Cara sposa (1977) - full transcript

Alfredo, jailed for theft and fraud, after having served the sentence discovers that his wife Adelina no longer wishes to live with him.

- Do you have an umbrella?
- Come on!

How rude!

Adelina, I knew you would come!

I've been thinking about this since
yesterday. I kept saying to myself...

I'll find her by the door.

It's raining! You have
an umbrella and I don't...

I don't want to go from
the jail to the hospital.

Adelina, wait...
Will this scene last any longer?

How is your mother doing?
Don't tell me, I'm sure she's fine.

- She doesn't want to give it to you?
- Mind your business!

Alfredo, you talked a lot
but you didn't say what you had to.

- That you're surprised to see me.
- You're my wife.

I'm here to tell you that I didn't
betray you with the mechanic.

I didn't cheat on you.

Are you still talking about that?
I don't think about it anymore.

I don't even remember his face.

With his stupid mustache.
Look here.

I made you a gift, look.

Do you like it?
I couldn't sleep without you.

I spent two years
sleeping on this pillow.

Let me come closer,
so you can look at it.

- Are you crazy?
- Crazy my ass!

I always loved you.
This was three years of work.

And I had to fight with everyone
to prove that I wasn't queer.

They always saw me sewing...

For a few slaps, you had me
spend 5 years in jail.

I spent 40 days at the hospital
for those few slaps!

You call those a few slaps?

The surgeon asked me if I got hit
by a tank! Look at the scars!

- Refresh your memory.
- You fell from the stairs.

You will say that it is my fault
and I lost balance?

- You're so beautiful!
- I don't belong to you anymore.

I told you all I had to say. No,
I forgot the most important thing.

I don't want to see you,
you don't have to look for me.

- We don't know each other anymore.
- If I see you, I'll introduce myself.

What the... Adelina, wait!

Wait a second!

Sit down, Mom.
Aren't you happy to see me?

Of course I am happy to see you.

But if they kept you in a couple
of months longer I'd be happier.

- I knew that you'd eat every day.
- And went to bed early at night.

That someone would take care of you.

Now that your wife left you,
who will take care of you?

Don't worry, I'll find another one.
Let's drink to that.

- Elvira...
- I wanted to tell you something.

- I don't know where to start.
- Just tell me.

I wanted to write you...

Then I decided I would tell you
once I'd see you.

It has been three years.

- I was feeling so alone...
- And so?

I have a man.

Why are you so sad in telling me?

- Are you pregnant?
- Don't say stupid things!

- I don't think about such things.
- That Omero looks fine.

- How did you know it was him?
- I'm not stupid.

Elvira, champagne.

Mazzola! Good boy.

Let me look at you!
You're a big boy!

Do you remember me, after 5 years?

- Did your mom talk to you?
- Of course.

- I won't call you "dad".
- Of course! Let's drink something.

What a day! My wife dumps me,
my mom gets engaged.

At least I have my dog!

If you want to come work with us...

You'd be happy to hire me

but I'm not fond of working.

Work kills fantasy.

What do you say?
Let's go, Mazzola.

Bye, Mom.

These are your house keys.

Thank you. Bye.

Mazzola! Come with me,
I'll have you live a good life.

Here he eats every day, with you...

That's supposed to be a man's
best friend? Fucking pussycat!

- Alfredo! Welcome back!
- Hello!

- It was time!
- Thank you.

- Alfredo!
- The sun is back.

- Menghini is back!
- Hello everybody!

Who told you that I was back?
The prison or the TV?

I'm coming up.

- Mrs. Maria!
- What a sickly face!

I was in prison, not on vacation.

Did you see my husband?
He was in the violent section.

What do you think?
I'm not coming from Dante's Inferno!

- You're beautiful.
- Thank you.

- Would you like a cup of coffee?
- Of course I do.

A gift for you.
This brings good luck and prosperity.

It belongs to my family,
now I'll give it to you.

Horns bring me bad luck.
Thank you, like if I accepted.

- Thank you for the warm welcome.
- Since when are horns bad luck?

She took everything away.

Aside from the walls and...

Adelina, this house
is empty without you.

What the...

Even the toilet seat.

Liliana, crazy cow!

You finally got out of prison!

- How is it going?
- I spend 6 month out and 6 in.

When you're unlucky
even the dogs piss on you!

Last time I tried to rob a drunk guy

and he was a police officer!
- What good luck!

- I thought about you a lot.
- Me too.

All of these years,
I kept thinking about you

and now you're better than before.
- You must've fought with your wife.

- I know you, rascal!
- Do you have a mattress?

Or I'll sleep on the floor.

- An empty bed is sad.
- Get in it, and it will be full!

You gave me just a mattress.

Give me all that is needed with it.

Liliana, will you sleep with me?

Try to understand my situation.
It has been 5 years...

It will be better
than Arabian Nights!

Who would have thought that after
5 years you couldn't get it up?

I even brought you another mattress!

