Carbon (2022) - full transcript

A man with a special ability, tries to discover the identity of a mysterious hit-and-run driver who has put his father in critical condition.

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His name is Shankar.

Ever since he was a child,
he used to get a lot of dreams.

Whatever comes in his dreams,

happens in real life.

That's what happened today.

Let's see what happens after this.

Hi Brother!

How is your business?

Not bad.

You say the same every single day.

Well then, did your son find a job?

- How will he?
- Why?

Had he gotten a job as
soon as he finished his ITI,

He'd have been settled by now.

He was adamant of
becoming a police official.

After wasting his years, he
is looking for jobs now.

Let's see! Hope he gets a job soon.

Fine! I'll take leave.

- Take care of your business. Bye!
- Okay brother.

Do you have duty?

It's 4.00 AM. Ain't I
supposed to go home?

Hey beautiful! Are you drawing Kolam?

Yes handsome! I am drawing Kolam.

Brinjal gravy again?

Are you a father or a murderer?

Trying to kill me with the gravy?

Brinjal gravy again?

Are you a father or a fuhrer?

Trying to kill me with a gravy?

Why do you talk
so lowly of brinjal?

It costs Rs.40 per Kg.

Do you think it's your degree certificate?

A good for nothing?

We will be eating only
brinjal for the next four days.

As a father I can add
tamarind to the gravy today.

Maybe, lentils tomorrow.

How many times have I told
you not to talk to me directly?

Talk to me on WhatsApp.

All children are good for
nothing till they get a job.

Talk to me after I get a job
and draw my first month's salary.

How many times have I told
you not to talk to me directly?

Talk to me on WhatsApp.

Instead of spending
money on your education,

had I spent it on her treatment,
I could have saved her.

She constantly insisted on
getting you educated till her death.

An ideal child will save their parent
even at the cost of their own life.

You will do the last rites for me just
like the way you did for your mother.

What else can you do?

If only you had gotten
your license like I did,

You could have at least become a
garbage driver and saved your mother.

I can't do a stinky job like you.

Then get a job based
on your qualifications..

I've told you a thousand times. I
want to become a police officer.

To become one, you should have studied IPS.

You've only studied ITI.

Stop your rant. I'll find
a job tomorrow itself.

But don't talk to me before
I get my first month's salary.

I swear on mother!

What's this ID card?

My eyesight is getting poor.
Should I start wearing glasses?

You got a job?

Here! Your son got a job.

Bless him. He'll be fine.


Is this the uniform?

How much is your salary?

Hey! Am asking you.

Will you come home for lunch
or should I send it over?

Hey, you said you'd talk
to me after you get a job.


Thank you sir.

Welcome Shankar! Please sit down.

This is your job details.

Be safe.

- Thank you Sir!
- All the best.

What kind of job? A job
related to my qualification.

Proway electric company.
It's at Mahindra city.

My salary is Rs.40,000 per month.

I'll have my lunch at the canteen.

Listen. Don't try to talk to me
directly just because I got a job.

I swore on my mother I'd talk to you
only after getting my first month's salary.

Why is that you talk to
your father on WhatsApp,

But you're telling him
not to talk directly?

Nothing serious. Me and my
father got into a small misunderstanding.

In a rush, I swore on
my mother I'd talk to

him only after getting
my first month salary.


I'd been restless thinking when I'd
get a job, when I'd draw my salary,

When I'd be able to talk to my father..

Boys usually like their mother, right?

How come you like
your father so much?

True that. All the children
usually like their mother first.

But as they grow up,
they start liking their father more.

Because, a wife will come
in the place of the mother.

But to fill the father's place,

Only god must come.

Not only to me. But to all the children,

Their father is the god.


The garbage wasn't picked up from
Nakheeran street it seems. Go and check.

- Greetings Sir!
- What's it Subburayan?

I've decided to quit
the job from this month.

Quitting the job? Why?

If I quit, Won't I get a
pension of two or three lakhs?

- You've worked for 30 years, right?
- Yes sir.

You'll get more than four lakhs.

I want to collect the money,

give it to whomsoever concerned and
make my son a police officer as he dreams.

If not, the desire will stay in his
mind like a non-degradable waste.

Am just five years older than you.

If today, am in a position to
pay you, it's because of my father.

It's because of this company he founded.
Father is our hero!

Here! Take your first month's salary.

Enough of talking to
your father on WhatsApp.

Go and talk to him in person.

Lavanya did mention it!

You may go now!

Thank you sir!


Hello brother! Want some tea?

No dear! I don't want any tea.

I won't be coming from tomorrow.

I came to say goodbye.


If I quit the job, I'll
get four lakh rupees.

I want to give it to
whomsoever concerned

and make my son a
police officer as he dreams.

- You adore your son! Don't you?
- Of course yes!

Is there a father who
is not fond of his son?

True that.

Know what? He has called me
thrice already as he's got his salary.

I didn't pick it up.

Did I father him expecting that he'd
feed me?

I should deal him the
same way he treats me.

If he has to say anything he will
send a voice note on WhatsApp.

