Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011) - full transcript

"ChromeSkull" is the sequel to the 2009 horror hit "Laid to Rest." It brings back ChromeSkull, who barely escaped death in the first movie and is hell-bent on continuing where he left off... and forging a new path of terror and destruction.

Where to?

Anthony's in there.

I can't leave him.

I left a note.

Where to?

Shots fired.

Drop your weapon!

Get him out back, quickly.

God damn it.

Eight minutes
till backup arrives.

- You know what to do?
- Sir.

Scrub and remove
all bodies.

- Hey.
- Yes, Sir?

Did you find a girl?

No, Sir.
No female body.

How's the front
of the store?

Scrubbed, no traces.
Just like you asked.

- Where's his other phone?
- That's all we found on him.

You want to go find it?

- Yes, Sir.
- Thank you.

You want to try
and stop the bleeding?

- It's down to the bone.
- Administer adrenaline.

Clear for paddles.


I got the cooler. Hurry.

No phone.
Just this.

Oh, jeez.
Oh, God.

I'm sorry.

- What was that?
- His eyeball is still inside.

Along with most of his face.

Some of the muscle...

fused to the mask.

- You... you okay?
- Yes, Sir.

Oh, good.

He's not,
so why don't you...

fucking stabilize him?

Sorry, Sir.

- Follow C-7 protocol.
- Yes, Sir.

The surgeons are already
en route.

Should I take his car
and meet you there?

Or you could follow
C-7 protocol like I said.

I'm sorry.
Did I stutter?

No, I did not stutter.

Here, take this. Keys.

Please. Keys.

Thank you.
Go with the crew.

His heart rate,
it's stable.

He's got a bullet wound, too.

Looks like he
stitched it himself.

Aren't you
coming with us?

I'll meet you there.

All right, I'll go get
you something to eat.

Then I have to go home.
I have to leave you here.

All right, I'll...
I'll be back soon.

I'm so sorry
about your friend.

You know, we were best friends
since we were six years old.

It's not your fault.

Who you were before this
day doesn't matter.

Blank slate.

I have a really
bad headache.

All right,
before I leave town...

I- I'll get you
some aspirin, too.

I know you only paid
for a blow job...

but don't you want
a little more?

You didn't tell me
you were making a movie.

Anthony's gone.

There's just
a lot of blood.

I swapped his mask glue
with cyanoacrylate.

It's the superest
of all glues.


A blank slate.


You're gonna
come with me, okay?

- No!
- Yeah.

You're coming with me.
We're gonna...

...go to the car, okay?
- No!

- No! No!
- Shhh! Shut up!

I swear to God,
I will fucking slash you...

if you make one sound, okay?

You hear me?
All right?

I'm gonna take
my hand away now...

and you just be quiet, okay?

All right? Be nice
and quiet for me, okay?

It's okay.

There you go.


I'm sorry
it took so long.

I got turned around
on the way back.

So I'm... I'm
gonna take off now.

I need to get home.

So are you gonna
be okay here?

Do you have any money?


I don't even know
where to start.

Swab and clamp.

Get as much tissue
as you can from the mask.


Hand it to me.

- His heart rate is slowing.
- I think he's dreaming.

It looks like he's I N.

Increase the morphine
drip 5 cc's.

Increase the irrigation.

Touch it.

Can I have the skin?

Graft the stitches.

Yes, it's coming
into place now.

Don't be afraid.


Cross clamps.

Responding well.

Bring the healing mask.

Here's Dr. Kerr.

We did what we could.

He's still not much to
look at, but he'll live.

Good. Money's been wired to
your account in Switzerland.

Stick around and make sure
to monitor him.

I'll take care
of your accommodations

and go over your needs.

Thank you, Mr. Preston.

- Spann?
- Yes?

Knock next time.

So the victim checks in
with the kid.

The kid says he went out
to get some food...

gets back,
she's like this.

All right.
Put the kid in my car.


First timer.

Somebody was in a hurry.