"I'll will be better
than Arabian Nights!"

I wasn't expecting all the positions
in the book, but at least one!

It's this mattress' fault!
This is a dog house.

- We could have done it doggy style!
- It's her fault.

I come home from jail,
I find my house empty.

- It was a shock.
- This is a shock as well!

I wouldn't take her back, not
even if she'd came back bagging...

- Look at that criminal!
- She was cute though.

She isn't cute.
Looking at her well, she's ugly.

Finally! But I must say
that is not flattering...

Look what I have to do
to make you get a hard on!

We are having a threesome.

Be my boyfriend. I love you.

- Shut up.
- We'll take the child as well.

What now?

We can't make love tonight!

Son of a bitch! I have completely
forgotten that I have a child.

You haven't decided yet?

Do you know what
Professor Pestolazzi used to say?

When a father buys a gift
without thinking enough about it,

he's a piece of shit.
- Take your time then!

Thank you!

I don't know what to get.
I'll be back with my son.

All right.

- Do you know Pasqualino Menghini?
- No, I don't think so.

- 5 years ago he went here.
- Now he goes to elementary school.

You're right! What a jerk!

It's a sacrifice for me, but I could
sell it to you for 20.000 lira.

- Are you crazy?
- It's the ball of Milan's victory!

Rivera gave it to me.
Don't you see his autograph?

- What are you talking about?
- Pasqualino!

- Look who is here.
- Who are you?

What do you mean?

I'm your father.

- Here. Do you like it?
- Where is the remote control?

Without that it's worthless.
It's for little kids.

- You were scammed.
- Strange, I got it in Paris.

- While I lived in Paris...
- You think that I'm stupid?

- Are you good at math?
- Very good.

- I have a "ingfuck" problem.
- What does it mean?

- "Fucking" is vulgar!
- What about that problem?

- Tell me.
- A shepherd had 386 sheep.

He sold 3/4 of them to Antonio.

He made 7 equal parts with the rest.
How many did he sell to Antonio?

3 quarters... 7 quarters... It's 76.

- You're great!
- Thank you but don't tell it to me.

Tell mom as well. She says that she
doesn't want to live with me anymore.

- I know, Dad.
- Dad! See? It came natural.

Tell her:
"Today I saw my dad again."

"He's so nice, he got me a gift!"

"He loves me and you too!"

"We can be happy
if we get back together!"

- Tell her.
- There's the problem of Giovanni.

- Who is he?
- I thought you know about him.

Mom is with him now.
He's a taxi driver.

- I don't believe you.
- Yes.

- Where do you live?
- There. Second floor.

You stay here.

Adelina, open!
I know that you're there.

Careful... Damn!

- Who are you? What do you want?
- I'm looking for Adelina.

- Adelina's is across the hall.
- I went in the wrong apartment.

Get informed,
before you crash doors open!

Open, I know that you're home!

- Adelina!
- Are you looking for me?

Here I am!
Did you want to tell me something?


I'll kill that Giovanni!
I'm ready to go back to prison!

- Really?
- Yes! Even if you're not worth it.

Good job! You have good aim!

All right, that's enough.
Listen to me.

Smile, I came to take you back.

- Adelina, laugh!
- Yes, you made me laugh!

Why are you doing this?
I always loved you!

You forgot about all
the suffering you gave me.

The fatigue, you never had a job.

And Pasqualino? "What
will he eat today? And tomorrow?"

- And you were always broke.
- Did you marry me for money?

A beggar like you?
Remember August 1972?

Oh my God! What happened?

You wanted to cook and said,
"We won't die of starvation!"

- And you didn't, did you?
- You gave us crickets!

Poor Pasqualino, threw up all night!

You eat snails and frogs.
You get upset easily!

Now I'm in love with Giovanni.
He is a real man!

- You were happy with me, once.
- Go away.

- How can...
- Careful, they cut.

- All right, but I want Pasqualino.
- What for?

Did you give birth to him?
You raised him, you fed him?

Did you take him to school?
He is my son.

- He stays with me.
- You took all my stuff.

Now you even want my child!

- You even took the toilet seat.
- Your stuff?

Come pick it up.


Take it!

The chair.

- Take it.
- Also that is mine.

You're right. Vase and column.

Take your stuff!

My mom is upset!

This is yours as well.
Here, take it.

Do you have
an umbrella holder to spare?

No, that's mine.

I bought that dress.

It's true. You're right.

Alfredo, you can rest assured.

There's nothing left to do.

And now, go.

Not even this time...
Arabian Nights!

Have a little patience.
Next time, I'll be great.

- Answer the door.
- Yes.

Come in.

- You're late.
- I must tell you something.

It's becoming a duty for me. Why do
I make you coffee every morning?

Please, don't be so formal with me.

Yes, but tell me why do I have to
make you coffee every morning?

- Don't you take coffee each morning?
- Of course, or I don't wake up.

