Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card (2000) - full transcript

All the cards have been captured and transformed, with Sakura and friends settling back into their normal lives. Unfortunately, Syaoran has returned home to Hong Kong without Sakura ever confessing how she felt about him. She gets another chance when he returns to Japan on vacation, but their reunion is interrupted by the reappearance of the Hope Card. Created by Clow Reed long ago to provide a balance to the energy of the other Clow Cards, it is more powerful than anything the Card Captor has ever faced. To capture it, Sakura may have to give up her most precious feeling.

Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie
The Sealed Card

Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie
The Sealed Card

The Key which hides
powers of the Stars...

Show your true form before me!

I, Sakura, command you
under our contract!






This is so wonderful!

Th-This even has
background music...

Of course, I took the liberty
of adding it during editing.

Finding music perfectly timed
to all the scenes was difficult...

But it was all for you, Sakura!

Man, I really do look studly.

All right, let's watch it again.


Because you helped me out, Sakura...

I was able to shoot
wonderful footage.

You're embarrassing me.

There's no reason
to be embarrassed.

You turned all the cards
into Sakura Cards,

and matured into
an amazing magical girl.

But she's still late all the time,
even though she's in the 6th grade.


Anyway, this really looks good.

The enemy we made
using CREATE isn't that bad, either.

Before I used CREATE,

I read tons of fantasy novels
I borrowed from Naoko.

Now that Hiiragizawa has gone home
and there's no more real disturbances,

a little screenwriting
and exaggeration is inevitable.

Tomoyo, you're a pretty wicked girl.

I'll use any means necessary to film her...

...wearing the clothes I made.

So what other cards did you want
to record being captured?


Oh, CHANGE would be nice, too!

I don't wanna!

Switching myself
with that kid again...

- Then FLOWER?
- Syaoran...

Oh, how about SWEET?

Doesn't it sound yummy?


Be careful! It's coming again!


Oh, there was still
an unedited scene here?

Oh, I'm there, too!

I really do look awesome...

Petals of Wind, answer my call!

Now! Hurry up and seal it!


It's already been four months
since Li returned to Hong Kong.


- Are you all right?
- Yeah.

I'm glad.

Tomoyo, you knew...

...about Syaoran's feelings.


I was the only one who
didn't notice them, I guess...

I think that innocence is why
Li fell in love with you, Sakura.


Syaoran said that he I-liked me...

But I haven't properly
replied to him yet.

How about by
telephone or by letter?

Syaoran told me so in person.

So I want to see him
and tell him properly, too.

I'm going to be late!

Once again, the typical daily routine...

I got used to waking up so late
because of summer break.

You're in uniform,
so today's a school day?

Yeah, to get ready for
the Nadeshiko Festival.

Oh, school's in session for that festival
all of Tomoeda participates in?


Class 6-2 is representing Tomoeda Elementary
with a play, and Naoko wrote the script.

And what role are you playing?

A-A princess.

Oh man, the princess has
gotta be the lead role!

That means I have to
figure out a way to see it.

That kid was the princess last time...

What a horrible, horrible sight!

By the way, Sakura...

You goin' to school like that?


Good morning, Sakura.


Late morning.


Late morning...

I'm not a monster!

Now, now, both of you.

If we don't hurry, we'll be late.

Now, let's eat.


Time to eat!

Say, you usually
start in the afternoon...

You're rather early today.

Yeah, we only have
one week left.

There are a lot of spots
I can't perform well yet,

so I have to practice
more for the play.

I look forward to seeing it.

A play where a monster is in the lead role.

Wouldn't the Nadeshiko Festival...

...get wrecked?

What about you, Toya?

My college will have a parlor,
so I'm helping out.

Yukito too?

We do go to the same college.


I'll have to check it out!

I'll make sure to put Tabasco
in what we serve you.

Nadeshiko Festival

Nadeshiko Festival

Nadeshiko Festival
The preparations are
coming along so well...

The preparations are
coming along so well...

All of Tomoeda
is involved with this festival.

I'm so looking forward to it!

The play's going to be held here...

It makes me nervous...

