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In 2270, Earth is completely depleted and no one lives there anymore. Those that have money move to Rhea; but most of the population lives in orbit in space stations. Dr. Laura Portmann decides to work in the cargo ship Kassandra in an eight year travel to Station 42 that is in orbit of RH278 to raise money to meet her sister Arianne in Rhea. They keep in touch with each other, but their messages take three years to reach the other. Laura joins Captain Pierre Lacroix and his crew composed by the First Officer Anna Lindbergh; Communication Officer Miyuki Yoshida and Igor Prokoff and Claudio Vespucci. The Sky Marshall Samuel Decker joins the team since the terrorist group Luddites, led by Klaus Bruckner, is bombing the stations. Lacroix organizes shifts of eight and half months for each crew-member while the others rest in cryogenic sleep. Three years and eight months later, Laura finds that there is apparently a stowaway in the cargo compartments and Decker and Lacroix are awakened to investigate the incident with her; however, Lacroix has an accident and dies and the crew is woken up. Further, she finds that Arianne's transmission to her took only twenty minutes. What might be the secret of the cargo transported by Kassandra and where the spaceship is going?

You were right. Earth won't make it.

Even the last ones who escaped earth arrived.

But there is no more place in here either.

The epidemics are spreading faster.

I'm not able to keep up.

The people are dying in my arms.

I applied as a doctor on a cargo ship.

Four years until we are there and 4 years back.

I'll spend most of the time in hibernation.

This single flight...

... and I'll have enough money to ...

... go to Rhea.

Then we'll finally be together again.

Did you hear my dear sister? I have to go.

I want to get to Rhea.

And finally see you and the kids again.

Dr. Laura Portmann?

Anna Lindbergh, first officer.

Welcome aboard.

Everybody listen.

Miyuki Yoshida, system administrator.

This loudmouth here is Vespucci.

Thankfully Prokoff isn't talking that much.

Dr. Portmann.

Station 42 will be upgraded to a transport hub.

It's in the Orth's Cloud, half way to Proxima ...

... and is in a stable orbit around RH278.

The autopilot is activated.

Because of all the recent terror attacks ...

... the temporary government ordered to have ...

... a sky marshal on every ship.

Damn snitches.

It is said, that the "Maschinen Stuermer" are ...

... preparing for major sabotage acts.

This ship is already decaying, no one would sabotage anything.

Lt. Samuel Decker. Space Security Agency.

We will seal the cargo compartment in 30 minutes.

If you want to get to know someone, better do it now.

At 0200 the engines will started.

At 0230 we will meet at the cryo chambers.

Have a good company.

According to resolution 278 of the RBS ...

... from now on there will be sky marshals even on cargo flights.

Just accept me as a part of the crew.

"This is an informational broadcast of the TSA."

"The threat of terror attacks has never been as present since the great collapse."

"Klaus Bruckner is still on the run after his latest terror attack."

"This man is responsible for the latest bombings ...

"... on the stations 20, 23 and 24."

"While he is claiming responsibility for the current attacks, ..."

"... he keeps on propagating the messages of the "Maschinen Stuermer"."

"We are living in machines."

"What are we producing? Machines."

"Our enemy is the TSA."

"There will be no peace as long as technology is ruling us."

"Down with the machines!"

"Down with the stations!"

"Because of the latest events, the TSA ordered, ..."

"... to ensure the safety of ship and crew, ..."

"... each flight to be accompanied by a security officer."

"Support the sky marshal on his duty and ..."

Listen everybody, this will be the order of shifts.

Each shift will take 8 and a half months.

I'll take the first.

Then Lindbergh...

... Yoshida ...

... Vespucci ...

... Prokoff ...

... Portmann.

At the end to deploy the cargo, Lindbergh again.

And if someone should face any problems, ...

... feel free to knock on Deckers tank.

"Dear Laura,"

"I'm sending you some sunshine from Rhea."

"I haven't had you in my arms for such a long time ..."

"It's not good that you are doing cargo flights."

"We are worried."

"People are telling each other that the "Maschinen Stuermer" ..."

"... are becoming more and more aggressive."

"But what do you expect us to believe from four year's old information?"

"I don't even want to think about what could have happened in the mean time."

"I really hope that you are doing well."

"Please stay in touch."

"See you soon."

"I miss you."

Dear Arianne,

I miss you too.

It is so unbelievable cold in here, you couldn't imagine.

I'll show you some pics of the mess I got myself into.

Well... Just two months left till the end of my shift.

We are four light years away from earth.

And are transporting material to build a station,

so that one day, we will be able to fly to Proxima.

It has been said that there are inhabitable planets too.

I really want to be with you.

Please don't worry,

I'm doing fine.

See you soon.

What are you doing here?

Someone opened the cargo compartment.

I was automatically woken up.

Why did you open up the gate?

