Cargo (2019) - full transcript

A young female astronaut, who joins a reclusive astronaut aboard a spaceship, struggles with her job as she interacts with mysterious Cargos that appear on the ship.


Has someone stabbed you in the back?

Have you been betrayed?

Is your life's train stuck
at Loneliness Station?

Do you have an HDTV at
home but no one to watch it with you?

Do you have many contacts
on your phone but nobody to talk to?

Are you living in fear and frustration?

Is suicide a better alternative

than dealing with loneliness?


I won't let that happen.

I, Ramchandra Negi, an
International Loneliness detective,

won't let that happen.

I will come to your house.

I will share your food and water.

I'll share your bed

and I will cure your loneliness.

So, call 1800-Ramchandra Negi today.

Your International Loneliness detective.

Good morning, Prahastha.

We'll be touching
down in 30 minutes.



as part of the
Rakshas Manushya Peace Treaty,

20 more mega-spaceships
were launched.

-They'll help in human transition.
-And Astronaut Duryodhan,

after spending 75 years in space,

has retired and will
be returning to Earth.

We have a fresh batch
of students graduating

from the National Technology
of Transition University.

They'll be joining the existing
spaceships as assistants.

Six astronauts
were sent to space

in accordance with the historic
peace treaty signed 75 years ago.

He is one of them.

This treaty led to de-escalation in the
cold war between humans and demons.

We have a light day today.


Every day is a light day for you, sir.

Can you hear me, Prahastha?

Local impact on communication module.



I need to go out in the field,
I guess.

Okay, going code red.

Can you hear me?


We are scheduled for a
touchdown in 20 minutes.

Can you hear me?

We are 35,000 km
away from Earth

and the cargo
will arrive in ten minutes.

Can you hear me?

Hello, Prahastha?

Prahastha, can you hear us?

Yes, Mr. Nitigya, I can hear you.

The communication is back up.
Go ahead.

Prahastha, the cargo
arrives in ten minutes.

Setting up communication link.


Countdown start.












Name, KC Sarkar.

Age, 72.

Mr. KC Sarkar?

You just died of a
sudden heart attack.

I'm Prahastha, a demon from
the Post-Death Transition Services

and I welcome you to Pushpak 634A.

It's time we transition
you to your next life.

Please follow me.


Sir, please place all your
belongings in this tray.

Please follow me for
the remaining formalities.

Sir, please place both
your palms here.

Mr. Nitigya!

There is a pigeon with the cargo.

Yes, I saw it.

Please focus on the main cargo.

Do you feel any pain?

Because I can heal it.

This instrument is a little faulty,

but you should be fine.

It won't erase any
scars you might have,

but otherwise, it will
completely repair your body.

Sir... please come with me.

Going for final extraction.


Extraction complete.

Transition successful.

Standby for cargo.

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you!

Post-Death Transition Services.

Back in ancient times, this is
what humans thought we looked like.


Yamraj (Lord of death) and sons,

every time they felt like it,

stepped out for
their nightly excursions

and transitioned the soul of
any dead human they found.

They were called "The scavengers".

In this small factory,

my late grandfather laid the vision
of Post-Death Transition Services.

And we started storing and accounting
souls on computers and data centers.

After 15 years of
immeasurable hard work,

the Rakshas Manushya Peace Treaty
was signed.

Post that, we launched
the Pushpak Series.

We sent the first six
astronauts to space.

Today, we have our own universities.

We have our international headquarters
and offices all over the world.

And as you can see,

we have brought about
a very positive change

in the public image
of the Demon-kind.

If you want to be a
part of this movement...

Let's make afterlives better.

Ma'am, are you okay?

Can you call Ashok?



Who's Ashok?

My son.

I didn't even use it.

I just switch it on,
and it stuns me.

How long has this been happening?

Did you drop it?

No, sir.
I didn't drop it.

Please have it replaced
as soon as you can.

Actually, there is a rumor that the
factory which made it is shutting down.

They violated some regulations.

There's one task you haven't
completed yet, Prahastha.

You haven't sent the training
video for new recruits.

It's really important--

Sir, let's do this.

Send me two bottles and I will fill it
with my blood and send it back to you.


you have to be more social.

Look at the other astronauts...

they send so many videos
about their lives in space.

They are social media celebrities.

And you, on the other hand,

you don't even bother
replying to your fan mails.

You've been up there
for so many years.

Has anyone ever seen you?

Maybe it's just me.

By the way, your assistant
has arrived at the base station.

I'll connect you
tomorrow for a chat.

I don't need an assistant, sir.

An assistant will increase
the ship's throughput.

You didn't give me an assistant
when I had asked for one!

Now I don't need one.

It's the new protocol.

I'm leaving early today.

It's my marriage anniversary.

We have completed 137 years together.

I need to get a gift for my wife.

Any suggestions?



Discarding waste.

Welcome to Underground
world's program, The Voice.