Hey, King, I found
this in the bathroom.

It was in her jeans.

- Any I. D.?
- Negative. That's where the struggle was.

- Is that the real thing?
- Cha-ching.

All right, Max. Take it to the lab.
Do your thing, yeah?

Who are you?

Why do you have a $10,000 phone
in a $50 motel room?

How's your game?

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Sorry, Sir.

So I took care
of all the business...

on both... both of them,
just like I always do.

Hey, Boss.

Are you in there?
Can you hear me?

I've got a present for you.

I found her.

I found the whore,
and I killed her for you.

Your knife
was so sharp...

it was way easier than
I thought it would be.

I had to.

She was a loose end.

L... I didn't know
about the barn.

And I didn't know
about the old mortician...

that you made
the cash deal with.

Let's keep it here.
I can contain it all here.

I've already... I've already
cleaned everything up for you.

Tell us why we're here.

Jess, this is stupid.
Stop it.

Okay, I'm gonna film us
on end till you tell us.

We are here because
we're worried about your eyes.

Now, put that thing away.

Oh, okay.

Hi, what's this?

Oh, Jess is documenting

I'm sorry, Doctor.

Put that away so he
can check your eyes.

I have a good idea.
Here, Mom.

I don't know
how to use it.

Mom, just
hold it steady.


So have you noticed
any change in your vision?

Has it gotten worse
in the last week?

Yeah, a lot.

Tell him about
the halos, Jess.

The halos, yeah.

Any pain?

Um, yeah.


Uh, I don't think
you want this on tape.

I've never seen a patient
with acanthamoeba...

progress so quickly with all
this additional scar tissue.

It's really quite unusual.

So am I going blind?

Listen, I want you
to stay calm...

but I want to go ahead and
schedule surgery for Monday...

before any more
scar tissue develops.

- Okay.
- All right?

I'm gonna write a prescription
for some medications.

I think that'll help.

All right?

All right. So listen, I don't
want you guys to panic.

There's a lot
we can do.

And I'll see you Monday
morning, all right?

- Thank you, Doctor.
- Okay, thanks.

- Great. You left it on.
- I'm sorry.

No, now it's...

- I'm sorry.
- It's done.

You don't need to hide.

I'll help you.

Jess's video diary,

Uh, really excited
for the concert tonight.

Allie is gonna come over
and do my makeup.

These old eyes just ain't
what they used to be, kids.

Uh, um, well...

there is a silver lining...

and that is...

drum roll.

# Dah dah dah dah #

# Doo doo doo doo #

Legal medicinal marijuana,

I'm really nervous
about getting this surgery...

but I don't want to go
totally blind...


You got to do
what you got to do.


Uh, I got to get to work.


She's gone.

And it was selfish of him...

to rob you
of that last kiss.

But I'll leave you
with a little something.

There's plenty of fish
in the sea.


- He's anxious.
- "He's anxious."

What the hell
does that mean?

It means
I have been instructed...

to create
a new play space.

Why didn't he
come to me?

I'm not sure.

It's the old
chrome plating factory...

that the shelter company owns.

I'm having the crew
set it up, all the fixings.

You could take it from here
if you like.

I'll handle it.

I fucking handle
everything anyway.

Have you seen him?
He's fucking useless.

He's toast.

You know what?

Let him have
his last bit of fun...

before he croaks.

Please get the fuck
out of my office.


I hate her.


You're high.

I love this.

Okay, one more
for me.

I'm getting
super-duper high.

Jess's video diary.

What is this?

I'm really excited
about the concert tonight.

It's my diary.

Your diary?

You talk to yourself
on camera?

I like talking to myself.

Do you make YouTubes?

I'm gonna make a YouTube
of you right now.

Oh, good.

- You're so pretty.
- You're making me nervous.

Hey, you know, I'm gonna
show this to your momma.

Do it.

I love you, Mom.

What if one day I can't
see all of these videos?

Oh, God.

That's bullshit.

The operation's gonna work.
You'll be fine.