You know that it is strictly forbidden to enter the cargo compartment.

Something is inside the port.

That's impossible.

Something is behind the port.

We have to wake the crew now.

No, the hibernation phases must be kept intact.

But why don't you show it to me?

The rules say, that under exceptional circumstances ...

... we have to wake up the captain.

It seems as if Dr. Portmann isn't able to handle loneliness very well.

I'm sorry that we've awakened you.

Let's just hope that you are sure.

The suits have been thrown around because of the over pressure.

The compartment was open for several times throughout your shift.

I hope for you that this was just a technical failure.

Let's go.

The cargo compartment is split up into 9 sectors.

You take A to C.

You take D to F.

And I'll take the rest.

Shouldn't we stay together?

I don't want to stay overnight.

We'll stay in contact...

The containers are all locked.

That is correct, you should know that Decker.

Didn't find anything suspicious 'till now.

Except that we are not fully loaded. Answer.

Me neither.

Roger. Keep searching. Over.

Lacroix, here Laura.





"What happened?"

I think Lacroix has fallen down.

"What? Where are you?"

In sector E4-20.

I'm going down to sector G.

"I'm coming!"


Do you hear me?

Lacroix, do you hear me?

Is he alive?

We must get him out of the cold now!

The gate!

According to the regulations, I'll be in command of the ship.

Prokoff, Vespucci fix the gate.

The cargo compartment must be sealed as soon as possible.

Yoshida, you'll verify all entrys in the main computer ...

... and check for suspicious activities.

And you will examine Lacroixs corpse.

I want the exact cause of death.

Start recording.

Multiple spline fracture.

Craniocerebral injury.

Supposedly caused by a fall from a severe height.

Time of Death: Some minutes after the impact.

I thought that we were just transporting construction materials.

That's what I was thinking too.

Whats wrong with the gate?

The fuck is. Everything is stuck and the gears seem to be broken too.

It must have been here.


I have Lacroix's batch.

A child.

It's a child!

All containers are full of humans.

"Vespucci, Prokoff."


"Please come to sector F7-21."

Why the heck do we transport humans to Station 42?


Thats really ...


Get moving!

Go go go!



What's going on in here?

The containers are full of humans.

The cargo is the shipping companies business.

Lacroix was murdered.

Lacroix opened the door and because of the ...

... containers over pressure he had been pushed in to the abyss.

Someone set the containers in motion and we got almost killed.

The containers are moving automatically, to prevent freezing.

That's the reason why it's forbidden to be in the cargo compartment.

Somebody is on board of the ship.

He killed Lacroix and almost us too.

Did you know that there were humans in the containers?

This tank will be returned immediately.

This is a human!

As a doctor, I am responsible for the people on board.

And I will examine this girl now.

Exactly what I was thinking.

And furthermore I am authorized to inspect any incident on this ship.

The containers with the tanks may have something to do with Lacroix's death.

Then do your duty.

But you can be sure that I will report this incident.

Inspecting tank. Starting record.

No usable scans from the abdomen retrievable.

Switching to high frequency.

HF scans in the head area possible.

The girl shows some minor brain activity.

I assume a coma caused by hibernation.

Stopping record.

Did you find something?

It will take some time to have precise results.

May I help?

Yes, maybe.

The tank is blocking the scanner and it's secured with an electronic lock.

Did you find something?

I need anything you can find on Decker.

Something is wrong with him. He should be on our side.


Because of an asymetric RSA encryption.

Could take some time.

What do you know about Station 42?

En uninhabited station.

Is officially being upgraded to a transport hub for ships heading to Proxima.

And inofficially?

Why did you enlist for this mission?

I need money, that's it.

You want to go to Rhea.



My sister lives on Rhea.

She won the visa to Rhea seven years ago.

She is living our dream.

Probably the automatic sorting again.

And if there is really something on board?

Fuck it. Let's just try to fix this mess asap.

Starting record.

The girls brain is marbled with an anorganic tissue.

Entry of the tissue into the body.

Cervical C4, neck spline.

Looks like ingrowth.

Or pitted.

A VR connector.

Appearantly a perfected one.

I've never seen something like this.

We could connect her to an external system.

That's too dangerous.

That could lead to irreperable neural damages.

That's the only way to get more information about the access.

Under no circumstances.

I will not risk this kids life.


For now, keep this examinations results between us.


Hi Hanna.

So much stuff is going on in here ...

... that I would like to share with you.

Why are we that far away from each other?

And it takes ages for the messages to arrive.

I just don't understand what's happening on board anymore.

We found a girl in the cargo compartement.

I'm trying to help her.

We'll see each other soon.

And then I'll tell you everything.

I was so delighted to receive your message!

It's so good to hear your voice and know that you are alive.

You found a girl?

I don't get it.

I would like to talk to you in person.

Why is it taking so long for our messages to arrive.