Today we have a veteran
actress Ms. Kadambari.

She was a top celebrity back in the day
and is also a shape-shifting cobra.

Of course, we will talk
to her about her films.

But we will also talk
about the current protests

by Spell-casting Demons
and Underground Demons.

I'm told you're getting
a new assistant.

That's nice.

I'm being told as well, sir.

It will be nice...

if you have an assistant.

You can finally retire as well.

I won't retire, Mr. Chaitanya.

This is where I die.

A magician came to my ship today.

And he reminded me of our
training station's magician mailman.

Remember him?

He would do magic
shows at night,

and during the day, he would
deliver letters to the wrong addresses.

When you finally
agreed to our first date

I went to him for advice and he told
me to get you butterscotch ice cream.

That's how I could win you over.

And I did win you over.

For years, I thought that you agreed
to date me because of that ice cream

and not because of me.

Hello and welcome today.

Today we have with us...


Ronjoy, what is your special talent?

Nothing special, ma'am.
I just have a tail.

Why are you guys laughing?

Okay, so, what exactly are
you planning to do with it?

You can do many things with it.

You have to find
your own strength.

You have to become self-reliant.

What do you guys say?


Sir, why are you hitting me?

Give me the stick!

Please come.

Aren't you Mr. Mistry's younger son?


Why are you hiding here?


I'm connecting your call.

Your assistant is in the base area.


send your assistant this
week if the weather holds up.

Have a word with your assistant.



Hello, sir! This is Yuvishka
Shekhar reporting.

Thank you so much for
having me in the extraction bay.

Actually, I'm a big fan.

I have been following your
work and your reports--

One minute.

Are you my new assistant?

Yes, sir.

And, sir, I'm very thankful for this
wonderful and exciting opportunity.

My vision is to make our ship
the best spaceship and ensure that

we do the most
number of transitions.

Okay, I'm assuming you
have done some training.

Yes, sir.

I am the valedictorian of the institute.


I also have some social
service experience.

And, sir, additionally...

I have healing powers as well.

Healing powers?

Yes, if there is any cargo
with any kind of injury or ailment,

I can heal them.

I have this power because
of my mother's genes.


Yes, sir.

Okay, sir.
See you this week.

Mr. Nitigya?

Tell me, Prahastha.

Can I have...

a male assistant?


I mean...

like, you have chosen
a female assistant.

-Can you send a male assistant instead?

I hope you are saying
this off the record.

You have been in space for a
long time. Maybe you aren't aware.

Women have overtaken
men down here.

If men have reached the moon,
the women have reached Mars!

By the time men reach Mars,
women will be on Jupiter.

You could be deemed guilty of
gender discrimination for your statement.

Okay, I'm sorry.

Okay, bye.

Mr. Temchand, can you tell
us about your special power?

I can dry any wet object immediately.

That's nice!

Why does the audience
find everything funny?

The textile industry could
really use your power.

You can help them out.

We could use you to dry cricket fields.

Your power is really useful!

What have you done with your power?

Well, I use it to dry clothes at home.

You see, this is the problem.
You have to be progressive!

-Having power and not exploring
-Mr. Chaitanya!

its potential is disastrous!

Today we want, sorry,
what's your name?


Mr. Chaitanya!

I have known you
for many years now.

But I've never asked you this.

What are your powers?

I don't sleep.

I haven't slept since
I was ten years old.

My body regenerates automatically.

People said I could only
grow up to be a watchman.

Everyone would sleep and
I would stare at them like a ghost.

Well, I am a watchman.

But I am a watchman for IPSO!

Good morning, Prahastha.

Sorry for waking you up early.
But I do have some good news!

Because of the route being clear, we
have dispatched your assistant, Yuvishka.

She will arrive in five minutes.

Five minutes?

Why didn't you wake me up?

We thought we should let
you sleep and not disturb you.

Hatch is opening.

Pod is descending.

Hello, Ms. Yuvishka!

I welcome you to Pushpak 634A.

Come on.

I'll take that one.

Hello, this is Yuvishka
reporting from Pushpak 634A.

I successfully landed here...

at 02:39 EST
and 05:29 Local Time.

Astronaut Prahastha has
very warmly welcomed me.

Yes, Ms. Vasundhara?

Yes, I have landed.

Yes, of course.

Yes, he's here.

One second.


We have a designer in our base.

She's a really huge fan.

Can you talk to her?


Yes, yes.

The climate here is--

No! Please, no!

There are a lot more boxes.

I'm keeping them here.

We will enter the
orbit in 30 seconds.

Mr. Nitigya!

Good morning!

I told you I would
get here in 48 hours!

-Aren't you shocked?
-Actually, it's Mr. Prahastha

who's really shocked!

So, Mr. Nitigya--

Well, Mr. Nitigya, you are
looking pretty good on the screen.

It's my new shirt.

My wife gave it to me yesterday.

