Cargo (2017) - full transcript

A man wakes trapped inside a cargo container with only a cell phone and is given 24 hours by his kidnappers to raise ten million dollars in ransom or die.

- Hello?


- Is this
Anthony Peterson?

- Who is this?

- Is this
Anthony Peterson?

- Who the fuck is this?

- Is this
Anthony Peterson?

- Yes, this is Anthony Peterson.

Who the hell are you?

- This is Mrs.
Anthony Peterson.

- Anthony,
you've gotta help me.

They've got me tied to
a chair and blindfolded.

- Oh, Susan,

no, Susan.

- I don't
know where I am,

they won't tell me who they are.

I'm scared.

- You
give us what we want

or we take turns
gang-fucking her

and we post it on the
web, and then we kill her.

It'll be the world's
first live snuff film.

- No, no, don't hurt her,
please, don't hurt her.

- Then
give us what we want.

- Where am I?

- You've been
kidnapped, Mr. Peterson, trapped.

What's the last
thing you remember?

- Uh, I was on the
street and then, uh,

I was smothered,
and I woke up here.

- We drugged you,
pulled you off the street,

something that happens in
human trafficking circles

100 times a day
around the world.

- Where am I?

- Maybe
you're in Siberia,

maybe the Middle East,
maybe you're in New York,

maybe you're just down
the street from your home.

- Are you just outside
this container?

- Maybe
we're 100 miles away,

maybe we're next door.

The thing is, you'll never know.

- Well, what do you want?

- $10 million.

- I do not
have that kind of money.

- We both
know that you do.

- Wait a minute, is
this something personal?

Do I know you?

- Shut up.

If you contact the police,
your wife dies, then you die.

If you contact the FBI, your
wife dies, then you die.

If you contact any authorities,

your wife dies, then you die.

You've got air for 24 hours,

that should be more
than enough time

to get the money together.

- No, no, 24 hours is not
enough time, I need more time.

- Once
you have the money,

we'll send you the
account to wire it to.

You do as we say, we'll let
you go and your wife go.

If you deviate from the plan
one iota, you're both dead.

We'll rape and murder your
wife and broadcast it online,

and then we'll leave you to die
alone slowly of suffocation.

Chances are, your body
will never be found.

- Please, don't do this,
please, I'm begging you.

- You've
got some calls to make.

- Help me!

Help, help me, please, please!

Help me!

Get me outta here, please!

Help! Help!


Get me outta this place!

I need help!

Help! Help!

Damn it!

- Hello?

- Tom!

Tom, it's Anthony.

- Anthony?

God, it's two o'clock
in the morning.

- Just listen to me!

I have been kidnapped.

- Kidnapped?

What, is this a joke?

- No, no, they got Susan too,

and they're gonna kill her

if I don't give
'em what they want.

- Who?

- I don't know who,
somebody, I don't know.

- Where are you?

- I am in a metal
cargo container,

somewhere, and I
don't know where.

It could be anywhere.

- Well, man,
call the police.

- If I call the police,
they are going to kill her.

They could be listening to
this conversation right now.

- What do they want?

- $10 million.

- What?

- Yeah, look, just,
just sell everything.

- Everything?

- Everything, my
shares, my portfolio,

and when you get the money
together, call me back,

and they're gonna give me
the account to wire it to.

- You're serious
about all this, aren't you?

Anthony, you sure this is really

how you wanna roll with this?

- I don't know, I don't know
what I am doing right now.

I just, oh, I just want
my baby, Susan, back.

- I'll get back to you.

- Mr. Peterson?

- Yeah, yeah, my closest
associate is getting the money.

I just spoke to him, he's
getting the money together now.

- For both
your sakes, I hope so.

- Yeah, look, just tell
me something, please,

why are you doing this?

I mean, why me?

- Why not you?

- Look, I'd understand
about the money,

I mean, but,

I'm just an honest businessman.

I'm a good man, I pay my taxes,

I don't understand
why you're doing this.

- You
don't get to where you're at

by being good, Mr. Peterson.

- Listen,

I'm not perfect but I
do not deserve this.

- You honestly
believe you're a good man?

- Yes, yes, I do!

- What
about September 25th?

- What about September 25th?

- September
25th, 10 years ago.

- Uh, I don't know what
you're talking about.

- September 25th,
10 years ago, South America,

a business deal of
yours went sour.

The people you needed to sell
to you reneged on the deal,

they had a crisis of conscious.

You stood to be out millions,

so you had them
killed, everyone.

- I don't know what
you're talking about,

it's a lie, it's
an absolute lie.

- You
hired mercenaries.

- No, now that is an
absolute fabrication.

- Entire
families, you had wiped out.

- That's a lie!

- You
paid them extra

to make an example
of all of them.

- Lie, lie!

- You had them
decapitated and their heads

stuck on pikes
- What?

- and planted on
the outskirts of the city.

- Liar!

- You bathed the
streets with their blood.

You killed the children last

and made them watch their
parents being murdered.

You were sending a message,
and it was loud and clear,

"Don't fuck with
Anthony Peterson."

You had the money and influence
to keep it out of the press,

paid off all the right people,

judges, cops, politicians,

and it was all swept
right under the rug.

- Liar.
- But everybody knew.

- Liar.

- Murderer.

- Tom, Tom, is everything a go?

- Yes, and no.

- What, why? What do you mean?

- We're a ways
short of the 10 million.

- Well, how short?

- Four, maybe five.

- What, are you kidding me?

- Hey, man, you're
mortgaged to the hilt.

You gotta let me call the
long arm of the law, man,

you can't just go lay down

and go all bitch dog for
these sons-of-bitches.