Laura listen.

We don't want you to do any more cargo flights.

Come directly to Rhea.

You could stay with us for a while.

We will prepare a room for you and...

I'm anticipating your arrival.

Soon you'll be with us.

I don't get what's happening here.

How is it possible that my sister answers this fast?

Why do you have knowledge about neuronal accesses?

Why shouldn't I tell anybody about the examination?

What do you know about the people in the tanks?

Who the hell are you?

Everybody report to the bridge asap.

Yoshida scanned all log entries and compared them with the backup.

She discovered that a crew member manipulated the log files of the cryo chambers.

Why didn't you tell us that you have been awakened on a regular basis?

It's part of my duties to check the ship periodically.

So you are not denying that you left the cryo chambers without our knowledge.

No, that is correct.

Where have you been when Lacroix died?

I knew it! Damn Snitch!

I was in sector F5-17.

And you can't demand an account for the work I am doing for RBS.

Arrest him.

Put your weapon away!

I have immunity. You know that.

Not if you are suspected of murder.

Put your weapon away!

I might have believed you if you hadn't resited.

Vespucci how much more time do you need with the gate?

48 hours.

Dr. Portmann return that tank to the cargo compartment asap.

That's impossible. I gave the patient a drug that regresses the filaments.

She is not stable. She can't be returned.

That's none of my business!

I want that tank returned before the gate is fixed.

This is an order!

Do you understand?

Get him to the cryo chambers.

He must go to the medical station first.

I must treat his wounds or the blood will contaminate the cooling fluid.

You are doing your job well.

Did you receive another message from your sister?

Vespucci, medical station please.


Laura wait!

We are not flying to Station 42.

Where are we heading then?

To Rhea.

Could you do me a favour?

Would you please take a look if we are really heading for Station 42?


I was on the bridge and locked into the system.

The target coordinates of our flight are well protected, but ...

... I can tell you for certain that we are not heading for Station 42.

And it's definite too that ...

... nobody would've been able to change the coordinates while the journey.

Because you can only set them before the departure.

I'm trying to spot where else we might fly to.

But that means that Decker wasn't even able to change the coordinates.

How long does it take a message to arrive at Rhea?

Probably half an eternity. As always.

Several years?

My sister answered me within 20 minutes.

If that's true, then Lindbergh lied to us.

Only she has the logins for the target coordinates.

Decker told me that we are flying to Rhea.

Hey hey hey, look who's here!

The gate has been fixed.

And that's why Prokoff and I are throwing a little party in the squad rooms.

I don't have any time. Got work to do.

And what's with our little party?

Thanks for your help!

But you are coming, right?

We heated the room just for this event.

You won't stay that long too, right?

The last doctor left afterwards for Rhea.

Our lot will never be able to afford that.

Doesn't even taste that shitty!

Probably the radiator.

What are you doing?

The party isn't over yet.

I'll bring Yoshida some tea too.

Ok... but hurry.

And make sure Lindbergh doesn't notice anything.

She'd ruin our party.

Don't worry, I'll be right back.


That son of a bitch is gone.

If I get my hands on him...

He was woken up manually.

Someone must have let him out.

So we have a stowaway on board after all.


We'll search the whole ship.

You go with Portmann.

I'll go with Prokoff.

We'll start on the main section.

I'll lock all cargo bay access.

If we don't find anything, we'll check out the rest.

Sick bay is clear.

What's your situation?

Nothing so far.

We're at the sluice.

There's something below us.

Let's check out the lower deck.

Looks like we have him.

He must be in this duct.

Ok... you go in here.

I'll come from the other side.

We'll kick his ass.

Once he notices that I'm front of him, he'll have to turn around.

When you see him, you shoot.

Boom, over and done.

That bastard...he killed Yoshida and Lacroix.

Don't forget that.


Everythings grows again like it used to.

We've been lied to from the very beginning.

These plants here...

they're edible.

The greenhouses keep out the acid rain.

We purify our own water in underground tanks.

We're completely independent from the system.

And we continue to grow stronger.

More people join us every day.



Thank god, you're alive.

Calm down.

Where the hell were you?

We have everything under control.

We got him.

Did you shoot?

Who is that?


What was your plan?

No point in playing the hero.

Bruckner is dead.

Who are you trying to protect? a simulation, a lie.

The people in the tanks...


Their brains are beeing used as neural units to create the simulation.

We talk to the people on Rhea all the time.

Kuiper is lying to all of humanity.

Everything is covered up.

Get him out of here.

If people knew that parts of earth are habitable again...

the whole system would break down.

You killed him, didn't you?

He went nuts.

He killed Lacroix.

And Yoshida?

Move it.

How's your little patient?


I think we can move her back into the cargo hold.


Prokoff and Vespucci will give you a hand.

Then we can finally close the cargo hold and...

you'll go into crysleep.