Why shouldn't I take it too?
Actually, I need another cup of it.

- I have a guest.
- Two now? I opened a coffee shop!

You drink it.
Look what you make me do.

- Red horn, think about it.
- I'm in great shape today.

Liliana I have decided
to change my life.

- What a relief!
- I'm happy for you.

Can we stop sleeping in three then?

- What?
- With her.

Yes, you're right.

I take you apart, I erase you.

Everything has to change.

I want to make a palace out of this
house. We need a bed,

furniture and the toilet seat.
- One must shit comfortably!

I tear your eyes out.

As I created you, I destroy you!

I fell on my ass!

And you don't believe in bad luck.
I wasn't wearing my horn.

And I fell.

- What should I take?
- The table or the bed.

I take the bed.

- I'll take this too.
- Yes, well done.

There is another move
in this building.

Give it to me. Porter!

Come, dear. Porter!

- Where's a porter?
- Here I am.

- Finally, it was about time.
- For where, sir?

- Rome.
- See you at platform number 7.

- All right.
- No, give it to me.

Are you happy? See what a bed?
I keep my promises!

Speaking about promises...
With all these things that we got,

this beautiful nightgown,

can you finally get it up
and get busy with me?

- No?
- Yes, actually...

I feel that this might be
the right evening.

Maybe it's this luxurious atmosphere
or the nightgown...

Maybe you're
even more beautiful than usual.

My beautiful Liliana!

Despite all these things,
you can't get a hard on.

Why all this?
Can't you just focus?

I'm sorry, Liliana.
I don't understand.

Try taking a deep breath.

Better? Is it getting
any better? No, huh?

I go get a coffee.

Make it a double!

- Hello?
- Hi, Pasqualino.

- Don't tell mom it's me.
- All right, Lucentini.

- Who's there?
- A classmate of mine.

I wanted to ask you something.

I wanted to ask you something.
How is this Giovanni?

- Why is he better than me?
- He's big.

- Who is big?
- It's a big problem!

A shepherd had...

Your problems are about shepherds.
Is your teacher from the countryside?

- You won't trick me again.
- He gave you the wrong number again?

I don't have time to waste.
It's a bad situation here.

- What do you want?
- You're right. What do I want?

I don't know. How can
I explain it to you? You're a child.

I want to know what are you doing.

I want to know if your mom
is happy and content.

If she is sad or tired.

- What questions are these?
- Now she is laughing. She's fine.

- They are watching TV.
- Come.

- I'm coming.
- Wait, don't go. It's fun.

- What?
- To hear her voice.

She doesn't know that I'm listening.

I have an idea, a game.

Now you say goodbye and hang up
the phone the wrong way.

- So I can hear what you say.
- Goodbye, Lucentino.

- Are you ready to order?
- A pizza with anchovies.

All right. A pizza with anchovies.


lot's of anchovies.

- Are we going to sleep?
- I have to finish that problem.

I will do the dishes, or tomorrow...

- Mom, listen...
- Tell me.

Are you happier now or before?

- What a question is this?
- Tell me about when you were young.

I'm not old either!

Now let's solve
this problem together.

Go get your notebook.
Tell me, Adelina.

Where you happier before or now?

What useless comparisons!
I'm fine now.

I'm content. What does happiness
have to do with it?

I'm happy as well.
And I care for you.

- I want to take a picture, a poster.
- Come in.

Wait. Maybe it's better on the side.

It really sweetens up my face.

What do you think?
Better this side?

What do you think?

- How long do I have to wait?
- 3 minutes.

- Luisa! It has been a long time!
- We don't know each other.

- What a pleasure!
- My name isn't Luisa.

- I've mistaken you for a friend.
- It doesn't matter.

- I'm sorry.
- You don't know him?

Here is your poster.

I'm handsome. Do you deliver?

I'm leaving. Send it to this address.

Pasqualino Menghini.
I'm leaving here.

Via Pasubio 4.
Are you suffering? No?

Do you mind? I want to
write something. It's for my son.



- 40.000 lira.
- Here we go.


- I have 39.000 lira.
- It's fine.

I've been waiting for half an hour.

Hi. Do you come before the janitor?

Funny! Did you get my picture?

- No, what picture?
- The poster.

I see... I knew it.

Let's skip school today.
Let's go have fun.

I need to talk to you,
to spend some time with you.

I can't, they'll give us report cards
and I have an assignment to do.

I must write an essay on
how I imagine Africa.

The teacher is crazy,
what do I know about it?

You're right.

- Are you really taking me to Africa?
- Yes, you'll write a good essay!

We must tell mom,
how long will we be gone? A month?

What? We will be back just in time
for the end of school.

- Really?
- Of course.

- Is this Cartago?
- It's a little ruined.

I imagined it different.

- Your mom will be surprised.
- Shall I send it to Giovanni too?

- Do you think that she loves him?
- I think so.

He isn't like you.
He is a serious guy, he saves money.

