Change in the Air (2018) - full transcript

When a beguiling young woman moves in next door, a quiet neighborhood is awakened, bringing people face to face with their secrets and, ultimately, themselves.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

911 dispatch.

What's the emergency?

There's been an accident.

What's the location?

9 Summit Street.


I call my baby my sugar.

I never maybe my sugar.

That's 'cause my baby's
so confectionary.

Funny, he never
asks for my money,

'long as I feed him on honey.

That he can get anytime.


I'm making breakfast.

You want French toast?

I'm making French toast!


Hey, are you OK?

Like that.

Try it again.

Excuse me.

Ms. Olson, you have a call.

It's one of your neighbors.

It happened so fast.

Where were you?

I was home, working in
my yard just over there.

Over there.

Tough pendejo, though, huh?

Step right in front of a car.

I thought for sure
when I ran down here,

he'd be in bad shape, but...

You know him?

Uh, not so much.

Just a wave.

You know Wren Miller,
17B Green Street?

She reported the accident.

Never heard of her.


Anybody home?


Miss Miller?

Young lady!


27 hours I have been getting
on and off the airplane.

It's 27 hours.

Why are your eyes puffy?

Have you been eating?

Don't you start with me.

See, this is why the
doctor said you should get

up every two hours and walk.

I like to sit.

Well, he wants you to
talk so you keep the blood

flowing in your veins.

My blood is flowing, Jo Jo.

It's my joints who
won't cooperate.

How are your joints, Donna?

My joints are great.

They're cooperating?

My joints are cooperating.

I bet they are.

So how are things?

Well, Mr. Lemke
tried to kill himself.

Oh, no.

Not again.

Poor Margaret.

Mr. Lemke is
a horse's ass, Jo Jo.


I... I've told
her a thousand times.

Well, why does
he keep doing that?

He's gonna die soon enough
as it is without sending

Margaret into hysterics.

I know.

It's just terrible.

We should go over there.


No, he's fine.

They took him to the hospital.

Not a nice welcome
for my new tenant,

but what are you gonna do?

You found someone
to take the apartment?



- Stop it.
- Male?


I don't know anything
about the young lady.


And I don't want to know.

You become less fun
the longer I know you.

Thank you so much!

Is she home?

I think she's home.

Why don't we get you home?

Yeah, all right.


where are you going?

We have a whole car to unload.

Well, if I lift anything,
my arm'll fall off.

I've been married to
that man for 41 years.

I know.

And I don't think he's
ever carried his suitcase.

I can see this is me.

I will be.

You'll all see I'm the one.

Oh, sorry.

You are way too happy.

There's no such thing.

I get to be outside.

I... I get to exercise.

I get to meet people.

I get a...

A pension.

I get a pension.

Health care.

I get health care.



Who knows?

But wait, job lover.

There's more.

Goes to one address.



You missed a spot.

He's back.

Would you stop?




They can't hear me.

She's leaving him.

Gotta be the smartest
thing she's ever done.


Look at that.

He is just sitting
there in his front yard.


We're just sitting
here in our front yard.

Do you need anything?

I'm going over there.

Jo... what?

Are you taking your chair?


I'm taking my chair.

Holy cow.

Hey, Mr. B.

What are you bringing
me there, baby pigs?

No, it's
actually not for you.

Goes up there.

Where's Jo Ann?

She's found another man.

Hello, Walt. Oh, my.

This is nice.

Pygmy Falcon.

Yes, it... it is.

I'm Wren.

I moved in while the
two of you were away.


Well, uh... I don't remember
seeing this when I was there.

I mean, I didn't see...

I know I didn't see it.

But here it is.

Oh, I'm Arnie.

Arnie Bayberry.

Nice to meet you.



Watch your birds.

How was Africa?

It was good.

You didn't go out and find a
girlfriend while I was gone,

did you?

Uh, no.

No, ma'am.

Still single.


That must be here.

Oh, she's lovely, isn't she?

She's just lovely.

Who is she?

My new neighbor.

The one who
lives above the garage?


I should go introduce
myself to her.

She gets a lot of mail.

Hello, hello, hello.

Oh, look at you.

You are just lovely.

I almost stopped
by this morning,

but my husband told me not
to knock on anybody's doors

- until 9:00 AM.
- Hi.