Oh no, I'm going to be late!

Please, Princess...

Do stop crying.
A smile suits you more...


I'm sorry I'm late.

- Sakura.
- Yes?!

I added a couple of lines.

Can you try acting it out?


Here. These are the new lines.

Yeah, I'll try it.

Let's do it over from where
we just were, Yamazaki.


Then let's start!

Please, Princess...

Do stop crying-

A smile suits you
more than anyone.

Please forgive me
for making you so sad.

However, I cannot
stop these feelings.

I am in love with you.

How I feel about you...

Oh, it's so hard!

Being the princess for the
first time makes me nervous!

It's all right.

Your acting is becoming
more and more princess-like each day.

Oh, you think so?

As the one allowed to film
each day's practice,

I assure you.

Then I guess it's okay.

Tomoeda Amusement Park

Tomoeda Amusement Park...

Tomoeda Amusement Park

They built it on the hill,
come to think of it.

Yeah, where Eriol's house used to be.

I wonder if Eriol's doing well?

Would you like to drop by
on the way back tomorrow?


As if my heart
were not my own...

I cannot fall in love with him.

Yet I cannot stop my own heart.

I cannot forget his kind smile.

I want to see him.

I want to see him...
and tell him how I truly feel.

I can still eat some more...


Tomoeda Amusement Park

Tomoeda Amusement Park

Eriol's house is completely gone...


Is something wrong?

I felt a presence...

A presence?

Inside the amusement park?


I know this presence...

This presence is...

Sorry, I was looking
the other way...

What? Did something pop up?

You too, Meiling?

When did you arrive in Japan?

Just a little while ago.

I would've picked you up
if you had let me know.

I kept quiet because
I wanted to surprise you.

Well, I was definitely surprised!

Then the mission
was a success.

Oh, it's nothing!

So you're going to be in a play?

That's right.

It's in a week.
Can you stay that long?

- I intend to.
- Yay!

Let's hang out together!

And what I wrote
in that last letter is true.

How Syaoran and I
canceled our engagement.

Syaoran has someone he likes.

I only want someone who'll like me
more than anyone else.

Syaoran said he asked her out,
but hasn't gotten an answer yet.

Syaoran's a dear cousin to me,
so I hope everything goes well...

Are Hong Kong schools
on summer break, as well?


Meiling suddenly said
she wanted to go to Japan.

Well, Tomoeda City
is having a festival now.


You've been swapping
e-mails with Meiling?


Were you the one
who invited Meiling to Japan?

Did I trouble you?

Did you not want
to see Sakura again?

Of course I did...

But it'll trouble her.

She'll have to reply to me now...

Where are you guys
going to stay?

I'm thinking of staying
at Miss Daidoji's.

Oh, I see.

Then how about
dinner at my place?

I'll do my best to cook.

Thank you.

But I have something to do
with Miss Daidoji.

That's right!


No, it's my fault
for bringing it up so suddenly.

You can still treat Syaoran
to a meal, though, right?

- What?!
- What?!

Well, Syaoran, I'll see you
later tonight at Miss Daidoji's.

Let's go.

Hey, Meiling!


Is pasta okay for dinner?


Meiling, you really are a kind person.

I mean, both of them
are really dense.

It would be nice if Sakura
is able to reply to Li...

That's true.

Please sit down.

I'll make some tea first.

Oh, there's some cake.

Dad baked one.

Want some help?

It's all right.
I'm almost done, so just wait.


Sorry for the wait.

How much sugar?

I-It's all right. I'll do it myself...


I-It's okay.

U-Um, Syaoran...

Syaoran, about your...

I smell cake!



Hey, it's the kid!

When'd you get back here?

Were you trying to eat cake
and keep it a secret?

I-It wasn't a secret!

You didn't call me!

l... I have to get dinner ready.

You two eat the cake.

All right, I get the bigger one!

You still have a greedy appetite.

Even if you ask,
I won't switch with you.

Like I would.
Don't think I'm like you.

How dare a kid talk to me like that!

Who's a kid?

You are a kid compared
to an awesome creature like me.

Move! Get off me!

