Cargaison blanche (1937) - full transcript

Two journalists from different papers are looking for the same story. They want to know, who a group of gangsters getting young women from Europe to South America, where they are forced to work in brothels. But the gangsters have their own battels against each over, so the journalists can escape the danger, in which they've brought themselves.


Well, then?

Well, then?

Telegram to Mr Blanco, Barcelona

From Rio de Janeiro...

"Flower shipment from Paris destroyed.
Send replacement urgently."

- Good morning.
- Is Blanco in?

Yes, Mr Moreno.

Where's Yvette Martin?

- Hello, Moreno.
- Where is Yvette Martin?

- Something up?
- Where is she?

You know very well.

- You've sent her off?
- It gives the young ones experience.

- You promised to keep her for me.
- No comment.

- But I love her.
- Really?

Too tight.

It fits me.

- Why did you send her down there?
- Juana needed someone in Rio.

I didn't know you were smitten.

Get her back right away!

Too late.



Not my fault.

Have a cigar...

...and it'll all go up in smoke.

No class!

Hi, boss!

How was last night?

As usual... 300 customers,
120 bottles, one scene...

A guy made a fuss about the bill.
I sorted him out..

- Is Ferez in?
- Yes, boss.

- Ferez, I've got a job for you.
- That's good, I was getting rusty.

That's all for this evening.

Pass me the pie.


Here, boy!

Say hello!

Come on, boy!

Come along!

Good evening.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- I've brought you a pie.
- I'm watching my weight... I couldn't!

Don't worry about it!

So what's been happening?

They came to fix the chair.

What about you?

Nothing, really.


- One bit of hassle.
- Oh?

A shipment of mine got destroyed in Rio.
Yvette Martin, remember her?

The little blonde who lisped.


- Well, she's gone.
- That's careless.

Juana isn't a good manager.

What can I say?...

She's not like a man.

Lie down!
Into your kennel!

- Good evening, Daddy.
- Good evening.

Thank you.

Here you are, sweetheart.

Oh, a pretty bracelet!

You like it?

I dreamed about it.

You should sleep then!

It'll be a big hit at the ball.

At the ball? What ball?

The Saint-Louis ball.

You'll be going with her?

I want to go by myself.

"YOU want"...
That's not a consideration!

A young girl doesn't go out alone.

- But, Daddy...
- Be quiet.

- But, Daddy...
- That's enough!

What is it? Make up your mind!

That's a nice little girl.

She'd make a pretty orphan.

After all, I'm 17...
I'm not a child any more!

Beatrice is right.
I tell you, when I was 17...

You can remember?

- Of course I do!
- I don't remember being 17.

All my friends are free
to go out and have fun.

But I'm kept locked up...

... and watched!
- Just do as you're told!

You don't go to the ball alone...

...while I'm your father.

- But...
- Shut up!

I'm 17!

Do you want 17 slaps?

Poor girl.

You take her side?

Entirely... you're too strict with her.

I do what I know is best.

- Let's talk about that.
- What?

- I don't like your bossiness!
- Do you want your face slapped?!

When I visited you in jail,
you weren't so full of yourself!

That's women for you...

You pull them out of the gutter...
and they think they can take liberties!

- What do you take me for?
- A boofhead!

- What?!
- Ssh!

- The soup was wonderful.
- Delightful.

I have an idea.

A beautiful idea!

Feels good.

Wasn't so warm yesterday.

Don't you think?

Bonnard got somewhere, right?

I'm dreaming of America.

Will someone employ us?

Sure... Mr Moreno and Madame Estella
have promised us.

They have a lot of contacts
in the south.

That's fine!
I loathe the cold.

Over there, we'll succeed
very quickly.

We'll be sent to Hollywood
and become stars.

A fortnight ago I was a typist...
how about you?

- Dairymaid.
- I didn't have a job.

I was an apprentice seamstress...
Mr Moreno approached me in the street.

He admired my feet.

- "Beautiful ballerina feet"
he says 10 times a day...for God's sake!

- Mr Moreno's nice.
- He's a good person.

And he knows all the artists,
and all the directors.

It'd be be hard
to become his girlfriend.

But later, you'd become a star.

The other day he spent 5 minutes
talking to me.

- We'd met just by chance.
- By chance? Oh yeah!

Untouched? That's what she'd say.

- A real sweetheart... just 17.
- Have you seen her papers?

- Her eyes!
- That's just makeup.

It goddamn well took meeting her,
to drag you in here.