I'm Wren.


Oh, wow, look at that.

Where in the world are you
going with all of that?

Oh, my.

Isn't it a beautiful day?

I live right next to you
with my husband Arnie.

I was just mentioning to Josh.

He's the nice young mailman over
there, sitting with Mr. Lemke.

Let's wave.

Josh is single.

His mother died last
year, poor thing.

And he was there the whole time.

They don't get any
better than that.

He's the real deal.

Are you single?

Here, let's walk.

I can tell you all you need to
know about this neighborhood,

but today I'm kind
of busy 'cause I have

to keep my eyes on Mr. Lemke.

It can be so bad sometimes
this whole getting older bit.

But maybe later if you
want, I'll just stop by.

What's your name again?



Well, you are darn cute, Wren.

Are you insane?

Are you insane?

- Knock it off.
- Are you insane?

Yes, definitely.

Hey, Payne.

You've been
blessed by a bird.



No, come on, man.

You should be happy.

That's good luck.

In fact, the next time you go
back out, why don't you pick me

up $20 bucks in scratch-offs.

And if I win, then
we'll split it 60-40.

Maybe 50-50.


Take that as a no.

Well, I'll take that
to your box, too.

Or, you know, you
could go online.

Blackjack, poker.
Trust me.

This is a sign.

Technology is overrated.

Is it now?

I was on this dating site.

Met this woman for
drinks last week.


Matea from Oraro, Tonga.

I'm telling you, man.

There are all types
of people on there.

What's it been, man?

Six, seven years?

This could be your jam.

Here you go, Payne.

A pygmy falcon?

You're kidding.

No, no.


Where is it?

That's remarkable!

Where'd you see it?


Where'd you see it?

You know, it's funny.

I can't recall exactly.

You can't recall?

Arnie, you're a professional.

You can't make claims
without proper verification.

I'm not making a claim.

This is just you and me talking.

I don't mean to challenge you.

I'm just surprised is all.

I know.

It's strange.

All right, I just came across
the photo when I got back.

I don't even remember taking it.

Look, don't worry.

Now I can't even find
the friggin' thing.

Well, they are pretty small.

Oh, thank goodness
you're home.

Can I come in?


It's for you.

Go ahead.

Open it.


You didn't have to do that.


- It's a meatball maker.
- Oh.

OK, thanks.

I ordered a ton of 'em on QVC.

It's one of those
things everybody needs.

You know how to work this?

Um, well...

See, you just spread the
seasoned meat on a counter,

and then you press the plastic
gizmo down through the meat.

Shake it around, open
it up, and voila.

Perfect meatballs.

It's amazing.

You're gonna love it.

I use mine all the time.

Thank you.

I'll just, um...

I'll set it right here.



I thought only old
people still got mail.

What do you do with it?

I read it.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.

Nobody could read all this.

Is it for work?

What do you do?

I... I really can't say.

Oh, please.

Don't worry.

People tell me everything.

I'm kind of like a priest.

It's complicated.

- It's complicated?
- It can be.

Aways complicated, or is it
sometimes less complicated?

Finally, a human.

No, no, I'm not Caleb Murphy.

That's the problem.

My name is Moody Burkheart.


And something's gone
wrong with your system,

because I'm not getting Caleb
Murphy's bill at my address.

But I'm not getting my own bill.

Uh, what?


So only Caleb Murphy can
make changes to this account.


It's policy.

It's not policy.

It's a mistake.

I can't believe how
far along you are.

Getting that lining
in was harder

than building the casket.

It's... it's...

it's creepy.

It's creepy!

Arnie says it's creepy.

It's... it's creepy.

But it's no secret we're
all gonna die someday.

Do you know how expensive it is?

To die?

Yeah, horribly expensive.

$10,000 on average.

It just makes me
sick to my stomach

that just to lay a
person to rest families

have to pay that kind of money.



I can't believe I
forgot to tell you.

I met Wren.

She's a lovely
girl, just lovely.

We had a great walk, and
I went to her house and...

but did you know
about the mail thing?

She gets hundreds, thousands
of letters every day.


She must be some
sort of speed reader.

Jo Ann.

Anyway, I've been
thinking about it.

Because, you know,
something is going on there,

and I think I finally
figured it out.

I am pretty sure she is
a pen pal for prisoners.