Yeah? Well...

I'm just gonna memorize
all of this...


It might not work.

Okay, enough.

I am not coming
to your pity party.

But I am gonna go
make some popcorn.

- Oh, yeah.
- And you're gonna get dressed.


And I think
I'll drive tonight.

- Oh, thank you.
- All right, get dressed.

- Woo!
- Ooh, she likes it.

Okay, I'll see you
in a sec.



Get the fuck out of this house
or I will fucking kill you!


What the fuck
is going on?

The girl who lives here
is missing.

The mother's downstairs.

She discovered the body.

- And the father?
- Dead. Cancer took him.

- That definitely rules him out.
- Yeah.

Figured you
might want this.

I will take that.

Run that footage
as soon as you get back.

I got a bad feeling
about this, Max.

I don't expect
a ransom call.

What if one day I can't
see all of these videos?

- Oh, God.
- What?

- That's bullshit.
- Uhh!

The operation's gonna work.
You'll be fine.

Yeah? Well...

I'm just gonna memorize...

...all of this...
- Stop.

Go back.


The kid with the
girl in the motel.

Yeah, the one who
described the killer...

wearing something
just like that?

I want him
in here. Now.

- Chasing the dragon again?
- Fucking hell.


You still owe me for
last month's rent.

I know.

Tommy, my parents aren't
sending money anymore.

I'm a student.
I can't afford to cover your share.

I know.

Can you have it to me
by Monday?

Yes, all right,
I'll have it to you. Shit.

And stop smoking
in the apartment.

Oh, Christ.

I knew that before
he even opened his mouth.

We're gonna get you, dude.
We're gonna get you.

Do you really think
I should shave my head?

- Uh...
- And my eyebrows?

Yeah, yeah.

Won't that be
kind of scary...

like Uncle Fester scary?

No. You don't gotta do it,
but let me do it.


Sexy bitches are
my favorite kind of bitches!


We survived it.

Shit, clown...
your biggest fear.

Your biggest fear.

- Aah!
- Don't provoke him.

Don't provoke him.

You fuckin'
creep me out.


Dude, you have no fucking
idea where we're going.


Like it with your girl, huh?

Jesus fucking Christ.

Let's still change these.

Okay, we'll
keep her pinned.

This part
is a little creepy.

I can't tell
which one is real.

Dude, it's too hard,
and I can't see shit.


No, don't.


Whoa. Hey, kid,
take it easy.

It's Max, from Homicide.

My roommate, she didn't
answer just now, and...

That's okay.
She probably just went out...

for some food or
something, all right?

Listen, we need you to
come down to the station.

Why? L-l-already
told you everything.

We'd really
appreciate it, okay?

It?ll be all right.

How far is your car?

You know, I never
even got her name.


Ready in here.
Bring the kid in.

Okay, thanks.

Take a look at this.

Was this the mask you saw?

You're sure?

'Cause a couple months ago
when we brought you in...

you told me
this guy was dead...

that the girl killed him.

Well, dead guys
don't just get up...

and they sure as hell don't
keep killing people.


I can't... can't...


Help! Help!



Cut it.
Put it down.

Do me a favor.

Take, uh...
take six of these...

and strip the handle down...

and then weld them...

weld them together like a star.
Like this, right?

With the blades facing each
other like scissors, all right?

And then, um...

put... put some springs

in the middle here
for tension, all right?

- Got that? It make sense?
- Oh, yeah, yeah, we got it.

Go ahead.

I'm a little
depressed today.

It was, um...

too dark in my room even
with the shades pulled...

so I am retreating out
into the sun.

There it is.

I like the sun.

I have nothing.

Oh, God.

I'm trying to be, um...

trying to see the light...

at the end of the tunnel.

No pun intended.

I just feel like...

it just keeps
getting darker...

and there's nothing
I can do about it.

You shouldn't be in here.

Where am I supposed to be?

Why don't you go get
some coffee?

Where are you going?