I will handle your shift.

So.. you know about Rhea...

The simulation is only temporary...

The colonization of Rhea was a failure from the get-go.

Our changes to the planet's ecosystem caused unforeseen consequences.

We will find another planet.

And we won't repeat the mistakes we made on Rhea.

But until then...

people need something to keep them alive.

And that thing is hope.

What happens to those who find out they're living in a simulation?

The simulation is perfect...

I was in there myself.

It's impossible for anyone to notice anything.

Why are you doing all this?

You just don't get it.

Soon we'll be on Rhea.

But you and your.. saboteur.. won't make it there alive.

Noone will care about the death of the ones who murdered the captain.

Did you know that we were going to Rhea?

But... Rhea is a simulation...

Who cares?

Better than staying on this piece of junk.

What about all my plants?

You idiot, there will be more plants than you ever dreamed of.

On Rhea, there is everything.


I couldn't tell you the truth.

Laura.. there's many reasons not to trust me...

But we are the only ones who can finish this mission.

Will you help me?

Will you help me get my sister out of there?

We need two people to do this.

It's impossible to enter the simulation on your own.

We'll dock at Station 42 according to plan.

We can delay the cargo unload procedure by 30 minutes.

The Kassandra will then unload automatically.

Laura and me will be flying to the station.

And log into the system right here.

How's that going to work?

The hardware used for connecting is here, in the connection modules.

I will connect Laura to the simulation here on the main module.

Once she's in, she will send a message to Earth.

Meanwhile, I'll go look for her sister's tank.

When we're done, we'll blow up the transponder of the main antenna.

The station itself stays fully operational.

That means...

Everyone will keep living in the simulation.

But they won't be able to send any more messages.

Laura's message..

will be the last.

I hope people back home will believe us.

Is the Earth really habitable again?

We had 3 expeditions.

Nature is rampant.

She's talking everything back.

Whole cities are grown over up to the second floor.

I'll bring Ariane back to Earth.

There's millions of tanks, Laura..

Even if we do find her....

I don't know in what condition she'll be in.

She was in the simulation for a long time.

We have to try.

I want to show her the Earth...

Has this interface been used before?

No, it's a prototype.

It works like a neural connection for the simulation.

Don't be scared.

27 minutes.

Don't you think we should...


I'm doing this for you, and me. For both of us!

As if I'll let this pass us by.

We'll throw some guys out of their tanks and go in ourselves.

Once the ship is unloaded, we'll be on Rhea!

God damnit....


Do you hear me?

I have Lindbergh's card.

Reprogram the unload timer to 10 minutes, got it?

Otherwise those 2 will make it back....

and the containers won't be unloaded....

and we won't be on Rhea, got it?

We have to hurry.. let's meet in the cargo hold, ok?

Decker? Can you hear me?

I have problems with my fuel cell.

The cell is... *garbage*


...under no

Rhea here we come!


..found nothing...

...coming anyway...

I don't think that's a good ide.....

..where you are...

I'm trying to find Ariane's tank.

Laura... copy..?

Decker, can you hear me?


I can't control my thrusters anymore!

I'm drifting off!

Decker! Where are you?!

Decker..where are you?

I see you.

I found Ariane's tank...


I'm sorry.

I want to see her.

Set the module to my sister's simulation.

I'll send the message from there.

The Kassandra.

Prokoff and Vespucci...

Those idiots.

That means we have 7 minutes at the most...

then I'll get you out manually.


Look how beatiful we have it here....

Finally you can actually see it.


And your room is almost ready too!

You look beatiful.

Come in.

I'll show you everything.

Kids, look who's here!

Laura are you crying?

Ariane, I have to go for a minute.

What's wrong?

I love you, Ariane.

Laura, where are you going?

My name is Laura Portmann.

This is the last message from Rhea.

Rhea is not paradise.

Rhea is a simulation.

We will bring you proof.

We were all betrayed.

Everything about Rhea is a lie.

We don't need Rhea.

However, we still have Earth.

Earth is habitable again.

Nobody will ever have contact with Rhea again.

We're destroying the antennas now.

Do you hear me?


Good, we must hurry.

The Kassandra could launch anytime now...

and you have to go back on your own.

On my own?


I'm not leaving without you.

You have to.

We won't make it far with just one jetpack.

I gave you my fuel cell.

It has enough fuel to get you to the Kassandra.

I'm not leaving without you.

Go back to the girl.

She's our only proof.


I can't!

You can.


I love you.

Where is the girl!?

Noone will be able to send messages from Rhea now.

My name is Laura Portmann.

This is the last message from Rhea.

Rhea is not paradise.

Rhea is a simulation.

We will bring you proof.

We were all betrayed.

We don't need Rhea.

However, we still have have Earth.

Earth is habitable again.

Nobody will ever have contact with Rhea again.

We're destroying the antennas now.

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