- No, if we call them,
she dies, Susan is dead.

- Well, would
that be so bad?

- What the fuck, man?

Are you kidding me?

- Hey, you were
the one always saying

that she was a
stone-cold-ass bitch,

that the magic was gone,

the only reason you
kept the marriage going

is that it was
cheaper to keep her.

- I was drunk, give me a break.

- In vino
veritas, my friend.

How do you know this
all isn't a con?

Who knows who's in on it?

Susan, maybe.

- No, she would not
do that, I know that.

- Well, then, I...

I don't know what to
tell you, my friend.

- Hold on, hold on.

Yeah, this is Anthony Peterson.

- The money?

- Yeah, well, I got most
of it, I mean, most of it.

- Not good enough.

- Well, I cannot come up with
$10 million, that is crazy!

- If you can't
come up with the money,

take it out of your
rainy day fund.

- Rainy day fund, what
are you talking about?

- A man
like you has got to

have a lot of cash on hand.

Bent lawyers and judges
don't come cheap.

- I have no idea what
you're talking about.

- I'm talking about

an offshore safety deposit box.

We've been doing our homework
on you, Mr. Peterson.

- Who is we?

Are you some kind of terrorist?

Who the hell are you?

- I'm the one who's gonna

make you pay, Mr. Peterson,

one way or another.

- I cannot pay you $10
million in 24 hours,

this is crazy!

- Then your
wife's dead, and you're dead.

Maybe we'll be generous
and leave the oxygen on

and you can starve to death
slowly, or die of thirst,

and your wife,

we'll cut her head off
and stick it on a pike,

just like South America.

- Hey, now I told
you that is a lie,

that is an absolute lie, I
don't know anything about that.

- Sure,

I've got you confused
with someone else.

- Yeah, maybe you
do, maybe you do.

- Another
egomaniac business tycoon

with delusions of
morality and nobility.

Nobody thinks they're a bad
person, not even a monster.

- You are a monster.

- If I were you,

I would start thinking
about the contents

of that security deposit box.

- I have no idea what
you are talking about.

- All right,

I can see you need
a little coaxing.

- Oh, god.


Uh, we're maybe
gonna have to, uh,

clean out the rainy day fund.

Uh, take this down, Tom.


- It's me.

All right, I
cleaned the rainy day funds

but we're still gonna
be short a couple mil.

- Shit!

- Anthony, again,

are you sure this is
the way you wanna go?

Do you have any
idea where you are?

- Well, I told you,

I am in a metal
cargo container, man,


- Can you hear
anything, outside,

that might just
pinpoint where you are?

- No, nothing.

- Are you on
land or on water?

A ship, in the air maybe?

- I don't fucking now,
I'm on land, I guess,

I haven't heard anything,

you know, no turbulence,
no engine, so nothing.

- Then odds
are you're indoors.

I assume you've been pounding

like a motherfucker
to get out of there,

so you're probably
somewhere secluded.

Is it hot or cold?

- Um, it's cold.

- How about the
cellphone they gave you,

any numbers or
information that...?

- No, no, I checked
the whole thing,

the numbers are all blocked,

it's like a, you know, a
knockoff, cheap knockoff.

- What about the
voice of the kidnapper?

- Uh, well, American,
maybe, I don't know,

could be older,

very sure of himself,

like a guy with a
gun to your head.

He knows a lot about me, Tom.

- Like what?

- South America.

- Oh, fuck.

What's the last
thing you remember?

- Well, like I said to him,

I was on the street and I was...

I was in a bar, I
remember, on 13th Street,

and I went to the head,
and when I came back,

the drink I had tasted strange.

I didn't think much about
it at the time, but...

- Did you notice
anyone suspicious?

- It's a dive bar,
man, everything is suspicious.

- So what do you
want me to do about

the rest of the money?

- Sell the houses, all of 'em.

- I can't, you're mortgaged
in balls-deep as it is.

- Well, I gotta get
outta here, man,

I got less than 24
hours of air left.

Not to mention, are
you ready for this?

The motherfucker has
hooked this entire place up

like a damn electric chair!

- What the
fuck? Are you serious?

- It is like having your brain

in a red-hot cauldron
inside your head.

- Who would
have the capital

to set something like this up?

You just heard the one
voice on the phone, right?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Well, maybe
it's not a crew,

maybe it's just one guy,

some rich fuck with
a mastermind complex

looking to torture
some other rich fucks

for his own sick
fucking amusement.

Maybe somebody you've
burned on a business deal?

- I never burned
anybody that bad.

- Well,
good to see you still haven't

lost your sense of humor
during all of this.

- Mr. Peterson?

- Yeah.

- How
are you progressing?

- Well, I cleaned out the
rainy day funds like you said.

- And?

- And we're still gonna
be a little short.

- If you're
short even one penny,

or late one second on delivery,

I'll kill you and your
expensive trophy wife.

- That is crazy,

you're gonna throw away
potential millions of dollars?

- I'm a man of
principle, you might say.

- Yeah, you're a fucking
idiot is what you are.

- Now,

I bet that was a real
shock to the system.

- Yeah, Tom, are you all right?

- Oh, hey.

- Have you been crying?

- No, no, in fact, I was
just about to call you back,

but, uh, there's
been a complication.

- A complication?

- Um, yeah,

I think you're gonna have
to call someone else.

- No, no, Tom, no, I
cannot call anybody else.

You are my closest associate,

you have all the access
to everything, man.

You're the only one I can trust!

- I really think you
should just call someone else.

- Tom, what is wrong?

- Well, when you called,

I left something out, I wasn't
alone, and I'm still not.

