Convict 762 (1997) - full transcript

A spaceship with an all female crew runs into a meteor field because of a navigational mistake. They lose a lot of their fuel and realise they cant get home on what they've got. They are forced to land on a planet which has been reformed into one of the most dangerous penal colonies in the universe in order to refuel. Once there they realise only two men are left on the planet and they are engaged in hand to hand combat. The women cant figure out which one of the men is the officer and which one has systematically slaughtered the rest of the inmates. One by one each of the women is killed. Just who is Convict 762?

[eerie ambient music]

[dramatic electronic music]

- We've been at
this for 16 hours.

How come you don't look tired?

- Helena, do have
an ETA on lockdown?

- [Helena] Coming up, Cap.

- I like this.

It's what I do.

- All the storage
compartments are stowed.

We're locked and loaded, Helena.

- Sheridan and Lincoln
are just in, Cap.

- [Nile] Good work.

See you on the bridge.

- [Computer] Navigational
report still computing.

- No.

- [Nile] Reno, are you

done with that
navigational report?

- [Computer] Estimated time
of completion four minutes.

- [Nile] Reno, I don't

want to have to ask again.

- Okay, Cap, sure.

Smooth sailing as
usual, no problem.

- [Computer] Warning,
navigational report incomplete.

- Incomplete, incomplete.

- Want some?

Damn, that's the first thing
I'm gonna do when we get home.

I'm gonna get a porterhouse
steak thick as my fist.

Gonna need a plasma torch
just to cut the damn thing,

and a beer and two
gallons of whip cream.

- Steak and whip cream?

- Ain't for the steak.

See, that's for the pretty
boy who brings me the steak.

- Yeah, right.


- I'm gonna rock his world.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- Hello, Captain.

- Reactor online.

Everything is in green.

- Good, power up the drives.

- Beginning computations,
hyperdrive on your mark.

- Homeward bound.

It's been a long haul, ladies.

Holy Christ!

Nixie and Gelario, where
the hell did they come from?

- Oh my God.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Tulerium materializing
off the port bow.

- Navigation report, I want
to know how we missed them

and how to get the
hell out of here.

- Tulerium materializing
off the stern.

- Christ, they're everywhere.

- Sheridan--

- Navigation report,
it's incomplete.

God damn it, Reno.

- Next Tulerium due
in seven seconds.

- Reno, Helena, get up here.

Austin, talk to me.

- I don't have
their ellipse yet.

It's not enough time.

- Look out.

- We're going on.

- What?

- You're gonna kill us.

- What happened to the
navigation report, Reno?

- What are you talking about?

- Don't give me that bull!

- We meet at a time
and a place, ladies.

Back to your stations.

Brace for impact.

- Point five and closing,
we've got no clearance.

- No worries.


[electricity crackling]


Damage report.

- Thermal couplings
three and four are hit.

I've got spikes down line.

- Radiation in the fuel core
has just went off the scale.

- Temperature building,
she's gonna blow.

- Prepare to jettison
fuel three and four.

- Are you insane?

- Shut up, Reno.

- It isn't a buyer, and
it's too fast to be static.

- I'm red-lining to meltdown.

Jettison fuel cells.

- Cells away.

[explosion booming]

Unbelievable, hyperdrive
in three, two, one.

- Thank God.

[breathing heavily]

- [Reno] It's like a pit bull.

Funniest thing I've ever seen.

Well, I just left him
standing there, you know?

It was only because I
had to make my point.

- If you ever give me an
incomplete navigation report

again, I will
relieve you of duty

and haul you back as cargo.

You read me, Reno?

- It was a malfunction.

I swear it was--

- I don't want to hear it.

You almost got us killed.

We're not out of it yet.

We had to jettison 80%
of our fuel back there.

- And?

- And we don't have enough fuel

to make it back to Ares Eight.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- Isn't somebody
gonna say something?

- Linc, it's okay.

- It's not okay.

Come on you, guys.

Didn't you just
hear what Nile said?

We're not gonna make it home.

- No, I didn't
say that, Lincoln.

Now we've been on
a distress beacon

since we entered normal
space, but no one's

gonna pick it up out here.

We have to make an
emergency refueling stop.

- Where?

- The only place there
is, Cessarian Four.

- The penal colony.

- Yep.

- Relax.