- Yes! I remember.
- Am also going to send him a voice note.

What's up dear? You had called me it seems.

You promised you'd call
only after getting your salary.

Did you get the salary?
I knew it!

What's up dear?

You'd called me?

You promised you'd call only
after getting the salary.

Did you get the salary?

I knew it!

'My dear almighty, Leaves me, why?'

'People still left in
my life, I wonder who?'

'The sky shatters, the soul scatters'

Shankar! I spoke ill of your
education the other day out of anger.

I apologise for it!

'Unhealed wounds'

'Ceaseless sadness'

'Dad! Can my heart bear it?'

'You're my blood! You're my world, Dad!'

You wanted it, right?

I'll make you a police
officer even if it costs my life.

'I climbed your shoulders,
swinged and slept on your chest'

'Even at temples, I prayed to you'

'Dad's labour brought home our food'
'The salt in it is nothing but his sweat'

'You're my blood! You're my world, Dad!'


Are you Shankar?

Are you the son of the garbage
truck driver who met with an accident?

Am coming from East
Tambaram police station.

The accident happened
within our limit.

There is not even a
CCTV camera in that route.

We need to investigate
to find out who ran over your dad.

They escape even in broad daylight.

This incident happened at
midnight in a remote area.

We usually file these cases as hit and run.

It was a black coloured car.

Can you find it?

It's not easy to find it without
the car's registration number.

Fine! Come to the
station tomorrow morning.

We'll start the enquiry.


Head injury. He has completely
lost his consciousness.

At any time he may slip into a coma.

The body is not
responding to the treatment.

We can save him only if
he regains his consciousness.

Let's wait till the evening.

If not, take him home.

Here, It will cost almost a lakh for a day.

Even if you're ready to
spend, what if it's of no use?

Can I..

See my father?

'What was my sin?
I burn in the pyre of affection'

'Just to hear you speak a word,
I do live in this world'

'I'll give my life for you to live'

Shankar! You'd become independent
while am still healthy, right?

Only after their children
become independent,

could the parents
die peacefully.


Talk to me dad!

I got my salary dad!

Talk to me dad!


Talk to me dad!

Dad! I got my salary!


Sh! You can't cry here.

You won't talk to me, right?

Talk to mom, Dad!

Talk to mom, Dad!
Look at mom!




Dad! Can you hear me?

Can you hear me, Dad?




Dad! Look at this.

Dad! Can you hear me?


Dad! Look!

Dad! Dad! Can you hear me?


Talk to me dad!

Those who don't talk
won't talk forever, is it?

You only told me that if
I was stubborn, I'll win.

That's why I was stubborn.

Talk to me dad!

Who else is there for me?

I told you I won't talk to you
in a moment of anger.

Only I know how difficult it was.

Dad! Can you hear me?

Hello Mr.Shukla! Good morning.

- Good morning! Am fine! How are you?
- Yea! Doing good.

I'll send my patient
Subburayan's report.

Please go through it and
come back as early as possible.

Yea definitely. Send it.

See! There is a visible
contusion of the temporal lobe.

With a subsequent considerable
focal swelling of the brain.

Initially it looked like a Hematoma.

But thank god, it's just an Edema.

Yes! It's an Edema in the temporal lobe.

But, did the patient get any seizure?

- Sriram, Did he get fits?
- No doctor.

-Sir, What will happen if he gets fits?

The fits might put
his life in danger.

Doctor! There were no fits.
Then, we have ample time.

Let's believe that
there won't be any fits.

Prepare for the
surgery at the earliest.

I'll come! Let's hope for the best!
Good day.

Your father's life is not in
danger! We can save him.

Dr. Shukla from AIIMS is offering
to do the surgery. It's a good thing.

But his fee is ten lakh rupees.

Your father is a garbage truck driver.
What do you do?

Sir! I work in a private company.
I earn forty thousand a month.

Have you got any insurance?

At-least, do you know who hit him?

I don't know.

If you can find it,

We can claim the hospital bill
through third party insurance.

The police came and
enquired in the morning.

They have asked me to
come to the police station.

They assured me that they'd find out.

If you find the one who hit him, all
your problems will be solved.


Who is it?

- Is brother at home?
- Yes. He is home.

Wake up. Shankar
brother is here to see you.

You take a seat, brother.

If you find the one who hit him, all
your problems will be solved.

What brings you here in the
middle of the night? Is dad fine?

He is fine, brother!

For a second, I got scared that
something bad happened to your father.

What happened brother?

He was having tea as usual.

They hit him straight away.

I went chasing behind the car.

They vanished into the dark.

Did you note down the car number?

I couldn't see it in the dark.

But the car was black
in color. Am sure of that.

- I didn't know what to do at that time.
- It's okay!

How are you managing the hospital expenses?

I have land in my village.

It's worth one lakh rupees.
Shall I sell and get the money?

You've offered to sell a fertile
land. It's more than enough!

I don't need any money!

Okay brother! I'll leave.

Are you eavesdropping?