Fuck this.
He took out a police station?

You never told me that.
I'm not safe here. I'm not.

Look, I know what this
guy does, all right?

And that girl doesn't
have very long.

Nobody's coming
for you here.

This isn't Ashville Canyon.
We have a lot of cops with guns.

Sit down.

Could I at least
have a cigarette?

It's a no-smoking

Knock yourself out.

So I need for you to tell me
some more about this mask.

It doesn't have
a strap.

It's, um... some kind of glue.

The Steven guy said
it was glued on.

But wait, you said
it was metal.

Well, it was really
shiny, you know.

- More like... like chrome.
- Chrome? You sure?

Yep. He even had
a license plate...

that had
"chrome something" on it.

Yeah, we ran that plate.

All the
different spellings.

It's a fake plate
Nobody has that plate.

So it's glued.

So it must be lightweight.

No, this is good.

Hey, Holland.
I need for you to check...

every shop within 50 miles
that does chrome plating.

I'm on it.

You okay?

Guess I've finished
my coffee now.

Help! Help!


Sir, it, uh...

it seems as though
you've been moving forward...

without informing us.

Listen, you really... you need
to keep us in the loop...

all right?
I- I really...

I really don't want
the same situation to happen...

that happened
the last time.

- Excuse me, could you...
- Oh, my God. Oh!

- Aah! Oh, God!
- Shut up.

Come on, it's a little
fucking piece of tape...

and I swear to God, if you move,
I'll kill you, all right?

I'm having
a conversation here.

Listen, I can... I can do
some of the legwork...

for you, you know?

All right, but did you realize
that the girl wasn't alone...

that there was a kid named
Tommy that was with her?

You know, I've been
busting my ass...

trying to track him down?

Right now I'm feeling...

I'm feeling
really unappreciated.

You realize
that that kid can...

he can lead them to you
and to us and all of this?

Damn it!

You want to
fucking go rogue

and... and... and get your face
fucked, fine.

You know what?
You're so lucky...

that he's not here
to taste you yet.

You're really fucking tough.

He's gonna do
horrible shit to you.

You know that?
Horrible fucking things.

Gross, gross fucking things.

I mean,
they make me sick.

You know
what I don't get?

I don't get the fanfare
and the fucking exhibition.

You know what?

I'm a fucking Band-Aid
technique kind of guy.

You want to know
what he, uh...

what he does to 'em,
in the coffins?

No, come here.

All right.

We got three factories
in the vicinity.

Owners are all clean,
no priors.

Closest one is about 20 miles
from here, towards Miami.

You just punched in.
Go check it out.

We can't get a warrant,
so, by the book, yeah?

You got it.




Help! Someone!

- It's Holland.
- All right, thanks.

- Hey, what you got?
- I'm at the location.

- It seems pretty abandoned.
- Anything suspicious?

Is the kid from the motel
still with you?

Ask him what the exact spelling
of the license plate was.

C- R-M-S-K...

Hey, that license plate,
one "L" or two "L"s?

C- R-M-S-K-L-L.

That didn't get us
anything, you know?

Yeah, I'm poking around.

I'll let you know
what I find out.

Oh, God.



Jessica, my God,
where are you?

What do you mean?

They took me...

and they're gonna come
and hurt me.

Who wants to hurt you?

Tell me where you are.
I'll come and get you.

I don't know.
I don't know.

Mommy, I have to go.

No! No!
Don't you hang up!

Jessica, where are you?

Mom, they're coming
to get me.

I just love you
so much.




I can't get
to the phone right now...

so leave a message,

We're going to see
your boss.

By the book.

Drop it!



Aah! No!


I want to talk to him now!

A little help here, Max?

My daughter called.
My daughter's alive.

Okay, Mrs. Cannon,
I need you to calm down.

- I'm not gonna calm down!
- Did Jess say where she was?

No, she was scared,
and they drugged her.

- Does she know who took her?
- No, no!

Did they ask
for anything, money?

She said once
he was coming...

