Who the hell are you?

You think you are at home?

Szojka sent you, huh?
Tell him I'm not selling!

Shut up!

Do you think we're here to send your messages to Szojka?

- Is he your kid?
- Yes, he's my son.

Take him back to his mother!

- It is his land.
- You believe that too!

Women should go inside!

Calm down!

You're going to die

What are you waiting for?

Calm down!

What do you want, dirty gypsy?

What are you looking for?

One more step and I'll cut you in half!

We'll be back!

Let go of me!
Leave me alone!

Let go of me, damn it!

What is this place?!

Where they beat you to death at home!

Come home!

I told you to sell, right?

Don't be a smartass! Fuck you house! Fuck you!

Son, watch your tongue!

Come too, Misi, you don't need this.

What? Should I run away like you?

You won't become your grandfather by wearing his belt.

What? Take it!


What?! Do you want me to go too?!

Stop your bullshit!

Have you lost your mind?! After what just happened?!

What?! I should flee like my coward father!

Why are you still here?! Go home!

Stop, Misi!

He punched you? Why didn't you return the favor?


Stay calm.

They threatened us. Do you understand?

A Lada Niva arrived and...

Around here, we don't call the cops for a punch.

But the women don't all wear panties either

if you know what I mean...

- What?
- Leave it!

Thanks for coming!

It was nothing.


Let's get out of here!

You don't talk to your father like that.


I can't believe I missed it again!

I see.

It doesn't interest you.

There's only cars for you.

Do you know what the best all-terrain vehicle is?

- A tank.
- A donkey.

Because he carries twice his weight...

and he doesn't need to eat much.

Why did you send Arpi and his buddy to the Bicserdys?

You didn't ask me.

I didn't want us to get our hands dirty.

- And that's the case?
- Dad...

Stop your whining!


Do we have clean hands?

Are you coming, kid?
Do you want to shoot?

You want to? Come on, come here.

Stand up straight. Like a man. Perfect.

Be careful.

Like that. Good! Look at the targets.

You aim... and...

Your woman?

She must have gone for a walk.

She doesn't like being here.

It's like nothing is good enough for her.

After yesterday, it doesn't surprise me.

That punch was kind of humiliating.

I even pissed myself a little.

Your grandfather would have retaliated. But okay...

not even a brick would stop such an animal.

You should never wait for that kind of thing.

Wait till he opens his mouth... and you punch him in the teeth, got it?

It feels good

and the situation is reversed.

By the way, you're invited to my daughter's wedding on Saturday.

I don't think we'll come.

You need a little relaxation.

I'll bring you some clothes.

For you too, Attila. Did you hear?

Wedding. Saturday.

I dont drink.

I didn't say we were going to drink!

I thought your eldest was 16.

My eldest?

I have a few girls in the village.

Is your father here?



What do you teach?



Writing, reading, counting, English... that sort of thing.

How much do you want?

I came to ask you to leave us alone.

- Now listen
- Eszter.


I don't negotiate with women in general.

What happened...

I'm not happy about it either.

The mayor proposes a meeting to make peace.

Let's say today... at 7:00 p.m.

I'll talk to Misi.

You have to convince him!

I will convince him to sell...

but you must promise not to attack us again.

Convince him.

I understand.

A meeting?

A discussion...

With these people?

For what? I'm serious, why?

Is that the secret?

- The big secret?
- You didn't listen...

You go to the village... You go to the village

and suddenly, you have a student?

Why would I listen to you spout nonsense?

How could you go there after what happened?

You don't give a fuck about me?

When did I not care about you?

Climbing stairs all day, working, sawing

and I'm always looking out for you!

Construction is more important to you!

The work is not what matters to me!
You are the one who matters!

You never ask how I am!

I only think about how you are!

And you, you're giving lessons to the kid of these assholes?!


Don't blame the kid, he has nothing to do with it!

Do you hear what you're saying?

I didn't know what they were capable of.

- You didn't know...
- No...

How can you be so dumb!

Don't call me dumb!

- What did you do?
- I just wanted to help.

You betrayed me?
Did you sell us out?

You knelt in front of them?

Please, Misi...

Look at me!


Talk to them.

Listen to what they have to say.

Look at me...

Junior Szojka!
Come on! Let's talk...

You want a meeting?

Let's get it over with.

You sent those thugs?

Do you know the Corvette C6?

What? What's that got to do with it?

We still have some time.

Come on, don't be a chicken!

My family... Have always lived here and we'll stay here!

Don't start the brainwashing, please.

It's about moving forward.

We can get back on track with the Swedish money.