And you're wearing
it the very next day?

Why not save it?

There's a joy in being impulsive!

Standby for cargo.

Countdown start.














I'll call Rakesh.
You can replace Vishesh.

And Vishesh can replace Ramesh.


Okay, I'm about to enter an elevator.
I'll call you in a minute.

Okay, bye.

What the hell!


Yes, man!
I'm on my way.

One minute!

What the hell!

Please close the door.

Please close the door.


Hello, can you hear me?

Mr. Bhavesh Joshi?

You've died in an elevator crash.

I'm Prahastha and I welcome
you to Pushpak 634A--



My name is Yuvishka.

I'm an agent of the
Post-Death Transition Services.

And I welcome you here.



The other one.

Come in.


I request you to place

your hands on
the scanning machine.



Ma'am, will I get my phone
back once this is done?

No, sir. All your
belongings will be discarded.

Well, I've been working on an
important deal for the past year.

-One phone call--
-It's against the rules.

Listen, if you cooperate with me,

I'll cooperate with you as well, right?

-Thank you.


-Just a minute!

Sir, you're not allowed to do this.

-Hello? Yeah, Vikesh!

Vikesh, I need you
to replace Rakesh...

and give the apartment to Ramesh.

This isn't a demo,
this is fieldwork!

Let them make a down payment.
That's important!

-Sir... please!
-Okay, thank you. I'm done.

Okay, bye.

I request you to sit here.

What is this?

Don't worry, just relax.

I mean, what does this machine do?

Sir, this is a memory wipe device.

Your memories will be wiped out.

But don't worry,
it's a tried-and-true method.


I'm sorry!

I can't do this.

What did you reveal it to the cargo?

Because the new cargo
interaction handbook says,

we should inform the cargo
about every procedure we conduct.


So, I need to learn about
the handbook from you?

This is Mr. Bhavesh Joshi.
He is my first cargo.

First, we cleared his memory.

And this is our extraction bay
where his body will be extracted.

Mr. Nitigya!

Is she really the best candidate
you could send up here?

Because if she is,
I'm really worried about our university.

I am drowning in work up here--

Relax, relax, Prahastha!

It's her first day.
She's bound to make mistakes.

Mistakes are a different thing, sir.

Give it a thought and tell me,
do you, personally, think

that she's the best candidate?

Excuse me, sir?

Mr. Prahastha...
are you complaining about me?

No, I'm not complaining.
We're just discussing.

Mr. Nitigya, he uses really
outdated techniques and protocols.


You weren't happy when I
mentioned the new handbook.

Okay, wait.

The next cargo is very critical.

I suggest you two
co-operate with each other.


Sure, sir.

And you told me she has
some latest healing powers?

I haven't seen a single sign of it yet.

Let's deal with this at night.


come to cargo area.

Cargo is entering soon.

-What are you waiting for?
-No, stop.

Can you dance?

Yes, sir.
I can dance like Ryan Gosling.

-May I?
-Try something different.

Can you perform stunts?

Yes, of course.

Okay, that's all we need.
Meet us tomorrow.


-Alright, bye.
-Tomorrow? Are you sure?

Yes, thank you, bye.

Call the body double.

Please get the ladder!


I go straight...

I take a left...

I turn right...

and then you set the fire...

and crush me with rocks.

And in the next scene,
we'll throw some snakes at you.

Can we do a rehearsal for safety?

No, let's go for take.
Let's keep the momentum going.

Okay, sir.
Let's go for the final take.

Okay, let's have a rehearsal.

Come on.


One, two, three!

Sir, can I try healing him?

No, Ms. Yuvishka.
You'll just be an observer for this cargo.

Sir, these machines have been--

There are batteries in
your room please get them.


Please, we don't have the time!


Prahastha this is taking too long.

Sir, just give me five minutes.

Can Yuvishka try?

Please... let Yuvishka try.

Sir, please let me try.

Sir, please.


Sir, can you please step back?


I am not being able to focus.

Are you really capable
of handling this case?

Sir, please.

All my life, I was just an
extra and a stuntman.

I hope that I become
Salman Khan in my next life.

This is the first time I'm
going live from Pushpak 634A.

This is very exciting for me.

Here we keep the gravity
and temperature under control.

As you can see, this is my toy
and it is working perfectly well.

Some people want to
know where we sleep?

So... this is it.

This is my tiny cozy bed.

Let the room size not fool you.

It is very easy to lose things here.

I have already misplaced
my glasses and my ID card.

This is my...

toothbrush and toothpaste.


these are some things
that I have brought with me.

Because they remind me of home.

So, Prahastha?

No complaints, right?


I told you I'm sending
you the best student.

Today was your first day.

Did well.

In fact, good job.

Thank you.


You can...

lift any object
in the air, right?


I can lift anything
and throw it anywhere.

I used to think this was a
really boring and useless power.

And I had developed a huge complex.