A what?

I'm talking lots of prisoners.

You should see
these bags, and she

doesn't want to talk about it.

"It's complicated."

Her words.

I mean, what else could it be?

She's a pen pal for prisoners?

It really is the only
thing that makes sense.

Well, so what if she is?

Well, here's the thing.

I think she thinks
that we'll care.

That's why she won't
tell me about it.

Yeah, but, Jo Ann, everybody
that lives next to you

doesn't need you to
worry about them.

I'm not.

You are.

Or was it somebody else who...

who called the police
because Mark was

having sex with his girlfriend.

I saw smoke.

And chaperoning Mr. Lemke.

Well, life's my company.

And... and what about when
I helped with Desmond

when you were in Cincinnati?

That was Cleveland.

I was in Cleveland.


I'm sorry.

Wherever, I was on guard.

Yeah, but nobody
needed your help.

You're too nosy, Jo Ann.

I'm caring.

Look, Wren's a nice girl.

She gets a lot of mail.

So what?

That's a really
beautiful casket.

I realize
it's a promotion,

but why would I pay
$9.99 for a medium pizza

when I have a coupon for $7.99?

No, I don't want to pay
$9.99 to not get the wings.

I want to pay $7.99
with the coupon.

And I want you to
keep the wings.

I don't want them.

If you think about
it, it's a win-win.


You know what?

Bring the wings.

Why doesn't she come out?

She must be up by now.

You say she stays up
all hours of the night.

She's probably sleeping.

Well, nobody sleeps this late.

It's unnatural.

It's 8:30.

I know what time it is.

Wrens are highly
adaptable, actually.

Capable of living in
almost any environment...

hedgerows, low-lying nests.

Their scientific name
literally means cave dweller.

Oh, I don't think so.

What do you mean
you don't think so?

It is so.

She's not a bird.

Bye, Walt.


Mr. Lemke needs me.

Jo Jo, leave him be.

It's good for
him to have visitors.

I invited half the neighborhood
to stop by and see him.

Why do you have
to get involved?

Oh, for Pete's sake.


Did Chapman talk to you about
the call on Summit Street?


Summit Street.

The old man, the car.

I already turned
in the report.

But there's a
discrepancy, here.

Oh, come on.

Give me a break.

You were out, so Chapman
talked to the ambulance driver.

The driver says that when
he turned on to the street,

he saw the whole
accident play out.

And then we talked
to the neighbor.

It's in the report.

You're not hearing me.

The driver says he actually
saw the old man get hit.

What is he saying?

That it was staged?

Not staged.

Just hadn't happened yet.

What are you looking at?

should I be discouraged?

Why should the shadows come?

And why should my heart
be lonely and long

for heaven and home?

When Jesus is my portion,
a constant friend is he.

His eye is on the sparrow,
and I know he's watching me.

And I sing because I'm laughing.

I sing because I'm free.

His eye is on the sparrow.

And I know he's watching me.

Definitely a Virgo.

Having company helps.

But there are a
lot of alternatives

for a guy like Walt. I
mean, I see a therapist.

Donna Olson
goes to a shaman.


I'm serious.

You're so young.

You know, the very
first time Walter

took me on a fishing trip,
we stayed by the water

for hours and hours.

I... I thought it was disgusting.

Why would anyone
want to do that?

Since then, we've been on...

I don't know how many...

how many fishing trips.

I've come two of them.


He doesn't want
to fish anymore.


Officer Moody!

I... I don't think she's home.


She's still not home.

Don't you think that's strange?

She's out.

She's been gone all day.

We were gone for a month.

Wandering the
streets alone at night.

She should have a car.

Well, you don't have a car.

You don't even have a license.

I don't need a car.

I've got you.

Let's go
back inside, Arnie.

Everything's fine.

That's not what
it looks like from here.

Have you lost your mind?

The door was unlocked.

What was I supposed to do?


Is everything all right?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, no, everything's fine.

We just... we thought we
heard something, so...

And we wanted to
invite you to dinner.


Oh, great.


Just let me know when.


Honey, it's getting late.

You want to go back inside?

Yeah, I probably should.

I think I have a headache.

I'm sure you do.

Good night.

Don't you say it.

I didn't say a word.

I can see you in
there, trying to come up

with something to
make me feel bad, when

you know I already feel lousy.