We can become the next Siófok or Balatonfüred.

Thermal hot springs, the whole shebang.

It is something, this car.

I hate the word car.

That's what my dad always says.

It's not just a car.

Want to try it?

No. No.

Let's go see your father.

Thank you, Pal.
I'll take over.

I am coming too.

Your father doesn't want that.

Come with me.

We don't want anything bad to happen to you.

This project is in the interest of Tűzkő.


We can fix up the village with Swedish money.

Do you know about "Liquid Gold of Hungary"?

Yes, hot springs, thermal water.

We can become the next Hévíz!

or Balatonfüred.

So, you do understand.

But there are no hot springs here.

You don't know that for sure.
You think you're you're smarter than the rest?

I will not sell my land for the Swedes to build a factory.

I don't think they are here for the hot springs.

Have you discussed it with your girlfriend?

Leave her out of it!

Listen to what Mr. Szojka has to say.

You will be given a larger plot.

I already have land.

But this one will be freshly marked...

I already have land!

My family has lived here for generations.

Tűzkő is our heritage!

- And a piece of it is mine too!

I'm not finished!

- Sit down...
- Why?

- I'm not at war!
- Sit!

Tell that to your dog!

We have offered you a good deal.

Think carefully!

City boy, do you think I'm a stupid villager?

Do you despise your own people?

Fuck you!

Exactly like his grandfather.

Mr. Bicserdy!

A letter for you

They rejected... sorry...

...building permit for no reason.

Listen, Mr. Bicserdy...

- In some cases...
- Like mine?

I can't see anything. I'll call the doctor.

- Do you know who did this to me?
- No. Of course not.

But you know who sent them.

He wants you dead.

Why do you work for them?

It is not that simple...

What's not so simple?

I call the doctor. You can't leave like this.

Mrs Gyulai.

Do you have a first name?

My first name?

A name just for you.

The teacher's not coming?




You said it's not that simple...


I believe it is.

Focus on what you're doing, boy.

What are you doing?

You hear me? What are you doing?!

I don't know what you want.

They beat your father, they beat you.

And you, you want to stay here!

You have lost control!

Don't you understand? I have to go to the end! For us!

- You want the best for us?
- Yes

- Why don't you marry me then?
- What's that got to do with it?

We came here because I thought
it would be good for both of us!

And? Misi, look at you!
Did it do us any good?!

So, we should go back to that asshole

with his beard and glasses and dance for him?!

What for?


What for?

We have people on our side!

Who? The old womanizer or the mute cowboy? Eh?

This is my grandfather's land!

I won't sell it! It's ours!

What is ours? For God's sake!

Can't you see that you're going to lose everything!
Absolutely everything!

You built this place for yourself because you only think about yourself!

The child and I, we don't count?!
That's all that matters to you!

Grow up, Misi!

You act tough and at the first punch, you cry like a baby!

You're weak like your father!

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

Don't touch me!


That's probably why your baby didn't want to live...

I don't want anything from you.

Okay! Fuck you!

Attila, are you sticking to coke?

Drink something else.

He had a fight with his girlfriend...

We all know that...

So... cheers!

Look how beautiful my Zsuzsi is...

- My spitting image, huh?
- Luckily not...


Good then...

God bless you! And all the saints!

What is he doing here?

It's okay, stay calm...

Stay calm, okay.

And another!


I'm glad you're here, dad.

Thank you for inviting me.

My little girl...

On her wedding day.

You know them...

Here is Misi...

- And Attila.
- Hello, Attila.

I have an announcement to make!

The bride and groom must get up,

it's time to dance!

We all have to dance with the bride

to see if she can dance!

I call the newlyweds to the dancefloor!
The bride and groom!

Let the music begin!

Cheers to the happy couple!

You are beautiful,

like your mother.

And you dance very well.

- Do you really want to leave home?
- Yes.

Does this guy really love you?


Dad... Let's just dance.

Wait a minute.

Just a minute, okay?

The others are waiting for their turn...

Okay... let's drink!

Misi, serve a round!

Dry ass!

Lajos! Where are you going?
Leave my family alone!

Are you leaving already, bum?

Shut up, you pig! Shut up!

Shall we make you a doggy bag?

Get out and leave my family alone!

Leave us in peace! Go away!


Son of a bitch!

I'm going to kill you!

Lajos! Stop!

No! Stop!



Good evening.

What do you want?

You didn't come.

Go away!

I came to apologize.

Palika likes you very much.

Tell him what kind of man you are.

I brought you some milk.

It's still warm.

Drink it!

I threw the one from last time in the garden.

It still stinks.