Nothing dear!
Hey! Take your hands off.

What you are doing is a sin.

Your desire for money is making
you do wrong things.

If it was for money,

will I have left it untouched
after keeping it in front of god?

They threatened to kill me.

Right in front of me,
they ran over him in a car.

What can I do?

What am I supposed to tell the police?

They are big shots. They
will do whatever they want.

I got the money from them
just to gain their trust..

Apart from being on the spot, I am in no
way related to what happened.

I swear on our child.

Trust me.

- Hey! What are you doing?
- Hey! Take him away!

Wait! I'll complain to the doctor.

I'll thrash both you and
your doctor! Get lost!

Alcohol is injurious to health.

Aren't you excited to see one lakh rupees
in your account all of a sudden?


Won't it be hard to return the money?


Fine! If you want to keep the
money, you need to do me a favour.


Remember that garbage
truck driver in your hospital ICU?


You need to kill him.



You aren't going to use a knife or a gun.

Just removing the mask from his face
for 2 minutes is enough.

His life will end.

Let me know if you're okay with this deal..
I'll give you three lakhs right away.

- Three lakhs?
- Hmm!

- Right away?
- Yes.

Where are you?

Am right oustide
the bar you are in.

Am in a black coloured
Fortuner car.

Come and get in.

Hey Doubt-u!

How does he know my nickname?

Look at the way he
looks! No doubt he's Doubt!

Who is this?

Whoever it is! Let me push
him for an insurance policy.

Don't you recognise me?
We studied together in Saidapet school.


Hey Shankar! How are you?


What are you doing here?

Father met with an accident.

Head injury! So I've admitted here.

They said it will cost ten
lakhs to make him talk.

- Have you guys got any health insurance?
- No!

What is this dude?
Am myself an insurance agent.

Hey! Is it possible to save
my father if I get one now?

Now it's not possible. You
should have taken one earlier.

Let's do one thing. You take a family
insurance from me.

We'll add your father to
it. It will be helpful in future.

Fine! I'll take one tomorrow.

It's been three months since you joined.

You haven't even got a single policy yet.

If you're not getting
a policy in a week,

see what happens to you in
this Kannayiram's hands.

How much did you trash me Mr.Kannayiram?

I'll come with the policy tomorrow.

Cleaner.. Brother. You
can clean a bike, car..

I don't want it.

What's it dear?

Brother! A single book
is twenty rupees only.


Take this.

- I don't want the book. But you keep this.
- Thanks a lot brother.

It's okay dear.

- Do you have any brains?
- Sorry brother!

Get lost.

- Sorry!
- Are you blind?


Sir! Where you able to find
who hit my father yesterday?

We are enquiring.
I'll let you know.

Thank you sir.

- Brother.
- Yes.

Can you pack this biriyani?

Here! Take it brother!

Sir! Would you like to have some biriyani?

- Biriyani?
- I bought it from a shop.

Give it to me.
Thank you.

Wake up.


Why are you scared of me?

You sweep trash. My
father collects trash.

You look more like my mother!

What's wrong in telling you?

Since my childhood,
I used to get dreams.

Everyone dreams.

The only difference is..

Whatever comes in my dream becomes reality.

You'd have heard that
my father was hit by a car.


That car came in my dream.

The car stopped..

The door opened..

As I was waiting to see
who is going to get down,

Wake up.

- That's when you woke me up.
- Oh my god.

Had he got down,

I'd have found out who it was.

I'd have gotten the insurance money.

I'd have saved my father too.

That's why I raised my hand in anger!

Forgive me!

Oh my!

I woke you up without knowing this..

Leave it.

It's just a dream. You can dream again.

I adore M.G.R.

I've never missed
watching any of his films.

I think it was a week
after I hit my puberty.

"Rickshawkaran" was released in theatres.

I went and saw the
first show on the first day.

In the movie, M.G.R will take
Manjula for a ride in his rickshaw.

In my dream, M.G.R is taking
me for a ride in his rickshaw.

Startled, Once again, I went to
the movie. Again, I got the dream.

M.G.R is taking me
for a ride in his rickshaw.

Again, I went to the
movie, and I get the dream.

M.G.R is taking me
for a ride in his rickshaw.

I went to the movie. I got the dream.
I got the dream, I went to the movie.

I went to the movie. I got the dream.
I got the dream, I went to the movie.

It became a loop.

You do the same.
Listen to me.

Whatever you did yesterday,
Do it all once again.

Whatever you wore yesterday, wear
it again.

Eat what you ate yesterday.

Meet all those people you met yesterday.

Talk the same thing to them once again.

Sleep. And you'll get the dream.

Don't worry. I won't wake you up.

Meet all those people you met yesterday.

Whatever you did yesterday,
Do it all once again.

Talk the same thing to them once again.

Hey Doubt-u!

Where you able to find
who hit my father yesterday?

Eat what you ate yesterday.

Whatever you wore yesterday, wear
it again.

Dear God! Doubt must come on time.

There he is!

Glad to meet you. He
isn't here to meet me?


Don't you recognise me?