- Who are you with?

- Uh, a girl.

- A prostitute?

- Oh, no, no, no, no,
no, we met online tonight.

- Ah, Tom, listen,

I'm not the person to
lecture you on infidelity,

but you do know that you are
married to a pregnant woman

with three small
children at home,

you know that, right?

- Sure, it's just,
well, it turns out,

this girl, she was
quite the party monster.

- Why didn't you
tell me this before?

- Well, when you called,

I thought I had it
all under control,

and I did, but it took a
little turn for the worst.

- What is she on now?

- Nothing, just
some low-grade acid,

and some heroin, and
a speedball or two,

and a little coke
to ease her down,

some pot, vodka, and
a little mescaline.

- Are you high too, Tom?

- No, no, no.

No, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, I'm
straight, I'm straight.

- Tom, you have had two

I thought you were
done with all of this?

- Don't worry,

it's just, well, she was
vomiting in her sleep earlier.

I mean,

it's just now, I
can't get her to wake up.

I've tried everything.

She's turning kinda blue,

and I...

- Well, you better
call a doctor.

- I can't
call a fucking doctor,

I've got two felony DUIs,

third strike and I'm a goner.

- All right, all
right, now listen,

you call Dr. Ivy,

I'm absolutely sure that
I gave you the number,

it should be on your phone,

Ivy, I-V-Y.

He is a friend, he
is very discreet,

he is a specialist in
these sort of things,

you call him, he
makes house calls.

- I think she might be
dead by the time he got here.

- Well, then pick her up
and get her out of there!

Where are you?

- The hotel, downtown.

- Pick her up, wrap her up,
and get her out of there.

- Should I wipe
the vomit and blood

off her face before that?

- Hey, you know, that's
a good idea, Tommy.

- Okay, I'm
in the hallway now.

Uh, there's some people
coming toward me.

Uh, hello, yeah,
yes, she's fine,

just a little too much
late night debauchery.

Okay, I'm outside

- What's that,
what happened now?

- I just dropped her.

- Well, pick her up.

- Okay, I'm
coming to the car,

what do you think is best
for her in this state,

the trunk or the front seat?

- Oh, well, put her in the
front seat, be a gentleman, Tom.

Tom, are you in park?


- I just backed
up into a streetlight.

- Well,

is anybody injured?

- No, we're fine.

- Well, then drive, baby.

Drive, Tom!

- Uh, red light coming up.

- How is she looking?

- Uh, not good.

- Well, you're gonna have
to run that red light.

- Run the red light?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, how's
the traffic up ahead?

- Uh, good, clear.

- Well, then run it, baby.

- Oh...okay.


Oh yeah, oh my god, that
was my first red light.

Oh my god, red light
coming up again.

- Everything all right?

- Uh, going good,
seems pretty clear.

- Well, how's it look,
how's the traffic?

- Uh, I think
I can make it.

- Well, then do it, do it, baby.

- Oh my fucking
god, that was sweet!

Uh, sharp turn coming up,

are you supposed to accelerate
or break on the sharp turns?

- Your call.

- Woo-hoo,
oh my fucking god!

- Tom, are you... is
everything all right?

- Good, both of us are.

- Okay, great.

Now listen to me, I'm going
to be calling the doctor,

I'm gonna tell him that
you're on your way,

and that you have a
package in the trunk,

and when everything is finished,

what I want you to
do is get back to me.

Can you do that?

- Yeah, I will, promise.

- All right, thank you,



- Hello, jefe.

- Who is this?

- You
know who this is.

- Who are you?

- Anthony,
it's me, your old friend.

- Sully?

- That's right, Sully,
your old friend and mentor.

How are ya? Long time, no talk.

- That's impossible.

- Why?

- Because Sully has been
dead for over two years.

- That's
right, thanks to you.

- Uh, what, are you saying
that Sully didn't die?

- Oh, I died all
right, you saw to that.

- Look, I don't know what
you're talking about,

you're obviously some
kind of an impostor

hired by the kidnappers
just to fuck with me.

- Anthony, do you even realize

you're talking to a dead
telephone right now?

The phone didn't really
ring when I called just now.

It's all in your head.

- Well, you're not
real then, so fuck off!


- Hello,
dead man talking.

- What do you want?

- Hmm,

you stopped taking your
medication, haven't you?

- You're not real,
you're not real.

- Oh, I'm
real all right,

I'm as real as the voice
that pops up in your head

when things really
start to head south.

- You're dead.

- That's
right, courtesy of you.

Now why would you go
and do a thing like that

after everything
I'd done for you?

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Still buying
into your own bullshit,

it's gotten so bad, you
believe it yourself.

- I tell you what I do remember,

I remember that you
were fucking my wife!

- Is that what
this is all about,

me fucking your wife?

Well, hell, somebody had to,

you certainly
couldn't be bothered.

You left the poor gal
on her deathbed, AP.

- You were a piece of shit!

- And what are you?

- Alive,

unlike you, asshole!

- Uh, yeah?

- Evan, Evan, how
are you, my son?

- Are you
all right, old man?

That sounded almost
endearing for you.

- Well, actually, no,

I'm in a bit of a
clusterfuck here.

- Huh,

maybe we can talk about
this in the morning?

- No, no, no, we gotta
talk about this now.

- I see. What's up?

- I have been kidnapped.

- Pardon?

- It's not a joke,

I am being held in a metal
cargo container somewhere.

I have been talking
to the kidnappers,

I have less than 24
hours of air left

unless I pay the ransom,

and they have
kidnapped your mother.

- Uh, no,
my mother's here.

