Cargo (2011) - full transcript

A young Russian woman, smuggled into America by human traffickers, and a notorious Egyptian transporter, hired to drive her from the Mexican border to New York City, form an unlikely bond that transforms them and threatens to derail the traffickers' plans.


I need you to write out
an emergency number

for a relative
or someone.

I don't expect anything
to go wrong,

but we're crossing the border,
after all.

In case something
does go wrong,

I'm sure there's someone
you'd like me to contact.

I guess my mother.

Please, write her name
and number.

[Woman speaking in Spanish
over radio]

Uh, can I see your passport?

Yeah, I need to make sure you're
really who you say you are.

All right. I'll keep this
till we get to the US side.

Safer that way.


Please get in the van.

Who are these guys?

They're from
the agency.

Come on.

I thought you wanted me to stay
in this parking lot forever.

Fucking living here.

Sorry, Lukasz,
it's out of my control.

Thank God it's out
of your control.

If it were up to you, we'd all
be permanent fucking residents.

You don't think I have
anything better to do tonight?

You got five
premium-quality girls here.

All models
and actresses.

I don't need
five girls.

I only need two.

This kind of stock does not
come around every day.

Now, I was sure
when you saw these girls...

- I need two.
- Lukasz, they're already here.

I'm sure we can
make a deal.


Now I have to deal
with it.

Now it's my problem
they're already here.

[Speaking in foreign language]

You know the one in the middle,
she really looks like a horse.

She doesn't look
like a horse.

She totally looks like a horse.
Look at her.

Just watch her.

Neigh, neigh!

- Shh!
- Neigh!


I want all five in Houston
by tomorrow morning, all right?

[Speaking in foreign language]

All right, girls.

Everything's going
according to plan.

They really like
all of you,

and they're offering you
a very good contract.

I'm... I'm sorry.

When... When will I get
my passport back?

Oh, you forget about
your passport.

I told you you'd get it
when we crossed the border.

Now, before we move

we need to sign
some documents.

It's just a formality. We need
everything to be official.

It's America, after all.

They're waiting for you
in the office. Come on.


[Muffled screaming]

What do we got here?

An unbroken horse, huh?

Joey, you notice all my jokes
today are about horses.

You think I'm becoming
too predictable, huh?

[Bell clanging distantly]

[Singing in foreign language]

[Speaking in foreign language]




[Door closing]

All good?



[Door opening]

[Door closing]

[Latch clicking]


Okay, these two.
Keep them here for now.

This one needs to be in
San Francisco by next week.

I have a buyer already.

This one goes to Brooklyn,
to Tsahi.

I need you there
by Wednesday night.

That's the driver?

Sayed. Good guy.

Been doing this for years.

Looks like a fucking
mujahideen or something.


No, no.
Sayed good guy.

What about the vehicle?

Good truck.
Jersey license plates.

Clear records. Fully equipped.

She's safer with him
than in federal custody.

[Door opening]

MAN 1:

MAN 2:


[Moaning and crying]



[Screaming continuous]




Listen to me.
I need to tell you something.

- You have no right!
- Shut her up.

You need to be a good girl

and behave yourself
while you travel.

Do you want to be
a bad girl and cause trouble?

We will have to punish them
for it.

Back home,
you understand?

Watch out. She's going
to bite your hand off.


[Muffled screaming]

I love Russian sluts.

Oh, you try to kick me.


You must be very angry.

Is it because
I turn you on, huh?

If you want me so bad,
just tell me, huh?

If you want her in New York
in two days...

we must go now.

You're right.

You should go.

But you'd better
be there on time.

Because I'll be waiting.

[Wailing and screaming]

[Speaking in foreign

[Engine starting]


[Van revving]

Something coming up next

that has to do
with your health.

This is a very

[Radio dial changing]

John, you love your wife a lot?

All right, I think
it's time to hear

your wife's
secret confession.

[Radio dial changing]


[Shouting in foreign language]

[Turns up radio]

[Shouting and kicking]

[Radio music muffled]

♪ Way down where the cane
grows tall ♪

♪ Down, say "Y'all"

♪ Walk on in
with that Southern drawl ♪

♪ 'Cause that's what I like
about the South ♪

♪ There's a place down there
called Do-Wah-Diddy ♪

♪ It ain't no town,
it ain't no city ♪

♪ Me, oh my,
it sure is pretty ♪

♪ That's Do-Wah-Diddy

[Bell clanging]




I need to use the toilet.

Speak English?

Hey, you do anything stupid,

you will sit in your own shit
for the rest of the trip.



Hey, hey, hey.

