Caribbean Summer (2022) - full transcript

After an embarrassing event during a live broadcast, Jade is forced to take a vacation, but her trip gets off to a rocky start due to a snafu involving the house she rented.

Good morning, sis.

You do know that mornings

are the worst time
to call me, right?

I'm trying to plan
mom's big birthday

and I need your help.
Mom's big...

She's turning 59.

But she refuses to have a 60th,

so we have to do a big 59.

Okay. Can I call you later?

What's been going on with
that guy you were seeing?


Okay. Okay, Janelle, I
can't do this right now, okay?

I love you.


Call Peter the doorman.

Pete, it's Jade Taylor.

Forgot to tell
you on my way out,

my ex is stopping by
to pick up his things.

We have an agreement,
half an hour, no more.

If that's a problem,
let me know. Thank you.

There you are.

The congresswoman's
office just called.

She's coming over now
for the interview.

What? Now?

Yes, now.

She's been called back to
DC for an emergency session

so she's stopping by on
the way to the airport.

Okay. Prep studio
three for filming.

Studio three's on the air.

- Studio two.
- On the air.

Studio one?

- On the air.
- On the air?

Okay, get two field
cameras and lighting set up

on the 11th floor
conference room.

We do this remote.

Remote from
the CNB Headquarters?

- Mm-hm.
- Got it.

Oh, here. How are you?

Has he called?

La rata.

Should I ask?

Okay, I'm fine. Don't worry.

You're not fine.
No one could be fine.

People break up all
the time, you know.

Yeah, but not like this.

He said he loved you, moved
in, which is huge for you.

And then-
I can't do this right now.

The Congresswoman is coming.

The Congresswoman?

The Congresswoman.

That's good. That's good, Ted.

And now just clarify,
what year was that?

What year was that, exactly?

That would've been January 2014.

2014, okay.

And you were at the time

an assistant DA in
your current district?

The amount of
information being leaked

brings to mind the
scandal that hit

the New Jersey DA's
office a few years back.

What are your thoughts on that

and where do you think
these leaks are coming from?

The amount of
information being leaked

brings to mind the
scandal that hit

the New Jersey DA's
office a few years back.

What are your thoughts on that

and where do you think
the leaks are coming from?

Ted, I can't comment

on an open case, you know that.

But what I can say
is that I can promise

that we will be taking
appropriate action

pending the investigation.

But don't you think
the public deserves to know

what happened and
who was involved?

I mean, these people are
paid with tax payer dollars.

The public will know the truth

as soon as we do, Ted.

So what you're
saying is you never

really loved me in
the first place, hm?

So what you're
saying is you never

really loved me in
the first place.

No. No!

Let me rephrase the question.

Look, I started
you here as an intern

and you were living
with seven roommates

doing coffee runs and
editing puff pieces.

You're now one of our
most valued news producers

and if what just happened
had happened to anyone else,

we wouldn't be having
this conversation.

Again, I am so sorry.

We've known each
other a long time Jade,

and I know you going
through a breakup.

The truth is, I'm almost
glad this has happened

because I need you, Jade.

And I'm worried your next
step is about to be burnout.

You've worked so
hard to get here,

but now you need
to take a breath

and the network wants you
to take a leave of absence

and that doesn't
mean work from home.

Well, I do have
a ridiculous amount

of vacation time racked up.

I'll come back fresh,

I'll show the top floor
who I am, what I can do.

You're going to
need to do just that.

What happened?

We're going for a drink.

Book me someplace chic and
quiet, make sure there's a beach.

Looks like I'm
going on vacation.

Excuse me.

Is there a supermarket
around here?

Yes, ma'am we have a market.


Uh, this is it?

You don't have anything bigger?

This is it.

I'll be quick, then.

Where's your frozen
food section?

New York.


Ah, well, this is it.


Keys under the
mat as instructed.


I bet things are falling
apart without me.


And also, I don't want
anyone besides you

covering the Johnson case.

He's evasive.

You have to stay on him.

Keep an eye out for Peter.

I know he's gonna wanna
steal that art scandal story.

That is ours, and that's how
I'm gonna get back on track.

What else?

Jade, what are you doing?

Turn it off.

You're on vacation.

You should be at a
beach bar or stargazing.

Start a shell
collection, anything.

Stop. I am fine, and I'm
perfectly capable of relaxing.

Matter of fact, I'm
going to relax right now.

Good night.

What was that?

Who put that chair there?

Hold it.

Hold it right there.

Who are you, and what
are you doing here?

And what have you
done to my furniture?


Excuse me? Who are you?

This is my house. I live here.


Well, not for the next
two weeks you don't.

What are you talking about?

And put, put my lamp down.

I rented this place, or
rather my assistant did

on Luxury Away.


This is my confirmation
and the instructions. Here.

Well, I am sorry to be
the one to tell you this,

but you have been
properly scammed.

This place is not for rent.