What you're saying is they

kidnapped you and
your trophy wife.

Look, if this is some
kind of sick fucking joke,

it's already not funny!

Secondly, you've got a
phone, call the police.

- If I call the police,
she is dead, I am dead,

you do not know these
people, they are crazy!

If I do not pay them the ransom,

they're going to kill us both.

- Why are you calling me?

- I'm your father.

- I don't know, Anthony,

sometimes I feel like I
should just say to you,

"Hey, thanks for the sperm,

"and let's just
leave it at that."

- I need your help.

I'm short on the ransom,

and I need...

I need to borrow on you and
your sister's trust fund.

- So why the
hell didn't you ask her?

- Because Elena hates me
more than your mother does.

- No, that's
not possible,

no one hates you
more than my mother.

- I need your help, son.

- Don't son me, Anthony!

You and I are barely
on a first-name basis.

- I need some help here.

- How much do you need?

- All of it, I'll need it all,

both of 'em.

- You made your
filthy fucking bed, Anthony.

- Yeah, maybe so.

But full disclosure,

I do not need your permission!

This was supposed to be
a courtesy call anyway.

- What?
You can't do that.

- Yes, I can, read the
fine print, young man!

- You filthy fucking
pig-fucker son of a bitch,

I swear to god I'm
gonna kick your ass!

- Why did you leave?

Why did you walk out on
Mom, you son of a bitch?

- Evan, she was very sick,

she was like an invalid.

I could not live the rest of
my life married to an invalid.

- So you
got yourself a cunt trophy wife

and now you're calling to
tell us, as a courtesy,

that you're taking everything
to get back that same cunt

you left our dying mother for?

Go to hell.

- Yo?

- We're
losing her, Dr. Ivy.

- Hey, Tom!
- Vitals are dropping.

- Her pressure's
dropping, Doctor.

- Tom, everything all right?

- She's in defib.
- Great,

- Place the E-2 tube
and start bagging.

- just finishing up
with the doc right now.

- Do we
got lines started?


- She's not responding.

- What's happening now?
- Get a board

with a crash cart.
- Nothing!

- Quickly,
please, we're losing her.

- The doc's just giving her
- Get a move on, let's go!

a little jumpstart is all.
- Get the crash cart,

she's going into cardiac arrest.

- It'll all be
right in a minute.

- Get the paddles.

- All
right, ready? Clear.

- Tom, what's going on?

- She's not responding.

- Well, she's not
breathing and she's not moving,

so, my guess is...
- One more time, ready, clear.

- I think we're good.

- Hey, she's back!
- Did we get labs yet?

I want a tox screen.

- She's vomiting up

a hell of a lot of blood,

but she looks to
be all right now.

- Yeah, good, she's okay?

- Can you hear me?

Can you tell me your name?

- Oh, sure.

- Can you
tell me what you took?

- Okay, okay, then you
gotta get

the hell outta there right now.

- Oh,
this is not good.

We're gonna have to get some
charcoal in this girl, stat,

- Uh, yeah.

- to soak up
whatever she ingested.

Okay, I need you

to get to the car and
fire up the laptop.

- Dr.
Forest, please dial 1-1.

- Okay, we are good
to go.

- Okay, good, now I think
I got all the money.

- Really? That's great.

- Yeah, check my
account, check it.

- Holy fuck!

It's all there, with interest.

- All right, all right.

- Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo,
damn, you're good, son!

How'd you come up with
the last of the money?

- My children's, uh, trust fund.

- Damn,
and if you think they

didn't hate you already...

- Now, look, here,

I need you to wire this money
to the account I gave you.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
let's not be too hasty here,

are you sure this is the
way you wanna play this?

- Well, what are you saying?

- I'm not saying nothing,

all I'm saying is
there are opportunities

that come around in life,

opportunities that you should
think very hard and long about

before deciding your
course of action.

- Tom, are you high right now?

- High? No.

I just dropped
some low-grade blotter acid

to mellow me out, but I'm fine.

Look, all I'm saying is
we should consider...

consider each and every
option before proceeding.

- Tom, this is my wife
we're talking about here.

- Well, come on,
let's get real, trophy wife.

- It's my wife!

- Yeah, but is
she really worth it?

I mean, $10 million?

That's kinda overkill, isn't it?

Is any wife worth that
much, I mean, really?

Is any person worth that much?

You think I'm
kidding, my old man,

if someone was ransoming
me for $10 million,

he'd just say, "Screw it,

"I'll just make another one
that looks just like him."

- It's also my life we're
talking about, my life.

- Yeah, you know, I've
been thinking about that,

like I said, is anyone's
life worth that much,

I mean, really?

Mine, yours? Life is
cheap, not expensive.

- What are you proposing?

- Proposing?
I'm just saying...

I mean, the situation
as it stands now,

you really are at
my mercy, right?

I mean, you trust me
to do the right thing,

to care about you,
your trophy wife,

especially with you locked away
somewhere, who knows where,

left alone to slowly
die for who knows what,

all alone, no trace,
never to be seen again,

I mean, theoretically,

I could just hang up this
phone and go on my merry way.

- Tom, hey, we're friends.

- Yeah, friends.

Everybody needs friends

when they're down
and out, don't they?

In desperate times with
desperate measures?

But what about employees?

That's right, employees.

employees who are bitter

at being passed over from
promotion after promotion,

being snubbed again and again

when it comes time to hand
out the year's bonuses,

bitter and angry employees
with a serious grudge

against their employer
of many, many years,

employees who've had to eat
shit over and over again.

- What do you want, Tom?

- Well, you know,

internet gambling looks
mighty good right about now.