Please, Estella, don't talk like that.

Be polite.

I hate such talk.

OK, I'll talk proper.

You'd better!

Thank you.

As I understand...
your great love is over.

- What great love?
- Isn't Yvette Martin dead?

- Yes, she's dead.
- You just back from the funeral?

The funeral, as you say.

- Let's drop the subject.
- That'd be a good idea.

Finally, you came back.


My life with you is just ebb and flow,
back and forth.

It doesn't matter.
I understand.

Aren't you tired of this life?
Isn't it a strain on your heart?

- Do you never feel like settling down?
- Yes, from time to time.

But the idea scares me.

You're not such a looker
as you were 10 years ago.

I'd say we'd both aged
to the same degree.

- I don't see it!
- Because you're a woman!

If you met me today...'d be love at first sight!

I couldn't be that unlucky.

You're happier with your old age?

Yes, you old tart!

I've known you for 17 years.

You're a regular historian.

You were my first.

Not a woman exists, who'd say
"You are my fifth."

Darling, you're also my twentieth.

I'll be your last.


- You will be?
- I swear.

There I go again!
You're a menace, I swear!

- See you tomorrow.
- See you!

What are you doing tonight?


- Always the last, Marion.
- You not waiting for me, are you?

Always so friendly.

I haven't stopped repeatng my dances.

You're always tired.

- I've got a headache.
- The migraines again...

An aspirin for the lady.

- Fine.
- "Fine". So...

- You like it here?
- What's it to do with you?

Stop brushing me off!

- On one condition.
- Name it.

- Introduce me.
- Who to?

- Your Moreno.
- He's not here.

Is this him?

- Introduce me.
- Later.

Right now!

Hi, boss.

You never did it!...
Bummer!... Come on!

I'll introduce you, another day.

- You swear?
- On my honour.

I'm just a beginner.
I'd like him to notice me.

You don't need me for that.

I don't pretend I've anything
to astonish him with.

Let's drink.
I want to get squiffy.

- Why?
- Alcohol is good for my complexion.

And it gives me the courage
to ask Moreno anything at all.

Do you think he'll come?

- Who?
- Moreno.

You're obsessed.

Jim, two "Moreno Flips".

With lots of Moreno in them!

Moreno... this is him.

But no file on "Yvette Martin".


These are the records
for missing persons.

And related records.

They reveal the waiting, the anxiety,
the tragedy...

...and sometimes comedy.

Are people who've vanished
often found?

It happens in fits and starts.

Tell me, Mr Voisin, are you personally
acquainted with Yvette Martin?

No, but her mother contacted
the editor of 'Paris-Jour'.

This is her.

- That's what brought me here.
- Doing a story?

White slavery, the Rio connection...
hasn't it all been done before?

This is my first assignment!

- How old are you?
- 24.

The all-fired-up age...
That'll pass!

Whe I started, I wanted
lock up everyone.

Now I'm in the archives.

Who's this Moreno
who employed Yvette Martin?

A nasty piece of work!

He calls himself an impresario.
He also runs the Marabout Dance Academy.

In reality, Marabout is only a pretext.

The dancers get into
the clutches of Estella.

- Estella?
- A phony ballet mistress.

After a bit, they're found work
abroad... Rio, South America and so on.

He's a tricky guy!
We keep tabs on him...

But there's nothing to pin on him...
nothing certain, no proof.

What about... the front... Marabout?

That's where I'd start your enquiries...
26 Rue Colomb.

There you'll find the girls
who are always ready to talk...

Two 'Moreno Flips'.

Don't drink too much.

I drink coz I'm thirsty.

The thirstier I am, the more I drink...

the more I drink, the more I swallow.

I have a blotting-paper throat
and a sponge for a stomach.

- Mr Ferez...
- Yes?

- My legs.
- What about them?

- Your hands...
- What about them?

- Your hands are on my legs.
- So?

Put them on the bar.

Thank you.

- Mr Ferez...
- Sweetie?

- Are you going to introduce me?
- Who to?

- Moreno. - I've had enough
of your "Moreno-mania".

Mr Ferez... stay, stay here.

You like me?

Stay here till Moreno comes back.


Just a second.

Fetch me a piece of raw steak.

- Raw?
- Just do it.

I can introduce you.

- Who to?
- Moreno.

- You know him?
- Like the back of my hand.

- It's a shame you're smart.
- I'm charming.

- Henri Voisin.
- So what?

- Someone's very keen to know you.
- Really?