- Okay, did they...
- And there was a lot of noise...

in the background.
I want to talk to your boss.

Okay, let's go to King.
Come on.

The girl's mom is here.

She just
called her.


Aah! No! Please!

Why are you doing this?

No, please!

Please don't do this!


Please stop!


Max, check
the phone records.

See where the phone call
came from.

I'm gonna need
your phone, Ma'am.

- Will that work?
- Hopefully.

Max is the best we got.

But she's
my only child.

She's everything.

She's alone
and scared.

And... and she
can't see very well.

Jesus. Why?

Why would somebody
take her?

It doesn't...
it doesn't make any sense.

It doesn't.

Mrs. Cannon, I have a...
I have a daughter.

I can't pretend to understand
what you're going through...

but I will do everything
I can to find Jess.

I promise you, I will not
sleep until Jess comes home.

- I promise.
- Thank you.

- How you doing?
- All right.

Um, uh, sorry.

Can I see you
for a second, please?

- Did it work?
- We're working on it, Ma'am.

Excuse me a moment.

- The kid's gone.
- He's what?

I can't find him

- Did he run?
- I don't think so.

It looks like he could've
been dragged out of here.

Shit! Check in with Holland,
see if she's got anything.

If not, get her ass
back here now.

- We got to find that kid, Max.
- Got it.

Listen, Sir.
Please let me go.

I promise, no one
will know except me.

You're really pretty,
you know that?

I'm sorry you've had to
just sit around and wait.

He's usually pretty punctual.
It's kind of his thing.

I'm gonna let you breathe...

for a little while,
all right?

I'm almost
legally blind.

I would never be able
to identify you.


I'm almost
legally blind.

I promise, I won't be
able to identify you!

Aah! Aah!

Should I give you
to him?

No, no.

Should I take you

I could use
the practice.

You know what?

You're right.

It's not the... it's not the mask
that's intimidating.

It's the man behind it.

It's not the
mask that's intimidating.

It's the man behind it.

You're making
the right decision.

He's mocking you now?

He's the one who decides
who lives or dies?

Rest assured.

This will all go smoothly.

Who the hell is that?



Hey, King?
I can't get a hold of Holland.

- Did she call in?
- I checked with Dispatch.

- Nothing since we last spoke.
- How many people?


Yeah, okay.
Yeah, well, thanks.

Kid's roommate?
Found dead down in Cobb County.

All sliced up.


So Holland was, uh, here.

And Cobb is the opposite
direction from us.

- What, 40 miles?
- Yeah.

So we send everything up here.

She has to find their phone.
Needs charging.

We don't have
that kind of time.

Well, I could head
out there.

If I see something,
I won't make a move.

I'll just call it in and
keep an eye on things.

Yeah, that's good.

We send two detectives
to Cobb County

to check with the locals
and the roommate...

see if Tommy's there.

I got a feeling that he's in
the same place that Jess is.

You two?
Do the buddy-cop thing.

This is gonna be over quick,
all right?

So one way or the other,
one of us is gonna slice you.

All right.


- Ahh!
- Sit there.

Box seat.
You'll like that.



Hey, boss, you, uh...

You recognize this kid?

He was, uh...
he was with the girl in Ashville.

It's another loose end.
I fixed it, though.

I, uh... that's what I do.

I am a fixer.
It's what you pay me for.

Listen, I know he's not
your type...

so can I just kill him
real quick?

If that's all right
with you?

It's up to you.


Why don't you two
run around the facility...

a little bit...

find something to hit me
in the head with...

or stab me with?

Something fun.

I'll be right back...

and then
I'll find you two.

It's going
right here.

Shake them.

Just go slow.

Oh, God!



You all right?

You okay?
All right, untie me.

Listen, we really
gotta hurry up.

We got to find
a safe place.

I don't know why
they want to kill me.

I haven't done

Me neither, okay?

I don't know about this guy
but the one with the mask...

he kills girls and
videotapes it, all right?

It's his thing.