Tell you what, I said it
was all there with interest,

I take the interest,

wire the rest to whoever
you say, we're done.

I'll take that silence
as a yes.


- Hello?


- Hey there.

- Evan?

- Yeah, how's it going?

Um, I just called to tell you

that you were the
shittiest father ever.

- Evan, have you been drinking?

- Yeah, but
you know something?

I was never much
of a son anyway.

- No, now that's not
so, that's not so.

- No, my whole
life has been like that.

I'm just a rich prick living
off of his parents' money.

But what I wanted to do was, um,

call to say goodbye.

I, um,

I called the police.

- Huh?

- I know you
said I shouldn't,

since your, uh, friends
might be listening.

And don't worry, I didn't
give them your number,

I mean, I couldn't since
it's blocked on my phone.

I'm not even sure
they believe me.

- Evan, Evan, I told you
you cannot call the police,

they will kill us.

- That's the idea.

After everything you've done,

you taking away my trust
fund was the last straw

in a long line of indignities.

I figure with you and the
step-bitch out of the way,

everything would just
inherit on back to me,

and that's way too
much money to blow

on ransoming a dried
up, old trophy wife

and an even older man
suffocating in a metal box.

- Jesus Christ,

you have just killed me!

- Really?

I hope so,


- Mr. Peterson,
didn't anyone ever tell you

rules aren't meant to be broken?

You're going to
die, Mr. Peterson.

You're going to die
and feel your brains

boiling inside your head.

Then when that's done,

your eyeballs are going to
explode out of your head

and paint the walls
like modern art,

and then, your head's
going to explode

like a fucking volcano.

- It wasn't me.

- Yes, Mr.
Peterson, it wasn't you.

Don't get your hopes up, no
one's coming to save you.

The information your son gave

the police was sketchy at best,

but, regardless, the rules
of the game have been broken,

and you must pay the penalty.

- Penalty, what the fuck
are you talking about?

- 20 million.

- What?

- The ransom
is now double, 20 million,

or you both die.

- 20 million?

I can't come up with that
much money, it's impossible.

- 20 million.

- 20? It's impossible!


What the hell is that?

Compromise, Mr. Peterson.

- Compromise?

- One body
part, one million.

Remove one body part,
remove one million ransom.

- You've gotta be shitting me!

- No,
I don't think so.

- Well, this is crazy.

- It's very
simple, Mr. Peterson,

each body part has its
own monetary value:

one toe, one million,

one finger, two million,

one foot, four million,

one hand, five million,

one arm, eight million,

one leg, 10 million,

but you can only remove up
to 10 million in ransom.

- Go fuck yourself.

Relax, Mr. Peterson,

we can't expect you to
sever an entire limb

with that tiny, blunt object.

We'll make it easy:
one tooth, one million.

- I'm not doing that.

- Have a
seat, Mr. Peterson.

Now put me on speakerphone
and put the phone down.

Not to worry, it has a special
shock-proof case, you don't.

- Fuck, I am doing it!

- Very
good, Mr. Peterson.

Now, once again.

Can you talk, Mr. Peterson?

- Yes, uh, yes.

- 10
teeth, 10 million.

- Go fuck yourself.


- Hey, boss man, it's
your very own right-hand man.

- What do you want, Tom?

- Well, uh, before
I head out the door,

I wanted to call to let you know

you're still about a
million and change short.

- What?

Wait a minute, you said that...

- Yeah, uh,
I know what I said,

but I just found
out that some of

your investments were sold off.

They didn't get nearly
the returns we expected.

- Oh, all right, all
right, uh, all right, uh,


okay, I got an idea,

I have a place,

a business in Fairfax I hardly
ever go to, do you know it?

- Sex boutique?

- No, no, jewelry.

- Jewelry store?

- Right.

- Oh, yeah, yeah,
you bought it on the cheap

when the owner got 20-to-life
for wholesaling fake stones.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
okay, here's the thing:

I want you to rob it.

- Oh, man,

you can't be serious?

- Serious.

- Anthony, that's crazy.

I know you're under a hell
of a lot of stress right now,

but be reasonable,
I am no heist man.

- It's gonna be easy,
I'm gonna talk you into,

I'm gonna tell you where the
keys are, the alarm codes,

and I'll walk you through it,

you'll be in and
out in five minutes.

- Yeah, just like
when I'm having sex.

- Listen, we can do
this, you can do this!

- It's too crazy.

- Hey, I'm gonna...

I'll tell you what, I'm
gonna give you 50,000

over the severance pay
that you took, how's that?

- Make it 100
and it's a deal.

- Done, are you in the car?

- Uh, negative.

- Well, get in it and drive.

- Okay, where to?

- My place,
we gotta get the keys

the jewelry store.

- Yeah, golden,
I'm not far from there.

Is there
a gate or an entry code?

- Yeah, 6-6-6.

- 6-6-6,

Oh, tripped over some
garbage cans ,

and I'm back, and running.

I'm headed around back at
your place, to be safe.

- No, no, no, don't go,
don't go to the back!

- There's a rather
mean-looking dog here.

- Yeah, that's what I
was trying to tell you.

- What's...
what's his name?

- Satan.

- Is he... is he friendly?

- Well, he's an attack dog,

he's named after the Prince of
Darkness, what do you think?

- I'm gonna try
and make a run for it.

- No, Tom, don't do that!

- Oh, shit!

- Tom?

- It bit my leg! Oh shit!

- You all right?

- Get him off me!

Oh, shit.

- The key to the door
should be in the plant.

- Come on, come
on, come on, come on.

I'm in!

- All right, uh, the alarm
code, the alarm code.

