Careful, He Might Hear You (1983) - full transcript

His mother dead, PS lives in Sydney with working-class Aunt Lila and Uncle George. When he's six or eight, his posh Aunt Vanessa descends from England. Named a co-guardian by PS's feckless, absent father, she asserts her rights and convinces Lila to have PS live with her weekdays. PS is happy at Lila's, playing with children, running about, speaking up. At Vanessa's, there's a regimen of private school, round vowels, piano and riding lessons, and lonely indoor play with fancy toys. He's miserable and when he objects, she sues for complete custody. Will anyone listen to him? And will he take on Vanessa's challenges to find out who he is and to love someone?

(light orchestral music)

- It all came so easily to Vanessa.

She never had to struggle for anything.

Imagine never having to worry about money

for your whole life,

and being paid every
week, not to worry about.

What I'm saying is
Nessa's had a great deal,

so why does she want PS?

- [George] Part time.

Part timers.

- [Lila] No.

- [George] All she wants.

- [Lila] His home's with
us, not with Vanessa.

A child doesn't need two homes.

- [George] Vanessa said part time.

- [Lila] I'm his legal guardian,

he doesn't need two guardians.

And if Sinden knew it
was Vanessa, she'd die.

- [George] Sinden is dead.

- Careful, he might hear you.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Don't worry PS.


Beloved daughter of
William and Annie Scott.

To the pure in heart, all things are pure.

- Is Dear One going to
have a cake with candles?

- No, PS, it's not that
sort of a birthday.

- Is it because she's not here?

- Yes, PS, mother's with the angels.

These shoes plunge.

Thank goodness Dear One's
garden's so handy to have.

(bright orchestral music)

- George.
- Huh?

- Someone's been here.

That's not the way a woman
puts flowers into a vase.

- Well, at least she cut
the bloody grass for us.

- George, don't swear here.

I don't like the idea of some
stranger poking around here.

- [George] Might not be a stranger to her.

- I know a secret.

- What is it?

- What'll you give me for it?

- Gimme a (mumbles) you
haven't sucked much of it.

- But I haven't got
down to orange bit yet.

- Come on, I'll give it back
when I get to the licorice.

- What's the secret?



- You're going somewhere else to live.

- Am not!

- Joanna told my mom.

- She did not!

- They're coming in a big
car to take you away forever.

- [PS] They are not!

- They orphaned you, Auntie said.

- Fibber, fibber!

- PS is going away, PS is going away!

PS is going away!

Mama, PS hit me!

Mama, PS hit me!

- [PS] I'm not going!

I'm not!

I'm not!

- What is it, what happened?

- Winnie said some awful people

are going to take me away forever!

- Now, nonsense.

- [PS] I won't go, ever!

- Do you think I'd let
anyone take you away?

Winnie was teasing you.

Now, you listen to me.

I'm going to tell you
about a gorgeous surprise.

- [PS] What is it?

- Well, if you're very good,

if you're very very very good,

you might go for a little holiday.

How's that?

- With you and George?

- No, not exactly.

- Who then?

- Er...

Cousin Ettie.

- Who's she?

- She's the most lovely, lovely,

kind lady in the whole world.

She's so kind that when my mom died,

she said "I'll take one
of the girls to London."

Do you know who it was?

- Who?

- Aunt Vanessa, of course!

- I won't go anywhere with her!

- Now, PS--

- I'll kill her!

- Now stop it!

You want to hurt poor Vanessa

when she wrote me a lovely letter saying,

"Dear Lila, could I just
borrow PS for a little while?"

- I don't belong to her.

- I said borrow, PS.

- I belong to you and George.

- Of course you do.

And nothing's going to change that.

(crowd clamoring)

- How about this, old chap?

Ever see a boat as big as this?

(exciting orchestral music)

- Look up, PS.

You might see Vanessa and cousin Ettie.

- I don't know them!

- Well, PS, I don't very
often see you, do I?

- Hello, Agnes.

- Hello, Lila.


Big ships are nothing usual to me, PS.

I don't travel very much.
- Hello dear!

- Oh, where's PS, did you bring PS?

- Here I am, Vere!

- Is that you?

Is that my child?

- Vere, you can't have everyone.

- Oh Lila, don't be such a twat.

Aren't you dying in
that wool dress, Agnes?

- We're all dying.

- Well don't stand there
dear, it's too early.

- It's later than we think.

- Oh, there's a nice sailor.

Hi sailor!

- Vere!

I think he's serious.

- Girl, I am.

There's cousin Ettie!

Cooie! Cousin Ettie!

- [Lila] Where's Vanessa?

- Where's Ness?

- Come here, Vere.

- I feel like a salmon
going upstream to breed.

- They're just gangways, see?

- Oh wonderful!

I knew your mother,
your dear little mother.

- [Vere] Ettie!

- [George] Hello Ettie.

- You must be so tense.

Standing around in all that hot son.

- Ettie, you haven't changed a bit.

- Oh, heavens.

- Not looking a day older.

- Where's Vanessa?
- I think she's in the cabin.


- In which cabin?
- Number 26 on A deck.