So basically we have everything.
TV, dishwasher, everything...

What does it mean? There are
more important things in life.

I don't like this way of thinking.

Soon will be her birthday.
Do you know what she would like?

A nice fur.
But Giovanni can't afford it now.

- There's the crisis.
- It's good for something. Let's go.

- How did it go today at school?
- Very well, you know?

I'm glad.

Miss Adelina, there's mail for you.

Laugh Adelina,
I don't want you to be unhappy.

I will come back to you, and
take you to a world of dreams.

I'll give you so many gifts
to make the Three Kings be ashamed.

- Smile... I told you to smile.
- Go away.

Go away!

Let's go, before I do something.

- Was that dad's idea?
- Yes.

He's so cool! He writes so good.

- You despise dad?
- You don't like Giovanni?

Giovanni is a good man,

but he'd never had the idea
of the sign walkers.

I believe in him.

- You'll see. He can do anything.
- Exactly!

To buy a fur for your wife, we've to
steal the statue of the Virgin Mary?

I don't want just the fur,
I think about much more.

We will be rich!

Something like this is priceless,
it's worth millions of dollars.

The Virgin of Milan
sold at the New York's auction.

They will write: "Who are
the thieves of the Holy Virgin?"

- Are you crazy?
- As long as we plan everything.

It will cost us some time.

Listen. "The Virgin of Milan,
built in 1774..."

"It's sometimes
taken down to clean it."

"It's almost 4 meters tall."
I thought more!

"It's almost 2 meters wide."
I thought more.

- "It weights 400 kg."
- I thought less.

- How can we...
- I'll do it. Wait here.

Do you mind?
I'll take a nice picture.

The whole family. Look this way.

The statue on the background.
Now, this way.

- And so?
- Too difficult, we must give up.

I'm sorry for the Virgin, but we
must take another statue.

- Which one?
- Whichever. Look.

Do you think that these
are worth any less?

Artistic stuff, 7 centuries old.

Look. They are easier to steal.

- Where is your toolbox?
- Ready. Here.

Uncle Michele gave it to me.
He was a thief.

This crowbar belonged to my grandpa
and then to my father

and then to me.
We used it to escape from prison,

but now we don't need it anymore
because no one goes to jail anymore.

I wanted to ask you something.
You don't possess anything, do you?

- Careful. Don't drop it.
- I will not.

- Careful.
- I'm below.

Here we go.

Careful. Do you understand?

- Don't worry. I'll hold the rope.
- That's why I worry.

When will I get down?
This is a skyscraper! Slowly.



I wonder why statues
always have a nice ass.


- Is it there?
- I think so.

What are you doing?
You were supposed to untie yourself.

You don't have to get upset.
I'm the one suspended in air!

Hi. Where's the stuff?

Here. It's good stuff.
It's worth millions. In cash.

Nice. Very nice. Congratulations!

- How much?
- Nothing.

- What do you mean?
- It means nothing, my ass.

- You want me to translate it?
- This was on the Duomo.

And it should be there still.
Close the curtain.

If you tear down the Duomo of Milan,

who can I sell the statues to?

These statues are valuable
because they are on top of the Duomo.

If you take them from there,
no one will want them. Give me.

- You're in the newspaper.
- It's a big heist, no?

That's too risky.

- It was a lot of work.
- Don't get so upset.

Come on. You just have
to aim at the right stuff.

Something a little less important.
You take that here to Carlina

and I will give you money right away.
Come on.

Get a carpet. Let me show you that
I want to do business with you.

- Get a carpet.
- What would I do with it?


Careful with that hat!

Go, go.

Why are you pushing me?

The ticket.

Thank you.


Give me back the rug!

That's mine.

- Pay attention to what you're doing.
- After you.

Do you mind if I give it to you?
I can't hold it anymore.

- I can't piss on my own?
- I'll keep you company.

- You never pissed holding a rug?
- No.

I've been holding it for 30 minutes.
I was about to piss myself.

Happy birthday, my love.

I thought to give you a fur,
but then I said to myself...

A fur is something
for the new wealthy.

Give her a nice gift and get her
a carpet. Where should I put it?

A carpet will keep your feet warm.

- Are you crazy?
- You're never happy!

There's another one here,
but my carpet is better.

This house has everything.

You settled down, huh?

Good job. I'm glad.


Stick that carpet wherever you want.

That cabdriver made you vulgar.
What have you become?

What's in here? What a nice bed!

- Who sleeps here?
- Scram!

I was just curious.

Where should I put it?
Hurry because it is heavy.

Dear Adelina,
if one day we have to split,

we'll have to do it as civil people.

We must stay friends.

I'm calm now. I'm relaxed.

I love you like a sister.

- You sleep with him! I'll kill him!
- Let go of me!

Let me introduce you
to my cousin Connaghi.

- Alfronso.
- You mean "Alfonso"?

It's Alfronso.
My parents couldn't decide

between Alfredo and Alfonso
so they called me Alfronso.

