Careful What You Wish For (2015) - full transcript

A guy gets more than he bargained for after entering into an affair with the wife of an investment banker. Soon, a suspicious death and substantial life insurance policy embroil him in a scandal.

When you're a kid, you don't
think about consequences.

You're invincible.

Of course, they tell you all
kinds of things to scare you.

"Nothing comes easy." "There
is no pleasure without pain."

But, there's something about the Summer,

the promise that anything can happen.

And in my case... it did.

- You got enough books there, Dougie?
- What?

I said, "You think you got enough books there?"

You gotta get some sun, meet some girls.

Good, thanks. You guys gonna
be my directors all Summer?

- Yes!
- Something like that.

Thanks, mom.

Yeah. You gotta live a little, Dougie! You got
the rest of your life to be responsible.

Ahoy, Martin!

Speaking of social directors. Looks
like Carson beat us to the lake.

I need your son, Douglas, for...
for urgent work matters!

Don't worry. I've already done
some preliminary scouting, and

I've gotta say, the talent down
here, this Summer, it's ridiculous.

- Ridiculous.
- Yeah, it looks that way.

- You just gotta dive in.
- Nah, I don't know...

Hey. Look, man...

OK. Say you get turned down nine out of ten times,

do the math, you'll still getting
laid every week and a half.

So, to get to the tenth, we just gotta
hurry up and get through our nine "no"s.

- Hey!
- Well, alright, never mind.

There's one.

Except, odds don't work that way, Carson.

- Hey, don't geek out on me.
- Oh, I geek out?


Like the one time you explained to Tina Mengacchi
about series circuit resistance in physics?

- OK. Who doesn't know that?
- Mmm.

- Girls worth having sex with don't.
- That's true.


Who wants to hear some real music?

Come on, Jack!

Hey, y'all ought to be givin' me some applause.

I could be down there arrestin' underage drinkers.

- That's more like it.
- Boo! New Sheriff!

Hey, Gordon. So nice of you to offer to buy
a round for all of my diehard fans, here.

I didn't.

You want them two parking tickets to go away?

You, uh... throw in a third...

you got yourself a deal.

Alright, folks. Look! Drinks on me. Let's go!

Make that a whiskey, Gordon.

Summer has officially commenced.

Hey, I'm home.

Sure ain't much, but this property's available.

First year it's, uh... been on the market.
Gardener's included.

- There you go.
- Think you'll see it's real cozy inside.

Well, let's go.

I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

All current, the latest state of the art.

Watch your step.

A real entertainer's delight.

Radiant light, open kitchen.

And the view is to die for.

You're humpin' the wrong leg, Richard.

I stopped listening three houses ago.

You've got lake access, private pier.

You'd be hard pressed to
find anything more peaceful.

- Hey Dougie, starting the floor.
- I'm coming!

We'll take it.

I knew you'd love it.

I guess that's why you show it last.

- Shall we, uh... take care of a little paperwork?
- Absolutely.


- Signature there.
- Mm-hm.

And initial right there.

- Yep.
- That'll do it.

Thanks, Elliot.

It's just like your stupid
molecualr math books, man.

There's a-a formula. You gotta
engage and then you ignore.

- They come right to you.
- Awesome.

Watch out.

Yeah, I've tried. That doesn't work for me, buddy.

Well, you got the ignoring part
down, you just never engage.

You know how many chicks we're gonna meet
this Summer, workin' at the Rudder?


- Right here?
- Mm-hm.

This thing's gonna be worn out.

Yeah. "Come with me a half a mile up the
lake where no one can hear you scream?"

Screams of pleasure, my friend.
Screams of pleasure.

I'm gonna... store some reserve beers in here...

in case you need 'em.

- Put me down!
- Females!


I'm gonna make sure that you have
a really great Summer, Doug. OK?

Suck it back.

Oh, hey, Dougie! Dougie, over here!

- Hey.
- Hey!

- What's goin' on?
- Not much. C'mon in.

This's Mr. Harper. He's our new neighbor.
He's from Raleigh.

- By way of New York.
- Oh, really?

Dougie's looking at New York, for college.

Columbia is actually on his short list.


Wow, I didn't have the grades for Columbia.

Well, where did you go?

- To work.
- Oh.

Well, it looks like that panned out OK for you.

- Yeah. Hey, I'm Elliot. Uh, Dougie, is it?
- Uh... Doug's better.

Your dad says you know a thing
or two about sailboats?

- Yeah.
- Just picked up a vintage Pearson 33.

Yeah! It's, uh... old Russ Springer's boat, huh?


Yeah, well, your man, Russ,
let it get pretty ragged.

I'm havin' the mast lined out at the boatyard,
right now. It's a hell of a project.

Um, not that I mind...

I always like findin' the diamond
in the rough, shine it up.

- Needs a lot of work.
- It's a 1983.