(voices clamoring)


(soft orchestral music)

- [Vanessa] Come in.

Hello, Lila.

- Hello, Ness.

You haven't changed, Ness.

- [Vanessa] Are you PS by any chance?

- [Lila] Give Aunt Vanessa a nice kiss.

- Just Vanessa will do.

I imagine you have enough aunts already.

Well, well, PS.

At last.

- Well here's to the Scott
sisters together again!

- Cheers!

- Lovely, I'm so happy about it.

- Ness, it's lovely.

Thank you, cousin Ettie.

- Oh George, isn't that beautiful!

- I'll be pretty fast standard
trade sorted with this thing.

- It's Florentine.

- [George] Thanks Ness, cousin Ettie.

- Oh Ness, these are gorgeous!

Doesn't he look sweet?

- How lovely.

I hope you like books.

- Oh yes, he loved the
Beatrix Potters you sent him.

- I was asking him, Lila.

Never had Pooh and Piglet?

Glad I thought of it, then.

Do you like Peter Pan?

- Who's Peter Pan?

- [Vanessa] He's the
boy who never grew up.

- You must let her have PS.

Or there will be a
terrible overturning, Lila.

Not that it matters much,
Dr Pollock says we will all

be saved into the joy of
understanding in October.

- Do you like that?
- Yes.

- Say yes, thank you.

We're a little bit S-H-Y.

- That makes two of us.

(soft orchestral music)

- I was there at the end.

Sinden held onto my hand and kept saying--

- I told you she was pretty, didn't I?

- [Winnie] Is she going
to take you away forever?

- [PS] No, she's just going to borrow me.


- But she slipped away.

Just slipped away.

- [Winnie] She means died!


- Vanessa, I was very
surprised at your letter.

So was George.

- Why the surprise, Lila?

- This is his home.

- I wouldn't dream of changing
the rhythm of PS's life.

- George and I are
father and mother to him.

- You're not his mother.

Are you, Lila?

- We've coped for six years, Ness.

- [Vanessa] I don't know why you're being

so dramatic about this.

- It was Sinden's wish the
child should live with us.

- What about his father's wishes?

- Oh, Logan!

He didn't even bother to
come back for the funeral.

- [Vanessa] He did make me co-guardian.

- He came to Sydney for one day,

waltzed straight into
the solicitor's office,

smelling of whisky, and
said "Where do I sign?"

The whole thing took 10 minutes,

then he was gone to catch the train.

Last thing we heard was a post card

from some wild mining place
up north saying good luck.

- Doesn't he come to visit PS?

- He's never even seen him.


What is it you want, Ness?


PS, you nearly hit Aunt Vanessa!

Come here and say you're sorry!


- Sorry.

- Now, who'd like a piece of cake?

Don't grab!

Winnie, this is Miss Scott.

- How do you do, Winnie?

- Fine.

- What do you say?

- Ta.

- Not ta, thank you.

- School starts a week from next Tuesday

and I'd like some idea...

- You're wheezing again, Lila.

- George and I want to know

just how you propose we're
to share the arrangement.

- PS, would you mind leaving
the room for a moment, please?

- Why?

- Because I'm asking you to very nicely.

- We're talking about
the lovely surprise, PS.

Oh no, don't do that.

We never close the doors on him.

- [Vanessa] Don't baby him, Lila.

I haven't come back to change anything.

He's still going to live
with you and George.

But I think that at first,
until we see how things go,

he might come to me every second weekend.

Depart on the school holidays.

- How's my big man?

Lila, I'm home!

- She's in there with Vanessa.

- [Lila] George and I wouldn't dream of...


I had my own...

- What's going on?

Why is he shut out in the hall?

- Hello, George.

- We don't ever shut him out.

- I asked him very nicely to wait for us.

- It's all right, old chap.

- And don't be a worrier, Lila.

Bye-bye, George.

- Bye.

- [Vanessa] Cheerio, PS.

(soft orchestral music)

- She didn't take me.

- Never mind, old chap.

(flowing orchestral music)

(doorbell ringing)

- Hello.

- I'm Mrs. Baines, and
I've brought my nephew.

- Oh yeah, good-o.

Miss Scott, visitors!

(clock chiming)

- Oh, hello!

Hello, welcome!

(light orchestral music)

Diana, put the umbrella in
rack for which it was created.

And take master and madam's
suitcase up to his room.

- Yeah, good-o.

- Yes, Miss Scott.

- Yes, Miss Scott.

- Don't know how long she's going to last.

(birds chirping)

- Oh Ness, it's lovely!

- Yes, as I crave space.

We've taken along these.

- Look, PS.

It's Dear One.

- It's your mother.

- Remember darling, it's
only 'til Sunday night.

Now, don't forget what I told you.

If you feel a teeny bit lonely,

all you have to do is look out the window,

across the harbor,

and there we'll be waving to you.

- Which way?

- Right over there.

- But I only see trees and things.

- [Lila] Well, we're over
there, so don't you worry.

- [PS] But I don't like this house.

- [Lila] What, darling?

- I don't like this house.