They said that the keys
would be under the mat

and the keys were under the mat,

so why would you do that?

Well that's where
I'll leave them

because this is Maceo Island.

But I, but I paid
and then they...

Look, I'm Ford, it's late.

Clearly you have a situation,
but I'm going to bed.

You can crash here in the
extra bedroom until the morning

when you find something.

No, thanks. Thanks
but no thanks.

I'm not staying at
a stranger's house.

Well, you already are.

And the bedroom door locks.

Plus you rearranged
my furniture.

Yeah, sorry about that,

but yeah, I'm still not staying.

Well I'm not
exactly begging you.

Look, I'm gonna go to bed

and pretend that
this never happened.

Okay, go on.

Don't worry about me.

New York.


No room at the inn?

I've checked everything.

It's a small island,
so everything's booked.

Well, little under
the radar island

is not exactly the
best place to look

for a last minute
reservation, so.


Well, I'll get out of your way

since it's morning and I'll
put your furniture back

where I found it, okay?

Thank you.


I really think this chair
works right here, though.

You should consider it.

Thank you. I like
it where I have it.

It's just a suggestion.

No, please, just...

This place is amazing.

What is it that you do?

I'm not rich or anything,

but it's easy to live
a better life here.

Well, I actually
didn't wanna come here

in the first place.

I was literally forced
to take a vacation,

if you can believe it.


Literally, yes.

Well, a leave of absence.

The vacation was my idea,

'cause apparently I
don't know how to relax.

You don't say.

Well, that's what everyone
keeps telling me, so.


You know, I was thinking
this painting, it-


It's one thing to
have a bad vacation,

it's another to pack up,
come all the way here

and have no vacation at all.

Make that make sense.

So it's back to
the airport for me.

Do you know what time
the water taxis start?

Look, I...

I really hope I don't regret
this, but we are both adults.

This place is, it's pretty
big. It's got two bathrooms.

If you can keep to yourself and
not bother me, you can stay.

But only until
something else opens up

and I'm not your host, okay?

I'm not gonna be your tour
guide or anything like that.

No, I didn't think
that, but thank you.

You gonna stay or what?

Look, here.

All right, whatever you decide,

if you decide to head out,
just go ahead and lock up

and leave the key
under the mat, okay?


Don't touch.


I can't believe I'm
doing this, Courtney.

I'm staying with a
complete stranger.

I can't believe a
stranger is letting you stay.

Well, he seems all right.

Little bit familiar, but
you know I won't be seeing

much of him anyway 'cause
now I've got something to do.

What do you mean?

What do you mean,
"what do you mean?"

This is a great story.

Have Gabby send me
everything that she can find

on vacation rental scams

and run a background check
on these Luxury Way people.

Boy are they gonna be sorry.

I guess it's
futile to remind you

that you are on vacation.

Excuse me, have we met?

I have been scammed.

I'm not gonna get a pina
colada and sit on the beach.

I'm gonna get to
the bottom of this.

Of course you are.

- See ya.
- Bye.

What is up with the goat?

Okay, how hard can it be?


Here we go.


Lady, wrong
side. Wrong side.

Oh. Sorry!

Hello again.

Could you tell me where
the police station is?

Oh, hi.

I would like to report a crime.

- A crime?
- Yes.

What kind of crime?

I was scammed.

By who?

I don't know.
That's why I'm here.


My assistant rented this
place for me from Luxury Away.

I don't know if they've done
that to anyone here before.

I mean, does this
happen a lot here?


Mm-hm, mm-hm, and
what about this guy?

Says his name is Ford.

American. Says it's his place.

Has it happened there before?


I would like to get
to the bottom of it.


Are you gonna, are
you gonna file a report?

I'll go back to the
station and get that form.

I'll be back in 10 to 15.

Okay, I will meet
you right here.

We can do this.

- Ford.
- Yep?

Do you have some
lady staying with you?


Is she all right?

I have no idea.

I should have trusted my gun.

Well, you are the one
who asked her to stay.

Yeah well, she got scammed.

I felt bad for her.

And here she comes.

Hey, what's up?

This is your shop?


It's nice.

So about this scam...

I know everyone on the island
and no one here scammed you.

I mean whoever did it is
somewhere far, far away

across the vast ocean
someplace so my advice to you?

Let it go.

This is Hughes, my friend.

Good morning.

It's nice to meet you.

I take it you're staying?

Well yes.

Like I said, I'm here to relax.


Well lucky me.


See you later.

Mm, potentially
linked, you guys.

Mr. Ford?

Good morning!


Are you Ford's girlfriend?


Well, can you
tell him for tonight

three for McPherson,
two for Ferguson?

Three and two what?

He'll know.

Have a nice day.

Three and two for Ferguson?

I don't know.

Hey, how's it going?

Take down an illegal
daiquiri cart?

Bootleg sun tan lotion gang?

Very funny. I am
trying to relax.

Good morning lady.

Oh hi.

You Ford's girlfriend?