It's refueling only.

We don't have to
party with them.

- So when's the dock?

- 10 hours, communication
range in four.

Get some rest.

- Sheridan, you said this
was gonna be an easy gig.

[door whooshing]


- Nile.

- What's on your mind, Austin?

- Are you sure about
refueling at Cessarian Four?

I've heard a lot of
things about that place,

all of them bad.

- I've heard them, too.

- They have to run their
supplies in on droid ships,

because the shuttle
pilots won't fly in there.

[electricity crackling]

Ah, old timers use the
name like it's a curse.

- It's a penal colony,
a prison planet.

It's been that way
for hundreds of years.

It doesn't get much
more cursed than that.

It's all superstition
and rumor, Austin.

We're not even gonna
set foot there.

And this is something
the rest of the crew

doesn't need to hear.

Everyone's wound up
tight enough as it is.

You understand?

- Yeah, yeah, I just
got a bad feeling.

That's all.

- Let's see if we
can raise them.

We should be in range by now.

[dramatic electronic music]


- Cessarian Station,
this is Alexandria,

TCB one, eight, 1935.

Calling Cessarian Station, this
is Alexandria, tango charlie

baker, one, eight, one, nine,

three, five, are
you receiving me?

- Still nothing?

- Not a peep.

- [Computer] Warning,
unidentified vessel,

no unauthorized
approach, warning.

- Orbit in 30 minutes.

Cessarian Station, this
is Alexandria, tango

charlie baker, one, eight,
one, nine, three, five.

Are you receiving me?

No interference, nothing,
what do you think?

- I think we don't
have much choice.

Attention all crew.

We've been unable to
reach Cessarian Four.

This means our only option is
to approach the base directly.

It's technically a
violation, but will

be logged as an emergency
measure under my authority.

Nile out.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- Wait, low-level
chatter, must be,

uh, surface communications.

- Boost it.

- Coming up. I'll
put it in the box.

[man shouting and laughing]

- You know what that
is, you what that is!

Yeah, that's mine!

Yeah, that's mine!

Die, you bastard.

I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

Die, you bastard.

No blood, no blood for you.

No blood for you.

No blood for you.






- Tell me you didn't just
put that all over the ship.

- I got a real bad
feeling about this.

Energy discharges
outside the perimeter.

Could be anything.

I can get visual
now, if you want it.

- Put it up.

- You got it.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Jesus, well, now we know why
we couldn't raise anybody.

They're too busy kicking
the hell out of each other.

What do you think?

- Any communication?


- No.

[suspenseful orchestral music]


- I'm gonna dust 'em off.
- You're kidding.

- No.


- Forward drill fire.

- Nile to crew, hold tight.

We're entering a steep dive.

- 300 meters,

200 meters,

100 meters,



that's all she's
gonna take, Niles.

Pull her up.

- Not yet.

- Pull her up!
- Not yet.

- We're at critical.

- Hang on.



Let's set her down
nice and easy.

- Damn, you kill me.

- Reno, Helena, get to the
airlock with a medikit.

I'll join you as soon
as we're on the ground.

We're gonna have a visitor.


[dramatic electronic music]

[breathing heavily]

- Thank you.

Officer Vigo.

- Take him to quarantine.

Officer Vigo, we've
had no contact

with anyone from your base.

- There is no one to contact.

Nobody except me and
that bastard out there.

- [Nile] What?

- There was an uprising,
and it was bad.

I mean, it was
really, really bad.

- Are you trying to tell
me that everyone's dead?

- The life support was damaged.

They were gonna evacuate the
base, all the prisoners first,

leaving the skeleton
crew, me and six others,

to do the repairs.

See, that's when
the killing started.

I thought I could
take him down if I

could get him outside the base.

He knows the layout
better than anybody.

I finally get him outside.

That's when you show up.

- Who is he?

- 762, he's the killer.

He killed all of 'em.

This guy's not even human.

- So what's the plan, Captain?

- Look, I don't know
why you're here,

but whatever the reason,

it's not good enough.

Turn your ship around
and get the hell

out of here while you can.

- We need fuel badly.

- Come on, there is no way.

The docking platform is down.

The only way it can be raised
is from inside the base.

- How far down is the platform?

- 400 meters and it's blind.

The fueling depot
is underground.