- Shh.

It's a gorgeous house.

Oh, what a time you're going to have here.

- Thanks for bringing him, Lila.

- Goodbye, Ness.

- Are you sure we can't get you a taxi?

- No, no, it's no distance to the ferry.

His pajamas and everything
are in the suitcase.

- Yes, thanks.

- [Lila] Bye-bye, PS.

- Bye!
- Bye.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Come along, darling.


That goes on your lap.

- But I always wore my Soviet here.

- It isn't a Soviet, it's a napkin.

Only tradespeople tuck their napkins

into their shirt collars.

Wrong side, Diana.

Not before everyone has been served, PS.

- And how are you enjoying
your school, lambkin?

- All right, thank you.

- And what games do you like playing best?

- Ettie, let him eat his dinner, please.

That's your dessert spoon.

Use your fork.

The one on your left.

That's right.

(bell chiming)


(somber orchestral music)

- [PS] Put the flowers in here!

- Please don't creep up on me like that.

I'm sorry PS, forgive me.

Will you do it for me?

- [PS] Did you know Logan?

- What?

- He was my father.

- I knew him a long time ago.

Even before he met your mother.

- Was he nice?

- Well, let me see...

He was witty.

He made people laugh.

He was a dreamer.

And very handsome.

Oh, don't sit down there please, PS.

- But I always sit down here.

- This is a grave.

Your mother's buried here.

Where did you think she was?

- Agnes says she's on a plane.

- On a plane?

- Yes, the servant's plane.

- Haven't they told you never
to listen to dear old Agnes?

- Lila says she went to heaven.

- People die, PS.

She just died.

You see, you were late.

Late being born.

That made her very tired, and she died.

Being born is very difficult.

It was for my mother having me.

Or so she said.


- Did they put Dear One in a box?

- Oh darling, don't say Dear One.

It's not what she would've liked.

Say mother.

- Did they put...

Is she in a box?

- [Vanessa] Yes.

- And it's down there?

- [Vanessa] Yes.

- Still?

- Yes, but you see,

after a very long time,
nothing much is left.

But you were left.

You are what is left of her.

(light orchestral music)

Peter flew around the pirate
ship in a huge circle,

and saw, to his dismay, that
Wendy had been taken captive.

She was tied to the mast,

and Captain Hook was laughing wickedly.

"Ha-ha, this will mean the
mean the end of Peter Pan!"

Hook told his men.

So Peter decided on a plan.

We'll have the second
chapter tomorrow night.

- I've got to say something to Jesus.

- Oh, well, you can say
that to yourself, PS.

Good night.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(wind howling)

- Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,

look upon the little child.

And please, God, look after Lila,

George, Agnes and Vere.

Winnie and Dear One.

Keep us well and make us good.


(thunder rumbling)


Where are we going?

- Where it's safe.

You've got to hide.

Got to hide.

Mother said you can't get wet.

(thunder rumbling)

It's all right, don't
be frightened, darling.

Once upon a time...

Hi, Logan.

Hi, Logan.

Hold me.

Hold me.

Hold me, Logan.

Hold me.

I once saw a picture of a
very pretty little girl.

So pretty...

She was burnt all over.

It was awful.

Just remember, PS, that
lightning can be very dangerous,

and can kill you.

I'd rather you didn't mention
to anyone about last night.

All right?

- All right.

- Especially to Lila and George.



- Yes.

(dramatic orchestral music)


- Well, Grizzly Bear's got me.

I haven't got a good hug like that.


- Little new boy, what's your name, dear?

- PS.


- What's your name?

- PS.

- [Miss Pile] Is that
the only name you have?

- In my school--

- This is your school
now, and in this school,

we answer the role to our surname.

Is your surname Marriott?

- Yes.

- [Miss Pile] Yes, Miss Pile.

- Yes, Miss Pile.

- You're at a nice private school now,

and we always keep our
vowels nice and open.

Say a piece of cake.


- A piece of cake.

- A piece of cake!

I would like a nice piece of cake!

- I would like--

- Not "like."



See how I open my lips and my
tongue is lying rather flat?

Do you see my tongue?


Now watch.

A piece of cake!

See it?


Now, say did you see the
bee in the green tree.



- What's PS stand for?

- I don't know.

- I do.

PS stands for Pretty Silly!

♪ PS is pretty silly ♪

♪ PS is pretty silly ♪

♪ PS is pretty silly ♪

- Shut up.

Do you want to join our secret club?

- Dunno.

- You don't join, no
one talks to you ever.

- Give me your pocket money.

Come on.

Is that all?

How much does your father give you a week?

- I haven't got a father.

- Is he dead?

- No, he's a gold digger.

- What's that?

- I dunno.

I've never seen him.

- Never ever?

He's a bastard.

- He's a bastard!

- He's a bastard!
- He's a bastard!

- If you don't join the club,

we'll tell everyone you're a bastard.

Come on, you've got to be initiated.

Now, take down your trousers.

- No!

- All right, you can't join the club.

We'll tell everyone.

- You're custard.

- I'm not!

(children singing)

All right!

- And your underpanties.