Considering you're here,
then the brat's here, too?

I have to show my wonderful
and awesome true self to that brat.

You're heavy...
I have to show my wonderful
and awesome true self to that brat.

I have to show my wonderful
and awesome true self to that brat.

Come on!
I have to show my wonderful
and awesome true self to that brat.

I have to show my wonderful
and awesome true self to that brat.

I have to show my wonderful
and awesome true self to that brat.

I have to show my wonderful
and awesome true self to that brat.

Really, now...

Get off!!

My heart is racing...

...and I thought I wouldn't
be able to breathe anymore.

But I have to tell Syaoran how I feel.

We're no longer apart, after all.


Boy, did I eat!

Thanks for the meal.

Was it a little too bland?

No, it was delicious.

I'm sorry for making
a guest like you help out.

All the kid did was
tear the lettuce.

But you didn't do anything, Kero.

I was busy eating the cake.

What's gotten into you?

I'm always putting on
a serious battle against tasty food.

In other words,
you're a greedy, little pig.

You wanna fight?


Your life has been spared, kid.

Where are you going?

I've been playing games in the room all day.
My eyes are giving out.

It's a little early,
but I'm sleeping now.

But if you have a snack,
make sure to call me down!

Kero really does...

...have one greedy appetite.


Y-You know...

About what I was saying before...


Sakura, about tonight's dinner...


Sorry for the bother...


Good evening, Sakura.


- I'll see you to the bus stop.
- It's okay.


I'm all right.

Well, thanks for the meal.


Will you come to school tomorrow?

Yeah, I want to see
Yamazaki and the others.

Then I'll see you tomorrow.


- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

You're in a bad mood, Toya.

That twerp actually came by...

But Sakura seemed
very happy about it.

That's why I'm so pissed off!

Toya, you just can't help doting
on your precious sister, can you?

Shut up!


- Meili

It's been a while!

When did you get here?


Are you here to see the festival?

Among other things...

Li, I think you grew
a little bit taller.

J-Just a little bit.

- It seems so.
- Yeah...

Sorrowful Love
Written by Naoko Yanagisawa

Looks like she couldn't bring
herself to say anything last night.

When Li came back
from Sakura's house...

...he wasn't acting
any differently than usual.

And I went out of my way
to get them alone together!

But this means that
I have another chance!

For what?

To film Sakura as she
makes her confession of love!

Y-You still haven't
changed a bit, Miss Daidoji.


Sorry, am I late again?

You made it just in time.

I'm so glad!

Then shall we begin?




But the princess really is dense.

She was actually asked out.

She should reply right away, on the spot!

Though you should consider
the timing and environment...

He'd want a reply soon, right?


It's quite a task,
but you have to have some courage!

- For the play, and the other thing.

Wait, the other thing?

Wow, it sure is hot out!

Which place is hotter?

Hong Kong, of course!

Hey, how about some juice?


A good place just opened up.

It's a shorter hike if we go up
this hill and turn at the mailbox.

Oh, wait, Miss Kinomoto!

Jeez, don't make me
run when it's so hot out!

Is something the matter?

Wasn't there a mailbox
around here somewhere?

I don't know.
I don't usually travel along this road.

Maybe they took it away?

Maybe so.

- It's this way, right?
- Y-Yeah.

It's hot, so let's hurry.


Welcome back.

Have you been playing
games all day again?


I did it!

First place! A course record!

Yay! Hurray!

I'll show him with this one!

Hey, Sakura, you gonna write
another letter to Eriol in England?

A letter?


I should...

I'd like to tell him that
Syaoran and Meiling came over here.

Then can you send my letter, too?

I wanna tell Suppie
about my record time.

Suppie... you mean Spinel?


You really get along
with Eriol's black cat.

No, no, we don't get along at all.

We're rivals!

That damn Suppie,
this time I'm gonna win...

You can't beat the record
I got oh so easily!

How are you doing?

It's very hot every day over here.

As I wrote in my last letter,

I'm busy every day preparing
for the Nadeshiko Festival.

About which role
I'll be performing in the play...

You were right.

You were right.