That's what this girl told me,
and she's dead now.



Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Calm down.

He had a mask on, too.

Then he got her,
or they did.

I don't know.
Listen to me.

We have to focus, okay?
Because he's right.

This place is locked up,
and we've got nothing.

Not actually nothing.

- What the fuck?
- No, no.

The signal, it makes these
loud air horns go off.

Give me a hand.
I'm gonna move this.

All right, all right.
I'll go down first.

No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.

What if there's no way
out from underneath?

What? No. We could get trapped.

If there's
a signal down there...

it might be able to
shield the feedback

from the thing, right?

- Wait, wait. No.
- Just shh, shh!

Please, you have to
calm down.

Put this on and stay
calm for me, okay?

We're gonna
get out of here.

Shh. Wait here.



You okay?


Toss me down the phone.


It's working.

Homicide. King.

Yeah, it's me, Tommy.

- I'm on the girl's phone.
- It's the kid on two.

What's your name?

- Jess.
- Jess. I'm on Jess's phone.

He stuck something in my neck,
so I don't know where we are.

Okay, slow down. Who took you?
Give me a description.

Uh... tall, 6'1 ".

Uh, dark, thick hair.

It's definitely not
the bald freak in the mask.

Get here.
Hurry, okay?

Listen, I'm sorry, kid,
but the, uh...

we... we... we think the same...
the same people got your roommate.



Look, we're tracing the call.

Just... just stay where you are.

All right.

They're tracing the call.

We could hide
down here.

So can we... can we hide
down there?

They were looking
for me.


they're tracing the call.

- Come on.
- Wait. What's going on?

What are those?

Pain pills.

Why do you have those?

All right.

We're just looking
for anything suspicious.

Yeah, like Holland's
car right there?

Shit. All right.

Hold on.
I'm gonna call it in.

Hey, it's Max.

Tell the chief we see Holland's
car, but no Holland.

Yeah, use that
as probable.

Why don't you get
the boys out here?

Shit, Tiny.

Hey, Max, Holland could be
in some real shit.

- We got to get inside there.
- Or it could be nothing.

I'm gonna go
take a look inside.

Ho, ho, ho, take it easy.

All right, we walk the perimeter
of the building, all right?

But we do not go inside.

You go that way.
I'll go this way.

- We meet in the middle.
- Yeah.

Hey, Tiny.

You see anything?

I'm already inside.

North side of the building,
there's a door...

parking area.


I know it might not
look like it...

but this is the safest
place we can be.

We just need to find something
to keep that door shut...

so look around.

Wait, wait.
What about, um...?

This, if we use...
The chain.


Which way did you go?

Holy shit.



Fuck off, Max.


I got a shitload
of blood in here...

and what looks like Holland's
badge on the ground.

Go call it in from the car.

You copy?



They're coming.

Okay, I know,
I know, I know!

That's not
gonna stop him!


What do we do now?

Try not to die.

Fuck you!

Stay back.

They know where we are,

- They're coming!
- Oh, yeah?

Well, you'll be dead
by then.

Oh, fuck you!
Fuck you!

I've done
everything for you!

Fuck you!

That little fucking bitch
can't do what I do!

You can't fucking do
what I do!




Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Don't, don't, don't.
Don't, come on.

Wait, wait, wait!
This is a mistake, okay?

You're making a mistake.

Can we just talk
about this, please?

Please, can we talk
about this, huh?


Aah, hey.
Hey, hey.

I know you, right?
I know you.

I know you better than anybody
else fuckin' knows you.

Fuck. I fucked up, okay?

I fucked up,
all right?

That's it.
I just, like... fuck!

I just
made a mistake, okay?

I made a fucking mistake!

Cut me some slack,
all right?

Aw, just cut me
some slack. Look.

Hey, hey.
You can teach me, okay?

Just teach me
everything you know.

I'll start from the ground
floor, I swear to God.

I fucked up, man.

I'm sorry.

Will you teach me?

Leave us the fuck alone!