You're alone?

Everything will be alright.
It's nothing, everything is fine.

No! I'm on fire! No!

Your turn.

I'll call the police if you don't leave.

It's no use, they work for my father.

You are so innocent.

I bet you smell good.

You make me want to vomit.

What for?

Because I brought you a present?

Take it.

Drink, do you hear me?!


Take that, asshole!

Get lost!

You too, Lajos!

Sorry... I need my phone.

Lajos, you really screwed up this time! You and your friends!

Calm down!

You gonna pay for this, got it?

For everything!

I was also banned from the "Coucou"...


You took a good beating!

You don't look too good either.

It's nothing... I even pissed my pants a little!

Thanks for the shirt!

Let's go to the bar to recover.

I'm going to bed.

Come on, come on.

You finally found your balls.

Like your grandfather.

You you don't just bark...

you bite too.



Oh my God...

Do not get mad...

I'm really ashamed.

- Don't be angry... I'm sorry..
- Leave me alone!

You should see what the other guys look like.

I love you, darling...

Don't do that, please.
No, leave me alone!

You are so sweet and warm.
You smell so good...


No, leave me alone!

What is it?

I am afraid of you!

Do not be afraid.

Don't be afraid.



We are on our way


- What happened to you, son?
- It's nothing

We came as quickly as we could.

What happened?

We were going to dinner last night and...

I'm sorry.

- How are you two?

He just fell asleep...

He is very weak. Doctors are monitoring him.

They don't know if it's his heart... or a broken rib...

They don't know...

You made the right decision.

Misi should also stay.

What good decision?

What are you doing?


What are you doing?

Can you... give us a minute?

Go get a coffee. Leave us.

What is the right decision you made?

I didn't want to talk about it when your dad is...

What is it?

I think we shouldn't see each other for a while...

What? Have you lost your mind?

I'm not going with you.

Don't do that...

You hear me?

Don't do this to me...

Don't do this to me...

I'm doing it for you.

Everything I do is for you.

No... Everything you do is for you.

Not for me. Not for us.
There is no more us.

Fuck, what are you talking about?

Do you see what I'm talking about?
I don't recognize you anymore.

Is that why you betrayed me?

Are you leaving me?

I'm scared for you.

What are you talking about?

Yesterday when you were at the wedding, this guy...

that bastard came to our home.


- And...
- And?

You weren't there.

Do you have any idea how much this tube is worth, kid?

You are one of the richest men in this country.


You spend your day jerking off a bull!

That's life, that's all!

There is no stork, no tooth fairy.


I don't want him to live in a fantasy world.

You grew up in your mother's skirts.

We don't need another one like that in the family.

You always ruin everything!

He's only five! Why do you want him to grow up fast?

Palika, come here!

- Where are you going?
- Far.

The boy stays.

- He's my son.
- He's staying.

Are you going to ask my opinion?


You don't want mine either.

About what?

About running away.

You're crazy if you think I'm going to leave him here.

Leave, but you won't have a penny.

You think you are all-powerful.

Anything else?

I'm tired of you intefering in my affairs.

People tolerate you because you get what you want.

Drop dead!


Did you touch Eszter?!

Stop! Calm down!

What were you thinking?

Nothing happened.


- Put it down!
- OK!

Or I'll shoot your ass!

- Stay there, stay down!
- Feri!

It has nothing to do with you!

Don't come near!

Take him to the paddock!

Leave me!

- Fuck you!
- Put it down!

There, I dropped it!

There is a surprise waiting for you!

Do you think you're strong with a gun in your hand?

Come on!

Is that what you teach your grandson?

Come here!

You selfish old fool!

Drop your gun and let's settle it!

Palika, go inside!
Everything's okay!

Come on, closer! Take him!

- Don't push me!
- Move it, boy!


Go to the gate!

Little Wolf.

You are just like your grandfather!

Jump in there and show us how you bite!

Come on! Jump in!

Get in! Get in there!

Fuck you old man!
Don't do this!

- I'm not going!
- Get in!

You can shoot me!
Shoot me!

Get in! Get in!

- Don't do this!
- Silence !

Come on...

Forget it, old man!

Shut up! Everybody shut up!



Oh, my God, dad! Dad!

No... Don't move him!

Ambulance, call an ambulance!

It was an accident.

Pali... are you sure?

It was an accident.

I see.

The injured party does not wish to press charges.

But you'd better get out of here

because you've caused nothing but trouble.


How is he?

We're just waiting to be discharged and go home.

I love you so much...

Your girlfriend? She's not coming?

And your old man? Is he getting better?

You want some?