You don't close the door.

I need the toilet.

Do it like this.

No one here.

I look away.




Help! Help!



[Wailing and screaming]

[Shouting in foreign

[Speaking in foreign language]


I pity you
and you hit me?

I pity you and you hit me?
I pity you, you hit me?

Up. How could you
hit me?

Now, you want to play game,

Good. Let's play game.

Let's play game.

You ask for it!

Let's play game.


Come on, come on.

Come on. Okay.

Let's play game.


[Breathing heavily]










[Banging persisting]

[Muttering in foreign

[Shouting in foreign



[Urine trickling]


[Natasha shouting
in foreign language]

[Banging on door]

[Natasha crying]

[Shouting and banging

[Natasha sobbing]

[Loud banging]

[Loud banging persisting]

[Loud banging]

[Glass shattering]

[Speaking in foreign language]

[Both shouting
in foreign language]

Okay, you want
to play game.


[Speaking in foreign

Ah! Oh!

[Shrieking in foreign

[Both shouting
in foreign language]

[Breathing heavily]


[Engine starting]


[Speaking in foreign

[Engine starting]

My name is Natasha.
What's your name?

Stop looking at me.

What should I look at?


Why do you do this?

It's my job.

They have a lot
of girls.

They rape them.

I don't want to know
nothing about it.

It's between you
and them.


I'm just a driver.

I hope they pay you
a lot of money to do this.

Keep talking.

I'm going to tape your mouth
and shut you up.

[Praying in foreign

I wish I knew
how to pray.

Why do you wear
the cross?

My grandma gave it to me,

and I think
it's pretty.

But I don't really
believe in God.

[Speaking in foreign

[Engine starting]

This guy came to the place

where I worked.

He gave me a big tip

and said that he works for
a modelling agency in New York.

He said that he was
a scout

looking for girls
for the agency

He said that it's impossible
to get me a US visa

while I'm in Russia.

But if I paid him

and bought a ticket
to Mexico,

he would arrange
everything else.

Move me across the border
to America.

And once I'm in America,

the agency would make me
a green card.

And I believed him.

I always knew that I would
go to America.

Where all the stars are.

Want to be
a star myself.

And all the people
from my town

would see me on TV.

They would see that I'm rich
and I'm happy.

And they would say,

"Wow, this is Natasha
from Irkutsk."

I didn't think
it would be like this.

Hey, honey.
What can I get for you?

Two pizza.

- You want two plain slices, then?
- Yes, ma'am.

All right.
Two cheese to go.

It'll be just a minute.


I can't eat like this.

I'm not going to fight you
again, I promise.

You do something
I don't like,

you will regret it.



[Cows lowing]

How long have you
been here for?

Long time.

You have a wife?


You have kids?



Four sons.

My girl is the oldest.

She's 26.

I'm 24.

Are they here?


Port Said. Do you know
where is it?


The same as America now.


American doesn't know nothing
about nothing.

If you don't like it
here so much,

why don't you go back
to your family?

You ask too many

I'll pay you a lot of money
if you let me go.

I have friends in Russia.

Very rich people.

I can get a lot
of money.

It's not about the money.

Of course
it's about money.

I told you,
it's not about the money.

What is it about, then?

You gave them your word
and you can't break it

because you're a man
of honour?

Or you sign a contract
with them?

Yes, a contract.

The kind of contract
you do not break.

What, are you
sacred of them?

I'm not scared
of no one.

But you should be.

You don't know
these guys.

If they told you they're going
to hurt your family, they will.


[Praying in foreign




[Speaking in foreign language]

[Van door closing]

[Engine starting]

Yeah, you're tuned into

Kill Ugly Radio
on 90.3 Rock,

UT's college of rock
here in Knoxville, Tennessee.

And it's a nice,
quiet night out there tonight,

would you say,

I would say,

and I think that song
is awesome.

I love the Rolling Stones.

Were you saying something
about, like,

how it was recorded
in France or something?

Yeah, I think it was recorded
in Keith Richards' basement.




[Phone line ringing]

The number you are calling
is not in service...

Please help me.
I'm at the gas station.

Please. Please help me.

I need help.

Please help me!
I'm at the gas station!

Please! Please!

[Sayed shouting
in foreign language]

Please help!
I'm at the gas station!

Who did you call?

Who did you call?!
Did you call the police?

Nobody's coming for you,
you piece of shit,

because you don't exist
in this country.


[Shouting in foreign



I'm going to kill you.

No, you're not.

You don't own me.

You're just a driver.


[Speaking in foreign language]

[Breathing heavily]

How many girls have you
transported like this?