Now bend over, and no calling out,

or I'll do it again tomorrow,

and the next day, and the next.

- Sing a song for Miss Colden, PS.

She's going to give you piano lessons.

Lila says you'll sing a song for people.

What is it?

- Be Like I.

- All right!

We're waiting.

♪ Today the world has a sky of gray ♪

- Louder, darling.

♪ They don't realize the way to make ♪

♪ The dreams they dream come true ♪

- Very nice.

♪ Life is green all the way to blue ♪

♪ When you find the
bluebird of happiness ♪

(children shouting)

- Each week he comes back
just a bit more childish.

- Looks all right to me.

- You know what she does now?

Sends him home with instructions for me.

Do this, do that, as if
I'm the maid or something.

- Don't know why you gave
him up five days a week

in the first place.

- I had to, we couldn't
fight her any longer, Vere.

- Well tell her to take a running jump!

- Could we afford a private school?

- What's he need a bloody
private school for?

Half the country's on the dock!


- You know what she told him
about Dear One's little garden?

His mother's buried in it.

- Do you know what you and Ness are doing?

- All the care we took
to keep it a happy thing.

- A first-class job of
making him hate Sinden.

- Oh, Vere, that's the most--

- Forcing him to worship him!

Pushing it down his throat!



Gimme the bat, my turn!

Watch this, kids.



I got it!

(somber orchestral music)

Never mind, mate.

- [Lila] Come on, darling.

Don't keep the nice man waiting.

- How would you like to
come to a matinee one day?

I'm dancing in the chorus.

Okay, we've got a deal then.

- Come on, PS.

- [Winnie] Are you going
on the doll like us?

- What's the doll?

- When your dad's lost
his job like George.

- He hasn't.

- Yes he has.

He got the sack.

My mom says she'll be going to live

with your other auntie for good now.

- I won't!

- You have to!

- Why?

- Because you're not a man.

- You're common!

- Mama!

PS says I'm common!

- What's that?

Did you call Winnie common?

- She said--

- Never you mind what she said.

Did you call her common?

- [PS] Sorry.

- I'll give you sorry.

Winnie's as good as you are any day.

Don't you come back here weekends

and put on ears just
because you've got servants

waiting on you all week
in that posh house!

Mrs. Baines?

Needs a good smack if you want my opinion!

- Has George lost his job?

- George is out of work
just for a little while.

- [PS] Winnie says I have to
go to Vanessa's place forever.

- Now listen to me, PS.

You're our little boy just as much

as if we were your real mommy and daddy,

and this is your real home.

- For always and always?

- Yes.

Always and always.

Now listen to Lila.

We don't want Vanessa to know
that George is out of work.

- Why?

- Because...

Because it might upset her.

- But if she asks?

- Well, we'll just say
that he's working at home.

- But that's a fib!

- Well...

Well, look, he's working in the garden,

so it's not really a fib.

- But if she asks--

- Well, you don't have
to tell her everything!

Why there?

- What?

- Well, can't you see
it won't get any sun?

Any fool can see that!

I'm sorry.

I just want something to go right.

- I want to ask you something, PS.

How are Lila and George?

- All right.

- Does George have a bad cold?

- No, he's working in the garden.

- That's nice.

He can't be sick, then.

- No, he's working in the garden.

- Is that what Lila told you?

I don't like secrets between us, PS.

Look at me, PS!

Has George lost his job?

- No, he's working in the garden!

- Yes, I understand.

Now you must never hide
things from me again.

It's very wrong of Lila to make you.

It is wrong of you to obey her.

It's time you learned that.

Now go to your room.

Go along.

(light piano music)

(metronome ticking)

- Keep a straight back, lad!

That's it.

Right, a bit more on the left leg.

That's it.

(bright orchestral music)

- [Vanessa] Dear Logan...

- Where are you, PS?

Coming, ready or not!

- [PS] Am I getting better?

- [Vanessa] You are
getting so much better.




- Hello, Ness.

- Logan.


This rain never seems to stop, does it?

- You're not still scared of
thunderstorms, are you, Ness?

- Diana?

- You got a visitor.

- Who is it?

Do I know them?

- Hold on.

You ready?

- How about a sherry before lunch?

- [Logan] If that's all you got.

- Yes, I'm sorry, that's all.

- Where's the blue sky gentleman?

- PS?

- Just a family joke.

Did you tell him I might be coming?

- Children worry more in advance.

- Yes, I suppose with your
vast experience of kids,

you would know.


- Everything I've told you can be proven.

- Oh, I'm dead sure of that, miss.

- She's made him lie to me.

Over and over.

They're in terrible trouble
since George lost his job.

The phone's cut off.

They're broke.

- So is everyone.

- I appreciate you not seeing her

until you talk to me.

- Oh, I read my
instructions very carefully.

- That's not fair.

- You're footing the bill.

- The thing is, Logan, we're
involved in this together.

- Ness, the kid's never seen me.

- But he wants to very much!

- How do you know that?

- He asks about you.

- Does he?

- PS has your looks.

- [Logan] Poor little bugger.