I ended up with
the role of princess.


For some reason,
I'm very nervous about it.


I hope I can perform well...


Just you wait, Suppie...

Oh, right.

They're also getting ready to open

an amusement park
where your house used to be.

Also, Syaoran and Meiling
are visiting from Hong Kong.

Syaoran grew a little bit taller.


The clouds are floating by.

The winds start singing.

Right near this road
that I always used to run on.

White flowers bloom
and smile there now.

But they never stop,
even if my heart is stuffed up.

Because I love right now,
time passes by.

It's like a piece of a dream
that I cried over in the past.

A peace that floats gently,
like something fluffy...

And doubt that makes tears flow.

I'm sure they're both connected
to a precious future.

I'm sure they're both connected
to a precious future.

So even if tomorrow comes...

Even if we someday turn into adults...

Please remember
that you were once here.

Please remember
that you were once here.

Please don't forget,
even at the far ends of this world...

The present that never fades away.

Everyone, thank you.

Tomoeda Nadeshiko Festival
Everyone, thank you.

Tomoeda Nadeshiko Festival

Wait just a minute.
I'll be right back.

Let's go, Miss Daidoji.

Oh, Meiling!

Syaoran, um...

Don't do that, Toya!


Big brother!

You scared me!

You were standing there dazed
and looking stupid.

What's with all the yelling?

I was just a little surprised.

To make up for it,
we'll treat you all to ice cream.

Right, Toya?

Why do I...

Because you interrupted Sakura.

- Did you wait long?
- No, I just got here.


This side's okay.

- Why'd I have to treat him, too?
- It's about to fall off.


Isn't it tasty?

Thank you very much.

Half of it is thanks to Toya.

Have you found him?

The person you like the most.


I'm glad.

Have you told that person yet?

Not yet...

I see.

But I'm going to try my best to tell him.

I'm cheering for you.

I'm sure my other self is, too...


What's wrong?

Oh, nothing.

I thought something might've
happened to my bag...

Remember how that video last night
said the plush was a real bear?

Even if it grew bigger,
a plush is a plush!

It's not like the insides change.

What's wrong?


Did you feel something before?

What do you mean?

- Did something happen?
- No, it's nothing.

If you didn't feel it,
I'm sure it was just me.


The bridge... is gone.

Could it be under construction?

But there were no signs
or warnings at all.

Then why?

What? A bridge disappeared?

Yeah, the caretaker
of the park came by...

...and was really surprised.

Well, that's really weird.

Eriol's not here anymore,

and all the Clow Cards
have been turned into Sakura Cards.

So something magical
should not have happened...

You're right about that...

That said, in case something else does happen
you should carry the Sakura Cards with you.


Yes, hello?

Oh, Meiling!

Yeah, right.

We don't have
practice tomorrow.

The amusement park?

Oh, there she is!


You're late!

I was thinking about
a lot of things,

and didn't fall asleep
until really late, so...

It's all right.

Well, everyone, let's hurry.

Are you all right?


It'd be nice if Sakura
could tell him today.


I set them up in an
amusement park for just that reason.

But it's already been 5 days since I came
to Japan, and she still hasn't told him.

Miss Kinomoto really is dense.

But that's one of the good things about Sakura.


Oh, that was fun!

Yes, very.

Syaoran, you should've
gone on it with us!


Hey, Miss Kinomoto,
what do you want to go on next?


All right.

We'll ride that next!

The Ferris wheel!

I want to go on that
with Miss Daidoji.

Miss Kinomoto,
you ride with Syaoran.

You really do work hard, Miss Daidoji.


What is it?

About you, Syaoran, I...

I felt something!

It can't be!

I'm sure Miss Kinomoto
has told him by now.

If that's the case, they seem
to be acting strangely.

Watch your step.

This presence... It can't be...

Mirror House

Mirror House
- I can feel the presence from here.
- Yeah.

Mirror House

Let's go.

Syaoran, what I feel really is a...

Yeah, no doubt about it.

This is a Clow Card's presence.

But I collected all the Clow Cards.

So how?

I don't know.