You'll never get something
this big down there.

And if you did, he'd be
there to kill you first.

- You let me worry about that.

- Look, I don't think you're
getting the picture here.

I buried 200 men.

And if you go down there, I'm
gonna be burying you, too.

- If we enter the base,
we'll become vulnerable.

- You think one guy really
poses that kind of a threat?

- Yes!

- You just watch yourself, huh?

- We've got the hardware
if we want to go in armed.

- You listen to me.

I was good at my job.

And Niles' good at flying
her, so I've been told.

But you see, this guy, he's
good at killing, nothing else,

except killing.

You want to make the same
mistake we did, you go in there.

But you be prepared to pay the--


- Christ.

- We'll get in.

We'll get out.

We'll go home.

We don't have a choice.

[voice garbling]
[suspenseful orchestral music]

- I'm telling you, Sheridan.

I checked the schematics myself.

I know we're coming in too low.

- There's a defense
shield at 200 meters.

If it goes up while we're
outside, we're out of luck.

- And if we're inside?

- Well, fueled up
we have a chance.

No fuel, no home.

I don't like it any
better than you do.

- Did he tell them
about the shield?

- Yeah.

- I thought so.

- So what?

- So what?

He told them everything.

He's up there right now,
like a Mexican tour guide.

He's showing them
just where to go.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- In 1,000 meters we're
gonna be over the refinery.

We should be able
to see the platform

shaft after we cross the field.

Look to the east.

It almost looks
peaceful from up here.

- [Computer] Danger--

- Niles, I'm getting a--

- [Computer] Shields up.

- Full shields!

- Helena, get me a reading.

- Pull up, Nile, the
whole field is going.

- No, that's just what he wants.

[explosion booming]


- Damage report--

- Shields holding, but
the energy we're burning--

- You gotta trust me.

[explosion booming]

- Main energy grid
is down, rerouting.

- We're going through.

Hold on.

[explosion booming]

- Nice bit of flying, Nile.

- We're not home yet.


- Maneuvering power is
in the red, but holding.

The shaft is just ahead, right
where he said it would be.

- See, I told ya.

[breathing heavily]

- You're mine.

You're mine.

You're mine.

You're mine.

You're mine.

You're mine.

You are mine.

You are mine.

You are mine.

You are mine.

You are mine.

You are mine.

You are mine.

You are mine.

You are mine.

You're mine.

You're mine.

You're mine.

You're mine.

Yeah, you're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine!

You're mine, you're mine!


Damn it, six, you are mine!

[dramatic orchestral music]

- [Austin] Hate
to tell you this,

but the refueling
sequence is negative.

- We'll have to do it manually.

Tell Lincoln and
Sheridan to take it.

- I'll go.

- Right, I don't think so.

- I know I was unsteady back
there, but I'm okay, really.

I'm sure your people
are qualified,

but they don't
know the sequence.

And I do.

That will save time, and that's
the most important thing.

- All right.

[dramatic electronic music]

- He's set.

- Wish me luck.

- [Computer] Airlock activated.

Powering up main energy grid.

- Main power grid back online.

Status report?

- He's a little
more than half done.

Now everything he's right
about seems too pat.

Everything he doesn't know seems
like he's hiding something.

Don't you think?

- Maybe.

I just don't like
him on principle.

- Just put that anywhere.

- Very funny.

Sheridan, it's a
prisoner's uniform.

- Almost there.

Estimated time of
completion, 10 minutes.

- Any problems?

- Not that I can see.

You wanna talk to him?

- Not Especially.

[door whooshing]

- Cap, you gotta look at this.

It was tucked away in his suit.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

- It's a prisoner's
uniform, all right.

We can only assume that
he's an escaped inmate.

- And that his whole story
doesn't mean a thing.

- Yeah, well he's
out there messing

with the fuel lines right now.

- No, it doesn't make any sense.

Besides, whatever he's
doing, he's almost done.

We can't stop him now.

- We could try.

- You know, maybe,
maybe he just wants

to get off this rock as
bad as the rest of us do.

- Oh, yeah, maybe
he wants to serenade

us from the loading dock, huh?

Grow up!

- Austin!

- Look, back off,
Sheridan, okay?

You're little sister--

- [Nile] Stand down, everyone!

- Hey, hey, it's cool.