We studied together in
Saidapet school. Shankar.

I know you very well!

- You told me yesterday.
- My father met with an accident.

Head injury

I've admitted him here.

They said it will cost ten
lakhs to make him talk.

I already told you about
the insurance yesterday.

Hey! Is it possible to save
my father if I get one now?

- Then, what about the insurance?
- Fine! I'll take one tomorrow. Bye.


What's wrong with him?

He is repeating everything
he said yesterday.

Didn't he say it was his father
who met with an accident?

Fine! Maybe he's stressed out.

He will get insurance tomorrow!
Tomorrow is my day!

Brother! A single piece is ten
rupees. Please buy one at least today.

Cleaner to clean your bikes! Please buy!

- What happened?
- The kid didn't come today.

If she doesn't come, will you give up?

Go! Wherever she is,
find her and bring her back.

Because, Whatever
happened to you yesterday,

must happen to you today.
Only then the dream will come.

Only then, you'll find out
who ran over your father.

Bro! Everything got
sold off! You came late.

There was a small girl who
was selling books. Where is she?

You mean the blind girl?

Our owner told her not to come anymore.

- Brother!
- What?

Why did you tell my
daughter not to come for work?

A blind girl is supposed to
beg. That's why she was hired.

Instead, She has been asking
people to read the books to her.

- Your daughter is not right for that job.
- Brother! Wait.

What does she know! She
is obsessed about studying.

We feed ourselves only
with the money you give us.

Her father gave another child and died.


I'll tell Auto Shanthi. She
will come and take her along.

Your daughter didn't
come to sell books today.

I came to check on her.

You are?

- I come from the hospital..
- Do you work there?


She loves to study.

But I cannot afford to
put her in a blind school.

That's why I sent her to work.

- Dear! What do you want to study?
- I want to become a collector.

I don't even have money
to buy the books.

How can I afford to educate her?

Shall I get her the books?


This is for me. This is for you.
We can share a tender coconut!


Him again!

Oh my! Sorry brother!

- Sorry brother!
- Not an issue at all.

- Brother.
- Brother! Let it go!

- Let go! Leave.
- It's okay. Hit me once.

It's just a tender coconut!
- Just hit me once brother.

- Just hit me once.
- If you want, you hit me.

- I shouldn't hit you brother!
- It's okay! You can hit me.

Won't you change?
Will you never change?

Are you going to keep
rogue your life?

If you don't change, my mother
will never approve of our relationship.

You saw it with your own eyes.

It was he who dashed into my
cycle. What am I supposed to do?

Will you die if a couple of your tender
coconuts fall down? Stop giving reasons.

If you keep repeating this,

- All you'll get to see is my dead body.
- Hey.

I promise you. Even if someone
spits on my face, I won't get angry.

Let's see.

- I was not at all angry.
- My darling!



You asked for me, Doctor?

Dad's condition is getting worse.

Don't think he is alive.
He's just alive.

This is what happens
during a head injury.

We need to do the
surgery as soon as possible.

Do you understand?

Brother! Cutting! Cutting!

Cutting boss!
Bro! Cutting.

Brother! Cutting!




What will happen to me Kannayiram?

Keep this.

- Dear.
- Won't you ever change?

He says his father will survive only if I
hit him. What shall I do?

If you hit, say he will die.
How will someone survive?

- What? Are you drunk?
- Will anyone drink early in the morning?

Last night! We both drank.

You drink and brawl! You will never change.

- Sir!
- What's it?

Where you able to find
who hit my father yesterday?

It's been three days since the accident

Why are you saying it as yesterday?

Where you able to find
who hit my father yesterday?

Hmm! Looks like a few pages are missing!

We'll find out.

We'll find out immediately.

- I myself will find out.
- Thank you sir.

- Divakar brother!
- Hmm.

He came the other day
and said the same thing.

Again today, he is
repeating the same sentence.

When did the accident happen actually?

His father met with an accident.
But looks like the son lost his mind.

"A thief had mixed
sleeping pills in Biryani..

And has given it to the ATM security.

He has stolen 28 lakhs from the ATM."

What? Is that Biryani?

Who are you to get
me biryani everyday?

- Do I look like a begger?
- No! I got this for you.

- I'll complain to the police.
- Please don't do that.

Am an ex-serviceman.

Who wants your damn biryani? Go away!

- If we are not alert..
- Am hungry.


Don't get it from him. Don't.

- Get lost.
- Listen to me.

-Do not eat it! Don't.

Go away!

Hey! I'll buy you food.


You are going to lose
your life for a cup of rice.

Your father is injured and
is hospitalised.

Even if you can't borrow the whole amount,

you could try asking in
smaller denominations.

Instead, you are talking
stuffs like buying biryani,

hitting on an electric
post, getting dreams.

How much can you spare?

Where do I have such money?

You have the heart. But
you don't have the money.

Today, I did everything correctly.

Had you got my biryani today, I'd have got
the dream. I could have saved my father.

Fine! Get the biryani
tomorrow. I'll get it.

Lord almighty!