- Let's be less formal.
- All right.

Goodbye, Alfronso.
It was nice to see you.

Come on, Adelina.
Happy birthday to you.

Thank you.

- Will you have dinner with us?
- No, he has a date. He can't stay.

- Of course I can stay.
- Well done. Good.

- I'll go wash my hands.
- What a nice touch!

Now come up with an excuse and leave.

Today is your birthday
and I won't leave you alone with him.

Are you crazy living with that guy?

He's ambiguous,
sneaky and morally retarded.

Come with me.

- What do you want from me?
- Adelina, look...

Are you nervous?

- You're affectionate.
- She deserves it.

Offer us some wine.

- Your cheek is all red.
- It doesn't matter.

- My blood flow...
- What a girl is she!

Don't get offended, I know
that she is your cousin,

but she's a whore!

I like whores, you don't?

Yes, of course.

- Is she a whore?
- Absolutely.

Do you know that rascal
of her husband?

He beat her, you know?
You should see her scars.

- I saw them.
- What do you mean?

- Well, I...
- He didn't see them.

I told him about them.

He did wrong but
I'm sure that he loved her.

He loved her his way maybe.

A shitty way...

If I ever meet him,
I'll break him like this.

- You have nothing to do with him.
- If you meet him,

tell him about that. Understand?

Now it's late.
We don't want to keep you.

We'll go rest a bit.

Enough with coffee,
you drank 18 of those!

- 17.
- Bad luck.

Worse than this...

There's a way to stop them
from making love.

Try, it's free. Here it is, look.

Let me show you something.
This is powerful.

This would shrink
the trunk of an elephant.

Fuck you.

- You want him sterile?
- No, just impotent.

A look at it will be enough.
How will we pay the cab?

- Do you have money?
- Me?

- How will we do this?
- Use the fake 10.000 lira.

This bill is dangerous, even
a blind man would see that it's fake.

- Come on.
- Only my grandpa paid with this.

My father got 5 years for it. If
I can find the 500 lire, maybe...

- Here.
- Come on.

Want a cigarette?

Want a light?

Red horn be on the watch,
make him rot on the crotch.

- Would you like a candy?
- No, thank you.

The cigarette is enough.
I knew right away that you were gay.

I don't know why people
don't like you. I find you funny.

I saw it right away.
Don't get offended.

And you know why? From your face.

You have the face of a faggot!

I lost my binoculars.

- Who's there?
- Good evening.

A fallen angel. Did your wings broke?

Nice to meet you,
I'm Alfredo Menghini.

- I was passing by...
- What are you doing there? Come in.

- Aren't you afraid? I'd be a thief.
- No, I know people.

You've a good man's face.
I'm Rosa Balestra.

Come in.

Thank you.

Do you like it?
It's my room. As a girl.

I live here out
of dreams and memories.

- I played the piano.
- Good.

This is me when I was young.

And that too.

- I have nothing to offer you.
- It doesn't matter.

My children say I spend too much.
What were you doing there?

I was spying
on a girl who lives there.

You're Romeo and on the other side
of the street there's Juliet.



Use this.

It's just what I wanted.


Have fun... You'll see what
a surprise is waiting for you.

That's huge!

When will the red horn
work its magic?

What's going on?

My wife is there with a humongous...

Nowadays everyone has their problems.

What are doing in my house?
Are you hurt?

I'm full of pain. Where were you?
I've been waiting all night.

Making a living. Not bad.

Look how many wallets I took.

I don't care. Give me the earrings
that I gave you. I need them.

- Why?
- I'll buy you a new pair. Bye.

- How long will it take?
- I'll be back soon.

Adelina, I informed the police.

You're a thief! Now you can't
make love with him anymore.

Hug your pillow and sleep.

- Sleep tight.
- Son of a bitch!

I was released just now,
that woman dropped the charges.

She said she lost those earrings.

Being there I understood
how much you love me.

You were a bastard in doing that
but you opened my eyes.

Adelina, I... Try to understand me.

Forgive me, I did that...

I know why you did it
and I have to thank you.

Who knows how long would this last?

My love...

I can't believe it.
You don't know how much I suffered.

Hold me tight...

What are you doing?

1.000 slaps for each day
I spent there.

It's 4 days. 4.000 slaps
and I have just started.

Rascal, disgraced, assassin,
scoundrel, betrayer,

damned, wretched soul...
You must remember this all your life.

Coward! Heartless!

You hurt me, and now you're hurt too.

Adelina! You must go away!
Enough! Calm down.

I will kill you. Die!

I will kick you...

Take care.

She beat me up. She thinks she
can fix everything beating me up.

Know what I'll do if she beats me?

I bring her a gift. She hits me
and I turn the other cheek.

I don't send flowers or chocolates.
I have a different mind.

Come here.

Pasqualino will like you.

- Is this a joke?
- I told you it isn't.

- When did you go to Africa?
- Don't make that face.