Oh, okay.

This bag is from my mom.

She said to tell Ford
three for Phillips.




I don't know, this house is
getting a lot of traffic.

I feel like something's
going on here.

Maybe I should look
further into this Ford guy.

I mean, I am staying with him.

What? The guy's guilty
of having a social life?

Look, I am begging
you, go find a hammock

and a bottle of rosé.

It's Jade on the
phone. She's relaxing.

Why does everyone think this
is so funny? I am relaxing.


So you're really embracing
the island life, I see.



You have a list.

McPherson, Ferguson, Phillips.

Three, two and three.

You know, there's a
Lo Lo down the street.

What's a Lo Lo?

Just a local spot.

It's like big drum grills,

barbecue chicken, curried
chicken, grilled prawns.

It's delicious, not like that
chemical bomb you're eating.

My food is delicious.


Big plans?

Just meeting friends.

Why, you wanna come?

Oh, no.

I'm okay. Thank you.

All right. Well,
uh, you enjoy it.


What are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- No, what are you doing?

Oh, well I was looking
for the Lo Lo place.

Follow me.


Oh, look what I found.


Hi Jade.


What are those?

These are Johnnycakes.

Big thing here in
this island, you see.

Mine are the best.

I got the recipe off my
great Aunt Eda one evening

after she had too
much rum punch.

Yeah, it's his parents'
40th wedding anniversary.

Oh, the numbers were RSVPs.

How many people
are coming. Right.

Oh, amazingly, it's
still a surprise.

That's the downside of
living on a small island.

You should join us.

Look, I know I
said that I wasn't

gonna be your tour
guide, but, uh,

if you really came here to relax

then you gotta go full island.

Hm? Yes or no?

We gotta get this
done before night

when our guests of honor arrive.

Yeah, I'm down.

Let's do it.



You sure these things work?

Not bad, eh?

You two, I cannot believe
you planned all this.

Of course. It's my parents'
anniversary. I'm their son.

One second



Put the phone away.

Come on, it's time to party.


Thank you.

- Yeah?
- Yes.


Good evening.

I wanted to apologize for not
properly introducing myself.

I'm Jade Taylor.

Ah, yes. Our new guest.

How's the crime fighting going?

I'm Hibbert. This is Miss Maris.

Enjoying all that
rosé and frozen food?



Nice to meet you.

Jade, there's someone
I want you to meet.

- Excuse me.
- Sure.

This is Ingrid, my fiance.

Nice to meet you, Jade.

You as well.

Ingrid manages the
spa on the island.

The best spa on the island.

The only spa on the island.

Here they come.


Oh my.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the happy couple.

40 years.

Let's have a few words.

Thank you.

We had no idea.

My son, the notary,
he makes us so proud.

And look, he's done so again.

So thank you all for
coming. Thank you.

Well, one day, many years ago,

whilst I was working at
my father's restaurant,

the most beautiful woman
entered with her family

and we have built a beautiful
life together.

Come, my love, say something.

Giving this one a chance

was the best thing
that I ever did.

My son.

And Ford.

Thank you.

Everyone, please,
enjoy yourself.


Let's lime.


Let's dance.


♪ If you stumble, if you
stumble, if you stumble ♪

♪ Try to lift your
mind from hesitation ♪

♪ You rise it, you
rise it, you rise ♪

♪ Gotta keep your
good reputation ♪

♪ If you stumble, if you
stumble, if you stumble ♪

♪ Try to lift your
mind from hesitation ♪

♪ Keep your feet in
the right direction ♪

♪ Feed your spirit ♪


I made breakfast
if you wanna join.

Oh, morning.

Only one condition,
your phone is not invited.

Oh, I'm just finishing up...

- Work stuff.
- Work stuff.


It smells nice.

So, Ford, tell me
something about yourself.

Uh, there's not
really much to tell.

Just out here living
my best island life.

You're from the states. Where?

What were you doing before this?

Why all the questions?

I'm just trying
to get to know you.

You gotta give me
something. Come on.

All right, fine.

I'm from Jersey.



Where's your accent?

What accent?

Yo, Vinny, where's my pork roll?

First of all, it's Taylor Ham

and I don't know anyone
who speaks like that, so...


Where'd you go to college?


More questions.


It's in my nature.
I'm a news producer.


Now you seem surprised.

No. No, I'm not.

It actually makes perfect sense.



We're up top, Ingrid.

Good morning.


You ready?

Ready for what?

Ford told us what happened
with the rental scam.

That is no way to start
a vacation, you see,

so we are giving you a do-over.

A spa day, on us.


That's amazing.




Go, have fun.

Oh my gosh.

Thank you.

Ingrid, this is stunning.

Thank you.

Vacation reboot starts now.

I like the way you think.



So how long have you and
Hughes been together?

We've known each other
since we were kids,

but then he went off to
boarding school, you see,

so we reconnected when
he came home for summers.

Got engaged when he came
home from university.