- Where?
- Over here.

Mind your head.

Allow me to introduce Mr Moreno.

- Miss...
- Marion Baker.

She wanted to talk to you.
There you are... Mr Moreno's listening.

- Will you join us for a drink?
- Sure.

3 'Moreno Flips'.

- Weren't you drinking with Ferez?
- Yes, Mr Moreno.

- Where does he know you from?
- I do dancing upstairs.

- How long?
- 4 weeks.

Your legs.

- I beg your pardon?
- Show me them.


Not bad.

How old are you?


Would you lie?

Why would I do that?


- Are you interested in her?
- Yes, she does interest me.

I'm passing through, I'm from Paris.

- I sell lingerie.
- I don't need any.

You don't want to spend
the night on your own?

- Nah!
- You're right.

What is it you want?

- Do you need dancers?
- Always need pretty girls.

Why do dancing?


I arrived here 2 months ago
with my English boyfriend.

He liked me but he received
a telegram from his mother.

He left, so I decided
to take dancing lessons.

I wanted to be a dancer.

Come in tomorrow
and show me what you can do.

- I could show you right now.
- No, you've had too much to drink.

Here's your steak, Boss.

- Ferez, this is Mr Moreno.
- You dimwit!

Paper? Wrap that up for me.

- The bill.
- It's on me.

Are you leaving?
Could you drop me off?

My pleasure.

- Where do you live?
- It's on your way.

Cheer up, Ferez.

Cheer up, Ferez!

Poor Ferez!

Too kind!

Good grief!

- Goodnight.
- Thanks, Mr Moreno.



You live here?

- Yes.
- Looks nice, unfortunately!

I live on the other side of town.

Goodbye, then.


Follow that car... quick!

- Concierge?
- Yeah?

- Get me 214-654 in Vienna.
- Yes Miss.

Here doggie!

Come on... there you are!

I brought some nice steak.

That's a good dog!

Nice, eh?

You like that?


'The Express'?

Put me through to editorial.


It's all going well.

I've been hired.

We'll be exposing the biggest ever
case of white slavery.


But there's a journalist here
from 'Paris-Jour'...

He's after the same story as I am.

Oh, no!

I didn't spend 2 months learning to
dance, to be scooped by someone else!

Henri Voisin.

He's not one to set the world on fire.

But he's a rival.

Say hi to all the guys for me.


Open up beautiful stranger...

I am the knight of spring.

Show yourself now, stark naked,
while you're still just 20 years old.

20 years, you see, is an age
that doesn't get a lot of usage.

But it doesn't last unto death!

Take advantage of it now!

- What is it?
- I've come to have breakfast with you..

I thoght you lived...

Far away, yes.

I took a room close by,
but I couldn't sleep.

Because of me?

Yes, you cruel beauty.

You don't expect me to believe...

...that someone you don't know
kept you awake?

Yes, you snore.

- What?
- You snore.

What a racket you make!

It doesnit bother YOU?


Then you must have become deaf.

I do NOT snore!

You never knew?

``Now leave me!

You can't come in!

Ring the alarm!

You're horrid!

I adore you!

- 1 sugar?

- 10.
- You're crazy.

My wife is adorable.

So you're married?

No, I was talking about you.

- Oh, for sure!
- You're going to be my wife.

Why would that be?

Because, my dear,
I'm irresistable.

- Oh yeah!
- No... don't kiss me... Later.

- I've no intention.
- Yes, restrain yourself.

Of course, one must be strong
to restrain oneself.

Bravo! You've learned
to control yourself.

May I?

I can't control MY self!

I'm so weak!

`Give me a cigarette.


With my life and my love...

...a light...

And the expression
of my kindest regards.

Is the lingerie selling well?

To Henri Voisin
from his colleagues at 'Paris Jour'

Mostly the head-lines!

- You're doing a story?
- Yes, about a dancer.

How nice!

The readers of my paper
will have felt...

...that they'd slept in your bed,
smelling your perfume.

I've nothing to fear from your readers!
They're asleep!

No, not seeing as I'm a gallant man.

I must ask you not to reveal to anyone
that I'm a journalist by profession.

It's not a profession,
it's a defect.

No... I'm really serious.

I am writing about the secrets
behind the scenes of the music hall.

"Would you like to see
a pretty petticoat, Miss?"

And the doors open.

Are you counting on me?

I wouldn't ask for much.
A donation of yourself would suffice.

- Is that all?
- I'm worth as much as Mr Ferez.