I went with dad. We went
and came back in a day.

- To Africa?
- From morning to evening.

- Just in time for the end of school.
- Right.

- Hi, how are you?
- Fine.

Is everything fine? Look there.

- I brought you a gift.
- Is it a trained monkey?

I hope your mom will like it too.
Let's meet it.

This is Pasqualino.

And that's his mom.

It is a pure breed.
It's King Kong's nephew.

Call it King King.
It is only 10 days old.

But it will grow. In 3 months
it will be as big as its grandpa.

- Take it away, now.
- I knew it.

Strange, you like big monkeys.

You can pet it. Have no fear.

It doesn't bite or slap.

Hi, Alfronso.

Go to your room.
Dad and Giovanni must talk.

- What should we talk about?
- Give him pen and paper.

Sit down and write.

First: I won't bother them anymore.

Write it.


- Second...
- There's a misunderstanding.

I came here for my son.
I didn't come here to bother you.

I'm so sorry.
Then everything is fine.

I thought you came here for her.

- I'm done with her.
- That's better.

Since I find you funny,
then you could be my best man.

- Are you getting married?
- We are.

It's a joke, right?

- It's a joke, right?
- No, I'm marrying him.

5 years passed, I can divorce now.

It's not to get into your business,

but I'd think about it.

- Marriage is an important step.
- Out of here. And be careful.

- Or I...
- No. You'll get in trouble.

If you keep bothering us
I'll break you.

- Like this scissors.
- Get that monkey too.

Alfredo, stop drinking.

It gives you heartburn.

- She will marry him.
- Just give up.

How can it be?

She will marry a guy who breaks
scissors with two fingers...

Who at night counts all his money
to buy a new refrigerator.

It bothers me to see you like that.

I'm not that healthy.

You keep drinking, huh?

- I mean, look...
- Yes, of course.

Where are you? Look.

- You're drunk.
- Yes, I'm drunk.

But I'm a lovely drunk
who likes to live life and have fun.

Not like that jerk of a taxi driver.

Are you crying now?

I'm not crying! It was vinegar!

- Which way to the Opera House?
- Go straight...

No! Help! Let go of me!


- No!
- Move.

Let go of me!

You want to marry Giovanni?
I'll give you a nice wedding gift.

Let go of me! Cowards!

Nasty cowards!

Here. This is what I wanted.
That you spit on me again.

Do you think that you're scaring me?

Do what you have to do,
but if I get out of here alive

Giovanni will kill you!

You always talk about Giovanni.
Tell him about this too.


You go away.

Go ahead.

What are you waiting for?
Make a decision.

Come on! At least this is something
that you could do.

Come on, I'm here. All for you.

You don't like me anymore?
Come here, come on.

I can't, I can't do it.
It's stronger than me.

You need help?
Let one of your friends start.

They can show you.

You don't want to do this to me?
Do it then.

Hey you! Where are you? Come here.

He needs help.

- You, what's your name?
- Pierino, at your service.

If you want to make love, I'm here.

- Go away.
- Out of my way!

Hands to yourself!

What are you doing?



Let go of him.

I won't forget your faces.

Let's go. These two are crazy.

The other day my father
brought me King Kong.

Not that big one but a very tiny one.

My mom didn't want to keep him
and so he had to take it back.

My father always
gives me wonderful gifts.

What's wrong?
Are you not feeling well?

Nothing, I just can't sleep.


Oh my God! When?

Yes. Yes, I'm coming.

It was Omero, from the restaurant.
Alfredo's mom is sick.

She's at the hospital.

They can't find him.
I must find him and take him there.

That poor woman wants to see him.

- All right, I'll take you.
- Let me go alone.


It's me, Adelina! Open the door.

Look who's here! Did you
come here for a quicky?

Alfredo's mom is sick.
Where can I find him?

Wait, I'll get the keys.

Maybe he's home.

He's not home.

He spends the nights in a house
in front of your apartment.

- So he can look at you.
- For real?

Yes. What do you have more than me?

Hair, eyes, legs... We look the same.

Actually not, because I've always
cared for him! But he loves you.

You're heartless.

You don't treat people like that.

See? He'd come here and look.

When the lights would go off,

he'd close the window, poor soul.

He'd come in,

sit there,

and we'd talk.

He'd keep me company.
My kids never come visit me.

I wish he was my son.

One day we decided
to put a camping bed here.

He sleeps here.
See? Today he didn't come.

Here, that's him.
I gave him the house key.

This way, if he comes late,
I don't have to wake up.

He's drunk.
It happens sometimes, poor soul.

I'm Adelina.

You have to be strong.

She can't hear you.
She's like that for two hours now.


You came to take me with you.

- Carlo.
- Yes?

You are not jealous of him, are you?

She thinks
she's talking to my father.


Where's Alfredo, that hothead?

I'm here, don't you see me?

I'm here, next to you.

Mom, laugh!

I came to give you a good news.