- Yeah,
number of the beast.

Where, where,
where, where, where to?

- Upstairs, the master bedroom.

And don't kill
yourself on the stairs.

- Yeah, Roger

Whereabouts? What
am I looking for?

- Dresser drawer,
under the porno mags,

there's a large keyring,
pocket notebook.

- Got it, I'm out.

- All right.

- Outside now, all good.

- Did you just slide down
the upstairs banister?

- Yeah,
side-saddle, old-style.

Oh, what the fuck?

- What?

- Oh, that fucker
jumped the fence!

- Ah, get out of
there, man, just go.

- Shit!

- Are you all right,

- Yeah, I'm in the car.

- Well, boy,
drive, dammit, drive.

Hey, Tom, what's

- Yeah, one

- Tom?

Get going.

- Okay, I'm outside,

parked in the alley
behind the jewelry place,

looks deserted.

- Are you dressed
for the occasion?

- Yeah, all black,

black ski mask, black
gloves, what now?

- Okay, well, coast clear,
head around to the back.

- Can't I just go
into the front this time?

- No, no, no, believe me,

the back is safer, trust me.

How's your leg?

- I will survive.

- The big silver
key will get you in.

- I'm in.

- Okay, good.

Now, when you get in...

- Tom?

- Yeah?

- What, what, uh,
what's going on?

- There is a guy here,
he's got a gun at my head.

- What?

- He's got a gun
at my head, a big one.

- Uh, I think
he's a security guard...

- When the fuck did they
hire a security guard?

- How long has it been

since you've been to this place?

- Look, just tell
him to stay calm.

- He doesn't
speak English.

- Well, you stay calm, Tom.

- I can't stay calm,

there is a creepy-ass Mexican
who doesn't speak English

with a .357 pointed at my head

and he's about to shoot
me in the fucking face!

- Tom?

Who is this now?

- He's dead.

- What?

- The security
guard, he's dead,

he shot himself
through the chest.

We were both struggling with
the gun and it just went off!

- Uh, the alarm, uh,
use the code I gave you.

You think anyone

heard the shot?

- I don't know,
maybe, it was pretty quiet.

- The small gold key

will open the
lockbox on the wall,

um, inside is a kill
switch for the security,

the cameras, everything.

- Got it.

- All right, time to
go shopping, baby!

Okay, we're gonna go to

the main showroom
with the glass cases.

Take your hammer and your
bag and smash and grab, baby,

smash and grab!

- I'm at where the
glass jewelry cases are.

- Well, do it to
it, do it to it!

That's it,

that's it, grab 'em all!

- Okay, that's done, safe?

- Uh, safe's in the back,

you use the combo I gave you.

- If they
haven't changed it.

- Well, yeah.

- Opening.

Looking good, boss man.

- All right, you got it all?

Get out, baby!

- Got it.

Hell yeah, we made it!

- All right, now
be very careful,

do not attract any
attention to yourself.

- Run right,

So where are we headed?

- We're going to the Southland,
are you ready,

of Booth and Lincoln.

Now, uh, there is a Army
Surplus store there,

an old one with
a reliable fence,

he's there 24-7,

he will give you 50 cents on
the dollar for everything,

whatever you got.

- Sounds perfecto.

- What, what? What's going on?

- There is
a cop behind me.

- Well, stay calm, stay calm.

- I am!

He just pulled up behind
me out of nowhere.

- Well, you think maybe
somebody called in the shot?

- Maybe!

I think I just figured out
why he pulled up behind me.

- Why?

- I just realized I'm
still wearing my ski mask,

he must've spotted me.

- Why did you
forget the ski mask?

- I just forgot in
all of the excitement.

- Well...

- Shit, he's
pulling me over.

- Well, get out, man, get out!

- We're losing him!

- All right, all right, good,
where are you right now?

- Coming up
on Main and Gleason.

- Okay, hang a hard right.

- Your wish, my command.

Oh yeah, bat meets hell!

- All right, now, there is
an old parking structure,

should be coming up, pull
into that, and keep going.

- Gotcha, gotcha.

Yeah, uh, parking
structure, coming up...

Coming right up, now.

Jesus, this place
is like a maze.

Uh, no sign of the cop.

- Okay, good, now don't, don't,

don't go through
the back entrance.

Look to your left,

and go out that exit.

- Hey, how'd
you know that?

Does that phone got GPS?

- I know
this town like you know

the feel of your
right hand, boy.

- Well, you must
know it pretty damn well.

A side exit coming

And we are... clear.

No sign of him.

So, what's next, papa bear?

- Just keep going
straight ahead.

- Oh shit!

- Tom!

- Uh, ah, uh,

give me a second.

- Are you all right?

- Uh, yeah, I'm
good, a little banged up,

but, uh, good.

Your car is totally
totaled though.

- You sure you're all right?

- Yeah, I was
wearing my seatbelt.

Freak accident.

- Well, what the hell happened?

- Oh, fuck,
another car came out of nowhere.

I had to swerve to
keep from hitting it.

Hit a lamppost,

knocked the fucker down at
the base like a lumberjack,

it's lying across, blocking
the road like a big old tree.

- The other car?

- Ah, the lamppost
landed on top of it,

crushed it.

- Anybody hurt?

- Um, they appear to
be okay, couple of scratches,

looks to be a
family of some sort,

really young, cousins maybe,

they're over sitting on the
other side of the street

on the curb of the sidewalk.

They're all on their cellphones.

Uh, they look to be tweeting

and updating social
media about it.

They're taking selfies now.

I don't think they
speak English either.

How the hell did they fit so
many of them in one damn car?