- [Computer]
Procedure activated.

- Wait, look, refueling
sequence complete.

We're taking on fuel.

- Vigo, this is Nile.

What's your status?

Vigo, are you receiving me?

- Oh, you're gonna love this.

- There's no one out there.

[ominous orchestral music]

- Nobody.


- [Computer] Scanning
salvage vessel age 27 years,

make model T40, crew
six, ship is refueling,

time of completion
nine hours, 14 minutes.

- I don't know about
you ladies, but I

want to get off this planet.

And in order for me to get home,

I need you to work as a crew.

And I don't need attitude,
and I don't need fights.

And I don't need screw ups.

And I sure as hell expected
a lot more from you.

- I don't know what got into me.

I'm sorry.

- Let's get back to our stations

and try and get some work done.

Nine hours to juice up.

Until then, we just sit tight.

- So do you really
think he's a killer?

- Looks that way.


Is he getting you horny?

- No.

Oh God, he's really
handsome, though, isn't he?

I mean, don't you just
wonder about a guy like that?

I mean, can't you just
imagine that he would--

- Oh, no, no, go on. Let's
hear about how you want him

to sweep you off your feet,

take you away with him.

- No, I didn't
mean it like that.

- Look, lay off, Reno.

- No, no, come on.

Let's hear.

Let's hear about how
gentle he'd be with you.

He would just use you like
a little piece of trash.

I bet you know all about
men. Don't you, little girl?

- Lay off the kid.

- Sure, ain't no
business of mine.

But I'll tell you one thing.

He comes near me,
and I'll kill him.

[dramatic orchestral music]


- [Computer] Incoming

- Nile.

- Yeah?

- [Austin] We've got trouble.

- [Nile] Be right there.


What is it, Austin?

- There was total
silence, then suddenly I

pick up a distress beacon.

And then, this.

- [Man] No, no, no,
please, no please.


- Jesus.

Do you have a fix?

- Yeah, um, the beacon
originates from here,

about 500 yards in.

- [Computer] Verifying location.

- It's deep.

I don't like it.

- It could be a trap.

It could be anything.

- [Man] No, no, no!


- Have the others meet
me in the airlock.

- Aye aye.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

- Okay, listen up.

Getting out of this hell
hole is our first priority.

But if there are still
people alive back there,

it's our duty to try
and bring them here.

- Your duty is to this
ship and to this crew.

You're gonna risk our lives
for a bunch of inmates?

That sucks, Nile.

- You know, you've
got two choices.

You can keep your mouth
shut and do your job,

or you can spend the rest
of the trip in the brig.

Now what's it gonna be?

- All right, Cap,
you've made your point.

- Inoculations, Captain.

- How long will this give us?

- Less than an hour.

- All right, let's move out.

We need to locate the
beacon, find any survivors,

and get the hell out of here.
Can you hold down the fort?

- Got it, Captain.

- The sooner we get this
over with, the better.


- It's close, 100 yards.



[footsteps thudding]

- [Nile] Helena, come on.

Stay with me.

[footsteps thudding]

- [Austin] This is it.

This just keeps getting
better and better.

- [Nile] Zip it.

- [Sheridan] Uh-oh.

This is blood.

Holy mother--

- Oh, Christ.

- This was it.

- Oh, Jesus Christ.

These men were
butchered minutes ago.

[footsteps thudding]

- Looks like a code key,

controls access to the computer.

There's nothing we
can do with it now.

- Screw the disk.

Let's move.

- Yeah, we're outta here.

Alexandria, this is Nile.

Alexandria do you copy?

Lincoln, do you read me?


Lincoln, come in.

We're coming back in.

Lincoln, do you copy?

Lincoln, respond.



Lincoln, if you're receiving
me, we're coming back in.

[suspenseful orchestral music]


- It's been closed?

- [Austin] Somebody else
has been through here.

- Hey, where's Helena?

- Helena, come in.

Helena, do you copy?

Helena, respond.



- It's locked.

I can jimmy it
through the panel.

It'll take 10 minutes.

- No, we don't have the time.

Sheridan, take my lead.

[guns firing]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Helena, come in.

Alexandria, come in.

Lincoln, answer me.

[voice garbling]



[suspenseful orchestral music]

- It's open?

What the hell.


If anyone's on board,
they're not leaving.