How is it possible that I...

I'm the one who's wrong?

You're the one who
interrupted me.

I had a perfectly
reasonable fib, darling,

and then you have
to come out with,

oh, oh, we would love to
have you over for dinner.

I think to know would be nice.

That's not the point!

That's not the point!

The point is, you
can't go sneaking

into other peoples' homes.

That's the point.

You always
have to harp on me.

Couldn't you just let it go?

You want me to let it go?


Just forget about it?


Oh, OK.


All right Where are you going?


Come on, Jo Jo.

Let's get you to bed, huh?

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Oh, honey.

She's gone.

Come on.

There we go.


Upsie daisie.


I'm... I'm sorry.

I... sorry.

Are you OK?

I didn't, like, break your arm?

You're not gonna sue me?

I'm very sorry.


Oh, don't be sorry.

Like, be not sorry.

What is magic?

Science we
don't understand yet?

The invisible
made visible for a moment.

that invokes a very

personal and special feeling.

Take music, for example.

It's like when Dizzie Gillespie
plays the horn and his cheeks

get real big.

Or like when Stevie
Wonder plays the piano,

and he does like this.

Or Michael Jackson, and
he goes, hee, hee, hee!

And he does the moonwalk.

You have to go into it
knowing that you're not

going to know, and just listen.

Here we go.

Oh, boy, I'm
talking red meat.

Arnie, help her.

- Don't just help yourself.
- What?

I'm... I'm not eating.

I'm just preparing.

Wren, here, please.

Allow me.

Thank you.

So where were you
before you came here?

Kansas, just outside
of Kansas City, actually.

Kansas City.

That's quite a move.


There's, um, a
prison there, right?

I... I don't know.

No, there is.

Um, the mighty Fort Leavenworth.

Phew, it's a huge complex.


Fort Leavenworth.

How interesting.

Are you sure you don't know it?

Sounds familiar.

You never had any
direct affiliation?

No contact with
any of the felons?


Well, you never did any,
say, writing to the prisoners?

No, I...

I never did that.

Good grief.

Jo Jo, she's not a convict.

You're not... you're
not a convict?

Oh, shoot, maybe she is.



Oh, oh.

Oh, oh, oh.

Almost there.

Let's see here.



Back we go.

Back we go.

This car is huge.





All right.

Oh, oh, oh.

This is just like
riding a bicycle.

Little too much.

Little too much.

So sensitive.

Slowly now.

What's that dinging?

What is the dinging?


Where are you, my little walker?


You're doing pretty
good at this.

Oh, come on.

You don't have to make
a big deal out of this.


Is Jo Ann around?


She's been around
for a very long time.

She's downstairs.

Go ahead.

Thank you.

Jo Ann?

Jo Ann?


Oh, oh.


You almost gave
me a heart attack.

I'm sorry.

Arnie told me you
were down here.

Oh, that's nice.

Let me make some tea.

Actually, I can't stay.

I just... I wanted to talk
to you about yesterday.

You were following me.


You were driving
a car... your car.

My car?

No, I don't even have a license.

A policeman pulled you over.

You ran over the shrubbery.


Gee, I hardly remember that.

It's OK.

But I wanted to ask
you not to do that.

Well, look, I'm not
crazy or anything.

A little high-strung,
maybe, but...

oh gosh, how do I say it?

You get a lot of mail.

You looking for Wren?

Yeah, Wren Miller.

Person who lives here.

She in... she in trouble?

No, no.

No, she's not in any trouble.

You know where she is?


She's with my wife.

We older women do
not take to eccentricities,

unless they're our
own or our husbands'.

I'll flush 'em out...
flush 'em out for you.

Come on.

I understand.

So what on God's green
earth are you doing up there?

Jo Jo!

There's a police
officer up here.

He needs to see your
friend for a minute.

Can you send her up?

Please don't let
him know I'm here.





What's wrong?

- Jo Jo!
- Please.

Honey, no one's here.

It's just me!

What... what about Wren?

Dear, Wren.

From next door.


No, hon.

She's gone.

She can't hear me.

You just have to come down here.


No, come on.

Oh, OK.

Honey, I'm naked!


I mean it, Arnie.

I'm naked, completely naked.

Don't you dare come down
here, and don't you dare

bring some other man down here.