But a vegetable vendor
visited our building one day.

In those days, people on higher floors,
would get their vegetables

by throwing a basket and a rope for
the vendor and then pulling it back up.

So, I used my powers...

to send up a
basket of vegetables.

And I became a hero for the
aunties and a superhero for the kids.

Sir, where does our food come from?

The dead bodies that we extract...

the whole day.

I'm sorry.
Are you a vegetarian?

I'm really sorry, Ms. Yuvishka.
I was joking.

Please... eat.

Our food stock arrives every six
months from the base station.

If you have any food preferences,
let me know, I can talk to Mr. Nitigya.

May I click a picture of the food?


Ms. Yuvishka, where
did you get this watch?

From the cargo we
extracted this morning.

So, you stole it.

What do you mean?
We discard it anyway.

One second.

So, what next?

If a rich cargo shows
up with better stuff,

you will treat him
better than a poor cargo,

who will probably
show up empty-handed?


This is a very common practice.
It happens on every spaceship.

In fact, they post
"Find of the day" videos.

But this is my spaceship.

Here, you have to follow my rules.

The watch that you're
wearing is not your property.

I don't think I need
to spell it out for you.

You should know this.

I wanted to ask you something.

Have you been living alone...

all these years?

We are always alone,
wherever we live.

What I mean is...

am I the first one
to live with you on this ship?

Well, a detective was here once.

When I tried to wipe his memory...

I realized that a component in the
machine had malfunctioned.

He lived with me for 20 days!

He was really funny!

And really curious.

Sometimes, he was just irritating.

I would wonder
when he would leave.

One day...

we got the component from the
base station and he...

was transitioned.

There's another one.
Something really weird happened.

There was this girl who was here
because she had overdosed on drugs.

And for some reason, she thought
there was a giant rat sitting next to me.

And as I was taking
her for final extraction,

they revived her and
sent her back to life.

Now they tell me she has become
a preacher and has 200 rats.

This is our very special
machine which is 75 years old.

This is Antak-3000.

This is our workstation.

Every morning we
receive a list of cargos.

Today's list is already
here which seems pretty long.

And we get this list from
our very own Mr. Nitigya!

-He is a ground control officer.
-Hi! Hi!

He tells us what we are--

And that, of course, is Mr. Prahastha.

Sir, your fans, they would
love to hear you say something.

Hello! Hello!


And this is--

What the hell!

How many times do I have to tell you
that there are no phones allowed in here?

I was making a
video for my fans.


You've been here for one
day and you have fans?

Hello, Yuvishka.

Hello, Mr. Nitigya!

Yesterday, a guy stopped
me on the street and asked me...

"Do you work for IPSO?"

I said, "Yes."

Then he asked me...

if I could leak a video of you two.

And what did you say?

I said, "I'll hit you with my shoe!"


That's a long list, Mr. Nitigya!

Yeah, today the list is pretty long.

Who's coming in today?

Please be careful, sir!

I could've died!


Please be careful, sir!

I could've died!

Don't worry, sir.
We are running a little late.

We are almost there!
Yes, sir!

We are almost there!

Here we are!

I request you to
maintain silence.

I request you to
maintain silence.

In an unfortunate bus accident--

I welcome you to Pushpak 634A!
What are you doing?

Please maintain silence!

Silence, please!

Please maintain silence!

Please form a queue.

Please stand here, sir.


Please place your
palms on the screen.


What are you doing?


Where's your mother?

Sir, one minute! Please!
What are you doing?

You're not allowed to take pictures.

There's been a mistake.

I am not supposed to be here.

I was just filling in for my friend.

I'm sorry, sir.

But you can't click
pictures in here.

Please deposit your
camera outside. Please!

Ma'am, please place
your belongings in the tray.

This was a gift from my mother-in-law.

It's been with my
family for generations.

I told you to not
remove it from the locker!

Excuse me, ma'am!

My future wife is waiting for me.
Please let me make one phone call.

I'm sorry, sir.
That's against the rules.

Just one call.

I just want to tell her to marry
someone else and be happy.

The call can help
her rebuild her life.


Please, ma'am.

Don't call her. You can text her.
But please hurry.

Thank you, ma'am.

Ma'am, please do it.

Sir, you guys can
take your caps off.

Yes, the camera as well.

Sir! You can take him.

-Yes, that's what I am doing.

Please, follow me.


Can you please stand there?

How dare she marry someone else,
after I am dead?

I texted her...

"If you marry someone else,

I'll haunt your husband
for the rest of his life!

You can't get rid of me."


Excuse me, you lied to me?

I mean, it's fair, ma'am.

Justice has to be delivered.

I died because of her wedding.

I'm going through this circus and she
gets to live it up with someone else?

I was stabbed!

My brother stabbed
me in the back!

The kid who used to
climb up on my shoulder...

Ms. Yuvishka.

Sir, please stay still.

It's over. It's done.