Yeah, the uh, the... rudder shaft and the bearings
are usually the first thing to go on those.

He and his grandpa could take apart
an engine block blindfolded.

Somehow, that talent skipped a generation.

Well, how about you come over tomorrow and
take a look at it. Maybe I'll hire you.

- Great.
- Better than mowin' lawns.

Yeah, that would be good.

Not bad, huh, Doug? Did you check her out?

- Uh... I...
- The boat. what do you think?

Oh, the, um... the rudder looks good, actually.

The bearings are kinda rusty. I haven't checked out
the engine yet, but, it's mostly just cosmetic.

- Might need a new top coat?
- Alright.

Well, what do you say we tagteam? You make her
look good, and I'll fiddle with the rudder.

I'll have her delivered to the boatyard.
Get you set up

for tomorrow morning, before
I have to catch a plane.

We'll see how much you get done over the weekend.

If you need me I'll be at the San Francisco Ritz.

- Try not need me.
- Good.

So, how's, uh, ten bucks an hour sound?

Fourteen sounds better.

Or twelve... twelve could work, too...
eith-either way.

I would have paid you twenty.

Get off me! Don't touch me!

Get off me! No, get off me!

Well, OK.

See your later.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Really?

I'm sorry, sir. You don't have the
appropriate sticker for this lot.

I just rented a slip here.

Well, there should be no problem
for me to confirm your ID.

Just doin' my job here.

Sorry, that guy's a bit of a joke around here.

He takes his job a little too seriously.

Hey, I'll tell you what, I prefer that over lazy.

- Sign that for me.
- Mm-hm.

As the Captain of the Lake Lure
Emergency Security Detail...

I'd like to welcome you to the waterfront, sir.

Thank you, Captain.

Take the slack out.


- Can I ask you a question?
- Yeah.

- How'd you get all this?
- What?

- I don't know, the house, the Jag...
- The wife?

Money and good looks. Come on!

Yeah. You know, it's simple.
It all comes down to risk.

When other investors don't have the stones to buy,

say, a... I don't know, a high risk property, or

or a company... I do.


In fact, when you feel your
pulse, really start to race...

that's when you gotta step up.

Know what I mean?

- Are you alright?
- It's there. Just there.

Can you please just take care of it?

There we go.

- What? You're just gonna let go?
- Well, I wasn't planning on prosecuting.

Dead. I'm gonna... fix this.

Yeah, I think I jammed it. Elliot's gonna kill me.

Come on. Come on.

Y'know, sometimes you just have to... push in.

Hmm! You got a lot of experience with that?

- Umm.
- You're a lifesaver.

Good thing you're next door.

I, uh... glad to be there.

Alright! A friggin' spider?

Yeah, by the end she was
practically sitting in my lap.

- Exactly.
- She was in here the other night.


But that husband of hers... he seems
a little loose around the pegs.

Why, what'd he do?

He gave Danny a death glare,
just for talking to her.

Freaked him out.

What? Danny's huge!

Yeah, man. But this guy looks
like he would hit a child.

I'm just sayin'. Hey, hey... watch your shit.

'Cause if he finds out that his lonely,

sex-starved wife, is givin' you a lap dance...


Oh. You got such a pretty smile. It's not gonna
look like that when he's done with you.


- Hey.
- I didn't want to wake your parents.

It occured to me, I don't think we
met all the way. You're Doug, right?

- Yeah.
- I'm Lena.

You'll never guess what happened.

The spider came back with a big spider gang?


I... locked myself out.

Give me a hand?


- Would you mind keeping this between us?
- Uh, sure. Why?

Elliot warned me I wouldn't be able to take
care of myself out here in the Summer.

- I hate when he thinks he's right.
- Yeah, well, is he right?

Not if I have you to look after me.

It'll be our secret. This way.

There's a window we can break.

Yeah, but there's gotta be an
open one around here, somewhere.

I checked.

Have at it.

What, we just break your window?
Gonna wake my parents.

I don't know, maybe you could, uh.. wrap
your shirt around it. Muffle the sound.

- OK, can you hold that?
- Yeah.

- You sure?
- Yeah.



Oh, no, you're bleeding. Now I feel horrible.

- Oh, no, it's no big deal, it's...
- But I'm not sending you home like this.

There's a first-aid kit in the kitchen.
Indulge me. Come on.

- You want a beer?
- Uh, sure. Yeah.


It's research. He's looking
to invest in a micro-brewery.

Me, I don't wanna think about
how profitable a beer is.

I just wanna taste it.

So, it's here, somewhere.

He bought it with all this new stuff, for the boat.

- Projects of the week.
- He doesn't stay interested long?

Well, we've been out here 12 days,
and he's been gone 10 of them.

Even missed our anniversary.

Let's see what we have here.

Lift your shirt.