Lousy salami.

Pal Szojka was one of the oldest and most respected

residents of Tűzkő. He was appreciated by all.

What are you doing here? Go back where you came from!

But it was his family who cherished him the most.

His wife, his son, Pali,

his grandson, Palika, to whom these farewells are heartbreaking.

Although I am a newcomer,

I know that with this tragedy, we lose an important man...

My dear friends...

I share your pain.

Welcome to Tűzkő

- Which one is Swedish?
- All of them.

Hello, I am the mayor.

Welcome, Mrs Swensons,

Mr. Parpatian,

Mr. Omer,

and Mr. Kutuzov.

My dear friends...

Please translate

My dear friends...

As you can see,

every house in the valley is empty.


It's ready for you.

What a beautiful place, isn't it?

- This is like paradise.
- Very good.

How do you feel with this weather?


Weather. Are you okay?

- I'm sorry for you.
- Very good.

Pali, for God's sake, not now!

- Everything is super.
- I'll call the police! This can't happen!

Stop! Don't do it! I beg you!

No problem.

Stop it, Pali!
Stop! Don't do this!

I beg you! Pali! Pali!

We'll sort this out together.
No Problem.

I can't believe he wants to have it all.

Pali! No! Pal, stop!

Stop this nonsense!
It won't do any good!

Fuck off and leave me alone!

Stop, don't do that, are you crazy?

Get out of here!

Degenerate barbarian!

- You're sick!
- Stop for God's sake!

You hear me?

- Fuck!
- Get out of my way!

I'm going to kill you!

Get out of there!

Stop it!


I will not move!
I'm not leaving!

Get lost!

- Get out of here!
- Come on!

You think I'll let you. Who do you think you are?!

Are you coming to smash everything?

Go away!

What do you want, asshole?!

What are you doing?!

Get out of my way!

- The Swedes are here!
- I don't care!

Get out of here!

I will send this place to hell!

What you're doing is wrong, Pali!

Leave it to the police!

He killed my father!

You said it was an accident?!

Are you going to hide behind your machine?!

Don't tell me what to do!


What do you want?!

Let's do it the European way...

This is not Europe. Everyone pretends it is.

Who do you think you are trying to make me leave?!

You are invading someone else's land!

Go back to the city!
Get out if you want to live!

Who do you think you are?!

Go back to the city, asshole!

Who do you think you are?

Don't start your bullshit, gypsy!

Get out of here!

Misi! Misi! Get up !

You are all under arrest!

Listen, Pali, we've been thinking.

No need to make a big deal out of it. Look at us!

Let it go, Pali.

Don't call me Pali, I am not your friend.

I'm not your friend either.

Hi there...

I'm going to take you away from here.

How embarrassing.

Things were going so well.

It's not that bad, just a little concussion.

I need to stay in the hospital for a while.

I like your outfit. It suits you.

- You want to see?
- No.


I'm three weeks late.

I hope it's a girl.

I should have been with you.

Excuse me.

Sorry to bother you.
I represent Mr. Parpatian.

I'm sure you know he's a Swedish investor.

This is his offer.

Read it carefully. It's my advice,

although I shouldn't say anything...

I'll leave it here, okay?

Get well soon.

You look like shit.

They're going to keep me here for a while.

But it was good while it lasted, wasn't it?


Are you giving me your belt?

It was my grandfather's.

You're the only one who really deserves it.

I don't know if that's a compliment...

I'm sorry about that.

Knock it off.

- Do you have a bank account?
- No.

And Attila?

I'll find a way.

Thank you for everything.

Fuck them if they fuck you.

Little coyote!

I dedicate...

this song to the memory of my father...

without whom this wonderful project...

would never have seen the light of day.

It is...

for you, dad.

Your favorite song.

Time fades away like a snowflake,

and even happiness goes away one day.

You want me to come in?

- You don't have to.
- Are you sure?

You are the only one...

and the wind carries you away.

But hope is always present,

every second, every day.

Hope is still there, so have faith,

my friend and just say...

That's life,

do your best to live well...

because all the evil you do cannot be erased.

You're alive, enjoy the summer sun...

and be happy to have someone... who treats you with love...

I'm going to kill you!

Let me go! Let me go!

What are you doing here? It's not the right time...

Who is this guy?

This is the person...

who we ...

have issues with.

What are you doing here?

- He asks...
- I understood...


What the fuck is happening here?

It's okay, it's everything okay.


Thanks for coming.

Pali, no! It's finished. Sit down.

It's finished!

Pali! He signed!

Calm down. It's over, okay?

We won. It's over, Pali.