This lad must get the
dream and save his father.

- Doubt-u?
- Very doubtful!

It's quite doubtful that
you'd take the insurance.

Sorry brother!

My mother told me!

Did you hit him again?

Yes! You sent your mother
to the stall in your place?

I hit him. I will hit
him. Cut the call.

- It's okay!
- Get the jeep ready.

Sir Tea!

You came already?
What now...?

Your father met with an accident yesterday.

I need to find the one
who did it, right?

Sir! Where you able to find
who hit my father yesterday?

Hey! I just told you the same thing.

Your father met with
an accident yesterday.

I need to find the one
who did it. Right?

- Where you able to find who...
- I'll find! I'll definitely find who it is.

I'll find them myself! Okay?

Get the jeep ready.

I'll take leave.


- What's up?
- What the heck?

Did you finish off the driver or not?

He is in ICU. They won't let me in easily.

Am only allowed to either to admit
the case or to remove the body.

I paid you not to listen to
your stories but to kill the driver.

Don't be in a rush. When we try to hide a
mistake, we might end up doing another.

I told you I'll finish him off.
I'll do it.

Didn't you get any dreams today?

You might have missed something.

You might've missed something.


My name is Swapna.

My parents passed away.

I live with my grandmother.

We had leased out one of our
house to a guy called Nirmal.

We thought we'd sell the house and
go to my aunt's place in Andaman.

But Nimal is refusing to vacate the house.

He threatens to kill
me if I go to the police.

The area councillor promised to
sort the issue for ten lakh rupees.

With no other option, I agreed.

- The people who chased me right now..
- Hmm.

They are my area counsellor's men.

Now, they've got the money from
Nirmal and are threatening me.

I don't know what to do.

Don't worry! Show me the person.
I'll make him vacate.

But.. Can you give me that ten
lakhs you were about to give them?

Just because I'm asking for
money, don't think I am like them.

Five days back, my father
met with an accident.

Some car ran him over.

Head injury!

He's not able to talk.


It's okay.

They say it will cost ten
lakhs rupees to save my father.

Get me the key from Nirmal.
I'll get you the cash from the buyer.


We are here!

He is the one!

- Hey! Who the heck is he?
- He is Nirmal.

By 10.00AM tomorrow morning,

you should have vacated the
house and returned the key.

If not I'll kill you.

Ma'am! Give me two days time! I'll vacate.

What shall we do?

Am hungry. Shall we eat?

What would you like to eat?
Meals or Biryani?

Give me a full meals,
Biryani and an intestine fry.

I was not able to eat all these days.

Only after I could see some hope
for money, I can sense hunger.


Keep it here!

Oh my!

Why did you do that?

My father used to smell
of cigarette all the time.

So I like this smell.

I often get one and try doing this.

I don't know why.

When am with you, I
feel like am with my father.

I feel safe.

I adore my father!

Who doesn't like their father?
I love my father.

We were not in proper
talking terms for a while.

We used to talk only over phone...

What's up dear?
You'd called me?

You promised you'd call only
after getting the salary.

Did you get the salary?
I knew it!

What's up dear?
You'd called me?

You promised you'd call only
after getting the salary.

Did you get the salary?
I knew it!

What happened?

What's up dear?
You'd called me?

I don't think it was an accident.

It was definitely pre-planned.

What are you saying?

- I'll leave now.
- One second.

Let me come with you. Please.

Am scared that the councillor's
men might come again.

- Please.
- Fine! Come.

This is where my
father got run over by the car.

Hey careful!

What happened?

What happened to my father was not
an accident. It was a murder attempt.

What are you saying?

My father is a driver!

He will never cross the road
without seeing left and right.

He would have waited for my
father to cross the road.

Their plan was to hit my father.

Because in the whatsapp audio,

I neither heard the
honks not the brakes.

If he had wanted to stop, he'd have honked,
pressed the breaks and stopped the car.

- What if he had been drunk?
- He'd have stopped after he ran over.

He came, hit and ran away.


Don't get confused.

We'll get the cash tomorrow.

If the surgery goes well,

your father himself will
tell us what happened.

We'll drag him to the streets
and thrash him!

Now come!

We'd forever like to be with those
who stood with us in our tough times.

I feel so now!

Of course! You should be with those
who stood with you in your tough times.

Well.. Now as am in hospital,
you won't be able to come there.

And as you're in a
hostel, I can't come there.

Hey you!

Go away!
Let's go brother!


Why did she get pissed off?

Seems you've changed the shirt!
Did you finally get the dream?

No! But I've arranged the
cash for my father's surgery.

Hmm! Had you got the dream, you'd
have found out who hit your father.

Fine! I'll leave.

Here after, you don't need to
come here to sell the books.

I'll put you in a school once
my father's surgery gets over.

Please put me in school brother!

People ask how could
a blind girl like me..

Become a collector.

Excuse me!

Who is it?

I am the one who asked him to hit me.

I can't tell you why. But
please come to the stall.

Hey! You are the one who spoiled my life.

You wasted my booze too.