But what I felt here 4 days ago
was definitely from a Clow Card, too.

If I had known, I would've
brought my compass board...



- If you go through the mirror...
- Right!

It's gone!
The THROUGH Card's gone...

That's impossible!

Give them back...

My friends...


She's gone...

Yeah, the presence is gone, too.

Your cards were stolen?!

By who?

A small girl...

With long hair...

A girl?

But that presence was...

It couldn't be...

Who's calling during
an emergency like this?

Yes, this is Sakura.

It's been a while, Miss Sakura.


My mansion...

Or rather, Clow Reed's mansion
has been demolished, correct?


Then the Clow Card sealed away
beneath it has been activated.

Wasn't there only a total
of 52 Clow Cards?

I never heard there was another one!

The existence of
the Sealed Card...

...was known only to Clow Reed.

And that card
has never been used.

What was that?

What card is it?

All Clow Cards
have positive power.

The cards are always
used to create something.

But this card is different.

The card that was sealed away
returns everything to nothing.


It has the power
to unmake everything.

Why did Clow make
such a dangerous card?

The Clow Cards
have tremendous power.


Magic that is too strong
breeds loss of both control and order.

For there to be positive power,

the same amount
of negative power is needed.

That's the Chinese idea of yin-yang.

The world's balance is kept because
equal powers pull against each other...

Hey, wait a minute!

This one Sealed Card...

...has the same amount of magic power
as all 52 Clow Cards?



When the Clow Cards
were Clow Cards...

...the balance of positive
and negative was kept.

But now that all 52 cards
have been turned into Sakura Cards,

the one remaining card's seal
has been completely broken.

If the memory I inherited
from Clow Reed had been complete...

I could have told
you much sooner.

Then the girl that I met today was...

The last card, which had been sealed away.

Miss Sakura, have you lost any cards?

I have.

That girl took a few of them today, too.

Are parts of the city gone?

The city?

For instance, buildings.

A mailbox and a bridge
did disappear...

That is the card's power.

That card, in order to take
the Sakura Cards,

will continue to erase
things around you.

Things, spaces, and people...

That's not good!

That's not right!


Miss Sakura, please listen.

Balance will return if you
turn that card into a Sakura Card, too.

So just turn it into
a Sakura Card?

But in order to do so, you need to
give something in exchange.


What is it?

The feeling held most dear
at the moment it's captured.

The dearest... feeling...


The card will decide whose.

The person with stronger magic...

But, Miss Sakura...



Hey, what's going on?

You were cut off?


It realized I was there
and erased the phone line.

It has much more
power than I thought.

Do you know what the outcome
of all this will be, Eriol?


Why did this have to happen?

To die protecting me...

There is no happiness for me
if you are not here.

I wish I had told you how I feel...

How I truly feel...

This is my first time seeing it in full,
but it's written very well.

Both of you were really good!

I'm only sleeping.

It's Miss Kinomoto who's good.

By the way, speaking of sleep...

You acted with lots of emotion.

It was really good.


All right, tomorrow's the big day!

Let's all do our best
for the festival!


A card that was sealed away?

It's apparently what we saw
at the amusement park yesterday.

Did you also ask
what you should do?

I'm supposed to turn it
into a Sakura Card, too.

But to do that...

I have to give up the feeling
I hold dearest in exchange.

During the final judgment
of the Clow Cards,

I saw a world that
had no feelings of love.

It was a really lonely world.

I never want to see that again.

I absolutely don't want
to see something that sad!

There's nothing else you can do?

I don't know.

Eriol's phone call was cut short...

If there's no other way...
then that's what you have to do.


You don't care if what's
in our hearts just disappears?

If it means the city and its
people won't disappear, then...


Are you all right, Sakura?

Would I trouble you...

...if I asked you what was wrong?

Is it something I can ask about?

Or would you rather
talk to my other self?

My other self is saying that
he's very worried about you.

I'll switch.

I didn't say very...

I see...

Why must you always
end up in tough situations?

It's not just me.

Everyone's the same.

I'm sure that Syaoran is, as well...

That Sealed Card was also
something Clow created.