I raised him like my son.

What did I get?

Are you feeling better now?


There is some pain.

Ms. Yuvishka?

Is this a hospital?

No, sir. You've died.

So, this is heaven?

There is no heaven or hell, sir.

Everyone comes here.

Will my brother come here?


What's the point?

I did the right thing all my life.

Helped everyone who needed me.

And he conned people.

But I ended up here and so will he.

And what about Shadow?

My pet Labrador.

Who'll look after him?












Check this out!

You're using a magnet.

No, I'm not!

Yes, you are!

Why are you lying?

That's a magic trick as well.

Everyone's got their
powers in school!

The teacher told Mom,
"Your son is a little slow."

I had to do something myself.

Tell her, you being slow
is none of her business!


Today we had a record
number of transitions.

In fact, I interacted with
some cargos personally.

And I learned something.

I learned that all cargos have
their own stories back on Earth.

Just like I have my own story.

But when the cargos die...

does it mean that
their stories end?

And if they do...

what's the point?

There is no point to anything.

A meteor shower is approaching
our ship in the next six hours.

Wait a second.
We don't have to do much.

Just go to sleep.

The storm is expected to hit the
extraction bay in the next eight hours.

We don't have the exact calculations
about its velocity but its parent comet--

Oh baby, for me,
You are the moon

But I am your sunny sunny afternoon

Ms. Yuvishka!

Either turn it off or
lower the volume!

Now our hearts
Will never ever come together

As you refuse to come
And meet me here

Ms. Yuvishka!

My unwritten letters still cannot fathom

I'm told you guys did a record
number of transitions today?

Are you prepared for the storm?

Do we have an option?

Anyway, you're all
over today's news.


People saw you
today after many years.


Which paper are
you talking about?

Mr. Chaitanya!

Oh baby, for me, you are the moon

But I am your sunny sunny afternoon

How should we find a place to meet

When I am here and you there

Promise me that
You will never let me go

Promise! Promise!

Yes, I Promise!

This is the love you should know

I'm your forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I am your forget me not

I am always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I am your forget me not

I'm always looking out

I am always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I am your forget me not

I'm always looking out

I am always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

You're my forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

You're my forget me not

You're my forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I am your forget me not

You're my forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I am your forget me not

You're my forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

-I am your forget me not
-Oh, baby why?

Oh, baby why?

Oh, baby why?

Why go away?

I'm your forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I'm your forget me not

Mr. Prahastha?



Mr. Ankur Sareen.

You have died because of a
severe head injury.

I welcome you to Pushpak 634A.

I'm Yuvishka and I am here to help you.


follow me.

Take off your mask, sir.

Sir, please follow me.

Sir, I'll just be back.

Mr. Prahastha?

Where are you?

Mr. Prahastha?

Mr. Prahastha, can you hear me?


Sir, please follow me to
the healing station.



Sir, please co-operate with us
and come to the healing area.


Sir, we're not going to hurt you!
We want to help you!

Sir! I can help him!

No, Ms. Yuvishka.
You need to leave.

It's not safe.

I can't risk it.
I'll handle this.

Hello, sir?
Can you hear me?

Thank God!
You guys are operational.

Sir, please cancel all
our cargos for the day.

-No, we can't do that.

Sir, please, we just
had an incident here.

We had to transition the
cargo without healing him.

-Prahastha, it's a directed cargo.

Please, take it.

Come on.

Okay, ready, ready!

Ready. Stand by.

Countdown start.












Extract this cargo
as soon as possible.

There could be another storm.

Be fast!

If the power fluctuates,
you won't be able to extract him.

Yuvishka can you please hurry.

Okay, Yuvishka.
Come on. Give your best.

Come on!

I'm sorry, sir.

I don't think I can
heal anyone anymore.

Another storm approaching.

Starting code red.

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of
the Rakshas Manushya Peace Treaty.

And as you can see,
there are celebrations...

all over the town.

Here you can see
the historic footage

of the Prime Minister
signing the peace treaty.

This is the live
broadcast of the parade.

And as we are
celebrating down here,

we regretfully inform you that

because an
unexpected meteor storm

many spaceships
have suffered serious damage.

Here are some
visuals from the scene.

But please don't worry.

Our ground control officers
are in touch with the spaceships

and our support team is helping them
resolve any issues that might occur.

The reports are alright.

I checked the video feed.

That was an aggressive cargo.

Really, Mr. Nitigya?

Was there nothing
in him worth saving?

Was there no way we
could have helped him?

We are going into
low-power mode.

You should get some rest.


Mr. Nitigya!

What do you think?

Only Mr. Raman can help us.

I was just reading this
article on the internet.

Read this.

It says...

"In most cases, when a
healer-demon loses his power...

the loss is most likely permanent.

And additionally,
if they lose their power

they could be prone to diseases
like yellow fever and plague.

Sir, that's nonsense.

You must be reading
this on a fraud website.