You have a lot of traffic!

- He didn't come in through the window.
- No, it was break and enter.

- I love him very much.
- Nobody loves him.

- Get out and let me get dressed.
- As you wish.

- My dear girl.
- What?

Your pyjamas.

- What?
- Button up... I can see your breasts.

To prove it, I counted...
and there were two!

Good day, Blanco.

So? You've calmed down?

- Yes, I was a bit worked up.
- From the pain of the shock.

We've worked together a long time.

Can't fall out, just over a woman.

Or over a death.

So, we're sweet, you and I?

Old chap!

- Cigar?
- Love one.



Allow me.

You never know.

I've made a very good find,
to replace Yvette Martin.

- Superb... a work of art.
- No kidding?

Just 17.

I can see her now... some street slut
we'll have to keep in harness.

Not at all... classy... well educated.

Father a stickler for propriety,
mother very strict.

It'll cost quite a bit...
there are middlemen.

They are the bane of business.


Bill, come here!

You made him bark.
What are you doing there??

I'm a prowler,
looking for an opportunity.

You couldn't point out
any nice villas could you?

I'd like to grab anything I can steal
on the way past.

No, seriously...
at your age you should be in bed.

You don't accost strangers.
Get back inside now!

That's good.

That's very good.

Very, very good!

My compliments.


- Lacking a few red-heads perhaps.
- We can give them a respray!

I know what you mean.

When shall I see them?

What about tomorrow at Marabout.

You can then ship them off to Rio.

I've got myself an outsider.

Yes, Moreno will tell you about her.

Pure fireworks, my dear Alvarez.

The pinnacle... the
cherry on the cake...

17 years old.

- She told you that.
- I have proof.

Have you seen her, Blanco?

No, I stay out of it.

I'm too old for such.

But Moreno's a man of taste.

- He's another one of me.
- Blanco the Second!

Take it from me, sight unseen.

My dear chap...

You deserve your reputation.

You are highly esteemed in the business,
for your skill and discretion.

Coming form you,
that's praise indeed!

I feel you're about
to give me a medal!

And now, Estella's presentation
should be brilliant again.

Show some spirit, girls!

Take your places.


So... 1- 2- 3!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

Don't stop!

Girls... Come quickly!

Come closer.

He is a choice of Parisian delights
for you to charm with..

A day shirt to wear by night...
A nightshirt to wear by day.

Some thing to charm...
something to please...

The full range! For love, charm
and sex appeal.

And you can get them
at giveaway prices.

Nothing of interest to you?

Mr Ferez...

This man has been
following me everywhere.

He shouldn't be here.
Can you tell him to leave?

I'll do that with pleasure.

No hawkers allowed here!

This is not a fairground.

This is a school here.

What would YOU know?

Get lost!


I've got great news!
Come on, quickly!

There's an American impresario here.

Tomorrow evening,
you'll dance in his honour.

And in public.

At the Marabout.

Display your talent...

...and maybe he'll hire you
for one of his clubs... South America.
Your future begins tomorrow.

Go and get dressed.

What are you waiting for?

Sir, thank you for your warm reception.


Hello, boy.

Bill... what are you doing there?

We're old friends!

I know his father very well.

Don't I?

Introduce me to your friend.

You smile.

I've never seen him
being so friendly.

It's instinct... He likes me.

- True, he's not biting you.
- Me neither... I don't bite.

- I don't scare you, do I?
- No.

Do you enjoy going out?

- I spend my life outdoors.
- Oh, so do I!

- So we were sure to meet!
- Yes.

How about we go out together?

But I don't know you.
Who are you?

- Who am I?
- Yes.

I'm life itself!

So, dear Mother, thanks to the
lovely legs I inherited from you,

I've been taken on as a dancer,
which will facilitate my story.

Now that I'm right at the heart
of things, I'm not worried about

competition from Henri Voisin
who isn't able to be part of...

You again?!

Always me!

I don't buy my lingerie
from hawkers.

I'm offering, with apologies,
these flowers to match.

They won't help you
get any information.

I do not like journalists.

I Just had to see you.

Whatever you might say,
I still like you!

- Too bad for me.
- But better for me.

Make yourself at home!

So my charm is beginning to work!

You could have betrayed me
to Estella.

- I felt sorry for you.
- No.

You have a feeling for me
that I can't quite pin down.

Four letters.

"Love". I knew it!

Now get going...
with that wind behind you!

See!...the wind blew me back!

When Ferez got you to leave,
you didn't argue.