- It's not as bad as I thought.
- That's always good to hear.

I think you'll live.


I'm sorry, that-that was bad.

Then try again...

but better.

You didn't wanna do that.

And you don't wanna do this.

Oh, my God.

Hi. Hey.

I think... you should probably go.

Did I do something wrong?

Look where you are.

I'd say this is pretty wrong.

But no, you were good.

I was?

Wait, have you ever been with a girl before?

Have you ever been with a girl before?

Maybe once or twice, but seriously,
this was your first time? Just now?

No. The kitchen was my first time,
and then the stairs and then here,

so t-technically, it's my third time.

You're very technical, Doug Martin.

You can't tell anybody about this.
You know that, right?

I know.

So... you must be pumped from last night.

What the hell were you watchin', anyway?

- What are you talkin' about?
- You butt-dialed me last night, dude.

And... is that you?

Did you go interactive? Hey ...


Well, why would you settle for that
when you could have the real thing?

Look, Emma Shalloway and Jane Davis.

Aw, look at that smile! She wants your virginity.

- No, I'm good.
- Good! Good?!

Good? What, are you kiddin' me?

Hey, this is ridiculous.

- This is the sound of desperation.
- Yeah, desperation.

- Please don't go all Viagra commercial on me.
- Oh, Dougie.

Don't forget to tip the help.

My husband sent me to see how
you're coming along with the boat.

Show me what you've done inside.

- Shut that, would you?
- Yeah.

- I thought about you all week.
- Me, not at all.

It must be amazing to know how to sail.

My grandfather taught me. When I was
little, he told me about this kid,

Robin Lee Graham, who sailed all around the
world, all by himself. Left when he was 16.

Didn't come back for like, five years.

When do we set sail?

Come on, what's stopping you?

- Well, we-we're on a lake.
- True.

I've always... dreamed of just disappearing.

Just take off, relax, throw caution to the wind.

That is not my specialty.

Trust me, it's easy.

You just... leave everything behind.

Lena! Come on.

Hey, what'd I tell ya? I got a
good feelin' about tonight.

You know, that's what's
incredible about you, Carson.

You always have a good feeling.
You are undeterrable.

Thank you.


Right now. I can't wait.

Are you crazy? Elliot's right out front!


Don't move.


Oh, there you are. Hurry and finish up.
I'm gonna grab a smoke.

I'm done, just let's get home.


I need a word, immediately. Doug, get down here!

This hasn't been caulked thoroughly.

Just one oversight, like that, one
leak... and the whole thing rots.


Just don't be lazy, Doug. Anything
worth doing's worth doing all the way.

You're right. I'm sorry.

I gotta go out of town again tonight.
I'm workin' on a deal for a micro-brewery.

You travel a lot.

You know why I'm givin' you a hard time, Dougie?

You're not like these kids down here,
just cruisin' through town, partying.

I like that. You take things seriously.

I think I give you a hard time,
because you remind me of me.

Gettin' ahead... takes, uh... sweat... focus.

Then, when you think you get there, and you,

you think you got somebody to... share it with,

you get some respect, some appreciation...

Well, maybe you have to treat someone
right, for them to appreciate you.

Fix the floor, Dougie.

Who wants Oreos?

- What's all this?
- It's a bed picnic.

It's been so long, since I've been this happy.

- Then, why do you look so sad?
- Oh...

I dunno.

I can't help but feel like... like
I'm stealing away your youth.

Are you kidding me? It's the best youth ever.

What's this?

Yeah, when you're young, you don't realize
the permanence of your decisions.

First love...

feels so big.

- What, there was a matching one?
- Mm-hm, they fit together.

Pretty dumb, I know, because, of course, it winds
up being not half a heart but a broken heart.

There we go.

Maybe I'll get a second chance.


- For you.
- What's this?

They're prepaid... untraceable.

Elliot's pretty paranoid. Just keep it hidden.

You have no idea what he's capable of.

You're it!

- Where you going?
- I need more fuel.

Come and get it.

Ah, food. Yes!

God! I'm gonna have to restock
before Elliot gets home.

The gardener.

Hey, you didn't sign the log last time.



I'll leave you two boys to your joyride.

Why don't you join us? Sure Doug wouldn't mind.

Careful. Let's see if you got her seaworthy.

- Everything seems OK, right?
- Yeah, yeah.

Oh, hell.

- How'd that get loose?
- I mean, you must've untied the line, huh?

No, I did not.


So, old Doug, over here, was givin'
me advice on women the other day.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

- Do you even have a girlfriend, Doug?
- Yeah.

- I guess.
- Hey, if you have to guess, you don't.

She has a boyfriend, back in the city.

She says he's a real prick, though. She hasn't
had a chance to break it off with him, yet.

A boyfriend back in... yeah, right.

- How do you know she's not leadin' you on?
- Elliot.

What? He's a grown man.