Hit me if you want. I won't
ask you to hit me after this.

I met your girlfriend. She said
she will come to the stall tomorrow.

Don't you want the parcel?

Hmm! No!


Yesterday, I thought you'd get biryani
and didn't bring my food.

Sorry! I'll go get the food right away.

- No dear! I got my food today.
- Then I'll get you food tomorrow.

Okay dear! Stay blessed.

Stop here!


If he locks the property and
leaves, Should we let it go?

- Start the bike.
- Where?

We need to arrange the money
for your dad's surgery, right?


You helped me when I was in
trouble. So when you're in trouble?

Start your bike! Let's go.


Wait a bit! I'll be back.

Thank you! Do you have a pen?


Wait! What did you do?

What are you asking?

The surgery is in two days.
I've paid the advance.

Four lakhs. I've transferred
it to the hospital account.

We can arrange the remaining six lakhs
before the surgery gets over.

Don't worry.

Start the bike.


Where did you get
so much money from?

It's the money my father
had saved for my marriage.

Then, What will you do
for the marriage expenses?

Oh! Will you marry me
only if I give you money?

Start the bike!

'My sky! You're my sky!'

'Right on the path I take'

'I was transformed, when
you rested on my shoulders'

We need money for your
dad's surgery, right?

'You're the apple of my eye, My
life is now the lashes of your eye'

'Just to be with you,
my heart aches all day'

'All my senses are trapped in your eyes'

'All my senses are trapped in your eyes.
My whole being yearns to hold your hand'

'Angel! You're my angel, who came upon me'

Divinity! You're the divinity
who knew my needs.

When am with you, I feel
like am with my father.

You helped me when I was in
trouble. So when you're in trouble?

'I'm gratified. What more
do I need in my life'

'My wounds crave for a
glance of your eyes'

'Hey! I'll be a doll in your hands'

'I'll laugh happily even
when you kick or break me'

'This birth is not enough,
to live looking at your eyes'

'I want to live with you, for a
hundred, thousand more years'

'I'll swim! I'll swim right
across a river of flames'

'I'll carry! I'll carry, your
breath even if I die'

'Hey! The safe of my heart
has opened for you to occupy'

'Just like the salt dissolving in
water, you made me dissolve in you'


They've paid the advance for the surgery.

The surgery is
scheduled in two days.

I'll try to finish. If not,
I'll return your money.

No need for that.
I'll come there.

- Sir.
- I'll come there myself.


What's this?

- Ten rupees!
- Remember this?

Remember what?

Remember what is
special about this ten rupee?

Give me a clue!

First time.

First time?

Give me another clue!

- Share auto.
- Give one more clue!

You gave this to me.

Oh! Is this the one I gave the first
time in that share auto? I remember!

I wish I could smash you!

Hey! You go to the hostel!

Listen! You look tired.

It's been days since
you've slept properly.

You've been wearing the
same clothes again and again.

You go home. If possible, wash the clothes
and take rest.

I'll take care of uncle.

Let's go!

- I'll leave!
- Stay safe.

Doctor! This is the report of
the patient who just got admitted.

Sir! The reports look normal.

But according to the symptoms he
claims he should be dead by now.

- He'd have got admitted fearing the police.
- Okay sir.

- Discharge him in the morning.
- Thank you sir.

- Did you eat?
- Yes! I ate in the canteen.

Show me my father.

Everything happened so fast.

Yes! Just wait a second.

Did you see my DP?

No! What have you kept?

Check it now!


What is this?

I'd be happy to die in your hands.

Idiot. Stop talking like that.

Fine! I need to check on uncle. I'll leave.


What's that noise?


What happened?

What are you doing here?

- Sir...!
- What is a ward boy doing in ICU?

- Sir asked me to come.
- Get out first.

Who are you?

- Am Shankar's..
- Shankar's?

- Am his..
- Ask him to come right away.

- He has gone home.
- Ask him to come here immediately.

Is this an ICU or something else?

- What happened?
- Dad has tried to get up.

Looks like the mask
fell off his face.

Nurse said there is
nothing to worry.

Fine! You go to the hostel.

You need to go to work tomorrow,

I'll take care of father.

You leave now!

Had you got the dream, you'd
have found who hit your dad.

Kanmani! Brother asked me to
bring your daughter to sell books.

I won't go! Shankar brother
promised to put me in school.

As if he was born with you!

You can go to school when he
enrolls you. Now you go to work.


Hey Shankar!


Sister! Ain't you going to the stall today?

No dear! I've got my periods.
So I've sent mom to work.

Get lost!

Ma'am! More men will get in.
Please sit in the same spot.

Give that ten rupee to Ma'am.

Where you able to find
who hit my father yesterday?

We are enquiring! I'll let you know.

Okay sir!

They've got the money from
Nirmal and are threatening me now.

He is Nirmal!

When am with you, I
feel like am with my father.

You helped me
when I was in trouble.

So when you're in trouble?

Your father is getting operated in
two days.

I've paid the advance.

I'll take care of Uncle!