Clow never made anything
that causes only harm to the world.


There has to be some way.

A way to not lose
your dearest feeling.

I'm sure you can do it.

It will be all right.

Thank you.

It's finally time.

I'm getting nervous.

I hope lots of people
come to watch.

To think there was
another Clow Card left...


Sakura, you look a little pale.

It looks like you didn't
sleep much last night.

Are you all right?


Hey, you talked to Syaoran
about this, right?


Is that all?

Yeah, thanks.

Thanks for the hard work.

This presence...

A Clow Card!

- What's that noise?
- Let's see.

- Sakura!
- Yeah!


I feel kind of sleepy...

You all right?



Hey, Yamazaki!
Are you all right?

I just bumped something.

I don't think you can go on....

I'm all right.

You're not all right!

Are we canceling the play?

We have no choice.

You can't cancel it.

But with that injury, Yamazaki...

Someone else can take my place. Right...


Sunlight at dusk casts
a red light onto the plains...

Just like fire.

Nadeshiko Festival

Nadeshiko Festival
I close my eyes
and look inside my heart.

I close my eyes
and look inside my heart.

Who am I waiting for?

I am listening to a voice...

...which comes from
the other side of the horizon.

How is it?


It's perfect!

I'm glad.

Tomoyo's song is over.

Well, we're next.

Sorrowful Love

Sorrowful LLovebest,
Li and Meiling.

Please do your best,
Li and Meiling.

But the role of a maid...

You're okay with this and this
as your lines, right?

I've been to so many rehearsals,
I've got it down!

Right, Syaoran?

Uh, yeah...

I just finished!

Good job!

After what happened at school,
you can't let your guard down.


It'd be good to know where
the card's lurking right now, though...

Sorry to make you wait!

That was fast.

Of course.

If I couldn't put the final touches on
Sakura being a princess,

I'd regret it for the rest of my life!

You'd regret something like that
for the rest of your life?

To each their own.

One must live each day
so there are no regrets.

Everyone, it's about time to begin!


Nadeshiko Festival

Nadeshiko Festival
Excuse me.

Oh, excuse me.



Oh, is that space free?


Were you listening
to Tomoyo's song?

I recorded it on video, of course.

I'd like to see it later.

Just a camera?


Sakura is the princess; the lead role.

Fine, I'll make you a copy
of what I record.

Th-Thank you.

And now...

Tomoeda Elementary
Grade 6, Class 2...

...would like to begin their play.

It's Sakura.


The war with our neighboring countries over
the Magic Stone must be wearing on you, Princess.

In this ball, everyone wears a mask.

Please enjoy it
to your heart's content.

Thank you.

But I am not a great dancer.

It's all right!

The best way to improve
is to dance with a great dancer.




I can't dance with someone
I don't know, after all.

And I wonder where
the Magic Stone has gone...

The Magic Stone...

Hold it, and wondrous powers
are yours to command, it's said.

We've been fighting over it with
the other countries for so long...

If only there were
no such thing as war.

And the Magic Stone that causes war... probably better off gone
than in someone's hands.


I agree.

May I ask who you are?

The etiquette here is
to not ask for identities.

That's right.

This is my first time
attending a masked ball...

Mine, as well.

Oh, my!

Every day is just so busy,
I think I've even forgotten how to dance...

My attendants brought me here today,
as I tend to lock myself away.

Myself, as well.

Hating war...

First ball...

We are quite alike.


Will you dance with me?

But dancing is not one of my...

I am not good, either.

I am sure to step on your feet.

Then I will do my best
to dodge yours.

It's already started.

Why's she dancing
with that twerp?

Much better than
the princess he was last time.

It's looking good.

Then you are the prince
of our neighboring country...

The country we are fighting?

Princess, do stop crying.

A smile suits you
more than anyone.

Please forgive me
for making you so sad.


I cannot stop these feelings.

lam... love with you.

I am unable to respond
to your feelings.

Do you not like me?

It's not that!

It isn't...


It's great...

It's looking good...

No, I cannot say it.

I cannot tell you this feeling I have...


Especially you.

Please forget
everything about me.