What... what about Wren?

Honey, he's looking for Wren.

Well, she's gone.

I have no idea where she is.

It's OK.

It's... she can call me later.

You can't
make this stuff up.

I am 74 years
old, and not once...

not once... have I had a
police officer enter my home.

Honey, everything's fine.

No, no.

Everything's not fine.

Everything is far from fine.

Driving without a license,
hiding from the police.

Breaking and entering,
conspiring with a...

an ex-con, prisoner, pen
pal, or who knows what.

Everything's not fine.

I never meant to
cause any trouble.

Oh, what did you mean to do?


No, I'm just
asking a question.

No, he's... he's right.

You're right.

I... I put you in a
compromising position.

I don't care for people
who have something to hide.

I understand.

My wife and I, we have
been... well, I have been...

a law-abiding
citizen all my life.


So have I. And I know
you might not believe that,

but it's true.

How much do you
know about wrens?

Oh, honey, I don't think
she wants to talk about birds.

No, I think she'll
find this interesting.

Legend has it that
back in the day,

the birds decided to
make whichever bird

flew the highest their king.

So do you know
what the wren did?

The wren hid inside the
feathers of a great eagle.

It hitched a ride
to a great height,

only to emerge and
outfly the eagle

after the eagle had tired.

As a punishment, the wren is now
forced to live a life of shame

in almost total concealment.

Excuse me.

What's wrong with you?


What's... what's wrong with me?


Don't you touch me.

I'm mad at you.


No, you look.

How long has it been since we
had a young girl in our lives?

Oh, come on.

No, it's OK for you because
you never do anything wrong.

I'm the one who always
ruins everything.

I want her to like me.

I need to feel like I can
do it right this time.

'Cause when it's
raining, I've no regrets.

Because it isn't
raining rain, you know.

It's raining violets.

And when you see the
clouds up on the hills,

you're gonna see
crowds of daffodils.

I'm sorry.

Me, too.

Sunflower, yellow and gold.

I saw her plant it
beside the road.

I can't take her.


'Cause she's so pretty
beside the road.

Good morning.

Good morning.


Come in.


Do you know about the bluejay?

Well, the bluejay is
a very arrogant bird.

Very bratty and, uh, mean.

They intimidate.

They're bullies.

They can get way out of control.

But they do it to
protect their own.

They... they don't
mean it personal.



I liked having them.

I didn't know my lemonade stand
would be such an attraction.



I, uh...

I was just going
down to the Lemkes.


She's not home.

They just fell out.

Mr. Bayberry?


You're a bird man.


Just got back from an
expedition in Kenya.

What brings you here?

My wife isn't, um...

Oh, no.


I'm sure that was just,
uh, one of those things.

One can only hope.


I can't.

It's only you and
me in the garage.

Who's gonna know?


Her name isn't
even on the envelope.

Just the address.


What is it?

I don't know.

It doesn't start or
stop on this page.

It's in the middle of something.

Read it.


"I was hoping so much that John
would be here when I returned,

but the only person who
was there was Evelyn.

I was almost shaking,
I was so nervous.

"You know how you play things
over and over in your head

when something doesn't
happen the way you expect?

It's like you're left
wandering in a dream.

Like the other day,
when I was by myself,

doing the simplest of things...

a load of laundry
by the screen door.

And there it was...

his shirt.

And then I just stopped.

I put it down right where it
was and just left the house

with everything scattered."

That's it?

It ends there?

One more?

I was wondering if
you or someone you know

could tell me what
kind of bird this is.

Where'd you find this?

Flew against my window.

I could hear it flapping.

It was stuck against the screen.

Been staring at it ever since
for no particular reason.

Then I remembered
seeing all those bird

pictures at your house.

I thought I'd ask, uh...

This is my photograph!

My picture!


I lost it.

This is a pygmy falcon.

A pygmy falcon?

I was in my
front yard going over

photos from my trip when I first
discovered this among the rest.

I don't remember
taking this picture,

and a bird man like me is paid
to remember that sort of stuff.

I might have thought I was crazy
if it hadn't been for Wren.

Your neighbor.


Yeah, she was there when I
saw this for the first time.

She knew what it was.

Immediately, which is rare.

She knew exactly what it was.

Do you mind telling
me what you know?

About pygmy falcons?