You just do
what they pay you to do?

If they pay you to drive,
you drive?

- They pay you to kill, you kill?
- Shut up.

I don't like doing this.

I have no choice.

Of course you have a choice.
There is always a choice.

My oldest son is sick.

He needs an operation.

What's wrong with him?

His kidney's no good.

He needs
a lot of money.

But he can't wait.

Does your wife and son know
how you make this money?

What if it was your wife
who got kidnapped like me?

Don't ever talk
about my wife.

My wife will not
be kidnapped like you.

Because right now,

my wife is standing
in the kitchen by the stove.

My wife will not
be sleeping around

or dance
in a strip bar naked.

That's why my wife in Egypt
and you are here.

I'm not a prostitute.

I was a waitress.

And I didn't do
anything wrong.

You didn't do
anything wrong?

Didn't you pay some people money
to drive you over the border?

Did you or did you not?

Take me to the police.

Let them deal with me.

Who gave you the right
to keep me in this van?

Who gave you the right
to tie me to this seat?

Let me go now!
Let me go! Let me go!

Stop it!

Stop it.

If you do this again,
I will tie you up,

throw you in the back.

You sit here quietly
until we get to New York.

You are despicable,
that's what you are.

If they're going
to rape me,

I'm going
to kill myself.

And you'll become
a murderer.

You think you're just
a driver.

You're a murderer.

You're just like
all Arabs.

You're a terrorist.


[Tires screeching]




[Sayed groaning]



Fuck you.




Where's my passport?


Oh, in bag.

In my bag.


[Whimpering and groaning]


[Zipper rasping]

You can't hide
from them.

Don't worry about me.

You know my son...

he's dead.

He died years ago.

He needed a new kidney.

I was saving...

as fast as I could.

It wasn't fast enough.

I couldn't even
go to Egypt and bury him.

I don't understand.

My wife.

She blamed me
for my son's death.

So she told everybody
at home

that I was damned.

A woman would rather
become a widow...

than have a husband
she's ashamed of.

Well, you know what?

I was not a waitress
at the coffee shop.

I was dancing
at the strip club.

I was a stripper.

I'm just a dirty whore,

like you said.

I have to clean this.

[Muffled screaming]

I'm sorry.



[Sighing and panting]

You tumble over?

Anybody call the police?

I need to get her
to a hospital.

Okay, I got her,
I got her.

Don't worry about it,

I'll get her first,
then I'll help you up.


- Thank you, man.
- Yeah.


You guys are a mess.

Okay. All right.

Just hang on

Get you in here.




[Children chattering]

Get it!

BOY 1:

BOY 2:
A lollipop!

[Children laughing]

I got it!

[All chattering]

BOY 2:
Lollipops! Cool.

[Truck door closing]

[Engine starting]

[Car horn honking]

I didn't see those...


[Train rumbling overhead]

[Dance music blaring]

In the closet.[All laughing]

In the closet.


What the fuck
happened to you?

She fucking rape you
or something?


The load is here.

Oh, the load is here.

Where is it?

I cannot see it.

In the car.

I had to drug her and...

I like the sound of her

Where is the car?

My money first.


No worries.

It's all here.


I want to see
the girl first.

Drive the car around the back
and I'll meet you there.



[Door opening
and closing]

Is she fucking alive?

She's sleeping.

My money.


Money, money, money,

I want to buy the girl.



Sell her to me.


She must have messed
with your head big time.


All I got.

You're really serious
about this, aren't you?

We're talking good,
quality product here.

Premium whore
from Russia.

Not some scummy
Thai shit.

She cost me 30 grand.

Three thousand more.


I'm not selling.


It's not good business
for me.

I'm not doing this
to make 10% profit.

I want to milk her,
milk her and milk her.

Sell her to me.


I think your hearing
is gone, grandpa.

I'm not selling shit
to you.

- Sell her to me!
- Get the fuck off me!


You've gotten to be
a good girl, huh?


Let her go.

Sell her to me.

Why don't you take your gun

and shove it up
your Muslim ass,



You drive.

You're making one mistake
after another.

Sell her to me.

Your negotiation

is very impressive.

[Engine starting]




[Tires screeching]

[Siren blaring]


Hey, you okay?

Wake up.

[Tires squealing]

[Police horn honking]

Get out of the car with your
hands where we can see them,

and get down on the ground.

Are you okay?


Please wake up.

Put your weapons
out the window now.

I'm sorry.

Then we'll take you
to a hospital.

You will be all right.


What's your name?


Thank you.

Get out of the car with your
hands where we can see them,

and get down on the ground.