I settled down, I have a job.

A steady job, you don't have
to worry about me.

- And where is Adelina?
- I'm here, mom.

Good, I'm glad.

You're back together.

Tell her.

We are back together.

That's a relief. I'm happy about it.

Do you recognize him? Do you?

You just spoke to him.
Mrs. Menghini!

At least the last time she opened
her eyes she saw us together.

She died happy.

Our split made her suffer.

When you told her
that we were back together,

she smiled.

You said it in a way
that it didn't sound like a lie.

Poor mom.

Think that...
If it wasn't for her death...

I wouldn't have see you again.

Now that she is gone,

I'm alone.

The 18th is our anniversary.

Spend that day with me.

And I won't ask you anything anymore.

You're healthy, right?

It happens when
I think about my wife.

- You'd knock first.
- It's not the first one I see.

I could be your mother.
This is for you.

- I know it's a big day for you.
- Thank you.

- It's expensive.
- I saved on food.

- Good luck...
- I'm sorry!|

I knew you'd bring Pasquale!

- Are you sad about it?
- No. This is for you.

Open it.

I don't know if you like it. Try it.

How is it?

Thank him or we won't move from here!

Do you see these buildings?

Do you?

When your mother and I
loved each other, there wasn't any.

It was a beautiful field.

See how good I am?
Giovanni taught you?

Let your mom play as well.

- Mom, kick the ball.
- Come on!

Same school!


The happy couple!

I'll dance with mom.
Sit down and watch us.

You wanted this so bad, huh?

Come, fisherman.

Show me who you are.

- Why did we come here?
- I don't know.

The car just came here. Like horses
do when they know the route.

Do you remember how nice
it was here in spring?

I told Giovanni that
I was going out with you.

That's good news.

We have nothing to hide.

What should we hide?
You brought Pasqualino too.

Giovanni trusts me.

When one trusts you...

How many good memories I have here.

We spent a life together.

- What good memories...
- How many bad memories!

Where are you going?

When you brought me here,
I knew what your were aiming for.

There should be a tombstone here.

And it should be written:
"Here, on May 16th 1967,

Alfredo and Adelina made love
for the first time."

And then even bigger...
"It was amazing".

May 16th 1967.

You remember the exact date.

What a stinker!

In life there are things
that can't be forgotten.

Let's go.

You forgot all that you did to me?

Today, just pretend it didn't happen.

I know you'll never change.
You're crazy.

a lazybones and a hothead.

And now you're fixated
that you want to make love to me.

You've been acting up all day.

I'm warning you,
it's just for one time.

Turn it off.

- Why just one time?
- Shut up!

Are you going out? I took a day off
to spend the day with you.

I'm sorry but
you didn't tell me before.

I promised my mom
to take her to the movies.

You went out with her also yesterday
and the day before.

- You don't have time for me.
- What are you talking about?

My mom wants to go to the movies.

If there's something wrong, just
tell me. You look tired and pale.

- Plus we haven't made...
- I'm not feeling well.

Don't think that a woman must be
always ready to make love.

It's late.

- Did you see Alfredo again?
- No, he disappeared.

- Did you call the lawyer?
- Yes.

- This week he'll be busy.
- Why are you wearing that hat?

How many questions!
It's the 1930s fashion!

Take care.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Take me to...
- Adelina! How is Giovanni doing?

I haven't seen him lately. Weren't
you supposed to go somewhere?

- I'll walk. Thank you.
- As you please.

What did I become?
You're here, he's there.

Is this life?

He wanted to make love.
It's been more than a month.

- We sleep in the same bed!
- Don't remind me of that!

- Here!
- Who?

I thought it was him!

He suspects that I betray him.

If he finds us together,
he'll kill us!

- Enough with this window.
- I know. But I...

- You make me nervous too.
- I can't handle this anymore.


Not to be fussy
but he's the lover.

I'm your husband.

You're right!
I always forget that.

We are married.

- Good morning.
- Are you alone?

- Yes, don't you see it?
- Do you have any luggage?

Coming with the next flight.

- What number?
- 322.

- Hello?
- Did everything go well?

- Did someone see you?
- I don't think so.

It's room 322, get the first
elevator. I'll get the third one.

You understand? The first one!
Go, I'll follow you.

You know? Sometimes I think...

Why don't we get married?

You're crazy.

Why not?

We'll throw a big party

and then we'll have a child.

Let's call him Pasqualino.

It's a very nice name!

How did you come up with that name?

If we could only go back...

What is keeping us?

You just have to dump Giovanni.

But he didn't do anything wrong.

He loves me. How could I say:
"Excuse me we were just playing."

- You will tell him.
- Me?

He loves you.

I can't tell him, you will.

Listen, don't worry.

I know who will tell him.

Yesterday the ball, today the match.

Do you need something?

- He's not stupid.
- Don't listen.

We are friends, right?

Aren't you happy that
I made up with your mom?