Must've been a clown car.

- Well, you gotta
get outta there, man.

- Uh, well, there's
a problem with that.

- What?

- The cop, he's here,

he looks like he's just about

calling the accident
in on his radio.

- Get out of there, man!

- Uh, well,

he's walking right toward me,

and he's got his gun drawn.

- Put your
hands on your head

and interlace your fingers.

- He looks
seriously pissed off.

- Put the phone down.

Put your hands in the air.

- He's telling me
to put down the phone

and put my hands in the air.

- Tom, Tom, you
used to box, right?

- Helluva time
to bring that up now,

okay, but yeah, yeah, I did,
Golden Gloves, undefeated.

- Put your
hands on your head

and interlace your fingers.

- I need you to
punch out the cop.

- You want me to what?

- Punch the cop out!

- Seriously?

- Seriously!

Just lay him out,
can you do that?

- Well, I can
certainly give it a try,

but it's a cop.

- Ah, it's just a person.

How big is he?

- Pretty big.

He's getting close.

- Walk
backwards towards me.

- All right, just be cool

and do what he says until
he gets close enough.

- He's got
his gun drawn on me!

- Just be cool.

- Stop.

- And when he gets close...

You've gone this
far haven't you?

- Okay, okay, it's
cool, it's cool.

- Get on your knees and
keep your hands on your head.

- And knocked the
man out in one shot!

- You did it? He's down?

- The man is down
for the count!

The people across the street
look to be tweeting about it,

I think one of them
might've got it on video,

might be uploading it now.

Uh, but it's okay, I've
still got my ski mask on.

- Do you still
have a full gas can

in the trunk of your
car for emergencies?

- Uh, yes, I do.

Looks to be the only part of
the car that isn't wrecked.

- All right, uh, what
about the jewelry?

You still got the jewelry?

- Yeah, I got the jewels.

- All right, I want
you to douse the wreck

with the gasoline and burn it.

You need to torch
the getaway vehicle.

Then, handcuff the cop
with his own cuffs,

hogtie him, put him in the
back of the police car...

No, no, in the
trunk, in the trunk,

then drive the police car,

switch your ski mask
with the cop's hat,

and get the hell out
of there before, um,

backup comes, okay?

- I am on it!

Come on, baby, come on.

Handcuffed and hogtied.

And we are outta here!

- Yeah, you gotta
kill the siren, Tom.

- Oh, yeah,
right, right.

- All right, now get to
the fence and cash out.

- Uh, this fence,
do you trust him?

- Implicitly, he can
buy and sell anything.

- Really?

Do you think he can
fence this police car?

- Maybe so, I
don't know why not.

- Uh, what about the
pig hogtied in the back?

- Strip him naked,

leave him handcuffed, face-down,
in an alley somewhere.

Odds are he's gonna
be so embarrassed

that he's not gonna say
anything or file a report.

- Done and done, Anthony.

- Thank you, Tom, thank you.

Mr. Peterson?

- Yeah?

- Your
time is nearly up.

- I got it, I got the money,

now you just tell me when,

I will text you my account
and all the information.

- You send it
to me now, Mr. Peterson.

- No, I need to speak
to my wife first.

- This just in,

statistics show the threat
- Anthony, please help me.

- of the
kidnapping of wealthy families

is at an all-time high.

- Oh, sweet baby girl,
it's gonna be okay.

I swear to you,
it'll be over soon.

- Now, Mr. Peterson.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Well done.

Now there's just one more thing,

I'm still going to
kill you and your wife.

- What?

- You heard me.

- Why? I did everything
you asked for!

You got the money,


- It is all there,

and you did do
everything I asked.

- Well, then why
are you doing this?

- Because you're
a bad man, Mr. Peterson.

- Look, just let her
go, please let her go!

I don't care what
you to do to me,

just please let her go!

- Would it hurt
you more than anything else

in the world to see
anything happen to her?

- Yes, yes!

- Well, that's
reason enough there.

Make it hurt!

- Ah, ah!


Stop it!


No, don't! Please!

Oh, Jesus, you dirty
fucking motherfucker!

Ah, you cocksucker!

- And Mr. Peterson,
I've got plans for you.

You don't get the easy
way out, Mr. Peterson.

You're going to die
slowly and alone,

all alone in the dark.

I'm pulling the plug
on you, Mr. Peterson.

Over and out.

- Hello.

- Anthony?

- Oh, Sully, you're not real.

- I'm as
real as you make me.

I just wanted to
call and say goodbye.

You know, you are right where
I thought you always belonged,

alone in the dark, dying,
no one coming to save you,

sealed in your own
perfect little tomb.

Peaceful, isn't it?

You're halfway there, Anthony.

- Where?

- You're almost
lying down, now just die!

- Merc.

- Yes?

- Merc?

- Anthony?

Sweet baby Jesus, man,
what's it been, years?

- Merc, I need your help.

- Sure, man,
anything you need, amigo.

- I have been kidnapped, Merc.

I have been kidnapped
and held for ransom.

They snatched Susan too,

they said they were
going to kill us both.

I paid them $10 million and
they still killed Susan!

And they have left
me here to die,

I am in a metal cargo container,

somewhere, I don't know where.

- Why the hell didn't
you call me first, man?

- They were listening,

they said that if
I called anyone

that wasn't related
to the ransom,

they would kill us both,

and they have been
torturing me, man!

They electrocuted me,

they got this whole place hooked
up like a torture chamber.

- Do you know if
they're listening now?

- I don't know,
I don't think so,

they said they're
gonna pull the plug.

- Do you have
any idea where you are?

- No, no, no, inside I think.