Please take me out of your heart.



- Are you all right?
- Yeah.

This presence...


Look out!

What is this?




- Are you all right?
- Sakura!


Everyone disappeared
on our end, too!

Is this the doing
of the Sealed Card?

Looks like it.

I have to hurry and change it
into a Sakura Card...

...S0 everyone will come back!

I'll go with you.


I'll go with you.

Then please wear this.


You know, Miss Daidoji,
at a time like this...

I'd like her to wear it
because it's a time like this.

I have saved all the costumes
that Sakura has worn in the past.

She always returned with a smile,
no matter what happened.

Together with
the costume that I made...

So I'm sure she will come back
safe and sound this time, too.


I'll do my best and come back
with the clothes you made me.

I promise.

And this is for you, Li.

It would be horrible to be
the only one not to come back.

Please wear this
and help Sakura out.

Both of you, come back safely
so we can take a souvenir photo.



This is horrible...

We have to hurry
and find that card.

It's not that far away.

I'm sure it's somewhere in town.

But where should you look?


The Key which hides
powers of the Stars!

Show your true form before me!

I, Sakura, command you
under our contract!




Tomoyo! Meiling!


Just hold on!

We'll make everything
go back to normal!

Sakura, I figured it out.

I know where the Sealed Card is.


Where the cards flew to.

The amusement park...

I have five cards left...

I feel it.

The presence of a Clow Card.

I'm sure it's here somewhere.

The card's doing this.


What now?



There it is!

Be careful!

TIME's magic is weakening!


You're the Sealed Card, right?


Why are you doing this?

Four more.

Please! Bring everyone back!

No good! TIME is disappearing!


Is talking to it useless?


Damn it!

No good!
It's not working at all!

Kero, get out of there!





The guardians of the cards
were also created by Clow Reed.

So that means things created by
Clow Reed won't work against it.

That can't be...

At this rate, everyone will disappear!

What should I...

What should...


My powers don't use
the Clow Cards.


God of Thunder, answer my call!

Return to being a card!


Don't get in my way...

Fire God, answer my call!

Don't get in my way!





...IS gone.

I don't like this at all...

I won't give up.

I will never, ever give up!

Two more.

One more.


And now I have them all.

I'll seal you away.

And I'll bring everyone back.


I've been alone for all this time!

Sealed away in a cold, dark place.

I was lonely...

I finally have my friends back.
Why are you interfering?

You can't call them friends!

Forcefully making them yours
isn't making friends...

That's not right!

It's not!



Do you hate me?

Am I no longer friends with you all?


It's all right.

Come on and join everyone else.

I won't be alone?

You won't.

They all want you
to come with them.

Return to the guise
you were meant to be in.


I guess I wasn't able to tell him
how I feel, after all...

Card created by Clow...

...abandon your old form and reincarnate.

Under the name...

...of your new master, Sakura!


I'm glad I made it in time...

It looks like I had more
magic power left than you.

I mean... you did have to use
so many cards in one day, after all...


Even if my feelings disappear, I'm sure...

...that once again, Sakura, I'll...


Don't cry.

It's all right.


It's her...


Syaoran, even if you think
nothing of me, it's all right.

I'm in love with you.

You're my everything, Syaoran.

And you're mine.


Please deliver this voice.

Please relay the message right now.

Please hurry and come over here.

Please feel a power yet to be seen.

I want you to believe.

Look, the continuation of the dream.

It's singing the melody leading to tomorrow.

Here goes!

Hey, don't do that!

The stairs will come back,
just wait a second!

No chance!

I love you!

Please deliver this voice.

Please relay the message right now.

Please hurry and come over here.

A strange yet nostalgic heartbeat...

You can hear it, right?

A distant memory,
and now a story weaving them begins.

A distant memory,
and now a story weaving them begins.

Words I couldn't say...

...are overflowing in my arms.

The diary of my heart...

Whenever I flip through it... were right there at my side.

With an invisible promise...

...we met each other.

Please tell me the reason why... still remember the oath
we took that day, right? still remember the oath
we took that day, right?

To this sky we look up to...