- He's a beautiful child.

Very bright.

- Sinden's brains, then.

- In London, he'd have
the world at his feet.

- Is that what you want?

Take him to London?

- It's not what I want.

It's what we want for PS.

- I don't even know what
I'm going to say to him.

- [Vanessa] Just be yourself.

- Oh, for Christ's sake, Ness.

How can I explain myself to him?

(dramatic orchestral music)

- I can't tell you that.

Poor Logan.

Just be nice to him.

- How?

- You know how.

The way you were with me.


- He's here, Miss Scott.

- Come here, darling.

Come on.

PS, darling,

this is your father.

- Hello, PS.

- Don't you think you might
give Logan a nice kiss?

- Here's a present for you.

- What is it?

- Why don't you open it up and see?

It's gold.

I brought you some gold, PS.

- Isn't that nice?

Logan dug that out of the earth for you.

I do think you might give
Logan a nice kiss for that.


(light orchestral music)


- Well, how do you do, and how are you?

- Why don't you show Logan your room?

He might like to see your train, too.

Go and see about luncheon.

- Where's the train, PS?

- Upstairs.

- Will you show me?

By golly, that's a nice train, PS.

I came on a big train all
the way from Broken Hill.

How'd you like to come on
a big train with me one day

and see all your aunties
and uncles and cousins?

Go to kindergarten, do you?

- No, not anymore.

I go to Miss Pile's.

- [Logan] You like it?

- Yes, thank you.

- Well, what do you
get up to after school?

Cowboys and Indians?

Climbing trees?

- Piano lessons.

- Okay, good-o.

- Riding school.

Dancing class.

- You like that?

- [PS] Yes, thank you.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Wait, wait a minute.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, mate.

All over.

Don't be frightened.

- I'm not.

- No, don't you be.

Don't you be frightened by me.

Your mother never was, and
she wouldn't want you to be.

They look after you because I...


But if they try to make
you do something you hate,

you bellyache and yell, see?

You yell as loud as you
can, and make a big fuss.


Now listen, I'm gonna tell you a secret.

She wants to take you away.

- Where?

- England.

- Could I come home to Lila on Fridays?

- No, it's...

It's a long long way away, PS.

It'd be until you'd grown up.

Would you want to?

Well, don't you worry about it.

I'll fix her.

It's the only thing I can do.

It's not much in seven
years, but it's something.

So don't worry about it, okay?

- Is it all right now to tell
everyone I've got a father?

- Yeah, that's all right.

- Why don't you live here?

Did you love Dear One?

- Oh, yes.

Very much, son.

(uplifting orchestral music)

- Don't go!



- You're not gonna drag him off to England

and turn him into a bloody pomp!

- I'd thought you'd see the advantages--

- [Logan] Advantages,
what fucking advantages?

- Well, there's change.
- Oh, fuck change.

- [Vanessa] Even Cambridge.

- What are you trying to do anyway?

Turn him into a polite little sissy?

- Oh, not at all.

- Yes, thank you, no, thank you,

all right, thank you, love.

Why do you want him
all to yourself anyway?

- Sinden wanted it!

She wrote it just before she died.

You see what she says?

I shall have the children,
and Ness can manage them.

- That's six o' clock
in the morning impulses.

- It's there in black and white!

- Sure.

I bet you said the same thing to Lila.

And Vere.

Even poor old bloody Agnes.

Wonder he hasn't got got a hockey team

of aunts claiming him.

You know what she wanted?

A cheeky kid.

Full of spit and fight.

Eh, Sinden?

Running through the house.

Knocking over tables.

Yelling for bread and jam.

Putting bananas and toads in our bed.

Not scared of anything.

Laughing at the world
because it's so bloody crazy.

- She would have approved of PS.

- How would you know that?

- We were very close.

- Balls!

You didn't even know her.

None of you did, maybe Vere, a little.

I knew her absolutely.


- Is that why she called
you a five minute husband?


- Well, it's nice.

It's her.

She took me as I came.

She could do more living in five minutes

than you could in five years.

- She said PS was post-script
to her ridiculous life!

And it was ridiculous.

- I'll tell you one thing she wasn't.

She wasn't a stuck-up tease.

She wasn't bloody frigid.

She wasn't the Virgin Queen.


I'll never forget that night
we went out in my old Dodge.

Oh boy, oh boy.

There we were in the
middle of a flaming panic!

I thought you were gonna claw my eyes out!

Wake up the whole of
bloody beggar's marsh.

- I was frightened.

- Yeah, so was I. (laughs)

- I loved you!

I love your son.

Go on, laugh.


(dramatic orchestral music)

But I don't fear you any more.

No, love me.

Love me.

Love me.

- (laughs) Oh, Jesus.


Ness, you don't know how to love.

- Then why did you give him to me?

- I gave you half of him.

- Why?

- Ettie's money.

I wanted the best for him.

- Logan!

Logan! Logan!

Were you listening, PS?

Come along.

He's always trying to hurt me, PS.

Long before you were
born, he tried to hurt me.

He'd have hurt your mother
all the time if she had lived,

because your father's a bad man.