- [Nile] Sheridan, stay with us.

Stay with us.

We need you.

- She needed me!


- All right, so we move out
from here, and we find him.

- And we kill him!


- [Computer] Satcom
initiating scanning.

- Austin, anything on satcom?

- Yeah, I boosted the commlink
level through the roof.

I can scan the ship and
locate any sound sources.

- You can hear him moving.

- I'll be able to
hear him breathing.

- Let's move out.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

Austin, talk to me.

- [Austin] Bridge is nothing.

Quarters, nothing.

Engineering, nothing.


- What is it?

- [Austin] You see that
coming right at you.

- No, I don't see,
on your knees!

- We're coming to you, Nile.

I'm on my way.

- You have to listen to me.

- Don't let that bastard--

- Sheridan, no!

- He's mine!

- Sheridan, stand down.

That's an order.

- Don't even sweat.

- What have you
done with Helena?

- I don't even know who that is.

I was following him,
but I was too late.

The airlock was already open,
and I found a dead woman.

I knew how it would look to
you if you saw me over her.

- Don't look much different now.

- I can prove who I am.

- And who are you?

- I am Mannix,
detention officer guard,

record number nine, one,
43, eight, seven, two.

- [Computer] Scanning
file, please wait.

- I had been on a
repair detail, riding

the lines for the
automated tillers.

The killing had already
started by the time I got back.

You can't imagine, blood,
little pieces, bodies,

carnage, cost, for that bastard.

- Yeah, we got the picture.

- Not human, you saw him.

Couldn't you tell?

He killed them, killed
every one of them.

- This sounds familiar.

- I knew it was just a matter
of time 'til they got to me,

so I tried to get him outside.

Hell, I have spent
half my God-damn life

on a construction rig.

Nobody's better
out there than me.

I knew I could take him.

I was doing good, 'til
you people showed up.

And you saved him.

- [Austin] Here it comes.

- [Computer] File located.

- It's coming up.

He is who he says he is.

- You're gonna love him,
when he comes for ya.

- Officer Mannix--

- Are you listening to me?

What's the matter with you?

It's right there in
front of your face.

That man, that thing,

is too dangerous to leave.

Outside I could take him.

And I swear to you, if you
leave him out there on his own,

he's gonna kill every
single one of you.

He's gonna kill everything.

Let me out of here!

- Here it is.

We've got one dead crew
member, and one missing,

and one or both of
these men is a killer.

- What about Helena?

- Face it, she's dead.

And we're all gonna end
up like her and Lincoln

if we don't get
off of this ship.

- That's enough!

That's enough, enough!

This is a story.

It is not our job
to fight this thing,

and I am not gonna
lose any more of you.

We're gonna prep for
takeoff, and we're

gonna use the time
to scan for Helena.

And nobody, but nobody
leaves this ship.


- [Computer] Scanning
base sectors now.

- So how close
are we cutting it?

- Nearest mapped outpost is
Vega 17, about 14 clicks.

It'll take us about
30 hours, as long

as we have the juice to
keep her in hyperdrive.

- Come on, Helena.

Where the hell are you?

- This guy, that guy, it
doesn't make any difference.

We can't trust
either one of them.

You still pissed at me?

Hey, I'm the only one
telling you the truth.

Nile doesn't give a damn.

Do you think she cares about us?

No way, she's risking
our lives out there,

while some bastard

is in here carving up
Lincoln and Helena.

Are you listening to me?

- No.

- Linc, Nile doesn't care.

Sure, she helped you out, but
that's just window dressing.

She's gotta have a death wish,

and Austin just
goes along with her.

If one more thing goes wrong--

- Any more food?

- Just look at him.

He isn't worried about anything.

He ate like a horse,
because he's the one.

- And?

- And I think we should
take him out now.

Just get it over with.

Just take your gun and
do what you do best.

- First we, then me.

- Just think what
he did to Lincoln.

- [Computer] C-deck,
status normal.

- The C-deck checks out,
everything locked down.

I just want to zero out
the airlock before we move.

- Affirmative.

- [Austin] Any luck?

- Not yet.

- [Computer] Scanning
base sector five.

- I'm working on it.

- Sleeping like a baby,
because he isn't worried.

Because he's our guy.

- Reno, I don't know
that you're wrong,

but that ain't enough.