Capable of getting grown man advice.
Isn't that right, Dougie?

- Guess so.
- There you go guessin' again!

So, is this one special, this girl?

I'm in love with her.

Careful! Love will cost you more than you think.

- The engine's dumpin' exhaust!
- What the hell! You said it was pristine!

Yeah, well, you don't know 'til
you get it out in the open water.

This is your work we're choking on.

Might wanna be careful with that.

- What'd you just say to me?
- I meant the cigarette.

With the fuel and everything.

You OK?

Oh, come on.

I hate him.

He sleeps around on business trips, then comes
back here, shoves me around, acts like he owns me.

He's taking me back to Raleigh, tonight.

I'm gonna ask him for a divorce.

- OK.
- Ow!


Just... fix it.


He... he hit me again. I just wanna divorce him.

Where are you?

I'm in Raleigh, outside the Medical Center.


He took a redeye. He'll be out for two weeks.

I don't know what to do anymore.

What do the cops say?

I lied to them. I told them I ran off the road.

- Doug.
- Lena, Lena you gotta tell 'em the truth.

If you won't protect yourself, then I will.

You don't understand what he'd do.


Come on.

Oh, yeah, kitchen, keep goin' right around front.

Alright, that's not fair.

How you feelin'?

Well, time's a healer.

It's amazing what a difference a week makes, right?

There's a lot going on over there.

Yeah, my dad's on the, uh... romance warpath.

Remodeling the master suite for my mom.

What's goin' on with the gardener? Has
he said anything? He's right there.


Well, he's definitely checkin' you out.

What are you gonna do about it?

Well, it's not exactly the Ritz, but...

No, but I feel like I can breathe out here.

Yeah, when the Summer started, Carson and
I, uh, brought this mattress out here to, uh...

To... what?

Well, we were chasin' after girls.

But, now I've got the most beautiful
woman in the world here with me.

You know, Elliot's first wife's
still fighting him in court.

None of this is gonna be easy.

We could, uh... talk to my mom. I mean,
she's a lawyer, you could get a referral.

No, but thank you. You're sweet.

He's gonna figure it out, soon.

I know.

Somebody's been usin' the
boathouse and it ain't me.

You know... with your new swagger, V-neck shirts,

blowin' off Emma, I'm startin' to
think that that butt-dial was real.

If that girl was real, I mean...

If she was, don't you think
I'd be braggin' about it?

Depends how ugly she is.

- Hey, there.
- Hey.


That was pretty quick!

- You think?
- It was like a three hour tour.

- It was not.
- Mm-hm. Yeah.

- Oh, Janice says hi.
- Is she doin' OK?


A spot of wine?

For you, I'm fine.

- Lena?
- Doug.

You crazy? My parents are right downstairs.

How'd you even get in?

Construction entrance.

Promise me you'll stay with me, no matter what.

What did he do to you?


Come over as soon as you can.
I need you right now.

OK, I will. OK.

You forgot these, your highness.
You want me to put 'em away?

- No. No, I got it. Thanks, mom.
- OK.

Lena, what's goin' on?

Come here.

He found out, didn't he? He knows.

Oh, God.

He came at me, and I...

I just... hit him with the first thing
I could grab and he fell, and...

- You called an ambulance, right?
- I couldn't.

- They'll think I murdered him.
- No, he attacked you. You were defending yourself.

You don't know what his family's like, you should
see what they dragged his ex-wife through.

They will... they will use every penny they have
to hire an army of lawyers to pin this on me.

They will do anything to keep the world
from knowing their son beat his wife.

We have to tell someone, like the
cops, or-or my parents, or...

Your parents? How?

What, and tell them about us, too?
I mean, Doug, if that came out...

We can explain.

I'm dead if you go to anyone, Doug.


I need your help. I... I need you.

This is too big a deal, Lena. What are you...?


You're right. I can't drag you into this.

You're just a kid.


If you... promise me it'll be OK, I'll call them.

It's too risky to try handling this myself, right?

Doug, what do I do?

Oh, your pulse, it's racing.

We just have to think straight, alright?
We gotta stay calm.

The most important thing,
right now, is to act normal.

That means I go to work, I
go home, I come back later.

Don't talk to anyone. Don't touch him.
Don't do anything.

When I get back, we'll figure this out, OK?

What's wrong with you tonight, man?

She cut you off, or something? The mystery girl?

There's no... mysterious girl, alright?

OK, man.

Sorry boys, duty calls.

I'm just kidding.

Fog rollin' in, not gonna be an easy cleanup.
I'll tell you that.

Hey, Gus. Where they goin'?

Accident on the interstate.

City people comin' in here
bangin' up the guardrails.

- Hey, guys, I'm late.
- Hey, Dougie. Come join us for a sec.

You remember Lena Harper?

Yeah, I think we met at the boatyard.