- I saved his life.
- How was that?

I didn't punch him.
I have a deadly uppercut!

Tell me about your story.

Come to dinner with me instead.

Certainly not.

But I AM going out.

It's the only way
to get rid of you.

You irritate me.

You're so persistent.

- What are you doing? -I have
lovely legs for you to write about.


"Now that I'm right
at the heart of things"

- You read my letter!
- Such style!

I hate you!

I am happy, happy, happy!

Here was I thinking you were
a stuck-up little chick!

But you're competition!
That's wonderful!

"I love you"...
As they say around the world.

Speak to me with respect!

I forbid you to appear in that show
at Marabout tomorrow.

That's my business.

- When we get married...
- Never.

...if you speak to me in that tone,
you'll get a thrashing!

- I'm going to dance.
- No.

- Yes.
- No.

- Yes.
- No, not at Marabout!

- There are so many people!
- Don't let it worry you.

Don't forget that this evening
you're In?s Palau.

Turn around.



- You wouldn't take me for 17?
- No, 25.

Not THAT old!

I'm so nervous!

It's a crazy crowd.

I'll dance with my eyes shut.

You'd fall over, if you did.

Me... I'll tell myself a fairy tale.

Then I won't be nervous.

That was stupid!

7 years bad luck.

No, it's crystal.

I'll touch wood!

Are you ready?

You look gorgeous...
Good enough to eat!

That costume really suits you.


Everything OK?

Mother... if you could only see me now!

I'd like you to meet my friend Ferez.

This is In?s Palau.

Take a seat.

There you are! May I introduce
Miss In?s Palau.

Miss Estella.


No lies now.

Take a look at Alvarez!

Get it?

You make me sick.

Better see a doctor.



May I?


- Oh!
- What's the matter?

- I know him.
- Who?

Down there.

Where from?

-In front of my house...
My dog started barking.

What time?

What time?

Very interesting.

What a slap in the face!.

What a slap in the face!

We're too thin.

We didn't get any wolf-whistles.

And I even touched wood.

No way we'll be hired.

Girls... it was a total triumph!

You'll be hired as examples
of European beauty in America.

Yes, you were stunning!
Quite simply... Pavlovas!

Quiet now!

- Miss Estella...
- I can tell you no more just now.

Did you check me over?

My dear, your thighs are exquisite!

We've all been hired.
We're off to Rio!

- Surely you won't go?
- Oh yes I shall.



Listen to me.

Rio is...

It's very dangerous.


For you.

At Rio, I'll be able to get
a sensational story.

- It's ridiculous!
- I promise to write.

And I can promise you...

...that you won't be leaving.


Connect me to the call-box.

Police headquarters.

- He wants police headquarters.
- Give it to me.

Hello, headquarters?

Inspector Ortega.

Hello? Ortega speaking.

Oh, it's you, Voisin.
What's new?


You have proof.
What proof?


We'll be there.

To be on the safe side,
you go to the port right away.

10 minutes.

OK... move it!

Don't try anything.

Move it!

- So there!
- Thanks for this evening.

It was a pleasure
to make time for you.

Keep it down...
Dad's a very light sleeper.

Will you introduce me one day?

No, I'm too scared of him.
He's a terror!

- Really?
- Yes.

Dash it!

Goodbye for now.

- Goodnight.
- Off you go!

Where have you been?

Where HAVE you been?

Answer me!

I won't tolerate you
staying out like this!...

...having to spend all night
waiting for you to come home.

Like some dirty little whore!

You'll go back to the convent.

Locked up 11 months a year.

Don't look at me like that!

No use appealing to your mother.

I locked her in her room.

Where have you been?

Where have you been?!

What a way to leave!
I waited for you till 4.

- Shh!
- I had your word.

What happened?

Nothing. I'm dead.

I'm a talking corpse.

I'm the late Henri Voisin.

Have you been drinking?

A sacred broth.

Your friend, Mr Moreno,
assisted by Mr Ferez...

...have tried to put an end
to my days.

That was his intention.

Are you wounded.

As you can see.

Thank you.

Thank you, I'm better already!

Ever since I was dead,
life is beautiful.

That's it... he's raving now!

If you like...
My love, I adore you!

Shh! Or I'll have to get you
a straitjacket!

You're not going to stay here are you?

`Go back to Paris.

You won't escape them next time.

- And you're going to Rio.
- I don't risk anything.

Great!... I get your friends arrested...
no more story!

- What about proof?
- What's this, then?