- You wanna wait 'til
he's slitting our throats?


Look, I can't do this on my own.

I need you to back me up.

- No, you don't.

You just can't do it.

I don't know why
you think I can.

- I can't?

Well, we'll just see.

Won't we?


- Not so easy, huh?


Drop it.

Damn it, or I'll blow
your foul head off.

- Sheridan--

- Don't be stupid.

[suspenseful orchestral music]


You should thank me.

[gun firing]
[electricity crackling]

- Nile, the bastard got
away, and he's armed.

- Damn it.

- [Computer] Intership
scanning off.

- He's heading for the
airlock. Austin, come in.

- What is it?

What's going on?

- He's making a break
for it, heading your way.

Are you armed?

- No.
- [Nile] Then just let him go.

Get out of there.

- Copy that.


- Austin?





- You son of a bitch.



- [Computer] Emergency purge,
decontamination protocol.

Warning, clear airlock.

Airlock decontaminated.

- Are you okay?

- I'm okay.

- [Nile] Good.

- Doesn't make much
sense, does it?

- [Nile] No, it doesn't.

- [Austin] How are we looking?

- We're almost ready.

No Helena, we're gonna have
to lift off without her.

When we get within shouting
distance of Vega 17,

we'll call in the cavalry.

Any problems?

- None from me.

- Everything is in the green.

- Engines engaged,
maneuvering power standing by.

- Goodbye and good riddance.

[light orchestral music]

- [Vigo] Vigo
calling Alexandria.

God, please don't leave me here.

Life support system has failed.

Toxicity is 90%.

Nile, don't leave me.

- Christ, he's got Helena.

- [Vigo] Shields are up.

You'll never make it.

- Austin?

- I can't can get a reading
on the defense screen one

way or the other way, but
that's the way it's designed.

It's invisible to most sensors.

- Damn.

- [Vigo] I know
you're receiving me.

Please, be smart.

- Could he have
activated the shield?

What'll happen if we hit it?

- It'll blow this can to pieces.

- Come on, I found
her in the ruins.

She needs help, and I'm
not sure I can make it.

You've gotta trust
me about the shields.

- We can't just leave Helena.

- I'm holding her steady.

- Well, he's not lying
about the toxics.

His vital signs are
all over the place.

- Good, let him die.

- And Helena?

- On the edge.

- What about the shield?

- Nile, I'm begging you.

You're never gonna make it.

- I'm setting her down.

- [Computer] Reverse thrust.

- Vigo, we're picking you up.

- I copy.

I copy.


- [Computer] Airlock
manual override.

- Negative airlock, we
got a manual override.

- What?

Where's Reno?

- [Computer]
Airlock deactivated.

- [Austin] You're too late.

- I better not be,
or I'll see you

tried for murder
when we get home.

- If we get home.

- Is she still alive?

- She's dead.

- He's still breathing.

- Take him to sickbay.

- What for?

They're dead.


- Great.


- Why don't we just
shoot them both

and get the hell out of here?

- And you, too,
while we're at it.

- Sheridan?

- I don't like it.

- If I find out he's the one,

there ain't nothing that's
gonna keep me from him.

- You and me both.

- This doesn't
concern you, Reno.

- This concerns all of us.

I seem to be the only one who
remembers that around here.

- Concern right now
is for the shield.

- I could rig a probe,
use a remote sled

and a couple of boosters.

- How long will it take?

- Two hours, tops.

- Get on it.

[door whooshing]

[dramatic electronic music]

- [Computer] Scanning files.

- Austin, I really don't
think it's gonna work.

Completely and totally unusable.

- [Reno] Ugh, don't use that.

- Stop, Reno, okay?

If you knew so damn well,

shut the hell up.

Shut up.

- [Reno] You shut up.

- Hey.

[static hissing]

- Can't let him go.

One, six, two is not a human.


- [Austin] Nile, come in.

Probe's ready.

- Affirmative.

- Okay, it's not fancy, but
it'll go up and keep going.

- Let's do it.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- [Computer] Probe is
prepared for launch.

Launch in eight,
seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one, zero.

[grand orchestral music]

Probe is launched,
vector nominal.

[explosion booming]

Probe destroyed.

- Well, at least we know he
wasn't lying about the shield.

- That doesn't mean anything.

He could've
activated it himself.