All right. Stay with me.
Stay with me.


Oh, my God!

Oh, God.

Look for his red light.

Look for the red light.
You can see him.


It hurts.


Oh, God.
Oh, my God.

It's him,
it's him, it's him.

- Here! Wait.
- Put your foot in here.


I dropped it.

I dropped the flashlight.


Get the flashlight!

L... l... kicked it.

Come on! Get it!




Run! Get the fuck
outta here!

Go! Go!



Die! Die!



No! Aah!


No! No!


No! No!


No, please.

No, please!





Who's got the layout?

- Right here.
- Me and Trost...

will sweep
the west side.

You guys take the rookie.
Sweep the east side.

Be safe and be smart.

We got a possible
three cops down...

and two civilians.
You set?

Let's go.



You guys
get ready now.

Trost, you're with me.

This is the police!

Any and all persons
in the building...

better make
themselves known!

Oh, Max!


What are these?

Looks like outs and stuff.

Cut 'em.
Cut 'em all.

That... that's...

that's not a recording.

She's alive.



Hands on your head!
Turn around!

You! Come out of there now!

We can hear her!
Where is she?

On the ground! Now!

Where's the girl?

I said get out of there!

- Now!
- Cuff him!

I ain't gonna
fuckin' cuff him.

Let the rookie.

Get in there, man.

Put your hands
on your head!

Don't take your eyes
off him.

Turn around!

Let him go!
Let him go!

Take the shot!

I can't
take the shot!

Wah! Aah!

Aah! Cut it out! No!


You fuckin'...

What the f...

No! Please! Please!

Please! No!


He's gonna kill me!






This is the police!


It's the police!

I'm here! Hurry!


I'm here! Hurry!

You're safe now!

Hey, King.


Aah! No!





Please! Stop!




Leave him alone! No!

Don't you need this,
you sick fuck?

I guess you can't
kill me now!


Come on.

Aah! No!

Aah! Aah!


I got you.
It's okay.

Shh. Shh.

You're safe now.
It's okay.

It's okay. Shh. Shh.

I got you.

Detective King,
I'm Agent Sells from the FBI.

If we can get
Miss Cannon in the car.

Can I see
some I D's, please?


You're safe, you're safe.

You're safe.
It's okay, it's okay.

I'll be there soon.

Get the paramedics
to check her leg.

When did this
become a Federal case?

I can't discuss
any details...

about this

We've been tracking him
for quite some time.

This location finally
gave us a name and a face.

You been watching us...

knowing he was gonna
spill more blood?

He killed my whole
fucking department.

I'm afraid
I can't discuss...

...any details...
- You're welcome.

We'll take over
from here.

I'll need your reports
and your files.

You can file the request
with my replacement.

We'll get you home
to your mom.

The full operation
will be moved by next week.

And might I commend you...

on your new choice
of scenery?

I will take care
of everything.

We'll find the girl
and resume with the plan.

Until then...

enjoy yourself.

# Die #

# Laid to rest #

# Die #

# Laid to rest #

# Die #

# Laid to rest #

# Die #

# Laid to rest #

# Die #

# Laid to rest #

# Die #

# Laid to rest #

# Gonna die #

# Laid to rest #

# Gonna die #

# Laid... to... rest ##

Mrs. Cromeans, I know
how difficult this must be.

You don't know.

We were gonna
start a family.

Everything was perfect.

Men like this.

They like to create
an illusion.

They need to maintain
that cover.

What goddamn cover?

When was the last time
you saw your husband?

A few months ago.

So what?

He goes on
long business trips.

Show me then.

Show me what he's done...

and if I believe you, I will
help you any way I can.

These are
screen captures...

taken from the videos
he sent to local police...

in the different cities.

That's his tattoo.


why is he laying on her
like that?

It's not true.

He's coming home.

He's not coming home.

It's not your fault.

He's made himself this way.
He's a monster.

Drop it!
Drop the gun!

Put the gun down!
Put it down!