He's a good one, Hughes.

His father mentioned
he's a notary?

What is that here?


It's prestigious.

It's like being a lawyer.


And his father is very proud.

Yeah. I got that.

Unfortunately it's, it's
not what Hughes wants.

You saw him cooking
last night, right?


It was delicious.

I know. He's so talented.

He wants to take over the
family beach restaurant.

Just, after all that education,

he can't disappoint his parents.


I feel so lucky.

I wake up every morning
excited to go to work,

and love what I do,
so I feel for him.

So do I.

But things like that don't
matter to Pops Hughes.

So, what do you think of Ford?

Uh, I barely know him.


Why? Because he's a catch.

The man is kind and easy
on the eyes and so forth.

Have you not noticed?

I didn't really come to
the island looking for love.

I just went through a breakup

and I was thrown
off when I met him.

I thought I was getting robbed.

I was holding a
lamp above my head,

ready to take this swing at him.

He's a tough one, though.

But so great and so handsome.

But so very private.


Notice now?

Come on, sit.


I'm gonna go help mum with
today's produce delivery.


Talk about burying the lead.

Anyone care for some fresh
ceviche and a cold beer?

Uh, I'm okay, thanks.

I've got some things
I need to get done.

What about you, Ford?
You around later?




I have a surprise for you.

It's a, a thank you surprise.


A surprise.


Good afternoon, Miss Maris.


You hungry?

I'm cooking.

You cook?

Yes, of course I
cook. That's insulting.

I'm from Louisiana.

I just never really
have time to slow down

and do it right, that's all.

Well, I mean, I thought
you were from New York.

I mean, where's your accent?

Oh, I lost it.

I moved to New York right
after I graduated college.

I couldn't wait to get there.

You literally have
no accent. Can't tell.

I took diction classes.

All I cared about was
being Christiane Amanpour.

I never made it on air myself,

but I got there as
fast as I could,

threw myself into it and
I'm like a native now.


What are you cooking?


You wanna help?

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪

♪ Oh oh ♪

♪ Yeah yeah ♪


Good. Could use a little more.

- Oh?
- Mm-hm.

Keep it coming. Come on.

Oh, okay.

I ain't scared
of a little spice.

All right.

Let's see if you
can take the heat...

Or get out of the kitchen.

Is that too much for you?



Now that's good.

- Okay.
- Mm-hm.

We're spicy simpatico, then.

Mm-hm, I believe I'm
a little Louisiana now.

My ex thought Tabasco
sauce was strong.

Yes, my ex was a punk.

So, tell me about this
spice deficient ex of yours.

Oh, I don't wanna bore
you with my love life

or lack thereof.

Oh, okay, so you get
to ask the questions,

but you don't have
to answer 'em?

Fair enough.

He claimed that I put work
before our relationship,

which is not true.

It's a little bit true,

but he wasn't the one and my
life is very fast paced and...

You wouldn't understand.

I mean, your island in
life is the exact opposite

of my New York life.

Actually, I do.

I do understand.

You actually remind me of
someone I used to know.

Gotta post a few
vacation photos.

Are you on social media?


Facebook? Twitter?


Nope, nope, nope.


Just like my privacy, mm.

I get that.

One question, and
one question only.

Go ahead, ask.

Have you ever been in love?

Yeah, I had a fiance once.

Three years ago.

What happened?

I said one question.

It's a follow up question.

Listen, um there's
a big celebration

tomorrow at the yacht club.

Would you like to, you
know, maybe be my...


My plus one?


It's gonna be a
special celebration.

Team Hughes won the
Annual Sailing Race

last year, three peat, so.

You're a sailor?

Ah, just part of a team.

The winner of the final
gets to keep the Cup

until the start of
the new racing season,

so this is like our farewell
celebration for that.

It's kind of a big deal.

Big deal?

Oh, yeah.

Love to be your plus one.


Hey, sailor?


What's the attire
for this thing?

Island formal.

Got it.

Island formal.

I'll meet you at the cart in 30.


Okay, what?


Nothing, you just clean up
really nice, that's all.

For a second there, I...

I can't place it.

I thought you looked
familiar, but...

Well, you probably
recognize me from,

you know, my days as
a former GQ model.


Okay, okay, it
wasn't that funny.



Have fun.

I'll catch up with you later.


Remember earlier
when I said wow?

I meant it.



- You all right?
- Man.


Hey, come on, man, hey.


How are you?


I wasn't going to say
anything. Not a thing.

What's up?

Who's that?

Two execs from a
chain restaurant.

And Pop's putting on
a dog and pony show.

They don't belong here.

They're not part of
this celebration.

You know, once
he makes this deal,

there's no going back, right?


And he's gonna make a whole
lot of money off this deal.

He can retire rich and
proud his son's a notary.


I'll just be a
second. Excuse me.


Hey, you're on speaker.

I'm with Gabby.

Hi Jade. We just wanted
to check in with you.