I've been helping you for a month.
What else do you want?

What do I want?
You must tell Giovanni.

He's afraid to get beaten up.

- Shut up!
- He'll beat me up!

This is your stuff. I'm just a kid.

Don't be silly,
you'd help mom and dad.

- We'll live together again.
- But I'll decide when and how.

Can you do something for me?

Can you get me a pack of cigarettes?

Thank you.
Take that 10.000 lira out.

- Are you crazy?
- Take it out.

Bring back the change.
It's 10.000 lira.

- All right.
- Good.

You're sending a child
to pay with fake money.

No one will suspect a child.
And it's so crowded.

It's a good fake.
Plus, we must try it.

- Hand me a real 10.000 lira.
- I don't have it.

They are resemblant. Trust me.

I told you a million times.
I want to get back with Adelina.

- I want her to have everything.
- It's a serious crime.

Other things are more important.


Can you believe it? We have to suffer
for these little pieces of paper?

They can go to die!

- Did you find them?
- Yes.

Hand out the other banknotes.

- Do you...
- Hand it out now!

Pasqualino, you wanted a bike.

Dad will buy you one.

Tomorrow go get one.

What's wrong? Why are you crying?

Why? Do you want him to start
a wrong life like yours?


If you'd ask me,
I'd change that money.

But he's a child.

You don't think about what you do.

You're a mess
and you'll never change.

Damned me because I love you.

I don't know why,
maybe because you're crazy.

I'll never find someone like you.

And where?

Why do you tell me this crying?

- These things should be said...
- I'm crying.

Because when you love someone,
it's hard to leave him.

Don't you get too upset.

I will leave Giovanni too.

I care for you, but me
and Pasqualino are leaving.

We'll leave.

- Let's talk for a minute.
- We have nothing left to say.

You know it's the best thing to do.
I do it for Pasqualino.

If it was for me I'd stay with you.

What a shame!

What a shame!

What a shame?

For four fake bills?

If you love me like you say,

you can't dump me for that.

What's the sense of it?

You scared me...

You scared me more
than when you screamed,

than when you beat me,

than when you spat on me.

I never saw you like that before.

Are you for real?

Hi, dad! Something happened to you?
You look horrible.

- Nothing. Just come with me.
- I can't.

- Why? I'll take you to a nice place.
- Mom is coming.

I'll take you to Africa again.
Come with me.

No! She'll get scared.

You're my son and you're
coming with me. Enough of that!

- No, dad!
- Enough! You'll do what I say.

- Trust your dad.
- No, please.

Then we'll phone her
and she'll come too.

- Pasqualino...
- I don't want to. I don't want to!

- Come.
- Let go of me!

- Let go of me!
- You're pissing me off!

- Did Menghini come out?
- The fifth grade already left.

Maybe he went there.

- Did you see Pasqualino?
- No, I'm sorry.


Did you see Pasqualino?
Andrea, did you see him?

- Did something happen?
- I can't find my son.

He's skinny, wears a blue coat
and a backpack.

- He should be here.
- I saw a child like that.

- Where?
- A gipsy was dragging him away.

- Oh my God! Help me, please!
- He can't be gone.

Come, he went that way.

Get on that motorbike! Get a ride.


I'll stop a car!


Let us in,
a kid was kidnapped. Hurry!

Faster, he went that way!

- It must be that one!
- I'll go!

People like that should be hanged!

- Who are they?
- Go fuck yourself!

Damned traffic!

- Leave that kid alone!
- What do you want?

- Let go of him!
- Here he is!

What do you want?

Let go of me!

What did you understand?


Let go of me!

- They are killing dad!
- Let go of him!

That's my husband!

What did they do to you!

Son of a bitch...
They beat me up good.

Let me look at you one last time.

- Let me look at you...
- Alfredo...

You're so beautiful.

Don't get scared,
I'll call an ambulance.

I'm all broken. Let me die here.

- I'll die peacefully.
- Don't die.

If it was up to me...

I wouldn't die. Damn!

We just care for each other, right?

- It's all my fault.
- Take care of mom.

Calm down.

Open your eyes!

I'm sorry. But now...

I'll leave you now.

You two, try to be happy.

Tell me one more thing before I die.

If I didn't die,

would you come back to me?

Yes, I told you.
Where can I find someone like you?

You pieces of shit!

Do I have to die to be loved?

- Good job!
- You forgave me when I was dying!

But I'm born again! See?
I'm more alive than ever!

You said it, now you must stay.
Let's go.

Careful, next time!
You were just about to kill me!

We thought...

You look like a cat!
And cats don't think. Fuck you!

- Fuck you!
- You staged everything.

You made fun of us all.

I'm a juggler!

- I'll kill you!
- Now it's your turn!

- Say bye to them.
- I'll give you more.

Piece of shit!

Come, Pasqualino.

- Damned you!
- Adelina, laugh!

Don't forget Saint Ambrogio's words:
Mind your fucking business!