Yeah, that's right.

My husband says you're doing a great job.

Thank you. It's good to see you again.

It's been a long day, I'm gonna go to bed.

Have a good night. Good night, guys.

- Good night, Doug.
- Good night, honey.

He's a little shy with girls.

Oh, give him time, he'll have no problem.

I know. I know. I'm sorry.

It's just I couldn't stay here in the house with
him. It's like he was.... looking at me, and...

Alright, I've been thinkin' about this all night.
We need to make it look like an accident.

- It was an accident.
- I know but, but...

I dunno. Like he-like he fell
down the stairs, or something.

And cracked his head with a fire extinguisher?

I mean, his skull's caved in, Doug.

There's no way to make that look like an accident.

I know what to do.

After the fight, you went to bed.

You woke up, he was gone. Got it?

Thank you.

Oh, shit.

- Mr. Harper!
- No.

Mr. Harper?

Mr. Harper?


Give it here, man.

- Alright, let's check it against dentals.
- Got it.


Wait, Janice?

What? Janice, calm down.

I think there's a detector out back.

Yeah, but where did you...?

OK. Yeah, I... Oh, my God. I don't know.

I think they're coming around, now.
Oh, my God, Janice.

The poor woman.

Hey, lighten up, man. You're
right in the middle of it.

- You're like a minor celebrity.
- How'm I in the middle of anything?

Uhh... let's see, you're the next door neighbor.
You got a lap dance from the bereaved.

And you fixed the boat that blew up.

Remind me not to ever have you fix my boat.

Now, there's all this money flyin' around.


Hey, Gus. We oughta update Doug
on his upcoming media tour.

Can you tell him about the insurance policy?

- Five million bucks.
- Mm-hm. And it gets better...

How's this?

After three years of marriage,
doubles, 10 million dollars.

Math being Lem's strong suit.

- Watch yourself.
- I'll tell you one thing.

- They hate payin' out them big claims.
- Can't blame 'em for that.

Lem and I were on with that insurance gal, this
mornin', and I shoulda kept my damn trap shut.

Because as soon as I said I suspected the
widow, she was in a car, headed our way.

Thinks she's big time, because she's
a certified law enforcement agent.

So, of course, she says, "I
will draw my own conclusions."

You bet your butt she's gonna
come stompin' around tomorrow,

knockin' over rocks and disturbin' the peace.

Our peace.

- Angela Alvarez, we... spoke on the phone.
- Mm-hm.

So, as you can imagine, Allied Trust
is taking this case very seriously.

I know, grocer knows, the dog
walker knows. Heck, yeah.

Ever since I took over, as Sheriff of Lake
Lure, we have never had a major incident.

Until now.

Lemme tell you somethin'. I know how
to get to the bottom of things in

this town, a whole lot quicker than some
rookie insurance agent sniffin' around.

- I-I'm not a rookie.
- Yeah, you're a rookie.

This is your first big case.

How did you know that?

Well, for one thing, you're sweatin'.

You filed the injunction in the wrong jurisdiction.

And, you just told me.

Or, you used to work the East Precinct and...
you made a phone call.

Alright, let's get this damn thing over with, then.

I'd prefer to use your office
for the initial interviews.

Sense of authority. A, neutral ground and all that.

Why don't we put her in a
shorter chair, a little sleep

deprivation, rubber hose? That'll
break her down right away.

I'm the only thing standing between
that woman and 10 million dollars.


you may not have to take your job
seriously, Sheriff... so I will.

Was this something new, for him,
taking the boat out alone, at night?


We had a fight.


You know, we've had our issues, off
and on, that's not exactly a secret.

- And this time?
- I think we covered this.

Yes, I'd like to hear it again.

I had a drink with my neighbors.

- I came home.
- OK.

He was drunk.

Things escalated. He said he was just
going out for a drive, and then, um...

And then you showed up, in the morning.

Were either of you having relations...
with other people?

No. I mean, issues... yes, but, um...
nothing like that.

At least, I certainly wasn't.
Um, can we maybe take a break?

Yeah, OK, I think my client
has been through enough.

No dalliances, no flirtations?

I mean, you've been married, what, three years?

You don't have to answer this.

I mean, I came out here thinking you could
help me figure out what happened that night.

And instead, I've had to endure 2 hours of pointed
suspicion and a complete lack of compassion.

Sorry, I can't do this. Can we go now?

Big Jack.

Lemuel, talk to me.

Tox boys confirmed he was good and drunk.

Matched, uh... tissues pulled
from the bone to his DNA.

He died of cranial hemorrhagin' before
the cigarette and gasoline did the rest.

Not a pretty way to go, I'm afraid.
But it seems fairly straightforward.

- Can I help you?
- Umm...

I may have had a suspect sighting, that night.

- Want anything, Dougie? No?
- No, I'm good. Thanks.