You know, I've done
a lot of digging

and your vacation
rental scam thing

could actually be
a bigger story.


Okay, cool.

That could just be
the story that I need.

But no rush. We can flush
it out when I get back.

Well look at you.

Yes, and check this out.

How's that for having
fun in the sun, hm?

Oh, and can you
check him out for me?

He seems a little
familiar or something.

I just can't place it.

I knew you couldn't
help yourself.

Okay you two, I'll
talk to you later.

I'm officially turning off
my phone for the night.


I'm sorry.

Did that just happen?

What's up?

Oh, nothing. We were
on the phone with Jade.

How lovely.

Let me remind you, she's on
vacation, you two aren't.

Let's go. Ratings
don't make themselves.

Well back to the
business of making news.

♪ My baby, no hesitation ♪

♪ My right hand if
I want call her ♪

♪ Hey, never leave from me ♪

♪ She good, make you
know so my lady loyal ♪

♪ Tell someone, for your
company is my remedy ♪

♪ You're my lover ♪

♪ From my lover ♪

♪ Don't you know ♪

♪ This kind of love
move mountains ♪

♪ This kind of love make magic ♪

♪ This kind of
love don't let go ♪

♪ Oh chile, it be something ♪

♪ We stay beside me, beside me ♪

♪ I'm already decided ♪

♪ This kind of love make magic ♪

♪ Oh this kind of love
move mountains, oh yeah ♪

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey there.

You okay?

When you gonna talk to him?



We get married soon, Hughes.

Yes, we do.

So it needs to be before that.


I love you, Hughes,

which means I want a
happy and proud husband.

Being a notary makes
your father happy,

but does it truly
make you happy?

I'm proud of you no
matter what you do,

as long as you do the
right thing for your heart.

Hey, hey, you guys.


Come on you two.

Come on, let's dance.
What are you doing?


Oh, please, please don't.

She's right. He
does look familiar.

Wait a minute.


Can you bring me the file?

You know the one on the
New Jersey DA scandal?


Hey, what's up?

Right there.

Lose the beard and it's him.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Malcolm Elliot Jr.?


"I am officially
inviting you on a date."

Please spend the day with me.

P.S., your phone is not invited.


Of course.

All right.

Please tell me something
has changed from last night.

I didn't sleep at all.

I spent it researching
Malcolm Elliot Jr.

Right after the case blew
up, he just disappeared.

There was no sign
of him anywhere.

Look at this.

Has to be the same guy.

Well, here's a call
I don't want to make.

Jerk chicken, spicy.

Oh, make that
two. Extra spicy.


Okay. I'll
bring it right now.

Thank you.

First concert?

Nas with my older
brother. Yours?

BSB with my younger sister.

Really owe her a phone call.

Wait, I'm sorry. What's BSB?

Backstreet Boys.

You gotta be kidding me.


Well, I just, no, I never
thought you'd be so corny.

Okay, I am not corny.

Were there any other Black
people where you grew up?

BSB has a very diverse
audience, thank you very much.

And "I Want It That Way"
is a brilliant pop song.

Pop songs are underrated.

People will be listening to them

for years to come,
like Beethoven.

Are you kidding me?

Wow, I, yeah, I was with you
until Beethoven.

So what was your life
like before you moved here?

It was, um...

It was busy.

Too busy to realize
what really mattered.

That's why I'm always on you
about the phone, you know?

It creates a barrier,
a distraction.

Makes it hard to be present.


Yeah, I get it.

It's just, it's how
things are done.

That's how life is right
now. You can't turn it off.

You slow down, you're done.

No, I don't think so.

I think we have a choice.

Is that why you moved here?

Was that a choice?

It's one of the reasons, yeah.

I can just be, here.

I get it.

I understand, 'cause
I'm always just going,

going, going, and maybe I do...


So is this it for you?

Just beaches, sunsets.

Island life forever.

First of all, that's
a terrible accent.

But no, not exactly.

I have a business here.

And here we go.


Hope you keep your water full.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the jerk has arrived.


Who needs water?

We got this.

It's delicious.

Not spicy enough.

Is that the goat from
outside of your house?

Mm-hm, sure is.

She wanders around
town now and then.

Miss Edith adopted her, but
she hangs out with all of us.

This is Shirley.

Three time Miss Maceo
Island pageant winner.

Wait, wait, what am I hearing?

There's actually a
goat beauty pageant?

Yep, every year. It
is an island tradition.

Hence the photo and the sash.

This is good.

Yeah, it's this very,
very serious event.


- Mm-hm.
- Sorry.

Just not a fan of
beauty pageants.

My sister Janelle was
a beauty pageant queen.

We're very different.

Well you know, that's
the thing about family.

You know, sometimes they
can work your last nerve,

but so what, you know?

And like you said,
you're different.

You can't leave 'em in the past.

After all, they're the ones
who will always have your back.

That's right.