Isn't it a good thing she died?

And aren't you glad to have
me to protect you from him?

Darling, come here, darling.

Don't worry, don't worry.

Logan can't get you
because you belong to me.

We belong to each other, my darling.

My precious angel.

Just think, when you're all grown up,

and all the things we'll do together.

How nice it will be for me too.

I'll have a man to take to
the theater, the opera--

- No, I won't go!

- What?

- [PS] I won't go.

- [Vanessa] Did he tell you to say that?

- [PS] No!

- Did he?

- I won't go away on that boat.

I'll get the police!

- Stop that!

- I won't go away from Lila and George.

- Did you tell Logan that?

- [PS] No, I didn't.

- Yes, yes you did!

Didn't you?

- No I didn't!

- You're as bad as he is!

- [PS] He's not bad, he's not!

- Sit down in that chair, please.

- [PS] No!

- Sit in that chair!

PS, open this door please.

- Go away!

- Do you hear me, open this door!

- Why don't you get someone your own size!

- You get downstairs, you
stupid lump of a girl!

PS, open this door
immediately, do you hear me?

- Shut up!

- Leave him alone!

- Get downstairs!

(glass shattering)

- You'll go blind, George.

- He might've forgotten.

- Oh no, he's coming.

It's just that the dinner's
ruined, that's all.

He's coming because the child's
whole future is at stake.

- Oh, yes, that'd worry Logan.

- [Woman] Mrs. Baines, telephone!

Telephone, Mrs. Baines!

- Can you see them?

(tense orchestral music)


There's Vere!


- Lila!

Oh, Lila!

God bless ya!

George, come on!

God bless ya, come and sit down.

Sit down, we'll have a drink.

Sit down.

- Logan.

You come home with us now.

♪ Father, dear father,
come home with me now ♪

- He's got to escape the Virgin Queen.


- Logan!

- Got to escape the Virgin Queen!


- Listen, Logan...

- The Virgin Queen's got the papers.

But it's all right
because I fixed it all up.

- How did you fix it?

- I fixed it, I fixed it.

- Logan, we want PS.

- Yes, right, yeah, right.

- You've got to let us adopt him.

- Absolutely, absolut--

I'm gonna write to you about that, Lila.

- No, you've got to stay
and sign the papers.

- No, no more papers.

I don't want to sign more papers.

- Logan, for God's sakes--

♪ Come home, come home again ♪


(whistle blowing)

- Logan, you'll miss the train!

- Oh, bugger the train!

Cheerio, kid.

- Cheerio, kid.

Keep your chin up, kid.

- Lila!


Dear old George!

What'd you do that for, George?

- Logan, you'll miss the train!

Come on, hurry up.


- Logan, we'll send the papers.

You've got to let him--

- Everything's gonna be all right.

- We'll send the papers.

- I'm going up the river, Lila.

- You've got to sign the adoption papers!

- I'm gonna find gold!

I'll send all the money
in the world, Lila!

- Do something!

- God bless ya, Lila!

Cheerio, kid!

- Do something!

- PS?

Time to get ready.

- I'm not going!

- Now listen, PS--

- I'm not going!

- Just for this week.

- I won't go back!

- Listen, listen.

- I won't go back!

- Listen to me, PS.

Do you know what adoption is?

It means that we go to a
court and we ask a judge to--

- No!

- Tomorrow morning--
- No!

- George and I are going to lawyer

who'll take us to a judge.
- No!

- PS, it's the only way.

Just 'til we talk to the lawyer, please.

- I won't go back!

- All right.

But you'll have to tell Vanessa

that you've decided for yourself.

It's not of my making, Vanessa.

He wants to talk to you himself.

- I'm not coming back.

I decided myself.

I told her.

(bright orchestral music)

- Hello, PS.

- Lila!

A man's come to take me away.


- Don't be silly, no one's
going to take you away.

- Mrs. Lila Baines?

- Yes?

The answer is no.

You can tell my sister
he's not going back.

- If you do not return the infant,

then Scott will appeal
to the Supreme Court

for full guardianship.

- She can't do that!

- Miss Scott would like
to speak to the child now.

- Well, if she's going to
see him, I'm going too.

- Very well.

- PS.

Vanessa wants to talk to you for a minute.

Don't be scared, PS.

I'm coming, too.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Hello.

- Hello.

- This isn't like you at all, PS.

Now, what's wrong?

- I'm not coming back.

I decided myself.

- I'll tell you what.

Why don't you sit here next to me

and we'll have a nice talk about it?

Come along.


- I saw you.

I see what you're trying to do!

Go inside and stay there.

What a dirty, filthy trick!

- Get a hold of yourself, Mrs. Baines.

- I saw you try to shut the door!

How dare you!


How dare you try and
snatch him away from me!

I've the mind to call the police!

How dare you!

- Drive on, please.

- It's just like your hide
to come back from England,

ride rough shot over us,

Father's horrid spoiled brat!

- Go, I said.

- Lauding it over us.

Who do you think you are?

How dare you tell me
not to do PS's washing!

I've been doing it for six years!