- Jack! What's the latest?
- Hi.

Well, I'll tell you, that insurance lady
is certainly a pain in the kiester.


She turn up anything?

Well, so far, all we have is that...
what that security guard saw, now

he claims somebody else was
in the boat that night.

So I'm takin' him down to get a sketch
made and see what we get from that.

'Course, for all I know, he's just stringin' us
along so he gets to ride in a big ole police car.

- Hey, man? Keepin' the peace?
- Doin' my best.

Well, better those guys keep such good records now,
with all that stuff goin' on at the boatyard, huh?

Well, that's what I'm there for.

- Any leads, or...?
- Yeah.

I saw Elliot Harper take out the boat that night.

But then I realized, later...
I think it was someone else.

Were you plannin' on tellin'
me you were comin' here?

- After you.
- Thank you.

Rich people.


Found something!

So... I think that I screwed
up, so don't get mad, OK?

- OK.
- OK.

That insurance chick? Came
with the-the messy hot one?


Well, her and Big Jack were hitting me
with a bunch of questions, last night.

And I, uh...

I may have said somethin'
before I could really think.

Questions about what?

About you... and how you been
acting all Summer, s-stuff like that.

Yeah, so?

And, um...

I may have said that there's a mysterious woman?

That's your own fantasy, Carson.
I told you, there's no...

There's no woman, there's nothing.

Thanks for believin' me. You're...
you're a real friend.

I told you not to get mad.

- Can I come in?
- Sure.

Yes, please.

Well, I have just a couple questions.


So, Mrs. Harper left around the same time
that your son went upstairs, that night?

Ten thirty-ish?

- You're sure about that time, right?
- Yes, I'm absolutely sure.

What is she doing? Now that the
house is sealed, where is she?

Pines Motel. I'm afraid that...
not a whole lot of other options.

Well, at any rate, I-I'd like Doug to come down
to the station and give an initial statement.

- Thanks, Em. Thanks, Brian.
- See your later.


That's the last one. Check it out.

Don't worry, Dougie... it's just a formality.


Hey, I'm Elliot. Dougie, is it?

Your parents? What?

Anything worth doing's worth doing all the way.

I w-I worked on the boat.

- Uh, Mr. Harper...
- Mm-hm.

Um... a pretty intense guy.

Uh, drank... a bit, you know, and, um...

- he was... fairly nice to me, and...
- So,

that's how Mr. Harper struck you, uh...
as a drinker?

Uh, it's not like we really hung out that much.

I mean, he must have made some
sort of impression on you.

Yeah, I mean, he-he drank some,
when we took the boat out.

So, he-he drank some or he drank a lot?

- A... decent amount. Um...
- Uh-huh.

He liked, uh... bourbon, mostly, and...

seemed to smoked too much, too.

So, how would you characterize Mr.
Harper's relationship with his wife?

I... I barely really met her. You know,

she-she came on the boat with us
once and to the bar with him, uh...

y'know, but I only ever really met her-met
her, uh... one night, at her house.

- I said, what... t-two words to her?
- Mm-hm.


just so we're straight here...

it's my job to find out exactly
what happened, so everyone

gets what they deserve... one way or the other.

So, if you lie to me... or
intentionally mislead me,

that is conspiracy to defraud, and that...

- That's a felony.
- Wait-wait, uh, what... what is this shit?

We came here of our own accord, Ms. Alvarez, and

while I'm happy to let Doug help
you in your investigation,

I'm not about to let my son be "bad
copped" by some insurance investigator.

- I'm an attorney, and I'm...
- Really? What kind?

Wills and trusts.

But that doesn't mean that I don't recognize an
interrogation, when I see one. We're done here.

Thank you, Doug.

Hey, Doug.

So, after the sketch artist
reviewed some of the evidence...

- Like what?
- Aw... can't talk about that.

I gotta keep that under wraps.

But I can tell you this. A full-blown
murder investigation is...

- Murder?
- Widow's tellin' a new story.

Some stalker harrassing her,
then he killed Elliot Harper.

Stalker, right? From out of town, probably.

You would think that.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Look man I-I... I'm sorry that I
mentioned the imaginary woman.

I'm a dumbass.

But, uh... you already knew that, before
you decided to be friends with me.

So it's kinda one of the...
pre-conditions for our friendship.

So, we cool?

I said, are we cool?

Yeah... yeah, everything's cool.

Look, I gotta take lunch early. Cover for me?

You know it.

Aren't you afraid the insurance
investigator would follow you?

- I was careful.
- Or your stalker?

They kept asking the same questions
over and over and I panicked.

If that investigator had anything solid,
she would have done something by now.

- Lena, they're figuring it out.
- Doug, calm down.

Come on, they're not gonna find any evidence.

I mean, there isn't anything.

Except our phones, Lena.

You're right.