It's all here.

Alright, we are going into
low-power mode right now.

I'm told things
went south today.

Is your hand alright?

And Ms. Yuvishka?

Those who are trapped
have been advised to return.

The Prime Minister
offered his condolences

to the families affected
by the loss of 622XG.

I think we overused
your power yesterday.

That could be the
reason for your fatigue.

I think you should take the day off.

By the way...

I have temporarily fixed
this healing machine.

We can use it for a few days.

I thought these healing
machines were banned.



Many years ago.

I was a part of the protest march.

My mother is a doctor,
so she was invited to the panel.

I remember the slogans as well.

"No more machine-doctors!"

"No more machine-doctors!"


No one ever told me about this.

Everyone knows this down there.

We had collected and...

burnt all the
machines in my village.

I am sure you were
part of that as well, right?

How did you go from
shouting slogans in your village

to being an astronaut up here?

That's a long story.

Want to hear it?


Every year on my birthday

we used to go to the
annual Demon Carnival.

And I used to rush to my favorite ride.

It used to be the biggest
ride at the carnival.

One day, I looked
back and I realized that...

no one really cared about me.

I thought...

what if they forget me?

They will forget how I look.

They'll forget my nose.

They'll forget my eyes.

They'll forget my laugh.

They'll forget my hands, my feet.

And then...

they'll forget that I ever existed.

But then...

Pushpak series was
launched in the sky.

The whole carnival was silent.

They were all looking at the
sky with their mouths wide open.

Five spacecrafts flying away and
a huge cloud of smoke behind them.

I can never forget it.

Then I realized that if I wasn't down
here but up there in a spacecraft,

I would never get lost.

And they would never forget me.

Good morning, Mr. Nitigya!

Yes, good morning.

It's dark out here.

I was supposed to take
a family vacation today.

Chaitanya had signed it off as well.

I had to cancel it!

Five spaceships are untraceable.

Everything is a mess here as well.

When I started...

I didn't have this competition.

Life was easier.

People were happier.

I was a pilot in the
air force back then.

I thought, if I can fly a plane,
I can fly a spaceship as well.

That's it.

I came up here and
I became a hero.


Mr. Prahastha!

Nitigya, please clear the line.

I need to have a word with you.

Hello, Mr. Raman.

Let's go to the cockpit,
we'll talk there.

Just give me a minute, please.

Mr. Nitigya!

What are your powers?

I can disappear.


Not completely.

But... 86,75 percent.

What do you mean?

You want to see?


I can still see you, sir.

It's impossible to disappear
completely, ma'am.

So, 634A.

There is something
wrong with every ship.

I didn't go home last night.

I have read all the reports.


The weather is not conducive...

and there's plenty of backlog.

We'll recall her when
the weather improves.

Sorry, sir, but,
who are you gonna recall?

Yuvishka, of course.

I saw her report,
she is not well.

We'll call her back as soon
as the weather improves.


How could you even consider that, sir?

Don't worry, Prahastha.

We'll immediately send
you a replacement.

There is this new boy.

Interview him tomorrow.

No, sir. I will not be
interviewing anyone.

Because no one will
be leaving this ship.

Oh, God!
Prahastha, please!


Traveling isn't an option anyway.

There are meteor
showers and there's dust.

No ship can
take off right now.

We have 48 hours.

Observe her for the next 48 hours.

If she improves...

I won't call her back.

Otherwise, she'll have to come back.

Is that okay?

Okay, sir.

The meteor shower has affected
the frequency of transmissions.

Pushpak 622XG has
suffered serious damage.

It has been recalled.

80 percent ships are expected
to resume work tomorrow.

According to our sources,

Ms. Yuvishka, who was a new
addition to the Pushpak 634A crew

will be returning to Earth.

Our reporters are waiting for the official
confirmation from the PDTS headquarters.


-Yes, Mom?
-Hello, sweetie!

Don't worry about it.

Quit the job, pack your
stuff and come home.

They don't deserve you.

You know I can't do it.

Of course, you can!

Is this how they treat a topper?

Your father was furious, he wants
to burn their headquarters down.

Mr. Prahastha can come
here and extract his buddies!

Don't worry about it.

I'll get you a job right
here at the hospital.

You can work here with me.

You're listening, right?


Please come as soon as you can!

I will come home.

And the spaceships that are
expected to resume their work are...
















65 Ultra XG...






We are entering a stable orbit.



Setting up communication link.

Prahastha, stand by.

Countdown start.












I was crossing the
road and I looked left.

It was a one-way street.

And he came from the right side.

He's okay, right?

He is a young lad.

I have seen him around.


Hello, ma'am.
This is Meena from Demon Tribune.

Do you have a minute?

No, I don't want
to talk right now.

Can you confirm the
news we have heard?

I'll let you know as soon
as I get any information.

Okay, as soon as you
find out, please let us know.



I have a small request.