Will you marry me
only if I give you money?


7 days before.

Is the deal done?

Yes! It's done.

Four crores.

Ma'am! The police are
heading here for a raid.

Come Come!

False information Ma'am! Sorry.

All of you! Keep moving!

Oh my god!!

What happened?

- The garbage truck has emptied the bin.
- Shit!

Give! Give me the car key!

- Do you have any idea?
- I don't know.

Hey! Who are you?

What happened? Why did you stop the truck?

We dropped a medicine box
inside the garbage by mistake.

Can you get it out for us?

- Medicine box?
- Yes.

Which street was it?

Nakheeran street.

We usually start collecting from Nakheeran
street. It must be under the whole pile.

Do one thing! Follow
me behind in your car.

You can collect it from the dump yard.

Brother! It's an emergency. We
need that medicine box right away.

You dump this garbage right
here. We'll search and take it.

We'll pay you in cash
to put the trash back in.

You'll pay cash?

- How much will you give?
- How much ever you want.

Oh! You can give how much ever I want?
What is there in that box?

What is this? Why is the
medicine box so heavy?

- Is it heavy?
- This is the box.

- Hey! Hey.
- Let go!

Oh my! A Vishnu Idol!

So, is this the medicine box?

Is that why the police were
there at your office for a raid?

I'll give it to the police.
You get it from them.


Don't go to the police. Give me the
idol. I'll give you the money you want.

Stop showing off your money.

Just because I'm a
garbage truck driver,

You think I'll grab
anything you throw at me?

Don't you people close your nose
when a garbage truck passes next to you?

Doesn't it stink for us?

Listen! Am doing this job because
I want to make an honest living.

Don't try to bribe me and
make me one of you. Leave now.

Hey! Give that damn idol and keep moving!

If not?

If I smash you, they'll
have to collect you in pieces.


If I hit you, they'll have
to scrape you off the road.

Look who's talking! You don't
talk like a woman at all. Leave now.

He is going to go to the
station. What shall we do?

Let him go!

He'll have to get down from
the truck to go to the station.

Let him go!

Get inside the car Kishore.


Four crores!
They've given four crores!

If we don't finish this deal
now, we will lose their trust.

We won't be able to do business in future.

How many crores
have we earned before?

It's just four crores! We can return it.

But if this driver talks,

All those people who
helped us in this business,

The customs officer, the police official
will all point their fingers at us.

We will end up in prison for eight years.

This driver should not talk
about us. I will not let him talk.

Mithra! Take right! Make it fast.

What's up dear?
You'd called me?

Take the idol.

I thought he was crushed to a pulp.

Somehow he survived.

Cool! Pick a ward boy in the hospital.

Deposit some cash in his
account without his knowledge.

Trigger his desires.

Threaten him later.
Get the work done.

There is no use banking
on the ward boy anymore.

He should believe that he'll
get the ten lakhs through you.

Without trying any other means,
he should run behind you.

He is more dangerous than his father!

He talks as if he saw the
accident happen right in front of him.

What should we do Kishore?


There is no other option.

Only family members
are allowed inside the ICU.

You've to become a part of that family.

Only if that idiot ward boy
hadn't pushed that stand away..

We could have
ended that driver's life.


What next?

Brother! Say, Nirmal came back,

and has offered to buy
that property himself.

Let her bring him saying Nirmal
is giving her the advance amount.

Bring him and?

Bring him! I'll give
a check for ten lakhs.

The check will bounce in bank.
His father will bounce in the hospital.

You're not just my employee.

You're a brainiac.

What happened? Why
are you sitting here?

I got the dream.

What are you saying?
Who did it?

That cunning..
Oh god!

We shouldn't let her go.

What do you want me to do?

I've already thought
of her as my wife.

If a wife betrays the husband,

the husband should either
kill her or kill himself.

Whatever I may choose, my
father will be left alone.

Good or bad..

I believed that my father will survive only
after she paid four lakhs.


I need to make her pay
the rest of the amount too.

Somehow she has been
caught in a tangle with my father.

First, I should find what it is.


- What happened?
- He has smelled it already.

He thinks like a policeman.

We don't have any other option.

Let's kill him.


A murder case is much
better than an idol smuggling case.

- Am driver Subburayan's son.
- I know!

What is my father's driving route?

You father handles the
whole of Tambaram zone 1.

Can you tell me the
streets in specific?

Professor colony, Thiruvalluvar street,

Nakheeran street, Narayan
street and Ragavendra colony.

Thank you sir!

He pretended to be in love with me.

He cheated me!

He raped me!

He provoked me.

"I loved him sincerely. I had no
other option but to kill him my lord!"

Saying this, I'll cry and
get bail from the judge.

But if we get caught in the idol
smuggling case.. We're done for life.

Sir! Greetings!

Sir! I found out who ran over my father.

Is that so?

The accident happened only

How did you find out so soon?

Hey! You better come and join our

We need people like you.

Sir, have you concluded
that I am a lunatic?

No! No! Not like..

Hmm! Yes!