Let's raise a rainbow of hope
that continues forever.

Please deliver this voice.

Please relay the message right now.

Please hurry and come over here.

Please feel the faint fever in my heart.

You knew it, right?

Look, the continuation of the dream.

It's singing the melody leading to tomorrow.

The miracle of falling in love.

Unweaving its secrets.

I run over to where you are...

Please deliver this voice.

Please relay the message right now.

As if it was something never seen before.

A glimmering future yet to be known.

Let's go look for it.

Don't be afraid of anything.

If we're together, we can go without giving up.

Please deliver this voice.

Please relay the message right now.

Please hurry and come over here.

Please feel the faint fever in my heart.

You knew it, right?

Look, the continuation of the dream.

It's singing the melody leading to tomorrow.

Please deliver...

Please relay...

Please hurry...

Please deliver...



Kero, it alread


Keroay, here w


Kero-rom here
I'm the main ch

From here on,
I'm the main character!

Leave It to Kero!
The Movie

We haven't had tea together in a while!

You're right.

Eriol, do you want milk?

I'm fine.

You do, right, Syaoran?


I'll go cut the cake.

- Okay.
- I'll go help!

Boy, it's been a while!

How've you been doing?

So cheerful.

Huh? You say something?

Huh? You say something?

No, nothing.

Kero, Spinel,
I brought you a snack.

It's takoyaki!

- Oh, takoyaki...
- This is...

It's takoyaki.

I heard from Eriol
that you didn't like sweets.

It's for you to share.

Kero, you can't eat all of it!

I'll have some!

What's wrong?

It's really not something sweet?


The aroma of this
fragrant sauce is proof!


Isn't it?

Yes, this is really good!


The key to takoyaki is the tako.
Y'know, the octopus piece inside!

Oh, I see.

The octopus is pretty big.

Oh, there are two pieces in here.

Good one.

G-Go ahead.

I-l couldn't.

You should eat it.

Don't be bashful.

- No, I'd feel bad.
- It's not bad... not bad at all.

- I'd rather you...
- No, it's fine.

- But...
- Eat it.

All right!

I'll take it, after all!

You do want to eat it!

Of course I do!

Now's my chance!

You can't eat it
if it falls on the ground!

No, I'll blow the dust off!

So the octopus inside takoyaki
used to be a flying creature...

Again with the lies.

But it's true.

They say that it used to spin its 8 legs
really fast to fly in the air.

Flying kites on New Years started

when someone controlled
that octopus' flight with string.

Jeez, what lies.

I wish I didn't give you
that takoyaki-looking superball.

This sure is an unusual superball, though.

Wait, takoyaki!

It's mine!

No way!

Wait, takoyaki!

It's mine!

Suppie, you okay?

Y-You ate some cake, didn't you...

Of course I ate some!

I'll eat takoyaki, too!


You're out!

I'll have some!

It's mine!

Can you believe it?

A superball that turns
into real takoyaki...

More lies again?

But it's true.

See, look at this.

Oh, there it is!

- Takoyaki!
- Takoyaki!

I guess we can't eat that now...

You're right...

- Octopus!
- Octopus!

- Octopus!
- Octopus!

- Octopus!
- Octopus!

Mister, can I have one?


This is real takoyaki.

What you have,
Yamazaki, is a superball.

I know it is...

But it really was takoyaki before!

Yeah, yeah...


Where'd you go?

I was worried
when you weren't here.

On an epic adventure that'd make
both teller and listener cry.

By the way, Dad just bought more takoyaki.
Are you still hungry?

You have to be full, right?

W-What was that?

Don't eat too much
and make yourself sick.

I'll have some!


I like sweets, but I also like takoyaki, too...

Well, I guess I'll leave him one.

Cake, chocolate, pudding, jello...

Dumplings, crunchy sticks,
cookies, ice cream...

Why eat sweets?

Of course, it's because
the sweets are there!

Sweets, sweets...

Yummy, tasty...

Sweets, sweets...


Sweets, sweets...

Fun, fun...

Sweets, sweets...

Very good!

Ya gotta enjoy life!

The End