About wrens.


What my wife wouldn't
give to be here now.

"It's not difficult
to say your wife has passed.

The information flows freely.

You can be very
third-person about it,

almost pretend as if it
has happened to someone

you've never met.

What's hard are the...

what's hard are the questions,
the inevitable questions

that come up later.

That's what trips you up."


you watched something dead?

Have you stared it down?

Have you held it in your hands?

Do you know what it looks like?

I do.


"And I knew
then it was over for us."

"I actually knew the night
before, when she didn't call..."

"...when she had gone

all weekend with hardly a word.

She always called."

"Without exception."

I went to the bar

where we first me and
listened to jazz like we

used to in the beginning.

Except this time..."

"...I didn't feel inspired.

I fear I have no idea who I am."

I kissed
my grandfather on the cheek

and told him to feel better,
even though I knew it would be

the last time I would ever..."

"I decided

to tell the truth for a change.

Maybe I'm just tired of
trying to be someone else."

"I lifted a hand

to anyone behind bars here.

Almost five years now.

But I feel it coming up."

"They disappeared.

My sister said they
did not come back."

"My mama told me I'd

be pretty when I gold older.

He says he has a friend
who wants to love me, too."

to children laughing.

I should be happy hearing
these soft, sweet sounds,

but all I can think about
is how large I've become,

how much I've let myself go.

I'm so fat."

"I'm so unloved.

I have no baby.

These words play
over in my head.

I can hear those
kids playing even

when my ears are underwater.

It's true.

You can hear joy through waves."

Oh god, that's sad.

Don't worry.

I'll put them in a safe place.

Yeah, but what...
what if she finds out?

Something is happening here.

It... it is beyond us.

I mean, I don't
even know here,

and I just can't get
her off of my mind.

Maybe you should
write her a letter.


I... I used to play
when I was young.

Nice to see you.

Nice to see you.

You wanna play?

Come on.

Come on.

It's gonna be beautiful.



That's so good.

Where's Arnold?

He'll be here.

He's just getting a
refill for the kids.

Everything all right?

Oh, Jo.

Get my camera.

Look at him.


He's spilling
the lemonade.

Jo Jo, get my camera.

Jo Jo.


Not a good move.

I couldn't do that.

He might not get up.


Oh my god.

Easy now.

Easy, easy.




A what?

A Bali starling.

Just sitting there in
my crab apple tree.

Arnie, one of the most
important and obvious

characteristics in
identifying a Bali starling

is, not surprisingly, that it
is typically found in Bali.

Oh, I know.

And, more
specifically, in three

separate bird parks in Bali.

You do realize that there are
barely over 100 in existence?

And if you count the
ones in captivity

or the ones poached for the
cage bird trade, even then...

No, no, no.

This was not a caged bird.

It's not possible.

It was a Bali starling.

It was the most
astonishing sighting I

have ever had in my life ever.

It's what we wait our
whole lives for is...

it was a miracle.

the pygmy falcon.


Stan, I am not crazy.

I know what I saw.

I saw a Bali starling,
stark white with the blue

around the eyes.

And the tuft.

There's nothing else like it.


I saw it.

I had it in my sights.

It was 10 feet away from
me for a full minute.

I had a very, very
good look at it.

I know what I saw.

Come to the neighborhood
if you want to see her.

Sit with us on the lawn.

There's something quite
special about her.

Soft-spoken, graceful, elegant.

She seems tall, even
though she's not.

Every day she walks.

It seems simple enough, but
with her it's different.

It's purposeful, as though
she's walking on air.

She's so quiet.

She just appears.

And before you know
it, she's gone.

to Officer Burkheart.

Come in, Officer Burkheart.

What are you looking at?

I'm waiting for
the second coming.

Well, the moon is broken,
and the sky is cracked.

Come on up to the house.

The only things that you can
see is all that you lack.

Well, come on up to the house.

All your crying
don't do no good.

Come on up to the house.

Well, come down off the cross.

We can use the wood.

You gotta come on
up to the house.


You gotta come on
up to the house.

Come on up to the house.

The world is not my home.

I'm just a-passin' through.

You've got to come
on up to the house.


I came to get
the letters back.

They're in there.


Thank you.



It's OK, baby.

It's just you and me.


Oh, god, you little beauty.