Only because I kept saying
that it happened yesterday,

I was able to find out
that it was not an accident.

What? It was not an accident?

Yes Sir! She had planned and executed it.

She? Who? Was it a girl?

Yes Sir!

Hey! Can you brief a little?

Sir! If you check the CCTV footage of
Nakheeran Street,

you'll find out everything.

When was it, Sir?

- Hmm.
- 31st


- Street name?
- Nakheeran street.

Exactly on that date, Our AC went for a
raid on an export office in that street.

Both the top two visuals
are from Nakheeran street.

Can you zoom a little on the patrol?


Sir! Rewind a little bit..
Someone crossed by. Check.

The patrol jeep arrives. The bike leaves.

No no.. A little..

- What is this sir?
- Let go!

Sir! This is the one!
This is my father's truck.

Sir! This is the car
that ran over my father.

Please sit down sir!

If we find out what they
dropped inside the garbage bin,

We can find why they ran over my father.

Is he working in our department?

He should be.

There is evidence that they've
hidden something from the raid.

But there is no evidence
that they ran over your father.

We need to plan perfectly to
catch everyone involved in it.

Even if strong wind
blows, it won't be of

any use to a man who
died of breathlessness.

It was written by Jeyakanthan.

Your father is in a similar situation.

All of a sudden, he got fits.

We need to perform the
surgery within the next 24 hours.

What are you going to do?

There is no problem sir.

I've found the one who ran over my
father. I've also gathered the evidence.

Tomorrow, we can
do the surgery for sure.


You just broke a 50 lakh
phone casually. Leave it!

You broke my phone. But how
will you break his phone?


I knew it when you came in
casuals and not in your uniform.

You're not here to
enquire but to negotiate.

I'll give you money.

But he also knows the details you know.

We need to shut him off.

Tell me a way to do it.

Listen! He trusts me completely.

I'll bring him to the spot saying
we'll go meet the AC who raided.

I'll stop the car at the railway station
opposite to the airport

and get down to smoke.

Kill him right there.

In case you don't trust me, give
me the cash at the railway gate.

- Is brother home?
- No. He has gone to the station.

- At the station, they said he is at home.
- No. He is at the station only.

You go and check there.
No! Don't.

Why have you switched
off the phone brother?

Listen! My father's life
is in your hands now.

Hey! I'd think thousand
times to get a mere fifty rupees.

You made me ask for 50 lakhs!

It's an idol smuggling group.

There was an idol inside that box.
That's why they ran over your father.

Shall we give those evidence to the AC?

Am not in a situation
to take this to courts.

The doctor has given 24
hours for my father's life.

If the surgery doesn't
happen within that time,

- My father..
- Hey. It will happen.

Initially, even I thought
you were a lunatic.

But when you solved one of
our cases, I decided to help you.

Tell me what you want me to do

I gave you a plan already.
Didn't you tell them that?

- I executed it perfectly.
- Then what?

Right when the train comes,
you get down from the jeep.

Once you receive the money, I'll
get it from you and cross the track.

- They won't be able to do anything.
- What if something goes wrong?

Nothing will happen.
I'll take care of it.

Don't make them
suspect you. That's enough.


- Ma'am, I am here.
- I saw.

-Shall I get down?

Wait! Do you have
handcuffs in your car?

Shall I get down?

Hey! Why the heck are you rushing?

There is a handcuff below
that lamp post near your car.

Take that, lock him in the
jeep and then get down.

What? Don't you
want the 50 lakhs?

What? You don't want it?

- Yes.Yes. I want it.
- Then do it.

- What happened brother?
- She asked me to lock you in.

- Cuff me brother.
- Are you mad? You'll get killed.

It's okay if I die. My father will
survive. He will be able to talk.

Brother! Please don't
mess up. Cuff me.

You will die.

When my mother died,
my father said,

"An ideal child will save his
parents even if it costs his life."

He is not talking now. But what
he told once happens today.

Few people's words come true. Cuff me.


The phone is ringing! Cuff me.

- Dear.
- Brother.

The surgery is at 3.00PM. Cuff me fast.


You look like the almighty
in my eyes. Cuff me.

Cuff me! Lock me!

Ma'am. I've cuffed him as you said.

- Where is the cash?
- Throw away the key.

- Where is the cash?
- Hey! Throw that damn key away.

The cash lies at the same
place where the handcuffs were.

Dig and take it!

The train is coming.

Go brother! Go!



Hey! Brother!



I'll say this again.

Am happy to die in your hands.

- Am good!
- Do you like the new school?

- It's good!
- I've told him to get insurance.

- Thanks uncle.
- Hey dear!

- Sir.
- Where is your girlfriend?

-She's in the stall.

- Let me know when you get married.
- Sure Sir! Sure.

Are you doing good sir?

Please get him a job in your
department sir. I'll do what I can.

There is no need for that sir.

Your son is already popular in the
department because of the idol theft case.

Don't worry sir! We will
pull him in the next selection.

All of you must come
home for lunch one day.

Sure Sir! Definitely.

Is it brinjal curry?

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