Even if she tells me
that my job doesn't matter

because I'm behind the camera.

- Hey man.
- Hey.

Afternoon, Jade.

Hello, Hughes.

What you doing
out the office, man?

Oh, heading back
to the restaurant

to help my mom with
some bookkeeping.

Oh, you're such a good son.

Well, even though someone told
me to leave my phone behind,

don't think I'm
not getting a photo

with the pageant
queen over here.

- Yes you are.
- Would you mind?

Come on, Ford.

Get it on this.


Get lower, get lower.

Get lower. Got
you, get in there.

Come on, get in there.

Get in there.

It's only for Shirley, okay?

For Shirley.

Hey Shirley.

Oh my God, okay. God,
please, don't bite the watch.

Don't much on the
watch. Bad, bad goat.

My God, my dad gave me this

as a graduation gift
from law school.

Come on.

Have a great time, kids.


You, um, you went to law school?

Yeah, yeah I've
done a lot of things,

but I'm here now and
I like it, so yeah.

Come on, let's take a little
walk on the beach, huh?


What a perfect day.

I used to take walks like this

on my grandpa's crawfish farm.

You know if there's
anything I regret,

it's not going home more often.

I have to admit, I enjoyed
not having my phone today.

Thank you.

It was liberating and I feel
like I got to know you more.

So tell me, your
perfect island life,

do you ever see
anything more or?

Well, the thing is,
if you had asked me that

when I first got here,

the answer would've
been a hard no.

But now...

Hey Ford.

Another tourist drove a
golf cart into the pond.

You gotta come and fish it out.

Yeah, yeah. Okay,
I'll be right there.

Duty calls.

Be back in a few hours.


What is going on?

The one at the New
Jersey DA's office?

The one that you referred to

in the interview with
the Congresswoman?

I remember the
broad strokes. Why?

Well you were right.

He is familiar.

I'm about to send you a photo.


This is happening?

Tabitha put me on
a leave of absence.

Oh, I wouldn't do this
if I didn't have to,

but you, my dear, are in
the middle of a story.

Come again?

I'm not kidding.

Ha ha.

What? What is this
I'm looking at?

The guy standing behind
former DA George Clayton?

In the middle, with the beard?

ADA Malcolm Elliot, Jr.

This is a huge story.

He tried the case and
it was a slam dunk

that ended in a mistrial.

It never got retried
and he's the only one

whose side of the scandal
has never been heard.

He literally disappeared.

All right, well, my
guy's name is Ford.

People have doppelgangers.

It just really looks like him.

He took the fall
for the mistrial.

Some people say he was bribed.

No wonder he's hiding
out on a tiny island.

Okay, we don't know
that this is Ford.

But we need verification, stat.

Well, it gets worse.

Rumor has it Clayton,
Malcolm Elliot's old boss,

is about to announce he's
running for governor.


Thanks for tasting this with me.

I'm gonna pitch it my folks
as a new appetizer menu item.

I need a second opinion.

Of course my friend,

I will take free, delicious
snacks anytime, any day.

So, you and Jade. Talk to me.

I was watching you
both last night, and?

And now you just spent
the day together.

Ford, and she's a news
producer from New York.

Look, I know, man.

I just...

I like her.

I can't help it.

It's a bit risky, in
my opinion, for a fling.

You know, I really
wish it was just a fling.

You know, a fling, it's
light, it's breezy.

She is far too
complicated for a fling.

Well, if you wanna
start something new,

you're gonna have to
tell her the truth.

I'm working on it, okay?


Okay, okay, okay,
man, that is good.

Your dad is gonna love this.

M. Ford?

What am I doing?

Malcolm Elliot Jr.
And Brooke Davis.

Son of Malcolm Elliot,
Sr. and Allison Ford.

"Great day, went to bed.

See you tomorrow."

Hey, ready to go?

Uh, I'm sorry. Wait, go where?

Waterside picnic.

Uh, private island.

I got some hookups.

Thought you might
enjoy the scenery and,

you know, a boat ride.

Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great.

I'll just be a minute.

What's up? You're usually
a bit more talkative.

Just thinking.

About what?

Now who's the one
doing the interviewing?

Just thinking about the
fact that I'm leaving soon.

Not sure that I want to.

Are you serious?

You're not itching
to get back to work?

Honestly, no.

But you can't hide from
real life forever, right?

I'll see you downstairs in 10?

This has got to be

the most beautiful
place I've ever seen.

Oh, it's gonna get better.

Just come.



Yeah, just follow me.

Wow, you were not lying

when you said you
had the hookup.

And rosé.

It's your favorite.

My favorite.


There's a lot of reasons I
don't wanna go back to New York.

I need to tell you something.

I know.

I have feelings for you, too.

Look, there's something
I have to tell you, too.

But I need to know
that I can trust you.


Come on, you're a news producer

who told me that she puts
her job before relationships.

Oh, that.


Fair enough.

Look, um...

I was a version of you.