- You're mad!

You made him lie to me!

- I know who the liar is.

- You took my roses off Father's coffin.

- [Lila] I did no such thing!

- Didn't you?

- You'll never get PS!

I despise you!

- I despise you!

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Dear who's what?

- Dear One's little garden.

- Mister, this is what you call the grave.

- Yes, your honor.

We think it's nicer.

- [Plaintiff] What have you told the boy

about his mother, Mrs. Baines?

- That she's with the angels.

- With the rangers?

- [Plaintiff] With the angels, Your Honor.

- Oh.


- How long have you been
a chronic asthmatic?

Would you like a glass of water?

And you still said it
was the boy's decision

not to go back to Miss Scott.


Perhaps you'd better stand up.

You were a candidate in the
1926 election, Mr. Baines.

- Yes.

- [Plaintiff] Which party?

- The Labor Party.

- Ah, the Labor Party, yes, I see.

But the voters, in their
wisdom, failed to elect you.

- Yes.

- And then these socialists...

Beg pardon, laborers...

Managed to get your job
at the trade unions.

- [George] Yes.

- [Plaintiff] And then these unions

quite recently sacked you.

- There was a cut-back.

- [Plaintiff] So now
you haven't got a job.

- Yes I have.

- [Plaintiff] Ah?

- Well, part-time job.

- [Plaintiff] A part-time job.

What as?

- A night watchman.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Hey look, he's got a ring face.

He must be very small.


Did we win?

- It's not over yet, old fellow.

- Did you have a nice day with Agnes?

- Are we going to win tomorrow then?

- Guess what?

You're going to talk to
the judge all by yourself.

Won't that be an adventure?

- Can Winnie come too?

- [George] Oh no!

- Oh my God!



PS, where did you get that from?

- We didn't have anything to color.

- That's George's precious book,

you've been told never to touch it!

- We didn't have anything to color--

- That's enough!

Now don't do any more to me!

It's enough!

Enough is enough!

♪ I am going where there's love ♪

- You were meant to be watching them!

- Soon it won't matter, George.

- You're mad!

You're a crazy woman!

- You may be as cruel as you like, Lila.

I fear nothing.

Whereas you fear everything.

That's why George lost
the election, and his job.

You put your fear into him.

And now you're doing the same thing to PS.

You're afraid of Vanessa.

Long before she came back,

you planted your little
seed of fear in PS.


It's growing fruit.

- Enough is enough!

Enough is enough!

- Doesn't George want the
judge to give me to him, too?

- Too worn out for you, dear.

- Mrs. Baines, the judge
would like to see PS alone.

I'll take him along now.

- [Lila] Why, can't I take--

- No, I'm sorry.

Come along, PS.

- Go with Mr. Gentle, PS.


Just tell the truth.

(dramatic orchestral music)

Wait a minute.

Marmite sandwiches, PS.

In case you get a rumbly tummy.

- Oh, how do you do?

Are you PS?

- Yes, thank you.

- Well, come and sit down, PS.

There we are.

Now, do you like chocolate?

- Yes, thank you.

- Don't eat it all at once.

If you got sick, your
aunts would blame me!

Well now, PS.

All this is just between you and me,

so don't be afraid to tell
me the truth, all right?

Do you have a puppy?

- No.

- Oh.

Well, if you did have a puppy,

would you take care of
it and look after it?

- Yes.

- Puppies have to be taught, don't they?

But sometimes spanked if they're naughty

so that they will grow up
to be well-behaved dogs.

You understand?

Now, if you did have a puppy,

and you had to give it away,

to whom would you give it?

Would you not give it to the person

who would look after it best?

- Yes.

- Your auntie Lila has been
very kind to you, hasn't she?

- Yes.

- And your aunt Vanessa
has been kind to you also?

- Oh, yes.

- Then why didn't you
want to go back to her?

- I don't know.

- Well...

Why did you tell her you
didn't want to go back?

- Lila said I had...

I had to tell Vanessa I decided myself.

- Ah.


Thank you for having this little chat.

- May I go home now?

- No, I want you to be a good
boy and wait here, all right?

(light orchestral music)


- Well now, PS.

I'm Mr. Hood.

How do you do?

Goodness me, you have had
a long wait, haven't you?

Come along.

- Wait!

No, no!


Can I see the judge?

- [Mr. Hood] Not now,
the judge is very busy!

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Lila!

- The judge has gone
through endless trouble

thinking it all out

so there'll never be any
arguments or trouble again.

He's such a kind man.

He said you can go to Lila's
on the long school holidays.

Isn't that fair?

Everything's going to be
one long treat from now on.

Just the two of us.

There'll be no school,

no piano or riding lessons
for the rest of week.

We'll go on a picnic to the zoo.

And there's your birthday party, too.

Won't that be fun?

Next year there'll be proprietary school.

And after that, a fine boarding school.

We could've gone to England

if Logan wasn't such a bad man.

But never mind.

You'll never see him again.

All right, darling?


Are you pleased with all
your lovely new presents?

- Yes, thank you Vanessa,
very, very, very, very much.