- Reno and Sheridan,
secure the bay doors.

- Aye aye, Cap.

[door whooshing]

- You're gonna leave the
two of them alone again?

- I need to talk to you.

Come with me.

[dramatic electronic music]

All the files in the system
have been accessed recently.

I can't tell if they've
been studied or modified,

but they're the only
uncoded files in the system.

So somebody either
wanted to hide

them or make them easy to find.

- And 762?

- Fact, legend, I, I don't
know, but the prisoners

treated him like
some kind of god.

Supposedly he started the riot.

- So there was a riot?

- Bad, over 100 prisoners
killed, and guards.

They just went after each other

with anything they could find

that would cut, spikes,
broken glass, anything.

- Oh, Jesus.

- Most of the bodies were
too mutilated to identify.

That must have been
how they missed him.

They shut off life-support
systems after 40 hours.

And the prisoners, it's sure,
they tore each other apart.

- So now we're
back to his story.

Well, what about, uh,
what about the number?

762, what does that mean?

- There's something there.

- [Computer] Retrieving
file transmission.

- Can't let him fool you.

762 is not a human being.

Oh, maybe once upon a time,
hundreds of years ago,

when convicts still
wore numbers, it was.

But not anymore.

762, it's death itself.

It's a disease that
feeds on murder

and kills everything around it.

Then it dies.

Only to be reborn
worse, because each time

that it comes back
it's stronger.

It's hungrier.

We must continue the hunt, so
that the killing will continue

as the killing has continued,
as the killing will continue.

Until every single
human thing is dead.

Maybe all we can know about it

is that it marks its territory

and marks itself.

This time 762 has come back--

[static hissing]

- [Computer] End transmission.

- [Nile] 10 CC's, this
should bring him around.

- You think he knows?

- Maybe.

- Yeah, I'm a liar,
a liar and a thief.

That's what I'm doing here.

- [Nile] So now you're
telling me you're an inmate?

- Yeah, but he's
1,000 times worse.

- When you left, where
did you go and why?

- To find him.

- The 762?

- Yeah, you have no
idea what I've seen.

- Reno.

- I've seen men blind
themselves so they didn't have

to see him, slit
their own throats

to deny him the pleasure.

Maybe they thought they
forgot about fear long

before they reached this hellish
rock. Do you know who I am?

I'm the one that stands
between you and his knife.

- What about the shield?

- It can only be operated
from the main control room,

and it cannot be
deactivated remotely.

And I'm the only one
who knows where it is.

- Austin?

- The projector is
too heavily shielded.

I can't get a fix on it.

- Then we have no alternative.

- We have to go back in.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

- Where's mine?

- You gotta be kidding me.

- Hey, let's get
something straight.

You are not a part of my crew.

Your only job is to show us
where the main control room is.

[door whooshing]

What is it?

- He's watching me.

- Let's keep moving.

- We gotta keep an
eye on that bastard.

Don't you stop
thinking about Lincoln.

You hear me?

[intense music]





[dramatic orchestral music]

- 762,

it's death.


[gun firing]


- Hey.

- [Sheridan] No more, no more--

- [Nile] What are you doing?
- No more, no more.

- [Nile] Take the weapon.

- No more.

- [Nile] Okay, Sheridan.

- [Austin] Watch him.

- Sheridan, Sheridan, can
you go back to the ship?

- [Sheridan] No more,
no more, no more.

- Everything's gonna be okay.


Sheridan, you go
back to the ship,

and we're gonna be
there as soon as we can.

It's gonna be okay.

Just go back to the ship.

We'll be right there.

We're gonna be right back.


Sheridan, get going.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[breathing heavily]


- Master control
is right up ahead.

Power levels indicate
in-computer activity.

- Think he's in there?

- [Austin] Even money.

- That's good enough for me.

- Okay, listen up everyone,
alive if possible,

but don't take any chances.

Shield is our first priority.

Austin, you go around.

I'll join you.

You two, cover him here.


- Don't you move.

I'll kill you.

I swear I'll kill you.

- You shoot me, and
you'll alert him.

- I can make the shot.


[guns firing]
[suspenseful orchestral music]

[gun clicking]

[gun firing]





- Men.

- Is this the one?


- Do you hear that?

- No, yes.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

It's rigged to blow.