OK. Just take them, smash them.
Throw 'em in the lake.

Whatever. I trust you.

We have to be apart for a while.
Let things calm down.

You're right.

Alright, we can figure this out.

Alright, listen... come grab your
phone later, when it's safe.

- OK.
- OK?

Send me a text, let me know where you are.
I'll do the same.

Are you sure can risk this?

If we don't do this... we'll
have no way to be in touch.

I mean, pretty soon, we won't
even be in the same city.

- OK.
- Alright? So-so after that, then what?

I... I don't know Doug.

But I know I love you.

We can always see each other carefully.

Next year you're out of your parents' house right?


We can actually be together.

If you still want to, after all this.

Of course I do.

Do you realize how hard it was for us to get 3
months, free and clear, to come out here to relax!

And instead, what're we doin'? We're
runnin' around Sheriff stations and

havin' our son interrogated.
And now in our own home?

What's up? I-I gotta shower and get back to work.

I'll give you a ride over to the
Rudder when we're done, Dougie.

This'll just take a few minutes.

He doesn't have to do this.
Doug, you don't have to do this.

Actually... yes, he does.

It's just that we found some
physical evidence next door.

We gotta rule out anybody who mighta had access.

Looks like Mrs. Harper was tellin' the
truth about that stalker, after all.

Wow! So, she's no longer a suspect?

Supposedly, there's a rape kit she'd done, about
a month ago, up to Raleigh Medical Center.

This guy had a hood on, it was dark,
so she couldn't identify him.

DNA match from the blood that
we lifted from the window.

Hold still, please.

Stalker shattered it when he broke in
that night and stole some undergarments.

Her underwear?! Oh, my God, and all of
this has been happening right next door?

Just relax.

We think the stalker's gotta
be linked to the murder.

Open wide.

Just gotta gas up and I'll get you on
over to the Rudder, Dougie. Coffee?

Yeah, I'll take one.

Cream, no sugar, please.

Where'd you say you went, after you
came home from work, that night?

To bed.

Did anybody actually, uh... see you...
in your bedroom, after, say... midnight?

- No.
- So, no one saw you 'til the morning?

She's gonna walk, with 10 million
dollars, while someone else hangs.

Look, Doug... this is what I do.


I see the scam beneath the story.

The way all the puzzle pieces slide together.

It's just the way my brain works. Always has.

I told you everything.

So I know you watched her.

I know you were obsessed with her. I know that
your DNA will match the blood on the window.


Thing is, you don't strike me as the stalker type.

You strike me as the... sexually
inexperienced, easily manipulated type...

just might kill his lover's husband,
in pursuit of some fantasy.

I get why you fell for her. I mean, look at her.

What, she tell you she loved you?
That it'll all work out?

The two of you were gonna be together someday?

Whatever you think she is, you're wrong.

Lem! Lem, let me out.

- Wait, whoa, just a second.
- Lem, let me out!

- Let me out!
- Doug... hey, hey!

I'm gonna have trouble, Carson.

Ske crushed his skull in,
with a fire extinguisher.

I don't know why, but I-I helped cover it up.

You helped cover up a murder?

I didn't know it was a murder.

So, you've been lying to everyone
the entire Summer, and...

But, now you gotta prove that your lies were lies.

I just have to own up and confess.

Yeah, you have to confess. But first,
you need to find something concrete

that proves that she was with you, by choice.

Hey... hey, you need evidence.

It's in our phones, our disposable ones, uh...

there are-there are texts and... you
know, kinda... personal pictures?

Well, I don't-I don't need the details.
Well, I do, but... later.

A-a phone is good, though.

Is there anything else? Think, Doug.
Did, uh... did-did anyone see you?

Her gardener... uh, he saw us together.

You might wanna figure out
how to get Big Jack on that.

- As in, now.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry. I've been lying, this
whole time, to you, Carson.

It was a shitty thing to do.

Hey, it's OK.

Plus, I've been, uh... I've been lying to you, too.

Been bangin' yo momma.

Kidding. OK, go get Jack.

- Hi there, Dougie.
- Hey.

- Come set a spell.
- OK.

Say, Lem told me that that lady
rode you pretty hard. You OK?

Never better.

- How 'bout a little water, boy, hm?
- Yes, please.

There you go.

Thank you.

Now, Dougie.

Out here, I can make a fella
shell out for a parking ticket.

Or I can make him buy beers for everybody in here.

Either way, he's gon' pay the piper.

But my way is a better way, for everyone.

See, that's why I love livin' out here.

This is the Emerald City, and I am the fella
behind the curtains... yankin' them levers.

Keepin' everybody happy, and safe.

But the city is creepin' into our backyard.

Dougie, I've known your family a long time.

So if you have anything you need to say...

I'd be a good person for you to say it to.

Dougie, I'm runnin' out of levers.


Ex-excuse me, one second.