What are you doing here?


Are you posing?

I'm sorry about
your granddaughter.



I know how much you miss her.

How do you know that?

Wren, how do you
know about Allison?

I just do.

Jo Jo!


I did it.

I can't believe it, but...

but I actually
wrote her a letter.

She knows.

What can you tell
us about the bird you saw?

Uh, it's a Bali starling.

It's very rare.

There are only 100
of them in existence.

Oh, come on.

Don't give me a hard time.

Look at these shots.

- Look at that.
- Wow!

I know.

Look at this.

You're kidding.

She just came by and got them.

She knew I'd taken them,
knew where I'd hidden them.

But it was more than that.

She knows about me.

And she knows what happened.

What happened?

this is unheard of.

I mean, this is
quite extraordinary.

Well, I think
it's fantastic.

I had no idea that so many of
my constituents were into birds,

and I will be directing my
office to do everything we can

do to get the bird returned.

I mean, obviously, we're
interested in this bird.

We had a son, Marty.

Did you know that?

After high school he
sort of went his own way.

Just because we had some
problems getting along,

that's all.

We lost track of him.

Then out of the blue
he calls and told us

he was getting married
to a girl named Danielle.

She made him get back
in touch with us.

And a couple of years after
that, they had a little girl.

A beautiful little
girl named Allison.


There was
a bad car accident,

and Marty didn't make it.

He passed away.

But we still saw Danielle
and Allison after that.

And I'd watch Allison sometimes
when Danielle was at work.

Marty used to tinker with
an old muscle car, a GTO

that he kept in our garage.

So sometimes I would take
Allie out to the car,

and we'd pretend like we
were driving to the stores

or driving to visit papa,
or just going to the movies.

It was a way to keep
Marty alive in our minds.

God he loved that car.

It was so hot that day, so
I decided to fix a drink.

Just one, I was thinking,
and the ice kept melting.

And... and the damn

wasn't working.

And so I had some drinks,
but never too much.

I never, ever thought
I had too much.

But I guess I must have
fallen asleep, because I

don't remember exactly.

But my little baby girl somehow
found her way out to the car

and managed to get herself
inside with the door shut.

And got stuck.

And it was so hot, Josh.

It was so hot just to be
outdoors, let alone in the car.

And she was just sitting there.


And I don't know how
long she was there.

I don't remember.

I was still asleep when
Danielle came to pick her up.

Her little body was so limp.

So weak.

She was only three.

Just three.

Then Arnie came, and we
tried to go to the hospital.

But Danielle wouldn't
let us see her...

not even Arnie, and
Arnie didn't do anything!

Danielle took her away from us.

After that, she wouldn't say
where she was taking her.

We haven't seen or
heard from them since.

It's been 18 years.

A lifetime.

Do you remember what you
told me when my mom passed?

Who knows.

You said, those we love
can never be taken away.

Well, that's not true.

It is true.

Not for me.

Not with Allison.

I've lost Allison.

I know where she is.



I know where she goes.

I can't tell you how,
uh, gratifying this whole thing

has been for me.

I wish I'd seen it.

You know?

I wish you had, too.

I wish I could see it.

Well, you didn't.

No, I didn't!

Look at these babies.

This is amazing.

They're not
all birders, you know.

They usually hang over
there on my neighbor's lawn.

Oh, that guy?

abandoned him for a bird.


Jo Jo!

Where the... Jo Jo?

This place.


Now we can add
trespassing to the list.


Where are you?

Uh, y-you go ahead.


So what you all
may not know about me

is that I have a son.

And he lives in Cleveland, and
the last time I saw my son,

we played music
and I sang for him.

And that was the
happiest I've seen

my son in a long, long time.

What I want you to do is sing.

I want you to sing for somebody.

I want you to make
somebody happy.



Oh, hey.

Where's your friend?

The birds,
they sang at the break of day.

Start again, I heard them say.

Don't dwell on what has passed
away, or what is yet to be.

All the wars,

they will be fought again.

The holy dove, she
will be caught again.

How well do you know here?

sold, and bought again.

I deliver her mail.

The dove is never free.

Ring the bells that
still can ring.

Forget your perfect offering.

There's a crack, a
crack in everything.

That's how the light gets in.

We asked for signs.

The signs were sent.

The birth betrayed,
the marriage spent.