(dramatic orchestral music)

May I leave the table?

- Yes, you may, PS.

- Oh, what lovely kisses!

And I didn't even ask for them!

- Aren't you the favored one?

(dramatic orchestral music)

Who would you like at your party?

- I don't know.

- Kevin?

- I don't mind.

- Jill Bointon Jones.

Is she a friend?

- No.

- Who are your special little friends?

- I don't have any.

- What are you doing?

- Waving to Lila and George.

(tense orchestral music)


- PS!


(clock chiming)

Oh, PS.

What are you doing up?

What's that you've got?

What are you doing with it?

Please, please, PS...


Do you have to creep
around the house at dawn?

You can't sleep, I want you
to stay in your room and play.


Is this how you care for your toys?

- He can't stand up.

- Why not?

- Because he's dead.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- It's ready, Miss Scott.

- Oh good, thanks.

♪ Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday dear PS ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

- Would you like it?

- Yes, thank you, Vanessa, it's lovely.

- See the little roasts
of beef and loins of lamb?

It's made of marzipan.

- Thank you.

- Isn't that exciting, lamb?


The postman's brought you a parcel!

- Who's it from?

- It's from Lila.

All right everybody, I want
you to choose a partner

and I'll hand out the clues to
the treasure hunt, all right?

Here we are.

And one for you.

Well, off you go now,

and jolly good luck to the winner!

Well, are you ready?

- These kids have seen everything I do!

This bunch go to a party once a week.

Too many damn parties,
if you ask my opinion.

With depression on,
some kiddies starving...

- I'm not interested in your opinion.

Just pull a rabbit out of a hat.

- Miss Scott, Miss Scott!

Miss Scott, Miss Scott!

Molly Barker found the treasure.

- Already?

- Yes, but she was with PS!

- PS!


Did you know where the
treasure was hidden?

- No, the clues were too easy!

- Well, never mind.

There are consolation prizes to everyone.

(wind howling)

(kids singing)


Put the knives away!

(thunder crashing)

- [PS] Hurry, darling.

Oh, hold me, Logan, hold me!

- [Girl] Who's Logan?

- [PS] My father.

She says his name when she's frightened.

Oh, hold me, Logan, hold me!

- [Kids] Hold me, Logan, hold me!

Hold me, Logan, hold me!

Hold me, Logan, hold me!

- [Girl's Voice] Who's Logan?

- [PS's Voice] My father.

She says his name when she's frightened.

Oh hold me, Logan, hold me!

Hold me, Logan, hold me!

- [Girl's Voice] Who's Logan?

- [PS's Voice] My father.

She says his name when she's frightened.

Oh hold me, Logan, hold me!

Hold me, Logan, hold me!

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Go away.

Go home!



- [PS] Vanessa.

- Go away.


Go away.



PS, would you come in
here a minute, please?

Did you have a nice swimming lesson?

I'm giving you up.

For good.

The judge will return you to Lila.

And Ettie and I will go back to England.

Do you understand?

Going to see Lila this evening.

I know you'll grow up
to be something fine.

Everybody's going to get what they want.

It isn't really gold, you know?

- I know.

- Better hang onto it.

Find out who you are, PS,

and you'll know how to love someone else.

That's all I have to say.

(light orchestral music)

Seems I've finally done
something to please you.

(horn honking)

(soft orchestral music)

We belong to each other, my darling.

I'm giving you up, PS.

Going to see Lila this evening.

Ettie and I are going back to England.

Everyone's going to get what they want.

(passengers chattering)

(horn honking)



- Lila!


(thunder rumbling)

- What is it, PS?

- She's out there!

- No, PS, no one's out there.

- She's out there all alone.

- No, darling, Vanessa's
in heaven with the angels.

- She's out there all alone
with no one to hold her!

- Come on.

There, baby.

There, there.


- It's my fault!

- What, precious?

- I made her cross!

- No no, darling.


(light orchestral music)

- Hello, Ettie.
- Hello, my darlings.

- Feeling all right today?

- Ettie!

Everything's in the wrong place!

- Gone.

Going home, packing.

Going home.

- Go upstairs and see Vere, eh?


- Oh, is that my child?

Or is it a big wolf come to eat me up?


- Don't put it on like that!

- Oh, you are a funny child.

- [Vanessa's Voice] Find
out who you are, PS.

Then you'll know how to love someone else.

- PS!


- Who am I?

- Are you Captain Hook?

- No, who am I?

- Don Redman.
- Kingsford Smith?

- Your Ettie's lambkin.

- You're PS to me.

- Not any more.

- What do you mean, PS?

- What's my name?

- Goodness, PS, you know that.

Why do I have to tell you?

- That's his business, Lila.

- Well, you're William,
after your grandfather,

and Scott for your mother.

William Scott Marriott.

- Bill for short.

- Yes, that's who I am, Bill.

- [Ettie] You'll always be PS to me.

- Dear One called you that.

- No, I'm Bill!

- Have a piece of cake, Bill.

- No, thank you.

(soft orchestral music)

I'm Bill!

I'm Bill!

I'm Bill!

I'm Bill!