I mean, I don't hear any
weather or anything like that.

I don't know where these
people are that put me in here.

They said they're
controlling this remotely.

They could be just
on the outside

of this container
for all I know.

- Is there anything on
the inside of the container

that you might have missed?

A serial number, a
shipping line, anything?

- No, nada, nada, I've checked
this fucker out, believe me.

- Was there anything that

the kidnappers might've
said to tip you off?

Background noise, anything?

- I've only talked to one guy,

very serious, no accent,
probably American.

- So they lock you in
there with just your cellphone,

any clues there?

- Yeah, it's just a
nondescript cellphone.

The numbers are blocked and,
you know, I don't know what...

I think I'm out of
power here almost.

- So, kidnapper,
not foreign, indoors,

possibly in a place that is
soundproof or just deserted,

and, taking a wild guess here,

most likely somewhere
in North America.

That about narrows it down.

Are you sure you didn't
hear anything else?

- Well...


when they brought Susan
over to talk to me,

before they killed her,

I think I heard a TV,

or a radio, some
kind of a broadcast,

they must've forgot
and left it on,

and, Merc, I think I heard the
announcer say the station ID.

- What was it?

- Uh...


- That's local,
not nationwide, isn't it?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- That's the
Hollywood Hills.

Hollywood Hills, Santa
Monica mountains,

checking satellite now,

plus I'm putting feelers
out on the street

to see if there's anything...
any suspicious activity.

Back at you, Anthony.

- You motherfuckers.


- This is Merc, I think
we may have found your boys.

They're mountainside,
like we suspected,

held up in a veritable fortress,

secluded, way off
the beaten path.

They look organized
and well-armed.

I'm not gonna lie, there looks
to be a small army there.

Now, I can have a team
assembled in no time.

Tell me what you want us to do.

- Payback.

- We're nearly there,

we've got 12 men, four vehicles,

no other vehicles on the road.

Snipers are in place
to take out the guards,

multiple tangos, there
was a lot of 'em,

your call, maim or kill?

- Kill 'em, kill 'em!

No survivors, go for the
head shots, no survivors!

- I'm about to crash
the front gates, hang on!

We're pinned down!

Jesus, we fucked up
not anticipating!

Use the mini-gun, move, now!

Escort me to the
main compound, now!


We got enemy combatants

throwing down their
weapons, surrendering.

- Waste 'em!

Waste 'em!

Make 'em bleed!

- Jesus, we got more
of 'em coming from upstairs!

- Kill, kill, kill!

Merc, Merc, Merc?

- I'm okay, took
three to the chest, fuck!

Headed to the top floor now.

- You gonna make it?

- Yeah, I'm all right,

cracked a couple of
ribs, that's all.

I took all three to the vest.

- Merc, the ringleader,
I want that man alive!

- Roger that.

Headed down a long hallway now.

There's an armored double
door at the end.

Holloway, use the
grenade launcher,

nuke that mother!

All right, we're in.

Jesus, Anthony,

oh Jesus.

We found your wife.

Jesus, they... God,
they... they cut her open,

chainsaw, it looks like.


I'm so sorry.

Don't move,
motherfucker, don't move!

On your knees, get down now!

Now you watch that motherfucker,

if he moves, you smoke him!


I think we found your
host for the evening.

- I'll double your...



- Merc?

- Yeah?

- Soften him up just a
little bit, make him bleed.

How does he sound now?

Hey, Merc, did you bring the ax?

- You know it.

- No, no, please!

- You know something,
you were right,

I was setting an example,




with Anthony Peterson.

Merc, give him the old

red queen special.


- Yeah?

- Do me one favor,

before you leave,

take the motherfucker's head
outside and stick it on a pike.

- Just
like South America?

- Yeah.


- Anthony,
we got your locale,

you're in an abandoned warehouse
out in Los Angeles Harbor,

Pier X, we can be there ASAP.

- The money?

- Every dollar
back, my friend.

You're covered.

- All right,

take your share plus
a half a million,

add that on to it.

- Mr. Generosity.

- Yeah, give the
rest to my children.

- Done.

Now just kick back, relax,

we're gonna have you
out of there in no time.

- Uh, now listen, Merc, I need
you to make yourself scarce.

- Why, what's up?

- Well,

I'm calling the police,
I'm confessing everything.

- You what? Are you
out of your fucking mind?

- I'm going state's evidence
on everybody, including you.

- You what?

Anthony, just calm down, okay?

You're not thinking straight.

- No, I made up my mind.

- Well, why the hell
are you even telling me this?

- Because we are friends,

and I wanna give you a heads up

so you can get the
hell out of there.

- To what? To get lost,
to get out of the country?

Anthony, why the fuck
are you doing this?

- 'Cause I'm a bad
guy, and so are you.

I don't have anything else
left out there at all.

- Anthony,

you know what I'm gonna
have to do if you do this.

- Goodbye.

Thank you, Merc.

I gotta make some calls,
I'll see you around.

- Yeah, well, not if
I get there first, asshole.


- This is Anthony Peterson,

I have been kidnapped
and held for ransom.

My wife, Susan, has been
murdered by my abductors.

I hired a group of mercenaries

to eliminate them and
they are all dead,

you're going to find them
in an abandoned compound

in the mountains
outside the city.

I hired these same mercenaries
to murder a group of people

in South America over
a bad business deal.

I'm being held in a
metal cargo container

in an abandoned warehouse in
Los Angeles Harbor, Pier X.

You better

send somebody to
come and arrest me.

- Whoa, what?

- Yeah?

- Anthony?

- Sully.

- Atta-boy.

- I am not your boy!