- It's not signed 'Moreno'.
- Obviously.

I have to go to Rio.
I'll know how look after myself.

I'll use system Y like you say.

- It's system D!
- Whatever you say.

But no!

You're not going to gain... stealing my story.

You stay here...
I hate you!

Which you've done for a long time!

I bandage you, I look after you.

I'm like your mother,
sister and friend...

- And you betray me!
- Betray you?

- If you come to Rio, yes.
- But I'm going.

Then I want nothing more
to do with you!

My beloved!

I hate you!

- So, you're leaving?
-Yes, we're leaving.

- This'll be my last trip, right?
- You've my word.

No more doing the dirty work.

- Honest?
- Yes!

We'll retire to the country,
you and I.

I dream of a farm with cows,
countryside and fresh eggs.

We'd be happy.

I'm sick of women and love.

Oh, thanks very much!

Don't be silly...

You're not any woman...

You're mine.

Be good and come back
soon as you can in your holiday.


You'll write?

Yes, Mum.

Goodbye sweetie!

Goodbye mum.

At last, here you are!

- Nervous?
- I was getting worried.

- There are the letters.
- Good.

I'll send one to your father
every week.

- When will you come?
- Soon.

Here's your new passport.

In?s Palau... a pretty name!

`Yes, Miss Palau.

In?s Palau?

Thank you.

You're to be congratulated!

All fixed...
The bird is in its cage!

Bravo. You're an ace, Blanco!

- Have a cigar.
- With pleasure.

It's a better idea...
you're still not well.

You know it's best for you
not to leave.

You go, I stay.

So what will become of us?

Just be sensible.

I've nothing to be afraid of.

Maybe, but I AM afraid.

Time to go.

May I "tu" you?

I won't allow it!


Come on now girls,
get settled in your cabins!

It's a long crossing.

Come in.

- Yes, Miss?
- I need a vase, please.


What are YOU doing here?

I bought this position from a steward
and the moustche from the hairdresser.

I'm here to protect you.

I'm your alter ego.

You fooled me.

You obviously had this
planned in advance.

- A trip takes planning.
- You were clever at hiding it.

"You go, I stay."

"What's to become of us?"

And there was me, believing you!

- But you must admit our kiss
was heartfelt. - Mine wasn't.

I was just feeling sorry for you.

I kiss any man I'm saying goodbye to.


Is there anything else you need?

Take these flowers away.

Why? They're pretty.

I could give them to you.

May I do that, Miss?

What you may do, is leave.

My compliments.

Funny, I feel I know him
from somewhere.

Thanks anyway!

Allow me.

Your dancers are a bit too flirtatious.

We can't have the cargo damaged.
A little more modesty, please.

You obviously don't realise
how ridiculous that sounds!

Well put! You sound like Moreno.

You can see he's trained you.
He's quite a guy.

And a fiend. Waiter!

When I think about
what he's done to Blanco...

What do you mean?

- Don't you know?
- No.


In?s Palau... B?atrice Blanco.

- What are you saying?!
- Blanco's been screwed!

Blanco has a daughter
that he's kept hidden like his money.

Moreno was going to kill Blanco...

...because Blanco had sent Yvette Martin
to Rio, where she died.


Moreno's done this?

So when Blanco finds out,
Moreno will be in for it.

I wouldn't want to be... his shoes.

Hey... this isn't really true, is it?

It's not true?!

Sure is.

Jokes aside... it's not true!

True. I only ever lied once in my life,
and that was to a cop...

Extenuating circumstances!

Tell me... what's your name?

In?s Palau.

No... tell me the truth...
Your real name.

In?s Palau.

You can trust me...
Moreno told me everything.

What's your name?

I'm B?atrice Blanco.

Yes... fine... That's what he told me...

That's what I thought.

It's alright.

- What's the matter, Miss?
- Nothing.

Maybe I can help you?


You've been so good to me.

You've helped me get a start.

- You'll be paying me back later.
- Nothing I can do?


You can... Find Mr Ferez and tell him
I need to see him right away.

He's the only one can help me.

Go on.

Mr Ferez?


Not at all.

At last! How nice of you
to give me a surprise!

You've finally come round
to being reasonable.

You've taken your time
to make up your mind.

Yes, that's true.

I didn't like you at first.

I know, I'm like that with people...

...then later,
they can't do without me.

It'll happen to you.

Did it happen suddenly?

Loving me is like coming down
with an ailment.

Come in.