Can I make one phone call?

Sorry, sir.
That's against the rules.

Okay. No problem.

Alright, do it.


You can make the call.

I am okay.

I am fine.

You're okay?

Yes, of course.

I'll be coming!


Everything will be okay.

Okay. Okay.

I know you.


You are our building plumber, right?

But I always knew you
had this secret identity.

-Hello, Mr. Nitigya?

Can you please send me the
photographs of my first ten cargos?


I need to check something.
I'll tell you later.


Give me some time.

Yeah, no problem.
Thank you.

It's him.
He was here right now.

Your cargos have started
repeating, Prahastha.

You've spent many years up there.

I was thinking the same.

I had received a mail alert.

It's time for you to retire, Prahastha.

An entire era has passed on Earth.

I finally get why you wanted
me to have an assistant

and why Yuvishka was sent here.

What could we do?

We needed a backup.

The other five astronauts
are retiring as well.

Their cargos had started
repeating years ago.

What now?

We have an assistant on standby.

Interview him.

I'll connect you.


I'm dialing.

She has been tolerating you!

Look at this man, he doesn't look
a day over 50 and he's 638 years old.

You have to find
your own strength.

Like I said--

There was a man here today.

He was simple and kind.

He was really
worried about his wife.

So, I extracted his dead
body and I made this cake.

Okay, bad joke.
I'm sorry.

Have you heard about the
Ramchandra Negi Show?


Ramchandra Negi.

He's the International
Loneliness Detective

What detective?

"Has someone stabbed you in the back?

Have you been betrayed?

Are you lonely?

Is your life's train stuck
at Loneliness Station?

Call 1800 Ramchandra Negi,
your loneliness detective."


I'll think about it.

"I will come to your house.

I will share your food...

and your water.

I'll share your bed

and I'll cure your loneliness."

Mr. Prahastha, can you tell me...

what do you do every day, all alone?


I wait here...

and the humans who die on earth...

they come up here.

First, I heal them.

Then, I erase their memories.

And finally, we go for transition.



I have to admit, Mr. Prahastha,
you have quite an interesting job.


what is this?


Letter to Mandakini.

-A letter in the age of video calling.
-Ms. Yuvishka--

-Mr. Chaitanya, please call her!
-Yuvishka-- No! No!

Chaitanya, don't call her.

Please return my letter.

Please, this is not funny!

This is my personal stuff.


What are you guys doing?

This isn't funny!

Have you lost it?




Hello, I got a
call from this number.

Sorry, I can't see anything.

Okay, just...

just one second.



How are you?


all good.

Good, good.

Ma'am, I have cleaned the tank.

Yeah, wait for five minutes.
I'll pay you.

Ma'am, I need to leave.

I'll just be back in a second.

These guys are really impatient.




all well.

What about you?

How many kids do you have?







I've have started my
own college as well.

You started an entire
college just for two kids?

You're great!

-Okay, I'm sorry.

We just finished the finals.

Actually, Yuvishka was my student.

Okay, I...

-I didn't know that.

Nobody told me.

Yuvishka never told me either.


So, why did you call?

Actually, I didn't.
Yuvishka called you.


I guess, I will hang up.



Was it Yuvishka again?

Mandakini, please.

Did you remember me?

Or did you just forget?

What do you think?

But you never felt like
you should call me?

Ask me how I was?

I thought you didn't
need me anymore.

You just cut yourself
off from everyone.

All these years.

I feel like...

I am talking to a ghost.

Sometimes, I feel the same.

I feel that the people who come here
are alive and I am just a ghost.


I wrote to you.

I didn't get any letter.

Because I never sent any.

I wrote many letters,
but I never sent any.

I'm sorry.

I have started packing my stuff.

I'll leave tomorrow.

After I leave...

you will miss me for a few days.


gradually, you will forget me.


after some time...

you might miss me again.

But then...

you will forget me once again.

Or it's possible that
you might get better.

And just stay here.


A Pushpak is heading home.

Finally, the meteor dust has settled
and all the spaceships are operational.

All agents on standby are
requested to resume their travel.

Good morning, Prahastha!

We will touchdown in 30 minutes.

A special announcement
for all the agents.

If your cargos have
started recognizing you,

it means that they have already
passed through your spaceship once.

If the count of such
cargos rises above ten,

please contact your ground officer to
initiate retirement proceedings.

In other news,

pop singer Shurpanakha launched
a new music video for her hit single.

Pushpak 622XG has
returned to the launching bay

and its recycling
process has been initiated.

Good morning, Ms. Yuvishka!

I hope you are up and ready.

You've had enough time off.
It's time to get back to work.


there won't be any media
access in the spaceship for the day.

I hope that's clear.

Okay, sir!

By that I mean,
phone calls as well.

Is that clear?

Yes, Mom.

Yeah, I'm packing.

Countdown start.







Sorry... let's do it again.

Hello, friends!