- Hello?
- Your mom and I need to talk to you.

Hey, Dad. I-I'm in the middle of talkin'

- with Jack.
- Doug, do not speak to anyone, for legal reasons.

- OK, Alright.
- Get home, now.

Sorry, Big Jack, uh... I gotta go.

But I thought of somone you should talk to.


The Harpers had a gardener.
He seemed to be around, a lot.

A gardener, huh? OK, I'll run him down.

Thank you.

Hey, Lem, scan these prints. Give 'em
all to Gonzales in the East Precinct.

- Right.
- Make sure he knows.

I need them before Allied Trust
Insurance settles come back.

- OK. Whose are they?
- They're mine.

I gotta check somethin' out
with Lena Harper's gardener.

- Go on.
- I'm on it.

Where's my damn address for the gardener?

Hey, we're working on it.

- This is Mrs. Harper's gardener?
- Yeah.

You're not gonna need it.

He was found, rolled, in a parking
lot of a by-the-hour motel.

- Twenty-two, point blank, to the head.
- Poor guy.

The blood isn't a match for the basement window.

So, he isn't our stalker or, accomplice, or...

whoever the hell else is behind all this.

Add it to the long list of things
for me and Lem to follow up on.

- Jack?
- Yeah?

Would you excuse us? Private matter.

Thank you.

- Lem.
- Mm-hm.

Gonzales came through.

Fingerprints on the tumbler match the
prints on the Harpers' window sill.

We got our man.

- I've never seen this before.
- Doug... come on.

Please, just tell us what's going on.

Answer your mother.

OK, I have seen them before. But not in my drawer.

Look, I screwed up.

OK, like-like really...
really bad kinda screwed up.

- Did you kill Elliot?
- No. No, of course not. Why...?

Wait right here.

Now, seein' you won't meet me,

that woman'll have a warrant
when her lab work comes in.

I just thought I owed it to you. Believe me.

We weren't doubtin' you.
This whole thing... this...

Can't you do something? You know what I'm saying.

Dougie didn't do that, Jack...

I'm sorry.


Come on. Come on.



I have them already.


Let me go, let me go! No!

Hey! Get off her! Get him off her!

Now, get your hands off of her!

Are you OK?

- Are you OK?
- Yes, thank you.

Excuse me, Mrs. Harper.

We're gonna need you to come
in and make a full statement.

- Would you mind if I got cleaned up?
- Of course not.

Oh, Jack, Jack, you know me, OK?
You gotta believe me.

Dougie, I know there's gotta be a lot more
to this story, but I can't do anything.

- She covered every base.
- I know.

Please, I gotta get to her
before the wire transfer.

Jack, I have a very small window
to help myself, here. Please.

I gotta get you handcuffs.

You got 20 minutes, kid.

Hey, Doug!

Doug! Hey, come back here!

What's this?

Mrs. Harper, are you ready?

Doug what are-what are you doing?
Why aren't you in custody?

Just wait a minute, OK? Just wait a second.

- Please, just one...
- Where is Mrs. Harper?


Agent Alvarez, please, just look at this phone.

It's private, she can't.

Just look... please.

There's proof on there.


Oh, my God!

You need to come with me.

OK. I'll take this evidence in, but
you still have a lot to answer for.

Believe me, I know.

Thank you.

Um, hi, Sheriff, it's Alvarez.

Listen. The Martin kid was telling the truth.

No, I-I-I need to take her to Raleigh, right now.

Uh, yeah... you sure I... can leave the kid here?

Yeah, I-I got cuffs on me. Alright, just hurry.

Don't do anything stupid.

- It's too late.
- Let's go.

Oh, my God!

I see the scam beneath the story.

The way all the puzzle pieces slide together.

That's just the way my brain works.

She covered every base.

Have you ever been with a girl before?

- Maybe once or twice, but seriously?
- Did she tell you she loved you?

- There was a matching one?
- They fit together.

We were gonna be together someday?

When you're young, you don't realize
the permanence of your decisions.

Well, I'll tell you one thing. They
hate payin' out them big claims.

How do you know she's not leadin' you on?

I know you were obsessed with her.

I know that your DNA will match
the blood on the window.

No way to make that look like an accident.

I'm dead if you go to anyone, Doug.

I might get a second chance.

She's gonna walk with 10 million
dollars, while someone else hangs.

someone else hangs...

She said it herself.

She stole my youth.

But I can't pretend I didn't have a choice.

I was locked up for a while. On... reduced charges.

But, it would have been much worse,
if she hadn't left me proof.

Last I heard, they were still tracking them.

But me? I'm still here.

I'm not the same, though.

I'd like to say I wish I could go back
in time, do everything differently.

But then I remember her...

her face, her body...

The way I never knew what she was thinking.

And I wonder, even if I could take it all back...

would I?

Would you?