Very passionate about my
job, worked long hours,

but I, um...

I trusted my mentor and
everything came crashing down.


I know.

It's okay.

Wait, what do you mean you know?

It's nice to meet
you, Malcolm Elliot, Jr.

You knew?

What, you come down here
looking for me? Like?

What? No.

No, no, I sent some vacation
photos to my coworkers.

One of 'em recognized you-

Your coworkers who
are news producers?

Ford, hey.

Hey, it's me.

Look, so what, you didn't
have them check up on me?


You mean to tell me you weren't
snooping around about me?

Wow, this is exactly
what I was afraid of.

Wait, so you're not
gonna talk anymore? What?

I actually thought
that I could trust you.

I need to get back to the shop.

This, this was a mistake.

You were so secretive.

And I, I thought for a minute

that I recognized you, but I...

George Clayton, district
attorney of New Jersey,

my mentor, my friend,
he took a bribe.

He leaked information
that led to a mistrial

in a money laundering case.

I had no idea it was
him until he told me

I couldn't retry the case.

Pieced a few things together

and the bad guys walked.

The whole thing looked
shady and it was my case.

I lost faith in institutions
and people that I believed in,

including my fiance who walked

the second things got ugly.

I mean, she barely even wanted
to hear my side of the story,

much less stick around and
bear with me through it.

You can't just pretend

that a part of your
life never happened.

Why not finally tell your story?

I can help you.

You're asking me for an
interview just like that?

Just off the bat?

What if my life gets blown
up for a second time?

No, I...


I'm not saying that
you have to do it.

I'm just saying that.
I think you should.

I mean, at least
just think about it,

because what are you, what
are you really doing here?

Are you living or are
you just hiding out?

Ford, not all stories and
the way you imagine it.


I can't do this right now, okay?

I'm gonna spend the
night at Hughes's house.

What's going on with Ford?

I know he stayed with
Hughes last night.

I found out by
accident about his past.

I had to tell him
that I knew and then

when we talked, I think I
just, I pushed him too far.

I should have just left
it or listened.

Are you telling
me this as someone

who wants to be with Ford?

Or are you telling me
this as a news producer

who wants her story?

Both, I guess.

When I met Ford, I had no
idea who he was, and then...

Then I started to like him.

And now...

And now?

I was just opening
up to her, you know?

Finally, just someone,
letting her in.

And then the next
thing you know,

she's telling me, she already
knows and I should go public.

But I don't know if
I'm ready for all that.

Well I hear you,
but maybe it's time.

Look, not everyone's
gonna believe me.

I don't want my life to turn
into a circus all over again.

Sometimes you just
have to face the things

you don't want to.

Look who's talking.

It's a completely
different situation.

Yeah, right.

You have no idea
the pressure I feel.

And not just my dad,
from the whole island.


Dude, you're like the mayor.

The whole island loves
you, man, whatever you do.

I'm here.

You have
anything you wanna tell me?

Nothing concrete, still
looking for confirmation.

So you really
like this guy, then?

I just need some more time.

This is news, big news,

and you know if the
situation were reversed,

you'd be saying the
same thing to me.

I love you, but I can only
hold off on this for so long.

Look, I gotta go.

Malcolm Elliot Jr.?

Good afternoon.


We're looking for a gentleman
named Malcolm Elliot Jr.

By any chance would you know
where we could find him?

Never heard of him.

Ah, I believe he goes by the
name of Ford on the island.


Is he a very short man?

Uh no, no, actually I
think he's pretty tall.

Does he have a mustache?

I don't know.

He could.

Now, is he the one with
the three little dogs?

I dunno.

Well, I don't know him, then.

Thanks for your time.

Come on.

Two nosy men here
looking for Ford.

Ford here.

Yeah, Ford. Hibbert.

I just wanna give
you a heads up.

How's that?

Two guys just
arrived on the island.

They were asking around
where to find you.

Some reporter type
and a camera guy.

Thanks, Hibbert.

Yeah, no worries.

So there's a
cameraman and reporter

who just water taxied
in looking for me.

Wait, what?

What are you talking about?

You think it just magically
happened out nowhere?

Ford, where are you going?

Just leave the keys under
the mat before you go.

Courtney, how could you do this?

You completely blindsided me.

Hold on.

What are you talking about?

A news reporter and a cameraman

just arrived at the island.


I can't believe you did this.

You didn't even warn me.

I didn't, I wouldn't.


Hold on.


Why did a cameraman
and a reporter

just show up on Jade's vacation?

Because she's slipping.

Oh, come on.

Are you kidding me?

Ted was already in
Miami covering a story.

I sent him and a cameraman
over first thing.

I can't believe
you didn't tell me.

I can't believe you
were sitting on this.

But listen, his former boss
is about to run for governor

and no one's heard this
guy's side of the story.

It was a mistrial and the
case was never retried.


That's news. People need
to know what happened.

We still need the story, Jade.

Well, you'll have to
get it without me.