I am Chetan Kanodia.

And this is my time machine.

And for the first time,
I will be traveling through time.

As soon as I press this button,

a space-time hole will be
created around my body

and I will travel through time.

Hey, Chetan!

Did you get your
toothbrush instead of a pen?









My machine worked!

It's working!

Excuse me?

Where am I?

Is this the past or the future?

Mr. Chetan Kanodia,
I welcome you to Pushpak 634A.

Now, I'll successfully
send you to a safe place.

The date and time are the same.

Is this a parallel universe?

Mr. Kanodia, I'm afraid you
have died due to an electric shock.


I am Prahastha and I'll initiate
your post-death transition.

So, please, follow me.

Ms. Yuvishka.

Can you please try and heal him?

I'll get the healing machine.

So, where am I?

Is this an aircraft?


It's a spaceship.

One of my friends
had studied this.

He posited that when you die...

a spaceship sucks you up.

And then puts you
back on the ground.

So, am I gonna go back home?


To the same world?

You want to go back
to the same world?

Yes, of course.
I want to go back.

Make the time machine.

That's the reason I never had a family.

And ironically...

that's the reason I
lost my life as well.

You want to go back
and do the same thing?

Yes, of course!

Of course!

Of course!

Total ten and he's the eleventh.

Let's focus on Yuvishka for now.

Hello, Prahastha!

What's the status on Yuvishka.

Any signs of improvement?

Hello, sir.

Hello, Yuvishka!

I have to attend a meeting.

We can have a
test when I get back.


Yes, the next cargo that comes in...

you have to cure him.

If it goes well, great!

If not, we'll have to see.

I'll see you guys after the meeting.

Sorry to interrupt.

There's another cargo inbound.

It's a joint suicide case.

Wife got cancer, so they
committed suicide to be together.

Please come in, sir.

Don't worry.
I will find you.

I don't want to take the test.

I want to show you something.

Yuvishka, hurry!


He is the one who just left.

And this is his wife.

They'll always find each other.

People think that when they come here,
they have lost everything.

But the truth is...

nothing is truly lost forever.

There is always something,
somewhere that survives.


Yes, Ghatotkach?

Look at me!


I think I am finally
getting my powers.

Ms. Yuvishka, the
next cargo is on its way.

Are you ready for the test?



Air and Land!

These were all free for everyone!

But for these things,
we now need to sell our souls.

I won't take up some dumb job.

What will you do?

I will do a show.

My own show!

What's up, Mr. Negi?

You've stopped posting videos.

Do you have any new
episodes coming up?

I do it sometimes.

But the family
is more important, right?

That's true.

I'm on my way back.


How's your dad doing?

He passed away.


He was a big fan!

He used to say that because of
your talent, people have realized...

that they are living their
lives as if they're already dead.


no problem.

We can try it again
with the next cargo.

I will just use this...

I-- I'll...

I'll just be back.



I've read your report.

There have been 13 repeats.

We have to
compulsorily retire you.

Yes, sir.

Once you get back...

you will spend a year in rehab.

You've been away for many years.

You really need to
adjust back to life here.

Will you tell Yuvishka or should I?

Tell her after I leave.

All these years...

I have only seen
you through this screen.

Tomorrow, we'll finally meet!

Mr. Nitigya...

thank you for everything.

See you soon.

Discarding waste.

Good job, Ms. Yuvishka.

Thank you.

When I am here and you there

Prahastha, ready?

Promise me,
That you'll never let me go

Promise! Promise!

Yes, I promise!

You've lived here all these years,
and yet, you don't have any luggage?

I'm your forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I'm your forget me not

I'm your forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I'm your forget me not

I'm always looking out

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I'm your forget me not

I'm always looking out

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I'm your forget me not

You're my forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

You're my forget me not

You're my forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I'm your forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

-I'm your forget me not
-Oh, baby why?

Oh, baby why?

Oh, baby why?

Why go away?

I'm your forget me not

You're my forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I'm your forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

I'm your forget me not

You're my forget me not

I'm always in your thoughts

You are in my heart
There's no doubt

You're my forget me not

Good morning, Ms. Yuvishka!

We will touch down in an hour.

Be ready.

Many demons met the prime minister

to discuss remedies for unemployment.

The young singer Shurpanakha...

has signed a
contract with Star Music.

Reservation in higher education

and government services
is being considered.

After spending over 75 years
in the extraction bay,

astronaut Prahastha returns home.

Cameras weren't allowed but
you can still look at some pictures.

Mr. Prahastha will now spend a year
in rehab.

Mr. Nitigya?

Haven't you met him?

I'll meet him in the evening.

I've been allotted the 04:00 p.m. slot.

The ministers and important
people are meeting him right now.

Look what I found.

Mr. Shashank is now
entering the spaceship.

Mr. Shashank.

Hi, Shashank!
How are you?

Hello, I'm good.

Countdown starts.