- You want something?
- A bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

And now... lets's talk
about you and me.

Sit yourself down.

You can call me Pedro.

Mention that name...

...and the world's your oyster.

- I'd like...
- Quiet!

- One word.
- You don't interrupt a man.

You're intelligent, Marion.

You noticed that I liked you.

And I don't dislike you...
Besides, you need someone.

I'll protect you. Lucky girl...
You've fallen in with the right man.

In Barcelona, that journo
was threatening.

Now he's out of the way.

Where is he?

Down below.

He was served as dessert
for the sharks.

Doesn't bother you?

That's just what I thought...
He annoyed you.

He was a pest.

I do like you.

I've been thinking... don't interrupt...
You'll be grateful.

I don't want you to go
to Madame Juana's place.

- You know what you'd be doing there?
- Dancing.

Dancing! Oh yeah!

Cheek to cheek in a private cubicle.

You were sold to Madame Juana.

That's not true...
I don't believe you.

I'm not exagerating...
But keep it to yourself.

You will see!

Thanks to me, you'll get out of it.

You're police?

No, I'm a journalist.

My story's finished...
I have all the evidence.

I'll report to the Rio police chief
and you'll be arrested.

You're kidding! Hey, seriously,
this has to be a joke!

Cabin 71, please.

Shut up!

Estella, come to my cabin.
Right away!

What's the matter?

Looks like you two
haven't got along.

Hold this.

Madame here is with the police.

She's making a report
to the police.

She wants to get us locked up
as white-slavers.

The stinking bitch!
And she's just been buttering me up.

So what are we going to do?

She can join her pal Voisin
at the bottom of the sea.

- It's a shame, she was pretty.
- Not bad.

- Why are you doing this?
- Don't bother! Just give me a hand.

There... madam!

Come in.

You wanted something?

I didn't call.

It's me!

Don't move!

Your hand...

Call the captain for me.

What's going on?

- They've been arrested.
- Why?

- Probably anarchists.
- Political criminals.

So... I can't leave you alone
for 5 minutes!

Say something!

What are you saying?

No, you'll have to do
better than that!

Ah, so that's it!

So that's it!

Not another word!

He wanted to send you
down to be with me, eh?

That's lovely!

Aren't you ashamed to be gagged
and tied like a bunch of asparagus?

You should see yourself!

Look at you!
You look ridiculous!

You understand?


Don't move!

I know you'll be quite capable
of claiming...

...that it was YOU who rescued ME.


From today...

I can assure you...'re going to behave yourself.

I'm freeing you
on conditional release.

There you are.

You can say something.

Why do you have to humiliate me?
I hate you!

- Impossible.
- What is it you want?

- Would you like your gag back?
- I don't want anything from you.

You big brute!


What's the telegram?
Tell me!

Manuel, you're witness
to the duplicity of this person.

What is this telegram?!

Another woman! Now he'll be after
the women outside.

Show me the telegram!

Constantin, show it to me!

This isn't a telegram meaning trouble
is it? Reassure me, Constantin!

Show me the telegram.

Show it to me you filthy pig!

Oh, I'm sorry... show your dear Anna,
my little Constantin.

- They've been busted!
- No.

Your idiot pals!

Just idiots!

Top class idiots!

There's always some complication.

If only I'd been there!

Manuel, you take care of this.

Rio Police...

We've received a call from Europe.
Are you carrying a troupe of dancers?


The people responsible for them
are in custody.

Here's the warrant for their arrest.

Tell those young ladies
they're being returned.

Take the officers down.

You're to stay back.


This is it!
We're leaving!

Good day my pretty ones!

Follow us, ladies!

No... not you.

How come?
I'm with her.

I don't know this man.

You stay on board.

It was because of me,
you were able to arrest them.

I'm sure the police superintendent
would be waiting to see me.

In that case, come with me.

I hate you!

As you keep saying.

We're there.


Move it!

- Why are you being so rude?
- Watch yourself!

- I want to see your superintendent.
- You can want all you like.

We take the same size.

`Got the picture?

You're as intelligent... non-existent police!

We'll resume our conversation.

Come on, out of here!

- Hello, Juana.
- Hello, Ferez.

You look good, you've grown.

So, here are the young ladies.

Hello, girls...

They're delightful.

Very young.

Little do they know!

Congratulations on the job!
Manuel made a great cop.

I almost wanted to knock him down!

Where are we accommodating them?

In the 'bird rooms'...

Manuel will take them
to their cages.