The widowhood of every
government, signs for all

to see.

But they've summoned,

they've summoned
up a thundercloud.

They're gonna hear from me.

They're gonna hear from me.

Ring the
bells that still can ring.

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack, a
crack in everything.

That's how the light gets in.

can add up the parts.

You won't have the sum.

You can strike up the march.

There is no drum.

Every heart to love

will come, but like a refugee.

Ring the bells that
still can ring.

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack, a
crack in everything.

That's how the light gets in.

That's how the light gets in.

Ring the bells that
still can ring.

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack, a
crack in everything.

That's how the light gets in.

how the light gets in.

how the light gets in.

how the light gets in.

how the light gets in.

how the light gets in.

That's how the light gets in.

What a gift.







Well, watch your step.

Here we are.

Thank you.

Jo Ann.

Are you all right?

Oh, I'm all right.


She's all right.

Thank you.

Come, come, come.

Come with me.

I have been looking all
over the place for you.

Come on.

Lie down.

There you go.

Oh, you would have loved it.

There were birds, Arnie.

Oh, lots of birds.

I was worried about you.

get you a blanket.


I'd like to pay you for it.

Oh, no, Margaret.

It's a gift for you and Walter.

I can make another one easy.


Thank you.

He liked to keep
change in his pocket.

I added it all up
yesterday. $1.68.

It doesn't seem like much.

It feels good.


Somehow just writing her
name gives me strength.

If she were standing in front
of me, what would I say?

I am her grandmother.

I want to know if she's
happy, if she's still brave.

Does she look like her father?

I hurt the person
I loved the most.

Perhaps if I can forgive myself,
then Allison will forgive me.

Wait a second.

Wait a second.

Dance with me.

Oh, go back to your paper.

I don't want to
go back to my paper.

I want to dance with my wife.

I know what you're
doing, you know?

I'll be down
to get you in a taxi.

You're trying to
make me feel better,

but I already feel fine.

honey, don't be late.

Wanna be there when the
band starts playing.


I'm here to pick
up a prescription.

Sorry, we closed at 6:00 PM.

Oh, they said 7:00 PM.

Not on Mondays.


6:00 PM.

But you do see that it
is one minute past 6:00 PM?

I really need to
take my medication.

Then you should
have come earlier.


Can I have it back
so that I can have it

filled somewhere else, please?


Can't give back
filled prescriptions.

It's against company policy.

It's against your policy.


Do you know what
a pygmy falcon is?


You should look it up.

Listen, I've got a filled
prescription back there.

We know that, right?

My doctor wants me to have it.

I want to have it.

And your company's policy
dictates that I can't have it?

It's just you and me here.

This doesn't have
to be about policy

or timeliness or anything else.

This could be just
something that happened,

some little event.

Maybe you'll learn something.

Maybe you won't know till later.

But it could change your life.

The littlest thing
can change your life.

Last name?



Officer Burkheart.

How you
doing, Mrs. Lemke?

So sorry for your loss.


Oh, I didn't
know the man,

but I felt like
I should stop by.

I'm glad you're here.

Thank you.

Thank you for coming.

My pleasure.

Thank you.

Oh, it's all right.

I heard some of the
members of the Audubon Society

are trying to dispute your
Bali starling sighting.

They wouldn't be doing
their job if they didn't.

You have to be very cautious
about what you think you know.

Every claim has to be
adequately challenged.


You know, I never really thought
much at all about, uh, or...




Thank you.

I find it to be a
very rewarding discipline.


There's so much out that
still needs to be discovered.

For example, we still
lack conclusive proof

as to when the honey
guide bird first formed

its partnership with the ratel.

Though April showers
may come your way,

they bring the flowers
that bloom in May.

So when it's raining,
have no regrets.

'Cause it isn't
raining rain, you know.

It's raining violets.

And when you see
clouds upon the hill,

you know they'll bring
crowds of daffodils.

So keep looking for a blue
bird and listen for his song

whenever April
showers come along.

So when it's raining,
have no regrets.

'Cause it isn't
raining rain, you know.

It's raining violets.

And when you see
clouds upon the hill,

you know they'll bring
crowds of daffodils.

So keep looking for a blue
bird and listen for his song

whenever April
showers come along.

Subtitles by explosiveskull