I was going to leave
this at the house for Ford,

but I'm not sure when
he's coming back.

So would you mind
giving it to him for me?

Of course.

And I'm sorry that
you're leaving.

Me too.




I just, I just wanted to
say that I know how I am

and we don't always
see eye to eye

and I don't come home
often enough, but,

it's times like
these that I'm happy

to have a sister to talk to.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, I'm just
coming home for my trip

earlier than I thought.

Oh, I have so much to tell you.

I don't even know where
to start.


Do you really think?
Se sold you out?

Dude, a cameraman and a reporter

magically show up on the island.

You think this is a coincidence?

Maybe it wasn't intentional.

Maybe it was.

This is my life here.

I've worked really
hard to build it.

You're an attorney who
runs a bike and cart shop.

And I like it.

In all the years I've known you,

I've never seen you connect
with someone like this.

You're just gonna let her go?

She left this for you.

Dear Ford,

I'm sorry about
how things ended.

I didn't arrange it.

Just know your story is yours
to tell and in your own time.

I thought you
should know, though,

Clayton is announcing his
run for governor tonight.

I just wish we could have
had more time together.


Jade left.

Her job sent a reporter
looking for Ford.

She said she didn't arrange it.

You don't believe her?

Yeah. Yeah, I do.

I believe her.

Then as far as I can see,

you have been given the chance

to finally set
your path straight

and have a chance of a future

with a really lovely woman.

So what are you waiting for?

And as for you...

Don't think I don't know
what's going on with you.

It's time you had a
talk with your father.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Yes, you do.



Hey, look, I changed my mind.

I'm doing the interview because
it's time, and I want to.

Okay, but I have one condition.

It has to be with you.

I thought you'd never ask.

So it's a yes?

It's a yes.

Are you sure?


Let's do this.

"South side of the
island, 21 Zephyr Lane.

And Jade Taylor
says to step on it."

Thank you. Come on.

I know everything you
did for me was out of love.

I remember the day we put the
plaque out on my office door.

You were so proud.

I was.

I'm proud of this
restaurant, too.

What you've created.

The history.

And I love cooking.

I appreciate everything

you sacrificed for me
more than you know,

but I don't want you
to sell this place.

I wanna take it over.

Can you still be a
notary at the weekend?

Thanks, dad.

Yes, yes, Courtney.
I've got him.

He's ready.

Are you sure?

Very sure.

Okay, Jade.

Knock 'em out in three...

Thank you for sitting down
with me today, Mr. Elliot.

It's Malcolm, please.

I just wanna set
the record straight.

Four years ago, you
were the lead attorney

on the McAllister
money laundering case,

a case with clear cut evidence

and yet it ended in a mistrial.

Please, tell us your
side of the story.

My friend, my mentor,
DA George Clayton,

the man who was going
to officiate my wedding,

suddenly wouldn't allow
me to retry the case.

I held my tongue.

I was stuck.

And why did you decide
to come forward now?

Is it because you heard
that your former boss,

George Clayton, has announced

that he's running for governor?

No, I had no idea he was
running until just now.

Why am I taking this interview?

Well, when you decide you wanna
move forward with your life,

that you want to
start a new chapter,

the best chance of
being successful at that

is to let go of your past,
and I'm ready to do that.

DA George Clayton took the bribe

and then he leaked
the documents.

I had no idea until after the
case was declared a mistrial.

The McAllister's walked.

Malcolm, thank
you for your time.

That is a wrap right there.

That's a scoop.

And all while she
was on vacation.

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

- See it.
- Wait, really?


It's a birthmark, though.

- You know what?
- Hm?

Technically I still have two
weeks of vacation time left.

Hm, that is music to my ears.


What happens after that?

Trip back to Jersey
to visit my family.



Well, if you're interested,

my mother is having a
not turning 60 party.

You should swing by on your way.

I just so happen to love
not turning 60 parties.

You know, I was
thinking after Jersey,

it's been a while
since I crossed

the river into the city.

Might be a great
place for me to look

into some pro bono law work.

Plus, there's this woman.

- Really?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

She actually lives there.

You know, funny story. I
found her sleeping in my house

on Maceo Island one night.

She thought it was
a vacation rental.


Lucky woman.

♪ Oh could this be love ♪

♪ Could this be love ♪

♪ Could this be love ♪

♪ Could this be love ♪

♪ Could this be lovin', all
the things I never find ♪

♪ Could this be lovin' from
above, the angel mine ♪

♪ Could this be lovin' like
the glove is how we fittin' ♪

♪ I dreamin' up my lady
love and really smitten ♪

♪ Could this be love, and
them girl, she damn fine ♪

♪ Could this be love, the
only one that I desire ♪

♪ One time, two
time, three time ♪

♪ Every time I see the girl
she rock my world, yeah ♪

♪ Could this be love ♪

♪ Could this be love ♪

♪ All right ♪

♪ Could this be love ♪