Don't forget to make it
somewhere special, for her.

We'll dispose of this one later!

Off to your cages,
little chickadees!

Greetings... bastard.

What do you want?

- It's 3 o'clock in the morning.
- 3.16 to be exact.

- You woke me up.
- That was the idea.

- I'd told you not to come here.
- Oh, you're so polite!

A goddamn toff in slippers!

You got it nice here,
haven't you?

It exudes honesty...
smells like camomile.

Marseilles soap.
And a library!

- That's enough!
- Yes, that's enough.

Lets talk about serious matters.

Blanco, this is the day
for settling an account.

I bring you the bill
for Yvette Martin.

Get out! You must be drunk...
You wouldn't have the effrontery... put you in the same position?

- Lost for words?!
- Cut it out!

It's her birthday.

She was 17.

She was so delicate.

She doesn't weigh heavily
in your memory.

- Do you want money?
- That's all you think about... money!

I shall never again speak to you
about Yvette Martin's death... ever!

I reimbursed myself...

...if I dare put it that way!

Miss Blanco...
There's my reimbursement!

- I won't let you!
- So your treasure is protected?

That pretty little face!

She'll be a big hit
at Juana's place!

Let me get back to sleep!

- Calm down, old chap!
- Get the hell out of here!

Just one minute.

Sit down.


You're daughter's letters.

I knew you'd worry about her.
I wanted to reassure you.

Wasn't that nice of me?

What's it mean?

I must say, you're slow on the uptake!

It means that the boat has just arrived
in Rio with its cargo.

And the flower...

...the work of art...
is In?s Palau.

In?s Palau, for whom
you got a false passport...

...and organised the shipment.
But, my fair-haired little lad...

...scratch the passport.

What name appears
under that of In?s Palau, eh?

Look carefully.

You can't find it?

B?atrice, B?atrice Blanco, aged 17.

Who has more than satisfactorily
replaced Yvette Martin.


How's that for a piece of work?!


You goddamn prankster!

Farewell... you bastard!


Superintendent, this time,
we have them!

- Who is that, Sir?
- The traffickers!

This just came from Barcelona.

We have the evidence
to lock them up.

We'll be able to purge the country
of all this scum.

Here's a search-warrant.

Get over to Juana's,
they're all there.

And free all those poor girls
who are kept there.

You can count on me. Come on!

- Hello, Rodriguez.
- Dear lady!

- You know each other?
- I've known him since he was this high!

Hello to both of you...

So nice of you to come.

Do you have the key?

- What key?
- To the handcuffs.

- No.
- Don't know where it could be.

Well, sweethearts...

...we'll be able to settle the account.

We'll take care of you later.

You won't be forgotten.

Your reporting days are over.
But you could draft the death-notice.

Tell me.

Have you ever seen a bigger pair
of idiots than these two here?

- No.
- Me neither.

Don't worry, in 10 minutes
it'll be all over.

10 Minutes is too long.

I can't wait to leave.

Shall I knife him?

Knife him!

- You're insane!
- Why?

I don't want a commotion here
on such a busy evening!

Exactly, with music and champagne
no one will notice.

- Put that knife away.
- No way!

- You are in MY establishment.
- We're not going to bottle them.

Constantin, say something!

So what do you want us
to do with them?

Not tonight!

- Do you want to stab them?
- Don't be ridiculous.

- Close your eyes.
- Put it away!

- I want to knife him.
- You're just obsessed!

I warn you, if you don't put
that knife away right now...

...I'll never speak to you again...

And this reptile here
who never says anything!

That's enough!

- Understand?
- What?

Enough from you!
Ferez, finish him!

- Do it!
- No!

- No!
- Make up your mind!

You shut up!

- Ferez, stab him now!
- Constantin, for my sake... no!

You're ruining our relationship!

We got on so well together!

Stay where you are! Police!

Have your papers ready.
Nobody move.

It's a police roundup.
Take care of the girls.

I'll see if I can placate the cops.

You watch these two.

I was right to stop you stabbing them.

I must protest most strongly!

It is an obstacle to
the freedom of work.

To interfere with a celebration
like this is most unreasonable.

- I shall complain to the authorities.
- I have a search-warrant.

Superintedent, I protest!
Article 1,784 du Code p?nal.

What are you doing?


- Let me finish my article.
- That's not very nice!

Nonsense! I saved your life
as if you were my husband.

Let me dictate.

- So...
- The Road...

to... Rio. it happened...


Subtitles by FatPlank for KG