[explosion booming]


- [Austin] Nile, look.

- [Nile] Shit, where's Vigo?

[suspenseful orchestral music]

- Poor kid.


Shield control is
pretty much blown away.

I can hard-pass
the deactivation.

- How long?

- 10 minutes, the
shield will stay down

for at least two hours,

even if somebody tries
to bring it back online.

- Good.

[gun cocking]

[voice garbling]






[static hissing]

- Think I've got it.


Shield's down.

- Let's go.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

- Open, somebody
beat us here, huh?

- He's in the ship.

- After you.

Nile, look out.

- [Computer] Emergency purge,
matter decontamination.


- [Nile] Austin.

- Nile.


- [Nile] Try the other
side. Get out of there!

- Help.



Help me, help me, Nile, just go.

Just go.

Just go.


Just go.

Nile, just go.

Just go.




- [Nile] No!

- [Computer]
Decontamination complete.

- [Nile] Austin, no!



[suspenseful orchestral music]

- Shoot us both.




[explosion booming]




[electricity crackling]

[suspenseful orchestral music]


[gun firing]

[dramatic orchestral music]

It's over.

[dramatic orchestral music]

- I'll be back.

[dramatic electronic music]

- [Computer] Takeoff
procedure initiated.


- So do you think
he's really a killer?

He's really really
handsome, though, isn't he?

I mean, can't you just
imagine what he'd be like?

- 762, he's the killer.

He killed all of 'em.

[gun firing]

- [Mannix] You're mine!

[breathing heavily]

- [Reno] These men were
butchered minutes ago.

- [Austin] That's
a lot of blood.

- This guy's not even human.

Please don't leave me here.

God no, don't leave me.

- Good, let him die.

- Blood, little pieces.

Are you listening to me?

762, it's death,
to listen to me.

- [Sheridan] Imagine what he'd
be like, what he'd be like,

imagine what he'd be like.

- [Mannix] It's a disease.

- [Nile] She's still alive.

- [Austin] He's still breathing.

She's dead.

That sounds familiar.


Just go.

- Austin, no.

[door whooshing]

[dramatic orchestral music]

Looks worse than it is.





[ominous orchestral music]


- You okay in there?

- [Nile] Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

[door whooshing]

- I'm hungry.

Thank you.

I didn't realize
I was so hungry.

It's funny how you can just
forget something like that.

I mean, I guess it's good being
so wrapped up in your work

that you forget everything else.

It's not like we were working.

More, please.

What's the matter?

Cat got your tongue?

Hey, Nile,

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[gun firing]


Nile, oh, Nile!


Where are you, sweetheart?

[electricity crackling]


- [Computer] Receiving
incoming communication.

- Where the hell
have you gone, huh?




- Come on, please.


- [Computer] Error
in decoded message.

Please re-enter access code.


- This is Captain Myra
Nile of the Alexandria.

Please respond.

- [Man] Message clear, Captain
Nile. What can I do for you?

- We have a priority
one emergency.

We have six fatalities
and a hostile on board.

- [Man] What the hell
is going on down there?

- My life is in danger.
Can you intercept?

- [Man] Sit tight, Captain Nile.

I'll be there in 30 seconds.

- 30 seconds?

- [Man] That's what I said.

30 seconds.

- What's your position?

- About six o'clock, darling.

[suspenseful orchestral music]


- So kill me.

- Oh, I'm planning on it.

But why rush?

We've got all the
time in the world.

- So tell me something.

Are you doing all this because
you're so lousy in bed?


[gun firing]


- It's too late.

So drop the gun, or I'll
cut her left eye out.


- Bang.


[breathing heavily]

[suspenseful orchestral music]



[Vigo laughing]


[gun firing]

[dramatic orchestral music]



- [Vigo] Die, you bastard.




[explosion booming]

[dramatic orchestral music]

- [Nile] Can you get up?

- Almost.

- I owe you an apology.

- And I would settle for
some medical attention.

- Okay.

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[static hissing]

- We know all we can.

We know it marks its territory,
and then it marks itself.

This time 762

came back as your friend,

as your lover,

as your child, as me.

It came back as you,

and you,

and you,

and you, and you, and you,
and you, and you, and you.

[static hissing]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[Nile screaming]

[ominous orchestral music]

[dramatic orchestral music]